Burmese pocket dictionary, compiled from Dr. Judson's dictionaries
Judson, Adoniram, 1877-1850., Phinney, Frank Dennison, 1857-1922., Eveleth, F. H. (Frederick Howard), 1843-1932.

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Page  II ABBIREAVIATIONS. IN addition to the usual abbreviations used f)or grammatical terms, the following will be found:Leg. words used in a legal sense. Mech. " " " mechanical " Med. " " " medical Merc. " " i; mercantile " Mil. " " " military Mus. " " musical ' Nav. " " " naval " Rel. " " religious " Roy. " of royalty or in a honorific sense. Copyright. All rights reserved.

Page  III O e ") 19 11 0 __ %-/ / PRKEFAC E. ENGLISH AND BURMESE. THE first edition of Dr. Judson's English and Burmese Dictionary was published in 1849, nnd was soon followed by two editions of an abridgement by G. H. Hough, called "An English and Burmese Vocabulary," and giving an Anglicized pronunciation with the Burmese definitions. This was in turn followed in 1858 by " The Pocket Companion," by T. S. Ranney, -the vocabulary being enlarged about two-fifths, with the Anglicized pronunciation altered to a different system. In 1876 appeared " A Practical Method with the Burmese Language," byRev. W. H. Sloan, M.A.) in which, as the compiler says in his preface, the vocabulary portion is "substantially Mr. Ranney's." The Anglicized spellings are, however, again entirely altered. It is considered that this selection of English words, having passed through four successive editions, may well serve as the basis of the present work. The words removed for various reasons about equal the new words added. The Burmese definitions have been compiled afresh, with special reference to the purpose of this work, and will be found to conform strictly to the last edition of Dr. Judson's Burmese and English Dictionary. The Anglicized spelling has been omitted as of questionable utility. The accuracy of this portion is due largely to the assistance rendered in the proof-reading by Rev. F. H. Eveleth, the compiler of the following portion. It is to be remembered that every abridgement must at some time be found wanting. This book will be no exception; but if a word sought for be not found, some synonym may be found which will give the desired infermnationl.

Page  IV PREFA(CE. BURMESE AND ENGLISH. This work is the first attempt thus far made to reduce the size of Dr Judson's Burmese Dictionary, and thus make a book which can be carried in the pocket, and uhich, while it may not be used in the study of the Burmese class'cs, shall contain all the words in everyday use, with their leading definitions. It is to be regretted that the compiler was obliged to leave the country when the printing of this portion was but just begun, and the proof reading had to be done by less experienced eyes. REFERENCEN GRAMMAR. It would be a hopeless task to attempt to abridge Dr. Judson's work, and still leave a book from which the Burmese grammar might be learlned; but it is hoped that those who are fami-' liar with the larger work will find this usefil for reference. Days of the week and months will be ifound on page 146, numerals on page 382. For tables of weights and measures, see the Appendix t; the Gramnmir. ' F. D. P. Jal. 1887.

Page  1 POCKVI'V 1)ITIOAR ENGLISH AND BURMESE. abaft, adv. b-.ii 6-8q~ abandon, 'v. t. gi3oag gD8c0)OOPS abase, v. t. 3 4omOsn abbrvate, V. t. ix i.e~l abdicate, V. to.QC~ 6OeI abdomen, n. 081 -abed, adv. dapSflcu [8eousi abeyance, n. abhor, v. t. +00001 '500e1 abide, vP. i. r ~1 abject, a. xoO o:, ablution, 71. O0 ~ 8i abode, n. cjcpII c~s8il abolish, v. t. X300i ZOC-)Aw u abominable, a..Ya8L69O:1 abv, rp. adv. occuTr abound,?- ix cotg.el -about prep. oo~coe~,i as umucl, WeCOOC/31 absent, a. ocouolo~ absorb, v. t. cce1 06 abstract, v. t. (~ksop Oi 6qcsag abuse, v. t..boogfig~8~ accede, v). t. o accept, v. t. access, ii o0o811 00o6Cofs

Page  2 2 advocate accessary, nz..c73GOOi a. OAQ0039 accompany, v. t. 00ojcqO30o.i 0100gN accord, v. i. Oaooof v. t. E~:)OO g~U according, prep. oo~ll OcqS8I, OQcQJ:)C7SII account, n. socjlsI acF3-)88DpIt 0080 O13 v. aff. c&E book, cgzoo88 accountant, in. G2CBOSO:OI accurate, a. GOV=1 -ly, COCDD)F accusation, it. leg. owg&COOO accuse, V. t. 006g*So~8o leg. cop~~Og ache, V. i. CISOO e acquaintance, n. 00080YCOStt acquainted, a. ac~SoaeI acquiesce, v. i. o~!)oglu 3COi3OO &lig acquit, v. t. ~SoSoagl CSRoYXaa& acquittal, n. ogoS8~;5Se11 C6g01 across, prep. cocB~oc-B~II add, v. t. QUSOO&~I cO&oaeit Qn address, v. t. koSaooc8ogn n. letter, goe adhere,7 v. i. M836 ~cv8oae~ [c86'n adjacent, a. Vgwo 0QgsoeS36ooe) adjust, v. t. coopoe~ admiral, n.. admronish, v. t. a-C8O ~e adore, v. t. ~ c &mOgn adorn, V. t. 4008e1 adulterer, n.adulteress, nt. c6cBjo)co) advance, v. Ii. C8OBPS V. t. Q880l advantage, ni. ow C8n 002800ROSO advocate, n. GoCStEN qr

Page  3 alum 3 adze, i. os,811 affair, n. oogboopn ooWS 000881 affection, n. cog3ou i&881S affix, v. t. socSgx1ii o s x8~O@0 lN affront, v. t. 63 <<as^o after, prep. ~coS,,i- wards, adv.~cvcSqB afternoon, n. g0sc8oo-, again, adv. cpdSoo+ against, prep. ooooS,,i sonroOoSi, age, n. oooaXS o go5,ii aged, a. 6::ov,, ooo1S,88::: agent, n. ROODOoll c dS~3coo53 " ago, adv. cg 8s^o(o3(co)3oso0Y agree, v. i. 8oUoaooe11i 03co02 pe~11 agreement, n. oi8811 leg.:)lc, n aid, v. t. rer'' 00o~1 aim, v. t. gOSOg1 0 83&oo8oo11 air, n. ccon alabaster, 7n. C;o']oS5, alike, adv. ooaorj, ( be ) roZOOS, all, a. s8c?811 OCy8TiI 9oS8o30 alligator, n. 8Sco,8l8 allure, v. t. &oXe~I.QC 68QOOSoeii almanac, n. OM411 almirah, n. (oSoooSoolooo, almost, adv. c?@' c?$8S1 alone, a. oocoC:3cOg8II oo Ogi8u IOOg8u along, adI v. Gc065o~, all-ovocpo0Sog8u also, adv. co Uecc8811 98,11 cop811 alternately, adv. oo~pc3,i, sRcoo.d althoghli, adv. o.S6coS e cpoo-8a altogether, adv. DoocIi 0&88OtIs alum, n. cOOcBi_,, 1

Page  4 4 arise always, adv. 08001 0Q0O08 ambassador, 71. oWxC4n amber, n. ocxSgu am use, 7). t. c(S06 ancestor, it. C$8004eQ C8QO~D8OQ)OCB anchor, n. GzcS l ancient, a. 5m)o sQcoo and, coi~J. R& u angel, nz. c088:( anger, n. Do~&tB c)olon angle, n. co&v. i. 1tooe1 angry, a. 8oe1 animnal, n. oomosil ~& 1 ankle, n. oT71 4asl -annoy, v. t. R6jcoe1 ant, og ca~is ~80 IWhite ant, il i anus, ii. 4 anvil, fl. cuo anxious, a. OSog 8(oo an~y, a.coj apparent, a. ogcoo appease, v.t. ocoa V.i approach, v. t. ~~ecg ~j'c*Soao approve, v. ~ xSz aquafortis, nt. ck3911COD.COOriun aqueduct, n. 1 arch, n. caJ~Sscgn arise, v.?". C0

Page  5 attend arm, nm. coc008c co~ OSTel -Pit, coO(SC0D98 army, n. oS~c'%lz, egc&a van, oSS main, o06'(ii rear, cC301 around, prep. adv. o~ol arrange, v. t. ~cfln3^AD e~lM4o a arrogant, a. ooRDsou arrow, n,. ~08n1 arsenal, 7t. cocB~JSo~-Bt arsenic, ii. ~ art, n. ~o~oo3u-fu1, a. cgcoccoi artery, n. oe ol artifice, In. qDOI as, like as, &Cm.HI c~l 0c0Si 8 gi ascend, 'v. t. COY09ia river, 00O00 e~ ascertain, v. t. ashamed, a. ~~oo ashes, 9it. 01 ask, 'in. t. Z8.e~2 ass, it. 9 1I assault, 'v. t. C 7 BO ~1 assemble, v. qi. iQ8e~1v. t. ve1 assen t,..3 On assess, v. t. c~a~ assume, v. t. CRM:SOce~H asthma n. 4p astringent, a. o~GOOII atone, v. t. o co:el attach, v. t. ~SO I attack, v. t. Sai attain, v. t. ~3.)go ~~ZiOii attend, v. t. OQOZ CSO~l-to pQOSO1

Page  6 6 baptism attendants, n. 00~ attract, V. to auction, 7n. ccoco', audible, a. ~8ioo audience, n. cOC3u oO33OSO audit, n. o8+ 0Oc ~I auger, ii, c austere, a. 808C01 aunt, u. o ~8ii 8rgn 81 8CS8 authentic, a. ~ocal authorize, V. t. O00o3 11t avoid, V. t. CG:808:8on1 awake, 'v. t.i 8W V. i. 80sco11 awful, a. cycScS~ boo awl1, W8I awning, n. qs~l ax, n. (c~l axis, axle, o8~8ii 13. baby, n. 12MCCO8si1i coS'u back, n. ~ 18ir-wards, adv. Soo bad, a. Q~8QODOa QCO~oSCO3)1 bag, n1. B51 bake, V. t. CU1SS-Mg baker, (1001 balance, n. 4 ~SPi Ms6'o5% vi t. ~Os-e ball, n. o~oc8 1 CYvOI (for gun) coa~oS bamboo, iz. 61ools' Oo& [oi band, n i. 00O Iv. t. E e~8cPS3Zae~ banish, v. t. cqSe~ lbank, n.o cya8,i (o(6SU18CoCSII QacF~asu banyan-tree, n. cou baptism, n,. S0Sol

Page  7 'beetle 7 bar, n. cOce88u OOO?188I1 miaicogxj barbarous, a. ~88CO00;, SISOXSCOO barber, ft. 0ool bark, n. c~oSQo~ o0 El v. t oc~ barrel, n. oe11ccjiiosl barren. a. IGDI base, ft. 0098u m(go a. oxoc&oon basket. n. cooo8sn o388ta ~8s'1,bat, n. CO~S~an COSBen (wooden),c&&3u bathe, V. i. S406 battali'on, n. ib~kcO9n battle, ft. sbC~05@88II0 QS68sn bay, ft. o8coo.%n~ a color, ~S85~ccan bayonet ft. CE.bazar, ft. Cejsa be, v. t. g E00> ~06 bead, ft. qc.8sii beak, ft. p~cv~us bean, U. 6 bear, it. oS'ov. t. oo(SmgII lo:) 8 00 g V. i. Q3.06n-er, fl. oC8Z0coo8u beard, n. ~-,o&So (.poron. ~c6a8o~u) beast, n.~~ol beat, v. t. P5oZ~l c-s uw l o9sgoon beautiful, a. cyoaoii lbecasue, coZQ. OC:E beckon, V. i. O-W0e become, v. i. Bsel bee, nj. (go8gt - hiVe,?P8geB$n beef, n. gos beer, u,. vel beetle, ft. cc~s

Page  8 before, prep adv..tesf$ beg, v. t. cco8~8sos o gr~o olW beginning, n. mo behead, v. t.cO cOS behind, pr'~ep. adv. GfpOSu po1t behold, v. t. being, u1. g6f~88I1 6&CO3)Oj believe, v. t. XO bellw n. (po.~) bellows, n. lbelly, n. O&8g -ache, v,. o(&i43o5~~Se — belong, v. i. 80s 94w below,beneatli, prep.adv~.co:Ouo:C: i bend, vdt. v.i. QmC&OO benefactor, it. c(X~JZ8jSII benefit, n. omo8js ~C9z8VI, benumbed, a. 1 besides, adr. ~no'lS,, 04881 bet, V. t. (6CO8Z it CO0888CO~ betray, v. t. o'oeII betroth, v. t. 888e~, between, pr-ep. *@08 &)9:u OotjS818 beware, v. t. A 06 beyond, prep. ado. mc-Sgou 3wotu ocou O0 bind, v. t. bird, n,.~ -cage, CSOO birth, v. ooonto grive, pso 8o bishop, 'it. C3RI

Page  9 h th 9 #.; 6* o meco8u of bridle, oic&S bi| J- te, i^ t.- n% oo n. o Scfclii cc, CS. iter, a. alg -ness, ooli,; b acba. trk o so x pSo,,-ing, na.oS Hacksmitfh,. ou 8& (pron. 5o 1n) [6sowcdd liadder, n. 96jcoSd3eSH ~GD8ii klade,i n. OwOS 1i ( C7iu oS CSo u:ame, v. t..ogSoo8, 1, n. oSo. ':blameworthy, O. 0 oo QOc8cOii:-blanket, n. oD iOoSuCoS8 blaze, v. i. 88cooSco n,. n8. MOC e ^ -veds t?.S6cc8aX&, i vt. 6 8ogSxoo go besBsv. t. o8s -ing, n. n8coo ister, q. wecoS8- v. t. GOnc:88eOO.11 bod, n. 6z,8, osco,,J 8blossom, n. 0 811 VogSi v. z. os8g 88ngbi o. ~. booy, n-. i8U V. to.,, v.. Go o, CO=^. nose, tn s ei, bje, a OO-ness, n.;blut, a. wooc' o30i8eo" l|Ulsbh. v. i;<adc-Bw; bard, n. cga, <3@81' boast, v. i.ol, 80 i boat, n. COC11 004-mnan, 6c3OD080 body, n. co5 co dSaoi -guard, c4o5qli boil, v. t. oSooS1 v. i. sogu1 n. OpoO bold, a.;|OI S HC0 06O11OI bolt, 6030o0S1 0380QI811 bomb, n. O8osll; bone, n. 00 811 book, n. ~oR6Sn boot, n. cigg. booth, n. o&n II oSo1oC6'OH

Page  10 [0 bribe borax, it~. co C~s 80,borde r, n. aos~8u ~o5',&e OooQeq bore, v. t. 89oc~~ born, v. i. S)gsoe1 borrow, v'. t. 5180el 0~3002~ QS8cXOe bosom, n. q8g8 So qoci both, pron. pb-v Oso(as,p eodc~8p),bottle, n. 000881 OjpIl bottom, no O~q8mi OQC 0Q9~80 boundary, n. ~c&esfi Gq8O~SOII CLS'EJU boundless, a. O93Qc3U bow, n. ccosi oo8gcoogii-string, c00Ao8ame bow, v. i. ~g-~oS~lNcg bowels, n. oju bowl, n. ([~"Acoe00v box,' n. 006axuII o0811 R6 v. i. ccoascagf boy, n. ciocOou cwo48ODQ038u bracelet, n. coc)cm:&n braid7v. t0OC)SER98091 U OQp brain, n. sq yu bran,7i. ~R ii branch, n. oo~B0~ lor~88m' brass, n. &01 brave, v. i. kwaeim k~Eoap&-ery7 n. 3 bread, n. tl breadth, n. o001 00O09&u 60SIu break, v. t breakfast, n. oe:I breast, n. qj~oo~n femn. woU 08gaoi breath, n. ~c~c7oa&o~oa&n breathe, v. i. ool gi breeze, n. CG1 bribe, n. 00qIv. t. o~~~oe1

Page  11 burn x brick, t&. ROSPi~ -kiln, 0ROS 1 -maker, bride, n. o~ooocu-groom,QS bridge, n. o4ODet, [o~cCOOSOC89 bright, a. co~c )icg~c8scQ88:3u-nessi, brim, n. aopso j8S~sn [00C{8600'1m brimstone, it. C brine, n. coog89~8 bring, oj oe~I Q 00 c brinjals, iz. q881 bristle, n. c0981i OC198,L brittle, a. cooScoXou broad, a..q~co broil, v. t. 'i,. a ~1 i. Oo8cns' brook, n. C981 brother, n.(elder) o~ogce (younger-) p~s bruise, v.x t. 1ou brush, n. -oY9081v. t. OcYS8-'$P88 bucket, n. c~1 buckle, n, cno o buffalo, n.r*t. 1 bug,, n.. qgcoDot bed-bug-, ~&(5qs4 build, v. t. cCO706 ooel bull, n. p28Z~8u bullock, -p8QcySi bullet, n. oeCI band, n. S*81 bundle, n. ooc~Sn v. t. Soel burden,5 71. 0 burn, V. i. 88C:SO1 v. t. 880g

Page  12 12 cap burst, V. i. CO1Q-Stoag&HV. t. Q01oS~xg bury, v. t. Rsoae~ii w8&~o burying-ground, -n. c s48 busy, a. ooooccau v'. i. fl agf butter, v. coo:ooSn -fly, C3B6Dt; buttock, n. 0008o'hi; C~u buy, V. t. 0O6 by, prep. oopsgo - means of, ooo86~ifind by, adiv.To& Di C, cable, n. GrvO&OXj8M8II cackle, v. i. OC006 cage, n. SC'CO3S'rwS 0 0 O8n1 dake, n. jiu jig08n calfity, qz. oricooosowI=)~~ calulat, v. t. CCB-)I c.CS01 calm, a. ~6O31V. t. Seol camel, n. aCyOSOORCYSI1 camp, n. 0&TOII camphor, w. oS can, ( verb. aff. ) ~811 71. 050R.8CB canal, n. Cic:81 cancer, n. e~S I candle,n.88cSvow)8~ it~es~i cane, n. coos8coos canoe, n.. ~~c0cco8n canopy, n. pocS canter, v. i. q;'080e~1 cap, it. 88~1

Page  13 cautious 13 capable, a. oooSoaen o~c. & capac aoi ty, n1 oQ j8u0 0 cape, n. oo~ju capital, 7i. (city) &cooSii (stock) cg~Sgo captain, (2nil.) S(jjyII (n1ay.) 00O30,1 captive, n. ccjj caraway, n. 2co carcass, n. oocoacoo81 card, n. ~o to play cards, 6cosoe cardamom, n. teoco~oos 003O11e -less, a. O88QOI carpenter, n. ccan carpet, (woolen) n.. MQI carriage, coach, etc. n. cloooen carry, v. t. o(p~i qc-OD311 C06800~t LOOSO cart, n.. c.3esu -body, c38~ -load, e3~ carve, v. t. stone, wba~ wood, cpg carver, ni. +ql [meat, c~~~og cashew-nut, n. JU~DjB&I case, n, ooQs&ui leg. oop8wn TahOOSW~ cask, n. e1 cassia, n1. 609~1 cast, 'v. t. Oga~ vae~,n into, 0S8OO880 00~naway, P~go& mech. 00800~ castor-oil, n7. cat, n. Q~o cat's eye ston~e, c~:)SoSii cataract, n. cqoguin the eye, (c~8S catchi, v. t. OS8336" 0s48~8$00 as a cat, joaas by a nail, & ag n. q~ cause, n. ooc~S88~[Ss TY. aft COO cauterize, V. t. NOO& cautious, a. o ~O:I C~0SZO 1*

Page  14 14 cheat cavalry, n. 68Ssosi\m 98sc08u cave,, n. e~so olSo cavern, ojoco1Ssm cease, v. i. boo n cl OD~ -less, QbQWDU cemetery, 7n. wS848~88 C0?O.)l censer, n. ~8O2OO8i censure, v. t. 00gosgco83 ioslooejX s center, OQCOL-fjO-Si 90COOSH o41(o001 centipede n. 8ca-.l certain, a. 9~ooo ~I coo certainly, ada. 9~n ola —~'Dc certificate, n. 00GDco oS~031 [Docou chafe, V. i. 28 l V. t. g ~Bcooos 200g chaff, n. ~9CS8o chain, 0OU18n v. t. 00~scoo~ chair, fl. co~ow8~8I chalk, n. c l chamielion, 'n.-ros champion, nz. okM8 change, v. t. &'booa' QgDosscoooo V. i. chapter, ut. QcoS~go (ja [O&-og character, n. qc~ooocyw letter, oocvyppn charcoal, n. 8co charge, v. t. ley. c~%S~6oogni as a gun, w(ooniset, CpBnSs1 charity, n. sio8O 8 L 9 p~ chiarm, n. (jcp8, v. t. 40e1 chart, n. o8co&3(n chase, v. t. q OQ6cogo o(8q-~g cheap, a. oC4 81,01 cheat, v. tc 000ol c8sccopso3@n

Page  15 clean 15 cheek, n. olen -bone, 0la8N cheerful, a. Rgpoo goana~ cheese, ni. jl cheroot, cigar, n. og h cherish, v. t. ACR&OeI chess, to play, 8b~GScaoope board, ob chest, is. [ocoonII chicken), n. &c-Scoccoen chide, v. t.;T8ce1 0boo~ chief, a.* n. aor-~8DQc~b child, is. oiIcou Covmccgi, opcogQo8I chin, s., cso extremity of, Q08oeu chintz, 91. OC's06 chiisel, is. coods t. chokse, v. t. Q ixe tI Chop, Ve. i. SC& 'n'.. oogo churchi, is. ojQ z00-%6sl OOOD8ESaiI cinnamion, is. ob circle, fl.0qS8it eni-i. t. ooSccgii~S83Dgn circumnstaince, is. oo6v~c5 c~r,8s~ost circutmivent, V1. t. oSiS8Sceog citizen, ns. &,-coo 8i 3o&386OI citron, ns. Qpo&''3~8N1 city, is.al civil, a. clamorous, a. rg coo clamorously, adv. cqYcj~q~duJ cq~8 OQ88O088o1 clap, 'v. t. bands, Cx~xj~883og cl ay, Isl.coS0II 1 clean), a. e*oau v. t. oscag

Page  16 i6 comb clear, a. ecxooii Sooon11 0o8958CoDO cleat, n. oo6'u,, [cSC~oH cleave, v. t. bogil to v.?. o9 clergyman, n. oclo,, clerk, n. evc~s, climb, v. t. scSgoo8oSoSu clinch, v.. t c. g n hand, oo&RSOeSo cloak, n. oscoPrtii ooSo0 ' close, a. BQODs co~0,311 8o0So11 v. t. 8oS cloth, n. nooOSI, clotheos,,. 0ooS,1 [0,11 cloud, n..8CsCSii clove, n. cOsiO88s~N club, n. coa qoS8s,8n association, oo1CSs cluster, n. ogooSii, 911 [:00088*, coal, ~CrOO)cS88~8 8(8,11 coast, n. o.Scoooosii coat, n. 0S11 c8q4Mvo5ss,8811 coax, v. t. ri 1=001o Qc?Q(o oog? cobweb, n. o0o~811, ou8so:J, [so1oS, cock, n. co,1- 's comb, ov0c83,-roach, cocoa-nut, oqs8,8, mnilk, oR'8qs. oil, or8 code, of laws, n. o80ooSn [a,, coffee, n. co~8, coffin, n. OOCoo811 cs88t, coin, n. o98,l coir, n. oO,, cold, a. '$8~231 GCODo, collar, ni. coo288sii-bone, n. i?88s, collect, v. i. co8,gS, v. t. tooO8Co 1jo8<S8 -collection, n. o, s,1 o'oUWso,800 [ e go collector, n. revenue, oog$oJ, customs, o0 color, n. ooQ S. oo8o,8n [coooSo~,, comb, n. 8!i V. t. ^8}&88t>o B

Page  17 condition ' come, v. co)Oa.1 c~omely, a. ao~~So aa ) c IIoo comfortable, a. osOOO:IOOwCO) commandenn,commrend, v. t. 88oel commTission, V. t. Qioooojn. Jo88s eComiit, V.. 0s e~ mm CO8~ co 9n common, a. 8O(C:I compact, a. 71o,.o:).. oozoo companion,?z. OQQ1800,Sl [ijasi company, u. o~o oc s oul moDua conmpare,v.t.f-S1xou @&S883oem Eco&-hu comparison, u, eowll'II [0 comnpaCss, n.matl. &6o& ec coinpassion, 77,. MCTaO:)l 0 3089881 compassion ate, aZ. 0soQW1 compel, v. t. o ooc ae1 complainl, V. t. ggossal ieq. OOCP8s; complete, a. gR1-0,I W t cotinpleient, u.. u8rocO~gu n.t~1 0~81 coMIin poen, v. t. Q ~Os8ww comnputtoii '0 ' riuito, '. 00jOC~s) compute, '..~I~Y~ II c,,oncave, a. s-8OzI concerning, jmep). ~~890Sn &CSs8oqC73u concord, us. 0e3A>881S0s*u81 condletrnm, v. i. q~pOe1 V. t. 066acondition, n,. oc O~1[ol

Page  18 j8 contain conduct, v. t. ~QU>00~I7. 09 confess, v. t.OO~oO Zu confide, V. t. OC~ ~~ confidence, In. obe~ 8sP CF-80:sf988u confine, V. t.!~JS&cW 1&3gwes~lt confiscate, v. t. 8Sqc~I confused, a. x6'cooti 8occo confusedly, a(lv. o~ i8ojSN cong'ee, n. congenial, a. oaxtop:u,congreg~ation,n." 'o-s'o3oo~ conjurer, wTiii ~oSo~o cqSwopn con nect. v. t. ~)ooi 0OCYSC3ginegeog~N connection, n7. OD P9000O&I Q088,CYS@881 conquer-, v. t. 8o0gii QOQ:800egn conqueror, II. 0D8Sjiu consent., v. o. O eZ~i gEo a2 consequenceOn. molC~i D~OCY n ~~ consider, v. t. sosogo @8Scagn considerable, a. ocooc~QOI consistent, a. &8q~c~oo consolation, n,. pBS8 console, v. t. pb8sacoon consolidlate, -v. t. FO0 0gl Consort, 'n. Q8?lr ". i. SOOOE1 conspicuous, co8o~oei-ly,adv.-c8oo~n constant, a. RMcoo -ly, adv. 0n consult, v. i,. V 8ep consume v. t. 00841 consumption, n. rne(1. ~ Q ~ l contact, n7. 8 81 contain, n. o IICc a

Page  19 costive 19 contemplate, v. t. Q~soocaolu comtempt, n. leg. aoocg~r~f3~sgl content, a. cQp~kcaao contents, n. oooThQ ctinue, V. I&. CPOu X L OS# contract, n. 00oo cj.~-siu o4zjco contradict, v. t. G8I'e1iasC3cM8oae~ contrary, a. 4 Oo contrive, v. t. cso l convene, v. i. segogos convenient, a. Qoo~i' scqs3a~u converse, v. Ci. 8ooc:)a~ convert, v. t. ssoae~'I cO)8oel convex, a, c:ISQW:)n VC01 convey, v. t. cwoeI convict, qz. podoSoa)V convince, V.t.3 cook, v. t.a n7 0 ig. qo~8j's8 honse, e:s cool, a. (s~3o ~S~oao[ls copper, n. co~lcopperas, nt. 08QUl copulation, gi. 000ol3u cw~l copy, v. t. 21sc &. CO cy~ I coral, n~. OA cord, n. el cordial, a. coriander, In. FO cork, n. osl corner, n. o~ooo~so of road, CO~Sguu corps, 21. OOPM corlpse, 21. oc:Em)S correct, a. 9cauv. t. (0og ~~wg corrupt, a. p~Scaoi +cRE~c:3n cost, V. t. 00-jqo~we~U oqsog costive, a. o~sqscoaoi o(68~JlSQOOOG

Page  20 20 cravat cot, 71. 10 cotton, n. 3c68nol1 cloth, (6o oi F cough, vi. i. Qit.ao~11-cose o1 council, it. CSSCOjl counsellor, n. count, v. t. qF'06 C2 OR-Sco~ countenance, it. ixx~lV t. TC73S)GO800~& counterfeit, at. 0G SW1 counterpane, it. counterpart, it. OoCYon country, it. en-inan, 004830081i couragen Oikt.l k6C:)C courageous, at. kcolk~W course, it. 028S1 08f8CCOSS( 08u OO,"u court, n. $G01 courtesy, n. QCOO)CYO o~'I OOC 98S1 cover, V. t. OS)n~~I 8)u~ coverlet, nt. o~tSGPQ88ii covet, V. t. n&0Szo 30ii -ous, a. cocr'' covetousness, it. 08I01 GCOOMxOOS COW, it. F coward, it. k~Xccoojn GOO)CYScno0XDjil cowry) it. c crab, it. ~olii crabbed, a. ooScooon 0OZOOU crack, v. i. 006006 itol. woo~oo cradle, it. ojt9&o~i i8 oi crafty, a. oc~oaou cbc cram, 'v. t. o88e280OSn crane, it. bird, cravat, it. gesl

Page  21 crush 2 1 crave, vx. c o s crawl, v. i. c~osA~hf OO~OCTS28 ~ crazy, a. rOOOD 00~t8CO03 creami, n. create, vx t. 6SQ00e3 ~1I 0~08BO0gII cei, n. occY~8i creditor, n.ccugSn&5~8a creedi, n. creep, v. t. c208300i creeper, n, -~o&oSn cress, u. t l cricket,?Ii. oU~ii play, o:8m-so8s~u crime, ii. moi SO~-1 criminal, a. o bcaun. o6ooP criminate, rxt. 0S891 crimson, fl. ""cBc8G crocodile, ix.8C7OS1 crooked, a. crop, u. oo388O'n e6)5soo8g8fl 0:cO(3u cross, 'v. i. ricyZco a. ~S~O:1 eyed, a. 5c.-80c ~oS3DiI wooden, U. oOCSo98sO~SC 80 -bow, oiSGcoD8u crotch, ix os crow, n. yA81i +cy-8118 v. i. coe1 crowd, v. t. fl.nn-cc~o::ot crowded, a.cootcon crown, nt. ODGIT1?SG9&u crucible, n. qOSnI qoc730'81 crucify, v. t. coo18m&oScoDS3 %i80~ crude, a. ~88GO00ii ~8(5DC00 cruel, a. qcScScaoCScpxu cruet, n. TG9iC-QOf crumb, nt. (jiOOSDOVIu crupper, n. &8CO8818 c-rush, v. t. ~C80OU 03 S~ag

Page  22 22 damage crust, n. 9 on GoqSt0cro l cry, v. z.,>pS. cooSoepu cubit, n. oocooou cuckoo, n. e~ il 01.o-ov,, cucumber, n. oos"83, cud, n. ~)oil chlew-rl. t. ~8 gMO cudgel, n. cocStqos,, cull, V. t. c q886MOc3g6, cultivate, v. t. codco80oX cumin, n. &Xood cunning, a. C883coxn n. oqwoo, cup, n. oi os o8sgo isilver, eoos8u glass, iai curb, of bit, n. sc8s[sinll [8c7, curd, n. n,, I&, cure, v. t.:1,Osob:S i cSeo1oebl curious, a. ~coom,,s0goooSo6o1, curl, v. csoog'n c8qooe:u curry, n?. O8stu v. t. ocSv8}8S880sx, curse, v. t. c aop X11 curtain, n. ocOosMoo, curve, v.t. CvooeN11 V.i. c% Xo448800S cuslion, nZ.,11 ~ 8ii custard, n. els~, -apple, & cos,8i custom, n. c8~tl custoIms, COOS:C3u o B,, -house, OOQ& Oo:)csU cut, ~ol, pS88oan i0, Ios,oSo,~l 3o D. dacoit, n. C008s11 dagger, n. coosc~ u daily, adv. ~cdc 8sn ~0ooooo.6O0, dam, 71. gSe fjmn. 00811 damage, v. i. fcaopsn n. ley. Qcj5686i

Page  23 deed 23 damp, a. qq~OOX C~On OI dance, v. MODe~ n. ~ o-er, 3~8 danger, is. 8 ~ ~ 8 dare, (verb. aff.) O'oo g dark, a. SC-x~eII Qq8qxsOnf qs8oan date, is. o ocr~coo tree, 8~0 0080 daub, v. t. cU8&8ogj~n Ci~8wgii daughiter, i. Aue -in law, Cf8Qfn dauint, v. t. cocse~ [00gu dawn,ni. q2&3oSgco 'InooIJcUSa v. i. qsC day, 24 hrs. is. DocQc1ou 12 hrs. c dazzle, v. t. cco~a~IV. i. TSOOg dead, a. cocxaowcQCOI deaf, a. p8oS8c3ooo dealer, n. =91106 dear, a. in price, ooq death, ns. 0081 CO~OD 01 debilitate, v. t. A ea~ debility, is. oow~)8s1 A,~SS debt, is. c&81 debtor, DO&Q, O:N decay. v. i. c~cOeI deceive, v. t. 03~)89 C32 80 decide, v. i.oav.ot. o~11cS~t decidedla.965oScoou' decki~n. nay. C)+ooSu V.ft. C+ acB declare, v. t. 06 e~ csowog declaration, ns. declivity, is. oc o decoction, is. o~oRS1 KoSasc81 deduct, v. t. QC:OOI kOOC& deed, is. 00I 0OO~n SOR009~0

Page  24 24 desolate deep, a. 6coN deer, n. ul1oS' 3W8n1 006 III defeat, xtjs ~ i defective, a. wo08joo~cao ROC01 defend, v. t. (7d OO& iaooe defendant, ni. leg. OOGV8~II degrade, 'v. t. 02O6 dejected, a. &8GO001' &BcoSGcO'D delay, v. i. sQ8sze~1 v. t. Qe:soe1 deliberate, v. i. se80 II~x8GOOO2f delicate, a. pohcoxII Q~),01.20SCODII delight, v. i. j?30S31 Os8ax)OD deliver, 'D. t. qcRS5x0o MOO& c*O& deflude, v'. t. c8SwoO~Oe~u [o~o~weu demand, vi. t. denominate, v. t. q&ceuci~g denote, xt ~xn S~u~~~' dense, a. wF3 -B GOO OCO~.)n 08SGcoun dent, v. t. SC O0S05380i; 0i deny, vi. t. sc80e9n oiW0041 @841 depart, ix. Cispog depend, 'V. '. 3~ deposit, v. 1I. 80e depth, nt. o~oS6 deputy, it. c~dS38'1 descend, v. j. wO8eoagl 0080)O9 descendants, n?. OC48soausin deserve, vx t.C~-oal design, v. t. r0105O I t. 080 desire, v. t. cx3911 cqil'5i00 desolate, v. t. $&80980e

Page  25 dip 25 despair, v. i. 903Oa8sCI N.despise, v. t. i20DP-, destiny,?Z, MNu destitute, a. 'bcwov W88\Q3ZiII destroy, v. t. (l7~#a~ detain, v. t. OO=80ORSH QQo80koagl detect, v. t. Qq2SSOePSii Cto5gsgu deviate, 'v. i. cen devil, n. rj~cS88 w~oqcsli devote, v. t. Dalopowcoeu gjb~~ dew, n. o dhall, 7t. eCa diamond, n. Cq)B diagonal, a. co~48G~l dictionary, n. oot~o:+ die, v. i. caooD6 05b l 00PQCOS different, a. OQS:n1 Ocioolgs:S:) difficult, a. Qc~coaou ~3oxu 'z)~ oaon difficulty, n. o~o%-o~ Qc-Bg81, diffuse, v. i. 1'09. t. '09 dig, v. t. 8oisoe1 CBWn c O8zu aj8g. l digest, v. t. osccg diligence, is. o~ffln 8qoz' diligent, a. c9~OOCOI dill, n. 2N d im n, a. O ON;qOS(ejS~g diminish, v. t. cc2?wu VU. i-.. q09 dinner, is. 8JCO&SO:)d ~xetoso 2

Page  26 26 disposed dipper, n. ~cqg-u Ou8sOas. direct, v. t. ~8q~sw u n owog dirt, n. 0033fl?oe3oooQG~8H dirty, a. 23cxu ~0CWn disagree, v. i. 90fDo O crju c~joN disappear, v. i. 83.o)O808002 OX c disappoint, v. t. ~ 8~%Y30 disapprove, v. t. G&u@Ssvx880de~ disarm, vt. t. coo~&SS e, 8&s0sz6 disband, v. t. a0480~O a~ discern, v. t. discharge, v. t. 2260 n. disciple, n. 00o9u 009o05o1S discipline, n. 000TODV. t. Ua discordant, a. E9o cu discover, V. t. Q2~a~1csoe1 discretion, nz. OFOODC8i discuss, v. t. disease, n.oi o 043u DpeTflu [NCSf8uo disgrace, v. t. DOWx (C00n. DOOG disguise, n. DOCGPSN '. t. OTCO:S0~ disgusted, be, v. i. V)O801H OO dish, n. dishonest, a. 000~C01 c8so~o:1 dismiss, v. t. %05W91P1 O~fc~iweu disobdey, v. t. 2S~cnR8iSD~Pn ojocoX S8 disown, i'. t. 08s0Co306 [f 88H disperse, v. i. t'80 1'. t. oau display, v. t, j~o~1-88sooPS disposed a. ~ s p S~

Page  27 done 27 disposition, n. @06Scoonu ce00oo dispute, v. t. (g881Sii06 y(O^CGOW1S dissect, v. t. qS86050~eSi, dissimulation, n. cSS8, dissolve, v. t. 0gS &o006 distance, n. oac, mOcogn distant, a. co8Co:I, in time, RoBScao0,, distill, v. t. o so88aJoSo"d,-pot, co01s distinguish, v. t. QSsoooen [~~pS, distracted, a. 8_s8gcooi distrain, v. t. coooSsocooe~, distressed, a. 8o6oo~coo:u.oiSo Q O3Oc u distribute, v. t. t 0co. S iibs>ooa, district, n. +oS~ os>" distrust, v. t. ca"II disturb, v. t. pcj)6 ogu cOvSju, ditch, n. cGo8,s oq8,, dive, v. q.ooSii cscsoSoWn, divert, v. t. oiogs~ divide, v. t. a00080wll ~O,, agoswg', divine, a. 3;p8 ~~aS,3 division, n. r[8et ~88u es88i088u cHs. divorce, v. t. 6o2Op. T.'oOaII dizzy, a. V8Co0H do, v. t. 6oae ' " ocen"a 9 Si dock, n. -yard, n. ~ocA)88,, doctor, n. co8s0oo8n doctrine, n. ooriola, dog, n. cge8 -trot, c8s~6is doll, n. D 6oQo9C08, qgeS~,, domineer, v. t. 9of8ooqqoogp, dominion, n. ooOn, oog8qsS8n done, v. t. (88,

Page  28 28 dull door, nz. 6o3lan c00e4o9n o0"3~so doorian, 71. 1Kq's88N qsq",808N dose, v'. t. o081~c~ Saoeu n. o~og dot, n. 8a~luMCOOD7S IC36OOC01 double, a. 3xo~aon S6QO) doulbt, n. (NOO)l v. t. o.-~98Z03 soC0 n dove, n. OL8ti-taiI, 'v. t. 66s wel down,prep. co~oS~q,, caoDc&lu n. cSt dowry, n. 63eo drain, n. QcZos8H draw, v. t. tooe~u C8006i wateir, cqScaga lines, etc., q~cycofl; drawer, n. 001 dreadful, a. oawgS6an dream, nz. 986w~i v. t. 9ysa~ce~n dregs, n. oi dress,, n. o~oo5i, v. t. oooag drill,?Z. cO o~Steuiv.t. mRlSkyOL83ZS0eI drink, v. t. n03001?. cODSOCpn drive, v'. t. Pae~ 8wssoau see ride. drop, n. ooa 6cYiO~7n'v. i. go"v.1 dropsy, n. r-c"1v[cag~e~ dross, n. qSn oo~a drown, v. t. ~Cq~ gnQIv-i. &SCOW&I drowsy, a. S~txxu [8 drug, nz. ~coos druggist, cowcoo3Qf-Sew fl. 8ca)ono3oe-stick, co~~oo& drunk, a. W918GOODU dry, a. e~w RCBW> duck, v. t. Qiw ln. 05aI due, a. ~~pc~ dull, a. CM010 CO COcaSQs.:DP

Page  29 echo 29 dumb, a. ooccoon dunce,?Z. qCS dung, n. 9'fju oa 8 u duplicate, n. aooc-oS c~oc-S durable, a. qSQ"Coae PSOO during, prep. ookc~8n o"'CPI dusk, a. Sjcoan. qt-&s81OSsee o~oo dust, n. 9o~in go -n GN duty, n. oa~u Goeod~ ~c~co dwarf, n. qcjo oc~o3 u-ish, a. dwell, v. i. Qoz~e~f Mg~og dwelling, n. ci~Gf ciCpoocl&I dye, v. t. 'onlanv. i. sev dyer, n. O48.jIOOW8u dysentery, So~r~osplo CC28o1so89p E. each, a. c~ac~c&u oo~ogomc eagerly, adv. VSio eagle, n. 6c4u cosaaj~u ear, n. pS~8opScou-wax, 83sooctu-ring, pea=Y88eu -of grain, DOIN early,a. co3oa6N adv. QOOIqSO8q ease, v. t. no Ss earnst, a. OQ0jjU a.O000~ easyh, ai. coCT1 *V eat, v. t. 03800 ~n eatables, in. *08ad.s' 008STpN Doe eaves, n. ooq~8V8 cr38c6S ebony, n. ow88c~oBH echo, n. bo"v. i. bCOSOOSCO&

Page  30 30 encircle eclipse, n. ~ct~OSS8u cOOOaSf9Ssi economical, a. GROCDD OSOOCCO0i eddy, n. '6 b41 edict, nz. m4oOSO edge, n. oocpgn 9 0O8ii 008~0f01 education, n. COSSf880 OB3OU effect, n. 002B1V. t. soe1 effort, n. 09881 eel, n. l r%1 egg, e" either, pron. ooj~u oocodcXd eject, 'v. t. O r oe1 elbow, n. o36ot &~o8,e oQCo08 element, n. ~oaSu ~Rcoi oolue elephant, n. wo~n -driver, wS8ggeu else, a. of~o~o hn siadv.10OIC9081 elsewhe re, adv. oof0890ii OQ00U191 emancipate, v. t. r 08qRS~I embark, V. i. 0OOM ooSae embellish, v. t. 03U 8O:)~W Q6Oe embrace, v. t. odoe1 OrcSso0 & embroider, v. t. QO 3qOOI emerald, r1,9. emetic, a. o~oa eminent, a. SS60:I empty, a. c~o~3~ oOaon v. oja-1 emulate, v. t. 0393"a enacam, v. i. leq.eoccoosagi enchant, 'v. t. R0je09so aogu

Page  31 espouse 31 encounter, v. t. C~660gn GQ~2Cg en d, n. OQ811 vix i. bOOX&n endeavor, 'v. t. O=Z8cX05000.7 MB:80D8.)& endure, 'ix i. 500e~ 11cocotl einemy, fl. Gj~oju 9~5ocSf engagement, n. oc8amog8i aD:jpSnt engrave, v. t. C)ROO& cv%8so.)~ii enj oy, ~8X~ 8~I So~ enlarge, v. i. cf~8 Ro8coe~ 11~B~~ enlighten,v 'ix. ~oooocgO.)~o 'V. t. CDS88GVC* enough, a. Gco~o~od~n n. 0OCQVX7B1n enslave, 'v. t. P IC& enter, 'v. i. O~o.egH v. t. oa8cOoe1c~3o~QZ '~ entertainment, n. ~1n G&~g oq S8 entitle, v. t. qcmE1 a~o~ entrails, n1. OQ8ju entrance, n. OQ0ui OQOSII entreat, v. t. ccogiO1 C08O enumerate, V.x t. CIS-O& envious, a. GV01 environ, 'V. t. fconn. plur. wo~fcgion envoy, n. cooo4ill envy, v.x t. 6 cenv. 181 epaulet., n. o'8 R8~ ~t epidemic, at. nocq COOI?. M~OCPU epoch, n. coace Y eowni equal, 'v. t. c8oicX S n a. 001 equity, n. r68C~8OPI erase, v.x t. 9=1 xSn 91%OSOO&H erect, v. t. Cioe&nccoo8-wei a. (occo. err, V. go. OD83~; c 1$ escape, 'v. i. c~ac~goso~t %~o~oe~1n espouise, 'v. t. coOS1o&091H 888600ug

Page  32 32 exculpate essay, v. t. oOSa cE p S e~go p establish, v.t. o0xecooosoisoecooso,, I estate, n q. 8sc-n B oQ esteem, v. t. t. 0o080 0o8oSo~3,& estimate, v. t. QgoSooii oc:Coqoeo estrange, v. t. cGoggoc8goSoo eternal, a. oosoo084~11 ooc00o), evade, v. t. c<Scooo8:)SG 3eoo~i evacuate, v. t. cooSoDeoooe,, even, a. cooon coooin adv. ta\ o8S evening, n. a308ii g818oti0o0,H event, n. wCc8g81 oo06o0tac ever, adv. OcQ1So.o8s,1 ooe0 H every, a. c8Ssu (n. af.) evidence, n. Cooc:iXI1 evil, a. Q8coo:3 71. c,8CqjS CQo0sgoa exact, a. coopCoa0:>n Gs9coon exactly, a(dv. oocooo~o)u ~o o exalt, v. t. 8j8ooe11 6S G ooeo~X& examination, n. o0e0 o:)II examine, v. t. Ae>S)^ obceocD"e example, n. C, e1 goo exasperate, v.t..GwolooSfsoo~Gce0oan excavate, v. t. acCSoogll cGoIS&Z3gio exceed, v. t. ao)o~o e cgo.,u QMooco'n) exceedingly, adv. ooS;crnl ooc~,, excellent, a. ~oScoOI R~ oSCoon except, prep. con. — c8n 90ooUols8II 8n exchange, v. t t.O0::0),nt cn8~oSia&$ n excite, 15. t. Jica>5;sweE GOQgS800011 exclaim, V. i. ~cBQS} 6co$) > uS 6:X,n excrement, n.. cQWw us8n exculpate, V. t. 086<3S0go

Page  33 extinguish 33 excuse, v.t. executioner, n. Coomooo8n chief-, oogmu exercise, v. t.18$so n. cYZoo~n exhalation, n. DCE exhaust,v.t. exhibit, v. t. ~OceN cosjgoL exhibition, n. cog988n exhort, v. t. PO501 exist, v. i. 06 expand, v. t. 6aelsollv. i. OCs&n expanse, n. ~~jCOOqI expatiate, v. i. expect, ix t. C6SO36145OSO& expedient, n. AwjxxS'il euols'O~giI expedite, v. t. G021 expel, v. t. pooog expense, nz. OqC81i 0011 experiment, v. t. qSS0gln. 0 868S881a expiate, v. t. 06 636 explain, v. t. COSGOO& 58cscog explicit, a. 58oSgcoosocn explode, v. t. ~QO13009n exports, n. ooigdcrc&~ ccoor;i expose, v. t. 3906 expound, v. t. OQoo SIod oop expunge, v. t. og extensive, a. Cq~OSC%0u GjOdOON extent, n. ooc~ssoocjpf c0900jo0joes external, a. oOq~= extinct, a. &OS OOO CCO e"GOO

Page  34 34 famous extort, v. t. oos0 extra, a. Oq~SGOI extract, v. t. OQ Wg extraordinarily, adv. oociscofI [Goou extraordinary, a. eo8QO)OOW2(XS extreme, a. CrQ-S;8i'*8XOOI U extremity, n. oo 8Ii oog ~ocSOOSIt 040sn exult, 'v. i. &8Cj8300ii &S8083go eye, n. 406Sg ball, 4o0c0su socket, TaSo&4u pupil, (Oaoo4u corner, (aS3CO:)~ IF. fable, n. w l fabric, n. Q3Yot9C:OPI facilitate, v t. %~~eI fact, n. oo~boo(e& o0880cu faculty, n. epcocu cOOSOO~ fade, v. i. ~ioagu g(Xae~lI ~8&8gZBOPS fail, v.. C90JjO)eI faint, a. as ~ v.i. QW fair, a. &co)10C01 coscael faith, n. c4i- Se~98n oQooolov caou fall, v. i. Cj79 o &ce)~ fU false, a. ogcoou c falsehood, n. cy~cmov~a:vse fame, n. c~scl BA QCU03O)00p familiar, a. o0%oS~O3SCOO family0,66COOD8 ags oja4000t famaine, n. oose)scSI8)s8~SS famous, a. CSSCO

Page  35 fertile 35 fan,71. 0~48oo:S for grain, Zco~n v. t. c=S fancy, v. t. 8'SCO8OO& &009 far, a. coscWODU fare, n. cYCQ 008C:2O9 COYS~O3& farm, n. c~o&~o*z,'i v. t. c~dO32800 fashionable, a. C~SGz8S~COxOz fast, V. i. Downoz60u a. Rco advr. fasten, v. t. O GOga fat, n. ooe& c~e# a. ocoon oot; fate, iL. o!,o VISS~ fatigued, a. cocoo o&4eCOsxu father, 2i. oooou oosn.-in-law, cw~p fault, n. 00gi QCMO8scOD)O~CY8M: faultless, a. go8scx favor, n. jS~' C91%1 eMar88n fawn, n. odcdnv. i. o1scjooga fear, n. COBgo V. t. & CBg fearful, a. c3'S(CO) feast, n. ~'# ~xcr,8n feather, n. oocoo8n feed, V. i. V.O t. feelin, v. t Qc.:2Ssu ~SpSe~u fellow, n. oos0180COSIi 000e~ fellowship, 7Z. C0a0pi o S88GS5880 female, iz. oown a. feminine, a. oo gcooii-gender, cja~c86n fence, n. M-008S11 V. t. ~*3g fertiles a.~;MOsgcd~vp8 CC~e

Page  36 36 fish fetch, 'v. t. qjoaZ u cwSog fetter, n. a"c~3q#8u n v. i t. fever, tz. 00(ngpu ague, cJ-t few, a. wq:su Te~8GODII fi b, n. o~c8mooo fiction, 'n. Nol fiddle, n. owcxon bow, oX)Z)C~8008 field, n. Won~ CoaWOxU oDQ8si1 fierce, a. ~sSsno~~~~ fight, i. t. 40Cf o00&1i sOC088~qlogn filue, n. octo~81 vt. 001 filth, n. o DG8 filthy, a. ekao 48e3b3XO fl~ter, v. t. 6~01n. Cj~~~Qo fin, n. lsg final, a. oebco find, v. t. c~9 fine, a. tc~~n C9ODOn. OOcq5n finger, n. cocy cip8Bn fore, cooSBe8i second, c~oci~OoSo third, Oc~qogs~o5'fourtb, C0C7S048H finish, v. t. (~8GO0>.gu C'BDOSCOg fire, n. 88o place, ~8slo brand, Sses fly, Qi TjenB engine, 8se,5~j 8vu. t. 8obto make, 88 ~a- a -gun, firm, a. qSCOOON g~wo nt. j*O first, a.' o9wo oogl4es?t. COO,u 8 fish, i.Jlsn dried, cl~sgoaSasaltc c Ns~hook, c)stogo rod, 61stso~3s trap, goo

Page  37 fbetus 37 fissure, n. OC71 fist, n. coc&s8e'[Ocso fit, a. oc o qc3oaa n. med. flag, n1. OQC05u -stiff, o~c~c~8il flame, n. 8 xrnv. i. Seodoo flannel,?n. CoffCQOSn [Co1Q8~ flat, a*. g08~COOO (giX)31 E~ecoau flatter, v. t. Q3B6~ I flax, n1. SQj flavor, -i. on. ao fleec, n. cg8Qcyn fleete, n. a.9 o flesh, n. oocoont oZboaon flicker, v. i. cccYooan flint, n. c8o~Q31 float, v. i. QL)C:Q~~ flock, n.. c~jSa~8qO~Oeu 9&n floor, it. ~ 1v. t. 0880el flour, n ipt. 1 flow, v. i. 8806 tide, cqo-oeI flower, nt. (.48 Cign bud., oojn1 flute, it. c&cSu G~o foama, it. OYS foe, it. '4i itus. cJoSoje animal, Sgs.

Page  38 * 38 fortune fog, n. d88PSs8. Ssu fold, v. t. colcySoie~i follow, v. t. c-cBSo cP cvsciS foment, v. t. SC,% o,80&, fond, a. #C3oH ~qScS O fondle, v. t. ol8ci8goq coogn food, n. ~38sGpn ooeon fool, n. ojoSi cjoSe co2ti8 foolish, a. cocoon foot, n. c~n upper part, cSo8 e sole, c~ oo18p 12 inches, cou for, prep. ~11 oin as, c. o~u (af.) forbear, v. i. oosoo e qo forbid, v. t. so9scoonu sso8,oe80u force, n. moa0 gn80ngnpl. qcSolnkcSnR forcibly, adv. moo8oooedS forehead, n. $18N foreigner, n. O86cOs:8,, cr0ODI81, foreknow, v. t. o8E98*o:Wgv forenoon, n. 0IQo&o3oSot0. forepart, n. aO80 ~8~ foretell, v. t. cscocogni forget, v. t. cooe~ ~cw qCoOO forgive, v. t. oB Soo1,,i, o 8=s fork, n.;cSn Ss8i -ed, a. g<ooo form, n. n O. gV,, former, a. c8CoonooSoSB86oOvO formerly, adv. c~lso, oco7cS forsake, v. t. g $gaogs fort, n. ~811 os, fortify, v. t. [soo~xeaa oo9ooeoae~ fortunate, a. Co~8:oSsec o8o 3~coo fortune, n. egvpe~8851 o6 Os.

Page  39 fudge 39 forward, adv. ciq straight-, cilju?,BR8u foul, a. found, v. t. o~Oo~Q8OOSO~e~ foundation, ii. 00C88n CGISB~88 founder, n. 888 oMc'e~u OcjD V, i. j fowl, no ~9ozeIt fox, n. sil fracture, v. t. O~aa8Osl ~ae~ fl.ne, fragrant, a. 2con frame, no.I fraudulent, a. c3Oo~cxouc8(og~ccoxt freckled, a. csjz~ free, a. OoOSQ0o C3YQO:o freight, n.1 frequently, adv. w~olhui 1TOCt~u fresh, a. 4COOOU C~OYSCx~OOOD08=31t fret, v. i. gosexe~u friction, InZ.~ 81 Friday, n. C~cS Ot friend, n. MCR1 OO~cS8SJ8s friendship, in. 80fcSeuSI frighten, v. t. 3SCi9 fringe, n. 00 0Uor) zIf frog, n. 098n from, prep. CKm 911 CSaf. frost, n. os, froth, n. aoQ0o5a frown, v. coec~ft fruit, n. oo-,28i-ful, a. aoc.2 (o=0 fry, v. i. C9JSe~1n fuiddled, a. &COD fudge, int. 0comO~sI

Page  40 40 gaze fuel, t&. oo88 fulfil, v. t. 69ec~ Me~eoi full, a. O&coo 0&oco fun, n. ss* 8QOesDesSS81 fund, nt. ooc8SeoQ)N QgQ8t't funeral, n. ocoon ooo:f~9881 funnel, 'n. 88 (01 *OOON furnace, n. M0G~q furniture, n. GS(COo384-cpi futile, a. = 8) ml future, a. 8Uoooo. cPMC1 gain, n.- oo "v. t. O~~0eI galeo, v. i.8n of~s gallows, n.-CeQcs gamble, v. i. co-8o~cv)oeI garb, ii. o~ood%~ oocS8&c680 garden, n. 2 ~' gargle, n. c~8=8a v. t. ctq~a~ garlic, n. 0)OR garment, n. Oo~ garner, n. elA v. t. *03830til gas, tz. Oo5%IiS gash, n. ~ocCr2 V. t. oag gate, nz. OU18n -way, Usosi gather, v. t. Tiw~~so 9 v. i. tewO gaudy, a. [~OOII~Wu gauge, v. t. Iscogl. OS8QSI gauze, n. ~~e9OQC0e& gaze, v. i. jIq&Cg

Page  41 gloomy 4 gelding, n. 98So 8ti 98so8n gem,n~.cqocS o~uqoprqc ol~ S8~1 general, a. D~8 ~Mil. generation, n. 0041800'ugd [jo;tS8 generous, a. qCQSQ8*S00QOl genitals, -n. ooI o~ fern. cwa~c8s genius, fl. omageocw5n gentle, a. 8QRC:I gently, adv. Og~gl Qj8QRB 000coo genuine, ad~j. oic8ca-j.scai get, v. t. 61g get away! eyoSco8i oS ghiee, n. ccoL)os~88u [C~asei giddy, a. 8grjecoaon 08FQ3001I gift, n. cQ zcoo8o oqu GqC0Si Q0j gild, v. t. 4 gimlet, -71. ci ginger, n. #88480 #S84DC76e gird, v. C. e4800t9u oaS00So3e girder, n. dw girl, n. 28(7DGosu ISYOMCC8n give, V. t. COBO00U 00800e~~It glad, a. 0o(S8 c& —oYoDn 0~oooo glarce, v. i. glass, n. 4il OII 4go1n glean, v. t. glimmter, -v i. J QO:SWg g'limlpse,7.qO 88n glitter, V. i. 0OCTC8c 009 globe, n. oc~C811 0C08Cst8 u s gloomy, a,. OOC0

Page  42 42 grand glorify, v. t. ~8 86s0go ~8qa~o glory, 00.C~Qpr28O01n q8n 9#S'c~oV glossy, a. %Q01 glove, n. ceOCB8ECO3OC-BRS glow, v. i. IO A k06 glue, n. C~cr;nv. t. rcSpo~a~ glutino us, a. CS8C$O)COC8ilQCO glutton, n. Oo:e8OOi gnash, v. t. oce~601 gnat, n. ~l gnaw, v. t. C~-og #6~-BOS go, V. i. Z0380306 &: wg goat, -n. Qsii~ -herd, o~c 81sn God, n. OGfleI!:DsC8x0Sa goglet, (gurglet) n. c oomo& gold, n. 5oleaf; S smith, +o 88&00,)su gong, n-. s0881 8g Q~8j88u good, a. cmo~8eoZos q800 natured, go~c*:S~coon- man, a$S goods, n.?~e~ eue~8 goose, n. c~8o gossip,.i 9O gouge, n. CW0oS"Be gourd, n. O8jsI go 8,u~ calabash, cqc2es govern, v. t. OR93BilU t~s government, ni. Oo~qj3~880 u9 governor, nit. grace, n. QcqsOe -fulness, oa~codfg&N grain, 7i. *6lsN *QI3Qf~u gram, n. -C~~ graminar, nit a,~k~t, ~T~$ granary, nt grand, a. 5soqoScwitochild,m. cS86001f.

Page  43 group 43 Q~c~sIgfat her,c-~8coo umr other, So8mon grant, v. t. Cos*8C)0&3go o~Qh3ae grape, n. ocab8iI vinie, waggd5'e shot, grasp, v. t.coSpe& OPS grass), n-. oSeSI coSo~e-hopper, jCM068n grateful, a. gq ccon grave, n. co~8j8iScso8so yard,.)obaSn gravel, n. c:cSib gravy, n. OO8ciqJoe o8ooe- [Qcaol gray, a. c>88#8s~~cw aGwI G188ooS graze, v. t. Ooag SCS~rscago grease, Un. 'Qelv. t. ePcoeu great, a. 58C00n GOSCO3Dn 00o0u great-grand-father, nb. cooen mother, COOSO green, a. Uscoaou pl. n. w~8 SoBn greet, 'O. t. JOSOCS3O& gridiron, U. ac*61 grievance, n7. 4L grieve, 0.6.O88e~mgii V. t. os~~ grill, v. t. m~oe8~~ grin, v. i. 1Y(SOoe1 grind, v. t. r-OoXoe~I Q088wg. gripes, U. o&8c~CaSpg gristle, U1. 4 u groan, v. i. g(20gi groin, n. 14 groom, n.; 9684808 groove,-ii. c~~oq~qC*z O8sa ground, n. ~t ~~Sa groundless, a. -OOSQ~OON ooC~068* group, v. t. j~oo U.oooo

Page  44 44 halt grow, v. i. @s8 Bosc c80 8C&gSo growl, v. i. i8s8co, grudge, v. t.;Sc~Ocx, n. vocd~S6n grumble, v. i. 03ou,, guard, v. i. ~ceo:Qcog, v. t. o_9cOOo ces~:c~u n7. oQce1ii OfO~OSwq( guava, n. w:coouou oooco 88n guess, v. t. A8Wooog~ll CooSoo ti guest, n. G&oeu chamber, a&Ss2oos08r guide, v. t. orocgl bbasoglS guile, n. cOoogfg88i oc;8eSon guilt, n. o~gH -less, a. oo~S~oSco:>, guilty, a. oob~~coo,, gull, v. t. c&ScogoO,, gulp, v. t. 4~ascou n. 04s. u gum, n. oACeu8 lac, 8,, gums, CgOT,81 gun, n. coooSI barrel, ~coScooSei look, c3noS88uham mer,coSoQc08eo trigger, coco@.a stock, aod^SSau powder, ocx8n to fire, v. t. cooS866oag gurgle, v. 4. 8sS goe~, gush, v. t. o &saogoolu gutter, n. c7c1:c,:8s, guzzle, v. t. goSlccoooYoop H. habit, n. oCrr ~o9oO. n 0c860 ooCas habitation, n. ecpG hack, v. t. ioo08ne n. 91s8C~ qoj0o8 hail, n. SscSsu v. t. g@8c o hair, n. 0o8 woc88ps knot, c68snu half, -n. ooogc og&St -cast, m:oos halloo, v. t. coc~ooo, imnt. GOOSu halt, 'v? i. qSyOOjOO QCo?^CgolcotoXp

Page  45 haul 45 halve, v. v. CCO-~ol hiam, n. o~cmY)c3ccsv ocylSQOjSou hammer,?Z. COC. t. 3Of~SP& hand, n. cOoy~o right, ooco~coc)Sn left, cDoS b co oY3 p al n, co cS5o ol8 v.t. m(80e1 handle, n. aoc~Stc1s 001V. t. Oo~c~sf~ s8 handsome, a. toc:u[c)C o D~ hang,vdt. Q~O00011Vu. Cr ~eu man, happen, v. is.ocm~60g happiness, n. ij(S833f oQu happy, a. ijSocan 6com ioo harbor, n. oaSc6328n qcca)08 V. t. cooS cB &t creo8 o ei hard, a. wo~c=Dn ZC'~co -l1y, ad~v. QcY hare, n. c.0u -lip, koyScg6OS1 hark, v. i. scooe1 harm, nt. o04cvascost88t 'V. t. 0048:C80S 009o -less, a. 0080"0O6GO3DIF harmonious, a. EN2YSO000~ 00 Q0 harness, it. fl8003l harp, it. ceo88ccoDc7S-erQS C8c080o0001 harrow, t1. C2 f 1 'V. t.2c e harsh, a. &(38CO.Don F38OSC01 harvest, it..S)q~q SS. DO~~m)C hasten, v. t. h at, it, c18u QQ00n box, Z~800bo hatch, v.t. emu acoo~. Cx480Soo6Tto haughty, a. o:fco:8Tjqoo co5axe haul, V. t. Q~Cswgi II Own's

Page  46 46 heresy have, v. t. 80 0d ~0P1 hawk, 'n. oS43s9CYBu hay, tt. rCQSOS Oj ~0 ~8 t lie, pron. oin his, ~idu him, ojc~# -self, head, n. ecpouc) 68o heal, V. i. 00OiOx30 1v t. POCD& health, nz. qis~8ooSn-y, a. oocooo heap, n. ooov. t. 06 hear, v. t. 98E1 hearing, n. QCo OOTI~8~~~8i[, heart,i.f ooc heave, V. i. v. t.I heaven, In. CM8MsoYS,11 %8Q~~cr.08MI, heavy, a. ccoscoo coouo hedge, n. eg8~8n1 og8Yo8u heed, v. t. 3oc~ooi OcoD~coolcog heedless, a. coc8cobexzi' heel, n. T01 heir, n. ooc~cD8o -apparent, 'C&MOSSO hell, n. ckol helm, n. o~oSon-sman, o00o0r~8ii b~8:n helmet, n. o3CYoc?-C81n help, v. t. oj~ooe~n GCOCSC~O& 00061I hem, n. 848~, V. t. 0fog8C'SOO&I hemp, n. coSso hen, 'n. C' -coop, Ycco3SI hence, adv. cog~9 ~Q~~ herd, n. ct1p scIon-sman, go8Qc988iI here, adv. oago -.after,' efoSoO01n1 -and there, oo6q6q~u-in, 000c:2Si heresy, ni. &91

Page  47 honey 47 heritage, n. oceo hesitate, v. i. cf~fw~ [ic, a. eo hew, v. t. C90S.~t~S~I hiccough, ii. M V. t. a. U80ogn [ QCp, hide, v. i. q~8&p~~i es 1v t. cs d o en fl. w.e8 high, a. RGOOII q~& o.on priced, aocqe hilt, n. com8CpS~ 8u hindcr, v. t. -Xo3oeua. f)Sq~C3 hinge, n. optv. t. ~ aO v hint, v. t. ro qooascu.ca~n n. ooq6'n hip, n. oS1~1 hire, v. t. 918oaen nl oo~u hissI v. i. ~jC~s00gii R00g history, n. Gpmo~roSo~nt OocX~3~u oaqSii hit, v. t. c8o0pgu c8qoscopgu 9~000n hoarse, a. hoe,- n. CoOO81v. t. o000st~QalaS hog, n., 06ni -pen, os COO hoist, 'v. t. aooc~&a~ hold, v. t. c~sco~e~tt cy-sog Pogn COOe&I n. CC:08 hole, u. cY38u0 mQUIoBi, holiday, n. Qv hollow, a. ~o ~ e~an. ooeolS~ holy, a. ~psccooii homage, n. ~q8@88., o~srr8os 881 home, it. rop homely, a. wc)o OCO ~8CO3Dn honest, a. mo& c au socon honey, it. (p~gu -comnb, cwsco N

Page  48 48 hurl honor, n. c~uS~ooacqn o~s v. t. ~3W~ hoof, n. Son sole of, gpgc&S~ hook, n. ~alo~60c1s1s v.t. ~spltlof hoop, n. GBOOSi, *e~ooS1i v t. cpooSg hop, vx i. jJ0 1[006n hope, vx t. rtSCO~oa2~B 9o6oo8006o horn, n. ren nu,8. pco~ hornet, n. c(Oo~oi horrible, a. c~308C01 horror, no. ~ ~ co p~~ horse^n g8sustailhon, 9S8coosn mare, S81 hospital, zi. 3c~iro hospitality, agaOS~S1 host, In. Q&OgOQOOI qcS6f~U hot, a. Vc~ ~c~xn hotel, n. cOO8s8 ~58 hour, n. rq -glass., ZpqI house ni. ~c(S ---hold, A~jWO8q how, adv. z~.i Qozc Q oCx~ howl, v. i. Roj3e~ c8ismx~'i hub, ni. oos&h hug, ni. q30 aEa h umnanti, a. ojap ~Sco -k in d,n. cjq8 n hutmble, a. humbug, vx t. 6coo~au humility, vi. R o"S &QSsu hiumorous,7 a. hump, n. c0s1o404n c0~ hungry, a. oooo~co Edoco hunt, v.40 (pI'80Pf %Q0690 hurl, 'V. 4.ORO6O

Page  49 impaired 49 hurry, v. i. aoRSooj~R0 hurt, v. t. vcia~ItRC)O ~. OOFpu husband, n. CO&u leg. CXoDG~Su -man, cooS CISGcoooin~ -dry, coc~cS8In hush, int. c~yoS~oSp v. t. oS;aEI hutk, ni I.t. o9o 0 8e0 hypocrite, 7z. C I, proni. to inferiors, c1u to equals, c~~Sis to superiors, rgco~ fern. og~ou my, mine, cqgjc5'n c1~a me, qj6'c~u cr~u myself; %r~o~do~8n ice, it. c u idea, it. goooco~coor~ idle, a. (08occoom (Oj88qOO:u idol, it. %SO?u wosec~j if, conj. c2j8o ( verb af.) io'norant, a. qokOUOQO)QO~OO ila. pcwofi illegal, a. ocvan illegible, a. oc.o~jsccoo~t illness, it. oojoc{olu illum~inate, v. t. o388esoagi imagine, v.. o8q0609i~ 8Q8c&( immeasurable, a. oS88j OOD immediate, a. -ly, adv. illimerse, v. t X u ~ c~ impaired, a. cxojE~QOO:U qOSCC 93

Page  50 50 indignant impart, v. t. co80C&OSB (8O3ooS impede, v.t. sc8soo:8g impel, v. t. c~)C2gs80g(, t c4og c& o,gft impertinent, a. R8~O S ~{ocoSoOOn implead, v. t. ooCP8Os401, implicate, v.t. oloS x o oe~ tooSc& implore, v. t. coc:S8o3zo" [coae imports,?n. uoSso^ important, a. oR 9@%8CO031 ~O8ooa8Coa,, importune, v. t. ~8~8C 8o+oo, impose, v. t. oo~Soos8og tax, cgq=>,, impossible, a. oSJE COnOO 4j168GO011 impost, n. ooCMooorSCuO5 [ og60 im prove,v.t.d Smo 88otxeo 11. i?. c8 gOS impudent, a. ovoSCoDOI k&scoov impugn, v. t. (68^sogn imputte, v.t. s 0 C DoO:)80IW in, prep. 9011 oC8r ~ OSu (Ofa.) incessant, a. oojSQ^OcI) incident, n. o oo800Gcc p inclination, n. c88s18s, c)o:lo incline, v. i. ceoSsc8co OcUSIo3Z inclose, v. t. o$88Soo08oo1~ooooxet include, v. t. o"'lo Sceo~gD i income, n. o8cgo incommode, v. t. oec:oc:oo, increase, v. t. c8208o611 n. OO8 08n indeed, adv. ooSmde0@SEM coa o indent, v. t. mere. eo896coo0800 indicate, v. t. ~&ao>,11 indigent, a. ooS8kC~O, indigestion, n. oeaoo~3J|S881s indignant, a. o<o8ogoScto:~

Page  51 innocent 5 1 indigo, n. ~)p Z~d indite, v. t. 8004 individual, ft. C*8Go~oojh a. ooj,~O~8w indolent, a. (a88qQO'II indorse, v. t. COO~ ~oso~c~qrc8Zog11 induce, v. t. in dustrious, a. c f ca ~wo ~o~ inevitable, a. infallible, a. iwqo8JScaao og 88o2Sq infant, iz. HO[Qoco infantry, n. cf~oag\ni Q~0os infectious, a. ojrb~-8OsCO inferiora.OnOOSO? c3it infest, V'. t. Q05saf infirm, a. 4 OO~Q01 infladie,v.t. inflamed, a. e cc:Eao i nflict, v. t. (D V 0Mg inform, v. t. F90s900&u F908CO000g informal, a. infase, v. t. ingenious, a. c8?G3WDn~3OCV~O~OCsq0QOO3K inhabit, v-'. t.~ tog inhale, v. t. o~waC4jiOzgI inherit, V. t. OORC8600-anee, n.* we82 injure, v.. scogla pCOM&~ ink, n.'8 -istand, 9E8kou inn, n. 06;8 innocent, a. o ~ s o b x

Page  52 52 interlace insane, a.-9sco inscribe, v. t. a o~ S~ c~ ooa~I 8Se0cxsmz%. inscription, n. c M8tI81 C8S091u insect, n. B*:S insert, 'v. t. csoXcog inside, ni. oocbn oc288II insinuate, v. t. OOqo~o83.)csoe1 insolent, a. S xn a ou inspect, v. t. ~3*o~ instant,fl.ocfmvc~3n-Iy,ad-v. oSsuqj9o4v instead, adv). meg ~901 instigate, v. t. 10OM )O280a institute, v. t. coe neSsII80 m.1n OOGP2 instruct, v. t. 00~06 93083s Fg instrument, n. oxoizoo ley. sotI9s insult, v. 6. '~~ R~I insurrection, n1. integrity, n. Sec88, intellect, n. e ~3C69 intelligible, a. pooU 2~ col intent, a. 2S8~s$ef axn -1y, adv. ~s$j intercede, v. t. su oQyYS intercept, v. t. interchange, v. t0 intercourse, n. GO8I~SfC08s.e interest, n. ooc1u 'V. i. CD)O8wg interfere,v.i. 8ncig o jORCo 4eO~interior, n. omc'pSe o~obu interject, v. t. interlace, eceow~

Page  53 inwards 53 intermit, v i. b091 q o~ojaag -tent fever, q~ooo~ODOog interpreter, n. onsi intervene, v. i. 8:c~oo 1 interrogate, 'v. i. c()o~oS intestines, n. oosjn o0n [Olt intimate, a. 2o~c~o~8O8wo)u v. t. qsce intimidate, v. t. coD-COO& RO8Xgn into, prep. mo&ZC~U 0c28c~8o~ (af.) intoxicated, a. u~8oe ~~i intractable, a. ~~xi~I[8~5 introduce, a. 3sSsaoe~II 3SSBO8006l introduction, 71. c8o~~ OD~ intwine, v. t. 208C8pN inundate, v. t. RQ0g invaluable, a. S8O3 QOOOO~ 8C~-C~o% t invent, v. t. invert, v. t. Q38~0801 invest, v. t. OOO 5OoSx:{srnerc. r.68SC~O~,o investigate, v. t. investigation, n. 008.000IDe Qr.B8J8 S8s$ invigorate, v. t. W c00OOD [IWW invisible, a. ~ o invoke, 9v. t. aqw8swe~P involve, 'O.t. C86osc80a.IC oo "8.'&81 inwards, adv. wo'b04u WCY283c~0

Page  54 54 joist irascible, a. g~~0CQDI iron, n.00 0o3.o~o:u wood,(a8sc~c~siaa. oSu irregular, a. irritable, a. 80CQa) 00C01 irritate, v. t. 8o~cSc~ogooSjjx~u is, 'V. is ~ f09'e island, t%. T e~ n. O~ccusseo8u isthimus, n. 8>~woccy~8B8iI it, Pron. c~0oo0n cern zoi self cqoQ~fpoSn itch, 'ix t. W000g n. W850tI ivory, n. 00oSduS~ J. jackal, n. c9800o jacket, n. aoqa18 ucJSo -S809 jack-tree, n. 8~~o~it fruit, 8J84Ans, jade, n. oU(n jaggery, fl. 008qCi-C7 j ail, n. ooo&z~ Bcc~Sco -er, xoooSin jam, V. t. a-80PS n. qr41 jar, e. to n. jaw, it. upper, cSls~Bo lower, tQl 8~0~su j ay, nt. 9oS~osN jeer vix i. acognn. WqS~ jerk, v. t..'o6a?~ba~ jest, v. i. q6qSqoac4 -er, it. qcjc&y jewel, it. c~~ocy~ose C9yo50o1 jin~gle, v. i. gSSe~0 jinjal, 13. 8cot C80 join, 'i. t. 88=0I~coot~ ~ oe V.i. joiut, t&. ooco& a.. o008=o) joist, it. 0~

Page  55 kindness 5 joke, v. Sei.CSIBO9 journey, 'v. i. 8qsc8:)8xe. [Sc8 i joy, V. i. O&S8QC~o~o~n -008oagi fl. judge, v. i. leg.~~x~p~Nn. Oovpojigu jridgrnent, n. leg. ~~8fjc~5;-seat, oocps jug, 'n. $8OO0qg8u 1C%80 juggler, n. BT oon juice, nl. GSoovsjceu aoQw8n jumble, v. i. jumip, V. i. 106 junction, n.' QoO~CSeaflsila jurisdiction, n1. 0O~CT011 4n t just, a. Q600c& 0311 ii axo adv. co justice, n. oopuopo~s II oaptoto justify, 'V. t. cocOen jute, n. Qcc2J5 Karen, n. MSo'vIi~SO~q8000S keel, n. ac keen, a. COoSBGC:'I 800098O keep, 'v. t. A~oo scozoeg 8~H u(~ Q 0i-er, n. Oca'SZ1N kerehief,n.ooln hand, Coo~oo~N bead,&)Sl s kernel, n. oo+[CUI18ei kettle,,n. cqca8cfqsn tea-,cQS0OA9IOMG2)8N kick v. t. ceg" cn -g -n. oocm4 kill, v. t.~ o~IOOCSOOOg kiln, n. q8n cS~v[-teon kind, n. =48L1 00O9N~ WOON a. eov kindne'ss,,n clisceisiEo*.OCO

Page  56 56 land king, n. 5j0Su —dom, $Scu i 8,~Ss,n kiss, v. t. 83S3^oSt2n11^8 kite, n. R+u AgcaO:oogi" knave, n. ~E~S83IQO0ii E8Sc8scog knead, v. t. 0o0i1, [cooooil knee, n. ooSiiqsu joint. qszo$a, pan, 88,, kneel, v. i. qscoo:cSool, knife, n. cove1 large oo:osw (pron. 91os) knob, n. 0oQu-by, a. ooTp8co3oI knock, v. t. c. oqcorsaadS 3o.s down, Sco0gu n. c1cqSoaau knot, n. oooeH in wood, ooaoSu know, v. t. 0801 o8CTS809Np knowledge, n. o60o;ooo8 knuckle, n. cocSca1ovu v. i. o!a80sao, L. label, n. c86ou v. i. c8seoic.a8gu labor, v. ch?.So:: n. ovcSu-er, OcSc S laborious, a. o8BsGCoo^.:ooII [Co3j:t, labyrinth, n. o0oq, lae, n. {9,, 100,000, ooo88i lace, n. 0o16iSHn q|g~p lack, v. t. 2 oj,3, c=0,800go ladder, n. c~co*s8Si ladle, n. c~ooSaiL oSs[U, s18.t, lady, n. corooSu os~au lake, n. CdS t088u 0ki( lame, a. 9opoQ ~ig<coo3 c&gs8Co2 lament, v. i. e~oosm8a~If lamp, 8goSi8~8 a su-black, v8SH land, n. or8isu-c-ing place, a8s8SMco8sl -mark, c~qoScOSu lord, c5|S8 v.i. r~eao4::a8" v.t. o8CoTCo8o3i8,

Page  57 leg 5 7 lane, fl. Co&8908n language, n. ~cooSmn emo~so lantern, n. e&S lap, n. ix~~uv i. cuo~ OgI lapidary, n. lard, n. O(-SQ8i, large, a. r-8coaon ~OO~ lascar, In.QO3BI last, a. c73v. 0i. ce lathe, n. 2ooQoc2gc1z latter,, a. cpB8coo cp~cxnsc landanurn, n. Z8'8G~pSn laugh, 'i. i. qoo~ -at, v. t. (csd launch, v1. t. OA)W j 06 lavish, a.V.. law, n. ma{gn, o~oao% emaoii-ful, a. ce mc88cauyr n. lay, 'v. t. co83ue11to3eoo~n lazy, a. 988qC300u CP8QO.)Ia lead, v. t. 8qCQ.OSOO n. ~U ~0c611 leaf, n. oqYnocSiof book, etc. ooj6' leak, v,. i. q eI8q g n. CIB1 lean, a. S~C.00n v. i. GoSU06 leap, v.x i. l~oag-over, v. t. jj~~g learn, v. t. aog leather, ni. oawcj~d 0800,89 ledger, n. ~~8l' leech, is. left, a. cocd%. hand, m is. tC7I leg,,n. SOOE

Page  58 58 likely legal, a. oo00060C~SsECWOH legislate, vd'. ~G~~~~eccocO legitimate, a. 00o VQO:3 l D 03 o 8oS 08 leisure, n. aoQDRoOSsnoi[8OD lemon, a. 0.oc~ O-,8n grass, a0l8OO80 lend, V. t. [00c~88n 1ength,,n. oo 0n1c0j~nn- wise, adv.o~oq:) lengthen, v1. i. COO 1V. t. c: %C lens, n.0 I~8 -g [8COOS.an leopard, 9n. 0c8osou leper, n. jpcxj leprous, a. on lesson, n7. 008 VO5'OZ)V [CO3)009 lest, conj. ~81 ~8200C08 let, v. t. 9'oa~l8aioO g so laoQ Jolttug letter, n. oocoC906:IocaplceI levee, 7z. OO lever, tz. OOSUi co:880?-8n levy, v. t. cg~o3~u -t oa.)it liar, 'n. vo~ 8O:3l liberty, n. oqdcSI lick, v. t..8o o~aoo lie, v.. Oc8CVQTOp~i (fib) n. tool MO~c lieutenant, n'. 0')6'jsCOS'I(OD life n. =006no~toon-less, a.ocrjo. lift, v. t. ~jzo6u &Cgi 060 light, n. aoQoSB. s~vooxgc~a~i a. coSc ~0in(weight) a. cloo lightning, n. c1:pS04o C20a i likely, adv. 6*080 11

Page  59 loathe 5 liken, v. t. ~8sma~ 01 8801 likeness,?n. 0Q0%9c1t oo08u8 oZj988e liy, nZ. *S80u -water, &O1 limb, n. of body, oog1u of tree, ocysuoo limber, a. c~p88ooo c~coo [caS lime, n. c~st-kiln, cX~8jn fruit, co qcpz.280 limit, 'n. o~q8eoo(0sti v. t. 0S6ag limp, v. i. cc:~8)OPI line, ft. ooo)~8iI O(Q~)88u lineage, n. ooqL8O8t~OOQ)OC13 00800&n.1 linen, n. qco ~o-cloth, qcx-cjoocx3, linger, v. i. jopl lining, ft. oocbo ooc8e~n link, n. rsc08028,0088t, 'V. t. 08*P~OCYBc~ lion, ft. *CO lip, n1. k6C8 of vessel, oo~8topgH liquefy, v. t. o.e~ og liquid, ft. ooq9u a. 0~ 8QOI liquor, ft. oc liquorice, n. a~oS~ju list, n. 00o listen, V. ie P88COSOOe lithe, a. cPO0319G01 little, a. cdc.%on q~coo f. ootIc oL live, v. i. aoc~oe1 &oo e~1 a. aca livelihood,ooo~so~ 8coo:S [I lively, a. G 108QC.)3It 96~OO liver, nt. wo~ lizard, n. &Sft~ o6ec~ov coooo~a~. load, ft. o~f'. t. o OJ.0an -stone, -b loaf, n. t~c*In [C0ceqo6~cvsu loathe, v. t. 4 SO.000

Page  60 6o lungs lobe, it. oo&of the ear, T08(O080 locate, v. t. O 8 jCD$u lock, n. cw&61v. t. Q00S6 lodge, it. & 'v. i. v. t. loft, it. aood~bflloi [leg. *soz-W;i loins, it. E018c [ OOO0000 long, a. 199O00n -time, 0:XCWU V. i. look, v. i. &&oenc~a -ing-glass, loose, v. t. C800giI ccTcg 92oSo n a. c~ocDon ~QWOII loquacious, a. rigtcoo Iord~in. o0uu ljrdoTY tpu lose, v. t. QWCS0 Is 30e~ i loss, it. Q9C58H'881 61 lot, it. 8u. 6 so V QQSu Yr,6o lotus, it. ~oqyooo loud, a. w09 coD louse, nt. D.48n 04898sg love, v. t. 10celgsgaefpoooel -er,?z.?bcwooill q~gooe8 low, a. 3~~SG~ 'V. t. 00 lucid, a. Oe~co8aooll.988coscoaoozn lucky, a. 301 lucrative, a. or J8O~ lumbago, it. 086)csfolp lump, it. OQ~v 00oauiO~ Q0j)Iu lungIs, it. DO~qO611

Page  61 mane 0' hire, v. t. cg n. oocooca lust, n. kc~coooon v. i.c~cooo~o~ luxury, n.;(cmoo lye, n. ospl Ml. machine, n1. SOSo~O~:1 oW&sCP880 mad, a. ~8c~oaooog 8ecsooo~G~ ~oSsQ madam, n. wo d$o"G01 madden, V. i. ~8080800u V. t. SOO magazine, n. ao:Cp1 maggot, U.coo~ magric, n. cqSn magical, a. magician, n. c95o8,i magnet, n. 0 oc z30J0 magnificence, n. 7 c,?~00rJOSU [DOI~SII magnitude, w. oo"(Osz-*co~oooC1I aoc~g maid, n. cocam 884n old, ooa 703i mail, n. OV1 [o086~U main, a.oo or086 oi-ly, adv. oo(~ maintain, v. t. QOY~8c gBO6 GC:co~o maize, n. 0818 L 3 co~1 majestic, a. [CC80 majesty, n. q O~c8~n Your- L-cooo majorlity, n. make, v. t. C9~So.6n 66-00 male, no ooc8u o~ou a. 9c88co malevolent, a. K~coao opqcooo malicious, a. Glf8lBccoon mallet, n. GQooo7c-Sqdl COC-S~6 man, n. pjojuOwG X8ucjM3n -kind,ojqIU mnane, n. o cp 3,

Page  62 62 matron mange, n. bo. mango, n.:O:qcBOocodjc8 —steen, $Sa maniac, n. COQS [c,^u80 manifest, a. coStos8coo v. t.coS?8sce~oo manifold, a. 8p3os8co:)n manner, n. ags, oS, c1,48E OIsH0 oooo8 manners, n. ccoocroooSl many, a. op8waoo, how —, oo9, u map, n. cGRit cSso88gv Do@qpu marble, n. C~OISB6J march, v. i. ~joo88'agSl margin, n. oogs8 o s8n marine, a. oScoo6Ssj&Scoaov mark, v. t. oSoae, n. 9o:oS: o36,So market, n. cqj8s -price, cseoQCOu marriage, n. coC&O@(c8xSH coXScos8ooZ:t marrow, n. tSsi8-bone, SS8ocoooom~8B marry, v.i. oooSooio, t. t. o848So,,guS marsh, n. c8,, ~nc 89' oo,. marvel, v. i. O0cooag" mask, n.;oq1n w4oS0,811 imason, n. o~8qj=oo) H mass, n. OOn qoqso aou O3u cOO(u 00T3O811 massacre, n. SecISSOo 88s,8 mast, n. ScddQ8,o master, n. O.:aQ~0 gv~, o;)S8 ooj1Sn mnat, n. (mol V. t. t::Q88Do match, v. i. ocYS, n. c8o7coo1aSIl S8O. mate, n. o0ocSo nav. o:.cB, v. t. ~S[8 0O.tooo',sc8. material n. oCooOSPH a. [(6SQCoii materially, adv. oooto3Qmos~o $9{860gS matron, n. 8g- [

Page  63 memento 63 tnatress, 'A. 8cl mature, a. q~waj~O~v i. 9~ maxim, n. [0g inay, v.i coO o a ~ preca tiVe meal, n. oo4u-ftime, so8qje [af. cSQooon mean, a. ~~ S Q ~ vt by all-, o8obp w~o~ by any - 00TDOjeo-~o8fn by no-,00C28s ~ocypo%~v by-of, ooos~p mneanfing, nl. ooic,3Y 0u OQdon Q0O ' O Ba measles, n.. aw~ measure, v. i. O8800cj?0~00 'V. t. ~ n. oomon o O4u oQc8ie -trient, CScSI mneat, n. asP031 mechanic, n. c6U~:OOQOOI meddle, v. i. S7U3O4 ~ tQOC So0~ meddlesome, a. coooo~c o:)gSuOOSaS mediate, v. t. 0809)RD1 [QWoDII mediator, n. 08og03il medicine, a. c~ogu give-, v'. 8osyO6~ meditate v. t. rONeo91v. i. co~fsgsoagu mneek, oSjepoS~coa [vs~oseos u~ meet, v. t. c06C~og a~ meeting, v.. cggStII OOTOCOBB mellow, a. A a member, n. ~) ooSle oS880ja membrane,, n. 9oQI -memento., nz., CQ~I

Page  64 64 mnina memorandumn, it. q~O3~C3 09 memorial nt. o~so8SgooSit Coo:88coaceg memory, n. qc~eco9ii goSS988u1 menace, v. t. ~8SaW I mend, v. t. (009 000S t18800I1 mensuration, n. C~SO~Ssot8s OO~C8800cgp mention, V. t. css~cQ:)~e~n [oQoass merchandize, cy isglu c)?~ocodi, merchant, nt. qO I miercifuil,a. ~so~oa)i.*cf:oooo mercury, it. ~Q8008iiCo mercy, it. coOs@S88u crCto~Co merely, adiv. c.oton cooo V~81 merit, v. t. itc.001'. cyjc~CSUl GM0~885;k meritorious, a. ~c nS8coaooc4sr~C*~ merry, a. d&SO5e u IGcoi mess, v. i. Oooos t.0COOI 000SQ3o0iln-rootrn, 008S~JU messenger, it. covi4n OOM~u -GcESjJL metal, it. 031 meteor, n* ew~ ecoi3B-i method, it. o~o'gI middle, it. ~ooodii ooc o~,a. oocoo mid-wife, n. o68til might, nz 0~8006a doomio mildew, it. 4 [WC01 military, a. a ~Scoxou i. egoAr~po mnill, it. Ii mina, it. ooCBOoH N Ch

Page  65 mock 65 mince, v.. mind, n. 8o6ii v. t. 96oal VBQOXSOn rnine,.pron. qjs&ufl. GODOc8Y88n1 V. t o:288OC2 mineral, QOb~rOC-S nmingle, v. t. c~joel minister, n. O4n foreign, fb8o~i internal, Doc8sgoi clergyman, oocpim mnint, no uS~&soSu 9818,S3Dc~c~Sm minute, fl. Ocrou mire, n. jr9ou R~eu t-2vDSvn mirror, n. C04 9~f miser, is. CQjCSSn) 33ffj miserable, a. aoSooSgkcoaon miserly, a. misery, nl. OQ940O8\8kSII misfortune, n. O~uo8C YDD0QC-08S~S811 misinterpret, 'v. t. mismanage, v. t. 8s 883 n misplace, v. t. ooc~ooDsa)&n mfiss, v. t. C~al ~0800gi is. 88CvOCOCSO misonary, n. cow p p1i f jj;u mist', n. f~u 88i ~88jui mister, (Mr.) cw:8n I~ ~n ~guWQ&iin~i mnistake, v. i- q)3e V. t.oQC0w~1 mistress, n. (Mrs.) co~o oi CCu misunderstand, v. t. OGioi mix, 'v. t. GCD0 1 moan, v. i. pS0911 mnoat, n. *i mob, is. %Jqg 6COOOO01 mock, vx t. 5~~~

Page  66 66 mortar model,?. (qB NLbts moderate, v~. i. 8C uV.t modsta. jcxBCISC=XIu 0Qt$S6QOO: a moet a. YO0)t xnodif~y, v.x t. R000 moist, a. ccrooD molasses, n. ocb mole, n. ~-u G~cxc-*cr cg1easu -hill, c R molest, vix t. c*0~5saZgu [ryISS~q moment, n.. Qco monarch, 7n. Jj8:~S11S 088C*C2&s monastery, nz. 8Q O8n Monday, n. CorQ3ctu,money, no COSSgn can 4;%~H o108el monk, 'n. q 81 monkey, n. pctocu month, -it. con -ly, a. o86QOD nmonumnent,n. OS(. mnood, n. 60CO1 moon, n. CON new, COToj~ waxing, aoo~o8n fill], o0009n past full, cogT129Sn waning, Co zasi change, cop a light, oocpEN eclipse, coF906D moor, V. t. Gcsa n. S68 mope, v. i. S jC~I moral, a. rjo6oosps oa:mN morality, n. 9~oocsoce~ gs more, a. co~(:scoo:" -than, -advi. QMII moreover, adv. coe~~88 9868n, C~qoux1si morning, in. 4~OSI 4CSnI mortal, n. oj1oa&olu~ a. coZaSGd3cXon mortality,?z. Do$~# C0x45Ss mortar, n.. -su Too (,cement), oa 965m

Page  67 Multiply 67 mortgage, v. t. co1 ScoHQol OE~o- ee, oo mnortify, v. t. Q~&oi.i mortise, 71. csla mosquito, 71. ~Se -riet, (S&CnOSH most, a. oo71'soo. oooe "ScijrQOOC6 -ly, adv. ao~mo8~8u mnother, ti. wo~8 oow -in-law, QW ~ motherly, adviao3'.1 [880ju motion, n. ~4Si~~eiof bowels, motive,7 t?. 4aQOOOOc~08s [o6C~sS0S&H mound,?i. mountain, 7i. ~cymS -chain, emozSo4se mouirn, V. i. a3 8c'R3$&ScxS8Wg -fril, mouse, 71. ua uo~~vt ~ooon-fu, a\Zt9 m-uchl, a. 40~co how-, cotoo~ so-, jtOOccduadv. (Oo8(3al:>u~8 EN mnud, n. AII"OO0 muddle, va. t. eryog (with drink), its muddy,a. cp~o~ QO ~je~ m uffl ev. t. O -olefeo~ mIug, n. 261n mulberry, it. BDS munlct, 'D. t.. o 8Sg raule, n. r'Sscoosu cooso Multifarious, a.

Page  68 68 namely multitude, n. oo,8,1 coooo8fK mumps, n. ols~?cceSo,, ol83oSOf murder, v. t. coooooSc8cooSWi murky, a. $8sGOGooon murmur, v. t. ooocoo,8~ eooeS@iei o muscle, n2. ccoc, o [,,~ muse, v. i. SSG f08CcOXp~t88g0 mushroom, n. II nmusic, n.. c88 S aS88 S1f i i; musk, n. moc8, -melon, Iosoo musket, n. coGoS- -ry,*coooS~tf muslin, n. Q)o,1i QcoSqoSces coj~q~o mnust, qual. aff. 0g1 loH mustache, n. aoSS8s,8n mustard, n. eS8soS, s_3Sei0 muster, n. coi8 v. T$803&1 Tf8coog musty, a..cooc~cBcoo mute, a. oOQco: c8oo80$ScoON n. o~ool mutilate,vt5 v. St. @o on^ ceo i mutiny, v. t. Ocr-400 n. 4C)4fES8a mutter, v. i. c,8cB8e~cogoe, muitton, n. O^8OXO8n mutual, a. 9o s888 $ c, -ly, adv. muzzle, n. oodn iog9c388s [o0#8e88w myriad, n. oocoo8ns ooacOSSH mysterious, ~oS.cB5cooxo TN. nab, v. t. &0,,,S0oBOo" nail, n. OCBoo~8ucgo3!8u iroD,0n Sguc naked,a.o8sg8cCOQiooooooceoo name, n. Mogotougtoc v. t. 9 " namtely, adv. oq.toc BO2 a 8~

Page  69 nice 69 nap, 'V. i. O~ff I napkin, n. coaocscoloOu narrow, a. CXJ C3IIV.t nasty, a. e3uo~oaSouI nation, n. crql OAjSc*4c8u native a. jPQOOS nature, n. 4jpoo~QO oMCxc1u CO001 naughty, a. ~QXZ naval, a. 8 z n navigable, a. navel, n. ~oA ilcy~o-string, ijc7Smv navy, nz. odooI4L1 near, a. Pe~i adv. oopegou -ly, o$6I& neat, a. ooB001IQ01 necessary, a. z necessity, neck, it. c~ogUS11 Cloth, COEo88eS8uI co~-~b need, v. t.co" 38c.Ui.OCe needle in. o&e.ye, fosII [1oS8k(9Sse neglect, vt. t. oqO) 8000ca~ aoQooo~8;I negro, it. ut neigh, v. i. u~as neighbor, it. cB&SfS98u 4888=00in neither, a. pEogSooj~p S~c~oa coflj. nephew, it. Ojil c aoeu 8C!aw8n nerve, it. a:4 31PO CDWO nest, ii. mqCoSO 006n8O~ net, it. qCHC2uto cast, qcs~ g -a. neuter, neutral~a. moo cBCD SW neetheless, -ad-v. &G0CSO39s to'8As836 new,-a. ap$emnews, 080Ssii-paper, a next, a. 18Se&W.,a O0 q8SQs ui*e a. rav 0:18u P000's 6C30IQON)

Page  70 10 noti fy MiChe, n. S219 iece ft. IOjNuCES(TWO night, n. e&u l mid-, 00 Lo)8uS to-, c>n~ — ly, adv. e~cQsau ninny,?i. CAC~mQO08u nit, nz. O nitre, n. (Bs no, adv. wvapSu a. ao~oS!c~~ou noble, a. q~CQD) DoiaBOSGO~Oss nobyleman, n. pci nobody, n. nod, v. t. QQISe~ocowe~ qo%.e5,n moisOe In. 00031 OC, o ga~su~SSm ntoisy a. 0006C8~Xcaof 0030 OC01 n one, a. O~(QGO:I OOC2j88~Q~QOa nonsense, n. 0000=8 0 omeosao8 nook, n. rao~onnoon, ai. g~soo&Su-day, 8soo&3oojv Inoose, ti. C088 V. t. rzS01 nor, adv. Co08 — gol c0611,north, n. eSOCu-east.aocQ c~:oSu-west, nose,?i. *3u*0cAS) n -nostril, Sseolculn.no-tch, 'V. t. nOW& 7. 00C0&n not, -adv. on o oe noted, a. nothinag, ~o~~nd.0cS~co~ notification, In. C&DOSG~OOSSI oS00Su -notify, 'v. t.

Page  71 obscure 71 notoriety, n. qco notorious, a. ooS.$8eS~pCC03 notwithistandin~g. adv. IGODSCO0B nourish, v. t. aB 8~8ooen-ment, n. aos3~ novel, n. aqosna. aascti [000000~It novice, n. Cj~8u _$co)eooco now, adv. W.ii -a-days, w~Om~cRvosnozzle, v. aS,Sz8n [and. then, oo~loc,~oi nUllify, V. t. OOCC numb, a. C ~ C~qO t number, ii. 46)o0u 0 OQDoppl 'V. t-Cr02C8 numerous, a. C& nun, nz. WCC5 nurse, v. t. c.8 J800gi JCCO&QDC~ nut, fl. 0090cgooOsl8aoit of screw, ocS Gain-m-eg, owo881c~O& 0. 0! Oh! int. 41 oak, n. oc~~o8,i~ oakunm, n. rb C21 oar, iz. fc7-S CQOSOOX7SH 1;Qaf oath, n. itpRS81n JJ;f~8eu to take, obeisance,nz.~qe@Sau to make, ~qaw@icoc-S obey, v. t. feoow~l ES09 object, n. DO~pu 00 v. t. 6688p o en objection, n. 61=06 obligation, n. ocSoocf8n cr~teSI oblique, a. 4G;f obliterate, v. t. W~ obscure, a. SCN qocof

Page  72 72 oil obseqtnious,a. cc-,observe, v. t. S3.we~n Q9~06 -obstacle, n. ooc8ooooD)8u obstinate, a. ~&OW1 8 SOODSQ30u obstruct, v. t. e8O8oo 110mc~co~g obtain, v. t. Giaev. i. oO~g e-~wII obvious, a. ooSpseaoo, occasion, n1. 88IQ oct8 vt. occasionally, adv. oodlancou 00jrn001e occult, a. occupant, nz. oCr8(8CGO~O:)n occupationl,n. occupy, v.t."8SOOg occur, v. i. 6S301 0CS0W 1 ocean, n, oscooS' COUTGf1 odd, a. occ'xu N8S~COOIa Cjss0CO~on odious, a. s.~820CP~OII odor,?z. 0040 odorous, a. Q8C01 of,prep. possessive, (in among, OY2SM out of, off, adv. o~ool;,) 00oTcrill[i= offend, 'v. t.g0 offended, a. 9068CCO)n [gE9080091 offensive, a. offer, v. t. CUODSzOu ojcoge~ ~QSOS offering, 71. oQCj~s vcMCXY~ officer, n. OOP~ DGDuf DGPOO~S8 officious, a. 86O nQ(YODONG CO 0SQ$1 offspring, n. cooC~S0 s0038eSCOCEN (Boll often, adv. oil n. 6.t.0i8soaeu &RO5O&SWO

Page  73 ordinary 73 ointment, n. ecotoS's0 S oc~oSg8o old, a. dqc0 0io00C0 860i0OoS~OOn olive, n, o3cgS, omen, n. 80on co&8n ominous, a. c8S8oSS068Sou omit, v. t. 9o6gooo.oe,oqt,sf omnipotent, a. ooXcoo~8jcou [0oop, on, pron. ooc H v. con. aff. s. o48n-to, oQcoTc5-ward, adv. e8Hj once, adv. oaoon ooooo988 o03o)oSn1 onion, n. OcoSoa" only, adv. o,(I)ogS8n O,oSoos, =Dn ooze, v. i. 8oll n. MsE e gSc)oS,, open, v. g 3 I@ gn o a. opening, n. aonooeoqS6 [k cS0=,U openly, adv. coSovsgon RgoSgon operate, v. i. Ro, Rc 0oo0 eOn opinion, n. 8oScoSSBsn c9aS6ofSsii 0o0j opium, n. c8 opportunity, n. 00oS0.8~Coo*n, oppose, v.t. a88ooz8oS o jaSSoi opposite, a. s] o6a:>Ssde8o agcsoaoS ~ oppress, v. t. ~8asovog 6^Soa:bgn opulent, a. 0o63a 3(O e:oqooos~coo. or, conj. coo@oo" orange, n. c83cg6-8 - ordain, v. t. 8-8cou. 0o00i1 order, vt,. w o8oIsosaSI, S aInS n. 088, 9 SgS~O regular-, oo*'OiBi1' —to, opi nioe (n.o:)~,t8 ca8o~ ) ordinarysasy ~o, [NW 4

Page  74 74 overstep ordination, ft1. tafSs organ, n.,c ~n)c ac mw-uM8. GODS.% origin, ft. aome ao?8V OOjS88u 0.(1CON ornament, ft. miONv. t. WOOD0g orphan, nt. coX.oSGQ8n SOas%8n ostentatious, a. o1-&0sGO03D1 02808CO001 other, a. oojSanO8'3008u 00o1ss -wise, Conj. ought, v. af. Cj~e~ [ (Ocq OSII out, adv. 08S00 oo1'Su ooc~bmn out-.house, n. ao 03B&fii outlaw, 'v. t. itdog. 'uBa~j out-post, it. o*88008S1 outrage, v. t. fSM 'gb outside, ft. I S adv. os~l oven, ft. cOISSIN over, prepi. adv. oocuTuxoooo~ ~c~ooq ~cxqnojS c~i-n over, o0cxO a,6~u a.-past, cSP overbear, vx t. 888aagN [CO)O& overcome, 'V.t. 1S9QOSO"O'C overdo, v. t. UCJcg0s0P1 C~tjBOR30 overeatyv. t. o ewg overflow, ix t. e { u s,g overhear, ix.ooo sz overland, ft1. 8@ Sn overlay, 'v. t. 6Qoa overlook, rG to overreach, Vx t. &SOEOO~e [~O~Qf 'i1 overrule, ix. ~XxBcpsOD ~ overstep, V.t.cos i

Page  75 palliate 75 oversight, n. &US'4 8sw 009cb oversleep, v. i. rB[ ooSso overtake, v. t. w l overthrow, 'ix t. eo-siolc9 00 overwhelm, v,. t. soqC& owe, V. t. I?,cX 8~ oX,) n. al28s8n 02S8Sn 9 3B oyster, mio-Du pearl -, wco pace, v. i. ~&c33ocpgo W8q~ pacify, V. e. C(SC800gln ~&8C.)OC~ pack, v. t. cq~Soe&Ii o8C x8O006 package, n. ooac~u packet, ao~Sac~ncsoe paddle, v.x t. co3Soae~Iu no ~C036O paddy, n. esulu -bird, J18spt'il -mill, padlock, n. oocod [OOi page, n. soc~Sfo pagoda, n. ceCB~o CGeOTclIt pain, n. aoc~oso u jpsscs~Opu painter, n. c8zojoScoocjin f~lln pair, n. Oooi O~qp v. i. toso3giI palace, n. CBSo-0Sn royal, f aQOSI, palate, nii aooQI1S's pale, a. v [c~sol palisade, v. t. - 0080 w~, z.o m palliate, V. t.' $Q0o COO.64800ew CqO

Page  76 76 partiality palm, n. qso~u&CYSo8uB#Qo8u c0OlSo of hand, cQCS&6)8.O palsiy, noG0Q-.Q'00 paltry, a. jN onu pan, us. co&.4eON frying-, Cacf~msou8s pane, no Y~~ panel, n'qj~o.~ pang,,n n. go~oo panic,, nz C6oC3fDssou pant, V. i. uaag papaya, n. aaobSges paper, mt egg3i newspapers o8008800. par, ns. OZ0Q4%u parable, n. V parade, v. t. crSsufoagooli o0&gs.ge paragraph, n. (9598n (R(.0 parallel, a. oo0g~~~00 parcel, ft. aoc~6'c1cow parch, v. t. c pardon, v.t. beg-, c. o48 u~ coE v O f0 6%6 8n pare, V. t. Ag:)m~ parents n. rn. woona fern. 008n p1. SOO parley, v. i. 88~Q~~ parrot, nt. 960p~j ~8u Q9Y80008" parry, v. t. eap8a p~u parsimonious, a. e O~eQ3 partake, 1als OD v.t og S0 i partiality, no T)S)odi Q00C)''C SI.

Page  77 pay 77 partial, a. particles, n. PoSQmp ao facoSp [coca particular, a. oojO0PqQOI Ge*6a particularly, adv. - ~ 8~u[p partner, n. WCSOOOj o7cJ4OAJ uR partridge, n. l parturition, n. Q ~sgz'Sf8mu [ot2e party, n. ~Oso8aoojts leg. ooprsqRc;oSI pass, v. i. csooe~qC2JSOBDU length of, c~cBog through, c~oScS>8u over, OjO80D8$.O V. to ~jOOD&;aj ooswe~u approve, ao CO00 passion, n. anger, caooooto& love, ~~i past, a. Q COODprep. DoqCu j~i paste,, cc*. v. t. cm 5~cxoou-.board, pastor, n. aaS8Rc pu% eRROR pat, v. t. oQIR601 patch, v. t. no01?Z. 0IL path, n. cOcS8u Oc68008u CO&CC8OBON patience, n. c)A 000tQ09Ss patient,a.go Wu ~ n patronize, v'. t. 8seal pattern, no (0a pqgsu (~O~OCH G7O8il pause, V.?,. 04uW&CW Uno fl. cI S6811 (jsov pave,v.t. 8mujo~8szt paw,?a. c8q~4cc~Su v. t. oot pay, v. t.o~ o j 00)004 coac*,

Page  78 78 permission pea, n. bu — cock, ec~in [jS8se peace, n. OQ O3000003 SE&f$tSBREi ~(OC peaiceful, a. ~60003GON.bICSf 8s pearl,.[oScn peck, v. t peenla,an. M ~ v. t.I pSO peep, v. i. U~wg peevish, -a. o03 oboc8Q03n g(B48x, pelitean, n. 0 1u pen,,n. 9So~l ~C*Coosn penalty, n. Jlcv~n wOHI~fc09u pencil, n. >~o3n ~oc3m Qo9cCScxn oi)P1 penetrate, v. t. ct:o30 oil&00 o80 penitent, a. pa~COl [cOO pension,?Z. 00OO( qSC~zQOO30~S8 peon, in. g0o0zxt [ezseqo403 people, n. g g3,~eoa:D8l co8skoooscren pepper, n. cpoS% Ccp~omD88o perceive, v. t. os80lq800Ojal perch, v. i. rsfonn. Oa36'oo4su perfect, a. 69CO1 tocx perforate, v. t. osag perform, v. i. cr~og ~ORS L-80 perfume, v. t. C~asin. OOCS80 peril, n. period, n.az~io of time, coooooj8OS:)eti perishable, a. (c ~ perjnre, -V. t. Q0O6%-SC J;wp pttmanent, a. W 11.0 M3 permission, n. c

Page  79 pill 79 permit, v. t. ~:co8gc N perpetual, a. 0oo0e'oS6:coo —ly, adv. 0o perplexed, a. 806otSoscool [e~ooosu persecute, v. t. i^SgbobO persevere, v. t. 0i o, N0o0u person, n. oju cou ciopgo3o personate, v. t. aoccpScoQoSaoe perspire, v. i. cO8coSBDeN persuade,vt. Bo8sooo8i cs8&s30O, peruse, v. t. (:>)~&&00, perverse, a. moooaoc:Dou aog8sc o3u pester, v. t.,oE6aoSoon pestle, n. o ~cii petition, n. coto eou v. t. cooo8eoo, petrify, v. i. cocB coOg petticoat, n. oo8Su cqjO I pheasant, n. qEn, ou phial, n. o O sco3,, phlegm, n. ooc8Se 9480 physic, n. oS.joScoos:, physician, n. coso8oou pick,v.. agoSaaguc S8o6dSooaouco go pick-ax, n. colcSoc'81s picket, n. o&:DoScbo~a Siiu mil. mco8,ou pickle, n. ooaSu i]oSii picture, n. on %S~q —frame, mcotl~Sa pie, n. igoJ0opu coin, wCoS5on ^S8 piece,n. o0euooo$oSOq88s of cloth, ooo5u pierce, v. t. dc8~oo0^Bo" t1o8g, pig, n. ocmcaosm of metal, ooC8hs pigeon, n. s j'l pile, m ooi v. t. coo: gu n, pl. ~68'80 cS pill, n. Ce~8c. '.;

Page  80 8o play pillar, n. cq8n oo:,c(b pilot, n. Ct~>80~I pimple, n. o01a pin, n. ~o~o~olu oe~so081I R1 pinafore, n. ooc~8cssu pincers, n. 6'n 00oao011 pinch, v. t. Weo5 ot-qSco~ii n. o8o pine, nz. cro68~ijo-apple, jppSc8so [COD:) pipe, -n. P"u0o8a31i111 v. i. R301 pistol, n1. S8sCMoCBn pitel, nz. co89aei. ~aucscn pitcher, nt. c*Vnxrjscccpsu CL pith, i.oi pity, V. t. Wp n~v7. WPSBM 01 place, nt. OiO310fUD008n1 v. t.:)W&C plague, i'. t. it~)S3~n. coj pltin, a. L83.)001 820) 004 08 1 it. plaintiff, n. cs1[ plan,n i. v. t. 'C6~~1C~8~ P plant, ft. Douse v.- t. qCW 0Cososl plantain, it. 9S~o l plate, it wl -,W ~ ' platform, n. oocoSsn 61 *-Sl on stage, chooco

Page  81 porcupine 8i1 plea, n. ~~ plead, v. t. leg. ~[cs pleader, n. clt pleasant,a. pleased, a.-wtu o s u pledge, ni. e 0squ o -50oju o0000cps plenteous, a6 c6lfoscooov 40oOOC031n pleurisy, n. eCoc3OnSpn u plot, v. to 8 n~a~ OE~ nQcco~ynorY~c~S plug, n. od v. t. odt~w ~Soove~ plumb, n. ~?c'efl linet ~&88 V. t. %wo" plump, a. occxn o(WBQD:) plunder, v. t. c~icg W.cCRC*eo plunge, v. i. %8*4oo~oen v. t. pw n pocket, n. o~otlsan QUSO-9,311i pod, n. c:~ poet, n. cOcfToon -~ry, cOoJIu oCeJpn 41 point, n. Og v. t. poison, n. 00&881uv. t. 04QS OCgI pole, n. qo~eo~Q~olsj~ eton police, fl. man,0oo~oDsong~oooo-court, cpc~oeS's-judge,cpoo~o~Qcro:cSu polish, v. t0. n ~ Q~c~~ polite, a. eC9QO"CD*OS OS polygamy,?Z to Rst8su [ooo pon~d, in. oo810qso CfSm,T'?a poor, a. OsQON~ a population, ft.

Page  82 82 preach pore, 1. QfRSOCUJdu pork, ft. OO%008o port, n. 0 OO6 porter,.O8Z e portion, n. o~q8nHOQ~ORD00 V. t position,1.& pooocS positive, a. jcj&OOW&0C 3 OO~ 8 possess, v. t. post, n. ~~e 90030Oo -,.Master, so CQ030j~s -8 office,,00cOcSn postage, a,& 6:)jr~n-staxnp, 088&201 Se posterity, n. Q Sfl,8OO l postpone, v. t. 48 oeuc:89 pot, n. dQ8sn CcpsaI potter, q.~e8C~js pound, V. t. cGOO8me~u pour, v. t. CCOQOSSOOe~i CdCQQ63DS8X0 pout, V. i. k~585woeu wokoeu poverty, n. 0o084j8811 [coiIn powder, n* (X&su dust, ao~ju fatce -caj power, n. O8O powerful, a. practicable, a. &~ESOO c'28 52P praise, v. t. ~81 10g. t8S&S88 prawn, n. RO pray, v. t. QQS83Ou ogp tr~A prayer, U. op.:) SS# [oQ preach, C.Xvncd o)pQO

Page  83 prison 83 precede, v. t. cim-3o uoo~8Sau precedent, nz. leg. cce precept, ni. iOeeocqu leg. gas~ An precious, a. Xooiso3csasSCO precipice, n. co:Sc~ocSumSeu1ocm:oSt predict, ix t. 80C3O:O~C3~00 prefer, v.t. pregnant,a.AcqSScoiils~coxo [00 c prepare, v. t. (ao~o~ 00x00so0Il presence, n. on oo~u~ cjjq:Su61~jS88# present, a. present, v. t. ~ccxSe~o XOOSQQoZ8QoS33 if t CH?000)1 n. C00COOSQH~8 USPI3 press, v. t. i(0 1 8301 t-3Z)00 pretext, n.eosq el pretty, a. c3cDoao ooro%3.x:), prevent, v. to 9'S8owwgn c88sc08009, prey, v. t. c~pol t,&S380gil price, n. o 1 prick, v. t. fso~~g n. f8uf f~e pride, n. oojn 4u+ 80sqS~f8s priest, n. ctKISu OOm~ prince, n. o8smxiu princess, o6oO2sa principal, a.. ooenNOO. 0098So6~1 principally, cadv. im~u:81 principle, 'A. 00o51 Io0o908s:)ol Ows6 P~C. erO'1 O 1P Co)S W~~

Page  84 84 promote prisoner,.1. GcX~OODSW8a 00nQ8003~80 priv1ate, a. rQ n. 0o6&308ii co61C,~&8t, privately, adv. voo l.$sn.%cZ privilege, n. op privy, n. C~jd3&t cjT8n prize, ti.oole o o QDn 1COISoou&8~41GOOR v. t. i probable, a.8 yco COOD 1)roboscis, a. coe proceed, V. S. 83ncQOPS O~.~ proclaim, v. t. GCSI90 Qqac procrastinate, v. i. 4 O& procure, v. t. 41al 008OO prodigious, a. oQo2 f 8 038GOODI produce, v. t. OvCS QOL00 86 009 no 0. o 8o0j gao 01 proane, profess, v-t. oo o&30coE8CG@oeu [wo~u profession, n. ~~CT OOOOS profit, V..?.0 jIoCOg~O~CiqO~e~P n. profound, a. j64opo3~, oo3 akoaoj progress, V. 'i. cqSO&OC n'1. 80 630I progressively adv. csosi prohibit, v. to.BO800 projec t, V. I" Oodce%030 pSNX&wg V' to prcctionn CROS~CDO3CP8 8 promiscuous, a QP* 31C promDote, v. to

Page  85 province 85 prompt, v. t. ag.cos% a CSgSoOOS prong, n. c6qSssg8 ' [ pronounce, vt. t cd4 oIBcgoooo8Oegn proof, n. 86 o 8 prop, n.o,,o00oooooSv.t. ooBcoo3Oooo, propagate, v. t. ~, go:80~o ueoSo^o8 propel, v. t. cpSXcogit Sje [moz proper, a. cooScooo eooScsccoaN 8s property, n.;S9ofu g8goosps8s qcaI. wo8 prophecy, n. oooogeootni [ uoo prophesy, v. t. Bj0oo ocoooooS c8 o~ propitiate, v. t. ~C}68COO:>8=o{ proportion, n. o0 8e:0 OsU 8O8es propose,v.t.coS~Si6[Soio~lcioooo803ie^N proprietor, n. 4c6ooo 8uooiuSa [ooao0 I11 proscribe, v. t. cpoooScso8ooffweoqaic prosecute, v. t. 4eg. oopz proselyte, n. coowooSo prospect, n. c~So9su.ooSe8su. prosper,v.J.88g38<d8 8v9oo'@ooCSOOHN prosperity, no 885988,su prostitute, n. 8g8So, BGoOOJOu prostrate, v. t. c:o~ ~O~u v. z. o9g0 jcOp& a. oo|0m8qxja5 cx'u protection,. t. c e ooi protest, v. t. ~oo8sgOc:e: o t~ e proad,..* oacQo g8e*c8>. 8.S, cb30~ provo, qD o Q ooSgsooe0 ~ 1 8o(0g provide, v. t. oS|<"w~9-Y p.tv..4 ^....... * 4'i

Page  86 86 pure provision, n. loDCxOO:GpuC OQSDU OOGIS COO&ODI000ts" prow, n. cc9gsg~Su wcogo8g3ai proxy, -n. dwc e prudence, ni. oa3.)OOBD prudent, a. ew pqoocm public, a. Oj630q03 R~OIOO c)? (~Z~3S~Quifl-, DStoc.99o publisht v. t. p'nckered, a. 000c0 ~ pudding, vi.jv puddle,, n. N puff, U~ J COPSo1 pull, V. tZ 3003 CSOS~808of pulley, vi. - r~ovu -block, j oDSZ&.OSu pulp, i.7 pulpit, vi. psT80OUo8u8 pulse, vi. c~css:fl8eu Qc3881f S6ti pulverize, 'v. t. Q 8j Zu pumpkin, i. Oe punch, i.' I8UQ0OOBt8H V. t. punctual, a. puncture, v. t. woS8ag vi. r pungent, a. C0 motiC0C3" a punish, v.t.1008 O8IM300 punishment, vi. alc,5' pupil. ot. OOw..-o the'-ey0, 40S~xVs pure, a. ~ ~ o9

Page  87 question 87 purge, v. t. o (S~oS~eoo v. j..0(S8C)?cO~u purgative, a. oe~opSo:.xcan purloin, v. t. &~b9o-8'cpa 0"JoCSQj0N purple,a..cw)88no)Hn.v-.i:&EgoouSocsu purport, v. t. 006x, O8- u purpose, v, t.CI 900 8 n. 000 purse, n. C~~~ pursue, v. t. qcog cososaaeo purvey, v. t. oO a push, v. t. C~ga u2~oa~v-off a boat, om4 put, V. t. 008006O&S000 Q~GX~00 -on clothes, ocS'xmod -off clothes, vsa~1-up with, oa~0 oo putrefy, v. i. CiS30" putrid, a. cjec~soaou (Zcx Q. quail, iz.. ~ i. quake, v. '&. caoel qualify, v.t. q~sa g1i000518GOODfjo On quantity, U. ootooc6I~sv ulbo)s quarrel, v. t. Wje~enn. qcY7q9,i quarter, n. aogosnQvcs u ap1. 008C0 jISH 'V. t oggscsoa& ~queen, n. B~T28U t8(QOOSU 036j8u quell, v.. t. S8s0x0 ~6C0000s que'nch,t'r. t. (8s1L)WOSC69im -~thirst, question, is. 0vt.s

Page  88 88 rancid quick, a. c986 quickly, ad'v. 0sO~~ quiet, a. Wew ~36~oSQaai' (~6C0O quill, eoaCOIS [OD quinine, n. C~u 04085OOS8o quite, adv. oocy+o88s 0c4'so~: O.D8Si~ qluver,vxi. oc~ gim ~ojqgODcv~o quota, n. o40CO rabid, a. 88OO0CC086~OOO ~8Gcooti race, n. 2uO8O8Sn xi.gsix f radish, 7i. jjCO3 raffle, V. C e~ 00c.an coooci~o~ raft, nz. c8o& fire-raft, ~88cr)8 rafter, n. oo(s8n CjfouS'ti QW8Q0 rag, n. woocSc-o [0g rage, n.ooT~cYSl, v.3~i i. 0 Ss 000OSBCR7 ragged, a. taSooo oo~oro~o3T oaD rail, v. t. 63Z)P0u ibj8oagl 'A. CC g 8soo-Du-road, 8s~cooosco&so -car, rain, n. qyds 9Df88o 'V. i. ~2' de -drop, qvSsc6)oSu -bow, coSci&o raise, T. to ~&O oge~ sC rakuer, n. oyg 3 amo,~oca~ rampart, nz. cS081o QCC nncid, a. I0,0ya

Page  89 rear 89 ran kn a. O008gg8oaou cio ransom, v. t.n. 8O Su rap, v.t.toogo[ 8~i rape, v. tIn. 8sn S1 rapid, a. S~ico-1y, adv. rapids, n. coo rare, a. coDocoa~qooli~icol rascal, n. c2-jQ8 rashi, a. ooSO~RQ3SQO'II rat, n. a ratan, n. [>xO Q c snCq rate, v. t O8 S~.OZ8 rather, 'v. pref. 03o a. pr-ef. CZ rational, a. OR3MC 0001 0C0eDi rattle, v. ~ ~~~D ravage, 'v. t. jacS'OgI rave, v. i. c.'Qr))cY)~8 ravel, V. t. oi ravenious, a.'o:9808OS001 raw, a. U&8000ii OVC&3ODII ray, n. CS1 razor, n.OD si reach, vx t. ~09 COCSYS8BO09St QGPCS read v. t. 5,. ~1 DO&W U O,0 realP a. 000~QOOu S~f realize, V, o5',B reanimnate, V. t. ~o~~Go~ repv~~.-ng hiook,,,os'%u rear, a. clo 0Mu OSON v.' N

Page  90 90 red reasonn.8oS gacf,9B o 68V.so6 Sa~,~ rebel, v. i. r:< 8gn. u rebuke, v. t. ~o08~O0 o osoowg8 rebut, v. t. oc o:eg ~n [qO=v recall, v. t. OO S T G il o, 3c8 recede, v. i. so eiD-B receipt, U. QqOpJSSH pOOGOQCC cjQOs8 c0Co:sC ODOSj16' oo59oSoII receive, v. t. Ova QIOPS.3u COSXSOaOu receiver, n. DC3OOijII recent, a. coy SS, oSou recipe, n. coo8scSf8II recite, v. t. e8 oSag 0Sax2u reckon,v. to. o ~c:, r cdds,,Soo-J recline, v. i. C08wg n e o ccqosc8 tii recoil, v. i. c8RODO3ne OOO^eii recollect, v. t. o ae~ 0cssceu recommend,.t. c ocVeo s8X8g recommit, v. t. a wBop recompencev.t. a93nEe8o8 t reconcile, v. t. cQo8scOOO 6O 00~ X reconnoitre, v. t. mil. mtscS:gs record, n. qoSet 9oS v. t. 96 t oo.Sonu -keeper, oSyfisn recover, v. t. qocgn uv. i. -health, oocS 0O003W1 OCOiO?0COa recruit, v.o. 8 I V. t. mit. OOaS rectify, v. 3 c ~o"coeo8>8o" recur, i r t.8 doS@ o- t Ix redya?, a 90. 1 reddi8h, 6'b

Page  91 reign 91 redeem, v. t. Q906 8j8~I redress, v. t. 00003Qo8O09:i Uswe~u redoubt, 7z. reduce, v. t. C Cog 00:)SCOg reed, Iz. oqJju8Ia C18s8u& re-enforce, v. t. 0&nCOW 1 re-enter, v. i re-establish, v. t. oeQ000Jel refer, v. i. ~f~~5.t. reform, v,. i. ~9 CO v...g00 t. refrain, v. i. 'v t refresh ~ V. tI. CO60U Q88cbogaS.fj refuge, n. Vqpv qc~i take-, N00O1o refund, v. t. gof C80E~c 1 q of refuse, v. t. 98oso n. 6 8oooe refute, v. t. ioa regain, v. t. j~0_l regard,v.t. ~gaOSO~OS~IQOC aOO8XOPS OD Y0380gs cs)~u ogu regiment, n. cjoco~w)s region, In. O@~OqS I,9cpO~S' register, n, e:)C8anqCOqnv. t. regret, in.:>xj~So.t regular, a. ":xN S OOIeCOC regulate, v.t. S& ~ ~ oo reign, n. Cco 6u i.' gift~co~

Page  92 92 remove rein, %OoS&8U p8C7fflp reject, v. t. 68800900 OcX8oZswu rejoice, 'v. i. 08o&Isoagu BSsCOJCOu relaioin,v n. QOCSG cogleg C&0SQBu relatie, a.t *i~oS.3CS&OD91n~ relaxio, v.. Cgs 8Z1GI v. t. release, v.- t.B 0o)3 w ~P&~~ relent, v. i. w:O S l religion, n. coocaoipoolu [gi relinquish, u. oo ~ o~ ooe8$g SJO relish, v. i. -XS o Vd. ZJZ n, oqo reluctant, a. k ~o1Q3oo rely, v. t.O uCS83o [g remain,v.i. cf remainder, n. DOOZtui-nath.joSc8 Seis.O0001 remark, V. t. &393on0go. remarkable, a. 9 a3 8doSQ0031 CR8G8O$.)V remedy, n. ~OoV. t. renmbem~v;.905 u oCjOSQsC.,eSu remind, v. t. WC8QU8w R COO& remit, v. t. =og00 aw aV. &. remonigtrate,,v. to rrxova~e) V,*.,,,,GCQ

Page  93 reserve 93 rend, v. t.;q~gQO4Sg render, v'. t ~ 3u Oe rendezvous, n. TosTpOe4161 [Cowgi renew, v. t. moOO 9021 renounce, v. i. @6aoo600go 008we~a renowned, a. qco= rent, 71. DOT06005O" V. t. O~W~ DOQj~qqvmu-~moneY, 9lovs~ repair, v. t. repay, v. t. x04bW u o8O~tmgs repeal, v. t.(0 Sc) 8o. repeat, v. 4. ooS& g 006&:)oxi repeatedly, adv. oooll6)ouoe 4Ib0000CXO&M5 repent, v'. t. pjSp:)aog repentance, ft. Qc8o~c~88II C~08000 reply, v. t. ft. cS(i O~ql OS e6 report, v. t. &O8Q~)OCOPII DOCS82 De j9S8u 9, Ooom~ represent, v. t. *a~o,~o~ representative, n. CO5v:)8C3OS1s [*g repress, v. t. 3c8tsoasm 1le8oz0 reprimand,7 reprove, v. t.co60~ jg request, 'v. t. Q ogopuco~o oogw, rescue, v. t. m99W 1 a a 11 resemnble,vaio' u ez i anebcji~&u resewgv resemblonae,#

Page  94 94 return residence, n. Ctpf GfC)00pS'II resign, v, t. ( OOCPC) 007%O09 resin, n. CO1X~~.8 OCOg~n resist, v. t. resolute, a.908CM1 resolve, v. C. ooto'I resound, v. i. respect, v. t.GcOs~SO~egH~O3wPSDOO~OC respectful, a. ~ewcooo Qco8ogg o ux~ respire, v. i. aoaoSxo9u respond, i'. t. cjeoaen ~~&Ooagn Co n. 39~8gsu etc. & B restless, a. caSO~l 0680~CDOO restore, v. t. RGoscoeN 00:SUO& restrain, V. t. tsegal C00000gi restraint, n. ~1oggsf resume, v. t. 6i iO~~Is6ce~#j~ retail, v. t. 00cc cespoage W9l retaliate,,,. to 1 W 1 06 retort, t'. C.~do retort, v. t ~O

Page  95 right 95 reveal, v. t. c.60l revelation, n. c0o5898U IP8o64 revenge, v. t. C WRO~ revenue, n. oog ~OC)DOC7SI cgcasu reverse, v. t. C i ~ 8 c~ review, v. t. c33~gol &g1cg revile, 'V. t. C(bQX06 Sboagn revive, v. i. ooog35S~oe~ v.'t. aoa revoke, v. t. kdSo-8&Sgzoae revolt, v. t. 6jcocSz-~'g,88&cae~N revolveiv. C~eooe~,c3 a4p _oooaII rheumatism, 'z. Oico:11 1~Iu~ rhinoceros, nz. gemosN rib, nZ. ien mech. oI3cp rice, n. cojo QO~8:,i boiled, oow8en paddy, solso modS~oulsn [QWOu rich, a. ep mSOID 0 QO OCOO rid, v. t. Td ag riddle, In. D*08s00u ride, v. i. 88oagu 9808W8c~~ ridge, n * of hills, coc8e of earth, cR3N c~oS8~s (if a roof, d3co&Q~ ridicule, V. t. aqBa6 Cq g rifle, n. DC~81 OaCw)~oss rig, v. t. wo~oc&o4WD w80p9v nay. 9 right, ai.9jewon cx~coSewov e~soI~OSQOO:% -handI cc O~co3Kn.3u I,z Q8,m 88sN

Page  96 96 roof righteous, a. ~c0:ooo6c~~o-ness, oep8s. rightful, a. q8sccSQcO.r OR 8p8~oo rigid, a. 6C:)~COO:u q<SOpS8COOxu rigor, n. ooSgMSs88nu 8so S88sS rind, n. oao&u CoCcSN oS 8,, ring, n. Ccgl ocgS8n eoSs8B finger-, coos 889Sfog v. i. as a bell, coSq~ccoO88O5 03e 1, V. t. C;1S8CO3S8C0q>wUl ring-worm, n. c rinse, v. t. o88a,, riot, n dS68o.8u t. z. )8ff rip, v. t. sQ5o 0 oS uzo. n soSSc0pi ripe, a,,c~oDO GqIco3: rise, P. i. ooe,2~m ooXSoo~u as sun, cqoS - COe n. CoSS80QCS8S8u Doq~dwIcl risk, v. t. g,:so=eN [,oGSt, rival, n. S&pn &ooSf v. t. C SOO&I a. river, n. i [Q oS~coOti road, n. oSs8 [ roar, v. i. cQnvS*X& ooSo ca~5oo8 roast, v. t. -?g0oo8oaeg yioS o8re ~ rob, v. t. cvXooU mscq ^ tt1 robber, n. oos a robe, n. o0qcu v. t. oor0Cooo3 eu rock, n. co.poS" QcpoSII v. 't. t. 8S009 rocket, n. 9ic e ~ ts SgcoEscg a ro24 n. o'U8,3I N co#i. roe, n. in rogue, n. c 9oXo roof, it. . 3rS',6 of Soth, 6 i roof,. ootai 4, r f mth} "niSN

Page  97 rumor 97 room, 71. ao8u GQGPH DOODSi root, it. 06oroot tip, v. t. oogbo1 jaS oamtake root, oog$~oap rope, 71. tagne, -maker, &8fq9QCxzju rose, it. S8~8A -water, 18s9-Iu rot, V. i. Q~8go p9c8aen rough,a. rou nd, a. Q8: VOC8ODON CQ~ 1 OOQ~S8ii sc)S8~Svt c3&oSqu v. i. become -, s~oae1 go -, 3 CooglV. t. QCOSR & adv,. Prep,. u~c~cu~ 0oo%~erjs rouse, v. t. 18COOSCO91 PS0)6n route, 71. oeoscpo.4&8m row,7n. Oovntv.t.ocScogu n.( see riot) royal, a. Q Oc)Sn (af.) rubbish, -n. oaO~sf ruby, it. &98 C0s1 rudder, 71. ca ruffian, 71. ascwou rnin,vt.S S&,u. TCoS9498smm p1. ~4 o~ rule,. ooqI90ago RttsO.gU 99j0o0mm ruier, it.;amN iu 8q~coaoow ineek. M rumble, v.?i. ruminate, vU. 'i. S$~o rumor,:-v. t* OQiOQ seo~gam n-. C9jOQ

Page  98 o8 saliva rump, Sl. gifu a08=811 run, V.. COS833R 88003-Bi 0,OCS~8O3giafter, qC'S5O~geI-agaiDSt, JCS rupee, n. ~8& cS9618orq81 rupture, v. t. coxSw u i. c~B~ coh&~~S~u med. Ifo rush, 'V i. o-n-i 'z o~888qo~bf rust,gi.OlO fjO Srl..G8 %u rut, n. 3 8&88 sabbath, n. (worship day,) epcpS sack, In. ~805snr01 q~'~OSII sacred, a. ~s8 ~ &~3I sacrifice, v. t.O&~Sx t sad, a. o(Ssfe8Q33DuN 9OSwO:II saddle, n. m~u 1s~u -girth, c~mcoloS 08n -cloth, oo&jif safe, a. COI~2SC3) 00 saffron, n. 0'QI sag, ix3 i. q4 oam sagacious, a. c88;cw:n eow dc a6-)~u Sago, n woq~n 06D8iI1 sail, tz.B sailor, n. D0:O3I saint, vt. Oemsmcoss"w ~ IQOO sake (of,) n. a~ft 91v v~(J. ~~uocl salary, n. coal w 0 -sale, n&. 6eCOSSEI- CQCSsqCOOOOO saliva, it.

Page  99 save 99 sat~n oon.c~=sav trn~(e 99S salts, n. o(aScccowsu salvation, nf. nx,.%jSSit C*05:oScy688V salute,.i~. jkSOS~fjOSIO)Cg salve, n. OW)qY1 salver, n. COO1 samne, a. OriC301 OOj~jbQOOIn sample, n. coige '0CSO01O1 sanctify, i'. t. oj)8S~I sanctuary, it. 38Ou3GP8OOS~Gf sand, n. -,Z sand bank, c=S8n sandal, n. c8jf&. -wood, esojsp sane, a. 96aUCC1 sanguine, a. 90S &8'8Sao gs oso sap, n. ouig bg C01 sapphire, n. ~OI sarcastic, a. CaqQ0o C*qCQN WI sash, n. 6l8ee~81 Q)8OCSn *18o+8t satin, n. r n e8ssi1 satisfied, a. Oco~Soo s8 qc ooogc 1 satisfy, v. t. oQooocgeal 0008qC003S -sauce, n. oD8sci81n 0e11rRO6 saucer, n.cooae~4981 saucy, a. coSmscooo o ~a838goo sausage, n.occc n W:I savage, tz. ~ 88sOOu GICSOCS~COO ii. q6 sgave, v. t. oo~Owr saOS~u mocs CoSc)eBsw OSg0O8

Page  100 100 science svng, a. csc~.c ~ l QOOSCOOGOD:00TCII Saviour, n. BOS0001 savory, a. I&8COOOD C.8OO saw, n. Rv. cc3o~ -yer, %000i say, V. t.~Osjoagc%:en scab, n oei scabbard,.ctg~S, scaffold, n. *Su co~~86 6&sw scald, v. t. Scj CC08091 scale, 22. 0Ooo& 00oyn C13Q(&H v'. t. 00 scales, m. 4 3oS1 H GfL)Ce scalip, 71. ecyooiiv. t. ecvori~ scan, v. t. ACOSg 91601 [0'eg" scandal, -n.:ajoooacq ocoo8*cjbSn Sol0 scanty, a. O>:68Q00oui (jccoc)Soao scar, n. ao~o 90O1H 000- OI 09 1 scarce, a. jqps.ooo -ly, adv. c~mu 66N scare, v. t. cuo8e agl CS:fCBO~e&n scarf, n. md scarify V. t. cgl~oi SO8Ouk0000Qp8 scent, 7. oo"004 00000cSn oVV schedule, n.:80 v. t5. 86jc school, n. cm~cos — master, *eX)S science, 7. 0o~oo~3t>ii8H o%00c7Sn (QoGI?5

Page  101 v rt i sci Bc S1 I seam saors, 7.oc~~t orch, v. t. qCSWH aae. OCI oreI v. t. c$0 S: RECI 8sDO~G&)8tH 20, 000oBu,orn, v. t.~ saa~ -#orpion, it. C 3oundrelt n. 4eQ00l cour, OO(S. t.SCe couirge,.t ~I~' ooan 13COWL v. i. fCSqSy8& - Zscrapel V.. j1& scratcha, v. t. Oalloa~v-out 4i scream, 'V* Se 'JP n.S screen, Casmoe V. t. screw, n. ooISoju fasten Nvtith, CS scriptu~re) n. scrofula, n. scroll, 00. 8 scule, v. i. C.soq e 8'9U scrupulIoUS, a. O FO~S9-C7 scum, n. OOOS IA oI sea, A. 08o"011I shore, o8OO c~n-port, D0:68 -lng wax,

Page  102 102 semblance sear, v'. 4 0OO0g.-search, v. t. 080001 season, n. eo~n rainy, qS'8eO?v cold, QQooSe seat, n. CQSGpu C~" Oog *Goo 0V. t4 iec~u~de,vJt.QoC~o4%08[0Se~~ second, a. qc~cuw n.o e* ~~~stv. t. secret,7 a. 2000Q01 -QOC3SO:I secretary, n. ecuto gov'tov001 secrete, V. t. 90SODOSCOgII secretly, adv. woo&opos secular, G. QOOC039u QCOD)000P8 w)I secure, a. Q ~ ~ ~ )V. t. 0 security, iz. I~jj Sate GZ005e DOCo1So0i sediment, n. oopgo ao9 seduce, v. t. cS 8O 3~f see, v. t. gS3ag'I O&~ai seed, n. ooceo seek, v. t. $og Ogg seem, v.i. Bsw~~ OapgfSl~ ley. 086so800:SO0, sieldom, adv0 ~oo;Iooos:n self, pron. C*091 S~ sqs JccFSs"8 selfish, a. 09048 = 50&Oo sell, iv. t. CT6SS009a seller, ta. ceoo

Page  103 sesamum 1 03 semi-circular, a. eoS$,ooBsB$o, send, v. t. Geq oSopsll coSc,og - away, 9ccScogop ooC26COopi senna, n. Gs8r888n [S811 sensation, n. ~oo spe4o8Si8,I 0oS0oo8o sense, n. Zocoon iocv,,i o8co8SO~88I, 8MSo8o56880u oow SOo8o'H senseless, a. %SCOOOBOO:oSoio3o~Ou ~, sensible,a. e,o c~o5Goo:snooc8 J S eooo, sensitive, a. GooD9$ oD.',n oocRo mo~oo oScooo, —plant,n.c8o 8o8, sensual, a. cr8ooeqCV90&8co.on MovqcOc5 sentence, n. oacSn o(o~,, leg. 18ocjn v.t. 8s8 ~<oSne^H sentiment, n. aorcc 8goSoo sentinel, n. mcoS8ceo separate, a. c vcooo, r. t. gaoeXg, e0o:8 03ei1 880gxh q8Bs o8s8 il v. i. CO OOE~ <^g^3yooe~ 006c^Oae^k sepoy, n. ~S~8n C)oov8ScocStosn sepulchre, n. oo848j80sg8se sequel, n. cSo 88N, o400O8 serf, n. ~86. oS11 sergeant, n. oo 89.8_, series, n. n 8o0". serious, a. o38ooc8~c~o~ 9OC8C~30i servant, n. ooces, Dc~ol f;08eos8, serve, v. t. ooce=so.n,oo c:~ooa8e3N ~oao,8,~, rel. ooS,,oo service, n. 'oo8o$,oi -,o68~ j89 S8Sn n. *&8o 88au 0-oi gSl S sesamunm, f. 3&S8oan-oil, 3(@H~8"

Page  104 104 shall cogoo&co~a~ua plant, ~600&i a price, O~~O0D8oo.)eoap a gem, o'o8 coeua trap, cc:Sw~ a time, ~;p5oweu-.-on, ooSooo~swu as suin,,v. i. OuW11a. a0G~jcoau in mind, cepain mind, 86 ~Seeoae~ti accounts, etc. 98c 8G~i c~aov. i. m oog paam as sediment, o~b~w~ residence, cfa sever, v. t. agi ~200l several, a. o~n&Q Comoot:If3nOO severally, adIV. ~S8io@8D severe, a. QCSCQ —:I O'BOBOO O0 s~everely, adv. F8 8 sew, v. t. v806 -up, 851log sex, nt. cBti rn. Qcoox~~Z8:~n efern. 8848sn sextant, n. qsl shabby, a. e3 bcoS-zoz~n 23 -shackle, v. t. r.p1. #[8s cocgSsi coc-Sc~o& shade, shadow, n.. ooq6'l 0YOQ &OC~n v.t shaft, n. c&~oo-o =no~ooo column, C~6u of a Spear, ~0 shake, V.i. CJJ00 16guV. t. oj~ooe#-.- off, aloo-hands, cooS shall, v'. ajf. - u 0 OK cc40

Page  105 shine 105 shallow, a. c~&oaon (oYf Q3oo sham, 'v. 0C:S01 shame, n. 005CSn ycsgSse r3GS C68sn a. uSc -lso jxu shampoo,v. t. 8011Sd g [codes shape, n. ~n 94sn 00u8 xcaw. 'V. t.?t share, v. t. ~QWS o005 py~0 u no Do oa~0,l GO TOO' oit 0r.)8sA 0c# 00cJS shark, n. c1.ew ik8sH oo, sharp, a. cooSkwia~ou~~ gQ01eCu59oC06SO co~oon-en, v. to C0cog shave, v. t. qsapsxu c shawl,7 n. a00CED she, proni. oeu her, her's, oidu her, cx(~ sheaf, n. c&88i cmx-C7Sg8 shears, n. C-nscoesn t6'?3 sheath, n. aq(uo)6~ shed, n. oo8scy~So v. t. c~ol Rjai c~joago tears, TcI~cog sheep, n. 0~u no O~c~:g f. C~80ii sheer,? i.oc.Bc00 8oa~~I 00C1306 sheet, n. ~u shelf,n.438 shelter, v. t. 0:)a~ v. i. take -op shepherd, n. c~AC48Hs sheriff, n. ~ie shield, 'n. ~88o 280su V. t. 70S*01 shift 'V Cg08eo0gu cg38s&Wg& shin, n. ~SsG)8Sff &CZ0J8S shine, V. i. egimag 00c~R00

Page  106 io6 shroud shipg, i. ccovv. t. oc6QT0S~~ shirk, V. 88~ shirt, it. M&cmon)s Cf8Qn shoal, ii. cooo8crUo e93C88& v. i. sos 091a. c8&CODON [o0008u shoe, it. cS188n C8~sv -maker, ~Sc~~8s shop, it. J~Sv -keeper, G8S_$8u v~8cso& shore, It. MO~&U meekt. J8sn boge short, a. PCONc~ani tiune, ogots GOO in quantity, oQoSC3c~cu shorten, v. i. qC3W Ov. t. Q%8 shortened, a. cc~~co G00 shot, it. Sa89 CI cannon-PGOshoulder, nt. ou8i- blade, coaOS8~8n 'V. t. shout, V. i. GS~I -off (a boat) c*oae~n shovel, nt. ojs~SoOg8: show, v. t. ognI c~ooe~iI leos5ogll shower, it. Q~Z8 9f988H v. t. O5GQDOEo shrewd, a. c8pcoxoio 8ovcc~o shriek, v. i. Co 1OOCOOE0 shrimp, it. yoSpns shrine, Rt. puolc&~ shrink, V. i. o4000n orAO shroud,mvt. ~c8C~Soae) n. jit. Smcca,

Page  107 signification;07 shrub, nt. o~oocdge [oc05ii shrug, v. t. c~OeI sh4un,.t jpo) shut, v. t. 8coog~n Sc~o~ooes,11 -eyes, T o~go~oag -band, coa&~8o4' stop up, 8oS&oW,, IIup, v80x80gi shutter, nz. qO06888aSO 008) sick, a. poaonu ooj~coao sickle, n. sickly, a. sickness, n. 00occol b OOOaS~()q0S0gu -of Ihill, 0184sn sidewise, adv. cs:D8ae~0"i sieve, it. w40h, sift, v. t. OI40 sigh, -V. i. 4oaj~e8a~ sighitn. srgomoow 98988 C9 ~91 GODOT)O01 take-, v. i. cy,& saightless, a. aim8oN s~ign, it. p8osi c~ocvoon o906i1 '1'. t. coosB qo0cCs OxgU 9060010g give -, =9SO8mou -board, m~geeo signal, nt. DO~c8c0so0SH a. RQI= signature, it. c-Booo muark, ~~o%~gO6I signify, 'V. i. GCOg signification, it. ~joo~-N 0088:'n.

Page  108 io8 skein silence, n. oo OO~j88" 8o SoScS8eH8v.t. oSc^8oS~coo8OKH int. c8oc&0oSi silent, a. c oSsBoScooo w ( R,y) coO3 silently, adv. c8o6seoSg,' silk, n. thread, ~8gSPS -cloth, 800oon. silly, a. ~8CoX3io 8QoSol.coll silver, n. cgo pure, cooSi —smiith, o8c8J& similar, a. ocI.ou [3D8n simile, n. eoo oo~, simple, a. Qoo~c6C~3:i88eoo,,:).oo'c0;8?o0B simply, adv. co!Z ou il8 sin n. o8,6iqe~aoS~u o8uS8..8.u t. 9so8g oage v. i. qeaScS6gNu since, adv. crcqoj u (in time) cooSgn sincere, a. eS, oac-oSXSN oacoooc8Q~ -OU sinew. n. c6 oocFO3 OC ~GI sing, 'v. 8E~8sdogui singing, n. o8~g singe, v. t. ^oSoo^ [0 1 single, a.oro 800$8. 6c.oo tooo8,8$EQI, singular, a. oooopG~ECon o0, o8s;8CW01. sink, v. i. %; nSs'e..t.}$i, sinner, n'. oo$'G Cooo Oi, sip, V* t. g<9O g@II ta^pg" sir, n. 8or:sou,$S, oOS, sirloin, n. o183obooon [woman's, Oi sister, n. elder, Eo&i, man's younger, 16vo sit, v. i. S64v8g a,80,iSas birds,oS=e~4, site, n. cp, situation, n. oOe~GP oMeiens~ oouv, ssize, n. OQC081Q0t9 OQO88{OIc 3OciON COskein nV t. n.c3~o5 skein, n. &Sau

Page  109 slime log skeleton, n. coo~t skill, 'n. o So600680-full OC6CCOUc skimvt. jczn s~i skin, n. oocpII 0008Cu v. t. ss38Sc;~0~ngl skirt, n.C skyl n. eo~scyx,83 r8g slab, n. ~o cs)xQ)Du of stone, Qqc-Bs~el slack, a. cqscwu COIC9GOono slacken, v. 9,. cqoa 08OM~ a &N80P v.t. slake, v. t. -thirst, GOOO~f slander, v. t. oo0:8sCgoooti-er, woo~Se slang,"n. ciOMsec8s [C:OCCO~I slant, slanting, a. slap, V. t. oo75118ysaag. ~aBcag slash, V. t. 1n06?. JSP slate, m. QqC>3Sq8c H slaughter, v. t. naS000u?. 0szo8oS slave, n. Gctogy~n owner, cgj3~Su tIgSsu slay, V* t. 3036SO06u sleek, a. ~c;8ocS~coo sleep, v. i. a9vSoo6~ as kings, sdko~tS c-anas priests, jiooxg sleepy, a. SQ n $ D sleeve, n. ooQ C-Bon slender, slim, a. comaoie slice, v. t. g~wg C~SXWg U. v%1 slide, v. i. Ctoe~ 0509 slight, a. O~E~coS8$Cxu slme n QqqnMt

Page  110 110 snuff sling, n1. GQSI,' cOcYS~u v. t. QQ8*~C~OOO slip, V. i. 9SOS ft. Q$j~Ssu8 q0?Lq8o slit, v. t. Q2B~SOg t'~800gv slop, V. t. sloping, a. ~cc2:)c2O8k slow, a. c8cwoo 6e8QOOlCO-8C65GO)~u slowly, adv. 6 6 Ol small, a. cao ~~Ionco8o-pox, n. ~cg:S smart, a. a~soo ~Qv3ao v. i. 8810 smash, v. t. tshCBS8Wgsa34. smear, v. t. cjs00g. C8($800gl smile, v. i. 80el Se8a~s~o%~ag-tobacco, cco8~c=6 smoothly, adv. c~fpgo ooC~(5cYc0jit smother, v.t. ooojSO3 8q gl snag, n. aO)~Sxqo& ocSn UoSg ojUq snake, 2n. Ra snare, n. vrv28o 31v. t. Q9joSWoI snatch, r. t. OjQQOFI sneeze, v. i. coel roog snicker, v. i. o~~cg snipe,n.G8S snore, v. it. QO:CBIW.9n sn uff, -P. t. ex i.jog.focal.OS

Page  111 soon I I 1. snuffers, it. 8t! so, adv. thusZu cji -CO217. C -so, Coo~oo~mcosu-then, o.~f6 C2j8o -mnuch, j(cocy3v -as to, soap, n. =9@ 11 00g soar, v. i. e~ OOBOO sob, v. i. JSOS sober, a. 1OVLX~ 0 ssociety, 9?.oo8~8nO St Ou soft, a. C~c c~oi~so8 '-(cgc~-en, v.t. c~acsoe~u1yadv. sdn solace, v. t. soldier, n. ~)oo~HI\bok 706 eBCSu sole, n. of foot, Cgo'h" of shoe, Qf9084 Bn solid, a.o Ss Zu9. soluble, a. mis8~GOI solve, v. t. jSgcsgacosexli solvent, a. mere. G8~8O~ some, pr~on. a. ao2Lt a.s-one oot 9?u. ao~uooatI-body, oooo -~ th1ing,C4oo jc~oocpu-timnes,adv. 009OCoO u sofl, 9. 00088 son-iln-1aw, 040c7S, song, n. o,81 soon, adv. ocmqui wSO I

Page  112 1 12 speak soot, n. Oq1 soothe, v. t. esag 8c~~og qo soothsayer, it. ~S OOSQOpn sore, a. PCX 1. Oe sorrow, 'e. i;. Osef gxgN?i. o&8g~f 8~8s sorrowful, a. of~9QOO~ 6C00 sort, n1. oor80 'v,. t. Qjg:CS01 [GODU sot, n. v9 0 soul, t. BeC1 9oS683F sound, Docso tv. t. DOCO'CoaSjOOS&e (water,)cqe~sqjoo a.0oQ o88~coau soup, 71. moo.~~os9 56-ladle, ewoSla, sour, a. t"CDI V. i. ij8;UC O)O source, 71. icn0~8 OOjSSU C10i O(p8i south,. coaoSu-east, o ojcoS)u -west, sovereign, 71. amcp&(.?88II ~Sorq space, n. aoomD00n OMOCYID OQ(720O'O8ti e ~oso in time, MC0o11 00009f spade, n.. o~isg88n span, n. o)S of horses, O5u.t ~ spank, 'v. t.. oo8~Dcscysoae~n [c00u spar, v. i. coQC&8gOaeil spare, v. i. c~ooa~ oaf gau a.8j spark, n. Sse6)c&~ ~8~8gno[ sparkle, v. i~. oac2 aeI sparrow, 71. so9C1in spawn, It. cisen v. i. c8eao spasm, 71. 0COtS881028ii 1 1 O~ofsssen spatter, v. t. 8-ee~. -dashes,I cow~ speak, v. c~og s~oaeu ~c2Baeu

Page  113 splendid 113 spear, it. cjo spearman, ~cjcSo\u special, a. o~s9:8QOODo- ly ad'i'. ocoo~ specie, nt. c I specimen, fl. c~ speck, n. ooc6) cJ~ooCcvmcco2N Qoosof spectacles, zt. t~~ spectre, nt. sc coc& speechd 1 C89~~8 n8 spell,8.8QWSO.~ M. 8f8s spelter, n1.08 81 spend, v. t., 's`~0 -timle, COC spew, Oo~0go [0 E I spice, it. S Q3~ spider, nt. rv spill, V. t. 8006 006 spin, v. t. o3&ae~C8OOe~V~aI~I V0.. spindle, n.- O~~80 ~go& rijCOACOA1 spine, n%. Q~~Na thorn, ~R8n spiral, a. c~SU 006rlb spire, n. 6W1 spirits, n. '82 c""o evl- fooSSii 1 spirttl, n. *caas ~O34c'SM spCittoon QC3IO96 splee,?I. 'D0 pS 0.t.caewglcuc splendi, az. ODq-qCS" [ScQOD

Page  114 x 4 squirm splendor, n,. o800s,111 gc0scoooYSt8s split, v.' %',. t. Xt ', spoil, v. t. jcBgloe, co'SOgii, v*. z. cS spoke, n. ci8sd8s8itl [oope, sponge, n. Cqii spontaneous, a. osq86CO011 spool, n7. SoiC8~,, spoon,?1. g~8.-fnl, o.g~e~. [@df.8.. sport, v. Ce0~8,SOll n,. C(eosS88sl OCGScom spot,,.:g8 ~ s o, llcU Q~ OOC. e S ', spotted, a. 8so SOO:)N spouse,,. sS 811 a83Soo:&8ocn, spout, n. (if;od8, v. t. o8o~n spread, v. t. a83e, i aln qs0,oo v. i. O53080 g; is goo n Iq8SP gog spring, v. i. jS;,,coOwe~ t~o'" Co* 7. cyS8n oUSoo)O;D$o o 1 coSB S88n of water, oesqC~;loqo sprinkle,).t. ~M8s011c"6580o 11%#tooSH V. i. oo8o88S0go300 [oPgi sprout) n. 0t,11 Sciroo0n V. OoctCoSc88 spur, n. cgSdcoooosgi8n cOea~33ec96 spurn, v. t. ooSdoe, ooSp89HN spy, tn.on o olC fnt. t? S.,o n mi~. squad,n.e ho.z e~ squadron, ~coc square, n. e0?9jo8 mech. xojSoods [OO6N squat, v. i. coOScSo~c8p64 squeeze, v. t. $co~ 5Toon'8 P6:oz9 " squint:, v. ci. S8c&o8800e N squirm, v. t. gc8Bo,

Page  115 statement 115 squirrel, n. OjcH a8~t squirt, v. t. ~00~w~ n. 01 stab, v. t. C8COB01 stable, a. q8 k 1 ~So~eco stagger, v. i. 0D)&8Oo8se3~c~8oae~11 stagnate, V, i stain, v. t. n.o s stairs, n. c [ms o rsCBc S stake, it. pcS~ ~~gcood So f q Sdi v. t. ~s~cisaae~in w-Os% gn stale, a. oQoajto &)OL-COo G:S8QOD:a1 stallion, ii. SS8oO'08iSC8so [C088nol stammer, v. i. ~~soog stamp, in. o63aBu o&8~oSpu v. t. 036-0 standard, nt. 6v azc& -hea rer, ii. aocLIrS" standing, nz. pjtkpn oGopoe8u o{,, star, nz. ~uS,, ~crdo& north star, j6O" I starlight, n. BCSI starboard, n. co~c~ofjo pu3 stare, v. i. startl, v. i. co3ZQ~stOOS::8o 88oo 0& starvle, v. i. Wcabo8swO01 state, w.. 68 O~Q~O9:)8H 'V. t. QGOCOOS oonin writing, c~8ooo-8$oe~ staternen -, it. QGg)OO~ij'pBu Qq8OO38ijo5

Page  116 n6 stipend statue, n. ~01 stature, n. 089 SO&nGSE14 stay, V. i. C~ovj fl.OQOCBSW9' steady, a. QC01 v. t. steadfsst, a. ~~eQ0f steal, qSW.et. steam, O e1 Cy I eniue. $8(Seou -ship, steel, n. C390-yar~dp *e~ steep, v t. 980 a. co~ot steeple, n. steer, V. t. flt.tie stemn, n. DO91 of tree, UEvt.(tde stench, 71 U.' 0 O OQSI Y~O~ father co~gi -mother stew, 'v. t steward,.i~89~~ stilev.. ~ S1COM8090. BC)OCBY1 a.. stiulaen, 'v. i.co~ R 1~go TI stingy, a.CBO45COadv stink, iv. i. 08 ~C~ae

Page  117 strange 117 stipendiary, it. 9Qoco stipulate, v. i. oj~ daoog stir, 'V. i-a sv. t. stirrup, n. f8sgc&u[c.60g stitch, v. t. ooijoi~ it. o0caoSiJ&P stock, n. of tree, oopsu family, O048u mere. 0Q982180 e 'eoto -pI. c6'scul stocking, n. c g6'e [ship'sORC0 stolid, a. 23aq9Cs8CO:~ stoker, n. 1C:SjqCOO" stomach, n. ovtei stone, n. conOAu cnc-~S~u stool, n. (asooagl stoop, V. ~ stop, V. i. 80Rjog f0gic m fofo~1v. t. ~c3.O~~ ooel. oamoQ8I380oQomlooc~q5H6 store, v. t. *O0800gl n. O 8Xol~eol - house, dc~Sii-keeper, ~CCSQS:)~ storm, n. I~c8Sti qz~c(~s story, ii. O geu~oof house, stouit, a. a)0CODe O88TSCOD cxsoo straddle, v. i. cH~*s gIuv-t..g#sowgU straggle, v. ic~qt =8&~o0~ straight, a. &~canadv. ~oS98suo-forWard cjjj t8spi 1i~ straini, v. t. o8Smoo tO& 000SC~0 strainer, n. cisbooloi strait, n. CR 8c006S088 QCBQMSR strand, n. &scu::GR&gd strange, a. croetCOOO CESOIC0X3a

Page  118 I'S8 stump -stranger, it. cyroo8ti cs30 strangle, v. t. jSaoe~ cogcobaog strap, n. Ma8g83n v. t. 80 r-m~gsp~~cogu-a razor, o988 stratagem, n. w omcn u:CaII [W gN straw, n. my38 stray, v. i.!~8Zoswnl coe~ae1 streak, ns. o8b)S1,i 81 stream, 'n.Qfpsg i n cQg)o v. i. goe1 street, 71. co(8u eB(oorS8co&8u strength, n. ooo8tI Sg008ui 041 00 strengthen, v. t. stretch, 'v. t. COO gtIIC o 0 00QO)Q aoe~1Roo~11v. i. strict, a. pSo8gscoao O8~OSBO:Ii strike; v,. t. ~aCBC~n (~saogu OC8800gl C~oen-a flag, oc~rcace5 string, 71. ascoas" v. t.900 8300ocsoogl stringy, a. 8j8ox strip, v.t.. 8 oO c7e stripe, 71. oos881 ~dtoc strive, vx i. 080 Zp63 og rmIs:)SCO'O stroke, v.t.3 83 804 n. OQ5060 O00au strong, a. p~ocoo:u ao.4OOOH 000STSCOOO stubborn, a. egQ3XCOO Q~8C&3QO:III student, is. 0=8ON[Q4so study, ix. 9x8 oaeove So801~u 083F9 stuff,v.t.0tcsoSeson.ooe&uooocoA stumble, v. i. 8~oegu [O~c86'u stump, is. OO(jC,8 OZ)f'jo6u

Page  119 suck 119 stunned, a. oau stupid, a. C~88QOXDD POC0Ss3CYu stutter, v. i. em8CA009#I style, ni. pen, C)o3p subdue, v. t. sublime, a. ~80GwI "8SEQ000 subj ct, z. GDso a. coooB?:+aCD C a8j8 sub~join, v. t.cooc3oo~o~cagsaS~cog tiubmissive, a. & IO~i tsubpoena, n. aSqCQC:O0Y0f:) subscribe, v. t. w~oc~W 1 v. i. O subscription, u. coqo8csoXPDHn [cagtt subside, v. i. (00P)oj03n~ 340:Xcou subsist, 'v.?i. o ojcgii ~ s subsistence, n~. substantial, a. ~Sco.ae' ~co s~ubstitute, n. C~o5SeD8ii V. t. 088~0g subtract, v. t. 190-1 subvert, v. t. C9:o) 8esz5;~w9 succeed, v. i. ~Of success, nz. ao ~c0O(-SS@8s successively, adv. omwl such, pron. a. j~ oeo ~~

Page  120 120 supple suckle, v. t. C4oYo&11 sudden, a. uoo66co: —ly, adv. ~80s suelv.Gcog coooSo88e3 o leg.p o b 5o0811 suffer, v. t. Oea siQ,88,Moo8oCbc0Hn suffering, n. qcgcoopo pOS88s, suffice, v. i. coDaoSaOn sufficient, a. CO3CY5QOooOOOG385COOI suffocate, v. t. 8sCoo8g8 6 Sgce S sugar, n. Woo:8: x8couoS —cane, e"'~N suggest, v.. m0oQeo8 i3, oO6o88Oii suggestion, n. aoaosgoSn cu suicide n. ad9oooJSdo iS8Hs [cp8 suit, v. i. cooSa ccs go)6o u n. leg. oo suitable, a. ~oo ", c5~oo~cSco:, sullen, a. cS cco 8Sco sulphur, n. aoii~l sum, v. t. 0oq88o; n. QoU n S.b~ol,, summit, n. cii oQgo811, summon, v. t. 0cs~olq oo3cvo oacs, summons, n. oDge:~ngeHs~Q oooSoe0,, sun, n. C~ -rise, tcogcS8Si -set, ~eo88s, Sunday, n. oo8cs&cn worship day, eco sundry, a. ooq:848OOOi [c, supercilious, a. coo8:)oeScrscm>O superficial, a. ocovS~~cao,, superintend v. t. c0~68ooil superior, a. >o,$oaSoo"oo, co0H n. supervise, v. t. eSo 69o@ij|o0{ supine, a. oo aSc}~cf t-ly, adv. ocS supper, n. 3o. [cooS, supple, a. ccOo ~I:QeoDo)

Page  121 swear 12 1.supplement, it. S)~C&OOON supplicate, v. t. co.:88uO~OgR supply, V. t. 8007S~ support, v. t. C8efQO)B 9QC9 suppose,-v. t. co~qS~cae~, suppress, 'v. t suppurate, v. 6e. 30e~ 1JISW9e1 supreme, a. ooR4SQO.OO 00QI348GO0 suret, a. &oo OQQ $~i surface, 9n. (06osgs o0g8u surpass, v. t. C0:o9 cAw~It~i0aa~ surprise, v. t. E c ~i4~ surrender, v. t. o0o~6'ooep~ surround, v. t. (oOS~800gd O~88~3aga survey, v. t. QSC8803&1i OO*Og:8 survive, v. i. oowG3.$SO.aW&I [WgN suspect, v.- t. WSO(ac~0950i suspend, v. t. coxu suspense, n. QP3cfe8su bS850 sustain, v. t. qS Oae swallow, V. t. ja&n. ooclo~n bird, swamp? 7Z. [e4cSS1 swan, n.?C&8u s4watrnn.oaoo 040OS"040hi of bees, ras: sway, Vd. C880g (0c800 V t rule, 6

Page  122 1 22 take sweat, n. cRf1u V. i. Ce060g sweep, v. t. c~g8ZO-eu sweet, a. 4GOD G.28GOOOD CooC0 eBccaou~-ness, n. ~jaS8o swell, V,, i. Q0806 QCSO I qW coocogowaves, c~S8,rXoowg swelling, n. oQoGfc8i OQOII CGSC:)O swerve, v. i.!~o~~ swift, a. S~oo ~o~ swing nt. o~4su v. i. S48?8WgIu v. t. QcODaS swivel, n. (gun)9~09880 swords7Z. co~sC onOOjqCSu point, COOD8~8 swoon, n. i. QWcL-OCM n goQ4: 0g sympathize, v. i. ~8Soagoldisa.op sympathy, n. eo Seng8jtzossu [c0o ~ symptom, fl. COOCtD~ou syringe, fl. ~as" syrup, n. oocb,&n system, fl. 090 P TIx. table vo8 ~u-Ci OthXDs ~8si of figures,etc., tack, n. o50 ~cosu [cOSH tackle, nz. CSIJ0 tail, n. oo'so root of, oo's98sn tailor, n. MaXXODW~ tainted, a. qex) ta~ke, v* t. cjocou ~ &" oI away, (q IO9 out, jocswgvloff, &cCoSM& Qq?008u UP,~QOgs CO& ~cooSco~u from, jA0 care, ac~ocog aoa~mogs hold, IS6

Page  123 taste 123 opop~u possessiol) ot, o&o~~I root, OOEOel tale, nt. cocti $p ooaY talent, nI. DORSBODZ1u talk, V. i. c.OC091 tall, a. o0qs~cal tallow, n. 00-4&4-caridle, oo-'8cpN8 tamey, a. o v. t. 0 tamrnk, n. W8gui C0 8 tanner, a. weoo.t 0006 tap, n v. t. -~g f tapge, n. -wSc2Q orm,' lqOg taprng, aI. 8clcii tardy, at. target n. ~ llv.t.COIB0SnO080l tarnis, v. i. M86)e -wrn v. t.0 taprr, n.. ocw~sXcn 'O8 v.i RL-0 ~ taprtn, a. giC01 0f809ccoo task,' t*&. oQC8oH, C08C*8C-zu tassel, a. 4sgccom targte, it. &~ivaonossff e taris, V. i. oQ98069iD& v t 9

Page  124 124 tenon tasteless, a. GOC03 3 0004C0 tattoo, v. t. (S-8 8O tauint, V. t. 6pODbog tax,?n. O0 0 ~OOGC*:C'u qqQ2 v. t. G tea, n. COCYS00t C)S C~OS~CBO j34 teach, V. t. teacher, n. QOGP" teak-tree, 7i. (Y~8o~n teak-wood, oy& 80X08U tear, n. (aGpov. t. aoSaai Sa p.oos tease, v. t. 400e8MON CP)S$ SaeN teleg~raph, n. c&8080 -office, C~8ftjI'I -message, GC98f88D)n telescope, n. tell, v. t. COOOPSi 00CO W f temaerity, n. Dk~91 temper, n1. 900GO) v. t. 08e" temperament, n. g~aco temperate, a. ocQq8bQO:I [OQQfu tempest, n. (j~8sosu~ ~ ~ e temple, n. 8oSq~N of the head, pgco& temporary, a. 0009G31 tempt,- v. to c.o 8n~ tenacious, a. mo~o~n ~Coascoao tenant, U. q1s~QfOOOjn C~ooj tend, 'U. t. 3~foagn co*8jmgs tender, a. jewsv. t. cvqtp. tendon, it.. OOQQ~:)N tenon, n.seqB.

Page  125 thimble 1 25 tent, n. iOO& tenure, nz. oe 8 o ~ terms n. aoqS80SO8n1 ~S88BCDOM-:Oai terminate, v. i. Q~830gn cy~~agvZoo terrace, n. C*Sxoon Qo8ox58N terrible, a. territory, n. d test, v. t. tO&8306n testify, 'v. t. coca"01 text, it. (in 33 than, adv. coc-So th ank,,v.t qO~o 3-ccYtO-P)o" thank you, C3r3z'00&14u that, pron. 41 C~a))xn 0~mi thatch,.( 5u~~~ theatre, n1. 10 theft, 'v. qefs8sai q8RN then, adv. c~0o~1; CQc~si c~Q~38i ill that case, CCE21 thence, adv. C~0018n c~OOCIqu there, adv. 0~0 C~O19) -after, C~ cpa~Su c~oocf~Seu -by, c~oco ooooi-for, c~~:~ c~ooQ~o& Q~0~ti (OO>cscqo%~n thermomjeter, n. OOVC8su gmo)BC~stu they,pron. ojc~ n their, theirs, ojqc A them, cj~c~r~o themselves, ~oid ~ S thick, a. cioolco~oo 2oScaaou (a coool-nessn, fl. cjn thicken, v. i. cabgo~og v. t. cpoco6oo~S thief n. jv thigh n. ctS thimble, tz. will(%OOSS&~

Page  126 I 26 thumb thin, a. Scooo o8acXou QpDscoooii thing, n. ogeen co:N e:',u oe8es think, v.CooS8>3COSScnoaSa8o0oo83oeu thirst, v. i. cncosoogu n. cqcoS08su0 this, prone de O'1H pi.!l-qI we~-0c6 thither, adv. (cQcu cooQdc[u thong, n. o8oocq8ul thorn, n. O8us-treo, sao8o [eS, thorough, a. ~coSoon-ly, adv.moero thrash, v. t.,o'8}ro ino,8 o^H -ing floor, n. c~ocooc88B though, conj. cwoScxs~(aff.)~c$oo S thought, n. 8oSoo88sn oo8goS 808oSOO ooSoogoS,-less, a. 0c8(c3 thread, n. ~gu 9089ti threaten, V.t. ($8cScgoo1e~ cwSs8ooSB threshold, n. o1d8al thrifty, a. cRooW~co~O $8RcooacooB thrive, v. i. DoSCo n O3jgfS8a@8 R8o throat, n. oocav8ss [sn throb, v. i. iXa a c.8o3ue throne, n. zpovog38n throng, n. 8:8g:,O~oGO~cO O8I.i throttle, v. t. o300c89O U through, prep. co0S88iN oocj):Sc8u throw, v. t. '8OS1 -upp c'CO3gu oo9pdc oo8oXa o$oagen-down, -Omnt-aside,. oEco8se~-away, thu -o6 o BC888 thrust, v. t. Nsgegu C2+80 e - thumb, n. oocy^u

Page  127 tithe 1 27 thump, v. t. pe1 tlhunder, v.ix. qv808On&"vS89 e3ogi Thursday, n. OOCUGO08efi thus, adfv. do~ e~ o n q ~8O,140~-much, &6coo~cYSa thwart, V. t. n. x0 tickal, n. aozto wu tickle, v. t. ooCc~8o.800 tide, n. u~q to flo~w, Z CC,3e~ to ebb, tidy, a. qcSO3,[CC09 up, PIv. t.!~ o tiffin, it. 0C&a tiger,??,. ()o8u tigress, qosuG~o tight, a. 96cx)In o08 Se 0 tighten, v. t. 8 O xa tile, ii. RSS till, 'v. t. COOSC x006 prep., C~8QOOO8n tiller, nt. oDO 380j.~,81i o0CS0cx8j1 timber, n. ODS0008a - yardw~ooo~ecoaeuj time, In. (Yj:o\In DOD~l 00011 OOqCY3 tinid, a. c:C5:OQ3 tiu, nt. Does Coal tinder, -i. cco-:SDm - box, 88050 tinseln tip, is. ti'pasy a. COgoCo9=0 tired, a. no8L:tuGSSQN.XO tiresome, a. Q Q*QeWD.) tithe, n.co

Page  128 128 top titter, v. i.o01 06 tosprep. OO08iaC~ d~# OQOaqcq'II O~8QiOr)Su toast, v. t. a080091e no* jjC*S tobacco, U. C0xs9oSU-pipef Q~080qu to-day, n. n toddy, n. ooj8g~u 39qgi toe, n. cgctoi great, cgo second, Qfg &8s middle, cfgQoA5u fourth, cgo together, adv. ooQE888sv oQojin t=020g toil, v. i. token, fl. O9o~ou cocriCmDou aoc8&S8oo9~u tolerable, a. B~ S~ao tolerate, v. t. o-8sooo8o oog~o8uOwen toll, v. t. Qg)8C:S~C8C8~3g1 n. o6i c08oS, 080s' cx~ogo0000n1 tomb, n. oa8s88sC88n to-morrow n. Csojcf day after,~Aoc)5ou tone, U. 0Q3Oo DOWO~0~ tongs, n. tongue., n. o~ of laud, &OSc2:p08N too, adv. c~iSO V. 4/. also, CQQ9Iu tool, n. ao~OON &C~3 8c40OWN tooth, n. cqsa8douhte, 00apl eye -)OPS065 pink,- iosas-acuhe, qS:oiC8CSj top, n. ooc0,Sk c8tu ja.[q3 Real

Page  129 train 129 topic, n. OO~')I0v topsy-turvy, adv. cOOSORN torch, n. 88s9mu 8~8qn 8(oSU6~S98 torment, v. t. o0o84 Q8GO Qj~ scg torn, a. Vocox~u torpid, a. cxOONz~ C~rqeo'QaDO torrent, ii. CgS8Gcip~sg tortoise, n. c&tSu -shell, c8Soil torture, v., t. g88 Ro-q nbag OQV toss, V. t. QCYOasoon SO-t b:gx~l totally, adv. =00088s 00&88,bg totter, v.. &cwoScxeaoagI totterin gly, adv. ocSQ1 touch, v. t. ~cxe9u C80 tough., a. cg oo toward, prep. CZ~B C~1 towel, n. coc-SojcUolo tower, n. c xjcooSe kdcf~an town, in. &i u townsman, &ox&i trace, 'v. t. 618000S341u n?. Q~G25 S8sC*~ trade, v. i.4ST ~ e 8o~~ n. QGSooSWN1 CO-3U230000o0 trader, n2. rq~oan tradesman,;Q58e8 tradition, 7. 8~80COOSM088uE80ON traduce, 'V. t. traiD,,v 1'. 4 *-68scagv So e~C s tran,-v t ID~iOn.&: oo~W~ooa.

Page  130 130 treaty trait, n. ~4sii cocv2coon O~OQ90C1 traitor,?I. C3BjCO trample, -v. t. Qo9St8saoe eo,800g trance, n. OS S81 tranquil, a. Q(C~olCOSDBCO transact, ",. t. 00ssau9~=oe1 transaction, n. O091 transfer, V. t. transform, v'. t. transgress, v. t. cyJp18006 900280agzn translate, 7. t. transmigrate, v. i. ocsag 0g transmit, v'. t. cosqOSC~ge C~))COC transparent,a.ooSwsca)-moca,)I (s.0gu transpire, v. i. 630251 transport, v. t. & s ~ S s transpose, v. t. c~iS&~I transverse, a. -r)cisoo trap, n. 8co-Dcy:c rlSu C8iv. t. cwa~o trashY n. 0js travail, n). i0 travel, V. i. zqosag -ler, n..qsc~ps tray, n. taSu treachery,?z.fjfSu tread, v.i. ~Eog fsl8e Xen 8slw' g treadle, n. &6 treason, n, m981 treasure, n. ajov # treaurer, n&. cxorn p c8t treasury, n, 0O~qp c C&treaty, n. ~sos~

Page  131 trust 131 trust. 1311 0881 trembe, v. i.8 oD~Ojsoag trench, u. Q608mn CY71L9I trial, n. te8@888n1 leg. *SQo90?u tri angle, n. 0'co'l tribe, -7. ooq(I81 tribute, n. oSOORH trick, v. t. cBscogoap&n n. 6coS~c~~ trifle, n. ao~o~oo Gro)ocn v. i. 1cucq: trigger, nz. coa~oj& trim, a. qcok3aDn v. t. (~oog trip, v. i. go~cOa8sgil C8go$01 v. t. Qsrcoec~c83oan tripe, V.. '. 6 triumph, v. i. caooS ODOxU c9OOSC8 trot, v. i. "8q:S3ccooaa~So.)eg trouble, v. t. C 30Y 0 gn CpsS trough, n. colSgu cxrjOgN eaves-,cqOw~poRI trowsers, ". CUS-l[Coooo true, a. 9~coaon cq~cm Aco %oc8q$ truly, adv. @omuo1 u 0 trumpet, U. cx5su[cvO ~ trunk, n. aogouo of tree, o6ego trult, v C= q 002Iwmg 90RSssxOO8Cpl. T WIns081

Page  132 132 twinge trusty, a. CCoo5COQ N g iSs8CDO truth, n. c::oo gou ojoSSBssn try,. i. o 8aoSo3ogn v. t. "eo(bogS ROIS80e" l6g. obco8oogii tube, n. cGos8o Ill Tuesday, n. ooSc~u tug,v. 0oQ8otoSbc~o;B~uoocadoCo coo.8. tumable, v. i. coe~8~ 00g1 c&3gooOg tumbler, n. o gcSN tumor, n. oQocoSoobi tumultuous, a..sj8q8ooS!o cOooo OjoS cgaScc&Do -ly, adv. RoooSo#oS. tune, n. 33 S8Sao Sn O8Do8Co 0 tunnel~n.ooa^OuaX oSju 8i? Q c&oDeS turban, n. Ge5S8Go)S8,, Qo8sc3,i [cos8u turbulent, a. 8oas8c$o.ii eco turkey, n. cSwS, [ OC=O. turmeric, n. 0~880 ^88n turn,iv?.. Tgc>g~ cog0o^11 cgoSswe@o,,i~ N 1u. vt. t 09Oa 9c008 ogu aside,!^ox. in a lathe, goS Bo: gu by turns, adv. ooc aa turner, n. 8oo3ys8u turpentine, n. co~88t8cse tusk, n. 'o8g1" tweezers, n. cgs8~u twiig, n o. MIR.i twilight, n. ogs80001 twin, n. 9sovg8*0sc o 03u twine, v. t. ~84o5ops' 6oXoo n, twhig^, #.:- --

Page  133 uncontrollable 133 twinkle, v. i. ~OCOqCCg qOS~xtpg twist, V. t. %~3lcoefl q~oagn Csiscolsl twitter, V. i. SSSgog 4080ago type, soc~ is'pa to set -, 09 udder, n. 3 i ugly, a. oSo%S&SOOD 00o88c74COOO ulcer, n. oop~8n -ate, 'v. i". o 8E ultimate, a. oo socXuo umbrella, n. c8gn umpire, fl. ' tsu unanimuous, a. coaoojq ws unaccountably, adIv. OC08Cj unaccustomed, a. oqo~~o unalterable, a. ~s~~~ unaspirated, a. cOWUC31 unaware, adiv. oq~o unbecoming, a,.eo"08OO unbend, v. i. &8~og -a bow, uubind, v. to gcg unbound, a. o~ep8ocaxu unbuckle, v. t. cmocasal unburden, v. t. o ice unbutton, v. t. " unchain, v. t. 0N B~JS~~ Unclasp, v. t. OM SW d uncle, n. a father's elder brother, mo~sn.younger, ~ccogi a mother's elder brother, gaq8U younger,, ~~ uncoott-4ikbie, as

Page  134 134 unnatural uncork, v. t. OQO30 uncurl, vL. t. Oc88Sc e~ —3 eii tundermine, i'. t. ooo~28OOS9 understand, v. t. r [eec& undertake, v. t. c8 ooe~j ll -mjooen H undertaker, n. OT20e~oll undertaking, in. co)q~ joW undervalue, v. t. m~cc~~ow~ undeserving, a. QcbcOI undetermined, a. cooioaoonoS undress, v'. t. ooccgCS0 uneasy, a. OSDScxI unequal,a. o(J tacoooDn 00~0ODOSo"o~ uneven, a. oEcw) 6&8coaon unfeeling, a. qfo OQO:I ungird, v. t. as~ci ~0~ uniform, a. OeDCOO. Mit. 86ooS.b unimportant, a. OcSo~QOO:u [04o:)"~ unite, v. i. ce~og C0O,90 ()S18sw9 Q~cc.e~a "cc*po;e C 0 ~68 I CS OD v. t. 3680g ~saagn CY3,13p0u universe, ns. 6OWtO* OqN unjust, a. Oco Qlewo unless, conj. v -c2es unmentionable, a. 0 QQ~OO unmoor, 'V. t. &SQ, ~ oSO8$S0w O unnatural, a. oum&* S&0OQ)g

Page  135 usury 135 unnecessary, a. ocSO2S~33 unoua~~2Msm~a~ [~Q~QOt)o unprofitable, a. O8COI QYSOJ3 unreasonable, a. oco~ot Ia:1 00~: unscrew, V. t. O~C&S~~ unseal, V. t. acx86'e~ g:)oae~u untangle, v. t. S3.SOQ08c aO~~u untie, v. t. c06 until, prep. (qaf.) c~Scav8fl unveil, v. t. q~os~~~be1 unwittingly, adr'. oaqdaz!~' up, pre~p. 00CJThb oumc~u oococS~ int. upbraid, v. t. cbk [aOCOnI upon, prep. upper, a. moo69oonmostDC73s upright, a. o~o~oo & QSOO uprightly, adv. So~ooSgon coo~ooR uproar, 'n. $jcSQ8!~SS urgent, a. urine, 7n. coj8cuSnu co8u c~.m)s to pass-, urn, n. cGqqSu tjpsa~8u 00+ QeOcc use, V. i. OOQ~O~~009 v. t oae t. aofnc~83IH68 usefuil, a. 000~s808COO. Oaa4jGao.~ Useless, a. oo 'eooScwxs o*3?'I~q=O usual, a. 86c~~QwO-UOQ O Oa usury, n p ~~u

Page  136 136 variety u~tmost, a. O08j08CDO OQ'068=8'~ utter, vx t. ~c3og cgog a. o08Sa uvula, ". C06 T, G01 vacant, a. coca~1 %OSCOSQ031' OCOO vacate, vd. vacillate, v. i. MCo hoojz0001i goszoog vaccinate, V. t. wq:YS80g vacuum, In. cOW,ciOSo06N vail, n. ojCO08MO)n (66fSpcgu Oac3&O9ODD1i vain, a. og 8ccoon OmJCOO:DII Y2)OjIRSU coo in-, adv. OwcY~6tI SOCOO*08N valid, a. S* valor, ni. kACCxOO valuable, a. Ooq~8C~OSQOO:U OcqsO*8COOu value, i&. oo~8COCO3OqI V. t. O~ valve, n. 00. vampire, n. otcomn van, ii. 0)3898 onCO8i,1 vane, nz. S3p vanish, v. i. ~~.vanity, n. uo~8IOf3 vanquish, v. t. Po~1cosg vapor, n. ooQ~g qOq8OOC.SI variable, a. goew oo.IO38 variegate, v. t.00CB0%6N [c00iSOoWu variety, '1. a)OCI' QOQ~QCQ 3f~ x, ocp, cof~s

Page  137 Viceroy 137 various, a. c~sommos oojc~acg varnish, in. DOG~esmom 86OOa vary, v. i. @08p8o~agl CRQ~ og V. t. vast, a. r' 8909GOu vastly, adv. oo%~" jsCR8006 vaunt, v. i. o1 9080.gin vegetable, n. wSs-sCY8w8 Sdo~o8 OooS81se 'vehement, a. COSEOJMII 20O~OO2L8cocou vein, n. coge8~ 01 q~c~gOA &8u velocity, n. 8$ 21 velvet, iz. ul venerate, V. t. 0% G001 venetian-blind, n. 0 vengeance, n. c venom, n. ooQ961i ventilate, 'v. t. 008co:8c8aof venture, v. t. 8~0l RJO800gliu63u veranda, n. emin ODCY4S~"fLo9~00 verdict fl. 08SOI verdi gris, n. o4 verse, n. OQQOSII MODu CDC-Loll,o500 very, adv). oocg~u Cy 005u~8~~ vertical, a. (ooc~30 vex, V. t. co vibrate, v. i. viceroyf,8 c& sf Vtoe i'evva, adv. ooRMOU,',

Page  138 138 vow victim, 7. ooD& 8,c SCOOo oco8os (oSg8 victor, n. jSCOoo,, [~o:)Oo victuals, n. o0eon,8os6, view, v. t C.CO~giOg11 vigorous, a. 8GsO:)8cOo:)n 3oq OCO:0on vile, a. s38egEooo o.S.oOe;o,, village,n. goioiqiivillager,n. goDo oog villain, n.. d2 o68coooil C, oGsc Os68 vindicate, r. t. C~ s08(,c~ooiu, cooooS vine, u. opS &oiooS it-yard, e~Snae~sca vinegar, n. 86GSj" [ violate, v. t. ouOTS3noi(, rso8~pou violent, a. 8Gs~ooIi88coo:H virtue, n. o0qn,:081,g8s virus, u. smnall pox. c~rno~~, vaccine, visible, a. coSg)08COou, [s:ocq:)odqN visit, v. t. go [Cgt~Ooo0800: B 00o"p&3 Viss, n. 8Ow)3 [.jg00000^ vitriol, n. blue, qfgoiu wlhite, qifoR" green, qgg8:)8is, voice, n. Jjo RC/goScooo:oo [cnOo. volatile, a.. oo]oScou omSooe:)8o oS volcano, n. 8o8g~BoCXo"8 88CoaOS. volume, n. CS(C8uesoG Ueo'sc~8oc:o voluntary, a. aoq6qcoOn-ily,adv.9C8 vomit, W. o040i0 Q00000go [DocOOCi I vote, v". Cocto;#j^~Qo0o:X~ vonch0t v. 4cSoSWX c aoo# eSQ020 voucher, n. oooS obo6S ooii DoS*, O vow,, t. t.,o, so,,,

Page  139 warm 1139 voyage, v. i. u~ogqcseal vulgar, a. ~oRG3cooo vulture, n. ODS M~I wabble, v.i. cs8vsBQeDScosc8c~coe~OOU wad, n. wafer, n. IscWgOSu-CO ~cr-0g008 wag, v. t. f WO 010g n. 0jr'CaCBn wager, v. t. coo~goox~1 ~CSD888RO~U wages, n~. oQoi cocSu o;)crgcoc~Sov wagon, n.- c390S8c8a3N wail, v. i. qc~~o(~o~ waist, it%. oleo waist-band, 61segon wait, V. i. cv)Q 01;sogao0~ waiter, it. co-uset.0eolI.[COOSO wake, v. i. OW V. t. Img n. 41cys walk, v.i. S wallo, v. io.u~r~cS~u~ walnut, n. c~oe:8~8i wand, In. 030 On C3u1 wander, v. j. c~~og -in delirium, wanton, a. mccS=tjjS-)Sc3 war, it. 062 1)n80E V~.. 660g warble, v. i. o c u,ward, -off, v.t. modsan wardrobe, it. OiOScO38ODQOs 8OOOS warm, a. V.oolccso2 i. 1,gCDO~

Page  140 140 wealth warn, v. t. 00 S3n warrant, vl. t. O0RQUI& n. lefl. olq~s*D,, wart, U, Wash, v. t. clot linoes, sP~oe~tco2S aaenthe face, C3SO~en the body, eQ washer-tran, n. Q01oe~N [4#mg wasp, n. waste, v. i. oX8 g8 gOCJ30S)8O00fl V.t.00, -land, n. esciSos CR8ES watch, v. i.C90800gn n. DOCODSn DC cs~n time piece, pqgo~v water, is. Cn — fall, C900pn -pot, o0iS 0?5 aeaq8n-spout, cjqOcu-melon, okzi~sn -tight, a. v. t.op v ccOos88Dif cqcOSOO0fl wave, 71. (ISBN "~8 1%. A 8C oo waver, V.. 8 QO~~a.CNGOMOO-S~Xm wax, n. i5GcX88n ear-wax, 1osoocu sealing, aaoSO6'it D,. i. 00.00f c1 20s way, n. oq8u CO&8v manner, jg8fnc8O0&84 q86'u by the-, adv. C(OCR1 we, pron. 64cs vjI"-'On~ our, ours, g& '60us, 02 4,e*v ourselves, cyj~c weak, a. wealth, a Os3 QO#Ea WlaoV'u Q*=el

Page  141 wheat 141 wealthy, a. er~ooqm acw 0GO00" wean, V. i. m o weapon, n. coOaS 6S wear', v. t. gi~o~foo8~ou c83agn as clothes, oroXo~n as a cap, cwn8s oa~1as shoes, 88o~ as stockings, weary, a. oo4npscD weather, n. qT8C&090v [Og weave, 'v.t. ~CSog weaver, n. lsi web, -i. ~4ocosoaou spiders —u jrs wed, v. coo-SccS>4t wedge. 'n. o~ Wednesday, u. eaqt weed, n. COISSSmoCCoO81 v.CUI18008009 week, n. jp~&one week, 00ccoe weep, v. i. Bj2rCeNa~I weigh, v. t. qxe~q~o doe~u-anchor, josoa# M~&'gl weight, n. mQcQoso mQu CCO8~S88I, welcome, a. c 8809jQOOI v. t. ccoomo oT oos&cT~soe itnt. ocgo weld, V. t. a~~OCOO CI o'kcUUM well, n. ~8ia~o~XIvery -,nt. MOW8s& C038~i west, n. DWC1 wet, a. q 00 8OOH V. t. Qcogl wharf, acb8Sn O~jaO8~8cju what,.pron.a.co(oog.)i~zter.o~ocou~coo -thing,opccu whatever, pron. a. oBOPGI9 g wI~eat, ' qj.JhuV

Page  142 142 widen wheel, n. zS1u 098n.SnSI when, adv.-cao:)ln~ inter. COSW0 where, adv. -cooojSqoi inter. coe go O~OO1 1 ZOO(B93 -to, wherever, adv. (~) coo~pcr2I wherefore, con). inter. whet, vdt. o~cao[cfc~saois whether,or, adv. wjiCoW)(S8E which, pnrn. a. cooon inter. cx~odc8sn while, n. adv. oo '.1c~af O C7?n Ot 1n1je whine, v. i. ee~800js SeW9 whip, n. 9 Ce)pa3Cur.9o v.6af~gs 1 whirl, v. t. cee"V. i. tW~O~ pool, to-wind ccQooB whiskers, n. u4 1 n. S1s8su whisper, -n. V'm8c~s v.?, i. 0~coc whistle, v. ~coo~oag GgROSCOge n. Q~c*~QOO8u (&CT' white, a. kcao wash, n. C8qI whiz, v. i.14 O & who, pron. coa:u inter. ooco&Son we~oju whoever, pron. doS1 whole, tz. aocSulbvoocOO mu~ wholly, adv. 9oS'IOOYOS wby, adi'. -c oG~s~ninter. wick, n. 80 wicked, I.~Q a wide, a.o widen, v. t.

Page  143 withered 143 width, milo To&n wife, n&. Qowost QS'8 i wig, U. Q50S?8cq.8II wild, a. ~8scoan beast, n. o.aw8u wilderness, ~in. compi c will, fl. 00 ~v. ajJ. willful, a. OqI:GOI willing, a. Oo~olckaou -ly, adv. aoCqCII wilt, V. i. &83O&Ii g~go8Csu win, V. t. 8 0gi wince, v. i. 2OP1 wind, n. Gcou-ward, adv. ccoooSC&D VI.t OOS0800go~ gbOP1 cQcog V. i. window, go08SocJ)coa-sash, 6oo~sqjr3& windlass, n1. T" c~8soSII toao6ti wine, nz. 9*a~qen-glass, aimcreso wing, n. aocaxk8, mil. m62dOa wink v. i. itc&coopoo~~n 9c&Xpgu wipe, v. 1. doa~ wire, n. +sfgln f~slmsv wisdom, In, OoDn wise, a. oao~QOOuOXYSQOOOu wish, v. qiIcog ooc~ogm-well to, wit, 'D. t. F3,Cg6m 9(Bh8 adcoooem-DI witb, prep. j~oyjv~oj withdraw, v. C. Sg~v i.COS8*0g withred, a. qc~2SgOOOI ~S&WAXm=I

Page  144 144 wrestle within, prep. o ob ollcgS8s cR u without, prep. oQojSO, -on O-c28S, withstand, v. i. qS6a2Sa1, osSn witness, v. t. C4oSc^Sobga n O.cSCOO B30U eu. f )CODSOitC.OC.O"OO woe, n. CoO8geooSoo118co0, woman, n. 881 o88gu womb, n. ao8O8<6 wonder, v. i. ocigoo xl, n. Oco.E~:s,, wonderful, a. Oic:og~1oSoO, i woo, v. t. (88t. )o~9= wood, u. oboaom8l forest, Gooo1u ocoooDu -oil, mo238~:, fire-, co8su woof, n. qo scoo oSooeoc wool, 7n. c8Gcg8n, woollen cloth, gcoo word, n. eco*08 col work, n. i cx v.a.oocc oSiio &jco 6'3. pi. mil. oojQo:881s~(8u world, n. nogon cooo:ooi oco&oS88 worm, n. 8u oCN 0o11 worry,. t. cvo. Sts.ogSi n, ouSos8e8$ worship, v. i. c8ec2dco8ll 48OE worth, n. oSdcS1:88i~S (oS~)i8o)qoS w8ru a. oo)s8 oo c=eu,oo.,ccov worthless, a. o c88oSC8coOis [6SCODu worthy, a. qc&oMoOi4cooW#pba5od8c wound, v. i..c8qcSO3p n. ofooocoon w rap, v. i. c8o:B&OR bo96oo 'I wrath, n. 8gocooocS wreath, n. d Scus wreathe, v t. is3 wveck, n.?^ osc adN t. YS.-oa88'o& wrreatl#, ^~ i. ^oa~c^ogKXiz s5 -

Page  145 youth 145 wretch, n. 0RC16 wretched, a. O0~ 0 8kQO3:)~ 6co wriDng, v. t. (S6W~cfStq OI wrinkle, n. cmcoin v. t. cia wrists, fl. cr):CyOcS write, v. t. 9090 writer, nZ. VC wrong, a. QiV.t yarnj, n. yard, fl. o88c288cu s 3 ft., qc sail-s~o% -i&n yawn, v. b.o~83ln MOO3&u year, n. oo~ob ly, adv. pc 8 yearn, v. i. & 001 yeast, n. 002os8o yell, v. i. Soo u yellow, a. o flo. o1~coSocmo yelp, v. i. c~cmcsa~ yes, atdv. coi OpSOjo 1 ')jn ~ 1 yesterday, n. ocf day before-,oo~au yet, adv. ccou cony. C~Q35O e811 yoke, n. V0S0817. t. 0(eqMO1 yolk, n. eob yonder, adv.- c~ol L~ [1 you, pro. Myn. (uson 0060SooSsu p1. add Young, a.a lcd90COD n.0 MO~cODcom youth,7. jn)O 5'

Page  146 146 146 zodiac zayat, ni. ccS n zeal, n. gooo'8s zephyr, n.. ccot-8eng cegH zero, oien Q~eII On zest, n. & hol 0CIa OO0D zink, n. 81 zodiac, n. TdecySn sign of-, fV-.2 Days of the Week. Sunday, oba u Monday, o0 3:Q Tuesday, 08n Wednesday, s~ Thurs~day, oQo0scn Friday, r u Saturday, C 1 Months. English. January, c qC0iI 10 February, G0s loonI 11 March, r30Scotl 12 April, 1M01 M ay, QWC0n 2 June, gCJon 3 July, ~ ctq8cou 4 August, ~ q03S:u 5 September, eoBo-AoS~c 6 October, 4 000jo 00O 7 December, OSOW~N 9 Burmese. cMQ6) 8sn oy~rgn jO06 ol (i 01 Q0S 01 Q 01 8 N

Page  147 IP)CKI""F" IIIiONRy BURMESE AND ENGLISH. ao 1, privative preflix, as in oo imnpermnanence, fromt ~ perm anen ce. oo 2, n,. prefix, as in oco~8g, light, from co~s to be light. oo 3, v. to be speechless, sc.O00g oQ 4, an infin. prefix, as mOQ&OO-*COO w,he came to see. OO'Cas,-'8, v'. to sleep mnuch, sleep sound. oQooo, 71. cold,-Q8S, v. to take cold. 94,n. beginning,- 'e, adv. at the very aalv. to crack opena. [first. ao-cn. letter of the alphialet. -oo~)oocoSn. algebra. 00i.4 a compartmen t. 0cMOS, adv. indeed, certainly, oo~ (ml oocneog8, w. a child, infanit, oico5'u ooma3uoe, n. a dancer, 0006 DOCY.)D, n. side of building, roomD; a barrier. ooc~jn.,a. all, the whole; adv. wholli. -0098, adv. same as adv. uc,. a chief, o~~or-oodb DOQOCY*0, n. duties, customs. - 6 n. a customs house. -4n. a head collector of duties. acoS it. -a dead body, oowc-nx-oSu gotn. a handle.

Page  148 ooc88s, n. a large branch of a tree. oeag., n. a habit acquired by practice. — O6CO, occO, —n. same. — c), v. to perform duties. -o), b. to acquire a habit of. —, v. to practice. XoogCg, n. brevity, as in ooj&pSoooD S; an abridgment, compilation. — 0o8, v. to put in confinement. — o.08, n. one confined in fetters. sqcj, n. a remainder, residue. aroigdoooos, n. superficial extent. 0oos~, n. any slimy matter. ocr oS, n. an induration, tumor. oolci', v. to be profane. oo8s, n. a consequence,-opposed to ~;cooSg, a cause; profit, c08a,8i, oo~S, pron. a. whatever, —o, whoso. —., pron. a. of whatever kind. ~oo@, n. a subordinate officer. o0, n. a thought, intention, design. — oo9S, —woo, n. an intention. -o —ocaoS, v. to gain one's purpose. — cos, v. to suggest an idea, plan, &c. — q, v. to conceive an idea. o0Oo8, n. a crack, opening. =a:3, n. a time, turn, as ooS8. — ga, adv. again and again. (08C, n. a chief. oc8s n. the scales of fish, &c. — ds, v. to strip off the scales. ooc~o, n. a muscle, sinew, tendon, cco ~c3o; a vein, or artery, coglc33;

Page  149 0008 149 a nerve, o0otcgo; a stream (of water,) ~qc~ou — 0o, v. to have a muscle displaced. — oC?, v. to be slightly sprained. -0C8, v. to be cramped. oasc38, n. a line, (eOGco88); an antecedent, or cause; what pertains to. -o-op, n. a circumstance, event. — Cms8, n. an account, narrative. — G, v. to speak with reference to. -- oo~, adv. exceedingly. o::awoo8, n. an intermediate space. oaco, n. a being with. ooacrS, n. a round spot, a spot. — ecri, n. a compartment. ooe8s8, n. a circle, ring. oocg86, n. the binding of a border. oocoxo, —ooo:, n. what protects by interoacaq, n. a curve, corner. [posing. oooc:S, —oo8s, n. deliverance, salvation. ooocJ, pron. see oyJ"S oocg68, n. an acquaintance. —., I. to make acquaintance. — oS, v. to be well acquainted with. ooEs8, n. a remainder. —, adv. without a remainder, wholly. oo~8, adv. on credit. -c-~88, v. to sell on credit. — oS, v. to buy on credit. ooo, n. pay for service,-comp. cocSau -0-8, n. one who lives on wages. oasc, n. a branch of a tree, ooocSu oa8, iz. a valve.

Page  150 oQ88, n. a business, affair. 0a0coS9, n. a section, division. 0a0g4, n. an apartment, room. 000a8, n. a suitable appendage. -oo38, n. same, most common. oao), n. tirne, —1, adv. repeatedly. -—, v. to be out of season. -coA, v. to turn a day, or year. 0oo 1, n. see oo, the present time. oa 2, -o-, n. a short prop, fulcrun. noo, n. a hard mass. racaklq, n. a fold; the bark of a tree; a time, turn, as ocolcSi, once. ocalE, n. the top, c08, O0SB, o 8(si ca1881s, n. a cavity, hollow place. ociS, n. a hit; time being. [flowers). 0o8S, n. a stock or branch, (of fruit or aoos, n. effluvium, exhalation; smoke. — oo,, n. vapor, fume, —&o, n. perfume. 09c0, n. subject, matter, object; an article, item: a stroke, blow. -ooc6, n. a mark, impression; a subject. -9r, v. to fall in place, be in point. oo)8 1, n. one who belongs to, or is connected with another, as in o0 133008 8s, a fellow countryman; and used vocatively, as ooa8so8s8o:), 0 prince. — 8s, adv. one another, mutually. aoEs8 2, nz. the diameter of a circle. ooge,, adv. without any thing else. -0eS, adv. nakedly, without clothes. - it~, v. to be naked, ooojoa — 8, adv. in vain, uselessly.

Page  151 t61', n. what is flat and thin. omo, n. a point of union. aoo 1, n. a time, period, season. oo^ 2, n. weight [the balance, — c/S, 2v. to have a sensible weight in -c^o, v. to amount to in weight. 9o~,-ooc8s8, n. a nurse, bearer. ool^9, n. a chief, ooS11 a0ooole o8, n. a tailor, lS~ooo8su o6Gs8, n. dirt, filth, rust, excrement. oocys8, n. a bar, long piece, as coDca:E sgH ooL, pron. a. some, ooam ooaS, n. a bamboo rafter-comp. qdoSu o*S3oa2du, n. quantity measured. oQo~oocS3, n. quantity estimated. o~SS8 n. an act, deed,- used in forming —:8, v. to quarrel. [verbal nouns. o0o~9q, n. attendants, guards. o0o38, pron. a. other, moSoooolsu —, adv. without an interval. ~oOc, n. a foundation, bottonm, root, oo~$1 — ooc, n. state, condition. cog, n. crotch, the place of branching off. ooSoS 1, n. a concavity. ooScf 2, n. a weight equal to a viss. moo, n. a business; privilege, opportunity. -— c 9, —Ocq8s, n. same, 1st def. — os, v. to permit; to authorize. aog, n1. revenue, oooSn — 9, n. collector of revenue. -o~, n. controller of revenue. cog, 8. bark, rind, shell, husk. gt n. any slimy matter.

Page  152 owc(oq, n. attendants, people in waiting. o~qoS, n. alchymy. 008 1,-o-, n. a deep earthen pan. aS 2, n. strength, force of any kind. -0008, n. satne, military force. -oro, adr. in a considerable degree. — aov, adv. exceedingly, too much. ooc~8, n. an allotment, a quota. ooS, 1n. the remains of a thing. MR, n. a flower-bud. ooc, n. a promontory, cape, headland. 00, (pron. 8o&Sa, ) n. a coat, or jacket. -coorS6, n. a tight body jacket. — a'8qs, n. a short coat, jacket. -~og p, n. the collar of a coat or jacket. — ooS6, n, a frock, shirt. 0S~oO, n. plaster, —c8, v. to plaster. oo8c80S, (Eng.), nt. an Englishman. 80l 1, n. planet Mars; Tuesday. MM 2, zn. limb, inember of the body. -0-O3S, n1. organs of generation. 0Mo, n. a degree of a circle. oSs 1, n. a pond. mo8 2, n. a table divided into columns. — 8cys, v. to accord, as two accounts. c —c, n. a square in a table. 08o8s, —,8, v. to live on a pension; n. a pensioner. -s~s8~oS[, n. a pension. C*s8, —I, v. tobear the ill-will (of another). -C008, v. to harbor resentment. ao~., n. a glimpse; vapor, steam. Cao 1, n. a cylindrical box of any size*

Page  153 Oao ocoQ(s 153 oo$ 2, n. to squeeze, throttle. om, in. a beginning; bit, piece. -oQs8, n. a beginning. -— oo 7 n. a small bit,-go, adv. at first. -oo08, —G, v. to begin, be first. — ooS, v. to finish. 00cSI, n. a drop, aooco)co m8soOoS8, v. to be skilled in examining. oo0esgao8, n. an assembly of people. Moegn. a succession; method; adv. always. -oolcS, adv. in continued succession. — roS, v. to be perpetual, everlasting. 90~,, n. a joint, seam. oosy, n. food, aliment. — 38, n. the stomach, maw. -c-oS, v. to refrain from food, to fast. -oooScpo8, v. to famish. — aooSc, v. to starve one's self'. oosn8 1, n. stead, place, room. o00e8 2, n. eating; that which is eaten, food. -o-aocooo, n. what is eaten and drunken. — s8, v. to eat what is hurtful. 03o8 3, n. a division, —s08, n. various sorts. 0o80S, n. a quarter; a part. 00o8, to be green, fresh, &c. -s08, v. to eat without cooking. — 0s8, v. to possess, as an evil spirit. — c0, v. to die fresh, i. e. by violence. 9080oo8, n. order, arrangement. oo&L8, v. to address by word or writing. oo8008go8, n. increase, profit, advantage. oo0, n. a collection, body.:-000168, ---o 8, n. a collection.

Page  154 — 90cos, ii. a collection (of' people). ooToS, n. a rent, (in cloth). o0, n. an even number, a pair. — 0oCS, 7n. a pair,-applied to horses. -o0Sc&6oS,- o, v. to be well matched. — oo S, adv. completely, perfectly. O6O~, it. service, -oooU, n. a servant. — a, v. to serve. Oac? ], n. a seed. 9OC0:,-(-8, adv. very early. ooceoS, ni. a watchman, guard, keeper. cevos8, n. an edge, sharp side. 0oo8, n. a cohesive mass, a lump, oou o4o, n. a peg or wooden nail. 0oo8,-oDq,adv. authoritatively, arbitrarily. — S, —q, qv. to have authority over. ro9,s, n. a man's elder brother, p&gu,oSw, n. a woman's elder sister. 08;,-oog:38, n. a side, border. OOSgs 1, n. a point, end, extremity. -o-e; n. same; ability.:Sg8 2, —ocaoS, n. a stain. oots&, n. ability to accomplish. oog8d, n. an eye-tooth, tusk, fang. ~oo, n. a cfinging to, adherence. ~ooo, n. fold, -as 08wo, three-fold. 0ooocS, 7. a junction, joint. -:oS, ad,. connectively, successively. 00o8, n. disposition, appearance. — oo, v. to have a bad appearance. — co*S,-0-~, v. to be opportune. oooo9, n. one thing placed above another, a step, a degree; a loft, story.

Page  155 sEoSa, n. appearance. oosos, n. a joint. —oT, n. a joint. -— oS, v. to be loosened in a joint. - Scs, v. to be sprained. — c, v. to be dislocated.:ooooc:~, v. to have the hunger appeased. &s86^, n. poison, venom,-oocooooS. 0;;, n. fat, unctuous matter. 0s8s, n. a hinderance, obstruction. -oooo, n. a barrier, fence of any kind. -000008, n. same as oo:S, (most common). oosaoS, n. the lungs, lights. -62, n. a lobe of the lungs. ooaS9, n. a cluster, bunch of flowers.;;xs, n. an end, termination. — coo, v. to finish, ooeoooSooe 9s390oo; n. instruction, doctrine. coos, n. a stopper, spigot, plug. aoc/l, n. a relative or friend. — a[t, n. a relative, kinsman. — eoSg, n. a friend, 0Socagu -a-s-8S8, v. to make acquaintance. o&SoS, int. -expressive of sensure. 008s, int. eh, -expressive of pain. E3, n. dirt, filth, oo s8n -ooc8s, -0ooc0, n. same. oa2og, n. a higher part (of a river, &c.). -0o38, n. a native of an upper province. coeg?, n. a short, young twig. — agCo, v. to shoot, as a young branch. ooci3oS, n. a germ, sprout from a seed. ooctQS, n. an offensive smell. - v,. to receive the said-smell.

Page  156 156 OOOZa oo;, a. the eighth, S9;(&3Zoo~ Oocrij, n. a particle visible to the eye. 0ooooS, n. a shoot from a stump or root; a tiller; the spur of a cock; the branch of a deer's horn. o'0oS8, adv. obstinately, stubbornly. —.06, adv. forcibly, violently. ooS0088so, v. to slander, defame. ooooS, n. a piece, bit. o:oooS, n. science, skill, 3.&II Oo~o 1, n. an interval, intervening space. — c~, a little while, ouoo — oa, adv. at intervals, repeatedly. ~o 2, -oop, n. just enough. 9oo0, n. a mark drawn s.,(.,-:s. -o-j, adv. one after another, successively. ~oo~os, n, a line, pale, row of things. rooS, a(dv. certainly, 0oq9, CoMii 9o0o)8s, 7n. a way, manner, custom, 0811 oooo:, n. allotment, portion of work. -r, v. to fall to one's share of work. Doc8, adv. only, nothing but, rsg8u oo23cS, n. the past. oo0?, n. what is a match for. _ —, —cS, v. to imitate; to mimic. -0-8, v. to mimic, mock. a00-, n. any thing in return. —. v. to return good for good, or evil -0o0, v. to return good for good. [for evil. oooos, n. a log, block, lump. 0800, n. a being with, together with. -o00c —rYr n. same. -O-, a. or ad'to' similar; same.

Page  157 ooo8 157 9ocoooS 1, 1. a quill; a wing. acooS 2, 7n. a cubit. mooqS n. a taing, about two miles. oodSs, n. measure, extent. -o-cgo, n. measurement, dimension. oda8, n. interest on money. -i], v. to put at interest. — 08, v. to live on interest. woqc;, 2n. an account; sake, behalf. oog28s, n. the inside, inner part. —, n. the lining of a petticoat. — 0, n. private minister of state. moocS, n. the upper part, space above; prior time, ooS, coa8; ago; a term of comparison, than. 0Oc8S,-CoaooS, n. a thought, 8oSMooa oooS, n. a notch. — coSoqqS, adv. roughly, unevenly. oocop 1, I. substance, matter, stuff. -— cd, n. same, (most common). ooooe 2, n. cloth, a piece of cloth. -o-cS, n. same. 00:00, —oo9a, n. a layer. — o', adv. repeatedly. ooos8.o038s, n. a porter. Doo, n. the presence, (of a person of respectability,) -corn. ap u ooc88, n. a keeper, guardian, nurse; &c. ooc880soo5, n. a token, memorial; signal. oct8, adv. alone, c~oSd 8; masculine. 0c0.6, n. a bundle, package, bale. aacg8&, n. circumstances, events. aoc08, n. a knot in a string. 7*

Page  158 -00&, n. a rule, precept. oooRsco8,- ooo8o8, a. diverse. opsoo8J, adv. exceedingly; especially. c006, n. the inside, inner part. O6GCOS, n. a thousand. oocooS, l. a corner, bend, angle. ooog, n. a top, summit, pinnacle. mog8o, n. a span, or half a cubit. oo8g 1, n. a mass, a number all together. ooc088 2, a. the youngest. 0oo8,-I, v. to commit violence. oS:ood, n. meaning. 0oo 1,-e-, n. a die. — orop, n. a dice-box. -eodo8, v. to throw dice. oO 2, v. to vomit, throw up. -cos8, n. an emetic. oocoS 1, n. the interpretation of a word. — o, v. to translate, co,8=S:wgou aofcS 2, n. a collection, mass. 0oof, n. sediment, dregs. Oeg8, —coco8, —coS, n. small quantity. oo:gS8pgS8, adv. of various kinds, oSi4,e3 oofg3, n. unsubstantiality. oo^epcS, n. a calamity, evil, co8nl o9a, a. infinite, boundless. oe 1, u. breadth, width,-conp. qoSI oo 2, n. an unpleasant sdent. ot, n. scent, pleasant or unpleasant. — 0 v. to receive scent. — q,. to perceive by the nose. oo:o, n. a pain, disease, a sore; a flaw. — oo00, n. a sore; a flaw, defect.

Page  159 o^,oS 159 — 868, n. a boil, ulcer. — 01, n. the venereal disease. -q8s, r. to break out afresh. — oS, nt. a scar,-cornP. O::oSI0 o&:ooo, n. the future, futurity. 0oo0oo,-7S)8s, ni. a prophetical writing. oo8s, 7i. a border, side: the space near. — q<, v. to bind tlhe edge, n. binding. -co8, v. to hem: n. a heam. ook[, n. impermanence, transitoriness. — c;oS2, v. to die. oo]o~ooS, n. a die colored red, on certain oo8, n. the space near (a thing). [sides. oopoa~oo3o, n. gentle instruction. oosa, n. state, condition, circumstances. -- CQ, n. same, oOciic, -oocQ8, n. manners, carriage. — co, n. continuance, uniformity. —, v. to be stately, dignified in deportoocBoS, n. the west. [ment. -c-oOS, n. the south-west. -c-coos, n. the north-west. ooE, —ooooS, adv. forcibly. -.S, adv. with great difficulty. -co8, v. to decide in favor of. —,I v. to use violence, to force, compel. o0+8,-cg, n. change, money paid back. 00$6, n. solid substance (as of a tree). 0oj), t. an ear or spike of grain. o000g'oS, —ow0:8, n. one who shampoos. 00X68, n. the current or market price. oocjo], n. the back of a knife, &c. oo09d, n. a race, lineage.

Page  160 otl, n. a needle,- )-, n. needle case. -—, 7n. sewing thread. — o8s, n. the eye of a needle. SO6 2, v. commit, deliver, hand over. ~- v. to commit, deliver. 09@ 3, v. to be right, proper. o0o, n. the outside, outer part. 0008, n. a plant or tree. or0oS, n. a round, a circuit. -QoSc, v. to complete a round or circuit. -co~, v. to be unravelled, explained. o008,-08, v. to be greatly fatigued. -— 4ac, v. to breathe with difficulty. -0o 8, adv. with great effort. ooo, n. aid, assistance. oo1o5, n. a state of punishment. oo8ls, n. the space near (a thing). n, n. a line of verse; a sentence in prose, or a small paragraph. OoCoD$CoS, n. a rotten carcase. oo., n. a heap; a great deal. — 8, adv. very muclI. 9oX n. heat. — Sg, n. money extracted by oppression. — ~g, 7n. vapor arising from heat. -oqS8, n. a thermometer. oco, ~n. a foot, measure of length. Goc10o3, n. a hole. ~oodSl, n. property pawned or mortgaged. uocoISs, a. the many, all, oooSCSu -0ooOSC, —QcoS, n. a companion. — OuS0s8, n. a company, a society. oocouT n. the upper part, space above.

Page  161 161 — ~t], a. smooth, specious, plausible. -c6, n. the outside, surface, superficiality. 0o0,-087, n. excess, surplus. ~ooaS, n. a mark or stop in writing. 0888, n. a division, part, portion. -0g6o8, n. a dividing line, boundary. oo~ras, n. any flabby, pendulous substance. oci, n. a young unmarried woman. -Cne3o, n. same. — 08, — s88, n. an old maid. (8~, It. the surface, outside of a thing; what is beside, in addition. oao6, n. an evil result or consequence; -6, v. to suffer punishment. [sin. -c~[, n. the punishment of hell. -008, v. to blame, censure. -cos, v. to punish, 9lco9cso83en — 6, v. to do wrong, commit sin. -c~, v. to be expiated. — c, v. to expiate guilt. -cepcS, v. to incur a penalty. —, v. to be guilty, —goS, v. to forgive. -oa6, v. to incur a penalty. ooqo, n. a blue color. ooo8s, n. what is flat. OocoocoS, n. painted, or carved work. oog~, n. a blossom. 0c~, n. an armful, ooc.go8c9SI oocoS, n. a cluster, bunch (of fruit). -oo oS, adv. in clusters. Do, n. a father; a. masculine. OocS, n. a match, one of a pair. 0ooe, n. a time, turn, oo00(

Page  162 162 Oa80co — oo<b, — 4, adv. repeatedly. oov, n. a patch. ro8~6co, n. the day before worship-day. aoo, n. a protuberance, bunch; a pimple. ooooS, n. a tuft or clump (of grass, &c.). o0a8, n. a cover of a vessel. oos8, n. a bud of a leaf or flower. oocO, n. a father, ooco, eooos OGOs8, n. a scab. U0, n. a bit broken off. oo0oS, n. an associate, companion. 00, n. a wife who has not borne children. 0o0, n. a part, portion, share. oo(g8, sn. chaff,-em03 8, n. nonsense. oa(gos 1, i. fever, —c, v. to intermit. -— oS, v. to abate (in fever). -oo-S, v. to have a paroxysm (of fever). oQo{08 2, an end, extremity; summit. oo80, n. being, condition. — 000o,-o00ecS, n. events (of a life). oo6i, n. whiteness, white color, a. white. ooci, n. an answer to a question. oogdS, n. what is suitable, desirable. ogeos, see oomcs, a grandmother. W0o0, pron. a. what,-interrogative cods -- J, pron. a. what person? who? -— ~, pron. a. of what sort? [Scriptures. wo3,o8 n. a division of the Boodhist 0oo03o, n. a vocabulary, dictionary. ooc68, pron. a0s, in. price. — (8, v. to be high-priced. —, v. to be cheap. -oo-, v. to be worth, of value.

Page  163 Lsa80Do8 163 -R00o, v. to apprize. nr~, n. a female: a brood, collection. 9O8cOo, in. what is unpropitious, an evil. oopS, n. a name, w3it corSI, ni. a person of rank, a nobleman. o~oo, n. a mother, int. mother! i8, n. a mother, mniss, madam. 0o8j, 7n. an order. -cooS, n. a royal, or divine order. -coc*Scoo, v. to promulgate an order. crf8y, n. hatred,-0008, v. to hate. oRt, n. a deed, action, ooI ~-ooqE, n. conduct, behaviour. oo0C, n. a mother, -(08, n. a goody. ooc8, n. a question, cqdo [hunt. o a, n. the flesh (of beasts). -co;S, v. to 00cwOoS, n. a cock's comb, %OSc:oSu oo~c 1, n. a measure of length. 0oc6 2, 7n. darkness. oaos, n. a roof; a chief, o&oii — omo, n,. a sheltering cover. -— 88, n. the eaves and ends of a roof. DocwS 1, n. a knot in timber. O3co 2, n. anger, col6on -og-2, iv. to express anger. — co, v. to be appeased. oto~s, a. many; n. the main part. os8, n. race, lineage; a kind, sort. — 0cog, n. a relative, kinsman. -0o0',, n. a race, lineage. -s~, a. born of parents of the same race. — o6, a. half-cast, cOooHn -— 08s, n. one of the same race.

Page  164 164 — oxs88s, n. same. oo.^, n. height, altitude. 0o0S, n. a root, bottom, origin, aoooS, n. gain, profit. 0o8f, n. a tail. 6DC/oS,,n. a lun, canlnon. -Q~,- aoS, n. a cannon ball. -o0oS, n. a company of artillery. -8cS, 1n. an artillery officer.:oo[cS, n. amnreeta, nectar. oocg, n. an inheritance, permanent estate. — a, v. to inherit; n. an heir. -e~8, n. an heir. oocgs, n. the hair of the body. -oocoooS, n. feathers, plumage. —, n. a pin-feather. ogES, n. stiff hair, bristles. maooS, n. a mark, sign. - om3O8, n. a mark, badge. -co8, v. to give a sign, token, &c. —,-oo, — ooS, adv. inadvertently. — l, v. to become reminded of. oaoq, n. truth, right. -o-co$, adv. truly, certainly. — o3, v. to hit right. 0ooo8, n. an error, falsehood. 0~, n. any thing to lean on. — ooo, n. a person that affords support. —, v. to adhere to, trust in, ~bn o5t, n. business; a process in law. -oocQ, n. same, in the first sense. -cooeo, n. one who conducts a business. -0o8g, n. a person on service.

Page  165 165 -0008o, v. to make account of. ooRX, n. fine dust, larger than Rn ooi, n. pulverized matter, powder. ooidS,-oocSi, n. refuse, dust. oocjes, n. any nmembraneous matter. ooooS, n. froth, scum. 0oojo, n. a couplet, or triplet. ooL0, n. any slimy discharge. ooo, nii. an opinion, sentiment. —, v. to appeal to the decision of another. oaq, n. meaning, purport (of words). ooqcS 1, n. see qcS, a natural day. ooqcS 2, n. spirituous liquor. — 3, n. proof spirit or alcohol. -, n. a distillery. oocq, n. prior time, osocfi,cas8, -— 8, adv. at the very first. ooq8s 1, n. a capital, stock in trade, os8ue q%88s 2, n. a bottom, foundation, origin. oeqe, n. liquor, a liquid. — o, v. to mlelt,, —s8, v. to be juicy. ooqS 1, n. a pair, -applied to inanimate oocq 2, n. what is for. [things. oaq, n. stature; a place, situation. -— ca)8, n. the head man of a district. -co~S, n. a watchman of a district. —, 7. business pertaining to a district. — 0o8, n. an inhabitant of a place. aoocq, n. an Armenian. oopo=q:, n. flavor, taste. aOQ 1, n. a time. no' 2, n. a fence forming an enclosure. ocep 1, n. a hundred, as oocn

Page  166 166 0e0c5 oep 2, n. a thing; a place, office. — 0, v. to lose a situation. — a, n. one who has an office. — ), v. to cashlier, remove froml office. — c00, n. one who has a civil office. —, n. one who has an office. oto[, n. a shadow, shade, shelter. — aoooS, n. a hint, intimation. -o08, v. to indicate, foreshow. owocqooq, n. the fifth Boodh. oo8g, n. a paternal aunt, father's sister. too~o, n. appearance; figure. — s88, —.oo, v. to be homely, ugly. no, n. a clump of trees, bushes. oo, n. invisibility. oo8, n. a fool, madman. ooci, n. skin, -comp. =3s=qn, qooc'oocc, n. a reckoning, account. 0c0q8, n. business, affair, oo)as8, oM, — (g, v. to be very busy. -E[, n. a commissioner. ooccp6, n. appearance; color; brightness. -.0ol0, n. same. -c-;oS, v. to assume an appearance. -oo0, v. to polish; to paint. — c8, v. to impinge, as rays of light. -ogcoS, v. to shine, ogslv %oooc, adv. reverently. 008, n. a bone; a stalk; a handle. — 6cp, n. hereditary place, situation. -—, n. a cartilage, gristle. oo so, n. a leaf, the blade of an instrument. 0soCS, n. shame, —, v. be put to shame.

Page  167 —, v. put to shame, —, v. be ashamed. 0oj8 1, n. an owner, proprietor, lord. — C-p8, in. doctor, rabbi. —, n. a lady of rank. -— c. s8s, —8ps8,9 n. term of compellation. oo$8 2, a. alive; movable, not fixed. s5g,-O-c08, fn. length. oo5pq, n. a pair, span. ~oo8, n. heat; velocity; power. —., v. to acquire influence. 90 8, n. loss, defeat. -08, ---, v. suffer severe loss. —, v. to take a loss, defeat, &c. oocQ, n. east. —coooS, n. south-east. -c-3oo, n. north-east. OocoOS, n. an arm or hand. 9oCwcro8, a. or adv. in vain, to no purpose. —., same; int. fudge! 0oa88, n. light. aooooS, a. middle. oo.oS 13, -c-OS, n. a middle, midst. -icS,-itcSo, n. same, ov4q oco oS 2, int. ho! -expressive of pain. ooc6 1, n. a flag, ensign, colors. ooo5 2, n. a fathom. o00o08, n. progress,-0o, v. to be equal. oac8, n. a time, turn, o(~3,i -c8, adv. repeatedly. oocos,-0c8, n. work, employment. Ooco8 1, n. an orb, globe. -oo-, n. a round lump, mass. -w-4Q&, n. a multitude, an army. -— oo-q, n. size, including bulk and height.

Page  168 168 oc8g oocos 2, -, pron. a. all, the whole. a~oc?, n. habit, acquired by use. —, v. to practise, acquire a habit. -— oS, v. to discontinue a practice. CoCO8s, n. a weight used in weighing. oocd, or-&-, int. expressive of ridicule. OQcco:S8 1, one who is to be a deity. QocODS8 2, — cMu8, n. a corpse. ooqc 1, n. desire, will; need; purpose. -c, adv. of one's own accord. ooca 2, -c08, int. expressive of pain. o cqc, adv. in suspense, doubt. ocs8, int. expressive of sudden fright. oqcoS, n. afix, according to. ooC:)p,or3C':)p, n. what is for (any purpose). oocgos, n. length. oQoccq:S, n. accordance, agreement. -— c95, n. a forfeit, fine. oocgaoS, adv. without any consequence. oo0cs, n. one strand of a rope. oo:g, n. a turn, change. -0-oo, adv. by turns. — er, v. to come to one's turn. - E, v. to come one's turn. o0o0 s, n. a reach of the hand etc. ooca, n. a religious offering. ocQ888s, v. to make great efforts. 0ooc8, adv. wholly. ooc.2o, n. a thin substance. 09o, n. the coruscation of flame. -ogoS, v. to flash. oo9S,-o-p a: adv. very, exceedinglyi: uoo6s,; n. a.covering.

Page  169 3ooop~8 J 0000es 169 soo, n. the opening (of a door, etc.). ooocS, n. a half, oooSH 000o, n. a spindleful of thread. -oqol, n. a person concerned. ooo8s, n. yellow color, as of a ripe fruit. ooooS, n. a garment. ooS, n. an allotment of business. oooSs, t. a circumference. — ooo, n. measurement, size. ~ood, n. appearance; color, brightness. —, n. a light yellow. — q, n. deep yellow, orange. oo8eocoo, n. an inanimate substance. 988a~, n. the lowest hell. ooco8, t. distance; adv. far. oos8, n. a circle, any thing round. ogseoo9q, ni. splendor, magnificence. aMoMo, n. breath; life; age. - s|, n. an aged man, an elder. -cd}68, v. to be very old, worn out. -cS, v. to gasp. — cg, r. to support life, get a living. -1J, v. to breathe, (intrans.), respire. aoaoo, a. ready. — oor, v. to place in readiness. — C'-8,, v. to be ready. 8oS, n. a society. -08, v. to enter a society. o00Q 1, n. a finger's breadth. o0006 2, a. new,-eoStaS, a. brand-new. -,-ooa, adv. anew, afresh. 00o 8g 1, 7. a nail of the fingers or toes. 0i0Sg8 2, n. the liver, see 0 'gs 8

Page  170 170 040a _C~w~sqv. capable of enduring.. -coS', -v. to he easily dicolj-t1try('do o0x48. ta. the mumber of a mrillion. 00epn. character, reptitatioui. coQo~ it. 'somid. 95a.v. to be Low. not loud. v. to lie loud. - j1'. -to le sweet, soft ill Voicc. v. to aveenit. v.to be slit-ill. and pie-reing. n.a loud nioise. v. to utimke a n'idse; to give notice. -(ao. to lhra li01,ze, maoke, harmonly. _CORv. to lie griuus. tor heavy Eound. v. to tfuil ini umtaterce. -DW) tadv. grentlv. siiy -ov. to b e ot a 1.14 wnt eonaplexion. oc0o8, n. otto knlown to~,iti.ttie'r. -oon~Sj,?. ani acqilintatace. -00~9)Pq. ani ear-wittiet~s. -og',i. an eve-wittless~. n0E'J.7. a hun11dred thousand. coQca$ n. fruIit. n. an ear or beaid of grrain. =ous 2, at/v. steparately, dkisinctly. -'>980S:)S3I.ad.'. Variously. Oil n use, tuget~le -DOogoS. n. a tuteiiusil, article of use. v. to lie oif use, usertul. n&. expentse.

Page  171 0 4.0061SZOSCA 1,71 -a,.e to f-pply to a certain use. - gFS, P'. jPrOt.e, hi the usre of money. -9 -V. to tie of u1se, u1seuld. v. lo be tor use, in use, useful. v. to ieed, ho in w.ant of. -o,v. to bo of use, uselul. 00N jpfon. a at (con~1trviOi of oocoos'oj. DOO a. dead; fixed, tiot m1ovable. i.a (dead hody, meoQ~C s cocoji. adoi. quic~kly, moo)Og6a 00ODO~S8, II. the numbher otften thousand. ccSn. a ne-st, ot a 10ird, or beas:. OQproni. a. a coiitractiolu of mo~odv6z ooQ~s, n. virility; the testicles. -COv. to castraite, cgSQCOC8. coant. what is lomg and slender. coQcp 1, n. edgeo of an instrument. mcp 2, n. going; gatit. as of a horse. -oco n. walk, carriage, deportment. mcgn. blood, -8-e o oomf. it. appearance, Sc'iiblance. 'rc.),v. to assume RIn appearance. v. to maoke a feint. a. velocity, vehemence. 00ewoDsS, a. old. 06 i, n. a dr'awer, 0~068 -c~swc*:).n. a cliest of drawers. LO& 2 a d..itile, tooth, grimider, o060Sa,8 O6 3, v. to read alon-1, as a Scholar, 61041 C,v. -coQ-3, 01r c") to wonder. -005' -.~)8Q6'. a wotiderful thing'. nS.k. a wonderful prodi~gy.

Page  172 wS 2, verb. ajf. shall, will. ooo 1, n. the inside of the mouth. -o, v. to be hard mouthed, as a horse. aoo 2, v. to crack open, gape, widen. ooo 3, v. to caw, as a raven or crow. 0ooMo0), n. the expanse of heaven. wooool, n. a sojourner, pilgrim. 0oto:),-~c8e, n. authority. -0008, v. to exercise authority. -0o0s8, n. a public executioner. sooo&, n. a whale, C"O80:o)fOM — 8, n. spermaceti oil. ooolco~S, n. energy, power, 0081,. ooooS, n. a fault, crime, sin. oo~olI, n. water, CqH oo09, n. a yes, assent, acquiescence. -s, v. to assent;-n. a security. -~o8s, iv. to give security. soooe, n. object of actual sense or thought. -c-qo, n. a nerve. — O~, v. to conceive in the mind. i, v. to dwell upon in the mind. -c-~,,v. to lose regard for, desire of. wooGqI, n. nourishment, food, oeor O08s 1, n. strength, force; means. -08 8 vV. to be strong, or weak. -— cS, —aoS, v. to put forth strength. -to, v. to be deterred by feelings of respect, or fear of offending. -— @, v. to be refreshed. — o~, v. take fresh strength. —, v. to be gratified,-Qcq?, v. give out. — oS, v. to be strong in purpose.

Page  173 TtSits 173 ao98 2, v. to be vacant, DcS; at leisure. oo8 3, n. aff. dative, to, for. 9ooc88, pron. a. all, ooc8+, 05'o862 c8oS 1, n. a bag. 8:oS 2, v. to become dry, as paint. ~39, v. to lie down. -Bla8, v. to sleep too much. -cS}5, v. to sleep. -c.cas8, 7n. a soporific medicine. -p2, n. a bed, place to sleep on. -GoS8e, n. any cloth spread on a bed. cf3, n. a house, dwelling place. -c~l6, n. the ridge of the roof. -ceo~8, v. to begin a family; n. a family. -18s 8, n. a neighbour. -colqcgci, n. the child of a slave. — 8, n. the roof of a house. -- cc, n. a site for building. -c:OS, n. the common house lizard. -C-g88, n. an heir apparent. d;, v. to creak as a cart wheel. aoS, n. a brick,- 6', n. a tile. — 6 p, ~n. a latlh. -~, n. a bit of brick, a brick-bat. —, n. a brick kiln. GQoS3jc5o, adv. noisily. 188 1, n. the cocoa-nut. o —o, n. the cocoa-nut meat. -— o, n. fibrous bark of a cocoa-nut. — 6, n. cocoa-nut oil,-qE~, n. the milk..8o"S80o880o88, adv. noisily. Q;S, v. to cover, to preside over. ---, v. to have charge of, manage.

Page  174 174 CC*2fibSOS: v. to ride, have authority over. iI. to take care of. 09 2, n. a box wvirh a curtical. cover. a1915 n,. the Betugal qlince. A~1. a bulge. proirtiber'ance. V. to tormr a cluriter, as ho~esi &c. ol 2,i v. to Plaster, cover over, o ye. to h~e overcait. j~-alio. under a disguise. *~ 1, v. to roast in embers. Q32, ni. a pillow. paick,-c~, n. packsadle. Gj. nt. the intestines; pith otf (plants).. it. thre paunch. 71. the core or t'ruit. at 2, 'ix to howl, as it jackal. C;OO*-, int. aa baa! alha!-conternptuous. cool 1, 8ee a@, to be cool. CV1 2, int. yes, ~SS', urA3u 4P int. expressive of disgrust. C6 3, int. very well, that's right, cq-Bc~-i. t. saine. COO. iat. 0!-of var-ious applicttio0's. COO~nS 1, 71. the unidor part, space unader. -0, n. the b.Ottom(4'ljO a b~ox). 71. 1)ttout (or a wveIl, etc.). ii. the light acc'ent, oc'1 Coo:) S 23, v'. to brirlng iln, to ciach. ag. a t00nale elephanit. employed -t coor-S I. v. to b~e musity; to be dirk, gruff. -S~S.rSt(III. gloomily. n. the Small horu-1bill.

Page  175 4qdces 175 Ccos~ 1, 'v. to beat,' conuper. 980v. to conquer; to be full. -co,. a go-between in love affairs.. n%. a conlquer~or. oc6.verb af' coieti'nuath-e, so tbat. cooo8c~8, u. a sinius, deep narr-ow bay. GDOQ>E&os', ilt. expressive (of wotider. coo:. v. to restrafin one's selt. coo,: V. t'etrretory, Waywar)d. COC~. r.to itest awlaile from ti-avel. 'V. rCIemember, regtret loss of. 00 oV. t o v oni)t, M.1 -~:)089. w tile h(hclera. COOS I W-o, 'v. to ewry Out, bawl', scream. d1, r. to lie old. tgod. aoouk'8 -(EIv. to Ie v'i'ry (old. (fQ 2. ruit. (ocatv, i I I indicative of' pagin. CE'5 flY to felel 11,j1j1), -comp ge ndV &E. to beO stagn alt; -n-I. a pond. 71.ni UIWs. &FT. iii1C~ii) ato, extraordinary. Cq.it, a p fot. MS8?. an earihen, or iron pot. -cr.-sucSn. a Phi~llow frying-pan. vi. at kettle-diimrr. nz. a large earthien p~ot. or. ~i7. a potter. v.a p)ot-kilfli-C& 9. l~otte'l earth. v.a, Cook, a).:soloogu 'Ien. the femininte gender.

Page  176 ~(S~, n. sense, freedom from passion. — l, v. to be reserved. C-O9, v. to behave with circumspection. -c-ooS, v. to be sedate, grave. —,->, v. to conduct with propriety. 1, pon. a. this, OD9u — c-, pron. a. such, of this sort. -0pS,# -Q~, pron. a. such. i' v. to lay an egg;-n. an egg. e69. n. a chief, ooc8O&mo eccro88, n. the head, -, 7n. the skull. -— 8oS, w. the suture of the skull. -cq, n. the scalp. ego, n. a thing; property, goods. — qGS, n. property, goods, collectively. ec?, n. a season of four months. e oSlg, n. joyful utterance. ecoqls, n. a peacock, 9colsu eoco, n. a kind of evil spirit. eou:oS, n. a superior teacher. eoco, or eo.aoD, n. a rule. -0008, cos, v. to enact, make a rule. eove~8, 7n. antitype. eo:), n. a comparison, figure, type. eouwx], in. the subject of a comparison. eC CS, n. a calamity, evil. ego, n. performance of religious duties. — c-o~, v. to keep tlhe duty-day. -csp, n. a duty-day.

Page  177 177 71osi. a bubble, soap-bubble. 00 B,-Dv. to rise in bubbles. 'v6,i. to blow a buble. et~.S, n. a heron, caa8o e~8 ro.s8 r, n. a cave. e~,or ece~ n. an orchiard, a garden. -u~89~,n. same. eaw3Ge n. yellow touri'aline ~ o3)e8,w n. an emperor Of Ch~ina.?8 I, n. uncle. gs 2, v. to begin, be first. go 3, n. the beginning, forei-end, fori'I-par't.' -c ri. a chief. -oB Pro. Roa, n. a hea d-stall.. v. to bow the head. -c~l's ec'yo~o n. the head.p -sn. a horn,-soo 2,. to follow. -O,. a tuft of hair left on the hlead. ov. to be predominiant. n. hair of the head. -~C'v. to bow down, stoop. -ooS, acquiesce in; to take leave. oov. take the lead,-C~ ', n. 'cap. pioC' rsn. ct4sq*u-S, n. the brain. 89pa. shaven, or bald. n.69?Z a Chaplet, tiara. -c,. a list of individuals. -ccwSn. knot of hair worn by men. ~34, pron. Rs8, v. af. mnore, again. ~~So8,n a inaternal Uncle,mothers' brother-. ~sqs, n.a ma~ternal tincle,motlhers' brother.

Page  178 of v'. to be (con1, coh1l.-lC55~ thantiao agv. sauie; to 1)0 very cold. (gm I. a. oue.,-i9, a. (4 ore wvidth. w. uin itid~e)pendeilt sovereign. n. the sitigrular numiber. -~EOMOR' Z. til axiIIm.I acr. 2, ( Etig)?z. 831l acr'e. -c~88. v to mteasiire by the acre. am "tdot. certauieidy, verily. acoco a. the eleventh. 0(nes, v. to repeat itiisivahly, sing. q& i, -. to receive as a visitor. -W,7. a fitrveller, Stranger. -W ~ioS&.v. to entertain company. Ownt?Z. a cradle song. 1c, a. great, larg~e. oon"_0s osT 2, nz. the keel of a vessel. W, n. a stream, or currents. 1, n. relish, riehmess, zest. '_QOfBv. to be savory. (Y#: 2, n. the ciistard app)le tree. pn i. fe-ar of sinningp. co Iito dttiee,-qwo~. na. dancer. co 2. 'v. to harneszs tto a currhigfe. Co 3. n a saddle, c0sjen n2,f. the pomnmel of a sadd.'e. [turo. Ij~D n. trappingsi of hior-se uNMI

Page  179 ooS -c-o~:S. n the flap of a aaddlo. m 4, n. aft'. ablat;ve, fromn o*t of, ~g --— ome.. ff. froml the begi,,i,,ng. moS4, n. a Kachllin. oc$Sm.oS, atlv. itn a bungling manner. eoS, v. to broil, roast, toast. Co5S 1, n. a ceitipede sorpion, etc. -^fl8. n c Inti lbCle. —S n. i car-wig. —?os7o8. Sz. tl coiling celt pede. -98. n tile el'al sc4rliin. -- cSwg.s, n. tlw1 large black scorpion. — 8CmOcS, n t le browill s.corpi)il. m8e8 2. n. a watehll hilse, sentry-poast. -— ':. n, tlie clicf of a cthlkey Asttion. ~-9- S, n. officer tider,i 0i8o009m — 8, v. lp:as a (.lh.kevy t sttiui: sicretTy..-ce8~, v. to stalid seitr'y n a seontry. — M- n. n. aopt;t tst. advatlncel,lird. -0008, v. to e-?4til1lisl1 a 8s.try |~o1t.t -C —oo~,-Ic8. v. to reconnoiltre. vt8s 3, v. to h1e free lrom. $8~lt, 1n. pInltlbaro. [lowing letter. mb883s, n. letter 8, Ss, )lacedl 4ovor thl tfolmeos, v. to play. amuse tIloe's self. m(,amo1s. atv. in a wild, crazy manner. 0o8, n. starcll, —oo. v t;o Otarcll. 0og8, ---, n. a kind of sweet pottto. 0es~j. n. the 2td month in thle 'yor. mO. v to heg a favor, co'.ooS* o meS, n. wood oil tree, —8, n. tlhe o1. mop6i, n. at iron style. Capp, n. A- virtrin. MoS I,-ocS, v. to be hard, difficult.

Page  180 18~0 03imi - a, adv. contrarily. ooS 2, v. to press with a lever. c030ooSc0, con. affix. from the first of. o3o+s8oca8, adv. in a rambling manner. mod36scolt, adr. reelingly. coo0?, n. a breastwork of earth, —c~Mo(9 moo0s, n. a small funnel-shaped vessel. moo-, n. a covering of leaf, to shed rain. McoooaS, v. to cackle as a hen. ccovoooSooxaS, adv. confusedly. mcoo., n. a funnel, a tunnel. * mcooS, n. lady, affix to denote wives of mcoqcsmaS, adv. headlong. [officers. oods, n. the musk-cat; musk. cmoSc~s, n. scissors,-so. n. clippings. o*8, n. the nominative case. MocPoS, n. tar, co(xEs8s88 c*o3ol, n. velvet. moS3j, n. a kind of large boat. cov 1, n. an artificial pool, tank of water. -— Ss, n. a ridge of earth in rice fields. -e088~, v. to be reckless, wanton. — oq807 s, n. a mound, bank of earth. co 2, v. to kick; to push off(a boat). C038-BE, n. a porch, or platform. — is, n. an awning, booth. mo3cwo, n. an oyster. CmdX, n. a desert of wood, or sand etc. 0nico3, v. to beg pardon. com 1, n. brimstone, sulphur. cn0 2, v. to mark across. — oQro, v. to hinder, prohibit. -wo, adv. right across.

Page  181 croSti 181 — ooS$, pron. oocrOs, n. a bolt. -coiq, v. to thwart, act contrary to. on ojo,pron. coS~m, n. a variety of soapstone. - o, n. a soapstone pencil. os8, v. to be blind, fcS~8*S8aon mococg, adv. wheedlingly, coaxingly. co0? 1, n. a period of time, an era. -cc0Qol8,the four periods of a grand cycle. — 8o0s8, the three evil periods. o3S 2, n. a texture made of bamboos. mc8 3, v. to join, flatwise; adhere to. -8, to adhere to, take refuge in. mrS 4, v. to offer respectfully (to a priest). McocimooS, adv. carelessly, neglectfully. coSocSd, n. small scales. -d3oS, n. the scrotum (polite). o3gc8, (from Caffre), n. a Negro. ~oo+, (Eng.) n. a captain. aoSgc$cs, adv. slatternly. cocooy) o, adv. in a disorderly hurry. comg8, n. a half-cast. crtp, n. poetry, aocona wooqls, n. pride of India. gm1S, n. a permanent inscription. m8oo ', n. a kind of Chinese carpeting. mop, n. a grand cycle. cng, n. a deed, ooX; the accusative case. mco]9St, n. a short sentence for repetition; - fi, v. to meditate on such sentences. o*48 1, n. the bank of a river, lake or sea. — c, n. the foot or bottom of a bank. -c =~o6:*9, n. a sandy beach. -, n. a projecting bank. 8*

Page  182 -Q*0O3,n. steeP btnnk,-*co6, u. a terrace. -f~,n. the front of the top of a bank. iz01,. a steep lIank. m sv. to be immodest. -c4n. a shtameless, impudent fellow. -Q. Uz. anl imm~nodest, wanton woman. v.tobelili, vai, wanton. craS 1.'i. to de-liver fronm some evil. oCoCB2 v. to bew disAtended. puffed, swollen. coonwadm,. with tender care. Coex:Somo8, adn. disorderly inI mind. mq ado. eqmshvident to coZ as imuch as. metS. n. a lKarenm. cimn. the Itistrutnentive case. cYaf)3. n. a pitcher or p)ot with a spout. -at. the spotit of a p~itche-r. c i —:). a deed; a verb; appendagres. ado,. iii a careless manner. mciSaapS.ado. in a contemp~tuous itnanm a8oS, n. a stand for l)ots or jars. [ter. mcpn. a selvedge. mo',n. a s~alver. cVOooS, nz. a Ilindoo, c~br'i cox8 t,, to tickle, as time ear; to teas'e., sv. to tickle. C*C-T(J),n. fadsehmood, deceit, fraud. ino.v. to divert, amnuse (as a child). -.*s, 'v. to. amuse one's self.,Co~e~, a. younlg: Small, little. -VVCO:), adv, childishly. cr*ctycw, n. goodness. n. a-good, virtuous person.

Page  183 Cq06 189 n.9 a a wise man. mopo n. a kind of wizard, tIM0t8Smm,n. a Cassay. [ously. mex-m~B ad.'. rudely, ontrggrea!., n. a deed, actioni,-col, n. to die. -cmCD8e, v. to be lucky, fortunate. 'GSIv. to lhe udlucy, unrurtutiate. 'aN. to die. C*: 1, n. a' shield, of any kind. ca: 2, v. to make a barrier. -e-v. to act utigratettnlly. C*)a n. sensuial desire, passion. n 5,i. sensual enjoyimetit. n.a husband (in law language).' -96 -jasn semen. moo a. the body, l~ose -6,n a deed, performed by the body. C*)C~ n. a. cause, reason, c010 moco~Oooln. time. n. an epidemic disease. awi 1, v. to divaricate, be stretched apart. -pv. to bestridb. coo 2, n. breadth, width. -QIn. the friamo of a picture. ns. a picture in a frame. m:) 3. ns. afitv, denotingl the agrent; as to. 43g, vs. businiess, atiy work to be done. (BA, v. famne, Cg'oSo.SIam AtIC n. an arithimmetical iminober. rBQ33D:, vs. heat, passion. OZI —33-30 v.to grive 1medic4.ine. ns. the numner (4 tei mililioll. 1) I,. at lover~ used to prize with.

Page  184 cooS 2, to copulate, as a male bird. cryoS 3, v. to stick the nails in. cifc, n. ferry,-osv, v. to cross a ferry. -8s, n. one who is ferried across. -s89, n. the landing-place of a ferry. -—, v. to ferry (one) across. co 1, n. merchandise, goods for sale. -ocS, n. a partner in trade. — 0So, v. to traffic, trade, buy and sell. oS 2, v. to come to an end, be done. -o —ot, n. a company of merchants. — oS, n. a merchant. c 3, affix. denoting the plural. c{8;, v. to bulge upwards, be hump-backed. oy8t, n. rising ground, land. -cFioS8, adv. by land, —s, n. a saddle. — ooS, n. the deck of a boat or ship. — oo6s, n. a surcingle. cr, 1, n. the back part of the neck. — ooS, n. the nape of the neck. ycr 2, v. to be curved, bowed down.. -.o06, adv. from above. or8g, (Eng.) n. a company. cZ003o, n. a race, 0ac8S, -8o0, n. a camel or dromedary. — rcO,n.curtain, screen, -0o,n. a cloth tent. -cqs, n. a chair,-_ c:oocS, n. stilts. — ~, n. tinsel. o0aco, o3qc6, n. merit. -8oooS, n. the reward of merit. c08, v. to string, as beads; to compose. — 8, v. same, last def, 8o8s8Su o -, —,-), v. to help, aid, assist.

Page  185 oI8, v. to cross over. ac 1, v. to remove gradually, aoocovoo c 2, see, verb. afi. CX., v. to dispraise, revile. oc, adv. as, like as, c8, O8dgoS c, v. to exceed, surpass; to be superior. — co, v. same. 1st def. c0bo38, n. a door which swings from the top. con:, v. to swell up, as a bank; to bulge. coocS 1, n. the rice plant; one kind of s6o)8 — o8, n. rice that is long in growth. — 88, n. a kind of glutinous rice. — oD0>88, n. a threshing-floor. — ~8, n. straw,- 8s8, n. sheaf of rice. — o8Ss8crsocSc s8, n. rambling remarks. ccoocS 2, v. to be crooked, not straight. — 0C3, v. to be deceitful. ~codoS 3, v. to pick up; to attach to a —, v. to take duties. [draught animal. — cS, n. a judicial decision. co3o88, — gs, v. to be good. -o48e, n. reward of merit, — SUot, v. to — 08, v. to be well off. [bless. co:88scoS, n. the expanse of heaven. — i, n. heaven, the heavenly world. co*?, v. to turn up at the sides, to warp. conS 1, n. paste, glue, etc. — ~C~, —co~, v. to size. — 083, n. a wafer,-qIS, n. size. cco5 2, v. to lift out of place, prize up. -b, v. to reproach,-g —s, n. a shovel. oSco5So, n. a carpet. o1 1, n. Brother,-prefixed to nalnes of men.

Page  186 f 2, pron. Q, noun a.f, objective. qaS 1, n. a yard (long imeasure). d aS 2, n. a carpenter's shave. 6cdS 3, v. to bite; to ache; to shear. -, v. to acle, ---o5, 1,. to bite aind tear. 688, v. to hold, lay hold, take hold of. cqs8 1, n. a species of rnsh. 68~s 2, v. to lihng over in a curve. -?-o6, v. to bow down respectfully. cdoo 1, n. anll alinal body. -S-rgooS. n. a tiglit jacket. — q, n. a )budy-gutlrd. -0, n. tlhe fPttus in tlhe wom)b. — o~CoMS,-4, v. to 1)e encente. - QS,-o+.c2 'o v. to mili't-I.y r-o+j, v. to be tleair delivery. do. 2:, pro,. oeio's self, m,,e. i, fo;. i. o. nmyselft you rself, Iui, is lfor lierself. — ~8.-sw:o3oSj, 7.. at snlmstitite, igent. -— 8 —. ade. eahli, eael one. — coo, pryon. r,'yal self; tlhol. mas orfem. -c8s, a. or alv. bly one's self, alono. E8I 1. a. nine, ei --— }:88, n. tlhe mnltipli(ation table. 8lI 2, v. to trust in,-coo~, v to worship. -o'3, v. to trust in, rely on., 7,. to fall: to fall in i)lace. o'}*, v. to be cooked; to be healed. -sem. v. to go ont to feed. oSacyicTq, 9acSOPt. n a parrot.: ~ caSoc1. 1n.. earmeter, repntution, credit. o'S 1, n exerement, ---8 n fwe*, ordnre.-@-,i{, v. to evraSnate the intestines.

Page  187 -rSs, v. to have a stoppage of urine. Sn. utiue,-cdao%, n. the bladder. -cd~cqjss, n. the urethra,;Bav -cas gi, v. to pass nrite (polite). 0C813' -v.to be subhject to diabetes. Ocq 2, v. to sift for gold, o' silver. q8 3. v. to be acquainted with. — cg(Ss, v. to be versed in, skilled. -cod. v. to be experienced in. qScgoS'. n. a carpenter's square. O-;CO3 n. a rigrht angle. v to do, Perform, practise. -ce:)~q v. to practise con-stantly. - ocB cps, nn. a duty, immoral requirement. o98:, v. to spread ont; to array. 96 1, v. to twist tight, to braid. — eocgse, n. a burrow. cO 2, v. to be diminuitive. -— 06? v. to be neat, in dress, mann'ers. q6051, (Beng.) n. oakumn. o 1, n. a tube closed at one end. -co, n. a bullet or cannon ball. Oc~, ~v. to have a p)ricking numbness. oZ c. pron. qcg, i. a pestle. v. to be Imarrowv, confined, crowded. ofi, ---FsSv, v. to reina), be left. e~f.- ooqv. to he well, healthy. rq6 1. n. a kyat or ticul. 9fS 2. v. to lIe tight; to be crowded. n weight estiumated in ticals. OOr~a l,-~*)1 n arIehigi.~~Wslritillngro JO~kb V. to take atm oatlh. -Ca —S, v. to adiminister an oath.

Page  188 ODO, iv. to be wide, broad. — oe, v. to be spacious, extensive. v, v. to daub, plaster over. Oatr, n. a tiger. — ccS, n. compartment on a play-board. -c81, v. to play checkers or the like. -— (8, n. a small species of tiger. -— so, n. a leopard. c, v. to be slimy, ropy, mucilaginous. od S, v. to be hard, indurated, cogov — c8s, v. to be well done. c), v. to swear; to curse. -— b, v. to curse in anger. -.Q, v. to take an oath. J4j8, v. to sleep, (respectful). -scS, v. to sleep, (applied to deity). -0-o, v. to remain in a state of repose. 086*, n. a ten, the number of ten. rc, n. a granary. CDJ08, 1,. to joke, banter. cq8, n. a crow or raven,-oa, n. a raven. — o8s, in. a crow (most common). — eG, a staple, commonly of iron. i, v. to be contracted, shrunk. —,v.same, applied to the limbs and body. Dris 1, n. a moat, trench. rri8 2, n. an inclosure into which wild elephants are decoyed, coSoarl CITl, n. a species of reed. o18 1, v. to go beyond; to transgress. ej[8 2, v. to produce a melodious sound. — Q,-q~, 'v. same. cs, v. to be rubbed out, erased, cancelled.

Page  189 189 C~o, n. a province, district. — cj, n. a subject (of government). -C00=0038, n. a peasant, rustic, clown. -coo, n. the suburbs, of a town. cqg8C8, n. advantage, profit, ocl8M -ooS, v. to be under obligation. —,v.to do a favor,-,v.to be unthankful. — jS, n. one who confers a favor. —, v. to obtain profit; be under obligation. — 0, v. to be sensible of a favor. coacS 1, n. stone, rock; an anchor. -— cc, v. to hold, as an anchor. -- oa, n. a millstone. —, n. a stone, —s-, n. alum. — e9iS, n. a small stone, pebble, gravel — 858, z. a jasper, ---8, n. an anchor. — cooS, n. a large rock or ledge. -oopS, v. to have the gravel or stone. -ooSs, n. a ledge of rocks in water. — ooq, n. a steep rock, precipice. — c8 Yv. to drag, as an anchor. — co, n. jet, a black fossil., n. a ruby or carbuncle, o~s08u -, n. alabaster, —88cas, n. fossil coal. -— CS, —io, n. a precious stone. —.38 8, n. a slate. crqocS 2, n. the small-pox or chicken-pox. — ~8, n. the small-pox. -— 88, v. to inoculate for the small-pox. — colcS,v. to break out with the small-pox. -colcfSo, n. a pit made by the small-pox. -,n. chicken-pox-c,- o, -c~,. varioloid. cnacS 3, n. the back of an animal.

Page  190 1490 7iasq=c3gSi n.- a kidntey. c~jdS 4, v. to kick, to, push off (a ba) ~Cno6i 1, 7z. a monastery. -mrj) zi. 0110 who lImilds a kyoung. eo-)sa 2, v. to feed, temid (as creatures). gCq? I, v. to catch ill a mioose oil slip)-ktiot. n. a noose, held by the hland. QCoz? 2, v. to be fitme, executed wvithi taste. c9 1, v. to be talked about..-c:). v. to acquire muotoriety. 'v. to spread as news. Qc9S 2,o v. to step or panss over. QccS 3, v. to fry.~4 OS9 v. gulp down, swallow at once. (4.,p v. to be broken croelswise. -b P. to be broken to pieces. (48frNoa4808, a~fil. Ihobbhingrly.,Verb. affix~. denotingy time plural. c-,r.a cock or hen. -.So0sln.htemm-roost,-cy8,n.bantai-n fowl. CCIn.the uinark or a cross. Q 0,v. to make such a mrark. — o, i. a turkey. -*ap. the croup or hooping-cough. n., a cock's5 spurl, ooa:cis. n.a fowl' Vpull61 or whig. -CMISil i. fowlt with fenthers reversed. _C 'S v. to so.,.t gattmo cocks to fight. c:)S it., a co(lk's comib, mci:)Ss ftM.0s. prince'sge feather". V.to divimne by fowvls, bones. nCO. it. fwis tomugue; acute angle.i -C2')d~j'n.- paper stroamer.

Page  191 0191 _c2:c~# w.to mateh (boards).. -cvo, n.a trian~gular shaped flag. -~s n. a cock-pit. _sov. to experience borripilation. yoszxi. ii. ew-tor-oi1 jilanrt,- &B, f. tile oil. 7s Cs n. thle onion plant or root. 71. garlic,-(gast I#. top's of 01110118. r coSole, u. the thornty bamboo., S.v. to love, 0800 #0ag v.sawte; to I-eel tio.r, pity. v. to 1)0 clr as %water or color. v. to feel complaeenlee. v. to be elvat', pure, luriht. v 1. to 14,wk, lu'ok at, behold. V-.. to loo0k littent i vl v. C0 1, driv l18ud, gr.4 'ii11 (1, oq e8u -o0u, n1. a laiuld formec. OE 2. pirole ~, ly. to tic thin, ats liquid. ~ ~-jSV. to a,40ivoid, s I ) I 1 bcv. to darken, be eclipsed. RI. Stoot. V.1 it limt-ke tight by bind-ing odv. tightly; earneistly. hitently. O.v. to bind tight, mutk e Seeure. 00~9v. to he str-ict, stringenlt. w, r. to superintend, watch -over. 1 &s 42, v. to 1)0 rough; to 1)0 course. t'. to lie lhar~h, violent.. &,n. a star,-o38~, n. it comet. as. nmorning stat-.-., n. falling star.

Page  192 — d8(, n. a button for the clothes. l,n.sugar-cane,-conoo,n.unrefined sugar. 2, v. to think; to intend, design. -8, v. to design clandestinely. - OS, v. to design, aim at. n, n. a rhinoceros. 3 1, n. the water lily. o 2, v. to be long in doing, long in time. -O08, -Ad, -5iSe, v. same. 30ooco0o, n. planet Jupiter; Thursday. go8, v. to hear with the ear; to inform. -c-~, v. same, 2d def. — g, v. to give information at a distance. — c6pS, v. send information by writing; to address a letter to an equal. -cqcS, v. same,-to an equal or inferior. -.., v. see the parts; to know by report. coS' v. to crush down, bruise, rub, grind. — s, n. mill used to husk or grin grain. F8, v. to smart, as the eyes. r. 1, ri. the ratan vine. & 2, v. to meet with, find. S, -o, — cooS, — 0o8, v. to defy. O,, v. to be great, large, big. — iaoS, v. to be extensive. — 1j, v. to rule, have dominion over. -cooS, n. a mother's elder sister. -8-), v., to grow up. — It, v. come to mature age; be large. -— ~, a. to be large and high. — ~, v. to be advanced in age.: @ I,v. to meet with, find. 2, v. to be lean, thin, to pine awy.

Page  193 193 — 8, v.. to wear away. 38, v. to exceed in indulgence of appetite. ~c, v. to be reduced to small particles: to be bruised. — s8, v. to be settled; to be satisfied. — 8, v. to be crushed, contrite. c68 1, n. copper; cash, specie. -qCr, n. a slave. -cS, n. cash, specie. -eSi, n. a flat gong. — 08, —08 7 n. commion harlot. [taxes. — coS8, v. to pay taxes; n. one who pays — o00os 8,n.chief man in district or village. -, n. copper.-c~8, n. small brass gong. -, n. mirror,-ol, n.. brass. 68 2, v. to be dirty, filthy, ooc u8 1,-b, v. to be wide apart. 2, v. to scatter, to sow, as seed. -6>i, v. to scatter, spread abroad. 6Q:o 1, —cx8, n. tlie back. — 888, v. to turn the back in contempt. 6q9 2, n. nerve,.sinew, vein, etc. -cog8, n. a gland. ~:)OO?,-, v. to tear, be afraid. -8oS, a. frighttful; adv. wonderfully. 6?o 1, ]n. a cat; the cat's eye (stone). — moo8, n. the spotted civet. — s-eof, n. a species of lynx. — OV, n. a small species of weasel. — 8cmo:S, 7n. the monkey-tiger. -c8-1, n. anything spiral. — o-08, i n. hollow timber. c~E~ 2,-o-0rs, v. to be of various colors. Q:ScE;S8,E adv-. staringly........ *

Page  194 a86~ cgo, an. abf. causative, because of, on account of; by means of, oo&i1N ccqo:, v. to be concerned, anxious. ~coSe, n. cause, reason; circumstance. ~c:&S,, v. to be rough, rude. ict, v. to shout, call out, ~cQ5is M1, aI. to boil to a pulp; to melt, as ore. 2, —a, v. to go to meet. v, v. to go to meet, in order to stop. ciS, Iv. to like, to be pleased with. 88, v. to diffuse a pleasant odor. M, n. a hiccough. -Cq8, v. to hiccough. a8 1,n. a thread, string, cord, rope; streak. -ogr88, n. a loop. -c8S, v. to cheat in a certain game. — c8, 7n. one strand of a rope. 8s 2,-e,8, v. to endeavor, make exertion. - -oS, v. to work with painful efforts. e8go, n. a crane. M883)8, adv. at intervals, occasionally. Io, v. to be short and bandy-legged. c7oC, I.r to make a circle or round spot. m —co, v. to divide into compartments. crdS8 1, -S8, n. a level spot of ground, oHSs 2, v. to bend into a ring; to go round. -c-~o~, n. a slip-knot, noose. c8, n. a casting net, -comp. oSiI -8nj -E, v. to cast a net. corSo, n. a compass, pair of compasses. — ccooS, n. callipers. ro~9, v. to bind the edge; to punish. By,i. to extcute, put to death. i$, n. the betel plant or leaf.

Page  195 COrg8 1'F — 08, n. a betel-box. -- S', n. shears to cut betel-nut. -8o, n. betel leaf. — 8, n. betel-nut. oroS, 1,p pon. you, mas. or fern. cdoS 2, v. to conceal: to disappear. — cro, v. to protect by interposing. -— ccS, i. to disappear.- gcS, v. conceal. crr, v. to becotme separate; to divorce. — 88, v. to divorce, as above. -co(8, — o08, v. to be distant. ~cq, v. to bend round, be circuitous. — cmorS, v. to be serpentine, sinuous. cos8, v. to curve, draw together at the ends. cr, v. to be divided, be split. — 8os, v. to be scattered. — CO(8, v. to differ inl sentiment. crgoS, v. be loosed from, be released. OgD, n. a subject, servant or slave. — a, v. to be in a state of slavery. — coo, n. a king's subject pron. I, mas. — ~cooS, pron. I, fern. —, n. female servant; pron. I, fern. — cscooS, n. a pagoda slave. crgSS (commonly written cgS,)pron. I. c(8 1, n. an island,-asoS, n. a peninsula. oSJ8 2, n. the teak tree. og|8 1, -cooSov. to be consumed by fire. ODg8 2, v. to be acquainted, to be versed in. —., v. to be versed in. — o8, v. to be acquainted with. g, t. to sink, as into mud, or through a floor. rop8 1, — cQ6,. to call out. Qcq8 2, v. to give a meal, to feed; to size.

Page  196 -~cg8, v. to feed. iA, n. a buffalo. -cvS, n. a glue made fiom buffalo skin. Qimcom, n. the pumelow, shaddock., v. to rise, swell up; lift up; to proceed. ctS, n. rat or mouse, —oo8s, musk-rat. -oocr, v. to be affected with cramp. —, n. a wart. - soj, n. species of S83, v. to remain, be left, Ax$. [inouse. on, n. a species of land-leech. oS 1,-o, v. to have in abundance. Sijs8eo1s, n. rice of a reddish color. o80o, v. to be vain, boastful. i 1, n. species of shell-fish, a cowry. -o-i, n. same, when used in play. -ceos, v. to play cowries. [dish. — oS, v. to calender.-qcom, n. a glazed ci32, —o,v. to falloff, as leaves or fruit. ~c8, n. a debt, ni -A, v. to lend or let money. —~8, 7n. a debtor. [creditor. -ooS, v. to incur a debt. — S, n. a a, — oe8, v. to pay respect, wait upon. -—, v. to praise, flatter ironically. acS 1, —, to be hard, difficult; to be harsh; to be hard to deal with. ooS2,v.to cover with net-work of rattan, etc. ocaS88, (pron. oaqs,) n. a fork. 0a, a. slightly bitter, bitterish. si, v. affix denoting the prior past or prior future.

Page  197 ~os98, n. a priest of Boodh. s82, n. a correlate in marriage. -— i, n. a traitor to friendship. sSroes, n. Sir, or Madam. 88, v. to spread open; to array. -o:8s, v. to arrange, array. aoe, n. a moment; adt. for a moment. — ceo, adv. frequently. Qcrs,n. a division of a writing or discourse. so 1,, v. to strike by a side or back blow; to row (a boat); to stamp, impress. — ooS, n. an oar, -comp. c~Sorooc n Coo 2, v. to put into. a, adv. form. indicative of suddenness. Qc~ood, n. three stones under a cooking pot. ~co38s, n. antimony. 4o, n. patience, forbearance. as:, n. a living animal body. a4 1, v. to estimate; to be about so much. — S -~' v. to estimate, etc. as above. Qj 2, —38, v. to fear; to respect. at 3,-oo8s, v. to appoint to a work or office. Q48, — cSOS, v. to be dried up. a}, n. a scoop with a long handle. a? 1, v. to dip up, draw as water. rS9 2, adv. rather, as 84s8s, rather bad. =at9o, n. pinchbeck, coon Q&oS&l, —, a. all, the whole, agsg, n. a father, (honorific), oooH =esod, 7n. a large hat. n. a hat with a narrow brim. adz9, n. wife's younger sister, or man's younger brother's wife.

Page  198 qs88, n. a barnacle. aq&, (Greek,) n. an anointed one, Christ, a name of the Saviour, coo~alEi -cooS, n. the Anointed one, the Messiah. -oAFS, n. a Christian,-a. Christian. asz 8s,n7.the egg-plant. — or^,n.the tomato. se, 7n. a bugle, French horn. ' —ocoao, n. a blunderbuss. ase, n. the way or distance between two -— ~8~,s v. to go forth to meet. [places. — Oo-, v. to be dangerous in passing. -coo0cS, n. stopping place in a journey. -c-ovcSij, v. to stop for rest. — 0S, nn. a traveller. — cs8, v. to travel; n. a traveller. Qa,n. univalvular shell-fish.-c-oS,n. snail. — oo, n. the purest kind of silver. a8S, n. a central point or part, on which several other parts depend; a priest's water dipper; a country or state. acoovaS n. a bell of wood or metal. -ooA, n. the tongue of such a bell; a mischief making busy body. —;, i. the porch of a Burman house. oc8S, v. to excavate; n. an excavation. 0ol, —g, v. to wash clothes by beating. -o gg n. a washerman. v, v. to take, accept; to bear, endure. -6, v. to enjoy, take delight in. — os, v. to bear, implying pleasure. -oon, n. a fortification. -c0:68s, n. shallow basket, for marketing. — S, v. to hold out, qcS~3a,

Page  199 4, 199 aog8e, n. the mouth, oesI — cn, v. to lose one's appetite., -8-S, v. to be firm, strong, durable. aS 1, n. a partridge. sa 2,?. to shake, shake off; to refuse. Qa8 1, n. the loins, small of the back. — _-8, a. breech-loading. — eS8, n. a girdle, waistband, belt. — e gcg:,n.apron. - — ooo8, n. sirloin.,- r -Qa, adv. gallopingly. -88~88g8, v. to canter. -— e8s, v. to ride at full speed. — C8, v'. to gallop. -60O:)Sec4cS, v. to gird up the loins. — co6j, v. to carry (a child) on the hip. -, n. a ladle for bailing a boat. — oo~, n. a belt. — o8, n. belt; board band round a house. -o~80ooS, v. to put on a board band. — oBS, n. a fold in the waist-cloth. -~o coo:)Sp~, n. a watch. s18 2, v. to be bitter. v, v. prop by a short,prop,-6-, v. to resist. oS, v. to strike with the edge of, to gash. - 8s, v. to lop off. — oS, v. to cut off. — cyS,v.to hew into shape. —c3S,v. tofell. ioo8, n. a couch, cot, bedstead. l, v. to jump, leap.?6}, a. seven, — e~, n. the seven stars. yv, v. to strike with the paw. 1, n. a block, bench, stool, table. 2, n. a justice of peae, petty magistrate. At, v. to-be convex.

Page  200 200 c~lscols 1, n. a whitlow or felon, OB. g 2, n, the sun-fish or sea jelly. t8, v. to take up, as food; to pluck, as leaves. csoS, n. a field of labor, state, world. ca8j, n. an instant, moment of time. ~ 1, v. to bring,-used in composition only. 2, v. qual. verb. afJix. see Grammar. B I, n. lead or tin. —oxs, n. sugar of lead. -o, n. a lead pencil, —cS, n. plumbago. -- wy, n. lead,-y^, n. tin. 2, v. to be coagulated, to be difficult. > 3, v. to bite and hold fast; be painful. — 80oS 8go8, n. eatables, cooo'o"u ao5, n. glutinous rice. c~a, v. to stick up, from being uneven. cD6oS 1, v. to fold, double, turn back. — c-qS, n. a bow-knot. — acccISR@, adv,. to and fro. — kp, n. a fine kind of mat. calo 2, v. to knock, rap. cqo01jl, n. a wood-pecker. ca)8, 1, n. intoxicating liquor made of rice. -doin. post supportilg the ridge of a roof. -~opagoS, n. the ridge-beam of a roof. c~S;dqS, n. a funnel. Sql$si8, n. the slioe-flower. [chief. cSs, i,, n. the head; principal part; a — R8, n. a pillow, v. to pillow the head. — a]t, n, a chief of other chiefs. -— s, n. letters orfigures marking pages. --— oo,,i.to take the lead. vt:v. to he shaven or bald — ~oto8, n. a turban.

Page  201 201 -c-ulscl88s, v. to put on a turban. — o, v. to be head-strong, obstinate. — qSs, n. the place for the head. coQIS 2, —8, v. to dye a brown color. -S8o, a. solid, —8,-o, a. hollow. -ccoo)s, n. a large bell. c~188018, v. to be deficient, few, scarce. Ql7q, n. flax. cT, -coT, v. to call, invite; give a name. -A, v. to summon authoritatively. 1, n. a pigeon,-cornp. 811 V 2, v. to take shelter; to take refuge in. -—, v. take refuge in power of another. vc, v. to hit, —q, n. a quarrel. vS, v. to be firm, —, v. to be valid. -—, v. to be firm in mind, obstinate. 88s 1, v. to employ, commission, order. -cqc, v. to employ at a distance. 888 2, —88, v. to liken. q8s 3, v. to put the helm to starboard. v8, v. to steal. Der. ojq8 — ~c&:)8 89S, adv. thievingly. --—, f. crime or punishment of theft. -—, n. theft., v. throw down; assign a place; teach. -c-no v. to summon authoritatively. -— oo8,. to set down and leave. jcS 1, n. the navel, — s n. navel string. cOS 2, v. to cook, prepare by fire. clS88, adv. instantly, immediately. VS,. to wish, desire, qual. aff,. #10c, n. a lion. 8t 1, a. ginger root, —S8, green ginger.

Page  202 202 #88 2, i. a Chin. jS8 3, adiv. one another, mutually. $ 1, — o8, v. to love, esteem. -- cS, v. love, as lovers of opposite sexes. a-dozs, v. love an object of compassion. $ 2, v. to be burnt, as food in cooking., —' oS8, v. to tie, bind. g8si, adi. only, nothing but, aoc8J i9S, v. to be sour, acid. — CoCS, V. to turn sour. i couM, n. the roselle plant. ^18 1, — oo6', v. to approach. ~O]8 2, v. to make narrow., -Bg v. to leave. vSj8, v. to be cool, cold,-more than aC -&, v. to be easy, comfortable. — 0a, *v. same: n. ease, rest, happiness..?, -cyoS, v. to variegate. io, v. to be a point of union. vp8, n. a machine to wind thread from. 8oS, v. to hook; n. a hook, catch. v, v. to weigh; plumb; level, as a gun. -8,) n. a plumb-line. — 8, 7n. a balance or pair of scales. — ocooo, n. a level. — s8, n. a plummet. 8, -ooS' v. to set (a time.) ~, —, -oS, v. to lift, take up; to march, as troops; to begin. -8- v. to bear on the back. 8, -o~o, v. to assist, promote. -g8, ^v. to praise, applaud. -R-~;, — c8,i v. to promote, exalt. ]Se, v. to sew; to confine: to govern.

Page  203 ^ 203 -— o8,?v. to restrain. -008o, v. to place in confinement. — 8, n. a seatn,-orO8s, n. a tailor. a, v. to cover, —ou, n. a sheet. ~]i, v. to contract; to close up, as troops. lVs, v. to pine away. ot 1, n. a jingle, a smlall round bell. 91. 2, v. to twist off; to extract (urine or ~6 1, v. rub out; to reply to. [faeces). cj 2, —.ooS, v. to sneeze. ~6 3, verb affix, euphonic. c~8 1, n. excrement of animals, f'eces. ~9s 2, — 18, v. to borrow or lend. 6gs8oo, n. the leopard cat. 0 1, — 82, v. to widen. ] 2, —, v, to be weak, infirln. 6:) 1, n. conveyance by stages. -—, v. to conduct, convey by stages. cr 2, v. to be smooth, fine, handsome. —:cS, v. smooth and fine in substance. — cs, v. to be sleek. ~6~ 3, v. to be slippery; to slip along. ceo 4, -c-cS v. to excite a quarrel. cycS, (pron. 6cgocS,) n. a chasm, gulf. 9:)S, v. to be loose; to be lean. cap:s 1, n. a large brook, rivulet. — 8oq, n. a creek. cQis 2. -c oEs, v. to peep, pry into. Qc?, — c?, v. to coax, wheedle. c~S 1, n. dross of metal, — 8, n. lava. caS 2, v. to slip; to err. v, ~. to be sweet; fresh; pleasant; cool. ~, v. to be concave; n. a valley.

Page  204 -9g8, v. to be joyful, happy in mind. i8s 2, (pron. c[8s,) n. the armpit. -cooocSg, n. a crutch. -, — a, v. to be defective. RiR[, a. slightly sweet, sweetish. -8 1, v. to break crosswise.,8 2, v. to wash, bathe. 9, n. a white ant, —, white ants' nest. 68 1, n. a musquito. -coovS, n. musquito curtains. SS 2, v. to measure. S~;8, n. the marrow of bones. S, v. to compute, form a judgment of. 8s8 1, n. a light open basket. — q8, n. a foot-ball, made of ratan. o88 2, verb. affix, as cs338(8, a going. v,. to scrape; to rake. (ge, n. thread, —a8, n. skein of thread. — c0s, n. a ball of thread. &8,?. to divide into two equal parts., n. a fence anl inclosure. -co, v. to surround with a fence. vos, v. to be between, make separate. — 38, v. to be different. [n, n. lac, gumn-lac, cochineal. — oJ;8, v. to dye dark-red or purple. — c~p8, n. dark red color, purple. (84s58oS, v. to threaten. s8, v. to roar, as thunder. EoS~o, ~v. to be particular; to vex., n. clump of bushes, a jungle. -c-seag, n. a brake, thick jungle, ticket.. — oo, t. a sinall cluster of bushes.

Page  205 2C5 QS 1, n. a foot and leg, —E.8, adv. afoot. — f, n. a retaining fee. 88, 7n. an anklet; fetters. -is8ooS, v. to fetter. -c-p88, 7n. a toe, —86, a stocking. — o0~, 7n. a footstool,- -oocS, see c~9 -88, n. a shoe. -oe8, n. the upper part of the foot. -eood, v. to be splay-footed. -od)8, n. the sole of the foot. -actS8, 7n. an ankle, ocoSit -q88s, n. the place for the feet. -ce, n. a footstep, —c8 a foot-ball. — oop, 7n. a foot-soldier, —ogS8, toe nail. -oac28, n. leg from knee to ankle. ~ i2,v. to reduce to small particles; digest. -.g, v. to pulverize. cic:o88, n. a jews-harp. v, v. to make wide apart. cgoc 1, a. six, G{, c~ioS 2, v. to be dry, ~3Rooa — cMS, v. to be dry. as flesh or fruit. vs, v. to be dried up. cgoS 3, v. to frighten, —g to terrify. c)s88 —c E,7 n. pulmonary consumption. -— d8, v. to cough. [, (pron. &,) n. a horn. &8, (pron. f8,) n. a dove. 0-os88:o, n. the ring dove. -apeS4vocB, n. the turtle-dove. -o8-81, n. a small hawk. '8@, v. to practise self-denial.. v,. to be forked. 9*

Page  206 206 oc0os goS, v. to be concave; n. a cup, bowl. vs6, v. to strike at; to pierce. gSooo8, n. bodily strength, force. A, v. put into the mouth, as food, bits, etc. go, n. a hoof;-v. to separate. c gl, — c6S,v.to curve,coil, —ooS,n. a hoop, ~s 2, v. to gather (fuel). cog,. to push with the head as an ox. Cg8, n. a dog, —o, a jackal. -c6, n. a wooden horse. -ozoSoi, n. the Indian badger. — i8s, uv. to have hydrophobia. — o8, n. a jagg. b, v. to split; to levy, as money. — a, v. see A, to levy, assess, -)S8, v. to divide into two equal parts. -go, v. to separate, sever, disjoin. — 8o, v. to split into several parts. -co, v. to divide and distribute. ~goS, v. to take out; to release; to refine. A}, v. to point; to be sharp. ]S8, v. to be naturally pointed. 9,- a8, n. phlegm, adc8, i88, -s, va. to let remain. c~G, v. to surround, attend. C~s, n. sweat,-coooS8, v. take a sweat. -, n. an inner shirt. -q-, v. to have perspiration checked. -619, v. to cease perspiring. ~Ci^, n. a daughter-in-law, a son's wife. ON ocsm, n. a numeral figure. — w,p n. arithmetic,

Page  207 ats 207 ooC, n. promise, word pledged. -ceo8, v. to keep one's word. -oog, v.-to be faithful. -00o8, v. to make a promise. — <cS, to break a promise. o08, n. a crab. oqoS, n. a Greek, a. Greecian. oQ, a. weighty, important. -—, v. to regard as weighty. o, n. a tally, tally-stick. -- i, '. to keep count with a tally. oo;0, n. see ocojrc}8S, a bolt, bar. OGC6, n. solder, metallic cement. og8S, n. a kind of fabulous bird. -coo8S, n. a double sail. o10oo, n. stanza of Pali verse, of four lines of eight syallables each. cBcS, n. a good or bad quality. — q, v. to vie with, —Q, n. pride. qc#9oo4, n. a spurious precious stone. co2s30, n. gunny bag. 8s, —eC008, n. language to excite quarrel. —, n. a mischief-making woman. — o.6, n. a mischief-maker. coIooQ, n. Gautarna. coTro, n. common quartz..c8s, n. a collection,-oS, a bishop. — j1S, n. archbishop, —cooo:i, a dean. CSt, n. a top, playtop. s;3' n. a trap. i, n. the barking deeir. ca, n. wheat, —qj, n. ale, beer. 4E88, n. a locust; the armpit.

Page  208 208 cklt USI, n. a planet. g86, n. dressed cotton,-cornp. d) -—, a. padded with cotton. O8,-c8s, v. to perform a summerset. -c89oSc, the red rumpt lorikeet. — c80a038, 71. a tumbler, rope-dancer. Cl c, pron. possessive and objective of cA, a ttle,prefixed to proper names of men. ccroocB, n. a hardy kind of rice. cI?, rn. a black kind of rice. cS, v. to pull; draw a line, spin. coS, v. to thirst; to be hungry. -8~c, v. to be in a famishing state. cS, v. to be salt. c8s 1, n. a goose; hence 9c8s, a swan. c8s 2, n. a kind of serpent. — cfSo, n. the spotted fever. — CeoS, n. brown-green rat snake. -?y, 7n. the dusky hamadryad. -o, n. the yellow fever. csO8s, n. a spade or shovel. cis8, v. to parcel out a work. coReos, v. to occasion an eclipse. c8~d)caS, v.to use loud,.violent language. coS, v. to be small, little. — rSt, n. a companion from childhood. -— i, n, a natural fool. - -8o, v. to be young, —cos, n. servant. cloS, n. the red pepper plant; chilli. — Cco88, n. the black pepper plant. ck, n. a state of punishment; hell. -88, n. hell fire; a percussion cap.

Page  209 i 209 -886sg, n. sulphuric or nitric acid. -0o:8s n. an inhabitant of hell. coqS, n. a fabulous monster. ccoq~So, pv. to be an earthquake. c, v. to be enough, sufficient. c v. to wait for, ceaoc:)~opu cl, pron. I nzas. or fe.r. c18 1, a. five,- -pc2S8, n. about one mile. cs. 2, n. a fish. -c-~s::St:)e, n,. the fishing frog. -c-~ 8, n. scales of fish,-, ns. the torpedo. -— 08S, n. sword-fishl,-as, n. a fin. — qs~coo:S, n. the back-fits. - lQ:c~vost, n. the topsy-turvy fish. — 8, n. fish salted and pressed. [fish. -8$8)ie, n. sardine,-cq 8s, n. mango-9, n. flying-fish. -cg~, n. climbing perch. - s8 n. saw-fish,-ciu8,i, n. shark. -+8::oa iS, n. tle hammer-headed shark. — ~8, n. the short-headed cat-fish. -:8,-!-bo8^0o, n. a fish-hook. -t:8o:), n. bait, —:)8so', n. a fisling rod. -:)8osoS, n. thle barb of a fish-hook. -c- 8, n. the large cat-fish.- -, n. an eel. -o8oS48, n. the common eel. -o i, n. the whale, —y E, n. the heron. S~, v. to dive; to disappear., v. to inclose as in the mouth. ~, v. to hold the head down. i8, n. a quail.. 1, n. the green pigeon. ~ 2, v. project oonvexly, as a promontory.

Page  210 , v. to lean; be partial. -oids, v. to be partial. cl, v. to project, stick up or out. cclcS, v. to use violent language. ccT, r. to stick up obliquely. i, v. to cry, —cs)8, v. to cry loud. — 8s,?. a, funeral song. ^oS, V?. to lod, through drowsiness. -acoi, adv. hanging down the head. L Vs, v. to contradict, deny; to refuse todo. -,. to contradict, deny. -0o, v. to refise to obey. ~ -ooS, v. to reject: to disown, disavow. (S8, n. a scnffold.:8, verbal affitx, euphonic. g, v. to cateh, as by a nail or by passion. (S,-sa8S. —o, —ocS, 9v. to be still, unmloved, composed. i, v. to be soft, gentle, pleasant. ~(8, v. to extinguish, quench, be appeased. gI1., v. to be envious, malevolent. c~9~, n. a sharp thing sticking up or out. v, v. to be dark in color. — 8E, r. to be distressed, miserable. As, v. to feel ill-will towards. eg, n. silver. —, n. silver moderately alloyed. -c-oo5, n. to levy a direct tax. -c8te, n. a treasurer, cash keeper. -— s~, n. stock, capital. -— qS, v'. to wash with silver. ', e. to distribute:'eqnlly to all. <S0t,". abird, vidt~-<tW@oy~S. an ostrieh.

Page  211 211 -:)08, n. the pelican ibis. — 88, n. the adjutant bird, s8sSe -- 8, n. tlhe blue or green jay. — co:C, v/. a scare-crow. -C508, 2. the imperial pigeon. -s8, 7n. the screech-owl, 8Su -ocqEs8, n. the spur winged plover. — 508, n. any vane,-c~8, 7t. a feather. — ~cBS, n7. a bird's nest. ScS 2, n. pestilential influence of Iniasmna. — os8, n. a jungle fever. — oo, v. to take a jungle fever. 0oSs~pa, n. the plantain. — 8, n. branch of plantain fruit. -88, n. a single conmb of plantains. — Ss(8,,n. plaintain, most connmmon kind. 91, n. affix, for, in order to. 5)8,-9q8,v. to borrow or lend, to hire or let, the same article to be returned. v,. to incline, set on one side. e, v. to begin, be first, ao8S,, e a, n. the anus, oSn ecS 1, n. a wheel; a thunderbolt; a target. -o-, n. wheel of a block,-ooi38t, -coo6058, v. to step, walk. [large reel. — 8s, n. a wheel rocket. — 9qcoS,n.any machine containing a wheel. — 08, n. a block, pulley. — o8, 7n. the cog of a wheel. eoSo~S, adv. droppingly. *cS 2, v. to sleep, take repose. — cooSeT v. eTqivalent to 6o0~So,,l

Page  212 cor:t, i. a word; language; a saying, — oe, v. catch in questioning. [speech. -c3v8, v. to use exaggerated language. — _, v. make a parenthesis; n. parenthesis. -- v, v. to commence speaking. -ba n. a preface or exordium. -eyo, v. familiar conversation, chat. — 8, v. to be imperfect in utterance. — 0, v. to reply; n. an answer, reply. — oo, v.to stammer, —coV, n. an enigma. —.oo8cS, v. to make an enigma or riddle. —;jo, n. an extract from writing. -, n. euphonic expletive. —, v. to tattle, tell tales. — 9oi, n. burlesque. —.-, n. prose, fiee from Pali and poetry. — 6, v. to translate, n. a translator. — q, n. a hint. -S-s, i. indefinite language. — c8, n. rebus made by transposition of -gio, n. a rebus. [letters. -coo, n. definite, positive language. occoaeom, a. or adv. not fit for either. efls, n. paper. — 69, leaf of paper. oci1, n. the eye, ca8]u — oh3, v. to be blind (polite)..ec&6S, — j:O v. to be disgusted with. soogl, n. aSekyah world, the universe. ago, n7. any celestial weapon. e8 1, n. a frame or stage. 8 '2, — os, e. to be cleared from dirt, ~e, n. a walk. [alloy, etc. -— S, ---a:, v. to walk to and fro.

Page  213 PeSooS 213 ~msS, a. true, real; adv. verily, truly. v~s, v. to be extended in a straight line. as 1, n. war, a battle. — oSlcoosols, n. an army composed of four parts, viz., elephanteers, horsemen, charioteers, footmen. — cooDS, v. to conquer in battle. -c~, n. a lieutenant general; magistrate. - 88E, v. to prepare for engagement. - a, v. to receive battle, —A, march to bat— oos88, n. an esplanade, parade. [tle. — oo-oo, n. military dress, weapons, etc. - -cS, —cjs, v. to fight, engage in battle. — (ad, v. to lose a battle. -(8, v. to engage in battle. — cS&Q, n. fqrces, troops. — cS8, 7. a generalissimo. -Ic, n. a sudden skirmish. -cS@S, n. a field of battle. — ~c8l, v. to practise on parade. -cqla:S, v. to drill. [enemy. — S]*oeos, v. to rush out and attack an — j8, v. to lose a battle, be defeated. — 3pS,-3;C,-A ln. a soldier. — 28q, n. a general. ae 2, *v. to filter, to examine; to be pure. — ~c:, -v. to examine judicially. — cos, v. to examine, investigate. e~S, n. an apparition, spectre, ghost. e6ofqS8, n. chess, — a chess-board. — cq, v. to play chess. dS 1, n. a drum; a cask. -ooS, n. the hoop of a cask.

Page  214 s6' -— t, n. a tub. -OcS0o, n,. a drumstick.. -03038, t. a drummelr. *p 2, -vOs,-Co8+8, v. to abound. -— o, v. same, (most comlmon.) ecvoE8s, n. the air bladder of a fish. es 81, n. fence of any kind; rule of action. — com8, n. a boundary line. -— c380o8, v. to limit; lay down rules. -Gcjo88, n. a mark not to be passed. es8 2, n. a bar, sand-bank. — 8-8,- oS, n. a spit of sand. veS8 3, v. to bind, tie together. -— @u v. to keep tight, snug. -cos,v.to assemble,-coso8s,n.chairman. ~>pS8', n. the possession of wealth. e~, v. to place in a continuous row. ~ QC38, n. a glazed pot or jar. Q8 1, -- it, n a steelyard. *O8 2, v. to chop, mince. -— 8, v. to consider, deliberate. -— b, v. to use artifice. 00?op, a. the fourth. coos8c~oorSco sooa3, a. the fourteenth. v80omg, a, square. etct, n. a fuse or train of gunpowder. -— o, v. to place a fuse or train. t84, n. estimate of plan of a building. —, n. the plan drawn out. sct, n. the planet Saturn; Saturday. v282j, n. the sanders or sandal wood tree. esSe, n. the turmeric plant or root,,t 1, v. to be hot, in the mouth, eyes, etc.

Page  215 215 eS 2, v. to join, unite, connect. — i90, n. an intervening space. — so8g,. to act the part of a go-between. -c~ovEs, n. a seam. -J8s, v. to concern, appertain to. — coS, v. to be closely connected. — 0o s8, n. a cabinet-maker, joiner. ucls, n. the rice plant or grain. - 4, n. a granary, —, n. a husk. -, n. an ear or spike of grain. -taS8, n. empty, unsubtantial grain. -8s, n. the beard of grain,-~ S8, wild rice. -cos, n. lemon grass. ~egS, n. the grape, —oo8, n. tartar. -os, n. the vine, —qi, n. wine. — 8s, n. a grape, —s8:)cCS, a raisin. e8, verb affix, as ooa8se8, he never went. e8os0l8, -n. anise plant, —, n. cress. n, n. sauce, condiment of any kind. eSoS, n. the caraway plant: dill. e8scq, n. spring water. -cSjos, n. fountain filled from a spring. -c-ouqcoS, n. a spring. as8, v. to feel, feel of; make trial. — 33S, v. to feel of, stroke. eCp, verbal formative, what is for. sqoS 1, — eco, n. expense. e~oS 2, n. shot. sqtov,-4-8S n. a deed, oooqI -c 9, n. tenon,-~ohcS, mortise. ecooS, n. measure equal one-fourth pyee. ~coo4t,,i cover of a cooking-pot. oC, nfa gouge, csooosc@i

Page  216 216. e08+8 $ 1, n. a test, standard, -c8~, n. judge or apprizer of'gold, etc. -—, v. to test the quality of an article. 6 2, —e8, v. to enjoy. 03o8, (pron0. 0s18,) n. the chainpac. ~cr:o, (pron. scoTn)n. a shallow basket. s:), n. a writing. — S~, n. a book bound on the back. -cj8, v. to compose writing. — @&, v. to read to one's sel'. -,9 v. to teach to read. - 1 i, n. a contract in writing. — i ~, n. a government order. — c3o, n. a treatise or book. -,~ ni. a bard, — cooS, poet laureate. -— coS, v. to be versed in literature. -so, n. writings, books, ocoogd8soiu - - ~,~ v. to teach literature. -- i, q. to repeat from memory. — Gs, v. to spell, as a scholar. —, v. to write, compose writing. -qS8, n. a register, account, bill. — q.8so, v. to take an account. -q18oS, v. to be entered in a register. -c-q8, n. a writer. — cq0So), v. to cast losts,::0aS, -c8i, n. a roll of writing. -C-8, n. a letter of the alphabet. e* 2, n. a sparrow. oo(9, (pron. omc nt,) n. the crop of a bird.:s8, v. to eat; consume; to divide. — o)j, n. a wonted feeding plate. ' — as8, n. a.stage, r.eting places.::

Page  217 8o~co, 2l7 --- a], <v. to stop for rest. -c-, n. a divisor. -eqos, n. expense of food. — ooa6(c, n. a king's steward. ~coo5o, n. a king's purveyor. -— 9, n. provisions for a journey, qa:oe — Se:oscolo, n. fragments, bits of food. - n. a imeal; a table. - c8iis, n. a butler, steward. — ~cS8>, n. a table-cloth. —, n. a cooking place,-Ja,. cook-:29S, n. eatables, Sgo.S [house. -|aos -, v. to chew the cud. --—, n. a pledge, earnest. 8~e, v, to examire, scrutinize. 8o 1, mnind, pSco8; son], 8ae; Ppirit, }, -90-88, 'v. to have strong feelings. -ooos8e8,:v. to have weak feelings. - -, v. to be distressed in mind. -oS,.. to lose regard for. -Ole, 'v. to devise, contrive. ---— oOS, 'V to be put out of temper. — co:o, v.; to have a good temnper; be -—., v. to give up one's purpose. [sane. -— CO, v. to be appeased. — c8b,,:.. tQ be humbled in spirit. — 'g, v. to be of a savage disposition. 8, v. *tobe precociously manly. —,'-' Xv to harbor resentmonet. -: -— 8S, v. -to be:firm. in mind..? /i - wo, i i' to4*b lhardened in 1irni?2 ' ^;'. t *o.ttipettled in puvpose,. -cas1, v. to be'dipIited:,t- -' ' ^ 10

Page  218 -—, v. to be sullen, cross. — d8, v. to be angry. — /H$, v. to be uneasy in mind. -oc, v. to be irritable. — as, v. to draw back fron a purpose. -cgs, v. to like, be pleased with. -co,-OcoS, v. to be angry. -—, v. to have the feelings wounded. — cEoS, v. to be disturbed in mind. — * os,' n. mind. -o), v. to become willing. -ocldocpcS, v. enter fully into a busi-a, v. to be distressed in mind. [ness. -col, v. to be daft, —olOS, v. be angry. -~o-cu, v. to be slightly deranged. -— SaB, v. to give out. -— c-, v. to be appeased. — g, v. to be confused in mind. -o0, v. to be in a strait between two. — (cS, v. to be sullen, —~, v. be proud. -9S, v. to be not easily provoked. — ahl, v. to feel safe, secure. — ooso, et. enter warmly into a business. -Oo, v. to be confused in mind. — 3i, v. to be resolute. AoS 2, v. to split into four parts. 48 1, n. diamond, —, n. red tourmaline. -— oo89, n. crystallized quartz. 48 2, s. arsenic,-c@O8s, n. a jinjal. V g8^,1,, n. a species of gourd. S8PI, ado. intently, steadily. t},,,. to count beads, —<te,.asroary. i{, v. to steep in lIqaor.

Page  219 8986gccg, aadv. slowly. 88 1, v. to ooze through, be thrilled n. a 8S 2, verb. affix. c~, us. [swamp. 8 vt, P. to be green, to be raw. — g, v. to be of a dark green. — ooj), t. to be fresh and green. — Ib, v. to be of a light green. 2 1,,. place one after another, il a row. — cs, v. to compose (writing). -— c5, v. to variegate. —.*, r. to place in order. —. —qS, av. to arrange in some order. — c8t, n. what comes within any jaria88 1, v. to ride on, wear. [diction. 88 2, v. to flow, run in a stream. [crease. 82 8, v. to advance, increase, —gp n. in- 3OaOoS, v. to thrive, make profit. M8o8, v. to repeat certain prayers. I, v. to collect, gather together. -c-188, v. to gather into one sum total. -coS, v. to collect, assemble. ToS 1, n. a hair pencil, a painting brush. Vo8 2, v. to be torn, rent; to be disordered. — _os, v. to be both torn and cut in two. — os8, a. or adr. shaggy, in a shaggy state. — 88co, v. to be shaggy. VoS 3, v. to suck with the mouth. -—,r v. to cheer by chirruping. tcoo, v. to remove (to another state), to die. TO3tS, a. the fourteenth. t, v. to go down (a river).,F n. a wizard, —, n. a witch.,s t. to be double, be even; to be full.

Page  220 v. to be met together-all -patties. v. to unite. in marriage., -c,. a place of artitration. GeW0CCO ~n. a witness before a coun-~.,, -cpoavn. an arbitrator-. -co~S, v. to be complete, 'entire, perfect. t sv. to try, make trial of. taS, v. to like, io love, to esteem. tpv. to protrude (the lips). 18, v. to prick, pierce. n. a piereer', awl. ViexV to try, make trial of, ~~o~ v.x to set on (a dog). co v. ix to send, to send on business.~ v. to send with authority.. -8DBe, v. to send on business, -~ qc,-~R6, v to send another place. co) 2, verb, affix, cau,8a4,-COao, precat~re. ccon. good will. v. to be kindly affectioned. cec,. a sacred depository, pagoda. uq~i. pagodas collectively. ~,-~e 6,vi to join by a union of' parts.' v. to be corn plete,-.-,oS, n. to solder. 'ix V te be nice, accurate. cai, ix. to be sticky,-0D6', 'ix to stiuck.. _,v. to be close, niggard.. bp v to cease, stop, intermit, leave off. QsDp v. to be early. c:) adv. early. -co,),adv. very early. Q*)OS 1, n. femiale private parts,.(vt grj QS~OS 2, v to be step, precipitous., At adi,. tfopsy turvy,-mm"Itj, v. to fall n.D a ovierlit, mantle. hadog

Page  221 Wool 221 v.o, vto watch, wvait for, to observe. v. to superintend. -c~,v. to Avatch over; to observer-.' -0, v. to take care of, aid, assist. -C~pC73,v. 8ee scil Qs8,n. a I tot or harp. Q.D8 2, v. to be not level. -ccoeI8 adv. wabbI ngly. Coo8sa4s, n. brick or stone steps to pagoda. eoov. to enquire, question. CeS, v. to sm-ell offensively.Cosmop -csmosv. to be haughty., csS3~, n.- a Karen chiief.. ccpn. an hereditary -prince. ',Sov. to be wvet, moistened. ~ oS, v. to erect, set upright.. -qCaS, adv. direct, straighit forwards. -all, v. to set, plant. ~,n. a species of wild taurns. kSQ2:) a.of a bay color, appl ied to horses,.. ~ 88,-pS, v. to drive fast, in riding. 1,l n. a broken, rainbowv. 2, verb affl.ix, imperative lot pero. plur. 31, v. to be chiief, rtle'.-V', v. to. reikn. ~8 2, v. to be concerned,-qcS, (most coinVe,veb. affi, slighltly intensive.. [meon). 83 qv. to be wetted, moistened. 1pI n. a kite, (bird, and toy). 2, v. to hiave a- sore on, the eyelid.. O ~,n., the date tree, the. greatI palm. Rip, v. to give tip, to. hazard. v0. 'to give ailms. siv. to risk,., 'v6. to~ forsake,.

Page  222 222 — %osCOO), adv. too adventurously. — 3l)t v. to leave, forsake, abandon. Sts 1,,9. to be the end. lit 2, — acS, v. to be stained. SO 1, v. to put into. sg 2, v. to accuse falsely, — (most comeSS, v. to have ability. [mon.) -0o38, — mooC, n. ability and strength. g~ot n. a double tusked elephant.:), v. to exceed, qual. verb. affx, very. n, v. to stick in fast, to hit, as a mark. -cmo@, v. to cleave. — 8, —ceooS, v. to use habitually. - v. to accuse in law. - -, v. to be persevering. -co&,, to cleave, cling, adhere. QOH oooocS, v. increase in geometrical progreszco, v. to connect, join, unite. [sion. —.mS, v. to present as to a king. — cc8, pron. oicf c8, n. the arm-pit. —, v. to receive from another. — s, v. to be or have in common. — o, 19v. to be connected, as a race. — ooS, v. to do in continuance. oxcSeocS, adv. certainly, truly. 6o8 n. an elephant, ---s8s, the driver. -cb, n. a chief of elephanteers. — rt,,i.inclosure for taming wild elepants. -c~, n. the pleading in conrt. -c-coj, n. a side-hill, declivity, slope. -8oilL, n. an elephanteer.

Page  223 223 -c-8s, n. an elephant keeper. -c-lcS, 7n. a young male elephant. -co:S, n. a full grown male elephant. — q^ 8s, v. to amble, pace. oESg8, v. to consider, reflect on. so0 1, n. a joist. wo~ 2, v. to place one upon another. o8t, v. to descend, —ocS, same.;oico, n. an image, idol (of deity, )t&j?6 o8Es8, v. to be destitute, to be miserable, n. unhappiness, distress. — =o, n. one of the common people. cog 2, v. to cheapen, chaffer. co; 3, v. to hew (stone). o~i, v. to dam up; n. a dam. -— ~,-e —oSi, n. a bank, dam. wogis, —t, v. to collect. cxotSo6 v. to adhere to. oog[coo, n. dusk, twilight. soelcogeS, (pron. 4c) n. small bell. cogw, n. the sixth. coos, 1, n. a large species of deer. aooS 2, v. to be brittle, to be irritable. — 4, adv. suddenly. Qo8:aaoS n. a barber. socgct, n. see ooogt, spittle. so4 1, n. husked rice. — 9oS, v. to stamp the semblance of a kernel of rice upon the circle, ~o — 41, n. a sieve. —, n. small broken rice. — c, n. a grain of rice. -'- S, n. rice flour used as a osmetic. — pi, n. the pooret sort. of ric..

Page  224 -gS, v. to clean rice by pounding. -q.8, n, the best kind of rice. -— coS, n. the middling sort of rice. -c3S, n. parched grain. voo 2, v. to go up (a river). voi 1, v. to stretch out straight. oio 2, ---ca, v. to be contrary. -crn~ooSm, n. an opposite; adv. against. -— noO86c, v. to oppose. 0o8e 2, v. to wax, as the new moon. ois 3,- oS, v. to exceed others. - oe,,'. to exceed, in a bad sense. co S, v. to repay. O088:, n. salt earth, soap of any kind. -, n.. lye. eodS, v. to take out of water; to delivrer. oop-, n. a teaeher of any art or science. -— cooS, n. the wife of a teacher. 05, n. the hair of thle head.: e-Der t n. braided hair. -,. ---SRs, n. a hair.comb. - n^. hair (of the head). s ---s ii. knot of hair on a woman's head. -0o, n. the hair of the head. — o6;sc8x8, n. a periwig, peruke.:. -ooSotjcS, n. a Gue. - c., v. to be capable of containing, eto. iBa -.gcS,i?,<; to beI hungry foir rice. &8k, J'alts t -hence, oauoeoe#, potash. 8-;i -; g snalated ipwith salt. coS 1, n. a goat. ': ds b.. to b tillhiilent.: -- -cd^. -to Xbe~retfepivate. o?

Page  225 -—, v. to be still, solitary. d8oS 3, v. to pinch, to peck. dBu9, —.i8, n. landing-place. 3, tv. to be pleasant to the taste. 8 1, n. presence, nearness. 8 2, n. oil, —e, n. grease. -c-rS, a. fried, —, n. tallow. — 88, n. a close lamp,-s8 goS, open lamp. — 8, n. lamp-black, —49, n. gravy. Is 1, — b, n. lhoar-frost. a882,n.urine,-coov, v. to have strangury. -118, v. to have a stoppage of urine. 8s 3, v. to put up a barrier.-0ov8, v. impede, etc. a, n. reward, favor conferred by a superior.,-CO-O3, v. to confer a favor by way ofre-— oo:Ss, v. to pray, o9U3po ooS [ward. — Co3, n. same as sol sRoSlv. to rend, sever- 83, v. to tear apart. —, v. to rend and break off piece-meal. — jo8, v. to sever by cutting in two. xoS 2, v. to draw back, — oo, v. to deQsx, v. to clinch (the hand). [crease. 62g, v. to instruct, discipline. 3a,-8, v. to meet, come together. v8, v. to come to an end. be finished. -— o, v. to bring to a conclusion, decide. -@ ---;, n. a judicial decision.;8co, v. to instruct, discipline, reprove; to geld, castrate (polite). a 1, v. to boil, (intrans.); to bubble. a 2, —8, v. to be fat. 8 l, n. a thorn, —co:oSg, n. a pitch-fork.

Page  226 as8 2, v. to smart, as the eyes. csos 1, n. drug, medicine; tobacco; paint. -ocy, v. to administer medicine. — 48 1, n. chiretta. — o-, v. to paint, etc. — 6, n. a pipe for smoking. -ceS, v. to make or prepare medicire. -— t, v. a hookah. — c8, v. to paint with diversity of colors. — c8S, n. a cigar,-c-t, n. a pill. — 0~, v. to suit, take effect, as medicine. — 0 nse, n. a physician. -cooS, v. to paint. co8 2, — co, v. to cleanse by water. 1, n. in grammar, present time. a2, v. to revile, —cqe,,. same. cro, v. to be quick. coo0cs 1, n. a chisel, — 8, a gouge. -— oS, n. a nallet, —o8, a flat chisel. Qoc 2, v. to build, as a board house. -oo-S, v. to be staid, steady. coovS 1, v. to bear, carry. -— 0, v. to take, carry, bring. — Si, v. to carry on business. c~ov', v. to thrust, bump, stamp, etc. ~cov~co~, adv. in a squatting posture. Gow8s 1, —coco, n. the cold season. coo:)8 2, i. cover with an umbrella or hat. cooo88steo, n. a letter or epistle. c~o?, v. to be restless, troublesome. ccoS 1,,. to rouse, urge on, stimulate. coS 2, v. to solder, join by metallic ce-, v. to speak, tell. [ment.

Page  227 227 -cq, v. to mean, signify, import. 4cS, —cpcS,v. to arrive, as a boat; to hit. d8S 1, n. a shop, stall. s8S 2, v. to have a right to; have concern in. s8E 3, v. to meet face to face.;dQs, v. to delay (intrans.), tarry, wait. -, v. to wait for, —.o:e, to delay (trans). -co~, v. same as o4U8 Q, —8oS, v. to stop up. s8 1, v. to be bad; to be vile, wicked. -B-s, v. to be vile, wicked. -coaS, v. to be vile, base, abject. -- 68s, v. to be morally bad, vile, wicked. ads 2, v. to dye, c~oss8:oi g a/, 'v. to scratch up, stir up irritate. aoS 1, v. to pluck, as flowers or fruit. 8go6 2, v. to wet, moisten. git,-o18, v. to be unusually scarce. 38t, n. cooked rice, food for a priest. 1oS9, v. to attach to, make lean on. A, v. to be weak and tremulous. cago e 8S00oc, n. lineage. -— s</oomno, n. relatives. cog, ---c, v. to be decayed, crumbling, cag cs, v. to investigate. [rotten. - c18~o, v. to investigate and discuss. v, v. to pull, draw, to hang up. —:, n. a drawer, —eg5S, large scales. ^, or "IO,- n. a small bell. ooS 1, n. the -ape of the neck. W a2, n. the bite of a bridle. -Qt, n. the reins f a bridle.

Page  228 '228 22$ Q0SOiCol -ijv. to draw in the reins. v. -to put in -the bits, "to bridle. oi(1,n. a species of snipe. o~ I.. —~,(Eng.) n. ginj. mgc 2, (Eng.) n. jean. n~g-. small village, a hamllet. oGcS n. the small niina bird. m9,n. a building for public accommodamcn. a large bowl, basin. [tOn. ooo00-o, n.,sal anmaoniac. -c~,n. volatile spirit of sal amrnoniac. mo~~OooQy, adtv. doubtingly, hesitatingly. evooS, n. race, Caste; biography; stag play. ada,. without doors or windows. 13., b tolrehearse a play. t., to act-onl the stage.~ n. a theatre.-Co n.. an actresg., m:(: n. bein1g, existence, mo6 im. to be pure, ndltrtd o-)ic. n. thte nutmeg tree; niutmeg.,,x n. mace. %An. a wr-ench, spanner. $C89n. an owl. ~n. cumiin. n.~ the edible' niest mnaker.a. the fcetus,(Of animlals). ~.v-. to bei NVitti young. cmo n. a sud-den ~Motiow of,1tI% in~iO.; -mv. to have the mind intent on. Qokos, 2, n. frt~tp qny~iiaI~kr, qA 'pse isitild., cootico1,?ta l~4r~

Page  229 eo a9c' 8 229 eomSj, (lBengalee), n2. a jogi or fakir. 08~, n. a spoon. n.open work in cloth,, etc. In. a species of wild plum. -RcrAB,. a garnet., ii,. a market, mart. -c~o88ulcBthe m'arket-price. n. a fair or resting place. v.to go to market to sell. n. small silver change.,_,%JIuqC~iz. the market-'Price.. a contraction of 230 night. - -'-n.. the evening, egol -an'. the. latter part of the Paftrnoo-n..~.:,n. supper.vn. to be fine, made fine, asdu~tt. v.~ to be dirty, to -be vile', wiicked. -e3&,v. to be vile,-.ja v.be I1mpure. -cv. to be. dirty' in on"' hatbits., v. to~ sigh), M~oan)' agran..!m. night, ot.to bd very Iate. v. to be,much' and long continued I 1 v. to be fine, soft, delicate.' - 2, tV. to be poor, mean. e-6,n. intellect, reason;. Io de'vi se, 'contrive. -QC,* v to have agood iri-tellet. V41u6hsivieaconprehengivo int;W 10*

Page  230 -— oo, v. to be sharp in intellect. —,-cdiEf, v. to be stupid., v. to be caught, as by fire. 6oS, v. to nod the head, lean a little. 8 1, n. a man's younger brother. -c8,:)7 n. an elder and a younger brother. -o, a. a woman's younger sister. ~ 9, v. to be equal, level; to accord, aid. —, ---2oS, v. to be level; to accord. -—, v. to be equal. — 0000, v. to hold a levee, (as a king,) — coS, v. to suit, fit, accord with. I8f, — c v. to be uneasy, feel ennui. c~3S, n. the banian tree, ficus indica. -— co8, n. the sacred banian f.religiosa. -cQ-Q8, n. an urn for religious offerings. c~tSp&sd, n. cook-house guardian nat. ~e38S, v. to be tired, as with one position. i8, t. to be noisy. rs, v. to be bent down; to stoop. — H, v. to be cordial. aS,-TOp8, n. alluvium. $;Ss 1, n. French horn. 3as 2, v. to be soft, quiet, pleasant. -—:Sp, v. to persuade gently. t$, v. to squeeze out, express. -c86, v. to wring out. press. 8, —b, —,-o,,. to hurt, injure, optS, '. to pinch, n. a blacksmith's togs.., a.: the clavicle, collar bone. i, A, to ignite, kindle, oatoh with fe. f"1. to make ell en, —Sj, V. tocon e lt. v. to emwell ra-dk a afh, flash, etW.

Page  231 o0co St 231 ot99v. to smudi offensively. 1, n. a bow-string, ecEok 2, v. to charm, lutre, decoy, as a serpertt. v. to be dull, wilted. c,v. to be sad i n counten an ce orm6ind. ~aoS i,-as, U. a snare, 2, v. to bend dow sink in middle. vx to show, point out, i~ajt-~i. to make known disclose. Son. a place, Ooos fjopo v. to enshrine; to inclose in a pie. iz-B. a shrine. -gv. to inclose in a shrine. c~yv. to have in abundance, be rich. CON o1, an. abbreviation. of or one. o* 2,-00, 'V. to complain, OjOOC~g MCY)S 1, n. an oar,-.0c0, v. to row.,z). the helmi or rudder. -ln.. steersman,-oext8, n. tiller. -QCOII-Qcra~,to pull heavy and slow. -Ool'v. to pull quick and violently. 00CYS 2, v. to go u p; i ncrease; be conv ulsed. rn. a convulsion fit. 0005olc~v-to mnake a clucking sound with the tongue, indicative of anger or reCocrio5, adv. indeed, certainly. [gret. Mo~o-D~e 6, n.. a Ilaym an, -g, layV w~orat QO~(7O, a. all, ooosc~e) 00CtM1 ~OS86to O)C7(,, verb, aftix, indicative of emotion. MCOS, alIongo necked ju~g, a g~boglet.,

Page  232 oo)og8s (pron. oxo-4,) adv. all at once. o0ocoS, av.o all in one mass. oo Sx8s, adu. d t once. aR, prono a. nome, woaoso8, pron. a. other, 03081 oo8 1, n. hamper, pannier. ooS 2, n. the breeelh, posteriors. [otier. -a xc835&oS,v. to place one knee over the -oqs, n. the sides of the posteriors. -olsgic, n. the acetabulum. -u88s, n. the hip. — S-~, v. to sit in across-legged postnre. CoS 3, v. to place upon; to put agronnd; to stretch, as a bow; to anticipate. — op, v. to do beforehand, to anticipate. o'Sc48, n. a cormorant, the darter. o*Scb, n. sirup, molasses. oo, —oo, v. to appear well, be comely. ooS8l.,a measure, about onebushel. 0oS8 2, v. to become tense, as a rope, -w-, v. to be or make hard. [rigid. -coS8, adv. tightly. CoSsY'S, n. a shed, shelter for cattle. o88qoS, 7n. a large wooden mallet. oM$ 1, a. one, o, $QOb o00 2, v. to call, as a tiger. coa>, or onco, n. a ghost. o'd;oj38, n. a small bird. ~OOm, 7n. yeast. aog 1, n. the fig-tree. og. 2, n-. an elephant with one tutsk only. cog 3, n. a toll-booth or office.:'ih. ogo 4, v. to build brick house, etc., cstabl

Page  233 233 nz. a niumber fo r aritlhtnctic operav. to -be steady in mind. ttion. -aV. to be firm, otoiistant.. _cao-.S,.v. to build upf, edif~y, establish....to Put uip (an edifice)..Coe~Sn. small variety of the domestic fowl. o:>e&-c~gn. a spool. oonS I, v, to be straight f'orward. -rOo5, v,, to be erea; t-o be just. 08 v. to be -plain, open. cv& 2, ( pr on. b, ~verb offlix C*S 1,'i,. to remnain for a little while. v.. to abide a brief titne. to sojourn. oo 2, a. 'oniy, rio inore. cocr3p, ni. appetite, passioin. 000S 1, v. to be skilled in: to bethe custom qe adv. according to one's -skills; or -11v. to be able to do. [will. cxYv. to have acquired perfect s'kill. ocoa, the third, 'Oico S11 mcg pron. a., other, ooQso, 'C@~8F# o~o& n.'. a little wh'ile,-Oooaig oo,. to accord, he suitable;!to, he worth. oocg (prors. cio~Swc,,) nW Sotndfty. cofa, (prau. oc-8sOD~) Monday. 00o'6,(pron. Of68aooq,1)i. Tenhrsseriin. o4%s (po e M. U. ower, o00'tioS 4~,,(pron.odo) n. arMCnM.rtto1 co~mo, (prom, codha) nil br idge. wot h w tdrto budge. '

Page  234 234 ooScct coMoe8s,(yron.oo8S,) n brick or stone wall. coQoQScg, n. sweepings. — *. (, (pron, ogcBsg8,) 7n. a broom. — Cgt, v. to sweep with a broom. oo3oOs,(pron. 0o0:8, ) i. carpenter's rule. 0o0, v. to stop, remain for a little while. cots 1, n. a place of detention. o84s, 2, v. to extend in a line. oos 1, n. barrier for military defence, a a regiment or company of soldiers. -8l, n. the van of an army. -), v. to encamp, go into quarters. — 8o, n. the wing of an army. — ysvoo, v. to lie in ambush. -3-, v. to parade. -,, v. to organize an army. — i, v. to be completely destroyed. — ji, n. a captain. — S, v. lay in ambush, — 8s, n. eamp. -n8t, n. a soldier, a private. ooS 2, v. to put in, fix in. oot 3, -ocS, v. to have an appetite. ooucc, n. a shawl. oooi, n. a scholar, disciple. -coo6, n. disciple of an eminent teaker; pron. I, mao. aoqs6, a. second hand, half worn. odz1l, num. a. one, pron. adj. other. oc& I$, n. twelfth month. io~, n. eleventh montb. ot1Bo8o, aer. ait0, sa too t oo oS, adv. at oaee, All together.0ooS0a6, o. blind 'fone ye.

Page  235 -c-eoS:oo8, v. to carry on one shoulder. -onc, adv. on each side opposite.' oo8SoSs, adv. immediately, suddenly. 0o'8, n. way, manner, custom. oo8c0:, adv. on purpose, purposely. oofS, n. messenger. oocoag, n. the future. o06, n. a dam, —oog, v. make a dam. o~af4c,, a. the day before yesterday. ooS&0S, n. the year before last. oXo 1, v. to be very (good, bad, etc.) oo=S 2, v. to decoy (a wild creature). ooc~o, n. a violin, fiddle. oocps, n. law; right, equity, justice. - Y, n. a defendant. — S, n. a place of judicatore. -— 8oS, n. the costs of a lawsuit. -,. to institute a suit.. -c-q,,. to. engage in a lawsuit. -ceqocB, n. a party in a lawsuit. -cs5x, n. a lawsuit. -— cooS, n. a church clerk. — o, v. to hear preaching. -e88, v. to gain a cause in law. -oooig, n. a ch ief justice, supremej udge. —, adv. lawlessly. —W, n..a lawsuit. -'-~, n. a civil court. -— is, v. to lose a cause in law. - -, n. a plaintiff, comp. oocpesu — 0, v. to be of age in law. -- t, n. judge. — c:,,v. to preach. — coooeo, n. a sermon or hotnily. ~O1,s n. a native of China.

Page  236 236 -c S, n a veiietian blind. -im,. the China chamlpak.. oocWSe, rs* a clear, level spot of g'roonn4. mci~oo, is. a coffin,-cO8Q8C8ciS is. a hear'se.nCSI'.,a bier., omc~Ss, ns. a Peguan) or Talaings g~~ uM~. a Pwo Jiareii. cai, w. knee of' a boa-tor shlip. c isg. first month in the year., a~b (pi-on. oob,) is. support for the backI.K or3q 8, (pron.oca j8,) is. an~ imrpal ing stake, 0301s, (pron. coao1,) ns. a door, gate. is9,. a bolt, bar,-o —S, is. a lintel. -its,. chief who has charge of a gate. - ncSi. the leaf or fold of a door., o30 s. a forked pole. a3gj, (pron. oo2 ~,)n. streamer offered in. is. a sacred flag-staff. [worship. omc% is. a fisherman. is. the Southern Cross., a3.o6, (pron. oxotcS,)n. the eaves of a roof. o3eSs, (pron. cooiSe,) n -a file,- o, filings. -0 v. to cut a file,.qc~s. to~file.,. 00sge, (prons. (x0owes,) is. an adz. 008e, (pi-on. oo,8 is. a sickle. o'3$ (pron. 0 is. a spit.. -crjjc~cYZ~is. a skewer.o3q#, (pron.~ col,) n. a, bribe.. -,es, v. take a ~bribe.-.CQ1, v. -to bribe. o'3s8c5, (pron. on,) las. lkastamp, sal. -26" ~CB,. to Stamp. C&ODS, (pron. o=Qe'8,) is. the elbow.

Page  237 CUS, 237 -on. elbow,-~e'_s, the radius., sc,z. the~ulna. o'kose, (Proni. 00C8,)- eScos, n. sali va, -eso. to spit., spitte oY3~, (pron. oo,, n. a toothi-stick. -soe, v. to use a tooth-stick. O0" ~8 I, (pro s. o0i, n. born to blow with. a3*~s, 2, ( pron, o w,.wave, billow, ~ta o'3ao, (pron. oohon7. a r-od, to whi~p with. o3gaS, (pron. oogo,). n.,a paint, brush,j tooth-brush,, mop~, swab. O&,pron. oo and ool, ne a spy. 308 n. a sharp peg. M: 1, n. a measure of lengrth, equal. to seven cubits; v. to measure (ground). v. to fall to one's share of work. v. to assignr a portion of work. -CS n. post to markI the distance. _CI n. to measure with a Oro 00000q~jn. a flattering, deceiving fellow. oo~,n. a constellation. ocoo a. palatal, from the palate. o0'oC8oS:), n. secondI stage of world of nat8. 008 v. to pr-event in any way, hinder. C80 1, n. an oinen,-cmorp. $8Sa C~dS 2,.-;8d, v. to be still, silenit,- quiet. v.to devise secretly. -o-XS adv. silently, quietly.?t- a small species. of hen.. 09 I, n. a cloud. C& 2. v. to be shallow. Ryv., to -disappear, be lost. v. to lean, be inclined.

Page  238 -— lt, v. to be on the decline. — c-S, v. to lean, be inclined. — O5pS, v. to keep out of the way.;Jq9p^, n. a brute animal. dJ, n. an earth worm. c8co, int. osmed in calling fowls.dA, v. to strike; to beat (the breast). — oS, v. to produce a musical sound. cdj8?op,(pron.~qocS,) n. large horned owl. op. v. to try to make like; to imitate. ooS 1, n. asearides; bots. Oo? 2, v. to be chubbed, stout. (p, v. to tremble, shake; have a chill. — p-, n. fever and ague. l, 1, v. to sting; jerk. -— }, adv. with sudden motion. o08 2, v. to kneel. -ot0,,v. to kneel with the head down. oPS, 8, v. tie together, as hands and feet. --— cuso, n. the dengue fever. r —oS, v. same as o?9N ct, v. to turn back, to repeat. v ---Sotodo, adv. backwards and for0c 1, Iv. to be blunt or dull. [wards. v8i 2, oc~8c,, v. to lie at length. ot 8, verb. affix, interrogative, fi, l&# o0 1, n. the son of a man's sister. o~ 2, n. a hammer, o^crm -— $, n. a sledge, sledge-hammer. cO 8, i. to be like, similar. -t~ot, adv. two together (persons)..oZj^ 8sc*Os, v, to play bo-peep. o~SOo, n. any musical instrument.

Page  239 289 oq oo~, n. a cass of diseases of men. Oil 1, 'v. to dig,-;S, v. to dig about. i'. dig down. - 968, n~. a spade or shovel. - 988csoaS, n.- a narrow spade. -Sj8oi8, n. a broad spade. %8=GCO, n. a cross-bow. coo I, iz. adulterated metal. -o ip. pinch-beck, ---ee otyirv co 2, v. to beat, pound. QM00,z. fire, 3.; efficacy power. col-8,n. a song. [booth. o,n. temporary abode, tent, n. a movable tent, R~cooto c*,n. a watch-tower. c= 1, n. a wood, forest, wilderness. n. thick forest, a forester. -',n. a thicket. -coioov. to go into the woods for plea-egocBi. to beat the wood. [sure. iz4. an antelope. -Cv. to meet wild beasts. COSa. fresh from the j ungle, unfinished. -av. to retire into the woods,aso a i008. a rustic, boor. [hermnit. nz. wild animals in general. QCOODCs 1, v,. to blaze; to shine. -sos, v. to corruscate, as a witch. Qco,00c, 2, v. to be poisoned, inebriated. -Acodd, adv. disposed to vow-it. ti. the large crowing l~z,%r4. Qoa wod-pecker* ox in, hU zuounto n.

Page  240 '24:0 ~ ~ c -?sicraSn. red sandstone. n. natural cave in a mountain. -c~c~sn. tim bottom of a moutntain. n. projecting declivity of a mountain.?ZD:aS. a cliff, precipice. -a,. a. ridge of hills or mountains - ioo. a small hill. in. hillock over a white ant's nest'. n. a cultivated spot of ground. -~,n. a ranlg&of mo'untains or bills. -.COQ(068, n. Slopin D0decli'vity of a hill.is6,. valley lying between tuoun tai ns. ' —T,. a Toung-thoo. -.2, ii a huisbandmain, 'farmner. coo:S 2, n. the Souith. -c~.)c,,ad'V. hither and thither. emoS~~is. the -hoopoc bird.GaO-8Cos, ns. a staff, walking-stick.Qc,:D~ 2, v. to be —stiff; to make stiff o::o:,v., to 'hanker;'aft6r lbng for.M t,s a basket. ~ 2 ~. t ak fr;to — q ir, denand. v.to collect, as due.- taxeec 4- t-tobeg,-A Al mebd~cant. -UV. to lint'reat; 'too beg- pardon." CM0 ve~'b ahfe dntg'a s19igl i n Jecsiy co IPl." S4V 6t' adbamift, CxS 3, ws fbifrvg~i ~d&inW-dfii. co gv. t& itiiib1%; t4v,~

Page  241 - lCYicY 241 cos5 4, —oo, —cc5S,-IO~, v. to be meet, suitable, sufficient. -cooS,a.protty good, pretty well in health. c'oS 5, v. to be related by birth-or marricooSoo, v. to guess, presume. [age. ~cooSoocO8, n. sixth month in the year.?, v. to be short. caS 1, n. brick or stone house: district. ~-8^, — ~8, n. thle chief of a taik. ccBS 2, v. to strike against: attack, provoke — 8o~~ v. to instigate. [to quarrel. — gS, v. to rub, scour. d;oS 3, v. to give to drink. cBS@oS, adv. straight forward in speech. c 8 1, n. a post, a column. -c8-9, n. a capital, chapiter. cS 2, v..to ask leave, to call on to bear — a, v. to be security. [witness. - -oo, v. to appeal to for proof, swear by. 0cd 8, v. to arrive, reach, attain. cS 4, v. to set the tune, lead in singingcSoS, v. to consult, deliberate together. cSs 1, vn. a country. c8s 2, v. to compare together. C-o9, v. to measure; to scold. Oc8S 3, without exception; a. every. o',v. touch lightly, -— ooS n. powder-puff. ), n. ajffi, denoting plurality. c0s 1, -o'oc,-go8, v, to advance; to oc8 2, v. to push, butt. [izncrease. -oS, v. to press respectfully into presence -6-o& eS6',v. to approach a superior. [of. ^:otliw adv. softly, not load. 4 11

Page  242 pM&xS, ado. eliekingly. as a, clIook,~ RR v. to cipher, calculate, og& 1, vi. a cupping horn or glass. -tos-ORYv. to cup. aoS 2, v. to call, call by ~name. cgs 3, noun azffix, in, at, among.' c:26v, n. a bole in the ground, a pit., -— i~oodv. to clear out a well. -v,.to. dig a hole or pit. oyg8ajtSecs, a. gray,-applied to clo th. COtv. to crow; to low, to sing, as a serpent. oaJ, v. to be wrinkled; to shrink; to.twitch. -ocv. to be drawn up and convulsed. 'v. to shbrink back through fear. cOOP3 v. to shove, push, impel. -vv. to push. down, throw down.-' v2S.. to cling to, to attach, to-tack to.,.an. a pint), sos Qps, ~v. to creep, crawl. CC21 ---Qt I. to be confused 7in thoughts 19)V., to feel; to find; to-ineetwith. - v. same, last def. -8:)81 v. to meet in order, to qjuarrel., cas -co, — QO t. to cousider. C v. to hang suspensively. o~ I, v,, to connect as with a rope. Q~2, v. to be pendent. -,adv. in a pendulous 'manner. BaV. to arise# get up" to grow,up., -e:)Bv.to. ris4,, as from 4lk

Page  243 001^ 243 oo-S, —_S, v. to be sharp. aooc6S, adv. close to, together with. ooScS48, adv. in halves lengthwise. 0o68s88, adv. in halves crosswise. cocSooS, adv. in halves. cocSotoc8a, n. the environs or circuit. coS) v. to be visible, appear; to think. -9 —, 'v. to appear, —p8, he visible. o8 sn. fire-wood,-g, v. to gather fuel. — *clo,8 uv. to: split wood with an axe. co&ooSs, —oS8CO&, adv. clearly. oSeyt, n. the pine or fir. - eet, n. turpentine, pitch.-s8, i. tar. cot, v. to notch. oCgimOt, cco7oc, v. to raffle, oo&, v. to put or place in. coast n. the sugar-palm. -oaoB' n. the stock of a tan leaf. -.co&S, n. a young tan. -— crS, n. jaggery. Coo 1, v. place one on another: to repeat. -. oo16), adT. repeatedly. -~oi&, v. to itake equal. — o0t., v. to be alike, equal, etc. _-Q,-coom8, P,. to add to. co4 2, —c, v. to exchange. 00)68, n. boiled rice or other grain. -— 8,. an eating-house, tavern. ^ ---o6, 74 riee gruel,-qC;, n. conge; f s^-^ Burnense petticoat. &,. t:.;0 taoin the shoulder;? to:work. '. thi s of; a porter'o yhki -e';' 1 ira. the sf& of tla I e high fen

Page  244 c8 # O:qa. permanent, adv. permanently. -oGsn the Permanent, the. Eternal, Jehovah, the Lor~d. cooze 1, (pron. GD:,) U. a knife; a sword. 6rln. the sheath of at sword,. u~,i. the point of a knife or sword. -C*QOOS, 71. a small knifie, a penknife., -to 7. a stiletto. ~Sv. to have the power of life and death.. 8es mossa,-Q, 'n. a large knife-._ cr:3,n. knife witn. a prottuberant bacek. n. a robber;-e~pS, n. short, awcOrd. n.* a knife-bandle,- a hilt. -COn. a sword, hung from shoulder. CODS 2, v'. to put, place; not to mention.v. to leave on going away. OomdOc5, ni. a Tavoyan; town of Tavoy. c8, v. to touch, come in contact, hit. _C-GO:)C3?n. a triatch,-COQJ)CS, n. a -o~6lo~~s n. asaddle..girth. 1batckle. _C*CIG3Qqa3v. to buckle. _c~c~o~c:>,n. tongue of a buckle. qs v. to strike against. C8oS I, i. stocks for confinement. v.69i~ to put in the stocks. C8S 2 -cog, v. to startle, be frightened. c8ji v. to take care of. -CQ0o88, v. to tend as a goat-berdf. v. to oversee, and direct. T'O. to take care of as a ~nurse*.. - i-o~,. to see to,, put -througho. K8imSi, adv. loudly, thunderinglyio aWlfh t top, head4 snnmmit.

Page  245 oCOOS 245 —, —ooS, —oo, n. titles politely given to females of the blood royal. -o5,-o658, n. a mooring rope. c3S, —go, v. to keep back, conceal. c8S8S8S, --- S8788, v. to marry. ]o8?sfs, v. to betroth. c&S8oS, v. to designate; set up as a mark. c8, v. to fear, reverence. c8s 1, n. an umbrella. — ~SJ8n8, n. a royal dynasty. 88 2, v. to be single, alone, solitary. oc 1, v. to pound, hasmmer, beat. -cQ, v. to disprove, refute. co 2, v. to carve, engrave. oo0S, v. to take out, bring to light. qo4oSa8, adv. straight through crosswise. -o6, v. to go straight through. o06 1, n. a cross-beam. — @, n. a short cross-beam. ao9 2, v. to wrap up, as in a bundle. -Q8, v. to pack up for conveyance. o0 1, v. to perfime, make odorous. a 2, v. to be numb. — r-8, ---g&, v. to be insensible. 0c8 1,-O-, —o08,n. a precedent, custom. -c —oS8, n. common law. o18 2, n. lime, — copoS, n. limestone. 8, n. a limekiln. qc8 3, v. to tie in a knot. —,. tie in a knot; make a rule. oC 1, v. to raise into an erect posture. O 2, i. to;be thick, not thin.,. -— o9, iv. to be thick, close together;,?

Page  246 ~e1.a hopple or fetter. -odS,-co~v. to put on a hopple. cks 2,-8-Dej;v. t;o differ from others. 'eots. to be uncommon,,8) v. to be diverse, variouts. cis 3, v. to reply to a call. coot, 1,. to'calk with pitch, etc. coox~S I, v. to prop up, n. a prop, 1,racee, -0 'v. to support with a prop. - n. a supporting croteh, -a cratoh,* x00365 2,?:. o Aoonvsidert, to' have regard to. v. to consider, eighn the, aihd-. -009-0:sv.I Ito hare regard to. ixv to consider. c36six to inquirei iftQ.o co0) I,#.aIrsn j i,.-t, n. baiihl' COD'&D2 V.. to set a trap,,n. a teap, —,v-. to entrap. coo:)8 3, v. to place upright; to be. prould. -lpn. a-partitioning board. v(gl. Ito be ~proud, arrogant. COO-,v.to bend, to conceal,^n a bend aan gle. 'n)Ov.~ a corner, hole, cranny. acute angle,-c*4s~adv.dia'gonfally-Gn. an obtuse angle. QWo&SI, v. 'to pound, as with the elbow. coo:ooS, nz. gheo;- butter. C tIDP 1.~ to laud, praise. Qoqadv. lamely, limpingly. qpron. a. that,- -- an sch' adv. thus. OS aS0. to be worthi; to rnlerit,. to sit. _ s.~ al slott fti ledbo. c~Stiis. Wt ibe datnp, tbbei stipid.

Page  247 0 j q SC Otbos 247 8,e!v. to thrust at; to write, eigrave. v. to shoot, ase pain. n.tape. or bobbin made by hand. -cr~8, n. tattooed spot,-a28es~, w-,to 06. -a fiddlesatick, ramvrod., [tattoo. -c8se, v. to penetrate into; to invent. C)Ov. to go or come out; to rise. ix8 v to issue,-cgs, v. to run away. o8*, v. to make a hole into. nal?. a kind of harrow, V,. to harrow. -C~o~sn. a furrow made by a harrow. n. a rake,- Cy?, stock of a harrow. ncj,1. the shaft of a harrow. o~,v. to twitch (intrans).- [appear-. 00,v. to shine, emit light;to kindled;to 0 v. to measure with a span. cpaf r.'.to be stout, large. c~, mt. expressive of disgust. co I,1 - goeq V. to, be diverse. co 2, v. to throw, as in pitching qnoite.9 cyeo '. to pitch quoits. 08n. a quoit. ~cs1,-c~s, to be mixed together. Qc2e 2, v. to spit, 06CgsCORS0 6 -7-0 -0, n. a spittoon. Qc2S 8, t. to be the youngest. 98es-. a circular piece of metal. -ooi. to stamp a coin or viedAL OT v.- a -fiction., fable. OV,. the toddy palm tree. is. toddy.,3jq~cmo S. the climbing fern.

Page  248 OfS 1, 'n. a swing, -88, ~'. to-swing. ow~Ss, n. a bamboo trap for fish. _QO),V. to such a fish in said trap. ad&swv., roughly, violently. q~adv. trailing the groin-dand touChIingy. iv. to trail along the aon aqcu, adv. lawlessly. 9GcB. the porcine dee-r. acooo), adv. exposed; n. at) open plain. GI~8 8c&8 a2O0, tidv, heels over head. oa, a. ten, O.)QOc'N 93w a. the tenth. OlcuR' i. a blow; chastisenment. a-c,7. to v isit with- punishment. -0, 'V. to suffer punishment. a jCn, a mark from a blow. - a. a fine,-.0Ds, 'v. impose a penalty. _ Csv.* to be deserving, of punishment. Q0'V. to punish, inflict punishment. as,-. a mark from a blow. DIJ nit an evil, calamaity. 91f, a. giving, a religions giving. -oi. a gift. a.MO, o a layman, COMV)n — u, n. 'i female, tributor, etc.. omoww DIC8, ta. a certain golden neck ornament. na. opinion, doctrine, heresy, a heretic. oi n,. curd,- ~ n. cheese,-~j~, a.- whey. 8,n. the tide, —s.carcely used singly. in,. to ehb,-Oo~ys, 'D. to flow.. ac,. the tide,-c'a,. it. the lboroaz. thickness, inultitude.ac,. unlbapipiess, in isery, pan a.OO nouct Wvho is, unhappy.$

Page  249 8* 249 qeoaS, n. a bad deed, a siln. q~o, n. a stick, —s, n. a sharp stick. qc od, a. the second.!q.1, n. vitriol, -8-t, n. green vitriol. q8 1, n. a tube filled with gunpower. i8 2, n. a large canoe with raised sides. 4te~S, n. the adjutant bird. i8, n. a knee,-calSe, n. top of the knee. — oS, n. the knee-joint. -opS, —coo:s, v. to kneel. sqqSs8, n. the doorian. tree and fruit. -(o?, n. the sour-sop. coo toScS,n.the custom-house in Rangoon. CQ9o, n. a place, country. -e8, adv. itinerantly. co0w30, n. the act of preaching. — ~08, v. to confess, (clerical). 1oiSs, n. a peacock. — 0oC008, n. the peacock pheasant. -colSq?,n. round box with conical cover. caloo, n. anger. -s8, v. to be free fromn inpurities. — 8S, v. to be engaged in angry quarrel. -- ooS, v. to purify (minerals, drugs, etc.) -— oS v. to expreess anger. E, n. a petty chief. — 3S, n. a lincensed gambling house, opium or grog-shop. 68 1, n. a shield, round and emlbossed. -oS, n. a certain minister of state. 88s 2, n. a transverse stay, a prop. -— c, — cotoc, v. to apply such a prop. 8t,. a playing ball, a quoit.

Page  250 n, n. a matter, substance: learningy- tc. oOa,0. a. the twelfth.819, n. a hole, aperture. —.ciO nw. nine apertures of tfhe body. ]c8S, n. common gender.!. 0t,, n. state of halting between two. ' cg8. n. the number two i *: *o '- ':: og, n.. a de of law. -Q — ~, "n. section of Boodhist svrip-a priest's waterdipper. [tutes. -oo, n. the established order of things. -oc, n. religious duty. -oooS, n. a code of law, statute law. oca, n. establishled manner, custom. o3o0?, n. one of thb four grand elemepts. -, v. to prescribe diet with out medi-coO oS, n. a mineral. [cine. C-~o, v. to agree with the constittluon. v —, v. to be injurious to the constitui-[, v. to be constipated. [tion. -i, n. gas, -o8, v. to diet. -coo5,-coo ScgcaS,n. relics of the body - oS, v;. to photograph. [of a Boodli.. 8gOS,-a, v. to take an oath. ~6& n. the north polar star. dcS 1, e. to be deep, 'not shallow. ' -,. to be inteIlectually deep ' ^,oS 2, r. to, be dark, of a black eolObr -~.p~; ~'. to `beb ehiningfk..blk '.: oaS<4, n. the morrow;;..,

Page  251 ^bEns S51 @O6S (proit@.S,). a wasp..31, n. a kind of sea-dragon. -— C, n. the galaxy, milky way. -';i4ooi,R n. a dragon's crest. - t n. a species of jasper. iq, I. constitution, original character. q1 v. to choke, stop in the throat. q, v. to be crammed; to be tight.; 8s, b. to tread on. - os, n. stirrup; treadle of a loom. — So, a,. to tread down, crush under foot. t,,. to be immersed; to faint away. 3g 1, n. a rule; way, custom, adt. again, — 8tbo, n. a statute. [moreover. t-e,. to learn to imitate. — o,: adv. in the same manner. 8.s 2, -08, v. to be few.. 3, verbal affixa, interrogative. ioh, a kind of god. -e8, n. a small building erected to a nat. — oE,. to 'offer to a nat. -s, v. to be possessed by a nat. -i-8~i, n. an evil nat. * SiSE, s. water offered to a nat.:-.:', n. a person possessed by a nat. M8o, n. knowledge or skill acquired by commerce with a spirit. toSdSi;, n. the ninth month in the year. s, l,. a royal palace. — or, v. to be detroned,-, v. to dethrone. — 0, v. to enjoy royalty. -o-i;s, v. to begin to reign. — 08o, to place on a throne.

Page  252 -8-d, v. to occupy a throne. — cCooS, n. the chief queen. — G8, n. a royal dynasty. -— cooE, n. the heir apparent of a crown. s8 2, n. a peforated plate of iron. - @-@ n. wire,- s8oS, v. to tele6, v. to be done enough. [graph. q.ES, n. the neuter gender. n, n. one who is neither male nor female,:oot, n. the eye of a needle. ^8, n. the forehead, —o, n. a forelock. ~68, v. to smell of; to kiss, (as the Burmese). -9j, v. to snuff up the scent audibly. — i, to snuff up, draw into the nose. roS 1, n. component parts of a territory. -eS, n. line between two tuiritories. -V58o, n. outer limit of a territory. jo? 2. v. to knead; trample to pieces. — 8, n. liniment to be rubbed in. toS+, n. third motth in the year. BqoCoO, n. a durable kind of mortar. o09330w a. the nineteenth. to0, a. the ninth. [matter. 1, —8g3, n. spirit,-opposed to t, 2, n. day of the week on which one is born. -,o5,,n.planct that presides at one's birth. i 3, n. the side of a body. — co, n. a side raised as a partition. - - e:o8, n. tle intorstices of tile ribs. -coo, a narrow,-applied to cloth. -— ce8, n. the side of an anitnal. -— oo, n. the flesh on the ribs. — o8, (pron. o,). ee) n, spirit.

Page  253 -Q*8#84Sad/v. side. by side.. -Q0SG~vos8, v. to lie on one side. _Q0806,V. to rabbet. -liz. raised Bide of a house, wall, etc. itq. a rib. ~ 4Sv.. to swiell offensively. a3~, by corruptiou ~ocS, n. the morning. it. the morning, forenoon.itc2. the early part of the morning. -oo, it. breakfast; a tooth-brush, o3~f it. the coriander plant. it. the turmeric plant.-or root. ulS (Eng.) it. number. Pi1. an ordoriferious substance. - it~s. a mnixt fragrant incense. -ca ts. fragrant ointment. -coooSit. a beauty spot. itCS. a light yellow, straw color. to I, v. to hearken,-Bc, V. to listen. j~ 2-cxj~s ---~Sv., to be ill, feel pain. (Bengali,) it. a bailiff. ito,. the pine-apple plant. ito.. a noun,-938, it. a pronoun. fot. a name, oo~ou fo$;)aaona adjeetiveqDu ~,a na~e. it. an hour; a watch, clock, et. its.. watch or clock,- goS5, it. watch. 7zt. afternoon or after. midnight. I-D 1, itn. the car. -cri'i,. a bowvline,-oq, T. to accord. -4,.. to. listen attend, to. [with. v. to be much annoyed by bcariing.. v. to find unpleasant. in the- oar..

Page  254 254 lip v.t fu weet in the.'ear. -~,.to-listen with pleasuireand delight. t'. to listen wvith thrilling pleasuire. n. a linchpin. -89v. to have small ear s.ucj. a pulley, the wheel of a block.l Lv. to be tired of hearing. -Ge:088v. to listen patiently -QO0388, n. hollow cylinder worn in the -co i. the temple (of the head.) fear. -0,v. to he dull of hearing. _Q)),v. to hearken, to 'mind, obey. -dSv. to be hard of hearing. -o83,v. to be deaf. -o(a88S, a. solid, not hollow. -(4,n. trunnion of a gun; ear of a pail. -ols, v. to be: quick in hearing. t~foc~e, it. imprecative,: may, my.ears perish (if I heard i. ed i. the'touch hol-e of a gun. -4~,n. the lobe of thqp ear. -e03=S n~an ear-pick. i0cs.~n ear-wax,-4~-9 so i.: the ear. -cooA (prons. cod),,. to utndetstand.' -.- t v., -to be rather hard -of hearhrg. -oS-, v.:to be persuasive. - o9, v. to be pleased in hearing. (drop, ns. 'the block of a pulley. 4z 2.4 v, to light,. perch, as a bird. %6 ics,. the character ( 0) called cowosaw s.permanence.. [M.6S St d1e,.i table of contents, preface*

Page  255 Cto2 M 4,n. rest fromt all evil, annihilation., c~o a t building in which the bodv of a priest i's laid in state. -%9-0811v. to become annihilated. V43 v, to be kept down. V8 6 n. a: sigh, mark, token. WBOD'ol, i. a creatted being. n-4. 6to be low. ~ 3ZO~~8, 7. a support, guide. uvc, i. a suiperior teacher. -nf to be redi, x~qS a.* violet, t,. to be puirplc-. al or adv. very red,.-ol,,v tawzlY. " ~.' a sapphire. 19. to be le a'r,0-*~ 'i. to be con'ti-,gnots. v,, to be young,' tenider, de eote. v.,. deep miud or mire Rfs 2, v. to be weak, exhausted. tr, b, to be smalli fine. r. 1 to be leprons,-p, n. the leproey. IV,. to be miade sooft by some processe.; v. to be fine, nice, delicate6 RS$v. to be well disposed towards.'~ I.the sun,-rq. n. afternoon. — evv. to pass the meridian.. z.the sun-flower. v. to be moderately warm.e r a sunbeam, ray of the sund - to,,. to. be the cool of thea mo'rn~g", e. to bask -in the miorn ing, sou. 8i ". strike powerfully~ as -thuwune n, iextant,- ~ toi's, s h -0o8i 'tV' tdst aste uz4un.

Page  256 et2, v. to stay, continul;,to dwell. cpT v. to become settled. cn. a daty from sunrises to sunset. -,.8 ti the middle of the day. -ovoglev. to work for day wages. -iooec~S,'. to work by the day. -eoe~6,v0' follow and sgerve for, day -qn. a bad day. [wages. -a'), n. day lessons. -v. to be loose, unfirmi. cf:S I, n. the'space behind. [behind.,v. to fall behind, -q, v, to keep v. to tarn the back in cointem'pt. nz. manure,-ctv~s, n. a beetle.' -4~~.the veryls.-.i4ovaa~..-..C6b, adt'. immediately after. -Csn. future time. I Bv. to love in secret. [wr. 6,n. the mark (\. ad",. back~og$,n basket hung from the shoulders.. efOQB 2, v. to be foul (as water,) turbid. Qr6, n. future time. evc, i. regret, repentance. -cl, v.. to epecSn. elder brother. [regret., ctS, -verbal affix, 8oliciting/ aequiewcence. 1,,. to conquer; be able to (do). -j63, v. to be master of, hold in subJection. sa 6&,n. a kingdom; authority, powe r.. I, the~n, breast of a femnale; mnilk., -4m. the breast of a. female, an udder. v~. to be weaned,.4 -n. ~C"ufd. v. to weanj,ocrw; rice biled inloiilk. v. to suck-milk; n. a suckling.&

Page  257 68s 257 -- -, n. crealo. ' -qcS,,v. to nurse,-qs, n. a be:-t's teat. 8, n a wet-turs. [milk. -@o~,,. to be deprived of tile iother's.-.n. o S,. a wet-nurse: any vender,'rnilk. -~d8, n. a nipple, pap \ ~8 v. to awake,-(~8, v. to wake eaily. v8, V. to be dull, wilted, to be woil out. aoS, v. to stretch along. as a creepr. —, n. liquorice.-oS, 71. any creeier.,v. to sink, as a spot of ground, or apost. 8, n. any animal of the cow species. -m( 8s, n. reins to guide oxen. l -c~OcoS, n. the cow-pox. -cq!oSc~ds, v. to vaccinate. \ -crq:88s, n. a cow-herd, —as, n. a bull, ix. -Q~ocS, n. a bullock, steer,- >s, n. an &. —, a cow. -008, n. a heifer. a mOOoC, n. the hot season. v58, v. to be warm,-less than Vo v,. to bend flexibly, pliantly. v18, v. to be slender and supple. pcS, v. to beat or rain down. i, v. to drive, drive along; to drive away. -, v. to cast out,-oo, n. a horsewhip. -0-0co, v. to drive out, expel, banish. j 1, noun affix, with, by means of; on account of. ~ 2, verb affix, negative imperative. Sit, n, dew, imist, —, n. frost. -co,,. to be misty. }8 23, v,. to give, deliver over. ESsaB, n. a rose treo; thl oil of roses.

Page  258 B58;pce8 t6 1, Ftoch, v. to relish. ~ —Go, v. to grudge; to regret the loss of. — Soo, a. to like; to love. — 50, v. to become composed. -o8k~c, v. to quiet, pacify, console. 6, n a year. — c0 a.. to come in, as a new year. a-fQ n. an anniversary festival. — octoo3q, n. a new year's day. — de, v. to turn a year. J6 S, a. two, J o 6 A4, v. to make to sink, to immerse. -— Sseocoo, n. the ordinance of baptism. — 480o8cooC8, v. to baptize. b), (pron. o, ) n. a man's younger sister. <cs, (jco8,) n. the heart, the mind. -cc,., v. to be broken down with grief. - v. to palpitate,. —o, v. palpitate —, v. to retch. [from fear. —, v. to be attentive, heedful. — os8 iS, n. heart and liver collectively. — o-, v.' to have a strong stomach. ~pl, vI. to be silly, foolish. y, n. the mucus of the nose, snot. --,; i-,,. to blow the nose. itS n. the sesamum plant. — eo, n. refuse after the oil is expressed. &oS, n. a kind, manner, as:idoS, how. j 1, n. a grasshopper,-coo, n. praying. 2, to commit for a time..(mantis. -eS., —, —38, v. to pervade. 3p,- -css, n. (most common), the nose. -cost. to have the nose full of mucus.

Page  259 -o n: 7. a cold, ceattarrh. n. the ridgre (if the niose. 'a08.. the, pro)oWscis of an eleph~ant., 'e-I6~v to snort, ---8, it, ed ofthecnoae. v. to presrs on mr down; to crush. vy.4to disciplhine. punish sevferely. a Iv. to eruish, put down), oppress. v. to bring down, to oppress. v. t o make lo,-,v. tolmule In. bamboo strip for tieing, moats,.)etc-. IscF, v. to discuss in conversation., jog,, n.. the. mouth, as organ of speech.-' -o*Uos, n. divine speech, thre Word. ad'. by heart. -scYosyWS V. to retaimi it) ITICt1Ot'1y". (ov. to be rough~, abusive in s~pee0ch. iz6,. a lip, thle bri'm of' a vessel. -26C88.u. mustaches. 06 V. to salute,-Io, Id' orally. -J~a. to teach by ver'bal instruction. -c~6co~v.to dictate, as to amanuensis. -d~cSccs,. to w rite froni dictation. nC217. compuita'tion Witlioiit higmres. izgxS. spokeii words. -— 9Ba~s,. a b~ribe to suppress evide~nce. -ppv. to be loud and noisy iin speecht. 'vC.61 to speak,.-coS6, a'dv. bv month. mz an offeiice of speech. — 3 '~,v. to contradict (a siiperiair).' 'tiv a bird's bill; spout -of~ at "vot4l. ~,be a scold. jo9S 2, t. Ail otmiot, to t a'kOe' away.(office;) to auttat to; repa (an order.)

Page  260 -cBd8, n. a subtralhend,-&E8, n. renLain— o,., v. to degrade from office. [der. 8s, iv. to be slow, not quick. cp, v. to mlix, imillgle. c.;O, v. to tie. b)illd, ---8(, 71. a prison. ~~s,-5I0 v.. to alnoy. molest. thwart. Qf6c fl8l, v. to be il: suispe::se, to hesitate. cp887, 1r. to be after in time..cS 1, v. to dive into,-), to search into. cOS 2, ~, nouAfn aq'fix. in at, among. 8S, qual. verb. affi.e potential, can, able to. e68,?. to compare, -Ss, v. to liken. - 8 ', —Do, v. to compare. I8, v. to awake (trans.); to rouse, excite. -cooS, v. to rouse, excite, urge. tS, v. to skin, peel off. aoS, v. to stretch along in connection. ce8 v. to warm, as water, food, etit. j, -o-, r. to procrastinate. O, o 1, 0o 8, v. to flaunt, flourish. o 2, o~c-S, v. to disappear, be lost. -c;6', v. to become null and void. -c.c, v. to quash, as an indictment. ooS 1, v. to bail (water), to beat in as rain. — cooS, i. a large wooden shovel. -,-, n. a scoop for bailing a boat. ocS 2, v. to be shallow, as a dish.l -ocoS, adv. placed on the bottom or back. occ8, n. nature, natural states ocoo, n. an outside slab of timber. o0T t.. a wing; 'a side (of the moon.)

Page  261 og0 261 o08, n. the shoulder. o0 1,-o48, v. to be tired, fatigued, harassed. ou 2, adv. even,-slightly emphatic. o8268, n. a species of mint plant. oSooU4, n. the sea, ocean, OO8QGcp — 0m-8,38, n. the sea-coast. -i, n. a chart. — tcog8, n. the edible nest maker. — c~, n. the midst of the sea. o~ 1, v. to raise; to exalt. o~ 2, v. to invite. o~cr, n. a spider. — ogS, —c)8, n. a spider's web. oS8, v. to drive in (a wedge). oes, n. the mouth, Bo28, ---comp. joS, - o, v. to be loquacious, garrnloue. oe~8, n. a cause; a thing; goods. o818:), n* the present, present time. ogg, a. the fifth, —ooS, n. space. o/eoS, v. to prohibit; to give a name; 9. a prohibition or command. — eoca, n. an ordinance. o03, n. wisdom,-~, n. a wise man. — cd3, n. prudence. 0o{S^, n. assent, engagement. — o0,-8,-,-,,i. to make a covenant. o~a~ca, n. conception, pregnancy. -8, ---co8,-Q-, v. to conceive, be preg-ooeS — c,-c-,v. to be conceived. [nant. -"'q9 ' v. to be near delivery. 0og3, n. the act of praying, a prayer, — i, v. to pray. o~,:at the firtit..

Page  262 282,+& o31n-, a gift, present. v.5 to wind round; to go round. 'i. to bind about. -cOB-O~en8, ni. the environsb Iz whole circuit or duain oodS, adv. onl the hind legs, rmmpant. ooj, ni. 8ee c(8oso, a hornet. o&3 ii.,no a ruby or carbuncle. -coocB,z. a spotted ruby. 083C001, n~. a mnusical. instrument. o83v I, n. a brass or iron hinge. o~p 2, n. a permit. mozg, ni. the- earth' c~1~1u osn. -see ~000 qutieksilver. 4, e.a kind. of water lily. t~bcVi~~t. the common garnet'. o1,.-wS, v. to 'adorn. of 2,-qv v. to ask leave respectftilly. ufc-S, tt. it short statke dri ven i n the gro~tnd. sf$ I in, a flower, blossom. -~,n. the state of maidenhood. v. to depriv of virginity., -9gpn. ~an honorary chaplet, bays. _crs, n. agarland,-', u. sta-nd for flo~wersn. a bouquet, v. to make a bouquet.' i,(prrn. a~) i. -a painter, litrnner. in. a flowergrd. a, variegated 'With:flowers., ', 'to dye red.' ni. anl ornamental, border to a, rboot.. ---~.~(ro~. ~ it.brazibrf "?opper~ smith. -c8e8,(p-ron. AS,) n. gold' 9R sher-%S1O4tI1.

Page  263 0 rs 268 con. red clothI. _Cq~x38t i. anr eilbroiderer. 1i- i,. pale red color-. -,(pron. of,) n. a carver i n wood. -,(prom. uob) v. a blacksmnith.-Cgocsn. ornamental flower'-work. gn. a flower. -goS, (pron. o~coS,) n7. a turner.. -goo8, (pron. 0 go,)n a tuft, tassel. is1. a deep red color. i~s,. khusklius grass. of8 2, v~. to be tired, fatiguied. n. the asthma, _CS 'v. to pant,, u~g 3, v. to spurt, gush out.. o68 v. to chap, crack open. n. a crack, crevice, cleft. 0O~cir n. measurement, size., _1'V. to make account of. ud.- to put aside to reject, is. tare or tret. -(i),v. to reject and destroy. -8,v. to' clear away,-5-3jp, to reject. ooz~e; n. amber.,iq& na c'ricket. oqooS, &. caulkingstuff,-~O'O 'e, a Caulker. oc~vtS, n. an excellent system -of belief. n. a system of metaphysics. oqc)~ cpi implement, article of furniture, ~ Oj4, nz. annihilation. [etc. i coa.: me oq Tp.n UqW306-, ist. a means, expedient, device. o01o~on. an assembly. 00,n. cam'phor,-cR, n. camphorated oil.

Page  264 264 SI&COjlos u010498s, adv. in a tumultuous manner. 0,4n. an ant,-, an ant's nest._flS '. all alit- 0 it. a wingred ant. OCOSS, n. a bottle. oc8, v. to -be false, deceitfufl. n.e,7z a flattering, dece ittul fellow. oi,. a white, anit in thle Winged -state. o*8s, Uz. a large basket.. uffS, (pron. oco8,) n. an elevated seat. ool, nz. a handkerchiief, towel. nci. a Mahometan,- Mussulman. w Us. a Malay. 003 n'. sago, 00~. QaO:2C7SOO:u vto help, aid, assist.. ),1, to be with, accompany. v. to lose property, inffluence.-c~o), v. to be comprised in a writing. 'ov. to be contained in. 6) 2, verb, affix, euphonic. 6NI8, n. an accomplishment or virtue.. OqAn. a.Parsee. olo,(Beng.) n. a palanquin. uloCfql3, nz. green vitriol, coppeiras. 6)~, n.original language,3Magatda langagae. ols 1,- it, a, clieek, side of the face.. n. the Protutber'n-ce. ftecek v. to tattcoo a circle on the cheeks; -n., an outlawed. executioner. n. the lawvcr-jaw., -_ta;TSi v. to heaven thre mumps., n.:>, - thez inside of the cheek., -qc8, v. to hew the sides..of tiuubur.

Page  265 4+o83: 265 -cags, n. fish gills; hood of cobra capella. -cqs8, v. to tattoo the face. -8s, n. the cheek-bone; the upper jaw. -c88, v. to caress, fondle, <o 80/i= i -oS, (pron. omcS,) n. the gills of fish. ovi 2, —ccS, v. to send (by a person). o)8 3, v. to be thin; wide apart; be sparse. o1s 4, v. to go to leeward; to go aside. 8, v. to he pressed, flattened, crushed. SqcoS, n. the Boodhistic scriptures. 80o 1, n. cotton cloth. [jaconet. — 8s, n. unbleached cotton, —To, n. 38o 2, v. to shut; to close, stop up. -088, v. to hinder, obstruct, prevent. -o::8c88, v. to darn. 8coooDc, n. the gums-kino tree. 8S, v. to be lean, thin, 0,>n — MoS, v. to be very lean. -— ~:)oS, v. to becotme withered. -— o8, v. to grow thiln. 8 n8, n. a kind oft potato plant. — ~, —cS1~8, n. *< kind (of potato. 8sc8:3, n. a flat bottomed boat. 8~8,, or 8&, n, the jack tree. 86 1, v. to be indented, slightly concave. 8 2, verb affix, compounded of co and 4i!8coA8}caicS,; n. tlle tapioca plant. 80ooo, n. a viss. aSe, ado. (not) at all, cOaS8u (j, v. to be dwarfish. tc+, n. a glazed earthen dish. - -oScO:)cS, n eating and cooking uten-— 8t, n. a glazed dish, plate. (sils. 12

Page  266 266 n.8)?t a glazed bowl, cup., etc. o,. a long or oval dishl. i.a swinging cradle. i.a rational -being, W801 g'~C'n. the cicada. qa). a quiestion, ooceQ~v it. all fishi of the cancer genuis., -C io n. a large species of shrimp. i&0t. a shrimp, COminofl sinall kind. -(Sz?. a pr-awn, lobster,-c~$,n~crab. qoob~-OSv. to kineel fiat. (pI'on. CulacsS$0, It. all atlxe. vQ 89 it. a Burman long wvaisteloth. it. an old piece of, cloth). itov. a Brahmin. coS 1, it. a large wicker basket. jciS 2, v.x to. slap, rap; to strike, beat. -ov. to oppose bitterly. 96o 3, it. a bulbuil. it. a bead, a string of beads. qoS~oS, adv. by t'he job; ]in the lutmyp. itoa,. a kind of chajneleon. ito)S. a diminutive species. it. the flying species. (160 8) It. a paragraph.-k, a Couplet. ix to rebel. c4 1, n. to conceal one's. self, hide. 'ix to devise in secret. 'c~,i). to be completely concealed. qov. to avoid lby keephingoutots-ight. -m(Smcnv. to play a~t hide and seek. -O-tmvlOt play at. blind imiam'shuff.' $1 v-to be put rid, discreditable ini report.

Page  267 lco~5ojooo 267 -eS, v. to be putrid. _-~, v. to have a putrid, rank smell. 6' 2, v. to be dark, gloomy in appearance. (8, n. the past,-cot, n. past deeds. -$806, n. an omne)n. 6)o?, n. aflat thin substance to write on. Qcb, n. a pearl, —GCO, n. the pearl-oyster. <ccg, a pipe, fife, flntc, —see cBo e:6S, n. the male private parts. c 1, n. form, a model; a similitude. -88, v. to comnpare,- 0eoa8, n. a proverb. — cvmOcso~, v. to tell stories. -, n. a pattern, —S9, v. to print. -os., n. forn; —, v. to show by figure. — G, v. to follow as an example. — os, — o, v. to take the form, shape. -ao~sCOO, n. a pattern,-o 0Vo, shape. -c-, v. to be definite,-a. definite, set-38S, n. firm, appearance. [tied. 9 2, v. to heap up, amass. -c~oo:s, n. tlie hub of a wheel., —. I, v. to plu1p up. s8q., n. vinegar. t 1, v. to bulge in the middle. 2 2, v. to be hot; to be distressed. 0-e:, v. to tease. — o:, v. to feel lot internally. [grief. — sag8 v. to be in distress from continued -o,-O0, v. to be troubled, distressed. -3~86, v. to be very llot. — CoES, v. to be inflamned, as the pasc5hs, v. to make an offering. [eions. — btb; ---ar,q n. a religious offering.

Page  268 268 eclqC d, adv. tootingly, —oS, v. to toot. y, v. to join, unite, put together. -cS<, v. to join flatwise. -eaS, to join edgewise. -AC, v. to connect by lashing alongside. -coIS8, v. to unite. 6o 1, n. the palinyra tree or leaf. — o, n. writing on palin-leat. co 2, n. an anvil. co 3, verb affix, euphtaic. coe, —co8s, v. to give, to offer. -— e, v. to give in marriage. -coS, v. to send (a thing). b 1, n. stern of a boat,-c8S, v. to steer. -—, n. a frame for the steersman. -- s8, n. the steersman. — aS, v. to direct, guide, instruct. b 2, v. to be broken off; to crumble. booS,-aoS,-oUS, v. to echo,-:5, n. echo. b, n. a leguminous plant. -ce, —oi, n. the seed of pulse, etc. — ooo:, n. the pod of pulse, etc. bo0oo, n. a mask, cgSoot`u coi, v. to be plentiful. c cS) 1, v. to pierce, be pierced; go offaccidentally, as a gun; to come out; to -c, v. to burst. [sprout. -colc, —docs8, n. parched rice. -coS, n. a blood relation. -— 8t, v. to be born, brought forth. -cBoS, adv. of one's own will. coIcS 2, v. to strike with the fore-feet, as a horse; to strike, as a serpent. -P, n. a hoe,-oj-88Og, 7. a broad hoe.

Page  269 269 -o2yct,- cs, n. a pickaxe. couloSo {, n. a hod, —c oSBS, n. an axe. colS 1, n. a thigh. -- +, n. the groin, — S, n. the lap. -- F, n. the femur, thigh-bone. c18S 2, — j, v. to pawn, mortgage. o1SEq, n. baked bread. cosE8 1, n. an arched covering or roof. -criS, n. a low arched roof. -- g, n. an arch of brick or stone. coE88 2, n. useless grass, weeds, shrubs. — 3S, v. to clear away weeds, etc. co8 s 3, v. to unite in one, to add; n. a total. —!1', n. a grand total. — cS,- coS, v. to keep company, associate. — 008, v. to unite in forming a society. co18s 4, v. to bake; to extract vapor. — cpS, n. a vessel used in l)aking by steam. -1, n. an oven. CoqESsc, [pron. coo~88c,] n. pantaloons. — c^s88i, n. braces, suspenders. coQoo, adv. buoyantly, —c, v. to float. -coT, v. to rise to thle surface. — c-o, v. to float down with the current. co1 1, v. to be light; to be insipid. — o8s, v. to be light, quick in motion. — ccq?, v. to be remiss, slack. 6o1 2, vedb affiex, (colloquial), of course. QoT,-oco), v. to appear. -oS, v. to be foolishly jovial, merry.., —, v. to be superabundant. Qco 1, n. a sweep-net. — %cs, n. a mesl.

Page  270 ~ c~ 2,~.a~"~&v. to hold in the arms, ~ cS 3, v.% to punictuate. [to hug. o~,(Bengr.) n. a pice, quarter anna. ~,v. to own, hiave a rigtylt to. n. p ro perty,, v. to have rufle over. 1,60 2, u. a pie, twelfth of an anna. q sa, v.. to divide,-S-33, v~. to distinguish). n. dentomi nator,-go, n. n ainerator. ~~ a'l. open and exposed. v,t. to convey or conduct; to teach lbooks; to offer, as a good wish. -90.yV. corIVCY,-wp 'V- to carry and 2, v. to be thrown into or upon. [give. 81,n. an insect; silk. n. an imiet t; the silkw~orin. -nv. to bol infes3ted with insects. ni. a sin.-ll flyingr insect that infests — a:, n. thie mnlberry tree. [the eyei.' ~ -~V' Z. fre-ly, lowwor~n no a chrysalis. -pmjn. the coiling centipede.. —Q3C"3"),u. green, and gold beetle -0),n. a cau~kroAch. (rnilleped. Is 2, v. to bear on thle back. 4pS 1,- 3-8 v. to Ibe ruined. qaS,-to he %witty; tujest, play the buffoon. ra'34 5,. to -prepare, pitt in order; to 'mend. v. to prepaire put in order. 'V. to b~e lazy; to be lothtod) 4a~ilapn. iron-wood.

Page  271 ~oa.271 0), v. to be thick, dense, not rare. QS, n. a board, plaik. — D88, v. to lay with hoards, as a floor. -ccoOS,v.to make a part ition with boards. -- 8, n. a boaird, ilamlk. v, v. to be tough; to be dull, stupid., v. tQ fly, as a hild, as spaiks of'fire.., v. to be diffuscd, as Cdor, as nlews, etc. -i v. to be diffused tllroiulglout. - 8, ev. to El^ e:d and injll('l C. — c, *v. to.ec F(attercd. dissiipated. O8, t.:a lho)ey-bee.-9D, V. a nest of bees. -oj, (p'on. oq,) n. a ()llet. -g8, v. to take 11oney fioull bees. —, n. a drone, —,j, n,. l:oney. -oo~, 7n. a honey-ecoIlb. -oocc oS1, n. cells occupied )by young bees. ~6 S, ---oc, —5~,. to disappear; to be -— %, v. to vanllih from sight. [lost, cci6s, v. to be limbl)er, pliant. Qc?, v. to be soft, yielding. ]5, 1,-. v. to sleep. [one's self. QC5 2,- 6o8, — 8,E-c8,-~, v. to enjoy qt v. to be young, in the prime of life. Il,n. sacred verse, in lines of four syllables. ~, 2. v. to retch, —o-, to retch and vomit. -c.c, a. disposed to vomit. v8, v. to plant, with the intention of trans-oE8, n. a bed of plants. [planting. 0 v. to show, —i, v. to point out. -—, v. to show, in the way of instruction. 8, n. the outside, wlhat is beside. '-o~o, n. an outside person.

Page  272 272 R tI -o4, n. a public minister of state. St-08,-8oo,- ~ v. to be violent. ~6 1, v. to throw; throw away; throw' at. -— oS, v. to shoot, —os8, v. to forsake. — g-8, v. to sin against; to transgress. — coS, to throw, throw away. BS 2, v. to weave grass (for roofirTg.) I, n. a country, —8, hereditary chief. — i8!^? ~, au. rob bers, etc. -0Oi )q0, n. a courtesan. -d6cqs,n. the internal affairs of a country. e 2, n. a measure of capacity. g 3, n. pus. ---- ~co:)$8, n. drawing ointment. 'V, v. to be full. -—, v. to be replete with; to be fulfilled. -o, v. to be full of, have an abundance of. 9g~3t, v. to decide, settle, establish. 3, v. to b3 cut il two; to cease, break off. -— CO, v. to be discontinued. ooSS, (pron. ooSs,) n. a window. 8.o, Lu. a window-shutter. -c —oi, n. the aperture of a window. — g-S''nS., n a winldow-sash. ' )t3, n. quicksilver. -00)8, n. corrosive sublimate. B{, v. to return, to do again, to repeat ( a lesson); translate, to die (clerical.) -" )8, V. to connmmnicate intfornation. — ~8, n. a written reply. -'Q,. v. to interpret, translate. — oot, n. a royal edict. — ~@o, v. to relate.

Page  273 (iSoi 273 -cOo, v. to come back, —c3, v. to do in — Oag, v. to go back. [return. v, e. to be expanded, as the open hand. — oEMS, v. to be widely extended. — 8, v. to be a level, agreeable surface. 6S, v. to be low, squat, flat and broad. s$8, v. to spread out. -- S, vr. to take an average. aoS~ 1, v. to become weak. o30 2, v. to jest with, put to the blush. oa~, n. a graduated turret, a spire. ao3O::, n. a question. G I, n. ashes. -038., nI. potash, pearl-asl, saleratus. —;038s, n. soda. go 2, v. to be blue. o: 3, v. to be dim, as the eyes. gizos, n. a peon, — 8, municipal tax. 6=d, n. the tenth month in the year. 38 1, v. to be flat, level. g8o 2, v. to be divided into several parts. 8 1, v. to be accurate, exact. 2, verb affia, denoting the past. ~, adv. at all. 8 i,lv. to be done, to be proof against — s v. to be done. [ a weapon. s8 2, verb affix, denoting the past. i, —roF 1, v. to do, perform. -— s, v. to bewitch. -—, v. to take care of. — '5E, v. to amend, correct, repair. I ---cg, v. to operate, act upon. 0oS 1, v. to boil.

Page  274 271 274tscec~loc&~S( jo2,v. to be unldoosed. v. to be all dead. is, a vise. ~ ~sc~sv. to be' worn away, spent. It.V. to etide. & to:v 'o..belldouble-barrelled, as a gun. CB v. to be unloosed, to be appeased. -o: n.ac.ertificasteofsettlemnent, areceipt. -~~8,-~c7S,-j.s8, v. to be done away. col. to run, flee. -%oi. to run with a leaping inotion. tv. to gapec, expand. 0' —;,-uv. to say, speak, tell.:0S, v4. to,be'speckled. ~) 1 -it. a kind of buffalo, a bison. Q 062,-CCBIV. to' be briht S 3 3,-.8, v. to be clear, clean. ft)S. a-species of mraillet,.-cls, maize. -giculculit.- parched corn. -co!~Cmx it. broom-corn. ICoe 2, v. to chanige, to change place -,adv. end for end, upside down. -CA ". to move, to change residene. -'b, i. to be converted., -v. to brea'k down; fall to pieces. 1.to compare. -00 cBv. t4o, Maaateb,-1Ss,,. to comrpare. v. to rise up' soft, be puffy, swell. -v. to expand; to'blossom. -CO8V__-OO~,`v. to -be open, clear. Rais 1, Vi. e ah,..',s. to turn in a lathe. fto. a borer used for a -gimleit.

Page  275 gc8 2, v. to rub; to grind in a mill. t.to be rubbed off, abraded. t.to grow, increase. cv. to be confused, jS'u C~lV. to Support on the arms,-~, v. to ce.ring-worm. ary COS n. serina. ~,n. a Place of eat ingm, a table; a. feast. - v t. to take part ini or keep a fiestival. - en. a broker. n. a festival, -qS', 'v. to make ~caS [, n. 8 squirt, syringie. [a festival. 'v2 t. to grow in) clusters. [syphon. r*a tuble; conduit, -~CMOS, ". a Pa'-GPOv. to inix togmether, to be lost. CI)n. a pipe, fife, flute,-C, n. an organ., ocv. to embrace, hiug; to match. t9,v. to acet in concert. vW~l. to embrace, b~ug 08- 1. the anus, qa v. to procrastinate. eocS 1, v. to read audibly,-eo, n~. poetry. '9,v. to read audibly. eOO 2, v. to interpret (a drearn, etc.). O4 1, no. glass,-n M, CRYO*0?, n..f awineglass. tz. a glass 'candle shade. v. to manufacture glass. 13,. a 'glass cup or vessel. n.a globe lamp. -1=9 1. a tumbler. 2, -~& io,. to make, crea-te.

Page  276 4j 3, v. to be astringenlt; to be dazzled. 4f 4, v. to shuffle (cards,) 4 091 P. the heel., oqs, h. ack of the hand, upper part of ofas. an ankle. [the foot. tx,. to try to catch. OI v. to seize on, possess, asr a spirit. v. to apprehiend,-. —, 'ix to catch at. v.x to catch, seize hold of. tocS 1, il. to go aside; to put aside. -pov. to put aside. uQI~s. wax:-vyS, n. ointment. u-V. a candle. it,~j n a Portuguese; a Roman Catholic. n. pupi, ni. the water-melon. 4oadv. broken, scattered, in disorder. 006,-ai n a Nvinged moth. ocos n. a mnetal cup, glass tumbler. 001., nt. palm of the hand, sole of thje foot. -Csco6, azdv. treading in another's steps. o3 1, nt. a tbour-cornered basket withi a cover. -qw,-n-an oblong covered basket. o:) 2, v. tumend a breach,, close a hole. 13 it:. the cardamnomr plant. oos, nt. a frog. [toad. v. to bemzildewed,-&S6, a. a GODS t. a tadpole, or young frog. o9,a. -squat, like a toad. -08CO91. a door button. -vx to press, crush, oppress. I0 I,-ov. to invite-,.seda 8oS 2, 'v. to'spill over. [in~vitation'. Sw:n, adr. right across..

Page  277 coOS 8, int. expressive of dislike, disgust. 8S, v. to comb; to brush; to card wool. A, v. to protuberate; to be knotty. ToS 1, n. a kind of evil spirit. ~oS 2, n. dust lying on the ground. ~oo 3, to roast,-:8, V. to cremate. o re, see a?8 ON 0 1, n. a cushion. Y 2, v. to be fine, dusty as a street. -o, v. to be very dusty as a road. t8,-a-s5 v. to cover, cover up. v. to overspread. t8 1,-86, v. to behold reverentially. -cg(S, v. to look up to with reverence. Is 2, i. to bud. cot I, v. to scab over. co8 2, v. to turn a boat or ship from shore. ~, v. to break off; to crumble. b 1, n. satin,-o-, n. a strong satin. g 2, n. a playing card. - o0008, v. to play eards. -o-, 'v. to shuffle the cards. -- oS, v. to play cards. -E8s, n. a party playing at cards. b 3, vi. to get out of the way. co:)S, v. to perforate; to burst, (trans.) make explode; to fire, as blank cartridge; slake, as lime; to break one's — 8, v. same, last def. [faith. —, v. to break, as an earthen vessel. ~ooa1cs, v. to exchange goods, trade. ceas, n. a raft or float. oISt 1, v. to rise, as a blister; to be bloated. 12o

Page  278 COOSSOOS, a. grey, applied tohborses. con. to float by effort; n. a cork-tree; -oi. cork, the wood. [a buoy. COS 1, v. to produce, bring, to lighlt. -v. to disclose. COS 2, vt. to associate, keep) company. q n. a bellows, —oirs', v. a bead blAckqn. a fire-place, furnae. lsui1ith. av. to thtrow into 01' ulpon. loln. the grcent barbet. C71c v. to destroy. %8 z. cotton cloth, mnade by the -Burmiese. cSojsm~s)s, v. to raffle, 8eeco~V8# ct~ i, v. to be unsubstantial, useless. taSs 2, -c, v. t'O lew -off. W8n. enflargement of the abdomen. pn. ain otter,-rmcs ni. a beaver. (bgn. a mat. (Vv. to be in a fever,.-f, nz. a fever. v- to catchi a fever. (fJit, v. to spi'inkle, scatter in fine particles. C~pas-%cSv. to make lost, destroy. -tv. to lpersnade. vav. to be Pale, faded. ejS 1, to coax, pacify; to diver't. ctaS 2,?'. to dilute, make thain. I e,.l to be fill in flesh, corpulent. SOs a. a Frenchman. x as.affl~x, by) by means of. ~,v. to be, have oxiaten~e; to become. -qQC~tI'-QOO iq tet. ailt alas! 6 ~2, v. to spu tter, crackle, snap, crepitate. sp-e~sp. to be slow, gentle.

Page  279 MLl 279 @g, v. to fill, make full, complete. @o 1, v. to cut in two; to break off. — eo, n. a decision in writing. — cooS, n. a broad flat chisel. -oo8sBoSeo, 7n. a written decision in law. t8, n. precedent in 1aw, —os8, a short cut., v. to spread out; to walk. —, v. to scatter, spread abroad. @+8 v. to sprinkle, scatter (a liquid).:o, v. to divide into several parts. 8sc8CoS8, v. to persuade; to entice, seduce. idoS 1, n. the sand-fly. BoS 2, v. to unloose, dislocate, derange. S8,-c-8, v. to wear away, exhaust. I, n. a porcnpine,-a8, a porcupine quill. 2 2, v. to be white; to be pleased with. -e8, v. to be white, clean, pure. [sin. ~i, v. to untie, unroll, answdr, to cancel, as — 988, v. to pardon, —goS, v. to forgive c3o, v. to parboil. [freely. c~q3, v. to be straight; to make straight. — *8, v. to be upright, —ooS, be honest. a, v. to break down, (trans.), demolish, vgc, v. to hide, secrete, conceal. [destroy. v8, v. to open, c61$ goS, n. a species of guana. -— 8rgo}s, n. the monitor crocodile. g ', v. to cleanse by pounding or beating. -coo~o, v. to wash clothes by beating. -c —cS, v. to wash clothes by scrubbing. 8o9S,-C-, v. to be meet, desirable..9 i,. to be fat, plump. — [1, v~. to be fat, plant, abhndant.

Page  280 280 got 1,. to bear, bring forth, as animals. -oc8, n. one born at the same timne. -~8, v. see g0 8ws 2, v. to be loose, not compact; profuse. 8OCOO, n. a grandmother, ooop8s ~, int. expressive of dislike, disgust, pish! cg, v. to seek, search for,:ou 4' v. to bind together; to weave together. — P8, n. harness,-s s, v. to bind ton. the husks or chaff of grain. [gether. ~, n. the finer part; bran. 011 e+8go88, adv. in disorder. eco, n. strength, iSo08, oc8 1, n. a ball,-o-eog, v. to play at ball. -o3, n. a bat,-coooS, n. a shuttlecock. - oS6,d n. a battledoor. o8 2, 2L. mosque. oc6~, n. a bubble rising in water. ooi,, _col, n. pyrites. oq0, a. many, —S, n. the plural number. -sog, n. the great drum of the palace. ooo:S, ooo, n. the almond. ocop, n. a fool, c'qoSN 8o69j, n. a mansion; a temple. 8&1, n. the small circle, co8C s8oo8 (a) 7oS, n. the crow pheasant. tg, n. a Boodh. ~tols,n.the planet Mercury; Wednesday. S6 1,n. a pump. 08 2, it. coarse woollen cloth. q8O:)ocq, n. leather.

Page  281 COWO 2811 1s, (Eng.) n.- a tnortar,- ~c4, a bonmb-shell. C0 n. the Vedas, mathematics. -o20S. t'. to ma~rke astrological calculan.dandruiff. [dions. Pe,. u. cotton made tip in rolls for spinniing. qC'n. tmilitary force; a military officer. n. at ceneral. -(.), In. forces, troops. Catn. a flat wooden dishk. tpoS. a divine communication. -CODA, V. to uitter a divine communicac~,n. a kind of druim. ttion. %.c3jn. a cracker, squib, SlqeN O[8:, see. e r&,. a heron. — CV:)1A. the brown paddy bird. 6 c5, n. breadth, width. ~sfn. a Brahmin, Q-B:so boa hrahmnah. 8:s, adiv. flat wise. a~SQ3. a wide-mouthed water jug(. co, an, abblreviation of wm a father. -cz (Pror&. aco n. a father. 03. a fahe' elder brother. -P* n. a father. -cj tz. a father's younger brother. -W-B SQR, 7i. orphan bereaved otf its father. COB. a side, party. vz. ordure,-::?S, iz-an inferior hell. cor (08p,)az. tumor in the groin, a bubo. 00 viB.. A Bengalee. a8,v. hemnp. ganja, QcoI~c0:,S1 ni. treasure.

Page  282 -6016.v. to niake (onipensation. n9. a trensiirer.-& —coS, n. a-treas~ury. Ios1 n. S1hallow flat-Ikttumied basket. m~ 2, n. a sumwple, sp~evin-en, muster. co ~s 3, n. puzzlinig hingii'age. co codo 1, n. the left side, Cc7dSbn ad/v. on the rigbt and left. -cgo~eo~,ac/v. from side to side. -'jI'. to l-e left-hianded. 0009 PT'071?. (a. abbreviation of modo~o' pron., a. how many?-xoSs, which? MWQR??. a drug. [ (thling) oocjoS, zz. otriainents for the neck. 0o, n. a state ot existence,- GOE8, v. to -V.a king, monarchi. [die.. oo00, vi suirmmit of the universe. ooo8, 'i.to be in a trance. Coo co) pron..a. what thing? what? coo:i. short sentences for repetition. 0000. v. language; custom; system of 81,verb affix, e-hni. [eligion *32, vi. a trap,-cwooS, v. to set a trap.,Bal. priest,..-I, priestess of ]3oodhi. vi1,. a sandal; pagoda base, pedestal. _C~sco~sv n a sandal maker., viOSt. the straps of a sandal. 9 8s 1, vi. OpinM,.-oS, the popp)Y. zB i 2, vi. 8ee As, a wheel. [minS. B9 oS, ni. a blessintg pronounced by Br'ahce vl. a monster, which eats humnan flesh. A n. wheel of a earringe; comb; brush. ft. a coarse comb., vits. A fhtt Comnb;-UtS a fine comb.

Page  283 Ce4s 2 3 Z08, n. glory,- @t, a priest of Boodh. *elS, n. a chief, sovereign. [pagoda.:ps, (pron. ocp8,) n. a god; lord, master; -~}, 9 n. slave to a pagoda. -cco:8s, n. one destined to be deified. — oa S. n suprer, e object of worship; God. o gn. a mansion, division of the universe. o8 1, a gourd; a jug, bottle or vial. — gcxOS, n. the bottle gourd. 008 2, verb afflr, negative assertive. CO8, On. an evil, calamity. — C-, v. to meet with trouble. -3S, — 8,-, n. same as coo8 c~8 2, n. a great-grandfather. —, n. a great-grandmnother. 6o)j, ado. in what manner? how? ao, verb affle, before, without, ~o —~ n{, n. the gilt border of a garment. cc-. 1, n. the private parts. coo) 2, an abbreviation of oacCO0n ~codoSo), adv. suddenly. C~:o8, n. a company, society. c~:mov0o n. food, eatables. coo:, n. pure silver.:8S n. a grandrathler, -see ooc88 — e Sac% ~Co., a. possessions inherited from one's ancestors. orv, n. Sir. O:RR, n. what is suitable,-see o8o9g O288, n. a grandmnother,-see oogoaIs itz, n. circular flexure in the hair of ani-— 8, v. to have a bad flexure. [mals. -— i, t. to have an unlucky flexure.

Page  284 --- c, v. to curl spirally, as ascending n, n. an honorary title. [smoke. 1,,n. sister,-prefixed in names of women. o 2, a. the first, oldest, original, principal, as C0O8, the main road. 0 4, v. to support- e, v. to assist, relieve. W 5, adv. not,-prrcfixed to verbs. WoS 1, v. to covet, wish to enjoy. — 6JO, v. to be inordinately attached to. ucS 2, v. to put the helm to larboard. -cS, n. a large casting net. yon, v. to be not even, i. e. to exceed. QMos88crs8, n. the punishment of demerit. womoSgooccps8, adv. not well. vco:o88g, n. demerit, oojoc8c6u ~cmocMo, adv. not sufficiently, not enough. o0c, n. a Mogul. [crown. qrdq, u. a royal crest —xql, n. a royal QgoS, -— og8s, adv. certainly, truly. wBcoo, n. a blessing; a religious rite. — cGoo8, v. to perform a religions ceremony. -C3-o8~oSCOO3 8, n. a bridegroo:n. -Coo8oo3Ec@8, n. a bride. -qd88, n. duties to government. -— o0, n. rules of happiness. o8S 1, n. a ruler, governor. -- n, n. a king, a great minister of state. — oC, n. a monarch —, v. to rule. — wC8, n. a title of honor, your Honor. — cioSooja, n. regalia. [nor. - yo;o8, n. executor of orders of, a gover

Page  285 7Ij. a prinlcess,.-o, n. at) aitihassa_aos i. a prince. [dor. ob8 2, Pron. you, ma8. os~sw&9c6, a. or adev. out ot lawful wedth mnosee. [lock. osox6', n. a bolt. Qes,-c88gS, iz. fmaqc, ordre. og I, v. to heave a name, be called. og 2,- pro a. what? whatever. pron. a. of wh1)at soit, (interrogative.) a0 3, verb afflx, sall, will. Qgosn. red velvet. oev. to ho dark, black, iocn n. a large shied or boothi. Qc I, nz. t'or annas,-608, Ul. a pie. QoS 2, v. to be erect; to make erect. -Coo~s,.-cooS, adv. in an uprighit posture. Qeoj, (pron. us, adv. uinseasonably. wcoooo adv. happening unluckily. QBa. eorruoptin of 4f cS, the morning. Wlwes advx rathier distant. we,. yesterday,-&-~ n. laSt nighlt. n.the mind, 8o8u 'n. a deed performed by the mind. So (pron. Qq s, n. the tamarind. -~c, 7jz. the tamarind fruiit. - pc, 7Z. a muntra, a charm, spell. 44n. a counterfeit precious stone. f~,v. to charm. tz,. last year. Ora ft. a mistress, madam. Qt,. mother,-.18, respectable matron. -C~cjjSojco5,n-a vestal, nun.'

Page  286 .to n. a wife,-58, the p'rinceipal wife. -cu9,z. infe' ior wife.-,v. to have wife. -6coog~,nl wife's son by a forr'mer husband. vdn. a large iron nail. wjo uqmo zt. death. -oa,. the near approach of death. wc isi the nmarian tree,-cp8, is. yellow g0EN is. a wife's elder sister. [clr: nz. creamn, a -600, adv. with ill-willQqO98 oomo n. fresh butter. Qw)?Z. a funeral. -o(,n. funeral preparations, cerem-onies. v.to convey a corpse to the place of is. a bad mnan. rinterment. VW) a. great, excellent. 00.cn. lymplh,-DOGOO, a lymphatic. voo3o8, is. universal history.v wc~oSaoniS, adv. not right. vC90. agate, on)yx, opal, etc. _c&-D~oS,. onyx,-J, is. carnelian. atv. to plaster, cover with a soft snbsance. 09 'v. to be hard; to be well, healthiy. v. to be well,hbealtby, -o:), v. to be hardy, vigorous. iso,. at honseholdl nat. ~."D09ODD8 it. an index. VOOT341S ti. inuslin, uwonocSScSn is. pride. v. to pretend to be angry. V. to be suallen. fq. pride,-Qdoo8s: Sp v to be pod 000 ha. Rrtifice. (baugty

Page  287 287. wa~o~ow, ui. the guava tree. 0% n. a shlip's officer; pilot. ii,. a flag-staff. 81, ozS n. respectable parentage. I n. a mother's elder, sister. -cgn. a miother's, younger sister. -a), n. parents, f'atber and mother. 'aDzC,. tradition~al customns. ooaS4e. a n orph an bereaved of its 8 2, n. daughiter, — prefixed to names of girls anDd young wom-en. 83, v. to get htold of, catch after pursuing. 84, vevb affilx, implying carelessness or 8q 8,n. an alligator. [f~ault. 7WD Z. falsehood, error. n. fidse~hood, error; a heretic. n.. an cvii nat. 8o5 I, n. affection, friendshiip. -%SsoSv. to be intim~ate WWIt. -Q;,n. a friend, aoeog Sgi v'. to become friends. -o~,n. a inarried couple. -00OM9x, S~w~ it. a union of friend8cS 2, nz. the prickly. heat, si P. 8,v. to speak authoritatively. 48,-cuo,. to be faint; to be stupefied. 48o'-se.. a womian. __C*~COD, S8IsncoI, n. a girl. na. a euhnuch. Fta harlot, 89gO000 na a lhermaphrmodite. TTI-80 9cetn. a queen.

Page  288 288 89,pron. one's self, vouirgelt himrseltf, etc. Si, ta. fire,-d3&, n. a lantern. n. It Mtagic lantern. CQIn. a fire-cracker,9 CDaS)Css -cl ES, n. a rocket, SS(~u -cAl, (prona. Smas,) n. live coals. 06,. to strike fire, -. noi. candlestick. n. a live coal, —eomp. SsrAsN — alSo,nztithing-mnan, chief of ten houses. -gtn. smoke; v. to smoke annoyingly. -4n. a fire-hook,-SS, n. a lucifer -8.Pn. a cup to buirn oil in. [miatch. -~(Siq~cSn. a fire-engine. -,n. a wick; —sot-68, ni. snuffers. _=,v. to give warning against fire. -&Y. noire-tongs, —c*:xSq u. a blaze. -o-4n. a volcano, -qcS3, v. to set _qqn. a candle, torch. [fire to. - 8 no fire wrapped tip for throwing. -ev. to bo ini childbed9-. —~4s,. lire— kafon. a firelock. [works. n. kinds of rocket. — uis&YS, n a kind of squih. I. qs w t paper lantern. Vn.a fiat-iron, -~os v. to h-on clothies. _C Bn. a spark. — vdc~oc'aSn. a matchlock. na. a rocket,-OOPS, ii. light-house. -83534,n. a lighit-ship. ii188 a pipe to -blow fire with. - 08 7. spark,-. gosogS, v. to sparkle. _Coqn. afire-ship, — q, n. a fire-place. ii. a fireside.

Page  289 289 - 8o8, v. to bring forth (a child). -c-(Osa:QoS, v. to give warning agaist fire. -C88, v. to make fire, —^, nt. lenseo. -- n. embers, -oZjP8seoS, 7. a steam — qo:), I. a locomtotive. [engine. -qoo8osc, n. a rail-car. -6q10:v8s, n. a railway station. — oosqs2:, n. railway station master. -,i,'v. to set fire to. — ccooSo, n. tlhe sear of a burn. -— o, v. to warn one 's self by fire., the flashing of flame. — ao., i. a steam vessel. -:o3oC' 1 Q6SS, n. a stealrer's funnel. - 0ooi8?.. a fireengine. -0008, v. to clear a. lath] to chleck fire's ad-— co, n. dead coal, charcoal. [vance. 88~[,?i. thle melnses. -':oo, n. a stoppage of tlec courses. —,?. excessive discharoc or theI menses. - S, n. a disease of tlhc mtenses. — ~, <v. to hlave a retuirn ot thie m:enses. v —, v. to be regular in the menses. cr;g, ado. certainly, verily, Gconoo>5j oS, (pron..,oSsoS,),n. the beard. — es, n. a guy-r11(e. as 8, (pon.,osS,) n. a huntsman. ita81, n. a widower. — ~8,, n. a widow. 0oS 1, n. aloes. 10t, n. an arch. — cla~MSoe, n. an arch; v. to make an arche ~, n. a rupture, hernia. 83~, 'n. species of leprosy, Cooosip9 13

Page  290 IoS~c8s, it. a kind ot necklace.. ISS z. a raviisher,-oq, 'v. ~to rIavish. 4as,. the mustfard plant; mustard. itS,. a storn), tempest. lion. the radish plan t,-e2, it. a radish. -2,n. the lparsflip,-21, n. the beet. iet~?. the carrot,-e2S, the turnil). n,i. 1)read,-cOS, nt. rusk, toast. it.qS tried cake,-00C6, verm icelli. it1. a wafer,-_9s, i. doughl. -%8cqSu. fried eake,-&7S, it. flour. -9qo5p, it. a pie,-CO, it. vermicelib. it. p~orridge,-oS, nt. the bread-fruit. -869ccS,. a patilcake,-g'o8, nt. a cake. -kg. hianh ma.#n e. _ccocaRit. a t1 in cake, light and brittle. -C.,88~11 7. Burmese vermicelli. ~jv. to dislike, hate, det~st, gs8assn _000 u s v.to bDe inveterately 'enraged. _oosv. to hate iintensely.-W*~ wrath. (oR v. to show wrath. itw,. barley. IV any dye-kSQ, v. to de 1, t. original writing —,it. an autogra)hl. 2, v. to do, perform; to act like. -M)B -8onetime8 'itn. afix nontinative'. Ico ni. an origin, foundation. vi. to be uncom~pounded. ns1,i. a moo, a w~eighlt. two-annas. VswoS 2, Vomo~o~ nt. the nobilitv. 3 3, it. a SM all ri vet', a rivulet.

Page  291 29 1 Is 4,-c 40k,-CS,-co, to be giddy;. to be sea-sick: to he intoxicated. n*pTi affection, love; a blessing. _0)n. a friendly letter, epistle. r.to wish well to, to bless, pray for.' v. to dlo a kindnec-s. Qo~~ cQ~ n_ sextial interCotlr,-. tforget, to ICe stmnned, — coos, n. chiloroform. -Qqo~Qoc~pV. to forget. QoS 1, n., the lower jaw. v. to chatter with the teeth. -D)n. the chn~o~,a martingale. _~,n. lowerjaw-bone,-c~Ssm8, ai curl. Qrjs 21v,- S e i. to ask, inquire.,v. to he wantingr; not to be. 1, n. anil, the indigo plant; indigo. 2, n. aot-.i.to cas"t lot-S. 3, 8~ee, oes r. to be dark, black. Q(43 ~8~v. to be tired, fatigued. Q e:6. to be rounded. Q:sn. the brother of a womnan, 1)refixe(1 to names of men. n. a husband, co&I pron. you, mws. -8,(pron. cuoomS) n. a probationler for the priesthood. 1)8 In. the ar'm; a lever; a well-pole. -qn. the socket of the shioulder. __Q73C-)n. a kind of pestle. raow'. a clasp-knife,- p6n n a sl ee ve. 'V. to, s'et a spring. n. the lever of a rice pounder.

Page  292 nz. the tipper part of the arm. C6:)S 2,,z. a Burmese gong. C5,v. to expose by boat of drum. v. to go about as crier, bell-man. cooSs 3,1,v. to drive, drive away(an, anima4l). cuSe 4, v. to be dark red or purple. Cooso'sas0, n. Concubi no of aking. cwm nt. dai'kless, ignorance, folly. copt~ 91il. to look tip. [upward. cov. to bo ascending; look forward and v. to be raised in the center. qdS 1, it. a crucible, cupel. 2,-b), v. to be dark; ign orant, wicked. it. the sky, the clouds; rain. v. to be coverei vt lus _MD)i, u an awning. MOOn. the rains,-cyjS, -n. horizoni. -Cmosv. to m'ain abundantly. -cmomS, it. the sky. -as 1, it. a thunderbult, qZS8SMcSOO -fis 2, i. an alloy of copper and gold. -usscS, it. a galvanic battery. _&oooSv. to thunder in short claps. v. to strike (as lightning). -moopst a, thunderh~olt,-Goj8,v. to be m. to take shel ter'frotn the raina.[dy v. to shut in), as evening. 0Vv. to thuinder,-q~, v. to rain in~ -C93-.a cloud. (cOssantlY. it6,. stiow,-GJ)OS, it. a drop of rail'i.sOwt-, it. fine rain. v. to drizzle. -O, it. tile wHilow.

Page  293 -s~)v. to rumble in the sky. - 8,v. to rain,-cQSS, v. to dawn. -cocj~cSsn. a stormn, tempest. n* ail, —,8CY, V. to hanil. _CCO)d~jv. to be early in the morning..4n. a~jfl-c causative, because of. qqa contractiont of Otjosco'80 ~ Qoe, a contraction. (f WL~O0oool g V. to cover' withiout touchiing, to ho ~ SI,. a gemn, precious stone. [chief. n0877. grold or silver' leaf. (Oc-B 2, rs. thec eye,-o~o5X adv. out of sight. -QSn. the edge of an eyelid. le 2. the arch oivcr the eye. n.the cyetr-ow. ni. a charm to excite Jove. —,ad withi a sweet smilin facG. -iac~ev. to allure with a smifling face. -CS&Sv. to lose sighit of. n. an eyelid,-a,'?~s, n. eye medicine. n. thje eye., G~8c:S8 v. to be squintv. to be quick-sighted. [eyed. u. the pupil of the eye, tcaScoil v'. to cast a side glance. n. the eyelashes. -COO:)zcY3,v. to wink. n_88,i. socket of the eye, td'A -48&8,v. to resent, feel ill-will. u0 t. spectacles. n_96t~. presence; present timie. -cqoq Io,,v.to scowl,look stern, angry. tz. the irs-69 n. a teats. v. to weep.

Page  294 - q^b', v. to lave the eve filled with -— [<, n. ahint given with tle eye. [tears. -— [C:os88, v. to be quick-sighted. -0s8, n. the eyeball. — c8s':, n. the socket of the eye. g-~6, v. to practise legeerd ain. — cjo3s, n. a juggler. Po3, n. the face, the colitenance, a surface, a cardinal point. [aspect. -0008, n. the looks, —3-.c, n. natural — ~~,' n. a canopy, —(8, v. to be dis- s88s8, adv. face to face. [tinguished. —, v. to be dark in countenance. -oow8, v. to look stern, n. a stern aspect. -o008cmvS8, v. to be sober, grave. -CY, v. to be gruff in countenance. — 0^, v. to blush; to lose favor. — q, v. to show the face,-g8, n. surface. -— 6, iv. to look toward,-O8, n. charm - ls, n. a vail. [to excite love. -S S, yv. to bring forth (a child). — a, v. to gain countenance, obtain favor. — ~, ' to turn away the face. acBo180oS3, v. to beat oat gold-leaf. yss8, n. a ruler, ruling line, a ruled line. - Ov88, Tn. a ruled line, —8s, n. a ruling line. [ruler. - ' v, to rule with a rule,-o-, n. a )8S, q. to be many,-8Os, v. to be abunC:p 1, n. a pole, slender post. [dant. ~4pr 2, v. to float down. ~c 3, v. to faint away. c 1oSl,n. a mnonkey, —v:s, monkey-tiger.

Page  295 Saoc 295 -0'c1, n. the fisher-monkey. it. a steersman's seat. _cWOS8Q,. the slow loris. -CocS, it. a hasp, long hinge; a clamnp. c~( 2, n. the potato or yarn plant. nt. a potato, e'_8,-GzI)88, a yam. Qtc008 V. to Commit adultery (as woman.) it. a correlate in marriage. q)V. to swallow; restrain one's feelingss. (p )v. to he singed. 4s.-cogt. seed, seed-grain,-b, seedit. an eineral1d. LpulISe. S oS 1,-oS, v, a. glrass. -0Se, green sward, a meadowv. -- iS. a clumi) of grass. it03. a blade of grass. g CSB 2, v'. to. stick (in thre throat). oS7 3, v. to cut sharp), as a knife; to be Ss8, v. to see. [pungent, as flavor-. -a~s. to dislike, hlate, i -fctv. to dreamn, -w:o, v. to see easily. g 8oOcSSosos, 9it. a bastard child. ~,v. to be high; exalted, dizstant in time. v. to be surpassingly eminent. ~,i.a hosn~~,i. a zebra. itn. a hjorse-breaker,- ~,hreselr -0so, n. horses food, - 8, a horse's rider. it0j,. a trooper,-T, mounted mjil~itia. i-(06 t. a fsta ble,-o-aS it. eavalry.V -caa grootm.-&S,v-to race, with horases 88. a, gelding, -c8s it. a race-horse

Page  296 296 ~ %?Z. a hor1se-r'ace, co,n. a Burmese bier. [horses. -COD)3, n. a stal lion,-00e, u.a dealer in 8~ 2,~ 'n- a wen. 968K'O)88, itl. the Shin, &01 Ssqjl. the MyonInIo mo1unt. _S6 ii. the grable e11( o)t a house. 8: D910s, it. the p~iles. SS 1, nt. a rivet'. n. the chantnel. otfa river. it. the con rse of a river. _ it. a confluence of rivers. -(:i) t. the headl or 5011re0 of ar 1'ver. 2, it. a great-grrandchild. 3,O ):8 v. to imipede, pr-ollilit. I ~ to so-und, lprodtice sound. 2~~, 2. v. to find 6kult,-33'a., 'v. to laute1cilt. v). to taste of. C S, v. to be exeellent; to be a gaini. I)S~,. to love, like, (honor01ific'). ~ ~ v. to be quick, swift. 8,i). to ask, inquire. - 3, (pronl. 0~0 v.. a Burmese. wi n i. a swivel. 'V. to relish), enljoy. 14. a (debt, -oi. to lend money..-iv. to borrow tiuney,-v8, a debtor. -0-,v. to play a debt,-OoaS, t increse 18 i. a security, for debt.- [byinterest. n.ite inters of a debt. go n. the principal,- Sit~a creditor. toz. the -root 'of the tailthe ruMip.

Page  297 cSee 297 ' saeS8, n. a crupper. go~, v. to be submerged; buried; disappear. 1 1, v. to be barren, applied to females. B 2, v. to conceal one's self, keep still. @, v. to chew with thle gumis. n, n. minute particles of floating dust. 8,-~s, ---- 8, —.S, v. to reel pletsure. nc, n. earth, ground,-oo-, an earthen cup. -— (00, n. riclhness of earth. -003o, n. a rampart, or mound of earth. — ~coovs, v. to be fertile. - -S8s, v. to be rough, barren. -(5, v. to smear. with clay, dung, etc. — 0., n. the earth,- c8s, aspot of' earth. -c-s, n. a fox; a kiind of cricket. — 8s, n. an ignis.fatuus,-c~8, n. clay. - 8,n. a clod, [g'round. — a;8e~, n. revenue paid on produce of -— oS, n. a cellar, vault, [land. -oCSs, n. a measurer and distributer of -$, n. red oehre,-5, n. alluvial soil. -b, n. Manila root, ground-nut. — 8, 7n. the earth's surface, --, n. elcalk. —,it n. a fortification of earth,- o88, n. — ~8, n. a ridgeo of earth. [wild land. — c, v. to destroy tutterly, to desolate. ~Q, v. to be decayed. ~ n~, n. a grand-child. 1, 7. an ass. g 2, —, —, v. to be stable, firm. 4)3cS 1, n. the North. CSOcS 2, v. to be raisedN to accomplish. e So9 3, ordinal numeral auxiliary.

Page  298 298 C3o8, — o8, n. a long, narrow, winding ~8, n. Javile, gully. [valley. e)88s, n. an artificial water-course. (8, n. a pleasant. grove. — 8?, n. crystallized quartz. 11, i. afortified place; acity, chief town. -— S6, 7. tile chief of a city. — c 8S, 1. a subordinate ruler of a city. - 6c8sc oS,?n. sutb)urbs, — ~ C8s,n. a bailiff. -- 8s8, n. one who receives the revenue of - i, r. a fortification. [a city. --- iO e), n. the whole country. - 8, —80ooo, n. a wall, a fortress. -oS, n. governor of a city, a viceroy. -oj.s88, n. tile chief of a city, a sheriff. 8, v. to be friable easily coumbled. o80, —3o8, v. to be hungry or thirsty. S, 'v. to be good, excellent. g~8, r. to be overwhelmed; to faint away. — moS, v. to be noon. — c668,-c, v. to be afternoon. — co6, n. time between 9 and 12 o'clock. 868, —,?'. to plaster, overlay..g 1, v. to sleep,-cp, n. a matress. c. 2,- 8, —cc6J, v. to enjoy, delight il. cg8 1, see ocgs, n. the hair of the body. — s880o, v. to experience horripilatioln. cg8 2, to bear, bring forth, gosu — ooS, in. a father, —3a8o, n. a motlher. cgs 3,-8so, v. to feed, nourish, -— oso8, n. an adopted son. - i,. to tend carefully, tenderly. v, v. to b1e gray, to l)e dim, as the eye.

Page  299 299t ov. to litter, speak. 14,. a serpent, snake. -mos8s, n.. a harmless snake.8Sn. thre common green serpent. L9. the ribbon snake. -49n. a poisonous serpent. -u,. an ichneunmon,-crg, u. a viper. -cm:)4 n. the cobr-a. 9 t. affix, from, out of, besides. 9 2, verb at/ic, eon t;7zittive. IdS. a gad-fl~y. 98 i. inik, —18, n. an inkstand. -QLE5:)5.3~8'v. to tattoo in figures. r i. to tattoo in fine specks. ~.a pen,-O~e, it. aprinter'sroller. na. India ink,-coS, v. to he dis9 1,v. to namne, (rive:tannIle. [Linct. 9 1,. toh ie1~&. be overripe. 10 1, it. a touchistone, -Bv. to burnish. '. to rub on a touchstoine. oS 2, 'v. to note di)wn, observe:, be of 'qStv. to lay Ill) ill Ilinid. {jopinion. 1.a, Written oothcial notice'. it. a journ11al of events.it. na post set nip for a miark. [ter., -cc):), v. to observe, -~, n. a record, regis-. - 0' v. to enter amnong official. records. v. to remember, retain in miemnory. v. to mark, note down. n,. window-glass; ~a looking-glass.?.a lantern, StA&'e 4, ~3. to overhty with glaiss. it;Sj. a telescope, or m iereacopo.

Page  300 300 C0b - q) i. a diamond to cut glass with. it. a man giflyinig glass or' rirror, 2, to hit (It mtark,) cB; to he righit. t',. to be right. q i,. Ft 1lOilCCn. a flionib. ~ 1, v. to nin, intend. - v. to heave an) indistinct recollection. ~~e 2, iver6for-m atiie. [st ruiction., ~D1, v. to iiistrtiL,-A,-, v. to leave innvl 7. letter of -advice, Or ins-trucltion. -CO'Da, 1. to glive instrutction to be acted -c~oS, —. to instruct, tOnl luic-eafter. 2, n,. affiw, at, among, concernming. r v. t:o mi)SS ('a mark,) to cel.r cs v. to sin); be guiilty of illicit sexual" 9C1v. to shut (the elye). [itrose va. to bln,,.to twinkle.,va. to be faded, as Color oi- brigihtness. Vs 1, 2i. a, larlpooi. [caitch1. ~,v. to i-each, attalin to, Come lip Withl, ~ 2,-vto ndhere to, take r-efuige in. 01 Z. af largre cuiwlioii to lean on. V. to cleave to. tadher-e to. 3, veirb qpix, befome, Q-1n, v. to blow; to hmi.-s as a mrakc. 'a. to be dima, as the eves. _oj~TVadv. dimily, obsem -ely. va to l)e ehiief of, rule over, govern. ai. a imole, dark'spot on thre body. 'a0,. to place 'in a prone p)ositionl. _Ssq:)~tadv.' ove and over., -ad'. pronely,.-.c-9j va. to ov"O rtbjW,

Page  301 cq*. to be very dark,.-n. darkness. -Ofv. to grow dark as from a squall. cg& 1, n.Certain magical infliece c9S 2, n. duckweed. 7z. a fungus; mould, mildew; a nail. ooyv. to be mouldy. v. to be lost in thoughit;to be dull. _C~S~Sadv. rather downcast. ~8,n. futne, vaspor. -~, V. to r-eceive fumigation. ~8s 2,-co, 'r. to be dark. 1, i'. to dividle and distribute equally. C~C5 V. to0 g iveC awAVay. (t 2, v. to be equal, ts, niuch as, adv. even.- 0, V. Samle; to he p)roportionate. yjn. a bamboo sprouit. YOOV. to Catch with da lbait. c~p,v.to ovcrspi'cad,-5jcS.to be overspread. Cy:,V. to szet -Afoat. CY? n. a leech; ait ironl clump. cyav. to clamp; n. all iron clamp. -cc V. to apply a lCechl. vtolook forward; to expect; -_~,n. a prospect. [anticipate. cQv. to look forward; have foresight. -',. to look for, wvait in expectation. - S,n. alook-out,- -o)se,.-~-coz~,~,.tobhope-ce-v. to conjecture.,v. to look forward to. ts V. to Singe, 'scorch.. -to make high exalt. Ro s, tz.'an arrow. 1,3.

Page  302 302 cwkag -o~gcxoSoc,.-co4, nz. a quiver. - nB'-i. feathers of an arrow. v. to submerge; bury; cause to disapNo n. a fishi-trap, dlB81u81 [pear. Ri3. to please, delight: to allure, decoy. c~),v. to toss; to raise; exalt; to flatter: to multiply arithmetically. -c~3jsQ~9 7. a multiplier. — 0DB, i. to promote. -903~' 7i. a pro(luet, (ill arithmietic.) i'. to pulverize..2c8, ill. to 1e )C e; to b 0 Ver v 'Siiloothi jp5. to gazih olbliqplely, ii,. a t ic k. Q~, aSr. to agri tate: to) annoy, ve,,x. Q~'V. to twirl. thle head. is:)75. to Nvh~irI1 round( bV the hair ot C8 V. to smnell sweet, he tragran.uf WCYv. to scaratch 0o' paw thre earth. w oin. rice porridge. w~-~ n. a scoop for catching fishi C01n. past time. W 9n. the present tine,-c~, n. to-day. -,adiv. only just now,-go, 'adv. now. Wsn. the common flyt any flying insect. nI. the Jiiinpiug1r spider,-cts, it a n. a l-fa.[freckle. CZ&S 1, pron. a. thiat,-1-c, Pront. a. such. W~s# 2, n.' bamnboo fish trap. c Sloso, n. Maulmain ebounv. W$' V8'I. to, be d ru nk,-~-S,.?s sot.In. an intoxicating drug or 1iqtpor.

Page  303 303 oO&, n. a sacrifice,-es, n. sacrificial food. -ccptcoS, n. a priest,_.-o}S,n. an altar. -yeoS, v. to offer a sacrifice. o~opSs, n. a doll. o003 2, v. to be tame; to be civilized. -cXrn, v. to be well-bred. -c, v. to be polite in speech. ocs, a7a abbreviation of owc, to-day. oO~ ps,-~cS, z. any engine, or macllinery. ovoo, n. a fan, a punkah. -sQo', v. to fan,- o::oS, n,. a fan. wo0~, n. time recently passed. — 6C, o~ct, n. the other day. —;, or o0wE, n. a year lately passed. 008s, n. a punkali, suspended fan. 008 1, n. gunpowder,-88s, saltpeter. — coooS, n. a cartridge. -CeS, v. to make gunpowder. ooSs 2, v. to strike right and left. — Qo, v. to guess, conjecture. — osoo68o'S8, atdv. at random. -coS5, v. to guess at random. [side. c5, n. a period of night. a watch, the out-:O, n. a cultivated spot of ground. oo(c, a. temporary. -— o, n. building for temporary residence. coeS, v. to itch, —p, n. the itch. 09, v. to run as matter from a sore. 038s, v. to lean, he inclined, os9u ~ob, 7n. suspicion, doubt. — oS, v. to be free from suspicion. c oS,-g-, v. to be inferior, mean. --—:, x. to be vile, depraved.

Page  304 O8~cxgS, n. to parse. in grammar. o.oSoo, v. to suspect, think ill of. ot, n. a Jew, xogoSu oS, it. a hare; D~ors, a rabbit. o, v. to belive, have confidence in. — i, v. to hlave great confidence in. — ~, v. to believe cordially. -c-oo.oovo, v. to be probably true. g8, a. credible. — s, v. to doubt. i, v. to be contracted. C2, v. to take; be of opinion, —, to bring. -— ~6oS, to take, carry, bring, —o, to C2Op3, n. 13. English miles. [complain., v. to be loose,fliilsy, as clotl). cc:v 1, n. one of the race of Yans. c~3) 2, int. there now! CQcO7S 1, - i, it. a ladle. -—, n. a pudding-stick. cWoc 2, num. aux. applied to mankind. COOogy3, n. a fathar-in-law, mother-in-law. coo3oC o, n. a wife's brother. C~oooSO, n. a liusband's sister. C)OoSos8, CoSC38)8, ni. a nan. -— CcS8, n. a Inan of strength. — 8, v. to bo bold, fearless. ---:), n. a hermaphrodite. caoocsopop, n. a bivalvular shell-fish. co=S 1, nt knot of lhair worn by Inen. -o8,i n. a charm against evil. ~oo3S 2, — cSs, v. to inake a mistake. c~oWScSo, n. the large horn-bill. oo, int. here take it! tq 1, n. preserves, sweetmeats.

Page  305 ~Olc&1, 8 305 _M,-c~sv. to make confections. 2, i. to leak; to weep-to be itnjured. LRE v. to be daiinnjred. qS8, v. to lean, to go anside. (q8, v. to suspect of a crime. v8,t. accuse on stispicion. q~op8ni. a Siamese. Liew. to deteriorate. 1,. to he di-storted, to be one-sided. - Ce:88zS:)S8,a. one-sided, distorted. awry. rq I, v. to gret, obtain, ~ v00. to knowv ]ow to get; to be rich. 9~ 2, verb'1 offi~x mnust; frequtently euphonzic. -COODE, verb affix, inf7ZtIdtee m*Iood. verb affix; qcooo&8t ~crr 1, n. at iatnural (lay of 24 houirs. v. the day before worship day. n. every other day. ii. the date of' an event, c~ -0cocS, adv. daily, c~~f it,. the day aftcer worship day. gcBS 2, it. water flying off. -O.-Nos. the wake of a vessel. -00, v. the water flies off, or dashes. -48:)I'v. to rush1 through tho~ water, CBS 3, v. to weave. las a boat. 9 o3 4,~,6sa3, v. to be severe, cruel. -QP'v. Same as CICa80S; to be careless. 903 - 5, verb1 affix, to be capable, of,.(in q min. weaving. (feeliog'.) — ES n. -a loom.

Page  306 306 -0o, r. the warp, oocd8 -OevoS, n. the woof, oo0:cOn — o5, 'r. to extend the thread lengthwise preparatory to weaving. ocbS, n. a summer, a bar in a rail-fence. q8E, n. an Arracanese. 98, r. tlhe Ibreast, q8ooSu -— oo, v1. to be uneasy in the stomach. -RSo, n. the breast (of a brute animal). -o @oso, na. a breast-plate. --, n. thl: protuberance of the breasts. -co8,.. to l)e broad in the chest. — rr8s,- oi.. to be narrow in the chest.. —oS, v. to tiel of tight in the chest. -a6C'S, I,. a girl's close jacket. -- vP. to pa lpitate,-cQ 88, n. the chest. — aS8aoS, v. to place breast to breast. — ccF8E, v. to feel natural in the chest. — 8, n. the bosom, — 8qc-, a guardian. — oo3, v. to l)e uneasy fiom unnatural - 48, adv. breast to breast. [appetite. — sSglS, v. to close with (an enemy). -— a, v. to breathe with difficulty. --—, v. the pit of' the stomach. -0..8, n. palisade outside a fortification. -eooS, n. gore in sides of jackets. -.ooS, n. the breast of a man. -uoSo:, vPto have pain in the stomach. -o, n. the breadth of the breast. — 0os, n. the breast of a female. — 48, n. a shoulder-belt. -c-~s, one's own child. q,-o-, Iv. to be mature, filrn.

Page  307 OCT 307 qS'v. to he deep selftedl. ftni. 91v. to p)laie, tta)I Sake (d nuii inmubi.qsgo. i.:''shor't ladder. [,. tall trev. w. a laddl r l eI' d~I iii n'-sc-c1(linr ' 1, n. a pheasant. c 2, n. a spinning-wheel, framne, etc. floq8. ai4v wheel il u: ~I naeliile I1W. 1 3, v. to. 'Av intd roun id, etwircile, oo~i c'b 4, Verb affX. I-emainingy l)(hild. to i. to aim at, heave reference to, v. to allude. to at a ventnre. yi, x to be eqnal, on a par. 698271?. a lover (f either sex. — Sv. to indulgre ii) mutual lov(e. it, a faitlhlets~ lover. iz. anly thiring prcols -- i8.t8,. the deity, law, and priesthood. it~q9'. a season of. twvo YOItllms. to),u. any wheel-carrilage Super-ior to ai it4'. a carriag~e driver. [ceart. ituso. the top of a carriagre. it. a top wvIrieli maiy he shunt -30,. a ihill or shiaft. [dowii. nt,i. a quar'rel: enmuity; an enemy13. Qv. to resist (an assault.) [Iber, rebel. -P,v. to be settled,-cQ, '. a robV.to harbor reseintment. n i. the beginningr of a quarrel. it. war,-.a, v. to aggresS. a robber, rebel. Titi to retaliate evil for eIIv il.,V. to provoke a quarrel b~etween _ ix9'V to quarrel. (others.

Page  308 v. to come to a great quarrel. V. to continue in a quarrel. -cv. to be settled, as a quarrel. v. to come to ani end. ocYn. Party in a qtiarrel,-66, 1v. to -00cS, adv. at enmity. [quarrel. nitC- evil, calaity. v. to resolve oun makingr resistance. v. to pick a quarrel. v. to keep aloof. v,. to be quiarr'elsomne. v. to be dissipated, as a cause of iCOS?. to escape danger. [fear. -coo, v. to be safe,-Oj, no an enemy. 9 2, v. to appropriate, set apart foi- some 9~3, verb for'onative, see m9~u (purpose. cj~o5, ti. a rafter of wood. 4,v. to stand; to halt,-5, v. to bold out. -ccS4~s,. a flellow-countryman. v. t to withstand (an enemy). 9r~8CYw, v. to be haughty, insolent. v(. to laugh.-vio, v. to laugh loud. -Sv. to laugh and be mnerry. qc,n. a devotee, ascetic. q on. any thing that turns on an axis. qWJ8, n. a priest of Boodli, ot,)8su v. to surround,-006' n. an outpost. qQ, ~*~ adv. sometimes. QC' 1, V. to be fit, proper, right. cc 2, verb ormative, place or object. con. strong- passion, particularly lust.1 %If,8ee cesa king. -QcR4, -. to be guilty of disloyaltyP

Page  309 jSe~goS Q309 — oq, n. the stern-post of a boat or ship. — Slc, n. a beating, scourging, etc. -c-o, n. a sceptre,-o8, n. civil history. -ooS, n. heavy penalty or fine. — odc8Bs, n. a petty constable, cutwal. — ooS, n. a grave civil offence. -0ooS.8, n. a criiminal court. [penalty. oSo.S, v. to become subject to a leavy -oooS, n. a fresh enactment of goverment. 6poso,.. a king, s88csll poa8, n. an office under goverment. cg'oS, n. a govermnnlnt aplraiser. cPo$, n. a sign of tile Zodiac. — cS, n. tlie Zodiac. qc:g, n. provision for a journey. -- -ooooD4So, n. a commissariat granary. q s, to v. reap, mlow, shave. Iq.,)-8, v. to get a hinlt of, recognize. fcl, n. a tree,-s8, a sylvan deity. -it, n. an ascetic who lives under a tree. A. v. to be coarse, as thread. — C,8, v. to be coarse, of coarse grain. F8 l, v. to pull, draw, to pull contrarily. ~!8 2, v. to be tumultuous. — C88, v. to be tumultnous, as a mob. — qSs;oo, —q8sa oS~, adv. tumultuously. ~t 1, n. tliat which appears, viz. matter. -cooos, v. to assume an appearance. -— oi, n. an image, idol. — ooS, v. to compute by algebraic signs. -—, n. a painted or sculptured represcn-8geooEop, images, idols. [tation. -— c~ oS, adv. privately, — c8, n. puppet.

Page  310 s, 3-OS-.e, v. to take il. ~6'-ls,-ooiqcS, adv.instan tly, ]oSt8sn., advi. noisily, clamorously. 1, v. to spring up in a (cllster. 2 2, n. a booth, slhed. 8, n. a court-house. -D-GP~, v. a Inemnber of a court. -so-G-es, i. a clerk of a court. — ce, n. a constable, bumbailiff. -coodoS, n. a decree of a court. o, n. visibility, appearance. * —mo, n. the body collectively..oql, n. appearance seen. ~8, v. to be mad, insane. -.oraZcs, a. partially deranged. — Vs, —c~, v. to be partially deranged. cq 1, n. water, —U, a water-closet. -0t8, n. a lnatural pool, pond or lake. — 8, n. a wvater-pot, —1s8S, stand for -ecoo8s, z. a btul)ble. [same. -m8e8, n. a guard stationed on the water. -cI, i n. an artificial pond, a pool, tank. m —, n. water set apart for drinking. — y, v. to swiin, —,n. the ebb-tide. -— 98s, n. a watering-trough.l - it, n a rail or coot. [channel. -—:, — o~ 8, t. a water-eourse, the - So:s, adv. by water. — ~sg88c8, nI. a pilot. — q, v. to draw water, —, n. ice. — 2 o4898, n. a water-stand. -i, nt. freshl water, as opposed to salt. i- t, v. to bathe,-c-, it. salt water.

Page  311 311 -8s, n. a species of snipe. - -soS, n. a drop of water, c.co1oS( — ctSi, v. to pour out water. -e~ 1, n. a priest's water dipper. -eS 2, n. the lowest of the ebb-tide. -~Pg, u. a water cask. — s', n. the edge of thle water. — 6s, v. to sound water; n. a leadsman. -eo, n. food, eatables and drinkables. -8(5, v. to put into water to soak. — 8S, v. to be saturated withl water. — 88, n. a current. -- oS, r. to be wet with water. — ao, n. the opposing current. a-83, n. a landing-place. -ooS, v. to wet with water. -0, n. mIloss,-ocS, n. the flood tide. -ooccaoS, n. an eaves-trough. -oS,0 n. a cascade, water-fall, cataract. -co~?, a. thin, watery, washy. -c8, n. a ship's log, line, and reel. — o8s, n. a well,-co, n. the spring tide. — S, v. to sink in water,-4, n. earth oil. — a-8,n.kerosene oil,-f 0cS3, n. an oil well. -c&8, n. warm water. _-Oogoo:, n. the ordinance of baptism. — oBmi, n. the water-well in a Burgnan -os8. n. a spray. [boat. -- i,-i-~,it n. a hot spring. -9, a water bucket,-*colcS, n. a drop n8o, n. a strong current. [of water. -&, n. the highest of the flood tide. - i, n. a water pipe.

Page  312 -..co~s, ii. a drinking cup. tl:)si. a l)bl,- sn. dropsy. _Rjasprinkling,; n. a sprinkler. -o3.a calabashi,-cq2,n. water-spout. -cwf. a ral)id in a river. vRSi. to be snlbtiiergcd in wvater. - 8 ~'1. to be suffocated wvith water'. itz. a wvater dipper,-q, it. sponge"' _CV00.0eTz. drift-wood. CI'I). t o i eac, - c, n. a vn t r-iiak -coc~ob,. the sound of a lboat Song. -,C:) VI to Pour Water 111)01. i.a bathing garment. 'V. to be water-tighlt. [rents. -Gtn. di Vision ot a stre'am into twvo turrzis. bathing gailnent. it&8. a tackc (rope). -,Z. tile lowvi' 1)Ordel' otfa petticoatt. n.a MC11crtnicl, -CO0,?Z. Iieatp tide. itZ. a Privy,-Gm(fSli 7it. 1UrinO. it. the bladder. cj 2, i'. to count, enunerate. C v.' to count anid Stil l) U. — ctv. to be worthy otf being reckoned. -. cqs v. to -revile. Cs'V. to write; to deline'ate, paint. -co V. to copy. -e*e, i. a government writer's fee. 'v. to wr'ite, compose it writing. Os-.-to write, put oh rec~ord. -00i, v. to mark in; lette'rs, or characters. Q~3Q8O~8~S, dv. cleverl'y. kI C& % to be bold eOfiragouss

Page  313 ~crp 313 - ISt, —8 W8:E, n. courage and strength. -o08s 1, n. a broad-axe, a battle-axe. -oo — 2, v. to be bold to excess. — coS, n. a castle, tower..-coS, v. to from a company of soldiers. — ocS, n. a soldier. -6, 7n. a war-flag, —c3, n. a war-boat. — tX8s, n. a soldier enlisted; a policeman. k 2, v. to be of a bright red color. — ki, '. to be fiery red. ccp 1, v. to mix, mIingle, ~c,(a8 — qs8cpp, adv. promiscuously. e~CC, —coq1o,-co3, v. to arrive. -r doS, adv. instantly on arriving. cspoc t9, n. a period of pestilence. ccpoq, n. disease, 3o&o 6CS 1, —i,? n. a ray of light, lustre. -coo6S, n. divine effulgence. EpS 2, — 8s, v. to swell, be swollen. c~, v. to long for. cpe~k, v. to be contented. ccpEs, —, —co s, v. to sell. qo, verb affix, denoting disapprobation or cS, v. to scream as a fowl. [regret. ~oQ, v. to respect or reverence. doS, v. to strike, (oSu -— oS, v. to kill or execute with a club. s8,-I8,- v, v. to be wild, uncivilized. ~^d, an exclamation used by boatmen. ~81, ~86isqs8s,a.large, bulky, corpalent. e-a0c3f, n. a serf, — oS, n. stubble. — u, n. a ridge of high mountains. -— c, n. hereditary succession. 14

Page  314 — cos8, verbaffiz, used as a strong negative. ~8 2, v. to be plain, unadorned; honest. ~8soS, i. to glitter, f8qc5< 9 1, n. a mite, very small insect. s 2, v. to be friable; to prance; to be vain. S 3, v. to be soft, as o g 9 as, to go softly. 9o6 1, n. a leaf; a sail. — ts, adv. incessantly, — oo[*S, n. hal-dcS, v. to sail,-f8, n. a mast. [liards. —, n. silver with a slight alloy. -08, n. a studding-sail. — cocS, n. the yard of a sail. SBo 2, v. to carry on the head; to carry on. So5, v. to recite, repeat from memory. -ooS, v. to read audibly, ooSpoSu Sig v. to move spirally, curvingly, giu [96, v. to be quick in temper, rough. — 6ti, —oo, ~v. to be petulant. [ripe. gS8, v. to be nearly ripe,-6Ss, a. nearly So, v. to aim; have reference; intend.,-,-, v. to be disgusted with, eaoS92 v, v. to quail. So, n. a town, village, not a city. — oS,n.a chief of temporary appointment. -038, n. one who receives the town re-c-oS, n. a village crier. [venue. -— ~8, n. a fine imposed on a village. — i, n. a villager, — -: 8, head villager. cg 1, v. to hew, -*S, a. already hewn. -c, n. a carpenter's plane. -c-oM[6, n. the plane without the iron. -QJ-o, n. a plane-iron. — 86e, v. to hew away useless parts.

Page  315 315 cs 2, v. to associate with familiarly. cg 1, v. to move from one's place. -— co, v. to fall from, degenerate. — ccoj, v. to fall from a situation, office. C~ 2, written ', verb aufi, and. cg t 1, -ccoS, '. to select, choose. c~s 2, — jS, v. to redeem. n, n. a kind of bead. -cool, n. a string of beads. 5A, —, v. to wound, by a slight cut, accident6oa 1, v. to be ashamed. [ally. -c-:oS, v. to be much ashamed. scS 2, v. to be united by intersecting. -*-c, v. to associate, be in partnership. -ooS, v. to be closely connected. j8 1, n. a probationer for the priesthood. — i v. to enter as probationer. g8 2, n. title prefiTed to names of holy or inspired men; Sir, Madam, a term o — 3 S, n. a king. [compellation. 58 3, v. to live, be alive, 5~:5, n. platinum. S8r, —oO08, v. to be clear, plain,'free from, 01, a. eight, on [to make clear. Se, (pron. vC,)-,?. vto be long, in space or time. -coo, v. to be long, as a road. V.,. to.put together side by side. S, n. a squirrel. 9, t. to pass over slightly touching. — coS, v. to shuffle with the feet. — Vdos, v. to apply the hand warmed by 158, n. one of the Shan race. [rubbing. S S, a. to extend lengthwise.

Page  316 316 c^( j,v.to pass over rapidly without touching.::,-cg) tv. to seek, search for. -— i, v. to contrive to obtain. -— t, z. to seek and store up. ost i,-ces, n. the catch. s38 2,-olt, v. to be scarce. -o# 3, v. to remove out of the way. otsceo38, n. the prickly pear. -coc8ols, n. the cactus. ~, v. to be (in some place, or belonging to.) vI, v. to raise the hands, in respectful obeisance; to worship. 8, v. to be hot; to have velocity; to be ~8J,,. asafoetida. [powerful. Idq8, v. to hiss, -—, adv. hissingly. I, v. to look, look at; to consider. aoS, v. to put down, —, v. to degrade. iS@ 1, v. to snuff up; to sip, sup. st6 2, — cos, — jcS, v. to be tangled, intermixed. -— aooS, adv. confusedly, in confusion. S*S3, v. to clew(a sail;) to close (an umbrella). j, — A, v. to be wrinkled, shrivelled. - SaSc, a. wrinkled and hollow. s,.. to fail, be defeated; to lose. jv,. to breathe, —cs, v. to hiss. — o, n. the asthma, o4sou j8 1, n. a flying,-squirrel, *8sW j8 2, int. poh! c v, v. to be long, se Adgs 'i, n. the forepart, space before; filture time, adv. before, in front. — gt, —88o, adv. before, first.

Page  317 317 -oo, adv. before, in front. -8-, n. futurity. — oo~SctcsooS, adv. in company, one -4s, a. foremost. [after the other. -— c~o8, v. to be initial, take the lead. -oo-S,v.totake the lead, —(, to advance. - cpcSpc&oS, adv. alternately advancing and retreating. [by. -oo8, v. to place before, as a mark togo — 8s, n. the mark (c), —c, n. a lawyer. -coc-S, adv. one after the other. -cajSs, adv. a little while ago. -~oloS, n. the heavy accent (s). — c8, n. a forerunner, — dg, adv. before, -c-o~c, n. space before, presence. [first. — ji, adv. straight forward, i.s8I cns, n. former time. -— 8, — ao8co, adv. formerly. i,-8 l, v. to make an opening through a lvcS 1, n. a kind of tree. [crowd. — O8, n. bitter citron, — B, n. lemon. —, n. sweet citron. — c8cgS, n. sweet lime. — oaps, n. the common citron. jpc-S, 2, v. to pass lengthwise. p:)6, v. to avoid, shun. pSo0oS8,a adv. instantly, ioSB8,? S oSt, v. to draw into the lungs. -— 8ooc8. adv. gaspingly. t, v. to set on fire, burn, 88sij 38, -Co 8s, v. to be free; rejoice, be joyfnl. — ts, v. to be jubilant. ts, v. to be clear, shining; to be joyful.

Page  318 318 soioS,j8, v. to be succulent, juicy; to be brilliant, as a diamond; to be rich, ornate.,-t-i,, n. mud, niire, —qoS, n. a slough. -QSC, n. tenacious mud,- -o, n. filth. -oS, n. a mud puddle. jv?, adv. whizzingly,-Ij whistlingly. % 1, n., a. gold; golden; royal. -— cyS, v. to sift gold, —|, v. to gild. — cooi, n. gold size. ' —d, v. to embellish with gold. _- si, n. packet of gold-leaf, —op, gold-a —os,i n. the royal treasurer. [lace. - 8, n. a gold spangle,- -, a pumpkin. -, n. platina,-see OS8on —, n. pure gold-leaf, — coliq, gold-leaf. -w —8' n. a golden rule, —S, fine grains -Iqg c8, v. to wash with gold. [of gold. -o-088o, n. the eagle; the red headed vuls 2, v. to slant, be oblique. [ture. cv, v. to move (a thing) out of its place. v, t. to be soaking wet. COn oo 1, n. the moon; a lnnar month. -d$33, n. a halo of the moon. o-s, v. to come in, as a new month. — 3:8, v. to be eclipsed. -— e, n. the change of the moon. —, n. monthly salary, —c, talc, mica. -— 3$, n. a halt-moon. — lOs, ni the waxing of the moon. — o8 i, n. a crescent,. [to wane. —.o,- n. the waning of the moon; v.

Page  319 ODCS OO Q IOc7S — 0oo, v. to intercalate a month. -osos, v. the moon rises. -ot, t. to be lost, as a month for work. --, n. the full moon. -— c s, n. the waning of tile moon. — cS,v.to be dark,-oS8, v. to be full-orbed. — oo, v. to be bright with moonlight. co 2, -e, n. the scrotum. -goC, n. the private parts of man. coCo 1, n. an arm or hand. — or, n. the hands joined as in worship. — coovcS, n. an attendant. -c-ooocmoooS, i. an attendant and pupil. -zQ8, n. the arm-hole of a sleeve. — s — 8, adv at firt. — c8a, —c88cso8, n. the arm-pit. — oaoa?, adv. over one shoulder, and under the other arm. — Cov:C, n. a bracelet. — crcdSoo, n. the wrist. -ccorSs, v. to be a good marksman. — oE, n. a handle. ' —crc8, n. the common Chinese um-— odlo, n. handkerchief. [brella. — 8ct, t&. the arm; handiwork. — oa9, a. tight-sleeved. — tBS, n. a flat bracelet. — 8s,n.space between thefingers; a chanQ osoa, n. a lane. [nel; strait. a, v. to be open-handed, profuse. —, n. wages (for work done.) -oo, n. a drumstick. [the hand. -~cO8~:o~St,,. to slap the arm with

Page  320 320 coxRoBoop -~, v. to second, to entertain, listen to: n. an accessory; a copy. — aSs, n. a veranda. -8oS~8, v. to clap the hands.. — ps88, n. a Burmese cartridge-box. -8:88ecS/, n. the block of a pulley. — cocS, n. a knuckle. - ], v. to give up further effort. -i8, adv. empty-handed. — oS, a. wove witl spiral or serpentine - opSe, n. a finger. [curves. — l8, v. to crack the knuckles. -cs8, adv. with ready money. -s, n. a work commenced. [work. -0aocS, v. to recommence an unfinished -e0o3o, —o388, v. to finish a work. — coo, v. to be settled,-, sac, v. to re--—:, v. to accord in sentiment. [taliate. — ceOS, n. edge of hand; wing of army. -cvoSsooSo, v. to advance, as an army. 8-g, n. a finger ring; a thimble; a glove. -, n. any thing used by the hand, daily. -— e, n. a manual. — Ous8, n. one of a body-guard. — xo:cS8, v. to give from lland to hand. — oS, n. a joint of tle finger, or of tlhe -— S9,1.to clinchl or clutch the hand. [wrist. -C~0oS, n. a present, ---soo8C8, v. to — C08, v. to wasl the hands. [bribe. -— C?, v. to be light-fingered. — sao30S, n a carpet-bag, —is, the fore— ESo8:, n. ordination. [finger. -oor03oSo3, n. an art; skill, dexterity.

Page  321 -— wOo, n. an artifice. — oo, n. an arm; the barrel of a gun.,-d88, adv. at every shot. -oocS, n. the time during which a per. — oo, v. to marry. [son is, or reigns. — oouo~oO, n. the marriage ceremony. -c8oS, n. manacles; the pillory. -d38, n. the tip of a finger. -cooovo, n. an assistant,; v. to assist. — j, n. a holder. [and cease effort. -o+so, v. to be fatigued in the arms - O8, V. to spear, —oqsce, n. a waiter. — 8scooS&, adv. in the hand, on the -QoS, adv. with folded arms. [person. — acS, v. to lose skill of hard. — 8~8, n. the shoulder-blade. — E68p, v. to swim by thrusting. -, adv. with the hands behind. - 8R 8, tn. a borer, drill. [to box. — c8 i, n. a boxing match, —.ooJS, v. -uocj3t, n. the heel of the hand. 9-o8, n. the back of the hand. -ood0, n. the palm of the hand. -— 8, n. the bones of the fore-arm. — ps, n. the ends of the fingers. — iScs, v. to snap the finger. -c-o~, v. to be true in aitn. -88, v. to be prodigal in giving. —, n. an amulet, v. to endow, give a —,aS, v. to test a charm. [dowry. — dQ8, v. to prepare an amulet. -—,. the thumb; an inch. -— ooS, n the breadth of the thumib.

Page  322 322 oo0CoSto — g, n. an executioner. Imerus. -co:8s, n. the arm,- -coSsg, the hu- o, n. a signature, certificate; a ticket.. —oScq8, v. to affix a signature. -Xoeo, n. a craft,- Wooe 0, a manu- o:)O i',n. a manufactory.[facturer. --— r, v. to be in a desponding attitude. — ~]3, v. to give up in despair. -oo, v. to beckon with the hand. -030, co op, a. right. a-q, a. obtained in war, —qelo, n. spoil. - v. to treat as a captive, or as plunder. -qoSls, v. to take captive, —co, n. a — qs, n. a favorite. [captive. — qis, n. a balustrade or other railing. — C, n. a work, handiwork. -- 68, v. to give a sign with the hand. - $8, n. the arm, cocwC8hsI - 80scOc oSs, n. a right-hand man. — cq8, n. handwriting. -c-a~B, v. to learn to write from a copy — Q8g8S, v,. to write a handsome hand. -C~8sco?, v. to write rapidly. - o6, n. a mallet,-c7S, a. dove-tailed. -coo, n. the middle finger,-c8^ a rolling-c8, adv. by retail, little by little. [pin. -c88S, v. to retail, —oo, n. a crank. -, n. the length (of a musket or gun.) -- S, n. the trigger of a musket. -S —.ov. to cease taking care of. —, n. a sling. — o8s, i v. to require little work. -o$8os, i?. to require much work.

Page  323 COSOMOS 323 oi n. the open ~part of' the hand. -O18ox9,-O18IoScI, is. a cross. -olegat. to strike hands as a bond, ba. left, —boocyS, is. the left side. -co,3. a finger breadth; a, new-faslh-co,3. a midwife. (ioned. is08. the finger nail,-aaggsdoS, a 13iv. the little finger. [hang-nail. - com 88t. to treat tenderly _008 is. a carpenter. _0:4 n. an apprentice,-o8.9cQs,,'- to is. the fist. [bribe secretly. 73. the ring-finger. -ecw~sa. old-fashioned. co~~B adv. gilitteririgly, glisten ingly. COc*Cirxl i. a sign, token. CDBw&8 n. borax. c~oScsf, is. a weapon, - iS,. a soldier. 13I. complete armjor. CODS,, is. the cotton tree. 13~dS. the ten-plant. C81 n. a teapot. 134. an infusion of the tea plant. -iq~xjcs13. a tea-pot,-qp gt a tea13cj*~. a tea-cup. [spoon. -qo~~c* 13o,. a sauver. -q&Yc~S, ns. a tea-cup. co,. a husband,-coS9, ns. an adulterer. -.txo stoeoS, ns. husband and wife. -c* ~8, it. the green sickness. -v. to have a husband. -olooost n a husband's son by a former _v:) n. hursband and wife. [wife.

Page  324 324 324 aco~s~crDSs 0005), ft. poetry, —.6, v. to wr1ite poetry. it. a poet. oC&4, In. a tray. co~ i,.-08, ii. a stage, scaffold., ca~ 2, v. tarry, wait fors co~ 3, verb a~ffix, neg. imPperative, WSv. to be light,-~ea,:8rI v. to dawn. -.oolooS, z. a little light. co~saY88, n~. a pair of brass b)owls. co 88 4 n. a large species of bat. C08PX, i. avulture. co88,n. the common bat. fti ~. the rat snake. coSSOj~t ut. a~ species of hawk. COIC9n. a common bow. sc~mS, is. a. black squirrel. [ed. C~b,-WS8V. to be a little open; nieglecticA~~ aooocob, a. or adv. fluttering, co~ 1, ft. the neck. [waving. -ar~8,nmnape of thie neck,-c~oSe, is. throat. -ni. collar of agarrneut,-ev98,a cravat. -co,-Qo,. Adam's apple. n. a imecklace. v. to suspend by the neck. -'MIC8, n. a gallows,-c:86, a poke. -u~s, ft. the neck,-ooS, In. a collar. is. lbump between a cow's shoulders. ntHie dewlap,-~O:4Jvo, n~eckco,v. to revolve; to ramble..[lace. codt I' or &,v. to fall, to lie dowi.. co~ 2, adv. also. -~Swritten 0S or A, adv. both.- an d -pronf. a~ this, ditto.

Page  325 ODODO 325 — coo:88tos, pron. a. ditto; adv. moreco:88~8, adv. moveover. [over. cooS 1, v. to be fresh, not stale. oooS 2, verb affix, euphonic. coc3, or co83, verb affix, shall, will. -co, v. to be turned back. cO, v. to be startled, frightened. cof8,v. to be fresh, verdant; fresh in councoc 1, n. a present, gift. [tenance. cOS 2, n. a quotient. 0OS 3, v. to be uncovered; to be empty. -of8, n. a spare room for company. o68, n. a path, road, -o-8, n. a cross-road. 08 n. a lane. - S, n. a road. -o-8, n. way, distance. -eqoS, n. travelling expenses. — oo, v. to be dangerous, as a road. -a, n. a junction of roads. -— 8R, v. to be much travelled. g-cDoes, v. to trot, as a horse. -c8, v. to make a (new) road. -6, n. a guide, —, n. a main-road. -c~BS, n. a narrow road, -gp8, v. to miss the road. [ aside. -co8g, n. four corners, —, v. to turn Wq&jSIWc, n. goddess, patroness of boat0oc4, —o-, n. a field of rice. [men. ~-c^, n. a division of a rice field. -ofsm, n. a fresh-water crab. -cooo, n. rice fields generally. — 8, n. an extensive rice field. -— op, n. a cultivator of rice. coWto, —8, n. a campaign; vacant space. 14*

Page  326 326 68s cocxj, a. light, not heavy. c6 I, 1D. to measure by the arms extended. c6 2, v. to tether,-.-.e, tz. a tether. coo, v. to come.; to be cont ained -in writing. cooe I, n. a m ule. c=s 2, verb~ affix, -direct interrogaztive. coos 3, int. come! ~~cos 1, nt'. of threatening. cgootwo 2, adv. n3egative inten8ive. C83,n. a minute, the 60th part of a decBi, [or c88,] n. the private parts. [gree. en. the srtm c86 1, n. title of a book or writing; any c&88 2, ns. -a tortoise, turtle. [label. - en. turtle's head. ii9. the upper shell of a turtle. -we~eqocBn. flint. c86 3, v. to roll up, to curl. c8So, n. a butterfly,- s n. atlasmoth. Av., to twist or be twisted; to wind round; to be deceitful. -c~oCo3,v. to be crooked; to be deceitful. _QOv. to be warped out of shape. -~~c8&,adv. trickishly. _.-oS, iv. to involve. tod. to distort,-~ v. to wrench off. -ov. to twist; to be deceitful. -o,v. to circumvent. c8go, v. to be clever in management. cBCS,' n'. the orange. cB4f i, tv. to roll Along over and over. C861'~ v, to Smear.

Page  327 c8s, it. the penis, (vulgar,) INm Sn. the yad,-~ n. the. head. — ce~n.the testicles,-.~19, 73. semen, oaoS. I,-cj —4oSv. take by force. ct2 2, vraftfax, about to..-uooo5, adv. almost. c?,an ab,'eviation of c)?ODSN cyo%~c, adv. feebly an'd slowly. c~c'l -cx8s, —~sV'. to gargle the mouth. cTS 2 v. to work; mnake;' do; to assu'me the character of....... v.to perform work. v.to devise and execute; to assault. nCol. to feed; to support. -CD),v. to do, perform. -CO5=6*673. a coadjutor. — c2S:)eos*, adv. living from hand to -003, 73. a hired workman. [mouth. QC\?OS, 73. a young mian. n. about 10 o'clock, in the evening, O~ v. to be tight (as a vessel,) safe, clear, full(as sonnd),-~i, v. same, 1st def. -ccacBv. to be ample. C9,n. a close petticoat. C~Ywmcw8, 73. a little girl. C.,~cQ, or cff, n.. diligence, industry. -Cqo,-&,v. to be diligent. C~,v. to make or be round, or rounded. v. to be mixed together, to wrestle.. 73c,. the girth. Oz n a rational being, man, nat or braliWPOO ui. a dumb person. [mab. 730(6s. a useless, inefficient fellow.

Page  328 328 c81gi — cocS, n. a cheat,-com:)Sc, n. a cen— ~oS, n. a famous man. [aus. -gS,f n. a poll-tax, —8s, n. a stranger. — s$couls,,. a condemned outcast. -oo —o,'n. a learned man,-coo, n. a vile -Oc, n. a crowd. [fellow. — gca, v. to leave the priesthood. -8St, t,. a simple-minded person. -— Os, n. a buffoon, —aS8, n. a lazy fel-—, n. a young unmarried man. [low. - mg, i^- vs, n. an old bachelor. — cLo, n. a lad of the age of puberty. -i-[:, nv. the venereal disease. -— v, n. a healthy, vigorous man. -6, n. an orange-outang,-ol, a braggart. -cO08,cScB, v. to come to maturity. -cj0$, v. to cry thief! thief! [pie. — oS, n. a murderer,-o2, persons, peo— CO, n. a dead person, —o, a robust co8 1, v. to smear, besmear. [man. ojs 2,-coSg, v. to roll from side to side. -coo, adv. backwards and forwards. cqoos:8, n. a kind of verse, lullaby. coo 1, n. air; wind,-oos, v. to retcll. -coooCS, adv. with the wind. -, v. to blow hard, — oDv}S, to lie to. - 9,v.tosufferfrom wind in the stomach. - is, v. to blow violently. -c O,n.a muscle,-cQocoao,the palsy. -—, v. to suffer from flatulency. — v v. to be sheltered from the wind. —.-el,v.to suffer from wind in the stomach. — LS, v. to whistle.

Page  329 -cn. point fromn which wind blow&. I.tv. to pass. wind. -c:So t edge of the wind, —mj, head-coot, n. medicine to expel wind [wind. -Po adi'. against the wvind. e)Sn. a gentle breeze, coco -ocBv. to raise wind from the stomach. -oO8, adv. against the wind. (kite. OrIn. the pleurisy,-ci3g0 a paper -oo~rxq v. to be in a drauight of. wind. -ccSv to be calmu,-JcS, to blow-hard. n. a dog-vane. — cjocgv.,to blow a sudden gust. -.vo)6,v. to have the hear-t-burn. '.Tsiv. to be disposed to vomit. [breeze. - Sn. a violent wind,-_g 7t. a gentle Rfn.a ventilating pipe,-(ONep, tyin, - is,. a whirlwind. [pany, -cgv. to pass wind. -COOD0, n. the atmosphere. ICoD:,v. the wind bloIw5. noqi. a kind of muslin. Sv. to be relieved of wind. 2~,V. n. the win-d veers.-p, a side-squall. - v '. to b)1ow pleasantly; to be airy. coo, verb afflx~, eupiwnzic, etc. ccoo, -n. an auction. v. to put uip at auction. rcy 1, i'. to practise. - av. to devote one's self to. -oo~, to be skilled in. eo 2,-oa~, to fly away as chaff. QOos I, n. a bow,-c~-Sip the bow itself.

Page  330 -~i, n. a bow-string, ---t, v. to unbend — oE, v. to bend a bow. [a bow. — 8-, v. to shoot an arrow from a bow. coos 2, a. four, F9-coo~, four-cornered. -~col8<fc, f. expression used by women in quarrelling, may you be quartered. - 4ct~, n. the four points of the compass. -oSecocaS, a. twilled. coo~ 3, v. to be heavy, not light; to beslow. -c4o, v. to be slow. -— ci, v. to be strong, as flavor; weighty, coos 4. —joS, v. to respect. [as words. cColt3s, n. the clove plant. cb 1,- d, tn. the product of the cotton tree. c 2, v. to exchange; to rejoin, (in law — 8 v. to speak in return. [pleading.) &c 4, verb affix, indirect interrogative. cbccg8cS4, a. twilled. ccD 1, verb affix, interrogative. ccoo 2, n. one of the race of Laos. ccooS 1, n. a maggot, — cO,a wriggler. cooaoo 2,-e-, n. a pellet for a bow. - e-o$S, n. the bed for the pellet; -coOs, n. a pellet bow, —!, a kind of sling. -— cooo 3, v. to be enough,. sufficient. cooa0ScBsco~0oSOcOo, adv. up and down. CocoO, n. a state of mortal existence. — 6, or o, n. fortune, a lot incident to -ooo, n. a world. [mortals. -88, a book of proverbs. -ooS, n. courteous behaviour. -OoSi, v. to be courteous. caQob, uWed adjectil/y,, worldly.

Page  331 -ons, n. a worldling. ccoocqgpT, n. a future state. co:OS, v. to burn (a thing) as fire; to cald. -aS)8, v. to be burnt up. -0,: n. tinder, —8s, n. blistering plaster. -88coS, v. to apply such a plaster. CoO:6s 1, n. a canoe. cOO8 s 2, v. to pour into or upon; to add -gS, v. to add to. [more to. ~ 8<c8(, n. fruit ripened in the shade. CooOSI 3,-38,, v. to bet. — oo58moov8, v. to gamble. cov:)e, t. frankincense. co:)o3,n.cupidity, —8_, v. to be avaricious. -ofcrf, n. cupidity. coo?, verb affix, imperative. c 1,-.-8, v. to desire; to need. — q8, n. a prime want. — cQO8, V. to be litigious. c '2, n. and v. affix, as, like as. -c8, v. and n. qffix, a little like as. cqca 1, v. to follow; pursue; take effect. -- 8, V. to comply with. -— o, v. to pursue, in order to find. — ~ccp, v. to conform to. coS 2, verb affix etphonic. 4, verb. aqffi, colloquial, and. c8t, V. to pierce, penetrate in actu coituw. cjoS 1, v. to lick (with the tongue.) Quoa 2, —i, verb afx, continuative. oas, —ox, v. to be quick, swift. — o-, v. to be violently swift. 6c;6cgl, v. to be in a neutral state of mind.

Page  332 B32. CSo desOs cqn7 v. to circumicise. goo, v. to be oblong; to 1)e extended in C9 )I, n -plate, (in a butildinDg). [time. cq:)7S,-dSn. to be meet, fit. - oadv.' Of onie's own accord. cq~,v. to recline. v. to be lax; to be wanting; to sub(.Iv. to grow less. [side. ~cgS I, v. to agree with. co9S 2, 'v. to forfeit. -eg,9169-89,n. a forfeit, fine. cSS 1, n. an unoccupied space beyond houses. -c2,n. a glade,-AgcoslS, 7Z. a savanna. n.9 1 c~ampaign, —fSocDW:), n. a pra-COOOD, n. an extensive waste..- [irie. cg8 2,-~,. a powder rubbed on theface. CO,-olsv. blown away; scattered, faded. cg~crS, v. to be at liberty; to be free from. -co6', v. to be disengaged, vacant. cO,~ n. a gimlet; 'v. to bore. cV '2, nz. a rope drawn by contendinigz parties to procllre rain. cS 3,-rb, 'v. to be or go beyond, exceed, to pass away, die. ca3, v. to writhe, to move as' a serpent. cVs 1, n. a weaver's shuttle. c2V8 2, v). to twist, a strand.. cl~toSv. to unite iseveral 8trands. cS~o-oZ,- zoSv. to regret- the loss of. 4c3(X 1 a v. to -be easy. c a5 2, v. to suispend from the shoulder: to carry (in the womb). -A0d1oS, n. wallet haing from the shoulder.

Page  333 rC 383 -As, v. to suspend from the head and carry on the back, as the Karens. vc, v. to be out of the way; to err. Q 1,-o, v. to be handsome. c3 2, verb afix, very. 0c3, v. to open. 9C, v. to go round; to mnake revolve, to — *:n,-ocS, v. to deceive. [court, woo. c3Sa 1, n. a cart,-d3S, n. body of a cart. — Eo8oS, n. a drag, truck. — 88, n. a circular encampment of carts. — 0o, n. the thill or shaft of a cart. o3gs 2, v. to throw down, to overset. o3g8 3, (pron. c,) v. to sweep. o3, v. to turn back, throw back;.repeat, cgl, v. to frighten. [do in return. o8s, v. to lay out in the sun. 0cS, v. to uncover; to neglect. o5lI, v. to stretch out (the hand); to step; I, n. a spear. [to call to. -g-<Se.oo@, n. musket with a bayonet. -oS, n. a rod or staff of authority. -d^, v. to thrust at with a spear. -0WS, n. a dart. cS., v. to roll over and over. cgs, v. to cut with a sliding motion. o1S,v. to stir, move, to work as a machine. — cycoOscE8, n. a rocking-chair. -— Quc, n. a cradle,-S —c, i. v. to move — 18,. V same as cj6S, (intrans). [gently. i, v. to get warm by a fire; adhere to. q, v. to heat again; to re-excite. c,-coSt v. to give for religious purpose.

Page  334 884 ccc o8 ~c, n. a boat, O288, n. a boat owner. cgoogt, n. stairs, a ladder. — oo, n. one step, or stair, or round. -col~, n. a balustrade, —8S, n. a ladder. -coo, n. a flight of stairs. c3g8S, v. to put into and shut up. ~ccos, v. to line a chest. coS6,v. to stir; to paddle, —ooS, a paddle. ocS, v. to excavate; n. a nich in a pagoda. cE8 1 n. a wave, billow, o8I8I — 03, n. the swell of the sea. — ocSo, v. to swell, as the sea. -c~l~81, n. the white crest of a wave. cS88 2, v. to bind into a sheaf, n. a sheaf. CgS,veb alfx, continuative. c<? 1, n. lightning,- co, v. to lighten. cjgS 2,v. tobe very thin; to be light, rapid; to glitter. c9d 3, v. to extort money under a false C0eS, v. to be brimming full. [pretence. vc,. to run over, (as water); be brilliant. C2:, -— O, n. the tongue. -— 0, n. the uvula. — c8e~9, v. to match (boards.) -— oS, v. be thin-tongued, loquacious. — qlSf, n. the root of the tongue. c:op, v. to slide down. — ~cp, adlv. slopingly. cc%:x9o, v. to address a superior. -— S, n. an address. — 6-, —5, n. a written petition. co?, v. to loosen; to lessen. — vo, '. to yield; to slacken, (as rope.)

Page  335 ofofS 335 c0S5 1, n. a kind of tree; the fibrous, inner bark of tree. -coo, n. coarse cloth, worn by ascetics. ccO5S 2, v. to wash (clothes or the hair.) oi, v. to thrust through. l, v. to do secretly under a guise. -9oS, v. to be hypocritical. cl, b. to stoop and enter, S to8, ', n. a saw,-e8, n. frame for saw logs. -eo, n. saw-dust,-eo-, v. the saw cuts. -— o., n. tooth of a saw. —;tis, n. pair of sawyers. cfOS, i,. to saw,-c-Ss, n. a saw-pit. - coE, n.propietor ofa sawing establish— ooS,. to saw crookedly. [ment. c~, v. to blow away; disseminate; to sail.:oS 1, n. king's supreme court building. — coo, n. the royal court. 8~c 2, v. to free, deliver; to send. -coS, v. to send away; to dismiss from oo, —C, v. to excel. [service. -— 18, v. to trangress; to be in excess. cSS,- -s, v. to overspread, overwhelm. go, v. to be very thin; to slice. cg:> 1, n. a shield, oblong and convex.:8s 2, v. to leap upon or over. 'i,. to go out of the way; divert; to transfer (to another); to swing. -o-ow,v. to dispose of, transfer (to another). Of o l, n. a cipher, oa - o, —qSe, v. to mark with a cipher, passing sentenco of death.

Page  336 Os# 0-2, 'v: to be full, satisfied with food.. -olv. same; to abound in. o 3tpr v. to be-corpulent. QQS 1, ni a hog,. ---G, n., a screw. -9,v. to braid,-a~jcq5, vi. sausiage. -aj6(ooc~cS,. a rifled cannon. -ezc~ca~6, i. a rifle. -9jc~tj,. a screw-driver. -colSe I, vi. a bastion, bulwark. -~v.apig-sty, -s 0.191v. wil ni. a hog's tusk,-.-*, vi. lard. -0?6,, to tie hand and foot. vcISn. ham. vi9,. the bristles ou a bog's back. viBB. a brush made of bristles. -6 v. a bear,-OA~, vi. the oak. _oos n. pork, -casmgocS, vi. bacon. vi. a boar. oocY g,(Pron. ooSo*),vi. three poles set apart at the bottom, and united at the top. vi. a battering-ram). oo.1s. epilepsy, apoplexy. i.- the measles. 08 1, it. -a race, descent; a history. oS 2, v. to enter, to set, go down. -c,. income. -*os, v. to enter aind enjoy, go over tol another party. -0,:i. an erftrance. ogu1, Burmese wallfs of Troy, a labyrinth. 049. a spindle;- an axle-tree; axis. o4,-o'),i,.O-spin, make boastful pretensions,. o~l 1, ni. a fence forming an enclosur~e.

Page  337 o0Si 337 o6s 2, v. to be brightly yellow. of08, n. a deed performed in words. ooS 1, n. duty, service due. — qo8s, n. a movable privy. -c-, v. to perform extra duties. -R, v. to perform duty; to worship. -co, v. to have discharged one's duty. -cB, v. to discharge obligations to sup-c~, n. sacred ground. [eriors. ooS 2, v. to dress; to wear. — 08, — O8, '. to array with. - - e8o@oov, n. ornamental dress. — c, n. a great coat or cloak. — b, n. clothes worn on special occasions. ooYS36c 8e, n. the heavy accent (8). ooS0, n. the stamen, anther and pollen. — q-d, n. the stamen,- g,,. the anther. ~88 1, n. property, goods. o~88l 2, n. a pattern; a narrative. ooS4t, a. light bay in color. o0 ), 7. a burden. — oMs8, v. to be free from responsibility. —, v. to assent to; to engage for., v. to yield: to confess. — oi, —eoos, n. a burden. -008, r. to load, —oo88e, n. a pannier. — o~sO, 71. an ox that carries panniers. _ —, Cv. to be cross, disobliging. — X9, n. a pack, package. 8 —~, n. a load carried on the back. o0 2, n. the head of a department of gov— st, n. a prime minister. [ernment. '-il; n. a chief over other governors. 15

Page  338 338 oSt 338 o~a — Cee8, n. governor's chief secretary. -cooas, is. 'an Assistant Commissioner. —.98=ca 8's8, n. the Commissioner of a division of British Burmna. oil, v. to be round, circular; to surround., n. the space round about. o0, v. to kneel; to sit as a fowl; to crouch. -Mcrt, v. to be prostrate on the face. 06s, n. the abdomnen; tile hold ot' a vessel: -— Cr, v. to hlave thle dysentery. [ordure. v. to be loose inl tile bowels. iCYSC,0 1i. a swelled helly. - 0c~, v. to rumnll e in tile bowels. -, v. to be costive. —. v. to pulrge. -.e~tv. to have nlo inotion ot tlhe b)owels. — o, n. food; hallast, —, n. a midwife. ~cog, v. to llave constant diarrhcea. v8,. to be sorry. -, v. to have pain in the abdomen. -jcB, v. to purge, —~, n. a swelled abdo-qcS, n. the outside of the belly. [inen. -qc) v89 n. a big belly. -q-, n. the fmtts ( of animals, ) &sn -Cas,v.to be subject to chronic diarrhcea. -c-p, v. to be a little loose in tlhe bowels. -c ), v. to be relaxed,-Qco3,,see o58gii -—:>, v. to rejoice -, v. to be regular ill the bowels. — 8, v. to have free motions of the bowels. - — C,. to be very loose in the bowels. -av.to rejoice. - v. to evacuate thle bowels. 061ov, n. an duck,-8-, tt. a ellipse.

Page  339 339 ouS I, '-ss, v. to purchase. 005' 2, vs. cqffix locativ~e, in, C28,,n 0 s.n anhear, -COMP. 0 0S 0 6RsR *. a wolf, 6~, vs. a lpelican). v o S,. ani osprey, 6cq, n. an eagle. 6,v. to dare (to do) -08 V'. to he bold. Ol, vn. the cottotn-llaInt, unldresized- cOtton. -a r5s, vs. dressed cotton,-z)8, n. votton ol 2, vs. -the Boodhist lent. [field. -Cpn. to come to the end of lent. vGOS,. fifth month in the year. '2,v. to keel) lent; n. the fourth month. - v8t. the season comprised within lent. -006',. to intercalate a month after oU~i - v8,i. to keep lent. 0') 3, v. to be yellow; to be hoatstful. -OiFNadv. pale Yellow. -Otv. to make boastfnl 1)retensions. U1a — 9n opinion, 00I o'kjfa,-6,) (Eng.)?t. a wartrant. MS v. to attach. ca. to issue a warrat. -C St n. a fugitive from *jt1i(ce vs. natural bent. 013 1, ns* the bamboo, -me, 'n. buamboo 6e,. split bamboo. [shingles. no. bamboo stoCks,-~8, vs. elephant ns. clump of bamboos. [bamboo. - vcs.ln a species of edible mushroom.* dh8 2, i,. to chew', -eo% vs.che'wings. 8&0 I. an explanation, foot-note'.; vs3:)'. doubt, indecision offimind.. vs. knowledge, widom,' OF0

Page  340 340cg 8a )n. tre, soul, 823oc1o 8ten ruiles, (for the conduct of priests.) 8ocn. the result of any deed. 8qow, n. diligence, industry, C~fl v. to lbe diligent, industrious. 'v. to gYrunt, as a hog. co I, v. to be mnisty, dusky, to b~e griddy. -c&C00088, n. dawn of day. co r. to distribute. v.to distribnte equally. n. a share. v. to fall to on~e's share. cor. sensation, 69QSD8~88 Ce n. a rational being. Coecypv. to be distant. 1, -n. whirlpool, eddy,-~~o, uz. large csn. a rapid eddy. [eddy. ~b 2,-~,-~Co~s, n. a roof, one side lapping b 3, n. the itch, the mange. [the other. -Qc7SoY,n.comrnon itclh,-Vn mange in b 4, v. to sail round as a bird. [horses. ~b 5, -P. to speak withi a foreign accent. CO') j-S-*)8 f. comm ton parlance. -comrz. comiun-uplace religious inP S, v'. to curve round. [struction. 'aa,. to come round one coaci~ngly. 6S68oje; to do jointly; n. a circle of people; a fair, -vt4o form a circle of people,, tents# etc. 'a',. to hide, secrete. q 't,. to be low and level's eV., to push with the head, horn, or tusk.Q91, comnw&tliy CS e,-qT, t.the testils

Page  341 008SM) 341 -6-oo, n. the scrotum. — cooS,-C~8, v. to castrate., ---8~, iv. to praise, extol. X II oocS 1, v,. to descend; to take place, as pity. -cceoS, v. to befall, as a calamity. aocS 2, v. to be moderate. - o, v. to moderate, (intrans.,) be reocBS 3,- CooS, a. imere. [lieved. oocoooM, 7n. a kind of grass. _-(6, v. to weave grass, n. grass thatchl. Oafc,I n. an era, date; obligatory writing. a3ooooo, (Eng.) n. woollen cloth. -&c5fos, n. fine woollen cloth. 0D080, n. a rainbow. aocSco, nZ. strength of lungs. — co*:)s, v. to be long-winded. —, <v. to be broken-winded. -%, v. to be out of breath. 0oc~acO, n. a standard; witness, illustration. —, v. to bear witness; n. a witness. — oo0, v. to appoint to be a witness. — coS, —cos, —., v. toproduceevidence. — coo:Co, n. a witness; evidence. xcoo, n. unrefined sugar. cooo 1, n. a superior order of Nats. o oo 2, n. sugar,- -, n. sugar-candy. — o,v. to make sugar, —j, n. sugar-cake. o;s8, —?st8 n.a master, lord. [melon. o gol, n. the cucumber, —, n. the muskCs l, pron. thou, you, maec. or fern. 2,- -- o, -v. to learn. - -,, — og, —., v. to teach.

Page  342 -~8, v. to learn and store up. oS6 3,-c8S, v. to clear, disentangle. aaco., n. the young of a animals. oXc)St 1, n. the Ilopea tree. oaocjs 2, n. the garment of a priest of -, n. a species of mushroom. [Boodh. nco:, -~, n. doubt, suspicion; v. to doubt, be suspicious of. a0868, n. a shady retreat, a grove. pco,) n. computing,-oooooS, arithmetic. 00StBoS, v.to help to perform funeral rites. 0o0a6, n. a Boodhist priest; the clergy. -eo, adv. one after another. -o:op, n. a concert of primitive priests. — f=ootS, v. to hold such a concert. 30;80?8, n. a razor. O3ScMS8, n. a frock with short sleeves. 0:898, n. a 'board used by scholars to -Cyo8Se, n. a wall blackboard. [write on. - -8, n. a spelling-book. [papaya. 0c js, 8oo8coQo, n. any sailing vessel, the -Q-CS, n. the physic-nut. -— ~t, n. a garret. — 8 7, n. aharbor —oo:o l], n. neem tree. — o0cr8, n. century plant. — S~ i, t. liqorice. — o=O, n. the turnip; cabbage. — b,n. the product of the white cotton tree. -oog 8, n, the papaya, —ooet, ^. the fig. coc^cooS, n. the Sanserit language. oo 1, modification of the pron. o 8. oa~ 2, V. to be suitable,' agree with; be on -- o,-QoS,t.'to be becoining.[good terms.

Page  343 $s:cooooSccocx 343 os 3, v. to befall; to take, as poison. -ccpcS, V. to befall. 88s 1, yron. a. that (thing.) oa8 2, v. to unite, associate. — 8^S, n. the chief of a society, pastor of —, v. to make a schism. [ a church. -eocc8, n. a church clerk. — coocYS, n. an assistant, deacon. -., v. to associate, form a society. -o-Soj, n. a member of a society. ose 3, v. to geld, castrate, (man or beast). 00S1c~r, n. the earth lizard, the skink. 08D84t8, 1n. a place for funeral rites. -0g8, n. a grave. [ja8per. 3380s. n verdigris.,- 8co SS, n. green o31l, n. wood, timtiler,-oo03, n. chestnut. -— coo:o,v. todraw timber with elephants. — c88, n. a large branch of a tree. — cotn. the walnut,-@-},n. cinnamson. — CQ- o8E, n. hollow timber. -s-co, n. a small branch of a tree. — ~qlco,-g, n. the bark of trees. -clS)E81, n. a subordinate in charge oftim- cqS 2, n. the inside of a hollow tree. [ber. —, n. crotch in a tree,-g, n. duty on -ce8, n, a kind of gum. [timber. -c-eS88, n. the wild black-varnish tree. -8 —, v. to drag timber with bnffaloes. -csg;(, n. touch-wood, s)punk. -ooo, n. a box, chest, —coo, n. a forest. -cooooq0QS,8 n. Deputy Conservator. — CQO)fatS(, n. Conservator of Forests. -c-oooo coocS.n. Assistant Conservator.

Page  344 344 -cooocS, n. wood-pecker. — tos, n. twisted timber. -oS, n. a tree, —ccs, n. creaking timber. -1-q, n. the sap of trees. — 0o8, n. wood,-coo, n. an apple. co 2, n. a small animal of the tiger genus. — iS, n. Nepaul tiger-cat. -cb~oS, —oS, n. leopard cat. cog 3, v. to measure with the breadth of cob 4, v. to be new, not old. [a finger. 06 5, v. to wash (the face.) Cat3, n. truth, promise, vow. -—, v. to enter into an engagement. -ocB, n. a promise. -o~c6, v. to be under an engagement. -c-e:, v. to be faithful. -— cc, v. to administer an oath. -<X0Os, v. to resolve, vow. -odoS, v. to imprecate evil on one's self. -os, n. the tiger-lily, —cos, v. to charge —, to affirm solemnly. [solemnly. — (fo, v. to break an engagement. — cq, n. water drank on taking an oath. -, v. to be faithful. e 1, pron. a. this,,,i -mcoOoS, adv. so, to such an extent. — g, adv. here,-c, adv. thus. oop 2, -m38, n. ajx nominative o 3, verb affix assertive, i; participial, c03o; connective particle. — ', verb taffi coatinuitivt, though. oo&tS, n. adv. in this mahner, thus. a''1;, -~-, n the gart, bifle.J

Page  345 -c~adSn. the gall Ibladder. zoag 2, ix to he Strong, violent; he very ill. -B 'v to bear -patiently,-~~ o IxI to be coan. a rich mnan, see opgou [violent. n. shape, form, ~u coCs i ' )_ v.37 to kill, etc. -=S adv. distinctly, by i tselIf. ~oS6 2, ix to mark a fin.al cotisonant with i -OQ88,-~, nz. a table of tinal consonants. oam~sgaSn. seventh inontli in time vezir. oc n. heed., caution. _0008 vx to take heed; be cautiouts. -ov. to warn, caution. v. to heave presence of mind.,v. to recollect, call to u.mind. vx to 1)e aware, to take heed. -*,v. to be off one's guard, carelelss. COQ~8 n.. Son, daugrhter. -asa. the Seventh. n.- a rational being,. q~Ic60,,n.ability to accomplish; an attribute. 338,n. umetal extracted froin ore. -Qq:)Cn'. ore. vq. to extract metal fromn ore. ~6,n. at fossil, ~c~od~Si 001 (pron.. oal, n. a sound, a word. -96s,-eyz. grammar. can. to feel kind; to feel complsicence.. co4 v,. to be strong, vigorous, thritty. t' to he strougs-vo, v'. to be robust. 'V'. to be vigorous and rapid. 73O. pickles eous'erved with.spieea. " t:U. to pity; to give fromn pity.

Page  346 3.46 oolCS ~ca~e~], a. addled, as an egg. WOAO, n. coral. o3aocS, n. the day after the morrow. o4cJcS, n. a two-edged sword. - g8, n. a sharp projection of land. oopSo, n. a kind of harpoon. voo, v. to be clear from; to be clean, pure. -6,- 588s, v. to be ceremonially clean. — c*, a d/. distinctly, separately. s8 1, 71. a louse, —, n. a nit. — Cls, n. body louse, — (, n. young louse. —, n. a large louse. oos 2, v. to cross (a path, river, etc). oocolS~, n. midnight, — c, nA. M. — oo+s8, n. about midnight and after. oS 1, n. a wedge.,- o,-~-o, "v. to drive a wedge. aS6 2,.,. to stroke with the hand. co3cS, n. an open-mouthed pot. - c9~0, v. to invert the pot, i. e. excomaogo., n. afix, as, like as. [municate. ogaioo, n. omniscience, o8tg:eoc9n:ooooE,. a festival of any kind. c-o, np. a stage-player. [meaning. 0ccoo, nature, character; disposition: -c:ooS, —c-~O,iv. to be deceitful. -Ccoos8, v. to be of a good disposition. rv,. to be settled in opinion. -2:?ctcoo68, v. to have a good intellect. --, v. to be of one mind, agree. — cqg,v.. to l ike, approve. -oo0o, v. 'to 'determine (to do). -c(lo, v. to Ibe intelligent.

Page  347 va. to be upright, wise, patient. _e?,v. to be inclined. v. to be of an easy dispositinon. a,. to come to the same op)inion. - aaj. to be ifirLn in purpose6 oav, 'v. to coalesce into one substnnce. nooS. a son-in-law. 06 v. to yawn. 00j 1, u. a- deer witha branchitig horns.:x(08 2, n. a cuitaneous disease. oa~oS v. to be upright, t o he aniformn: x a subordinate, adv. nit~iforialy. oaoo ada,. all together, mitanimiously.?i.. presidenot oft a republic. OocB adtv. long ini ftime. c~oowS, a. diagonal: er46 right before. ww-9n. steadiness iii a good cause. 301A u. onie skilled 'in) somne work. Cosoi- to, n. a daughter. -*2:,n. a virgin daughter-. ~ g~s.n. busband and wife. Motn~a, daughter, n iece, adopted daugh_coo~jiz. samire as cs~828mu [ter. -cq:)a~O:>8it. a cousin. iqt,. an own daughter. W0'e. to name, give a namne. cojc~o,. a rmonarchi it. the sea, ocean, u~odoo5 3o88. i. a history of a pagoda. v0~. to connect; to give a ineaning. 0693 (Eng.) it. a summons. to summiton. Coot. truth; right; v. to be rigbt.

Page  348 ooad 1, —, v. to carry from place to place. — 8, v. to remove, to transact business. doo 2, int. wonderful! rather ironical. ooq, n. a vowel. oqooS, n. the mango. -— o~colqS, n. a choice variety of the mango. -(co~,) n.chintz, — oS, n. the spleen, CoqocS, n. a priests cook house; [milt. cOaq, n. a crown, royal crown, oc8q 03o I, n. form, character, meaning. — c-~o, t. to assume an appearance. -— co, v. to have an appearance of. - cc~:oS, n. substance. Cok, v. to be petulantly wilful. 0c9qS, v. to treat with irony, insult. ocpEco3~:, v. to commlit adultery, (as goS, n. mortar. [woman. 308coS, n. crystal, co)3oS3coO88 ooco:, u. a film on the eye. ooc86, n, phlegm, g 48. o0oc8>, t. leg from the knee to the ancle. -— 3s, n. the calf of the leg. ozc& 1, n. tle pomegranate. oac' 2, sand, o1 aooos, n. one who plunders from a thief. oco, v.. the name of the symbol c — c8, n. same; v. to make the said synmOcoon, n. associating. [bol. -j,-,-, v. to associate with. a.) 1, n. iron; an iron nail. -c-MS;oS n. superior ironl, steel. -ccr)cS, n. iron ore. -@tti.- ra echain;i telegraph wire.

Page  349 =ox c 349 — soS~, n. a telegraphic instrument. - s8eO, n. a telegram. -es8~, n. to telegraph. - s, nu. an electric telegraph station. -^iy q3+c3,n. iron net-work. — ogs9, a. iron-clad. — oac-c, n. a three-legged iron stand. -C-ooJo, n. a helmet. -- ~oCoSo8, n. a crowned one. — 0oo, v. to point or edge with steel. — ~c~ v. to smelt iron. (-ooQn. a coat of mail.-QoS, n. iron -c-t, n. the rust of iron. [hook. — cos, n. an irn bar. —], n. an iron -868, n. unwrought iron. [nail. -- S, n. a blacksmith's tongs. — cS, n. a heavy bar of iron. — cr, n. a hammer, —os88ss, n. a crow- o, —coS, v. to cauterize. [bar. — oo, v. to apply a hot iron. -ao^cS, v. to smooth with a hot flatiron. n. a furnace for smelting iron. -ji, n. a plate of iron covered with tin. ies,V8 n. a tin pail. — iq8, n. a tin canister, —c8, n. steel. -8to9, n. a bomb-shell, -88s, n.astove. n, n. iron nail with a large flat head. 8 —C, n. an iron wire nail. — c~c~o S, n. the lodestone, magnet. -— coSp8, n. a magnetic needle. o 2, —o0coo, n. a high sound or note. --- c, n. a low, bass sound. — roo, n, one who leads the chorus. 15'

Page  350 zCO)8m:)z -trzoo~s,. a piano-forte. -tooooo -u. an organ, musaic box. ii.381n a soft, gentle sound. nz. a chorister. (lines equal-. n. verse, the alternate -8 v. to sing, together. coo, n. gentle sound,-cR8, n. shrill -ob 3,oo~ no an ambassador. [sound. 6b 4, ni. a worm bred i n -the body. -jjcoi,-wIn. a vermuifuge. 09 n. one ot' the race of Tha-tongs. o im:S. the standard (eulbit, 19 I inches. WiS,. the royal voic~e. 980 v. to speak to a king. is '. officer who transmits the. king's 3(pn the Ili me,.-A ks. skill-cap. [order. Osc4, (Chinese,) is. a small boat. 6%6. the olive. 05 nR9I. to have sexual hittereourse. 05OO. tear.-si, v. to fear. i.future existence, futurity. cbca s.n thin woolen cloth. 04'4 ad~v. softly, in low sound. ax 1, v. to bear a great proportion, exceed. 2, *-w.), v. to be clear, pleasant. 1'. to he grentle. is 7. a kind of son~g. ox 3, ado. only. ooolj, (En g. ) n. sago. =fait. well done!-..."zTt v. ~to Ootmnend. aoa~o adv. i mpartiall y. =:va. middling, ordinary, -eommion. Oax-BrO6s. thle large mnina bird.

Page  351 351 n.a kind of bedstead.' 000,no' instruction, discipline, it systern of religion, mission., -cn. a heathien. -~ a soeeign pontiff, or pope. -Yv. to promote, propagate religion. -&v~p, v. a foweign missionary.. - gOQo8s, r. the religion flourish~es.' - fan. anopposer of a religious system. C9,v. the religion declines. Oa 1, -t-?3..88, n. slice of dried flesh. -soSS (pron. c~ogS,) n,. breast of femnale. _180081n. a table-~knife. [bitant. 0001 2, n.- a SOn, offspring; native, inban. the won) b,- ~8, is. first-born son. n. a person of the same family. - Sv. to have children that live and iCSBn. the younigest, child. [grow up. -Q0I73Yo~c~r0,. child of a slave. i(:S,. son by aflnity,-~ocro, is. wife i.a daughter. [arid children. is. children and grand-childrn _cw:)C~0is. a sorr, -~18S1'. an own -son. 'C2,v. to he an abortion. c0 D 3, n. a beast, quadruped. v. to I)Utcheer; i. a buitcher. is0 %. a domestic animal. eqC, (pron. coq ns. skin of animals. -GcQr.6'gt,i. a boot,-c~eo, i. a luncheon. -cl~Bit. leather,- q~S 0 ft. a is.cf1,n a twisted thong. [tanner. -k,ni.beast-of prey.-gaSsnn. Wild aibithal. it., a mixtuire used as pu~tty.

Page  352 ~52 dSStO - i v. to stnear with said mixture. -- 8-oSs, n. eatable animals. 00~1 4, v. to draw a line, mark. o8,v. to know,-:)8, v. know by hearing. --- o:s8.caO), n. an ear-witness. — crs, v. to be acquainted with. -., v. to know by seeing. [duty-day. oSoos 1, n. religious duty, — c, n. a - -o8, v. to live, applied to priests. o80cxs 2, n. news, character, reputation. -esOO8, n. report, rumor. [rumor. — S,, v. to be the subject of discreditable -~, v. to spread news. Scq ooovs, n. rock-salt. [ing it. o8S 1, v. to put to sleep, as a child by lulloo8 2,-oaeS, v. to compress, make dense. -o8P3,S gmO38, adv. carefully arranged. o88, n. knowledge of arts and sciences. 8SP, v. to be diminutive. -'-., v. to be fine, delicate, gentle. o8t 1,?n. the falcon. o852,,v. to gather in; to take possession of-—;SO, v. to gather in and deposit. -- co, v. to attach (property). — 0c, v. to take to one's self. — 8, a,. to take possession of. -(V, v. to confiscate. O,-q,-3.q:oSS, adv. small, powder-like., 1, tQ go by, near; to drag the feet..8 2,. to string as beads; to baste, -o., it. a bodkin,-(-oq, v. dee C8 lt def. 3 3a,. to sing, chant, —I, n. a o8ng. S —@S.o,.a soQg-book,-',4.i to sig.

Page  353 353 484, v. to be dim, as the eye from age. — cc, adv. obscurely, dimly. c8o, n. a religious duty. -— ~O, n. a person devoted to celibacy. oJ~, n. a Ceylonese. -8-, n. Ceylon diamonds, zircon, etc. - co:, n. amethyst, —o3CqS, n. cashew38s 2, v. to bear fruit. [nut tree. s38 3, v. to put a space between, separate. ao 1, a modification of the pron. ojn aj), n. happiness, 8S3o:II Qo8S; n. a distinguished wise man, a.ocB, n. transition to happy state of C9cS, n. a good deed. [existence. ae, n. emptiness, a cipher. oaoS 1, a rule, in grammar. aooS 2, v. to wipe; to smear. -— oS, v. to clear, make clear.?ooo, n. quicksilver, o0o8,e [scriptures. 5ooo, n. grand division of the Boodhist OaQOgchqS,, n. house of public worship. v, v. to fall short of tlhe mark. — t8B, v. to fall short of a perfect state, -o:, v. to be sullen. [as fruit. 4o;,adv. twangingly. a8 1, —cooS, v. to use, make use of, -, v. to use habitually. [employ. — oaS, v. to stroke with lhand. oji 2, a. three, RN o, n. a person; another person, pron. he, — Co3ti, n. a respectable person. [she. -}t,- -!*ooooS, n. a snb-collector. -@,n. 'a rich Inan, -Q, n. a tilef.

Page  354 354.QOCCo - aS. a child,-CcS63& a. the womb. -coS~v,. a companlion of childhood. -co5p, a. dis~ease peqtfliar to children. oj II. a suckling. _- coS6. v. to he in second chwildhood. oook~s, cxlsh, n. anotlier hiersoll. -gy~~~. t. a mnendicant, beggar. C005C*08, 7. ant upright person.?t. a sick person.-j, n. a leper v_ rebel. -R, a. a wizard, witch-. -j~evost. a mendicant, beggar. -,n. ain ignorant, foolish person. nt.aesold ier -mo~sge. a chamupion. It. a coVert OD a fortification. -,0 it. valor, -koeS, n. a soldier. a. aspy. cyUcIs ew 1, a. an intoxicating liqluor, or drung. -i,. ardent spirit. -$a, n. intoxicating liquor of a lighter -rp,_w6,v. to be intoxicated. [kind. (ace. the fertnent used in making Sca adn. liquor. [liquor. -QoDoS-BS, a.- drunkard, COC.0 2,v. to die; to lose force.' (carousal. 'v. to Perish. 8 i. to be near death. - tov. to, he well finished. -Cosew '. to faint away,-a0se0. ft. n. the king of death. [Will. -0680006 istv. to have gray hasirs. nSc~4. nesisenger of death. -C avi. near death.

Page  355 -C)n. to die,-o, n. deathi's door. -cul+,v. to he niear- death. _coa:)Fadv. wvith pr-ecision: dletliitely. no~Si. a tim tiskot, fowling-piece. a6s. a gunstock. ii. musketeer.n. a lbrcech-loader. -&~cox)es aswor-d-ba-,vont.(t aao~t - *. a bullet. -97n. the breech of at musket. -pbc~Qn. a double-barrelled gun. (I= tobe pr-oof against a nuisket ball. -cgo8s, n. gun-barr~el, -So, n. gu n-lock. C(:)n. b aimuer of a gunlock. -c.8,v. to practise with the musket. -c~oa-'Sv. to le arin the use of the nitusket. v. a charm against a muske-t-bhull. coopgc~l. a geiieralissitmo. caoc8uo, n. a gener-al. COCOO'r) ii. anly powIertuil Wacid. cooa n. a remlainder, inl division. coa 2, v. to'be smiall, slender. _vv. to h~e small and c'urious., v. to be small, minute, finly. _C33,-C0800, v. thie'elaracterQ"). coat 8, verl. aj.lx, still, yet, in' addition ca I, v. to skimn, take of by skimming. in, t. Of Pr'ai8e or irony. n I, i sand, OcbN ns. a sandy desert. vs. saadban,-p?rs.an hour-~glass.'

Page  356 — 68, n a sandy Plain,-~o6CS, n. sandy if n. a grain of sand. [ground. 3 adv. noisily, loudly. G:O: verb affix, -palticipial connective coaodi, r. to drink; to smoke. rpartlcle. CODOM9 n. anixiety, Me 8sn11 CW:)C-SF90q n. Fr-iday. GOOuccik, r71. a Irilliant star.. O 1,-k, n. a sand-bank, a shoal. n. a shoal, -gS, n. asanddflat. xoa:8 2, v. to be stunted, dwarfish. 8aooa,-o:8, to be rough, (in speech.) — cooB, adv. all together, in thelump. -cc.~8s, -Qo~8Sso33, adv. noisily, in compa, a. sixteen. [crowds. n. 16 countries in ancient India. ew? 1, n. a key a lock,-aS(S, n. a lock. -c~S, n. a door-keeper. — E, 2n. the bolt of a lock. - ocS, v. to lock,-ooS~,g~, v. to unlock. — ccooc-S, 7t a padlock,-coalS, n. a key-eqnafiS~,n. a kind of spring bolt. Ihole. adv. foolishly. coSverb. affix continuative.-cpsn. affix. — O ', verb' affix, though. -cogTc=88, commonly written CoS98, either-or. o~ 1, n. the peni8, (polite,) c-8n c~ 2,- xO:, —s, v. to lay up, treasure up. c1 oS % n. a secret depository indicated in -oZqs v. to dig for treasure. Fwriting. -_cqS, v. to search for treasure. CqS#,,*n -cep D v. to fence.

Page  357 vg08 357 -oooS, v. to be skilled il tencing. aoo8S~oo6, n. a full-sleeved gown. L 1, prion. a. such. —;CP[,-csoo OS8, yet, nevertheless. C 2, n. atz, toward, llto; according to..s8 1, n. a sheep; a hat, — coTS, n. a sllepherd. * —a6ooci, n. a hat, —S, n. a wether. -c8^8, n. a shepherd,-c88, n. wool.,8 2, v. to be stale, rancid; to be sullen. -3 83?8, adv. sullenly. ~80^800i^, adv. indistinctly heard. o~8 8o888, adv. nearly, not quite. ccBS, v. to be thin, fluent, voluble. — cs, adv. thinly, rarely, gurglingly. Escs8, adv. limpidly. ~88, v. to put into, cause to enter. -, v. to bring in. -o-c, v. to present to a ruler. — co, v. to introduce. Cd8,t — RSS, v. to put into. og, v. to pour out, spill, shed. — 008, v. to instruct. ~CS 1, —cOOS8, v. to pour upon. zcgt 2, v. to cast.' o8' 1, n, zinc, —co:mcS, n. zinc ore. — 83, n. corrugated galvanized iron. og< 2, v. to be slightly deranged. cqSu, v. to be unsteady, dissolute. ~t v. to be slender and tapering. -8c?, to draw out long, as conversation. -— S, v. to be neat and slender. cos 1, n. a tooth; a cog.

Page  358 358 cSls~s.-.8..s, n. a tooth-pick: r. to pick the — tcYSocp, n. a dentist. [teeth. - sc80, v. to have the tooth-ache. -8n. a gurn,-q ci, V. to drivel, dreul. cos 2, to go. co~, v. to deviate, go aside from. ~CO, —~coi, v. to become dry. co 1, n. blood. -r, n. a subordinate officer. -c-:g, n. a blood-vessel, vein, artery. - oS, v. to sacrify,- j~, v. to beat, as — 8, n. clotted blood.- [the pulse. -85s, n. fresh blood,-e, u. a boil. — i, v. to come to maturity. -c-oo, v. to be quick and unsteady. -— Wo8, v. to stop, caase flowing. — q-, v. to beat, as the pulse. -o0, v. to be strong and rapid in pulsation. —, v. to have a hemorrhage. -CoooS,v. to bleed, —I~o80ss8, a. deliri— co0co, n. a band of fifty men. [ous. -9co3ocSBg, n. the chief of a band. — C-~:^o, v. to band together. c~og 2, v. to rub in order to sharpen, etc. ~css3, -cooo,v. to persuade to accompany. ow, v. to open the moutb; to gape oi)en. ooaS, v. to hawk, raise phlegm. ~o''oai0noqO, 9. to laugh lohdly. c,,' v. to make a whining noise. o6s 1, n. any cooked condiment, curry. -o8s, n. a kitchen garden.

Page  359 C., 05 4 359 7Iv. a cup-like ladle. n. broth. - is. any material totr curry. -COI. a hotch-potch curry. cmSe 2, i. to lie open, uncovered. -co~t, a. or a iv. open, unclosed. ooStsooooo, is. vermilion. no5o, n. a species of wild duck. -ccos, n. a duck-shaped weight. ME, -Q5 v. to call loudly, to shout. cgv. to whine as an elephant. (scream. W~. to appear-, is. appeaance. [airs. v. to put on vain and boasting coov. to assume an appearance. -sit. personal appenrance and beariug. 'V. to stop, Prevent progress. wv. to bite at. wo~ S, pron. you, nmaq. orfern. wq, plasr. woo, adv. laughingly, o~owoN (Y)o I, ns. a thing, w~, p wo 2, v. to lie open, uninclosed, w'Sis -mownS, adv. uninclosed. wo 3, it. prohibitive. ans, int. exvpreeeive o.f wonder or joy. coBcS, is. prestige, the power of a narne. c ib,. a llindoo. cB is, v. to growl, roar, as the wind. 0,v. to neigh, to laugh rudely. -o~xoo~, adv. with shameless laughter. oLq~qscejse3, adv. headlong, recklessly. CC?, verb ajjix, that, namnely. cjcoS, v. to be true-c~, adv. yes, it is so. -9,v. to be certain, true.

Page  360 860 S8a o.oSa.g, adv. instantly. ops, v. to be quick and violent. aoSs, v. to roar, as a tiger; a storm, etc. o 1, v. to say, declare; to mean. o. 2, v. to sound, as a buzzing noise. co, int. vocative, calling at a distance. ccoW, n. a Hebrew. cocoaOo, n. a Greek. co$, int. vocative. t, int. censuring, threatening. co3 1, — v, -c-v, v. to utter formally, to preach. cco 2, int. indicative, there! cw~ cow, adv. freely, all at once. I-dStds, adv. frankly, unreservedly. cotcS 1, v. to be low, hollow. conoS 2, v. to snore; to roar as a lion. cW3>8 1,-e89, — S, v. to be rancid. coa:S 2, v. to bark. c~O:)S8, — st, v. to be old. — 6s8, v. to be very old and crumbling. cEoSEscoooS, adv. hollow throughout. -colcS, v. to be tubular. Od, pron. that, (colloquial,) cd.; yon. -— 9, adv. yonder, over there. BoS 1, v. to be slightly concave. qcfi, v. to pant, to be out of breath. ft~, v. tuskless, without wife or husband.

Page  361 EPITOME OF JUDSON'S BURMAN GRAMMAR, FOR REFERENCE. THE BURMESE ALPHABET. to Vowels. DI a short, as in 'Areria. ~,a Iong, as infatker. ee, short, as i in pin. ec, long, as i in inachine. e ~~oo, as in good, or' i, asd in full. oW, as in food, Or II, as in rutle. aa, as a I n fate. 0) ai, as in hair, [as eh!j &,C90 au, short, as in taught. C~,au, long, as in audience. 32 Consonants. Gutturals, o3 Q 0 EO C OCrebrals, 6 0 co Dentals, 03 00 0 0 Labials, o 0 0 03 a 0 0 Of the above five classes the second and fourth letters are the aspirates of the first and third. The Bar — MUan wake no distinctions in pronouncing the third and fourth letters of each class, nor between the cerebral'and dental classes. Nazme. l-,owpr. C* s great ka, k I curved hka, hk, 16

Page  362 362 REFERENCE ocoa, small ga, g, W@o8, great ga, g, c, nga, ng, round tsa, ts, od, twised htsa, ht 6o, divided dza, dz, q~~Ss, bridle dza, dz, or i. nya, ny, 9o5ocSs84oS, bier-hook ta, t, So&s^, duck bta, ht, qS.c~mocS, crooked breast da, d, vctqoS, water-dipper da, d, cBe.s, great na, n, oo$esc, abdominous ta, t, coCo88, elephant-fetter hta, ht, ocsg, confused da, d, QcO:)cS3[cS, bottom-indeuted da, d, fco', small Ila, n, oc;ooS, steep or deep pa, p, *oeaS, capped hpa, lip, ooo S4d, top-indented ba, b, 0:0cq, hump-backed ba, b, O, 1i, * to, oWococOcS, supine ya, y, qcmvOts crooked ra, r, or y co, Ia, 1, o, wa, w, t, tha, th, ot, h^, h, s8@, great la, I, -'"co 8co'osou small thing put on, n.:. *.^'!

Page  363 GRtAMMAR S Table' of Coinpeund Consonants. Lette'.61ymbhoI, Name, With Q, 7PI'wr. inya. '1 6 9 isnara or tnya. o oo Q~mwa. x,9 o cxo0so0 Q unywa. 90 ~ 00 mrwa or iywa. co j 0cu ~ bma. WIW- 1 wcswXo&s4 hrnya. 9, m eqg hinra or hmya. 0, 00 m 00csot lu bwa. 9, o, oo 2 99oz~xcqe ~ htnywa. Vowels Combined with Consonants. Vow~els, tynmbol, Name, Wrth cV, Pnt'er. oc: o or' I tc*x, ol ka, ga. ck a otS Boo3C kee. MSWJQS 013 kee-. j &i-tSsc o? koo., o &"Osta rcv kaa0. c~ keh. Q, 5~c WC cQ.1)4 QMS kau. Final Copsonants..Are indicated in LBurtuan wor~s by tb*k ~,c called tat, as,- ma ket, and, in wor4 Of ipali origtiq by having-,the foIlowin consonant Subjoiued, p~s~~

Page  364 aocS et.coS en, icteet, i oo Been, 00o at. 0 an. ooS a t. sooS an. Goooeli. o6 a n. RXFFBNOKB Table of Final Consonants. cooo ouk. n. coo38 oung.,ee. cj9cv eik. &9 eing. c&9 eik. ~ca ei ng. dqcS aik. SqS aing. e ajcB ok., GiOng. olS. o k. on$01g. ong. ei as; in vein, ai as in aisle, o as in no. Any simple or compound consonant may be substituted for the vowel oo, as maos, ket, riS, kyeeiz. o frequently changes in sound from a to o, as, o6S, wot. For mute final consonants and combinations of Pali origin see Grammar, ~ 30 if. Accents. The esho?-t light Iaccent0,, Q0oc-S, is placed, under the letter, cat. it is used with the vowels, ap co 2-.-o and,4 and the -nasal consonants. The.9hort heavy aocen*I, ooS.**6c\s or eioBis'placed after the letter, mf-, It is used with the vowels oo,,, and and the nasal copsonan-ts. Abbreviations. dfor a~ fo r " C 98 or A"olms 8 <(over )2 CB xw'zcj tforvw x6ws,cit, for i,f~ou.' wf=r k etc.

Page  365 GRAMAR 3AR Pusntuation. *, 8 S( is equivalent to the period, and sometimes to other stops. n is sned to divide into paragraphs.: introduced by the English, comma. PARTS OF SPEECH Are six, Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Verbs, Adverbs, Interjections. NOUNS. Simple nouns, as c, a man. Simple derivatives, mostly formed from verbal roots, as, oo8s, to be light, oooSst, light. The oo is dropped in combinations, as OeeQ, food, 3eo, supper. Reduplicative derivatives, denoting generality, as,oosi, a race, 0048~8, all races. Verbal nouns, ( I ) in Qjs denote action or being in the abstract, as cag88Es, a going, cmoSs6s., being good; (2) in cp denote an object orplace, as, iooSDice, an object of love, c~c, a remaining place; (8) in *cP, ce, a, c;, q$, all denote the putpose for wh/ich, as, 0eseceforeating,food, cp?, to 'be done; (4) g xS, tdx,BeSog, denoto fitnes., as, eos:o2, what is good to eat. For other verbals see Grammar, ~ 125. Number. The plural is formed by adding the affix c, the adjective V}s, or both, to the singular; co, a man, oiz,c p,qo]scc,Em.

Page  366 Gender Is only recognized, in 4istinguis hitg the s~exes; (1) by different words, as, eoo. a rnon, OS, a woman; (2) by ~ffi xing a to mnasculineL nouns to form the femninine, as 41~s priest, c9ojso, prieat88; (3) by affixing ~A, 0, or 1,for the masculine, and v for the feminine, as, egcs dog, ego batck. Case. The relations of flouls expressed in naost languages by prepositions or inflections;, are here expressed by particles affixed to the uninflected noun. Nominative Affixes. wodenotes the agent or subject of the verb; ows, ~ooomois, JC:8, the samtre, also expressing as to, concerning, sig regard to; sometimes adversative. Thes6e are omitted in participial clauses, and fm~quoutty in conversation. Objective Affixes. edenotes the "Object on w'hich an action te~rmtnatea; to' -which a thing 'is given, or motiaon isa directed; for which a -thi~ng,"is 4gne. ~,towards~, unto; ac~oording to; a4., ese affixes are some~times understood. Posseslve A~x.. f, of,, denoting. possession; very fro, quently understood, the noun, if possible, taking the short light accent.

Page  367 S4T Ifor, in';t-AJr, to; 6hiefiy imed with verbal nbutims:6d verbus~ue -btantively. Causative Affixes. Fo because of, on accutof oe times instrumentive; ~, is colloquial only. Instrmentive Affix. ~,by, by mean8 of Connetive Affix. ~,with, together wit/i; sometimes instrumentive, by means of; sometimjes causati ve, on account Of. Locative Affixes. oS6, ~, 90, in, at, among; sometimes possessive; ouS', in, (nouns of place and time. ) Ablative. oC, from, out of; 9, from, out of beside8; som etimnes nominative or locati ve. The Vocative Is expressed by the simple nouin, sometimes wvith iq prefixed. Secondary Nouns Take some of the preceding affixes, aird are connected with the principal noufls by of expressed or understood ( Omitting oo ); as," Mi~CU, 000s an uppVer par.t, CBS 14ck~~g or &Scor above or upon t /ouwe; I o~oa ne'pzaj!or~ VIt A-/didpa04,;'.A

Page  368 1tzletRtNom a"s outstde; 00b O81 an inaide;ritps, UDS9an upper part; 1 alowr.part; 00 8as account, 8ake. The following secondary floufl are eommnonly used without an affix: sometimes connected by j~ instead of ~ 9oe apart~portion, as,aSSor ',fo the hou8e; aoooc&s,, extremity, as, 00 oxSoooY348, to the end qf 1Ufe; uo600e~, o43CY7J, coacotroZS~8, a Circait, around; uoo~o~, a whole -circuit, during; cm~ evenneeg, according to; oeoj, likene88; 00CQ2S, reasurement, according to; 00 coSa-i agreeing with;.00~ as muck a8, oor0, 00098, a being with. PRONOUNS. c1, 1, is used in adressing inferiors. cy~jS6, qrjS, or orjI8, I, used in ad~ dressing equals atid in addiessing inferiors politely. c~ooa 8ervent, cgQoo acjo, or q), a female servant, 00U&3Cm5",'a disciple, and o~ou~oSca, afemale discipl, 7~ are used asd first Ipersouals in addressing superiors. The plural affix d~ is soirietimes used for the plural of the first person.. S4 ScooS., thou, is used to superiors; Ss$, ~you, m. to equals$ or inferiors; cva&.&, in. to ~inferiors; 0Ss0o, yous, m. to inteoriors, a3j~3 or &b, y*oup f. to equalis or

Page  369 GRAMMA BW inferiors; and S,* you, to children or persons very inferior-.1:oS, thou, or you, is used chieflty.r/ writing, and is irrespective of the rtlatlveO rank of the parties.!8s, you, is us-ed'it' judicial lnmguage. ' co.S, you, familiar, and co9,you, di' respectful, are vocative only. oro5, liak'e m0, and ooS, m08, in the plural. 0Z, a person, supplies the place of thoe third personals, he and she. ' 0383, that (person or thing,),,amy also be regarded as a third personal. doS, coSc8, one's self, is o)f ither person, as the connection requires. ':' 88, one's self, is second or third person. 61, 08, and o, in the singular nutiber, not preceded or followed by any adjectlve or participial adjunct, become c,., and a. before the oblique, unaspirated "flixes (except C), viz. o, o., cQO~, oS and i understood; but when used' no'lillatite ly, ot followed by c, or by &d exIM'esseA, or by an aspirated affix, B~, j ~. o. or ', they retain their proper form. Otlher pronouns ending in a nasal are similarly inflected. ADJECTIVES;:;, Are of three kinds, pronom.inal. v',:: numeral; and are generally pretixettt their nouns by means of the comn1",*1iqe cog, or Q0o, if singular, and the Aam{ or oqat~, or 01$~0:, if plural, ^ directly affixed. );

Page  370 Propomiztal A4Jectives. The fol low ing areg-nermily pft'eixedw-itohM~t a conneective: d, we t/ue80 cQ9 0~ t*Uever,.,'what? whatever,.1 #uch; the followingx with the usual coniiectives:,- otha Rd't, OcYal thi'3Ot, c~~ w~ what w)II0,t C, of whatever eort, and c(mO)pou1Ids, tuch a18. CO(B5j, ho&w many? is directly prefixed to numeral swiziia ries;d words of' qudntity. Otherst are comittloed regularly. So much is ex-, proesed I)% d, and how nmuch? by ooB Verbal Adjectivies Are rnade by joining %verbal roots to OUons acecodi ng to the general rule, aus, oSO 4)1'% o Os, an ex~cetlent man; also lq prefixing ac, as, oo6new, and by r&aupliat i ng the root, as, Sc~s od 8pio adjecti ves, except 0001 many, are commonly ifixed to their nouns. Comparison. The;inrperfect degree is made by short. ening and redupilicating the verbal root, &ierehoy p~refl'ifing QS to theroo rd plicaed. s, ~ rwzther bad, and byr in Mtni4 the rtoo nd t6) in edd~ isk ohi.... i8ua, ItiegasQhe vC4~Y, &attk

Page  371 ARAMMAIR 'si The oComparative degi'ee is made by means, of the secondary 1)onnf ooQtXX), GODOaS, and a verb, as,~$o B ID t6 be greater ha n the, 4ouie, ory a er cuml-ocntion of verbs, as a04Z9 exeoeed inz greatze88. The 8uperlatit'e 'degree is made b,~ ~prefixing oo and affixing 4- to the verbal root, as, 00o~~s, most exceellent, and is joined to nouns according to rule-. Numeral Adjectives. Numerals are generally combitied with a word descriptive of somne quality in thie noun.to which they belong, and in that. state are joined to nouns according, to the general rnle, as, goBS~c\?6, or pEcT8OS gOS:R-, two cups, from goyS, a cup, p~, two, and OC8 round; if it is a capital nntnher, as ten,, twenty, two hundred, etc., the anxiliary I prefixed to it. as. gcnooc~e9booA. or ooc4I J&0U9OO:)c7S, twenti,' cup8; and if it is a numneral intervening between the capitals, the auxiliary i's both prefixed bind afflzed, as, ga~Sooc sj1 oodj&o~g, ort'cl Wd s~,IO:.CS twenty tly'o cupst. Bl~$ in this case the auxiliary need not -bp affixed, as, nie~o.o 009caa COT Co XPE &O, or JQQ CW)OP twenty teachers. and1 Lop.e')s COst) twenty't'uo, tea1hers.,

Page  372 JDaTO fIKEEMNOE, List of Numeral Auxiliaries..,PP, Ilational being..,^Ij' o-:~.' Brute animals. 'Zo:Eat, Things extended in a line, t toads. eto.. oocgt~, Rings, nooses, etc.,9T Things which admit no other word!i i::re descriptive. Frequently used also ilnstead of a more appropriate word 0mo6, Things flat and thin. oocpoSs, Tlhings long and straight. oo sa, Words, speech. t008, Things long and straight. OR, Beasts of burden, vehicles, etc. oceOEo, Writings. tooa, Deities, pagodas, etc.,000oovS. Buildings. oooo, Wllatever occurs, at intervals. tocoq, Wearing apparel. oou.S Trees, plants, thread, hair, etc. 0oo)8, Deities, ecclesiastics, persons in p: wer, any respectable characters, things 1 rmmaterial. "tj8. Things which are flat. '-"Oo, Things naturally in pairs. c:ooS, Whatever is used by the hand. t6b8, Things round or cubical. 't)o ST, Things slender, rivers, etc. ''oc,S, Rational beings. 8othbnimes the noun itself is substituted::fr ia descriptive word. Wor8s denoting some part or quantity of ct-: sabing are combined with numerals, a, cic6 g S, two cups of water.

Page  373 GRAMMAR Such combinations e s ot denote some one of several; omtwo, ome after another; ca3cnc3, here and there one;' cnoto, rome one. Ordinal numerals are of Pali origin and are prefixed to their cnuns; or are made by affixing cQ:)S, to raise, to cardinal numerals modified as above, as, jSqc&6:ooS conc~, the second day. Names of races of men, countries, towns, plants, etc., and common nouns qualifying a following noun are used as adjectives, directly prefixed to their nou:ns. VERBS Are of two kinds, transitive and intransitive. Many intransitive verbs are made transitive by aspirating the initial letter, as, w)g, tofall, oagj, to thr'ow down; CoSodi, to be free, ogSwig, to make free. Accidents of Verbs. The accidents of verbs, expressed in most languages by inflections or auxiliary verbs, are here expressed by particles affixed to the verb, without any inflection of the verb itself. 'he verbal affixes are as follows: Assertive Affixes. oo, di, simply assertive, win, negative, as, ov80sl, he goes, aa3gos2, he goes not. (, past,:e8l}, he went or has gone. o&u1, 4, coo0, or cog3s, future, eat up, he will go. When followed by other affixes, { becomes ln8S 16*

Page  374 C~tltjnuativ~~ Affixes. as0, Si SkCCOo 'he eate ae he 906.; &9a, Opso9aSf *o though going he eat8. MI,,as, qQ1046), going up and down. asC W, (1 ) ft * 8 m l ha CIOing.gowe he died; '(2) op!Sca2J8w, if, he go, hie will die. 9, ais 8~8xhaving finiehed -eating, lie went. M0008 as, aF9028OO e~8co, from the firet of his going. CO~e~8WC3O, though he go, he will not die. CDOas, lie went eoo that he (tied, or, that lie might die. ~Y (c.1) and. Interrogative Affixes. o0:. (formal QcO), in direct'questions. &,f cogs (formal, gos, colloquial, aos) in indirect questions,. These all generally Ufelow Wxe or w.~ Imperative Affixes., f,(also, F~cijO4) -list per. pl. cc~(oo? 2d per. sing. -or PI. C $,(c:4) prohibatory. -The verbal, root is used ais an iniperati ve, also, with 61, emo Go,, G,, 9 rioasliy coinbiiied.

Page  375 GRAMMAR 8TM Precative Affixes. c~o~:),- may he go. Participial Affixes. c:0, 0O, (see Verbal Adjectives.) Auxiliary Affixes of Tense. coos, present continuence, as, OcISCt o e, he still goes; /woaosao, he i8 not yet gone; sowmetimes denoting besides. }, o, as, o8ptoo. he has just gone. q8q, i-&Z8, (.c8s, vccoO8s), past indefinite, as,:g0s8oos8ws, he went, oo:Le~8, he never went. $. ( co, S8,), prior-past or future, as, osj0&~8 he had gone, o8s~(, he will go, before-. ao, near future-about to, almost, with other affixes added, as, o83:2@ he i8 near going. Affixes of Number. i q, ri. denoting the plural, as, q a ', they go, are frequently omitted. Qualifying Affixes. (, (e4s), more, again, as cooSag, he will drink again; QcoooI~~s, do not drink yet. ct. oIollUy, coQ, they are aldead. ~co:68, probably, ~oco:S~vo<i,c Af Will prbably die. a~, see.

Page  376 3743 ~:FXF1KxOK *Soptativo, ~as 3P towiyh to do; a0s as,) (A 9Scx t, tbe dis8posed tofeer ils, o~S, u ntil, asd until he went. Co. causal, as ac~ hie makes [him] dot 86O let it be,;cgS8.vxa~,to make free. slightly emphatic1~ as (R~ICOR, it is great indeed. iontensive, as. Sapco)a, a vr excellent per8on. ccis, merely, as Otoo~wS to be large merely. as ac~o~~oa', to be 8inking and appearing by turns. cop?, denoting a slight necessity. m,at once, directly. 8, be able, apl8 a9 to be able to. go. 8 ~, again, as, aoog to do again. 0_~ without, as A went without eating. ~,implying carelessness or fault, as 831 he has said it. 4'9 before, as h ate before, goiong; w'ith I&oSO0 until, as p jc~cooS unti'l lhe went; sometimes asi, (o)3mS~, before going. s 4, n3sst g he m Ust go. to -bear to, 00460 to be~un-.feeling enough to kill. ~,rmiigbehnd to 4:? disapprobation, regret;.sowetime# euphonic.

Page  377 ORAMMAR j:,as. OpSP00 he goes, alas!4 es, ce.98, as, m3 scg wo toble too good. -S, very, as 9w~ to be very, great. To these iavy beo added a n umi)ber of verbs, which are occasionally'veed to qualify- a principal verb, ms: DOS, to be right, proper, as, W 9it is1 right to go, ooos, to be at leisure, 68 to be good,,to be dhifficult to obtain, 9161, to try, make trial, CoaS, to know how, be skdlled in, sometimes denoting custom, usual course, oo4, to be suitable. coSa, to be worthy, deserving of, c~, to renmain, Conltinue, (a88, to be relucetant, 86 to be Practicabie, adS, to! be sutitable. fit for, cp similar to oo&; oo~axS, to be inough, cq, to desire, c~oS, to be easy, 0, to dare, aa~, to be suitable, beconirig, OX), to be easgy, pleasant. Euphonic Affixes. C-, (with oB, ~)similhr to op 'O 0 or e3o#, mostly' used'before. — caS ceeand a8 when used fobi s, noticed. in. certain combination1s. Coo tmiostly used before when several successive participial dcauses precede a noun, in commendatory discourse., A'~ conciliatory, polite,, respectful. co, when combined with 48. 8,as aSHaac~ like a e Wes wend also asr, *pl8g8:, there are very -many. WS mostly used before coS

Page  378 cvO — (with o~j, c8~fo) iived,-efore.-V *loA C 3 CO CS900, 4as( )piet (the other) rune. -:-*o6Sj tacetly used widh "transitive -vvrbs. Closing Affixes. *,that, as, 00 he s8ays Math know8, also as, Q cm,he gave (1dmb) the title of.M, ahenzau. M at the close of a simple sentence, equivalen~t to gog to be, as, oocn avDcoac)miR8,his name ie Young Louk, also. at the close of a parenthetic sentence or distinct paragraph. o~oS, at the close of a parenthesis or paragraph. oVM,0i, 61oo~, emphatic, or indicative of some emotion, W08381o0cmx, he goes not indeed. #8s, expressive of regret, sas8~CD I sit 'is sov, ala.? c16 Be, intensive, -as (1KOC00:Sw, is is great indered! The, fotIowing are colloquial only,:fS, soliciting acq~uiescence,;as"cp I Ivill- go, shall I11 eco, -or ~o~seco, s1lightly eruphatie, ~ 00000'vco~it isi certainily. c M-O or c'ooo-, fatuin, j (ro., d 6hoth-gftM-them wotdso to whiclriv is; flI~eete~eeW fo

Page  379 GRAMMAR Ut the mouth of another persoli as Negation. The simplea negative i's made by pre;fixingog to the verb, which may or may not be followed by the negative assertive affix. Verbs used Substantively. Verbs te rminating in the assertive affix 'Wg (, CD COD o? are frequently, -used substantively, and admit noun affixes; as, opoecog lhe kv~o8 that h.qoe8; ogoogcS8coo:)S. until he g'oe8. When a verb thuis used substantivel'y is connected by & to a following nounl inl oc, all particles are dropped and the vertb:and noun roots joined, as, agai o,becomes opol the time of going. ADVERBS. I. Adverbs proper, as, @o'4, cer/ainlly' 2.Pronominal adjectives used adverbi14l1y, opo Sc o how doee be reman 3. a. Frown simple verbs: by pre~xixin$ ~,as,0 Scg6os, gjo quickly; by. affixing go, as, ecoIo well; by reduplicottio",.as C=6mmSn8s, 'well; by redupljc.t~ioni with OP 0 Q'prefixed, as, i.a-olAly; by reduplication with oQ prefi~4 to each mnember, as, mcso.s.eparokely. b. From cooponutd- ~rbs.: by aflaxin g~, ~ ~s~oS~. m~ceollenly; hy, pi,*0xii~ b QQyp tnnor s Art ps

Page  380 fticbd to the latter as, wcaoe6tI fuickU ly; by prefixing oo or oo to the firAtt, <4 reduplicating the latter, as, X0 G ',t fast; by, prefixing 90 to the first, and a to th]e latter reduplicated, as,oog.so.~S6S, fragrantly; by reduplicating the second verb to make a diminutive, as, oScrp? acrS, rather black; bly reduplicating both members, as, cs28800+8o8oS, extraordinarily; by prefixing DO or oo to each member reduplicated, as, mo8sc~8ooo8soj8, ditto; by prefixing co or o to each member, as, mccPoScmqj, disoderly. Similarly, oooSoo, without notice; and a few from negatives with chiming increments, as, ~oo, W not handsome. 4. From verbal roots, by ieduplication with w and oo, both affirming and denying, co0oooocoooDS, just enough and hardly hMat. 5. By reduplicating nouns, as':10s, repeatedly. Adverbs from nouns ahd verbs are sometimes used adjeetively. 6. From nouns, in oo, by dropping c, prefixing oo and affixing op, (only), as, worF t, evenly. 7. Incomplete clauses, ooC06(8S)~, csrtainly. 8 Adverbial affixes, as't- d>4,s like a8;,tEs wca0nlty near y;.6,S, et en, slightty enphat'i; 8, aiA;! As, dfoting particularity, when 1bflowing aueeessiv pltase:- or clauw,

Page  381 GRAMMAR amid adversative; o, negative intensive; WeSi also; w~e*01 98, A, repeited after successive clauses, both-and; -alone, equivalent to, that; c28, distributive, as, o0cocNSo~oooS, a bU8kel a mon th;j QoSq&8, elsc, used as 98, either-or; ox), only. 9'. Verbal affixes are used adverbially, when following an adverbial 'nr noun affix; nioun affixes aie also so used when following, a. verbal or adverbial affix. INTERJECTIONS. A- few most common are as follows:0060, oo 'Dfie! mg ekt! expressive of pain. O~SOQG~S~OO, ~MOthter! surprizo or distress. 00coo.) 00codo5~Qa, alas! pain. ooc1, o0c~ooe, oh! ala! pain. ~BSs, (pron.- ei) ) yee! assent. Q0 don't, disapprobatory, prohibitive. Q0oo~, aha / contemptuous. QCS,8 G~Q008o, ye8! be, ' that'8 right. QO31 0! of various applications. Q03OD 0! expressive of satisfaction. cos aA! oh! 40!.vocative, or indicative of pain. ccxr, there no~w! disapprobation. emor~ here! take, it! DOWsco8, threatening. DSwonder~ful! rather ironical. cot well done! cos hey! familiar vocative, disrespectful. co) thtere! pointing to an object.

Page  382 REFZRIRNOU GRAMMAR NUNRRALS, O~r4In~,Ups I hYi 99 2 j 4cIN x0 I O~ioc3, 0 10 Joo XO08 80Su0 210 jz 0 10O0 3Q000ac 10000 00ooo o0C008ue 100000 '0o000 owfi 1000000 0000000 c lO0CQQOO OOOOQ000wyq 'NOTE. For Burman A diviionsotie and tables of wei~ghts 'and measures, see Gramma ~13 if; tr Enlish d'ays And months, seep 146,; tiui1Wrk

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