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Aelfric, Abbot of Eynsham. / [1901] Selected homilies of Aelfric. / Edited by Henry Sweet.
Aeschylus. / [1952] The complete plays of Aeschylus / translated into English rhyming verse with commentaries and notes by Gilbert Murray.
Aeschylus. / [1831] The Agamenon. Trans from the Greek by John S. Hartford.
Aeschylus. / [1879] The Persae of Aeschylus / edited with introduction, notes, and a map by A.O. Prickard.
Aeschylus. / [1953-56] Aeschylus.
Aeschylus. / [1953-56] Aeschylus.
Aesop. / [1519] Continentvr in hoc volvmine. Aesopi Phrygis fabulae .CCXIIII. e Graeco in Latinum ... conuersae. Eiusdem fabulae .XXXIII. per Laurentium Vallam ... versae. Eiusdem fabulae .LXIII. a Salone Parmense versu Elego latinitate donatae. Eiusdem item fabulae .XLII. Elego quoq[ue] versu ab Auiano tralatae. Laurentii Abatemii Maceratensis Hecatomythium primũ, hoc est Centum fabulae. Eiusdem Hecatomythium secundum, hoc est Centum fabulae. Eiusdem Libellus de verbis communibus.