An abridged Malay-English dictionary (romanized) by R.J. Wilkinson ...
Wilkinson, Richard James, 1867-1941.

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Page  [unnumbered] PREFACE. IN preparing this abridged edition of a larger work my aim has been to supply a full Malay Vocabulary in a book of conveniently small size. I hlave followed tile phonetic system of rolanised spelling prescribed by the Federated Malay States Government, but have added a good many variants to assist persons accustomed to other orthographical rules. R. J. WILKINSON.

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Page  [unnumbered] 5'b f 6)0 NOTE ON THE SPELLING OF ROMANISED MALAY. THE recommendations of the Committee appointed by the Federated Malay States Government in 1904 to lay down rules for romanising Malay may be summarised as follows: (i) The Roman letters used should be given their English values as regards consonants and their Italian values as regards vowels; (ii) The peculiar Malay indeterminate vowel should be represented by v; (iii) The peculiar Arabic letters 3, = and b should all be represented by dz; (iv) Words like /L~,,9q, t.^, etc., should be always written with the h between two letters a-e.g., R.haja, baharn, bakaya, etc.; (v) In selecting the vowel for use in final consonants we should follow the following convention: (a) ong (not ung), oh (not uh), ok (not uk), 1 ln (not ow1),.un (not on), ul (not ol),.up (not op), s8 (not os),.r (not or),?tt (not ot), n (not o) (b) eh (not ih), ek (not ik), ing (not eng), im (not em), in (not en), il (not el), ip (not ep), is (not es), ir (not er), it (not et), i (not e). But if the penultimate vowel is e or o, the final should contain e or o in preference to i or u-e.g., pohon (not pohun), kotor (not kotur), gesel (not gesil).

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Page  1 AN ABRIDGED MALAY-ENGLISH DICTIONARY (ROMANISED). AADZIM A ADA aadzim, Ar. august, sublime; sultanru'l-aadzim, the august sultani.e. the Sultan of Turkey in contradistinction to local Malay rulers. aalam, Ar. all-knowing; omniscient; wva'llahu aalam, God knoweth best. aalan, Ar. the subscribers (to a newspaper). abad, Ar. eternity; the endless future, in contradistinction to the endless past (czal). abadi, Ar. eternal. abadiat, Ar. eternity. abah-abah, tackle, gear, harness. abaimana, the lower orifices of the body. abang, elder brother; a cousin older than oneself. abau, a large tortoise. abdi, Ar. a slave. ablur, Pers. crystal. abjad, Ar. the alphabet according to the numerical values of the letters as used in divination. aboe, Ch. sir; a respectful form of address to Chinese headmen. abok, see habok. abrak, Ar. mica. abu, I. Ar. father of-e.g. in proper names such as Abtu-bakar. II. ashes, cinders; ular abue, a name for the hamadryad. abuan, a share, a portion. abur, mgngabur, to lavish. achan, to get into a person's way; to obstruct (unintentionally or in teasing). achar, I. Hind. pickles; preserves m vinegar. II. (Kedah) a sink; a rubbish-hole. achara, Skr. a rule of conduct; a religious observance. achat, (Kedah) a small leech. Acheh, Acheen. achi, I. achi-achi, the lever by which the boom of a Malay boat is turned round and round so as to fold up the sail; also chachi. II. done! agreed! sudah achi, it is settled; ta'-nchi, it is off. achu, to menace; to attempt or appear to attempt without fully carrying out-e.g. to raise one's arm to strike without actually striking; to essay; to assay, to test, to try. achuan, a mould or matrix. achum, mischief-making, tale-bearing; mnngachum, to libel, to slander. ada, to be; to be present; to exist; to be at home (to a visitor); to exist in connection % ith, to appertain to, to have; ada orang, there are people present; ada laut, ada-lah perompakf where there are seas, there are

Page  2 ADAB 2 AGAK pirates; sahaya ada duit, (colloquial) I have money, I am rich; adakan and mengadakan, to create, to call into existence, to appoint; kaadaan, state, existence, condition of life, position; tiada, is not; there is not; ta'.dapat-tiada, there cannot but be; there must be; must. ldab, Ar. respect; courtesy; manners (especially propriety in beha. viour to one's elders or superiors); d"ngan a., courteously, respectfully; biadab, lack of manners; disrespectful. Adam, Ar. a proper name, Adam; nabi A., Adam, the common ancestor of all men; anak A., or bani A., hu. manity, mankind. adang, I. obstruct; intercept; barring a passage; opposing a barrier to; mtngadang, to interpose between; to keep something off; m. musoh, to keep the foe at a distance; to keep off enemies. II. adang-adang, at times, sometimes; kadang-kadang. adas, adas manis, aniseed; a. pSdas, fennel. adat, Ar. custom; customary law; customary behaviour; proper beha. viour; courtesy; law; a. Mgnangkaban, the (customary) law of Me. nangkabau; spglrti adat-nya, as was his custom; bMradat, in accordance with custom; proper, courteous. adek, younger brother or sister; cousin younger than oneself; a term of endearment to one slightly younger than oneself; a. bgradek, near relatives; tn~ngaku a. bgradek, to accept as a brother or sister-i.e. to terminate a closer relation in a friendly manner, or to set a limit to possible relations; a. sa-pupu, a (younger) first cousin. adi, 3kr. excellent, noble, eminent; an expression usually met with in titles-e.g. adipati, adiraja. MAib, Ar. respectful-the adjectire of edab, q.v, adika, see andeka. adikara, Skr. majestic. adil, Ar. just, fair, honest-used of superiors being just to their subordinates or of a judge being impartial. adinda, younger brother or sister; a more courteous variant of adek, q.v. ading, younger brother or sister; a variant (in Malayo-Javanese literature) of adek. adipati, Skr. an ancient exalted title used in Java. adiraja, Skr. very royal; royal by descent; a component part of many Malay titles of distinction; also diraja, adiwarna, Skr. glowing with colour, resplendent. adoh, alas! oh! an exclamation of pain, sorrow, or regret. adohi, alas! oh! =adoh. adok, stirring up; thoroughly kneading or mixing; chanrpur adok, a mixture; miscellaneous. ada, I. contest, competition; to sue (in court); to refer for decision bSradu, to make(crickets)fight; mzngadu, to contend, to compete; mnngadukan hal, to represent one's case; aduan, a lawsuit; the plaintiff in a case. II. bgradu, to sleep (of a prince); pgraduan, a couch, a bed, a bedroom. adnn, I. finery in dress; adunkan ptngantin, to deck out a bridegroom. It. adunan, dough; mgngadun, to, knead. adzab, Ar. sorrow, pain, trouble; also' azab. adzmat, Ar. awful, terrible, aweinspiring; also asmat. aflat, Ar. health; good health; sehatdan a., id. afrit, Ar. an evil spirit. agah, to crow, of a baby, agak, conjecture, guessing; agak-l agak, approximately, about, as far ar one can guess; more or less; aga.k-nya -id.; agak g9rangan, if by any chance.

Page  3 AGAL 3 AKAlR agal, (Kedah) an unidentified species of tortoise. agaim, masculine, manly, big, stout, tall, agama, Skr. religion; a. Islam, the Muhammadan religion; also igama and ugama. agan, mati bgragan, to die without visible cause; to seem alive in death =mati berakan, from akan. agar, I. Hind. in order that, so that =supaya. II. agar-agar, a kind of seaweed used for making jelly. agas, a sandfly. ageh, a share agreed upon; the share to be allotted to anyone. agok, a neck-ornament worn by women and children. agong, large, great, main (in certain expressions only); tiang a., the main. mast; layar a., the mainsail, a. alam, a prince of the earth. agus, Jav. fair, handsome. ah, ah! oh! an exclamation of pain or anguish. ahad, Ar. hari ahad, Sunday; the first day of the week; Allahu ahad, God is one. ahli, I. Ar. versed in, expert in; II. Ar. a variant of ahlu, q.v. ahlu, Ar. family; people; men who do or are versed in anything; ahlu'n. nujum, astrologers; ahlu'l-kuran, ex. perts on the Koran. ahmak, Ar. dense, stupid, unintelli. gent. aho, ho! there! an interjection of summons or to call attention. ahwal, Ar. things, matters, events, occurrences; segala hal ahwal plrkara itu, all the facts of the case. ai, yes, yes! an interjection of eager approval. aib, Ar. a shame, a disgrace; mSm. bUri a., to put to shame; to disgrace. ain, Ar. ain-ul-banat, the name of a cloth sometimes mentioned in romances. aiyar, Ar. a swindler, a cheat, ajaib Ar. wonderful, miraculous, strange; benda yang ajaib, a curio; an extraordinary article. ajal, invitation, suasion to do any. thing; mWngajak, to invite. ajal, Ar. allotted time; destiny; alloted span of life; tiada sampai ajal-nya, his time (to die) has not yet come. ajar, I. teaching, instruction; ajar. kan, to teach; bglajar, to learn; p9. lajaran, learning; the thing taught or learnt; pWngajaran, the act of teaching; the process of teaching; the lectures of anyone; pbngajar, a teacher. II. Skr. ajar-ajar, devotees; ascetics; disciples of an ascetic teacher. aji, I. Jav. royal; rama a., or bapa a. sovereign father, sire; kakang a., royal brother; sang-aji, king, ruler, sacred majesty. II. mdngaji, to read (the Koran); to study (religion); to study generally. ajnas, Ar. miscellanies; sorts; tub.fatu'l-ajnas, "a gift of various articles," a common expression in epistolary language to describe the letter itself. ajok, mimicry, imitation; ridicule by mimicry; mgngajok, to take off. ajun, widest from the mark; last in the competition. akal, Ar. intelligence, understanding, mind; bSrakal, intelligent a. baligh, maturity, years of discretion; pan. jang a., resourceful. akan, to, approach to; motion towards; intention to; budak yang akan mangaji, a boy about to study; akan-daku, to me; akan.dia, to him; akan-akan, like, resembling, very similar to; sa-akan akan, almost exactly like; birakan - biragan —v. aqan. akar, root, fibre;,climbing or creeping plant; tiada rotan akar ppun bor. guna, if you cannot get a rattan any fibre will be useful (half a loaf is

Page  4 AKAS 4.A3IU. better than no bread), prov.; bWrak ir, to take root. akas, lively, nimble, graceful. akat, Ar. to settle; to conclude; to put through; a. nikah, to settle the details of a marriage; a. barang, to deal in goods, to trade. akbar, Ar. most great, almighty; Allahu ahkbar, God is almighty. akek, Ar. agate, cornelian; coral. akhbar, Ar. news; a newspaper. akhir, Ar. last; the end; akhir-lnya, in the end;, for ever; to the end of time. akhirat, Ar. eternity, the life to come. aki, to' aki, (Perak) grandfather. aksara, Skr. letter, alphabetical symbol. sku, I. I, me, myself; akandaku, to me; aku sEsmua, we; aku sakalian, id. II. mnltgaku, to admit, to accept (a fact). al, Ar. the. alabangka, Port. a crowbar. alah, to be worsted; to lose (a contest); ala bt sa oleh biasa, theory is worsted by practice, prov.; alahkan and mengalthlkan, to vanquish, to bring into subjection. alahan, a dried up river-bed. alaihi, Ar. upon him; to him. alaikum, Ar. upon you; to you. alam, Ar. the world. alamat, Ar. sign, token. alan-alan, a jester; a buffoon; a clown. alang, I. cross, across; a. balai, the cross-beams over an audience-hall. II. slight (in importance), of little account; a. kipalang, id.; bukan alaig-alang of no little importance, important, weighty; a. alangan, halfhearted, slight; alang-kah, is it importance that...-a semi-sarcastic interrogative enhancing the force of a statement. -alap, sedate, slow, quiet. alar, the child of a slave (of the class. knowtn asn ' lu ).. alas, I. foundation, basis, framework, stand; a. kaki, a footstool; a. baju,,the lining of a coat; a. pgeana, a numnah; a. rumah, the founda-: tions of a house. II Jav. alasan,.the jungle. alat, Ar. equipment, appurtenances; a. kerajaan, regalia; a. phrevng and a. senjata, military equipment; alati and mengalatkan, to fit out. aleh, change of position, moving, shifting; also kaleh. alek, olak-alek, backwards and forwards. algoja, Port. an executioner. ali-ali, a sling; rajut a.-a., the socket of a sling. alif, the name of the first letter of the alphabet. alim, Ar. wise, learned; orag a., a savant. alin, medicinal rubbing; the use of an embrocation. aling, ulang aling, rmotion to and fro, backwards and forwards. alir, flowing; floating down stream; mdngalir, to flow; mengalirkan, to set floating; tali alir, a floating line used for catching crocodiles. alis, Jav. the eyebrow. alit, touching up the edge of anything with colour; colouring the edge of the eyelid. alkari, Port. sealing-wax. alku, a go-between, a pimp. Allah, Ar. God. allahumma, Ar. my God; 0 God! almari, Port. a wardrobe, an almeirah. almas, Ar. a diamond. alongan, Jav. a pool, a mere. alpa, Skr. carelessness, negligence; to treat with carelessness; also lepa. alti, clever, smart. alu, I. a pestle, a pounder. II. mnngalu-ngalukan, to welcome; to re-;6eiye a guest with assiduous attention. III. ikan alu-alt, a large fish (unidenutiffed).

Page  5 ALUN. alun, I. ground-swell; long rolling waves; bSralun and mWngalun, to roll-up, of the sea; to be tempestuous. II. Jav. alun-alun, the esplanade in front of a Javanese palace. alur, the channel of a river; the hollowed-out bed of a stream. alwat, Ar. aloes-wood. ama, I. a gnat, an atom. II. Ar. ama baad', well then after that... an opening to a Malay paragraph. amah, a Chinese nurse. amal, Ar. good works; meritorious deeds in the eyes of God. aman, Ar. peace, safety; mercy, for. giveness. amanat, Ar. security; fidelity. amang, I. tourmaline, wolfram. II. 'mnngamang, to threaten, to menace. amar, Ar. order, command, edict; the commands of the Deity. amat, exceeding, very; feramat, surpassingly; amatii, anat-amati and qmmperamat-amati, to look very closely at; to devote careful attention to. ambai, a fixed riverine purse-net. ambal, I. ambalan, a procession; brambal-ambalan, in procession, trooping after. II. a rug. amban, bamboos lashed to a boat's side to increase its stability. ambang, the lintel of a door; mnngambangq, to just seem to rest on the horizon, of the sun or moon; to remain motionless in the air, of a bird; chinta awmbang-ambangan, " wishing" when the moon just appears over the horizon-a most propitious time according to Malay belief. ambar, I. Ar. ambergris. II. insipid, tasteless, vapid. ambil, taking over; taking and retaining (and not merely picking up); a. pedoman, to set the course by the compass; a. angin, to take an airing, to go for a walk; mWngambil, to take Gmngambil akan mgnantu, to take as a son-in-law; to give one's daughter AMRIS ~in marriage to; inenganmil di-hat, to take to heart; to bear a grudge over.. ' ' ambin, a scarf to support a burden borne on the back. ambohi, hullo, oh! an exclamation of astonishment. ) ambong, I. a sort of native knapsack. II. nmengambong, to surge up, of waves. III. ambong-amboig, a seashore shrub (scoev,la keoenigi). ambul, rebounding by the force of elasticity; mnngambul, to rebound (e.g. as a ball). ambur, = hambur. ambus, mngnambbus, to run away. amin, Ar. amen; be it so! mn rgamin.. kan, to keep repeating the word amen. amir, Ar. an emir; a chief; amriru'l muminin, Commander of the Faithful. amok, a furious attack; an "amuck "; mungamnok, to run amu(ck; to attack furiously. ampai, hanging and waving loosely; amnpaian kain, a clothes-line; amnpa.i ampai, a small stinging jelly-fish — c.f. lampai. ampat, see empat. ampong, drifting, to drift-cf. apong, lanpong, etc. ampu, holding up by pressure from below; *mngampu, to hold up, to support (as corsets hold up the breasts). ampuan, tengkyk anmpuun, a raja's principal wife. ampul, mnngampld, to swell out; to be blown out. ampun, pardon, forgiveness; meminta a., to ask forgiveness; amplni, ampunkan and v2zngampu nkan, to forgive. amput, (vulgar) sexual congress. amra, Hind. the hog-plum. amris, Ar. urat amris, the muscles and veins at the side of the throat; the throat.

Page  6 ANAI-ANAI 6 ANDOMAN Anai-aaii, the white ant; the ter. mite. aiak, child, offspring, issue; the young of an animal; the native (of a place); the relationship of an ac. cessory to a principal object or of a component part to a whole; a., a puppet, a doll, an image; a. anlgkat, a child by adoption; a. anjing, a puppy; a. ayam, a chicken; a. ayer, a rivulet; a. bini, family, wife and family; a. buah, the people under the charge of a native headman or chief; a. buangan, a foundling; a. chuchu, descendants; a. dagang, a foreigner; a. dara, a maiden; a. day. ong, an oarsman; a. gahara, a legiti. mate child; a. gampang, an illegitimate child of doubtful paternity; a. gsnta, the clapper of a bell; a. gobek, a betel-nut pounder; a. gdla, syrup; a. gundek, a son by a secondary wife; a. haraln, an illegitimate child; a. jari, a finger; a, kJmbar, a twin; a. kunchi, a key; a. laki-laki, a boy, a son; a. lidah, the uvula; a. murid, a pupil; a. nrgiri, a native of the country; a. orang, other people's children (especially their daughters); a. panah, an arrow; a. pirahu, a boatman; a. p8rgmpuan, a girl, a daughter; a. piatu, an orphan; a. raja, a prince; a. rambut, the fringe of hair over the forehead; a. roda, the spoke of a wheel; a. sulong, the eldest-born; a. suttbang, a child of incest; a. sungai, a small tributary stream; a. tangga, a step, a rung of a ladder; a. tWlinga, the external gristly portion of the ear; a. tdruna, a bachelor, an unmarried youth; a. tiri, a step-child; a. tunggal, an only child; bgranak, to be possessed of a child, to bear a child; mnmpgranak. kan, to beget; Onganak, a sort of drum; pdranakan, born in the coun. try, natives. anakanda, son-a respectful and endearing form of anak. anakda, son-a variant of ataakandca anam, see Snam. ananda, son-a variant of anakanda. anang, my son; a variant of anak occurring in Malayo-Javanese litera. ture. anbia, Ar. prophets; the plural of nabi. anchai, to let go. anchak, a rough wide-intersticed creel or basket of bamboo in which offerings are placed for evil spirits; bua, g a., to make such offerings. anchar, Jav. the upas-tree (antiaris toxicaria). anchok, the pairing of animals. anchong, a glazed earthenware pot, anchu, I. a large raft. II. cross. beams under a nibong flooring. anda, Skr. the musk-glands in a civet; a. k.istlo'i, the name of a Malay sweet. meat. andai, I. the hook to which the sheet of a Malay sail is attached. II. andai. nlya, possibly. III. see handai. andak, qnengandackan layar, to reef a sail. andal, undok andal, in swift succes. sion (of work). andam, Pers. the dressing of the hair above the forehead; the fringe of a bride. andang, I. a torch of dry leaves. II. andang-andang, the yard on a ship or boat. andar, Ar. mati andar, to die un. avenged. andas, a block with a flat surface; an anvil. andeka, I. Jav. you-a pronoun of the second person used in addressing people of rank. II. descent; the dignity of a hereditary non.sovereign chief; also (in Perak) adika. aldoh, support by means of a sling; andohan sOkochi, the slings under a boat at the davits; tali andoh, the lashings of a gun-carriage. andoman, Skr. a (Kedah) variant of hanoman, q.v.; see also domain

Page  7 ANDONG 7 ANGKIT nadong, the dracoena of gardens (cordyline terminalis). andun, Jav. mngandun pwrang, to make war = m~ngadu p rang. andur, a buffalo-sleigh. aneka, Skr. kinds, species; s~rba a., of different kinds, various; also nerka. angan, thoughts, ideas, the mind, usually angan-angan; siti juga diangan-angan, my lady is ever in my thoughts. angek, (Kedah) ungak-angek, bobbing up and down. angga, tine of a deer; mnrang!a tandok, with branching horns. anggai, a sign (in very high-flown language), = isharat. anggal, buoyant, lightly laden; light (of sickness). anggap, a challenging invitation at a game; beranggap anggapan, in turns, turn and turn about. anggar, reckoning, calculation; anggaran eluayaran, navigation (as a science); membuat anggaran, to take bearings; anggaran burong, the perching place of a bird. anggara, see angkara. anggau, clutching at anything; put. ting out the hand to seize. angg6rek, an orchid. anggbrka, baju anggerka, a long overcoat or surtout. anggit, fastening together; rotan penganggit atap, a rattan for fastening ataps; rotan anggit, the rattan binding outside a drum. anggok, to nod the head; also 6nggok. anggota, Skr. limbs; the members of the body. anggul, to lift at the bows, to pitch (of a boat). anggun, fastidious, affected in manner or dress. nauggur, I, transplanting. II, Pers. the vine, grapes, (by simile) grapeshot, shot; ayer a., wine; buah a., grapes; tarok a., a vine-shoot. III, better, rather, it were better that. angin, a wind, a breeze, a current of air; a. bardt, a west wind; a. darat, a land breeze; a. gila, an uncertain wind; a. puting bWliong, a whirlwind; a. sakal, a head-wind; a. s9lmbubu, an eddying wind; a. timba ruang, a wind on the beam; ambil a., to go for an airing; chakap a., vapouring, empty talk; di-atas a., west, countries from which ships used to come in the south-west monsoon; di-bawah a., Malaya, Burma, etc., countries to which people come from the west during the south-west monsoon; kepala a., flighty; kdreta a., a switchj back railway, (sometimes) a bicycle; nakan a., to set well in a breeze (of a sail), to take an airing; mata a., the direction from which the wind is blowing; mngujarinq a., to waste time; pirchaya a., vain hopes or expectations; penyakit a., a generic name for internal diseases which it is hard for a native doctor to diagnose; pokok a., a storm-cloud; anginkan, to dry in a current of air. angka, Skr. a numerical figure, a cypher; a. dua, the figure two, the reduplication-mark. angkap, a variant of anggap, q.v. angkara, Skr. violence, gross brutality or disrespect, violence to a girl or woman; hina a., a low brute; s9tua a., a fabulous monster of great strength. angkasa, Skr. the regions of the air, the heavens; dewa a., a celestial deity; unggas a., a bird of the air. angkat, raising, lifting, bringing up; anak a., an adopted child; angkatangkat, gait, bearing; angkatkan, to raise, to lift; angkatan, an expeditionary force; angkatan raja diraja, the hearse at a sovereign's funeral bgrangkat, to go (of a prince). angkau, see engkau. angkit, raising (small light objects),

Page  8 ANGKOH picking up; bNlat angkit-angkit, chicks. angkoh, proud, haughty, angkok, the figure-head of a native boat. angkup, tweezers, forceps. angkut, raising piecemeal, picking up one at a time; mengangkut, to keep picking up and removing; angkut-angkut, the mason-bee. anglo, Ch. a brazier. anglong, a pavilion, a summer-house. 4ngsa, Skr. a goose. angsana, the ansenna-tree; also sna. angsoka, Skr. the name of a tree (pavy tta indica?) aLugsur, progress in short stages; in instalments. angus, see hangus. angut, day-dreaming-e.g. under the influence of opium. 21ni, mnngani, to arrange the pattern on a weaver's loom. aniaya, Skr. oppression, injustice, wrong. aning-aning, a large wasp. anja, halliard. anjak, to shift one's position slightly; edging away. aCjal, mnnganjal, to spring back into its original position (of a flexible body). anijang, kitam anjang-anjang, a variety of crab. anjiman, Eng. kapal anjiman, an East Indiaman (ship). aujing, a dog; dog, as a term of abuse; anjiJng-anjing, the muscle of the calf; a. ayer, an otter; a. hutan, a wild dog; anak a., a puppy; gigi a., the canine teeth; g mbala a., a dogboy. atjir, Pers. the fig. anjong, a projecting upper-floor room; a sort of covered verandah over a porch or drive, anjur, m-nlganjur, to project, to streteh out, ANTUL anum, Jav. fair, handsome; ratu a.7 the handsome prince; Sira Panji. anur, a (Kedah) variant of andur, q.v. anta, I. Skr. existence, entity, nature; beranea indera, divine; berania loka,. earthly, mundane; anta kcsomna, flowery; the name given to a Malay dish (made of kUledek). II. Skr. naaga anta-boga, the great serpent. antah, the husk; the outer skin of grain. antak, to tap the ground with the cushion of the foot, the heel remaining stationary, antan, a pestle. antap, heavy for its size; of great specific gravity. antar, = hanfar. antar-antar, a ramrod; a pounder. antara, Skr. space between; time between; di-antara, during the interval between; in the space between; among; ingat antara beuim kena, think before you are involved in anything (look before you leap), prov. anteh, menganteh, to spin (thread). antelas, Ar. satin. antero, Port. the whole; a. K9lang, the whole of Klang-i.e. the district and not the mere town. anti, untak anti, convulsive movement; also entak-anti. antil, untal-antil, swaying loosely. anting, hanging down and swaying; pendulous; unltang-anting-id. of many objects swaying at a time; anting-anting, an ear-pendant; bu. rong anting-anting, racquet-tailed drongo (dissemurus platurus). antok, I. mrnggantok, to be drowsy or sleepy. II. colliding; b1rantok, to collide; gigi bherantok, chattering teeth; terantok, in collision; sudah tdrantok baharu tingadah, to look up after the collision (to shut the stabledoor after the steed has been stolen), prov. antu, mengantutl, to bound back, to fall back,

Page  9 ANTUN 9 ARAS antun, begrantun, to be particular about one's dress. antup, Jav. the sting of an insect. anu, such-and-such; si-anu, so-andso; di-kampong anu, at such-and-such a place. anugerah, Skr. favour; grace; the gift of a superior to an inferior; anugirahi, to bestow, to confer a favour on. anun, a (Kedah) variant of anu. anyam, plaiting; basket and matwork; mgnganyam, to plait. anyang, to sweep up rubbish into heaps. anyel, onyak-anyek, vacillating, undecided; shaking (as a loose tooth). anyut, see hanyut. apa, what; dia orang apa, what is he? apa-huat, what are you doing? apa-apa, whatever; apa-bila, when, whenever; apa fasal, why? opa guna, what is the use? apa-kala, when, whenever; apa-lagi, what then? apa-lah, please —i.e. as much as you please; khabari apa-lah, tell me something (whatever you like); apa-machan, how; what kind of; in what way; apa sebab, why; anatah, what...? barang-apa,, whatever; bbebrapa, in some quantity; some, several; bgrapa, in what quantity; how many, how much? betapa, how, why? kenapa and mengapa, why? siapa, who? tiada men7gapa, or (colloquially) tidak apa, no matter, never mind. apabila, when; whenever. apak, Jav. foul, fetid (of odour). apakala, when, whenever. apam, Tam. a thin cake. apas, striking, effective (of costume). apek, I. spruce, smart, neat. II. chakap upak-apek, tale-bearing; mis. chievous or inconsistent talk. api, fire; alight; a light-house; api'api, a generic name for a number of trees of the mangrove class; asap a., smoke; bara a., live embers; batu a., flint; bunga a., sparks, fireworks; di-makan a., burnt; gobek a., a fire syringe; gunong a., a volcano; kapal a., a steamship; kaynz a., firewoodkereta a., a railway; a steam tramway; laut a., the fiery sea (hell); periok a., a bomb, a shell; semut a., a long black stinging ant; bUrapi, flaming. apilan, a gun-shield. apit, wedging between two surfaces (not connected by a hinge); apitan, a printing-press; merngapit, to press between two surfaces; terapit, wedged in between. apiun, Ar. opium. apong, drifting, floating; floatsam, driftwood; laksana apolg di-tngahb laut, like driftwood on the waves (helpless), prov. apum, a cake resembling (but not identical with) the apam. apus, = hapis. ara, a generic name for trees of the fig type; menanti ara ta'-bgrgetah, to wait for the fig to lose its sap (an endless wait), prov. Arab, Ar. Arabian, Arabic; negr'i A., Arabia; bah,sa A., Arabic. arah, direction; a. ka-laut, towards the sea; sa-keliing a., on all sides, in all directions; ta'-tentu a., in confusion. arai, arai jemtarai, hanging loosely. arak, I. ber-arak, to march in procession; plraraka, a processional car; II. Ar. arrack; rice-spirit; spirits generally. arakiau, furthermore. aral, Ar. an obstacle; a difficulty; a hindrance. aram, I. suspicion. II. aranm temaram, dimmed in lustre; clouded over (as the moon). arang, charcoal; kayu a., ebony; a. batu, coal; a. di-mlnka, defilement shame, disgrace. ararut, Eng. arrowroot. aras, I. rising to a level with;

Page  10 ARASH 10 ATUR m Lngaras a., to rise to the cloud. line. II. a term in chess. arash, Ar. the throne of God. archa, Skr. an image; a bas-relief. ari, I. Jav. younger brother or sister; = adek; ari.ningsun, id.; = adinda. II. ari-ai, the pubes. III. Ar. halter, IV. = hnai. aria, (nautical) lower away! arif, Ar. learned, erudite. arifin, Ar. wise men; the wiseplural of arif. aring, I. foul-smelling. II. the small piece of worked steel at the top of the blade of a keris (it corresponds in some respects to the guard on a foil). arip, Jav. sleepy. aris, I. a bolt-rope. TI. Ar. a husbandman. arit, Jav. a slightly curved knife used for tapping trees. Arjuna, Skr. the hero Arjuna. arkian, see arakian. arnab, Ar. a rabbit. arong, wading through water; ford. ing; mengarong, to wade through water; to ford; to traverse; bMlayar nengaronq, to put out to sea; mnngarong danrah, to wade through blood (a metaphor for great slaughter); arongan, a crossing, a channel (a metaphor for the deep central part of the sea). arpus, catgut. arti, see herti. aruan, a fresh-water fish (ophioceph. alus sp.) aruda, Port. rue (ruta graveolens). arwa, a saw-edged knife. arwah, Ar. the vital elements in a man; the soul; the spirits of the dead; makan a., a feast in honour of the dead; tgrbang a., loss of consciousness. asa, Sk. hope; putus a., hopeless. ness; hilang a., id. asad, Ar. a lion. *,sah, grinding down, whetting; filing (the teeth); batu a., a whetstone; asahkan, to whet, to grind down. asai, a fruit-weevil. asak, pressing in or pressing down; ramming into a small space. asal, Ar. origin; a. usul, history; origins; lineage; asal-nya, originally; asalkan (or simply asal), if, provided that, if only. asam, acid, sour; acid fruits; lak. sana asam dingan garam, like acids and salt (which go well together), prov.; limau a., the lime. asap, smoke, vapour; asapkan, to fumigate; to perfume with incense; pgrasapan,,a censer. asek, giddy behaviour. ashik, Ar. enamoured; in love; lover, asin, salt, saline. asing, distinct, separate, apart; orang a., another person, a different person; asingkan, to set apart; to discriminate. askar, Ar. soldiery. asmara, Skr. love; sexual love. asoh, mngasoh, to nurse; pengasoh, a nurse. asok, (Kedah) masked dancer. Asrafil, Ar. the archangel Israfel. astaka, a dais. astakona, Skr. an octagonal pattern. astana, = istana. asu, gigi asu, the canine teeth. asut, stirring up enmity, egging on to a quarrel; rnOngasut, to egg on, to stir up. atap, roofing; thatch of palm-leaf; a. ayan, a corrugated iron roof; a, batu, a. ge'nting, or a. sisek tznggiling, a tiled roof; a. gajah mnenyusu, a covered way. alar, minyak atar, otto of roses. atas, position above; with reference to; about; di-atas, above; ka-atas, upward, to a place above. atau, Skr. or. atong, tsratong-atong, riding at an. chor. atur, setting in order; arranging;

Page  11 ATUS 11 BABANG aturan, regulations; aturkan, to set in order. %tus, (Kedah) to filter; to rinse. aulia, Ar. a saint; the saints. aum, (onbmatopoeic); mgngaum, to growl (as a tiger), to murmur (as a crowd). Aur, a generic name given to many large bamboos. aus, to be worn away by friction. auta, false, lying. awak, body, person, self; contents; you, thou (in Johor and Pahang); a. perahu, the crew of a ship. awal, Ar. beginning; first; a. musim, the beginning of the season. awan, cloud; cloud-like pattern; a, mqngandong hujan, a rain cloud; a. timbul, pattern in relief; a. tgngg.lam, an incised pattern. Awang, I. young fellow, young man, youth. II. awang-awang or awang. awangan, the lower heavens; the space between earth and sky. awar, = hawar. awas, keen sight; second sight. awat, I. why, what, wherefore. II. the ridge between plough-furrows; memnchah a., to cross-plough. ayah, I. father, sire; a. bonda, parents. II. Hind. an Indian nurse. ^yahanda, sire (in court language). ayak, sifting; mlngayak, to pass through a sieve; ayakan, a sieve. ayam, a generic name for fowls; a. bWlanda, a turkey; a. ddnak or a. hutan, a jungle fowl; a. itek, poultry; a. jantan, a cock; a. kasi or a. kWmw biri, a capon; a. mutiara, a guineafowl; a. pIgar, the fire-back pheasant (lophura rufa); ayam-ayam, a watercock; anak a., a chicken. ayan, Eng. corrugated iron. ayapan, victuals. ayat, Ar. verse of the Koran. dyer, water, liquid, juice, sap; a. bahi, a flood; a. batu, ice; a. gula, syrup; a. keras, spirits; a. madu, honey; a. mata, tears; a. mawar, rose-water; a. minmn, drinking-water; a. muka, expression of face; a. pasang, the rising tide; a. pgloh, perspiration; a. surut, the falling tide; a. tawar, fresh water; a. teh, tea; a. tgrjun, awaterfall; buang a., to ease oneself; mata a., a spring; tanah a., territories. ayo, an interjection of greeting. ayoh, alas! an exclamation of sorrow. ayok, (coarse) sexual congress. ayu, Jav. fair, handsome. ayun, to rock, to sway; bgrayun or mingaywn, id.; ayunan, a hammock; a cradle. ayut, (coarse) sexual congress. aza, Ar. honoured; in honour (of God). azab, Ar. sorrow, pain, trouble; also adzab. azal, Ar. the beginning of time; the endless past. azimat, Ar. a talisman. aziz, Ar. dear, darling. azmat, Ar. awe-inspiring; also adzmat. B ]ba, the name of the second letter of baba, a Straits-born Chinese; a the alphabet. foreigner born in Malaya. baada, Ar. after; baada-hu, after babad, Jav. a chronicle, a history. that. babak, set, series; sa-babak, of one bab, Ar. a chapter; a main division series; similar, identical. of a book. babang, agape; gaping wide.

Page  12 BABAKg 12 BAHANA baliar, astretch; expansion; terbabar, spread out; astretch. babas, driven out of its course (of a ship). babi, a pig; pig as a term of abuse; b. buta, recklessness; b. hutan, a wild pig; b. kawan, the half-grown wild pig; b. nangui, the young wild pig (striped); b. tunggal, the fullgrown boar; buel b., a sea-urchin; burong b., the adjutant (bird); gila b., epilepsy. babil, wrangling, altercation; bgrbabil, to dispute..babit, interference; dragging third parties into a dispute. -babok, dull, dense, stupid. babt. a Javanese nurse. babur, broad-bodied. bacha, reading; the utterance of.formulae, pray ers or incantations; nmlmbacha, to read; tarnda bachaan, vowel-points; diacritical marks. bachang, see machang or Lmbachang.:bachar, loquacious. bachin, stinking, fetid. bachir, bochor-bachir, very leaky, constantly running. bachul, timid, spiritless; ayam b., a cock that will not fight. badak, a generic name for the rhinoceros and tapir; b. api, a fabulous rhinoceros; b. hUmpit = b. kirbau; b. kgrbau, the Sumatran rhinoceros; b. raya, the Javan rhinoceros (r. son* daicus); b. tamnpog, the tapir; = tn lok. badam, Pers. the almond; b. china, ground-nuts. badan, Ar. the body (in contradistinction to the soul); cf. tuboh. badang, a large bamboo tray or sieve. badar, Ar. the moon; the name of a plain near Mecca. badek, a small knife. badi, the evil influences affecting a place; also bahadi. badok, I. clumsy; bulky. II. the,name eof a fish. badong, Jav. a gorget:vworn by a child. badui, Ar. a Bedouin; a wandering scoundrel. badut, Jav. a jester. bafta, Pers. woven fabrics. bagai, kind, species, varity; likethe Penang equivalent for seperti; bagai-bagai, sorts, kinds; also pelbagai; bUrbagai-bagai, of different sorts; sa-bagai, like, resembling. bagaimana, how? in what way? bagal, awkward, clumsy; too tall, too big. bagan, a platform for drying fish a scaffolding; (Penang) a landingplace. bagas, continuous (of a gale). bagau, a plant (xyris indica). baghal, Ar. a mule. bagi, (Penang) to, for, towards; to give. bagimana, = bagaimana. baginda, Sk. king, prince, ruler; your majesty. bagini, in this way; thus. bagitu, in that way; so. bagong, clumsy, awkward (of the build of a boat). bagu, bagu-bagu, a slice or natural sub-division of a fruit. bagur, big for one's age; overgrown. bagts, fine, handsome. bah, ayer bah, flood water; inundation. bahadi, the evil influences (supernatural) haunting a place; also badi. bahaduri, Pers. knightly, gallant. bahagi, to divide; to allot; bahagian, a division, a share. bahagia, Skr. blessing; berbahagia, fortunate, blessed. baham, holding in the mouth; chewing; mouthing; mastication; also a coarse equivalent for eating. bahan, I. a chunk or large lump (especially of wood). II. drubbing, soundly thrashing. bahana, noise; the confused murmur of many sounds.

Page  13 BAHANG 13 BAKAT 'bahang, the glow of fire; glowing-,hot. bahar, Ar. the sea; bintu'l-bahar, a: mermaid. lbahara, a weight; cf. bara. lbahari, Pers. excellent, noble, worthy. 'baharu, new; newly; just; just then; X not till then; then; tahun b., the new year; baharu ia datang, he has just come; also baru. bahas, 1. knocking up against. II. Ar. debate, discussion. tbahasa, Skr. language; fitting language; politeness; manners; b. Mglay'i, the M alay language; tiada tahu b., to lack manners; kurang b., id.; jalan b., idiom; juru b., an interpreter: also basa. bahaya, Skr. danger, peril; marabahaya, id.; also baya. 'bahkan, of a truth; yes; verily; moreover; a strong affirmative. baht,6ra, Skr. a vessel; an ark; an argosy-a poetic equivalent for a ship. bahu, I. the shoulder; terchabut-lah sindi bahu-nya, his shoulder was put out of joint. II. (Dutch) a measure of superficies (a bouw). bahwa, Skr. the story is, the facts are, namely, to wit-a word used to open a paragraph or the words of a statement; bahwa-sanya or b. sa. sunggoh-nya, id. ba'd, Ar. far, distant; karib dan b.,. near and far; relatives and strangers. baiduri, Skr. an opal; a generic name for a number of precious stones -such as opals, cat's-eyes, etc. ]baik, good, excellent; useful; well; tuan ada b..; are you well; how are you; how do you do; btik-baik, carefully; jaga b. b., take care; baik...baik..., both.. and... -e.g. baik jantan baik bhtina, both men and -women; baik-lah, all right; very:well; sa-baik-baik, however well; as well as possible; baik, or mnmbaiki, to repair, to mend. bairup, Eng. a beacon; a buoy; a trigonometrical station. bait, Ar. house; baitu'l-rnal, the treasury; baitut'llah, God's house; baitu'lmukadas, Jerusalem. baja, I. steel; the process of tempering; improving by manure; kalawu asal baja yang baik, if of good steel to start with; tanah yang tiada berbaja, unmanured land. II. a preparation of burnt coconut shell used for staining the teeth. bajak, I. (Malacca, Singapore) a plough; = (Penang) tenggala; mata b., the ploughshare. II. Jav. a pirate. bajan, Skr. a basin; better bejana. bajang, an evil spirit; a familiar spirit. bajau, a sea gipsy. baji, a wedge; b. belah, a wedge for forcing open a fissure; b. rapat, a wedge for filling an interstice so as to keep an object in position or steady. bajik, Jav. kabajikan, virtue, merit, good deeds. bajing, Jav. a squirrel. baju, an outer garment, a coat, a jacket, a tunic; b. dalam, a singlet; b. hujan, a mackintosh, a rain coat; b. panas, an overcoat; tangan b., the sleeve of a coat. baka, I. heredity; inherited character. II. Ar. eternal, lasting; dari negeri yang fcna ka-ngr'ii yang baka, from a perishable to an imperishable country (from earth to heaven). bakai, (Kedah) mandi bakai, to wash in fresh water after bathing in the sea. bakal, I. hereditary social position; b. lo ksamana, of a laksamana's family. II. Jav. materials for construction. bakap, a fish (unidentified), bakar, burning; to burn; mimbakar, to burn, to roast; tirbakar, burnt bakarat, Ar. virginity. bakat, tide-rips, masses of driftwood and seaweed marking the point

Page  14 BAKAU 14 BALUT of contact of two currents or the highest point of the beach reached by the tide; traces of an eruptive disease. bakau, mangrove-swamp; a generic name for mangroves; ular b., a species of viper (lachesis pturpureoinaculatus). bakdul, a bearing-rein. bakek, a pepper; piper chaba. bakhil, Ar. covetous, avaricious. bakhtiar, Pers. fortunate. baki, Ar. balance left over; surplus; remainder. bakir, turned sour (of milk). bakok, stupid, inattentive, dense. bakong, a large white-flowered lilylike plant (crinum asiaticurn). bakti, Skr. meritorious service; devotion; b&rbuat b., to show devotion to God; to earn merit in God's sight; bUrbakti, devout; kebaktian, devotion. bakul, a basket, a hamper; ienjunjong b., to carry a basket on the head. 'bakup, closed by inflammation (of the eyes); "bunged up." bala, I. Ar. misfortune, injury; tolak b., a propitiatory offering or sacrifice. II. Sk. army, soldiery;; b. tgntgra, an army. balah, disputing, quarrelling, wordy war. balai, I. a hall of audience; the court of a penghulu; (Penang) a policestation. II. halai-balai, upsetting, confusing; confused, disorderly. balairong, a large hall of a type mentioned in romances; a hall of general assembly; b. agong, id. balak, (Dutch) a baulk, a large piece of timber. balam, I. the Malay ground-dove (geopelia striata), usually known as tSkukur. II. dimly visible, hazy (as distant hills); balam-balam, id. III. qndmbalam-balam, to paddle with short quick strokes. Jblang, I. a bottle with a long narrow neck. II, a missile; to hurl a missile, III. Jav. mournfulness = walang. IV. to paddle quickly = balam. balar, I. albino whiteness; pinkness; krbau b., a pink buffalo. II. chakas balar, scratched all over; covered with abrasions. balas, sending back; return; requital; revenge; balasi, to requite mgmbalas, to send back-e.g.?n tabek, to return a salutation; m. surat, to reply to a letter. balasan, Ar. balm, balsam. balau, pokok balau, a large tree (swintonia sp.) Balchi, Baluchi, negiri B., Baluchistan. baldi, Hind. a horse-bucket. balek, position behind; in rear of; the reverse; di-balek, behind; b. adab, disrespect; bolak-b., backwards and forwards; berbalek, to return; terbalek, upside down, reversed. balgham, Ar. mucus, phlegm. bali, I. Oh. the cabin of a junk. II. Balinese; Pulau B., Bali. baligh, Ar. adult, mature; akal b., years of discretion; puberty. baling, revolution; bolang-b., chainshot. baloh, the wooden frame of a drum; balohan, the skeleton of a howdah. balok, I, Port. a small sailing craft. II. mnmbalok, to " string " for choice of positions. balong, I. the comb of a cock; b. kulit, patches of bark sticking out loosely from the trunk. II. balong bidai, an evil spirit of the water. balu, widowed. balun, to beat with a rattan. balur, hard skin, such as that which forms under the yoke in a bullock; untanned hide; jerked meat. balut, I. enwrapping, enwinding, b. rokok, to roll up a cigarette; di-balut. nya iurat, he wrapped the letter in the envelope (of yellow silk). II. inflamed, red (of the eyes),

Page  15 BAYM 15 BANGSA barn, cross-tree; cross-piece; the bar of a bullock-cart. bambang, flat and broad (as a mirror). baanbu, bamboo; better buloh and aur. bambun, the Malayan mongoose. bami, Ch. a dish of vermicelli, prawns and pork. banang, large (in certain compound expressions only). banar, sinar banar, resplendent. banat, I, mdmbanat, to thrash. II. wild, forest-covered = belentara. III. Ar. ainu'l-banat, a precious cloth. banchi, I. toll, census, enumeration per capita. IT. Tam. adze. III. Jav. hermaphrodite. banchoh, mixing up; kneading up (flour, etc.). banchut, I. projecting; t~rbanchut mata, with the eye thrust out intently (of a lizard on a wall). II. Batav. to futilize = bantut. bandang, ikan bandang, a fish (chry. sophrys hasta?) bandar, I. Pers. a sea-port; shahbandar, harbour-master; a Malay officer controlling the coast and ship. ping. II. bandaran, a water-course; bandar ayer, id. bandarsah, a private mosque or chapel. bandbla, a bale. bandera, see bindera. banding, comparison; tiada sa-band. iqAg, incomparable; bandingkan, to compare. bandok, nervous, self-conscious. bandong, I. a connected pair-e.g. balai bandong, two halls connected by a passage; tPlur dua sa-bandong, two yolks in one egg. bandu, Skr. friend, associate, companion. bandul, Eur. the pendulum of a clock. baudut, to bind, to fasten; to bind up. brag, I. Pere. the call to prayer. II. Jav. red; Batek b., a pattern of sarong in which red predominates. bangai; trhbangai, left unfinished; in. complete (of a work). bangar, I. putrid (of long stagnant water). II. ingar bangar, great up. roar. bangat, speed; extreme speed; extremely soon; bangat-bangat or b. amlat, very quick; in a very great degree indeed. bangau, the Malay egret (bubulcus' coromandus and herodias intermedia). bangbang, Jav. red; kItara bang. bang twetan, the eastern glow appeared. banglas, opened out; unpartitioned. bangelo, Eng. bungalow. bangkai, a dead body; a carcasecf. mayat (which is respectful). bangkang, I. wide apart (of the points of horns, etc.); tandok b., horns, the points of which are wide apart; kala b., the black forest scorpion. II. Jav. contradictoriness. III. unfinished, left incomplete. bangkar, tough, hard; set stiff (in death). bangkas, yellow flecked with black (as the colour of a fighting-cock). bangking, a large round lacquered box. bangkir, bengkar-bangkir, turning everything upside down (as in a disorderly search). bangkit, rising up; b. bgrdiri, to rise and stand erect; to stand up; bUrbangkit, to rise; bUrbangkit-lah kitakutan, a panic arose. bangkong, parang bangkong, a short broad-bladed Bugis chopping knife. bangru, Port. a bench, a stool, a seat without arms or back. bangkut, stunted in growth; stumpy. bangsa, Skr. race, family, good birth; bahasa mgnwnjokkan bangsa, a man's manners show his descent, pror.; b. China, the Chinese; birbangsa, of birth; nobly born.

Page  16 BANGSAI 16 BARAU 'bangsai, decayed, rotten, falling to pieces (of wood). banugal, a shed; b. kuda, a stable or stall. bangsat, vagrant, mean, despicable; orang b., a vagabond. bangsawan, Skr. of good birth, noble; the word is also used of a native opera company. baagsi, a native flute or flageolet. )bangun, to rise, to get up; shape, bearing; jatoh b., falling and rising; stumbling along; terlalu takut ban[gun-tya, bearing himself like a great fear; bangun-ban gun, shape, form; bangun-bangunan, a turret or crow's nest in a stockade; a scaffolding; bangunkln, to make a person get up; memrbangur, to rise; to recover damages for the loss of a murdered relative. 'bani, Ar. bani Adam, the children of Adam; mankind. banian, see benian. baning, the tortoise (testudo emys). banir, a buttress-like projection at the base of the trunk of certain trees. 'banjar, row, rank, file; be-banjar, arranged in rows; taman banjaran slri, the Old-Javanese garden of the hesperides. 'banji, Oh. glazed earthenware lattice-work. bantah, quarrelling, altercation; barbantah, to dispute; bantahan, quarrel-,some, given to contradicting; pSrbantahan, an altercation. 'bantai, cutting up a slaughtered animal; quartering; p6mbantai, a butcher. 'bantal, a pillow, a cushion; bantalbantal, a short horizontal patch of rainbow light. bantang, bunting bantang, advanced pregnancy. antaeng, the Bali ox (bos sondaicus) when domesticated. anitngi, dashing down, beating togetqher; threshing padi against the. sides of a wooden tub; mrmbanting, to dash against; sapgrti ombak mem. banting diri-nya, like waves dashing into each other, prov. bantu, aid, assistance; mgmbantu, to succour, to aid, to help. bantun, uprooting; pulling up the foundations. bantut, frustration; rendering abortive; nipping in the bud. banyak, much; many; a quantity; b. orang, a number of persons; orang b., the populace; sa-banyak, the same number as, as many as, as much as; kgbanyakan, most; the majority; the common people; common. banyu, Jav. fermented coconut water used in dyeing silk. bapa, father; mak b., or ibu b., parents. bapang, my father-a Javanese (first person singular possessive) form of bapa. bara, I. embers; b. api, live coals.,II. tolak bara, ballast (see bahara). III. sara-bara, higgledy-piggledy. IV. Hind. big, great, main (in certain nautical expressions). barah, abscess, tumour. barai, an edible salt-water shell-fish. baran, low swampy undergrowth; babi b., wild pig infesting suchl undergrowth. barang, things in general; luggage; one's belongings; anything; any; would that in some way; b. apa, whatever; b. barang, (1) things, belongings, luggage; (2) ordinary, common; b. bila, whenever; b. kali, perhaps; b. siapa, whoever; sabarang, whatever. baras, Ar. leprosy. barat, I. west; b. tepat, due west;,orang b., Kelantanese (as described in Pahang). II. sssat barat, very much astray; confused. III. ikan barat-barat (triacanthus brevirostris), barau, ilan barau-barau, (triacanthus blochii); bu-rogn barau-bara'f

Page  17 BAREK 17 BAUR the yellow crowned bulbul (trachy. comus ochrocephalus). barek, mottled, veined, variegated. Bari, I. Ar. God the Creator. II. baribari, fruit-flies. baring, lying down at full length; brbaring, to lie down; baringkan, to place in a recumbent position. baris, a line, a row, a file (of soldiers); b. sipahi, a line of troops. baroh, low land; the land lying below one. barong, I. a booth, a stall. II. a road between hills; a pass or col. baru, I. new; = baharu. II. a seashore tree (hibiscus tiliaceus); ikan daun b. (drepane punctata). barus, kapur b., camphor. barut, a long bandage; a bodice worn by children; to bandage or swathe in cloth. barsakh, alam b., Hades. basah, wet, moist; b. kuyup, wringing wet; kain basahan, clothes used for bathing in; old clothes; basahkan, to wet. basal, jaundice. basau, hard (when it should be soft), e.g. of a boiled potato. bashah, Turk. a pasha. basi, musty, stale, mouldy. basoh, washing; saperti ayer basoh tangan, like water for washing one's hands (a cheap and little-prized article), prov.; basohkan, to wash, basong, I. a pointed excrescence near the root of a tree. II. an envelope of bark for raw sago. III. half seasoned (of wood). bata, I. batu bata, a brick; atap b., atiledroof. II. bata-bata,in doubt;. bata-bataan, perplexity. Batak, an aboriginal tribesman; a Battak; mrmbatak, to lead a nomadic life. batal, Ar. futile, useless; mimbatal. kan, to bring to nought. batang, a tree-trunk; a shaft; a handle; a rod, b. ayer, a wte - course; b. hidong, the bridge of the nose; b. joran, a fishing-rod; b. kayu, a tree; b. leher, the neck; b. pengayoh, the handle of a paddle. batara, see betara. batas, the ridges round wet padi. fields. batek, the process of painting sarongs; kain b., a painted(Javanese) sarong. bati, sa-bati, inseparably connected; bound together. batil, a metallic cup or small bowl. batin, I. a tribal chief (of aborigines, orang laut, etc.). II. Ar. esoteric: inner; hidden. batir, batir-batir, a gold band fastening a klris scabbard to its belt, batoh, a gambler. batok, a cough; b. kWring, phthisis; b. lelah or b. sisek, whooping-cough. batu, stone, rock; mile-stone, mile; native anchor; b. api, flint; b. arang, coal; b. asah, whetstone; b. bata, brick; b. bWlanda, crystal; (diamond) paste; b. bgrani, magnet; b. bSsi, granitic rock; b. chanai, grindstone; b. daching, the weight on a balance; b. duga, a plummet; b. gdliga, a bezoar; b. kail, the weight on a fishing-line; b. karang, galena ore; b. kepala, crown of the head; b. las, emery; b. lintar, fossil stone implements; b. roboh, debris; b. sauh, a native anchor; b. sampadan, boundary-stone; b. uji, touchstone; ayer b., ice; chap b., lithography; gula b., loaf-sugar. bau, smell, odour; bau-bauan, perfume; bgrbau, to be scented; to smell of. bank, a beard under the chin; chan.bang b., a full beard; janggut b., id. baung, I. curved (as a plantain or chairback-i.e. concave on one side, convex on the other). II. ikan baung, (bagrus sp.) baur, champur batr', much mixed up; also champtur gauL.

Page  18 BAWA 18 BEGAL tawa, conveying; mnmbawca, to bring, to carry, to convey; b. diri, to take oneself off, to be off; b. iman, to accept the Muhammadan faith; b. jalan, to lead the way; b. lari, to carry off, to run away with; b. mati, to retain till death; to carry to one's grave; b. pergi, to take away; pgrgi b., to fetch. bawah, below, under; ka-bawah, downward; di-bawah, below; daribawtah, from under. bawal, ikan bawal, the pomfret; (stromateus sp.) bawaug, a generic name for onions, leeks, etc.; b. Bgnggala or b. Bombai, imported onions; b. China, garlic; b. merah, the local onion. bawasir, Ar. piles, haemorrhoids; also wasir. bawat, drooping; nata b., drooping eyelids, sleepiness. baya, I. sa-baya, of the same age. II. Skr. danger; = bahaya. bayak, bulkiness, extreme corpulence. bayam, spinach. bayau, I. burong bayan, the parroquet (palaornis longicauda). II. Ar. clear, obvious; tgrbayan-lah nyata, id. III. Jav. a waiting-maid at a court. bayang, shadow, image, vague outline; t rbayang, imaged vaguely, shadowed forth. bayar, payment, paying; mSmbayar, to pay, bayoh, plurality of wives. bayong, pisau b., a small knife. bayu, I. Skr. the wind, the breeze; Vayu, the IEolus of the old Javanese mythology; di-puput bayu, waving in the breeze. II. a slave; a submissive pronoun of the first person. bayur, a name given to several trees. bea, customs dues I plbean, a customs. station. bibal, stupid, dull, dense orang yang aMbal, a fool biban, a burden, a load. beban, wicked, perverse, disobedient. bebang, a stoppage (in the anus or uterus). bebas, free behaviour; familiarity; making oneself at home. blbat, girdling, wrapping round. bebek, Jav. duck; = (Malay) itek. bechak, I. muddy, slushy. II. Ch. a jinrikisha. bechang, bechang-bechok, the sound of quarrelling. bechek, Jav. slushy; = bechak. bechok, bechang-bechok, the sound of quarrelling. beda, Skr. distinction, difference; sekarang ini beda terlalu, things are very different now; mnmbedakan, to distinguish between, to differentiate; pnrbedaan, distinction, difference; also beza. bedak, division into equal parts. bidak, a cosmetic face-powder; bgrbddak, powdered with cosmetic. bedal, a swishing blow with a light rattan. bWdan, reddish itchy spots. bedar, an ancient one-masted type of ship. bidara, Skr. a name given to several trees; b. China, the jujube; buah b., (1) the fruit of this tree; (2) a name of a Malay sweetmeat. bidebah, Pers. ill-starred, accursed. bedek, mnmbedek, to look fixedly through one eye; to aim. bldia, a spangle. bWdil, obat bidil, gunpowder. bidok, a big drum used for calling people to mosque; = (Kedah) gOn. dang raya. b]dong, a swaddling-cloth for a new. ly born child. bidukang, ikan bzdukang, a fresh. water fish (unidentified). begs, pointing at, aiming at; mnm. bega, to aim at. begak, foppish, dandified. begal, highway robbery,

Page  19 BEGAP begap, robust; square-set. begar, Ar. stiff, hard; hard and proud. begawan, Skr. blessed-a title given to minor deities and to heroes who have given up kingship for asceticism. begok, a goitre. blhina, Pers. excellent, important; tiada b., not to attach importance to; mnmbehinakan, to pay attention to; to care about; also bena. bfjana, Skr. a basin; also bajan. bejar, Pers. out of humour. beka, berbeka, to gossip, to discuss; to talk over a matter. bekal, supplies for a journey; stores, provisions; pgrbikalan, id. bekam, a slight bruise or discoloration of the skin. bekang, a kind of cake. bklas, impression, trace, mark; the wrapper, garment or receptacle in which a thing is contained; b. mWnangis, traces of weeping; b. baubauan, a scent-bottle; b. pinang, a sireh box; b. tuboh, a garment. bfkat, tightly filled up; pnoh b., id. bklil, ikan bWkil, an edible marine fish (unidentified). bbku, coagulated, congealed, frozen; ayer b,, ice; b. didalan hati, one's heart standing still; one's blood running cold. lbkukong, ikan bkukong, a marine fish (chrysophrys calamara). b6la, sustenance; nourishing; bringing up; msmbgla, to bring up (a child); to support (a relative); to keep (a familiar spirit). bela, atonement by blood; blood. offering; suttee. b6laohan, a preparation of prawns and small fish (it is used as a relish for curry). blachu, unbleached calico cloth. bialada, a broad curved dagger. b6llah, splitting in two; cleaving; halving.; side; sa-.blah, a side; saw BiLARAM bZlah sana, on that side, in that direction; sa-balah tangan, one hand; sa-bglah msnnyabglah, on both sides; sa-belah kanan, the right-hand side; sa-belah kiri, the left-hand side. blahak, making noises in the throat after eating. bWlai, dalliance; bWlu-bilai, to con. verse, to chatter. bMlajar, see ajar. belak, mottled (as the grain of certain timbers). belak, openging out folds or creases; holding a fold open. bblaka, altogether, quite. bblakang, back, behind; di-belakang, in rear; subsequent; mgmbglakang, to have one's back turned to. bllalah, given up to gluttony. bblalai, trunk, proboscis. bblalak, to have a fixed look about the eyes. bMlalang, a generic name for grass. hoppers, stick-insects, leaf-insects, etc.; mata b., prominent eyes. belam, chelum blanm, over familiarity; tramping in and out of a house as though it was one's own. belambang, a truss; a lath. bblanak, ikan balanak, a marine fish (mugil sp.) Blanda, Dutch; orang b., a Dutch. man; nSgdri b., Holland; ayam b., a turkey; ayer b., mineral water; kuching b., a rabbit. b6landong, too loose (of garments). bWlang, striped; b. chlchak or b. baer intek, spotted. b6langa, an earthenware cooking, pot. bblangkas, the king-crab. bblanja, expense; cost of sustenance; salary; bglanjakan, to expend. bblantan, a club or cudgel. bblantara, (Kawi) hutan bMlantara or rimba b., the wilds of the forest. bblantek, see lantek. blar, mischievous. b6laram, a variant of balghami q.v,

Page  20 fitLiAS i tblas, I. a word utilised in forming the numerals from eleven to nineteen: it suggests that having counted all,the fingers, the counter goes back (batas) counting them again; sa. Wtlas, eleven; dua b., twelve. II. pity, mercy, sympathy; b. kasehan, id. bbElsah, caning, thrashing with a rattan. bblat, a large screen of bamboo or bertam used in fish-traps; fish-traps in which such screens are used. bblati, Skr. European (of goods); imported from afar; tali b., hempen rope; ttmbakau b., tinned tobacco. belatok, a generic name for woodpeckers; also p8latok. belau, I. (Dutch) blue. II. bUlaub lau, blinking, shimmering; trying to the eyes. belbbas, a lath laid horizontally along atap; a ruler; a cross-piece in a loom. bblbbat, single-stick play; slashing. bblbbau, belabouring, swishing. bbb1da, a sweet gruel. beledoh, see bWludoh. bWledok, chengkok bcledok (Penang) zigzag. blbdu, I. Port. velvet. II. burong b919du, a bird (unidentified). belek, looking closely into anything, examining carefully (as a watchmaker examines the works of a 'watch). bblek, turning the upper eyelid up or the lower eyelid down. bileko, Ch. a sort of glutinous syrup. bMlnmaak, Jay. an owl. belen, a wooden roller used in makming pastry. bbelng, Jav. potsherd. bblngas, sticky (of the body). bilnggu, shackles, fetters. bilengkLt, linked together. b)lengset, exposed (of the inside of the eyelid) as the result of injury or disease. 1 B3LOK bblera, a weaver's "sword"; Uita b., a sea-snake; also ular belerang. bllerang, sulphur; asap b., sulphur fumes (used medicinally); ular b., a sea-snake. bleter, (Kedah) to chatter; = (Malacca) merepet. bMli, purchase, buying; membeli, to purchase. bblia, Skr. muda bUlia, young and fresh; in the bloom of youth. bbliak, exposing the whites of the eyes. bblian, I. hantu bdlian, the tiger. spirit in incantations. II. the billian tree. bliau, " what's-his-name," " so-andso" (when speaking of someone whose name one knows but does not wish to utter). bblibis, the whistling-teal (dendrocygna javanica). bilida, ikan belida, a marine fish (notopterus kapirat). bbligu, Jav. the wax gourd (benincasa cerifera). belikat, the shoulder-blade. bliku, a sharp bend in a river's course. blimbing, ridged longitudinally; a descriptive name given to the leathery turtle (dernochelys coriacea), and also (buah b^limbing) to a wellknown fruit (averrhoa bilimbi) blin, a small edible eel (unidentified). bbliong, a native hatchet; puting b., a waterspout. b6lisah, fidgeting. belit, twining round, coiling round. mmmbblit, to coil round. bBlitong, siput bdlitong, a shell (unidentified). b6lodok, projecting, prominent (of the eyes). beloh, stupid. bblohan, = balohan; v. baloh. belok, luffing, going on the opposite tack going about; turning. bliok, Eng. a (pulley) block.

Page  21 BiLLOLO bblolok, fallen in quantities (of fruit). lblong, belah belong, an insect which makes a loud noise at night and is believed to bring bad luck; also belah b2lum. ]bMlongkang, a river-boat in use at Palembang. bblongkeng, a small edible snail. blongsong, a cloth fabric. bblontok, a fish (gobius viridiptnc. tatus). bUlu, Jav. bWlu belai, to chatter, to converse. bluam, a mendicant's wallet. bUlubur, a rice-bin. bludal, a dry, crisp native cake. bludoh, tgrbgludoh, filling the land. scape; looming large. b]lukang, an edible marine fish. blukap, a mangrove (rhizophora mucronata). b6lukar, secondary jungle. bblulang, a dry pelt; a patch of hardened skin. bblum, not yet; not; b. pgrnah, never yet; sa-bglum, before (conjunction). b6lumpai, not yet; = b6lum sampai. bMlungkur, ikan bglungkur, a fish (unidentified). 17bMijur, to stretch oneself; to extend the lower limbs. bbMuntas, a sea-shore shrub with lilac flowers (pluchea indica or conyza indica). bolus, free to go in and out; unobstructed; loose in a socket. b]lusok, ikan btlusok a fish (unidenti. fied). belut, to desert; to go over to the enemy. bglut, ikan bWlut, an eel. bem, to puff out the cheeks. bembamn, to roast in hot ashes. 1bmban, a tree (clinogyne grandis). bembeng, lifting a globular object on the flat of the hand. bena, a tidal bore. ~bena, Pers. caring about; taking to heart-a special use of bUhina, q.v. BNiNDtLAM btnah, an insect-pest; a blight. bMnak, I. dull, slow of apprehension. II. marrow, brains. bUeam, tsrbnam, buried in sand or mud; (more rarely) immersed in water, drowned. banang, thread; a thread-like line; b. mas, gold thread; b. arang, a charcoal line drawn by carpenters to guide them in their cutting or carving. banar, true, right, accurate; bnar. lah sap rti kata tuan., what you say is true; bhlnarkan, to confirm; k/b6 -naran, truth, accuracy, verification. bteara, a washerman, a dhoby. benchah, a morass; a muddy place; slushy, swampy. bmnchana, Skr. mischief-making, trouble, slander; mnembinchanakan, to slander. benchang, to scull. bMnchi, hatred; to hate; b. dan marah dan dkngki, hate, anger, and spite; bUnchikan or membenchikarn, to hate; (rarely) to arouse hatred in another; prmbanchi, a talisman or simple to cause another person to hate a third party-e.g. to cause a girl to hate a rival suitor. benda, Skr. thing, article; mata b., things of value; gems, curios. bendahara, Skr. the title of a very exalted Malay state official, usually ranking next to the heir-apparent; prrb1ndaharan, treasury. bendahari, Skr. a treasury officer. btndala, Port. a bandolier. bendalu, a misletoe shrub. bendang, a stretch of rice-fields; buat b. (Penang) to plant padi. btndari, Hind. a sea-cook. bindawat, a stay, a lashing; cordage in a ship. bandela, see bandgla. bendalarn, a vessel made of a coconut shell cut into two unequal parts, the smaller serving as a cover to the larger.

Page  22 ' BINDERA bendera, Port. a flag; tiang b., a flagstaff. b6nderang, I. terang bhnderanq, all pervading (of brilliant light). II. tombak bandgrang, a spear with a tuft of horse-hair attached to it; a spear of state. blnderong, a passage in a prince's audience rooms. bbndi, Hind. a carriage on two wheels; a "bandy." bendi, Hind. sayur b., the okra or beni fruit; "ladies' fingers"; ka. chang b., id. bendir, a kind of gong used by haw. kers. bindong, a dam, a dyke. benduan, Hind. a transported con. vict. bindul, the beam at the threshold of a door; the threshold. beneh, seed; grain for use as seed. bbngah, holding one's head up; stuck up; conceited. b6angal, temporary dullness of hearing-e.g. when water gets into the ear. bUngang, singing noises in the ear. bungap, artificial dullness of hearing -e.g. when cotton is put in the ear. bngeh, (Kedah) to hiss (of a cat). bengek, to catch one's breath; to pant. ]enggal, knobby, protuberant; b. benggul or b. bUnggil, id. 3Bnggala, the presidency of Cal. cutta. B3nggali, a native of the presidency of Calcutta. banggil, a small knob or protuber. ance; a small bump or swelling. benggul, a large low-rising bump or protuberance. bengis, cruel, heartless; kUbgngisan or pembbngisan, indifference to the sufferings of others. bengkah, to strike and let go one's weapon; to hit an opponent's top with one's own. 2 BINTANGUR bengkak, inflamed, swollen; a swell. ing. bengkalai, unfinished, incomplete (of work). bUngkalis, the name of a fish (unidentified). bengkang, bengkang bengkok, zigzag. bbngkar, opening out (as a spring). bengkarak, unfinished-a coarse equivalent of bUngkalai. bUngkarong, the skink; mabuia. b]ngkawan, a lath; a numeral co. efficient for ataps. bengkayang, gorged, glutted with food. bengkeng, angry, irritable, peevish; savage (of an animal). bengkil, a bump or protuberance. bengkok, crooked, bent; bengkang' bengkok, zigzag. bengkong, I. girdle. II. crookedcf. bengkok and bengkang. bUngkuang, see mengkuang. bengkudu, see mnngkudu. bungkunang, a name for the napoh (tragulus napo). bengok, terbtngok, with bowed head and contracted shoulders (as a man in a state of dejection). bMngong, confused-cf. bingong. bengut, twisted, awry. benian, I. a coffer. II. Hind. a trader or merchant from India. III. a banyan or singlet. boning, clear, limpid-a variant of hening. benjil, bumpy (of the forehead). benjul, a slight bump or swelling. bUnta, a small ulcer on the upper lip. bUntala, Skr. the earth. bbntan, relapse; the return of sickness. bUntang, spreading out, extension; m8nmbntang and membentangkan, to spread out (a carpet); to pitch (a tent). bUntangur, a name given to a num. ber of trees yielding good timber (calophyllum sp.)

Page  23 BENTAR 23 B3ARENG bgntar, sa-bentar, a moment; an instant; sa.bentar di-sini, sa-.btar di-sana, one moment here, another there; dingan sa-bentar, in a mo. ment, at once. bUntara, Skr. a herald, a marshal of the court. bbntas, to tear up and dash down di-bentas-nya sa-buah bukit kapada hulubalang, he tore up a hill and dashed it on the troops. benteh, to lock shins, to trip up. benteng, a fort, a battery; b. sasaran, a target. bentes, a variant of benteh, q.v. bantok, curve; a numeral co-efficient for curved objects such as rings, fishhooks, etc.; sa-puloh bentok chinchin, ten rings. bentur, bowing, bending, "giving"; = lentur. benturong, the bear-cat (arctictis binturong). b1nua, a large expanse of country; an empire; a continent; the mainland, as against an island; b. China, China; orang b., aborigines. bnauang, rusa benuang, a variety of the deer cervus unicolor; also (Kedah) genuang. bnayai, insipid (of badly cooked rice). benyek, soft, through over-boiling (of rice). benyut, twisted, awry. beo, the name given (in Java) to the tiong, or mynah. bMra, flushed, crimsoned, inflamed (of the face); a face-ache, neuralgia. beragan, see agan and akan. berahi, love, passion; berahikan, to be in love with. 3Brahman and 3Brahmana, Skr. a Brahmin. bbrai, cherai-bSrai, scattered, broken up, dispersed (as a defeated army). bbrak, flushed-a variant of bgra, q.v, berak, to ease oneself. b6rakah, self-important, stuck up..braksa, I. kuda bgraksa or burong bdraksa, a legendary Pegasus, II. pokok bgraksa (cassia fistula). beram, a generic name for liquors made of fermented rice-spirit. beramin, bakul bgramin, a globular basket hung from the roof to protect its contents from rats. bbranda, Port. verandah. bgrang, berang-berang, the otter (lutra sumatrana). berang, I. anger, wrath; hati yang b., angry feelings, passion. II. ular berang, a venomous snake (probably one of the sea-snakes). bWrangai, perahu berangai, a Malay piratical craft furnished with a boarding gangway and grappling irons. bWrangan, I. realgar; = warangan; b. puteh, white arsenical oxide. II. a generic name for oaks and chestnuts. bWrangsang, exciting, rousing to courage. berangta, Jav. love, passion. bWrangti, a variant of berangta, q.v. bWrani, courage, bravery; batu b. or besi b., magnetic iron. b]ranta, see anfa. bWrapa, how much; see apa. b]ras, rice (without the husk, but uncooked); cf. padi and nasi. bWrat, heavy, weighty; weight; kI. pala b., heavy, dull-witted; kcbe. ratan, pregnancy; burden; mrenbe. ratkan, to hinder, to handicap, to interfere with. b]rata, an idol; mnemuja b., to wor. ship idols. berdus, corpulent, obese. berek-berek, burong berek-berek, the bay-backed bee-eater (merops suma. tranus). ber6mbang, pokok berembang, a sea. side tree (sonneratia acida). bbr6mi, the native water-cress (her. pestes monniera). bWrenang, to swim; see renang. bUreng, bgreng-bgreng, a small Chinese gong.

Page  24 BRBitNGA 24 BPiTARA bbr6nga, larvae of insects-e.g. as visible on decayed animal matter. bUrgngau, a musical instrument(only mentioned in ancient literature). 'bbrnggil, serrated, crenelated (of the appearance of a mountain range against the sky-line). beret, cheret-beret, continually flowing. bUrgok, Ar. a veil worn by female hajis. bbrhala, an idol. bUri, giving, bestowal; to give; mombUri, to give, to allow; memberi tahu, to give information of; membgri tabek, to greet, to salute; pgmbgrian, gift, grant, dowry. bbrida, Skr. veteran, experienced. bbringin, the waringin tree (ficus benjamina). bWrita, Skr. news, information; ~warta; Ipmbgrita, a news-giver; a newspaper. bUrkas, a tied bundle; a bale of otherwise disconnected objects. bUrkat, Ar. blessing. b]rkek, burong berkek (Singapore, Malacca) the snipe; = (Penang) burong tltirok. bbrkok, burong bgrkok, the large green pigeon (butreron capelli). 3B3rma, I. Skr. Brahma. II. redness, especially when caused by suffusion of blood. III. Burma; orang B., a Burmese. bbrnas, springing up quickly (of young plants); swelling, expanding rapidly. bUrniaga, to trade; perniagaan, trade, business. bWroga, ayam beroga, a name for the - jungle-fowl (gallus ferrugineus). berohi, arrowroot. btrok, the pig-tailed monkey (maca. cus nemestrinus); serah b. or b. mgnghantar hasil, the mumps. bWrombong, funnel-shaped. bbronok, a name given to several edible sea-worms-e.g. colochirus an. ceps, haplodactyla molpadisides, etW. bgroti, a lath (in lattice-work). bgrsat, gone astray (of food which gets into the windpipe). berseh, clean, free from impurities; brrshhkan, to clean. bbrsil, to emerge, to come suddenly into view. bbrsin, to sneeze; jambu b., the guava fruit. bersut, scowling, a black look (as the result of unpleasant thoughts). bertam, a well-known palm (eugeissona tristis). bbrteh, to toast rice in the husk; bWras b., toasted rice. beruang, the Malayan bear (ursus malayanus). beruas, the wild mangosteen. berudu, a tadpole. besan, the relationship between people whose children have intermarried. besar, large, great; hari b., festival, holiday; hati b., arrogance; tuan b., the head of an office; besarkan and membesarkan, to enlarge; k1bssaran, grandeur, greatness; pride. beser, incontinence of urine. besi, iron; b. berani, magnetic iron; b. batang, bar iron; b. kawi, manganese; b. lantai, sheet iron; batu b., granite; pandai b. or tukang b., a blacksmith; pukul b., to shoe a horse; tahi b., rust. bising, whizzing, singing through the air (of a projectile). besok, to-morrow; also esok. bUstari, well-bred, accomplished. besut, a contraction of the brows; bUrsut. besuta, a silken fabric from Surat. beta, Skr. slave, servant; your servant, I. betah, restored to health; conva, lescent. betak-betak, a skin-disease. betapa, how; in what manner; what, why. b6tara, Skr. a title given in old Java

Page  25 B-fTARI 25 BIDUANDA to major divinities and to reigning princes of great power. bStari, a grass(sorghum saccharatum), betas, ripping open, splitting open (as a seam gives way under strain). b6tek, buah betek, the papaya fruit (carica papaya). b6teka, Ar. a plant name (citrullus ' edulis). ]bti, bati-b~ti, a tree (eugenia zeylanica). beti, Skr. a female slave; a palace attendant-the feminine of beta. bltina, female, feminine (of animals), and (familiarly) of human beings; kuda b., a mare. b]ting, a sand bank or mud bank. betis, the leg (between knee and ankle); buah b., or jantong b., the calf. b6tok, I. burnt (by acids). II. the name of a fish (unidentified). b6tong, large (in certain connections only)-e.g. katak b., a large species of frog; buloh b., a large bamboo; tbbu 'V., a large sugar-cane and rumput b., a large grass. b6tul, correct, true, straight; bgtulkan, to correct, to set right; mombatzulkan, id. bbtutu, an edible fish (unidentified). bewak, a Kedah variant of biawak, q.vv beza, difference; = beda. bi, Ar. with, in; bi'smi'llah, in God's name; bi-hi, on him, with him. bia, tolls, duties; bian-bian or p8bian, a customs-station. biadab, Pers. disrespectful, dis. courtesy. biak, prolific, reproductive. biang, I. lascivious. II. biang-biut, zigzag. biapbri, Pers. a merchant, a trader. biar, I. to permit, to allow, to let; may; no matter if; biar-lah, never mind, let it alone; biar puteh tulang jangan puteh mata, let the bones whiten but not the eyes (better death than shame), prov.; biarkan, to per mit, to concede, to allow. II. cha. ~ching biar-biar, intestinal worms. bias, to be driven out of its course (of a ship). biasa, Skr. acquaintance with a person or thing; accustomedto; practised in; ia telah biasa dnagan aku, he is an acquaintance of mine; biasa-lah tangan-ku ememgang kalam, my hand became accustomed to holding a pen. biawak, a generic name for monitor and other large lizards. biaya, Skr. cost, expenses; outlay. bibi, Hind. lady, mistress. bibir, lip, edge, rim; b. mata, eyelids. bibit, to carry a light object in the hand; also bimbit. bichara, Skr. opinion; discussion; deliberation; a judicial proceeding; tnmpat b., a polica court; berbicharaj to discuss, to debate about. bichu, a screw-jack. bida, a damsel about a court; a maid of honour. bidaah, Ar. deceitful, treacherous. bidadari, Skr. a nymph of heaven; a fairy; a houri. bidai, chicks, blinds, hanging screens of split rattan or bamboo. bidak, Ar. a pawn at chess. bidal, I. a thimble. II. a proverbial saying; a dictum of an ancient sage; an aphorism. bidan, Skr. a midwife. bidang, I. spacious, extending; a numerical co-efficient for things that are spread out-e.g. sails, mats, etoc II. a palm-cabbage. bidara, see bcdara. bidas, a blow given by an elastic or flexible body when tension is removed. bidok, a fishing boat; kutu b., the beetles infesting ill-kept lockers, etc., in boats. biduan, Skr. a musician, a singer or dancer. biduanda, Skr. a royal messenger, a herald.

Page  26 BIDUR 26 BINTANGUR bidur, a slab (of tin). bighair, Ar. separate, distinct from. bijak, Sk. learned, sage, prudent; b. laksana, id.; = bijaksana. bijaksana, Skr. learned, prudent; chaste; also bijak laksana. bijai, (sesamum indicum). bijeh, grains of alluvial tin. biji, a seed; a grain; a numerical co-efficient for small objects; b. mata, eyeball. bikin, to make; to do. bikir, Ar. virginity, virgin. biku, I. a saw-edged pattern, a zigzag pattern. II. (Pali) a mendicant Buddhist priest. bila, when; apa-bila, id. (relative); bila-mana, whenever; barang-bila, as often as. bilah, a numeral co-efficient for bladelike objects-e.g. knives, chisels, daggers, hatchets, needles, etc. bilai, a weal. bilal, Ar. the muezzin of a Malay mosque. bilalang, see balalang. bilang, recounting, enumeration; to repeat, to say, to tell; sa-bilang, each, every; bilangan, enumeration, tale; chukup hari bilangan, when the tale of days was complete; membilang, to count, to number; terbilang, famous; talked about. bilas, washing in fresh or scented water after a bath in common water. bilau, kachau-bilau, in confusion; higgledy-piggledy, topsy-turvy. bilek, room, apartment. bilis, I. mata bilis, blear-eyed. II. ik-an bilis, a fish (unidentified). bi'llahi, Ar. by God. biludak, ular b., a venomous snake; a viper? bilur, a scar, a weal. bimbang, anxious, uncertain, irresolute, nervous. bimbit, to carry lightly in the hand; also bibit. bin, Ar. son of; Puteh bin Mat, Puteh, son of Mat. binasa, Skr. ruin, destruction; iklut rasa binasa, to give way to one's passions is destruction, prov.; binasakan or mimbinasakan, to destroy, to ruin. binatang, an animal; b. yang liar, wild animals; b. yang jinak, domestic animals. binchana, see bUnchana. binchang, binchang ayam, a knot or fastening of great strength; a coiled knot. binchul, a slight bump or swelling. binchut, a variant of binchul. bindu, a turning-lathe. bingas, growling, menacing (of a wild beast). bingit, uneasy; indisposed, out of sorts. bingka, kueh bingka, a Malay cake. bingkai, rim, border; rattan binding on edge, rim or border. bingkas, springing back (of a spring); rising to attention; resuming a pro. per position. bingkis, I. a complimentary gift accompanying a letter; surat bingki. san, id. II. bungkus-bingkis, all kinds of parcels and packages. bingong, mazed, confused, disconcerted; dull, muddle-headed. bini, wife (less courteous than istgri); anak b., family; berbini, to be married; bUrbinikan, to marry, to take to wife. binjai, the name of a common fruittree (inangifera coesa). bint, Ar. daughter; bintu'l-bahar, mermaid-cf. binti. bintang, a star; a heavenly body; a decoration; b. bgrasap or b. berekur, a comet; b. bnridar, a planet; b. kc. bMsaran, the star of an order of knighthood; berbintang-bintang, full of small holes (through which light penetrates: of a roof). bintangur, see blUtangur.

Page  27 BINTEK 27 BOLAK bintek, bgrbintek-bintek, covered with small spots of prickly heat. binti, Ar. daughter of; Baidah binti Hasan, Baidah, daughter of Hasancf. bin and bint. bintil, a stye in the eye. bintit, a small swelling (such as that caused by the bite of a mosquito). biola, Port. a violin. birah, a name given to a number of aroids (chiefly wild); b. kiladi (colo. casia antiquorum) birahi, see berahi. biram, a poetic word for an elephant; b. bgrjuwang a war-elephant. biras, the relationship between two people who have married sisters; close connection by marriage. birat, a scar on the mouth. birau, kachau-birau, in extreme con. fusion. bireh, a fence; a parapet; the gun. wale of a ship-in literature only. biri, I. kambing biri-biri, a sheep. II. sakit biri-biri, beri-beri. biring, light red or yellow (of a fighting cock). biru, I. blue. II. haru bir, disturb. ance, uproar, confusion. bisa, I. venom; blood-poison; ular b., a venomous snake. II. (Batavia) can, able to; = boleh. bisai, dandified, dainty. bisat, (Penang) tiada bisat, not to care; = tiada indah. bisek, to whisper; to speak in whis. pers; berbisek, id. bisi, Skr. immodest, unchaste; a term of abuse. bising, loquacious, chattering. bismi, Ar. in the name of. Bisnu, Skr. Vishnu. bisu, dumb, mute. bisul, a boil, a superficial abscess. biuku, a species of tortoise (unidenti. fled). bins, Pers. obat bins, a stupefying drug; an anesthetic. biut, biang-biut, zigzag. bobos, leaky (through having a very big hole in its bottom). bochok, an awning over a child's+ cradle. bochong, an earthenware vessel shaped something like an hour-glass. bochor, leaky (not as strong as bobos, q.v.) bodi, see budi I. bodoh, stupid, dull, dense; orang b., a fool; kebodohan, stupidity. bodok, Eng. a gaff; a boat-hook. boga, I. Skr. sempana prganm boga, a kind of pleasure boat. II. Skr. anta, boga, the great serpent. bogam, I. pieces of gold or silver leaf on a head ornament (tajok). II. great-a rare equivalent of b~sar. bogang, tllanjang bogang, stark naked. bogi, Eng. kereta bogi, a buggy, a hooded vehicle. bogok, a large black caterpillar. bogot, horrid, ugly-in the express 6ion, hitarn bogot, horridly black (of Papuans). bohok, (Penang) a puddle. bohong, lie; lying; false; bohong sao mata-mata, altogether untrue; pgenm bohong, a liar. bojot, very much entangled; hopelessly mixed up. bok, I. Jav. mother; = mnbok. II. a kind of carpet. bokcha, Turk. a bag, scrip or wal, let. bokong, worn the wrong way; front and back interchanged. bokop, closed by inflamation (of the eyes); = bacup. bokor, a metal bowl or basin with a, flat rim. bokot, veiling, enshrouding; covering or wrapping up. bol, see bul. bold, Port. a ball; a cricket ball, foot, ball, billiard ball, or tennis ball. bolak, bolak-balek, there and back; backwards and forwards; bolak cha.

Page  28 BOLEH 28.BOROS 'kap, going back on one's word, pre, varication. "boleh, able to, can; power to; saboleh-boleh-nya, the best of his ability; mana b., how can this be so; impossible; apa boleh buat, what is to be done? there is an end of it. 'bolong, black; blue black; tarring, blackening. bolos, stripped off, fallen off (of a coiled string falling off a top, of leaves falling off a tree, of hairs falling off, etc.) bolot, roughly or hastily wrapping up a parcel-cf. balut. bolu, Port. sponge-cake. 'bom, Eur. the shafts of a carriage; the boom of a ship. "bomantara, Skr. the firmament; the vault of heaven. "bomba, Port. a pump; the hose of a fire-engine; a fire-engine; juru bomba kain, a dhoby. Zombai, Bombay; mdmbuang kan: ggri B., to (penally) transport. ^bomoh, a native doctor; a practitioner of magic, a sorcerer. bonchol, a knob-like protuberance. bonda, mother (in respectful language); = ibu'nda; ayah b., parents. baoneka, Port. a puppet, a doll. bonggol, a dome-shaped protuberance; a hump; also bongkol. bongkah, a piece, a block. bongkak, pride; arrogance; selfassertion; overbearing manner. bongkal, a measure of weight for precious articles; 11 oz. approximately. lboagkam, azimat pdmbongkam, a drug or talisman to silence a hostile wit. ness. bong'kang, spread out to its full length (of a dead body) in contradistinction to being huddled up. boigkar, heaving up, turning up the soil, weighing anchor; b. kota, to blow up a fort; mnmbongkar, to * heave up;. m. sauh, to weigh anchor; m. bukit, to dig up a hillock; bongs kar-bangkir, turning everything topsy turvy. bongkas, rising up (as the roots of a tree when the tree is blown down, or as the buried portion of a stake or pile when the pile is knocked down); heaved up; thrust up. bongkeng, lying forward, face downwards and knees drawn up (of a dead body). bongkok, hump-backed; b. baharu bNtul, " the hump-back who has just become straight" (a beggar on horseback), prov.; membongkok, to stoop, to humble oneself. bongkol, a hump; = bonggol. bongkong, I. bongkong kayu, a parasitic growth on the trunk of a tree; II. a Malay cake made in a wrapper of banana leaf. bonglai, a ginger used in medicine (zingiber cassumunaar). bongok, heavily built, clumsy. bolgsu, younger-born. bonjol, projection outward-cf. bujal, bgnjul, etc. bonyor, soft, sappy, juicy, tender. bopeng, pockmarked; also mopeng. bor, (Dutch) an auger. borak, I. insipid (of tobacco); also boyak. II. Ar. a mysterious flying animal; the animal upon which Muhammad made his journey to heaven. borang, Jav. a caltrop; = ranjau. bordu, Port. the gunwale (sometimes the hatches). boreh, a yellow ointment for the body. borek, spotted (with fairly large spots); ayam b., a spotted fowl. boren, a kind of coral. boria, Hind. a topical song. borong, wholesale; by the gross; mWmborong or mrmbgli borong, to buy up wholesale so as to command the market. boros, profuse, prodigal, extravagant, reckless in money matters.

Page  29 BOSA 29 BUCHU bosa, tali bosa, a rope attached to a ship's cable to stop it when sufficiently run out. bosau, satiety, nausea. boseta, Port. a basket. bosor, greed, gluttony. bostan, see bustan. bota, Skr. a goblin, an evil spirit of man-devouring propensities. botak, bald at the back of the head; baldness of the crown. botan, the rose peony. boya, I. Port. a buoy; also bairup. II. a (Penang and Kedah) variant of buaya. boyak, weak; insipid (of tobacco); also borak. 3oyan, the isle of Bawean between Java and Borneo; orang B., a " Boya. nese." buah, fruit; a spherical or nearly spherical object; a descriptive prefix or numeral co-efficient for objects of a more or less spherical or cubical. appearance such as houses, hills, eggs, baskets, stones, countries, towns, etc.; b. chatur, chessmen; b6 hati, the heart (especially as a term of endearment); b. kIras, the candle-nut; (aleurites mnoluccanus); b. mBlaka, a sweetmeat of soft dough; b. pala, nutmeg; b. plir, the testiculi; b. pinggang, the kidneys; b. timbangan, weights; anak b., depen, dents, people under a penghulu; buah-buahan, fruits in general, fruits of all sorts; bgrbuah, to bear fruit. bnai, rocking, swaying, swinging (as a cradle); b~rbuai, to be swinging; buaian, a swinging cradle. bual, bubbling up; loquacious (espe. cially boastfully loquacious); braggart. buana, Skr. the world, the universe; paku 6b., nail from which the universe hangs-a Javanese royal title; sang. ga t., prop sustaining the universt (is similar title) srri t-i-.buana, light -f dthe three worlds (another title). buang, throwing away, discarding~ mmnbuang, buangkan, or mnmbuangkan, to expel, to get rid of; b. ayeA, to obey a call of nature; b. ayer darah, dysentery; b. diri, suicide; b. ingus, to blow the nose; b. nyawa, to give up one's life; b. undi, to cast lots; champak b., a javelin; para b., a window or aperture (in a Malay house) through which rubbish is thrown out; terbuang, exiled, abandoned, discarded; anak buangan, a discarded child, a foundling. buas, wild, fierce (of animals); singa yang maha-buas, a most ferocious lion. buat, doing, making; bgrbuat or mm;buat, to make; buat-buat, to feign j. pretence, shamming; buatan, make -e.g. buatan Inggeris, of English make; pgrbuatan, act, deed. busya, a crocodile; b. timbaga or bk katak, the common crocodile (crocodilus porosus); b. serunai, b. jlnjui long, b. nygnyulong or b. jolong-jolong,. the gavial (tomistoma schlegeli); ikan korek tilinga b., the fish (gastrotoceus biaculeatus); lidah b., the aloe (aloe' ferox). buboh, setting, placing, affixing; mrmbuboh or membubohkan, to lay; to affix; mnmbuboh tanda tangan, toattach one's signature; mnmbuboh chap, to seal. bubok, a weevil, a wood-maggot di-makan b., worm-eaten. bubong, a variant of bumbong, q.v. bubu, a small fish-trap of bamboo and rattan. bubul, the repairing of nets; mSrm* bubul to mend (a net). bubur, rice-broth; b. susu, rice boiled in milk. bubut, I. a name for coucals and crow-pheasants (centropus eurycer. cus and centropus bengalensis). II1 the throat-halliards (in rigging) t.bubutan; id. buohn, a corner or angle,

Page  30 BUDAK 30 BULAT budask, a boy or girl; a child of several years in age. lbudi, I. Skr. wisdom, prudence; understanding, mental disposition; akat b., or b. bichara, id.; hilang b., loss of discretion; throwing discretion to the winds; b. bahasa, tact; berbudi, discreet, intelligent, wise. II. Skr. the peepul-tree (Jicus religiosa); daun b., the leaf of that tree (a name given to a peculiar fig-leaf-like pattern or border). "budiman, Skr. wise, prudent-cf. budi, I. ibudu, a pickle (small fish preserved in brine with their scales and entrails). bueh, foam, froth. bugil, talanjang b., stark naked.,3ugis, the name of a people from the Celebes. bujal, projecting outward (of a navel). )bjam, a pouch made of mengkuang leaf. bujang, single, unmarried (used of widows, widowers, and divorced persons as well as of persons who have never been married). bujangga, I. Skr. a monster of the winged-dragon or winged-man type. II. an unmarried man; = bujang. bujok, I. coaxing; soothing-better, pujok. II. ikan b., a fresh-water fish (scolopsis ciliatus). ybujur, extension of length relative to breadth; long, straight, stretching; bujur lalu, lintang patah, those that fall straight get through, those that fall across (the channel) get broken (and get through), (all is fish that comes to his net), prov.; b. bulat, elliptical; b. tWlur, oval; lintang b., diagonal. baka, opening, exposing, revealing; undoing, unharnessing, untying, un. folding; mambuka, to open, to unfold or undo; m, jalan, to open out a road; m. kain, to take off one's clothing; m. layar, to unfurl sails; m.;intu, to open a door; m. puasa, to end a fast; m. rahasia to reveal a secret; m. topi, to take off one's hat. bukan, no, not; there is not; it is not; bukan barang-barang phrSme puan, no ordinary woman; yang bukan-bukan, that do not really exist; impossible, wrong. bukat, troubled, disturbed (of water). bukit, a hill; anak b., a hillock; kaki b., the foot of a hill; orang b., aboriginal tribes dwelling in the mountains; p~nara b., the level ridge at the crest (of a range). buku, a joint (in a finger, on the ankle, wrist, etc.); a knot (in wood); the lumpy or disagreeable part of anything; (by metaphor) the sting of a remark; kena b., to come across the nasty part of anything, to run up against the wrong spot; b. jari, the knuckles; bWrbuku, clotted, in lumps. bul, globular; bubble-like; jambu b., a fruit (eugenia malaccensis). bulai, I. albino. II. a variant of b~lalai. bulan, the moon; a month; the period of gestation; sa-hari b., the first day of the month; the one-day. old moon; empat belas hari b., the 14th day of the month; the full moon; b. pgrnarna, id.; b. timbul, the new moon; b. tSrang, moonlight. bulang, I. enwinding, enwrapping; binding on with wrappings as the spurs of a fighting-cock are fastened on; mnmbulang taji, to fasten on the spurs of a fighting-cock. II. a ge? neric name for a number of thorny shrubs (canthium sp., etc.); bulang. an, id. III. bulang-baling, rolling over and over; a name given to chain-shot. bular, whitish discoloration of the eye; buta b., blindness accompanied by such discoloration. bulat, roundness; smoothness of sur. face; freedom from angularities; b, bujur or b. panjang, elliptical; b.

Page  31 BULI 31 BUNYi pipeh, flat and round (as a coin); b. torak, cylindrical; kayu b., round logs stripped of branches; masak b., cooking whole; pusat b., the centre of a circle; sgluar b., pyjamas; tWlanjang b., stark naked; sa-bulat-bulat, altogether; drngan sa-bulat-bulat hati, with my whole heart. buli, buli-buli, a small flask or bottle. bulir, I. anak bulir, an illegitimate child. II. ear (of padi); cluster. buloh, bamboo; a generic name for many bamboos; b. bangsi, a reed pipe; b. perindu, (1) a sort of Jew's harp; (2) a singing bamboo of legend; sa-perdu b., a clump of bamboo. bulu, wool; feathers; the hair of the body; b. kening, the eyebrows; b. landak, the quills on a porcupine; b. iang roma, the fine hairs on the body; b. roma, id.; b. tengkok, the mane (of a horse); ulat b., the hairy caterpillar; hati bgrbulu, to get angry. bulugh, Ar. maturity, puberty. bulur, extreme hunger, starvation; mati b., to die of hunger. bumbong, the ridge of a roof; rooflike; bumbongan, a roof; tulang bum. bong, the ridge-pole; bUrbumbong or nmrmburnbong, to swell up. bumbu, Jav. mixed spices; condi. ments; = rgmpah. bumbun, a hut in which a hunter hides when decoying game. bumi, Skr. the earth; the soil of the earth; the ground; jatoh ka-bumi, to fall to the ground; p~tala b., the folds or layers of which the earth is said by Malays to be formed; mang. kcu.bumi, a regent. bun, I. (Dutch) a metal pail. II. sa tali bun, a string (of pantuns). bunchis, (Dutch) French beans. bunchit, swollen, blow out, distended (of the stomach). bundar, rounded, globular. 'bUduk, Ar. bastard, bunga, a flower; an ornamental pat. tern or design; b. api, sparks, fire. works; b. ayer mawar, the rose; b. karang, a coralline sponge; b. kuku, the base (of the finger nail); b. pala, mace; b. rampai, flower-petals mixed with scented leaves; b. wang, interest on money. bungar, bungaran, first fruits. bungkus, rolling up a thing (as a package or parcel); bungkusan, a package; mnembungkus, to make up a parcel. bungsil, a very young coconut (used as a plaything by children). buni, orang bunian, invisible elves (of the forest). bunoh, killing, murdering; erasing; membunoh, to kill; to put an end to; mati di-bunoh, murdered; destined to a bad end; pnmbunoh, a man. slayer, a murderer; plmbunohan, killing; slaughter. buntak, short, stumpy; beamy (of a boat). buntal, a generic name for fish that distend their bodies with air when caught (b. pisang, tetrodon lunaris; b. batu, tetrodon fuviatalis). buntang, I. starting out of the head (as the eyes of the man who is being strangled). II. a weaver's rod. buntar, dome-shapped; roughly hemispherical; b. bayang-bayang rounded with wavy edges. buntat, a gall-stone; a petrified sub. stance found in animal or vegetable substances; a bezoar. buntil, a clothes-bag. bunting, enceinte, pregnant, prego nancy; b. sarat, advanced pregnancy, buntu, blocked (of a road or watercourse). buntul, the ring on a krrts sheath,. buntur, sated with food, glutted. buntut, the posterior; the stern the fundament. bunut, hujan bunut, very heavy rain. bunyi, sound, noise; meaning, aceent,

Page  32 BUPATI 1. intonation; dgmikian bunyi-nya, of the following tenor; bunyi-bunyian, strains of music; bgrbunyi, to sound; rmmbunyikan to enunciate, to pronounce. lupati, Skr. a title of distinction; lord of the earth. bura, spitting out; ejecting; pillorying; ular naga b., a snake (probably naia spututrix, the black cobra). burai, gushing out (as entrails from a wound in the stomach). barhan, Ar. demonstration, proof. buri, Jav. back, behind; di-buri, in rear. burit, posterior, stern; buritan, the stern of a ship; mnmburit, to commit an unnatural offence. birj, Ar. castle; sign of the zodiac. burok, worn, decayed (of vegetable aGnd manufactured articles, but not of animal matter-cf. busok); burok. kan, to wear out. burong, a bird; b. dewata, the bird of paradise; tembak b., bird-shooting. buru, hunting, the chase; minmburu, to hunt; p~mburu, hunter; hantu p.mburu, the wild huntsman, an evil spirit; pTrbmluan, sport, the game hunted; anjing pgrburuan, hunting.dogs. burun, kambing burun, a name for the serow of the Malay Peninsula (nemorrhoedus suettenhami). birat, hernia, rupture, hj drocele. I CHABUL bUisana, Skr. raiment, ornamental dress. busar, a bow, an arc; the bow for cleaning cotton; sgperti kapas dibusar, like cotton after cleaning (pure white), prov.; sOpgrti busar Ranjuna, like the bow of Arjuna (a simile for a beautiful arm); also busur. busi, Hind. rice-bran. busok, decayed (of animal matter); putrid, stinking; ban b., a bad smell; hati b., a bad disposition; namna b., an extremely bad name. butsong, dropsical inflammation; b. darah, an aneurism. bustan, Pers. a garden; a pleasaunce; a park. busur, a bow; a variant of busar, q.v. busut, an ant-hill. buta, I. blind; b. larangan, myopia; b. tuli, blind and deaf; pukul b. tuli, striking recklessly. II. see bota. III. buta-buta, a tree (cerbera odollam). IV. China b., a muhallil. butang, Eng. a button; b. dasi, a stud. butir, a grain, particle; a numeral co-efficient for small round objects (such as gems). butoh, the penis. butu, a variant of butoh, q.v. ]buyong, a water-jar (of portable size); buyut, flabby of flesh; pOrut b., flabby obesity; Ch ]habai, Skr. long pepper (piper lon. gum). chlbak, a wound left by the removal of a bit of flesh. o]iabagb bifurcation; the main branches of a tree; bgrchabang, forked (as the tongue of a snake) bWsi tiga ch., a trident. eirbar, fainathearted. chabek, tearing; torn; a rent; chobak-ch., tattered. chabir, tearing, torn; chobar-ch, torn about all over. chabit, a varriant of chabek, q.v. chabok, I. Pers. a whip; II. a festering ulcer (especially in the lower leg). chabul, outrag9ous behaviour; licew

Page  33 CHABtJT 33 CHAMPUtM tious violence; unseemly language; brbutat ch., to commit an outrage (especially rape); mWnchabuli, id. chabut, plucking out; a royalty; mSnchabut, to pull out; to drag out; to uproot; tdrchabut, pulled out; drawn (of a sword). chacha, a formula for reducing to submission. chachah, I. pricking a pattern; bdrchachah, tattooed. II. a Malay soup. chachak, implanting; sticking in the ground; ch. lari (slang), to make a bolt of it. chachar, an eruptive disease; smallpox; ch. ayer, measles or chicken-pox. chachat, a flaw, a defect, a blemish. chachan, to confuse; to throw into disorder. chachi, a small lever used to roll up a sail. chachil, small for its purpose. chaching, a worm; ch. pipeh, the tape-worm. chadang, reliance; a stand-by; a reserve fund or war-chest. ohadar, Hind. a rug, sheet, or shawl. chaeng, picked to pieces; minced. ohagak, the swivel of a swivel.gun (tela). chagar, relying; trusting; a Malacca form of mortgage in which the mortgagee is given the usufruct of land in lieu of interest. chago, a disease of the toes. ohagut, Jav. the chin. chah, an interjection; a cry for hurrying on buffaloes. chahar, diarrhoea, purging. chahari, to seek-v. chari. chahaya, Skr. lustre, brilliancy, glow; ch. mata, light of the eyes (a term of endearment); brrchahaya, to glow, to shine. chakah, wide (of an angle); obtuse. chakang, forming a very open curve. chaOap, to speak; to undertake; bgrchakap, to speak; p rchakapan, speech, utterance; ch. angin, empty boasting. chakar, scratching; ch. balar, scratched all over; mtnchakar, to scratch (as a fowl). chakEra, Skr. a discus, a quoit. chak6rawala, Skr. the revolving vault of heaven. chakok, indirect (of a blow); given at a curve; golok ch., a curved chopper. chakup, catching in the open mouth (as a dog catches a biscuit). chakus, mnnchakhus, to carry a burden suspended from a stick that rests on the shoulder. chalak, I. likely to take place. II, affectation; airs. chalar, a long scratch on the skin; bWrchalar, scratched. chaling, chotak ch., or cholang ch., in a tangle, in disorder. chalit, smearing, smudging. chalong, I. a small ladle. II. pisau ch., a small knife resembling a pisau wali. ohalu, Hind. the run of a steamer. chain, recognition by sight; chamkan, to recognise. chamar, burong ch., a sea.gull; also ch-nchamar. chamau, a generic name for tree. draccenas. ohambang, whiskers; ch. bauk, a full beard. chamchah, Hind. a spoon. champah, insipid, tasteless. champai, a variant of chapai, q.v. champak, I. casting away, discard. ing; champakkan, to throw awaye.g. a cigar-end. II. a skin eruption; measles. champang, sculling or paddling from the bows of a boat. champing, chompang ch., tattered at the edge; torn. champong, shattered at a stroke (as a tree struck by lightning). champur, mixing, mingling; ch. baur,

Page  34 CHAMTI 34 CHANGKOK utterly mixed up; in confusion; ch. gaul, id.; champuran, components of a mixture; champurkan, to mix up, to mingle; berchampur, in solution with; mixed with. chamti, see chdmti. chaa, Ch. a Chinese conical basket. chanai, whetting; a stone roller; smoothing or polishing or grinding by means of a roller; keris baharu di-chanai, a newly sharpened keris. chanaug, a gong with a shallow rim and no hemispherical knob in it; chanangkan, to proclaim by beat of gong. chanar, a generic name for the plants known as smilax. Chanchang, sticking up, rising to a point (as certain forms of native head-dress). chanda, I. ta'-chanda to care nothing about; = ta'-indah. II. the strip of wood at the stern of a boat to which a rudder is attached. III. a variant of sSnda, q.v. IV. si-chanda-kiamana, what slanderer. V. chandaWti, a secretaire; a box divided into compartments; a cabinet. chandal, I. difficult; = sukar. II. Hind. loose, foul-mouthed, ribald. III. jarring; = janggal, q.v. chaudan, a variant of ch7ndana, q.v. chaudaug, bgrani chandang, not knowing when one is beaten; obstinate courage. chaudat, a kind of hook with several unbarbed points sticking out in different directions (it is used to fish up sunken cables; or, in small size, for catching cuttle-fish). chandek, I. a recognised concubine of a prince-as distinct from an inferior wife (gundek) or casual mistress (jamah-jamahan). JII. a fixed riverine purse-net. chaiidi, I. a monument; a memorial pillar or building. II. restive (of a horse); forward (of a woman). chandit, that extremity of a native anchor to which the cable is not attached. chandong, parang chandong, a chopper in which the handle and blade are in one piece and not fastened together. clandu, prepared opium. chang, I. carrying pick-a-back. II. Ch. a square lift-net. III. (Kedah) panniers for an elephant. changak, to look round hastily (as a frightened man). chaugap, a notch or dent for fitting together two pieces of wood. chauggah, a forked punting-pole (used for propelling a boat up-stream by pushing against tree-boughs, snags, etc.) changgai, an artificial finger-nail or nail-protector (worn really as an ornament). changgek, chonggang-changge-k, an up-and-down bobbing motion (such as that of a Chinese kowtowing). changgong, I. inharmonious; incongruous; out of place; unnatural. I. a snag in a river. III. astonishment; better chengang. changip, chungap-changip, panting, out of breath. changit, chongak-changit, restless up. and-down movements (of the head). changkal, deep (of water). changkat, I. a low hillock; a piece of rising ground. II. a shallow. changkeh, uneven, irregular; chongkah ch., all ups and downs; all crooked. changking, lifting up (by seizing a boy's elbows and raising him in the air). changkir, I. a small glass cup of Arab make. II. chongkar ch., of all sizes and shapes (as the component parts of a heap of firewood). changkis, a (Penang and Kedah) variant of changkeh., q.v. changkok, a crook; a pole with an iron hook at the end such as is used for managing elephants.

Page  35 CHANGKONG 35 CHE' changkong, squatting. changkul, a large hoe used for digging. changkup, scooping up with the palm of the hand. ohaugok, mnchango7k, to sit with curving neck (as a hawk on a bough). chantas, severance by a single blow from a heavy cutting instrument; lopping, pruning. chantek, pretty, good-looking; neat, nicely got up; well-groomed. chanting, a sort of bamboo bucket (used for getting water out of a ship's well). chantum, coming back together again; folding back again. chap, Ch. printing; "chopping"; a Chinese chop or seal for use with ink; ehapkan, to print; perkakas ch., apparatus for printing; a press; tutkang ch., a printer; ch. batu, lithography; ch,. timah, printing in metallic movable type. chapa, a plant (blumea balsamifera). chapah, a rough unpainted washtub (of Burmese make), a wooden plate. chapai, to grasp; to attain to; to reach; to grip; mrnchapai, id.; hindak menchapai buclan, to wish to get hold of the moon (a proverbial description of mad ambition). chapak, inattention; omitting to notice, either through preoccupation or deliberately; to slight, to overlook. chapal, a sort of shoe consisting of a leather sole with a band over the instep and a thong passing between the big toe and its neighbour. chapek, lame, limping, halt. chapiau, Port. a hat; chl. lipat, a cocked liat. chaping, a metallic plate (used to cover the nudities of a very young female child). chapok, a gross form of insult. chapul, a (Kedah) variant of chabul, q.v. chara, way, custom, manner, style, wise; mnmakai chara prlinpuan, to dress as a woman; ch. China, in the Chinese language or in the Chinese way. charang, the minor boughs and branches of a tree. charbi, Hind. grease used for lubri. cation. charek, tearing; a rent; chlorakcharek, frayed, tattered; charekkan, to tear up; mnncharek-charek, id. chari, seeking for; looking for; charikan, to search for anything; mxnchari, to seek; pernmpuan mznchari, (Penang) a prostitute; pencharian, a source of livelihood. charok, a runnel; a running ditch; the puncturing of a gutta tree. charut, obscene language; mncha.rut, to use obscene language. chat, Ch. paint; sapu ch., to paint; the process of painting. chatang, Ch. a rattan-basket-cosy. chatok, I. the blow of a pick; the peck of a bird. II. sitting bolt upright. chatu, doling out in niggardly quantities. chatur, Skr. chess; main ch., to play chess; buah ch., chessmen; tapak ch. chequered; loh ch. or papan ch., a chess-board. chaung, sunken-of the cheeks (through loss of teeth). chaus, thin by emaciation. chawak, I. a dimple. II. a leash. chawan, Ch. a tea-cup. chawang, bifurcation, branching off; a branch-cf. chabang. chawat, a loin-cloth; bgrchaoat, to wear as a loin-cloth is worn; to wear a loin cloth; k-mudi ch., a rudder (on European lines). chawis, ready, prepared. chayer, thin (of liquids); watery; lumpur ch., very watery mud; bubur ch. thin broth. che' " Mr."-a title given to otherwise untitled Malays.

Page  36 OH;BAI 36 CHI~LAH eohbati chbek.ch6bai, pouting. ch6bak, excavation (in quarry work); digging out by side-long blows. chbbekc, chebek-chgbai, to pout. chabis, sa-chSbis, a tatter, a shred. chebok, a coconut scoop; ladling up water with this scoop; cleansing from foecal defilement; ta'-bgrchebok, a term of abuse; " dirty beast." chibur, plunging heavily into water; plunging into a flaming mass; manchbutrkan diri, to plunge, to cast oneself into. chcbhah, dipping (a pen into ink); immersion followed by immediate withdrawal; sa-ch~chah, a moment; also chichah. chichak, I. bMlang ch., speckled. II. see chichak. chichap, touching (food) with the finger and then applying the finger to the lips; tasting. oheoher, dropping away in driblets; bUrchecheran, id. chtdas, to smooth a plait by passing a rattan over it. chxdera, Skr. a flaw, a defect; man. datangkan ch., to reflect upon someone, to injure (somebody's) reputation. chkding, thin and out of condition. chbdok, sunken (of the cheeks and eyes). ohedok, scooping up; baling up; ladling up. chega, wary (of a bird or fish). chfgak, erect; = t~gak. chigar, a rapid; a water-race. chogok, sa-chSgok, a gulp; = sa-t~gok. cheh, a somewhat contemptuous exclamation of disbelief or disgust. clhikah, split open; splitting under pressure (as a mangosteen); cf. chkkeh. chkakc, I. holding between the thumb and forefiger; sa-chikack, as much as can be held between the thumb and forefinger; a pinch; bgrch1ekak pinggang, with waist belts tied together (used of two adversaries who tie themselves to each other in single combat so that the one or the other must perish). II. reliable (of a workman). chklal, strength, resisting-power. chbkam, a sharp-pointed stick (used for making holes in the ground for hill-padi cultivation); sakit ch., a festering sore under a toe-nail. chbkang, tight; tightly stretched; taut; rangak ch., a shell (pteroceras chiragra). chikap, skilful, expert; kzrja suatu ta'.boleh chekap, he is no good for any work. chbkar, Hind. hard a-port or hard a-starboard (of the steering-wheel). chekau, reaching out for anything. chekeh, cracked by pressure; slightly split-cf. chgkah. chlkek, mWnchKkek leher, to seize by the throat; to garotte; mati terch.e kek, death by choking; chgkek k dadak, violent vomiting (invoked as a curse on an enemy). chekel, stingy, miserly. cheki, Ch. small Chinese playing. cards; "chicky-cards." chekit, to pick away small morsels; to pick to pieces. chekok, to force food down a child's throat; ch. chSkek, the struggle for breath by a choking man. chfku, denting with the finger-nail, pressing a mark. chbkup, covering with the palms of the hands. chekur, a medicinal plant (kcemp. feria galanga). ch6kut, to pick up between the tips of the thumb and three fingers. chela, censuring, blaming; finding fault; chSla mnnchfelw, to abuse; nama yang kich~laan, a bad name. ch6laga, I. soot, fine cinders (adher-. ing to a torch). II. chlaga kmucdi, the tiller. chilah, crevice, fissure, crack, cleft;

Page  37 CHiLAK 37 CHJiMBUL ch. batu, the space between two boulders; ch. dinding, a crevice in a wall; ch. gigi, the line between adjoining teeth; ch. gwnong, a gully or ravine; eh. jari, the space between two fingers. chlak1], antimony-powder (used to darken the fringe of the eye). chblaka, ill-starred; ill-omened; bringing bad luck; a term of abuse; orang ch., a scoundrel; yang trrlalu bMsar ch8laka ku lihat, the greatest infamy of all that I saw. chllakluti, (Patani) betel-nut scissors; = kachip. chlam, (onom.) chlum - chlam, stamping; tramping. chlana, trousers (loose above but tight round the calf). ch6lap, (onom.) chilup-ch~lap, the sound of splashing. ch6lapah, soiling, dishonouring. chblapak, astride; sitting on the fork; sitting astride; also childpak. chlapek, a preparation of dried fish and herbs. chglari, kain chelari, a thin fabric of shining silk with gold thread. chlamru, (Kedah) disorderly, confused. chlaU, chelus-chllas, the sound of a man coming in and out; free, familiar. chelatu, the flying ant; better kWllkatu. chele, kain chele, a cloth fabric imported from Southern India. chAledang, chiledang - chlledok, a swaggering, rolling gait (affected by abandoned women). ch1ledok, see above-s.v. chiledang. chilgari, a shrub (clerodendron disparifoliunm); also sltguri. chileh, idle, lazy, sluggish. chblek, lifting the eyelid; seeing; si-buta baharm ch8lek, a blind man who sees for the first time (a beggar on horseback), prov. ch6lIenpouzg, Jav. a musical instru. ment (wire strings played like a harp); the sound of strumming. cheleng, Jav. a pig; = babi; ch. alas, a wild pig, = babi hutan. chlungap, agape; open-mouthed. ch6leanlcag, ch.-chllengkok, motion in curves or waves. chblengkok, see above-s.v. chqlengkanq. chblpa, (Kedah) a sireh-box. chMlbpak, sitting astride; = chelapak. chelppek, (onom.) the sound made by mud bespattering a surface. chelepok, (onom.) the sound of a heavy mass of mud falling on anything. chlichi, covetous. chlis, chopping into small pieces. cholomis, weak, sickly. chbloug, a sort of elephant trap. chilum, (onom.) cl..chglam, tramping, stamping. chilup, steeping in; saturation in; dyeing; di-chltup merah, dyed red; chZlupkan, to saturate, to dye. ch6lupar, garrulous. chilur, immersion in boiling liquid; scalding. chblus, coming in and out familiarly; slipping on and off readily (of a ring); ch.-ch~las, free, familiar. chbmar, I. pollution, dirt; btrchimrar kaki, to dirty one's feet-i.e. to take vigorous measures. II. a variant of chanmar, q.v. chemara, Skr. a pendant of horsehair (under the blade of a spear); a yak-tail; a chignon; kayu ch., a name sometimes given to the casuarina. chblma, anxiety, nervousness; jangan-lah ch., don't be nervous. chemat, I. fastening together with a pin or spike; fastening ataps. II. towing; tali pdnch~mat, a tow-rope. chembul, a casket; a small box; laksana chzmbul ddngan tutup-nya, like a casket and its cover (exactly suited one to another), prov.

Page  38 CHEMBURU 38 CHENGAL chimburu, suspicious, jealous. ch6mngklciain, a fruit (used medicinally as an aperient). chemer, extremely dim - sighted; nearly blind. chlbmrrlang, glittering, radiant, shimmering. oh6meti, Tam. a whip. chlmidu, nervous; self-conscious; timid and retiring. chimok, I. a pod; II. (Kedah) to quarrel. chbmpa, bunga chimpa, a flower (unidentified); ch7rmpa raya, id. chEmpaka, Skr. the champak tree (michelia champaca); ch. biru, the frangipanni (plumiera acutifolia). ohbmpana, a litter; also jempana. chbmpidakl, a jack-fruit (artocarpus polyphema); ch. ayer (artocarpus maingayi). chMmpelek, pitch and toss. ohbmplong, (onom.) the sound of a heavy body falling plump into water. chbmp6rai, a generic name given to a number of sea-shore shrubs, notably champereia griffithii and cansjera rheedii. chempbrling, the tree-starling (calornis chalybeius); mata ch., very red eyes; also pgrling. chkmping, sa-chimping, a very small bit; a morsel. chimpong, carrying between both arms (as a bale of firewood is carried). ch8muas, dirt on the face (after a meal); greasy. chimuchup, love-grass; burrs. ch6mus, sick of, sated with-stronger than jdmu. chena, old and hardened (of a fighting-cock). chItnanga, a malodorous flying bug very destructive to padi. chbnaugga, Skr. a birth-mark; a congenital deformity. chlnanglcas, a heavy cutlass. chnuchala, a Kedah name for the fantail fly-catcher (rhipadura, spp.); elsewhere murai gila. chbachalok, a relish made of small prawns. chfnchang, slashing, slicing, chopping, cutting. chfncharu, a fish (caranx boops); also jaru-jaru. chbnchawan, the socket of the knee; rminyak ch., the oily matter in the patella. chencheng, running as hard as one can; tearing away. chenchodak, the Kedah and Penang name for the fish belone strongylura; elsewhere todak. chfnchurut, the musk-rat; = tikus turi. chfndala, Skr. harlot, profligate; immodest. chbndani, Skr. sandal-wood (santalum album). chendawan, a generic name for poisonous fungi (mostly agarici); mnabok ch., poisoned by fungi; (by metaphor) love-sick-of a woman. chendayam, pleasant to look at; fair; beautiful. chindftr, I. Skr. a race of fairies. II. deep (of sleep); = nygdar. ch6ndgrai, a generic name given to several plants-viz. one croton (c. argyratus) and three grewia. chenderamulia, Skr. a tree bearing an edible fruit (unidentified). chbndbrasari, a bird (unidentified). chllndrasuri, a tree (unidentified). chenderawaseh, the bird of paradise. chhnderus, (Penang) removing rancidity from oil. chncduai, seduction; enticing women by magic art. chendul, a kind of thin broth with cakes of dough floating in it. chinela, Port. a slipper. chbagal, the name of a tree (balano. carpus maximus) usually known by the Kedah form of theword, chgngai. *

Page  39 CHJtNGANG 39 CHBRANA chbngang, astonishment; trchengang, bewildered with surprise. chengeng, whining continually (of young children). chenggek, berchenggek, to perch; bertenggek. chbngi, a nasal twang. chfngis, a repulsive odour about food. changkam, gripping between finger and thumb. changkang, I. wakeful, sleepless. II. barring the passage-cf. sengkang. chbngkarok, a sweetmeat made of boiled rice. chbagkau, a variant of chJkau, q.v. ch6ngkeh, the clove-spice (eugenia caryophyUla); buah ch., a clove. chengkeh, walking on the side of one's foot. chengkek, thinner at the centre than at the extremities (of a post). chfngkelat, a variant of sengkelat, q.v. chfngkling, a variant of sengkeling, q.v, ch6ngkera, hollow-eyed; sleeplesslooking. chingkeram, earnest money, an advance. chingkerek, a cricket; bgradae ch., to make crickets fight. chfngkgreng, I. a tree (erythrina stricta). II. an abscess. chungkrrma, Skr. moving over an area; spreading as news; wandering. cheagki, Ch. a run of luck; good luck. chengkok, I. twisted; ch. beledok, zigzag. II. a leaf-monkey (semnopithecus femoralis or s. cristatus). chingkolong, withdrawing a small amount from a large; drawing on a deposit. chfagkong, hollow, sunken (of the eyes). chfagkuas, shaggy, unkempt. chungkurai, I. a silk fabric. II. b&rchengkurai, crumbling to frag. ments, breaking up into picees. chbngong, gazing in open-mouthed astonishment-cf. chkngang. chonok, minyak chenok, a vegetable oil obtained from the tree diplocnenia sebifera; also minyak kawang. chenok, burong chenok, a malkoha (ramphococcyx erythrognathus or rhopodytes sumatranus). chbnong, a fixed steady look at anything. chautayu, a variant of jgntayu, q.v. chentong, I. a ladle (consisting of a bamboo receptacle with a handle rising vertically up from it). II. an erectile tuft of feathers on a bird's head; an erectile crest. ch=nuram, a declivity; a precipitous incline-cf. churam. chepat, speedy, quick; rapidity of movement. chepeh, soft and pendent (of buffalohorns). cheper, a kind of metal saucer or plate on which a bowl (batil) rests. chepoh, a club-foot. chbpu, a fiat round box of wood (used as a receptacle for toilet requisites); chipu-chgpu, the truck of the mast; puting chepu-chtpu, the foot of the mast. chepua, a blush of shame; a guilty look. chbrabah, ugly (of a child). cherachak, sticking up in points. cherachap, Malay castanets (bamboos beaten against each other). chbrah, clear, unobstructed (of the view); ch. chuacha, clear daylight. cherai, severance, separation, divorce; bgrchgrai, to separate from; to be divorced from; chdraikan, to separate (one person from another); ch.-.brai, broken up, scattered (of a defeated army). ch6rakin, a sort of Malay medicine chest. chbramah, talkativeness-cf. ramah. chbrana, Skr. a deep salver or bowl on which are placed the various

Page  40 CHiFRANCHANG 40; CHETI vessels used for holding the requisites for betel-chewing; menyorongkan ch., to pass round this bowl so as to allow guests to help themselves to areca-nut, sireh.-leaf, lime, etc. cheranchang, lying point upwards. chbrang, a clearing in the forest; ch. rimba, id. cherauggsah, branching into points; rusa brrcheranggah, a deer of many tine. cherani, a rich cloth. cherat, a plug-hole. chtratok, squatting in a row; perched in arow (as birds on a telegraph-wire). ch6rawat, Skr. an arrow of fire. chircha, Skr. abuse, insult, reviling; kCna ch., to be reviled. chirchak, I. slightly pockmarkedcf. chechak. II. a variant of chlrcha. chirdas, I. foolish cunning. II. a buffalo-whip. ch6rdek, clever; sharp-witted; bright; intelligent; mlndatangkan ch., to sharpen the wits. cherek, a kettle; a vessel for boiling water. cheret, diarrhoea; looseness of the bowels; ch. beret, to run continuously. chirewet, fussiness; fussy and interfering behaviour. chirgas, reliable (of work); a thing you can depend on. ohbri, Hind. gelang chri, a bangle. cheri, a gong the sides of which slope inwards. ohbiria, I. Skr. fidelity. II. cleared, brightened (of the countenance). chiridawan, cries; shouts in unison; vocal music; chorus singing. ohBriga, I. being on one's guard; wary, watchful. II. a cutlass; a broad-bladed short sword or dagger. cherita, I. a story, a narrative; ch. zarnan dahulu, a tale of old times. II. (onom.) bercherita, to twitter (of the magpie robin). chlrlang, shining, resplendent-cf. chSntrlang. ehbrmai, a tree (phyllanthus distictous); it yields a small round acid fruit. chermat, care; delicacy of touch; neatness in appearance or dress. chirmin, a mirror; ch. mata, the pupil of the eye; an eye-glass; ch. tlropong, the lens of a telescope. ohernu, Skr. assimilated, digested. chbroboh, rough, rude, coarse, violent, vulgar. ch6roh, a second pounding of rice (to whiten it). chbrok, I. a corner; an out-of-the way part of the room where things are placed that one does not need; the space under a wardrobe or be. tween it and the wall; a hidden nook. II. a bamboo funnel used in milking. chbrp6lai, Tam. the imported Indian mongoose. chirpu, Tam. sandals, clogs; bawah ch., position beneath the sandals (of a prince), the position of a subjectcf. kaus and duli; mjnjunjong ch., to acknowledge the rule of a prince. chirubah, a (Kedah) weapon. ohiruchup, burrs, love-grass. chirup, to lap up water; the sound of lapping water. chirut, I. tight compression; strang. ling; the sensation caused to the wearer by tight clothes or tight boots. II. cheroot; also cherutu. chirutu, a cheroot. chitai, berchetai-cltai, tattered. chetak, the wooden cases in which type is kept; the work of a compositor. chetek, shallow; elmu-nya ch., his learning was shallow. chbtira, I. Skr. paJyong ch., an umbrella with a hanging fringe. II. Skr. a story; = charita. ohftrii, Hind. tent, awning, canopy. chitEria, Skr. a kshatriya; a member of the princely or warrior caste; a warrior. chiti, Tam. a chetty; a money

Page  41 CHPTUS 41 CHOBIS lender; di-p~gang ch., in the hands of money-lenders. chitus, (onom.) chetus api, to strike a light. chewe, a term by which animals are spoken of (especially at sea) if the mention of their names is believed to be likely to attract their attention and cause injury or disaster. chi, Ch. a measure of weight used in weighing opium; a tenth of a tael. chiak, a sparrow; a finch. chiar, crying continually (of a child). chiau, I. disarranged (of dress). II. a long oar (worked standing). chichah, steeping; dipping (e.g. food into gravy) so as to saturate; also chSchah. ehichak, a lizard; also chzchak. chichek, shuddering at; feeling a strong aversion to; looking down upon with disgust. chichit, great-grandchild. chika, colic (during the night). chikar, see chtkar. chikil, see chekel. chili, chili; red pepper. China, Chinese; orang Ch., a Chinese; n~gSri Ch. or bnuan Ch., China; ch. buta, the muhallil or intermediate husband necessary to make the remarriage of divorced persons legal; main ch. buta, blind man's buff; lada ch., capsicum (piper chaba), also called chabai; bunga ch., a name given to gardenias and sometimes to cultivated varieties of the ixora. chinchaug, see chgnchang. chinchau, Ch. a cold sweet jelly. chinchin, a finger-ring. chinchu, Ch. the "chinchew" or owner's agent on a ship. chinda, great-grandson; a polite variant of chichit. chiingam, a sea-shore plant (scyphiphora hydrophyllacia). chinta, Skr. loving desire; regret; longing; bgrchinta, to be in love; bUrchintakan, to pine for; perchin. taan, sorrow, regret. chintamani, Skr. a fabulous goldyellow snake, the finding of which is believed to betoken good fortune in love; ular ch. gajah, a name given to light forms of the viper lachesis wvagleri. chinting, Ch. a revenue officer employed by the farms in the Straits. chipai, a monkey (semnopithecus melalophos). chipan, I. a battle-axe. II. (Perak) a tapir. chiri, the coronation formula used in certain Malay States. [It would appear to be Pali]. chirit, a variant of cheret, q.v. chis, an interjection of vulgar and contemptuous disbelief or disapproval-stronger than cheh. chita, I. Skr. feeling, emotion; suka. chita, joy; duka-chita, sorrow; min. chita, to fix one's thoughts upon a talisman in order to get its magical aid; to call into existence by willpower. II. Hind. kain chita, chintz. chin, I. a state cushion; a cushion for a royal divan. II. Ch. spirituous liquor. chium, to smell; to kiss (in the Malay way); mWnchium, id.; Wnchium, the sense of smell. chiup, a bladder made by blowing out a fowl's crop. choba, attempting, trying, testing; "please," "just"; choba tanya ka. pada guru, please ask the teacher; chobai, to hold a test; chobakan, to put to the test; pdnchoba, a trial or test. chobak, chobak-chabek, tattered or torn at the edge; frayed. choban, a needle of horn or bamboo used in repairing nets. chobar, rent down the middle, torn; ch.-chabir, much torn. chobek, sa-chobek, a pinch, cehobis, sa-chobis, a splinter, a frag, ment from the edge.

Page  42 CHODAK 42 CHORENG chodak, mWnchodac, to hold the head aloft (as a swimming snake). choek, a soup-plate or bowl of Chinese make. chogan, Pers. an ensign-better jogan; a portent in the heavens. chogo, Jav. blockhead, fool. chokar, a game resembling draughts. choket, the abstraction of a very small quantity; picking a piece. chokin, a bathing cloth (used by Chinese coolies). chokmar, a mace. chokok, the cry of a latah-subject when excited. cholak, ch.-chaling, confused, en. tangled. cholang, ch.-chaling, confused, en. tangled. cholat, a dig with the elbow or hand -cf. cholet. cholek, prizing out with a point; digging out with a pin; mIncholek, -to scrape out with a pointed instrument; pincholek api, a lucifer match. cholet, a dig with the point of the finger-cf. cholat. choli, Hind. a tight-fitting native corset or bodice worn next the skin by Indian women. cholok, a fuse of cloth steeped in oil. choma, see chuma. chombol, the knob on a door. chomek, a cuttle-fish. chomel, I. dainty, pretty. II. bab. bling; unable to hold one's tongue. chomot, defiled with dirt. chompang, ch.-champing, torn, tat.. tered at the edge, frayed. chompes, injured by the loss of a corner or projection. chompoh, Ch. a cook. chondtrong, inclining; leaning; ch. hati, mental leanings; inclinations; also chondong. chondong, leaning to one side; out of the perpendicular; ch.-hati, per, sonal inclination; also chondarong. chonet, a slight upward projection of the tip of anything; tip-tilted; also chotet. chongak, turned upwards (of the face); holding his head up (of a buffalo sniffing when alarmed); pointing up (of the beak of a bird). chonggah, projecting unevenly; sticking out in all sorts of directions; also chongkah. chonggang, ch. chongget, bobbing up and down (as a sandpiper picking up food, or as a man climbing a difficult hill). chongget, see chonggang. chongklah, projecting unevenly; out of line (of a projection); also chong. gah. chongkak, a generic name for cowrie shells (cypr'eu); main ch., a game played with these shells; papan ch,, the board used for playing this game. chongkang, ch. klatak, topsy-turvy (at sixes and sevens). chongkar, ch.-changkir, of all sizes and shapes (as the component parts of a heap of firewood). chongkeng, sticking out in all directions (as the points of a caltrop). chongok, mnchonok,, to sit stiffly erect. ohonteng, smearing (anything) on a surface; muka tMrchonteng arang, a face smeared over with charcoal; (by metaphor) disgraced. chontoh, a model of an object to be copied; a sample; a specimen. chorak, the general colouring (of a sarong); the prevailing hue in a design. choram, a variant of churam, q.v. chorang, cheating at games; pen. chorang, a cheat. chorek, the long linear markings in the grain of certain woods. choreng, streaked with long vertical streaks (as a man on whom paint

Page  43 CHORONG 43 CHUMBU has fallen); ch. moreng, covered with streaks. chorong, I. a sireh tray or platter. II. a cylindrical funnel; the chimney of a lamp. chorot, I. bringing up the rear; pin. chorot, the hindmost. II. Jav. the spout of anything; ch. cherek, the spout of a kettle. chotek, sa-chotek, a very small por. tion; a pinch; a bite. chotet, tip-tilted; = chonet. chotok, I. the small fleshy protuberance at the base of a bird's beak. II. projecting above the surface (of a low flat rock). chua, not pleasing, unsatisfactory. chuacha, Skr. clear (of the atmosphere); twrang ch., bright day. light. chuai, to hold in little esteem; of 'little account. chual, cloth in the first stage of its manufacture. chuali, excepting, saving; kMchuali, id.; kWchuali kWbanyakan, some; a number of. chuani, a kind of cloth. chuar, sticking up (of long objects, such as masts); cf. chuat. chuat, sticking up (of short objects); cf. chuar. chubit, pinching, pressing between finger and thumb; mSnchubit, to pinch. ohucha, abasing or silencing one's foe (especially by magic arts). chuchi, cleansing; bUrchuchi,to clean, to cleanse; kStam ch., a plane. ohuchoh, I. setting anything alight; putting fire to anything. II. teasing, verbal annoyance. ohLchok, piercing; driving a point into anything; threading a needle; piercing with a needle; perforating; manek tanggal daripada chtschok-nya, pearls fallen from their strings; ch. kajadn, making kajang mats by rungn a piece of bamboo through pandanus leaves to hold them to. gether; ch. sanjata, the leader of a charge; b6rchuchok-ch., in strings; mdnchuchok, to pierce, to perforate. chuchoug, a variant of chuchu. chuchu, grandchild; anak ch., descendants. chuchnnda, grandchild-a respectful form of chuchu. chuchur, I. trickling; flowing in small quantities; hchuchran atap, the edge of a roof; chuchuri, to let water fall or drip on anything; to anoint. II. a generic name given to cakes of hard-backed pastry. III. a bird (podargus javanensis?) chuchut, Jav. the shark. chuit, a playful tap or blow with the finger; a movement of the finger. hinting "go away"; the wagging of a bird's tail. chuka, Skr. vinegar. chukai, toll; tax; impost; timbang ch., the payment of dues; mglarikan ch., to avoid the payment of an im. post. chuki, a game resembling draughts. chuku, Tam. dried gambier-root. chukup, completion, sufficiency; quite, fully; full; ch. sa-ratus hari, a full hundred days; sudah ch., it is enough. chukur, shaving; tukang ch. (Straits) a barber; rncnchukur, to shave; pisau pEnchukur or pisatU plnyukur, a razor. chula, Skr. the horn of a dragon; magical or supernatural horn. chulan, bunga ch., a flower (aglaia odorata P) chulas, inert, sluggish, slow, idle-a stronger expression than malas. chulim, a pipeful of tobacco or opium. chmna, vain; useless; idle; gratuitous; chuma-chuma, uselessly; pr,chuma, id. chimubu, coaxing, love-making, verbal endearments; chumbuan, loving

Page  44 CHUN 44 DADONG words; bgrchumbu-chumbuan, flirtation, the exchange of endearing expressions. chun, Ch. an inch (approximately). chunam, long delicate pincers for extracting wax from the ear, for working in the precious metals, etc. chunda, grandchild-a respectful equivalent of chuchu. chundang, kJchundang or pechun. dang, conquest; the position of the defeated, relative to the victor. chungap, ch.-changip, panting, short of breath. chungkil, the use of a pointed instrum ent for extracting foreign bodies -(e.g. as a tooth-pick is used); gouging; pgnchungkil gigi, a tooth. pick. chupak, a measure of capacity; a quarter of a gantang, or, approximately, the capacity of a half-coconut-shell; s8p5rti chupak hanyut, like a floating chupak-measurea half-coconut-shell (which rocks greatly when it floats)-a simile for loose swagger; chupak is used also of the bowl of a mortar or opiumpipe. chupar, garrulous-cf. chelupar. chuping, the lobe (of the ear or nostril); ch. tlinga, the lobe of the ear. chupu, a variant of chepu, q.v. chupul, not long enough (for the purpose in view); inadequate owing to shortness. chura, jesting; joking; not taking seriously. churah, emptying out; churahkan, to empty out, to pour out. churai, loose, severally, one at a time. churam, sloping; a declivity; a precipitous incline-cf. chinuram. churat, gushing out violently (of liquid. churi, I. theft; stealing; stealthy removal; stealth; churi-churi, steal. thily, surreptitiously; mWnchuri, to steal; pgnchuri, a thief; kichurian, theft. II. to flow (as water or blood). chus, an interjection coarsely enjoin. ing silence. chut, a Kedah variant of chus, q.v. chutam, an amalgam of gold, silver and iron. chutap, a waist-buckle of shiny black material. chuti, Hind. leave of absence; fur. lough; bNrchuti, to be on leave. D daba, hawa-daba, odour, smell; suspicion. dabir, Ar. a writer, a scribe. dabong, mSndabong, to file the teeth. dabus, a broad round shaft of wood with a short spike set like a spear. head at its extremity; main d., to stab oneself with this awl. daching, a steel-yard of Chinese type; anaik d., batu d. or buah d., the weight on a steel-yard. dda, breast; chest; seat of feeling; mSngpok d., to beat the breast; bgrpErang brdada, to fight in the open. dadah, I. a native medicine-box. II. = dadak, q.v. dadak, ch~kek kcdadak, violent vomiting; violent sickness (often in. voked upon the head of a scoundrel). dadap, a metallic shield of a type only mentioned in romance. dadar, I. a thin pancake or omelet of Malay make. II. mtnddaar, to distribute charity. dadeh, curds; ayer d., whey. dadok, mlndadok, to beg; to solicit alms. dadong, I. (Kedah) crooning a child

Page  45 DADU 4 to sleep. II. (Riau Johor) exposing for fermentation. ladut, I. Port. a die, dice; main d., to play with dice. II. roseate; mega d., the roseate clouds. III. bhrdadu, to gossip. IV. seri d., a variant of soldadu, q.v. daeng, I. dried fish; minta darah pada daeng, to ask dry fish for blood -(to get blood out of a stone), prov. II. a Bugis title of distinction. daerah, Ar. district, outlying depen. dency. dafnah, Ar. the laurel. daftar, Ar. a tabular list; a roll; a register of attendance. daog, mgndaga, to do uphill work; to make an effort. dagang, a stranger; a foreigner; prahu d., a vessel from elsewhere; a trading ship; dagangan, commercial products; d. sentdri, the stranger as an object of pity-a depreciatory description of himself often used by a writer; d. piatu, d. yang miskin and d. yang hina, id; d. yang rawan and d. yang rayu, id. (in love poetry). daging, flesh, meat; d. ular sawa, the flesh of the python; d. darah or darah dan daging, flesh and blood (close relationship or intimate friendship, such as "blood-brotherhood"). dagok, hantu d., clouds on the horizon of weird and changing form (believed by the Malays to be ghosts of murdered men). dagua, the human chin; the " chin" or corner of certain Malay knives and choppers, this " chin" being one of the corners near the handle. dah, done-a colloquial abbreviation of sudah, q.v. dahaga, thirst; thirsty; lapar d., hunger and thirst; minnghapus d., to assuage one's thirst. dahagi, extreme covetousness. dahak, phlegm; mucus (from the mouth). DALAM daham, (onom.) " hum" (in the ex. pression "hum and haw"); bgrdaham, to hum and haw; to hesitate before speaking. dahan, I. a minor bough or branch of a tree; harimau d., a large tiger-cat or small leopard (leopardus macrocedus). II. pendahan, an obsolete weapon mentioned in romance. dahana, mSndahana, to beg, to im. portune for gifts; see also dana. dahi, the brows; the region of the eyebrows; sa-hari bulan dahi-nya, his brow was as the new moon. dahshat, Ar. panic, alarm; mrnmbgri d., to rouse panic, to terrify. dahulu, before; zanan d., past ages; adat d. kala, customary law; dahului to anticipate, to be too quick for; b1rdahulu.dahuluan, pressing on, one trying to get in front of the othercf. hulu. Dajal, Ar. Antichrist; the false Messiah. dak, no, not-an abbreviation of tidak' daka, tiang d., the wooden supports upon which rests the plank hiding away the body in a Malay grave. dakap, embracing, drawing to the breast; bgrdakap, to embrace; mn.dakap, id.; blrdakap-dakapan, ex. changing embraces. dakar, perversity, obstinacy in doing wrong; offensive arrogance. dakhil, Ar. trusty. daki, I. filth, dirt; membtuang d., to clean, to wash. II. ascent, climbing up; mnudaki, to ascend. daksina, Skr. the south. daku, me-a form taken by the word aku (I, me) after the words akan and dSngan and verbs ending in kan. dalal, Ar. agent, broker, go-between. dalalah, Ar. a female go-between. dalam, I. interior, inside; in, while, during; ka-dalam, inward; di-dalam, inside; position in; di-dalam hati, mentally to oneself. II. depth, deep; terlalu dalam ayer-nya, its waters

Page  46 DALANG 46 DAPAT were very deep; mSndalamkan, to 'deepen. III. Jav. princely dwelling, court; bahasa d., the language of the court. daalaag, the story-reciter (who also works the figures)at a Malay shadowshow; the author (in stories written for use with shadow-shows). daleh, subterfuge, quibble, equivocation. dalek, dolak-d., shilly-shallying. dalil, Ar. the elucidation of the Koran by commentaries; the whole of the standard commentators. dalma, see delima. dalong, a large platter for feeding a numerous party. dalu, a mistletoe. dam, I. (Dutch) main dam, draughts. II. Ar. a religious penalty. III. a whiff or puff at a pipe. damai, settlement- bringing about a,good understanding; damaikan, to effect a settlement; berdamai, to be at peace; pdrdamaian, a settlement of differences; a treaty of peace. damak, the dart of a blow-pipe; tabong d., the quiver for such darts. damal, slow to move; difficult to isail or row (of a boat). daman, the sheet of a large sail. damar, resin; "dammar"; a torch of resinous wood. damba, desire for; wish to possess. damdam, spite, grudge; monaroh d., to bear a grudge. dampar, cast ashore; being aground; t&dampar, stranded. dampil, contiguity, proximity; bardampil-d., in close proximity-cf. damping. damping, juxtaposition; contiguity, contact; bUrdamping, to be hard by; to come next. dan, I. and, furthermore. II. ability or time to manage anything; ta'-dan, it cannot be done. III. (Naning) your servant; I. dana, Skr. gift, charity; mzrapu d., to go a-begging-cf. dahana. danai, a mere, a pool, a tarn, a lake. dandan, the projecting platforms or galleries on a native ship; d. haluan, the prow platform. dandang, a large copper boiler. dandi, I. small Tamil cymbals (a musical instrument often mentioned in literature). II. spotted, mottled; rusa d., a deer with spotted markings. dang, a title given in old romances to ladies about a court-cf. dayang. dangau, a temporary lean-to erected when camping out for watching padi-fields. dangdang, a (Kedah) variant of dandang, q.v. dangkal, dry; lacking in juiciness. dangkap, a variant of dakap, q.v. dangkar, I. dongkor-d., bundling out bag and baggage. II. a variant of dakar, q.v. dangking, don gkang-d., (Kedah) extremely emaciated; cadaverous. dangok, mSndangok, to have the head thrust forward. dani, a (Kedah) variant of dandi, q.v. danta, Skr. ivory; asmara d., beautiful white teeth. danu, ular d., (Kedah) a rainbow. danur, putrid emanations from a dead body; a putrefying corpse. dap, I. a sort of tabor. II. a sword with a long blade and a bamboo hilt covered with skate-skin. dapa, a slave-messenger sent as a gift with a proposal of marriage. dapat, obtaining, getting, acquiring; managing; hutang mas dapat di. bayar, a debt in money may be paid; limak dapat ka-orang, the fat goes to others; dapati and mSndapat, to obtain, to get; 1kdapatan, the acquisition of anything; p ndapatan, the thing acquired; the proceeds; mnndapatkan, to come across, to meet; ta'-dapat-tiada, it must be; must; unjokkan surat ini, ta'-dapat-tiada

Page  47 DAPUR 4 di-tolong-nya, show him this letter and he must help you. dapur, I. a Malay kitchen; an oven; a brick-kiln; rumah d., a cookhouse; juru d., a cook; d. tanah, a mud-oven. II. dapur-dapur susu, the outer-portion of the breast; d.-d. -ktubur, the grave mound (in contradistinction to the head-stone). dar, Ar. abode. dara, Skr. unmarried; maiden; maidenhood; bini dan dara, matrons and maids; anak d., a virgin; berdara, virgin. darah, blood: buang d., blood-letting; buang ayer d., dysentery; d. puteh, "white blood "-i.e. royal blood; daging d., (one's own)flesh and blood; near relatives; bUrdarat, bleeding; suffused with blood. darai, (Kedah) sexual impotence in the male. darat, land; dry land (as opposed to water); the interior (as opposed to the coast); naik ka-cdarat, to land (from a vessel); daratan, dry land; mgndarat, to go inland. dari, from; out of; of (in the sense of "made of "); in the matter of; than; d. sini, hence; d. situ, thence; daripada, from, out of, regarding; than. darjah, see darjat. darjat, Ar. rank; grade; emblem of.distinction. darwi, crumbling to pieces. darya, Pers. sea, ocean, river; wakil d., the lord of the waters. dam, the sound of a shot, raja ini datang, bgrapa das tembak, when this prince arrives how many "guns" are we to give him. dasa, Skr. ten; sa.dasa, a batch of ten. danar, ground-work; materials of construction; prevailing element in -a design; the essence of anything. dai, butang d., a collar-stud. daatur, layar d., a studding-sail. DAYA:data ng, coming; approach; daripada Allah datang-nya, it comes to us from God; datangkan or menda. tangkan, to bring on; to cause; s. sembah, to bring a respectful greeting; m. fikiran, to invite reflection; k8datangan, the coming; k. maut, the coming of death; mendatangi, to attack; to meet a hostile assault. datar, smooth, level; = rata and natar. datia, Skr. a Titan; a giant. datok, grandfather; a senior; a title of distinction; a joss or idol; the tutelary spirit of a keramat or wonder-working spot; d. nenek, ancestors. datong, a variant of datok, q.v. daulat, Ar. majesty; the sanctity which invests the office of a king; the mysterious kingly power which does not die with a sovereign, but abides so as to punish any degenerate successor (according to Malay belief); daulat tuan-ku, your majesty!-an exclamation of homage; di-timpa d., struck down by the power of offended majesty. daun, a leaf; a blade of grass; the submerged screen in an outshore fish-trap (jgrmal); d. buntut, the short outer pocket of this screen; d. pinjarang, the long inner pocket over which the fish first pass; d. chiki, "chicky" cards; d. teh, tea, tealeaves; d. kayu, the leaf of a tree; mendaun kayu, as the leaves of the forest in number. daup, beamy and heavy (of a boat); heavy and sullen (of a face). dawa, Ar. a lawsuit; k/na d., to be sued. dawai, wire; d. gelang, very thick wire. dawat, Ar. ink; tmnpat d., or bWkas d., an inkstand. daya, I. resource, stratagem; d. upaya, resources, means; apa-kan d., what can one do? mWndayakan, to

Page  48 DAYAK 48 Di4LINGGAM deceive by a stratagem. II. barat d., the south-west. Dayalk, Dyak. dayang, a damsel, a young girl; awang dan d., young men and maid. ens; dayang-dayang, attendants in a court. dayong, an oar; the breast fin of a fish; anak d., an oarsman; batang d., the shaft of an oar; daun d., the blade of an oar. dayu, a low moaning sound; mon. dayu-d., to rumble in the distance. dayus, Ar. a despicable coward. dibak, (onom.) a smacking sound. dMbap, (onom.) a slapping sound. debar, the beating or throbbing of the heart; brrdcbar-debbr-lah rasa hati-.ya, he felt his heart throb violently. dtbas, (onom.) the hiss of rushing air. debek, (onom.) the bleating of goats; also 9mbek. debok, a variant of dcbak. dibong, (onom.) a thumping sound. d6bop, a variant of dmbap. debu, dust; haze-cf. libu. dibum, (onom.) a thumping sound. debur, (onom.) the sound of a land. slip or heavy crumbling fall. d6btus, a variant of dmbas. diching, (onom.) a chinking sound. iechit, (onom.) a twittering or squeaky sound. dedaht, open, exposed (especially of indecent exposure). ddai, bgrdgdai-d., in long, straggling, disorderly lines-cf. darai. dedack, I. bran; padi husk; II. men. dcdak, to crowd, to press on. d6damn, bgrdgdam, to be crowded together. dMdap, a generic name given to a number of trees (erythrina, spp.) that bear very bright scarlet flowers and that are used to provide supports for the pepper plant; ikan pati d., a ray (eurogymnus asperrimus). dedar, a touch of illness. didan, mdndmdau, to shout, to cry out. digam, (onom.) a slamming sound. d6gap, bgrdegap-d., to heave quickly (of the breast). dlgar, I. chakap berdegar-d., boast. ful talk. II. bunyi bcrdcgar-d., reverberation. degil, stiff-necked, obstinate, per. verse. dbgum, (onom.) a booming sound. degup, (onom.) a duller variant of digap. dhhaga, see dahaga. dehagi, see dahagi. deham, see daham. dehana, see dahana. dehulu, see dahulu. dek, a variant of adek, q.v. dBkah, (onom.) the sound of loud laughter; tirtawa birdikah or tmrtawa bmrdmkah-dekah, to laugh heartily. dekak, a variant of dmkah. dekam, to crouch for a spring (of a beast of prey). dMkan, the bamboo-rat (rhizomys sumatrensis). dekar, pindekar, a master of fence; a champion warrior. dakat, near, hard by; d. ka-darat, near the shore; dikati and mindmkati, to approach; mmndgkatkan, to bring close. dekunchi, a variant of tMmu kunchi. dMkus, the blowing of a porpoise. dekut, (onom.) calling pigeons; buloh d., the bamboo instrument used to call pigeons for snaring. dMlah, an edible salt-water-fish (unidentified). dalaki, a (Kedah) variant of laki-laki. dblapan, eight; the number eight; d. bWlas, eighteen; d. puloh, eighty. dMlima, Skr. the pomegranate; batu, d., the ruby; d. mSrnkah, a split pomegranate (showing its red con. tents), a simile for ruby lips. dilinggam, a variant of scdtlinggam,

Page  49 DfMAH 49 DENU demah, dry-poulticing; hot dry appli. cations to a diseased part. adlam, fever; d. kura, benign terti. ary fever; d. kcpialu,, violent malarial fever accompanied by delirium; d. kcpialu kJtulangan, rheumatic fever; d. bgrlat or d. brrselang, mild inter. mittent fever; d. sesema, influenza; d. rabu kdmbang, fever in lung disease. dl6map, gluttonous. demi, by, with, on, at (when); saorang dSmi sa-orang, one by one; dSmi bgrbunyi ggnta, when the bell rang; d. Allah, by God. damikian, thus, so, in this way. dAmit, young; child (an expression often used by medicine-men to de. scribe the patient). dtmpak, broad, beamy (of a boat). dempang, I. hollow-sounding, reso. nant; chakap bgrdgmpang-d., boast. ful talk. II. going across to; visiting; stopping at. dimpir, cracked-sounding (of a gong). dempok, proximity, approach. d6mpul, tow for caulking boats. dnmukut, (Kedah) broken pieces of rice husk; chaff; = lmukut and Wnlukut. denah, an evil spirit causing diseases -in the feet. danai, a wild-beast track. d6nak, decoy; ayam d., a jungle. fowl (gallus ferrugineus). denohing, (onom.) the chink of coin. adnda, Skr. a fine; kkna d., to incur a fine, to be fined; dbndakan, to fine. d6ndam, I. longing; rindu d., loving, longing. II. a grudge; = damdam. dandan, order, arrangement; plait. ing, design, style; bhrdandan, to plait; awan d., plait-ornament. d6adang, I. a name sometimes given to the crow (corvus macrorhynchus); d. ayer, a bird (phalacrocorax cabo); burong pWdgndang (heliopais personata). II. timun d., a bitter inedible.gourd. III. Spanish fly. dendang, the droning chorus to a Malay quatrain. dendeng, jerked meat. dingak, a variant of dongak or dangok. dengan, I. with; along with; in conjunction with; in accordance with; on, by (in imprecations); d. nama nabi Allah, by the name of the prophet; d. surohan raja, in ac. cordance with the prince's order; masing-masing dingan klhendak-nya, everyone as he pleased. II. your servant; I.-cf. dan. d6ngar, listening to; hearing; choba d., please listen; di-dingar-nya, in his hearing; dengari, menangar, mn-. ddngar, d&ngarkan and mandngarkan, to listen to, to hear; plningaran, the sense of hearing. dengkang, loud laughter; = dikah. dengkel, shrivelled up internally (of fruit). d6ngki, aversion, spite, envious hatred; mvnaroh d., to nurse a grudge; bgrasa d., to feel spiteful. dcngkong, the baying of dogs. d6ngkur, snoring, bIrdcngkur or mrndEngkur, to snore. dbngok, t~rdbngok, squat, shortened (of the neck). dUngong, (onom.) humming; the sound of a Jew's harp or of a humble-bee; the twang of a bow. string; droning or buzzing in the ear; the hum of a kite or top; b-r. d8ngong, to give out a humming sound. dlngu, I. birddngu or mWndgngu, to draw in one's breath before muscular effort. II. dull, stupid; also dungu. d6ngus, m2ndrngus, to snort; to sniff. d6ngut, the cry of a quail. deni, this; = dia ini. dEntam, (onom.) a slamming sound. d6ntum, (onom.) a deep booming sound. denu, that; = dia itu.

Page  50 DJINYUT s0 DEWI dbnyut, the throbbing of a boil. depa, a Malay fathom; the span from finger-tip to finger-tip of the outstretched arms-cf. depang. dbpan, front; = hadapan; di-dapan, in front. d6pang, to stretch out the arms; a cruciform position. d6pun, the lining of a garment. dira, chastisement; punishment. dbrai, berd&rai-d., in long straggling line; trailing away-cf. dldai. derak, (onom.) a cracking sound. dbram, (onom.) a rumbling sound; mWndgram, to rumble (as thunder). dbrang, (onom). a clanging sound (such as that of a bell). d6rap, (onom). a crackling or rapping sound; the sound of small arms firing. d5ras, I. speed; rapidity of motion; tSrlalu dlras lari-nya, he ran very fast. II. Ar. mgndgras, to study the Koran. d6rau, (onom.) the sound of a heavy shower approaching. derawa, Skr. gula derawa, syrup (often pronounced di-rawak). deret, a row, a long line; bgrderet-d., in long lines (as people fleeing along the road from a stricken city). derhaka, Skr. traitorous; treason, betrayal; ada-kah patut kita dlrhaka akan-dia, is it right that we should betray their confidence; mnndgrhaka or bUrbuat d., to turn traitor; to betray. d6rham, Ar. a small silver coin or gold coin from Turkey or Persia. dering, I. (onom.) a ringing sound. II. the trumpeting of an elephant. dbrita, Skr. tiada mSnddrita, insupportable; unbearable; unable to contain oneself any longer. drrji, Hind. a tailor. dbrma, Skr. alms; gifts to the poor; charity; favour; gift to a subordinate; mgmbri d., to distribute charity; jikalau ada dgrma kurnia tuan-ku, by the favour and kindness of my lord. dbrmawan, Skr. open-handed, charit* able. dbrni, the threshold or sill of a door; pintu d., a light screen-door. darong, (onom.) a sonorous clang (such as that of a deep-toned bell). daru, (onom.) the roar of a storm, or of a crowd, or of an inundation; mWndgru, to roar. dlrum, I. (onom.) the sound of a tree falling heavily. II. a word of command to make an elephant kneel; derumkan, to make an elephant kneel. derut, (onom.) a dull scraping sound. dLrwis, Pers. a dervish. desa, Skr. region, country; sa-desa nQgYri, every country and town; everywhere; mgndesa n8ggri, id.; bertandany d., to go wandering from place to place. dlsar, (onom.) brdesar, to hiss (as water falling on hot iron). d6sau, (onom.) the swish of rain falling on bamboos. dbsing, (onom.) the whizzing sound made by a projectile. dgsir, a variant of desar. distar, Pers. an unstarched head. cloth; a turban. desur, a variant of desar. ditas, (onom.) the rustle of paper. detek, (onom.) the cracking of a twig. dfting, (onom.) the twang of a stretched string when struck. dewa, Skr. a " deva "; a minor divinity; a fairy; a demi-god. dewaaa, Pers. courtly, royal. dewangga, Skr. a rich cloth often mentioned in romance. dewasa, Skr. time, period, date. dewata Skr. godhead, divinity, d. mulia raya, the greatest of gods; burong d., unggas d., manok d. or paksi d., the bird of paradise. dewi, Skr. a minor goddess; a fairy.

Page  51 DI M di, I. at, in; di-sini, here; di-sana, there; di-dalam, inside; di-luar, outside. [By an idiomatic. use of this word, it forms a passive-e.g.. kapal di-tunda jongkong, a ship in * tow of a dinghy-i.e. a ship towed by a dinghy; di-dengar-nya, in his hearing; heard by him.] II. Skr. noble-an abbreviation of adi in certain titles-e.g. dipati for adi-pati, diraja for adi-raja, etc. dia, he, him, she, it; = ia, when following an n; akan-dia, to him; = akan-ia. [This form of ia is often also used emphatically.] diam, I. silence; being silent; diamlah ia, he was silent; diam-diam, silently; diamkan or mendiamkan, to silence. II. residence, abode, dwelling; diam-lah ia di-Melaka, he lived at Malacca; diami, to inhabit; kediaman, abode; tempat kediaman, place of abode, home..dian, a candle; kaki d., a candle-stick; sinar d., the light of a candle; ilin. d., the wax of a candle; burony kaki d., a large sandpiper (totanus calidris). diang, toasting; heating before a fire; berdiang, to heat at a fire (used remedially after a confinement). diat, Ar. blood-money; expiatory payment; a fine for violating some religious injunction. dibaj, Pers. a rich brocade. dideh, effervescing, boiling up; men.. dideh, or mWnideh, to boil up; to be boiling hot; ayer mdndideh, boiling. water. didek, nurturing, fostering, bringing up (used of men bringing up animals). didis, mrndidis, to hash. dikau, a form of the second personal pronoun-you, thou, thee. dikir, Ar. berdikir, to chant verses;,pdikir, a singing (and dancing) girl. dikit, sa-dikit, a little; sa-dikit ban. yak, a fair amount; bgrdikit-d., sparingly. DODOL din, Ar. faith; the faith of Islam. dina, Skr. poor, mean, humble, of little account; hina d., id. dinar, Ar. a coin (usually of gold); d. mas, id. [The coin is mentioned in literature only.] dinding, screening; a light partition; a party-wall; dindingan, serving as a screen or partition; dindingkan, to screen off; pgndinding, screening; protective; doa p., prayers or formula protective against evil spirits. dingin, cold, chilly-cf. sejok (which is only relative coolness); dinginkan, to chill. dini, dinihari daybreak, dawn. dipati, see di. diraja, see di. dirgahayu, Skr. long life, majesty and dominion (an expression of homage addressed to a ruler). diri, I. self; diri-ku, I myself; dirinya, himself, herself, itself, themselves; di-dalam d., to oneself, mentally; msmbawa d., to run away; mmrbuang d., to commit suicide; minta d., or mohon d., to beg leave to depart; diri, is sometimes used as a pronoun of the second person. Cf. also sendiri. II. dirikan, to erect, to put up; mntdirikan, id.; blrdiri, to stand erect: to get up; trrdiri set up; standing erect; upright. dirus, irrigation; the flowing of water; mrndirus ayer, to water. diwal, Pers. a wall; the thick outer wall of a palace or fortress. diwan, Pers. a court of justice; a bench; a board. diwani, Pers. authorised by govern. ment; minted; a minted coin. doa, Ar. prayer; incantation, magical formula; d. pdngaseh, a charm to arouse love; d. pgndinding, a formula protective against evil spirits; minta d,, to pray. dobi, Hind. a dhoby; a laundryman.. dodol,.kueh d., a cake made of rice. flour, molasses and fruit.

Page  52 DODOT 52 DUKONG aodot, m~ndodot, to take whiffs at a pipe. dogsa, see duga. dogang, support by a rope-e.g. as a rope is tied to a tree when the tree is felled to prevent it falling on the woodsmen, or as Malays hang out to windward in a racing boat by holding on to ropes (talli dogang) attached to the mast. dogel, tail-less (of a fowl). dogeng, a (Kedah) variant of dogel. dogol, a (Kedah) variant of dongkol. dok, a colloquial shortening of dudok. dokoh, a gold crescentic breast-orna. ment worn at marriages and great ceremonies. dola, Skr. a " dhooly"; a litter or stretcher. dolak, d.-dalek, shilly.shallying. dolat, a variant of daulat. domah, pendomah, a gift (sent by a raja). doman, I. pedoman, a compass; II. Skr. hantu d., a dog-faced spirit; a (Kedah) survival of the Hanuman legend. domba, Pers. a sheep. domol, (Kedah) snout; = monchong. dondang, a lullaby; a swinging cradle. dondon, pattern or colour in clothing; sa-dondon, of similar pattern (of a sarong and baju). dongak, mrndongak, to sit with head raised and pushed forward. dongeng, I. Jav. a tale for chanting. II. mndongeng, to importune (of children). dongkang, dongkang-dongkang, skin and bone. dongkol, hornless or with downward. curving horns (of a bullock); comb. less (of a cock). dongkor, d..dangkar, bundling out bag and baggage. dongok, disproportionately broad;.uncouth; badly proportioned. douia, Port. a lady. dorong, stumbling forward; tSrdo. tong, fallen forward; tripped up:; fallen. dosa, Skr. a sin; an offence against religion or morality, but not necessarily an offence against statute law; bgrdosa, sinful. dul, I. two; d. belas, twelve; d. puloh, twenty; d.-dua, two by two; kedua, both; yang kddua, the second; menduakan, to have two of-e.g. men. duakan laki, to commit bigamy; man. duakan Allah, to worship more gods than one; bdrdua, in a party of two; btrdua dengan, in company with (someone else); pindua, a fellow or match. II. a variant of doa, q.v. dual, ipar duai, a brother-in-law or sister-in-law. dubur, Ar. the buttocks. dudok, sitting, to sit; to keep doing something; to continue; to reside; situation, position; dudokkan, to seat; kldudokan, position; tmmpat kEdudo. kan, residence; tirdudok, seated. dudu, following immediately behind. dudun, pressing on (of a crowd). dudur, a plant (unidentifie4.) duga, probing, fathoming, sounding; laut yang dalam dapat di-duga, hati manusia siapa tahu, a deep sea may be sounded, but who can fathom a man's thoughts? batu penduga, the lead on a sounding-line. dugal, nausea; the feeling of a bad sailor as the sea begins to be rough. duit, (Dutch) a cent, a doit; (Singa. pore) a quarter-cent; (Penang) a cent; d. cent, small currency; bGr. duit, to have money. duka, Skr. grief, sorrow, mental anguish; hati yang d., a sorrowful heart; suka dan d., happiness and grief; mnnanggony d., to suffer sor. row; d.-chita, feelings of sorrow; ktdukaan, id. dakan, Ar. a shop. dukat, (Dutch) a ducat. dukong, carrying on the hips (as a

Page  53 DUKU 63 EJEK Malay woman carries her child); mindukong, to carry in this way; dukongan or kain dukongan, a support for the child. duku, a well-known fruit (lansium domesticumn); kera d., the slow loris (nycticebus tardigradus). dukun, a native doctor. dulang, a large low-rimmed platter or tray; pindulang mas, a large platter used in washing for gold. duli, Skr. dust; the dust under a sovereign's feet; (by metaphor) the position which a subject occupies and to which he can address himself;.ka-bawah d., the form of address of a subject to a sovereign; d. yang. dipertuan, a royal title. durm, a tree; the date-palm? dungu, dull-witted, dense, stupid; also dengu. dunia, Ar. the world; peridaran d., the chances and changes of mortal life. dupa, Skr. incense; mmmbakar d. or pasangkan d., to burn incense. dura, anxiety; mental restlessness; bWrhati d., disquieted. Durga, Skr. the goddess Durga; dewi Durga Sakti or dewi Durga KgsomG, id. durhaka, a variant of derhaka, q.v. duri, a thorn; ada-kah duri di-pgrta. jam, does one sharpen thorns. durian, the well-known fruit, the " durian." durja, Skr. countenance, visage-a poetic equivalent for face (muka); d. bgrsgri, a bright countenance; d. muram, a clouded visage; jamjam d., expression; a poetic equivalent for ayer muka. durjana, evil, wicked, treacherous; mgnteri d., a traitorous councillor. dusi, mendusi, to be perpetually cry. ing (of young children). dusta, Skr. false, lying; brbuat d., to deceive, to tell a lie to; berdusta, id.; mnndusta, false-e.g. chgmara mindusta, false hair. dusun, a village, a hamlet; a grove; kepala d., a village headman. duta, a messenger, an envoy. duyong, I. the dugong (halicore dugong); ekur d., the tail of the dugong; forked, treacherous; minyak tangis d., the tears of the dugong -a potent love-philtre. II. mandu. yong, to totter, when about to fall; to hover, when about to perch. duyun, bgrduyun-duyun, crowding forward, pressing forward. dsabah, see zabah. dsaif, Ar. weak, feeble. dzakar, Ar. the male organ of genera. tion; also zakar. dzarab, Ar. to multiply arithmetic. ally. dzarah, see zarah. dSarurat, see zarurat. duat, see zat. dzikir, Ar. chanting God's praise; also dikir. dau, Ar. possessing, endowed with; also zu. E ebean, flinging out of the way. ebek, a sun-sail; also embek. ebeng, mingebeng, to sway the body (as a dancing girl), edah, speaking across a distance. edan, Jav. mad; = gila; e. kssmaran, madly in love; = gila berahi. edar, see idar. egah, walking with a waddling or affected gait. eh, an interjection of wonderment; what? eja, Ar. spelling, to spell; mSngeja, to spell; to read slowly spelling out the words; ejaan, spelling. ejek, mnngejek, to tease.

Page  54 EJIT 54 ]4MPING ejit, mockery; a variant of ejek. eihlas, = ikhlas. ekur, tail; extremity; a numeral coefficient for animals; e. mata, the corner of the eye; e. pulau, the point (of a riverine island) that is furthest downstream; pokok e. (Penang) gutta; bUrekur-e., in Indian file, one holding on to the other (as children in certain games); bintang bgrekur, a comet. ela, I. Eur. an ell; a yard. II. a variant of hela. elah, Ar. stratagem, contrivance, device; habis daya tipu elah, at the end of his wiles, tricks and resources; olah e., extreme duplicity; full of dodges. elak, evasion; getting out of the -way; dodging a blow; berelak, to get out of the way; elakkan, to evade, to dodge (a blow). slat, see lat. elat, better elah, q.v. blis, better i8s, q.v. elmm, Ar. knowledge, scholarship, -science; magic art; also ilmu. blok, better lok, q.v. elok, beauty, excellence, charm; handsome, fine; orang yang elok rupa-nya, a man of handsome appearance; maha-elok, very beautiful or fine; kSelokan, beauty; excellence. Olong, see long. l6ut, see lut. malk, see mak. matrsh, see marah. 6mas, see mas. tnatt, see mat. Smbachaang, the horse-mango (mangifera foetida), also machang and bachang. babak, case, instance, time; sa-.mbak, once; dua imbak, on two occa. sions. lmbml, not quite dry; still damp; still moist. mbailau, lac; solder; sealing-wax. Imban, an arrangement of ropes enabling a porter to secure a burden borne on the back. imbarau, an artificial embankment. 6mbas, likeness, close resemblance; 8. tupai, like a squirrel. rmbat, a long swishing stroke; kMna Jmbat, to be caned. embek, a sun-sail; also ebek. embek, mWngSmbck, to bleat (as a sheep or goat). embeng, a variant of ebeng, q.v. 6mboh, ta'-9mboh, unwillingness; no; I won't; g..-mbohan, although; admitting that; yet. bmbok, I. Jav. mother; a respectful designation for old ladies. II. mWngmbok, to throb; also mrngtmbut. Imbun, dew; e. asap, haze; e. bhtina, dew in small drops; S. jantan, dew:in large drops; kWring e., when the dew dries up-i.e. about 7.30 a.m.; bgrembun, to be falling (of dew); mSngginbun, to fall in thin drops (of spray). embus, to blow (of wind); gmbusan,, bellows. mabut, a variant of 9mbok II. 6mpama, see umpama. bmpang, barring; damming; the course or flow of anything; a weir, a dam. Impap, (onom). the sound of a flat object falling on a soft surface; saplSUmpap, the width of the hand when the palm is laid flat on the table. Impat, four; 6. b las, fourteen; 6. puloh, forty; k/mpat, all four; yang k;;mpat, the fourth; bgrgmpat, with three others (making four in all). bmpbdal,- pedal. &mpelas, = mnmpqlas. emper, Jav. a pent-house, a shed. Gmping, rice plucked, crushed and cooked before it has attained matu.. rity; p ngnmping or lUsong Vpngamv ping, a pounder for young rice; masak pSrmping, just ripe enough to be cooked as xmping (as growing rice).

Page  55 tiMPOH 55 ENTEK Bmpoh, overflowing; rSbus ta'-.mpoh, boiling without overflowing (playing with fire yet escaping unsinged), prov. Smpok, a soft spot in fruit. 6mpu, p~rzmpuan, a woman. ampul, mWngrnpwul, to beat about against adverse winds (of a ship). bmpulur, a plant (unidentified). kmpunya, possession; yang e., whose; minpunyai, to possess, to own. emul, officious questioning, importuning; mengemul, to importune; to intrude. enak, delicious, delightful, most enjoyable. ltam, six; 5. bWas, sixteen; e. puloh, sixty; kienam, all six; yang kllnamn, the sixth. beuau, = nau. enchal, enchal-enchal, jumping a naughty child up and down by pulling his ears. 6nachang, I. an equivalent of Snchal. II.:.-Snchok, crooked, awry, zigzag. unche', Mr.; an honorific prefix; often written inche. encher, watery. unchok, see gnchang. endah, see indah. bndak, see hkndak. 6ndal, I. mWnggndal, to walk with the head and shoulders held back and the breast and stomach thrust forward. II. stuffing in; = asak. 6ndap, crouching; keeping oneself concealed while watching; mlng. lndap, to spy; to lurk on the watch; tUrlndap, crouching, watching. inddas, Jav. the head. endel, buang e., a sweep of the right arm in dancing. kndong, to console children; to soothe a child. raidnl, a swing support, a hammock, a cradle, a sling for an injured arm. segair,. -a ingar. i-Lgglk, a basket for holding Imping. Bnggal, gnggok-.., swaying, bobbing up and down. 6nggan, unwillingness; objection to; d. berchlrai, unwilling to separate. n6ggang, a generic name for large hornbills (especially dichoceros bi. cornis and buceros rhinoceroides). naggat, as far as; d. ini, thus far. Bnggil, e.-bgrenggil, serrated (of a mountain ridge). enggok, to nod the head; also anggok. bngkap, S.-.ngkip, rising and falling; up and down. 6ngkau, you (familiarly); bgerngkau, to use the expression 9ngkau (instead of a more formal one) when addressing a man-cf. kau. ntgkip, Sngkap-8., up and down-v. nrgkap. 6ngku, a princely title of the second grade (the highest being tgngku). engsel, (Dutch) a hinge. engsut, gentle propulsion; edging off someone. bngut, = ngut, q.v. 6aujak, mSngnjak, to tread down; plnglnjak, the sole of the foot. 3njal, to be forced down on one's seat; to be pushed back (as a rest. less child). enjelai, = jglai, q.v. Bnjut, mznggnjut, to tug (as a fish tugs at a line). nbtah, an expression of doubt and interrogation; perhaps; I do not know; I cannot tell; jawab-ku,Sntah. lah tuan, I replied, I do not know, sir; 5. bgrtgmu, Sntahkan tidak, per. haps we shall meet, perhaps not. antak, ramming down, pounding down; 6.-anti, convulsive up-and. down movements. 6ntang, I. ta'-.ntang, carelessness, recklessness, indifference to circumstances; -ta'-indah. II. =tang, q.v. III. to set down; -= ltac. entek, mlngentek, to winnow rice by shaking it and giving an occasional side-jerk every now and again.

Page  56 ANYAH fnyah, = wyah, q.v. epeh, chattering; continually talk. ing; orang e., a chatterbox. epek, outer posts used to keep the screens in position against the skeleton framework of a large fish-trap (bWlat). epok, a small bag or receptacle used for carrying about the requisites for betel-chewing. erak, edging away slightly. dram, = ram, q.v. erang, I. Jav. black; blue-black; extremely dark red. II. e.-erut, twisted, awry. brang, = rang, q.v. erap, = irap, q.v. arap, = rap, q.v. brat, rat, q.v. eran, visiting (for the purpose of condoling and assisting) a recently bereaved person. erek, = irek, q.v. eret, pulling back, drawing back; mWngeretkan, to draw back (any. thing). erong, I. a small cup of Chinese porcelain. II. erong-erong, the scup. per holes in a ship. III. slanting, 3 FIKIR askew; akhat e., a chisel (the edge of which is cut at an angle). Bropah, Europe. brti, meaning, signification; d. kitab, the meaning of a book; e. pgrkataan, the meaning of a word; erti-nya, that is to say; its meaning is; ertikan, to interpret, to explain; bgrgrti, to bear a meaning; m8ngerti, to understand. erut, twisted, bent, awry; e. hujong hidong-nya ka-kiri, the point of his nose pointed slightly to the left; erang-e., zigzag; much out of the straight line. bsa, a variant of sa, one (in certain expressions-e.g. yang S., the one, the only). [As a numeral and article, the form sa is used.] esak, = isak, q.v. sanug, mgngbsang, to blow the nose. esek, a disease causing the skin to become dry and scaly. esok, to-morrow; e. lusa, to-morrow or the day after; k.esokan hari, the morrow; also besok. estu, = s8tu, q.v. esut, gentle propulsion; edging offa variant of engsut. etong, see hitong. F faedah, Ar. profit, advantage, gain. fajar, Ar. dawn. fakir, Ar. a poor man; a mendicant (especially a religious mendicant); also pakir. falk, Ar. astrology. fana, Ar. mortal; corruptible; perishable; to die; dari nkgri yang fana ka-n.gdri yang baka, from a perishable to an imperishable world-from earth to heaven; also (colloquially) pana. fariid, Ar. observances (especially obligatory religious observances). faraj, Ar. ptdendumw muliebre. Farsi, Ar. Persian; bahasa F., the Persian language. fasal, Ar. paragraph, article, section, minor sub-division; concerning; apa f., why; f. itu, for that reason; there. fore. fatihah, Ar. the confession of faith; the first sura of the Koran. feel, Ar. deed, work, behaviour, conduct; character, as shown in manner; feel-nya sgparti pSnchuri, he behaves like a thief. fi, Ar. in, at, upon, regarding; fi'lalam, on earth; in the world. fkir, Ar. to think; also pikir.

Page  57 FIRASAT 574 GAJAH frasat, Ar. a horoscope; a book on astrology; astrological work; also pirasat. firdaus, Pers. paradise; f a i r y - land. frman, Ar. order, command; the word of God; befirman, to speak (of God); sepgrti firman Allah, in accordance with God's word; also Vprman. fituah, Ar. calumny, slander; klna f. to be slandered; also pitinah. fuad, Ar. heart; the seat of the feel. ings, = hati. fulan, so-and-so; si-fulan, id., usually pronounced si-polan. G gabas, coarse; roughly done (of work). gabok, bulky; short and thick (of a a monitor-lizard). gabus, easily cut (of wood); cutting (of a knife), sharp, sharpening. II. ikan gabus, a fresh-water fish (ophicephalus, sp.) gada, Skr. a club; an obsolete weapon mentioned in old romances of Indian origin. gadai, pawning; giving in pledge; pajak g., a pawn-shop; bergadai, to pawn. gading, ivory; the tusk of an elephant; gading-gading, the ribs of a boat; aur g. or buloh g., the large bamboo (bamnbusa vulgaris); punai g., the pink-headed pigeon (ptilopus jamtbu). gadis, an unmarried girl, a maidena Sumatran equivalent of anak dara. gadoh, tumult; noisy disturbance; loud dispute; berbuat g., to create a disturbance; pergadohan, an altercation; a noisy dispute; bWrgadoh, to take part in a row. gadong, a climbing plant the tubers of which yield a narcotic poison (dioscw ea dcemonum). gaeng, a shallow fin-keel of wood. gagah, pluck, determination, forcefulness; g. pgrka sa, valiant and strong; gagahi. to force by menaces, to threaten; mgnggagahi, id. gagak, the Malayan jungle crow (corvus macrorhynchus). ggang, the stalk or stem of a flower or leaf. gagap, an impediment in one's speech; stammering, stuttering; orang g., a stammerer. gagau, groping about for anything; searching with the hand; (of an elephant) picking up with the trunk. gal, dignity, fame, importance, dis. tinction, greatness; a sense of great. ness, pride. gahara, legitimate; of royal birth on both sides; anak g., a legitimate child; raja yang g., a prince of fully royal descent. gahari, = ugahari, q.v. gaharu, kayu gaharu, agila wood (a fragrant and valuable wood used for burning as incense). gahir, (Kedah) lust, longing, covetousness. gajah, the Indian elephant (elephas maxinmus); a descriptive epithet meaning "large"; g. bgrjuang, a fighting elephant; g. lalang, a tame elephant; g. me~nyusu, a covered way between a Malay house and its kitchen or outhouses; g. mngta, a rogue elephant; g. mina (literally) a "fish-elephant"; (in Javanese design) a monster with the head of an elephant and the body of a fish; a name given to the whale when it

Page  58 GARJI 58 GANA is met with-one specimen locally obtained is the hump-backed whale (megaptera boops); badak g., the large rhinoceros (rh. sondaicus); main g., to play chess. gaji, I. Eur. wages, pay; orang g., a paid employee; makanl g., (Straits Settlements) to be in the pay of. II. gagi-gagi, a saw-usually gergaji. gajus, buah g., the cashew (anacardihn occidentale). gala, I. tiada beigala, unlimited, unbounded. II. gala-gala, a mixture (pitch and resin) used for caulking boats-more commonly glgala. galah, a pole (for poling a boat); a mooring-pole; a long pole (one of a pair) for thrusting down the submerged screen in a jier1al; a stick for knocking down fruit from trees; g. pasir, the short poles used for punting a boat over shallows; g. lobolc, long poles for use in deep places; g. btjuang, ordinary punting-poles of medium length; g. changgah, punting-poles provided with a forked end for resting against snags, tree-trunks, etc. galak, menacing, threatening, bluffing; uxorious, lascivious. galang, a bar or roller laid athwart the path; g. perahu, the rollers on which a boat rests when hauled ashore; g. te-ialang, such rollers when resting on others, to which they are at right angles; tupai g. perahu, a squirrel (sciurus rafflesii); galangan, a slipway; galangkan, (1) to lay a boat on rollers; (2) to interpose a bar to a descending blow; menggalang, to be in the way, to obstruct -cf. alang, palang and inalang. galas, carrying on the back by means of a sling or support. galek, golak g., the wrong way about. gxali, digging; iuenggali, to dig; galian, a surface-mine; pdnggali, a spade. galir, I. flowing or running rapidly but unevenly; pirkataan jyang g., fluent but foolish talk-cf. alir. II. kaim g., the curtain used in a puppet-show. galoh, Jav. a princess; g. di-Daha, the Princess of Daha, Chandra Kirana (Panji Samerang), the betrothed of Sira Panji. galur, rebounding, going back; omlbak g., receding waves; susur g., tracing back. gamak, I. a preliminary act; a threatening gesture; menggamak, to start doing something by way of a threat. II. guessing at; approximately estimating; gamak-gamazk, approximately; more or less. gamam, restlessness (as the result of excitement); gopoli g., eager haste. gamat, an edible sea-worm; g. pisall, a sea-worm (stichopus variegatuts). gambang, a Javanese musical instrument. gambar, representation, picture, statue, model; g. di-larek, a polished image; g. tulisan, a sketch; tei(rambar, imaged, pictured, represented. gambir, gambler (uncaria gambi-). gamboh, a professional dancing-girl from Java or Madura; brrgamibol or bermnain g., to dance (of such girls). gamlaan, a Javanese orchestra. gamgam, (Kedah) naik g., to get angry, to flare up. gamis, Ar. a shirt. gamit, turning in the fingers or lips; swaying backwards; beckoning; menggamit, to beckon with the fingers. gamoh, a large vessel for storing water. gampang, light; of little account; anak g., a child of doubtful paternity. gan, (Kedah) putting off a creditor. gana, I. Ar. mighty (of God). II. Skr. sangyang g., Ganesha, the Hindu deity. II. guna-gana, confused; mentally befogged.

Page  59 GANAS 59 GANYUT:gauas, fierce (of animals); man-destroying,; hiar inau g., a man-eating tiger. ganchang, nimble, agile.:ganchu, a crook; a long stick with a hook at the end for pulling down fruit or branches laden with fruit.:ganda, I. fold (in expressions such as "two-fold," "three-fold "); sa-kali g., once; g. bIrganda, time after time; over and over tagain; gandakan, to repeat, to double. II. Skr. perfume, fragrance-a component part in the name of many plants. gandam, coloured by betel-chewing (of the teeth). gandan, gebar g., a rich, embroidered coverlet for a couch.:gandar, the lever of a rice-pounder (lesony 7lindck); g. chinchsin, the claws (in a ring) which hold the gem in position. -gandariah, a plant (unidentified). gandarokam, a plant (unidentified). gandarusa, a medicinal plant (justicia gandarusa). gandasuli, a plant (h ed ychi m coronariumt). gandek, a frontal ornament worn by a bride. gandewa, Skr. a bow (used by heroes of romance). gauldi, Skr. a bow; = galndeiwa; mai-l g., archery. gandin, a mallet. gandis, = dis, Ldi, q.v. gandong, light logs attached as outriggers to a native boat to give it greater steadiness..gandu, bucah gand u, a hard black fruit (unidentified) used as a ball or marble in some children's games. gandum, Pers. corn, wheat; tbpong g., flour. gang, a brazier's chisel; g. bulat, id., with a rounded edge; g. ranchong, id., with a sharp-cut point. Oangga, Skr. the deified Ganges; a fabulous monster; bhtara G., the. deified Ganges. ganggang, roasting before the firecf. panggang. ganggu, importunity; worrying; constant questioning; insistence. ganggut, grazing; cropping the grass. gangsa, Skr. bell-metal, bronze. gangsi, (Kedah) mnnggan'si, to perfume cloth with incense-smoke; = mneingukup. ganja, I. bhang or Indian hemp (cannabis sativa). II. the peculiar guard-like piece at the top of a keris blade; keris g. iras, a kceris with the guard and blade in one piece. ganjak, edging forward slightly; shifting one's seat forward. ganjal, a (Kedah) variant of ganjil -cf. also ganjapuri, a (Kedah) variant of kachapur-i. ganjar, a long pike used as an emblem of rank. ganjat, abnormal, extraordinary. ganjil, uneven, odd (of a number). gantang, I. a measure of capacity. II. guling g., rolling over and over. ganti, substitution; changing the one thing for another; stead, instead; g. rugi, compensation for injury; gantian or Vprgantian, a substitute; gantikan or 1innggantikan, to substitute, to replace; bMrganti, in place of; blrganti-g., in turns, successively. replacing. gantong, suspension,, dependence, hanging; gantongkan, to hang anything up; bergantong, in dependence on; hanging; bergantong rambut sahMlai, hanging by a single thread; tempat beleh bergantorg, home; a place to which one can attach oneself. ganyah, gonyoh-ganryah, to rub down;, to scrub vigorously. ganyut, only superficially cooked; raw or hard inside.

Page  60 GAPAH 60 GEiDOMBAK gapah, gopoh-gapah, very great haste; hurry-scurry. gapil, mSnggapil, to carry off quietly or unconsciously. gara, = gahara. garak, guling-garak, rolling about uneasily. garam, salt; ibu g., brine, coarsegrained salt; mnmbuboh g., to flavour with salt. garang, fierce, savage, passionate, quick-tempered; menggarang, to fly into a passion. garau, hoarse, raucous, harsh (of the voice). garfu, Port. a table-fork. gari, I. handcuffs. II. Port. malau g., (Kedah) sealing-wax. garing, I. a kind of satchel or basket. II. crisp and dry (of food). garis, scratching; bgrgaris, scratched. garok, scraping, grating, scratching; mnggarok, to scratch; also garu. gar, scratching-a variant of garok. garut, = garok, q.v. gas, Eng. min-yak g., kerosene oil; k'reta g., a motor-car; = kereta " eengine." gasak, striking a blow; g. lari, (slang) to abscond; to " clear out." gasal, (Kedah) odd, uneven of numbers; ganjil. gasang, incontinence; lustful excitement; impetuous passion of any sort. gasing, a spinning-top. gat, a variant of mnaat, q.v. gatal, itchiness; lust; sakit g., the itch (as a disease); mniang g., extremely itchy or lascivious. gaul, champur g., very much mixed up or confused; = chainpur baur. Cgaung, sound dulled or confused by echo; reverberation. lgawa, see p/ggazwa. gawai, a tool or instrument; pegawai, an agent; a district officer. gawar, a token or mark placed across a road to signify that passage is prohibited; gawar-gawar or gggaiar,; quarantine; tembak g., to fire in the air so as to warn robbers off the premises. gaya, Skr. conduct, manner, tone; rupa g., appearance and ways; g. usul, manner and bearing; bgryaya, affectedly; tiada bgrgaya lagi, to lose all consciousness. gayam, buah g., the Otaheite chestnut. gayang, light-headed; unstable; a sense of weakness. gayat, nervous fear; giddiness when looking down a great precipitous height. gayong, I. a vessel made of half a coconut shell with a handle attached. II. bergayong, to fence or box; also main gayong. garyut, hanging from a rope or bough (as a monkey). gas, Pers. a measure of length mentioned in old romances; it represent-: ed about 33 inches. gebar, a coverlet or counterpane; g. gandan, a rich embroidered coverlet. gebeng, I. a long native boat with a rudder of the European type. II. Eng. cabin. gbbu, delicate in texture; g. chantek, daintily pretty; pasir g., fine light sand. gedabir, loose folds of skin (the dewlap of an ox, the gills of a cock); also gelambir. gedang, great, large; = besar (in Sumatran Malay). gfdibong, I. a sort of bamboo box or receptacle. 1I. a square piece of cloth with a pouch on it. gidbmbai, a (Kedah) variant of kElembai, q.v. gedemi, a (Kedah) variant of g/mi, q.v. ^dok, a (Kedah) variant of bedok, q.v. gedombak, a single-membrane dram.

Page  61 GEIDONG 61 GitLKAK g'6dong, an office, store or magazine; a " godown." gedubaug, an Achehnese broadsword. gdaubil, (Kedah) mukta g., brazen. faced. gffgai, loosely put together; lacking in stiffness or strength. gggak, noise, uproar (especially the din of battle); g. gmnpita, extreme uproar; an insupportable din. gg1ala, = gala-gala. gfgaman, Jav. weapons; armed soldiery. gegap, a variant of gegak, q.v. gbgar, quivering; shaking; a thrill. gigas, a movable hatch or planking in a Malay boat. gegasing, a variant of gasing, q.v. gbgat, a small insect which bores holes in clothes, books, etc. gigawar, see gawar. geger, noisy panic; the clamour of fear or anxiety. gelabir, = gelambir. g6labur, to fall " plump " into water. gbladak, the deck of a ship. gladir, a large movable piece of planking in a ship's side-removed to facilitate loading. g9lagah, a wild sugar-cane (saccha. rum glaga). grlark, laughter; tgrtawa gelak-gelak, peals of laughter. gelakak, a prolonged chuckling laugh. g1lam, I. a tree (melaleuca leucodendron). II. the name of a tribe of the orang laut. III. burong g~lam, a name given to the bird ardetta cinnamomea. gflama, a generic name given to a number of fish including gei-res oyena and (g. panjang) otolithus argenteus. glrlambir, loose folds of flesh (the dewlap of an ox, the gills of a cock); also g&dabir. g6lang, a bracelet or anklet; g. chari, a bangle; g. kaki, an anklet; g. kana, a (Javanese) armlet; g. kunchi, a key.ring; dawai g., wire wrapped round a cylindrical surface-e.g. round the neck of a bottle of wine; pgrgelangan, the circumference of the wrist; the wrist; penggglang, id.; pgrgglangan kaki, the ankle. gtlanggang, an enclosure for cocks to fight in; a circular space; g. ayam, the fighting-ring for a cock; g. susu, the dark circle round the teat. gflap, darkness, obscurity; surreptitious, secret; g. katup, pitchy darkness; g. gulita, id.; chandu g., smuggled chandu; mata-mata g., a detective. gelar, the bestowal of a title or designation; gdlaran, a title; g~lari, to bestow a title; bergglar, entitled; possessing a title. gelasar, mgnggelasar, to slip or slide forward, as a man who loses his footing in a slippery place. g6latek, = jdlatek, q.v. gelatok, menggSlatok, to chatter (of the teeth). glebar, to flap continuously-cf. kibar. g6lfbau, a monkey (unidentified). gelecha, a light quilt-mattrass. gbldang, mWnggglidang, to stretch out the arms at right angles to the body. glt1ding, mWngggleding, to become warped (of wood). gfl6doh, a variant of bMludoh, q.v. gelgak, I. boiling up, bubbling over (of hot water). II. a heavy wooden sounding-block. glbgar, a girder; a rafter; a beam on which a floor or ceiling rests. gelBgata, a kind of nettle-rash. gflgut, = gblugut. gelek, bending a limb; arching the neck; closing the hand; bowing the head; mvnggelekkan leher, to arch the neck (of a long-necked bird). g6l16kal, mWnggSlSkak, to crumble away (as the plaster on a wall).

Page  62 GTELEMA 62 GEL~MA 62 GiLOMBANG gb1bma, phlegm; mucus in the throat. g~1bman, ggti-g~., the rnrvous sensation excited by a rasping noise. gb1~mat, decking over the bows and stern of a boat. C061mbong, a bubble; anything blown out with wind; gilllinbongan, a blown-out bladder made of a chicken's crop;?nngg9197nbon.g, to be puffed out (of the cheeks). g6U~mpaug, outstretched (as a man lying on the ground with his arms extended at full length). g#16mpok, gMl1nmpok g~mok, extremely fat. gMb~mpong, a spongy kind of lint used for staunching the flow of blood. g~leuggang, za medicinal plant (eassiv alata). g-~1butang, guling g., rolling over and over; ==guling gantang. gb1fttar, nzibiggltntar, to quiver, to tremble. Cf. kltar, glmgtar, etc.; also g~tltar. gg1ftyar, tingling; m~lngg hi yar, to tingle. g~Iepek, to lie slackly upon anything (as a sail lying slackly against anmast).' g#1Mpoug, ind~ggglipong, to fall heavily into water. g~1~tar, minggititar, to quiver, to tremble. Cf. O-tar, gtgmntar, etc. also gglgntar. Sb1etek, in.ngggletek, to tickle. golftek, mnnggghite1r, to -wriggcle, to squirm. g~1~ting, = llting.Y gi1i, ticklishness; the desire to laugh; g. hati, lightheartedness; g. glman or g. gglginan, the nervous Lvensationi created by a rasping or -scraping noise; pgnggiili hati, tbings that rouse mirth or enjoyment; humorous tales. gb1iaug, Waggltia-ng, to sway about; to writ-he, to wriggle. tI1iat, twisting, straining; m~nggtI,liat, to turn and twist as a man stretching himself. galibst, = kllibat. gebliga, see guliga. gW1igfin, a cross-rod in a weaver's loom. g~ligis, mgngggliigis, to shudder. g~ligit, to keep biting-cf. gigit. g~linchir, slipping away to the side; a side-slip; tgrgglinchir, slippede.g. tgrgglinchir kaki-nya Wau jatoh,, his foot slipped and he fell. g~linchoh, stumbling; to stumble. g~liudong, a reel; a shuttle; a, roller. g~ling, a slight sidelong shake of tbe head (meaning " no," just as a nod means " yes"). g~linggam, = sgdglinggam, q.v. g~lingsir, side-slip; = gglinchir, q.v. g~liutar, = halinter, q.v. g61iong, I. Eur. a galleon. 1I. a, variant of g~itiang. g~1ip, = k~lip, q.v. g~1isah, rnlnggglisaki, to fidget, to, move restlessly. g~1isai, mlnggglisai, to distur-b, to confuse, to create ill-feeling. g~lisek, a (Kedah) variant of sltisek. g~lita, = gulita, q.v. gbliut, ggliang-g., swaying and twist-' ing-cf. giliang. g~lobok, (onom.) nbinggitoboA-, to bubble up (of boiling water). g~lodar, I. Wnngggloder, to straggle for freedom; to try to get loose. II. turbid (of water). gblogok, enquiry with menaces;. Itrying to get information by " bluff." g~1oh, = WAlo, q.v. gblohok, extensive perforation-, gaping with holes. g~loj oh, gluttony. g~1ok, a mug or drinking bowl made, of coconut shell. g~1omang, wallowing with a. wet body in a powdery substance; Uar. gglomang, to roll one's wet body in dust, flour, etc. grblombaug, long rolling -waves, billows; g., bunga h'pan-g, waves

Page  63 GELOMOR 63 GfiMiLAI with white crests; g. k1pala kera, choppy waves; g. mangkok, an eddy; a whirlpool; hempasan g., breakers; the surf-line. g$lomor, menggelomor, to dirty. g6loneng, a small gong forming a part of the Javanese garnlan. g6long, I. a cutting or channel; the navigable channel for entering a river. II. a double or multiple loop of rattan. III. (Kedah) an elephanttrack; = denai. gglongsong, = kelongsong, q.v. g6longsor, mWnggelongsor, to slip down forward. Cf. gelingsir (which is a side-slip); also gelunchur. gflopak, = kelopak, q.v. g6lorah, Ar. stormy, troubled; trouble or care generally; also g8lurat. gblosok, vigorous washing or scrubbing; an intensive form of gosok. g6gosor, = golongsor, q.v. gglotak, menggglotak, to remove a hard rind or husk from a fruit. g6luga, a red dye; kayu g., the tree (unidentified) from which this red dye is obtained. g1nugur, asam g., a tree with orange acid fruits used in flavouring curries (garcinia atroviridis). [The word is also used to describe fluted patterns in art.] g6lugut, imlenggelgut, to shiver; to quiver; to chatter (of the teeth). glulur, mengglulur, to slip down (of a sarong). gSlulmat, = glemat, q.v. glumnur, = glomor, q.v. glunchur, menggelunchur, to slip down forward; also mgnggelongsor. g61uap, menggtlup, to fall out (of the teeth). g1lupar, = kielupar, q.v. glilupas, = kelupas, q.v. gblupur, = k;lupur, q.v. gl.urat, Ar. care, anxiety, trouble; also galorah. gI1ut, beirglut, to strive, to contest, to compete-especially in boatracing (bergelut lanchang). gema, echo, reverberation. gemakl, = gemap, q.v. gnmal, a clump, a cluster; bergemal. g., in clusters (of small stalks). gemala, a talisman; a luminous bezoar; also kemala. gbmalai, lemnah g., extreme lassitude; also kemalai. gnman, nervous quivering; geli g. the nervous feeling created by a rasping noise. gimang, ungraceful bulk; disproportionately thick. gemap, tergemap, taken aback; thunderstruck. gEmar, pleasure, satisfaction; gimari, to like; to take pleasure in; kUggmaran, delight. gtmas, anger, envy, annoyance. g6maung, the murmur of a crowd. gmnbak, a tuft of grass; a lock of hair; also gombak. gembal, = k~mbal. gimbala, Skr. a man employed to look after animals; g. anjing, adogboy; g. ayam, a poultry-tender; g. gajah, a mahout; g. kambing, a shepherd or goat-herd; g. kuda, a groom, gembar, = kmrbar, q.v. g6mbira, passion, fire, excitement; naik g., to become inspirited; suare g., a rousing voice. gambol, a hemispherical excrescence; a bump. g;imbong, = kmbong. g6mbur, loose (of unrolled earth); unfinished (of a road). gembut, I. surface motion (the agitating cause being below the surface); the movement of sand when an animal is digging nnderneath; the movement of bed clothes over a sleeper; the throbbing of the fontanel. II. a canopy borne by an elephant. III. a golden betel-nnt box. gem1lai, = ggmalai. 'I1

Page  64 GRMtLAN 64 GitNJU: gbl1an, = gamiean, gSmblatok, gelak g., prolonged chuckling laughter. g6mwlegut, = gimelugut. gemblbtak, (onom.) continuous crackling-cf. gmefrStak. gbnmletap, (onom.) continuous tapping-cf. gSmtretap. g6m616tok, a variant of gemle9tak. gbmblugut, continuous shivering and trembling. g6mrntam, (onom.) a crashing sound. gnmentar, trembling all over; also g~mntar-cf. gentar, ketar, etc. glmbrechak, (onom.) the plash of oars or paddles. gambrce hek, (onom.) a slight splash. ing sound. gtmnrunchang, (onom.) continual clanking or clanging. g6mbrbacheng, (onom.) continual ringing or tinkling. gbnrmrfsek, (onom.) continual rustling or crackling. glmrftatk, (onom.) continuous crackling-cf g~meletak. gSmnrftap, (onom.) continous tap. ping-of. glm9lStap. gCfmarlap, glittering, shimmering, sparkling; gSmerlapan, id. gilmnrotok, (onom.) a continuous clatter. gnmbtar, trembling all over; also gam~ntar-cf. ketar, glntar, etc. gfmi, ikan ggmi, the sucking-fish. ggmilang, shining, dazzling, glitter. ing; gilang g., resplendent, radiant. gCfmok, fat, plump; rich (of soil); ggilmpok g., extremely fat. gmipa, an earthquake; a cataclysm. gimpal, average (in size or build). gbmpar, noise, clamour; disturbing rumours or sounds. 9fnpita, Skr. uproar, noise; glgak g., extreme uproar. gnmiiroh, the roll of thunder; the roar of many waters; the murmur of an angry crowd; thunderous. genrag, I. genang-g., a native sweet. meat. II. to flow (of tears); = linang. g9nap, complete, full, even; dua puloh g., a full score; sa-gSnap, every; sa-telah g., on the completion of. genchok, giving a twisting motion to the pounder when pounding rice. gbndala, hindrance; obstruction; difficulty; aral g., id. gfndang, a native drum; g. batak, a name given to certain instruments of the monochord and primitive zither type; g. kiling, a drum (both sides of which are beaten by the drummer); g. melela, a drum (one side of which is beaten with the hand and the other with a drumstick); g. raya, a large drum used to summon people to mosque. gendap, juru g., the leading drum. mer in a Malay band. gntudraug, a war-drum, state-drum or processional drum-cf. gSndang. g6ndir, a Javanese musical instrument mentioned in literature. gnndis, Jav. sugar. gendit, a belt, a girdle; also kindit. gendong, a variant of kendong, q.v. gendut, heavy and pendulous (of the stomach). gfneh, the teeth in a cow-elephant corresponding to the tusks in the male. gb6ggam, grasp; seizure in the closed hand; sa-g., a handful; ginggaimkan, to seize in the closed hand; to seize in its talons (of a bird). geuggang, a fabric of cloth. genggeng, carrying an object by seizing a small portion of it between the teeth; siput g., a shell (nautilus pompilius). genggong, a sort of Jew's harp made of bamboo. genjang, awry; crooked; aslant not parallel; out of line; g.-gitjut, zigzag. ginjur, = kinjur.

Page  65 'GiNJUT 65 GEREK ginjut, I. aslant, awry-v. genijang. g6nta, Skr. a bell; menggoyang g. or mynggdrakkan g., to ring a bell. g6ntala, a magic wheeled car (in contradistinction to a flying chariot); naga g., a fabled dragon of monstrous size. gbntar, quivering, shaking, trembling — cf. kctar and gemrnntar. gfntas, plucking (a flower); break-ing a stalk. ggntat, shrunken or withered on one side (of fruit). gentel, a small pellet; rolling up a pellet between the thumb and fingertips. g6nting, I. extremely slender; g. bukit, a very low ridge joining two lofty hills; pinggang g., wasp-waisted. II. atap genting, a tiled roof. ggntong, a large earthenware tub or jar. genyut, not meeting; not in line. gIpoh, gepoh-gepoh (Kedah) a padlock. gipok, a small round tobacco-box of silver. gbra, reminding; drawing attention to. gbrabang, gerabang pari, strips of salted skate preserved for food, g6rachang, = kgrachang. g6ragas, to comb down the hair over the forehead into a sort of fringe. g6ragau, a small shrimp. g6rah, = kerah. g6raham, a molar tooth; g. bon.ysu, a wisdom tooth; also gerham. g6rai, a sleepine-dais or platform. g6rak, motion, movement; g. hati, impulse; bergSrak, to move, to stir; mnngggirakkan, to give motion to. gSraxm, I. warmth (of anger, courage or passion); mSmbgri g., to excite; naik g., to become excited; mrnggsram, id. II. (Dutch) the framework of a house. gerantg, extreme eagerness, zest, keenness. girang, I. an oily cosmetic obtained by burning coconut-husks and other vegetable substances. II. see gerangan. gbrangan, perchance, perhaps-an expression suggesting doubt or interrogation; bulan pernama gerangan jatoh daripada langit yang kttujoh, can it be that the full moon has fallen from the seventh heaven. gbrangau, = gerengau. gfrapai, menggerapai, to fumble with the hands; to feel about. g6rapak, bluffing, startling, attempting to frighten. g6rau, a palace cook; a chef. gerayang, mnng!,erayang, to go about picking up odds and ends. gbrbak, to spread (of an odour). gbrbang, spread out; extended; pintu g., the main gate; mnnggErbang, to open or spread out; to be dishevelled (of hair). grrbong, = kerubong. gerda, = geroda. g6r6bak, a noisy clapper used to frighten squirrels and birds from fruit-trees. gbr6dak, (onom.) a heavy bumping or rattling sound. g6rbdam, (onom.) a heavy repeated slamming sound. ger6dok, (onom.) a duller variant of the sound represented by geredak, q.v. geredum, (onom.) a deeper variant of the sound represented by geredam, q.v. geregak, I. g.-ggrggau, opening and closing the hands; darting about in search of food. II. a bamboo clap. per, = gerebak. g6rfgau, geregak-g., opening and closing the hands; see gri4gak. gbr6hak, (onom.) coughing up phlegm. g6rgham, = gerham. g6reja, Port. a church. gerek, I. boring; mgnggerek, to bore, II. eagerness, keenness; - gerang.

Page  66 GiIRftMtT 66 'GERSEE gbrbmut, mengglrnmut, to throb (of a boil). gCrnuohang, (onom.) a continually repeated clanging noise. girendeng, snappish, irritable. gerenek, tremulous and low (of a Voice). gbrEngau, clawing; scratching; scraping. gbrengseng, I. a brass vessel used in cooking. II. Jav. kain gwrengseng wayang, a pattern of sarong much referred to in literature. gErbntam, (onom.) mngggeTrntam, to stamp the feet; also geretam. ggrbnyau, over-talkativeness. gbresah, (Kedah) longing, pining. grrbttak, (onom.) rapping; tapping; clacking; kena g., to get " whacked "; ingngggretakkan kuda, to urge on a horse by rapping the heels against its sides. gerbtam, (onom.) mWngggratam, to stamp the foot in anger; also gerentam, geretok, (onom.) a sound such as that of a carpet being beaten. gfrgaji, a saw; yu g., the large saw fish; habok g., saw dust; also gaji. gaji. gergasi, Skr. a tusked man-eating demon; a name given to the aborigines of Kedah. gfrham, a molar tooth; g. bongsu, a wisdom tooth; also geraham. g'rhana, Skr. eclipse; ktna g., to suffer eclipse-a metaphor for a great man under calamity. grri, a nervous movement; an involuntary or unconscious gesture. geriaag, g.-ggresah, intense longing. g6richau, mnigggrichau, to chatter (of a shrilly twittering bird). girigi, tooth-edged; regularly serrated-cf. gigi and gerigis. gbrigis, jagged; irregularly serrated -cf. gigi and grrigi. grrim, (Dutch) kaiyi ggrim, a coarse flannel cloth. gbrinda, battu gerinda, a whetstone; a stone used for filing teeth. gbrindam, I. a (Kedah) variant of g rinda. II. = gurindam. gbring, illness; sick (of a prince); g. hulu, a prince's head-ache. gbrinjam, an ear-cleaner. g6rit, I. (onom.) a scraping sound; the gnawing of a mouse-cf. kerit. II. akar girit-ggrit, a generic name for a number of rubber-vines belonging to the order apocynacew. grrlap, = kerlap. gfrling, == krling. gfrmang, menggermang, to bristle up (of short hair). germit, (Penang) an auger; a drill. gerobok, I. Jav. a crockery chest. II. mgngggrobok, to bubble up (of boiling water). geroda, Skr. burong geroda, the eagle or " garuda" of Vishnu. gfrodak, (onom.) a sound such as that of stones thumping against the sides of a box. g6rodi, Tam. an auger; also gurdi. gbrogoh, a barrel-like trap for prawns. g6roh, constitutional b a d lu ck; persistent misfortune. gSrok, a wrapper used to prevent a heavy fruit (such as a nangka or chempedak) falling to the ground through its own weight. g6rouchong, = keronchong. gerondong, = gondong. gfrong, (onom.) mengggrong, to growl (of a wild beast). g6ronggang, hollow; lacking in kernel or core. geronggong, I. the name of a tree (cratoxylon arborescens). II. a stinging medusa or jelly-fish much feared. by Malays. ggronyot, a twinge of pain. geropoh, (onom.) mengg^ropoh, to splash about. gbraek, gravel, coarse sand; also kOrsek.

Page  67 GfiRTAK 67, GIGI gbrtak, a bridge. geru, ztenggeru, to trumpet (of an elephant). g6rugul, hantu gerugul, an evil spirit of the forest. g6ruit, mengggruit, to wriggle out (as a worm leaving its hole).:grun, panic, alarm; kambing g., the Malay serow (nemorhoedns swettenhami). gbruuing, a large lizard (unidentified)..grup, a portion of a Malay loom in which the comb (sisir) is fixed. gErus, rubbing off asperities; sandpapering; polishing. gerut, ikan gerut-gerut, a fish (pristi. poma hasta). gfrutu, = kerutu. g6rutup, (onom.) the noise of artillery fire. gesek, rubbing or scraping a sharp edge against anything (used especially of playing the violin); menggesek biola, to play the violin-cf. gesel and geser. gesel, rubbing two sticks or other light bodies together-e.g. in ignition by friction-cf. geser and gesek. geser, scraping past each other (as two ships striking each other at an extremely acute angle)-cf. gesek and gesel. g6ta, Skr. a sleeping-platform; a divan; a broad sofa or couch; g. kgrajaan, a royal divan; g. peraduan, a state bed. g6tah, latex or gum produced by trees; gutta; caoutchouc; bird-lime; gum;.pokok g., a caoutchouc-yielding tree; burong di-getah, a limed bird; g. ipoh, the poisonous sap of the ipok (antiaris toxicaria) used as dartpoison; g. jelutong, dyera costulata; g. percha, dichopsis gutta; also g. taban merah; g. taban upttch, dichopsis obovata. g6tang, = ketang. ghftar,- ~= fetar. getek, a loose gait or manner; 1ninunjok g., to assume a "fast" manner; loose conduct. g6ti-g6ti, a Malay cake. getil, pinching, nipping-cf. ketip, ketam, getu, etc. gftu, nipping between the fingernails; mngnggett kuman, to kill a louse or flea-cf. getil, ketip, etc. gewang, a large shell-fish (portions of which are constantly used in the Straits Settlements as paperweights). ghafur, Ar. very forgiving; all merciful (of God); ya ghafur ur-rahim, oh, most forgiving and merciful One!-a common superscription to letters. ghaib, Ar. hidden, concealed, obscure; ghaib-lah ia, he vanished; perkataar yang ghaib, rhysterious words; rijat ul-ghaib, spirits presiding over good and evil fortune; also (colloquially) raip. ghali, Eur. a galley. ghalib, Ar. victorious, conquering. ghalias, Eur. a galleass; a large galleon. gharib, Ar. foreign, strange; a, stranger. ghulam, Ar. a slave. gi, Hind. ghee; clarified butter. gian, exhausted (of money); penniless. giang, = miang. giau, pisau penggiau, a bill-hook. gibas, = kcibas, II. gigi, tooth; the serrated or rippling edge of anything; g. anjing or g. asu, the canine teeth; g. ayer, the rippled surface of water; the edge of the sea (on the beach); g. bErdukong, overlapping teeth; g. hutan, the uneven fringes of the jungle; g.. jentgra, the teeth of a toothed wheel; g. kapak, large front teeth; g. laut, high-watermark; g. manis, the incisor teeth; g. parang-parang, small separated teeth; g. sisir, the teeth

Page  68 GIGIT 68 GONCHANG of a rake or comb; g. sulong, the four front teeth; g. tikus, small regular teeth; pgnchungkil g., a toothpick-cf. gigit, gdrigi, gerigis. gigit, biting; to bite; mnenggigit; to bite-cf. gigi. gila, madness, insanity; g. babi, epi. lepsy; g. bahasa, cracked, eccentric; y. berahi, madly in love; anyam g., an apparently irregular pattern in mengkuang work; murai g., a fantail flycatcher (rhipadura, spp.); ya g., a fish (chyloscillium indicum); gilakan, or menggilakan, to madden (with love)-cf. the Javanese form edan. gilang,. I. shining; g. gemilaEg, radiant, dazzling, resplendent-cf. gilap. II. a kind of toddy; a drink mentioned in old romances. gilap, lustre from a polished surface; reflected light-cf. gilang. gilau, = kilau. giling, rolling into a spherical or cylindrical shape; rolling up a cigarette; grinding curry-stuff with a stone roller; batu g., a roller for grinding curry-spices. gilir, occurrence in succession; turn; ia dudok sampai giliran tari-nya, he sat down till it came to his turn to dance; bngilir-gilir, in succession; in turn. gilis, a (Selangor) variant of linggis. ginchah, = kinchah. ginjat, on tiptoe; tdrginjat-ginjat, moving about on tiptoe. girap, to quicken the stroke when rowing. giri, Skr. mountain-in compounds such as Indgra-giri. giring, I, minggiring, to drive (wild animals). II. giring-giring, a sort of bell made out of sea-shell. gisar, mEnggisar, to twist; to give a twisting motion to anything-cf. kisar. giwah, Pers. a shoe. goa, I. a cave; k~lawar g., the bat (chiromeles torquatu8s); kambing g, a name sometimes given to the Malayan serow. II. Ch. I, me. gobar, gloomy, sombre, overcast (asa sky when a storm is brewing). gobek, an areca-nut pounder (used by men with bad teeth); g. api, a fire-syringe. gochoh, striking with the fist gochohi, to so strike (a blow); menggochoh, to so strike (a person). goda, spurring on; incitement; pursuing; following; goading; menggoda, to urge on. godak, nasi g.,.a preparation of rice "for use as medicine. godam, a heavy pounding blow-e.g.,.with a club or mace;- menggodam, tostrike such a blow; penggodam, a club or knuckle-duster. godok, g. kipala, the occipital bone. gogoh, shivering with extreme cold. gogol, a long-handled chisel used by braziers. goha, = goa. golak, g.-galek, topsy-turvey-cf. bolak-balek. golang, g.-golek, to sway (of a spherical or cylindrical body). golek, easily swaying; easily shaken or rolled; golang-g., swaying orrocking; hantu g., a sheeted ghost believed to propel itself by rolling along the ground; sampan g., (Penang) the common Chine s e sampan. golok, a heavy chopper or bill-hook for clearing jungle. golot, fussiness; hurry; over-work; bergolot-g., with fussy energy. gomba, Skr. the frontlet of an elephant. gombak, a tuft (of grass); a lock (of hair); also gFmbak. gombals, = gmbala. gombang, an anchored purse-net; also pompang. gomeug, = komeng. gomol, bgrgomol, to wrestle. gonchang, to cause anything to

Page  69 GONDAHt 69 GUN rock or sway; to shake; gonchang. kan and mqnggonchang, id. gondah, sorrow, sadness, despondency; g. gulana, id.; gondahkan, to sorrow after. gondang, siput gondang, a generic name for several marine shells of the genus doliun; g. bukit, a land shell (cyclophorus, sp.) gondok, squat; short and stout; leher g., bull-necked. gondol, bare; hairless; treeless. gondong, an inflammation on the neck-a sort of goitre. gong, a gong [this-the gong proper -has a hemispherical protuberance, while the chanang has not]; pmukul g., the wooden striker of a gong. gonggong, I. seizing and carrying off between the teeth (as a dog carries off a bone). II. a generic name for a number of shells (mostly of the genus strombus). goni, = guni. gonjak, to hint at. gonjong, very sharp-ridged (of a Malay roof). gonyeh, chewing between the gums; mouthing. gonyoh, rubbing out impurities; scrubbing (when bathing). gopoh, haste, hurry; g. gapah or g. mamang, extreme haste; h u r r y scurry. gorap, Ar. an Arab dhow. goreng, frying; cooking in a pan. goris, a scratched line; g. api, matches. go0ok, friction, rubbing; gosokkan, to scrub; mgnggosok and menggosokkan, id. gotis, to snap a link; to break the stalk of a flower. goyang, a shaking or s w a y i n g motion; bgrgoyang, to shake; to sway-cf. gonchang. gu, a (double) yoke for bullocks; igt-cf. kok. ga, - goa, guam, a disease attacking young children. gubah, wearing in the hair (as a flower or jewelled ornament is worn). gubal, the portion (of a tree-trunk) immediately under the bark; nyior g., a coconut with the husk off. gubang, I. a one-masted sea-going perahu of a Bugis type. II. a notch cut in a tree-trunk to facilitate climbing. guchi, a vessel of glazed earthenware. gudang, a store-house; a godown. gadu, gudu.gudu, a hookah, a hubble. bubble. gugur, miscarriage; premature fall (of fruit); a sudden and unnatural fall; g. pengsan, to fall in a faint; bintang g., a falling star. gagus, patchy; g. pulau-pulau,, an archipelago; bgrgugus-g., in patches, in clusters. guit, a gentle sidelong push with the foot. gala, sugar; sugary substances obtained from plants; g. batu, loaf sugar; g. milaka, coconut sugar; g. pasir, granular sugar. gulai, currying; curried food; mSng, gulai, to prepare curry. gulana, gondah g., extreme depres. sion; despondency; sadness. guliga, a bezoar-stone; batu g., id. guling, rolling, revolving; g. gantang, rolling over and over; g. garak, rolling uneasily; gulingkan, to roll (a cylindrical object); tgrguling-g., rolling about, gulita, gdlap g., pitchy darkness. gulong, rolling up; tikar dua g., two rolls of matting; two mats; mWng. gulang, to roll up. gumpal, rolling up anything into a ball or roughly spherical lump or clod; bWrgumpal g., clotted, coagu. lated. gumpong, a thicket; a clump of thick jungle. gun, (Kedah) gently rising ground,

Page  70 GUNA 70 1HA].guna, Skr. use, utility; magic art; obat g., a philtre; apa g., why; for what purpose; gianakan, to make use of; berguna, useful. gunlawan, Skr. skilled in magic art -v. gutna, gundek, an inferior wife of a prince — i.e. a wife married formally to his keris or to his bulang hula, but not to the prince himself. gunggong, = gonggong. guni, a sack; a " gunny-bag." gunjai, a fringe or ornamental tassel at the end of a puggaree, gunong, a mountain. guntak, the rattle of pips in a dry fruit. gunting, shearing; shears, scissors; mienggunting, to cut with a pair of scissors. guntong, I. stumpiness through the removal of a projection; cutting short; tiang g., a mast when the topmast has been removed. II. a creek. guntur, thunder. gurau, sporting, jesting, flirting; y. jenaka, quips and cranks; senda g., dalliance, flirtation; bergnurau, to jest. gurdi, Tani. an auger; also gerodi. guri, a small vessel of earthenware. gurindam, Tam. a proverbial verse; a well-known saying appositely quoted. guroh, thunder-cf. gemuroh. guru, Skr. a teacher; mak g. or siti g., a school-mistress; Betara G., Siva. gus, together; all at a time; collec. tively; di-tembak-nya tiga, kali gus, they all fired together three timesi.e. they fired three volleys. gusar, taking offence; jangan g., do not be offended, gtusari, to become angry. gusi, the gums. gusti, I. Jav. a title of some distinction; master, lord. II. Pers. wrest. ling; bermnain g., or berg)yti, to wrestle. H habat, way, manner. habis, done, finished; entirely; the end of; belum h., not yet finished; sa-habis-habis, to the very end; to the very last; habisi, to come to an end of; habiskan, to put an end to; penghabisan, termination, end. hablok, Hind. piebald (of a horse). hablur, = abelur. habok, dust, chaff, powder; 1t. gergaji, sawdust. Habshi, Ar. Abyssinian, Ethiopian, Negro; orang H. a Negro. hadap, position in front of; raja di-hadap fnanteri-nya scakalian, a prince with his ministers before him; hadapan, front; portion in front; di.hadapan, in th — presence of, in front of-e.g. raja di-hadapan man. tFri would be "a pmince in the presence of his minister "-a discourteous expression compared with raja di-hadap mnantri; ka-hadapan, to the front, forward; hadapi or menghadapi, to face; hadapkan or mngghadapkan, to set in front, to place in front; mzenghadap or mnngadap, to enter the presence of (a prince); to have an audience of a sultan. hadiah, Ax. a gift; a present. hadis, Ar. the traditional sayings and deeds of the Prophet. hadzir, Ar. presence; to be present,; also pronounced halir. hadzrat, Ar. presence; the royal presence; majesty. hafal, Ar. well versed in the Koran; also hapal, hai, oh-a vocative interjection; ho, there!

Page  71 HAIBAT 7] haibat, Ar. terrible, awe-inspiring, alarming; also hebat. haidz, Ar. the menstrual flow. hairan, Ar. astonishment; to wonder; wonderful; also heran. haiwan, Ar. animals; living creatures. hajat, Ar. wish, desire, intention. haji, Ar. a man who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca; naik h., to perform this pilgrimage. hajrat, Ar. year of the Hegira; A.H.; also hijrat. hak, Ar. truth; due, rightful claim; rights of property; description of property; kaul-ul-hak, the writing is true-a superscription to Malay epistles; h. mana, of what descrip. tion? hakikat, Ar. truth. hakim, Ar. a judge; a judge of the supreme court. hal, Ar. state, condition, position, case; mWngadukan, h., to lay one's case (before any person); darihal, concerning, regarding; h. ahvwal, circumstances; facts of the case; things generally. hala, direction, tendency; ta'-tlntu h., aimless, inapposite, irrelevant. halai, confusing; h. balai, upsetting, confusing; confused, disorderly. halal, Ar. legitimate; permissible according to divine law; food which is not forbidden-cf. haram. halaman, a lawn before a palace or mansion. halau, expulsion; driving away or driving out; halaukcan or mngghalaukan, to drive away. halba, Ar. an aromatic plant (fcn ium grecuml.) halban, kayu halban, a plant (vitex1 pubescens); also lOban. halia, ginger, (zingiber officinalis). halilintar, = halintar. halimun, invisible or transparent through magic art; halimunan, the magic art of making oneself invisible. HAMIS halintali, a horse-leech; also Untah. halintar, a thunderbolt; panah h., id.; batw h., fossil stone implements (believed to be bits of a thunderbolt); also lintar. halipan, a centipede; h. bara, a centipede with a dark back and light legs; h. laut, a nereis; h. ptsan-pesan, a black and yellow hairless spiderlike animal; jari h., a pattern made by cutting trailers diagonally from the midrib of a palm-leaf; also lipan. halir, I. Ar. present; = hadzir. II. = alir. halkah, a horse-collar. halkum, Ar. throat, gullet. haloba, covetousness; also loba. haluan, the bows of a boat. halun, = alun. halus, fine in texture; delicate; pisau h., a lancet-like knife; tangan' yang h., a delicately made hand; perkataan h., refined language. halwa, a generic name for confectionery-preserves in sugar. hama, a gnat; a very small insect. hamak, disobliging; gruff and illtempered. hamba, slave; your servant; I; h. Allah, God's poor; h. Komnpgni, Indian convicts, h. sahaya, slaves generally; bWrhamba, (1) to be possessed of slaves; (2) to serve; m)n7pSrhambakan diri, to give oneself to; to marry; minta ptrhamba, to offer oneself in marriage. hambal, = amnbal, II. hambar, = ambar. hambat, pursuit, chasing; btrhambat, to pursue; in pursuit. hambong, = ambong. hambur, I. strewing about; scattering; hambur-hambur, largesse; hamburkan, to scatter; bgrhamburan, strewn or scattered about. II. to curvet; to prance. hamil, Ar. pregnant (with child)-a more polite expression than bunting. hamis, = fish-scented; malodorous.

Page  72 HAMPA 2 HARAP Mampa, lacking contents; empty, idle, useless. hlupar, spreading out flat; exten. sion in all directions; batu h., bedrock; h. khemah, to pitch a tent; hamparan, a carpet; a mat; hamrparkan or mWnghamparkan, to spread out. hampas, dregs, dross; the residuum or waste portion of anything; h. t~bu, megass; h. sut4ra, silk dross. hampir, proximity; near; nearly; h. sa.rupa, nearly identical; hampirhampir, very nearly; hampiri or mnnghampiri, to approach; hampirkan, to get close to; berhampiran, in close touch with; in proximity to. hamnpong, = ampong. haMpUs, = hapus. hlmput, - amput. amua, indiscriminate abuse; reviling. hmtzh, Ar. the spiritus lenis. hanching, rank, foul (of smell). lauchur, melting, crushing, dissolving; h. hati, broken-hearted; h. luloh, utterly crushed; mnnghanchurkan, to crush to pieces. hadai, companion, associate, comrade. hadakk, = h-ndak. handal, trusty, reliable. hang, I. you, thou; a (Kedah) equivalent of gngkau. II. an obsolete Malay title. hanggt, hot; warmth; warm glow; h. hati, angry excitement. hangit, scorching, singeing; ban h., the smell of burning. haagus, burning; being consumed by fire; hanguskan, to consume by burning. Xaxomaxa, Skr. the Hindu monkey.:god; an evil dog-faced spirit (in Kedah); sang sdri H., the god Hanuman in romance. hlutnp, = antap. intar, I. conveying, escorting, accompanying; sending in a person's charge; hantarkan or mznghantarkan, to accompany away; to escort. II. lying prostrate; lying spread out, tlrhantar, stretched out. hanti, = anti. hantu, an evil spirit; a ghost or goblin; wild (of fruit-i.e. planted by ghosts not men); h. bangkit, the ordinary sheeted ghost risen from a grave and making its way by rolling along on its side as the fastenings of the winding-sheet prevent its walking; h. belian, the tiger spirit; h. bungkus, = h. bangkit; h. golek,.= h. bangkit; h. jamuan, a familiar spirit; h. kochong = h. bangkit; h. orang mati di-bunoh, the revengeful spirit of a murdered man; h. pamburu, the spectre huntsman; h. rimba, the demon of the woods that preys on lonely travellers; h. tanah, the gnomes of the soil; burong h., an owl; di-rasok h., to be attacked by an evil spirit; jari h.; the middle finger. hanya, except, unless; only; anak-ki hanya-lah sa-orang, my child is an only child; yang mgngetahuz hanyalah Allah, who know that there is only one God. hanyir, fishy; foul-smelling; musty. hanyut, drifting along; floating; hanyutkan, to set adrift; berhanyut, adrift; berhanyut-h., to be drifting about. hapal, Ar. well versed in the Koran; also hafal. hapek, = apek, I. hapit, apit. hapus, expunging, wiping out. hara, huru-h.; uproar; also hiru-h. and haru-h. haram, Ar. unlawful, forbidden by religious law; a strong expression of negation; h. zadah, born out of wedlock; h. ta'-dapat, he utterly failed to get. harang, = arang. harap, hope, expectation, confidence,

Page  73 HARAS Ts IATI trust; Karap-lah engkau lkapada Allah, put your trust in God; harapan, trusted, trusty; harapi, to confide in. haras, = aras. barbab, -- rtbab. hardek, strong reproof, scolding, censure. harga, Skr. price, monetary value; h.-nya tiga ringgit, its price is three dollars; hargakan, to appraise; to price. hari, day (both the day of 24 hours and the daylight hours by themselves); siang h., daylight; tengah h., midday; malam h., night time; sa-panjang h., all day; keesokan h., the morrow; selang sa-hari, every alternate day; lat sa-hari, id.; sahari-hari, every day; h. raya, holiday; h. besar, id.; h. bulan, day of the month. harimau, tiger; leopard; any of the larger felidee; a type of the strong and unscrupulous; also rimau; th. akar, the leopard-cat (felis bengalensis); h. anjing, the golden cat (felis temminckii); h. bMlang, the tiger; h. bWlang chechak, the common wildcat-grey with black spots (felis planiceps); h. bMlang kasau, the tiger (felis tigris); h. bWlang tebuan, the common leopard, the "yellow" panther (felis pardus); h. bintang, = h. bWlang tebuan; h. burong, a Petani name for felis planiceps; h. dahan, the marbled cat (felis marmorata); h. daun pinang, a name given to the tiger when the black markings are not extensive; h. jadijadian, a were-tiger; h. kumbang, the black panther (felis pardus, var. niger); h. lalat, a jumping spider; h. sipahi, = h. daun pinang; h. tarum, a large black panther; h. telap, the golden cat (felis aurata); h. tMrong kasau, the royal tiger (felis tigris) when of very large size; tulang h. minangis, the manubrium; uban tahi h., the colour of the hair when either black or white largely predominates; also rimau. harip, = arip, haris, = aris. harong, = arong. harta, Skr. property, wealth; harta. nya banyak, he had large possessions -of. hartawan. hartal, a yellow face-powder; saffron; also retal. hartawan, Skr. possessed of property; wealthy-cf. harta. haru, confusion, uproar, disturbance; h. hara, a noisy disturbance; h. biru, id.; di-haru shetan, plagued by an evil spirit. haruan, = aruan. harum, fragrance, aroma, perfume. harus, I. stream, current, freshet; di-bawa oleh h., borne by the current; songsong h., a shell (murex ternispina). II. proper, fitting, right. hasad, Ar. envy, jealousy, spite. hasil, Ar. outcome, return, rent, revenue; h. tanah, land-rent; h. pokok, land assessment; membayar h., to pay land-rent to Government. hasta, Skr. a Malay cubit (from the elbow to the finger-tips). hasut, = asut. hata, Ar.? well then; next-an expression of common occurrence in commencing a new paragraph. hatam, Ar. end, finish; termination; sudah h., it is finished-used especially of the completion of studies. hati, the heart and liver; the interior portion of anything; the seat of the feelings; ambil di-h., to store up a grudge; bacha didalam h., to read to oneself; bakar h., wrath; bWlas h., compassion; bUrbalek h., a revulsion of feeling; bErdEbar h.,. a quicker beating of the heart; excitement, fear; bgrkata didalam h., to say to oneself; besar h., presumptuous pride; buah h., heart-as a term of endearment; chondong:.j inclination

Page  74 HATTA i4l AHINTI towards; gdrak h., emotion; hanchur h.., heart-break; despair; hulu h., the pit of the stomach; tulang hutl h., the xiphoid process; jantong h., the heart in its anatomical sense; jauh h., alienation of affection or interest; karat h., malice; kechil h., spite, a grudge; keras h., obstinacy; kdroh h., malice, ill-feeling; klurang h., spiritless; lebur h., crushed in spirit; ltmbut h., softer feelings; makan h., to brood; mata h., inward perception; membawa h., to betake oneself anywhere in wrath; qnengambil h., to captivate; panas h., zeal; pilu h., melancholy; puas h., satisfaction; puteh h., sincerity; putus h., heart-break, despair; rawan h., rapture; sakit h., anger; sangkut h., loving attachment; sayup h., melancholy; sgbal h., patience; sedap h., pleasure; sejok h., contented feelings; suchi h., purity of motive; susah h., sorrow, regret; tawar 1., disinclination; tgrang h., clearsightedness, calmness; tinggi h., proud elation; waswas h., annoyance; mnsmprhatikan, to grasp, to understand, to realise. hatta, = hata. hatur, = atur. haus, I. reducing by friction; wearing away. II. thirst. hawa, I. Ar. breath, air; affection, lust, desire; h. nafsu, carnal lusts; h. api, the hot breath of a furnace. IL. Ar. Siti Hawa, Eve. hawar, a pestilence, an epidemic, a murrain. hayak, = ayak. hayam, = ayam. hayat, Ar. life. hayun, = ayun. he, = hai. hebat, Ar. terrible, awe-inspiring; also haibat. heja, = eja. hela, I. drawing over the ground; dragging; mnghela, to pull after one; penghela, a puller, a drawer. II. aiming at, pointing to; mlnghe. lakan, to aim (a weapon) at. helah, = elah. hlai, a numeral coefficient for tenuous objects such as sheets of papers, garments, leaves, blades of grass, etc.; also lai. helat, = elah. hMlat, alternate, intervening; also lat. heman, Jav. affection; interest; care; devotion to. hemat, Ar. care, attention; jaga darn hemat, watchfulness and attentiveness. hembachang, = embacfhang. hbmbalau, -= e balau. hembat, = emnbat. hembus, = embus. hempa, = hampa. hempas, dashing down violently; hemnpaskan, to dash down; nlghlsl.paskan, id. h6mpmdal, =- pdal. hMmp6du, the gall; pulti-puldli h., the gall-bladder. hbmpit, I. wedging or squeezing between two surfaces. II. badak hempit, (Kedah) the two-horned rhinoceros (rh. slnmatrensis). hempulur, = empulur. hemul, = emul. hbndak, wish, desire, intention, purpose; hlndakkan, to desire; kehfndak, desire, wish; seperti kfhzndak ttacn, as you please; berkghendak, to wish for, to be desirous of; sa-klehe7dalk, in accordance with one's wishes. hendel, = endel. hengar, =ingar. hfning, limpid, pure, clear, transparent. henjal, = e-njal. huntam, stamping with the foot. hentek, = entek. hInti, stopping; blrhenti, to come to a stop; bZrhgntikan, to put a stop to; pgrhgntian, an ending; a place to stop at.

Page  75 ILENTIMUN ~ 5'L~GJ 'IIINGTJS hdutimuu, tirnull. hdram, == ram. heran, Ar. astonishment; to wonder; wonderful; also hairaii..heranzg, ==erang, 11. herap, =irap. h~ra~t, =rat. herau, erait. h~rbab, riibab. h~rdek, hardek. h~rek, to shriek; to cry out with pain. heret, eret. h~rgs, =harga. h~rta, =harta. 'herut, =erut. h~sta, =hasta. hetong, =hitovy. hias, adornment; ornamenting; htias i, to adorn; minghiasi, idi.; pi'rhiasan,' ornament, decoration. hiba, iba. hiboh, noise, -uproar (caused by traffic and not by noisily-disposed persons). hibur, consoling, soothing; migghibur, hiburkan or miaghiburkan, to allay sorrow; to calm; to console; pgnghi bur, a comforter. hidam, =Midn. hidang, placing in a dish; a "Ilportion " or plateful of food; hidangan, a platef ul; t~rhidang, served up. hidayat, Ar. right guidance in religion. hidong, the nose; ht. inanchong, a sharp-cut nose; batang ht., the ridge of the nose; lang h., the nostril cavity. hidulu to be on the scent of; to smell. hidup, life; alive; gajah h,, a live elephant; sa-uniar It., as long as I live; intathari h., the rising sun; hiduipi, hidupka a, i nbghidupi or m~rnghidupkan, to bring to life; (also) to keep alii~e; k hidupan, life; means of livelihood; kal kNUi Mdu~pancondition of life. hga, Jay. rib, side; I-=ruaok higau, = igau. hij'au, green., hijrat, Ar. the hiegira.; tahu hitaI., Al.11 also haji-at. hikayat, Ar. a tale; a romance. hikmat, Ar., wisdom; knowledge; magic art; gginala h., a wonderworking talisman. himat, =hemat. himpit, =hntiipit. himpun, assembly, gathering togc. ther; birh'impun, to mneet togethcr; hninpunakan, or inagiwnpailnAan, to bring together; pgrhimpunan, a gathering, a meeting. hilai, = ilai. hilam, ilaavi hilaug, loss, disappearance; death; It. aOa, loss of self-restraint; h. arwah, or h,..s~ian gt, loss of consciousness; Ih.-lah ia, he died; hilangk-an. or mianghilavgkan,, to drive away; to throw away; kihilangan, loss, hilap, Ar. error; better khilaf. hilat, = ela h. hilir, progress down stream; the lower waters of a river; hulit-hilir, top and bottom; beginning and end. hina, Skr. mean, poor, contemptible; h. dia, the poor and lowly; hinakan, or mhngghinak-an, to disdain, to insult.; to abase; kihinaan, degradation, abasement. hinai, = inai. hiuchaug, = inchang. hinchit, departure, exit, quitting. hinchut, =inchut. hiudek, indek. Hindi, Indian. Hindu, Hindoo, Hindustan, India. hingga, up to; as far as; until; It. pada measa ini, up to the present time; sa-hiugga, until; pirhinggaa,11 boundary, limit; also p6renggan tiada t~rhingga, boundless. hiuggap, perching, settling, alight. ing (of a bird);- h. api, to catch fire. hMUCUS, ing'Us.

Page  76 HINTAt 76 HUtLU hintai, = intai. hira, hiru-hira, uproar; = hur hara. hirap, = irap. hirau, = hiru. hirek, = irek. hiri, = iri. hiris, slicing, slitting, ripping up. hiru, hiru-hara, a great disturbance; confusion; uproar; h.-hira, id. hirup, = irup. -his, for shame! also is. hisab, Ar. enumeration, calculation; elmnu h., accounts; commercial arithmetic; tiada terhisabkan banyak-nya, innumerable. hisap, = isap. hitam, black; very dark in coloration; h. bogot, hideously black; h. lgam, pitch black; h. manis, dark brown; h. nmuda, deep blue. hitong, calculation, reckoning; elmnu hitongan, arithmetic. hoe, Ch. a "hoey," a secret society. hogoh, to mimic. Kokian, Ch. appertaining to the Fuh-kien province (especially the Amoy and Chang-chow divisions, not Fuh-chau itself). Holanda, Dutch; also BWlanda. homa, huma. homam, Tam. a burnt offering, a sacrifice. honar, Pers. discredit; a subject of reproach or censure; khabar bWrhonar, a scandal; a tale to somebody's discredit.. hong, the Sanskrit and Buddhist " om, a word of mysterious import used by Malay medicine-men. Hongkoug, Hongkong; kereta h., a jinrikisha. horloji, Eur. a watch; a clock. hormat, Ar. respect; reverenceespecially with the idea of respectful behaviour; mgmberi h., to pay respect to. hu, Ar. the possessive pronoun (third, singular, masculine) in its genitive and accusative forms. Hua, Ar. lHe-i.e., God. hubaya, entirely, in every way, altogether; hubaya-hubaya, above all things. hubong, connection, linking; hu. bongan, link; bSrhubong, united; hubongkan or mdnghubongkan, to unite, to connect. Hudai, orang H., the name of a tribe of aborigines in the Malay Peninsula. hudam, = ucam. hudang, = udang. hudar, (Kedah) to ran away to bolt; to abscond. hudhad, Ar. the hoopoe. hudoh, = hodoh. hui, an interjection of astonishment. hujah, questioning, cross-examination. hujan, rain; h. deras, pouring rain; h. lebat, rain in large drops; heavy rain; h. renyai, drizzle; h. rintekrintek, a few drops of rain only; ayer h., rain-water; musin h., the rainy season; tedoh h., to stop raining; hujani, to rain down upon. hujat, reviling; to abuse. hujong, end, point, extremity; h. telunjok, the tip of the index finger; h. tanah, a headland; berhujong, pointed. hukah, Ar. a hookah, a hubble-bubble; also ogah. hukama, Ar. the plural of hakim,; learned men, authorities on law and theology. hukum, Ar. order, command; judicial decision, sentence; bri h., to give an order; jatoh h., to give a judicial decision; klna h., to suffer a penalty; hukuman, punishment. hukur, = ukur. hukup, = ukup. hulam, vegetable accessories to a dish; vegetable condiments. hulat, = ulat. hulkun, = halktm. hulu, head, upper portion; begin. ning; hilt,; handle; the upper

Page  77 HULUBALANG 77 IBUR waters of a river; the interior of a country; h. hati, the pit of the stomach; h. kegris, the handle of a kcris; giring h., head-ache (when speaking of a prince); orang h., dwellers up-country; dahulu, before; penghulu, headman, chief; Muhammad (as chief of Muhammadans). hulubalang, a leader in war; a warrior in the first rank. hulur, letting go, slacking; letting a rope become loose; paying out; hulurkan, to slacken, to pay out. huma, "dry" or "hill" padi, (in contradistinction to padi planted on swampy soil); a padi-clearing on high ground; a " ladang"; bgrhuma, to plant hill-padi. human, =- uman. humbas, flight; menghumbas, to " make oneself scarce." hun, Ch. a Chinese measure of weight; one tenth of a mace (chi). hunjam, = unjam. hunjur, = unjur. huntang, = untang. hunus, unsheathing; drawing a sword from a scabbard, a finger from a ring, etc.; di-hunus-nya kWris. nya, he drew his keris; terhunus, bare, naked (of a weapon). hurai, = urai. hurmat, = hormat. hurmus, Ar. Ormus. hurong, = urong. huru, huru-hara, uproar, confusion, turmoil, tumult. huruf, Ar. letters; an alphabetical symbol. hurup, I. = urup. II. = huruf. hurus, = urns. hurut, = urut. hutan, jungle, forest; wild; anjing h., the wild dog (cyon rutildns); ayam h., the jungle fowl (gallus ferrugineus); babi h., the wild pig (sus cristatus); orang h., a wild man; an aboriginal tribesman; a jungle-dweller; a boor. hutang, debt; owing, due; h. kapala, a debt on the repayment of which one has staked one's life and liberty; h. piutang, debts; bgrhutang, to owe; orang bWrhutang, debtor; orang hu. tangan, the creditor. huyong, = uyong. I ia, he, she, it; ia-itu, that is to say; namely. iau, mWngiau, to mew (of a cat). iba, Ar. yearning, passionate regret, loving longing. ibadat, Ar. service to God; pious duties. ibar, ibar-ibar, a small river dugout. ibarat, Ar. metaphor, parallel; analogous case; ambil i., to take a parallel case; to illustrate a point by a parable pr fable. ibau, an edible mussel. Iblis, Ar. the devil; di-haru i., harried by Satan. ibni, Ar. son of; bin [but ibni is used more politely or ceremonially than bin]. ibtida, Ar. exordium, beginning. ibu, mother, dam (of animals); source, matrix; saudara sa-ibu, a uterine brother; i. bapd, parents; i suri, royal mother; i. jari, thumb; i. kaki, big toe; i. pasir, gravel; i. tangan, thumb; = i. jari. ibual a palm (unidentified). ibur, = hibur.

Page  78 IBUS 78 IMAN ibmu, a palm (unidentified). idam, the longings of a pregnant woman; i.-idaman, the things so longed for; idamnkaA, to long for anything (when pregnant). idang, = hidang. idap, chronic (of sickness or melan. choly); mengidap, to linger on in illness. idar, revolution (as opposed to rotas tion); idari or nSngidari, to wander round; idarkan or mengidarkan, to send round; to pass or hand round; bgridar, in revolution; circulating; bintang bdridar, a planet; plridaran, a revolution; a turn; pgridaran dunia, the changes and chances of mortal life. idong, = hidong. idsin, Ar. permission; also izin. iga, = higa. $gal, Wmngigal, to spread the tail (of a peacock). Igama, Skr. religion; i. Islam, Muhammadanism; also agama and. ugama. igau, wandering in delirium; talking or movement in. sleep; igau-igauan, ravings, nightmare; muttering or crying in sleep; tgrigau.igau, wandering, delirious. igu, a double yoke (for oxen); also gu-cf. kok. ihraim, Ar. anathema; interdict. ihsan, Ar. beneficence; kindness.!htiar, Ar. choice; elected action; ddngan ikhtiar-nya sdndiri juga, by his own choice; mWnchari i., to think out some plan to adopt; pulangkan i., to leave the decision to another; bagaimana i. kamu, what conclusion have you come to; what do you think. ihtimal, Ar. to endure; to bear. ihwal, = ahtal. ijabat, Ar. the hearing of prayer. ijau, = hijau. ijaxat, Ar. diploma, certificate, license. jin, = idzin. ijok, a fibrous vegetable substance resembling horse-hair; tali i., rope made of this fibre. ijtihad, Ar. zeal, solicitude, diligence. ikal, curly (of the hair). ikan, a generic name for fish; ikanikan, the log; i. kgring, dried fish; nyawa i., the life of a fish on shore l nearly lifeless; at the last gasp. ikat, binding, fastening; i. perang, the line of battle; i. pinggang, a belt; i. rumah, to build a house; ikatan, bonds, fastenings; ikatkar or mlngikatkan, to fasten together; to put together; terikat, in bonds; tied up. ikhlas, Ar. sincerity; sincere; surat ul-ikhlas, the letter is sincere —a common exordium to an epistle. ikhtiar, = ihtiar. ikhtilaf, Ar. discord, inconsistency. ikhtisar, Ar. definition. ikut, following (in point of space, not time); coming after; minggikut, to follow. Ilaha, Ar. God; la Ilaha ila'llah, there is no God but Allah. Ilahat, Ar. Godhead. ilahi, Ar. my God; oh God. ilai, loud laughter; mlngilai, to laugh loudly. ilam, ilam-ilam, dimly or intermittently visible. ilang, = hilang. ilau, flickering (as light on water) — cf. kilau. ilham, Ar. divine inspiration. ilmu, Ar. knowledge, scholarships science; magic art; also elmu. imalat, Ar. joining two letters in pronunciation-e.g. insha'llah for insha Allah. imam, Ar. " imam "; president of a mosque. iman, Ar. faith, creed, belief, religion; the true faith; mlmbawa i., to accept the true faith; bSriman, reli. gious

Page  79 IMBAL 79 INGUS imbal, roundish (but not globular), as the rounded leg of a table. imbang, hovering about, haunting, shadowing (as a ghost haunting a place or a thief shadowing a man). imbas, the air immediately round a person (which he can be supposed to infect if diseased); kcna imbasan hantu, to be slightly affected by a passing spirit of disease. imbau, to throw a stick, not as one throws a spear but by seizing an extremity and hurling the stick boomerang-wise through the aire.g. to knock fruit off a tree. iniboh, making up the balance; giving a small final payment. impit, = hempit. inai, Ar. henna; a red dye obtained locally from a shrub (lawsonia alba); i. batu, a pink balsam (impaticus griffthii); i. paya, the water balsam.(hydrocera triflora); malrin i., the night on which the bride's fingers;are stained with henna-i.e. the commencement of the wedding festivities; siput i., a shell (mitra episco. palis), innang, a nurse, a duenna, a chamberwoman to a princess. inangda, a more respectful variant of inang. inas, I. the humming apparatus on a Malay humming-kite. II. peokong inas, a malignant tumour. inchang, inchang inc hut, awry, askew. inchar, a drill bore. inche', Mr.; an honorific prefix; better Snche'. inchi, Eng. inch. inchit, = hinchit. inchut, inchang-inchut, awry, askew. indabh, beauty; attractiveness; precious, important, fine, handsome; i. khabar dari rupa, report is fairer than reality; apa i., of what value is it (to me); what does it matter; indahkan, to consider important; to care about. indang, winnowing with a sidelong jerk or shake. indar, = idar. indek, leverage by pressure with the foot; lesong i., a padi-pounder worked with the foot; lang i., a large bird of prey (nisaetus limnatus). Indira, Skr. the Sanskrit divinity Indra; a, name given to a class of minor divinities inhabiting Indra's heaven; a royal title; royal; kUindgraan, the heaven of Indra; mgngindera, royal. inding, watching constantly; keep. ing an eye on anything. indok, indok kgrbau, a milch-buffalo;. prindokan or perindun, a brood-cf. indong. indong, mother (but this word is rarely used); i. mutiara, mother-ofpearl-cf. indok. ing, Jav. of, for-cf. yang. ingar, brawling, noisy disturbance; i. bangar, very great uproar. ingat, attention, recollection, remembrance; ingat-ingat, take care, look out; ingatan, attention to one's surroundings; recollection; ingati, to remember; ingatkan, to remind; to call to mind. ingau, inga.uingau, dozing; half awake. inggeh, Jav. yes. Inggbris, English. inggu, Skr. asafoetida; ikcan i., a generic name given to a large number of fish of the genera pempheris, pomacentrus, pterois, amphiphrion,.stolocentrum, stolacanthus and pseudoscarus. ingin, lust, longing, strong desire. ingkar, Ar. breaking a pledge, violating a promise. ingsang, = isang. ingu, =- inggu. ingus, mucus from the nose; buanyg i., to blow one's nose,

Page  80 INI 80 ITEK ini, this, these; aku i., I who stand here; I myself; sekarang i., at this very moment-cf. sini. injap, the inturning spikes which permit entrance into a basket-trap for fish but stop the fish from getting out again. injil, Ar. the gospel; i. Lukas, the gospel according to St. Luke. insaf, Ar. justice, equity. insan, Ar. a human being. insang, = isang. insha, Ar. insha'llah please God. intai, mWngintai, to peer, to peep, to spy on. intan, a diamond. inti, a name given to a number of Malay dishes. inn, Jav. a title of distinction, princely. ipar, brother-in-law; sister-in-law. ipoh, the poison-tree or upas (antiaris toxicaria); the poison obtained from it; dart-poison generally. ira, ira-ira, a fish (unidentified). iradat, Ar. will; the will of God. iram, I. iram-iram, the fringe round a State unbrella. II. change of colour; blushing. trap, resemblance; irap-irap, very much alike. iras, connection, similarity; sa-iras, alike; of the same material, blood or character; keris ganja iras, a kMris of which the blade proper and the aring (or guard) are in one piece. irau, = hiru. irek, stamping on padi that is too short for threshing; irekkan, to so -treat padi. iri, iri hati, spite, malice. iring, processional following; Indian file; one after another; beriringiringan, in long succession; mwngiring, to proceed in procession; iringi and mWngirirgi, to follow in procession; di-iringkan, to be followed by. iris, = hiris. irup, to suck up liquor from a spoon or cup. is, for shame; also his. Isa, Ar. Nabi Isa, Jesus Christ (in Muhammadan tradition). isak, sobbing; sneezing; asthmatic coughing. isang, the gills of a fish. isap, sucking; drawing in one's breath; smoking; mlngisap, to smoke. isha, Ar. sembahyang i., the evening prayer. isharat, Ar. signal, sign; mamberi i.r to give the signal. isi, contents; that which fills; i. nlgrri, the inhabitants of a town; i. rumah, the household; i. dunia, mankind; i. surat, the contents of a letter; i. kahwin, the marriage settlements on a bride; bagai kuku dlngan isi, like the nail and the flesh within it-in. separable except at great pain, prov.; isikan or mWngisikan, to fill; blrisi filled with, containing. Iskandar, Ar. Alexander; I. dzu'l. karnain, Alexander the Great. Islam, Ar. salvation; peace in God; the Muhammadan world; the Muhammadan religion. isnin, Ar. hari isnin, Monday. Istambul, Constantinople. istana, Pers. a palace. istanggi, Skr. incense; also setanggi, istbri, Skr. wife (more respectful than bini); beristeri, to be married (of a man); bgristgrikan, to marry (a woman); mgmpgristgrikan, id. istiadat, Ar. ceremonial custom. istimewa, especially; more especially. istiuggar, Port. a match-lock. istinja, Ar. ablutions prescribed by Muhammadan custom. istirahat, Ar. repose, rest, peace, tranquillity. istiwa, Ar. being parallel; khattu'lt istiwa, the equator. istri, = istgri. itam, = hitam. itek, duck; i. ayer, the cotton.teal

Page  81 JABAL *61 JAJAT '(nettopus coromandelianus); i. surati, the Muscovy duck;- peler i., an auger; ular i., a fabulous duck.:billed snake (the finding of which -brings luck in money matters). J jabal, Ar. mountain. jabar, Ar. omnipotent; Malik ul. -jabar; the King of Kings; God; Khalik ul-jabar, the Almighty Creator. jabat, grasping in the hand, holding; jabatan, (1) the sense of touch; (2).occupation, profession, = jawatan; 'bgrjabat, to hold. jabu, rising in clouds (of smoke, dust, etc.) jtabur, much mixed up. jadah, Pers. son, born of (but used in.a bad sense-i.e. bastard, ill-begotten). jadam, an extract of aloes used as medicine. jadi, coming into existence; becoming; turning out satisfactorily; accomplishing its purpose; aku pun dadi-lah, I was born; kJrja itu ta'-jadi, -that work will not do; jadi-jadian, a Supernatural creation; harimaujadi. jadian, a were-tiger; mrnjadi, to become t mnjadikan, to create; kMjadian, creation. jadwal, Ar. a tabular statement. jAga, Skr. to be awake; to be watchful; orang j., a watchman; j. dari. pada tidur, to awake from sleep; ja-gakan or mZnjagakan, to wake (a per. -son); berjaga, to be awake; bgrjagajaga, to keep awake, to keep open ~house day and night (in marriage dfestivities).; mSnjaga, to watch. jagat, Skr. the world; j. buana, id. jago; Jav. a ock. jag0ig, maize; Indian corn. itong, = hitong. itu, that, those-cf. 'situ. iu, = yu. izin, Ar. permission; also idzin. Izrael, Ar. Azrael. jaguni, Skr. spirits of good fortune, jagur, massively built. jagut, Jav. chin-cf. dagu and jangpgut. jah, Pers. worth; greatness. jahad, Ar. a holy war. jahan, Pers. the world. jahanam, Ar. gehenna, hell; destruction. jahang, I. violent abuse. II. deep red (in colour). jaharu, Hind. a pariah, a low scoundrel. jahat, wicked, evil, immoral; d8ngan., with evil intent; pirgmpuan j., a prostitute; kMjahatan, wickedness. jahi, Jav. ginger. jahil, Ar. ignorant of God's word. jahiliat, Ar. the general ignorance;of God's word that prevailed beforeMuhammad enlightened mankind with the Koran. jahim, Ar. fiercely blazing (of hellfire); naraka j., the hottest hell. jahit, sewing;- tulcang j. or orang jpgnjahit, a tailor. jahudi, = jaudi. jait, = jahit. jaja, hawking about for sale; bgrjaja, to hawk about; m njaja, id. $:P~' jaja, a hawker. jhjahan, a district; a division of a country. jajar, a row, a line; drawn up in a row, stretching out in a line-cf. janjar and banjar. Jajat, to mimic; taking off; ridiculing by mimicry.

Page  82 JAKA 82 JAMJAM jaka, Jav. a young unmarried mancf. bujangga, II. jakas, a kind of mrngkuang. jaksa, Jav. a Javanese title of in, ferior distinction. rakun, a name given to aboriginal tribesmen in the southern parts of the Malay Peninsula. jala, I. a casting-net. II. Ar. great, illustrious (of God). jalak, I. a one-masted or two-masted.sailing -vessel peculiar to Pahang. [It is built up fore and aft and is not decked except for a loose framework of split nibongs or planks]. II. licentious, loose. jalan, road, way; movement in a definite direction; the course taken; j. bahasa, idiom; j. ugama, theology; j. raya, the main road; mata j., an outpost; mSmbawa j., to lead the way; brj'alan, to be in motion; b~rjalan kaki, to walk; bdrjalan kreta, to travel by carriage; jalani, to travel over; mngnjalani, id.; jalan. kan or mgnjalankan, to set in motion; prjalanan, journey. jalang, a strumpet. jalar, creeping; mtnjalar, to creep (as a snake or creeping plant). jali, Ar. tZrjali, evident, clear, bright, distinguished. jalin, tied parallel to one another by means of string or rattan (as the strips of bamboo in chicks or fishscreens are fastened). jalis, Ar, sa-jalis, sitting together; in company, Jalma, = j4lma, -i, jalu, the natural spuf of a fighting. cock; ikan j., a fish (lutianus, sp.) jalur, a broad band or steie of colour; broad stripes separe -n1by lines; a strip of padi-field as marked by the lines of padi-stalks; a river-boat of very shallow draught (the ribs of which give it a striped appearance) -cf, lajur. jam, Pers. a clock; an hour; sa-tSng. ah j., half-an-hour; sa-jam dua, an hour or two. jamah, physical contact or handling; actual (even if temporary) possess sion; sexual intercourse; jamah-ja. mahan, an occasional mistress of a prince. jamal, Ar. beauty, elegance. jaman, Ar. time, age; = zaian. jamang, a gold or silver frontlet worn by a woman. jamar, = chamar. jambak, a (double) handful; the con. tents of two hands held together. jamban, a privy. jambang, a flower-pot or stand for flower-pots; jambangan, id. jambar, I. sa-jambar, a plateful. II. a rough temporary hut built by travellers camping in the jungle. jambatan, a bridge; a pier; a way with a hand-rail; a variant of jabat. an (from jabat). jambiah, Pers. a broad-bladed curved dagger. jambu, Skr. a generic name for a number of fruits of the rose-apple.class; j. ayer (eugenia aquea); j. brsiin = j. biji; j. biji, the guava (psidium guava); j. mawar (eugenia jambos); j. monyet, the cashew (anacardium occidentale); jambu. jambu, the plume or crest on a Ihelmet; the ornamental top of a standard; punai j., a bird (ptilopu jambu). jambua, a shaddock. jambul, a tuft of hair or feathers rising from the head; the crest of a peacock; the queue of a Chinese; the tassel of a fez; j. mnrak, the crest of a peacocki -a plant (poini ciana pulche )i a common grass (unidentif-eci ot a selaginella). Jamin, Hind* 1l, security; orang j., a bailor; a surety. Janjam, water (very poetically ex. pressed); j, durja, o o mp l exi o,

Page  83 JAMONG 83 JARAH.expression; = ayer muka; j. mas, gold paint. jamong, (Kedah) an extemporised.torch. jampal, a weight or coin of varying value. jampi, 8kr. incantation; magical formula; the practice of the black art; mWnjampi, to practice magic. jampok, I. a small owl. II. breaking into a conversation. jamu, entertaining; providing food and lodging; a guest; menjamu, to.entertain (a guest); to keep (a familiar spirit); hantu jamuan, a familiar spirit; pgrjamuan, entertainment, dinner; jamu-jamu, a plant (aporosa microcalyx). janda, a widow; a divorced woman; lenggang j., a small curved knife broadening and fretted at the point, jaudela, = jendela. janek, radiation from a common centre; ringgit j., the Mexican dollar so called from its depicting a rising or setting sun. janela, = jgndela. jangalk, abandoned; utterly profligate. janUga, don't; lest; j.-lah, do not; supaya j., lest; jangankan, so far from; not to mention. jangat, a process of splitting rattans; pisau plnjangat, the knife used in this process; 5prgkat j., glue. jangga, a variant of jaka. janggal, discordant, inharmonious. Janggi, I. Pers. Zanzibari; African; Tauh j,, a tree supposed to grow in the centre of the great ocean; buah pauh j., shells of the coconut (cocos maliva), believed to be the fruit of this tree. II, P-lrs. warrior-like. janggs, bure^ A., C ^ashew (an. acardium occr: ittag} - jauggat, the beard; bhrja-nggut, bearded; j. bauik, a full beard; j. bgramus, a matted beard; j. di-urut, a forked or pointed beard, jangka, a pair of compasses. jangkah, stepping over an obstacle. jangkang, I. wide open(of the arms). wide apart (of the legs). II.,. generic name to a number of trees. jangkar, I. Eur. a grapnel. II spreading above ground (of the roots of a tree such as the mangrove). jangkeh, jangkeh-mangkeh, helter* skelter. jangki, a basket or wicker knapsack. jangkil, morose, ill-tempered. jangking, jongkang-jangking, rising and falling irregularly (as the points of the picks of a party of coolies). jangkit, I. hidden dissemination; spreading without visible cause (as an infectious disease or as a fire which breaks out in several places at once); sakit bgrjangkit, an infectious disease. II. pierced by.a barbed.thorn or point. janjar, a row or line of people. janji, contract, agreement; to agree; minta j., to request the fulfilment of an agreement; pgang j., to observe an agreement; bSrjanji, to agree, to contract; p6rjanjian, a contract. jantan, male (usually of animals); masculine; anak j., a manly person; mmbun j., dew in heavy drops; kJtam j., a plane; pahat j., a narrow deep chisel, jantong, core, heart; j, bgtis, the calf of the leg; j. hati, the heart, the seat of love; a term of endearment; j. kalbu., = j. hati; j. paha, the fleshy portion of the thigh; j. tangan, the tricens. jantur, Jay. sorcery. jap, come together, collected; sudah j., it is complete; it is come about. jara, an instrument for cleaning coarse cottoiA-,tiol; a churning in. etrumnet for milk; kpala j., butter. milk. Jarah, I. prowling about as a plun. derer; jaraho/n, a slave carried off by raiders. II Ar, a mite; an

Page  84 -SARAK 1r4 JELA atom. III. a pilgrimage; a lso %iarah. Jaral, I. interstice; intervening -space. II. the castor-oil plant (ricinus communis); minyak j., castor- oil; padang j., a desolate place. jaram, a cooling lotion for the head. jaraug, scarce, rare, separated by 'wide intervals. jaras, I. a creel. II. a handful (when the stalks or strings only are held in the hand); a bunch. jari, a finger; a toe; j. hantu, the -middle finger; j. kaki, a toe; j. kWlingking, the little finger; j. manis, 'the ring-finger; j. tWlunjok, the index-finger; anak j., a finger; buku j., the knuckles; chtlah j., the cleft between two fingers; ibu j., a thumb; sarong j., a thimble. jariah, I. Ar. amat j., a charitable work of permanent utility. II. Ar. a slave-girl. jaring, a wide-meshed drift-net. jarlu, ikan jaru-jaru, a fish (caranx -boops); also chgncharu. Jarum, a needle; j. chuchok, a bodkin; lobang j., the eye of a needle; mata -j., id. jaaa, Skr. meritorious service; deserts; lQyalty; mfmbuat j. or bgrjasa, to do one's duty loyally; lupakan j., to be remiss in one's duty. jasad, the material and visible body -(as opposed to the soul). jati, true, real; Mlayu j., a real Malay; timur j., due east; kayu j., -teak (teetonia grandis). jatoh, to (accidentally) fall; to hap. pen; to occur; j. sakit, to fall sick; j. hati, to fall in love; jatohkan or mSnjatohkan, to let drop; kJjatohan, fall. JTaudi, Ar. a Jew; Jewish. jis, distance; far; dari j., from afar; jauh-lah malam, the night was far spent; jauhi or mSnjauhi to put a distance between to - keep off; -jah-kai or mn'jaukan,.id. * jauhar, Ar. gem, jewel, essence, embryo. jauhari Ar. a jeweller. jaik, a small tortoise (unidentified). Jawa, Javanese; tanah J., Java. orang J., a Javanese; asam J., tamarind. jawab, Ar. answer; minta j., to a reply; beri j., bSrjawab or' mgnjawab, to reply., jawat, jawatan, an office, a duty, a post. Jawi, I. Ar. Malayan; Sumatran and Javan; hurtufJ., the Arabic character. II. Jav. an ox. III.'jawi-jawi, a large ~fig-tree (ficus rhododendrifolia). jaya, Skr. victorious, successful; mn.jaya, to succeed; to "come off." jayeng, Jav. and Skr. victorious; jaya-ing, jayeng sdttru;.conquering ~all foes. jebah, broad and full (of the face) isquare-faced. jebah, bgrjebah, assorted (of mer. chandise). jbbak, a snare for birds. jbbang, an oblong shield. j6bat, Ar. civet; musang jlbat, the Indian civet (viverra zibetha); jiboh, a fish (unidentified). jibong, a fish (balistes steUatus). j6da, Ar. pause, break; ta'-bgrjlda,, -without a pause or break. jAgel, prominent (of the eye-ball). j bgong, stern-lockers. j6hnuam, = jahanam. jejahan, = jajahan. jfjak, = jijak. jejal, mWnjyjal, to close a crack; to force food into a child's mouth. j jamang, a variant of jamang. j8jamu, a variant of jamu-jamu. j6jas, abrasion, scratch) graze. j4jawi, a variant of jawi-jawi. Sjeeh, slightly leaking or spilling. jejer, row, line. j31ea, "gadding about" (of a-woman)* jela, bgrjela, trailing slackly or loose* ly; bUrjeta-ea, id. -..

Page  85 JALADAN 85 JAiMUR jbladan, a bird (unidentified). jelaga, soot. j61ah, clear, unobstructed (of the view). j1lai, a kind of millet (aphania paucijuga). jlak, sated, glutted; jernu j., sick of. j6lanak, advancing under cover, wriggling through long grass. j1lantah, insufficiently cooked (of food); underdone. jblapang, a padi-barn. j61ar, extended at full length (of a long-bodied animal). jblas, clearing up; settling; winding up. jblatang, the tree-nettle (laportica crenulata). j6latek, the Java sparrow. jlau, jingok j., to peer at anything. j6lbut, = kelebut. jlek, (Batav.) pleasant, nice. jlbma, = jelmna. j6lmpah, a general rotting of fruit on a tree. jbl6pak, (onom.) the sound of a book (or any similar body) falling on the ground; flopping. j6lpang, cross-gashes; cross-cutting with a sabre. J61lpok, (onom.) a variant of jelepak; to flop. j6limpat, mnnjelinpat, to break a journey. jblinap, menjelinap, to shoot ahead (as a horse in a race). jb ling, a sidelong languishing look; menjeling, to look at anyone through the corner of the eye. jlingar, mnenjelingar, to pay little attention to a fact; to half-remember, half-forget. j1ir, mnenjelir, to project the tongue. jblma, Skr. incarnation; the assump. tion of human form; a man; menjglma, to assume human form; to be re-incarnated; penjelmaan, an incarnation. j&lojoh, = gelojoh. j6lok, deep (of a bowl). jbluak, the noise before expectoration; hawking. jeluang, tissue-paper. j6luat, jgling-j., to give a long sidelong look-cf. jSling. jlujur, loose sewing, temporary stitching. jxlum, wetting without actual immersion; washing. jblungkap, menjelungkcap, to bound back into position (of an elastic body released from strain). jelutong, a leaf-monkey (especially semnopithecus obscurus). jemaat, = jumaat. jemah, proximate; nearest; very near; ketak j., almost at once; pagi j., this very morning. j mala, the crown of the head; the cranium. jemalang, = jembalang. jemawa, conceit, pride. jbmba, a measure of length equal to about 12 feet. jbmbak, terjemnbak-jembak, flapping up and down as a child's locks when the child runs. jEmbalang, an evil spirit of the soil; a gnome of disease. jembangan, = jambangan. jembatan, = jambatan. jemlah, = jurnlah. jempana, a state-litter for ladies of the court. j6mpul, Jav. the cushion of the thumb. j6mput, gripping between fore-finger and thumb; sa-jemput, a pinch. j mu, satiety; weariness of; j. jelac, nauseated with anything; j. daripada hidup, sick of life. jemuan, shameless criminality; open villany. j6muas, besmeared; dirty. jgmuju, caraway-seed. j6mur, drying by exposure to the sun's rays; mlnjlmur, to put a thing out to dry.

Page  86 JAjNAK 86 JfiRAGAN jubak, a short space of time; a pause. junaka, Hind. a farce, a practical joke; a wily, much-contriving setter of snares for others; bgrgurau ber. jznaka, with quips and jokes. junang, prop, support; aid, co-adjutor; the chief assistant to a batin or headman of Orang Laut; j. pintu,, the uprights of a door. jenawi, a long sword or rapier; pgdang j., id. jnsazah, Ar. a royal hearse; (by metaphor) the body of a deceased prince. j3udala, Skr. scoundrelly, low, mean. j4ndela, Port. a window. jundrbra = chgnd;ra. jindul, prominent (of the forehead or frontal bone). jEnela, -- jindela. jasngila, = jenggala. jaiggal, jSnggal-jEnggul, uneven; all notched. jfnggala, Skr. wild; untamed; ap. pertaining to the forest. jengger, Jav. the comb of a cock. jenggul, jgnggal-jSnggul, covered with notches. jlngkal, a span (between thumb and finger); j. tWlunjok, the span be. tween the thumb and index-finger; j. kUlengkeng, the span between the thumb and little finger. jengklag, drawing out a leg; ex. tending a leg. j^ngkang, on its back with legs in the air (of a carcase or of a dead insect). jengkau, raising the hand to pluck or grasp an object above one; to erect its head (of a leech); j. ulatt finger-tips which stick out back. wards. jengkeng, moving about on tiptoecf. jengket. jengket, walking on tiptoe-cf. jeng. keng. j6ngking, raising the tail aloft; kala j., the common house-scorpion. jingkit, walking on the heels. jengkolet, tilted to one side (as a man's head when he goes to sleep on a chair). j6ngkul, the span between the thumb and the joint of the bent index-finger. jkngok, peeping at; watching through a crevice; peering after; menjSngok, to peer, to peep. jingul, mnnjdngul, to suddenly emerge above the surface (as the snout of a crocodile); to poke out. janis, Ar. kind, species; berjenis-jenis, of all kinds, various; tiada bgrjgnis, confused, " at sea," bewildered. jenjeng, = jinjing. jenjet, = jinjit. jenoh, makan j noh, to eat one's fill jfntasca, Skr. ill-luck. jlntat, mEnjlntat, to leap (of a flea,. or of any other creature with great jumping powers). jentayu, Skr. a fabulous bird believed to have the power of calling down rain and dew. jfntek, a jerk by way of propulsion (as a boy throws a marble by a jerk with his thumb); a jerky or wriggling action. jtntbra, Skr. a wheel; spinningwheel; circling, wheeling; bgrjn.tira, to rotate; to move in waves (of light); to be on wheels; pesawat bgrjgntrra, machinery; tanglong berjMnt8ra, a rotating Chinese lantern. j6pang, sea-weed jelly. j6pit, = sepit. Jbpun, Japan. jeput, = jemput, jera, warned by experience; taught caution; tiada j., he has not iyet learnt by experience. jbrabai, tattered; also j~rambai. jkrabun, a (Kedah) variant of jrgnmbun. j6ragah, a (Kedah) variant of chM. ranggah. j6ragau, - juragan.

Page  87 JIRAH 8 j$rah, plentiful (of a crop); numerous (of cases of illness in an epidemic). jbrahak, given up as a bad job (of a work). jbrahap, falling prostrate (with limbs outstretched). jbrait, interlinked as the links of a chain. jeram, rapids in a stream. jeramah, seizure with claws and teeth; seizure by a tiger or by any similar beast; to fight (of a woman). jerambah, a wooden platform outside a Malay house for supporting water-jars, etc. jframbai, tattered; also jerabai. jOrambang, St. Elmo's light; an ignis fatuius taken by sea-faring Malays to be an evil spirit. jOrami, stubble. jerang, warming at a fire. jSrangaux, a medicinal plant (acorns calamus). jerangkah, = chZranggah. jraugkang, the attitude of an animal lying on its back with its paws in the air. jSrap, saturation (till drops begin to fall); thoroughly steeping (as a wick is steeped in oil). jbrat, a running noose; a lasso; a noose-trap. j6rau, deep red. j6raus, agile, sprightly. jorawat, pimples on the face. jbrbak, mEnjgrbak, to pervade; mWnyirbak. jfrbu, laut jorbu, the sea out of sight of land or when the land is only a dim haze on the horizon. jreeh, worn out; dispirited; ex. hausted; done up. jbr~hak, = jirahak. jerijak, = jerjak. jfreket, adhering rigidly together; so connected that independent move. ment is not possible. j6rlolk, mangkok jgrglok, a deep bowl or cup-v. j4lok. JAROJOL jOrgmal, = jgrmal. jbrn mang, = jgrmang. jeremba, meeting suddenly and unexpectedly. jerembap, mxnjerEmbap, to fall to earth in a sitting posture. jbrembet, interlinked, intertwined; = jzrait. jergmbun, heaped up all together. jbrenang, = jernang. jerengkah, swollen with milk (of the udders). j6repet, interlinked but capable of independent movement (as two links in a chain). jbriah, = jariah. j6riat, -= seriat. jering, a tree with evil smelling pods (pithecolobium lobatum). jbringai, mnnjeringai, to grin; also jeringing. jeringau, = jjrangau. j ringing, menjeringing, to grin; also jeringai. jIrit, mtnjerit, to shriek; berjgritan, with shrieks; shrieking. jbrjak, thin perpendicular laths in Malay atap walls or partitions. jfrkah, menacing gesture. jermal, a marine fish-trap [in which fish are herded by converging rows of stakes into passing over a submerged screen where they are caught by the borders of the screen being raised.] jermang, short props or buttresses; propping with short props. j6rg ang, the vegetable product known as " dragon's blood." jerneh, clear, limpid, transparent, pure. jrrobong, an awning for deck-cargo or exposed cargo. jOroh, very steep and sloping (of a declivity-especially the slope of a' roof). jirohok, stumbling into a hole oon, cealed by long grass. jSrojol, - rojol

Page  88 JEROK 88 JIRAT jbrok, a generic name for fruits of the citron class and for acid pickles preserved in salt. jbrong, a man-eating shark (especially the ground shark). j{rongkah, uneven, jagged (of a mouthful of teeth). jerongkis, gradually falling aslant. jbrongkong, knocked on one's back. jbrpak, mnnjlrpak, to fall over. jbruju, a flowering shrub (acanthus ebracteatus). jrukuap, joining boughs overhead; over-arching-cf. rungkup. jerumat, darning. jbrumbai, dangling of a tassel-fringe. jgrumbong, a permanent awning in a Malay boat-cf. jirobong. jbrumbun, the lair of a wild boar. jbrumun, a (Kedah) variant of jerumbun. jirumus, a sprawling attitude; jatoh tgrjgrumus, to fall sprawling. jerungkau, = rungkau. Jbrupeh, mgnj9rupeh, to add a band or layer to the top of anything so as to increase its height. j!rut, drawing a slip-knot or noose. Jibrael, Ar. the Archangel Gabriel. jidar, Ar. the " walls " within which type is confined on some printed pages. jidwal, = jadwal. jih, - jir. jijak, step, tread; bearing; berjijak, to step on, to touch (with the lower extremities). jika, if; supposing that. jikalau, if; supposing that; = jika. lau (lau being an Arabic equivalent of jika). jilat, licking up; mgnjilat, to lick up, to lap up. jilid, Ar. a volume; binding, to bind; minjilid, to bind; tukang jilid, a book-binder. jit, = jilid. Jima', Ar. sexual intercourse; bgrjima' drngan, to have sexual relations with. jimat, I. Ar. a talisman. II. Ar. care, attention, solicitude, forethought. jimbit, lifting an object with the fingers (but not lifting it entirely off the floor). jin, I. Ar. a wonder-working spirit; a genius; j. islam, a good genius,-. j. kafir, an evil genius. II. Hind. a saddle. jinak, tame, docile, familiar; j. hati, familiarised. jingga, dark yellow; yellow mixed with red. jinggang, slender; thin. jingkat, walking painfully on tiptoe or on the side of the foot. jingkir, a platform on which a newly-confined woman is laid so that she may be warmed. jinis, = jinis. jinjal, hardship, trouble. jinjang, I. narrow and tapering, but not too long (of the neck). II. a native dance. III. the attachment of a spirit to a man; hantuz ta'-berjinjang, a familiar spirit that has not found a master. jinjing, carrying a light burden, using the fingers only. jinjit, picking out, pinching out, pulling out (a loose body). jintan, caraway-seed (carum caru); j. hitam, the seeds of nigella sativa j. manis, anise seed (pimpinella anisum); j. puteh, cumin seed (cuminum cyminum). jinteh, a generic name for several trees; j. merah (baccaurea wallichii and baccaurea grisfithii); j. puteh (urophyllum, sp.) jintek, jintek-jintek, the larvae of the mosquito. jir, target; the point aimed at in a game. jirai, sa-jirai, a strip, a small quano tity. jirak, a tree (eurya acuminata). jiran, Ar. relatives. jirat, Ar. a non-Muhammadan grave.

Page  89 JIRJIR 89 JUAR jirjir, Ar. olives. jirus, irrigating-cf. dirus. jismani, Ar. bodily (as against spiritual). jiwa, Skr. life; the spirit of life; strahkan, j., to give up one's life; utama j., the breath of life; ayer utama j., the water of life; ayer rmnrta j., id. jodo, = jodoh. jodoh, match; a pair; a counterpart; jodohan, counterpart; twin-soul; jodohkan, to match. jogan, Pers. a standard with metallic emblems like the Roman signum. joget, a dancing-girl. jogi, Skr. a yogi; a religious ascetic. johan, Pers. a champion; j. pahlawan, a warrior champion; j. arifin, a champion of learning. johong, a charm to counteract the machinations of others. jojol, a bundle of cross-pointed sticks 'used in making barriers or chevauxde-frise across a river. jokong, a variant of jongkong. jolok, poking with a stick at an object above one. jolong, tip, point; a projecting prow, nose or snout; buaya jolong-jolong, the gavial (tomistoma schlegeli) ikan jolong-jolong, a sword-fish. jong, a junk. jongang, projecting, prominent (of the teeth). jonggar, = jongkar. jongit, curving up (of the upper lip). jongkah, jagged and projecting (of a tooth). jongkang, jongkcang-jangki g, raising and falling irregularly (as the points of the picks of a party of coolies). jongkar, sticking out (as a long object amid short objects); jongkarjongkir, bristling with projecting points. jougkat, jongkat-jongkit, see-sawing, unsteady. jongkir, jongkar-jongkir, bristling with points-v. jongkar. jongkit, to tip up; jongkat-jongkit, see-sawing, unsteady. jongkok, to squat; to stoop down to pick up something. jongkol, a tin Trengganu coin. jongkong, a dinghy; a short beamy boat; sampan j., id.; tampang j., a tin coin, or rather slab, cast roughly into the shape of a boat and formerly used as currency. jongor, snout; nose; projection (such as the bowsprit of a ship or the sword of a sword-fish). jongos, (Dutch) servant-boy. jonjot, picking out (as a man picks hemp or oakum). joran, a fishing-rod. jorang, a narrow-channel, a watercourse, a gully. joreng, a shred or patch; tanah sa-j. a small patch of land. jori, Hind. a pair of horses; kuda j., id.; kereta j., a carriage and pair. jorong, I. a flat oval betel-nut tray. II. a section, a division, a corner. III. a conical funnel or tube. jotor, a medicinal drug (unidentified), jua, and yet; all the same; for all that; still; to some extent; also juga, q.v. juadah, Pers. cakes, provisions. juah, a heavy curl of the lower lip; mulut yang j., coarse-mouthed-cf. jueh. juai, = chuai. juak, I. a raja's retainer; an attendant generally. II. stretching out a sail; spreading. jual, selling; j. janji, a conditional sale; bgrjual-bgli, business, trade; jualan, a thing for sale; mnnjual, to sell. juang, the fighting of animals; bar. juang, to fight-of large animals (especially elephants); biram barjuang, a fighting elephant. juar, kayu juar, a black ebony-like

Page  90 JUARA 90 JURI wood used for making plain furniture but not suitable for carving. jara, a trainer of fighting cooks; bujang j., id.; ikan j., a fish (unidentified). jubah, Ar. a long surtout worn by hajis. jubin, batu jubin, floor-tiles. jubong, a variant of jlrobong. jubur, Ar. the buttocks, the posterior; also dubur. judi, gambling; main j. or b62judi, to gamble. jueh, a slight downward curl of the lower lip-cf. juah. juga, and yet; all the same; for all that; still to some extent; mahu ta'. mahu naik juga, willing or not up they went all the same; intan itu batu juga ada-nya, a diamond is a stone for all that; tuan ada baik Pbaik juga, are you well?-yes, fairly well. juita, (Skr. and Kawi) a term of endearment; precious, of great price, rare; ratna j., pearl of price; masj., gold of fineness; tali j., an ornamental girdle. jujat, Ar. nulut jujat, a slanderer. jujoh, unbroken succession; continuous. jajong, = junjong. jujur, I. wang jujur, money paid to the parents of a bride by a bride. groom. II. birjujuran, sticking out, projecting. ujujt, = jonjot. julai, I. hanging down, heavily laden. II. julai-julita, neat, pretty, graceful. julang, lifting up aloft; bearing up a prince on the shoulders of his vassals at his installation; julangan, a seat on the shoulders;.njulang, a nurse. julat, the range or reach of anything; sa-pWnjutat polturu mSriam, the distance a cannon can carry; tikam mgnjtlat, stabbing as far as one can reach, julek, wrapped in a single petal (as a very young bud seems to be). juli, Hind. a dhooly or litter. juling, a cast in the eye; squinting. julir, a fish-spear or harpoon with a detachable barbed head to which a long rope is attached. julita, julai-j., neat, pretty, graceful. julong, = jolong. julur, the emergence of a long body; the darting out of a snake's tongue; mnnjulur, to dart out, to dart forward; tdrjulur, hanging out (as the tongue of a corpse). Jumaat, Ar. hari Jumaat, Friday. jutmbai, pendent, dangling-of. urnbai, jdrumbai, etc. jumhur, Ar. the righteous, the learned in God's way. jumjumah, Ar. skull. jumlalh, Ar. sum total; jumlahkan, to add up. jumpa, meeting, encountering, comr ing across; bgrjunpa, to meet. jampong, ikan jumpong, a fish (cheilissus chlorurus). jumpul, ikan jumpul, a fish (un. identified). jnnam, downwards motion; diving head foremost; swooping. junjong, carrying on the head; (by metaphor) obeying a raja's order or submitting oneself to his will; mdnjunjong, to carry on the head; to obey; j. sireh, the post on which the sireh vine is trailed. juntai, loose waving suspension; dangling; bgrjuntai, to dangle; dudok bgrjuntai, to sit with the feet dangling in the air. juput, = jmmput. juragan, the master of a native gprahu. jurai, hanging down loosely of thread-like bodies; forming a loose fringe; sa-jurai, a strip. jturam, = chram. juri, = jori.

Page  91 JURIT 91 KADANG jurit, Jav. pnjurit or pgrjurit, a warrior; a roving plunderer. juru, I. a skilled workman other than a handicraftsman; j. bahasa, an interpreter; j. balu and j. tinggi petty officers on a ship; j. masak, a cook; j. tulis, a writer, a clerk. II. pnjuru, a corner, an angle. jurus, I. a pause; a very brief in. terval of time; sa-jurus lama-nya, for a second or two. II. dragging; pulling; hustling. III. a variant of dirus. IV. a variant of lurus. juta, Skr. a million. jus, Ar. a section of the Koran (which is divided into thirty such). K ka, I. to; ka-atas, upwards; kla-sana, thither; ka-dalam, into; ka-mana, whither. II. Ar. thy (masculine). kaabah, Ar. the Caaba or great mosque at Mecca. k:abab, Pers. small pieces of meat cooked on a spit. kabir, I. Ar. great, mighty. II. drawing the paddle towards oneself so as to turn a boat. kcabong, I. the sugar-palm (arenga saccharifera); kalam k., the ordinary Malay pen. II. a white band worn as a symbol of mourning. kabu, kabu-kabu, a coarse tree-cotton; pokok k..k., the shrub (trevesia sondaica) from which this cotton is obtained. kabul, Ar. approval, confirmation; kabulkan, to confirm. kabur, dim-sightedness (as the result of age). cabus, dimly visible (as distant mountains). Ikabut, cloudy, misty, indistinct; mist; hilang k., the clearing away of mist; kclam k., extreme obscurity; mata k., dim-sighted. Ikacha, glass (the material); roda 7c., a glass-wheel. kachak, I. smart; dandified; got up. II. stepping gingerly along; walking quietly on tiptoe. kachang, a generic name for beans; k. bendi, the okra or beni fruit (hibiscuts esculentus) k. bunchis, French beans; k. China, the pea-nut (arachis hypogcea); also k. goreng; k. chindai, phaseolus mungo; k. Jgpun, the soy bean (soya hispida); k. kara, dolichos lablab; k. kaypt, the Indian dall (cajanus indicus); k. puteh, peas; ikan kachang-kachang, a fish (sphyrwxna acutipfnnis). kachapuri, the capital of a column; the heart or centre of a building; durian k., a durian that has some flesh at its very centre. kachar, I. siput kachar, a shell ('voluta pulchra). II. fussy behaviour; run. ing hither and thither. kachau, confusing, mixing up, a mess; k. birau, extreme confusion; k-achaukan, to upset; to throw into disorder. kacheh, kochah-kacheh, fiddling about with things. kachip, (Kedah) betel-nut scissorscf. kilati. kachit, = kachip. kachong, Jav. " youngster " (a way of addressing a child). kachu, (terra japonica), catechu. kadal, Jav. the grass-lizard; = bUng. karong. kcadam, Ar. the sole of the foot; di. bawah k., below the sole of the (prince's) foot-the position of the subject. kadang, I. kadang-kadang, at times; occasionally; ttrkadang or tgrkadangkadang, id. II. kadang kHdayan,

Page  92 KADAR 92 KAKU followers or retainers of a Javanese chief; a prince's suite. kadar, Ar. power, ability; sa-k., as far as one can; as far as one's ability goes. kadi, Ar. a "kali," a registrar of Muhammadan marriages and di. vorces to whom certain judicial powers are given; also kali. ckdir, Ar. mighty, powerful. kadok, a vine the leaves of which resemble those of the sireh vine (by metaphor) an unworthy imitator; pa' kadok, a nickname for a man who poses as learned when he is not so. kadut, kain kadut, a coarse sacking made of rami fibre. kaf, Ar. bukit kaf, Mount Kaf (the king of mountains according to Muhammadan tradition). kafau, = kapan. kafilah, Ar. a caravan. krafir, Ar. an unbeliever; a non. Muhammadan; also kapir. kafsigar, Pers. a shoe-maker. kah, an interrogative suffix; sunggoh-kah, is it true. kahin, Ar. a pagan priest. kahwa, Ar. coffee. kahwin, = kawin. kaifiat, Ar. manner, way, mode. kail, line-fishing; mata kail, a fishhook; mgngail, to fish with a hook and line; pnrgail, a line-fisherman. kain, cloth; a sarong; a generic name for patterns of sarongs and kinds of cloth; k. baju, sarong and baju; clothing generally; k. b-asah or k. basahan, old clothes used as bathing clothes; k. Batek, Javanese painted sarongs; k. bllachu, unbleached calico; k. chita, flowered chintz; k. kadut, k. rami or k. rawa, coarse sacking made of rami fibre; k. mas tuli, a heavy silk fabric; k. songket, a heavy silk fabric shot with gold thread; k. tWlgpok, a printed Malay sarong; kcpala k., a portion of the sarong differing in pattern 'from the rest. kais, scratching up (as a fowl scratches up the earth); drawing anything towards one with a stick, crook, etc. kait, hooking; catching (of thorns); di-kait onak, caught by thorns; berkait kelengkeng, to sit with the little fingers interlinked (as a bride and bridegroom at the bersanding ceremony). kajai, tali kajai, a halter for a horse. kajang, a kind of waterproof matting used as a protection against rain on boats and carts; tdrkajang, in shelter, protected from the rain. kaji, mrngaji, to read the Koran; to study. kakak, I. elder sister; adek kakak, younger and elder brothers and sisters; near relatives. [In some works kakak is used of elder brothers also, but abang is more common colloquially.] II. (onom) mengakak, to quack (of ducks). kakaktua, the cockatoo; a nail-extractor (from its resemblance to a cockatoo's beak). kakanda, elder brother or sister; a politer variant of kakak. kakang, elder brother or sister (used especially in Javanese tales as an equivalent for kakak). kakap, I. perahu kakap, a river boat with a lofty prow and stern but a low waist. II. ikan kakap, a fish (lates nobilis); also siakap. III. mata kakap, a plug-hole in a boat's bottom. kakas, perikakas, instruments; appliances. kaki, foot, leg, base, lower extremity, foundation, pedestal; k. bukit, the foot of a hill; k. dian, a candlestick; k. langit, the horizon; k. tembok, the foundations of a wall; bekas k., footprint; jalan k., to go on foot; mata k., ankles; tapak k., sole of the foot; p[kaki layar, the boom (of a sail). kaku, hard, stiff, tough; lockjaw.

Page  93 KAL 93 KAMBING kal1, a measure of capacity; half a chupak..kala, I. Skr. time, epoch, period, age; apa k., when; barang k., whenever; dahulu k., past ages; the past; perxba k., id.; sedia k., the time that has just gone by; the immediate past; selja k., evening. II. a scorpion; k. bangkang, the black forest scorpion; also k. kala and k. lotong; k. jengking, the common house-scorpion; k. lipan, a name for the centipedecf. halipan; k. mnayar, a name for the luminous millipede; better ke. Zemnayar. III. Skr. the Hindu divinity (Kala); betara k., id.; Siva as the destroyer (usually represented as a maleficent deity).:kalah, I. defeat; being worsted-cf. alah. II. (Jalor) a bamboo gong. rkalai, a venomous insect; a sort of water-hornet.:kalak, sungsarg-kalak, upside down, topsy-turvy. kralakian, moreover; well then; to continue. ialalawar, = kglawar. I:kalam, I. Ar. a pen. II. a flaw in a gem; an impurity in a metal. _kalang, I. (Kedah) kalang ayam, a hen-roost. II. the name of a piratical tribe of Orang Laut. III. = galang. Ikalas, I. a thole strap (of rattan). II. Ar. habis kalas, utterly exhausted, quite finished.:kalat, the portion of (nipah) leaf that is useless as a cigarette-wrap. per. -kalau, if; supposing that-an abbreviation of jikalau. _kalbu, Ar. heart. 'kaldai, Tam. donkey; ass..kaldu, Port. chicken broth. kaleh, shifting; change of position; = aleh.:kalek, kolak-kalek, up and down motion, or motion backwards and forwards, kali, I. time, occasion, instance; barang k., perhaps; on some possible occasion; berapa k., how often; sakali, (1) once; (2) altogether; very; dengan sa-kali gus, all at once; baik sa-kali, altogether good, excellent; sa-kali-kali, most exceedingly; sakali-pun, even; sa-kalian, all. II. Ar. a kali; a registrar of Muhammadan marriages and divorces who' has some judicial powers. kalikausar, Ar. a river of paradise. kalimah, Ar. the creed; the attestation of the Muhammadan faith, = kalimat as-shahadat. kaling, I. tinned iron sheeting; tukang k., a tinker. II. kolang. kaling, topsy-turvy, upside down. kalis, inadhesive; irreceptive; impermanent; dendam ta'-kalis, love that does not pass away; kalis bagai ayer di-daun keladi, non-permeating, as water on calladium leaf (rolling off like water on a duck's back). kalok, hook-shaped; tongkat berkalok, a walking stick with a crook for handle. kalong, I. a fruit-bat; = kiluang? II. a metallic ornamental collar, III. akar kalong, a wild pepper (piper caninuma). kaluar, see luar and kWluar. kama, Skr. betara kanma jaya, the victorious god of love. tamar, I. (Dutch) room; a cabin in a ship. II. Ar. the moon. kamat, Ar. the last call to prayer. kanlbang, a= abanlg. kambau, a turtle (unidentified). kambbli, rough woollen cloth such as blankets are made of. kamibi, a thin light planking; a partition; a sort of dado; pintu k., a light door made of a wooden framework covered with cloth. kambing, a sheep; a goat; k. biribiri, or k. BWlanda, a sheep; k. jati, a goat; k. Bgnggala, a large imported goat; k. grturn, k. hutan, k. bukit,

Page  94 KAM1YBU 94 KANG k. gta, k. burong or k. gaunong, the Malayan serow (nemnorhoedus swettenhami); k. perahan, a milch-goat; k. randok, a rank old he-goat; ikukA k., (1) the trotters of a sheep; (2) the feet of a salver; (3) a peculiar forked instrument for planting padishoots taken from the nursery. kambu, the block at the end of a piston-rod; kayup tiga sa-kambit, a sort of crude "three-card-trick" based on guessing which of three sticks is the shortest. rambus, choked up (of a channel or orifice). 3kambut, a large padi-basket. lkameja, = knemeja. kcamek, komak-kamek, mouthing; the movement of the mouth when speaking or eating. 3Cambli, kazbeli. krambra, = kamnar, I. krami, we-the speaker's party and not including the person addressed; otous autres. [In some cases the word is used for I or me-cf. (in English) the royal or editorial " we."] Lcamil, Ar. complete; fulfilled. 3kamir, Ar. leaven; fermentation. kamit, komaat-kamit, the movements of the mouth in speaking or eating; mouthing. kcampil, I. a short heavy pointed sword; also kampilan; II. = kampit. lkampit, a small bag of plaited m~egkcuang work. kampoh, I. a weapon now obsolete. II. a head-dress mentioned in romance; III. a numeral coefficient for pieces of tnrubok roe, the Malay caviare. kampong, assembling, grouping; a cluster of houses; a hamlet; the buildings (with out-houses, etc.) making up a dwelling; kacmpongkan, to collect (people) together; bgrkam. pong, to come together (of people). kaxnu, you (usually plural); k. saka. liaen, you all. kamus, Ar. a dictionary, an encyclopaedia. kan, I. an abbreviation for akan. II. a causal suffix to verbs. kana, Jay. gelang kana, large hollow armlets. kanak, kanak-kanak, a child; a very young boy or girl. kanan, the right-hand side; tangan k., the right hand; sa-belah k., on the right. kanchap, flush with; on an exact level; full to exactness. kanchapuri, = kachapuri. kanchil, a name given to the small chevrotin (tragulus pygmneeus) on account of its size-cf. k7chil and pelandok. kanching, a bolt; a rivet; a buckle;. kanchingkan or menganchingkan, to, bolt (a door); to buckle up; terkan — ching, secure; fastened up. kanchut, a worn piece of cloth used as a loin-cloth. kanda, an abbreviation of kakanda. kandang, an enclosure; a pen; a sty. k. kuda, a stall for a horse; k. babi,. a sty; k. kerbau, a pen for buffaloes. kandar, carrying on a pole (a burden being hung at each end). kandas, running aground; being stopped by some obstacle. kandi, a purse or small satchel kandi-kandi, id. kandil, Ar. lantern, lamp. kandis, I. a tree with an edible fruit (garcinia nigrolineata). II. Jar. sweets; a type of sweetness. kandong, carrying in a sack orenclosure; carrying in the womb; mgngandon'g, to be pregnant. kandul, folding up in a cloth, curtain or net. kandut, stowing away in the lap; -kanduti, to so stow away. kaag, I. the bridle and reins; k. kuda, id. II. kang senohong, a Javanese title of the highest rank used in addressing royalty or divinity.

Page  95 KANGKA 95 KARAH kangka, Ch. a gambier plantation (in Johor). kangkang, wide apart (of the legs); chelah k., the perineum; mengangkang, to step out; tirkangkang, extended wide apart (of the lower limbs). rkagkong, a white or pink flowered convolvulus-commonly used as a spinach (ipomnea aquatica). kangsa, I. = ang.a. II. = gangsa. kangsin, Ch. a mischief-maker. kangsur, = angsur. kanjar, I. Pers. a broad dagger. II. tearing at anything; tugging and running. kanji, rice-gruel; "congee." kanjus, [congee-house] the lock-up at a police-station; imprisonment; gaol. kantan, a large wild ginger (nicolaia imperialis). kantang, a mud-bank at a river mouth. kantil, kontal-kantil, pendulous and swaying (of a short thick pendant) -cf. anting, kanting, etc. kanting, kontang-kanting, dangling and swinging (of a long pendant)cf. anting, kantil, etc. Kantong, Ch. the Canton province; Orang China Kantong, Muhammadan Chinese from Yunnan. kantu, cramped stiffness in the limbs. kantur, (Dutch) a police court in the Dutch Indies. kap, I. the roof of a palanquin; the hood of a carriage. II. kain kap, a kincob. III. to fix a cable. kapa, nervous trembling; trlkapakapa, in a quiver. kapada, to; = ka-pada. kapah, = kapa. kapai, tgrkapai-kapai, nervously moving about the arms (as a bad swimmer; flapping (as a flag). kcapak, an axe; bnndera k., a broad ensign; gigi k., large front teeth; ular k., a generic name for viperine snakes, notably k. bakau (lachesis purpureomaculatus), k. rimba (1. wagleri) and k. daun (1. gramineus). kapal, Tam. a ship; k. api, a steamer; k. hantu, see lanchang; k. layar, a sailing ship. kapan, I. Ar. a shroud; a windingsheet; terkapan, shrouded, sheeted. II. (Batavia) when; = bila. kapang, the teredo navalis. kapar, lying strewn about without order or method; berkaparan, scattered about. kapas, cotton; a generic name for cultivated cottons (especially gos. sypium herbaceum); limau k., the common lime (citrus acida). kapek, I. kopak-kapek, very limp and pendulous (of the breasts). II. kopak-kapek, plucked to pieces, scattered, dispersed. kapi, I. a pulley. II. Ar. accomplished, complete. kapir, Ar. infidel; non-Muhammadan; also kcfir. kapis, a generic name for shells of the genus pecten. kapit, support on each side; p~ngapit, a supporter, a second-cf. apit. kapitan, Port. a headman of a racial division of the population. kapok, I. tree-cotton; the cotton of eriodendron, anfractursum. II. to enfold in the arms and climb (as a tree-trunk or pillar is climbed). kapong, = apong. Kapri, Caffre, African, Negro. kapur, camphor; chalk; the lime eaten with sir h; sireh sa-k., a quid of betel; k. barus, camphor; k. Balanda, chalk; k. masak, plaster; k. tohor, whitewash. kapus, = apus. kara, I. kachang kara, a plant (dol*. chos lablab). II. udang kara, a large crab or lobster. karah, I. spotted, variegated; kulit karah, tortoise-shell; ptnyu k., the

Page  96 KARAM 96 KATANG turtle yielding the best shell. II. sa-batang karah, alone; by oneself. karam, I. to founder; to go down (of a ship); to be wrecked. II. Ar. term of abuse. cararng, I. a reef, a coral bank; coralline sponge; kina k., to run on a reaf; batu k., (1) coralline rock; (2) galena ore; bunga k., a sponge; isi c., shells, corals, etc. (picked up on the shore); also karang-karangan; penyakit karang-karang, a form of syphilis; berkarang, to go hunting for shells. II. order, arrangement; literary composition; an ordered garden; karangan, composition, setting; karang-mengarang, to do literary work; karangkan, to set in order; to compose; pengarang, an author. karap, a weaver's comb. fcarat, I. rust; deterioration; k. dihati, malice; brrkarat, to rust. II. to fight with claws (as cats) or pincers (as crabs); k. gigi, to grind the teeth. karau, stirring up, disturbing; stirring up the oil when frying. kareh, stirring up rice with a spoon when boiling the rice. karib, Ar. near (especially of near relations). karim, Ar. merciful, generous. karna, Skr. because; owing to. karong, a coarse sack made of matting. kartas, = kUrtas. Karun, Ar. Koral (the enemy of Moses), believed by Malays to have been a man of enormous wealth whose treasure is new buried in the earth for wizard to find. ]carut, in-lved, self-contradictory, obscure, lying. kasa, Ar. a rich cloth. ksad, Ar. wish, intention, resolve.:asai, a cosmetic face-powder, better known as bMdak. kLaap, I. rough to the touch (as coarse paper or coarse wool). II. a sailor whose duty it is to attend to the lamps, flags, cordage, etc., of a ship. kasar, coarse or rough in texture; coarse in manner. kasau, a rafter, a cross-beam; k. jantan, the main rafters; k. betina, the subsidiary rafters. kaseh, affection, love, strong liking; tlrima k., " the receipt of favour "a Malay equivalent of "thank you"; kasehan, kindness, favour; pity, an unfortunate thing; kasehani, kasehancan or iegngasehankan, to show pity for; to pity; kasehi or mnngasehi, to love; mnengaseh, to be in love with; pengaseh, a creator of lovee.g. a love-philtre; kekaseh, the object of love; beloved; see also kasi. kasek, kosak-kasek, the sound of a restless man fidgeting on a couch. kasi, I. give (in "bazaar" Malay); = beri. [This word is possibly a variant of kaseh.] II. Hind. castration, gelding; lemnbu k., a bullock; ayam k., a capon. kasih, = kaseh. kasrah, Ar. the name of one of the vowel-points; e or i. kasut, shoes, boots; pakai k., to wear boots; k. kayu, clogs; tapak k., the sole of a shoe. kata, saying, utterance; bgrkata, to say, to speak; berkata-kata, to have the power of speech; mlngatakan, to utter, to mention; pr-kataan, a saying. katak, a frog, a toad; k. bltong,. the bull-frog; k. lempong, a frog (oxyglossus, sp.); k. pisang, a green frog with great leaping powers (rana ery. threa or rhacophorus leucomystax); k. puru, a toad; buaya k., a broadbodied variety of crocodile; mWriam k., a gun of few calibres, a howitzer, katang, I. katang-katang, a small mnngkuang pouch for drugs. II. katang-katang, runners; rattan rings allowing a pole to have free play up

Page  97 KATEK and down-e.g. the poles forcing down the submerged screen in a large fish-trap of the jenrmal type. III. ular katang tebu, the banded karait (bungarus fasciatus). katek, stunted, dwarf (of a cock). kati, a measure of weight; a " catty" = 1 lb. katib, Ar. writer. katil, Tam. a bedstead. katir, outrigger. katlum, Tam. bastion. katok, = ketok. katong, I. a turtle (unidentified). II. = atong. III.= kotong. katup, closing up tightly; terkatup, closed; mulut terkatup, silenced. kau, thou; you; = engkau. kaul, Ar. berkaul, to offer prayers(e.g. at a shrine) with the object of bringing about some special event. kaum, Ar. crowd, multitude, family, people; k. keluarga, family. kaup, = kant. kaus, I. Ar. shoes; di-bawah k., below the sovereign's foot; the position of a subject. II. Eng. couch. klaut, scraping towards oneself; striking towards oneself. kawah, a cauldron, a kettle, the crater of a volcano. kawal, Tam. watching; the work of a sentry or watchman; keras k., a rigorous watch; kawalan, a watch, a guard; mengawal or berkawal, to be on the watch; mengawali, to be watching over. kawan, a company, a party; a herd or flock; accompaniment; a companion; a friend; k. gajah, a herd of elephants; k. pgnyamun, a band of robbers. kawang, minyak kawang, the fat of the tree diplocnemia sebifera. kawar, = gawar. kawat, wire; surat k., a telegram. kawi, I. bahasa kawi, the old poetic language of Java; kJkawin, a poetic narrative. II. batu kawi, cinnabar, KEBAS manganese. III. Ar. besi kawi, iron of supernatural hardness. kawin, I. Pers. marriage, wedding; mas k., the settlements on a bride. II. tomnbak pengawinan, a state halbert. III. kekawin, a poetic narrative-v. kawi, I. kaya, I. wealth, power; menjadi k., to become rich; orang k., (1) a rich man; (2) a Malay dignitary; Tuhan Yang K., God Almighty; kekayaan Tuhan, the power of God. II. buah seri kaya or buah sireh kaya, the bullock's heart fruit (anona squa. mosa). kayal, Ar. intoxicated, inebriated. kayap, a dangerous eruptive disease. kayau I. Dyak head hunting. II. overflooding; inundation. kayoh, a paddle; berkayoh, to paddle (intransitive); kayohkan, to paddle (transitive); pengayoh, a paddle. kayu, wood; wooden; k. api, firewood; k. arang, ebony; k. gaharu, camphor wood; k. manis, cinnamon; akar k., a creeping or climbing plant; ayer k., wood and water; ship's stores; batang k., a log, a tree-trunk; buah k., fruit; daun k., a leaf; kulit k., bark; pokok k., a tree. kayul, flavourless (of tobacco). kbabaal, the young half-grown nangka or chemipedak fruit. kebah, I. breaking into perspiration during fever. II. rubbing quicksilver into the body (to render a man invulnerable). kbbahi, a Javanese village official. kebak, gaping open (of a deep cut). k~bal, impenetrability of the flesh; invulnerability. kbbam, I. kebam bibir, to turn in the lips till they cease to be visible. II. leaden-coloured (of the sky). keban, a work-basket (of mnagkuang leaf) made at Malacca. krbas, I. (onom.) shaking out a cloth vigorously; kbeas-kJbus, the sound of cloth being shaken. II. deadened,

Page  98 KAIBAT 98 KPDAP paralysed temporarily (of a limb)e.g. by a blow on the funny-bone or the attack of an electric ray. kBbat, - babat. kbbaya, Port. a long outer garment worn by Malay, Eurasian and Straits Chinese women. kbbayan, Jav. an order; a village regulation; a village headman; nenek k., an old woman who plays a great part in Malay romance as the complaisant guardian of princesses. kBbek, having one's tongue in one's cheek. k]bil, the blinking of an absentminded man; inattentiveness; absent-mindedness. kebin, = keban. kebirah, = kWnbiri. k6biri, = knbiri. klbok, a hollow cylinder used in making vermicelli. ]kbbun, a plantation; a garden; an estate; tukang k., a gardener. k6bur, to clean a well by agitating the water. k6bus, (onom.) kWbas-kgebus, the rustling of stiff cloth when beaten or shaken. kechah, kfchoh-kechah, fussing about, always on the move. kechambah, a seed bud. klchap, (onom.) tasting; smacking the lips; sobbing; the sound made by a lizard; mnngkchap, to sob. klchapi, Skr. a native lute with four strings; buah k., the fruit of sandoricurn radiatum. kechek, wheedling, worrying by importunity; kcnxa k., to be taken in by plausible stories; to be talked into a foolish bargain. kecheng, having one eye closed. kBchewa, injured; put to shame. kechi, Eng. a ketch; a sailing vessel of small tonnage and light draft. klchik, = kichil. kechil, small; inferior; younger; dari k., from youth up; k. hati, malice, a grudge; mWngechilkan, to reduce in size. kechoh, kechoh-kechah, fussing about; fidgeting; always on the move. kechoh, cheating at cards, swindling. kechong, swindling by denying a debt incurred; repudiating a fair claim. kechopong, = ketopong. kechuak, Ch. a cockroach; = lipas. kechuali, excepting; k. kebanyakan, a number of-i.e. a certain minority. kechubong, the datura (datura metel and datura fatuosa); mabok k., the intoxication produced by datura poisoning; batu k., the amethyst. kechundang, the relationship of the conquered to the conqueror; a " conquest." kechup, kissing with the lips (and not in the Malay way-cf. chium); kechupi, to kiss. kIchut, shrunken, shrivelled up. k6dadah, = kedadak. kbadadak, a choleraic attack [the word is only used as a rule in the expression chekek k., an imprecation calling down a horrible death upon a person]. kbdah, I. exposed, wide open; mang. kok k., a bowl with a wide mouth. II. Kedah. kedai, a shop; a selling booth; berkedai, to keep a shop. kodak, I. (onom.) kedak-kedok, the noise made by a rickety cart on a bad road. II. lintang kedak, lying across each other confusedly. k6dal, a disease causing discoloration of the skin. k6dali, = kendali. kedang, stretched out; with limbs extended. kbdangsa, limau kedangsa, a cultivated lime (citrus acida). k6dap, I. tight, close, almost water. proof in closeness. II. sa-kedap, a handful (of stalks, especially padistalks).

Page  99 KEDAU 99 KELAHI k6dau, mnnggdau, to cry out loudly -e.g. for assistance.:kedaung, pokok kddaung, a large tree (parkia roxburghii)..kedayan, Jav. servants, followers of a prince..k6drek, a slight bend; dudok? te'ikdek, sitting with shoulders bent. k6dikek, a greenish medicinal compound resembling salt. Ik]dilai, kachang kedelai, a plant (phaseolus mungo).:kidlmpong, I. worm-eaten (of fruit). II. a tobacco-pouch made of mnngkucang leaf. 'kgd6ngkek, extreme emaciation. Irkdbpong, = kdelmnpong. [k6d]ra, ikan kederca, a fish (unidentified).:.kdewas, bawal kidewas, a fish (unidentified but probably stromoateus sp.) 'k6di, congenital impotence..:kdidi, a generic name for small sandpipers (totanus) and plovers (sgialitis). -kcdit = kUndit..kbdondong, a generic name for a number of trees mostly of the genus canari-in.?kldu, a slight stoop (such as that of a writer at a desk).:kidudok, a generic name for a number of plants with showy pink flowers (mzelastomia polyanithumo and allied species); also srndudok.:k6dut, a crease, a wrinkle; berkedut, crumpled (of a dress)..kehel, inharmonious, out of place; out of its course (of a ship). kehendak, see hbndak.:kJjam, closing (the eye) for some time; keeping (the eye) shut; hkjamlkan or nimngejamnkan, to close (the eyes). 'Ikjan, inciting, stimulating.;kejang, stretching out the limbs stiffly (as a man yawning or as a agony). ktjap, closing (the eye) for a moment; winking; sa-kjap, the time it takes to wink; an instant only-. cf. kejip. k6jar, pursuit; mgngejar, to pursue. kijat, immovably imbedded; firmly stuck in a place; definitely settled. k6ji, discreditable, disgraceful, infamous; nama yang k., infamy. kijip, a wink; = kejap (but even shorter in duration). keju, Port. cheese. khjur, stiff, unpliable, inelastic. k6jut, sudden alarm; nervous shock; ter-kejut, startled. kek, (onom.) the note of the argus pheasant. kekah, a long-armed monkey-either a gibbon (hylobates) or a leaf-monkey (sellnopithecus), but not the common semnnopithecus obscurus. kekal, enduring, lasting, eternal; ak-hirat yany k., eternal life; kecalkan, to perpetuate. k6kandi, = kandi-kandi. kikang, =kang. kbkar, to set things further apart, k6kaseh, see kaQeh. kbkat, scum and drifting matter on the surface of water; mati k., dead low water; balek k., the turn of the tide. kekau, starting out of sleep in terror. k6kawin, see kawi. kekek, I. a gusset. II. (onom.) a giggling laugh. kekel, extreme stinginess. kekltua, = kkakfctua. kekok, awkward, blundering, clumsy. k6labat, Ar. a seed (foenulm g)-c umn). k6labu, grey or ash-colourel; inata k., a film over the eye. k6ladak, dregs, refuse; the last and worst of anything. kl1adi, a common name for a number of aroids (notably colocasia antiquoraIn). klah.i, fighting, disputing, quarrel-, ing; br-kelahi, to be engaged inla,; quarrel, to quarrel. *

Page  100 KELAK K E100 KfELtMBAHANG Ikblak, an idiomatic adverbial expression indicative of future possibility; may; possibly; perhaps; burong k., a bird (macropygia assimilis). 'kblakar, joking, jesting. k1laim, darkness, gloom obscurity; k. kabut, profound gloom; cloudy gloom; pening k., dizziness affecting the optic nerve. jklambit, the large fruit-bat (pteropus edulis); also keluang. k6bambu, a mosquito-curtain. k$lambur, dimpled, wrinkled. k:b1amin, a pair (male and female); a married couple. 3kblamkari, a cloth-fabric; a climbing plant (unidentified). Uclana, I. wandering; a vagabond; k. yang hinaa papa, a miserable wandering wretch. II. a Bugis title given in Sungei Ujong to a ruling chief. kelang, the rollers or crushers of a mill; a mill; k. ubi, a tapioca-mill. kblangkang, the perineum; also ikelengkang. ]rblanit, opening out a seam. ]klapa, the coconut (cocos nucifera); kc. hijau', the young coconut, also k. rmuda. [But nyiur is the commoner word for coconut in the Northern States.] Uk1ar, a dent; a cut which does not altogether sever. Ikblara, ikan lkilara, a fish (unidentifled). 1/larah, a maggot which eats into wood and fruit.:rl1arai, a peculiar diamond-shaped pattern. klasa, a hard protuberant mass of flesh; a hump. 2kl1asak, I. a floor-mat. II. a long, light shield of leather or wood with a handle in the centre. Lklasi, I. Pers. a sailor. II. the long-nosed Borneo monkey (hylo. Z ates leuciscus).;^ 3lat, I. acidity of taste setting the teeth on edge. II. tali Wklat, the sheet of a small boat. III. a generic name for a number of trees (mostly of the genus eugenia). klati, I. betel-nut scissors. II. = kHliti. kBlau, celip-ktlau, glistening (as the surface of the sea); alternatingbrightness and darkness (as when shadows chase each other). klawar, a generic name for bats; k. gua, a name given to the bats chiromeles torquatus and nycticeius kuthli. k6layu, pokok kelayu, a tree (arytera littoralis). keldu, = kaldu. kdldai, = kaldai. krlebet, mengilebet, to turn up the edge, tip or fold of anything to see what lies underneath. kelibok, (onom.) the sound of a heavy body falling on a flat surface. kIl1buran, a pit; a chasm. kblbut, a fez-rest. kledang, a large tree (artocarpus lancexfolia). k6ledar, defensive measures or preparations. keledek, ubi kciledek, a common tuber(convolvulus batatas?) lawyer k., a. cheap lawyer. kelldut, crumpled, ruffled-cf. kedutf k3leh, seeing, noticing, glancing at. kelek, carrying anything under thearm without using a cloth or sling. k3l1kati, = clekatu. kelkatu, the flying ant; the Malay equivalent for the proverbial moth which is attracted by flame and perishes in it. khl6kian, = kalakian. kelelut, kata berkcVlelut, broken and inaccurate speech. kl6emarin, = kelmnarin. kelmayar, the luminous millipede. k6lmbahang, a wild aroid [theleaves of which give a sort of itch to the hand that clasps them]; anak k., a term of abuse.

Page  101 K:LPMBAI 101 KiLIKIR. ]krlmbai, sang klenbai, the name of a wonder-working wizard in Malay folk-lore. kelmbak, a fragrant wood (radix rhei)? kelmboug, blown out with wind; a blister. klelmoyang, a name given to a number of plants, including honmo lomena coerulescens, h. rostrata and others. k6l6mping, flabby and pendulous (of the breasts). klbmumur, scurf, dandruff. kellmunting, = kcmunting. k6lendara, the ring or fastening connecting a boom with the mast. khlngar, swooning, fainting, loss of consciousness. kbelngkang, the perineum; also kelangkang. kelengkang, a key-ring; also gelang ku-nchi. kelengkeng, I. burong kHlengkeng, the small pied hornbill (anthracoceros albirostris). II. jari kelengkeeng, the little finger; kurong c., the innermost chamber in a fish trap. kelengkok, a (Kedah) variant of kblongkong. kBlnjar, buah kelenjaran or biji kelUnjaran, the lymphatic glands; sakit kelnjaran. bubonic inflammation. kelnong, (onom.) the booming of a gong. kelntang, (onom.) the clanging of a gong. kelentang, buah kelentang, the horseradish (obtained from the plant mnoringa pterygosperma). kblUnting, (onohm.) the tinkling of a gong. kb6lntit, the clitoris. kleuntong, (onom.) the booming of a gong. kelentong, (onom.) a C h i n e s e hawker (so called from the gonglike instrument he uses to draw attention to his passing presence). kbl1nyar, scratching continually (of of a man troubled with itch). kelepai, broken and crooked (but not absolutely pendulous-as a broken twig)-cf. kilepet. kelepak, heavy and pendulous (of the breasts)-cf. kIlepek. kelepat, caulking (a boat). kelepek, light and pendulous (as thebroken wing of a bird)-cf. kglepak.. k]lepet, a turned down corner (of a page)-cf. kelebet. k6lEpir, the testes. k6lpit, hanging down slightly (as a broken twig)-cf. kIelpai. k6lesek, the thin skin or coating on an object (such as a banana-stem or" aloe-leaf). kbl1tak (onom.) continuous rapping -cf. kitak. kUlftang, (onom.) the clang of metal falling on the ground. k6l6tar, quivering, trembling-cf.. kltar. kleftek, (onom.) the sound of continued ticking. keltiug, (onom.) the sound of continuous tinkling. kbltok, (onom.) continuous rapping or knocking-cf. ketok. keltong, (onom.) a thumping sound. kglewang, a heavy chopping broadsword used by Achehnese. kblewer, (Dutch) a foresail. kBli, ikan kEli, a cat-fish (clarias majur). klian, a surface mine; = galian. kglibat, I. a double-bladed paddle.. II. the wriggling movement with which a leech gets over the ground, telrkEibat-kSlibat, wriggling on for — ward. kelichi, a hard fruit (unidentified — used in playing some children'st games). kElichu, pilfering (stealing a little at a time). kelikir, I. a loop of rattan; thethole-strap. II. batu klikir, gravel

Page  102 KPLILING 102 KILUAR 3rbliling, position round; the part around; bdrkeliling, around, encir-.cling; mengeliling or mengelilingi,,to encircle; to travel round; kelilingkan or mengellingkan, to whirl round; to bear round.:klim, a small seam; hemming. k1linchir, = gelinchir. Mblindan, strong sewing thread. X6ling, "Kling," a name applied to all immigrants from the Coromandel coast (but sometimes limited to Muhammadan immigrants from that coast the others being called Orang Hindu); orang K., a Tamil or Telugu; negeri K., the Madras Presidency. 1klingsir, = gelingsir and gilinchir.:klip, a twinkle; the appearance and disappearance of light; the peculiar radiance of the stars; kglipkelip, fireflies; spangles; kelip-kelau, shimmering. U3liru, confusion of thought; muddle-headedness; pikir k., id.; barang k., a thing difficult to grasp (mentally). k6lisa, I. a church. II. kachang kelisa, a plant (unidentified). 2klit, dodging, avoiding, getting out of the way. klitah, manner, idiosyncracy; banyak kelitah, capricious, uncertain of temper. 3Eliti, a thole-pin. klmarin, yesterday; c. dahulu, the day before yesterday; also kemarin.:61lochah, broken (of water); choppy (of the sea). Tklodak, thunder-cf. kelodan.:16lodan, panah kelodan, a thunderbolt-cf. kelodak,:kl1oh, deep breathing, sighing; k. ke.sah, sighing and restless (as a lover); nengeloh, to sigh. Jk1lok, a curve; an arc; a semicircle; birkalok-kBlok, cut in semi-circles (of a border)-cf. lok, telok, etc. k1lola, I. management; superintendence of work. II. steel; also keluli. kelompang, the broken egg-shell when the chicken has been hatched. kblompok, a cluster; a collection of many objects in one place; a group. klonet, sa-kflonet, a little. kIlong, I. curved, arching, concave -cf. kelok. II. a wooden shield large enough to protect the whole body. III. tikam kelong, to turn on its keeper (of an elephant). kelong, a large marine fish-trap used off the coast of Malacca and Selangor. [It consists of several compartments; fish are hustled from the outer into the inmost and smallest where the entrance is closed and the fish caught.] kelongkong, the soft-shelled young coconut. klongsong, a very thin loose wrapper or covering such as the tissue-paper cover of a fez, the leaf enfolding the maize or the slough of a snake. kilongsor, = gglongsor. kelontang, a noisy scare-crow used for frightening away birds from the padi-fields. k]lopak, a sheath or covering (of leaf); the calyx of a flower; a similar covering though not of leaf; k. mata, the eye-lid; k. salak, the calyx of the salak (zalacca edulis). k6lorak, rumput kelorak, a grass (lophateriurn gracile). kelosok, = gelosok. keloyak, tattered and torn-cf. koyak. kelpat, = kelepat. klru, dump, speechless. kluang, a large fruit-bat (pteropus edulis); siku k., a very acute angle. k6luar, motion outwards, = ka-luar; to go out; mBnggluar or menggluari, to issue; mWngbluarkan, to drive out; to remove out.

Page  103 KELUARGA 103 K~LUARA 103 K~tMtNYAN:kU1uarga, Skr. family; kinsfolk; circle of relation; kaum kx, id..kb1ubi, asarn k~lubi, a plant (zalacca conferta).:k~1ubong, veiling; to veil-cf. sglubong. -k~1ueh, mgngglueh, to empty (one's pockets, etc.) by turning them out,.k~luli, steel; also k~lola. _k~1ulus, a ship of an obsolete type mentioned in old romances. k-1ulut, a small bee (trigona, sp.) k~lumboug, kllubong. k'1umpoug, = iiorpok. k'1un, bgrkgtun, to raise in spirals (of smoke)-cf. lok, tWok, k~long I., etc.:kMuna, a climber with green berries (srnilax megacarpa). kMupas, mgngilupas, to keep peeling off; to waste away-cf. knpas. k'1upur, mbgngtupur, to struggle and sprawl (of a slaughtered fowl). Lk61ur, to call; =panggil. k161urut, a gathering or sore near the finger-tip. ik_1us, an edible sea-worm. _k~mala, a talisman; a luminons bezoar; also g~mala. ]c62malai, Pinah k-~malai, extreme lassitude; also liimuh ggmalai..16maM, mouthing but not swallowing-(e.g. as a quid of tobacco is held in the mouth). kUmzmam, weakness after illness. Jc6manig, an evil spirit affecting newborn children. k16maugi, mldang kl'rncngi, a tree (cinnarnornurn parthenoxylon).:k~marau, a drought; mnusim kx, the dry season. 2kUmariu, yesterday; k. dahubu, the day before yesterday; also Ultmarin.:kUmsrok, ravenous hunger.:kMMaS, packing; storing away in limited space; kgmaskcan, to pack (anything) up. k.mayoh, = pgngayoh, from kayoh. -Icmbal, a pouch or basket made of 94n gku~ang leaf. lk~mbala,, = gginbala. k~mbali, return; going back to the point of original departure; hidop Ax, to. come to life again; Ax kea. rahmrat Allah, to return to God's mercy; to die; k~mbalikan, to give (anything) back; to resume. k~mban, fastening the sarong round the breast. k~mbaug, expansion; spreading out; opening out (of a flower); kain ke., a sarong worn without trowserfs underneath; Ax hati, exultation; bgrklmbang, to blossom out; tirkim.. bang, expanded, spread out. k~mbar, twin; duplication; analc k., twin children; saudara sa-A.,, twin-brothers; minggrnbari, to dupli.. cate. k~mbaras, mging~rnbara, to wander; to rove. k~mba~yat, kaia k~inbayat, cloth from Cambay in India. k~mbffi, a tuber (coleus tuberosus). k~mbiri, gelding, castration; ayan& kx, a capon. kc~mbojva, the frangipanni (plumierc& acutifolia). k~mbong, inflation, blowing out.; plrut k., inflation after meals; Mar. kirmbong, swollen out, puffed out. k~mdiau, = imndian. k~meh, bgirkgineh, to pass urine. k~meja, Port. a shirt. k~m~jau, = Wmhnayan. k,62uek, dented (bat not perforated);hidong kx, a nose eaten into by disease; kbnol- Ax, covered with dents. k~mblut, the crisis in a disease. k~mftdalu, a mistletoe; a treeparasite; also b~ndalu. k~m~udikai, a water-melon; also rn~ndikai. k~iuftdit, = k~nd it. k~mbntem, (onom.) to keep stamping on the ground. k~mbnyan, benzoin; kayu L. the tree (st yrax benzoin); paqang k. or bakar

Page  104 KEMERING 104 KENCHUP k., to burn benzoin; yu keme'nyan, a species of dog-fish (unidentified). 3k6mbring, a were-tiger. ]k6metut, dwarfed (of fruit). k6mi, = gemi. ]kmiri, the candle-nut (aleurites moluccanus); also buah keras. lrbmok, kemok-kmnek, covered with dents-cf. kemek. kimonchak, summit, top, crest. krmpa, Pers. a seal of state; the great seal. Ukmpang, a sort of dug-out used on rivers. lkmpas, a large tree (cumpassia mnalaccensis). ckimpek, restlessness aroused by curiosity. kcmpilur, a wicker-work case divided into compartments. klmipis, shrinking; becoming smaller in bulk through the gradual withdrawal of contents. ]kmpit, = kepit. Jkmpong, shrunken about the cheeks (as a toothless man). kbmpu, a round box or case with a cover to it. kihmpul, terkemnpi1l-kcmpul, slow and laborious (of progress). kmnpum, = kWmpong and keipum. kUmput, = klmpong and kepum, Ukmpunan, a dilemma, a fix. kimudi, a rudder; berkemudi, to have the rudder, to steer; k. chawat, a rudder of European type; k. sepak, a paddle-rudder of the Malay type -cf. kemudian and mudek. k6mnudian, after, afterwards, subsequent to; k. daripada itu, subseqently; hari yang k., days to come, k1munkus, = klmungkus. kmaukut, = demukut. kBcmunchup, = chimuchup. kbmungkus, I. cubebs. II. t^lor km kmungkus, addled egg. 3ckmuning, the name of a tree yielding a beautifully-veined yellow wood (murraya exotica). kgmunting, the rose-myrtle (rhodomyrtus tomentosa); also kgrmuqnting. kimut, gentle throbbing movement (such as that of the pulse or of the fontanel). ken, Skr. a title of Javanese ladies; also kin. kbna, contact; to incur; to experience; to exactly touch or hit off; k. denda, to incur a fine; k. sakit, to fall ill; kenakan or mengenakan, to affix, to put on; to deceive; tgrkeia, deceived, taken in. kinal, recognition; knowledge by sight; kEnali, nengenal or menngenali,. to recognise; kenalan, an acquaintance. kenan, lying, approval; berklnan, to take kindly to something; mirnperkenankan, to approve, to assent to. k6nang, recalling to mind; loving' remembrance; kenangaan, loving recollection; kenangkan, to regret; to affectionately recall. krnanga, a tree with scented green flowers (cananga odorata). kbnantan, ayam kinantan, a white fowl (especially a white fightingcock). kcnapa, why, for what reason; kena apa. kInari, Eng. canary-seed (canariumi commune); burong kenari, the canary. kinas, shell-fish preserved in brine (with rice, sago, etc.) kenchana, Skr. gold (in literary language); = mas (in colloquial). kinchang, stiff (of a breeze); steady and strong. keucheng, I. a Chinese drill worked with a bow. II. a kettle. kbaching, passing urine; sakit kc., gonorrhoea. kenchong, I. kasut kenchong, a kind of slipper with upturning toes. II. akar k., a large climbing plant (melodorum nanubriatum). III = kechong. kenchup, coming to a point (of the petals of a bud); budding.

Page  105 KiNDAK 105 KYiPIL Ikrndak, sexual intrigue; a mistress or guilty lover; berkendak, to commit adultery or fornication. Ikndala, = gendala. 1kadali, Jav. the bridle of a horse. 3:6ndara, Skr. kendaraan, a mount, a steed, a vehicle, a carriage; mengendarai, to ride, to be mounted on, to be borne on. krendati, desire, wish; = kheindak hati.:k6ndbri, Tam. a measure of weight, a " candareen.":k6ndi, I. burong kendi, a name sometimes given to the curlew (numenius arquata), to the whimbrel (n. ph eopus), and to the large sandpiper (limosa limosa) and sometimes limited to the limosa-cf. burong changgai. II. Skr. gem; nila-kendi, the sapphire. ksndiri, self, oneself; = sendiri. kbndit, a narrow belt or girdle. kendong, carrying in a small fold or wrapper-cf. kandong (which refers to carrying on a large scale). ibndur, loose, slack, not taut. kueduri, Pers. a feast in honour of the dead. k]enek, shrunken, dwarfish. JkInbri, = kIndgri. kengkang, walking with the knees wide apart; the walk of a bowlegged man. kengkeng, I. raising a foot or paw; resting one kuee on the other. II. the whining of dogs. kuning, the brows; bulu k., the hair on the eye-brows. ]kcnjang, mingngnjang, to dig. kbnjur, erect, stiff. Jkcnong, a small copper gong forming part of the gamnlan. ki.ntal, thick (of a fluid); only slightly viscous..kUntang, ubi kintang, the potato (solanum tuberosum). kbatara, = kttara. kntong, Ukntong-lkntong, a wooden sounding-block used at a private mosque. k6ntut, birkntnut, to break wind. kInyal, pliable to the touch; resilient, elastic. kenyam, tasting (by simply touching the lips); judging flavour. kenyang, satisfied; sated with food; full after a meal. kenyir, lusting after; = ingin. k]lnyit, slight jerky movement of the lips or eyelids. kunyut, sucking movement. krpah, a generic name for a number of shells (especially of the genus capsa). kepak, a pinion; mingipack-ngipak, to flap the pinions (of a bird). kepak, bent, warped or twisted (of an arm, branch or limb). kepal, a lump; a clot; a coagulated mass. kIpala, head; (by metaphor) fountain, source; k. angin, empty-headed, frivolous; k. berat, heavy-witted, dull; k. kongsi, the head of a secret society; k. ringan, intelligence; k. surat, the heading to a letter; k. susa, cream; batue k., the cranium; pining k., dizziness; sakit k., headache. kepalang, of little account; ordi. nary; bukan k., out of the common. keparat, Ar. unbelieving, infidel (as a term of abuse). k6pari, daun pokok kcpari, mint. kepaya, buah kipaya, the papaya fruit; better buah bitek. k6payang, a tree (pangium edule). kepeng, a small coin; a "cash" or fractional part of a cent. kepet, unwashed (of the abaimana) -a term of abuse. kbpiah, = kopiah. k6pialu, dmraam kipialu, fever accompanied by delirium; a severe attack of fever, kppil, adjoining, alongside; birlkpilkipil, in line side by side; kgpilkan, to draw up alongside,

Page  106 KiPING 106 KFRANI lkpimg, a fragmentary portion, a piece; a numerical coefficient of foliaceous objects-e.g. as sheets of paper. kbpir, a jerk with the hand or finger. 3k6pit, I. pressure between connected surfaces-e.g. between the arm and the body; menggpit, to carry under the arm-cf. apit, sepit, etc. II. a a vessel resembling a buyong. lkpiting, an edible marine crab. k:poh, full (as the sails of a ship); bulging out. ktpok, a large wooden bin for storing rice. kIpong, surrounding; enclosing; hemming in; bgrkgpong, to patrol round and round; menggrong, to invest, to besiege, to surround; trkepong, invested, besieged, hemmed in. Ukpudang, burong kcpuzdang, a kind of thrush mentioned in romances. lkcpul, closely packed; clotted. ]kpulaga, = pelaga. lkpum, shrunken (of the cheeks); hollow and drawn; also kempong. klpurun, broth made from sago-meal. kcpuyoh, = fpuyoh. kipuyu, = puyu-puyu. kbra, the common long-tailed monkey (macacus cynomolgus); periok k., the "monkey-cup" or pitcher plant (nepenthes); k. duku, the slow loris (nycticebus tardigradus); gembala k., a bird (eupetes macrocercus); hamba k., the racquet-tailed drongo (dis. semurus ptaturus). Ikera, = kira. krgrabat, climbing up, swarming up, clinging to (as a climber clings to a tree); ikat k., a knot in several coils. tckrabek, kgrobak-k7rabek, picking or plucking to pieces. Ikrabu, I. a flat round ear ornament. II. a sort of salad made of fish, 'prawns and cucumber. III. a tree,($anthophyllum ru)fum or lophopetal. lum fimbriatum), kIrachak, ripples, " cat's-paws " or. the water. kBrachang, = krrajang. kerachap, a wooden musical instrument used in mngnora performances. kerah, to call people together for forced labour, mutual defence, etc.;. jurLu k., an official subordinate of the batin or chief of a tribe of Orang Laut; gong pengerah, a gong used for summoning people to meet. kWrai, I. rotan kIrai, a valuable rattan (dnemonorops geniculatus). II. gerai. kBrajang, was kirajang, tinsel, gold foil. kbrak, I. the scorched bits of food adhering to the sides of the saucepan; refuse in cooking. II. (onom.) a cracking sound. k]rakah, I. = Eur. a carrack, an ancient type of sailing-ship. II. = kekah. kBrakap, sireeh k rakap, the larger (and coarser) sireh leaves; inferior sireh leaf. kbrama, = kirma. klramat, Ar. miracle-working; in. vested with supernatural power (of a place, object, or person); wali c. or dato' k., the saint buried in a wonder-working shrine; a genius loci; di-timpa k., slain by unseen powers for sacrilege at a sacred spot. k6rampang, the fork; the point of junction of the lower limbs. koran, a small portable stove or brazier. kbrana, = karna. keranchang, = kerajang. ktranda, Skr. a three-plank coffin. kWrang, I. a generic name for 'a number of shell-fish (area spp.) II. (onom.) korong-kJrang, a clanging sound. kerang, kerang-keroh, uneven, irre. gular (as writing on unruled paper). klrangkang, = kirampang. ckrani, Hind. a clerk, a writer.

Page  107 KERANJANG 107 KiRETA lkcranjang, a coarsely made basket or sack. kgranji, a generic name for a number of trees (dialium spp.) kcrap, repetition, frequency; k. kali, often, frequently; kerupi, to repeat -(e.g. a dose of medicine). kerap, = kirap. ki:rapis, keropas-kerapis, odds and ends. krrapu, a generic name given to a number of fish (serranus spp.) k~ras, hardness, stiffness; obstinate; rigid, inelastic; k. hati, obstinacy of disposition; bualh k., the candlenut (aleurites moluccanus); kIrasi, to press for, to insist on; keraskan, to stiffen; to harden. k6rat, I. severance, cutting off; sakerat, a portion; half; kWreta sa-k., a "shandrydan" in Province Wellesley; kgratan, a severed piece, a fragment; lkerati, to cut, to sever. II. a carat, a measure of weight for diamonds. krratun, Jav. the abode of a prince (ratu); a palace. kerawai, a kind of large wasp making its home in the ground. kerawak, tupai kIrawak, a squirrel (sciurus bicolor)? kbrawang, open-work, fret-work. kbrawat, a rattan fastening con. necting the iron of an adze with the handle. kerawit, chaching khrawit, intestinal worms. k:rbang, = gerbang. kErbas, to shake vigorously; a fre. quentative of kiebas. k]rbat, enfolding in many folds; -winding round. k6rbau, a buffalo; 7c. balar, a pink buffalo. kcrbok, boring into; gnawing into; tapping. 3kcrchut, a common sedge used in mat-making (scirpus mucronatus). ]Urda, a curry-comb; also Ukrok. k:rdam, (onom.) kerdum-7cerdam, a continuous thumping sound. kerdil, undersized; below the average. kbrdum, see kerdam. kerdut, wringled, crumpled, creased. keredak, dry flaky dirt; dirty. kerek, the tire of a wheel; the small wheel inside a pulley. kgrekut, shrivelled up into a coil; curling (as paper when exposed to great heat); or(ag 7., a miser (who "coils round money" and will not let it go). keremut, puckering up the face. kerenchang, (onom.) c h i n k in g; clinking; clanking. kbrenchat, dwarfed, undersized. kerencheng, the triangle (musical instrument). kBrengga, the red ant or fire-ant (oecoph ylla smaragdina). kerengkel, to spread (of a skin disease). kerengseng, = kereseng. klr6ntat, = kgrgnchat. kbrenting, = keriting. kerepek, a round flat cake of sagomeal and sugar. k6repes, feeling about for something (with the fingers only). k6rput, shrivelling up round a central point (as a boil). keresek, sand, gravel. kereseng, just revealing the interior (as parted lips or as a crack in a fruit). kbresut, puckering the forehead. kereta, a carriage; a generic name for wheeled vehicles; k. angin, a switchback railway, (sometimes) a bicycle; k. api, a railway or steam tramway; k. bechak, a jinrikisha; k. " engine," a motor-car, also k. gas and k. hantu; k. hantu, a bicycle; ar motor-car; k. Hongkong, = k. bechak; k. kcrbau, a buffalo-cart; i. lEnbu, a bullock-cart; k. lereng, a bicycle; k. sa-kcrat, a Province Wellesley

Page  108 KERETUT 108 KPiRMA shandrydan; hk. sewa, a hackney. carriage; ikan k., the octopus; naiAk k., to go for a drive; pasang k., to harness the horses to a carriage. Ikbretut, uneven (of sewing).:krri, a small sickle for cutting out weeds from a field of growing padi,.kbriat, (onom.) keiriat-kAriut, the creaking of rowlocks or of a door upon its hinges.:kJriau, crying out; clamouring; creating an uproar..kribas, shaking vigorously (as one shakes a fan or piece of cloth)-cf. kibas.:kbrichal, the slave of a slave; a term of extreme self-abasement. kcbridek, the mole-cricket. Jckrika1, a large salver or tray. Ikrikam, an Indian cloth. Jkbrikil, batu kerikil, flints; pebbles..kring, dry, dryness; batok k., consumption; phthisis; ikan k., dried fish; tulang k., the shin..k6rintil, abundant (of fruit on a tree.):k:rinting, shell-fish dried for pre. servation.:1brip, (onom) mingUrip, to gnaw (as mice),:kris, a "kris" or Malay dagger; k. alang, a straight kris of medium length; k. chriita, a long sinuous kris with some fifteen or seventeen curves in the blade; Ak. choban, a kris with a piece running down the centre of the blade; k. lgndayan, a long kris with a sword-handle; k. pandak,.a short straight-bladed kris; k. pan. 'ang, a kris with a long and narrow blade used for executing criminals; k. pichit, a kris of a type that is believed to have been worked by jnere finger-pressure; k. sa-pulkal,,the common straight-bladed kris (intermediate in length between the ak. alang and k. pandak); kc. smpana, the common sinuous-bladed kris (with three, five or seven curves in the blade); k. silam upeh, a kris like the k. sa-pukal but with a narrower blade; k. sonak udang, a Raman type of the k. sempana; k. tajang, a straight-bladed Patani kris with the typical Patani " kingfisher's head" handle; buntut k., the ferrule at the base of the kris-sheath: hulu k., the kris-handle; pamur k., the damas. cening on the blade of a kris; sampir k., that portion of the kris-sheath which covers the guard of the kris; sarong k., the kris-sheath; ukas k., a shell (malleus) resembling a krissheath. kIrisi, ikan kArisi, a fish (synagris notatus); ikan k. bali (scolopsis bilineatus). kerising, = kereseng. kbrisut, = keresut. kbrit, (onom.) a scraping or scratching sound; keritan api, matches-cf. gerit. klriting, ramnbut kEriting, woolly or frizzled hair; extremely curly hair. kbrja, Skr. work, occupation, busi, ness, profession; bringing about, effecting, carrying out; pekArjaan, work, business, occupation; kArjakan, to effect. kbrjang, I. kicking out with the hind-legs (of a horse)-cf. rljang. II. kerajang. kbrkah, = kErkak. kbrkak, (onom) crunching (of a wild animal crunching up a bone). kUrkap, == keak. krrkau, clawing. kerki, Tam. the blinds of a palanquin. kerkup,- = kerkak. kerkut, a chain for closing a door. ktrlap, glittering, glistening; mnngerlap, to glitter. kErling, a side-glance; Innggrling, to give a side glance at a person. kErlip, flickering-cf. kelip. krnma, I. Skr. a curse; jatoh k., the falling of a curse; papa kArma, an accident. II. Skr. bItara k1rma ow

Page  109 KPERMAH 109 KfERU kerma wijaya, the Hindu Cupid (Kama) or conquering god of love. krrmah, siput kermah, a shell (oliva subulata or oliva nobilis). k6rmak, a generic name for a number of plants. k]rmangka, a plant (dracoe a maingayi). kbrmunting, the rose-myrtle (rhlodo. myrtus tomentosa); also kemunting. kerna, = karna. khrnai, cutting or slicing into small pieces. kcrnu, Port. a gun-powder horn. krnuyam, restlessness; fid geting motion. k6rnyau, harsh, grating (of the voice); querulous, quarrelsome. krrnyeng, angry snarling. krrnyit, knitting or raising the brows (as a signal or hint). k6rnyut, palsied shaking or quivering; nervous convulsions. kWrobak, kerobak-kerabek, picking or plucking to pieces. k6robek, a pinch of anything; picking out a very small portion of anything. klrrobok, a provision-hamper. kbrochok, a sort of rattle used to attract the paralg-parang fish (pristis sp.?) klroh, I. turbid (of water); k-. hati, malice, ill-feeling. II. (onom.) the sound of snoring; snoring. keroh, kerang-keroh, uneven, irregular (as writing on unruled paper). kcrok, I. (onom.) a dull cracking sound; the croak of a frog. II. a curry-comb; also klrda. III. a fruitfly; a= bari-bari. ]kromong, a series of gongs forming part of a Javanese orchestra. ckronchong, I. a large hollow anklet. II. a roughly-made bell or clapper. ktroug, a roundish cavity. Jkerong, kerong-kerong, the orifice through which water escapes from the scuppers; ikan kerong-kerong, a fish (sebastes stolizke). kerongkong, the gullet; k lrongy kongan, id. kerongsang, = kerosang. kerontang, parched, extremely dry; kering k., id. keropas, kgropas-kJrapis, odds and ends. keropok, a dish of fish and flour eaten with rice. k6rosang, a Malay brooch; a " kro. sang." kerosek, (onom.) to wash rice; to scrape the scales of fish-cf. kose7c. kbrosok, (onom.) the rustling and crackling of dry leaves when trodden on. kerpai, a powder-flask. kerpak, (onom.) the sound of crack. ling. kerpas, I. (onom.) rustling. II. dregs, sediment, lees. k6rpis, = kerpas, I. k6rpus, = kerpas, I. kbrsai, crispness (in cooked rice). kersang, I. dry and stiff (of the hair) arid (of the soil). II. = kerosang. kersani, besi kcrsani, Khorassan iron; iron of proof. kersek, I. (onom.) a rustling sound. II. gravel, coarse sand; also glrsek. k6rsul, = kirsang, I. ksrsut, = k&resut. kertak, I. a bridge; also girtak. II. (onom.) a dull cracking sound.:Tlkertang, I. covered with dirty sores. II. a fish (unidentified). kIrtap, (onom.) a sound such as that of a door being closed. kertas. I. Ar. paper; k. kdmbang or k. tMkap, blotting-paper; mas k., gold leaf. II. (onom.) the rustle of crisp paper. kbrtau, I. a small insect destructive to cloth. II. an evil spirit. Ukrtika, -= ktika. kbrtok, (onom.) the sound of rapping. k6rtulp, - kdrtap. kirtus, = kUrtas, II. kIru, a (Kedah) variant of ku.

Page  110 KfRUAN 110 KETAI keruan, Jav. tiada kEruan, indescribable; in utter confusion; = ta'-ketahuan. kbrubong, gathering together (of people); mobbing; = hirumun; kerubongi or mengerutbogi, to mob, to overwhelm by numbers. kfrubut, a plant (thottea grandifora). khrudut, = kerdat. krruing, a generic name for a number of trees yielding a special kind of oil (dipterocarpus spp.); minyak k., the oil so yielded. k6ruit, motion of the tip-(e.g. of the tip of a cat's tail). krrukut, curling round; clinging to. klrul, Eng. curl; rambut k., curly hair.,kcrumit, I. to gnaw. II. slow crawling progress; jalan teerlruumit. kerumit, id. kIrumun, assembling in crowds; mobbing; be6rk1rmnun, to mass together; krirumuni, to mob. kerumus, wild embracing; hugging and kissing. kbrunting, a wooden clapper. kbrup, (onom.) a sound such as that of a man munching pastry. Jr6ruping, the scab over a healing wound-cf. kuping. kerusi, Ar. a chair; k. panjang, a long chair; also kursi. khrusut, very much entangled-cf. Ekusut. k6rut, I. creasing up; puckering up, frowning. II. (onom.) a rasping sound. kerutu, wrinkled, lined, creased, rough to the touch. kbrutup, I. (onom.) a cracking sound. II. (Penang) assault by a gang. kfruyup, uxoriousness. k6sa, first, the first (from sa), krsah, restlessness; keloh k., sighing and restless (as a lover in the absence of his beloved). kesah, Ar. story, narrative; al-kesah, " the story runs "-a common exordium to a paragraph; also kisah. k6sak, edging about, shifting uneasily in one's seat-cf. kesah. k6sal, Jav. regret, repentance, = sesal. k6sambi, a tree (antidesma ghoesenbilla). kesan, the footprint of an animal; a dent or mark left by pressure. kesang, I. sneezing; = esang. II. an insect very destructive to crops. k6sat, I. roughness to the touch; coarseness of surface-texture. II. wiping moisture off a smooth surface. k6sek, (onom.) k9e~ek-kesek, rustling, whispering-cf. kesu-kesi. kesek, rubbing or scraping a sharp edge against anything (used especially of playing the violin); also gesek. kesel, = gesel. klsi, (onom.) kesu-kesi, rustling, whispering-cf. klsek. klsing, = kEsang, I. k6sip, lacking a kernel (of fruit); lacking a slice or section; buta k., blindness when the eye-ball is destroyed. k6skul, Pers. a beggar's bowl. k6smak, a dried fruit imported from China. k6smaran, Skr. and Jav. in love, love; = berahi; edan k., madly in love; = gila berahi (from asmara). KXsna, Skr. betara Kesna, the Hindu divinity Krishna. kesoma, Skr. a. flower; (by metaphor) a beautiful woman or handsome youth. k6sturi, Skr. musk. kesu, (onom.) kcsu-kesi, the sound of whispering-cf. kJsek. kesuari, burong kesuari, a cassowary. k6sumba, Skr. the arnotto (bixa orel. lana); a red dye; red; dyed red. kEsup, (onom.) a sucking sound. kesut, edging towards anything; making advances. keta, = geta. ketageh, see tageh. k6tai, crumbling to pieces,

Page  111 KE TAK 111 KETUMBIT k~tak, a crease; a fold; a wrinkle. kttam, I. a plane; planing; tahti ketam, shavings. II. harvesting; pengetaman, id.; m1ng-tagm, to harvest. III. a generic name for crabs. 1itan, Jav. dry pulut rice. kitang, taut, astretch; k. ka-dada, drawn tight over the breast (of a sarong). ketang, = itang..ktap, engtgetap bibir, to bite the lips.:k6tapang, the Indian almond (teri.inalia catappa). kitar, quivering; nervous tremor; terketar-k^tar, trembling all over. k6tara, visible; obvious; to appear. k6tat, tight-fitting (of a stopper or cork). i6taya, a torch-holder. k6tayap, I. a small white skull-cap worn under a turban. 1II. = ketiap. kit6gar, obstinacy. k]tek, the long pair of legs in grasshoppers. rketek, berjalanl tirketek-ketekc, the strut of a short-legged person or animal. k6tbki, = tekak-tkri. ketbngga, kcayu 1ietinuggu, a very pretty light-coloured veined ebony. k6ti, I. hundred thousand; sa-7ceti, a hundred thousand; berketi-khti, in hundreds of thousands. 1I. anal k:ti, a ball [used in playing certain obsolete games and usually mentioned in literature as a simile for the heads of the slain rolling about a battle field.] k6tiak, the armpit; tong'kat k., a crutch. k6tial, difficult to remove (as a cork buried in the mouth of a bottle). k:tiap, perahu kttiap, a sort of houseboat used on rivers. kltika, Skr. time; division of time; period; pada k. itu,, at that time; 7c. lima and k. tujoh, the division of time into five or seven periods that are lucky or unlucky as the casc may be. k6til, pinching, nipping. kitimbal, a disorderly moving mass -(e.g. of maggots or dead flesh). kbtimpong, (onom.) a sound such as that of bathers splashing water about. ketimun, = timun. kiting, the tendon Achillis. k6tip, I. the biting or stinging of a small and not very venomous insect; nipping slightly between the teeth as a man biting his lips. II. a very small silver coin; a five-cent piece. ketirah, a plant (unidentified). kBtis, a sudden jerk intended to jerk off something adhering to a finger or limb. kbtitir, burolg ketitir, the Malay turtle-dove (tuirtu tigrinus). k6tok, (onom.) tapping, rapping; the note of certain birds; a small sounding block. k6tola, a generic name for a number of pumpkins-e.g. 1uffa cylii drica, and trichosanthes anguina. k6tong, I. (onom.) to give out the sound "tong"; the sound made by a drum. II. the stump left when a limb, tail or branch is cut off; megeftong, to cut melygkuang. k6topong, a stiff peaked head-dress; a helmet or shako mentioned in old romances. k6tuat, a large wart. kbtubong, the swarming and stinging of hornets; knaa k., to be attacked by a swarm of hornets. k6tul, a thick piece; a clot; a hardisl lump of anything; a loaf. k6tulul, a confederate in an offence; a thieves' spy; a go-between in dealings in stolen property; a procurer in offences against women. kitumbar, Tam. coriander (conaica drum1 sativun). k6tumbit, I. a herb used in the treatment of skin-diseases (leucas zeylanica). I[. a stye in the eye.

Page  112 K]ITUPAT 112 KIDAP lcbtupat, rice cooked in a wrapper of leaf. k36tur, a spittoon used by betel. chewers. kbyangan, see yang. khabar, Ar. news; apa k., what news; = how do you do; kertas k., or surat k., a newspaper; tiada khabarkal diri-nya, to be unconscious. khair, Ar. good, excellent. khalayak, Ar. the world of creation and created things; mankind. khali, Ar. empty, void. shalifah, Ar. caliph. Khalik Ar. God the creator. khhalka, Ar. the creation (in the expression Khalik-ul-khalka, the Creator of created things); God. ]rhamir, Ar. yeast, leaven. khamis, Ar. the fifth day of the week; Thursday. k3ha.jar, Pers. a cutlass; a chopper; a heavy cutting knife. hlasah, kain k., gauze, muslin. flhatam, Ar. end, conclusion (used especially of the completion of studies). khatan, Ar. circumcision. khatib, Ar. the reader in a mosque; the chief mosque official after the imam. khatifalh, a rich cloth mentioned in old romances. lkhayal, Ar. vision, trance. khemah, Ar. a tent; berkshemalh, to encamp. khidmat, Ar. service, obedience. khilaf, Ar. error, mistake, blundering., Ar. intoxicating. khianat, Ar. deceit, treachery, abuse of confidence. khisanah, Ar. treasury; strong-room. khuatir, Ar. mind, soul, consciousness; also kuatir. khula, Ar. divorce from a husband granted on a wife's application. khurmas, Ar. buah k., a date (fruit); also krmna. lrhusup, Ar. particular, special. khutbah, Ar. the formula of a prayer k. nikah, the marriage service. kia, yt kia-kia, species of ray (rhyncobatus) which suggests a shark at one extremity of its body and a ray at the other; a type of a double-faced person. kiah, plngiah, a shoe-horn. kiia', Jav. a respectful title given to the venerable. kial, terkial-kial, making a supreme effort of exertion; putting out one's full strength. kiamat, hari kiam7at, the day of judgment. kiambang, an aquatic plant (pistia stratiotes). kian, "time" in such expressions. as "five times," "ten times"; sakian, once; this much; so much; demikian, to this extent; so; arakian, accordingly; kala —ian, next;. afterwards; then. kianat, = khianat. kiani, Pers. royal. kiap, the truck of a mast or flagstaff. kias, Ar. analogy; parable. kiat, out-of-joint; dislocated; not meeting exactly; tulang D., a dislocated joint of a limb. kibar, waving, flapping in the breeze; bgrkibaran, to be waving (of flags, pennons, etc.); kibarkan, to wave (transitive). kibas, I. holding (a fan or any similar object) in the hand and shaking that object vigorously. II. Ar. kambing kibas, the Arabian sheep. kiblah, Ar. the direction in which Mecca lies. kichak, (onom.) the note of the magpie-robin; also chlrita. kichu, a swindle; a deceitful trick; mnngichu-nngichu orang, to swindle people. kida, kida-kida, thin lozenge-shaped spangles. kcidal, left; left-handed. kidap, rubbish, dirt.

Page  113 KIDONG 113 KISAR.kidong, crooning; intoning; recitative; minzgidong, to intone (an address or a tale). kidul, Jav. the south.:kijai, terkcijai-kijai, quivering with pain (as a man stung by a venomous insect). kijang, the barking deer (cervrlus muntjac)..kijiug, an edible marine mussel (species unidentified). Ikikir, a file, a grater; (by metaphor) miserly.:kikis, a rough first scraping-e.g. scraping the paint off wood that is to be repainted. Ikilan, Jav. the span of the hand; = jengkal. kilang, = kelang. Ikilas, a thong; a strap for pinioning. -kilat, scintillation; flashing; lightning; petir k., thunder and lightning; berkilat, to flash. kilau, brilliancy, glitter, radiance; kilau-kilauan, flashing at intervals. kilek, = kelek. kili, kili-kili the reel on a fishingrod; the ring through a buffalo's nose. 3kilir, sharpening, setting; mnngilir, to sharpen. lima, sipu t k., a large shell (tridacna squaimosa)?:kimbang, wheeling about in the air (as a hawk or eagle). kiimbul, the jakes (in a ship). k]imia, Ar. alchemy. kin, Skr. a titular prefix to the names of Javanese ladies; also ken. kinchah, cleaning by scraping or rubbing dirt off. lkinchak, terkinchak-kinchak, pantomime accompanying singing; violent gesticulation. Icinchang, kinchang-kinchang, gadding about. ]kinchar, a water-wheel turned by the pressure of the current against the paddles of the wheel [the revolving wheel raises water up in bamboo cylinders and pours it into a conduit at a higher level]; k. ayer, id. kinchup, = kenchup. kingkap, a " kincob" or piece of rich cloth. kinyang, rock-crystal. kiok, I. the cackling of a fowl. I. = kiat. kiong, a marine shell-fish (unidentified). kipai, besprinkling (by waving a wet cloth or aspergillus). kipan, (Perak) the young tapir (showing striped markings and believed by Malays to be a different animal to the adult); also badak k. kipas, a fan; tingkap k., venetians; kipasi, to fan; kipaskan, id. kira, estimating, calculation; kFiakira, accounts; elmu kira-kira, arithmetic; sa-kira-kira, about, approximately; jikalauL kira-nya, if by any chance. kirai, I. birkirai-kirai, marbled (of markings). II. shaking out water from a wet cloth; shaking off moisture as a wet dog; shaking off dust; kiraikan and mrngiraikan, to cleanse by shaking. III. roti kirai, a preparation resembling macaroni. kirap, the flapping of a sail; the bustling of a man going at an unaccustomed pace; the movement of a fish darting along the surface of water. kiri, left; left-hand side. kirim, sending (things not persons); di-kirimn-nya surat, he sent a letter; kirimi, kirimnkan and mnngirimkan, to send; kirimam, a thing sent. kisa, a small drag-net or seine used by Malacca fishermen. kisah, Ar. story, narrative; al-kisah, the story runs-a common exordium to a paragraph; also kesah. kisar, revolution; motion round a central point; kisaran, anything that

Page  114 KISI 114 KONG does its work by revolution-e.g. a lathe, grindstone, or mill-wheel; 2pngisar, id. kisi, kisi-kisi, trelliswork. kismis, Pers. raisins, currants. kita, we, (sometimes) I; [kita includes the person addressed; kani does not]. kitab, Ar. a writing; a book (specially a religious book); scripture. kitabi, Ar. " scriptural "-a name given by Mluhammadans to Christians and Jews who accept biblical books revered as authorities but who do not accept the Koran. kitang, a fish with a very poisonous dorsal fin (hiolacanthtus annularis; also scatophagus argus). kitar, motion in a circle-cf. kisar, kiwi, a supercargo in a Malay perahe. kobah, Pers. a kettle-drum. Jkobak, peeling, unhusking; kobakckan, to peel. kobok, a party, a group; dudok bWrk'obok-kobok, to sit about in groups. kochah, kochah-kacileh, fiddling about with tlhings. kochak, stirring up water so as to disturb the sediment at the bottom. kochek, a pocket in a garment. lochi, I. Cochin-China. II. a waterjug. 3kochoh, haste, hurry. kochong, a long pyramidal cap; hantu 7., a sheeted ghost which progresses over the ground by rolling along sideways. kodi, a score; twenty. kodok, Jav. a frog or toad; = katak. koe, you; the (Batavia) form of e a t. kohong, stinking; putrid. koja, Ar. water-jug (with handles and a narrow neck but no spout). kojah, Pers. a name given to the descendants of Indian traders by Javanese women. Jkok, a single yoke-cf. igu (a double yoke). kokoh, == kkoh. kokok, I. (onom.) the crowing of a cock; brhkokok, to crow. II. to carry pick-a-back. kokol, bent; bowed; curled up or huddled up. kokong, very claw-shaped; claws that twist almost completely round. kokop, = k uakup. kokot, shaped like a claw; clawing. kolak, 7kolak-kaleh, up and down motion, or motion backwards and forwards. kolam, Tam. a pond; a reservoir; a tank. kolang, kolang-;klling, topsy-turvy; upside down. kolek, (Singapore) a Malay canoe. koloh, ayer koloh, the coarse dye in which cloth is first steeped. kolong, a hollow under anythinge.g. under a table or under a Malay house. koma, Skr. komna-kom1a, saffron. komak, kom7ak-karmek, mouthing; the movement of the mouth when speaking or eating. komat, kowmat-kanmit, = kovmcak-k'av ek-v. supra. kombali, = ke'bali. komeng, small of its kind; dwarf congenital impotence in the male. Kompini, Eur. the Government; hamnba k., convicts (in the East India Company's days). kompong, maimed (by the lopping off of a limb), if a stump is left. kompot, maimed (by the lopping off of a limb), if no stump is left. konang, = kuneang. konchah, choppy (of the sea);. broken (of water). konchak, the summit of a mound or heap-cf. kemonchak, ponchak, etc. konchong, = kochong. konchor, the young of the king-crab (limulus mnoltccanus). kong, I. the rib of a boat. II. siput kong, a shell (cassis cornuta).

Page  115 KONGKANG 115 KOYAN kongkang, a name given sometimes to the slow loris (nycticebus tardigradus) and sometimes to the tarsils. kongkeng, altercation, wordy war, snarling. kongkiak, a large black biting ant. kongkong, I. the deep-toned bark of dogs. II. a block of any sort suspended from the neck to impede an animal's movements. kongsi, Ch. an association; a society (especially a secret society); kOpall k., the head of a Chinese secret society. konon, report; it is said; the story goes. kontal, kontal-kantil, pendulous and swaying (of short thick objects). kontan, (French) ready money. kontang, kontang-kanting, dangling and swaying (of a long pendant). kontol, short, stumpy and pendulous. konyong, I. sa-konyong-konyong, all of a sudden, unexpectedly. II. jalan terkoyoong-kconyong, to walk about stiffly erect. kop, I. the cupola on the howdah of an elephant. II. a Siamese tical. kopah, a mass, a lump, a clot, a quantity. kopak, I. kopak-kapek, very limp and pendulous (of the breasts)-cf. kopek. II. plucking out a small piece of anything; kopak-kape7k, pulled to pieces, scattered, dispersed. III. a case or box; snaapang k., a breech. loading gun. kopek, limp, long and pendulous (of the breasts). kopi, I. Eng. copy. II. Eng. coffee. kopiah, a cap; a hood. kopok, an obsolete musical instrument mentioned in romances. korang, = kurang. korek, boring or digging a hole; mngorek, to dig; ikan korek telinga buaya, a fish (gastrotoceas biaculeatus). koreag, a scurfy skin-disease. koret, (Singapore) dregs, sediment. kori, = g1ri. koris, -= oris. korma, = khurm7a. kosa, Skr. an ankus or elephant-goad; kosni', to prod with the ankus; also besi kitasa. kosak, (onm.) kosak-kasek, fidgeting. kosek, (onom.) the sound of washing rice or scraping the scales off fish. kosel, to "keep hammering at" any task; to keep reverting to an argument, statement or work. kosong, empty, idle, hollow. kota, Skr. a fort; kotai, to fortify; kota mai-a, the casement or breastwork protecting gunners (in a pirate ship), in contradistinction to the movable gun-shields (apilan,). kotah, sa-kotah, all, the whole. kotai, I. pin ang 1;otai, dried betel. nut. II. hanging by a thread; not quite severed. kotak, a chest, a locker; k. soon.gsorong, a drawer; samzpan k., a Chinese shoe-boat with lockers in the stern. kotek, tail, caudal projection; tlrkotek.k-ote;, wagging the tail. koteng, parang koteng, a chopper without a handle; terkoteng-kooteng, alone, solitary. kotes, sa-kotes, a pinch, a very small quantity. kotong, baja kotong, a jacket with short sleeves or no sleeves; sluarm k. or ch7lana k., short trousers like bathing drawers, but looser. kotor, foul, dirty; filth; kekotoran, foulness. koyak, tearing, rending; torn; koyak-koyak, much torn, ragged; koyakkan., to tear; koyak-koyakkan, to tear to pieces; to keep tearing up. koyan, a measure of considerable weight or capacity; 40 pikul or about 800 gantang.

Page  116 KOYOK 116 KUDA koyok, cur; pariah dog. am, I. I, me; = aku. II. " your high. ness;" an ejaculation made by a subject on hearing a prince's words; = t-nggku or tuan-ku. kluah, sauce, gravy; tuang k., to pour out the gravy; makan bgrkuah ayer mata, to flavour one's food with tears (a life of sorrow, prov.) kuaak, to open a passage by pushing objects apart (as a man forcing his way through a crowd or opening out a pair of curtains). II. menguak, to croak (as a bull-frog); to low; to bellow. k:ual, the rolling of a ship. uraala, the estuary of a river; the point where a main stream falls into the sea or a tributary into the main stream. kuali, a cooking-pot. kuang, a generic name for pheasants; k. raya, the argus-pheasant (argusi. anus argus); k. ranggas or k. ranting, the peacock-pheasant (p lyplectron bicalcaratum)-cf. kuau. kuantong, Ch. orang China kuantong, a name given to Muhammadan Chinese from Yunnan. kuap, to yawn; to open the mouth wide and draw a long breath. kuar, opening out a passage by swinging a long stick in front of one -cf. kuak. kuarek, a (Bugis) gold ornament. kuas, kuas-kuis, scratching up the earth (of a hen). Ikuasa, I. Skr. power, strength, might; an attorney; a power of attorney; letters of administration to the estate of a deceased person; brkcuasa, possessed of power or authority. II. Skr. bgsi ckuasa, an ankus or goad; - kosa. kuat, Ar. physical strength; vigorous; strong; kuati, to exert strength; to wrest by force. nkatir, Ar. mind, soul, consciousness; also khuatir. kuau, (onom.) the argus-pheasant, (argusianus argus); k. charmin, the peacock-pheasant (polyplectron bicalcaratum)-cf. kuang. kubal, = gubal. kubang, a wallow; the act of wallowing in mud or water; k. nadi, the hollow at the base of the throat; bUrkubang, to wallow. kubis, Eng. cabbage. kubong, the flying lemur (galeo. pithecus volans). kubu, a stockade; a rough entrenchment of earth and wood; k. gajah, a large enclosure for catching elephants. kubur, Ar. a tomb; kuburkan, to bury, to inter. kuchai, Ch. a vegetable (allium sp.) kuchil, slipping out of position (as a mast slipping out of a badly fitting truck). kuching, a cat; a generic name for the smaller felidae; k. Belanda, the rabbit; k. hutan, the common wildcat (felis bengalensis); k. jalang, a name sometimes given to the common wild-cat (felis bengalensis) and sometimes to domestic cats that have run wild; k.-kuching, the triceps muscle; k. n~gri, the domestic cat; k. ptkak a Chinese rat-trap; k. tapai, - k. Belanda; anak k., a kitten; ekor k., a small plant with small spikes of flowers suggesting a cat's tail (uraria crinita); mata k., a wellknown fruit-tree (nephelium malay. ense); damar mata k., the cat's-eye dammar (hopea globosa or pachyno. carpus wallichii). kuchir, a short queue such as that worn by a Tamil. kuchup, a smacking kiss-cf. kJchup. kuda, Tam.? a horse; the knight in chess; an old Javanese title; keretak., a vehicle drawn by a horse (as op. posed to a cart or jinrikisha); k. ayer, a tapir; k. bgraksa, a pegasus; a magic steed; k. kuda, trestles; k. laut,

Page  117 KUDAI 117 KUMBAH an insect that runs about on the surface of water; k. sgmberani, a peg. asus, = k. bgraksa; k. tezi, an Arab steed; bangsal k., a stable; gembala.k., a groom, a syce; ikan kuda-kuda laut, a fish (hippocampus trimacu. latus); kandang k., a horse-stall; a stable; berkuda, mounted on a horse.:kudai, I. a pouch. II. the female of the mawas. 'kudap, a snack; light refreshments. Ikudis, skin-disease causing scurf; mange. kudong, stumpy, maimed, dockedcf. kotong; perahu k., a vessel with a square stern; sampan k., a boat with "a broad stern and narrow bows. kIudrat, Ar. power, might (of God); d8ngan k. ilahi rabbi, by the power of our Lord God.:kudu, (Singapore) a Hindu idol. kaudus, Ar. holy (especially in the ex. pression roh-ul-k., the Holy Ghost). 3cueh, a generic name for cakes. Ikui, a brazier's mould. Xkuini, the wild mango (mangifera foetida).:kujau, Ar. a jug; a water-jug (often used for a wash-hand jug). kujong, = kochong. kujur, a spear with a broad blade and long handle. krujut, strangling, garrotting.:kukoh, firm, strong, stiff, steady; k. sdtia, firm loyalty; bSrkukoh, to adhere obstinately to; kukohkan, to strengthen, to fortify. klukok, = kokok. 3ruku, nail, claw, hoof, talon; sapgrti k. dengan isi, like the nail and the quick-(separation causes intense pain, prov.); bWrgantong di-hujong k., hanging from the tip of the fingernail-(a very precarious position, prov.); k. kambing, a peculiar instrument for planting padi; k. sauh, the claw of an anchor; bunga k., the light patch at the base of the fingernail; pahat k., the round chisel; pdnyirat k., the skin covering the base of the finger-nail. kukup, alluvial fiats at the estuary of a river. kukur, I. a rasper; to scrape, to rasp; k. nyiur, a coconut scraper; nyiur tahan k., a young coconut just before the water begins to collect in it. II. (onom.) the murmuring note of the dove. ukuks, cooking by steaming; kukusan, a cauldron for steaming rice. kula, I. Jav. I, me. II. Skr. race, people, family; k. sentana, id. kulah, Pers. a helmet. kulai, I. hanging down slackly (as a broken branch or limb). II. a shell (turbo marmoratus). kulat, a fungus; a mushroom. kuli, Hind. a coolie; an unslkilled labourer. kuliling, = keliting. kulim, a large tree (sorodocarpus borneensis). kulit, skin, peel, crust, shell, rind, husk, bark, leather; k. babi, pig-skin; (by metaphor) defilement, dishonour. kulum, mastication, keeping in the mouth, mouthing; m 5 n g u l um, to chew, to mouth. kulun, Jav. the west. kulup, Ar. foreskin; a name given to the young-i.e. "boy." kulur, a cultivated variety of the breadfruit (artocarpus incisa). kuma, = koma. kumai, an ornamental line, either painted, inset, or in relief. kuimal, crumpled, ruffled, slightly soiled (as paper that has been written on). kuman, a very small insect; a louse (as a type of the insignificant). kumat, = komat. kumba, Skr. a frontlet worn in the state-trappings of an elephant. kumbah, washing; b ras k., wet (spoilt) rice; a type of the valueless.

Page  118 KUMBANG 118 KURANl kumbang, a generic name for humble-bees, coconut beetles, etc.; the bee as the assiduous lover of the flower; belat k., a peculiar Penang type of large fish-trap (a sub-variety of the belat kIeda) ); harimau k., the black panther. kumbar, a large and almost stemless palm (zalacca wallichiana). knumbara, = kembara, kumbu, a basket used by anglers. kumis, hair near the lips; the moustache and the hair under the under-lip. kumkuma, = komwa-koma. kumpai, rumput kumpai, a swamp grass the pith of which is used as a wick (panicun myurus). kumpal, a clot, a lump. kumpul, assembly, gathering, meeting together; sa-kumpul, in one gathering, together; kumpidan, a gathering, an assembly; kunpulkan, to gather (people) together; to collect (objects). kumur, to gargle, to rinse the mouth. kun, I. Ar. be it so; = jadi-lah, in incantations. II. Ch. a border to a garment when that border is of a different colour. kunang, kunang-kcunang, a firefly; k.-7.. sa-kebun, a garden of fireflies (a name given to a ring in which a large gem is set in a circle of smaller ones). kuncha, a bale; a measure for straw, grass or anything easily made up into bales; = (approximately) - of a koyan. lkunchi, a lock; locking up; a key [but anak k. is more correct in this sense]; temu k., a ginger (koempferia pandurata); kIunchikan, to lock (a door). kunchit, = kuchir. Jkunchup, closing up or folding up (of an umbrella or of any similar object which shrinks on itself but is not rolled round itself like a flag); knmbang k., opening and shutting; expanding and contracting. kundai, Tam. the short queue of a Tamil; rambut anak k., the short hair at the top of the neck. kundang, control, command, authority; (in magic) influence of the nature of hypnotic influence; budak k., personal attendants or orderlies to a prince; budak kundangan, id. kundur, the wax gourd (benincasa cerifera). kungkum, elastic pressure or shrinkage round an object; miegungkuwm, to close in upon, to press in upon. kuning, yellow; puteh k., pale yellow; a much admired colour of the complexion (whence it has become a term of endearment "my fair one"); qnambanig k., the sunset glow; kikuningan, the royal colour yellow. kunjong, mengunjong, to visit. kuntau, Ch. the fist; berkuntau, to box. kuntum, a bud, a blossom. kunyah, chewing, ruminating. kunyit, turmeric, saffronm; timu k-.,. turmeric (curcuma longa). kupang, I. a coin or measure or value (equal in Penang to 10 cents). II. a marine mussel (mytilus). kupas, shelling, peeling, skinning,. removing the husk; kupaskan, toc skin; trskupas, skinned, shelled. kupi, a flask. kuping, I. Jav. the ear. II. the scab over a sore-cf. keruping. kupu, I. Ar. equality of rank; parity. II. kupu-kupu, a butterfly. kur, a cry for summoning fowls and birds; k. semangat, the cry to summon the semangat; a term of endear. ment. kura, I. kura-kura, a generic name for a number of tortoises (other than, testudo emys). II. demam kura, lowfever; ague fits. kurai, straight broad lines in theveining of wood or the damascening of a keris. Kuran, Ar. the Koran.

Page  119 KURANG 119 LABI kurang, reduction; lessening; less; (by extension) a negative adverb; k. hati, lacking in spirit, spiritless; kckurangan, reduction; kurangkan, to reduce. kIurap, I. ringworm and similar parasitic skin diseases. II. a shell (capsa deflorata). kurau, a fish (unidentified). kurban, Ar. a sacrificial offering. Xuripan, an old kingdom in Java, the home of Sira Panji. kurma, Ar. the date-fruit; also khturma. kurnia, Skr. favour, kindness, gift (from a superior to an inferior); jikalau ada A-. tuan-ki'u, if your highness pleases; klurniai' or nengiorniai, to confer a favour or gift; to bestow. kurong, enclosing; shutting off; an enclosure; the compartments of a large Malay fish-trap (belat or kelong); a room; a cabin; beWrkurong, to be enclosed or shut up; terkurong, enclosed, shut up. kursi, Ar. a chair; 7i. panjang, a long chair; also kErumsi. kurus, thin, lean, attenuated; kTurus k., withered and bony. kus, a sound made to frighten away a cat. kusa, = kosa. kusal, rolling up by friction between the palms of the hands. kusam, lustreless; dull. kIusar, = gusar. kushkul, = keskul. kusi, r'iuput lkusi, a grass (poa cynosuroides?) kusta, sAtit kusta, leprosy. kusu, a small group; berkusu-kzusu, in knots, in clusters. II. isu-klitslu, the vetiver or cuscus grass (andropogon mouricatus). kusut, tangled, matted, confused; hati 7c., perplexity; ramnbut k., tangled hair. kut, (Penang) perhaps, possibly. kutai, kotai. kutang, a thin bodice, = cioli. kuti, kuti-kulti, nagging, petty annoyance. kutil, I. a wart. II. to pick or break off a small piece of anything. kutip, picking up something that is below you; gathering, collecting. kutok, a curse; accursed; si-kuttohk, a wretch, a scoundrel; h toki or menglitoki, to curse. kutu, I. a louse; kA. anjing, a flea; -k. bidok, the beetles infesting dirty lockers in boats;;. busol', a bug; k. Inlbtu, a tick; tindas k., to kill lice (on the thumb-nail). II. Tam. an association; sa-kAtu, a federation persalkutuen, id.; birsa-kutu, federated; Negri 3Milayn yang bi.rsa-k1ut',. the Federated Malay States. kutum, = -kuntunm. kuyu, melancholy, rueful looking,, out of sorts or ill. kuyup, I. basah kcuyiup, sopping wet. II. = kcutu. kuyut, = kutyu. kyay, = kia'i. L la, Ar. not, no. laal, Ar. a ruby; ruby-red wine. laanat, Ar. curse; I. Allah, the curse of God; laanatan, accursed. laba, I. great profits, rich returns; bgroleh l., to profit greatly. II. laba. laba, a spider; I..-. bBrok, the large venomous bird-spiders; I..1. lotong, a large black wall-spider. labah, = laba, II. labirang, a name given to some tackle in the rigging of a native ship.,' labi, labi-labi, a name given to, " small soft-shelled turtles (trioqny.'

Page  120 LABOH 120 LAIN cartilagineus and pelochelys cantoris); siput labi-labi, a large shell-fish with a peculiar yellow-spotted body. laboh, letting down or lowering by means of a rope, string or cable; anchoring; letting down blinds or curtains; labohan, an anchorage; labohkan, to lower, to let down; berlaboh, to moor, to anchor. labu, a generic name for gourds and pumpkins; a calabash; a pipkin; an earthenware vessel resembling a bottle-gourd; 1. ayer, a pumpkin (cucurbita pepo); 1. batu, an earthenware pipkin; 1. jantong, the bottlegourd (lagenaria vulgaris); l.-labu, a calabash for holding water; 1. manis = 1. ayer; 1. merah, a gourd (cucurbita maxima); siput 1., a shell (murex hausfellum); tampok l., the small stalk left on a gourd when it is plucked. labur, I. smearing, daubing; mnelabur puteh, to whitewash. II. pelabur, rations supplied to troops or labourers; tauzke labur, the Chinese capitalist financing a tin-mine. lachak, bilachak or mnlachak, to be abundant. lachi, (Dutch) a drawer; a chest of drawers. lada, pepper; pipis 1., to grind pepper for cooking; 1. berekur, cubebs (piper cuboba); 1. China, a pepper (piper chaba); 1. hantu, a wild pepper (piper canium); 1. hitam, black pepper (piper nigrum); 1. m'erah, red pepper, capsicum (capsicnu annuumn). ladan, niniyak ladan, a strong oily preparation used in caulking native boats; setanggi 1., joss-sticks. ladang, planting on high dry ground in contradistinction to planting on low swampy ground (sawah); 1. padi, " hill-padi "; 1, gambir, a hillclearing for planting gambier; 1. lada, a pepper-clearing; tikar 1., a coarse type of mat; brladang, to * plant on dry soil. ladeh, = dadeh. lading, parang lading, a long cutter the blade of which tapers towards the handle; perahu 1., a heavy cargoboat. ladong, stagnation, standing still; batu I., a plummet; a lead on a fishing-line; 1. kail, a lead on a fishingline. laga, the fighting of relatively large animals-such as buffaloes, bulls, rams and chevrotins; the fighting of quails (but not cocks or grasshoppers). lagam, Hind. the bit (of a horse). lagaing, the first steps in weaving a mat; starting to weave. lagi, more; yet more; still, also, moreover; dan-lagi, furthermore, besides; sa-lagi, so long as; as long as; while. lagu, tune; minurut 1., in time with the music. lah, a suffix sometimes having a preterite signification, and sometimes a quasi-demonstrative one emphasising the expression to which it is appended-e.g. pergi-lah ia, he went; orang itu-lah yang pergi, it was that man who went. lahad, Ar. liang lahad, an excavation dug into the left side of the grave and used for the actual reception of the dead body. lahap, lplahap, a glutton, a voracious eater. lahar, a pool, a mere, a patch of water in the jungle; also wilahar. lahir, Ar. clear, plain, visible. lai, a numeral coefficient for tenuous objects-such as sheets of paper, garments, leaves, blades of grass, etc.; also helai. laichi, Ch. a well-known Chinese fruit (nephelium litchi). laik, = layak. lain, different; other than; exclusive (of); some...others...; lain di-min. urn, lain di-sapu perut, some were

Page  121 LAIS 121 LALI potions, some were lotions; lain orang lain hati, different men have different hearts; mnnchari l., to seek a new love; lain-lainkan, to sort; bUrlainan, differing from; apart from; melainkan, but, nevertheless, except. lais, I. ikan lais, a fish (unidentified). II. mrlais, to back water. laju, swiftness, speed, rapidity of motion; swift, fast. lajur, a band, a broad line, a furrow -cf. jalur. laka, kayu laka, a tree (phyllanthus sp.?) laki, husband (less respectful than suami); laki-laki, male, masculine; manliness; bWrlaki, to have a husband; to be married (of a woman); bbrlakikan, to take as one's husband, to marry (of a woman marrying). lakin, Ar. well, so, yet, but; wa-lakin, and yet; and still. laksa, I. Skr. myriad; ten thousand; sa-laksa, a myriad; berlaksa, in myriads; in countless numbers. II. Pers. a native vermicelli. laksamana, Skr. a high native official corresponding in many respects to a minister of marine or admiral; Dewa L., the hero Laksamana, the half-brother of Rama; baris 1., the double triangle; the magic figure drawn by the hero Laksamana to protect Sita, Rama's wife, from Rawana. laksana, I. like; similar to; resemblance; - sepgrti or bagai, but rather more literary in use; laksanakan, to imitate, to equal, to compare with, to rival. II. bijak laksana, wise, prudent; = bijaksana. laku, conduct, manner, behaviour; to act or behave; to take effect; to pass current; rosak bangsa karna laku, good birth is wasted by bad manners, prov.; srperti laku orang gila, like the conduct of a madman; singgit ini tiada laku, this dollar will not pass current; tingkah 1., general deportment; character; lakuakan, to carry into effect; to cause to pass current; melakukan, id.; birlaku, to take effect, to prevail, to pass current; kelakuan, manner, bearing,. behaviour. lakum, a generic name for a number of wild vines-e.g. vitis diffusa, v. mollisina and v. novemfolia. lakun, Jav. a staged play (especially a classical play in ancient Java); lakunkan, to represent (such a play) on the stage. lala, I. siput 1., a salt-water bivalve resembling a mussel. II. melala, toswim on one's back. lalah, gluttonous eating. lalai, I. careless, thoughtless, sleepy, listless; lalaikan, to forget, to lose interest in; pelalai, a spell to render people careless or forgetful. II, halliards. lalak, the touch-hole of a cannon; melalak, to flash in the pan; to miss fire. lalang, I. the well-known "lalang " long-grass (imperata cylindrica); gajah 1., a tame elephant. II. late lalang, going and coming; passing backwards and forwards. lalat, the common fly (musca); 1. hijalu, the " blue-bottle " fly;. kerbau, the oestrus; 1. kuda, the horsefly (tabanus); birani 1., the courage of a fly (which flies away for a moment but returns)-courage that is discreet but persistent; harimau 1., the common small jumping spider; tahi 1., a freckle, a small mole; tepok 1., the peculiar flap used by Malays to catch grass-hoppers. lalau, hindrance; nelalau, to warn off (trespassers); to prohibit (passage); hikmnat plplaau, a charm to hinder a girl from marrying anyone. lali, buku lali, the projecting portion of the ankle-bone.

Page  122 LALU 122 LANCHUR lalu, past, after, afterwards; elapsing, traversing; moving past; pada nmasa yatg telah lali, in the past; tahln 1., last year; lalu-lah kani, we passed by; orang masok lalei dudok, they entered and then sat down; 1. lalang, passing to and fro; sa-lalt, always, continually; lalui, to traverse, to override, to disobey; mnelaldi, id.; terlalt, surpassingly, very, exceedingly. lam, a marine worm from which an oil is obtained; mibnyak 1., the oil so obtained. lama, duration of time; long; ancient; former; orang 1., the ancients; bWrapa 1., how long; remmah-nya yang 1., his former house; lama-lama, in the end; in course of time; finally; sa-lama, while; as long as; sa-lamialama, for ever. laman, = halaman. lanmang, a heavy sword. lamat, = alamat. lambai, beckoning; mnlambai, to wave, to beckon-(e.g., to a friend on a departing ship). lambak, a confused heap, a pile; mnlambak, to lie in heaps. lambat, slow; behind time; 1. blajar, slow to learn; 1. sampai, slow to arrive. lambing, coming to a point; pricked up (of the ears). lambok, I. bulbur lamlbok, a soup of prawns, fish, ginger and other ingredients. II. = lamibur. lambong, I. side, flank; roda I., a paddle-wheel. II. swelling up (as a wave); bouncing up (as an indiarubber ball); melambong, to surge; to rebound. lamrbur, a large jelly-fish. lamin, kelamin, a pair (male and female); a married couple; pelamnin, -the bridal bed. lamina, scale-armour. lampai, slender, lissom, svelte; ielampai, to hang down-cf, ampa.i lampam, a fresh-water fish (barbus jerdoni). lampan, washing for tin; an alluvial tin mine. lampar, spread flat over, sprawling; tidur bErlampar, to sleep sprawling over the bed-cf. hampar. lampas, polishing, smoothing. lampau, excess; surpassing, exceeding; terlampau, too much; melamnpau, to go too far; mnlampaui, to overdo. lampin, a wrapper or swaddlingcloth for a newly-born child. lampit, Jav. a sleeping-mat. lampong, plamnpong or telampong, a float for a line or net-cf. ampong, apong, etc. lampu, Port. a lamp. lamun, if it be that; provided that; if only. lanang, I. Jav. man, male, manly; = laki-laki. II. twining by twist, ing. lanar, mud, slime (of the kind one meets on Malayan mudbanks). lanchang, I. Port. a Malay warvessel built for speed and fighting. [The word is now specially applied to the model ships (kapal hantu), laden with offerings, which are set adrift to propitiate the demons of the sea]. II. mnlanchang, to push ahead, to outstrip. lanchap, slipping down easy; smooth and slippery. lanchar, quick-darting (as a snake); fluent (of speech); l. ngembacha, fluency in reading; perahu lancharan, a swift cruiser; melanchar, to dart along, lanching, Jay. trousers (of the type worn by Javanese). lanchok, a pool; a puddle. lanchong, false, counterfeit, debased (of currency). lanchur, gushing out violently; spurting out; emptying tin-bearing earth into a mining-washer; melanchaur, to spurt out-cf. panchur.

Page  123 LANDA 123 LANTAK landa, I. mnlanda mas, to wash for alluvial gold. II. melanda, to force one's way into a house or room; to forcibly intrude. landak, a porcupine; 1. raya, the large porcupine (hystrix longicauda); 1. batt, 1. kWlubi or 1. ubi, the brushtailed porcupine (atherura macru a). landas, tai dasan, an anvil; pIlanldas, id. landin, = ltndayan. landoh, 7tlandoh, increasing in breadth (as a cone). landong, long (of a rope)-cf. lanjar. lang, a generic name for hawks, kites and eagles; 1. belalaing (microhierax spp.); l. borek (pernis tweeddalii); 1. hindek (nisaetus limnnaitus); 1. merah, the Brahminy kite (haliastur spp.); 1. rajawali, a generic name for small hawks-e.g. tinnun,culus alacdarius; 1. rimba (spizaetus sp.); 1. siput, the large sea-eagle (haliaetus leucogaster); also (in Patani) the osprey; 1. tembikar, the young haliastur. langau, a large stinging fly. langgai, a triangular push-net worked by one man; belat 1., a fixed (estuarine) purse-net (also known as ambai). langgam, bsrlanggalm, to club together. langgang, tunggang lanlggang, topsyturvy; upside down. langgar, I. knocking up against; attacking; 1. bahasa, a breach of etiquette; langgari, to attack. II. Jav. a small private mosque; = surau or bandarsah. langir, material used as soap for cleaning the person. langit, the sky; the heavens; tujoh petala 1., the seven folds of heaven; kaki 1., the horizon; langit-langit, a canopy; a ceiling; kcrongkongan l.-l., the roof of the mouth. langkah, a step, a pace, a stride; salah l., a false step; langgkahi, to walk over; langahkhkan, to put down the foot; to step; melangkah, to travel, to set out. langkan, Ch. a balcony; a balustraded terrace. langkas, fiery (of a steed). langkat, three days hence; the morrow of the day after to-morrow. langkau, skipping; omitting a little and resuming further on. langkup, telangkup, capsized (of a boat); upside down (of a cup); face downwards. langlang, Jav. travelling round; I. buana, wandering over the earth. langsai, winding up; habis 1., quite finished. langsar, long in proportion to width (as a flag-staff); tall and straight. langsat, the well-known fruit (lanshilm domlesticuin). langsi, I. shrill (of the voice); melangsi, to give out a sharp shrill note. II. drapery, hangings. langsing, = langsi, I. langsong, moving on to; proceeding to; forthwith, next; berjalan-laht langson.g ka-pekan, they went straight to the market; tgrlangsong, (1) gone forth; issued; (2) too much; jangan, teilangsong, do not go too far. langun, = llangun. langut, meglangut, to look hungrily or longingly at anything. lanjang, see terlanjang. lanjar, long (of a rope)-cf. landolg. lanjong, tebi lanjong, a long and thin variety of the sugar-cane. lanjur, tWlanjur, protracted; draging on-cf. lanjut, anjur, etc. lanjut, long, lasting, lengthy, prolonged; lanjutkan, to lengthen; nm-. lanjutkan or mnmperlanjutkan, id. lantai, a floor (of laths or of strips of bamboo). lantak, ramming down, hammering down; lbloh 1., crushed under heavy blows or weights; pelantak, a ramrod.

Page  124 LANTANG 124 LASHKAR lantang, clear, open, empty. lantar, pSlantar, a flooring without a roof; a piece of scaffolding; an open-air theatre-stage; pIlantaran, id.; tWlantar, lying stretched on the floor. lautas, forthwith; thereupon; promptly; sa-tilah datang lalu naaik lantas ka-pSraduan, on arriving he went promptly to bed. lantek, I. installing (a prince or very high dignitary); melantek, to instal; to crown. II. belantek or pelantek, a spring-gun or spring-bow. lautong, strong (of a smell); putrid. Lanun, Ilanun (the name of a pirati. cal tribe from Mindanao); piratical. lanyak, treading down (used especially of soil being trodden down by buffaloes as a rough way of preparing it for cultivation). lauyau, mud with a hard crust or mud mixed with decayed vegetable matter. lap, a dishcloth; kertas 1., blottingpaper. lapah, stripping, skinning (especially used of skinning a slaughtered animal for the market or kitchen). lapang, empty space presenting an orifice or gap; vacuity; 1. hati, loss of heart, despair. lapar, hunger; 1. dahaga, hunger and thirst; 1. susu, hungering for milk (of a baby). lapek, I. pedestal; base; the surface on which a thing rests; a rug, mat or doyly; 1. kaki, sandles; 1. punggong, a mat for sitting on. II. lopak.lapek, confused; in disorder; inconsistent. lapis, fold, wrapping, stratum; btrlapis, double; in folds; in coats. lapok, mould; bgrlapok, mouldy. lapun, converging rows of stakes used for trapping wild animals by leading them up to a snare. lara, disquietude; anxiety; care; the solicitude of love; orang yang I., the pining; lSnglipur 1., a soother of cares; a story-teller. larah, brara-lah-arahan, one after another; in succession. larak, close together (as the seeds of a durian which has very little pulpl in it). larang, prohibition; larangan, a thing prohibited; hutan larangan, a forest reserve; larangkan, to forbid,. to prohibit. larap, I. readily saleable; = laris. II. multiplicity-i.e. milarapkan tali, to separate the strands of a rope. laras, smooth and cylindrical; the stem of a tree; the barrel of a gun; senapang dua I., a double-barrelled gun; yu 1., a fish (mustelus: ananazo). larat, I. dragging on slowly; lengthy; difficult; tahun-tahun larat ia mengatur dia, he spent Ibng years in arranging them. II. tiada larat,. inability to manage; ta'-larat, id. larau, annoyance; disturbance; mimbalas 1., to pay out a man for disturbing you. larek, turning (with a lathe); polishing and rounding; gading di-larek, polished ivory. lari, running (but not of liquids running); escaping; fleeing; 1. mnngaji, to play truant; larikan, to run from; to escape; inelarikan, id.; berlari, to run. laris, in demand; selling well (of goods); pelaris, a charm to secure good business. larong, a coffin. larut, to drag (of an anchor). las, batu las, a hard mineral substance used as emery stone. lana, numbed; anggota yang lasa( mrnjadi lagi rasa, the numbed limbs regained the power of sensation. lasah, striking, switching. lasak, pakaian pilasak, every-day wear; working clothes. lashkar, Per. soldiery.

Page  125 LASU 125 LAYU14 laSu, staleness; mustiness of taste; overripeness. lsuum, Jav. batek lasurn, a special make in painted sarongs. lat, alternation; = stlang; lat sapintu, every alternate door; the next door but one; lat sa-hari, every other day. lata, creeping, crawling; mnlata, to creep. latah, a nervous paroxysmal disease aroused by suggestion and often taking the form of hysterical mimicry. latam, pressing or stamping down; rolling earth to harden its surface. lateh, coherence, order; mnlateh mulEt, to speak coherently. latok, parang latok, a long chopper the tip of which turns downwards. lau, Ar. if; wa-lau, and if; although jika-lau, if. lauk, materials cooked for consumption with rice; 1. pauk, all kinds of food (other than rice). laun, protracted, dragging on; jangan bSrlaun, do not spin it out too much. laung, a resounding roar; a deep cry; bWrlaung or mntlaung, to cry out loudly. laut, sea; 1. made, a sea of honey; 1. api, hell; barat 1., the north-west; utara barat 1., N.N.W.; timor 1., N.E.; ikan kuda.kuda I., a fish (hip. pocampus trimaculatus); lautan, the seas; the ocean; mSlaut, to travel seawards; malauti, to navigate. lawa, a cross-bar in a fish-trap; mn. lawa, to stop the way; to intercept the passage of a bridal party pending the payment of a fee; upah prfmbuka lawa, the fee so paid. lawrh, = lawas, I. lawak, lawak-lawak, poking fun, jesting, teasing; pSlawak, a tease. lawan, opposition, rivalry, competition, contest; a rival, a foe; lawani, to contend against; bErlawan, to be engaged in a contest or competition; to be in rivalry or comparable. lawang, I. bunga 1., mace; kulit I., an aromatic bark (cinnamomum culit lawan) I. IIa great gate; a main entrance; lawangan, id. lawar, a preparation of minced fish. lawas, I. empty, clear, vacant (of ground); unobstructed (of a view). II. old, left over, survivals. lawat, mnelawat, to visit. lawi, bulu lawi, the long feathers in a cock's tail; 1. ayam, a name given to a curved dagger with a hole in the handle. layah, I. melayah, to bend over back. wards; to sway about. II. a loose outer garment worn by women on the Mecca pilgrimage. layak, I. Ar. right, suitable, proper, fitting, appropriate; bukan layak kita mngmakai die, it is not fitting that we should wear it. II. cutting open a fish (longitudinally) to preserve it. layam, berlayam, to dance a sword. dance. layan, layani or izlayani, to wait on; to attend on. layang, flying, soaring in the air; melayang, to fly; mlayangkacn, to fly away with; 1.-1., (1) a generic name for swallows and swifts; (2) a generic name for children's kites. layap, mntlayap, to skim the surface. layar, sailing; a sail; 1. agong, the main-sail; 1. apit, a lug-sail; 1. dastur, a studding-sail; I. pnyorong, a mizzen; 1. tupang, a foresail; ikan I., a fish (histiophorus gladius); pasang 1., to set the sails; bpahu I., the yard; ppkaki l., the boom; bW. layar, to sail; to travel by water; to set sail; pilayaran, a sea-voyage. layn, faded, withered; to fade away (of a tree or flower). layun, Jav. the dead body of a prince} layunan, id.

Page  126 LAYUR 126 LEKA layur, I. parching, scorching up. II. ikan layur-layur, a fish (trichiurus suvala). lasat, Ar. delightful to the taste; delicious; pleasure-giving. lasim, Ar. necessary; dependent on. lasuardi, Pers. lapis-lazuli. l6bah, the honey-bee; kawan 1., a swarm of bees; sarang 1., a bees' nest. lMbai, a mosque official who attends to the order of the service; (Penang) the descendant of a family distinguished for piety. lbak, (onom.) a thud. l6bam, I. livid (of a bruise). II. (onom.) a banging noise. l1ban, a plant (vitex pubescens); also halban. lSbang, debility following on illness (especially on childbirth). libap, (onom.) a dull thud. lebar, width; broad; lebar-nya sa. d'pa, it was six feet broad. 1Mbat, dense (of foliage); close, thick; hhujan 1., heavy rain; bulu ke#ning. nya libat, having bushy eyebrows. lbeh, more, superior, greater; yang 1., the most; the more; I. kurang,.more or less; lebehkan, or melebeh. kan, to augment; berllbeh-lebehan, going on increasing; boasting; ex. aggerating; tMrlgbeh, much more, most, excessively. l6boh, a broad and busy street. lbbu, dust; 1. dali, " dust below the royal feet"-a humble way of indirectly addressing a prince. libum, (onom.) a thumping noise. l6bun, fraud by adulteration or by specious appearances. l6bur, smelting; the molten state; solution, liquefaction, destruction; hati t., a crushed spirit. lochah, muddy (of the ground); wet (of walking). 16chak, (onom.) a splashing noise. lchabp, saturated; wet through (as ta handkerohief). lIchat, extremely smooth and slip. pery. lecheh, melecheh, to coax, to cajole, to wheedle. lechek, beating up with a spoon; hitting with the flat side of the foot. lecher, mnlecher, to be moist (as a sore or abrasion); to suppurate. lechet, blistered, abraded-cf. lecher. lchit, I. melechit, to shoot out (as water from a leak)-cf. lechut and lenchit. II. (onom.) the twittering of birds; = dechit. lchoh, steeping vegetables or rice in water. lechok, a smooth oily or polished surface. lchur, scalding, blistering. lchut, nmelchut, to ooze out (as the contents of some fruits when the -fruit is squeezed). ledang, light in colour; pale; shim. mering. lading, mnleding, to warp; to slowly become convex-cf. Idong. ldong, mnledong, to give (under a weight)- cf. l&ding. lga&, broad, wide; easy; 1. dada, full chested; ta'-lega, disquieting,. uncomfortable. lIgam, hitarn leyam, coal-black; pitch-black. legar, melegar, to make the circuit of the rice-mill. 1tgas, to " snick" off a projection. legat, keeping steadily on the same course (of a ship). l6gong, (onom.) the booming of a gong. lbgu, nmlegft, to weave the selvage or border of a mat. lgum, (onom.) thumping. leher, the neck; batang I., the column of the neck; k rat 1., to out the throat; palggal 1., to behe. leka, lingering over; dwelling on; dawdling over; 1. brtmain, lingering over play; 1. mn7nangis, continuous weeping.

Page  127 LKAHI 127 LUMBAH ltkah, = rekah. lekak, melekak, to whirl or buzz round and round a spot. 1bkang, shelling (a fruit); rambutan 1., a variety of ramnbutan fruit [so called because the flesh is easily separable from the pip.] l6rap, cleaving to something; flattened on-cf. Iekat. lklar, a rattan frill for lifting pots off the fire without burning the fingers. 16kas, speed; speedily, quickly, soon; nanti lekas rosak mata, your eyesight will soon be spoilt. llcat, adhering to, sticking to, pasted on; lekatkan, to stick (a thing) on; mglekat, to adhere to; pelekat, a bill (stuck on a wall); trlekat, stuck on. lekeh, low, mean, despicable. lkir, panau ltekir, a disease discolour. ing the skin; ular sawa 1., a snake with curious white markings suggest. ing the disease (coluber melanurus). 11koh, (onom.) the sound of a cough. 1kok, low-lying ground; a hollow; a swampy patch. 11ku, berteleku, to lean on one's elbows. lekur, a numeral which when occurring after the numbers one to nine signifies that twenty is added-i.e. sa-lkcur, twenty-one; duaz lekur, twenty-two, etc. lela, I. a swivel-gun; II. beloved, darling (a term of endearment). III. maharaja lela, the title of a chamberlain or master of the ceremonies at a Malay court; bermaharaja lela, to act as though the whole place belonged to you-as illustrated by a court chamberlain who possesses little real power but (at state ceremonies) orders about much greater personages than himself. IV. waving; to brandish; mglela, to wave. V. b4si inlela, steel; kWris mSlela, an undamasoened keris, lelah weariness, exhaustion; penat t., extreme weariness; batok 1., whoop. ing-cough. lIlak, to slip down (of clothing). 16laki, = laki-laki. llakun, = lakun. lIlangun, Jav. a pleasure-garden; - taman. l1lap, deep (of sleep). llar, iteration, repetition; to keep doing an action. llas, melelas, to trim (the comb of a cock). leleh, meleleh, to trickle, to flow gently. leler, careless, slovenly (of work). lblewa, Jav. behaviour, conduct; tingkah 1., id.; = tingkah laku. lelong, I. Port. sale by auction. II. a measure of length and area; a a quarter of an orlong in area, lmah, weak, soft; lack of firmness or rigidity; 1. lembut, gentleness; lemahkan, to enfeeble, to enervate. limak, fat, grease, isi t1mak dapat ka-orang, tulang bulu pulang ka-kita, others get the flesh and fat, we get the bones and bristles. leman, Jav. an elephant. lmang, I. mnldnmang, to cook in a bamboo vessel lined with plantain leaves. II. inmlemang, to bend over backwards and pick up a coin with the lips (as is done occasionally by Malay dancers). lemari, = almari. lemas, I. death by suffocation; drowning; stifling; 1. pikir, confused thought. II. -= mah. lbmau, weak, sleepy, apathetic. lmdba, a plant (pothomorpha subpelt tata). limbaga, embryo; beginnings primeval (customs); 1. bisut, the early stages of a boil; adat 1., custo. mary laws handed down from pre. historic times. l6mbah, low-lying land, meadow, valley.

Page  128 LEMBAK 128 LENGANG lembak, mglembak, to boil over. lImbang, soft-spokenness; blarney; compliment. 1fmbap, moist, clammy, wet. lembar, a thread, a strand, a piece of string; a numeral coefficient, - hUlai. lbmbayong, a climber (unidentified, it has purple flowers). limbega, a plant (calotropis procera). l6mbek, pulpy; soft and moist. lembek, an Arabian rug. 1bmbidang, a flat rim, brim or edge. lirbing, a spear; 1. buang-buangan, a dart, a light javelin; I. tikam pari, a spear with three barbs. lImbong, minmbong, to be blown out or puffed out; to expand into globular shape. 1imboyan, = bunian. lambu, an ox; 1. jantan, a bull; I. kasi, a bullock; 1. tanah, a large beetle; 1. hutan, the smaller wild ox (bos. sondaicus); ikan 1., a fish (triacanthus brevirostris, also, perhaps, ostracion cornutus). lmbut, soft, delicate, weak, flexible; 1. hati, softening of angry feelings; loss of resentment; lImah 1., extremely soft or delicate; gentle; lembuti, lembutkan or mnlembutkan, to soften. lempah, overflowing; to flow out; 1. kurnia, ever-flowing kindness; mflempah, to flow over; melenmpah kan, to spill, to shed. lHmpai, mWl9mpai, to curl up at the edge (as a withering leaf). lUmpang, lying athwart or across anything; mnglmpang, to lie outstretched. lempar, throwing, casting; to throw; lempari or mnlempar, to pelt; lemparkan or tmSlemparkan, to throw,(anything). lbmpdal, = pdal. lempdLu, -= hmpgdu. lempek, birlempek-lempek, in coats or layers, lUmping, a name given to light flat cakes. limpok, I. sugared durian. II. a poultice; a plaster. lbmpong, light (as wood, pumice, etc.); spongy; of little weight or value; katak t., a frog (oxyglossus spp.) lUmpoyan, a fishing-reel. lUmpoyang, a ginger (zingiber cas. siumunaar). lmuas, filth; bHrlemuuas, smeared with dirt. l6mukut, broken grains of husked rice; also mWlukcut. lena, sound (of sleep); sleep; tidur 1., to sleep soundly; lenakan, to put to sleep. lenang, = linang. lenchah, = linchah. lenchit, springing forward (as a slippery body squeezed between the fingers-cf. lechit). lenchun, dripping; soaked; 1. basalt, soaking wet. lUndayan, a full-sized handle; a sword-handle in contradistinction to a kgris.handle. lndeh, nestling up against, pressing up against. lUndir, viscous secretions of all sorts; greasy matter; matter exuded from a boil; the runnings in certain diseases. lUndong, melendong, to be dented or knocked in (of convex surfaces). lbndut, "giving," as a plank under a heavy weight. leng, a measure of capacity; half a chtpak. lung., minyak lenga, sesamum oil. lenga, dawdling; wasting time; I. mata, to droop with sleepiness (of the eyes). lngai, listlessness; carelessness. lAngan, arm; 1. baju, the sleeve of a garment; pangkal 1., the upper arm. l*ngang, sparse (of population or of the attendance at a festival).

Page  129 LiNGAR 129 LUtNTEK 1ngar, dizziness (consequent on a blow); tNrlengar, "knocked silly; " si-kepala lengar, a man of giddy conduct. l1ngas, clamminess, greasiness, moisture; in-etngas, to become clammy or moist. lengas, mnlengas or belengas, to be averted (of an angry countenance). l1ngat, cooking in a receptacle which is immersed in boiling water. 1bnggak, leaning the head back and looking skyward. lenggang, rocking, swaying; swinging the arms; lenggok-l., id.; 1. yang lemnah-lnmbut, a slow undulating motion; 1. janda, a small curved knife broadening towards the point and fretted at the broad end. lenggar, wide apart (of packages in a receptacle). lenggoh, inlenggoh, to sit resting one's arms on a table, = brtelktcu. leuggok, swaying-e.g. as a dancer -cf. lenggang. lbaggundi, a small tree with violet flowers and aromatic leaves (vitex trifolia). l1ngkai, panjang lengkai, tall and willowy (of the figure). lengkang, ring-shaped; a numeral coefficient for bracelets, anklets, etc. llngkap, I. complete; fully equipped; sufficiently supplied; chukup 1. or 1. ganap, id.; dgngan sa-lngkapnya, in full; lngkapi, mnltngkapi, lengkapkan or melengkapkan, to fit out; kcelngkapan, equipment. II. a plant (arenga obtusifolia). lengkar, = lingkar. lbugkara, Skr. miraculous, fabulous, wonderful. lnBagkayan, a "crow's-nest" in a Malay stockade. 1ngkiang, = rngkciang. lengklok, mnlengkok-, to bend, wind or curve (as a river or road). lengkong, bow-shaped, curved; circular; the rim of a wheel; encircling; bWlat 1., a long movable line of screens laid so as to shut in a large portion of water between it and the shore; as the tide recedes the fish in that area are left high and dry. lnugkoyan, = lempoyan. lngkuas, an aromatic fruit used in making curries (alpinia galanga). l1ngkur, mWlengkur, to be slightly bowed or bent. lngoh, melSngoh, to feel stiffness and pain in the joints. lbngong, melgngong, to be pensive; to be absent minded or taken up with one's thoughts; to doze. lengsan, listless, idle, dawdling. lengser, slipping or sliding aside; side-slip; slipping down. lengset, bdlengset, turned inside out; having the inside exposed. lIning, (onom.) the tinkling of a little bell. l1nja, I. running of the saliva; foam at the mouth; sawan 1., fits accompanied by foaming at the mouth; melenja, to run (of the saliva). II. a coarse sack of netting [in which things are hung from the roof so as to protect them from mice.] lenja, inzlenja, to sulk. l1njan, stamping down in unison (of coolies). lUnjar, biji k1lcnjar, the glands; sakit kglnjaran, glandular swellings. lUnjuang, the dracoena; 1. bukit (dracoena congesta); 1. inerah (cordy. line terminalis). lnong, (onom.) the booming of a gong or big bell. lentam, (onom.) the sound of stamping. lnutang, (onom.) a clanging sound. lentang, = lintang. lenteh, pgrlenteh, lustful, lascivious. lntek, curling back, curving con. cavely (used of wavy hair, of teeth filed so as to give a concave surface, of the curve of the eyebrow, etc.)

Page  130 LtNTING 130 LRTA lenting, I. (onom.) a tinkling sound. II. mrltnting, to warp (of fresh wood exposed to heat). lUntok, supple, flexible; = lSntur. lentok, to move the head fo one side. ltntong, (onom.) a deep booming sound. lUntul, melgntul, to feel empty (of the stomach). lantum, (onom.) a thumping sound. lantur, flexible; yielding; bending (as a bough); ltnturi, to give a twist or bend to anything; mWllntur, to bend (intransitive). lnyak, deep (of sleep). lnfyap, disappearing, vanishing; mglznnyapkan, to cause to vanish or disappear. lInyau, = lanyau. 16pa, Skr. carelessness, negligence; also alpa. lepa, I. terlepa, thrown carelessly away, sprawling. II. m8lepa, to plaster. lUpak,!puteh mellpak, milk-white, snow-white. lepal, beetling, overhanging. 16pang, a creeper (unidentified); ombak bunga 1., white-crested billows. l1pas, liberation, release, escape, quitting; past, ago, since; 1. sembahyang, after prayers; tiada di-l.pas pulang, they did not let him go home; kain 1., a loose garment worn as a plaid; lpasi, to free from, to release; l paskan, id.; mWl9paskan, id.; tSrltpas, having escaped. l1pat, kueh l9pat, a generic name given to sweetmeats cooked in leaves. lipau, a Malay verandah; = scrambi. l6peh, the turning over or folding of a corner or small portion of anything -e.g. of the page of a book. 1ipelk, (onom.) a dull squelching sound. l9epr, I. turned up vertically (of the Medge of anything); leper-leper, the raised edge of a combing. II. pro. vincial accent, brogue. l1poh, mWlepoh, to be blistered. lepoh, crooked (of a limb); twisted, bent. l1pok, (onom.) lepok.-lpok, a clap. per. l1pong, (onom.) a thumping noise. l1pu, a generic name given to a number of fish-e.g. antennarius mnummifer, synnancidrum horridum and (1. panjang) pelor didactylum. l1pur, mati lepur, death by suffocation in mud. lrah, terlerah, knocked out and injured (as fruit blown down by a storm or as a book knocked out of its binding). l6rak, buah l9rak, a fruit (sapindus rarak). lerang, strip; slip; the strips in a sail; kain sa-i., a sarong woven in one piece and not in two. lerap, a coin used for playing pitchand-toss. lerek, mWlerek, to bore through. lereng, contour; rounded brim; the castors under a piece of furniture; klreta I., a bicycle. leret, slipping away. 16sak, (onom.) lUsok-.lsak, to rustle. l1sap, disappearance; occultation; = l9nyap. leser, mnleser, to drag along the ground (as a garment). l1si, puchat lssi, extreme pallor. lsing, (onom.) to whizz. l1sir, a sword-dance. 1lsok, (onom). Isok-l1sak, to rustle. 1bsong, a mortar (for rice-pounding); 1. indek, a pounding-machine worked with the foot; 1. tangan, a pounder worked by hand. lesu, utterly tired out; completely exhausted; l4teh 1., id. lesut, I. shrunken, shrivelled. II. = ltsu. lNta, mean, low, base, despicable, bad.

Page  131 'L TAK 131 LIKAS Iitakc, to set down; to put down; l9takkan~, id.; m6ltakkan, id.; terlUtak, laid down, set down. letak, m8letak, to lie prostrate (without a pillow). l6tam, (onom.) the sound of slamming. lbtang, (onom.) the sound of clanking. litap, (onom.) the sound of tapping or rapping. 16teh, weariness, lassitude, fatigue; tired. 16tek, (onom.) the sound of ticking. leter, meleter or beleter, to chatter. 16tiug, (onom.) the sound of chinking. 16tis, (onom.) the sound of "whisking" along. lItong, (onom.) the sound of thump. ing. lMtum, (onom.) a thumping or drumming sound. litup, (onom.) meletup, to go off with a dull thud. lewar, mnlewar, to fly in coveys; to swim in shoals; to swarm. lewat, I. past, after; 1. pikul enam, after six o'clock. II. hurry, speed, rapidity. liang, I. aperture, orifice, hollow; 1. chinchin, the hole in a ring; 1. luka, the orifice of a wound; 1. mata, the eye-socket; 1. roma, the pores of the skin. II. liang liok, a rolling gait; swaying from side to side. liar, wild, shy, unbroken, undomesticated; orang liar, wild aboriginal tribesmen. liha, pgngglias, plias or pgnggliasan, invulnerability (taking the form.that the enemy's weapons fail to touch). liat, tough, leathery, lithe; tanah I., clay. liau, mSiau, to fester, to run (of a sore). lihaiu, glossy, shiny; oily-looking. lUohin, smooth, slippery, bareo lidah, tongue; 1. api, a tongue of fire; 1. badak, rhinoceros-tongue, a name given to an aroid (pothuo latifolius); 1. bUrchabang, a forked tongue; duplicity of- speech; I. biawak, a monitor's (forked) tongue; = 1. bUrchabang; 1. buaya, crocodile's tongue, a name given to the aloe (aloe ferox) [the crocodile itself is believed to have no tongue]; 1. gajah, the elephant's tongue, a name given to a plant (aglaonema oblorgi. foliumn); 1. jin, the "spirit's tongue," a plant (hedyotis congesta); akar lidah jin (hedyotis capitellata); 1. klrba, buffalo-tongue, a plant (clerodendrum deflexus); I. kuching, the cat's-tongue, a plant (tu/rneria ulmifolia); 1. lmrnbu, the ox-tongue, a plant (aneilema nudifloruin) I. manis, sweet-tongued; smooth. spoken; 1. panjang, loquacity; 1. rusa, deer's-tongue, a small tree (fagroea racemosa); anak 1., the uvula; anak 1. timbangan, the tongue of a balance; tatang di-anak 1., to support on the uvula (a proverbial impossibility); ikan I. or ikan 1.-I., a generic name for flat fish-e.g. 1. 1. baji (synaptura orientalis); 1. 1. barang (cynoglossus elongatus); 1.; lumpur (synaptura commersomana). lidal, Port. a thimble. lidas, an acid smarting taste in the mouth. lidi, the veins of a palm-leaf; utar 1., a small snake (dendrophis pictus)(a type of the insignificant). ligas, a canter or gallop. ligat, whirling round and round; extremely rapid revolution. ihat, seeing; to see; lihati, td inspect, to look over; qnlihati, id.; mnglihat, to see (intransitive); kWli' hatan, visibility; plihat, the sense or power of sight; pgngelihatan, the range of vision. lilcas, a small wheel on which the skein is wound when weaving.

Page  132 LIKAT 132 LINTAP likat, sticky, adhesive, syrupy-cf. I~kat. liku, Jav. a royal title. lilang, = lilin, ilau, mgtilau, to totter (of a stricken man). lilin, wax; a taper; 1. lUbah, bee's. wax; kain I., waxed sarongs; burong 1., the small pied hornbill (anthraco. ceros albirostris). lir, = leler. lilit, twining round; coiling round; m91ltit, to coil up. lima, I. five (originally, the hand of five fingers); buku 1., the knuckles; kWlima, all five; yang kJlima, the fifth; pgnglima, a leader in war. II. a generic name for a number of plants (xanthophyllum spp.) lia, -= leman. limar, a rich cloth mentioned in romances. limai, pyramidal; atap 1., a pyramidal roof. limau, a generic name for oranges, limes, lemons, etc.; 1. kapas, the common lime (citrus acida); also 1. kcsturi and I. nipis; 1. manis, the orange (citrus aurantium); bWrlimau, to use lime-juice in washing. limbah, a cess-pool, a puddle; lin.m bahan or pglimbah, id. limbai, mSlimbai, to wave about an object; to sway the arm; to brandish a whip or switch; mrmbuang limbai, to let the arm sway out (of a dancer) when the swaying is intended to suggest a negative. limbang, I. swampy or broken land. II. after; I. t~ngah hari, after midday. limbok, a dove (unidentified). limbong, limbongan, a dry dock. limbur, sambur-limbur, appearing and disappearing; intermittent visibility. limpah, = lempah. Umpat, fresh, jovial, genial. limati, = ~timun. linang, falling in drops (as tears or as water percolating through porous stone). linau, a red-stemmed palm (unidentified). linchah, tfrlinchah-linchah, fidgety, restless. linchin, lichin. linchun, = lenchun. lindong, protective cover, shelter; lindongi, lindongkan, mrlindongi, or mllindongkan, to shelter, to protect, to hide by covering; bgrlindong, to take shelter; kJlindongan, shelter, hiding; p*rlindongan, a place of shelter. lindu, Jav. an earthquake. lingar, mUlingar, to look at anything with a sidelong look-cf. jeling. lingas, = lengas. linggam, Tam. red; red-lead. linggi, the covered or decked portions at the prow and stern of a boat. linggis, linggisan dayong, the long pole fastened to the thole-pins and running parallel to the gunwale of a Malay boat. lingkap, spent, destroyed, swallowed up, wasted. lingkar, a coil (of a snake, rope, or anything similar); bUrlingkar, in coils, rolled up. lingkong, = lengkong. lingkup, bundling to one side. lingsir, = lengser. lintah, a horse-leech; also halintah. lintang, lying athwart or across; 1. bujur, diagonal; 1. pukang, sprawl. ing; balai I., a reception-hall built at right angles to the main building; palas 1., a sort of platform or bridge on a Malay ship; lintangi, to thwart, to cross; lintangkan or mElintangkan, to lay athwart; milintang, to move across (a path); t~rbang milintang, to fly across the sky (in front of the spectator). lintap, lying one on another (of flat objects-such as books).

Page  133 LINTAR 133 LOKAN lintar, a thunderbolt; batu 1., a prehistoric stone instrument-such as a spear-head or arrow-head; also halintar. lintas, dashing past, flashing by; melintas, to dart across; jin lintasan, an evil spirit darting like a comet or meteor in front of a man; a will of the wisp. lintoh, dizziness, loss of consciousness; ilmu pelintoh, magic art to deprive a person of consciousness so as to facilitate theft or abduction. lintup, = litup. linyar, smooth-sailing (of a boat); gliding through the water. liok, a twist or turn; the movements of a fencer or dancing-girl; liang. liok, a rolling gait. liong, tali liong, a sort of belt for carrying a keris. lipan, a centipede; see halipan. lipas, a cockroach. lipat, folding up (as one folds a piece of cloth or garment); lipatan, the folds of anything. lipis, pelipis or pelipisan, the temples of the forehead. lipit, a narrow fold (of thread, etc.); kala 1., the common slender-bodied house.scorpion. lipur, calming, consoling, soothing;,pnglipur lara, a "consoler of cares," a story-teller or story; mnglipurkan, to soothe, to allay. liput, flooding, swamping, permeating, overcoming; covering; chahaya mSliput sa-rata dunya, her bright. ness permeates the world; di-liputi oleh pQmbujok, overborne by endearments. liring, = lereng. liru, see kMliru. 1ia, I. (Dutch) a cord, a twist (of cord-like patterns in carving). II. Eng. list. liaah, mgngglisah, to fidget; = mng. gflisah. 11a81, Ar. the tongue. litah, Utah mulut, loose-tongued. litup, covering and concealing; completely overshadowing; habis litup dunia ini banyak-nya, their numbers were such as to hide the world under them. liu, liu-liu, a stern-paddle. liur, ayer liur, saliva. lint, = liok. liwat, Ar. sodomy. loba, greed, covetousness; also haloba. lobak, the Chinese radish (raphanus caudatus). loban, Ar. loban jawi, gum benjamin. lobang, hole, groove, hollow, aper. ture; 1. tikus, a name given to the side.cavity in which the body rests in a Malay grave; duit 1., Sarawak cents. lobok, a deep cavity in a river or in the sea; galah 1., the longest kind of punting-pole. lochak, mnlochak, to be abundant; to be plentiful. locheng, Ch. a bell. lochok, melochok, to prod; to dig in the ribs. lodan, ikan lodan, the whale or leviathan of Malay romance. lodeh, masak lodeh, cooked to pulpi. ness-cf. lodoh. lodoh, pulpy and rotten (of overripe fruit)-cf. lodeh. loga, I. Skr. abode, place; shur-ga-loga, heaven; also loka. II. = duga. logam, Tam. mineral (only in compound words); pancha-logam, an alloy of five minerals or a stone of five colours; bgrma-logam, a red talismanic stone. loh, Ar. slate; tablet. loha, Ar. the forenoon. lohok, rotten through and through. lohor, Ar. midday, noon. lok, a curve or bend in a kUris. loka, Skr. abode, place; shurga-loka, paradise, heaven; also loga. lokah, - lukah. lokan, an edible marine cockle.

Page  134 LOKEK 134 LOYA lokek, stingy, mean, miserly. loki, Ch. a Cantonese prostitute. lokos, bedraggled. lolak, a shell (trochus niloticus). lo'lo', Ar. a pearl. lolok, mzlolok, to spy upon. lolong, (onom.) mdlolong, to howl. lomak, oily, greasy. lomba, billowy motion; cantering or galloping (in a horse); the play of a porpoise; tmnpat bgrlomba kuda, a race-course; lomba-lomba, a porpoise or dolphin; 1.-1. alur, a porpoise (arcella brevirostris and phocoena phocoenoides); 1.-1. sungai, the dolphin (steno plumbeus and, rarer, delphinus delphis). lombong, a cavity in the surface of the ground; a surface mine; the chasm left after a volcanic explosion. lomor, = lullvr. lomos, = lumus. lompang, = lumpang. lompat, jumping, leaping; lompati, to jump upon; mnlompat, to spring. lonak, = lunak. lonchat, jumping with both feet together; leaping (as a fish out of water); tHrlonchat-lonchat, hopping about, springing about. lonchos, smooth and sharp as a spear point; bare and tapering; naked. londang, a mud-hole. londeh, insecurely fastened (of a sarong), long, I. a native coffin. II. an abbreviation of sulong, q.v. louggak, looking upwards with head bent right back; hantu 1., a name given to the spectre huntsman from his supposed appearance. longgar, loose (as a kgris); knocking against the sides of a receptacle; loose-fitting. louggok, a mound or heap; longgok. kan, to stack; bWrlonggok0longgok, in stacks. longkah, loosened, strained (of i joint). longklang, a ditch, a drain. longlai, bent, bowed; lmah I., sway. ing, willowy. longsor, slipping or sliding forward; - sliding down. lonjak, melonjak, to stand on tip. toe. lonjong, tall, straight and slender (of a tree). lonta, = ronta. lontar, I. hurling, throwing with force; lontarkan, to throw; plontar, a missile. II. a palm (borassus flabelliformis), the leaves of which were used as paper. lonteh, Jav. a harlot. lontok, short and thick; stumpy; orang tua 1., a broken-down old man. loutos, smooth and cylindrical. lonyah, = lunyah. lonyai, slush; slushy. lopak, I. a shallow puddle. II. lopak. lopak, a pouch of mlngkuiang. III. lopak-lapek, confused, in disorder, inconsistent. lorah, a groove. lorek, delicate graining or markings. lorong, a lane; a narrow road or street. loros, = lurus. losoug, a white scaly eruption; ichthyosis; sakit I. and kurup I., id. lot, = lut. lota, Hind. a vessel for carrying water. lotar, = lontar. lotek, a kind of pitch for caulking loats. loteng, Ch. upstairs; the upper floor or floors. lotong, black; a name given to a number of varieties of monkeys of the genus semnopithecus; also jglutong; ekur 1., "monkey's tail," a name given to a long narrow swivel gun or jingal. loya, squeamish nausea,

Page  135 LOYAK 135 LUNDU loyak, soft (of overboiled rice). loyang, bell-metal. loyar, Pinang loyar, the palm of which the cudgels known as " Penang lawyers" are made. II. Eng. lawyer; 1. burolc, a hedge-lawyer or sea-law. yer; 1. kJledek, a qualified practitioner with a pettifogging practice. loyong, m2loyong, to walk with tottering gait. lu, Ch. you. luah, spitting out (food, etc., but not saliva) from the mouth. luak, I. m8luak, to feel nausea-cf. loya. II. an animal (unidentified). luau, = haluan. luar, outer portion; outer side; the part beyond or outside; di-luar, outside; ka.luar, outwards; tanah 1., foreign countries; ktluaran, outer, strange, foreign, alien, common; see also keluar. luas, spaciousness; extent; dahi-nya 1., his forehead was broad; luaskan or rnlluaskan, to broaden, to extend. luat, = luak, I. lubok, = lobok. lucha, Hind. obscene, low. luchas, = lunchas. luchu, bright, merry, sunny-tem. pered. luchut, I. slipping off; slipping down or away; dropping and being lost. II. abrasion; scraping off skin. ludah, spitting; expectoration; lu. dahi, to spit at; mdludah, to spit; ludahkan, to eject from the mouth; to spit out. lughat, Ar. a vocabulary, a dictionary. lugu, satisfied; ta'-lugu, insatiable. lIh, = loh. lid, furthest from the goal; last in a race. lujur, stringing roughly together; tacking. luka, wounding; a wound; mata 1., or liang., the orifice of a wound; lukai or mtlukai, to wound. lukah, a generic name for small portable fish-traps in the Riau-Johor districts, = bubu, in the Northern States. lakis, writing, engraving, scratching; pandai 1., an engraver. luku, mtlukit, to scratch the head; to draw the fingers through the hair. lukup, bottom upwards (of a cup, boat, etc.) luloh, powder; crushing to powder; hanchur 1., crushed to pieces. lulu, swallowing at a gulp; gulping down. llulum, sucking at food (such as sweets, chocolate, etc.) lulur, = lulu. lulus, just slipping through; getting through; putting through; possible; 1. kchSndak, to realize one's wish; luluskan, to put through (a task). lulut, rubbing the body, shampooing. lumang, b8lumang, smeared with mud; mlnggglumang, to wallow in mud. lumat, fine, soft (of earth); crushed, ground, or chopped to pieces; pipis lumat-lumat, minced quite fine. lumbong, = lombong. lumpang, a pounder. lumpoh, lameness (caused by oedema or peripheral neuritis). lumpur, mud. lumu, = lumut. lumur, smearing; besmearing; bar. lumur, smeared, polluted; lumurkan, to besmear; to defile. lumus, smeared-cf. lumur. lumut, moss, lichen; bgrlumut, mosscovered. nluak, fleshy (of stone-fruits). luaas, the keel of a native boat. luncchs, failing to hit; missing the mark. lunohur, slipping forward or downward. luuad, I. a generic name given to a number of fish (bagrus gulicades

Page  136 LUNGGOK 136 MABOK and arius spp.) II. pokok lundu, a plant (antidesma bunias). luIggok, -n loggok. lungkum, dome-shaped; covering like a dome. lungkup, telungkup, capsized, overturned; = telangkup. lu1ngsur, = longsor. lunjur, stretching; extending the limbs; blunjur, to stretch; belunjur kaki, to stretch the legs. luutai g, pgiluntang, a float (used with nets or lines). luntok, = lontok. luntur, p luntur, a purgative. lunyah, treading down swampy soil (of buffaloes turned into a field so that they may give the soil a rough turning up). lup, the rod through which the threads pass in weaving. lupa, I. forgetting; lupakan, to forget; pBlupa, a forgetful person. II. lupa-lupa, fish-maws. lupas, see k-lupas. lupat, a shell-fish (hippopus maculatus). lupi, papan 1., a piece of decking flush with the gunwale in a Malay boat. lupoh, mglupoh, to hammer bamboo flat. luput, slipping away from; escape, loss; 1. daripada kljahatan, escape from evil; hilang 1, lost and gone. lurah, Jav. a district or division of a country; = daerah; sa-lurah, the entire divisions, all-usually pronounced sgluroh. luroh, I. falling, dropping; being shed (as leaves); bSrluroh, to be falling (of leaves, flowers, etc.) II. see lurah and setlroh. luru, mnluru, to dash forward, to charge. lurup, susup-lurup, helter-shelter (of running). lurus, straight; smooth and straight; regular and straight; lurusvan,, to straighten. lurut, I. passing the hand over a long body; running a chain through the fingers; drawing one's hand over a rope, a man's armn or any similar object-cf. urut. II. a whitlow. lusa, the day after the morrow; the second day after. lusoh, flexible through use (as boots that are stiff when new). lut, penetration, effect; tiada 1., it did not penetrate (of an arrow or bullet). luti, ruffled up; crumpled up; spoilt by use but not worn out. lutong, = lotong. lutu, striking out right and left; hitting out; mWlutu, to rain blows. lutut, the knee; kHpala 1., the forepart of the knee; pSlipatan 1., the intercondyloid fossa; t~mpurong 1., the knee-pan; bWrlutut, to be on one's knees. luyu, mata luyu, drooping eyelids. M ma', mother (familiar). maaf, Ar. pardon, forgiveness; minta m., to ask for pardon; - ininta ampun; maafkan, to forgive; also mahap. mnaalin, = malim. maalum, Ar. known, understood. msmur, Ar. prosperous, populous, abounding. msaaua, Ar. meaning, significance. maashuk, Ar. the beloved one; mistress; loved. mabok, intoxication, giddy sickness; t. bgrahi, intoxicated with love; m. darah, faint from loss of blood or at the sight of blood; m. kcthubong, dazed by datura poisoning.m, ombak, sea-sick.

Page  137 MACHAM 137 MAKHLUK inacham, sort, type; as; macham. macham, of sorts, different kinds; apa qn., how? m. ini, this way, thus. machan, Jav. a tiger. machang, the horse-mango (mangi. fera foetida); also gmbachang. madah, Ar. saying; utterance; ber. madah, to say, to speak. II. Ar. the name of the vowel point marking the long alif. madam, I. depression, heaviness; oppression of spirit. II. Eur. a lady of rank. madat, I. Hind. prepared opium; chandu. II. a turret, a watchtower; battlements. madrasah, Ar. a school. madn, I. Skr. sweetness, honey; ayer mi., honey; laut m., an ocean of sweetness. II. rival (especially a rival in affections or a rival wife). mafhum, Ar. understood, grasped, comprehended; tiada mafhumL akan maana bahasa Melayyu, he had not grasped the true spirit of the Malay language. magang, overripe (of fruit). maghlub, Ar. conquered, overcome. maghrib, Ar. the west. magun, the steersman's compart. ment in a native ship. maha, Skr. great (used in compounds only); maha-besar, very great; maha. nmtlia, most illustrious; maha-tinggi, most exalted. mahal, costly; difficult to get; rare; inahal di-beli, sulkar di-chari, dear to buy and hard to get for oneself. mahaligai, Tam. a palace; also maligai. mahang, a generic name for a num. ber of trees (imacaranga spp.) mahap, Ar. pardon, forgiveness; also maaf. mahar, Ar. the settlement on a bride by the bridegroom; = mas kaowin mahir, Ar. experienced; master of one's art. mahisa, Skr. a buffalo; a title in ancient Java; also misa. mahkamah, Ar. a court of justice. mahkota, Skr. a crown; also makota. mahu, = mau. maidan, = medan. maimun, Ar. lucky, fortunate. main, sport, play, amusement; m. judi, gambling; brminain, to play, to play at; bUrmain mata, to cast amorous glances; permainan, an amusement. maja, a generic name for a number of plants-e.g. majakani, majapahit, etc. majakani, a medicinal plant (unidentified). majal, short and broad (of a knife). majapahit, a plant (unidentified); it gave its name to a famous Javanese city and empire. majlis, Ar. assembly, gathering; di. tengah in., in public. majmu', Ar. sum total. majoh, gluttonous in eating. maju, progress, advance, prosperity. Xajuj, Ar. the giant Magog. majum, oakum. majusi, Pers. magian; connected with the Zoroastrian religion. mak, mother; also ma'. maka, then; and so; next; a short interval of time. makam, Ar. a grave with a small pavilion over it; a grave-shrine. makan, food; consumption; penetration or biting into; mi. nasi, to dine; im. jgnoh, to eat one's fill; dimakan karat, eaten into with rust; n. suap, to take bribes; in. gaji, to receive regular pay; makanan, food, things eaten; pemakan, a consumer. makar, I. hard, stony (of fruit). II. Ar. trickiness; resourcefulness; wiliness. makbul, Ar. confirmed, approved, agreed to. makehlrk, Ar. created things; man. kind; humanity,

Page  138 MAKI 138 MAMPUS maki, I. abuse, reviling, bad language; uimaki, to revile. II. Ar. sena maki, " senna of Mecca" (cassia angusti. folia). malciu, more, the more; inakin lanma makin baik, the longer the better. maklota, Skr. crown; also mahkota. makroh, Ar. hateful, detestable. makcnd, Ar. wish, desire. maktub, Ar. written; set down in writing. mal, Ar. property; bait-ul-mal, the treasury. i&la, I. Skr. accursed; a curse; misfortune; m. Wpstaka, extreme ill-luck. II. faded, withered (of flowers). malai, a flower worn in the hair; sunting n., id. malaikat, Ar. an angel. alalk, Ar. angel; malak-ul-maut, the angel of death-usually pro. nounced malik-ul-maut. malam, night; the darkness of night; tengah m., midnight; siang m., day and night; sa-malam, last night; yesterday evening; bermalam, to pass the night. malad, drunk, mazed, confused, per. plexed. malang, I. adverse fortune; adversity; unlucky obstacles. II. a pinnacle-rock. malap, flickering (of a light); dulled (of radiance). malapari, a sea-shore tree (fagrcea fastigiata?) malar, constantly, steadily; regu. larity; uniformity; m. puchat kiurus, always pale and thin; ayer malar dua dipa, water with a constant depth of two fathoms. malas, idleness, laziness, sluggishness. malau, malau gari, (Kedah) sealingwax [malau is a variant of Smbalau]. malana, Ar. accursed, evil. imal, I. pimali, tabooed, forbidden. II. tali tamali, cordage, mimali, to twine string. III., a generic name given to several plants, especially, (mali-mnali) to leea sambucina. maligai, Tam. a palace; also maha. ligai. malik, I. Ar. a king. II. see malak. malim, Ar. a learned person (especially one learned in navigation); a navigating officer or first mate. maling, Jav. a thief; thieving; pintu m., a side or back entrance to a Malay house. malis, faded, dulled (of bright colour). malong, a large fish (murxenesoc telabon). malu, shame; modesty; bashfulness; menaroh m., to feel shame; mendapat m., to be put to shame; dengan tiada m., shameless; kcmaluan, feelings of modesty or shame; the pudenda. main, to suck at the breast. mamah, chewing, masticating, crushing in the mouth; m. biak, to chew the cud. mamai, talking in one's sleep. mamiak, uncle, aunt; uncle (as a form of address from a prince to an aged minister). maman, a generic name given to some (unidentified) medicinal plants. mamanda, uncle; a respectful variant of mamak. smamang, I. a stony unnoticing stare; looking but not perceiving. II. gopoh mamang, extreme haste. mambang, a spirit, the personifica. tion of the sunset-glow. mambong, hollow, lacking in fleshy substance (of very young fruit). mamek, slightly changed or gone off (of taste or flavour). mamlakat, Ar. kingdom. mamong, dull, unseeing (of the eyes) -cf. mamang. mampat, I. tight; densely packed. II. maampat-mampat, a name given to some plants (cratoxylon spp.) &liimpt, means, resources; = upaya. nampus, to die (vulgarly expressed);

Page  139 MAMU 139 MANORA to be wiped out; to " kick the bucket," to "croak." maxmu, uncle; a variant of mamak. mamua, obscure, involved (of accounts). man, Hind, a measure of weight; a -maund. mana, I. where, which, what, how, why; di-mana, in what place, where; ka-mana, whither; darimana, whence. II. = maana. manah, I. esteemed. II. heart, feelings. manai, pale, anaemic; puchat in., id. manau, rotan manau, a long and flexible rattan (species unidentified). manchit, to spout out or gush out. manchong, clear-cut, sharp-angled (of the profile and especially the nose). manda, r mamanda. zmandai, a tree (unidentified). mandam, dizzy, intoxicated; m. khiali, id. mandang, I. to see; to gaze at, mSenmandang, from pandang. II. tdmandang, aspect; imposing appearance. mandarsah, = bandarsah. mandi, bathing; to bathe; batu m., a rock that is just awash; tempat m., a bathing-place; mandikan or mumandikan, to give a bath to. mandong, a cock. mandul, childless, unfruitful, barren. mandur, Port. a " mandore"; a headman of coolies. maek, Skr. a bead; sautas manzek. manek, a string of beads. anera, I, we, your servant; also Snndera. mranfaat, Ar. profit, gain, success, advantage. mangap, Jav. agape; with jaws wide open-cf. mangau. mani u, agape (especially with astonishment); mangap-m.n wideagape-cf. mangap. mangga, Skr. the mango-usually mngpeilatm; kunchi m., a padlock. manggar, = mangkar. manggis, the mangosteen (garcinia manggostana). manggista, = manggis. manggul, tanah manggul, high land. manggustan, = manggis. mangka, == aka. mangkar, I. mayang mangkar, the opening blossom of the coconut (a simile for curly hair). II. unripe, hard; also makar. mangkat, "to be borne aloft" (a euphemism for death when speaking of a prince). mangkeh, sticking out in all direc. tions; at sixes and sevens. mangkin, = makin. mangkok, a cup; pinggan in., crock.: ery. mangkubumi, a regent (in litera. ture), = pemangkut raja. mangsa, Skr. flesh; food; prey (of animals). mangsi, Skr. a compound of burnt tamarind bast used for staining the teeth. mangu, = mangau. mani, Ar. the seminal fluid. manikam, Tam. gem; essence; embryo; jauhar juga yang mgnggnal m., it takes a jeweller to pronounce upon a gem, prov. manira, = manera. mania, I. sweetness; sweet; (in colour) lightness; adas n., aniseed; gigi wn., incisor tooth; kayu i., cinnamon; k7manisan, sweetness; p4 -manis, a charm to render oneself attractive. II. jari manis, the ring. finger. manja, = inaja. manjapada, Skr. the earth; the abode of mortals. manjong, = anjong. manok, bird; = unggas; m. dewuta, the bird of paradise. manora, = mndora.

Page  140 MANTEGA 140 MASOK mantega, = mWntega. mantira, Skr. a magical formula. manusia, Skr. mankind; man; orang n., a human being; 5nyawa in., the human soul; lidah n., the human tongue. manyan, = kemnnyan. mapar, gang nmapar, a flat-ended brazier's chisel-cf. papar. mara, I. Skr. danger, misfortune; mara-bahaya, danger, risk, peril. II. kota mara, the breastwork protecting the gunners in the battery of a Malay pirate-ship. marabahays, see mara. marah, anger, wrath; in. angin, idle threats; mimarahkan, to rouse to anger. marak, to flare up (of a flame). maras, - marah. mardan, Pers. men. mareka, = mireka. marga, Skr. a wild animal; marga. setua, wild animals generally. marhum, Ar. that has found mercy; al-marhunm, the late (prince). mari, here; come here; ka-mari, hither; bawa ka-mari, bring; pergi n., going and coming. [In the Straits, miari is often used for "come;" mari sini, come here; dia sudah m., he has come]. marifat, Ar. perfect knowledge; true wisdom; the wisdom of holiness. marika, = mEreka. marikh, Ar. (the planet) Mars. maripat, = marifat. markah, Port. the mark on a sounding line. martabat, Ar. a rung of a ladder; a grade in the scale of rank. martil, Port. a hammer. marut, charut.marut, very vile (of swearing)-cf. charut. mas, gold, golden; a term of endearment; a Javanese title; a weight - -i tahil; m. kawin, the settlements on a bride; m. timpawan, hammered gold; a term of endearment; i.. urai, gold dust; anak mi., a born slave; ayer n., gilding; benang n., gold thread; kertas m., gold leaf. masa, Skr. time, season, period, epoch; pada m. itu, at that time; pada tiap-tiap n. dan krtika, at all times and seasons; m. manaa, when. masaalah, Ar. a thesis'; a puzzling question; an enigma; an interrogatory. masai, kusut masai, very much in disorder (of the hair). masak, ripe, mature, cooked; to cook, to smelt; in. mintah, food cooked and raw-an offering to evil spirits; juru n., a cook; kapur m., plaster. masakan, perhaps; what though; what if; supposing. masalla, Ar. a prayer-mat. masam, acid, sour; m. muka, sourfaced-cf. asam. Maseh, I. Ar. Al-maseh, the Messiah, Jesus. II. - nasi. Masehi, Ar. Christian, Protestant. mashghul, Ar. sad, sorrowful. mashhur, Ar. famous, well-known; mashhurkan, to spread news. mashrek, Ar. the east. masi, still; while still; mi. lagi, id. di-lihat-nya masi ada lagi baginda sWdang b8rkata-kata d&ngan sa.orang teman-nya, he saw that the king was still conversing with one of his companions. Masih, = Maseh. Masihi, = Masehi. masin, salt, briny, brackish-cf. asin. masing, separate, singly; masing. masing, each-cf. asing. masiat, Ar. crime, treachery, wickedness. masjid, Ar. a mosque; masjid.ulharam, the great mosque at Mecca; also minsgit. masok, entering; progress inwards; di-bawa n., carried in; m. kHluar, going in and out; in. Islan or m. Mglayu, to become a Muhammadan;

Page  141 MASTULI 141 MAWAS masoki or mrmasoki, to enter into; masokkan or mSmasokkan, to insert. mastuli, kain mastuli, a heavy cloth of rich silk. mat, Pers. mate (at chess) shah-mat, checkmate. mata, I. eye, focus, centre; the blade or point of a weapon; a point of the compass; m. ayer, a spring; m. bisul, the head of a boil; m. gobek, the blade of a betel-nut pounder; nm. gunting, the point of a pair of scissors; i. hari, the sun; m. hati, mental perception; the mind's eye; m. jalan, an outpost, a scout; m. juling, squint-eyed; im. kail, a fishhook; in. kakap, the plug-hole; in. kayu, a knot in wood; m. k6ris, the blade of a keris; m. kuching, " cat'seye," a well-known fruit (nephelium nalayense); damar m. kuching, a valuable damar obtained from hopea globosa; m. liar, wild-eyed; m. luka, the orifice of a wound; m.-mata, (in independent Malaya), a satellite of the shah-bandar or harbour-master; (in Malacca) a p~nghulu's assistant; (in British Malaya generally) a policeman; n.-m. gelap, a detective; di-mata-mata, openly; sa-mata-mata, obviously, clearly, plainly; m. panah, the point of an arrow; m. pasak, blue eyes; grey eyes; m. pedang, the blade of a sword; m. pedoman, the needle of a compass; m. punai, " green-pigeons' eyes"; the lozengeshaped apertures in a grille or crossgrating; in. sabun, pale-eyed, whiteeyed; in. 88su, the nipple of the breast; m. tong, the bung-hole in a cask; anak in., the pupil of the eye; ayer in., tears; bgrmain in., eye-play, biji m., the eyeball; bulu n., eye. lashes; chahaya n., light of the eyes; a term of endearment; charmin m., eye-glasses, spectacles; ekur m., the corner of the eye; kSlopak m., the eyelid; lang n., the eye-socket; orang-orangan in., the image in the pupil of the eye; puteh mi., being put to shame; silap m., false pretences; legerdemain; trrus mi., (1) clearness of vision; (2) second sight. II. Ar. things of value; gems, etc., which represent great value in small compass; m. blnda and n. dagangan, id. matab, blue-lights; Roman candles. matah, = mintah. matahari, the sun-v. mata and hari. matang, plrmatang or pmnatang, a stretch of high sandy soil in a riceswamp. mateng, Jav. cooked, ripe, = masak. mati, death; finality; ended; n. di. bunoh, death by violence; "a bad end "; m. Zlmas, death by suffocation or drowning; n. puchok, loss of virility; balanja m., fixed allowance; grant m., a freehold grant of land; herga n., a fixed price; sirnpul m., a knot which is not a slip-knot or running knot; m. anak, = puntianak, q.v.; burong m. sa-kawan, a bird (anorrhinus galeritus); ke matian, death, termination. mau, wish, intention, will; a common but vulgar auxiliary for forming the future; mau ta'-mau, willy-nilly. maulana, Ar. lord, master. Maulia, Ar. 0 God; my lord. maulud, Ar. birthday; bulan M., the month containing the Prophet's birthday, the month Rabi''l-awal. maung, unpleasant in taste; nasty (of flavour). maut, Ar. death; the hour of death; malak-ul-maut, the angel of death. maws, a leaf-monkey (semnopithecus sp.)-believed by Malays to live on dew. mawar, Ar. rose-water; ayer m., id.; bunga ayer i., the rose. mrawa, the Sumatran-Malay name for the mias or orang-outang (simia satyrus)-an animal only known to Peninsular Malays by tradition and

Page  142 MAWIN 142 WEILONG so endowed with miraculous attributes. mawin, kawin-mawil, marriage-festivities generally; a frequentative of kawin. maya, I. Skr. unsubstantial, illusory; mayapada, this transitory earth; = manjapada. II. umur maya, trickiness-a corruption of the name of 'Unmar Ummaiya, the Ulysses of the Hikayat Hamza. mayam, a weight = --- of a tahil or bongkal. mayang, the blossom of a palm; seperti in. nmengurai, or seperti m. mekar, like the unfolding blossom of the palm-a symbol for beautiful curling hair. mayapada, see maya and manjapada. mayat, Ar. a dead body (expressed respectfully)-cf. bangkai. mayau, absent-minded. ma'yong, a theatrical performance met with in the Northern States of the Peninsula. mazkur, Ar. mentioned, stated; sepgrti yang termazkur, as stated. medan, Pers. a plain, an open field, a field of battle. mbdang, I. a generic name given to a large number of trees of the order laurinew, and to others which have a timber of similar appearance. II. batu indang sila, a kind of gypsum used medicinally. mn6du, I. squeamishness, nausea. II. medu wangsa, a complimentary epithet occurring in Malayo-Javanese romances. meerat, Ar. to die; to fall in a trance; the admission of Muhammad to heaven; the golden stairs; bulan M., a name given to the month Rajab. mega, I. Skr. white fleecy clouds; cirrhus; m. bgrangkat, rising white cirrhus; m. berarak, white clouds chasing each other across the sky; m. dadu, a rosy-tinted sunset sky. II. you; = ngkaw, mngah, fame, glory; perkara yang ingah-nmegah, matters of weight-cf. gah. megak, disrespectful; taking liberties. megan, a sweetmeat. m6gat, Skr. a (Kedah) title given to men of good birth (especially when of royal descent on the mother's side). meja, Port. a tale. mnjam, rotation round a motionless centre; the rotation of a wheel in an engine-room. mgjelis, fair, pretty, handsome. meka, = ega, II. mekar, Jav. to open out (of a bud or blossom); mayang in., the opening blossom of the palm-a simile for curling hair. mekis, defiance; mWmnkis, to defy; also mngigkis. m=lainkan, but, still, nevertheless; except; see lain. mnlaka, Skr. a plant (phyllanthus pectinatus), giving its name to the well-known town of Malacca; gula m., syrup; coconut sugar; a wellknown sweet eaten with coconut sugar; buah in., a Malay dumpling -dough filled with sweets. mlarat, I. difficulty, loss, injury. II. see larat. mnlas, badly fitting; not coinciding. mglati, Skr. a name for the jasmine -usually melur (jasminum sambu). Mllayu, Malayan, Malay; Muhammadan; anak M., a Malay; orang M., id.; masok M., to become a Muhammadan; M. jati, a true Malay. mlela, see lela. mblilin, = myrlilin. miimau, = mnerlimau. mlimun, = halimun. mbling, to turn away; to look in another direction. milit, inquisitiveness. melokan, = merlokan. m1long, over-developed; over-big for the age.

Page  143 MfLUKUT 143 MENJANA mlukut, broken grains of husked rice; also lemukutt. m61ur, the Indian jasmine (jasminum sambu). mem, Eng. a European lady. mtmali, = mali-mali-v. mali, III. memang, permanently; definitely; for good; nemanng tahu bahasa, to know a language beyond the possibility of forgetting it. m6mar, bruised, crushed (of a fruit). membachang, = e9mbachang. m6mbalau, = emtbalau. mmmbbrang, = berang-berang. memek, whining, fretting (as a very young child). memerang, = berang-berang. mempas, = mepas. mempedal, = pedal. mnmpedu, hempedu. m6mpZlai, Tam. a bridegroom; naik i., to ascend the bridal dais; to be married. mi6mplam, the mango (mangifera indica). mnmpblas, a plant (tetracera assa). memplasari, a name given to two plants (alyxia stellata and alyxia lucida). mumpbning, a generic name for several trees (quercus spp.) mempoyan, a plant (rhodamnia trinervia). mtna, I. calculation; = kira; samnna-mena, about, approximately; tidak bersamena or tiada teperminai, incalculable. II. see semena. menalu, = bendalt. m2nang, to win; to prevail; to be successful; minangkan, to give victory to. minnantu, son-in-law, daughter-inlaw. munara, Ar. a minaret. menat, coveting; desiring what is in another's possession. minatu, a laundryman. mlnchak, fencing (in a sort of sworddance); = main rpnchak. menching, at full stretch, fully distended. mendam, = mandam. mendeleka, a tree yielding a kind of bread-fruit. mendera, I, we; your servant. mdnderong, a sedge used in matmaking (scirpus grossus). mendikai, a water-melon. m2ndong, Jav. gloomy; overcast (of the weather). m6ndora, a theatrical performance of Siamese or Buddhist origin. mendusta, false, sham (of a chignon, etc.); see dusta. menera, == mndera. menirong, = mqnderong. mengah, = panting; puffing. mnugeh, drawing a quick breath (as a man after exercise). mfengrna, gay with colour; pretty -cf. warna. mengkal, half-ripe (of fruit); just beginning to soften. mengkarong, = bengkarong. mbngkawan, = bUngkawan. mfngklan, sticking in the throat; termnengkilan, stuck in the throat (of food). mengkis, defiance; also mekis. mingkong, chengkong - m n g k o ng, very hollow and emaciated (of the face). mengkoyan, = mimpoyan. mingkuang, the common screwpine (pandanus atrocarpus). [The name is also given to some other species of pandanus.] mbngkudu, a generic name for a number of plants used in dyeing (especially inorinda tinctoria). mengkunyit, = mirkunyit. mungsu, bulu mgngsu, the fine hairs round the forehead. mengut, ill-fitting, unsuitable, inharmonious. mbniaga, = brniaga. minjak, see seminjak. m6njana, see sBmdnjana.

Page  144 MtNJANGAN14 RIY 144 MfRINYU mu~njaugsu, the barking-deer (cer.,vitus mnuntjac); usually kijang. mft2j~1is, r ne-jgls. mftougf, t~Mno, sunk in thought. mbuors, = inndora. mbuta, =minta. mautah, raw, uncooked; mnasak in., food cooked and uncooked-as an offering to evil spirits. iufutaug, see sgirgntang. m6utangur, = bUntangur. mbntegs, Port. butter. m~nt~1a'h, see sgingntglah. m~ut6ra, = mnantgra. 2ufttbri, Skr. minister, vizier; p~r. dana in., prime minister. m~utigi, a plant (thibaudia sp.?) mfutimun, a geaeric name for gourds, pumpkins, passion-flowers, etc.; also timnun, q.v. Iniltua1, father-ia-law; mother-inlaw. m~pas, fly-fishing. mniraga, = inarga. meragi, variegated in colouring-cf. r-agi; burong mt., the painted snipe (r-ostratula capensis). m6rah, a Sumatran title of distinction. miersh, red; rn. tua, dark red; in. in~rang, bright red; m. inuda, light red; in. padain, lotus-red, fiery red-as the face of an angry warrior. m6rpak, a peacock (pavo inuticus); M. inas, a " golden peacock," a type of a beautiful bird; jambul in., " the peacock's crest," a name given to a plant (poinciana putcherriina). in6rakap, Ar. jahit mngrakap, ignorance added to ignorance; extreme ignorance. 3mlraag, mnerah ingr-ang, bright red. mfrangfu, an obsolete musical windinstrument. 2ILfrsuti, a name given to a number of trees (shorea spp.) which yield a pood soft wood. mb~raws~u, I. a tree (hopea inengarawant). ILI. bgrawan, from awan, q.v. m6rba'h, the yellow-vented bulbul (pycntonotus anatis). mbrba~k, see sgingrbak. m~rbatu, a generic name given to several trees (parinarium spp.) m~rbau, the well-known hard-wood tree (afzelia paleinbanica). m6rbaya,, = inara-bahaya. m6rbok, the Malay turtle-dove (tur. tur tigrinus). mbrbulan, a tree (unidentified). mkrbuloh, a plant (gynotroch~e8 axillaris). mn~rcha, Skr. to faint, to swoon. mftchapada,, Skr. the earth; mnanjapada. 1n~rchu, summit, crest, highest pinnacle. m~rchun, crackers, fireworks, cartridges. mn~rdanggs, an ancient Javanese musical instrument. mftd~heka, Skr. freedom (in contradistinction to slavery); in~rdehe. kakan, to liberate; alsorinrd eke. m~rdeks, see in~rd~heka. m~rdu, Skr. soft, sweet (of the voice or of music).mlreh, Ar. urat ingreh, the windpipe. mfteka, they; ingreka-itu, id. m~r~1a, improperly suggestive (of behaviour). m6r~lsug, smooth-edged; without a rim or raised border. mez-eug, to heel over (of a boat). m~rga, meinrge. m~rg~stus, =ma'rga-sgtaa. m~rgok, = bgrgok. miriam, a cannon; pi~dati in., the gun. carriage; ringgit in., the pillar-dollar. mu~rikan, Tam, an honorific in use among Muhammadan settlers fronm Southern India. mAriuyu, Port. an overseer; an inspector of police;- a municipal inspector a land bailiff.

Page  145 MtRJAGONG 145 MIMBAR mbrjagoug, a plant (ixonanthes obovata). mirjan, Ar. red coral beads. mnrkah, to crack, to split; saga m., the cracking Indian pea-a simile for the mouth; delima m., the cracking pomegranate; another simile for a beautiful mouth. m=rkubang, a tree (mnezzetia herveyana). mBrklunyit, akar mgrkunyit, a plant (coscinum blumeanum). mirlilin, a plant (unidentified). mnrlimau, akar mrrlimau, a scandent thorny wild orange (paramnignya monophylla). mrrlokan, a tree (unidentified). m=rombong, a small tree (timonius jambosella). [The name is also applied to adina polycephala, vernonia arborea and vatica pallida.] m6royan, I. sakit meroyan, a disease of women. II. a generic name for a number of plants-e.g. dissochoeta spp. m!rpadi, a plant (symplocos fasciculata). merpati, Skr. a pigeon. mibrpisaug, a palm (polyalthia jenkinsii). mibrpuing, a plant (carallia integer. rima). mirseek, sharp, shrill (of sound). mirta, I. Skr. ayer mirta-jiwa, the water of life; = ayer utama jiwa. II. serta-mWrta, and on that very moment; thereupon. mfrtajam, a tree (erioglossum edule). m=rtapal, a tree (unidentified). mA'rtua, = mWntua. miruap, to boil over; to boil up. miruuggai, the horse-radish (mo. ringa pterygosperma); also rimung. gai. mesa, = misa. m=asrong, a shell (pinna). 6s6gg1it, Ar, a mosque; also masjid. meuam, grinning, smiling; bUrmesemmesem, to keep grinning. meshuarat, Ar. counsel, conference; bermeshuarat, to take counsel. mbsirah, a name given to some small plants (ilex cymosa and randia densiflora). mbsiu, saltpetre. miski, Port. although, even though; m. bbrbisek, sahaya pun tahu, even though you speak in whispers, I can tell what you are saying. mesra, Skr. complete assimilation or absorption through and through. mestbri, a master-workman; a "maistry." mIsti, Jav. needs; needs must; must; certainly must. mgstika, a bezoar; a talisman; a term of endearment. MXsuara, Skr. Maheswara; Siva. misui, a tree with a fragrant bark used medicinally (cortex sp.) mUta, Skr. uncontrollable; mad (of an elephant); gajah m., a rutting elephant. mntapal, = mnrtapal. mftbrai, see tEra. m;tu, = m.utu. mewah, excess, over-abundance, overflowing prosperity; kemewahan, id. mewek, pursing up the mouth to cry; pouting. miang, the fine hair-like pieces of bamboo seen when a bamboo is split or broken; the smart created by them or by a nettle; ticklish; itchi. ness; lasciviousness; m. gatal, extreme itchiness or lustfulness. miap, miap-tiap, every, each-cf. tiap. midar, =- mngidar, from idar, q.v. mihrab, Ar. the niche in a mosque indicating the direction in which Mecca lies. mika, = mega, II. Mikael, Ar. the Archangel Michael. milam, an old man or old woman. milek, Ar. property, possession; grant m., a freehold title. mrmbar, Ar. a sort of pulpit or lectern in a Malay mosque.

Page  146 MIMPI 146 MOTA mimpi, dream, dreaming; bgrmimpi, to dream. mina., Skr. the sea; gajah m., the sea-elephant or leviathan; the whale. minat, = menat. minggu, Port. week; hari M., Sunday. mints, requesting; applying for; asking for; in. ampun, to beg pardon; m. tabek, to ask to be excused; m. doa, to pray for any person or thing; mnminita, to request; prmnintaan, a request-cf. pinta. minum, drinking; makan dan n., eating and drinking; n. madat, opium smoking; m. rokok, smoking; minuman, a drink; miminum, to drink; pemiznum, a man given to drink. minyak, oil, fat, ointment, grease; m. gas, kerosene oil; m. ikan, train oil; m. jarak, castor-oil; m. kachang, ground-nut oil; m. kalapa, coconut oil; m. sapi, suet; m. tanah, crude petroleum; m. zetun, olive-oil. mipis, = nipis. mirah, batu mirah, a ruby, a carbuncle, a jacinth. miring, = inereng. misa, Skr. buffalo; an ancient Javanese title; = mahisa. misai, moustache; in. bWrtaring, a moustache with fiercely turned-up ends; m. Iebat, a drooping moustache. misal, Ar. example, instance; misalnya, for instance. Misir, Ar. negeri Misir, Egypt. miskal, Ar. a weight of about 1l drachms. miskin, Ar. poor; poverty. misoh, Jav. to abuse, to scold. misru, shot with gold (of cloth); cloth shot with gold thread. mistar, Ar. a ruled line; an instrument for ruling lines, mithal, = misal. modal, Tam. capital for working a business; makan m., to live on one's capital. modar, mati modar, to die chokedin imprecations of a violent end. modin, Ar. a circumciser. moga, moga-noga, would that; might it be; may it be. mogah, adultery, fornication; also nmukah. moh, = emboh. mo, brmohon, roho, o take one's leave; to depart-cf. pohon. mohor, Pers. the stamp or die-mark on a coin. mola, = mula. molek, charming, pretty. molong, buah inolong, a sweetmeat resembling the buah nelaka. mo'mit, the movements of the mouth in speaking or eating. momok, blunt. momong, = nongnong. monchong, snout-shaped; a snout; mi. cherek, the spout of a kettle. mondok, short and thick; stumpycf. montok. monggok, rising in the form of a dome; protuberant (as a small mound); batu m., a cairn. monggol, knotty, gnarled (of a tree). monggor, = mongkor. mongkok, =monggok. mongkor, a litter or sedan-chair (mentioned in romances). mongmong, (onom.) a small brass gong (laid on the ground and beaten). montok, short in proportion to its length; stumpy-cf. mondok. monyet, a monkey; "monkey " (as a term of abuse). mopeng, pock-marked; also bopeng. morah, = murah. morang, -== mrang. moreng, = choreng-moreng, streaked with dirt in all directions-cf. cho. reng. morong, I. gloomy, despondent, des. pairing, miserable. II. a cookingpot. III. a medicinal plant (scirpus grossus). mota, a coarse sail-cloth.

Page  147 MO'TABAR 147 MULUT mo'tabar, Ar. worthy, excellent, honourable. moyang, great-grandfather or greatgrandmother; nenek m., ancestors. moyangda, a respectful form of moyang, great-grandfather. mozah, Pers. shoes, boots (in literature only). mu, you; = kamu. mua, disgust, abhorence; also muak. muafakat, Ar. agreement, arrangement, settled plan; bermuafakat, to meet in conference; to settle by discussion; to agree upon; also nmupakat and pakat. muak, disgust, nausea; also nua. mual, to expand; swelling out (of rice when boiled). muslim, Ar. a learned man; an expert; a navigator-cf. rmalim. muara, the estuary of a river; = kuala. muat, loading cargo; muatan, cargo; bermuat, to be laden with; nmuatkan, to load with. muazam, Ar. awe-inspiring, majestic, sublime; sultan al-muazam, the august sultan-i.e. the Sultan of Turkey. mubarak, Ar. blessed. mubut, fragile, weak. muda, young, unripe, light (of colouring), much alloyed (of metals); iaja m., the heir-apparent; mas in., much-alloyed gold; merah vt., light red. mudah, easy, light, trivial; dengan mudah-nya, easily; mudah-mudahan, perhaps; possibly; would that; mudahkan or mrnmudahkan, to render easy, painless, or light; piprmudahkan, to treat as of little account, to slight. mudek, travelling up stream. mud6li, an obsolete musical instrument. mudi, rear, stern, rudder; juru mi., the steersman; kMmudi, a rudder; k/mudian, after, subsequently. mufti, Ar. a specialist in law and theology; a doctor of Muhammadan law; a sort of chief justice. mugah, = mogah. muhabat, Ar. love. muhallil, Ar. an intermediate husband required by Muhammadan law to render the remarriage of fully divorced persons legal. Muharram, Ar. the first month of the Muhammadan year. mujarrab, Ar. tried; tested by experience; trusty. mujur, fortunate; good luck; good fortune; kcimujuran, id. muka, face, countenance, visage, front; m. papan, brazen-faced impudence; m. manis, pleasant look; m. surat, a page; di-in. pintu, in front of the door; ayer qn., expression, look; chahaya m., id.; seri m., the charm of the countenance; muka-muka, feigned feelings, hypocritical airs. mukaddis, Ar. bait-ul-mukaddis, the heavenly city. mukah, fornication, adultery; also inogah. mukim, Ar. a parish; a territorial division; the area served by one mosque of general assembly. mukun, a bowl or cup. mula, commencement, beginning, source; inula-mula, to begin with; firstly; sa-mula, as at first; sa-bermula, in the first place; mulai, to commence, to begin; mgmulai, id.; permulaan, commencement, beginning. mulas, mulas pi-ut, griping pains in the stomach-cf. pulas. malia, Skr. illustrious, glorious; kain yang m., a mantle of splendid appearance; maha-mulia, most illustrious; most exalted; prrmuliakan, to honour; to treat with distinction; kgmuliaan, a mark of honour or distinction. mulut, mouth; mannis m., soft-spokeno

Page  148 MUMBANG 148 MUSLIM panjang m., loquacious; s8dap m., fair-spoken; bawa m., tale-bearing. mum.bang, the young coconut; the nut in its early stages of development. mumboug, loaded above the gunwale (of a ship or boat). mumin, Ar. devout, religious, Godfearing; Amir-ul-mumin in, Commander of the Faithful, Caliph. nmuant, beating (as the pulse or fontanel); throbbing. munajat, Ar. private devotions. munchong, -- monchong. mundlam, a large wash-tub of earthenware. munarn, a tree (garcinia dulcis). munduur, to retreat; = m~ngundur, from undur. mungkir, Ar. to deny, to repudiate a statement, to refuse. mungkum, dome-shaped, covering like a dome. munglat, to totter. mnunshi, Hind. a teacher of languages. muntah, vomiting; muntahkan, to vomit up; muntahkan darah, to vomit blood-believed to be the result of an evil spirit's work and consequently imprecated as a curse. mnuntri, = mSntlri. mupahat, Ar. agreement; decision after consultation; bgrmupakat, to agree upon a course; also muafakat and pakat. mura, ular mura, a venomous snake (lachesis purpureomaculatus, black variety, or naia sputatrix)-cf. bura. murah, generous, good-hearted, liberal; cheap; lagi murah, lagi ditawar, the more I reduce, the more he bargains! maha-murah, all-generous (of God); kimurahan, generosity. murai, burong murai, the magpierobin (copsychus saularis); mn. batu, the shama (cittocincla macrura); m. gajah, the fairy blue bird (irena cyanaea); m. gila, a name given to fantail fly-catchers (rhipadura spp.) murang, Port. the match (applied to a cannon). muri, I. Pers. a flute or clarionet of metal. II. moire-cloth. murid, Ar. pupil, disciple; anaki m., id. murka, Skr. wrath, anger; the wrath of God or of a prince; murkai, to be angered; murkaklan, to be angry with (a person). mursal, Ar. one sent; an apostle. murtad, Ar. renegade;.the abandon. ment of the true faith. murup, fiery (of colouring); brilliant. Musa, Ar. nabi Musa, Moses. musafar, Ar. a traveller. musang, a generic name for civets; m. akar, the small-toothed palm-civet (arctogale leucotis); m. babi, the water-mongoose (herpestes brachy. urus); m. batu, the zebra civet-cat (arctogale leucotis); = m. akar; m. buah, the tiger-civet (prionodon gracilis); m. bulan, the white-whiskered palm-civet (paradoxurus leucomystax); n. j~bat, the Indian civet (viverra zibetha); m. mSngkuang, = m. pandan; m. pandan (the civet paradoxurus hermaphroditus); m. tWbgrau, a dark civet (probably paradoxurus niger); m. tgnggalong, the Burmese civet (viverra megaspila); Pa' Musang, a legendary person, whose extraordinary good luck always got him out of the scrapes into which his impulsive and foolish disposition plunged him. mushkil, Ar. difficult. ulshtari, Ar. bintang Mushtari Jupiter. muslim, Ar. season; monsoon; n. hujan, the rainy season; m. k.S marau, the dry season; m. utara, the north-east monsoon. muslihat, Ar. resource, stratagem, means; = daya or upaya. Muslim, Ar. Moslem, Muhammadan,

Page  149 MUSOH 149 NAHU musoh, a public enemy; a national foe; bsrmusoh dVngan, to be at war with; p8rmusohan, a state of war. mustaed, Ar. in working order; ready for use; ready. mustahil, Ar. foolish, absurd, incredible, ridiculous. mustajab, Ar. efficacious; sure to act (of a medicine). mustakim, Ar. upright, sincere. mutabir, = mo' tabar. mutia, Skr. pearl; siput m., motherof-pearl shell; intan in., diamonds and pearls-cf. mutiara. mutiara, Skr. a pearl; indong m., the pearl oyster; mother-of-pearl; ayam m., a guinea-fowl. mutu, I. sad, sorrowful, melancholy, brooding; berhati m., id. II. a pearl. III. Tam. a measure of the purity of gold; mas sa.puloh m., 24 carat gold. muyu, buah muyu, a black and sour fruit (species unidentified). N, Ng, Ny naam, Ar. yes; certainly; so it is. nabi, Ar. prophet; n. Ibrahim, Abraham; n. Idris; Enoch; n. Isa, Jesus; nabi-nabi, the starfish of seven points-cf. tapak sulaiman. nadar, = nadzar. nadi, = Skr. the arterial pulse. nadir, I. ptrahu nadir, a large Malacca type of sea-going fishingboat. II. Ar. inspector, supervisor, overseer; = nadzir. nadzar, Ar. a vow a promise made to God. nadzir, Ar. an overseer, a superintendent, an inspector; also nadir. nafas, Ar. breath, respiration; nSnarek n., to breathe; bgrnafas, id.; also napas. nafi, I. Ar. expulsion, banishment; nafikan, to expel. II. Ar. advantageous, profitable, spiritually useful. nafiri, Pers. a long narrow trumpet solemnly blown at a coronation, and so one of the jealously guarded ap. purtenances of Malay royalty. nafkah, Ar. means of livelihood; a living; WSnchari n., to seek a livelihood; mnndapat n., to earn a livelihood. nafsu, Ar. lust, passion, the promptings of the flesh; hawa n., id.; Matnaihan T., to bridle one's passions. naga, Skr. a dragon, a snake of supernatural size; chula n., the horn of a dragon; gnmala n., the luminous bezoar with which a dragon lights its way; n. balun, a dragon that kills by lashing with its tail; n. berapi, a fire-breathing dragon; n. bura, a snake that spits out venom on its foes (naia sputatrix?); n. g~ntala, a gigantic dragon that lies still and simply sucks its prey into its mouth-see also below: n. umbang, a huge marine dragon; n. bgrjuang, n. bSrsiru and n. gBntala, names of patterns (converging, di. verging and parallel lines, respectively); n. naga, (1) a dragon-shaped figure-head; (2) the keelson; pSrahu kakap n., a boat with a dragon-shaped figure-head. nagasari, a tree yielding a pretty flower (messua ferra). nah, there!-an interjection. nahak, tWruahak, excited (of appetite, lust, or desire). nahas, Ar. ill-starred; foredoomed to misfortune; saat yang n., an unlucky hour. nahi, Ar. the forbidden; w. Allah, what God has forbidden. nahn, Ar. grammar-i.e. Arabic in. flexions.

Page  150 NAIB 150 NASIB naib, Ar. deputy; n. cali, a kali's deputy; n. raja, a viceroy. naik, ascent, motion upwards; n. raja or n. kWrajaan, to ascend the throne; n. kIreta, to mount up into a carriage; n. darat, to go ashore; n. haji, to go on the pilgrimage to Mecca; tdngah n., half-grown; ktnaikan, a mount; a steed or vehicle. najis, Ar. filth; things which defile; kacna n., to incur pollution; kllakuan yang n., filthy habits. alk, = hhndak. naka, part-singing; singing in alternation. nakal, perverse, mischievous; bUrnakal or mWnakal, to commit mischief in sheer wantonness. nakhoda, Pers. the master of an Arab or Persian trading-ship. nal, (Dutch) wad. naleh a measure of capacity, = 16 gantang. nali, I. a turn to play, an innings in a Malay game. II. - naleh. nama, Skr. name, designation, renown; nana-nya Muhammad, he was named Muhammad; bgroleh n., to obtain renown; namai and narnakan, to name; bUrnama, by name, named; kenamaan, reputation, renown; tgrnama, famous. nambi, an ulcerating disease of the feet. namnamn, a fruit tree (cynometra cauliflora). nampak, to see; to be visible-cf. tampak. nampal, marl; also napal. nan, who, which, that-a poetic equivalent of yang. nanah, matter, pus. nanai, a monkey (in the language of magic). nanar, giddy; silly (as the result of a blow); wild behaviour (as the result of illness). manas, the pine-apple (ananassa spp.) nanda, = anakacda, nandong, tupai nandong, the large squirrel (sciurus bicolor). nang, = nan and yang. nangak, a trunkless palm (unidentified). nangka, the jack-fruit (artocarpus integrifolia). nangui, dwarf; babi n., a name given to the half-grown wild-pig; anak n., a dwarf. naning, a large wasp. nanti, awaiting, to await; (in bazaar Malay) shall, will; nantikan, to await, to wait for; menanti, to sit waiting. napal, marl; also nampal. napas, Ar. breath, respiration; also nafas. napi, inability to notice; absentmindedness; unconsciousness of one's surroundings. napoh, the larger chevrotin (tragulus napu). nara, Skr. hero, man (only occuring in titles). naracha, = nracha. naraka, Skr. hell; api n., the fires of hell. narwastu, spikenard; frankincense. nasab, Ar. race, descent, family, origin. nasar, Ar. burong nasar, the vulture. nasek, nasek-nasek, a generic name for many plants (especially eugenia zeylanica). nasi, boiled rice; makan n., to dine; n. hadap-hadap, the rice consumed at a wedding feast [if the bride is a widow, it is called nasi damai]; n. kabuli, " pillau" rice; n. kukus, steamed rice; n. kuning, rice cooked with saffron; n. lemak, rice cooked in coconut water; n. minyak, rice cooked in oil or mutton-fat; An pglabur, rations; n. pulau, = n. kabuli; n. tambah, a second helping of rice; n. tanak, plain boiled rice. nasib, Ar. fortune, luck, destiny, lot in life; sudah untong n., it is my

Page  151 NASIHAT 151 NILAI destiny; n. malang, extreme bad luck; inrmmbawa n., to trust to luck; to risk one's all. nasihat, Ar. advice; the moral of a story; menasihat, to advise. naskah, Ar. original text (editio princeps). Nasrani, Ar. " Nazarene"; Christian (especially Roman Catholic); also Serani. nata, Skr. lord, prince; sang-n., the king. natang, Siam. a French window. natar, smooth, level; = rata; also datar. nati, a fool, a blockhead. nau, a palm (arenga saccharifera). naung, shade; shelter from the sun; shelter generally; naungi or menaungi, to give shelter to; bUrnaung, to take shelter. nayam, the blade of a ploughshare. nazam, Ar. order, composition, arrangement; = karangan. neemat, Ar. a delight; a pleasure; a joy; anything pleasant to the taste. nega, = neka. negara, I. Skr. city, town-a poetic variant of negiri. II. Ar. a kettledrum (included among the insignia of Malay royalty). n6g6ri, Skr. town, city, state. neka, Skr. kinds, species; slrba n., various; also aneka. nulayan, Tam. a fisherman. n6nas, = nanas. nenda, a respectful variant of nenek, grandfather or grandmother. nenek, grandfather, grandmother; n. moyang, ancestors. nenenda, = nenda. nenes, brnenes, to ooze out (of pus). nentiasa, Skr. sa-nentiasa, always, at all times [usually in the forms sunrntiasa or sentiasa.] nxracha, a balance; a sensitive pair of scales. nesan, Pers. a grave-stone. n6schaya, certain, sure, inevitable, must be, must come about. nusta, = nista, nEstapa, Jav. and Skr. sorrow, misfortune, suffering. nBtiasa, = nentiasa. ngada, mengada-ngada, to be boastful or puffed up with conceit. ngadah, tengadah, looking upwards. nganga open, agape (of the jaws). ngangut, mnigangut, to mutter to oneself. ngap, (onom.) ngap-ngap, panting, catching at one's breath. ngeh, (onom.) to blow the nose; also nyeh. ngblu, aching (of the head). ngbngap, = ngap-ngap. ngSran, displeasure, annoyance, irritation, anger. ngbras, Jav. sour, rancid; unpleasant. ng6ri, fear, alarm, panic; terrifying. ngfriap, mngngeriap, to swarm. ngbring, (onom.) the sound of ringing. nggrong, (onom.) the sound of beating gongs. ngiau, mengiau, to mew (of a cat). ngilu, " on edge " (of the teeth). ngungap, (onom.) to pant. ngut-ngut, moping. ni, an abbreviation of ini, q.v. niaga, see bUrniaga. niat, Ar. desire, wish, longing, aspiration; niatkan, to will. niaya, = aniaya. nibong, the well-known palm (oncos. perma tigillaria). nika, = neka. nikah, Ar. wedding; marriage ceremony; nikahkan or munikahkan, to wed two other people together; bUrnikah, to be married oneself. nila, Skr. deep blue, sapphire, indigo; pSrmata n. or n. kndi, the sapphire. nilai, appraising, valuing; nilaikan, to appraise, to value; tiada ternilai, invaluable.

Page  152 NILAM: 152: NYIUR ziilam, I. the patchouli (pogostemon patchouli). II. Tam. the sapphire; batu n., id. nilau, a plant (cupania pallidula). nilur, perisai nilur, a long oval shield. lin, this-a poetical variant of ini. ning, = ing. nipah, the well-known trunkless palm (nipa fruticans). nipis, tenuous, thin; limau n., the lime (citrus acida). hira, the fresh juice of the palm (from which spirit is made by fermentation). niru, a sieve; also nyiru. nischaya, = nuschaya. nista, Skr. insult, abuse. nobat, Pers. a hemispherical kettledrum included in the appurtenances of royalty. noga, a shell (turbinella conigera). ioja, a servant or caretaker in a mosque; daun n., a herb used in dyeing (peristrope montana). hoktah, Ar. a diacritical mark, a vowel-point, a dot. aona, I. Jav. an unmarried daughter of a European or Chinese. II. buah nona, the custard-apple (anona squa. mosa); n. kapri, the " bullock's heart" fruit (anona reticulata). nonash, = nona. nonam, a shell (murex sp.) nong, a title given to distant descendants of a prince. lionong, monoong, to walk with uncertain feet. nonya, a designation given to respectable Chinese and Eurasian married women; also nyonya. no'reng, a vulture. nu, that;= itu. nugbraha, = anuggrah. tujum, Ar. astrological tables; ahlu. 7n-.ujum, astrologers. ukttah, = noktah. Ottu, Ar. ikan nun, the " whale" that swallowed Jonah. aur, Ar. light. nuracha, = -ngracha. nuraka, = naraka. nurbisa, an antidote to venom. nuri, a parrot, a lory. nurmala, faded; = mala. nus, the sepia or cuttle-fish. nya, its, his, her-a possessive pro. noun of the third person. nyah, disappearance, vanishing. nya', Jav. a term of endearment; (in Deli) a mistress. nyala, shining, resplendent; bernyala, to shine. nyaman, feeling "fib"; healthful; a sense of personal enjoyment. nyamok, a mosquito. nyampang, sa-nyampang, the more. nyanyi, singing; bgrnyanyi, to sing; indgyanyi, id. nyanyok, dull, in one's dotage. nyapang, a friend, a companion. nyarap, to plug or cork up anything. nyaring, clear; distinct (of utterance); shrill (of the voice). nyaris, nearly, all but, just short of. nyata, Skr. clear, obvious, plain, manifest; nyatakan or minyatakan, to make clear, to show. nyatoh, a valuable timber-tree (payena costata). nyawa, soul, life, spirit; "my life" (as a term of endearment). nybdar, sound (of sleep). nybdera, = nygdar. nyeh, (onom.) to blow the nose; also ngeh. nynbyai, coarsely woven (of cloth). nyenyen, teasing, "badgering," worrying. nyilu, = ngilu. nyireh, a sea-shore tree (carapa moluccana). nyiru, a sieve; also niru. nyiur, a coconut; pokok ny., a coco. nut-tree; ny. ladeh, a coconut, the water of which has coagulated into a pulp; ny. di-makan bulan, a coco. nut without water in it; ny. mumbang, the very young coconut; niy,

Page  153 NYOLO 153 ONGGAL semantan, the coconut when the water can be heard on the nut being shaken; ny. sungkuran, the nut before the shell has commenced to harden; ny. tahan kukur, the nut when the shell is hardening but the water cannot be heard. nyolo, a brazier. nyongkom, cuddling over. nyonya, a designation given to Chinese and Eurasian married women; also nonya. nyonyeh, old and toothless. nyonyong, blown out; swollen up; inflamed. nyonyot, pulling at the breast. uyut, the throbbing of a boil or of ' the fontanel. 0 oak, = kuak, II. obat, drug, medicine, chemical; a magical potion, philtre, or mixture; o. sakit kepala, a cure for headache; o. bldil, gunpowder; o. guna, a philtre; tukang o., a vendor of magical simples; an apothecary; obat-obatan, drugs generally; c bati, to apply a remedy; pengobat, a remedy. ochok, stirring up by teasing or talebearing; exciting; mischief-making. odoh, ugly, unsightly, offensive to the eye. Ogah, Hind. a hookah, a hubblebubble; also hukah. ogak, ogak-ogak, a jester, a practical joker. ogaml, pengogam, a scraper; pengogam mayang, a borer or cutter for extracting palm sap; p ng og a r sampah, a sort of broom. Ogok, stinginess. oh, an interjection of sudden recollection (oh-! I have it!) or to call another's attention (ho, there!). oja, mengoja, to excite cocks to attack each other. olah, way of doing things, manner, method; excuse, attitude taken up; banyak o., capricious, variable; o.elah, duplicity sa-olah-olah, about the same as; similar to. olak, an eddy or agitation on the water; o.-alek, backwards and for. wards. oleh, by means of, through the medium of, owing to; oleh-nya, by him; beroleh, to obtain-cf. boleh. olek, = ulit. oleng, the rocking or rolling of a boat. olok, joking, jesting; mengolok-olok, to chaff; burong o.-o., the booby (sula leucogaster). olon, = ulun. ombak, a wave, a billow; berombak, to roll in waves; to surge; mabok o., sea-sick. omong, I. a mark to indicate that a place is reserved by a man for the erection of fishing-stakes. II. mWngomnong, to meet together; to gossip. ompang, ompang-ompang, miscellaneous articles carried about by a trader (as gifts to chiefs, etc.) ompok, I. a method of printing on cloth. II. a border sewn on to a piece of embroidery. onak, barbed thorns; the " wait-a. bit" thorn-cf. sonak and duri. ouam, = unam. onar, honar. ondeh, ondeh-ondeh, sweetened dumplings of dough rolled in coconut scrapings. oneng, oneng-oneng, remote descendants. ong, = hong. onggal, onggok-onggal, swaying, rocking.

Page  154 ONGGOK 154 PADAT onggok, I. onggok-onggal, swaying, rocking. II. beronggok-onggok, in small heaps or clusters. ongka = ungka. ongkak, posts (in a boat's bows) to which the cable is secured. ongkos, (Dutch) outlay, expenses, charges (especially travelling expenses). onis, pallor, loss of colour; puchat o., id. onta, Hind. a camel; burong o., an ostrich. ontang, = untang. onyak, onyak-anyek, vacillating, undecided; shaking (as a loose tooth). opas, I. (Dutch) a watchman. II. upas. opau, Ch. a sort of purse-pouch attached to the waist-belt. opor, Jav. cooking without vegetables or condiments; plain roasting or stewing. orak, unloosing, unwinding, uncoiling, undoing; nmngorak, to unfasten, to unfold. orang, a human being; a man or woman; people generally (especially in the sense of other people); o. Melayu, a Malay; kata o., people say; it is said; o. banyak, the multitude, the people; o. hutan, o. liar, or o. bukit, aboriginal tribesmen. ordi, Port. commands, instructions, orders; also rodi. orloji, = horloji. orlong, = relong. orok, (onom.) orok-orok, a number of perforated objects strung on a stick so as to rattle when the stick is shaken. otak, brains, marrow; o. tulang, the marrow. otar, = utar. otek, an edible salt-water fish (arins sp). p pa', father (expressed very familiarly). pachai, sandalwood dust sprinkled on a dead body to prepare it for the grave. pachak, I, spitting; sticking a sharppointed stick through something else. II. accustomed to; experienced in; versed in. pachal, slave of a slave; the humblest of the humble (a very self-depreciatory expression used as a pronoun of the first person). pachar, a kind of carpet mentioned in old romances. pachat, a leach. pachau, a talisman hung on a tree to make the fruit of that tree disagree with anyone who steals and eats it. paohu, goading on or spurring on (a horse); mdmachu, to spur on, pachul, squeezing or pressing out (as one presses matter out of a sore). pada, I. Skr. seri pada, the holy feet of a prince; a royal title. II. sufficiency, adequacy, enough. III. by, at, near, in, according to; kapada, to; dari-pada, from; pada akhir-nya, finally. padah, memadah, to invite. padam, I. extinguishing; putting out (a light); (by metaphor) putting an end to evil feelings. II. Skr. a lotus; incrah p., lotus-red. padan, matching, fitting, harmo. nising; a match or peer. padang, a plain; an open space; p. saujana, a stretch of open country; p. jarak, p. tekukur, a tract of waste land. padat, cramming, crushing into a small space, stuffing.

Page  155 PADAU 155 PALA padau, layar padau, a storm-sail. padbri, Port. a Christian priest; a clergyman. padi, rice in the husk; p. tenggala, seed rice; semangat p., the spirit of life in the padi. padok, a crease or starting line used in playing Malay games. padorng, a short shoot or projection from the stem of a creeper. padu, I. welding together, hammering together. II. berpadu, to sweep by each other (of birds on the wing). paduka, Skr. a royal title derived from the fact that the subject addresses the raja's feet, being unworthy to address the prince himself; paduka, literally means " shoe." paedah, = faedah. pagan, solid; sturdy; strongly built. pagar, a fence; a pallisading; a row of stakes or palings; p. anak, (1) the palings leading to an elephant corral; (2) a tree (ixonanthes oborata); bunga p., the common lantana (lantana camara). pagi, morning; in the morning; early. pagu, a ceiling; di-atas p., in the loft. pagut, the peck of a bird, the bite of a small fish or snake; to peck out. paha, the thigh of a man; the ham of an animal; a quarter or fourth part; jantong p., the fleshy part of the thigh; pangkal p., the upper portion of the thigh. pahala, Skr. profit, gain, advantage. paham, Ar. knowledge, acquaintance; to be well-versed in, to know well; salah p., misunderstanding. pahar, a large salver of metal resting on a stand or on legs. pahat, a chisel; carving with a chisel; p. jantan, a chisel with a narrow deep blade; p. kuku, a gouge; p. lebar, a chisel with a flat broad and shallow blade. pahit, bitter. pahlawan, Pers. champion, leader in war; johan p., world-champion. pai, belum pai, not yet, = belurn sampai. pais, fish cooked in banana leaves. pajak, (Dutch) farm, monopoly; p. chandu, the opium farm; p. gadai, the pawnbroking farm; a pawnshop. pajar, = fajar. pajoh, gluttonous eating; guzzling. pak, father; = pa'. pakai, using or wearing anything; assuming, adopting, employing; memakai, to wear, to use; pakaian, clothes, garments. pakak, ulun pakak, a name given to a class of imported shells from Celebes (conus spp.) pakal, caulking. pakan, I. the woof; tirai yang berpakan kan as, curtains shot with gold. II. invulnerability caused by magical drugs. pakat, Ar. arrangement by conference; agreement; settlement; berpakat, to agree upon; to conspire to. pakau, a cross-piece in a bucket or well. pakir, Ar. a poor man; a mendicant; also fakir. paksa, I. compulsion, force; meinaksa, to compel. II. auspicious, lucky, favourable. paksi, I. Skr. a bird (expressed poetically). II. = paksa, II. paksina, Jav. the north; dari daksina datang ka-paksina, from the south to the north. paku, I. a spike, a nail; terpaku, nailed; firmly affixed to. II. a generic name for the fern filex, and for plants resembling it. pal, I. a tack (in sailing); berpal, to beat about, to tack. II. (Dutch) the Dutch " pole" as a measure of length. pala, I. Skr. buah pala, the nutmeg (myristica fragrans); halwa p.,

Page  156 PALAM 156 TPANDAK nutmegs in syrup. II. pala-pala, thoroughly, genuinely, properly; sapala-pala, as thoroughly as possible. palam, plugging up the lower orifices of the body (abaimana) before burial. palang, position across or athwart; kayu p., the cross-bar on a buffalo's horns-cf. alang. palar, grasping (as a prince who expects rich presents). palas, a generic name for the fan. palms known as licualas (the leaves of which are used by Malays as cigarette-wrappers). palat, an instrument for punishing schoolboys. palau, a cicatrix or other prominent mark facilitating identification. paling, looking or turning aside; bgrpaling, to look aside-cf. palis. palis, turning away the head-e.g. as a modest girl when compliments are paid her-cf. paling. palit, smearing, smudging; mlmalit, to smudge or smear. palita, = pelita. palkah, the hatch of a ship. paloh, a hollow filled with stagnant water; a pool. palong, a trough for watering or feeding animals. palsu, Port. false, forged, counterfeit (of money, notes, etc.) palu, striking with a stick or bar or other rigid cylindrical body. paint, enwrapping, = balut. pamah, low-lying (of ground). paman, maternal uncle; a familiar form of address to persons a good deal older than oneself. pampaung, stretching out before the eye; tUrpampang, extended. pamur, the damascening on a kris. pana, Ar. mortal, perishable; to die; also fana. panah, a bow; the use of a bow; (better anak p.) an arrow; panahan, archery; the shooting of arrows; nmranah, to shoot with a bow. panas, heat, warmth; p. hati, excitement; hujan p., rain when the sun is shining; roman p., prickly-heat. panau, discoloured patches (usually white spots) on the skin. pancha, Skr. five, multiple, varied; pancha-indEra, the five senses; p.logam, an alloy of several metals; p.-pgrsada, a bathing place (usually a temporary structure) for the celebration of a bathing-ceremony; p.roba, uncertain, fickle, changeable; p.-rona, or p.-warna, of many colours. panchalogam, see pancha. panchang, a long pole, pile, or stake driven into a river bottom (especially as a mooring-pole for light boats). panchapersada, see pancha. panchar, flowing out violently; gushing out; pouring out; kilat memanchar, the lightning flashing; ttrpanchar otak-nya, his brains were.blown out. pancharoba, see pancha. pancharona, see pancha. panchawarna, see pancha. panching, angling; fishing with hook and line; p. ikan, to fish. panchit, to ooze out; to gush forth in a thin stream. panchong, cutting off a projection; lopping; beheading; mimanchong, to lop off, to prune, to mutilate; panchongkan k pala, to behead. panchur, flowing (of water in pipes and conduits); flowing from the end of a pipe; panchuran ayer, a conduit. panchut, spouting or gushing out (of water). pandai, skilled; versed in; a craftsman; a mechanic; a skilled artificer;,industrial art; p. bgsi, a blacksmith; p. kayu, a carpenter; p. lukis, an engraver; p. mas, a goldsmith; ke. pandaian, learning, knowledge, skill. pandaik, short (in a limited number of expressions, the usual word being pendek); ktris p., a short dagger.

Page  157 PANDAM 157 PANTAK pandam, fixing jewellery in resin to keep it steady when worked at. 'pandan, a generic name given to the smaller screw-pines (pandanacea), the leaves of which are used in making mats. pandang, gazing; looking fixedly at anything; seeing and observing (as opposed to merely glancing at); pandangan, observation, notice. pandawa, =- pnldawa. pandir, pa' pandir, the name of a legendary person who typifies a lucky fool. pandita, = pn1dita. pandu, a guide; a pilot; the leader of a dance. pangan, extensive tracts of forests; orang P., a name given to some aboriginal tribes. -pangeran, = pengeran. panggal, cutting or c h o p p i ng through, severing; panggalkan, to cut through, to decapitate, to sever; panggal tiga, cut into three pieces.,panggang, roasting, cooking, toasting; pgnmanggang, the roast. panggar, a scaffolding. panggau, a light raised framework used for drying fish-cf. panggar. panggil, summoning, calling, sending for; panggilkan, to have a man summoned; to send for; mimanggil; to summon. panggong, an erection on pillars; a stage; a raised flooring; p. aayang, the stage of a native theatre; dntdok bersila panggong, to cross one leg over the other-cf. panggar and panggan. -pangkah, I. cruciform; the mark of a cross; a caste-mark. II. Hind. a punkah.:pangkal, beginning; commencement; first stage or initial portion of anything; p. bahu, the shoulder; p. Ilngan, the upper arm; pangkalan, a landing place; the point where a traveller leaves the sea for a land journey, or vice-versa. pangkas, to crop the ends of anything. pangkat, grade, degree, rank, stage; bgrpangkat-pangkat, in grades, in stages; pangkaatkan, to confer rank on any person. pangking, Ch. a bedroom, a sleeping-place. pangkong, to pommel or pound with a heavy stick. pangku, breast, bosom; holding between the breast and the fore-arm; nurturing; fostering; pangktuan, the upper portion of the lap; the breast; mlmeangku., to hold to the breast; to nurture; penmangkc, a regent; pei1magku roja, id. pangkur, an instrument for scraping sago out of the tree-trunk. panglema, = penglima. pangling, failing to recognise or notice; overlooking. pangsa, a carpel of a durian; a natural "'slice" of an orange; a natural division in fruit. pangsi, the peg of a top. pangus, to spout, to blow (of a porpoise). panir, Pers. cheese. panjak, a drummer at a mna'yong. panjang, length; long, tall; umur p., long life; sa-panjang, all along; panjangkan, to lengthen. panjar, earnest-money; = chkngkWran. panjat, to climb (tree-trunks, ropes, masts, etc., but not hills or ladders or walls or trees from bough to bough). panji, I. panji-panji, a pennon, a long streamer. II. Jav. an ancient Javanese military grade; Sira P. the nomt de guerre of the great Javanese hero Radin Inu Kerttapati, Prince of Kuripan. panjut, tipped with white (a lucky marking)-of an animal's tail. pantai, a beach; the sea-shore. pantak, to drive a nail into a wall, a peg into a hole, etc.

Page  158 PANTANG 158 PARI pautang, prohibition; forbidding; the state of being forbidden; Vp. pemali, or p. larangan, tabooed. pantas, swift, speedy; p. mnulut, ready witted; sgperti kilat pantas. 'ya, swift as lightning. pantat, the base, the fundament, the buttocks. pantau, mqnmantau, to look up a person; to visit. pantek, striking together two hard substances; pemantek api, a flint and steel. panting, pontang-panting, topsyturvey, helter-skelter, scat t e r e d about. pantis, a sligh smear; touching up with colour or rouge. pantok, the combing on a Malay half-decked boat. pantul, pantul balek, to reboundof. antul. pantun, a quatrain, the first line of which rhymes with the third, and the. second with the fourth; berpantun, to extemporise a quatrain; sa-pantun, like, similar to; = seperti. panus, a candle-bracket. papa, Skr. poverty, pennilessness, destitution; p. kelana, a pauper vagabond; p. kgrma, a pauper by misfortune. papah, to totter along painfully and with support (as a sick or very aged man). papak, I. flat, even, without cavities or prominences. II. Jay. mWmapak, to receive, to welcome. III. = pepat. IV. crunching, mastication. papakbrma, see papa. papan, a plank; a board; flooring; p. batu, a slate; p. chatur, a chessboard; )p. mistar, a ruling-board; muka p., brazen-faced; tulang p., the lumnar vertebrae. papar, flat, smooth; the blunt side; the back (as opposed to the edge) of a blade; the flat of a horn (as opposed to its point). papas, removing or taking off objects -such as clothes, mats, kajang roofs, etc.; mnemapas khemnah, to furl up a tent. para, I. a shelf, rack, attic or framework of any sort raised above the flooring; arangp., soot. II. a collective prefix in expressions-such as: para-penggawa. III. sentry-go; orang p., a sentry; a constable on duty at a door. parah, severe, deadly (of a wound). parak, Ar. separation, barrier (especially the barrier between the male and female guests at a wedding). param, param-pararm (or peparam),_ a medicinal ointment used after a confinement. parang, I. a chopper; chopping;: cutting at; cleaving; p. chandong, a cleaver (the handle and blade of which are in one piece); p. puting, a very sharp chopper. II. ikan parang-parang, a fish (pristis sp.?) parap, a blow struck hammer-wise with the side of the fist; pemarap, the lower part of the fist. paras, I. appearance, looks (especially good looks). II. removing asperities; smoothing; nemmaras, to trim. parau, harshness or hoarseness of the voice-e.g. after much talking -cf. garau. pareh, dealing (cards); casting (lots); throwing (dice). parek, porak-parek, helter-skelter (in confusion). pari, a generic name for fish of the skate and ray type; p. beting (trygon sp.); p. daun (trygon sephen); p. dddap (eurogymnus asperrimus);. also p. kilikir; p. lalat (trygon arnmak); p. lang (aetobatis narariar); p. pauh (dicerobatis sp.); p. tandok (ceratoptera sp.); kikir p., a skate. skin grater; mgnikam p., to spear the ray; s9ngat p., the sting of theo ray.

Page  159 PARIT 159 PATING parit, a trench, a moat, a ditch, a drain, a canal for drainage. paroh, I. the beak of a bird. II. sa. paroh, a half. parong, I. keris parong, a keris with an exceptional number of curves. II. pokok parong, a plant (dysoxylon canliflorum). paru, I. the lungs; the gills of a fish. II. paru-paru, sweet fritters sold by street-hawkers. parut, I. a scar, a cicatrix. II. the process of rasping; mermarut, to rasp. pasah, Ar. pasah nikah, to dissolve a marriage. pasak, I. a peg, nail, or wedge; pasakkan sepatu kuda, to shoe a horse. II. mata pasak, blue or grey eyes. pasal, Ar. concerning; apa p., why; p. itu, for that reason; therefore; also fasal, q.v. pasang, I. pair; sa-pasang, a couple. II. the tidal flow; ayer p., the rising tide; penoh p., the full rush of the tide. III. sakit pasang-pasang, hydrocele. IV. putting into working order, motion, or use; to light (a lamp); to harness (a horse to a carriage); to fire (a cannon); to hoist (a flag). V. to be effective (of a blow); to penetrate or produce the intended result; k~na p., hitting a vital spot or hitting " full." pasar, Pers. a bazaar; a marketplace; also pSkan. pasek, wrong-headed; unwilling to behave properly (of a child) or to listen to reason (of an adult). pasiban, = psseban. pasir, sand; the sands by a sea; the beach; p. panjang, a long stretch of sandy beach; galah p., a short pole for punting over shallows; gula p., sugar in minute grains; ibu p., coarse-grained sand; mas p., gold dust (better mas urai); rumput p., a common weed (adenostema vis. co08wn), pasmen, (Dutch) a kind of lacework; passementerie. pasok, a troop, a body of men, a company; pasokan, a troop; a team; a side in a game; a gun-crew. pasong, stocks, shackles, fetters; Ipasongan, id.; rumnah pasong, a police station; also (Penang) balai. paspa, = puspa. pasu, a basin or bowl; a flower-pot; a wash-pot; a tub; p. bunlga, a flower-pot. patah, I. fracture, breakage, snapping asunder (used of rigid objects only being broken); p. arang, irreconcilable; kayu p. tulang, a plant (euphorbia tirucalli or moesa ramentacea); pata han, a broken fragment; patahan bengkarong, cramp; mngmatahkan, to break. II. a numeral coefficient for sayings, pieces of advice, etc.; tutur sa-patah, a single saying; pematah a piece of warning or advice. patar, a wooden rasp. patek, ' humble slave," a term of self-depreciation used as a pronoun of the first person when addressing a prince. pateri, solder. pati, I. Skr. a high officer of state; a term used as a component part of many old names and dignitiese.g. adipati. II. essence; extract; finest portion; "cream" of anything. III. death-the old root of mati. patil, I. a small adze for roughly planing what has been rough-hewn with a hatchet. II. The feeler or antenna of an insect. patin, an edible fish (unidentified). patiUg, I. a stone-hewer's chisel. II. a peg [used especially of pegs driven into a tree to facilitate climbing or into the gunwale of a boat so as to allow of a temporary gunwale (rubing) being affixed to them].

Page  160 PATOK 160 PfEDAH patok, the peck (of a bird); the bite (of a snake); mematok, to bite, to peck. patong, I. a puppet, an image, a doll; wayang p., a puppet-show; empama p., statuesque; ringgit p., the pillardollar. II. ikan patong, a fish (selundia sykesii). patut, right, fitting, proper, suitable; ta'-p., unfair, improper; patutan, harmony, suitability; m nmatutkan, to settle, to put right. pauh, I. a species of wild-mango; p. janggi, a tree (cocos maldiva) [believed by Malays to grow in the centre of the great ocean upon a bank which represents all that is left of a submerged continent]; buah p. janggi, a fruit (the shell of which is used as a beggar's bowl by Hindu mendicants); tasek p. janggi, the great ocean round the sunken bank above referred to; p. kijang, a large tree (irvingia malayana); pauh-pauh, a name sometimes given to trees of the evodia class. II. a quarter; a quarter-chupak as a measure for milk. pauk, lauk-pauk, all kinds of food (other than rice)-v. lauk. paunig, Port. bread (but especially applied to Chinese bread or nativemade biscuits, the usual word for ordinary bread being roti). paus, the whale; also ikan paus. pant, drawing (anything) towards oneself; hauling in; to be drawn to anything; to be attached, or attracted, or bound; bgrpaut, to cling to (as a drowning or struggling man clutches and clings). pawah, pay (especially pay according to profits or by piece-work and not as a daily wage, upah). pawai, the suite or train of a raja; the followers in a bridal procession. pawang, a man who practises some primitive industry (such as hunting, fishing or agriculture) by the aid of the black art; a witch-doctor; a man who combines magic and skill in the exercise of his profession; p. belat, p. jermal, p. kelong, and p. pitkat, practitioners of magic in connection with various kinds of fishing; p. gaharu and p. kapuzr, collectors of scented woods and camphor; p. gajah, an elephanttrapper. paya, a swamp, a marsh, a morass. payah, difficult (of work); serious (of illness); hard times. payang, a large sea-going fishingboat or small trading-boat. payar, perahu payar, a small warship (such as a revenue-cutter or portguard-ship. payau, brackish (of water); insipid, tasteless. payong, an umbrella; the head of a nail; shelter under an umbrella; p. ubur-ubur, a heavy-fringed umbrella; p. berapit, two small umbrellas borne side by side in the train of a prince; p. chetera, a canopy. payu, price, sale-price, precious; tiada tgrpayu, priceless, invaluable. pebean, see bea. p6chah, breakage into fragments; breaking open; breaking out; bursting; breaking up; spreading (of news); p. p-rang, the breaking of a line of battle; p. peloh, breaking out into perspiration; p. khabar, the news spread; p~chahkan or mgmechahkan, to break anything up. pechak, crushed flat or sunken in (of roundish objects). pechat, to remove from office; to get rid off; to dismiss; to deprive; di - p9chatkan Allah makanan - mu, may God deprive you of food. pechut, a whip; whipping on. p6da, preserved fish, = budu. pfdada, a tree (sonneratia acida); also bgrgmbang. p6dah, a hint, a suggestion, a premonition.

Page  161 PPJDAKA 161 PPLANCHAR pbdaka, Skr. a collar with pendants attached to it as ornaments. pedal, the gizzard. p6dang, a sword; a sabre; p. kirajaan, a sword of state. p6dap, sucking up moisture; kertas p., blotting-paper. pbdar, rancid (of taste). pcdas, pungent (of taste); biting, acrid. p6dati, a wheeled vehicle; a car or waggon of any sort; p. merian, a gun-carriage; p. kerbau, a buffalocart. pedeh, smarting (in the eyes, or nose, or ears); hati p., an angry feeling. p6dena, a large wide-mouthed jar or tub (usually of earthenware). p6d6ndang, I. kain pedendang, braid. II. burong pdclndang, a bird (heliopais personata)-cf. dindang. pedewakan, a Bugis trading ship. p6diah, Ar. a fine; = diat. pedoman, a compass. pedukang, a fish (unidentified). peduli, Ar. to care, to concern oneself; sahaya tiada p., I do not care. pedur, lameness caused by a bent shinbone. p6gaga, = pienggaga. pfgan, terpigan, silent in meditation; also terpegun. p6gang, holding, grasping, controlling; di-pegang-nya tangan, his hand was grasped; kata tidak di-pegang. nya, he does not keep to his promises; pTgangan, hold, control, occupation; berpegang, attached to, adhering to; mgnmegang, to hold, to grasp. p6gar, ayam pegar, the fireback pheasant (lophura rufa). p6gas, to beat its wings (of a bird). p6gawai, an officer in charge; a district officer or government agent. p6gi, = pergi. pbgun, terpegun, silent in meditation; also t1rpegan. pehak, = pihak. plhala, = pahala. p6jal, firm (of flesh); not easily pressed or pinched. p6jam, closing the eye. p6jbra, the sighting-bead of a gun. p6ka, noticing, regarding, attaching importance to. p6kacha, ratna pekacha, a term of endearment; = gem of purity? pbkak, hard of hearing, deaf. p6kaka, a generic name for kingfishers, and also (peka7ca hutan or p. rimba) for barbets. [The kingfisher is also called raja udang in the south.] pfkakas, = perkakas. pekan, I. a market; an emporium; bunga p., a flower (jasmliniumn grandiflorum'). II. = pcgl i,. pgkasam, a strong-smelling preserve of fish. p6kat, sticky and thick (of liquids); strong (of coffee). p6kau, a (meaningless) cry of excitement. p6kek, a shrill cry or scream; jerit p., screams and shrieks; milemleke, to scream out. p6k6rti, Skr. nature, disposition, character; budi p., id., especially of good disposition. pekin, pondering; puzzling a thing out-cf. pekan II, or pegan. pekok, twisted (of the arm). pekong, a name for a class of foul. smelling ulcers. pekong, Ch. a joss. p6kur, terpekur, = tefekur, q.v. p6labur, see labur. pelaga, buah pelaga, the cardamom (armomum cardanmomaun). pblahap, gluttonous, voracious. plamin, see lanin. plampong, a floating mark; the floats of a net; a float marking the position of an anchor. p1lana, Pers. a saddle; alas p., a saddle-cloth; a numnah. p6lanchar, a joist or cross-beam joining together the foundation. pillars of a house.

Page  162 PtLANDOK 162 PRMAJANTGAN plandok, the smaller chevrotin (tragulus kanchil); also kanchil. pilang, coloration in stripes; bdndera bgrpglang tiga, a tricolour. pelang, a native galley or barge. pblaingi, a rainbow. pblangking, a palanquin. pblantar, flooring, staging. pblantek, see lantek. pglanting, berpilantingan, rolling over and over, falling and rebounding. p6lasari, a medicinal shrub (alyxia sp.) pblasoh, a ne'er-do-weel, a worthless idler. pelat, peculiarities of intonation; provincial accent; brogue. pelata, ikan pelata, a fish (unidentified). p6latok, a generic name for woodpeckers; also belatok. pglawas, akar pelazas, a plant (calycopteris floribunda). pblbagai, varied (of different sorts) -cf. bagai. p6lbaya, an executioner; = pertanda. pblecheh, wheedling, cozening with fair words, flattering. pblechok, a strain caused by a false step. pblek, I. curious; out of the common; valuable; barang yang p., curios. II. lacking in breeding; deficiencies in character. p61ikat, I. (Dutch), a placard. II. to caulk a ship. pblekat, kain pelekat, an Indian cloth-fabric. pbl1koh, I. bowed or bent (of the neck). II. a term of abuse. pblbmbaya, = pl1ibaya. p#lmpap, sa-plenmpap, a hand'sbreadth (as a unit of measurement); also sa-tlnmpap. pblenchet, t8rpelenchet, forced out by pressure (as matter from a boil). pbllpah, a frond; the branch-leaf of the trees of the palm type. pbler, = pelir. p6leset, gumming on; sticking on. p6lsit, a familiar spirit. [It is believed to be usually met with in the form of a cricket.] pelet, = petat. pblting, a piece of bamboo on which the thread is rolled up when weaving. pblias, see lias. p6lihara, Skr. cherishing; nurturing; bringing up; protecting; guarding; mmreliharakan, to nurture, to protect, to look after. pelinggam, marble or stone the veining of which offers a contrast of colour with the rest. p6lipis, the temples of the forehead; also pelipisan. pblir, batang pIlir, the penis; buah p., the testes; p. itek; a screw. plita, Pers. a lamp. p6loh, perspiration, sweat; berpeloh, to perspire; pechah peloh, to burst into a perspiration. pblohong, gaping open. p6lok, folding in the arms; embracing; berpolok, mnmglok, or pelokkan, to embrace; sa-pSmelok, an armful; as much as the arms can encompass. pelong, bent, warped. peluang, still, calm (of wind and weather). p6lupoh, to hammer out; to beat into a pulp; to flatten under a beating. p6lupok, pelupok mata, the eyelid; k= klopak mata. pgluru, Port. shot, bullets, cannonballs; p. besi lantai, cylindrical shot; p. bolang-baling, chain shot; p. jantong, shot with a cylindrical body but rounded or pointed at the end. p6majaugan, a state-bed (especially a bridal couch).

Page  163 PAjMALAM 163 PkNGKALAN p malam, to fill up a crack or crevice by pushing cloth or paper into it with a knife. pTmalap, to lower a wick; to lessen a flame. plmali, forbidden, tabooed; a prohi. bition; pantang p., id. pematang, a long stretch of high sandy soil in a rice-swamp; see also matang. pbmidang, a frame for embroidery. pmulras, a blunderbuss. penaga, a generic name for a number of trees (especially calophyllh? inophytllt). penah, = pernah. penaka, so to speak; as it were; if by any chance. Dpnakan, = peranakan from anak. p6nanggah, see tanggah. plnaram, Malay pastry containing meat or prawns. p6nat, weariness, exhaustion, labour, fatigue. pncchak, a sword-dance; silat p., id.; nmenenchak, to dance this dance (fencing with an imaginary opponent). plnchalang, a sea-going type of ship used by Bugis traders. penchang, = pinchang. pbnchil, detaching, separating from the main body; trlpenchil, separated, detached. penchong, out of line; swerved; crooked. p6nda, amending, improving. pbndahan, a javelin; a dart hurled by hand. pendam, terpendam, concealed. p6ndap, I. a plant (unidentified). II. ikan pendap, fish preserved in salt. pbndar, phosphorescence; luminosity in the sea; the glow of a firefly or luminous millipede. Pfndawa, Skr. a hero of the Mahabharata; any one of the five sons of Pandu; a pattern of sword named after these heroes. pendek, short; panjang p., tall and short; bgrkSrja panjang p., to work intermittently-cf. pandak. pgndekar, a master of- fence; a champion; a leader of a charge. pendiat, a corral for elephants. pending, a waist-buckle; tali p., a girdle for use with a buckle. pindita, Skr. a sage; a learned man; a savant. p6ndok, a wrapper of thin metal round the sheath of a keris. pendomah, see domah. pendongkok, a metal ferrule between the blade and handle of a kIris. pengampoh, = plgapoth. penganan, a cake; a sweetmeat. pengantin, I. a party to a marriage; a bride or bridegroom; senapang p., a double-barrelled gun. II. the player of the viol (rebab) at a ma' yong performance. pbngap, covering up; sealing from intrusion; hermetically closing. pungapoh, layar pen gapoh, a topsail or top-gallant-sail. pbngar, heavy-witted (as a drugged manl). pbegat, a sweetmeat made of fruit cooked in coconut milk and sugar. pengawinan, tomnbak pengawinan, Xa spear of state. pingeran, a title of nobility in use in Java and Borneo. pingireh, a fish-trap of the lukah type. penget, = pingit. pfngga, deep (of a bowl or dish). penggaga, a creeping herb (hydro. cotyle asiatica). penggawa, an officer in charge of a district. p6nghulu, a headman; a local chief. [The term is also sometimes used of Muhammad as the head of Islam.] pengkalan, = pangkcalan; see pangkal.

Page  164 PENGKAR 164 PERANG pengkar, bow-legged. p6nglima, an executive officer; a leader in war. pengsan, swooning; fainting; loss of consciousness. pilgulu, = penghulu. pbning, dizziness; faintness; a rush of blood to the head; p. kepala, vertigo; p. O:elam, id. p6ninggir, the confines of a country; the outlying portions-cf. pinggir. pbniti, Port. a pin. penjajap, an ancient Malay type of fighting-ship. punjara, Skr. prison; penjaralcan or mnemp~ejarakan, to imprison; terpenjara, imprisoned. p6njurit, Jav. a warrior; a plunderer; a robber; see jurit. pbnjuru, an angle, a corner. p.lnoh, fullness; full; p. sesak or p. pepak, chock-full; crowded; pelohi or meminlohi, to fill up; to complete; to accomplish; to fulfil; dengamn sapenoh-pn7oh, with full; with all; with every. pfnta, berpeuta-penta, in crowds, in groups, in quantities. p6ntas, a sleeping platform. p6nting, worth, soundness, value. p6ntong, to club or cudgel. pinyap, hidden, vanished, out of sight-cf. lenytp. p6ny6ngat, see sengat. p6nyu, the green turtle (c7ielone mydas). pbpah, striking with a long stick or pole. pepak, I. complete; in full; fully attended; in full state; peloh p., quite full; chock-full. II. papak IV. p6paku, buriong pepa7iu, a bird (sarco. grammruns atrinuchalis). pbparam, see param. ]ppparu, = paru-paru. p6pat, smooth; offering no inequali. ties of surface. ppatil, = patil. peper, motion sideways; edging; to be driven aside as a boat with a heavy sea on its beam. pepuah, frizzled (of the hair). p6puyu, = puyu-puyu. p6rabu, = perba. perada, Port. gold or silver leaf cut into patterns; tinsel; gold plate. p6rah, pressure in the hand; expressing; wringing out; milking; kamibing pe)rahan, a milch-goat; pe1racka?,, to press out. p6rahu, a Malay sea-going boat or ship; aivack p. or aca7c p., the crew; galang p., the rollers on which a boat rests when hauled ashore; tupai galang p., a descriptive name given to Raffles' squirrel (sciurls rafflesi). prai, I. berpe/rai-perui, breaking up (of a crowd); scattering-cf. berai. II. ktain perai, a black silk cloth of Siamese origin. III. turning about, from one side to another; nleRzbuang p., to tack. perak, silver. p6rak, a nervous start; a hasty glance to right and left. prraksi, see raksi. p6ram, I. storing fruit while still unripe with a view to its ripening in the store. II. mneinmravm, to coo. p6rambut, invulnerability against weapons. pbran, a clown in a ma'yong. pbranchah, the wooden framework of a house. Prranchis, Port. French. peranchit, to splash up in all directions (as water or mud when a stone is dashed into it). peranda, poraCk - pmranda, helterskelter; in confusion. pbrang, war, battle; ikcat p., the line of battle; pnglimac p., a leader in war; gendang p., a war-drum; b/rperang, to go to war; to be at war; p/perangan, a state of war. perang, perang-perus, very pale; very wan.

Page  165 PERANGAI 165 PERINDUN pbrangai, nature; disposition; innate character. pgranggu, sa-perangguan, a set-e.g. of buttons; a suit (of clothes). pbrangkap, a cage-trap for birds or mice. pbranja, a scaffolding in successive tiers; the seating arrangements in an amphitheatre; a dove-cote or pigeon-house. peranjat, terperanjat, startled; suddenly alarmed. p6rap, to fly at an enemy (of a fowl); to be touchy (of a disposition); to be anxious to always have the last word (of women). perap, to quicken the stroke when rowing. peras, (onom.) pheas-pqras, the rustling of garments or of paper. p6rat, acrid, sour; te-ong p., a small brinjal (solanum aculeatissimumn). p:rawan, a maiden. p2rawas, a medicinal plant (lindera sp.) p6rawis, ingredients, factors, materials. pbrba, Skr. ancient, former; p. kala, days of old; also purba. pbrbani, extreme of the tide; at its highest or lowest point. pbrbu, Jav. a prince; p. jaya, the conquering prince (Panji). p6rcha, I. a rag; a piece of cloth. II. Pulau P., Sumatra. perchaya, trusting; believing in; harap ada, perchaya tidalc, there is ground for hope but not for confident expectation; perchaya dengan tiada di-chuba, trust without testing; faith; kiperchayaan, trust; trusty; orang yang ceperchayaan, a man who can be trusted. p6rchit, squirting out (of water). p6rdah, the handle of a chopper or hatchet. plrdana, Skr. surpassing; excelling; supreme in merit; p. mznteri, prime minister. p6rdu, the base of a tree-trunk; the visible part of the root. pbrduli, == peduli. pereh, worn out by a struggle or sustained effort; exhausted (as a fighting cock or fencer). p6rekat, lime, mortar, gum, cement, glue; any sticky compound for holding materials together-cf. lekat. p6reksa, Skr. investigation; enquiry;. examination; pereksai, to enquire into, to examine. p6r6mpuan, a woman. p6reng, a repulsive smell. pgrenggan, a boundary; = perhinggaan. p6rentah, rule, government, sway; command, order; datang-lah p., an order came; p. Inggeris, British rule;. menerentah, to govern; pem1rentah,. a governor, a ruler. p6r6pat, a tree (unidentified) closely resembling sonnetatia acida; p. bukit (cupania lessertiana). p6ret, I. a ticklish or tingling feeling about the body. II. = pereng. p6rgam, the well-known large woodpigeons (carpophaga nenea and c. badia). p6rgi, to proceed; to go; pergi-lah ia ka-Riau, he went to Riau. pgrgul, (Dutch) gilt; gilding. pbri, I. Pers. a fairy; devac shah pgri,. the king of the fairies; dewa ptri mambang, fairies of all sorts-i.e.. Indian, Persian, Indonesian. II. way, manner, matter; p. hal, matters,. details, circumstances. p6ria, a cultivated pumpkin with a proverbially bitter taste (monordica charantia). pSriaY, Jav. a minor noble; a local notable. pgriang, the proper moment for doing anything; the most auspicious time. peridi, prolific; fast growing; fertile., p6rigi, a well, a spring. p6rindua, a brood (of chickens).

Page  166 PRINGGI 166 PESA 'Piringgi, Pers. Frank, European, Portuguese.:prriok, a cooking-pot; p. api, a bombshell; a hand-grenade; p. kWra, the pitcher-plant (nepenthes). -pbrisai, a shield, a buckler. 'pTrkakas, instrument; machine; appliance for doing anything; p. chap, apparatus for printing; p. perang, war-material. -prkara, Skr. a matter; an affair; a concern or business; habis-lah p., there is an end of the business. -pirkasa, Skr. brave; gallant; distinguished for valour. prfkasam, p~kasam. *pbrkutut, Jav. the dove; = tekukur. rpbrlahan, slow, quiet, tranquil; berkata d8ngan p., to speak quietly; brjalan dengan p., to move slowly. -p1rlang, glittering, flashing. p&brlenteh, = lenteh. 'pbrlu, Ar. compulsory; obligatory.,pbrlus, tepe'ilus, putting one's foot into a hole or place where the soil gives way. 'pbrmadani, Jav. a rug.:p$rmai, I. fair, pretty, lovely, beautiful. II. = permaisuri.:prmaisuri, Skr. a queen.:p6rman, Ar. a command (of God); the word of God; p. Allah taala didalam Kuran, the word of God revealed in the Koran; also firman. -permana, Skr. tiada tgpgrmanai lagi, innumerable, incalculable. -pbrmata, Skr. a gem; a precious stone. -p$rmatang, see matang. pirmisi, (Dutch) a permit, a pass.:pPrnah, ever; bElum p. or tiada p., never.,pbrnama, Skr. full of the moon; a full moon as a measure of time a month. -prani, a bowl for gold-fish. ~pfrohong, gaping wide open. -prok, putting aside carelessly; stow. ing casually. pSronyok, to crumple up (paper or stiff cloth) in the hand; terpgronyok, crumpled, ruffled. p$rosok, to thrust into; to be thrust into; to stumble into; barang-siapa mEnggali lubang, ia juga terperosok ka-dalam-nya, who so diggeth a pit, the same shall fall into it. pbrsada, see pancha. persangga, Pers. a parasang as a measure of length. pbrseh, clean, clear, pure, bright, frank-cf. berseh. prrsftua, Skr. sa-kali persltua, "once upon a time,"-a common exordium to a story. pbrtama, Skr. first; van; yang p., the first. pgrtewi, Skr. the earth (deified); dewi p., id. peruan, the yard of a ship. peruang, ilmnu perzang, a magic art [by which the magician is believed to protect himself from drowning by creating an air-cavity around himself]-cf. ruang. pbrui, crumbling (as earth or rotten wood). pirum, the sounding-lead. pirunggu, bell-metal. pirunjong, a measure of depth; the length of a man with arms raised as far above his head as possible. perupok, a plant (hemigyrosa longi. folia). pirus, gruff, unfriendly. perus, perang-perus, very pale, very wan. perusah, headstrong, wilful, domineering. pgrut, the stomach; the uterine cavity; bawa p., to cadge for a meal. pfrwara, Skr. the damsels of a court (spoken of collectively); the retinue of a princess. pbrwira, Skr. a hero; a warrior; heroic. pesa, a roller or rod on which cloth is wound up as it is woven.

Page  167 PRiSAH 167 PP:TOLA pesah, = pisah. ~pgsai, bsrpesai-pesai, crumbling away (as the mortar on an old wall). pesak, a gore; a piece of cloth let in under the arm in making a coat. pEsaka, heirloom; family property (especially quasi-entailed property); adat p., Malay customary law regulating succession; also pusaka. p6san, order, instruction, command, direction; pssani, to give instructions; berpesan, id. pbsara, Pers. bazaar; a variant of pasar. 1psawat, an instrument; a machine; a tool; p. berjentera, machinery. peseban, a broad gangway round the seri balai. pesiar, = brsiar-v. siar. -plsing, (onom.) the whizz of a projectile through the air. p6sirah, a district official (in Palembang). -p6sok, perforated; broken through; broken down; knocked in; pisokpesok, full of holes. p6sona, Pers. a spell; a magical incantation; the effects of a spell; witchcraft. pesong, terpesong, altered (of a course); change of direction in motion. p6spa, = puspa. pesta, Port. a festival; a celebration; p. menari, a ball, a dance. p6staka, Skr. a book of divination or sorcery; the black art; injury as the result of the black art; mala p., evil from hostile sorcerers or malignant supernatural powers. p6sti, certain, sure, positive, reliable; khabar yang p., reliable information. p6ta, a plan, map, sketch, drawing or design; pgtakan, to make a picture or sketch-plan of anything. pVtai, a tree yielding a pod which is very offensive in smell (parkia biglandulosa); p. balalang (pithecolobium microcarpum); p. laut (desmodium umbellatum). petak, a square compartment; a division of a padi field; a locker in a boat; the hold in a ship. p;taka, = p8staka. petala, Skr. a fold; a layer; a stratum. pbtaling, a tree yielding a good timber (ochanostachys amentacea). pbtam, a frontlet or browband worn by a bride. petang, evening, afternoon; p. hari, late in the day. petar, taking a true aim; training a gun on to anything. pftaram, a small knife. petarang, pukat petarang, a deepsea net used on the east coast of the Peninsula. petas, I. crackers, noisy fireworks. II. beras petas, all kinds of rice; stores generally. p6tek, plucking, picking, gathering; playing on a stringed instrument; menmetek, to pluck, to pick, to play on a stringed instrument. petenah, Ar. calumny, slander; also fitnah. p6tdra, = putera. pitbrana, Skr. a seat near the throne (used by princes of [the blood); the seat of the bride and bridegroom at a Malay wedding. pbtfri, = putgri. pbtfrum, ubat ptSrunm, powder in packages or cartridges for use with artillery. pMti, Tam. a box, a case,-a chest. peting, a jerk with the thumb and finger. pbtir, a clap of thunder; thunder; bunyi p., the sound of thunder. pltola, a generic name given to a class of pumpkins; also ketola; p. hutan (luffa acutangula); p. manis (luffa cylindrica); p. ular (trichosanthes anguina).

Page  168 PETUA 168 PINGGANG p6tua, Ar. a precept; a traditional rule; an authoritative ruling; advice by one who knows. petur, Port. a factor, a minor official. pututu, a tree (hibiscus fioccosus). pi, main pi, to gamble on credit, an account being kept for settlement. piah, a very small coin. piak, a quid of betel-leaf; a fold; a strip. pial, the wattles on the comb of a cock. piala, Pers. a cup or goblet; a small beaker; a phial. pialang, buying on credit. pialing, a bird (unidentified). piama, the rainy season (in Kedah). piang, mother (in Boyanese). pianggang, a green bug destructive to the crops. pianggu, a tree yielding a red fruit (clerodendron nutans). piara, to bring up; to nurture; to support; = pelihara. piarit, a fish-spear with a double barb. pias, a strip (of a sail). piat, I. twisted, oblique, out of line. II. a remote descendant. piatu, desolate; having no relatives; anak p., an orphan. pichek, narrow, confined, limited. pichit, pinching; pressure between finger and thumb. pichu, the trigger of a gun. pihak, side; p. kMpala, the side of the head; p. igama, on the side of religion; in the matter of faith. pijak, treading on, stepping on; qnemijak, to step on. pijar, a resinous substance used by goldsmiths in their work. pijat, a bed-bug. pikat, I. a horse-fly. II. the snaring of birds; memikat, to snare; pemikat, a fowler. pikau, mental confusion; dullness; burong p., the blue-breasted quail (excalf actor ia chinensis). pikir, Ar. to think; pikiran, consideration; berpikir, to ponder; tomeditate; also fikir. pikul, to carry a heavy load slung on a shoulder; to lift a heavy weight; to weigh; a weight equal to about 133 pounds; memikul, to carry. pilau, a ship of a type now obsolete. pileh, selection, choice; pilehan, id.; orang pilehan, picked men. pili, pili ayer, a water-tap. pilin, twining; plaiting; making a rope of several strands. pilis, a mark traced on the forehead as a protection against evil spirits. pilu, tender feeling, sympathy, sensibility, melancholy, regret; memberi p., to inspire tenderness. pimpin, leading by the hand, conducting, guiding; peomimpin, a guide. pina, siput pina-pina, a shell ( pinna?) pinak, anak pinak, descendants,. family. pinang, the areca-nut (areca catechu); the use of the areca-nut in a proposal of marriage; a proposal of marriage; p. raja, the red-stemmed palm (cyrtostachys lacca); pinangkan, tobetroth one's daughter; mnminang,. to ask in marriage. pinchang, pinchang-pinchut, zigzag, irregular. pinchok, slicing sour fruits and vegetables and cooking them in sugar. pinchut, pinchang-pinchut, zigzag,. irregular. pindah, transition, movement from one place to another; transference; pindahkan, to transfer; bgrpindah,. to move. pindang, fish cooked with a piquante sauce containing asam gelugur and other ingredients. pinggan, a plate, a tray, a saucer. pinggang, waist; middle of the body; amidships; p. ramping, a slender waist; p. genting, wasp* waisted; ikat p. or tali p., a girdle;.

Page  169 PINGGIR 169 PITIS pgminggang, the midmost portion; dayong pgminggarng, the oars amidships. 1pinggir, edge, border, boundary, limit; pinggiran negeri, frontier. pingit, confined to the house; kept under lock and key; jealously shutting up and guarding. pinjam, a transaction of the nature of a loan; borrowing, lending; pinjaman, a loan; beri pinjam, giving in loan; lending; minta pinjam, borrowing; mmninjam or pinjamkan, to borrow. pinta, asking; applying for; requesting; pintai, to ask for; also minta. pintal, twining (as in making rope); awan p., a rope-like spiral pattern. pintang, hilang pintang, lost for ever; altogether gone; wholly disappeared. pintar, clever, wily, sharp. pintas, cutting across; taking a short cut; intercepting by cutting across. pintu, a door; a gate; an entrance; di-mulka p., in front of the gate; penunggu p., a porter; p. ambang, a light screen-door not touching the ground; p. ayer, a water-gate; p.:grbang, a main-gate or door; p. ikambi, a light screen-door reaching down to the ground; p. lawang, an outer gate; p. naling, a side-door or back-door; p. mati, a door nailed up or permanently closed; jenang p., the door-posts. pioh, terpioh, knotted (of roots or branches); involved or complicated (of a business). pipa, Eur. a barrel. pipeh, flatness; flat; chaching p., the tapeworm. pipi, the cheek; k1dua p., both cheeks; mimerahkan p., to rouge the cheeks. pipis, pounding between two hard substances; mashing; grinding down Curry-stuff with a heavy pounder or roller. pipit, a generic name for small sparrows and finches. pirai, penyakit pirai, a rheumatic or gouty complaint causing pain in the joints. pirasat, Ar. a horoscope; astrological or magical fore-knowledge; also firasat. pirek, to crush small; to grind to atoms. piring, plate, saucer. pirus, Pers. permata pirus, a turquoise. pisah, putting asunder; severing; divorcing; birpisah, to be separated. pisang, a banana (musa sapienturn); p. karok, the wild banana (musa malaccensis); p.-pisang, a generic name given to a number of wild anonaceous plants (especially uvarica purpurea); beronok p., a sea-worm (colochyrus anceps); gamat p., a seaworm (stichopus variegatus); ikan buntal p., a fish (tetrodon lunaris); jantong p., the blossom of the banana; katak p., a frog with great leapingpowers (rana erythrea or rhacophorus leucomystax); sa-perpisang, as much time as it takes to eat a banana. pisau, a generic name for knives of all sorts; p. chukur, p. pgnchuku;r or p1nyklur, a razor; p. daun padi, a. lancet; p. lidah ayam, an office-knife (with a small blade which does not fold); p. lidah ayam lipat, a penknife; also p. lipat; p. raut, a small knife for cutting off excrescences on a stick and giving the stick a smooth surface; mata p., the blade of a knife; punggong p., the blunt side of a knife-blade. piskal, (Dutch) a procurator-fiscal. pistaka, = pestaka. pita, Port. tape, ribbon. pitah, eloquent, soft-spoken, gracious. pitam, a rush of blood to the head causing dizziness. pitis, a very small denomination of coin something like a Chinese cash.

Page  170 PITU 170 PUDAR pitu, seven; a rare equivalent of tujoh. pint, a descendant in the fourth or fifth generation. po, Ch. a sort of die-box used by Chinese gamblers; main po, to gamble by guessing at the position of the hidden die. podak, pandan podak, the plant pandanus inermis. podi, Tam. the dust of gems; very small gems mounted in large numbers to make a glittering show. pohon, I. a tree; p. kayu, id.; p. kMlapa, a coconut tree. II. begging, requesting; asking for leave to depart; pohonkan or memohonkan, to apply for (anything); bMrmohon, to ask leave to depart-cf. mohon. pokah, to become bent; to give way. pokok, a tree, a bush, a plant; the nucleus of a storm; the capital for working an undertaking; p. kelapa, a coconut tree; p. angin, a gathering cloud presaging wind; p. ribut, a storm-cloud. polan, Ar. si-polan, so-and-so. polis, Eng. a police court. polok, swallowing a large mouthful. polong, a familiar spirit. pompa, (Dutch) a pump, spout, or hose; = bomba. pompang, an anchored purse-net; also called gombang China. pondok, a shed; a lean to; a temporary shelter; kcpala p., (Singapore) a Boyanese headman. pondong, carrying in the folds of a scarf slung over the back. pongkis, a shallow rubbish-basket. posngsu, a hillock or mound; an anthill-cf. busut; mSrak p., the peacock-pheasant (polyplectrum 6bi calcaratum). ponok, a fleshy bump or protuberance; a hump. pontang, pontang-panting, topsy. turvy; helter-skelter; scattered about. pontianak, = puntianak. porak, porak parek, helter-skelter;in confusion; p. peranda, id. porok, a native game resembling: quoits. poros, the vertex of a cone; the top. of a mast; the point of a spear. po'ta, matchless; excellent. potong, cutting off; a piece cut off; sa-potong tanah, a piece of land; mnemotong, to cut off. poyang, a Sumatran word sometimes. meaning " ancestor " —(cf. aoyang); and sometimes a magician (= pawang). puadai, Tam. cloth laid down for a procession to pass over. puah, berpuah, to perform certain old-world ceremonies so as to drive away ill-luck from a district. puak, an assembly, a troop; berpuack, to gather together. puaka, a spirit of the earth; a genius loci. pualam, Tam. marble. puan, I. a betel-box. II. = pernmpuan (in certain titles). puar, pokok puar, a plant (arnomum cardamomum). puas, satisfied, sated; p. hati, id. puasa, Skr. a fast; fasting; bulan P., the fasting-month Ramadzan. puchat, pallor, pale; p. Ilsi, pale through anaemia; p. perang, palered; the pallor of a dark skin; p. pudar, pale and tired-looking. puchok, a sprouting branch; a shoot; p. api, a darting point of flame; p. r6bong, (1) the edible young shoots of the bamboo; (2) chevrons (in art); ular p., the common green tree-snake (dryophis prasinus). puchong, a generic name given to bitterns-e.g. to dupetor flavicollis, ardetta cinnarnomea, ardetta sinensis and butorides javanica. pudak, = podak. pudar, faded, dim, "washed out" puchat p., pale and tired-looking,

Page  171 PUDAT 171 PUNAI pudat, stowing or stuffing away anything in a casual or careless manner. pudi, = podi. puding, a common cultivated plant, the garden croton (coditeumn variegatum); p. hutan (tabernszmontana malaccensis). pugar, complete repair, restoration, renewal, doing up. puih, rXeput puih, crumbling to pieces; rotting. puja, Skr. prayer, adoration-but used of Hindoo rites and of the prayers to spirits of the jungle, and not of service in a mosque. puji, praise, laudation; puji-pujian, praises, the complimentary phrases at the beginning of a letter; mnemuji, to praise; to declare praiseworthy; terpuji, belauded. pujok, coaxing, flattery; pujokkan or menmjok, to coax, to flatter; also bujok. pukal, a lump or clod of anything; keris sa-p., the common straightbladed keris. pukang, the fork; the junction of the lower limbs; lintang p., sprawling. pukas, berpukas or berpukas-pukasan, in a state of nudity. pukat, a generic name for large nets (especially drift-nets and seines); p. tarek, the common seine; p. hanyut, the common drift-net. [Many more specialised names are also in use.] pukau, a narcotic (used by thieves to drug their victims to sleep). pulki, the female genitals. pukul, beating, striking, knocking, hammering; p. lima, five o'clock; p. chap, printing; p. besi, shoeing a horse. pula, also; likewise; again; too; furthermore; dgmikian p., and so once more; siapa p., who then; mangapa p., why then, pulaga, = p2laga. pulai, a large tree (alstonia scholaris), pulan, crisp (of cooked rice); wellcooked. pulang, return to the point of original departure-e.g. to one's country, tob one's home, etc.; peinyakit-ku pulanglah, my illness returned; birjalan p.,. to return. pulas, twisting, wringing, wringing out; p. leher, to wring the neck;:?meutlcas, to twist (used of griping pains in the stomach); pemulas, a twister, a screw-driver. pulasan, I. a fruit-closely resembling the rainbutan (neph7elium mutabile). II. a name given to the Malay weasel (putorius itdipes). pulasari, = plasari. pulau, I. an island; an isolated. piece of rising ground in a sea, river, or swamp. II. nasi pulaU,. pillau rice. puleh, return, revival, renewal, reaction; pulang p., restoration to an original state; simnpul p., a fastening which is easily undone; pulehkan, to bring back; to restore. pulun, gathering up in folds; berpulun-pulun, gathered up on one side (of a sarong). pulur, = eImpulur. pulut, adhesiveness, stickiness; glutinous varieties of rice; a generic name for cakes made out of glutinous rice; pulut-pulut, a generic name given to a number of plants-e.g. mallotus spp. and urena lobata. pumpun, a harmless sea-millipede much used as bait. pun, an inseparable particle suffixed to a word that it is intended to particularly emphasise in the sentence; itu pun, that also; sa-kali pun, yet; ada-pun, furthermore there are; iapun pirgi, he too went. punah, habis-lah punah, utterly destroyed-a strong form of habis. pumai, a generic name for many green pigeons; busrong p., the common green pigeon (osmotreron

Page  172 PUNAT 172 PUSAKA vernans); p. daun (osmotre'ro1 nipalensis); p. gading or p. jamblt (ptilopus jamnbu); p. rimba, the cuckoo-dove (micropygia ruficeps); p. siul (osmotreron olax); p. tanah, the bronzewing - dove (chalcophbaps indica). punat, the core of a boil. puncha, the loose end or fag end of anything-such as a piece of rope or cloth; the pendent extremity. punchak, top, summit, crown; the knob on a flagstaff; p. gunong, the summit of a mountain. pundi, pundi-pundi, a satchel, a bag, a purse; p.-p. henped u, the gallbladder. punding, to twist or ravel up (of a rope or thread). -pungah, arrogance, pride, self-conceit.:puuggah, unloading, discharging; removing goods from one place to another; p. angkat, to pick up and remove; to transport. -punggawa, == pgnggawa. puanggok, burong punggok, a small. owl (glaucidium hrodii); a proverbial simile for a despairing lover, as this owl is believed to pine for the moon. -punggong, the fundament; the buttocks; the seat; p. pedang, the dull side of a sword. punggur, a fallen tree-trunk. pungkah, a fragment; a large piece of anything. /pungkur, the posterior; the fundament; p. siput, the heart of the whorl in finger impressions; tulang p., the pubic bones.:pungut, picking up, gathering, collecting; mqmungut, to gather. punjong, an arched framework on which plants are trailed. ipunjut, to tie up sack-wise; to fold. up. puntal, to coil rope round the hand so as to get a good grip of it; to wring. punti, ular punti, a name given to the snake dipsadomorphus dendrophilus; also called ular tiong. puntianak, an evil spirit attacking women at the time of childbirth. puntoh, a broad armlet of a type worn by heroes of romance. puntong, a stump; a half-burnt log; the fag-end of a cigar. punya, possession; (in bazaar Malay) a word used to form a possessive or genitive-e.g. sahaya punya rlumah, my house; baik punya orang, good men; men of worth. [This use of punya is not literary.] pupoh, to fly at each other (of fighting cocks); to fight gamely; barpupoh ayam, to set cocks on to each other (without artificial spurs)-cf. sabong. pupok, the application of plasters and poultices to the body. ppup, a grade or degree of relationship; a generation; saudara sa-p., a first cousin; sandara dua p., a second cousin. pupur, a face-powder made of ricemeal scented with herbs; pupuran or tepong pupur, id.; birpupur, to apply such powder to the face. ppups, blighted (of plants); left desolate (of human beings). puput, blowing; swaying (anything) of the wind; di-puput bayu, swayed about by the breeze. pura, I. Skr. a city (only in compounds-such as Singa-pura). II. pura-pura, feigning, pretence; m.Snangis p.-p., shedding crocodile's tears. III. pura pgranda, = porak pbranda; see porak. purba, Skr. ancient, former; p. kala, days of old; also perba. puri, Skr. the residential portions of a palace. purnama, = pgrnama. puru, a skin-disease (franbosia indica); katak p., a toad. pusaka, heir-loom; family property

Page  173 PUSAR 173 RABU (especially quasi-entailed property); also pasaka. pusar, a spiral motion; pusaran ayer, a whirlpool; pusaran awngin, a whirlwind. pusat, the navel, the centre; p. bulat, the centre of a circle; p. tasek, the centre of the great ocean; the navel of the seas; tali p., the umbilical cord. pusi, bulu pusi, a kind of lint used for dressing wounds. pusing, revolution, rotation; p. kHpala, vertigo;, revolving; [ pusing is often used metaphorically for "to cheat"]. puspa, Skr. a flower; flowery; variegated. pusu, bgrpusu-pusu, surging to and fro (of a crowd of people). putar, rotation, motion on an axis; putaran, a windlass. putarwali, Jav. akar putarivali, a medicinal creeper (lepidagathis longifolia?) putat, a generic name for a number of plants (barringtonia spp.) puteh, white; p. kuning, " white-yellow "-a much-admired complexiontint; p. mata, being put to shame; " scored off "; p. tulang, the whitening of the bones-death; kayu p., kajeput; orang P., a white man; a European (especially an Englishman); nmgmuteh, to become white. putek, the fruit as it appears im. mediately after the falling of the blossom. putera, Skr. a prince; the child of a prince; bUrputgra, to bear a child. putAri, Skr. a princess; the daughter of a prince; a fairy; p. malu, a name given to the sensitive plant; burong s.pah p., a bird (dicaeum cruentatun). puting, the part of a knife-blade which is buried in the handle; a pointed projection; a fag end or stump; p. bSliong, a waterspout; p. chnpu-ch8pu, the foot of a mast; p. susu, the nipple; parang p., a very sharp kind of chopper. putu, a generic name given to a number of cakes. putus, severance; splitting or breaking off; (by metaphor) to settle, to decide, to put an end to; p. asa, hopeless; despair; p. harga, to settle a bill; to pay a price; p. hati, heartbreak; p. makan, to exhaust one's supplies; p. nyawa, to die; putuskan, to settle, to terminate, to break; keputusan, severance, termination, settlement; yang tiada bgrkzputusan, endless. puyoh, the bustard quail (turnix pugnax). puyu, puyu-puyu, a small fresh-water fish (unidentified). R raba, groping or feeling about with the hands; mgraba, to grope; to fondle. rabaL, gashed, rent, torn. rabaa, m-raban, to talk incoherently. rabbi, Ar. Lord (of God); Ilahi R., the Lord God. rbkic, robak.rabek, tattered and torn. rabi, Ar. Rabi-U4-awal and Rabi-.ut 4kfir, names of months. rabit, I. a gash or rent at the edge of a cloth, mat, etc.; bibir r., a harelip. II. m~rabit, to drag third parties into a suit. rabok, tinder, touchwood. rabong, the double row of atap protecting the ridge of a roof; pasang r., spring-tides. rabu, I. the lungs; kmbang r., exaltation. II. Ar. hari Rab, Wednesday.

Page  174 RABUN 174 RAJA rabun, fumigation; mngrabun, to send smoke into a house so as to drive away mosquitoes or evil spirits. rabut, tearing out, pulling out, forcibly extracting; mhrabut, to tear out. rachau, delirious utterance, raving. rachek, I. a snare of hanging nooses for catching birds; m7rachek, to snare birds. II. slicing up areca-nut. rachun, poison (especially stomach poisons in contradistinction to blood poisons-bisa). radak, thrusting or stabbing upwards; iairadak, to spear or stab from below a person in a house. radang, meradang, to become heated or excited., radif, Ar. the burden of a song; the rhyme. radin, Jav. a princely title. radzi, Ar. may (God) bestow favour -in the expression radzi Allah an-hu (may God show him favour)-an exclamatory remark when the names of the early Caliphs are mentioned. raga, I. a coarsely-plaited basket or creel of bamboo; buah r., a sort of football of basket-work; main r. or sepak r,, a primitive Malay football. II. Jav. the body (in opposition to the soul). III. display; ingrtga, to show off; pgraga, a dandy. ragam, Hind. modes in music; variety in sound, colouring, or disposition; banyak orang, banyak ragam-nya, there are as many temperaments as there are men, prov. ragang, mnsragang, to scale a wall; to climb a tree. ragas, meragas, to pull at or tear at (but not to tear out). ragi, essence, alloy, colouring matter, leaven, yeast; buta r., with the pattern washed out (of cloth); burong nlragi, the painted snipe (rostratula capensis). ragong, taragong-ragong, knocking against one another (of heavy bodies hanging in a bunch). ragu, uncertainty; "chopping and changing." ragum, a vice or clip worked with a screw. ragup, snatching and carrying away. ragus, greed, gluttony; also rakus. ragut, nmragvt, to tear out with violence (especially of tearing out hair). rahang, the jaw; tulang r., the jawbone. rahap, kain rahap, a sort of pall cast over a body at a funeral but not buried with it. rahasia, = rahsia. rahat, I. a native boom. II. gugur rahat, a sudden and general (but untimely) fall of durians. III. Ar. rest, tranquillity, peace. rahi, = berahi. rahim, I. Ar. merciful, compassionate. II. Ar. the uterus. rahman, Ar. merciful, compassionate. rahmat, Ar. mercy (especially the mercy of God). rahsia, Skr. a secret; membuka r., to reveal a secret; menaroh r., to keep a secret. rahu, Skr. the dragon which is believed to attempt to swallow the moon (at eclipses); bulan di-makav, r., an eclipse. raih, drawing towards oneself; taking (as opposed to giving). raip, Ar. disappearance, vanishing; = ghaib. rais, to sweep off (as one sweeps crumbs off a table). raja, Skr. prince, ruler, governor; the king (in chess); r. bgrasal, a prince by descent; r. bintang, the principal heavenly bodieA; r. digllar, a prince by virtue of office; r. muda, a title given to the heirapparent; r. sari or r. sa-hari, a bridegroom; r., udang, (Southern Malaya) a kingfisher; (North Malaya) a large sandpiper; anak r.,

Page  175 RAJAB 175 RAMBAK a prince; budak r., (East Coast) courtiers; retainers at the court of a prince; lhamba r., servants or menials about a court; p~nyakit r., a malignant ulcer on the neck or shoulders; pinang r., the red-stemmed palm (cyrtostachys lacca); kerajaan, rule, dominion, empire; alat kerajaan, regalia..Rajab, Ar. the name of a Malay month. rajah, probing; groping for anything with a stick; tattooing; a design scratched on anything. rajawali, Skr. an eagle; lang r., a name given to small hawks-e.g. tinnunculus alaudarius. rajin, persistent, frequent, diligent; frequency, assiduity; r. bgrbuat jahat, persistence in doing wrong; r. dan usaha, assiduity and diligence. rajok, mlirajok, to sulk, perajok, sullen. rajut, knitting, worsted work. raka, fragility, brittleness. rakaat, Ar. the bowing of the body in prayer. rakam, Ar. painting or gilding cloth..rakan, associate, companion, comrade, partner; rakanan, a partner in business. rakap, creeping at a snail's pace; crawling; mnrakap, to creep, to crawl-e.g. orang hina mnrakap, a beggar crawling from door to door. rakat, Hind. a scarlet pea, better known as buah saga. rakit, arrangement side by side; the construction of a raft or of the framework of a house; a raft; sai'akit, a pair-e.g. two siaeh leaves one over the other. aklna, = ratna. raksa, Skr. mercury, quicksilver. raksamala, a tree (altingiana) yielding a perfumed gum. rakelas, Skr. an ogre; a goblin; an evil spirit. Taksi, I. yielding fragrance; meraksi, to perfume; pera7csi, flower petals and scented leaves used for perfuming a bed. II. union, commingling, affinity; sa-r., harmonising; affinities. rakus, greed, gluttony; also ragms. rakut, merakut, to deceive, to set a snare, to weave a web (of a spider), ralat, Ar. error, miscalculation. ralip, I. sleepy, tired. II. custom, habit. ram, I. brooding, sitting on eggs (of a hen). II. tingkap ram, venetian blinds. RLama. I. Skr. Ssri Rama, the Hindu demi-god Rama. II. rama-rama, a butterfly; ringgit rama-rama, the Mexican dollar. 1II. Jav. father — especially in the expression rama aji, princely father; sire. Ramadzan, Ar. the fasting-month or bzlan Puasa. ramah, over - familiarity, effusive friendliness, courtesy over-done or forced; perainah mnuldt, impertinent familiarities; taking liberties. ramai, crowded, populous; numerously attended (of a festiva); festive; joyous; br'amai-ramaian, attended by a large following; with very many others; mnramnaikan, to give population and prosperity to a place. ramal, I. Ar. soothsaying; horoscopio calculations. II. Pers. a scarf, a kerchief. ramas, pressure between the fingers and the flat of the hand; kneading; massage; minramas, to knead; to massage. rambah, moist, damp (of the ground), rambai, I. a common fruit-tree (baccaureas motleyana). II. bI7Z rambai, short feathers on either side of the tail of a fowl. rambaian, hairy. rambak, extending in every direction (as a creeper); flourishing; prosperous.

Page  176 itAMBANG 176 tRANDOK rambang, extensive, wide, broad; jala r., a casting-net for general fishing; lela r., a' wide-mouthed swivel-gun; nmlut r., erratic talk. rambat, a dais for a prince or for a bridegroom. rambeh, bgrambeh or mngrambeh, to go on an excursion with one's family. rambu, I. a thick post. II. a hanging fringe; rambu-rambu, id.; tombak %., a spear with a hanging fringe under the spear-head. rambun, tangled undergrowth; roots, climbers and creepers. rambut, I. hair; r. ikal, curly hair; r. kriting, frizzled hair; r. trrurai, dishevelled hair; anak r., short hair round the central growth; gigi r., the hair just at its junction with the forehead; kaki r., the hair on the neck; suak r., the parting; rambutan, a tree yielding a fruit with a hairy integument (nephelium lappacum); rambuti, woollen cloth; prambut, the gut at the end of a fishing-line. II. pWrambiut, invulnerability to weapons; p. sbnjata, id. rambutan, the well-known fruit nephelium lappaetim-v. rambut. rambuti, woollen cloth-v. rambut. rami, the rhea or China grass (boehineria izvea); kaain r., a coarse sacking made of rami fibre. rampai, miscellaneous; of a mixed character; varied; binga r., a fragrant preparation made by scenting pandan and other leaves; rampaikan, to scatter (bunga rampai), to spread news, etc. rampak, spreading horizontally (of a tree); umbrageous. rampam, plundering, seizing, carrying off; rampasan, booty, plunder; mg'rampas, to take by forte. rampat, sweeping about a long pole (or any similar object) so as to strike anyone approaching within a certain radius; giving sweeping blows instead of deliberately aimed. blows; mnmaki marainpat papan, abusing everybody who comes near; indiscriminate abuse. ramping, I. slender; lissom (of the waist) I. II om pang-ramping, tattered and torn. rampus, mgranmpus, to use foul lan — guage. ramput, mWramput, to tell foolish lies. ramu, picking up odds and ends;. mngramu, to collect materials of all sorts; p8ramu kayu, a wood-gatherer. ramus, excessive hairiness; bgramus, over-hairy (of the face); buang ranmus, to get rid of superfluous hair. rana, I. mirana, to pine; sakit mWrana,. a wasting disease. II. = ratna. ranak, bgranak-ranak, to play in a swift tremolo. ranap, I. miranap, to crumple under great pressure. II. just visible above the ground; low-lying. ranchah, to mark a track by cutting down an occasional sapling. ranchak, gay; continuous and lively (of music, dancing, etc.) ranchang, pointing upwards; a pointed stake stuck in the ground as a rude caltrop. ranchap, giving a cylindrical form to anything; passing one's hands up and down a cylinder. ranchong, sharp cut; cutting at a sharp angle (used of sharpening a pencil or native pen). randa, mSranda, to wander about capriciously; going here and there;. see also paranda. randai, mnrandai, to wade through shallow water. randeh, rondah-randeh, in disorder,. dishevelled, in confusion. randi, a silk fabric of Chinese or Siamese make. randok, I. kambing randok, a rank old he-goat. II. treading down, treading underfoot.

Page  177 RANDONG 177 RANTANG ranaong, treading down-cf. randokc and srrandong. x:rudu, the action of the arm when thrust into liquid and worked round and round. Tang, tanah rang, a rice-field (banked and previously cultivated, but temporarily lying fallow). rangah, haughty, supercilious; mirangah, to swagger. rangai, I. obstinate or chronic (of a disagreeable, but not dangerous disease). II. ni8rangai, to forage about.:rangak, a generic name for shells of the genus pteroceras.:rangga, I. pointed projections; sticking up in points (as the tine of a deer). II. Jav. a title of inferior distinction. xranggah, I. mrmeanggah, to strip a tree of fruit. II. To stab upwards, = radak. ranggak, hauling a boat ashore. xanggam, a thorny shrub or small tree (unidentified). xanggas, a mass of twigs or fallen branches; brianggas-ranggas, spiky.:ranggi, spruce; neat in dressing. wanggong, walking stiffly with long legs held wide apart; squatting; burong r., a long-legged water-bird; kail r., fishing when two sticks project from the lead, a hook being suspended from the extremity of each stick; miranggong, to crawl painfully or laboriously along (as a wounded man or very young child); to squat with the knees wide apart. ranggu, see ipranggu. wraggul, imnranggel, to dip (of a boat's bows). rangin, Jav. a shield. rankgka, skeleton, framework; blrangka, possessing or serving as a framework. rangkai, strung or fastened together; a string of; a combination; rangkaian, connecting, stringing together; bgrangkai-rangkai, in strings or clusters. rangkak, mnSrangkaZk, to walk on hands and knees; to crawl along; to make slow progress. rangkap, I. pair, couple, set of two. II. to catch by covering; pSrangkap, a falling trap. rangkas, = ranggas. rangkek, a generic name for shells of the genus conus. rangkong, = ranggong. rangkum, grasping between the hands; sa-r., as much as one can so grasp. rangkup, the formation of a cavity or channel between two sides which slope to meet each other. rangsang, minsrangsang, to get inflamed or excited; pirangsang, tn exciting drug; a stimulant; n'Zntmbri berangsang, to excite to passion. rangup, crisp and brittle (as a biscuit). rangum, snatching excitedly; grabbing at. rani, Hind. the wife of a prince or governor. ranjang, a large bedstead or doublebed. ranjau, a caltrop; r. chachak, pointed stakes driven into the ground with the points uppermost; r. mata parut, a plank with nails projecting out of it; r. mata satu, a caltrop consisting of a plank and a spike; r. mata tiga, the common caltrop. Ranjuna, Skr. Arjuna. rantai, a chain; baju r., a coat of chain-mail; rantaikan, to put in chains. rantam, clubbing together for a common purchase-e.g. of villagers combining to purchase a buffalo to slaughter. rantang, I. a basket or hamper for provisions, crockery, etc. II. penetrability to sight; r. mnata,

Page  178 RANTAU m8 RATUJ mnianadang, letting the eye see right through. rantau, a reach of a river or of the sea-coast; talok r., bights and reaches; the entire territory; mnrantau, to go wandering. rauting, a minor branch, a twig; balalang r., a stick insect; kuang r., the peacock pheasant (polyplectrou bicalcaratum). ranlti, masak ranumn, fully ripe (of fruit). rauyah, mneranyah, to pick small pieces of food here and there out of a dish. rap, I. tanah rap, land that has been cleared, weeded and banked, and is ready for cultivation. II. (onom.) the sound of rapping or stamping. rapah, to walk roughly over anything. rapai, nerapai, to fumble with-cf. girapai. rapang, ikan rapang, a fish (mugil bleekeri). rapat;, contiguity, close connection; sahubat yang r., close friends; mnrapat, to fit two things together; to work as a joiner. rapeh, drawing in; pulling or hauling in; drawing towards oneself. rapek, me rupek, to talk nonsense-cf. apek. rapoh, brittle, fragile; r. mnulut, inability to control one's tongue. rapu, merape, to pick up ill-considered trifles-cf. ramu; ingrapu dana, to beg. ras, I. Hind. the reins. II. (onom.) a rustle. rasa, I. taste, flavour, perception, sensation, feeling; r. hati, perception; rasa-nya, it seems; it appears; as it were; putus r., forgetfulness, loss of sympathy; sa-r., resemblance (in taste); like; timpa r., to bear the brunt of anything; rasai or mSnrasai, to feel; bgrasa, feeling; fprasaan, perception. II. Skr. mercury, quicksilver; also raksa. rasamala, =- raksanala. rasau, I. a screw-pine (pandanusrussow). II. mqnrasau, to make a swishing noise (of branches moved by the wind). rashid, Ar. orthodox. rashwah, Ar. bribe; an illegal gratification. rami, = raksi, II. rasmi, Ar. disposition, temperament.. ramok, I. the attack of an evil spirit;: di-r., kIna r., or di.rasok habntu, to be possessed of a devil; to be afflicted by some spirit of disease. II. cross-beams from pillar to pillar. rasul, Ar. apostle; one sent by God; r. Allah, God's apostle, Muhammad. rat, I. constriction; sa-genggam r., a tight handful; mengerat, to squeeze. lI. (Kawi) the earth; jaya ning-rat, victorious in the land; conqueror of the world. rata, I. (1) level, evenness, flatness of surface; sama r., on the same level; on a footing of equality; ratakan or mnratakan, to smooth; (2) on the level of the ground; prostrate; jatoh-lah rata ka-bwmi, he fell flat on the earth; (3) bringing everything to the same level; completing; " rounding off "; rata-rata, everywhere; sa-rata, all over; merata, to spread over. II. Skr. a chariot (especially the winged chariots of the gods). ratah, plain (of food when eaten without rice or vegetables); mneratah, to eat food without rice. ratap, prolonged lamentation; passionate exclamations of grief; loud mourning; ratapkan, to lament over. ratib, Ar. the constant repetition of the name of Allah creating a sort of ecstatic trance; wild devotional cries accompanied by shaking of the body. ratna, Skr. a jewel, a gem, a princess. ratu, Jav. a prince, a princess; sangr., the king; r. Kuripan, the Prince of Kuripan, Panji.

Page  179 RATUS 179 RPBAS ratus, hundred; sa-ratus, one hundred; bgratus-ratus, in hundreds. ran, (onom.) a sound-such as that of rushing water; rau-rau, a clapperrattle or sistrum. rauh, = rahu. raum, (onom.) a deep crooning or moaning sound; meraum dan mer'atap, to moan and lament. raung, (onom.) a cry of pain; a roar of agony; meraung, to cry out in pain. raup, maraup, to scoop up with both hands; beraup, in double handfuls. rant, smoothing, cutting off asperities; pisau r., a small sharp knife for smoothing a stick. rawa, I. burong rawa, the pied imperial pigeon (myristicivora bicolor). II. marshy ground. III, a large tree (unidentified.) IV. a shrimpnet also known as sungklur; kain r., coarse sacking. rawah, a partnership [where one man supplies labour and the other capital]. rawai, a line of unbaited hooks intended to foul-hook fish; merawai, to fish with this contrivance. rawak, see derawa. rawan, I. emotion (especially tenderness); memberi r., to stir the emotions. II. a numeral coefficient for articles made of cordage or string. III. tulang rawan, the sternum. IV. murawan, in the clouds, = bgrawan. V. Pers. takhta rawan, a vehicle mentioned in romance. rawang, I. a hole or orifice; a gap; kerawang, fretwork. II. a morass. III. mnrawang, to wash a body for burial. rawat, I. merawati, to visit. II. mWrawat, to resume one's original form after a transformation. rawi, Ar. a narrator, a story-teller; the author. rawit, I. mirawit, to drag fresh people into a scandal —cf. babit. II. chabai r., a capsicum (capsicum fastigiatum). raya, great, large; badak r., the large variety of rhinoceros (rhinoceros sondaicus); bulan plrrnama r., the full moon at its brightest; bunga r., the cultivated hibiscus; dewiata mulia r., the most high god; hari r., a holiday; bWrhari r., to make a holiday of an event; to have a good time; hantu r., an evil spirit of great power and savagery; jalan r., the high road; landak r., the large porcupine (hystrix longicauda); rimba r., primeval jungle; tanah r., the mainland; the continent. rayang, dizziness, light-headedness. rayap, I. crawling, creeping (of insects). II. the white ant, = anaianaz. rayat, Ar. subject; the common people; the rank and file of an army; troops. rayau, mlrayau, to wander along at random. rayu, plantive, melancholy, stirring the emotions, rousing pity or allaying wrath; nerayu, to influence, to affect (as notes of music affect the hearer). r6ba, fallen timber; felled masses of brushwood and undergrowth; an abattis. r6bab, a Malay viol; tgmpurong r., the drum of a viol. rebah, falling (through weakness not violence); r. pengsan, falling in a faint. r6bak, murubak, to spread (of a perfume). rebak, a deep clean cut or wound; a rent. reban, the empty space under a house when used as a fowl-house; r. ayam, id. r6bana, a Malay tambourine. r6bas, falling into decay (of a wooden building).

Page  180 RUBAT 180 RIELAP ribat, closing to traffic, barring, barricading. rebeh, injured on one side only (as a bird with a broken wing). rebok, mSrgbok, to fester (of a sore). rbbong, the edible young bamboo shoot; puchok r., chevrons (as a design in art). r6bus, boiling in and with water (as distinct from boiling by immersion in boiling water); ayam r., boiled fowl. rebut, snatching, tearing away; ber~but, to snatch, to struggle for anything. rechak, 4rchak-richak, slightly pockpitted. r6ehek, mfrechek, to splash up; to show drops of water or mud (as one who has been splashed); jamjamn mtrechek, a euphemism for perspiration; perSchek, splashed, dotted, speckled. richup, to appear just above the surface; to begin to sprout up. r6lda, abating, lessening. r6dah, cutting a trace through the jungle. r6dam, I. faint visibility; just a sign of something. II. r4mok r., crushed to atoms; r. padam, completely extinguished. redan, a tree (nephelium maingayi). rbdap, I. a small hand-drum or tabor. II. merSdap, to spring up plentifully (of pustules). rbdas, making straight for a point. rbdek, mSr dek, to threaten or scold a child-cf. h7rdek. redi, a sort of hammock-litter (much used in the past by Straits-born Chinese women). rbdum, I. obscurity, gloom; the darkness that precedes a storm-cf. rdup. II. closing a road to traffic -cf. rSbat. rkdap, dimmed, obscured (of the rays of the sun); overcast; gloomy weather-cf. rldum. regang, stretching to full length; racking; astretch, taut; inSrggang layar, to boom out a sail to its full stretch. ragat, = redas. reja, scraps left over; leavings; r.-r. kain, the bits of cloth left over when garments are made. rejah, pgrejah, unmannerly and selfassertive. rejam, Ar. stoning; thrusting down and suffocating under mud, water, etc. rejan, pain in evacuations; painful straining. rijang, I. a spring forward; sa-r:jang kuda brrlari, as far as a horse can gallop at a stretch. II. a name given to a series of symbols, one for each day of the month. [These symbols are believed to affect the "luck" of the day]. III. a tree (alstonia scholaris or acronychia laui rifolia). rejeh, blood-shot; filled with mucus (of the eye). r6jeki, Ar. daily bread; means of livelihood; sustenance; also r'ezgki. rejok, a standing jump (as opposed to the running jump); mnrqjok, to spring or leap in this way. reka, Skr. composition, stringing together, = karang; rekaan, a narrative, a tale. rekah, splitting, cracking. rekan, -= rakan. rekat, adhesion, cleaving, sticking; see also plrlkat. r61a, voluptuous, sensual-a term of abuse. r6lah, ripping, splitting along a seam. rllai, crumbling to pieces (of very rotten wood); r#put r., id. r6lang, a ring of rattan; a collar for a dog. rflap, I. a flash; msrSlap, to flash. II. tali rltap, a thick black rope hung with rushes and used for

Page  181 RtLAS 181 ERtIDAM driving fish towards a trap of the belat type. r6las, the scraping off of skin; abrasion.:r6lau, a smelting-furnace.:rzloh, (onom.) a low grunting sound. r6long, I. a Malay measure of length and area; 1~ acre (as a measure of superficies). II. mnrelong, to overarch; to cover like a dome.:r6maja, adolescent; just ripening into full maturity; putetra r., a prince just before he attains a marriageable age; putgri r., a princess at a similar age.:r6mak, liefer, better, it were better that; rmnak mati haram ta'-lari, better die; never, never run away! r6nmang, I, thick cloudy weather. II. stiff, stiffly erect (of coarse hair).:r6mba, jalan berimba-r 7mba, walking in pairs.:rrmbah, r1mbah-rSinbeh, improperly adjusted (of the sarong).: rembang, the meridian or zenith; matahari sedang-nya r., the sun at its zenith.:r6mbas, utter disappearance or destruction; habis r., completely gone -a strong form of habis.:rembat, a cross bar; the bars across a fence or gate in contradistinction to the uprights; the bar holding together the upright stakes in a fish-trap; a long pole fixed parallel to the gunwale of a boat; rembati, to strengthen with a cross-piece.:r6mbega, = ltmbega. -rbibeh, rlmbah-rdmbeh, improperly adjusted (of the sarong). reibet, encumbrance, obstruction; anything which impedes or interferes with motion. r6mbtunai, av.erage height; fair or medium size.:r6mis, a shell-fish (unidentified).:rsmook, smashed or dashed to pieces; r. r>dam, crushed to atoms. rlnpah, drug, spice, ingredient; curry-stuff; ini-lah rgmpah - nya, these are the ingredients; this is the recipe or prescription. rempah, r1bah rempah, stumbling along. r6mpak, sa-rrmpak, in unison, in harmony, rempak, split down the side. rempang, rgmpaag bahasa, slightly mad; eccentric. rempang, stretching out in long streamers. rempat, blown aside (e.g. on a lee shore) by bad weather. rbmp6nai, a tree (ardisia coriacea?) rempoh, knocking over, upsetting. rempong, pinioning (a man); tying the legs (of a fowl) together. rempas, lifting bodily off the ground. r6nudu, a (Kedah) variant of bgrucdu. rgimunia, a fruit-tree (bouea macrophylla). r6munggai, the horse-radish- (moringa ptergosper1,a); also mrrunggai. runang, bgrSnang, to swim. renchah, I. mSranchah, to plough through thick and thin; to travel through jungle and swamp without stopping to choose the easiest way. rfnchak, a large kind of cauldron. rfncham, confusing by number and minuteness or by variety; puzzling to the eye. rfnchana, narrative; transcription; account; rSnchanakan, to relate. renchoug, a heavy Achehnese sword. rends, Port. lace (especially gold lace and silver lace). r6ndah, I. low; short; of limited height; humble; mnrnndahkan diri, to assume a humble tone; to abuse oneself. II. rioh-rdndah, uproar, tumultuous noise-a stronger expression than rioh. rnudam, immersion in water or mud; ular sawa r., the reticulate python when aquatic in its habits; bArandam, to wallow (of a buffalo); to

Page  182 RENDANG 182 RfiNUT plunge into water; mPrSndamkan, to immerse, to submerge. Trbdang, baking or frying; marin. dang, to bake, to fry. rendang, shady; umbrageous; leafi. ness; pohon kayu r., a shady tree. renek, tremulous (of the voice). reng, burong reng, a vulture (of which three varieties are known in Northern Malaya). rTnga, bgrgnga, breeding maggots. ringang, throbbing pains in the head. Aitngap, (onom.) bgrngap, to puff out (a flame). rTngas, a generic name given to some trees which yield a very fine timber, the sap of these trees is virulently poisonous (melanorhlca curtisii, melanorhaea wallichii and gluta rengas). rFngat, griping pain, colic; r. hati, intense anger-a stronger expression than sakit hati. rengau, opening wide; pgrg'ngau, wide open. rengek, mrnrengek, to whine or cry for something (of a child). rAngga, a (Kedah) variant of rngkca. rTnggam, (Kedah) a sickle. ringgang, wide separation; distance apart; rcnrggangkan, to open out; to create a gap between. renggek, merenggek, to be protracted; to drag on. rAnggis, thin; with few branches and leaves (of a tree). ringgut, wrenching or tearing away (some object that is actually attached to another); rUnggutkan or merenggutkan, to tear down or tear away. rnagit, a small insect pest. r6ngka, the peculiar saddle used with elephants; the seat on which the howdah proper rests. ringkla, a growth (unidentified) found on coral rock. rengkas, brevity; cutting short; conciseness; rengkasan, a summary, a precis; rengkcaskan, to summarise,. to cut short. rengkat, kaki rengkat, one leg shorterthan the other; inequality in length of legs; the halting gait caused thereby. rengkeh, rnrengkeh, to bow or stoop. under a burden. rtngkiang, a granary, a store, a barn. ringkoh, roughness in pulling or twisting; ill-regulated force. rlngkong, = kgrongkong. rengsa, obstinate (of a sore ordisease); merengsa, to refuse toheal. ringus, gruff, surly. rungut, mzrengut, to murmur; to grumble. rtnjak, mnrgnjak, to walk alongspringily. rinjis, reljiskan or rrgenjiskan, to besprinkle; to dash drops of waterover. renong, a fixed and steady look at anything; a searching look. r6uta, inrenta, to speak angrily orin high tones. renta, tua renta, old and weak;: decrepit. rnutak, stamping the feet in anger. rentak, hauling at a rope; tugging at a chain. rbntaka, a small swivel-gun. r6ntan, a weak state of health predisposing to disease (but not actual disease); low vitality. rdntang, I. stretching out or extending (used of objects like nets when in use and not of things like mats which are simply spread out and lie' open on the ground)-cf. blntang. II. a " round " in cock-fighting. rtntap, pulling, hauling, tugging. rtntas, cutting a.trace through. jungle; clearing a path. rtnti, = hnti; renut, tali rTnut, the belly-band ian the harness of an elephant.

Page  183 RENYAH 183 RICHAU rbuyah, berenyah or mergeayah, to bestir oneself; to busy oneself. rbnyai, thin and continuous (of drizzling rain). rbuyak, mirenyak, to strike a tender spot; to tread on a corn. renyeh, mnerenyeh, to behave in an ill-humoured way. re6yok, crushed; pounded to pieces; = rcmok. renyut, = deniyut. repak, (onom.) a " slapping" noise. rppang, smoothed; cut, trimmed or filed to the same level; levelled; snrepang, to trim. r6pas, fragile, crumbling; ripas layu, withered to fragility (of a flower). r6peh, merepeh, to pluck a little at a time; to pick away. repek, = repet. repes, slow and languid motion; merepes, to fidget. repet, mnrepet, to chatter inconsequently. rpis,.sa-.rpis, a chip. repoh, slightly overgrown; weedy; neglected, repui, crumbling at the least touch; extreme decay. reput, rotten; crumbling-cf. repui (which is a stronger expression). rEsa, internal motions-such as digestive motions, motions in childbirth, etc. rssah, restlessness; fidgeting. r6ask, a generic name given to several timbers used in boat-building -e.g. shorea barbata, castanopsis nephelioides, and other woods. resam, I. a common fern used in making Malay pens (gleichenia liU nearis). II. Ar. order, arrangement, constitution, nature, bent. resan, taking as personal; taking offence. resap, mSresap, to vanish away; to disappear. resek, shrill, piercing; Wmresek, id. r6~smi, Ar. nature, disposition; 'resam. r6si, Skr. a "rishi"; a sage. restong, syphilitic ulceration of the nose. restu, r8stit, to lay a spell upon (anyone). reta, mgreta-reta, to chatter inconsequently, = mWrepet. retak, a crack; a line the result of a crack; the lines on the hand. retal, saffron; also hartal. retas, breaking or giving way at a, slight blow. reteh, mYrnteh, to form little Wvatery vesicles (as certain festering sores)*retna, == ratna. retok, mgrntok, to shirk one's share of work. rewak, having news to give; having something to say. rewang, mnarewang, to yaw (of a ship. rezski, Ar. food, daily bread, liveli. hood, source of income; also rej8ki. ria, I. joy, pleasure, noisy enjoyment. II. Ar. pride, arrogance. riak, ripples of water. rial, Port. a dollar. riam, a waterfall or rapid. rian, a measure of thread; a group of skeins. riang, I. riang-riang, a cicada. IIdizzy with excitement; light-headed or feverish with pleasure. III. a motion on the surface of a stream caused by the presence of a snag or rock. riap, m -riap, to spread; to sprout up. rias, the soft trunk of trees-such as the banana. riba, I. taking on one's lap or breast; nagriba, to support on one's lap. II. Ar. usury. ribu, I. thousand; sa-r., a thousand - bgribu, in thousands. II. ribu-ribu,. a plant (lygodium scandens). richau, indistinct utterance-such as that of a child or talking-bird.

Page  184 RIDAN 184 ROJAK ridan, a tree (nephelium maingayi). riding, I. toils for large game; thick rope netting. II. mrriding, to just appear above the surface.:rihal, Ar. a Koran-stand or lectern. rijal, Ar. rijal-ul-ghaib, spirits presiding over good or evil fortune. rimah, crumbs of bread left on the table after a meal. rimVas, just breaking out into perspiration. ximau, a tiger; see harimau. ximba, primeval jungle; r. raya, the great forests; ular kapak r., the viper(lachesis w~agleri). rimbas, an agricultural instrument resembling the adze (bltiong). rimbun, lofty and spreading (as the foliage of a tree or the sails of a ship). ximpi, dried banana. rimping, pSrimping, the last of a row.:rinah, mnirinah, to shed drops of water. xincheh, balance paid in small change.:rinchek, slicing, cutting into minute portions. xindu, loving longing; affectionate regret; pining; r. dhndam, id.; rindukan or rnmrindukan, to pine for. ringan, light; of little weight or of little account; mnringankan, to lighten; to ease. ringgi, piringgi, baked young padi. ringgit, milling; a dollar; r. besar, a Spanish dollar; r. burong, r. janek, r. lang or r. rama-rama, the Mexican dollar; r. kWpala or r. tgngkorak, the 2| guilder piece; r. mSriam, the pillar dollar; r. patong, id.; r. tong. kat or r. orang btrtongkat, the British dollar; bringgit-ringgit, crenelated, milled, serrated. ringin, sapu-sapu ringin, the name of a game for children. ringkai, emaciated; thin and withered.:rigtgkek, the neighing of a horse. riuoh, rinoh-rayu, coaxing, cozening -a strong form of rayu. rintas, taking the shortest course; cutting across from cape to cape. rintek, a speck; speckled markings; berintek, speckled; huajan rintek'intek, drops of rain just sufficient to make a few specks on the grounl. rintis, cutting a thin line or trace from point to point-cf. rintas. rioh, noise, clamour; r. rrndah, uproar, tumult. riok, patah riok, a compound fracture. riong, a very tall grass (antistiria gigantea). rig, a bolt-rope. risa, a painless wen or bump. risau, noisy and disorderly behaviour. risek, making private enquiries; feeling one's way to a proposition so as to avoid the risk of a snub. riwayat, Ar. a narrative; a story. roba, pancha-roba, varied; uncertain; fickle. robak, r obak-rabek, in tatters. robek, worn through; perforated. roboh, falling (of heavy or massive bodies); robohkan or mnrobohkan, to overthrow; batu roboh, a landslip. robok, (onom.) mnr8obok, to give out a bubbling sound. rochah, dirty and untidy-looking. rochoh, prodding. roda, Port. a wheel; r. lambong, a paddle-wheel. rodan, injury in a tender spot; very painful. rodi, Port. order, command, instructions; also ordi. rodok, 1Srodok, to stab from below; = Mnradak. rodong, doubtful or uncertain wandering. rogol, Jav. rape; mnrogol, to ravish. roh, Ar. spirit, soul, life; Rohk-ulkudCus, the Holy Ghost. rojak, fruit or vegetables served up with vinegar and flavoured with spices.

Page  185 ROJI 185 ROTAN roji, Pers. daily bread. rojok, Ar. return to a divorced wife; making up a quarrel with an estranged friend. rojol, onisrojol to emerge from a hole; to stick out. rokok, a (Malay) cigarette; r. kJrtas, a European cigarette; dua batang r., two cigarettes; mengisap r. to smoke a cigarette. roma, Skr. bulu roma, the down on the humart skin; liang r., the pores. roman, I. appearance, shape, figure, look, the body; dagangan bWrbagai r., goods of various types; plroman, general appearance. II. padi-straw. III. Eng. Mlayu 'roman, romanised Malay. romba, a mark placed in the sea to guide fishermen in the erection of stakes. rombak, taking down, taking to pieces, unravelling; merombat'kan, to unloose, to undo, to untie; tefom.bak, undone, solved, loosened. rombong, I. piling or heaping up; peno71h eirombong, full till the contents appear over the top —(e.g. of clothes in a box, rice in a measure, etc.) II. a rice-bin or store. romok, physical depression; meromok, to feel out of sorts. rompak, piracy; pirompak, a pirate. rompang, roinpang-ramping, tattered and torn. rompeng, defective; partly eaten away or destroyed. rompis, chipped at the tip or at the edge. rompoug, destroyed or eaten away (of a prominent feature-such as a nose or ear); rompongkan, to cut off (a nose, an ear, or other feature); to mutilate. rona, Skr. colour; -= warna; pancharona, of many colours; gay, bright with colouring. ronohet, bronchet-ronchet, in instalments. ronda, Port. military rounds. roudah, rondah.randeh., in disorder, dishevelled, in confusion. rondeng, calculation by figures;. accounts; bills; rondengan, id. rong, balai rong, = balairong, q.v. rongak, broken by gaps; gigi r.,. gap-toothed; pagar r., a fence from which palings are missing here and. there. rongga, hole, cavity, hollow; birongga, hollow. ronggang, broken by gaps; = rongak. ronggeng, a dancing-girl; one of a pair of dancing girls who dance certain Javanese dances together. rongkal, tgrongkal, loose, come to pieces; unloosed (as a shoe-lace). ronglkas, taking to pieces (with a view to reconstruction and not destruction). rongkol, a cluster of clusters; brongkol-rongkol, in large clusters. rongkong, see kWrongkong. rougos, m,1ongos, to be short-tempered; purongos, peevish. rongot, mirongot, to grumble, to murmur. rongseng, mirongseng, to be querulous or peevish. ronta, mironta, to struggle (to free oneself from the clasp of someone else or from bonds). rontah, = ronta. rontak, = ronta. ronyeh, inronyeh, to talk indistinctly (as a toothless man). ronyok, much dented; knocked in. rosak, spoiling; violating; rendering futile; r. mata, injury to the eyesight; r. iman, corrupting religion; r. hati, heart-break. rosok, see pQrosok. rot, = rut. rotan, a generic name for rattansi.e. plants belonging to the genera calaxaus andc demonorops; among the best-known varieties are r. krt i

Page  186 ROTI 186 RUMPUN,(damonorops geniculatus); r. sPga (calamus ornatus); r. sdmambu, the "Malacca cane" (calamus scipioinmzm). roti, Hind. bread; tulcang r., a baker; r. kirai, a preparation of dough resembling macaroni..rotok, merotok, to mutter angrily. royak, nEroyak, to spread (as an ulcer or skin disease). xoyat, Ar. aspect, vision. ru, the casuarina-tree (casuarina equisetifolia); r. bukit, a tree resembling the casuarina in general appearance (dacrydium, elatum).:Tua, mtrua, to expand, to open out (as the neck of a cobra)..ruadat, Ar. ceremonial etiquette. ruah, I. mlruah, to call a person from a distance; kWruah,. as far as the sound of a cry can carry. II. tumpah rtah, poured out en masse. III. Ar. bulant Ruah, a popular name for the month Shaaban.:ruai, disproportionate length causing weakness; over-tall, rusk, 1. meruak, to spread (as the contents of an egg when the shell is broken). II. burong ruak-ruak, a bird (unidentified). ruam, prickly-heat; pimples..ruan = aruan. ruang, hollow space; well; cavity; r. bUlakang, the hollow of the back; r. susu, the hollow between the breasts. -xap, nwruap, to seethe up; to boil up; to foam up.?uas, interspace; the portion between the rings of a bamboo, etc.; sa-ruas jari, a section of the finger from joint to joint. uat, I. the fall of anything that is not broken before or by the fall. II. mgruat, to resume human shape (of a were-tiger or hantu jad.i jaditn)..rbah, Pers. a jackal. Xubag, ayer srban, the watery SCUam in the preparation of coconut oil; m~ruban, to purify oil. rubin, == ubin rubing, a temporary light gunwale to increase the freeboard of a Malay boat. rubong, see k-erubong. rudu, pendulous and heavy (of the upper eye-lid). rudul, a (Kedah) variant of rudu. rudus, a heavy cutting-weapon used in Sumatra. rugi, Skr. loss, injury (other than physical injury); kgrugian, id. rugul, = rogol. ruh, = roh. ruing, a large winder used in spinning. ruit, bent but not broken (of a branch); chapek r., lameness through a bent limb. rujah, stabbing at something below; thrusting a spear downwards at a foe under the house. rukam, a name given to a number of trees (flacourtia cataphracta and other species). rukh, Pers. the rook at chess. ruku, a generic name for a number of plants, especially (ruku-ruku) the basil (ocimwm basilicum and ocimum album). rutun, Ar. fundamental doctrine; essential part of a religion. Rum, Ar. " Rome " (a name given to the regions ruled by the Byzantine emperors). rumah, a dwelling-house; r. monyet, a sentry-box; r. tangga, a homestead; bgrumah, to have a house (and wife) of one's own; to be married. runal, = ramal. rtlubai, tassel, tuft, pendant. rumbia, the sago-palm. rua6nia, a fruit-tree (bouea macrophylla); also rdmunia. rumpun, the stem of a grass; a numeral coefficient for grasses; sarumptn sarai, a sprig of lemon-grass.

Page  187 RUMPUT 187 SA:rumput, grass; m'rumput, to weed,,.runding, = rondeng. rundok, lowering the head-cf. tundok; mrtundok, to bend one's course to a point. rundong, " cadging " on a person; attaching oneself to another; "sponging"; di-rundong malang, to be continually dogged by ill-luck.:rundu, rundu-randa, erratic, capricious.:runggu, runggu - rangga, bristling with points. runglkap, inerunglap, to speak in a surly tone.:rungkau, miru ngkau, to hang down over the face (of hair). rungkul, = rongkol. rungkup, overarching; overspread. ing.:rungut, = rongot. runjang, I. a kind of crowbar. II, nruLnjang, to thrust blindly at what we cannot see. runjau, lankiness. runjong, mgrunjong, to be piled up (of rice on a plate); perunjong, a measure of depth-a man's length (with arms raised above his head)..untai, dangling loosely. runtas, breaking by a sudden pull or jerk.:runti, rubbing asperities off the common rattan of commerce (rotan sega). runtoh, a heavy fall, a crash; tubing r., the " sunken bank," the Malay Atlantis; runtohkan, to overthrow. runtun, dragging off (by the hand or by a chain or rope). runut, mtrunut, to worry, to importune. rupa, Skr. appearance, form, looks; indah khabar dari rupa, the report is fairer than the reality-not up to expectations; rupa-nya, it appears. rupawan, Skr. handsome, beautiful. rupiah, Hind. a rupee, a guilder. rusa, the sambhur deer (cervus unicolor) [many varieties of this one deer are distinguished by Malays according to the shade of colour, the condition of the horns, etc.]; r. bintang, the (imported) deer (cervus axis); r. senggirek, the unicorn; babi r., the well-known "deer-hog" of the Celebes (babirusa alfurus). rusing, = rongseng. rusoh, a row; a tumult; a distur. bance. rusok, side, flank, rib; r. surat, the marginal space in a Malay letter; tulang r., the rib-bone; tumbok r., a " dig in the ribs," a quiet bribe. rut, I. capability; endurance; tiada r., inability to stand. II. pressure, squeezing, crushing. S sa, a prefix expressing or suggesting unity; one; a; forming or consti. tuting one-i.e. making up a whole; forming one in some particular-i.e. alike in some one respect; sa-utmurku, in all my life; as long as I live -life being considered as a single item though made up of many years; sa-rasa, forming one in taste; alike in taste; sa.bagai, one in type, of one type, like; sa-bulah, one side; on one side; in the direction of; towards; sa - blah - mnnyabulah, on. both sides; sa-bulum, while as yet not; before; previous to; sa-hingga, until; sa-kati, at one time; all at one time; altogether; sa-kali-kali, altogether; sa-kali-pun, although; sa-kian, this much; so; thus; sakian jauh, thus far; sa.kian lama,

Page  188 SAADAT 188 SAH so long; sa-lagi, while still; 8alalu, always; sa-mana-mana, in any way; sa-mata-mata, clearly, obviously; sa-orang, one man; alone; sa-orang-orang, quite alone; sa-saorang, each person; sa-suatuz, each; sa-telah, when (a thing) was over; after; sa-tWlah ia prgi, when he had gone; sa-tuju, in harmony; harmonious. saadat, Ar. fortune, happiness; highness, majesty (as a title); Baginda 8., H.M. the King. scat, Ar. time, moment; dCngan.sasaat ini juga, at this' very moment. abask, I. boiling palm-sap (in the making of certain sugars). II. vniratap bUrbiji sabak, to weep copiously. aaban, Jav. every; s. hari, daily. salbaug, to muzzle (a dog). sabar, Ar. patience, forbearance; sabar-lah dahulu, be patient awhile. sabas, Pers. bravo, excellent, capital! sabda, Skr. saying, utterance (used especially of words of the prophets). [The word also occurs in literature as the equivalent of titah (the word of a prince); and in some districts sabda is used of a chief-(e.g. the Penghulu of Rembau), while titah is used of the suzerain (the yam tuan).] usbllah, see sa. sabbrang, = sberang. mabil, Ar. way, road; pgrang s. Allah, a war in God's cause; a holy war. sabit, I. a native sickle; mrnyabit, to reap with a sickle. II. Ar. revealed as certain; truth revealed. sabok, a sort of kerchief or plaid worn over the shoulder. sabong, darting at each other (of cocks); cock-fighting; the apparently conflicting flashes of forked lightning; ayam sabongan, a fighting-cock; mrnnyabong, to fight (of a cock); sabong mgnyabong, the zigzag flashes of forked lightning. Xabtu, Ar. hari Sabtu, Saturday. sabun, Ar. soap. sabur, I. a confused mrlee: wild scurrying; didalam sabur itu, in the crush; s9mut s., a stinging ant (sima rufonigra). II. layar sabur, a top-gallant-sail. sabut, the fibrous part or wrapperforming the outer portion of a fruit like the coconut; coconut fibre; tali s., a rope of common fibre. sadai, prone; extended at full length. sadak, sloping (of masts). sadap, a kind of pruning-knife; touse this knife. sadau, rowing with long sweeps. sadia, = sdia. sadik, Ar. upright, true (of friendship). sadikit, see dikit. sadong, to get one's foot caught in a creeper-cf. sOradong. sadu, Skr. excelling; s. perdana, first,. foremost. sadur, plating; overlaying with shining metal. saeng, travelling in company; bUrsaeng or bgrsaengan, id. saf, Ar. row, rank, file of soldiers; bgrsaf-saf, in rows. Safar, Ar. the name of a month in the Muhammadan calendar. saga, the Indian pea, the seed of adenanthera pavonina; biji s., id.; (by metaphor) red, bloodshot (of the eyes). [The pea was also used as a small measure of weight.] sIgai, = sakai. sagang, propping up or buttressing (used when the prop is at an angle with the ground.) sagar, Pers. sugar; also sakar. sagi, = s8gi. sagu, sago; s. BWlanda, arrowroot. sagun, a Malay dish made of riceflour, rasped coconut and salt; also sagun-sagun. sagur, a river dug-out; iprahu s., id. sah, I. Pers. check!-in playing chess. II. approved; in order;

Page  189 SAHABAT 189 SALI admissible; made out (of a case); tiada s., the charge has not been substantiated properly. sahabat, Ar. friend, comrade; s. beta or s. kita, " my friend;" the person written to (in a formal official letter). sahaja, I. only; bahasa itu sahaja, that language only. II. = slngaja. sahaya, Skr. slave; humble servant; I; s. sdmua, we all; hamba s., slaves and chattels. saheh, Ar. true, clear, correct. sahib, Ar. master; owner of; sahibul-hikayat, the author of the story; the author's "we." sahut, replying; answering back; response; sahut-sahutan, in continual response (as salutes after salutes); sahuti, to make reply; to answer. said, Ar. a title given to descendants of the Prophet. Saidi, Lord (God); ya S., Lord! saif, Ar. sword. sais, Hind. a syce; a groom. saja, = sahaja. sajadah, Ar. a prayer-mat. sajahxtera, = sgjahtera. sajak, Ar. assonance, harmony, cadence; rhyme; sajak-nya janggal, harsh sounding; faulty rhythm. saji, serving up (a dish); dressing food; tudong s., a dish-cover; barsaji, to dress food; to serve up food. aaka, I. the pillars of a house. II. = plsaka. sakai, dependents, retainers, sub. jects; orang S., a name given to "subject" aboriginal tribes by Malays. sakal, knocking against; knocking back; angin s., a contrary wind. sakalian, see kali. sakcar, Pers. sugar; also sagar. sacat, I. vexation, trouble, annoy, ance. II. a generic name given to many epiphytes, especially aroids and ferns. III. 8uku sakat, a genealogical table showing all the ramificatioi's of a family. sakhlat, Pers. broad-cloth. sakit, sickness, disease, pain; man. dapat s., to fall ill; s. hati, resentment, anger; s. hidup, illness without apparent cause (attributed by Malays to evil spirits); s. orang baik, a euphemism for small-pox; s. payah, serious illness; menyakiti, to injure; to afflict with pain or sickness; panyakit, a disease. saksama, Skr. diligent enquiry, investigation. saksi, Skr. witness, evidence, testimony; qnmmanggil s., to call witnesses (in a case). sakti, Skr. supernatural power; dewa yang s., a wonder-working divinity; kesaktian, supernatural power; a talisman. saku, Eur. a small canvas bag; a satchel; a pocket. sal, Hind. a shawl. salah, fault, error, flaw, discrepancy; being out of place or going wrong; s. kgna, tactless words; s. sa-orang, one or the other (person); s. suatu, one or the other (thing); s. urat, dislocation or straining of a sinew; orang s., a defendant; slrba s., puzzled, confused, at a loss; salahi or mWnyalahi, to vitiate, to render useless; kcsalahan, an error, a fault, a mistake. salai, heating over the fire; smoking; fumigation or curative heating; m* n. yalai, to heat in this way. salak, I. a stemless thorny palm (zalacca edulis). II. the barking of a dog; mgnyalak, to bark. alam, Ar. a greeting; "Peace be unto you "; mgnbgri s., to greet. salamat, = salamat. salang, execution by the kUris. salatia, Ar. sultans-the plural of sultan. saleh, motion, approach; s. klmbalit to return. sali, strength, power, might; sama s., of equal might.

Page  190 SALIB 190 SAMPAN xalib, Ar. a cross; crucifixion. malin, change of garb or of food or outward form; salinan, a translation; salini, to bestow garments upon anyone; bUrsalin, to be confined (of a woman); to put on other clothes; to assume a different form by metamorphosis; pgrsalin or 2prsalinan, a change of clothing. Salla, Ar. salla Allahu alaihi wa'ssalam, God give him peace! salur, saluran, a channel, a gully. salut, enwrapping, enfolding-cf. balut. smaa, Skr. identity, sameness, companionship, parity; s. s8ndiri-nya, one another; s. b~sar, of equal size; s. tbngah, in the very centre; samakIan, to rank as equal; bersama, along with; bUrsamaan, similar, identical. [In bazaar Malay sama is used to mean " to," "with," or to form an accusative; bilang sama sahaya, tell me; pukul sama dia, hit him.] samaik, tanning; bark for tanning; a generic name for trees the bark of which is used for tanning. saman, I. Ar. ratib saman, the name given to a peculiar ratib or mystical incoherent religious performance. II. Eng. summons. samar, concealment; hiding one's identity; personating someone else; s. mluka, change of aspect; samarkan, to pretend, to affect. sambal, a generic name for highly spiced and other condiments used in small quantities to flavour curries. sambang, I. an abandoned nest of the honey-bee. II. a patrol, a round; bUrsambang, to patrol. sambar, carrying off in the talons (used especially of a bird of prey swooping and carrying off its victims); yu sambaran, a man-eating shark. sambat, to splice together. sambau, a grass (unidentified) [it sometimes grows on thoroughfares, and is taken in such cases as a type of a difficult existence]. sambil, with, together with, simultaneously with. sambilan, = smbilan. sambok, Pers. a dinghy. sambong, adding in prolongation; joining on; ada sambongan-nya lagi, " more to follow "; "to be continued in our next." sambur, samnbur-limbur, intermittent visibility; appearing and disappearing. sambut, to receive (used of a person standing to receive a person coming to him, and not of a person going to meet his guest); gigi s., overlapping teeth; sambuti or menyambut, to stand and receive. sami, I. [Pali?] a Buddhist priest. II. Tam. a Hindu idol. samir, the natural undried leaves of the nipah (used as a rough protection against rain). samista, = snmesta. sampah, rubbish, dry dirt, filth; sampah itt ka-tepi juga, rubbish always finds its way to the side; the poor are always shoved aside. sampai, I. attaining to; reaching; as far as; sampaikan, to cause to attain to, or to cause to extend toe.g. sampaikan khabar, to convey news. II. hanging loosely over anything (as a garment hanging on a clothes-line); sampaian kain, a sort of towel-horse or clothes-line. sampak, I. the metal ring or band at the base of the shaft of a weapon [it serves to keep the haft (puting) from splitting the shaft]. II. main sampak, heads or tails. III. seluar sampa7k, trousers worn by Malays in padi-fields and swamps. sampan, Ch. a generic name for a large number of types of boats (especially the Chinese shoe-boat); s. chedok ikan, a boat in use with large fish-traps; s. gotek, (Penang)

Page  191 SAMPANG 191 SANGGA the common Chinese sampan; s. kotak, the Chinese sampan with stern lockers (much used in Singapore); s. kudong, a heavy beamy Chinese sampan; s. mengail, the canoe-like boat in which fishermen visit their traps; s. panjang, a long narrow canoe-like passenger - boat used in Singapore harbour; s. tunda, a dinghy. sampang, I. paddling. II. a Malay varnish. sampean, Jav. a title used in addressing a prince, sampil, the bast or husk at the lower end of a palm-branch. samping, an obsolete drum. sampir, I. the upper portion of a keris-sheath-the part that covers the ganja; sampiran kcris, id. II. petiban sampir, a tribute of respect to a prince. III. sampiran kain, = sampaian kain. sampok, intrusion; interference (in other people's affairs). sampu, decline, wasting away, emaciation; demam s., a wasting feverish disease. sampul, a covering or wrapper-such as a pillow-case; a caul (but teinbuni is more technical in this sense). Samsam, a name given to a mixed half-Siamese race inhabiting the northern parts of the Peninsula. samsir, Pers. a scimetar samsu, I. Ch. Chinese alcoholic spirit. II. = shams,. samun, I. robbing; theft accompanied by violence; mnyainun, to rob; p nyamun, a robber. II. semaksamun, very tangled undergrowth or scrub. sana, yonder; the further, in contradistinction to the nearer; there; di-sana, in that place; di-sebmrang s., on the opposite side. sanak, kindred; blood relations; one's whole family; s. saudara, id. Sanat, Ar. year of the Hegira. sandang, wearing a band over the shoulder and across the body (as the cordon of a knightly order is worn); mnnyandaang, mnyandang. kan, or mrnmpsrsandangkan, to carry (a sword or keris suspended from a, cross-belt or a gun slung over the back by a strap); sayap sandang, a sort of cross-belt. sandar, resting the back against any surface; leaning back; tMrsandar, leaning back upon, resting against. sandarmalam, a name given to the tuberose; also sundal malam. sanding, I. position adjacent; sitting next; bSrsanding, to be set next to one another (as a bride and bridegroom). II. a corner; a projection; ta'-brsanding, smooth, globular. sandong, stumbling against-cf. serandong and sadong. sang, an honorific prefix applied, (1) to the names of heroes and minor divinities-such as Darmadewa, Kelembai, Nila Utama (the founder of Singapore), Arjuna, and others; (2) to the titles of kingse.g. sang-nata, sang-aji, sang-ratu, etc.; (3) in the expression sang-yang only, to the names of major divinities-e.g. sang-yang Guru, sang-yang Maha-bisnu, sang-yang Tunggal; (4) to the names of animals in fables-e.g. sang-tupai, sang-kanchil, sang-nyamok. sanga, the scum or dross in smelting. sanigai, a rough dish-cover of nipah or mgngkuang leaf. sangaji, see sang and aji. sangat, extremely; very; excess; amat s., id.; kUsangatan, excess; tMrsangat, surpassingly. sangga, holding up; propping up; sustaining; shielding from a downward blow; s. buana, " prop of the universe"; a Javanese title; s. layar, small props for holding up the boom; s. mara, a projecting knob or guard on a blade.

Page  192 SANGGAN 192 SARA sanggan, a metal bowl with a rough milled edge. sanggang, = sagang. aanggat, running aground (of a boat). sauggit, rubbing two hard bodies against one another. sanggul, the binding up and dressing of the hair; chuchok s., hair-pins. sauggup, accepting responsibility for; acknowledging; s. mbmbayar Wang, accepting responsibility for a payment; pa' s., a putative father. sangka, I. Skr. thinking, suspecting, fearing; anxious thought, suspicion; sangkakan, to suspect or think anything. II. Skr. a triton shell (chama gigas); a conch-shell used as a trum. pet; sangka-kala, the last trump. sangkak, hindrance, resistance; raja di-s., a ruler who should be risen against; sangkaki,to obstruct, hinder, or resist. sangkakala, Skr. the last trumpv. sangka, II. sangkal, disavowing, repudiating; sangkali, to deny (one's faith); to repudiate knowledge of. sangkar, I. a coop; a cage (espe. cially a bird-cage); sangkaran, id. II. sungkcur-sangkar, sprawling. sangkil, immersion to the load-line (of a ship); fulfilling a purpose satisfactorily; to achieve the end in view. sangku, a large metal bowl or basin. sangkur, a bayonet. sangkut, stopping; not getting past; adhering to or remaining in; s. didalam hati, a thing that sticks in the memory. sangsi&r, = s9ngsara. sangu, Jav. stores, provisions, supplies. sangulun, Jav. a royal title. sangysag, see sang. sntak, minyantak, to strike with the fist or knuckles. santan, the milk of the coconut; kgpala s., the best of the milk; the thick creamy portion near the flesh of the fruit; (by metaphor) virginity. santap, to eat, to consume, to dine-in court language; s. sireh, to chew sireh (of a prince chewing sireh); santapan or persantapan, a royal repast. santeri, = senttri. santok, to knock against-cf. antok. santun, slow, sedate, dignified, im.posing. sanya, of a truth; = sa-sunggoh-nya; bahwa sanya, verily, verily. sap, I. a name given to a piece of~ cloth or fibrous material placed in an inkstand. II. = saf. sapa, mode of address,' courtesy tUgur s., id.; mntyapa, to accost politely. sapar, = safar. sapau, a lean-to; a shelter for the night in the jungle. sap6rti, = stpgrti. sapi, an ox; a bull or cow; minyak s., suet; s. hutan, a name given to the anoa of Celebes (anoa depr-essicornis) [which is well-known to maritime Malays]; also, in the interior of the Malay Peninsula, to a local wild ox, either a small bos gaurus or a sepa-, rate species (bos sondaicus). sapir, I. Ar. a traveller; bUrsapir, toencamp (of travellers). II. Eng. a sapper; a soldier of engineers; a gaol-official at Malacca. sapu, wiping; sweeping off; smearing off or on; s. chat, painting; s. minyak, varnishing; s. kapur, whitewashing; s. tangan, a handkerchief; sapukan, to sweep; to pass a cloth or broom over; plnyapu, a broom. saput, a thin fleecy or cloth-like covering; a film; clouding over; di-saput awan, clouded over (as a mountain). sara, I. bUrsara, to join in an under. taking; to "chip in." II. sara-bara,

Page  193 SARAK 193 SAUK in confusion; helter-skelter; topsyturvy.,sarak, severance, separation. sarang, a nest; s. lebah, a bees' nest; s. unam, the shell of a hermit crab; s. tMbuan, a hornets' nest; s. burong, the nest of a bird; bersarang, to nest; bersarang-sarang, full of cobwebs, mason-bees' nests, etc. (as a deserted house). sarap, dust, fine dirt; penyapu s., a sweeper; s. sampah, sweepings, refuse generally. sarat, heavily laden; of full burden; bunting s., the last stage of pregnancy; s. dengan muatan, full of cargo (of a ship). sarau, I. the groove between two parallel bones-for instance, along the tibia. II. a creel used by collectors of agar-agar. sardi, Hind. glanders. sari, Jav. a flower; the beauty, or delicacy, or charm of anything; a very common expression in the names of fair ladies-e.g. Bidasari, Puspa-sari, Tunjong-sari, etc. sarip, = sharif. saripah, Ar. a title given to female descendants of the Prophet; a sort of feminine of said. sarok, putting one's foot into a noose, or trap, or hole; being tripped upcf. sadong. sarong, sheath, covering; s. jari, a thimble; s. kaki, socks; s. k@ris, a keris-sheath; s. tangan, gloves; m nyarong or mlnyarongkan, to sheathe; tMrsarong, sheathed. sarun, Jav. a musical instrument. sarut, scraping up against anything. sarwa, Skr. all; usually pronounced seru, q.v. sarwal, Ar., the crupper (in harness.) sasa, Skr. strong, sturdy. sasak, wattles; pagar s., a wattled fence. sasap, susup-sasap, up and down; over and under; lari susup-sasap, rushing frantically over all obstacles. sasar, I. dazed, confused; anak kesasar, a muddle-headed fool. II. sasaran, a target. sasau, = sasar I. sastbra, Skr. the sacred books; astrological tables, divination. sasterawan, Skr. one versed in the sacred books; an astrologer. sat, I. measure of capacity; = 5 gantangs. II. = saat. satai, Jav. kebabs; pieces of flesh or fish cooked on a skewer. satar, Ar. a writing; a stroke; a line. satu, one; = suatu. satwa, = stua. sau, (onom.) a rustling sound; soughing. saudagar, Pers. a merchant; a trader; a wholesale dealer. saudara, Skr. brother, sister; cousin; an intimate friend whom one calls a brother or sister; saudara sa-pupu, a cousin; s. sa-jalan sa-jadi; a full brother or sister; mengambil akcan s., to break off a love-affair amicably by agreeing to be "brother and sister." sauh, I. an anchor; champak s., to cast anchor; bongkar s., to haul up the anchor; s. chZmat, an anchor fastened ashore for mooring a boat to; s. larat, anchor that is dragging; s. terbang, a light grapnel used for scaling a wall; batang s., the shaft of an anchor; batu s., the stone or weight in it; kuku s., the blade. II. a fruit-tree (inimusops kcauki) saujana, Skr. an expression suggesting "extent" or " distance"; s. nata mamandang, as far as the eye can see; padang s., a wide plain. sank, I. catching with a noose, IL the lid of a pot. III. scooping up with the hands. IV. (onom.) sighing; dngan s.' tangis, with sighs and tears.

Page  194 SAWA 194 SEBIT sawa, a generic name for snakes considered by Malays to belong to the python class; ular s. batu, the reticulate python when living on rocky soil; ular s. burong, the long snake (dipsadomorphus cynodon); ular s. chindai, the reticulate python when its coloration is very brilliant; ular s. likir (coluber melanurus); ular s. rendam, the reticulate python when dull in colouring and aquatic in habits; ular s. tekukur, a name for coluber melanurus. sawab, Ar. the exact truth; w'Allahu aalam bi's-sawab, God knoweth what the real truth is! sawah, a swamp padi-field; s. bendang, a stretch of padi-fields; menmbuat s., to plant rice (on swampy ground). sawan, convulsions, epilepsy, violent fits accompanied by foaming at the mouth; s. babi, epilepsy; s. bangkai, apoplexy. sawang, a plant (unidentified) used as a remedy for skin-disease. sawar, a fence, a row of stakes to stop the escape of small animals. sawat, I. a sort of plaid; s. sandang, a sort of cross-belt. II. pesawat, a tool; an implement or appliance. sawi, I. sawi-sawi, mustard (brassica nigra). II. = senawi. saya, = sahaya. sayang, I. regret, pity, sorrow for; affectionate pining; love; menaroh s., to be in love; sayangkan, to regret, to love. II. tombak sayang, a sort of gaff used with a sail. sayap, wing, pinion; s. kumcbang, a humble-bee's (shiny black) wing; baju bersayap, a coat with pendulous sleeves. sayat, slicing off the skin, top, or cover of anything, or any projecting portion-such as a nose or ear. sayoag, cutting into parts of unequal length. sayu, sadness, melancholy. sayup, faintly visible or audible; just noticeable; s. mata mmanwdang, so far as to be only indistinctly seen; s. piama, (Kedah) the close of therainy season. sayur, vegetables in general; green food; sayurkan, to cook as a vegetable; to serve up as a vegetable;. sayur-mayur or sayur-sayuran, all kinds of vegetables. s]bab, Ar. cause, reason; (better dari sebab) because; s. itu-lah, therefore; for that reason; apa s., why. sbbahat, Ar. league, pact, conspiracy.. smbai, a kind of scarf passing behind the neck and with the ends hanging down over the chest. sbbak, ayer sebak, an inundation; water lying on ground usually dry. sebal, mournful, sad, sorrowful; s. hati, id. sebam, losing brightness of colour; growing duller. sebar, a rush of warm blood through the body. sbbarau, a fish (lalleo boggu). sbbasah, a generic name given to a number of trees or shrubs of theorder euphorbiacee —e.g. glochidium desmocarpuvm. sbbat, I. a blow with a switch. II. a shiver caused by the taste of something extremely acid. III. choked (of the nostril). sebeh, a plant (canna indica). s6bek, to purse up the lips. sebbkah, ikan seb6kah, a fish (unidentified). sbbbrang, the opposite side; di. seAbrang sana sungai Singapura, on the opposite bank of the Singapore river; S. Pgrai, Province Wellesley (from Penang); seberangkan, to ferry over; mznyeblrang, to cross over. sfberhana, Skr. full (of full dress); memakai sebgrhana perhiasan, to wear' all one's jewellery or decorations. umbit, a dish of buffalo meat and vermicelli.

Page  195 S:EBONG 195 SEHAT s6bong, a single division (from node to node) of the bamboo. sbbu, filled up, choked up (of a well or cutting). s6bun, protracted (of labour); refusing to come to a head (of a boil). sbburut, a plant (thottea grandiflora). s6but, saying, stating; utterance; sebutan, the thing said; the drift or tenor of remarks; slbutkan, to utter; to repeat; teirsebut, said; srperti yang tersebut di-bawah ini, as follows. sedak, a choking hiccough. sedak, the rattan fastening round a tambourine (rebana). sodal, drying clothes on a line inside a house. scdan, a catch in the breath; tersedan-sedan, sobbing; hiccoughing. sWdang, m e diu m; intermediate; during; while; s. masak, just ripening; bunga s., a flower at its best; sedangkan, although; even though. sedap, pleasant, agreeable; s. hati, satisfaction; s. mu lut, pleasant words. sWdar, alive to; awake to; conscious; tiada s., to be unconscious (of a fact); s. daripada bits, to recover consciousness after being drugged; sedarckan, to be conscious of; tiada sedarkan diri, to be unconscious; tersldar, to be roused to consciousness. s6dawi, akar sedawi, a plant (smilax calophylla). sedeh, the desire to weep; having tears in one's eyes; mournful regret; menahani s., to control one's feelings. sdc1kah, Ar. alms, charity. sedekala, Skr. always; at all times; immemorial; adat s., immemorial usage; also sgdia-kala. sbdelinggam, Tam. minium; redlead. szderhana, Skr. the even mean; the proper average; tuboh-nya s., he was of average height and build. s6dia, I. Skr. ready; in readiness; prepared; sAdiakan, to get (things) ready; to prepare. II. Skr. former, ancient, original; rupa-nya yang s., his original form; s. kala, days of old; also sUdekala. scdikit, see dikit. s6diugin, a common succulent herb (bryophyllurn calycinum). sgdoh, mernyedoh, to soak; to infuse in water. sedu, short broken sobs; hiccoughing or sobbing; tersedu-scdu, id.; sddu katak, short quick breathing after violent exertion. s6duayah, a medicinal plant (unidentified). sbdut, vexation of feeling, suppressed anger; hati tersedut, id. sega, smooth; shining on the surface; rotan s., the common rattan of com. merce. sggah, fullness after meals; a sense of distension. segak, gorgeously got up; dressy. segala, all, every; the whole of; s. tuboh, the whole body. s9gan, slow to move; slow, sluggish, idle; penyegan, a sluggard; burong sSgan, the night-jar (caprimulgus macrurtts). siganda, Skr. a name, or introductory name, of several fragrant plants -e.g. seganda-puri, sgganda-mala. sbgar, feeling fit; healthy and strong; well; berasa s., to feel fit. sBgara, I. Skr. the ocean. II. Pers. sugar; = sagar. III. Jav. a flower; == skara. segel, a Malay basket of rattan or wood for keeping captured animals in. sbgbra, Skr. speedily, promptly; iene. ySigrakan, to expedite, to hurry up. s8gi, side, corner, angle; ginpat sagi or Smpat pArssgi, four-sided, square. segok, bad (of work that offends the eye). sbhaja, = sahaja. sehat, Ar. health; s. dan afiat, id.

Page  196 SiHRAYA 196 SgLAMPURI sbhaya, = sahaya. seher, Ar. ilmu s., the black art. sEjahtSra, Skr. peace, tranquillity, ease; stlamat s., id. sejak, since; = semdnjak. sejarah, Ar. family annals; pedigree history. sejat, getting rid of water (by filtration or evaporation); rinsing or steaming out. sejok, cold, cool; s. hati, calmness; jawa s., a name given to the anthro. pomorphic pattern of the ordinary kgris-handle. slkah, broken but not broken off; fractured but not severed. sekah, I. activity, nimbleness. II. Ar. the mint-impression; the " guinea. stamp" on a coin. slkam, rice-husk, chaff. sekanda, = seganda. sekar, Jav. a flower. sekara, Jav. a flower; a poetic variant of sckar. sekarang, now; at present; s. ini, now at this very time; just now. slkat, I. opposing, intercepting, obstructing, blocking, barring; s~katan, a bar; an obstruction; mWnyekati, to hinder; to obstruct. II. a clod (of earth). sekati, an obsolete musical instrument. sekldudok, = s=ndudok. sekedup, Ar. the litter-like saddle on a camel's back. sekelian, = sakalian, from kali. sXkBrba, I. Skr. full brother. II. Skr. the name of a nymph of heaven. sbkbrup, (Dutch) screw. sekhalat, = sakhlat. sekian, see kian. aBkin, Ar. a knife, a dagger. sOkochi, (Dutch) a ship's cutter; a gig. sbkoT, Italian millet (panicum itali. cnm). sekopong, (Dutch) the suit "spades " in playing cards. seksa, Skr. punishment, tribulation, suffering; seksakan or mrnyeksakan, to torment; to torture; to pain. 6sksama, = saksama. sbkul, Pers. a vessel made of coconut shell. spkup, (Dutch) a spade; a shovel. stkut, a narcotic drug used by thieves to stupefy people they intend to rob. sekutu, see kutu. sla, interval between; interstice; tiada bersela, continuous, unbroken; s. batu, a shell (pholas)-cf. chelah, selang, etc. sela, Port. a saddle. selada, Port. salad. sbladang, the large wild ox of the Peninsula (bos gaurus). seladeri, = solderi. selah, = s&la. selak, the bolt fastening a door; any sort of cross-bar. selak, lifting up or drawing aside a curtain or garment; kain terselak, with the sarong drawn up high (exposing too much of the person); selakkan kain, to pull aside a garment. selaka, I. a bamboo frame on which garments are placed to be perfumed by burning fragrant wood inside the frame. II. Jav. silver. s8lalu, see sa or lalu. selam, diving; juru s., a diver; s8 -lamkan, to give (a person) a ducking; mSnyglam, to dive. sulamat, Ar. peace, security, safety; s. sampai or s. jalan, bon voyage; s. tinggal, good-bye (from a traveller to those who stay behind); raja pun sglamat-lah sampai ka-MHlaka, the governor reached Malacca safely. salampai, wearing a thing loosely suspended over the shoulder; mn. yglampai, to wear in this way. slampit, (Kedah) a travelling storyteller or rhapsodist. Sl1ampuri, kain Slampuri, Seram. pore-made cloth.

Page  197 SELAN 197 SELA l9~ SELEWENG Selan, Ceylon'; bat-i S., the sapphire. S61ang, I. alternation; at intervals; s. dua pimtit, every third door; s. tigat gmpat bulan, every three or four months; s. slli, pointing alter~nately in one direction and in the other; sglangi, to alternate; bars~lang, alternating. IL. s~tangkan, a variant of s~dangkan-v. s~dang. selang, =silang. s~langa~t, a fish (ctupalosa bulanF) 861angin, = siiangin. s061angka, tulang s~langka, the collarbone; Unma s., to be executed (with the lciris). z~la~p, loss of sensation; unconsciousness. sabaput, a film, a gauzy covering; s. mata, the film in cataract. s86ar, I. branding; s. dgngan bUsi, id. IL. creeping along the ground like a snake; ular t~dong s., the hamadryad (,naia bungarus);' innyglar, to creep. III. ikan siiar, a generic name given to a number of fish-e.g. caranx cambon and caranx gymnostochrides. 1~a~rm, I. fine thorns like thistledown found on the skin of some plants. 11. anak s~lara, a fish (unidentified). -ablaroug, a wild-beast track. Sblasa, Ar. hari S61asa, Tuesday. zblasar, a side-gallery or verandah in a house. 4s~aseh, Skr. the basil (ocymum basilcr); s. dandi, a little shrub (stach~ytarpheta indica); mabok bunga s., an expression signifying that a person is very drunk indeed. s861asbma, = s914s~ma. a~1at, a strait; s. Singapu'ra, the straits of Singapore; s. t~bgrau, the Johor straits. sa1aatau, the south; jauh ka-s~latan, far away to the south. lyva scarecrow which frightens birds by the noise it makes —cf. sgla~yut s*layur, ilcam s~layur, a fish (trichiurus savala P) sblayut, a scarecrow which frightens away birds by its appearance-cf. so1d~ri, (Dutch) celery. sb~bu, laut s016bu, the open sea. ableder, Jay. negligent, careless, slovenly. sbl~gui, a shrub (clerodendron dispar-ifomium); s. padang, a small shrub (sida rhombifolia). s~lekeh, a stain, a splash of dirt; barsech, bespattered. sblekoh, a bend or twist in direction; a turn in a road. s~lekur, I. a fish (unidentified). IL. = sa-lekur; see lekitr. s616mbans, v2rnVnylinbana, to lay to (of a ship). s~1mbayoug, an arm or yard from which decorative streamers are suspended. s#16mbubu, angin s91mbubu, an eddying wind. s~1empaug, cross-wise; si~lempang-t. kan, to wear a garment cross-wise over the chest-cf. s~lepang. oslendang, a sort of shawl worn by woman over the head and shoulders. aM~ps, a small receptacle for sirek; a sireh-box. a~1epang, thrown carelessly on and over the shoulder (as a coolie carries a gutnny-bag)-cf. s~lemapang. sM~pat, besmeared, bedaubed. sMlbpong, b~rs019pong, dirtied. ablera, I. Skr. body; a very poetical equivalent of badan. IL. appetite, enjoyment of eating; s. tiada, to have lost one's appetite. sblesa, uncramped; spacious; with ample accommodation. sMlbsai, settlement, termination; sat~~lah s014sai daripada M~ajar, when his education was finished;- s919saikcan,, to wind up; to terminate. aag a)a cold in the head; also s~ma-s~ma. obleweng, a gossip.

Page  198 SiLI 198 SitLUPAT sli, sdlang-seli, pointing alternately in one direction and in the other. s1iap, a fish (chorinemus moadetta). slidek, making diligent enquiry or investigation-cf. sidek. s6ligi, a sharp light bamboo, or wooden dart, or pointed stick. Sbigut, winding in and out (as persons making their way through a crowd). slimbar, a large wild gambier (un, caria sclerophylla). l61impat, plaited work; wicker; s. ayer, a small aroid (aglaonema minus); ular s., a generic name for sea-snakes owing to their flattened tails [the name is applied especially to enhydris hardwickii]; qular s. katang tWbu, a name for broad-banded sea-snakes-e.g. distira stokesii and chersydrus granulatus; ular s. sungai, a small sea-snake without distinctive markings (enhydrina valakadyen). Sblimut, sheeting, enfolding; kain s., a sheet, a rug; selimuti, to wrap up in a sheet; selimutkan, to use as a sheet. sblinap, tearing off the skin of anything-e.g. tearing off the skin of a fowl to avoid the trouble of plucking off the feathers. slindong, hiding, veiling-cf. lindong. s1ling, Jav. glazed earthenware; china-ware; porcelain. selira, = selera. sblirat, mesh-work; ordered entanglement-cf. sirat. 0^liri, a seat or stool mentioned in old romances. seliseh, want of harmony; discordant; disagreeing; disputing; barseliseh, to quarrel; 2erselisehan, a dispute. sblisek, picking out fleas or lice from the hair; preening the feathers (of a bird); nmenyelisek, to cleanse the hair or feathers. aslisir, walking round the edge of anything. sWlit, I. thrusting in between; tSrslit, stuck or jammed between twosurfaces. II. (Dutch) end, conclu. sion, termination. slitar, all round, = kIliling; s. alam, all over the world; (by extension) a ruler or spirit whose power is felt all over the earth. sWlok, groping after something hidden-e.g. as a man gropes about in his pocket for a coin; menyteok, to, grope about with the hand. seloka, Skr. verses; rhyme, espe — cially when humorous; ironical or satirical poetry when not in the form of the pantun. silomor, the slough of a snake. sWlongkar, mnnyelongkar, to search" a man's belongings-e.g. for stolen property. siloroh, farcical, droll. stluang, a fish (unidentified). sluar, Pers. trousers, breeches; sahdlai s., a pair of trousers; s. bulat, pyjama trousers; s. China, Chinesetrousers; s. kotong, short trousers -such as those worn by 'rikisha coolies; s. sampak, trousers worn by Malays in the rice fields. selubong, veiling, covering; slubongkan diri, to cover oneself with a veil. seludang, the sheath or outer covering of a palm blossom; s. mayang, id. sbludip, the sheath or outer covering of a young palm. sludu, a fish (arius gagora). s1lukat, a musical instrument forming part of the gamelan or Javaneseorchestra. s nlumar, a tree (mussxndopsis beccariana). sblumbar, long thorns-such as those, of the nibong. silumput, touchy; ill-tempered. l61upat, a natural thin filmy covering, such as the almost transparent skin under the shell of an egg-cf. s8laput.

Page  199 S;LURAI 199 SEMBAT sblurai, a kind of vermicelli. sbluroh, see lurah. salusoh, a generic name for all drugs, medicines and charms used for facilitating delivery in childbirth; s. btranak, id.; s. uri, a drug for getting rid of the afterbirth. selut, mud, slush; clammy as mud. asma, sema-s8ma, a cold in the head; also selesgma. semah, a propitiatory offering to evil spirits; a sacrifice; jin yang kurang s., a hungry ghost; penyemah, a sacrifice. semai, a nursery for young riceplants. sbmaja, but, only; = sahaja. samak, thick undergrowth, scrub; jalan yang s., a road that has become overgrown; s. samun, extremely overgrown. sEmambu, rot an sie mambu, the Malacca cane (calamus scipionum); s. bangkut, a Malacca cane of which two or more joints occur exceptionally close to one another [this peculiarity is believed to bring luck]. sEmampai, loosely lashed together (as the component parts of a raft). seman, fruitless; abortive; coming to nothing. S6mang, a name given to Negrito aborigines in the country near the headwaters of the Perak river. semangat, the spirit of life; the soul in the ancient Indonesian sense; a term of endearment; ambil s., to capture another person's semangat and so render that person subject to your will; buah s., special padi. stalks used as an offering at the harvest rites; hilang s., kurang s., or 16mas s., faintness, lassitude; kur s., an expression used in invoking a sEmangat, because of its bird-like character; a term of endearment; terbang s., the flight of the spirit of life, resulting in temporary uncon. sciousness; s. padi, the spirit of life in the padi. snmanggi, water-cress. semangka, the water-melon (citrullus edulis). sBmangkok, a plant (croton argyratus). semanja, a variant of semaja and sahaja. s0mantan, nyiur semantan, a coco — nut at the stage when the waterinside can just begin to be heard on the nut being shaken. semar, I. a clown or comic characterin a Javanese play. II. as far as, up to, until. semat, a sort of lath used for pinning pieces of atap together in making roofing. smnata, Skr. likeness; just like; almost exactly like; often sa-mata. semawang, a (Kedah) variant of simbawang. sbmayam, sitting enthroned; bersgmayam, (literally) to sit on the throne in state; (metaphorically) to reside (of a prince). sembah, a salutation suggestive of deep respect or homage; (by metaphor) the speech of a subject to a prince; an offering by a subject to a prince; dminkian-lah s~mbah-nya, thus he (the subject) spake; mnmbawa sembah daripada buah-buahan, bringing offerings of fruit; sdmbah. kan, to convey (a message or offering) to a prince; to represent (facts) to a prince; mnempersembahkan, id.; mnny8mbah, to perform the salutation of homage; to do obeisance; pErsrmbahan, an offering. sembahyang, the worship of God; prayer; ritual-cf. sSmbah and yang; ayer s., water for ceremonial ablution at a mosque. s8mbam, falling face foremost; sung. kur s., id. sEmbat, casting with a peculiar backward jerk (as one casts a net to make it open out). sembat, I. a snare for rats and mice.

Page  200 S:FMBAWANG 200 SEiMiTSTA II. mnnyembat, to whip (anything) forcibly up one's sleeve. sambawang, a tree (kayea ferruginea). sibbawarna, a (Kedah) variant of s~mburna. sbmbeleh, slaughtering by cutting the throat; killing. sbmbblit, costiveness; constipation. samberani, kuda s., a Pegasus; a steed of supernatural power; bssi b1sgmberani, magnetic iron.:smb6rap, a hexagonal sireh-box. semberip, a brass salver with a foot to it. sAmbeta, props to keep a boat upright when hauled ashore or steady in a surf on a shallow. 3Smbilan, nine; one taken from ten (sa-anbilan); Negeri S., the Nine States (a name given to a confederacy of Menangkabau States). s6mbilang, ikan s., a generic name for some fish with very poisonous fins (plotosus canias, p. unicolor, p. lineatus and, perhaps, p. horridus). sgmbilu, a bamboo knife; a sharpened splinter of bamboo. sbmbir, I. the edge or rim of a plate. II. to "show wrong" (of the compass). samboh, healing, getting well, recovering; sembohkan, to heal; to cause an illness to end in recovery. s^mboug, a strongly scented herb (blumea balsanifera). samboyan, anything used to give the alarm; a tocsin; an alarm-gun, or alarm-bell, or gong. A*mbuang, I. an offering cast away in the jungle for evil spirits. II. a mooring-post or winning-post. smzbul, protuberant, prominent (of the breasts). sbnibulu, rough-hewn, unplaned, in the rough (of timber). Jsmbuni, = sSmbbunyi. simbunyi, concealment; smnbunyikan, to conceal; bgrsSnbunyi, in hiding; trsembulnyi, hidden. sembur, ejecting forcibly from the mouth; spitting out [the word is not used of actual spitting (ludah), but of a snake spitting out venom or of a man spitting out a mouthful of water]; semburkan, to spit out. semburit, sodomy. semburna, Skr. gold-coloured; aureate. semejak, = semlnjak. sbemjana, = sem1njana. s8ml6it, = slmblit. sbmemeh, besmcared, befouled, dirty (as the face after chewing betel carelessly). sXmbna, tiada s., without reason; often written tiada sa-mana-mana. semanda, the transference of a man's residence to the home of his wife's family; the husband going to live with the wife. sambndal, mica. semundbrasa, Jav. a name for the chgmpaka flower. sbmbnggah, harmonious, fitting, proper; ta'-s., unbecoming. s6mnujak, since; s. prang China, since the war in China. sbmbnjana, mediocre, middling. sbmnbtang, although; granting that; while; = sunggoh-pun. semnutara, while, during, for a time, temporary; s. dia lagi kcchil, while he was still young; hal n~ggri ini s~mnntara sahaja tiada akan kMkal, the status of this settlement is purely temporary; it will not endure. sementblah, the more. snmnutong, blunt, simple, dullwitted. sembrbak, spreading, diffusive, allpermeating (of a perfume). semgrbok, = slmrbak. semerdanta, Skr. white pearly teeth; often written asmara danta. #smnsta, Skr. all, entire; alam s,, the whole world; s4ru smnSsta saka. ian, the universe; all and every. thing.

Page  201 SiMILIR 201 SENDEL sbmilir, silir-sgmilir, waving (as the loose end of a garment). sbmista, = semesta. sbmpada, ketam s., a kind of crab. sbmpadan, a boundary (especially a well-defined boundary-such as a stream or fence). sempak, chipped, notched, injured along the edge. sbmpal, jutting out; mnynynmpal, to jut out; tersimpal, prominent. sempana, fortunate, lucky, blessed. sempang, crossing; cutting across each other (of roads); cross roads; s. siur, zigzag; mnnyempang, to turn off in another direction (of a man on a journey). sempat, ability to do anything; to "manage"; aku tiada smmpat lari, I could not manage to get away. sempelah, accursed, good for nothing; anak s., a term of abuse; sbmplat, soiled, dirty. spmpbna, a lucky mark on a keriscf. sinpana. sempbrna, = sempurna. simpit, narrow; confined (of space); kss8nmpitan belanja, narrowness of means; poverty. sempok, menyenpok, to come into conflict with; to run up against. semporna, = ssinpurna. sSmpuras, dirty, unwashed (of the face). sempurna, Skr. completion, realisa. tion, perfection; s. kitahuan-nya, his knowledge is perfect; s. pekerjaan, the perfection of work; sampurnakan, to complete, to perfect. semu, deceit by false representations or a false appearance; " taking in"; tsrsmui, " taken in." samua, Skr. all; the whole; every one of; k1cs&mua-nya, all of them. snmud6ra, Skr. the ocean. 6mugut, = senggugut. samurulp, (Perak) a lean-to. simut, a generic name for ants other than the white ant (anai-anai) and the fire-ant (kgr-ngga); s. api, a long black ant which stings badly (nobopelta distinguenda); s. sabong, a black and red ant found in boats. and sandy places (sima rufonigra), it also stings badly. sUna, I. Ar. sdna maki, "mecca senna"; the true senna obtained from the tree cassia angustifolia. II. pokok sdna, the angsana tree (pterocarpus indicus); also angsana. sena, Skr. an army; infantry. seuak, griping pains in the stomach. suasm, I. the dark colour visible when plated ware is scratched; the cheap background; nampak s., he is seen in his true colours. II bbrsenam, to stretch oneself on waking. sunang, comfort, ease, peace of mind; s. mSnipu dia, it is an easy matter to, deceive him; kcslnangan, a feeling of comfort. senangin, a fish (otholithus macu. latus). sEnantiasa, = senentiasa. senapang, (Dutch) a musket, a gun s. batu, a flint-lock; s. "cap," a muzzle-loader; s. kimbar, a doublebarrelled gun; s. kopak, a breechloader; s. trkul, a rifled gun; mnngisi s., to load a gun. sbnawi, a passenger who works his passage. Senayan, Ar. hari Sgnayan, Monday; also hari Isnin. sunds, I. a joke; a jest; flirtation; gurau s., id.; bUrsdnda-gurau or bgrgurau-s8nda, to interchange jests. II. Skr. I, myself; -= sahaya'nda. s0ndal, I. fixing by filling up inter. stices. II. surreptitious theft; pick. ing a pocket. s9ndalu, angin ssndalu, a moderate breeze. sundar, to snore. sgndat, wedged in; nipped. s6ndawa, Skr. saltpetre. seadel, leaning against; bgrsendel bahu, shoulder to shoulder,

Page  202 SENDENG 202 SENGKUL *endeug, heeling over to one side; laid against anything at an angle; tmrsendeng-sendeng, leaning first to one side, then to another. jsnd6rong, a marine mollusc (unidentified)..snbdi, Skr. muscle, sinew, joint; tgrchabut-lah sendi bahu-nyya, his shoulder was put out of joint; bersendi, with a hinge or fastening; mounted in. ~s-ndiri, self; sahaya s., I myselfcf. diri. s6ndochong, a fresh-water fish (unidentified). sbndok, a spoon, a ladle; siput s., a shell (patella sp.); mlnyEndok, to eat anything with a spoon. -sbndong, a narrow pen or stall to confine a buffalo for milking..sundu, depressed, serious, melancholy -cf. sEdu. j6sndudok, a rhododendron-like shrub (melastoma polyanthum). san~ntiasa, Skr. always, perpetually; also s~ntiasa. sbangaja, intentionally, deliberately; tiada sahaya s., I did not do it intentionally. sbngal, rheumatic or gouty twinges of pain. naugam, meny~ngam, to gorge; to eat gluttonously. snagap, quiet (of a child). sengarat, a fish (unidentified). sbngat, a sting; the venomous " bite" of an insect; mnnygngat, to sting; pegnyngat, a wasp. sbngau, talking through the nose. senget, inclining to one side; heeling or leaning over; tMrsenget, set at an angle, inclined. bunggama, Skr. union; federation. sanggau, rising on tiptoe and stretching out the hand to pick or draw something towards oneself, -anggayut, dangling in the air (of a man hanging by his hands), sanggirek, an auger; rusa s., the unicorn. s6nggok, nodding; tapping with the head; senggokkan kmpala, to bump the head (against the ground or wall). sbnggfguut, a generic name for a number of diseases of women; dysmenorrhoea. senggulong, a millipede that rolls itself up into a ball when touched. senggut, a sidelong blow with the head; a butt with the horn-cf. s~nggok. sbngit, pungent (of odour). sbngkak, nausea from overfeeding. sbnglkalan, a wooden slab on which curry-stuff is pounded. sngklang, thwart; position across; cross-bar; te rse ngkang, jammed across. sengkang, jalan mgnyengkang, to walk unevenly, sungkar, a crossbar or thwart in a boat. s6ngkarut, interlacing; bersengkcarut, in a tangle; very much involved (of a story). sbngkat, succinct; too short; limited. sangkayan, a waterspout. sengkbla, Skr. shackles, fetters, hobbles. sbngkilang, crossed (of the arms or legs). sgngkelang, a slanting cross; an irregular figure; bad work. sbngklat, = sakhlat. sengkelat, filthy; unwashed (of the abaimana)-a term of abuse. sbngkling, crossing the legs slightly by laying one just over the other. sbngkblit, a sort of band or strap into which the feet are placed when climbing a tree. sengkbnit, a tick. sengkuang, the yam-bean (pachyrrhizus angulatus). sengkuap, a canopy. sengkul, difficulty in swallowing (due to an inflamed or sore throat).

Page  203 SkNGONGOT 203 SiPAK sungougot, a fish (unidentified). snagsara, Skr. pain, agony, torture; azab s., seksa s., or susah s., id. sengsat, bound up (of a sarong) so as to give freer play to the limbs. sengseng, = singsing. sBni, delicate of texture; distinct or clear in tone; thin and fine; intan yang s., diamonds of fine water; ayer s., urine. senja, Skr. evenfall; s. kala, id.; awal s., the early part of the evening.,sjnjak, since, = s8mntjak. sbnjakala, see senja. senjata, Skr. instrument of warfare; weapon; alat s., war-material. agnjolong, having a long projecting snout-a descriptive name given to the gavial (tomnistoma schlegeli), to small sword fish, and to certain types of boats-cf. jolong. senjong, the bar of a pair of scales. senohong, a salt-water fish (unidentified). sfnonoh, becoming; fitting; suitable; tiada s., improper (especially of conduct). s2nta, the long timbers used in the construction of a boat; the timbers stretching from stem to stern as distinct from the ribs. sentada, I. a species of ant. II. a tree resembling the yew (podocarpus neglectus). sbntadu, ulat sentadu, a large green caterpillar. sentak, a jerk; a sudden pull;.sntakkan or mdnyVntakkan, to give a sudden tug at anything-e.g. at one's keris. snrtal, rubbing vigorously with a hard surface; scrubbing. sentana, Jav. family, kindred; kulasentana, id. senteng, = sinting. s6utbri, Tam. a wandering student; a wanderer; a stranger generally; dagang s., id. snbtiasa, Skr. always; also sgn. tiasa. sxntil, sticking anything into a hole or opening so that it is partly in and partly out. slntoh, forcible contact; collision; knocking up against. sentok, = sintok. sfntolar, plaiting or twisting an extra strand into a rope; adding a lash to a whip. snutong, a ring, a circle, a circular enclosure; kain s., a sarong that has been sewn so as to be ready for use; baju s., a jacket that does not open the whole way down in front. snbtosa, Skr. rest, peace, tranquillity; kgesatosaan, id.; senang sgntosa, "peace and happiness." sbutul, a fruit tree (sandoricum indicum). sgnuhun, Jav. a royal title; a monarch; sang s., his majesty, sbnyak, = senyap. sfnyampang, see nyampang. synyap, I. sunyi senyap, extremely lonely; deserted-a strong form of sunyi. II. = leInyap. sanyar, the tingling sensation caused by a blow on the funny-bone. sxnyum, smiling, a smile; s. simpul, a smile accompanied by a blush; s. raja, a hypocritical smile; tars~nyum, with a smile on the face; smiling. s6nyur, Port. senhor; Mr.; Sir. sppah, a quid (of betel); s. bulan, a hazel-worm or filbert-worm; s. puteri, a name given (1) to a pretty bird (dicaum cruentatum); (2) to a large tree (pentace triptera); s. raja, a name sometimes given to the bird of paradise. sepah, littering about; tOrsepah, littered about. s8pai, scattered about. sxpak, a blow with the flat of the hand; a slap; a blow with a racquet; menrygpak, to slap.

Page  204 SEPAK,20 S]RAING gepak, a kick with the side of the foot; spurning; s. raga, the Malay football; mtmudi s., a paddle-rudder in contradistinction to a hinged rud. der of European type. ispam, a large wild mango (mangi. fera maingayi). s6pan, a tree (dialium patens). sapang, the "sappan" tree (asal. pinia sappan). siparoh, see paroh. sepat, ikan sapat, a fish (colera vulgaris), sbpatu, Port. shoes. sepegoh, a marine mussel yielding pearls of little value. seper, = sipir. sp6lrai, (Dutch) a counterpane or coverlet. Sjpfrba, Skr. the name of a nymph of heaven; Sang S., the legendary founder of the Malayan empires. sbperti, like; similar to; as to; according to; ddngan s~pgrti-nya, as a thing should be; appropriately; sipdrtikan, as though about to. sepet, half-closed (of the eyes); with the lids close together; buta 8., blindness-such that the eyes become closed up as well as sightless. ospi, Jav. still, quiet, calm. s6pit, nipped, confined, squeezed or pressed between two surfaces; kueh s., a wafer-like cake or biscuit much favoured by Chinese; brsnpit, possessing claws or nippers (as a crab). ulpoh, gloss, glaze, polish; mas yang sudah tSrsEpoh, burnished gold. gpolk, casting carelessly aside. s6pui, gently blowing (of the zephyrs); soft (of the breeze). s6pileh, akar sapuleh, a plant (fa. grcea racemosa or ophioxylon serpen. tinum). seput, dull (of colours). sxra, I. wild disorderly movement; tNrsgra - sra, rushing frantically about. II. bright, glowing. III. a midge. slrabai, a cake made of flour and coconut milk. sbrabut, shaggy, fibrous-cf. sabut. s8radong, tripping over anything; tMrseradong kaki, to have one's foot caught in anything. sbraga, bantal s~raga, a flat squaresided state cushion. srrah, surrendering; handing over possession; delivering; making over; sdrahkan or mnnysrahkan, to hand over; serahkan diri, to submit absolutely to another's control; bWrserah, in submission to; trsErah, given over to. serah, glowing red; fiery red. srrahi, Ar. a wine-bottle or decanter. serai, lemon grass (andropogon schcenanthus). sbrak, I. hoarseness; mucus in the throat and nostrils; tgrtawa sampai s., to laugh oneself hoarse. II. a little loose (of a fastening). serak, scattering in disorder; serakserakkan, to disperse. seram, to stiffen (of the muscles); to stand on end (of the hair). sera, -- siram. sarama, Skr. in time, in measure, rhythmical; gendang s., a drum (one side of which is beaten by the hand, the other by a drum-stick); menygrama, to beat time. sbrambi, a Malay verandah. serampang, a barbed trident used for spearing fish. sKrana, I. Skr. style, fashion; general effect. II. mSnygrana, to pine away; also mnrana, sBranah, curse, cursing; impreca. tions; sumpah s., id. s6randang, a prop formed by crossing two sticks. S6randib, Pers. pulau Sgrandib, Ceylon. sbrandong, tripping or stumbling over. s6rang, I. assault, attack, charging, onslaught; mSnygrang, to assail.

Page  205 SERANG 205 SjtRENDENG II. a " serang " or petty officer on a ship; a quarter-master. III. wavy (of colouring); changing tint according to light. serang, wide-meshed (of baskets, nets, etc.).seranggong, mnny1ranggong, to sit with one's elbows on the table; to squat with the knees wide apartcf. ranggong. Jsrangkak, a girdle of thorns put round the trunk of a tree to prevent thieves climbing it. $Brani, Ar. " Nazarene "; Christian (especially Roman Catholic); Eurasian; also Nasrani. sbranta, advertising a fact; letting everyone know. strap, absorption, sponging up, sucking up; smbbun di-sgrap panas, dew sucked up by heat. serap, I. a sort of wooden dado or planking along the base of a wall. II. a Javanese sleep-producing spell. s~rapah, Skr. a curse; an imprecation. sbrapeh, kena s2rapeh, to be chipped by a blow..sbrasa, a name for sireh. s6rasi, = sa-raksi. asrat, jammed; held fast in an aperture. sfratong, a small tree (tabern emontana corymbosa). Jsrau, I. noisy; creating a disturbance. II. celluloid tissue; net-like stuff. srrawa, a fritter made of banana and flour.,Srawak, Sarawak. sbrawan, = s riawan. Asraya, I. with, while, along with, during, as; bSrtanya syraya tSrsenyum, to ask with a smile. II. a generic name for a number of timbers obtained from trees of the genera shorea and hopea. III. Skr. appealing to; invoking assistance of. *5rba, Skr. all; of all sorts; various; all kinds of; s. neka or s. sgrbi, id.; s. salah, puzzled; in doubt; s. sadikit, some small smattering of. usrbah, sgrbah-serbeh, shaking out a sarong. s6rbak, mgnygrbak, to spread; to be diffused (of an odour). sErban, I. Pers. a turban. II. numbed. slrbat, Ar. a cooling drink of any sort; also sharbat. usrbeh, sbrbah-serbeh, shaking out the sarong. s6rbet, (Dutch) serviette, napkin. s6rbi, sgrba-sgrbi, all sorts; various. s6rbok, powder, fine dust; s. kikir, filings. serbu, impetuous onslaught, dashing forward, charging; menygrbukan diri, to throw oneself impetuously upon the enemy. sbrdadu, Port. a soldier. sbrdak, very fine dust-such as collects on undusted furniture. s6rdam, a native fife of bamboo. s6rdang, a tall fan-palm (livistona cochinchinensis). s6rdeh, sticking out (of the stomach or chest, when a man does not sit upright). sbrek, I. to be frightened off a risky business; to amend one's ways through a bad fright. II. (onom.) sSrok- srek, the cracking of the finger-joints. serek, bluffing; threatening without intending to carry out one's threats. s6r6mbau, I. a game played by children. II. wearing the sarong high in front and low behind. s6rimpak, hastily and slovenly done (of work). asr6mpu, a rough keel shaped like a dug-out; jalr s., a dug-out. serendah, I. a kind of banana. II. a kind of padi. s6reandeng, heeling over to one side; aslant.

Page  206 S]itR]NGAM 206 SJARTUP s6rbugam, over abundance; excess; bgrsgrnngam, in objectionable excess. s6r6njang, perfectly perpendicular (of a flagstaff, tree, etc.) sar6sah, rubbish, offal. seret, dragging along; trailing along; mnnyeret, to trail after one; to drag something over the ground behind one. Sbrgash, mnnysrgah, to startle anyone with a sudden sound or movement. sbrgam, standing out; in bold relief; conspicuous. abrgap, mg!nyrgap, to surprise with a sudden onslaught. sbrgut, roughly finished; coarsely done (of bad work). sari, I. Skr. charm, beauty, glory; the best of anything; the embryo; s. n~g#ri, the pride of the city; s. balai, the heart of the audience hall; s. munka, the light of the countenance; s. kaya, the custard apple; bgrseri, to brighten up (of the countenance). II. drawn (of a game). s6riap, a large bird (unidentified) frequenting mud banks. asriat, an instrument with long trailers [the trailers are drawn through the water frightening shrimps and prawns, which are thereby induced to leap out of the water and fall into a boat]. sbriawan, a sort of sprue. s6riding, side, border, edge, fringe. s6rigala, a jackal; anjing s., a name sometimes given to the wild dog (cyon rutilans). sArikat, Ar. the joint earnings of husband and wife. s6rikayar, see s8ei. srindai, an evil spirit. s6rindit, the love-bird (loriculus galgulus). B6ring, I. stiff (of cloth or paper). II. the feeling of "goose-flesh"; s. sbram, id. III. (onom.) the humming of a humble-bee. IV. Jav. Wring ali, occasionally, sfringai, mnnygringai, to grin (of apes). sariwa, part of the title of a bendahara-i.e. bhndahara sgrizva raja. s6rja, a cloth-fabric; serge? s6rkah, torn apart, split. s6rkai, rinsing or wringing out; squeezing out. s6rkap, a coop - shaped fish - trap thrust down over a fish. s6rklup, enclosing under a dome or cup-shaped surface; catching with a sSrkap. sbrlah, glowing white. strling, a pitfall. sxrmangin, a musical instrument. serobeh, dishevelled (of the hair). s6roda, a belt of thorns (also known as sraangkak) which is placed round a tree to stop thieves climbing it. serodi, filing down precious stones. s6roh, shrunken; reduced (of inflammation). sbroja, Skr. the lotus (neluzbium speciosurm). sbrok, a measure of capacity, - about 10 gantang. serok, a name given to a small variety of the fish-trap (betterknown as kelong). s6rokan, a water-course; a stream. s6rombong, a funnel, a hollow cylinder; pahat 8., a chisel. serong, askew, at an angle. s6ronggong, cross beams used in mining. seronok, (Kedah) pleasant, agreeable; = sdap. xsrpai, chipping, clipping, lopping off. s6rpeh, chipping; a chip. sxrta, Skr. with, together with; accompanying; while; and; rajin? srta usaha, diligent and industrious; sgrta-.mrta, at that very moment; immediately; on the spot; bgsgrta, along with, together with; m8ny9rtai, to co-operate with; to assist. sirtup, closing; shutting up.

Page  207 STERU 207 SHAFEY s6ru, I. Skr. all; s. sakaliaan, id.; s. srmnsta sakalian, id.; also sarwa. II. exclaiming, calling out, shouting; bUrs~ru, to call out loudly; mgnygru, id. saruit, a fishspear with a single barb. s6rul, inadhesive (of the grains of boiled rice). serunai, a name given to a number of musical instruments (especially to a wooden whistle with a slide for varying the pitch); buaya s., a name given to the gavial. sxrunding, a Javanese preparation of ground coconut. sbruntun, akar serutunt, a medicinal shrub (lepidagathis longifolia). sbrut, (onom.) a dull scraping sound. sxsah, beating with a long flexible cane or rod. shsak, close pressure, packing tightly; ponoh s., full to crowding. s6sal, regret, sorrow, repentance; sgsalkan, to regret (anything); qLnygsal, to feel regret. s6sap, lapping up water (of animals drinking); sesapan burong, a pool frequented by birds in dry weather. s6sar, pushing or shoving aside; yang hidctp sesarkan mati, the living dis. place the dead. s6sat, straying from the right path; losing one's way; going astray; s. jalan, to lose one's way; s. barat, confused; di-pgrsssat, led astray. sfaawi, = sawi-sawi. slSbgan, = (burong) s8gan. sksnh, = s~ma-smma. sisorok, = sorok-sorok. s6sumpit, = sumpit-sumpit. s6ta, Skr. a cubit; also hasta. sitakona, = astakona. s6tambun, a small tree (baccaurea parvifolia). Setan, Ar. a devil, an evil spirit, Satan; also Shaitan. sitalggar, = istinggar. itauaggi, Skr. incense; also istanggi. setawar, a name given to some me. dicinal herbs (costus speciosus and forrestia spp.) setBrawan, = sastgrawan. Seteria, Skr. a Kshatriya; a member of the warrior-caste. seteriman, a petty officer on a ship. szt;ru, a personal (not national) enemy; bUrst~ru to be at enmity with; plrseteruan, a feud. seterup, (Dutch) syrup. setia, Skr. loyalty, fidelity, faith, constancy; s. tMgoh, firm loyalty. setiawan, Skr. loyal, faithful, con. stant-cf. s~tia. setinggi, a reef in a sail. setinja, = istinja. satoka, a fish (unidentified). setolop, (Dutch) a wall-lamp. s6tru, = sgteru. sWtu, Jav. blessing (of a Hindu divi. nity or ascetic blessing a devotee); laying a transformation on a person; setuO, to bless; to lay a spell on. sotua, Skr. an animal; marga-s., animals generally; s. angkara, a fabulous wild beast. satul, a marine plant (enhalus aco. roides). sewa, hire, hiring, engaging, leasing; sewaan, obtaining on lease, leasing, engaging; rumah sewaan, a house held on leasehold tenure or intended for leasehold tenure; mrnyewa, to hire. sewah, I. a short curved dagger. II. a generic name given to a number of birds of pray; s. balalang (accipiter virgatus); lang s., the large kite (pernis tweeddalii); s. tkuctkur, the Indian koel (eudy namis hono. rata). sewal, misfortune. Shaaban, Ar. the name of a Muham. madan month. sher, Ar. poem. shafiat, Ar. intercession. Shafel, Ar. Shafiite; appertaining to the Shafiite school of doctrines

Page  208 SHAH 208 SIDANG shah, Pers. king, sovereign; a royal title; s. johan, ruler of the world; s. mardan, king of men; s. bandar, master attendant, harbour master. shahadan, Ar. this is to testify-a common exordium to a sentence. shhaadat, Ar. attestation; the confession of faith. shahbandar, see shah. shahid, Ar. mati shahid, to die a martyr for the faith; to be killed in a holy war. shahuat, Ar. voluptuous sensation. shaikh, Ar. a title given to Arabs who are not descendants of the Prophet. Shaitan, Ar. an evil spirit; a devil; Satan; also Setan. shajrat, Ar. a tree. shak, Ar. doubt, suspicion. shakar, Pers. sugar. shal, Pers. a shawl. shamsu, Ar. the sun. shara' Ar. hukusn shara', Muhammadan law. 8harat, Ar. article or clause in a contract. sharbat, Ar. wine, cooling drink; also serbdt. shareat, Ar. ritual. sharif, Ar. noble. sharifah, Ar. noble; a title given to women who are descended from the Prophet; also saripah. sharikat, Ar. the joint earnings of husband and wife; also strikat. Shawal, Ar. the name of a Muhammadan month. shufaat, = shafaat. shukur, Ar. thanks; bgribu shukur, thousands of thanks. Bshrga, Skr. heaven; also sorga. si, a prefix (usually half contemptuous) to the names of persons and personified animals or things; si-anu, so-and-so; si-apa, who, what person; si-.ngkau si-aku, a person with whom you can take liberties (using familiar words like aku and engkau). sia, sia-sia, idle, useless, futile, without result; dbngan sia-sia, uselessly. siah, bustling; s. layah, swaying about. siak, I. the caretaker of a mosque. II. akar siak, a slender climber with white flowers (physostelma wallichii). siakap, a fish (lates nobilis). sial, bringing ill-luck; ill-omened; ill-starred. sialaug, pokok sialang, any large tree on which bees build a nest; bgrsialang, to swarm (of bees). siamang, the well-known long-armed ape (hylobates syndactylus). siang, daylight; s. hari, during the daytime; bulan kOsiangan, the moon in daylight-a symbol of pallor. siap, bringing to readiness; preparation; sudah s., it is ready; siapkan, to get ready; bersiap, in readiness. siapa, who; see si. siar, I. Port. bWrsiar, to stroll about. II. welding together; hammering pieces of metal into one. siasat, Ar. chastisement, punishment, control. siat, tearing into strips; siatkan, to tear to pieces. siau, cooled down to a bearable temperature (of water, hot metal, etc.) sibang, sibang-sibok, snatching at a thing as one passes by. sibar, a border sewn on to a piece of embroidery. sibok, I. a whirl, a rush (of amusements or work). II. sibang-sibok, snatching at a thing as one passes by. sibur, a shallow ladle of coconut shell. rida, castration; a eunuch; sida-sida, eunuchs. sidaguri, = s6lguri. sidai, hanging out clothes to dry; pSnyidai kain, a clothes-cord or rail; tMrsidai, hung out to dry. sidang, I. a gathering, a council; 8. msshuarat, members of council; 8.

Page  209 SIDEK 209 SIMPUL Jumaat, the Friday meeting for congregational service. II. the sharpened edge of a knife (showing the scraping of the grindstone). sidek, investigation; thinking outcf. sOlidek. siding, a sharply defined edge; a low dyke or fence; a long low fence used in catching dwarf-deer. sifat, = sipat. sigai, tangga sigai, a sort of ladder made by lashing short pieces of wood to a tree-trunk. sigap, I. bearing, pose; = sikap. II. Jav. to have one's weapons ready for use. sigar, kain sigar, a head-dress worn by a bridegroom. sigtra, = ssgera. ^ sigi, I. pointing the finger at any person or thing. II. a band of thin metal round the sheath of a keris. III. a torch of resinous wood. sigong, nminyigong, to give a dig with the elbow. sihat, -sehat. sihir, = seher. sikap, I. manner, bearing, pose; also sigap. II. lang sikap, a name sometimes given to small hawks. III. baju sikap, a jacket with tight sleeves. sikat, combing, a comb; a harrow; bUrsikat, combed. sikin, Ar. a knife. sikkah, = sekah. siksa, = seksa. siku, the elbow; a sharp angle; s. jalan, a sharp turn in the road. sila, I. Skr. "welcome"; "please" (in " please sit down," etc.); a polite invitation; s. dudok, pray be seated; bEnang s., a thick white thread; silakan, be pleased to; kindly agree to; brsila, to sit down politely and ceremoniously; mgmprsilakan, to invite. II. batu mgdang sila, a kind of gypsum used medicinally. xilah, Ar. silah-silah, a genealogical tree a table showing descent. silam, gloom, darkness, nightfall; t-rsilam, benighted. silang, cross-wise; position at right angles; bUrsilang, marked with crosscuts or scars; silang-mSnyilang, lying across each other. silap, I. Ar. an error, a mistake. II. conjuring, sleight of hand, puzzling the eye; tukang s. mata, a conjuror. silasilah, see silah. silat, fencing (especially the mimicry of fencing in a Malay sword-dance); main s., a sword-dance; bUrsilat, to fence. silau, the shimmer of light on water -cf. kilau. sileh, making good; replacing; repairing a loss; s. mata, making good to the eyes-i.e. publicly paying over a large sum only to have it quietly returned later. silir, silir-sgmilir, waving (as the loose end of a garment). silu, shyness, retiring modesty. simbah, besprinkling from above; watering. simbai, looking smart; an effective appearance. simbang, I. a sea-bird (procellaria sp.); simbangan, id. II. unreliable; musim s., the uncertain weather at the change of monsoon. simbok, a small basin or finger-bowl. simpai, I. fastening in a band; a rattan fastening on the handle of a chisel or any similar object; rotan s., a piece of very flexible rattan used for this purpose. II. a monkey (semnopithecus melalophos). simpan, retaining in one's possession; holding; keeping; preserving; s. di, hati, remembering; mSnyimpan, to keep; to preserve. simpang, = sempang. simpir, letting the wings droop (of a peacock). simpul, knotting, tying, fastening; s. mati, a fast knot; s. puleh, a slipknot; sSnyum s., a smile accompanied

Page  210 SIMPUR 210 SIRAM by a blush; simpulan, a fastening; m~nyimpul, to fasten. simpur, a generic name for a number of trees (especially dillenia indica). sinar, ray of light; radiance; kena sinar matahari, to be struck by the sun's rays. sindat, a flat armlet worn by women. sinding, = sendeng. sindir, teasing, chaff; s. nyanyi, teasing in song; m8nyindir, to chaff. sindura, Hind. minium, red-lead. singa, Skr. a lion; an ancient title. singga, = sa-hingga. singgah, touching at; stopping at on the way; breaking a journey; s.-mgnyinggah, to keep stopping at places-e.g. as a pedlar trying to sell his wares. singgang, fish cooked in salt. singgasana, Skr. a throne or royal dais; s. kcrajaan, id. singgat, = sa-hingga. singgul, a blow or knock with the side of the head. singit, = senget. singkap, drawing apart curtains or mosquito-nets; drawing aside a hanging cloth so as to make one's way past it; mgnyingkap, to open or draw aside a curtain. singkat, = sengkat. singkek, Ch. a "new-comer;" a contract-coolie fresh from China. singkil, I. singkil gigi, teeth "on edge." II. tali singkil, a cord holding up curtains. singkir, to tread a hen (of a cock); to push slightly aside. singkur, kicking aside; pushing aside; knocking out of the way. xingsing, rolling up the sleeves; fajar m8nyingsing, the day is break. ing. sini, here; this way; this direction; di-sini, here; in this place; kasini, hither; dari-sii, hence; di-sgbgrang sini, on the nearer bank. sinjoh, elbowing a man out of the way. sintar, the blue-breasted banded rail (hypotenidia striata). sinting, I. sgluar sinting, short trousers. II. a thin shell (placuna sella). sintok, a tree (cinnamomun sentu?) out of the fibre of which a kind of soap is made; m1nyintok, to use this fibrous stuff in the bath. sinyur, = senyur. sioman, = sinman. siong, tusks, large canine teeth; gigi s., the canines; bersiong, tusked. sipahi, Hind. a sepoy; a soldier. sipat, Ar. a ruled or marked line; attributes; qualities, charms; tali s., ma line drawn by a carpenter to guide him in his work. sipi, position off the centre; wide of the mark. sipir, (Dutch) a cypher. sipu, shamefacedness; kesipu-sipuan, id.; tMrsipu-sipu, put to the blush. sipua, Ch. an abacus. siput, a generic name for many shells; the whorls, loops, lines and markings on the hand; s. bawang (bulla ampulla); s. bMlang chechak (terebra mascaria); s. bulan (helix ovum); s. bulan puteh (natica ma. milla); s. panjang (terebra macu. lata); s. subang (solarium trochleare); s. tudong (trochus pyramis); other shells have generic names of their own-e.g. rangkek, chovngkak, etc. sir, I. Ar. secret. II. lust; the promptings of lust; s. bgrahi, id. sirs, Jav. a title of inferior distinction; Sira Panji, the nom de guerre of the famous Javanese hero Radin Inu KErtapati, Prince of Kuripan. uirai, dressed (of the hair). siram, besprinkling; pouring water over; the bathing of princes; ber. siram, to bathe (of a prince or princess); siramkan, to pour (a liquid over anything).

Page  211 SIRAT 211 SOGANG sirat, I. netting together; nata s., a mesh; siratan gigi, the mesh-like appearance of regular teeth; pen. yirat kuku, the thin line of skin covering the edge of the finger-nail. II. Ar. sirat-4l-nmustakim, the razoredged bridge over which the true believer passes into heaven. sireh, the betel-vine (piper betle); s. charang, soft new shoots on the vine; s. kadok (piper longum); s. kerakap, coarse leaves from the vine; junjong s., the pole or support of the sireh vine; mnakan s., to chew betel; santap s., id. (of princes chewing betel); tempat s. or bekas s., a betelbox; pesirehan, id. [The use of sir eh in the betrothal formalities has given rise to the following expressions: s. berchakap, the sireh sent to typify the formal proposal of marriage; s. m8minang, the sireh typifying the formal acceptance.] siring, an instrument something like a large tennis racquet. [It is used for catching shrimps-it is drawn through the water and the shrimps coming in contact with it leap out of the water and fall into a boat.] sirip, the fin of a fish.:sisa, Skr. what is left over; surplus; residue; remains (especially the remains of a meal); s. nabi, a flatfish; the sole. siseh, quarrelling, dispute-cf. seliseh; minnyiseh, to quarrel. sisek, I. the scale of a fish, or armadillo, or dragon; the scraping off of the scales of a fish; bgrsisek-sisek,:scale-like; s. tgnggiling, the scales of the armadillo-a description of a shingle roof; batok s., whoopingcough. II. a name for some turtles -e.g. s. ilin (chelone imbricata); s. tnmpurong (thalassochelys caretta). sisi, side, brink, edge; di-sisi putgri, by the side of the princess. sisil, turning up the ends of the sleeves or trousers-cf. singsing. sisip, insertion between two flat surfaces (as one inserts a paper-knife between the leaves of a book),; sisipkan or mlnyisipkan, to so insert or slip in. sisir, a comb, a harrow, a toothed instrument of any sort; mnayisir, to harrow; to comb; to rake up. sitak, a bag, a valise. sitar, Hind. an Indian three-stringed guitar. siti, Ar. lady; S. Haica, Our Lady Eve; S. Mariam, the Virgin Mary; s. gurus, a lady teacher. sitin, Eng. satin. siting, = sinting. sitti, = siti. situ, that place, there; di-situ, in that place; at that place; dari-s., thence; ka-s., thither. situn, a pot of black glazed earthenware. siul, whistling; bersiul, to whistle; burong s., the crested wood-quail (rollulus roulroul); punai s., the small green pigeon (osmotreron olax). siuman, the recovery of a consciousness after a fainting-fit or drunken debauch. siur, I. s8mpang siur, zigzagging. II. ta'-siur, not to care about. siut, I. singeing, burning up a small object. II. whistling; = siul. soah, Ch. over, done with, finished. soal, Ar. question; bersoal, to enquire; bUrsoal jawab, to question and get replies; to discuss. sobat, Ar. friendship, friend. sobek, a nip or pinch of anything; to nip off a piece. sobok, pynyobok, a night-prowler; a sneak-thief who steals under cover of the darkness. sodok, shovelling up; ladling up; a shovel-cf. sudu. sot, = sufi. soga, a tree (ormosia venosa). sogang, palisades, fencing.

Page  212 SOGEH 212 SUA ogleh, attempting work of which one lacks experience; the bungling of a beginner. sogok, mSnyogok, to give a significant nod or wink; to direct by a sign. soh, an exclamation to make buffaloes turn. soja, kowtowing; tgrsoja-soja, repeatedly kowtowing. sokma, Skr. the soul (in contradistinction to the body); raga dan s., body and soul [the word is used of the soul in the Hindu sense]. sokom, smearing with paint or colouring; clouded-white (as a colour of a dog); sokomkan, to besmear. sokong, propping up, buttressing, sustaining, supporting. solak, inclined to, liking. soldadu, Port. a soldier. solek, foppish; pbsolek, a dandy. solok, pisolok, a gift to be returned in kind-e.g. a contribution to a feast to which one is to be invited. som, I. a ship of an obsolete type. II. akar sor, a Chinese strengthening medicine. III. tulang som, a pubic-bone. somboug, arrogance; self-assertion; overbearing manner. sompek, jagged at the edge (through injury). sompoh, carrying on the neck and shoulders. sonak, the "thorns" on a "thornback" fish; the barb-like sting of a ray. sondeh, a tree (payena leerii); gttah s., gutta obtained from this tree. sondol, lowering the head (as a threatening bull); mWnyondol, to lower the head for a charge. sondong, a kind of shrimp-net used in Singapore. songr, Jav. affectation in dress or manner. songel, sticking out (as the cheek, when a quid of betel is in the mouth). songgeng, == snugging. songket, = sungkit. songklok, a small white cap worn by devout Malays. songkom, minyongkomn, to bury theface in a mother's lap (as a weeping child); to cuddle up against. songkong, = sokong. songsang, = sungsang. songsong, making way against; s.. harus, a name given to a shell (nurex ternispina); mrnyongsong, to make head against (used of an eagle flying' against the wind). sontok, = suntok. sopak, a skin disease, a form of' psoriasis. sopan, dignified modesty; a selfcontained but respectful demeanour.. sopi, ayer sopi, liqueur. sopoh, menyopoh, to carry pick-aback. sorak, cheering; cries of elation brsorack, to cheer. sorang, = sa-orang. sore, Jav. evening. sorga, Skr. heaven; also shurga. sorok, I. concealment by withdrawal; harimau mnnyorokkan ktukmu, a tiger hiding its claws. II. sorok-sorok, ani insect very destructive to padi. sorong, pushing forward under; shoving forward under; a surreptitious offer of a bribe; a bribe; s.. dayong, backing water; sorongkan, to push anything forward undercover. sotoh, Ar. the flat roof of a house. iotong, a cuttle-fish. soyak, rending in twain; tearing from top to bottom. soyat, = soyak. su, younger; = bongsu [in certain expressions, pak su, mak su, etc.] sua, pushing an object towards. another-e.g. holding a fighting-cock and pushing him towards his rival; bulh s., the feathers on the neck of a fighting-cock; pagar s., the paling

Page  213 SUAH 213 SUJUD separating two buffaloes which are being matched against one another. suah, searching by artificial light. suai, I. fitting, matching. II. Eng. tali suai, sway-ropes. suaji, the breech of a flag. suak, an indentation; a slight hollow; the parting of the hair. suaka, Skr. a place of refuge, a lodging; orang bgrsuaka, poor people; people compelled to lodge with others; dependents. sual, = soal. suam, lukewarm. suami, Skr. husband (more respectful than laki); lord (in the sense of husband); bgrsuami, to be married (of a woman); bersuamikan, to be married to. suang, ease, facility; lightly done; sa-suang-suang, with the greatest possible ease. snap, a mouthful; putting in the mouth; feeding a child; (by metaphor) bribing; sa - suap dua, a mouthful or two; makan s., to take bribes. suar, a fire-signal; a torch or lantern used to convey a message. suara, Skr. voice; vocal sound; dgngan s. yang lmah-lmbut, in a gentle tone of voice. suarga, = shurga. suari, bantal suari, an ornamental pillow used in marriage ceremonies. suasa, gold much alloyed with copper. suat, whimsical, capricious. suatu, one; = sa-?watu Lwatu being the Javanese form of batu]; sa-suatu, each every. subal, discreditable. subam, dull (of metallic lustre). suban, a splinter. subang, a large ear-stud. [In some places this stud is worn by maidens only and is discarded on marriage.] subhana, Ar. praised be. fuboh, Ar. dawn; sgmbah-yang s., early morning service. subur, rapid and healthy growth (of" plants). suchi, Skr. cleanliness, purity; pure, clean; s. hati, a heart free from malice. or deceit; Maha-suchi, the All-pure; God. suds, sharp-pointed bamboo splinters; (used as caltrops). sudah, Pers. completion, accomplishment; done, finished; sa-talah s.,. when it was finished; sudahkan, tocomplete, to finish off; kcsudahan,. the end of; pInyudah, the fulfilment of; the crowning of hope or desire; realisation, culmination. sudang, = silodang. sudara, = saudara. sudi, satisfied, contented, pleased,. ready; approval; jikalau s., if your like; sudikan, to like; to care for; to approve of. sudip, a large rice-ladle. sudu, a ladle; a coconut-shell spoon;. the bill of a duck; s. itek, a duck's bill; siput s., a shell (haliotis spp.); tulang s. hati, the xiphoid process. sudut, a corner; an out-of-the-way nook. suf, Ar. a cloth-fabric, camelot. sufi, Ar. ilmu sufi, sufiism, mysticism. suga, = soga. sugar, I. mnayugar, to pass thefingers through the hair. II. Eng. sugar. sugi, rubbing the point of a stick against anything; putting out a torch by rubbing off the burning portions; cleaning the teeth in the. Malay way. sugun, forcing down with violence; seizing the hair or throat and so. forcing down an adversary. suhun, suhunan, a Javanese royal title; also susuhunan and susunan. suir, lang suir, a vampire. suja, = soja. sujana, = saujana. saui, embroidery; fancy needlework... aujud, Ar. bowing in prayer.

Page  214 SUKA 214 SUNAN suka, Skr. liking, pleasure, enjoyment; s. hati, id.; s. chita, joy, delight; s. raya, uproarious delight; s. hati tuan, as you please; sukai, to take pleasure in; to like; sukakan, id.; k1sukaan, pleasure, enjoyment..sukachita, see suka. sukar, difficult, arduous; s. di-chari, hard to find; s. bgroleh dia, id.,sukat, I. the measurement of area or capacity; mensuration. II. provided that, supposing that, if, when; sukat ayer menjadi batu, if (or when) water turns into stone-i.e. never. isuku, a leg or limb; a quarter; a section; a tribe or division of the people; s. jam, a quarter of an hour; rial dan s., dollars and quarter-dollars.;sukun, the bread fruit (artocarpus incisa).:sukur, - shukur. Aula, Skr. a pointed stick; an impaling-post; spitting, impaling; sulakan, to impale; to roast on a spit; tirsula, impaled; teri-sula, a trident.:ulah, bald, bare-headed; lada s., white pepper. Julalat, Ar. extraction, descent, origin; s. us-salatin, the ancestry of our kings-a Malay traditional history. sulam, embroidery; bUrsulam, embroidered. sulang, I. joining in a drink; inviting another person to drink with you; minum bUrsulang-sulangan, exchanging drinks timeafter time. II. sooty deposit. ~sulbi, Ar. tlang sulbi, the coccyx. ~suldi, Ar. Adam's-apple (in the throat). suleh, a plant (tittius).:suli, a grandson or great-grandson; a descendant. suling, a generic name for native flageolets..sulit, obscure, out of the way, little known, secluded. iuliwatang, a Bugis title. suloh, a torch; a spy; a scout. sulong, senior, eldest, first in age; anak s., eldest son; gigi s., the four front teeth. sultan, Ar. sultan; s. al-muazam, the august sultan-i.e. the Sultan of Turkey. sulur, sticking up conspicuously; s. tiang, topmast. suma, daun suma, a medicinal plant (unidentified). sumbang, improper, revolting, incestuous; s. di-nata, an eye-sore; anak s., a child of incest. sumbar, challenging, reproaching, reviling. sumbat, corking up; stopping an orifice; sumnbatka,, to plug; to put a stopper into anything; to put cottonwool into the ears. sumbi, replacing an injured part; putting new planks into a boat; patching. sumbing, notched, dented, jagged; gelak s., a sickly laugh. sumbu, I. a wick; a fuse; a slow match; s. pelita, the wick of a lamp. II. the horn of a rhinoceros. sumbul, = chlmbul. sumpah, swearing, reviling, cursing; the taking of an oath; bUrsumpah, to take an oath; mtirmbgri sumpah, to administer the oath; sumpahsumpah, a name given to the Malay " chameleons " (calotes versicolor and calotes cristatellus). sumpil, stopping up; corking up; = sunbat. sumpit, the use of a blowpipe; shooting with a blowpipe; sumpitan, a blowpipe; sumpitkan, to kill (anything) with the blowpipe; mnnyumpit, to use the blowpipe; sumpitsumpit, (1) the well-known shooting fish (toxotes jaculator), (2) a small mSngkuang bag. sumsum, Jav. marrow, pith. sumur, Jav. a well. sunan, = suhunan.

Page  215 SUNAT 215 SURGA sunat, Ar. tradition, practice; the traditional law of the Prophet; circumcision; tukang s., a circumciser; sunatkan, to circumcise. sundal, a harlot; a common prostitute. sundang, a broad short sword with a full-sized handle. sundus, Pers. brocade. sungai, a river; a flowing stream of some size; anak s., a rivulet; pgrgi ka-s., a polite way of describing obedience to a call of nature. sungga, Jav. a spur; a goad. sungging, picturing flowers or ornamental patterns in paint (such as gold paint), etc. sunggit, Jav. an attendant on a princess. sunggoh, reality; genuine, true, real; s. hati, heartiness, strenuousness; sunggoh-pun, although; sunggoh-sunggoh, really, genuinely; sa-sunggoh-nya, in all truth; in all reality; sunggoh-sunggohi, to strive vigorously or strenuously. sungkal, to turn up (as a ploughshare turns up the earth); s. bajak, a ploughshare. sungkap, torn apart; pulled loose; kuku thrsungkap, a finger-nail or toenail torn from the quick. sungkit, kain sungkit, silk'cloth shot with gold. sungkup, covering under a hollow bowl or vessel. sungkur, rooting up; ladling up; scooping up; shovelling up; a net of triangular shape pushed through mud and water so as to catch shrimps; s. sangkar, sprawling. sungsang, reversal; turning upside down. sungu, Jav. horn. sunglt, I. murmuring, grumbling; bUrsungut, to murmur. II. the antennae. sunjam, head downwards; tgrsunjam, hung up by the heels. sunteh, chipping off. sunti, I. a sort of pickle made of the b~limbing. II. anak dara sunti, a very young maiden. sunting, to wear stuck behind the ear (as flowers are occasionally worn); suntingkan, to wear in the hair; to " crop the flower in season." suntok, insufficiency of time; failure through insufficiency; waktu s., time is up; orang tua s., an old man who still apes young ways. sunyi, lonely, solitary, desolately quiet, deserted; sunyi-lah labohan Melaka, the Malacca roadstead was deserted. sup, (Dutch) soup, broth. supai, = sipahi. aura, I. Skr. hero; man of men. II. Ar. bulan Sura, a name given to the month Muharramn. surah, Ar. a subdivision or chapter of the Kuran. surai, the combing or dressing of the hair; the hair itself (when speaking of a prince or princess). suralaya, Skr. the abode of the gods; the Hindu Olympus. suram, darkness, gloom, cloudiness; the obscuring of the brightness of the sun or of the beauty of the countenance. surat, a writing of any sort; a letter; isi s., the contents of a letter or document; m ka s., the written page; s. kirinan, a letter; an epistle; s. mngngah, a patent; s. pilkat, a poster; s. tanda tangan, a signed acknowledgment; (usually) an I.O.U.; s. wakil, a power of attorney; s. wasiat, a will; suratkan, to cause to be written; tsrsurat, written. surau, a private mosque in contradistinction to a mosque of general assembly. suraya, Skr. the sun. xurdi, = strodi. sureh, s.-s., (Perak) descent, lineage. surga, = shurga.

Page  216 SURI 216 TABOH suri, Skr. a queen; royal; = par. maisuri; rama aji ibu suri, royal father and queenly mother; the parents of a prince. surmalh, Pers. a collyrium made of antimony. suroh, ordering; giving instructions; surohan, an order, a command; an orderly; suroh-surohan, messengers; surohkan, to order; to instruct. surut, the ebbing of the tide; ayer s., the ebb-tide. susah, trouble; difficulty; uneasiness; disquiet; s. hati, mental trouble; susahkan, to vex, to annoy; kesusahan, trouble; affliction. sumoh, the (natural) spur of a fightingcock. sumok, I. to found (a city); mWnyusok, id. II. manner, bearing, mean; s. jijak, id. III. a loop; a button-hole. IV. = chuchok. susu, the breast; milk; uyer s., milk; susu4, to suckle; mnnyusu, to be suckled; s. bundar, firm hemispherical breasts; s. copek or s. lanjut, pendulous breasts; 8. rimau, the sclerotium or resting-place of a fungus; dapur s., the outer portion of the breast; hujong s., the nipple generally; the extremity; puting s., the nipple proper; tampok 8., the nipple and the dark circle round it. susuhunan, = suhunan. susul, pursuing; following up. susun, laying in rows one above the other; bgrsusun-susun, in layers. susunanl, = suhunan. susup, position under; resting or passing or pushing under; susupkan or mnnyusupkan, to place under; to insert under. susur, skirting; edging past; the shirts, fringe or edge of anything; mSnyusur, to skirt; to hug (the shore); to edge past. su#ut, shrinking; diminution in size; attenuation; thinning down. suttra, Skr. silk; kain sutgra, a silk sarong; payong sutera, a silk umbrella. T taaJub, Ar. to wonder. tala, Ar. most high; Allah t., God Most High. taalek, I. to feed or fatten animals. II. Ar. to be enamoured of; to be taken with. taalol, Ar. subdued; mnaaalokkan, to bring into subjection. taat, Ar. obedience, submission (to God's will). Ctbah, a hand's-breadth. tabak, Ar. a box, a casket; a present of food taken away by a departing guest. tabal, Ar. a kettledrum used at the installation of a ruler; to instal; bUrtabal, to ascend the throne; to be crowned (of a ruler), taban, gltah taban, gutta percha; pokok t., the gutta percha tree (dichopsis gutta). tabaraka, Ar. may (he) be blessed. tabek, greeting, salutation; mgmbSri t., to greet; to courteously salute or recognise; minta t., to respectfully excuse oneself; to apologise in advance for any unintentional breach of etiquette. tabiat, Ar. character, nature. tabib, Ar. a physician. tabir, I. Ar. the interpretation or elucidation (of dreams). II. curtains against a wall; hangings; drapery. taboh, I. a long cylindrical drum; tabohkan, to beat this drum. II tabohan, = tebuan.

Page  217 TABONG 217 TAKAL -tabong, a cylindrical vessel of bamboo; a quiver; t. bunga, a shrub (ixora pendula). tabur, I. the scattering of seed or flowers; sowing; dispersing; taburkcan or mrnaburkan, to sow; bUrtaburan, scattered over. II. a squaresail. tabut, Ar. the ark of the covenant; (Penang) a Hindu processional emblem. tada, = tiada. otadah, intercepting or catching a falling object; tadahkan tangan, to stretch out the arms with the palms of the hands turned upwards. tadbir, Ar. government. tadi, lately; just a moment ago; immediately past; baharu t., a moment ago; sa-malam t., this last night; tMrsebut di-atas t., aforesaid; also tahadi. -tadong, knocking the foot against anything; stumbling up against. tafsir, Ar. commentary (on the Kuran). tagak, putting off, procrastination. fagan, the stakes in a sweep; the " pool." -fsgar, a peal of thunder. -tageh, dunning, pressing, importuning; worrying; ketageh, the craving caused by constant indulgence in tobacco, opium or alcohol. tah, a suffix expressing interrogation or doubt; = gntah; ini-tah gambaran-nya, is this his portrait? tahadi, recently; just before this; see tadi. itahan, I. holding out against, resisting, sustaining; tahani or mgnahani, to restrain or resist; to bear up against; to stand (anything). II. setting (traps); t. lukah, to set a fish-trap. tahana, greatness, majesty; bgrtahana, to sit in majesty; to be present (of a prince). tahar, to keep on a course in spite of unfavourable winds. tahi, filth, mucus, dirt, ordure, feculence, lees, grounds; t. angin, light fleecy clouds; words of little account; windy talk; t. ayer, scum on water; t. btsi, rust; t. chandu, opium dross; t. gergaji, sawdust; t. harus, driftwood; t. kgtam, shavings; t. latat, a freckle, a mole; t. mata, mucus from the eye; t. miniyak, refuse in making oil; t. panas, prickly heat; t. tlinga, wax in the ear; ular t. kerbau, a snake (coluber radiatus). tahil, a tael; 1. oz. tahu, knowing, knowledge; bUri t., to inform; dengan sa-tahu-ku, with my knowledge; kgtahuan, knowledge, sense, capacity for understanding; kStahu':, or mingitahui, to know. tahun, year; t. bahartu, the new year, birtahuni-tahun, for years, chronic. taj, Ar. crown, diadem. tajak, a sort of scythe-used for cutting down long grass, weeds, etc., in the rice-fields. tajam, sharpness; sharp; akal-nya t., he was sharp mentally; tajamkana, to sharpen. tajang, I. stamping; thrusting down the heel. II. kiris tajang, a straightbladed Patani keris. tajau, a large earthenware jar. taji, the artificial spur of a fightingcock; Wmembidang t., to fasten the spurs on. tajok, an aigrette; a tuft; a sheath (with flowers in it) worn in the hair; t. makota, the aigrette or apex of a crown. tajur, running out into the sea; penajur, a row of fishing-stakes to drive fish into a trap. tajwid, Ar. grammatical accuracy; writing (Arabic) correctly. takak, takok-takak, notched-v. takok..II. kain. brtakak, a sarong made up of.two pieces. talkal, Eng. a pulley; a block.

Page  218 TAKAN 218 TAMPAL Balkau, = ta'-akan. tkar, an earthenware vessel with a narrow neck. takat, as far as; up to; t. pinggang, up to the waist; t. ltutt, up to the knee. takbir, Ar. to bury. takdir, Ar. will, decree; the decree of providence. takek, a cleft; a slight cut-such as that made in a tree-trunk by a single blow with a chopper. takhta, Pers. a throne. takok, a notch; a sort of step created by cutting out a piece from the outer portion of a tree-trunk; t. takak, notched, jagged; kepala penakok, the cleft at the top of a screw. takong, keeping anything for fer. mentation; main yak t., crude oil. taksir, I. Ar. negligence, carelessness. II. (Dutch) estimate, valuation, assessment. takut, fear; takuti, to fear; takutkan, to frighten; ketakuatan, panic, fright; p1nakut, a coward; timorous. takwim, Ar. calendar; almanac. tala, I. harmonious response; bertala. tala, taking up a strain in turn. II. a padlock. talai, negligence; = lalai. talak, divorce; tiga t., the full divorce; the triple divorce. talam, a tray or platter. talan, a shrub (saraca sp.) talang, I. a fish (chorenemus sp.) II. bujang talang, a bachelor or childless widower; a man " without encumbrances." talar, permitting, letting, allowing; = biar. tali, I. cord, rope; anything of a cord-like appearance t. ayer, a runnel; t. harus, the thin line of drift-wood marking the flow of a current; t. klulit, a strap; t. ping. gang, a girdle; a waistband; t. pusat,the umbilical cord; t. t~mali, cordage. II. a money value-about 7i cents. talkin, Ar. a prayer or formula recited at a burial. talu, bUrtalu-talu, continuous, uninterrupted, in unbroken succession. talun, echoing back. tama', Ar. covetousness; greed. tamah, affability. taman, a garden; a pleasure-ground. tamar, Ar. tamar hindi, tamarind. tamasha, = tgrmasa. tamat, Ar. end; termination; "finis.'" tambah, increase by repetition or by continuation; nasi t., a second helping of rice; tambahan pula, again; furthermore; tambahkan or mtnambahkan, to increase; pinambahan, an addition, an appendix. tambak, banking; filling; levelling up; jalan t., a causeway; a road raised above the level of the surrounding fields. tamban, a generic name given to a number of sardine-like fish. tambang, I. ferrying for money; a ferry-boat; tambangan, a regular trip. II. keeping medicine overnight so as (according to Malay belief) to improve its efficacy. tambat, fastening up; tying up; tethering; tambati, tambatkan, or mnnambatkan, to tie up; t~rtambat, tethered up (of an animal). tambi, Tam. a messenger; a peon; an orderly. tambul, I. refreshments (especially drinks). II. bUrtambul, to act; pgnambul, an actor; a juggler. tambun, plump, sleek. tambur, Eur. a drum. taming, Jav. a small buckler used by heroes of romance. tampak, visibility; being visible;. tampak-nya sa-rupa mas, it looks like gold. tampal, plastering, pasting, posting up; tampalkan, to stick on; to paste on.

Page  219 TAMPAN 219 TANGGA tampan, I. handsome, looking well, suitable, befitting; tiada sa-tampan, it does not seem right or look well; tampan-tampan or tStampa7n, a sort of shoulder-cloth worn by Malays on ceremonial occasions. II. stopping the progress of a moving body (as a boy stops a football with the side of his foot). tampang, I. flat; penampang, the flat side of anything. II. a tin token or medium of exchange. III. cutting and tying up (as the umbilical cord is severed). IV. a tree (artocarpus gooeziana); t. burong, id. (ficus vasculosa). tampar, slapping; a slap; tampari, to slap; ttamparan, the giving of a slap. tampas, I. lopping off (small prominences). II. blowing in (of wind entering a house). tampek, fault-finding; censure. tampi, winnowing by tossing up and down on a winnowing sieve; msnampi, to winnow; manampi dada, the heaving of the breasts; to' ketampi, an owl (ketaupa javanensis). tampil, to come forward; to come out in front. tampin, a receptacle for sago; sagu t., pearl sago. tampok, the point of junction of stalk and fruit; the little bit of stalk usually left on plucked fruit; the central point of converging lines; t. susu, the teat and the dark circle round it; ikan tampok-tarpok, a fish (gerres oblongus). tampong, I. patching; piebald; badak t., a tapir. II. to catch a falling object (as a cricket-ball is caught); tahan t., id. tfamil, Ar. likeness, example, meta. phor. tanmu, to entertain a guest-cf. jamu. tan, Hind. tan kuda, a stable. tanah, earth, ground, land; a country; t. ayer, territories; t. liat, clay; t. tenggala, arable land; tupai t., a small animal (tamias lysteri); urat t., certain snakes (typhlops spp.) tanak, the boiling of rice; bWrtanak, to cook (rice); sa-putanak nasi, the time it takes for rice to boil-a primitive measure of time. tanam, burying in the ground;. planting; t. tanaman, things planted;. agricultural growths; tanamkan, to, plant. tanda, I. sign, token, mark, emblem; t. bachaan, the vowel points; t. tanlgan, a signature; ikan tanda — tanda, a fish (lutianus sillaoo). II. pertanda, an executioner. tandak, dancing; bertandak, to dance.. tandan, a cluster, a bunch; the main stalk of a cluster or bunch of fruit. tandang, I. wandering in search; travelling; orang t. desa, a vagrant. II. bertandang, to visit. tandas, a privy. tandil, Tam. the head of a gang of coolies; a petty officer-subordinate to the serang on a ship. tanding, a subdivision; a lot; sa-t., equality in size. tandok, horn (of two-horned animals); goring, butting; t.-t., a creeper (strophanthus dichotomus); bertandok, horned; menandok, to butt. tandu, a hammock-litter. tandun, zaman tandun, the immemorial past. tandur, I. Jav. to plant. II. holding up by means of a string; tali t., a string for pulling up chicks. tang, an abbreviation for tgntang. tangan, hand; forearm and hand; handle; sleeve; possession; t. baju, sleeve; t. klmudi, the handle of a rudder; ibu t., thumb; sapu t., handkerchief; tanda t., signature; tapak t., palm. tangas, fumigation; steaming; heating. tangg, ladder, staircase; anak t., a step; a rung of a ladder; rumah t.,

Page  220 TANGGAH 220 TAPI a homestead; bgrtangga-tangga, at fifth or sixth-hand. tanggah, pdnanggah or pHnanggahan, a kitchen in a royal palace. -tanggal, loosening; spontaneous severance or fall; tanggalkan, to remove; to take off; mngnanggalkan, id.; penanggalan, an evil spirit; a flying head and viscera. tanggam, a groove at the end of a beam; trtanggam, bound together. tanggang, propping up, buttressing; = sagang. tanggar, undertaking a duty successfully; " putting through " work; managing to get things done. tanggi, = tangki. -tanggoh, putting off, 'postponing; bgrtanggoh, to postpone.,tanggok, a landing-basket used by fishermen. tanggong, supporting; bearing up under; standing security for; tanggongckan, to support a burden; tertanggong, to be borne; supportable; sustained. tauggul, the bobbing of a boat's bows-cf. anggul. tCangis, weeping; tangisi, to weep; to shed tears; mnnangis, id.; tangiskcan, to mourn for anyone; gmgnangis; a mourner; tulang rimau m8nangis, the manubrium. tangkai, stalk, haulm, stem; t. hati, a term of endearment..taugkal, protective (of a spell or charm); azimat tangkal sawan kanakkanak, a talisman against convulsions. tangkap, seizure, capture, arrest) gripping, clasping; tangkapan, toils, captivity, arrest; mlnangkap, to seize, to grip, to capture; tSrtangkap, captured. tangkas, agility, nimbleness. ltangki, Eur. the water-tanks on a ship. ingkil, superposition; sticking one tenuous object (e.g. paper) on another. tangkis, parrying, warding off, guarding; InSnangkis, to guard, to parry; tangkiskan, to intercept (a blow); to ward off. tangkul, a name given to groundnets, or nets and screens which catch fish by being pulled up with a winch; pukat t., a wide ground-net [the sides of which are raised up when fish are over the net, thus preventing their escape]. tangkup, capture by dropping a concave object over anything. tanglong, Ch. a Chinese lantern. tangsi, I. Ch. a strong gut used in fishing - lines. II. barracks; the canteen. tanjak, projecting up; sticking utp; bSrtanjak kaki, standing on tiptoe. tanjong, a cape, a promontory, a headland. tanju, a bracket-lamp. tanjul, a sort of fishing-rod with a noose instead of a hook at the end. tanti, wait a moment-cf. nanti. tanya, enquiry, questioning; bUrtanya, to ask a question; bgrtanyakan, to enquire about. tapa, asceticism; austerities undergone by hermits; bgrbuat t., to practise these austerities; bUrtapa, id.; p1rtapa, austere, ascetic; ikan tapa, a large fish (unidentified). tapai, a preparation of steamed pulut rice fermented with native yeast; arak t., a native spirit made from this preparation. tapak, the palm (of the hand); the sole (of the foot); sa-tapak, a step; bWkas t. gajah, an elephant's footprints; t. itek, a herb (floscopa scandens); t. kaki, the sole of the foot; t. Sulaiman, the seal of Solomon; the pentacle; the fivepointed star-fish. tapeh, tying up the sarong in the way Malay women fasten it up; sluar t., drawers worn by Javanese. tapi, = tStapi.

Page  221 TAPIS 221 TAWAKKUL tapis, I. filtration; passing a liquid through cloth; sa-tapis, a generation; tapiskcan, to filter (water). II. the Ceylon iron-wood (messua ferrea). tapok, a scab, a scar, a pock-mark, the remains of the pistil in a fruitcf. tampok. tara, equality of altitude; evenness; parity; sa-tara, on a level with; tiada tara-nya, peerless; penara bukit, the ridge of a range of hills. tarah, rough-hewing; mrnarah, to rough-hew. taram, gloomy, overcast (of the sky). tarang, petarangan, a hen's nestingplace. tarbil, a pellet-bow. tarek, drawing to or after oneself; pulling; menarek or menarekkan, to draw; to pull; to drag; to draw in (a long breath) or prolong (a note in singing). tari, dancing (by swaying the arms and body); nenari, to dance. taxikh, Ar. date; era; period of time; pada t. itu, at that time; bUrtarikh, dated. taring, the projecting and visible tusk of a wild-boar; misai brtaring, a turned-up moustache. taris, fastening, tying up, = ikat. taroh, depositing; receiving or placing in a safe place; staking; bUrtaroh, to stake; mnnaroh, to retain or preserve; to keep; to harbour; petarohkan, to entrust or confide. tarok, a shoot; a young sprout. tarong, (onom.) a deep booming sound. tarn, bgrtaru, to sound (of the nafiri). tarumr, the indigo plant (indigofera tinctoria). taS, a tree (kurrimia panniculata) the wood of which is believed to frighten away tigers. tasak, the stopping of bleeding; mngnasak, to stop bleeding. tausbeh, Ar. a rosary; buah t., prayer. beads. tasek, a lake, a mere; (rarely) the sea; t. pauh janggi, the great ocean; tasek-tasek, a plant (adenosma capitatum). tashdid, Ar. the diacritical mark signifying that the letter over which it is placed is doubled. tashrih, Ar. ilmu tashrih, the science of anatomy. tatah, inlaying, embedding, sticking into; bertatahkan ratna mutu mana nikam, studded with gems. fatal, a shaving. tatang, carrying on the upturned palm of the hand, or any similar flat or slightly concave surface; carrying with extreme care; cherishing. tatap, close visual examination (such as a watchmaker gives to the works of a watch); menatap, to examine; to watch; to keep a look-out. tateh, the stumbling walk of a very young child; bertateh, to toddle along. tatkala, Skr. the time when; at the time when; pada t. itu, at that time; t. ia lagi muda, while he was still a child. taubat, Ar. repentance; giving up (an evil practice); also tobat. tauchang, Ch. a Chinese queue; a pig-tail. tauge, Ch. bean sprouts. tauhid, Ar. the doctrine of the unity of God. tauke, Ch. a " towkay," an employer of labour. taul, securing an oar by attaching it with cord to the gunwale. taulan, Tam. friend, comrade. taun, Ar. a murrain, an epidemic. Taurit, Ar. the Pentateuch; the books of Moses. taut, a night-line with a rod. tawa, tirtawa, laughing, laughter. tawak, tawak-tawak, a small un. melodious gong or sounding-board used to summon people to a meeting. tawakkul, Ar. surrender to God's will; trust in God.

Page  222 TAWAN 222 TEH tawan, capture; enslavement; sub. duing; tawanan, a captive; mnaeawo or mnnawankan, to subdue, to take captive; tMrtawan, taken prisoner; led captive. awar, I. tastelessness; absence of flavour or distinctive characteristic; ayer t., fresh water (as distinct from salt); t. hati, nausea; lauk yang t., insipid or tasteless food; tepong t., rice-flour and water used as a cooling or healing paste for the skin; tawiari or mnnawari, to meet a spell with a countercharm; to futilise; pgnawar, an antidote; a protective talisman. II. bargaining; t. rtnawar, haggling over a price. tawas, alum. t6bah, beating a flat surface-e.g. beating the breasts or beating a carpet. tebak, a heavy cutting or chopping blow; sa-t., a piece (of wood) lopped off from a log. tbbal, thick (of cloth, paper, planking, etc.); muka t., brazen-faced; t. hati, hard-hearted. teban, stakes in gambling; money deposited. tIbang, felling heavy timber; mSn;bang, to fell. tebar, scattering, sowing, or spreading by a sweeping round-arm motion; t. jala, to throw a casting-net; mnen bar, to scatter. t6ban, felling small scrub, clearing undergrowth-cf. tMbang. t6bat, damming; barring; barricading; closing to traffic. tebeng, spread out; expanded (as a sarong or piece of embroidery is spread out to show the pattern). t6bbrau, a name given to several large grasses (especially sacharum arandinaceum, sacharum ridleyi and thysanoloena acarifera). tbiitg, a bank by a cutting; the bank of a river or canal. tfbok, boring; making a cylindrical hole in anything; sinking a shaft or well. tebok, a heavy thrust. tbbu, sugar-cane; ular katang t., the banded karait (bungarus fasciatus). tebuan, a hornet. t6bus, redemption; release from mortgage or pawn; the purchase of a slave from someone else; munebus, to redeem. techi, = tezi. tedas, a raised ring round a pillar. tbdoh, the stilling of storm and rain; bgrtgdoh, to take shelter. tWdong, ular tldong, a generic name given to hooded snakes and to some snakes resembling them; Ilar t. sendok, the cobra (naia tripudians); ular t. sWlar or ular t. abu, the hamadryad (naia bungarus); ular t. matahari, a small brilliantly coloured snake (doliophis bivirgatus); ular t. liar, the snake zamenis 7orros. tefflur, absent-minded; plunged in meditation. t6gazh, hindrance, prohibition; tegahkan or mnenggahkan, to prohibit. tegak, stiffly erect; bolt upright; also chUgak. *tgal, tggal apa, why; = karna apa. t6gang, taut; fully outstretched; at its full span. tfgap, = tugak. tegar, stiff, unyielding, obstinate, in. flexible; t. hati, stiff-necked. tegarun, a silk kain l9pas. t6goh, firm; fast; tight (of a knot); rigidly adhered to (of a promise); di-ikat-nya t8goh-tggoh, he tied it very tightly. t6gok, gulping; a mouthful; sa-tMgok, a mouthful; as much as one can gulp down. tfgun, an expectant attitude. tgurr, address, greeting, salutation; t. sapa, courtesy; tgguri, to address. teh, I. Ch. tea; daun t., tea (in leaf form); ayer t., tea (prepared for

Page  223 TEJA 223 TiTLERANG drinking). II. an abbreviation for puteh as a proper name. teja, Skr. glowing rain-clouds. teji, Pers. kuda teji, a Pegasus; a winged steed; also tezi. t;6ka, Skr. teka-tkci, riddles; conundrums; tlkaan, guess-work. ~tlkak, I. anak tekak, the uvula. II. obstinacy. III. -- tka. tflkan, pressure with the flat of the hand or leg; pressure to test strength or to obtain a squeeze or impression of an old inscription or mould-cf. t~kap.;tkang, a thwart; a cross-beam to resist pressure at its extremities and not to support a weight resting on it. tlkap, resting the flat of the hand on anything-e.g. closing a child's mouth in jest to prevent him speaking-cf. tJkan.;t6kat, embroidery; bWrtekat mas, embroidered in gold. tbl6bur, Ar. pride; arrogance; haughtiness. Utlkek, I. a drug used in dyeing. II. = to'kek. t6ki, t9ka-tecki or k^tki, riddle, conundrum. -koh, (Kedah) period; = masa; t. mana, when? tbklua, baju tkkua, a long sleeveless jacket worn by women. tIklrukur, the little Malay grounddove (geopelia striata); padang t., a plain abandoned to doves, a desolate place; burong sewah tkukkr, the. Indian koel (eudynarmis honorata); nlar sawa t8kukur, a name given to a snake (coluber melanurus). t6kuu, assiduous attention; brtkeun mrngaji, to study attentively or assiduously. Slkup, covering with the hand; catching by covering with the hand. tl61a, a passage in a Malay house connecting the kitchen with the n main building. -tela, the pan of a firearm, tMladan, model; example; a copy to follow. t1aga, Skr. a well, tank, or basin of water; a small mere. t1lah, did, was-a word giving a, preterite meaning to the passage in which it occurs; maka t~lah di-lihat itu, when that was seen; when he saw that; sa-tWlah, being past or over; after. tWlampong, drift-wood; a float. tlan, swallowing; mnznlan, to swal low; pgrtglan, a draught. t6lang, long patches (as a pattern); buloh t., a bamboo (gigantochloa spp.) tblangkai, a marriage-broker. t6lanjang, naked, stripped; t. bulat, stark-naked; t. bugil, id.; bgrtglanjang, in a state of nudity; bare. tblan.jur, projecting; stretching out. t6lantar, stretched; prone; lying at full length. tMlap, penetration, incision, wounding. t6lapakan, dili telapakan, a royal title; -= dali, kans, etc. tWlatah, manners, behaviour, ways. t1lau, patchy (of colouring or of light). t61edur, idler, sluggard-a term of reproach. t16ekan, bgrtt18kan, to rest one's head on one's arms. tl6konug, a praying-veil-used by Muhammadan women. tbl6ku, bUrtltkit, to lean on one's elbows. tf16mpap, sa-telnmpap, a hand'sbreadth. t016nan, a cleaning-frame-used by a native copper-smith. teleng, cocked on one's side (of the head). t16pa, = ch919pa. tl16pok, printing on cloth; geometrio pattern generally; marquetry. tilerang, mas tAlerang, reef-gold; quarta oitorop.

Page  224 TRLINGA.` 224 T~LING 224 TMBIKU t1g, the ear; -the handle" of a vessel; t. IAdil, the pan of a gun; t. k-ira, a plant (hewslowia lobbiana); anak t., the tympanum; chu ping t., the lobe of the ear; daun. t., th'e outer frame of the ear; lobang t., the orifice of the ear; ikam korek- t. 'buaya,. a, fish (qastrotoccus biaculeat us). W~ingkah, ways, behaviour, conduct -of. tingkah.' talipok, the lotus. t~1ok, I. a bay, a bight, a curve, a, benld; t. ranhta, bends and reaches9 (in a river); territories generally. II. = t~txt. M~ukup, =talnku -. lan ykup. tbluujok; the index-finger. t~1ur, egg; fish -roe;t asbi, pre - seived eggs; t. bua pa, a crocodile's egg;- t. t~rnbOk, a sambal made of the r~oe of the ttrubok fish (clupea kanagurta). -telur, lisping; inability to articulate certain letters properly. Mu1t, I. bgrttlid, to kneel. II. = lut. t~malbur, besprinkled, scattered, dispersed; 1in ang t., a constellation -ef. tabur. timali, tali trtmali, cordage. t~man, attending on, waiting on, accompanying a companion of higher rank; tWinani~ to attend on. tUmaudaang, garb;, get-up; general appearance. tamaxaM, t~raiig tMmaragr, dusk, Igloom, doubtful light. tQmarang, =t~icu-am. timbadau, a name, given i4n Borneo to the small wild ox (bos 8ofldaicus, and also in some dialects to bos maindorensis). tAlibaga, Skr. copper, bronze, brass; t. kuning, polished brass; t. merah, dull bronze; t. puteh, nidkel; t. suasa, ani alloy of gold and copper, -temba~k:shooting, firing. shots;m'aernbak, to fire. shots. tflmbakau,.Eur. tobaceQ; t., jwan, locally grown tobacco; t. biilati,. tobacco imported from Europe. t~mbakul, a fresh-water fish (unidentified). [It has a very largehead.] tUmban, puffy (of the cheeks). tQmbang, sonDgs sung by dancing — girls. t~mba~tu, the fruit of the nipali, palm.. tembek, close (of a shot); nearly hitting; just missing; just avoiding,.. t~mbekar, =- t~rmbike'r. tembel, a stye in the eye. tUmb~1ang, rottenness (in eggs). tUmb~iong, =puting btliony. tUmbelok, an edible marine worm-t which eats into wood exposed to the, action of salt water. tUmberang, the stays of a, mast. tUmb~reh, a fish (unidentified). tUmberek, = ttmbikar. tMm~bereug, a bit; a section; a curved or sharp edge; t. tajoai, a sector. t~mb~su, a tree (fogrsa fra~grans). tUmbi, an outward elbow-thrust. tUmbika~i, a water-melon, (Citrnulusedulis). tUmbikar, sherds; broken pottery; the pieces of broken earthenware, used by children in playing gamiessuch as tuju lobang. t~mbiring, tiimbereng. tUmbok, perforated, rent, torn; rotte-n or hollow (of, the teeth); eaten through. -tembok, I. a wall; k-aki t., the foundations of a wall. II. insgembok, to. cool a liquid. by -stirring it or by pour'-ing it~ from one vessel to an-other'. tUmbolok, the crop of a bird., tUmbokor, =bokor. t~mbong, a -long cudgel or quarter'. staff. tQmbous, folding up;, kueh, lipat t., a sort -of piet or- patty. tanibukuk, a knob;- a bard projeetion -cf. buku.,

Page  225 TRMBUN 225 TE'MU t;mbuu, = tambun. tembuni, the caul; t. k7chil, the placenta. tembus, broken through; perforated; holed. tmbusu, = tembisu. tEmbnggong, a Malay dignitary of high rank. ftmbnong, a fish (unidentified). tmriang, a liana (lettsomia peguensis). temilang, a plant (aglaia odoratissima). temin, an iron joint or ferrule connecting the spear-head with its shaft; a ferrule at the base of a kgris-sheath. tmoleh, a fish (unidentified). t-mpa, hammering, beating; working metal with the hammer-cf. tdmpawan. Utmpah, engagement in advance; retaining services; penempah bidan, the fee paid in advance to a midwife. tmpala, the hop or spring of a fighting chevrotin. tempang, chronic lameness; limping; halt. tempap, bringing down the flat of the hand forcibly on any surface. tempat, place, locality; t. dawat, an inkstand; t. msngaji, a school; t. sireh, a sireh-box. Ubmpaus, ikan tempaus, a whale; also paus. tfmpawan, hammered, b e a t e n, wrought (of metals); mas t., hammered gold-the pale yellow colour of which is a simile for a much admired tint of the complexion. t;mpayak, the larva? or grubs of wasps, bees, etc. tsmpayan, a large earthenware jar used for storing water. *6mpek, cheering; cries of joy or of self-encouragement; the war-cries o f an advancing army. -tempel, close approach, nearing; jangan bertempel ddngan dia, do not go close to him. tfmpelak, twitting a person with a blunder or mistake; teasing a manr who has made a fool of himself. tUmpeleng, a box on the ears. temperas, scattered about by leakage; spilt all about a place. temperas, a biting insect (unidentified). tmpbrau, surly answering; an angry tone. tOmpiar, bertinpiar or bertmnpiaran, fleeing in all directions; scattering. tmpias, beating in (of rain). tUmpinah, the water balsam (hydrocera trijfora). tUmpinis, a well-known hard-wood tree (sloetia sideroxylon). tmpit, = tgmpek. tempo, Port. time (especially in the sense of further time for payment; extension of time). tempoh, a violent onslaught; charging; vn nlmpoh, to assault, to storm. temponek, the monkey-jack (artocarpus rigida). tempong, I. throwing at a mark. II. pushing off at right angles; pushing off a boat from a bank. tmporok, = porok. tUmporong, = tempurong. tempoyak, a preserve made of salted durian. tmpua, burong tMmpua, the weaverbird; ika,n t., a fish (barbus apogon). t6mpui, a tree yielding a good fruit (baccaurea malayana). tiupuling, a barbed fish-spear. tfmpunai, = tmponek. tmpuras, = tnmpgras. tfmpurong, a piece of coconut-shell; a bit of a skull; the body of a mandoline-like musical instrument; t. lututt the knee-pan; sisek t., the logger-head turtle (thalassochelys caretta).. t6mu, I. meeting; coming together at the same spot; bgrtnmu, to meet; p Irtsmuan, meeting; the act or place of meeting. II. a generic name

Page  226 TIMUCHUT 226 TAINGKING given to a number of wild gingers (scitamimne)); t. kcunchi, a small cultivated ginger (koempferia pandu. lata); t. kunyit, turmeric (curcnma longa); t. lawak, a white turmeric, the zedoary (curcurma zedoaria). t;muchut, = chlotmchup. tmlukus, = kcmucngkus. tbmukut, = lemukut. tiumuru, trun temuarun, descent, pedigree, lineage. t6mut, the throbbing of the fontanel. tbnang, calm, smooth, still (of the surface of the water). t6nar, an uproar; a row; a family row-such that neighbours can hear; "washing dirty linen in public." tenda, Port. an awning. tUndang, kicking out; b1rtnmbolo brtendang, with cuffs and kicks. tUndas, decapitation; cutting off a man's head. teng, Ch. a Chinese lantern. tblnigadah, looking upwards; to look up. tingah, midst, middle; the half, the centre; in the middle of (in point of time); whilst; t, hari, midday; t. Cnaik, half-grown; t. iengajar, while he was teaching; sa.tgngah, a half; a fair quantity of; some. tingar, a tree of the mangrove type -the bark of which is used for tanning (ceriops candolleana). tingek, rancid (of oil). tbnggala, Skr. a plough; tanah t., arable land; padi t., seed-padi; Wngnnggala, to plough. t6lggalong, a civet-cat (viverra tangalunga); pagar t., a name given to the railing round the stern-gallery of a native trading-ship. tinggan, rolls of fat on the limbs or body. teaggang, share and share alike; equally divided. t$6aggara, south-east; timur mln ngoara, ESJE,; selatar mfnnnggara, S.S.E,.., tUnggat, limit, extreme point; dar' tenggat ini.ka-tgnggat itu, from this; extremity to that. tfnggek, tossing rice up and down when winnowing. tenggek, I. squatting, perching sitting like a bird or ape. II. wearing the head-dress at a rakish slant, t!nggAlam, to sink; to be sub — merged; to disappear from the surface; nmatahiari t., sunset; suratfan'-,!ya tinibul teanggellm, the written characters on it were partly visible, partly effaced; twljtgetal n na., to submerge. tUnggilong, a (Kedah) variant of pen angg.alan-v. tanggo l. tengger, = tenggek. tinggiling, a sort of ant-eater or armadillo (manis ja raoica); atap batu sisek t., tiled roofing. tinggiri, a generic name for a number of fish which make excellent eating (cybiun spp.) tinggulong, a millipede which rolls itself up into a ball when touched; also senygulong. tungkalak, a long narrow fish-trap with inturning spikes at the broader end, or else (t. onak) made of sticks with inturning thorns. tbngkalok, unripe but edible (of fruit). t6ngkalong, = tgnggalong. tUngkang, the space between the eyes. tbungkar, altercation, quarrelling; bWrtgngktar, to quarrel, to have;a squabble with; tengkari, to stir up a quarrel; pgrtgngkaran, an altercation. tungkawang, a (Borneo) tree (diplocnemia sebifera) see kawang. tUngkelang, = kelang. tfngkerong, a fish (sebastes stolizkw) -also known as kerong.kerong. tengkes unequal in size to its fellows; insufficiently developed. tngrkiag, snarling an angry tone mngngngking, to speak angrily.

Page  227 TENGKOH 227 TPiRA tengkoh, Ch. opium-dross prepared for re-smoking. tUngkolok, a head-wrapper; a kerchief starched and used as a headdress. tengkorak, a skull; the cranium; ringgit t., the 21 guilder piece. t6ngku, a royal title of the highest rank; a prince of the first grade. tangkuyong, I. a shell (cyprx a sp.) II. sago-bark. tenglong, = tanglong. tengoh, (onom.) mne.ngoi1, to low (of oxen). tengok, seeing, looking at, peering at; (in bazaar Malay) to see, = lihat. tUngsi, Ch. a soup-spoon. t6nok, a tapir (tapirus malayanus); also badak tlnok-cf. also badak tampong. tinong, abstraction absent-mindedness; petenong, a (Singapore) fortuneteller. tenong, a flat-topped circular box of* Javanese make. tfItang, opposite, facing; bgrtn-. tangan, vis-a-vis; mngn-tang, to face (as a man faces an opponent). tentang, a window (the hinges of which are at the top and not at the side). tOntawan, akar tlntawan, a waterproducing vine (conocephalus suaveolens). t6ntu, certainty definitiveness (as opposed to vagueness); indubitable, positive; khabar yang t., reliable news. t~ntuban, = tuban-tuban. tinturun, a (Riau) equivalent for bUnturong. t6nul, a tree (myristica laurina). t6nun, weaving; the art or process of weaving; tlnunan, method or style of weaving; salah ttnunan, a fault in the fabric; bSrtZnun, to weave. t6pak, (onom.) a slight slap, pat or blow with the flat of the hand, tepak, a rectangular (Palembang* made) box containing sireh-chewing requisities. t6pam, laying the palm of the hand on anything or passing the palm of the hand over anything (as a man in the dark trying to make out the character of some object). tepas, I. brimful; full up. II. lmpat tepas dunia, the four quarters of the earth; = Smpat p1njuru alam. t;pat, exactly; full; barat t., due west; matahari t., exactly noon; penoh t., just exactly full; bgrtlpat, to carry out in its exactness-e.g. bertepat janji, to carry out one's promise to the letter. tipayan, = tempayan. tepeh, an edible salt-water shell-fish (unidentified). leper, = cheper. t6pi, edge, border, margin, brink; mgenpi, to step to the edge; to edge off; to step aside. tSpis, pushing aside; knocking aside; warding off; tMpiskan, to strike or push anything aside; tpis mengpis, to fence. t6pok, a heavy blow with the flat of the hand; clapping, slapping, pat, ting; manKpok, to slap; mSnlnpok dada, to beat the breast; t. lalat, the flap which Malays use for catching grass-hoppers. tepok, lameness due to a bad leg and not to amputation. ttpong, flour; meal; powdery substance; a generic name for a large number of cakes; t. bWras, rice flour; t. gandum, wheaten flour; t. tawar, a powder used for cooling the skin, tfpu, full to the brim; full (of the sails). tbra, the royal sea], stamp or impression; blum bUrtgra, it is still unsealed; it lacks the official confirmation; mgtgrai, to seal; to stamp an official mark on documents or on coins in the mint.

Page  228 TkiRADA 228 T]RIBA tirada, a (Batavia) equivalent of tiada. tirajang, trampling under foot; stamping down the foot on anything; tSndang t., kicking and stamping (of an teraju, Pers. scales; a balance; the loose string joining the extremities of a kite. torak, I. a fowl's laying-place. II. tin refuse after smelting. III. pdnoh tmrak, absolutely full; chockful; elok t., perfectly beautiful. tfral, insistence; verbal pressure or importunity. teraling, I. a bird (unidentified). II. a wood used in house-building (tarrietia simplicifolia). t6ran, straining (in easing oneself); the impulse in labour. tbranas, good anchorage; firm seabottom. tWrang, clear, bright, obvious, evident; t. hati, clear-sightedness; t. bndgrang, shining brightness; t. chuacha, clear daylight; di-tlngah. ttngah t., quite openly; in broad daylight; kct#rangan, elucidation, clearing up, explanation. terap, I. a hollow moulding running along a kJris; kMris tWtgrapan, a kdris with this hollow running along the blade. II. a tree (artocarpus kunstleri) the bark of which is used by Sakais as cloth; kulit t., the bark so used. terap, = tiarap. t6rapang, a metal covering for the knris-sheath. t;ras, hard wood in a tree; the harder portions of a good timbertree; b5rtZras, having a solid core. t6rasi, a preparation of fish and prawns (better known as b~lachan). tbravul, Ar. letter-writing; ilmu t., a knowledge of epistolary forms; kitab t., a treatise on letter. writing. tirat, a boundary. tiratai, the lotus (nelumbium spe. ciosun). tbratak, a lean-to; a humble hut; a depreciatory way of describing one's own dwelling. t6ratu, Port. torture; tEmpat t., a torture-chamber. tgrau, spinning; mSnarau, to spin thread. terbang, flying; to fly; bUlum t. lalat, before the flies are astir-i.e. the very early morning; t. arwah or t. semangat, "the flight of the spirit of life"; loss of consciousness; sudden stupor; bte6rbangan, flying about. tUrbis, slipping down at the side (as earth after a landslip). tfrbit, issuing out of; exit from; matahari t., the rising sun; t. rimba, issuing from the forest; yang tOrbit dari pada hati yang je7reh, proceeding from a pure heart. tfrbul, a fresh-water fish (unidentified). turbus, Ar. tarboosh; a fez. tOrbut, a heavy wooden bolt used in ship-building. t6rek, J. extreme, excessive; panas t., extreme heat. II. burong terek chanai, a bird, the Indian oriole (oriolus indicus). tre6nang, a sort of decanter made of earthenware. t6rendak, a conical sun-hat worn by Chinese as well as Malays; t. China, the Chinese pattern of sun-hat (which is not a perfect cone but slopes inwards); siput t., a shell (phorus solaris). ' t6r6ntang, a large forest-tree (campnosperma auriculata). tiri, Skr. three, triple (in certain expressions only-e.g. trri-buana, the three worlds; tgri-sula, a trident). tiriak, a cry, a shout; bgrtgriak, to cry out. t6riba, akar tkriba, a medicinal plant" (rhinacanthus communis).i

Page  229 TkRIGU 229 T]iRUS Utrigu, Port. flour. tUrima, reception, acceptance; re. ceipt into one's possession; t. kaseh, the acknowledgment of the receipt of kindness; thank you; thanks; mWngrima, to receive, to obtain. Utripang, a sea-worm-much prized by Chinese as a delicacy (holothuria edulis); ikan t., a fish (saurus indicus). tUrisula, Skr. a trident; see t6ri and sula. tritek, dripping; dropping continually in small drops-cf. titek. tfritip, a small sea-slug (which eats into piles and ships' bottoms). tirjal, the flapping of a kite. ttrjemah, Ar. translation; interpretation; mWnterjgmahkan, to translate. trjun, rapid descent; leaping or jumping down; ayer t., a waterfall; t. dari aas kuda, to leap off a horse; terjunkan, to let drop. -t;rka, Skr. guess-work; mnenerka, to guess-cf. teka. -trkam, leaping or springing forward; slplrti singa hendak manirkam, like a lion about to spring. tbrkap, catching under a concave surface. tUrkul, senapang terkul, a rifled gun. -trkup, (onom.) the dull clash of flat non-metallic substances; the butting of rams. ~trmasa, Pers. a show; a spectacular festival; the sights of a place. trnah, unprecedented, unusual, extraordinary; si-tMrnah, a dressed-up idiot-a term of abuse. t6rnak, orang ternak, aborigines. tfrok, severe (of illness or of a (beating). -trompah, = tgrompak. tfrompak, wooden clogs. tUrompet, Eng. trumpet; siput t., a shell (triton variegatus). tfronza, = tSruna. t&roag, a vegetable; the brinjal or solanum; t. asam or t. pfrat (solanunm aculeatissimum); t. mgranti, (solanum nigrum); t. pipit (solanumn torvum and solanum verba.cifolium); t. tikus (solanum sarmentosumr). terongko, Port. a prison; a lock-up; a cell. tropong, a tube; a tubular or telescopic instrument; a telescope; t. api, a bellows; t. tuma, a microscope. tOrpa, a hasty forward movement; an impulsive spring forward; mSndrpa, to dart forward. tOrpal, Eng. a tarpaulin; a drivingapron. tOrtawa, to laugh; see also tawa. tOrtib, Ar. order, rank, fitting precedence; t. sOmbahyang, the order of prayer, ritual. [The word tfrtib is also used in the sense of " becoming modesty,"-i.e. of people who know their proper place and do not presume or push themselves forward.] terubin, a fish-trap with a falling door; also tubin. tmrubok, a fish (clupea kanagurta); ttlur t., the roe of this fish used as a sort of caviare. trubong, a granary; a padi-barn. tbrubul, a tree (ixora grandifolia). tbrum, a word of command given to elephants to make them sit down. tiirmba, a pedigree; a genealogical tree. tbrumbu, a reef or rock visible at _low tide but covered at high water. t6runa, Skr. an unmarried youth; muda t., a stripling; ayam t., a cockerel. tbruntum, a sea-shore shrub (tgiceras majus). tirup, I. main tgrup, a game played with European cards. II. kuda tNrup, a troop-horse. t6rus, right through; in a direct line through or across; bajw itu-pun t., the coat was pierced right through; tNrusan, a canal or cutting joining two reaches of a river.

Page  230 TRiRUSI 230 TIKAS trrusi, Tam. vitriol, sulphuric acid. tesi, Ch. a tea-spoon. t6tak, hewing, hacking, slashing; titakkan, to strike (anything) with a cutting weapon; mSnStalckan, id.; mnentak, to give a cutting blow. total, close (of the pattern of a cloth); without wide interstices; kueh t., a cake made of pulut rice with coconutmilk, sugar and egg. t6tampan, a sort of napkin or kerchief of silk cloth worn ceremonially on the shoulder by certain court officials. t6tap, I. permanency; fixity (of tenure or residence); definitely decided; sa-tglah t. bichara itu, when that matter was settled; mWnetapkan, to give security or permanency to anything; plrtgtap, confident, assured. II. blotting up; sucking up moisture; kain t. tuboh, a towel. tetapi, Skr. but; however; still; nevertheless. titan, broken or forced open by internal forces (as an egg is hatched); menutas, to be hatched (of eggs). tote, watching his chance (of a wrestler or fighting-cock). tt;fgok, a small owl-perhaps a dialectic name for the punggoLk (glaucidium brodii). tteek, the breast of a suckling woman; mgmbsri t., to suckle. tetel, inferior meat (sinews, soft cartilage, etc.), consumed by the poor. tftibau, (onom.) a bird (unidentified) -so called from its note, which is sometimes represented as ta'-tidur. t6tirok, see tirok. t6tlkala, = tatkala. tewas, failure; being worsted; t. pgrang-nya, the battle was going against him. tezi, Pers. k-uda tezi, a Pegasus, a winged horse; also teji. thibit, Ar. truth revealed; also sabit. thalatha, = sSlasa. thalju, Ar. snow. tiada, is not; not to be; tiada-lah id di-sini, he is not here, tian, Jav. the lower abdomen in a pregnant woman. tiaung, a pillar; a post; a mast; a vertical support; t. agong, the mainmast; t. bMndera, a flagstaff; t. sgri, the central pillar in a Malay house. tiap, tiap-tiap, every; pada tiap-tiap hari, every day; tiap-tiap mureka-itu, everyone of them. tiarap, lying on one's face (of a man); lying bottom upwards (of a boat); face downwards; tiarapkan, to turn (anything) face downwards; m'niarap, to assume such a position. tiba, I. sudden arrival or occurrence - an unexpected development; "putting in" at a port (of a ship); "landing" (of a blow); tiba-tiba, suddenly, unexpectedly. II. putiban sampir, a gift, a present-in Javanese tales only. tibar, = tebar. tidak, no, not; tidakkan, to deny the existence of; kctidalan, non-existence. tidur, sleep; t. ltlap, deep sleep; tmmpat t., a bed; tiduran or kutiduran, sleep; being asleep; tidurkan, to.put to sleep. tiga, three; bUrtiga, in a party of three; ketiga, all three; yang ketiga, third. tijalk, = pijak. tika, a reel of thread. tikal, a Siamese " tical." tikam, stabbing; spearing; striking with a pointed weapon; piercing with thorns; mati kuna t., death from a stab or from a spear-thrust I tikamkan, to drive (a pointed weapon) into anything. tikar, a mat; bgntangkan t., to spread a mat; bUrtikarkan, to use (anything) as a mat;,to sleep on. tikas, the line of sea-weed and drift. wood on a beach, showing the ex, treme point reached by the tide.

Page  231 TIKUS 231 TIMUN tilkus, a generic name for rats and mice; t. ambang bulan, Raffles' gym. nura; t. BWlanda, the (imported) guinea-pig; t. buloh, a name for the bamboo-rat (rhizomys sumatrensis), better dekaa; t. mondok, = t. ambany bulan; t. 'rumah, the common housemouse (mus musclZts); t. tanah, the field-mouse (inus decumanus); t. t ui, the musk-shrew (crocid.ra murina and crocidura cerulea); angin t., uncertain winds; gigi t., small regular teeth; lobang t., the cavity in which the body is laid in a Malay grave. tilam, a sleeping-mattress; tilaman, id. tilan, a fish (mastacembelus armlatu.s); t. pasir (trypauchena vagina); t. rumpuet (pinmelepterl-s cinerascens). tilek, looking long and fixedly at anything; carefully examining; temrn pat t., a cynosure of all eyes; tukang t., a man gifted with second-sight; a fortune-teller. tilu, an insect (unidentified). tim, Ch. stewing; petiman, a stew-pan. timah, tin; lead; zinc; t. puteh, tinned iron; t. hitanm, lead; t. sari, zinc; bijeh t., alluvial tin; ikan timah-timah, a fish (lutianus lineolatus?); pokok timah-timnah, a small tree (ilex cymosa). timang, balancing; tossing up and down (as an adult playing with a very young child); tianang-timangan, a pet name or nursery name. timba, a small bucket; a dipper; t. ruang, the bucket for baling out water from a boat; mhnimba, to bale. timbal, equilibrium, balancing; bUr. timbalan, in equipoise; matching. timbang, weighing; estimating the weight of anything; considering the pros and cons of a question; bates timbangan, measure of weight; timbangkan, to weigh; pgnimbang, the weigher. timbau, adding a piece so as to lengthen anything. timbok, a downward blow with theflat of the fist. timbul, appearing on the surface;floating; emerging from below; t. tZnggq(glam, appearing and disappearing-of the letters of a half-erased inscription; bulan t., the new moon, gambar t., a statue; timbulkan, to. bring out in evidence; minimbulkan,. id.; pgnimbul, that which causes a thing to come to the surface-used especially of a charm of invulnerability (kibal pEnimbu or pinimbul ra1ksa) [based on the belief that quicksilver absorbed into the system will rush to any spot struck by a weapon and so prevent the weapon penetrating beneath the skin]. timbun, heaped up; a heap; heaping or piling up; timnbctni, timbunkan, or mennimbunkan, to heap up anything;: bertimbun-timbun, in heaps; piled one on top of the other. timbus, filling up or blocking an orifice or cavity; timbusi, to fill up. (a grave). timpa, falling down on; striking in its fall; di-timpa bata, struck down by falling stones; t. rasa, to bear the brunt of anything; t. pe)rasafl, id.; di-timpa daulat, struck down by the power of dead kings; mnuimpa, to strike in one's fall; to fall upon, timpaug, = tempang. timpas, low-water; t. pgrbani, very low tide. timpoh, sitting on the ground with the legs turned to the right ancd bent back towards the body, whilethe left arm rests on the grounds sitting as Malay women often sit. timpus, disproportionate narrowness; lacking in beam (of a boat). timui, by right (dejure); timu-timu, id. timua, a gourd; a pumpkin; t. China, the cucumber; t. dendang, apassion-flower (passifiord faetida) - t. hutan, the grenadilla; also inantimutn,

Page  232 TIMUR 232 TITIS/ -timur, east; t. laut, N.E.; t. padang, S.E.; t. mengnggara, E.S.E. tinas, = tindas. tindan, lying loosely one on the other (of a pile of books or similar objects); sa-tindan, a disorderly heap. iindas, the cracking of a flea on the thumb-nail. tindeh, lying one over the other; superimposed; yang r bah di-tindeh, what is fallen is pressed under (still further); the unfortunate are exposed to oppression; bertindeh, one lying over the other (as bodies on a battlefield). tindek, pricking through a thin surface. tinggal, remaining over or behind; abandoned; abiding in a place; -rumah t., an abandoned house; t. nadi, with life alone left one; ruined completely; tinggali, to leave behind; to abandon; tinggalkan or mgninggalkan, id.; kWtinggalan, abandonment; severance; pininggalan, absence; sapeninggalan, in the absence of (soand-so); tSrtinggal, left behind; abandoned. tinggi, height; loftiness; t. hati, pride. tinggil, pgninggil, a gallery. tinggong, squatting; sitting on one's heels; squatting like a toad, or as a dog sitting on its hind legs only; bUrtinggong, to squat. tingkah, ways, behaviour, manners; t. laku, id. tingkatl, Skr. solder. tinagkap, a long low native window. -ingklat, a deck, a flooring-taken as a measure of height or size; kapal tiga t., a three-decker; bgrtingkat. tingkat, in storeys; in stages. ~tingkil, a bunch; a cluster (of fruit). -tingkis, sad, sorrowful. tingting, to hop. tinjaa, stretching out the neck; ieninjau, to look out; pSninjau, a scout. -inju, boxing; bUrtinju, to box. tinta, Port. ink. tinting, winnowing with a swaying motion. tiong, the mynah (gracula intermedia and gracula javanensis); t. batu or t. bdlachan, the Eastern broad-billed roller (eurystomus orientalis). tipis, thin, delicate; = nipis. tipu, deception, fraud; bohong dan t., lies and misrepresentations; mnipu, to deceive; pSnipu, deceptive. tir, I. Eur. tar. II. the rook or castle in chess. tirai, Tam. a curtain; t. kglambu, mosquito-curtains. tiram, an oyster. tiri, "step "-in expressions like step-child (anak t.), step-father (bapa t.) and step-mother (ma' t.) tiris, oozing through; dripping from. tirok, a long unbarbed fish-spear; burong t., the snipe (gallinago stenura and g. coelestis); burong tgtirok, id.; mnnirok, to spear fish-cf. tirus. tiru, the imitation of a model or copy; copying; tiruan, a model for imitation. tirus, thin and tapering to a point padi mnnirus, the ear of rice in its earliest stages-cf. tirok. titah, the utterance of a prince; t. sultan, the sultan says; bUrtitah, to speak (of a prince speaking). titar, - titir. titek, I. a drop; a liquid particle; sa-titek mrnbun, a drop of dew; ng-.nitek, to let fall in drops. II. a heavy racking blow in administering torture. titi, motion over a narrow plank, branch, or bridge; a crossing-plank; a bridge; m8niti, to pass over a narrow footway; titian, a narrow footway; a narrow bridge. titir, a swift rapping movement; the beating of certain drums with the knuckles. titis, slow dropping; the dropping of sticky liquids-cf. titek.

Page  233 'TIUP 233 TONGKAH tiup, blowing; the action of a current of air upon anything; buntal di-t., a blown-out buntal fish; bMrtiup, to blow (of the breeze). to', a contraction for dato', q.v. toakang, Ch. puffed up with selfconceit. toalang, the swarming of bees; b^rtoalang, to swarm (of bees); pokok1 t., a tree where bees have made a nest. tobak, square-cut; trimmed square (of the nails). tobat, Ar. repentance; giving up (an evil practice); also taubat. todak, a fish (belone strongylura and hemiramphus spp.) togel, = dogel. togok, limbless; with stumps for limbs; belayar t., to sail with only a storm-sail set; si-togok, the longnosed clown in a wayang. tohok, a sort of harpoon with a rope attached to it; tnggiri t., a fish (unidentified). tohor, shallow; kapur t., whitewash. tojang, a temporary prop or support; penojang kaki, a foot-rest. tokakr, I. an ulcer on the shin. II. biting (in fighting and not for eating). III. hairy patches on the head. to'kek, (onom.) the gecko. toko, Ch. a large warehouse or store; a big godown. tokoh, character, quality, type-of goods; sa-tokoh ini, up to this sample. tokok, a small increase; throwing something in over and above. tokong, I. a treeless rock; a barren island. II, Ch. a Chinese temple. III. shaving the head of a woman. tolak, repelling or pushing back; keeping off; rejecting; shedding; t. bara, ballast; t. bala, a propitiatory offering against misfortune; tolakkan, to push away; mgnolakkan, id. toleh, a side-look; mrnoleh.ka.bgla kang, to look back; -frtolehan haci, the turning point in the sun's course(when he seems to descend precipitately). tolo, I. impulsiveness. II. anyam sa-tolo, a quadruple plait. tolok, I. matching; a peer or equal;. tiada tertolok, matchless. II. (Dutch) an interpreter. tolong, aid, assistance; (in theStraits) favour, mercy, help; tolongan, assistance; nenolong, to lend a helping hand; tolongkan, to assist (a person or animal); menolongkan~ id. torn, (Dutch) the bridle; tali t., the reins. toman, a fish (ophicephalus striatus). tombak, a spear; a pike; a halberd; t. blnderang, spears with horse-hairattached to them. (as emblems of rank); t. kgrajaan, state-spears of any sort; t. rambu, a spear with a fringe or tassel under the spearpoint; t. sayang, a gaff for closehauling a sail. tombol, the knob on a door; ikan tL mas, a fish (thymnus thunnina). tombong, I. the seed-bud in a coconut-shell. II. arrogance; = sonmbong tonmong, a short squat gun; a sort of native howitzer, tompok, sa-tompok, a small heap. tondong, banishment; hounding a man out of a place. tong, (Dutch) a tun; a wooden tub"; a barrel. touggak, I. a snag. II. aerial roots -such as those of the banyan. tonggek, hanging head downwards -cf. tunggit. tonggeng, lifting the posterior (as in leap-frog). tougget, = tunggit. tonggok, heap; sa-tonggok, a heap; a pile; = sa-tompok. tonggong, heaping up —cf.tonggo7: Tongkah, I. a town in Junk Ceylon; rtlau t., a common type of smelting. furnace. II. lapan tongkak, a plank

Page  234 TONGKANG 234 TUAT used to make one's way over mudfiats. III. to lengthen a garment by sewing on a piece at the top. ftongukang, a barge; a lighter; a very large open boat.,tougkat, a vertical prop; a crutch; a stick; propping up from below; t. kMtiak, a crutch; menongkat, to f sustain, to prop up. tongkeng, I. the rump; tulang t., the coccyx. II. bunga tongkeng, the Tonkin creeper (pergularia minor). toongkol, a knob; a roundish lump or clod; mas t., nugget gold. tongkong, = tongkol. tongong, slowness of wit. tongtong, a clapper; a sounding. board. -tonjol, a big bump or protuberance on the forehead. tonyoh, rubbing one substance on another; rubbing dirt roughly on a boy's face, etc. top, a vessel with very bluff bows; layar t., a lug-sail with a long yard. Uopang, the forked supports of a kajang in a native boat; a forked stick of any sort; layar t., a foresail. topekong, Ch. a Chinese joss. topeng, masked Javanese dancers. topes, a precipitously sloping bank. topi, Hind. a sun-hat; a hat generally. '*opong, a small bag for holding btlacha,. torak, I. anak torak, the spool (in weaving); batang t., the spool rod. II. ubi torak, a kind of potato. torang, the knot at the corner of a mesh. torek, a running at the ears. totok, I. full-blooded (pur sang). II. a fish (unidentified). toya, physical weakness. toyah, a long pole used as a thrustingpole in fighting. toyoh,, tonyoh...a, = itu. -ta, old, matured age, seniority; depth (of colouring) orang t., an old man; the head of a family; a village elder; ketua, a village headman; pa' t., an uncle older than one's father; mzerah t., deep red; dark red. tuah, luck; prosperity that can only be ascribed to chance and not to labour or foresight. tuai, a peculiar cutter used for reaping padi (a few stalks only being cut at a time). tuak, fermented spirit made from palm-juice. tuala, Port. a serviette; a napkin; a towel; t. mandi, a bath-towel. tualang, see toalang. tuam, the application of a hot dry poultice to a diseased part. tuan, master, lord, lady; a term applied to Europeans (men only), to Malays (men and women) of some position who have not higher titles, to a haji of either sex, to all descendants of the Prophet, and by a lover to his mistress or vice versa; bar. tuankan, to take service under; to acknowledge (someone) as a master; tuan-ku, a title used in addressing a reigning prince; yang-dipgrtuan, the supreme lord; the sovereign; yamtuan, id. tuang, I. pouring out; emptying out a liquid; menuangkan, to pour out. II. tuang-tuang, a bamboo blown into noisily by way of signal. tuap, a splint of rattans. tuar, a riverine fish-trap made of thorns which turn their points towards the interior. tuas, I. leverage; the application of leverage in torture. II. a name given in Penang to a form of fishing in which branches of foliage are anchored so as to attract fish by the food and shelter they provide [the fishing is done by hook and line —f. unjam]. tuat, 1. a mark indicating a good fishing ground.: II. Jktuat, a wart,

Page  235 TUBA 285 TUMANG tuba, a plant (derris elliptica) with a root the sap of which has stupefying properties and is used in fishing; menuba, to fish in this way. tuban, tuban-tuban, the discharge preceding delivery; the liquor amnii. tubi, devotion to anything; giving oneself up heart and soul to anything. tubin, a fish-trap with a falling door; also tgrubin. tubir, a very steep river-bank or shore. tuboh, the body in the anatomical sense; the bodily frame; the seat of physical sensation; panas rasa tuboh. cu, I feel cold; bekas t., a garment that has actually been worn; satuboh, carnal intercourse. tubok, a wooden lance for spearing ttripang. t;uding, aslant; at an angle; a " pulling " stroke in contradistinction to a straight drive. tudoh, accusation (especially slanderous accusation); bringing charges against a person; mnnudoh, to accuse. tudong, a veil; a hollow cover; covering up; t. saji, a large dishcover; siput t., a shell (trochus py. ramis); tudongan, a veil; tudongi or tudonlgkan, to enshroud. tugal, a pointed stick used for making holes in the ground in which padi-seed is dropped. tugar, = tugal. tugas, steady and strong (of a breeze). Tuhan, God. tuhfat, Ar. tuhfat ul-ajtas, " a gift of miscellanies"-a term used in polite letter-writing to describe the letter and the gifts which theoreti. cally accompany it. tui, a tree (ixonanthes icosandra). tuil, a lever for tilting up a heavy mass. tujoh, seven. tuju, pointing at; aiming at; making for; sa.t., in harmony; tujui, to aim at; to make for; msnuju, to point towards; to injure by turning evil spirits upon. tukal, I. a measure for thread; a parcel of skeins. II. a dent or mark left on the skin, the skin not being broken. tukang, a craftsman; a skilled workman; t. brsi, a blacksmith; t. chap, a printer; t. chukur, a barber; t. kasut, a shoe-maker; t. kayu, a carpenter; t. mas, a goldsmith; t. tilek, a fortune-teller. tukar, change by substituting one thing for another; tukarkan, to exchange. tukas, mtnnukas, to accuse of im. morality. tukil, a bamboo vessel for carrying liquid. tukul, a small hammer. tukun, a sunken rock-cf. tokong. tul, Eur. a thole-pin. tuladan, = tSladan. tulah, Ar. a calamity consequent.on sacrilege or extreme presumption; t. papa, the curse of poverty generally. tulang, a bone; t. belakang, the dorsal vertebras; t. btlikat, the shoulder-blade; t. dayong, id.; t. chaping, the xiphoid process; t. kring, the tibia; t. rusok, the ribs; t. sSlangka, the collar-bone; t. sulbi or t. tongkeng, the coccyx. tulat, the third day after this; the day after the day after to-morrow, tuli, I. deafness, deaf; mtnulikan, to deafen; tuli-tuli, a sort of kWrisband of bead-work or fancy-work. tuli, writing, painting, figuring; juru t., a scribe, a clerk; tulisan, handwriting; mgnulis, to write (intransitive). tuloI, - tolong. tualu, sincerity; earnestness. tuma, a small insect; a sort of louse. tumAU, = toman. tunmng, a wooden tent-peg; a tethering peg; an arrangement of three sticks for cooking.

Page  236 TUMBANG 236 TUNGKU tumbang, falling heavily; toppling down (of a large tree). tuumbas, to the bitter end; to the last drop-a strong expression of completion. tumaboh, sprouting up; springing up (of any growth); turnboh-tumnbohan, plants generally; ketumbohan, an eruptive disease; small-pox; bUrtinboh, to sprout (of plants). tumbok, a heavy pounding blow; t. lada, a small knife. tumis, cooking in oil and seasoning. tumit, heel (of the foot); t. tiang, the truck of a mast. tumpah, spilling; shedding; t. ruah, poured out; tumpahkan, to pour out; to empty out. tumpang, lodging; temporary residence; mnnumpang, to lodge; to take shelter with; to take up one's abode with. tumpas, utterly; head over heels (of a bad fall). tumpat, stopped up; filled up (of a hollow); menumpat, to stop up an orifice. tumipu, having a footing on; resting on; milompat bersatunpu, to jump from a standing position; bUrtumnpt, to have a footing somewhere; to have a place to " take off " from. tumpul, bluntness, blunt. tumpur, loss by leakage; frittering away. turu, a sea.shore tree (didymocarpus crinitus). tumur, falling on the face; sprawling. tun, an old Malay title. tuna, Skr. a wound; = luka. tunai, ready (of money); cash down; Wang t., ready money; tunaikan or mznunaikan, to realise (one's hopes). tualk, definite attachment; fixity of tenure. tumam, the match applied to a cannon. tuag, troth; betrothal; pSluru t., a bullet pledged (by sorcery) to take effect; bUrtunang, to be engaged to be married. tunas, a young shoot sprouting from a branch. tunda, towing; sampan t., a dinghy; panching t., a tow-line. tundok, stooping, bowing, lowering the head; t. mlnyembah, to bow in salutation; t. tengadah, to look down and then up (as a man trying to compose a letter); mnenundokkan ke. pala, to bow the head; ilmu pgnundok, a magic art for procuring the submission of a person. tundun, the pudendum muliebre. tungau, a small insect-parasite.infesting fowls. tunggal, unity; sole; the one; anak t., an only child; babi t., a solitary boar; Sang-yang t., the one God. tunggang, I. astride; riding; men nunggang kudal, to ride. II. upside down; t. langgang, head over heels; t. balek, id.; t. tunggit, bowing very deep; bobbing up and down. tungging, = tonggeng. tunggit, tunggangg-tunggit, bowing very low; bobbing up and down. tunggu, watching over; keeping an eye on; tunggui, to watch over; bertunggu, to be on the watch; p2nunggu, a watchman; penunggu pintu, a porter. tunggul, I. the stump of a tree; tunggul-tunggul or tetunggul, the upstanding stump of a rainbow (believed to be portentous). II. a flag-staff; a standard. III. ptnunggul, a hostage, a propitiatory offering made by the vanquished to the victor. IV. pgnunggul, a heavy lump of wood to which an animal is tethered to prevent him running away. tungkap, tongue-tied; dumb-foundered; silent through nervousness; open. ing the mouth and saying nothing. tutngku, an arrangement of stones constituting a primitive stove; batWe t., the stones so used.

Page  237 TUNGKUS 237 UBAT tungkus, deeply imbedded in anything. tuni, = tuna. tunjal, a thrust downwards to give impetus to an upward motion. tunjang, that portion of the root which goes vertically downwards. tunjok, showing; indicating; tunjokkan or msnunjokkan, to point out; to show; to display-cf. tel'unjok. tunjong, the water-lily. tuntong, a turtle (callagur picta). tuntun, I. leading, condudting, guiding-by means of some connecting link as a man leading a horse with a rope. II. mnunutufn, to flock in crowds (to any performance). tuntut, following after; following up; intently seeking; t. ilmu, the pursuit of knowledge. tunu, burning up; consuming by fire. tupai, I. a generic name for squirrels; t. biji niangka, the tupaia (tupaic ferruginea); t. galang piirahu, Raffles' squirrel (sciurus ra.flesi); t. jinjang, = t. nandong; t. kampong (sciirus notalus); t. nandong (sciurus bicolor); t. tanah (taimi(s lysteri). II. a cooking-place on a native ship. tupang, = topang. turap, covering, plastering, lining. turas, filtration; straining through cloth. turi, Skr. tikus turi, a name given to the musk-shrews, = tikus kesturi.. turis, scratching (a line or mark). Turki, Turkish. turun, descent; coming down; tu. runant or keturunaln, descent, origin; t. teimurun, genealogy; line of descent; turunkan or mlenurunkan, to lower. turus, erect; the uprights of a fishtrap; t. negeri, a pillar of the state. turut, following in succession after; following advice or instruction; tu. rutan, an example; turittkan or inmqurutkan, to take anything as an example to follow. tutoh, mnnutoh, to lop off the branches from the trunk, after or before felling a tree. tutok, I. breaking or crushing rattans into a sort of fibrous pulp. II. a tree (hibiscus macrophyllus). tutul, Jav. spotted; machan t., the leopard; = harimau bintang. tutup, closing up; covering; shutting; a lid or cover; sa-tahun t., a full year; t. bumi, a weed (clephan. topls scaber); tuattpkan, to close, to shut up; 7m etltlupkan, id. tutur, utterance; bdttutur, to utter, to speak. U uak, mengWuuk, to low; to bellow. uap, vapour, steam; also wap. uar, uacr-tuar, public proclamation; publishing widely; "proclaiming from the house-tops." uba, a sago-vat. ubah, change, alteration; ubahkan, to alter (a thing); bgrubah, to be altered. uban, greyness of the hair; beruban, to be or become grey or grizzled; to age; chiak uban or pipit uban, the white-headed munia (amladina mcaj). ubang, to cut a curved groove in a log so as to fit it to another. ubar, berubar, to hecom* loose; to open out; bgrubar hati, to speak from the heart. ubat, a drug, a medicine, a chemical, a magic simple, a philtre; u. cha. ching, a remedy for intestinal worms; u. bedil, gunpowder; U. guna, a philtre; tukang u., a druggist; ubati, to apply medicine to; to treatb 'mngnubati, id.; pngubat, a remedy,

Page  238 UBI 238 UMANG bii, a generic name for yams and tuberous roots; u. Bgnggala, the common potato (sotanum tusberosum); u. karu, tapioca (manihot utilissima); u. nasi, the common yam (dioscorea alata); u. pasir (dioscorea pentaphylla). ubin, batu ubin, a floor-tile; (also) hard granitic stone for road-metal. ubong, -= hbong. ubun, ubun-ubun, the fontanel. ubur, ubur-ubur, a large jelly-fish; payong ubur-ubur, a fringed umbrella. uchap, mWnguchap, to utter; me7gu. chap shukur, to give thanks; menguchap tasbeh, to tell one's beads. Utd, = mnuda. udam, dulled; faded (of colouring); dimmed (of brilliancy). udang, a generic name for prawns, shrimps and lobsters; u. galah, the lobster; u. giragau, a very small shrimp; u. lobok, the prawn; u. sungai, the fresh-water prawn; raja u., a name given to kingfishers in the south and to large sandpipers in the north of the Peninsula. udap, udap-udapan, ingredients of all sorts that go to make up a salad. udara, Skr. the atmosphere; the heavens. udoh, = odoh. udut, mengudut, to smoke tobacco or chandu. uet, -= wet. ufti, Skr. tribute; also upieti. ugahari, Skr. fairness; evenness; equality; parity. ugama, Skr. creed, religion; also igama and agama. ugut, menacing, frightening. ujan, = hujan. ujar, utterance, speech, saying; uja.-: ya, he (or they) said. lji, testing; applying a touchstone to anything; bata u., a touchstone. ujong, = hujong. ujtd, Ar. personality; individuality; self; the body; a. anggota, the body and limbs. ukas, a generic name for shells of the genus malleus. ukir, engraving; incised patterns; ukiran, id. ukup, perfuming (cloth, etc.), with incense; pengukup or perukupan, the framework over which the cloth is laid and under which the incense is burnt. ukur, linear measurement; mnngukur, to measure. ulam, = hulam. ulama, Ar. learned men generally; one learned in the Scriptures. ulang, repetition of action; ulangkan, to repeat; berulang, repeatedly; ulang-aling, backwards and forwards. ulap, ulap-ulap, broth made of coconut-milk and kWladi (colocasia antiquorum). ular, a generic name for snakes-e.g. ular sawa, a python; ular tedong sSndok, a cobra; u. danu, (Kedah) a rainbow; u. naga, a dragon; u.-ular, a pennon, a streamer. ulas, a covering; a wrapper; ulasat,, id. ulat, a generic name for a number of worms; a maggot; u. butlu, a hairy caterpillar; u. sutera, the silk-worm. uleh, = oleh. uli, kneading, squeezing down, pressing or ramming down. ulit, lulling, crooning, or singing to sleep; ulitkan, to sing (a person) to sleep; mengulitkan, id.; mengulit, to croon; to sing a lullaby; pgngulit, a lullaby. ulu, = hutt. ulun, I. servant; your servant; I II. a name given to some Celebes shells (conus miles and conus litho. glyphus). umaIn, uman-uman, long-winded; a bore; mengunan, to drag on a story monotonously. UWmUng, umang-. amang, a hermit crab,

Page  239 UMAT 239 UNJAP umat, Ar. people; mankind. umbai, dangling; hanging down loosely. umban, umban tali, a sling. umbang, colossal; naga u., a great sea-dragon. umbas, = humbas. umbi, the roots of a tree; akar u., id.; " to the very roots." umbut, I. the soft heart of the upper portion of a palm; the palm-cabbage. II. ikan uimbut-umbut, a fish (unidentified). umpama, Skr. likeness; example; instance; similar case; sa-u., for instance; omnpanaan, a proverb; umpamzakan, to liken to; to compare. uurpan, bait; food to attract fish or animals; u. tekak, an appetiser. umpat, abuse; evil-speaking; cursing; umpati, to revile; mengumpat, to be abusive. umpil, mengtmpil, to lever up. umum, Ar. obscure, involved, complicated, difficult. umur, Ar. life; sa-nuir.-ku, as long as I live. unai, soft, moist and odorous-as perfumed oil. unam, an edible shell-fish (murex sp.) unchang, I. iunchang-unchit, by driblets, by fits and starts. II. a travelling-bag for money; a small wallet of plaited-work. unchat, lifting and lowering; moving a thing up and down. unchit, unchang-unchit, by driblets; by fits and starts; bayar u., payment in instalments. unchui, Ch. a pipe. undak, rmngundak, not to make headway (of a ship); laut pdngundak, a choppy sea against which it is difficult to make headway. undan, I. burong undan, a large bird (pelecanus philippensis). II. bgrun. dan, to be protracted; to drag on. undang, undang-undang, laws, statutes, ordinances, codified enactments. undi, lot; die to determine chances,; buang u., to cast lots; buah.., die, dice. undil, a money-box. undok, I. undok-undok, the sea-horse (hippocampus sp.) II. undok-andal, in swift succession. undur, giving way, retreat, loss of ground; mengundur, to give way. ungak, ungak-angek, bobbing up and down. ungap, gasping for breath (as a dying fish). ungar, an edible salt - water fish (lutianus argentinaculattus). unggal, = tunggal. unggang, = ungkang. unggas, a bird; u. dewata, the bird of paradise. unggat, stiffly erect. unggis, mengunggis, to gnaw, to nibble. unggit, = 'ungkit. unggun, banking a fire. ungka, a gibbon (hylobates lar or hylobates agilis). ungkang, ungkang ungkit, see-saw motion; kucrsi ungkang ungkit, a rocking-chair. ungkap, gaping; exposing a large orifice; tirungkap, id. ungkil, levering up-cf. umpil. ungkit, bringing up again; raking up old stories; ungkang ungkit, seesaw motion. ungku, == ^ng7u. ungkur, b rungkiu —.tngk uran, retreating in different directions; dispersing. ungu, purple; deep reddish brown; rich dark colouring. ungurn, mumbling to oneself. unjam, I. thrusting anything vigorously into the ground. II. (Pahang) an arrangement of branches and leaves anchored with stones on a fishing-ground to afford shelter to fish; buang u., to place this arrangement in position-cf. tuas. unjap, a (Kedah) variant of injap.

Page  240 UNJOK 240 USEK uinjok, giving out (anything); putting (a thing) forward; iujokkan or m.enitujokkan, to hold out, to thrust out. uajong, I. mingnunjong.-v. kujong. II. p)runjong-v. runjong. unjun, lifting and lowering a bait in order to draw the attention of fish to it. unjur, stretching out; projection; itnjurkan, to thrust (anything) for. ward-cf. unjok. untai, hanging down loosely, dan?ling. untak, intal-anti, convulsive movement; also ~ntak-anti. untal, I. untal-antil, swaying loosely. II. sa-untal, an armful. untang, pendulous, swaying; un7tangantting, id. until, sa-i.ntil, a small ball or pill; a small quantity. unting, a small skein or bunch; a unit of measurement for thread. untok, share, allotted portion. untong, profit, gain, advantage; fortune; natural destiny; wmnndapat u., to derive profit. untut, elephantiasis. unus, = humus. upah, payment for service rendered; fee, wage, bribe; upahkan, to engage a person's services; mnngupahkan, id. upak, I. viangupak, to stir up a smouldering heap of ashes. II. upakapek, inconsequent (of talk); mischievous or inconsistent talk. upam, burnishing, polishing, giving lustre to stones and metals. upama, = umpama. upas, Jav. poison generally; the poison of the upas tree (antiaris toxicaria) in particular. upat, = umpat. upaya, Skr. means, resources; tiada Cu. or tiada daya ui., destitute of all means; helpless moneyless. upeoh, the tough flower-sheaths of certain palms. [These sheaths are used for making small buckets or dippers.] upbti, Skr. tribute; also vfti. ura, bErura-iura, to talk over anything; to discuss the pros and cons. urai, loose, dishevelled, inadhesive; mas u., gold dust; uraikan, to undo, to unloose, to explain; mnnguraikan, id.; mzngurai, to open out, to become loose, to unfold; terurai, undone, dishevelled (of hair). urap, urapan, cosmetics; ointment for application to the skin; berurap-.,rapan, to be adorning oneself with these cosmetics. urat, I. nerve, sinew, fibre, vein, muscle; u. belikat, the dorsal muscles; ui. tanah, a snake (typhlops spp.); salah it., a strained sinew. II. Ar. gila, i., lasciviousness. urdi, = ordi. uri, the afterbirth; urian, a brazier's mould, after use. urn&l, = qwarna. urong, crowding; batie mas u., iron pyrites; di-urong srmuLt, covered with ants. urup, k&dai urup-urup, a moneychanger's shop; minngurup, to change money. urus, rubbing, scrubbing-more refined in use than the word gosok. urut, massage, rubbing with the hands, shampooing; janggut di-it., a forked beard. usah, ta'.usah, needless; it is unnecessary; never mind; don't; ntsahkan, so far from; = jangankan. usaha, Skr. diligence, industry; bUr. usaha, industrious; mnenglsahakan diri, to exert oneself. usang, shrivelled up internally (of grains of padi, etc.); rumah u., an abandoned house (of which the outer shell only remains). usap, plating, coating. usat, ikan uvsat, a fish (unidentified); Wlar tidong it., a snake (sitmotes octolineatus). usek, teasing, chaffing, worrying with impertinent questions.

Page  241 USIA. 241 WARIS usia, Skr. length of life, duration of life; sa - panjang Itsia, all one's life. usir, pursuit, following up, pressing after; mnngusir, to pursue, to harrass. usong, carrying in a litter or slung from a pole; usongan, a litter. usul, I. Ar. beginnings, origins-the plural of asal; asal u., the antecedents or early history of anything. II. manner; it. jijak, bearing; u. sipat, ways; u. minnunjokkan, asal, manners display descent. utama, I. Skr. excellence, eminence; yang tgrutama, the most eminent. II. Skr. the breath (of life); t. jiwa, id. (a term of endearment); nyer ui. jiwa, the water of life. utan, = hutan. utang, == hutang. utara, Skr. the north; tu. tepat, due north; u. barat laut, N.N.W.; u. timur laut, N.N.E.; angin u., a northerly wind; inusim u., the N.E. monsoon. Utarek, Ar. the planet Mercury. utas, I. a coil, a skein, a string; sa. vttas manekc-manek, a string of beads or corals. II. skilled labour, craftsmanship; a craftsman. utus, sending on an embassy; utusan, an envoy, a mission. uyong, shaking, swaying. W wa, Ar. and. waad, Ar. bond, contract; = janji. waba, Ar. plague, pestilence. wadun, Jay. a woman. wafat, Ar. to die. wah, an exclamation of surprise. wahai, an exclamation of appellation; hey there! waham, Ar. surmise, conjecture. wahid, Ar. sole, single. waja, = baja. wajah, Ar. countenance, visage. wajek, a kind of sweetmeat. wajib, Ar. pledged to, bound to. wakaf, Ar. devoted to religious purposes; tanah wvakaf, mosque land. wakap, I. the name of a bird (unidentified). II. = wakaf. wakil, Ar. agent, attorney, representative. waktu, Ar. time, occasion, opportunity. walakin, Ar. and yet; but; still. walang, Jav. sad, sorrowful, melancholy. walau, Ar. although. wali, I. Ar. a vicegerent; a guardian of an unmarried woman; a deputy; t,. allah, a saint. II. paiau waali, a small lancet -like knife. III. a shoulder-cloth. walimana, Skr. a harpy. Wallah, Ar. God!-an exclamation of astonishment. wa'llahu, Ar. ica'llahu aalam, God is all-knowing; God knoweth best. wan, a title of high rank given to the descendants of great chiefs not of royal rank. wang, money, cash; iw. tunai, ready money. wangi, fragrant, odorous, perfumed. wangkang, a Chinese junk. wanta, Skr. nature; = anta. wap, vapour, steam; also nap. war, = -tar. warangan, white arsenic. waras, Jav. cure, convalescence, good health. warga, Skr. family, people. warip, Jav. alive; w. waras, alive and well. waris, Ar. heir; inheritor; officers

Page  242 WARKAT 242 YONG in Menangkabau entrusted with the administration of hereditary custom. warkat, Ar. a writing; a letter. warna, Skr. colour; shade of colour. warong, Jav. a booth or stall. warta, Skr. news, tidings; warta-nya, the report was. Waruna, Skr. the god of the ocean, Varuna. wasangka, = sangka. wasi, Ar. an executor of a will. wasiat, Ar. a will. wasir, = barcasir. waswas, Ar. care, worry, anxiety. wat, (Siamese) a watt; a Buddhist temple. watas, = brta.s. wati, Skr. the firmament; the uni. verse. watu, = batl. wau, a kite flown by boys. wayang, Jav. a theatrical performance whether by living actors (w. qtwaog) or by puppets (w. ktlit). wasir, Ar. a vizier, a minister. weh, an interjection of address or appeal. w6rna, a= la'rna. wet, turning (a boat) with a stroke of the paddle. wetan, Jav. the east. wijaya, Skr. and Jav. victorious; bunga zvijaya mala, a legendary flower which brought all it touched to life. wijil, Jav. a gallery in an audiencehall. wijong, Jav. the large squirrel (sciurus bicolor), = tupai nandong. wilada, zmandi qvilada, a ceremonial washing of the abdomen in pregnancy. wilahar, a pool, a mere; also lahar. wilis, Jav. green; dark green. wira, Skr. a man, a hero; perwira, heroic. wong, (Sundanese) a man; = orany; 'vayang wong, a play with living actors (in Java). wujud, = ujud. Y ya, yes; that is so; = ia. yaani, Ar. that is to say; i.e. yad, Ar. hand. yahudi, = jaudi. yay, Jav. younger brother or sister; = adinda. Yajuj, Ar. the giant Gog. yakin, Ar. certain, positive, definite. yakut, Ar. a jacinth. yamtuan, sovereign; = yang-dipr tuan. yang, I. divinity god-head; simbahyang, worship; kWyangan, the abode of the old divinities; paradise; fairyland; sang-yang, holy god-a title given to the major divinities only; yang-yang, god of gods; a similar title. II. an expression having the force of a relative bringing the word or clause following it into relation with that which precedes -e.g. masa yang baik, a fortunate time, a lucky moment. III. a title of little distinction; an abbreviation of dayang. yangyang, see yang. yani, = yaani. yarkan, Ar. jaundice. yatim, Ar. orphaned, desolate, fatherless; anak y., a fatherless child. yaum, Ar. day; yaumu'l-kiamat, the day of judgment. yogia, sa-yogia-nya, as is fitting; properly; appropriately; next. yojana, sa.ojana = saujana, q.v. yong, driving domestic animals or poultry into a pen, house, or confined area of any sort.

Page  243 YU 243 ZULIKHA yu, a generic name for sharks, dogfishes and rays resembling sharks; y. bengkong, the hammer-headed shark; y. gila (chyloscilliurn ijadiCltm); y. laras (?nustelus manazo); y. rimau (galeocerdo rayneri); y. samlbaran, the ground shark. Yunan, Ionia, Greece. yup, a designation, = kulup. yuta, = juta. z zabad, Ar. civet. zabib, Ar. raisins, dried fruit. zabur, Ar. the psalms of David. zadah, Pers. sprung from, son of; harar11 z., ill-begotten, illegitimate; halal-z., legitimate. zahid, Ar. a hermit, an ascetic. zaitun, = zetun. zakar, Ar. the male organ of generation; also dzakar. zakat, Ar. alms; rmemberi z. and berzakat, to distribute charity. zaman, Ar. long period of time, age; also zeman. zamrud, Ar. emerald. Zamzam, Ar. the Zemzem well at Mecca. Zanggi, I. Pers. Zanzibari; African; paith z., the tree believed to grow at the " heart of the seas "; buahl paulJ z., the double coconut. II. Pers. warlike. zeman, Ar. age, long period of time; also zaman. zetun, Ar. buah zetunn, the olive. ziarat, Ar. a pilgrimage to a tomb or shrine. zina, Ar. illicit intercourse. zirafah, Pers. a fabulous monster. zirah, Pers. bajuz zirah, a coat of mail. zu, Ar. possessed of; endowed with; zu'l-karnaiLn, the possessor of two horns; also dzu. Zuhal. Ar. the planet Saturn. Zuhrah, the planet Venus. Zulikha, Ar. the traditional name of Potiphar's wife.


Page  245 ADDENDA. ABLOK A DOYAK -ablok, piebald, = hablok. akhwau, Ar. brothers; also ikhwan.,autah-antah, a descendant in the fifth generation.:ap, a Chinese pnrse; also hap. apa, IL WuAo a., a dwarf-bamboo growing on river-banks. arghawani, Pers. red. arkus, a guinea-pig. asar, help, assistance. asli, Ar. original, primnal. B 'bangbuu, (Perak) the Malayan mongoose, = bambun. 'bebek, the pursing of a child's lips.I bblbkok, burong b., a bird (porphyrio poliocephalus?) "b6mbgreug, ikan 1,., a fish (platax vespertilio). b~riamng, the large monitor-lizard -(varanus salvator). b6ruyanRg, = bglriang. bibi, the queen (in. cards). bodongf, I. a lean-to. IL. a squall. boo, the noise made by a crocodile. C ~chasku, pisau ch., a pocket-knife.,chambai, a coarse leaf used as inferior sireh. chatok., III. a measure of capacity, = j leng. chilut, p~nch~lut, a thief. champiang, a raid, a gang-robbery. chbuasku, (Patani) a were-tiger. ch~nayang, (Kedah) the medium or interpreter at a W~hantu seance. chiku, a well-known fruit. D dlai-daar, (Kedah) a small hill- dichal, Port. a thimble. tortoise. clobyak, (Riau) a large cuttle-fish. ae a snag.

Page  246 GABUS 246 GABU 246KUNYAH G g-bus, II. g. kaki, a Malay door-mat. gatek, (Patani) I, me. g~mouglai, = k~malai. g~ndali, a Palembang type of shoe. gbnjala, lamp-black. grbnta~ng-gfttit, wavy and tapering to a point (like a wavy k~ris). gbutit, see g~ntang. g~rambi, a curved dagger. godek, tOrgodek-godek, wagging likea dog's tail. guli, main g., to play marbles. gundi, kWrnbal g., (Perak) ornamental boxes used at weddings. H holi, (Hind.) nautch-daricers. hap, a Chinese purse; also ap. I ikhwan, Ar. brothers. ilachi, (Tam.?) the cardarnoiri. J jabiug, t~1inga j., Very prominent ears-cf. j~bang. Jais, kali's j., very irreceptive or inattentive. j~baug, t inga j., rather prominent ears-cf. jabing. j61u, j. m~asak pisang, a name for the weasel (putorius nudipes). jOman8, =zaanul. jarunyas, rough-surfaced. jilak, lockers in a ship. jipan, a tapir; also kipan. Jose, Ch. silk crekpe. jut, a trace (harness). K kacisi, = kadi or kali TI. kanjipfrak, (Tam.?) a singlet. karok, a torch of dry leaves. kayau, III. a snag. kechek, a game played with coins. k~pirau, scored-off, " done in the eye.11 k~suix, hairy 'in the'nostrils. k~tia, the'immediate stalk of fruiti that grows in clusters. k~tong, sgqmut k., a large black ant. k6tun, ringgit'k., the " pillar,". dollar. kilah, (Perak) bWrkilah, to picnic. kimbah, cleaning with sand and water. 'kuar, IL. siput k., a large land snail. krunyah, II. Ar. the naming. of a, -fther after his eon.

Page  247 LADING 247 L RUGAS lading, II. ikan lading-lading, a fish (pellona sp.) landar, a slightly-sloping beach. langsir, a hanging door-curtain. latok, II. mtelatok, to quiver; to chatter (of teeth)-cf. gelatok. legeh, (Pahang) a dividing line, a watershed. lokchuan, Ch. smooth shining silk. lop, (Perak) a titular prefix to the names of men of good family. luak, III. (Negri Sembilan) a territorial subdivision. lumi, ikan tlUii-lumi, a fish (echineis neucrates). M mek, (North Malaya) a titular prefix to the names of girls of good parentage; = (South Malaya) yang. mfrangas, spoilt by air-bubbles (in smelting). mDrual, a long oblong flag or pennon with two metal balls at the further end. muntil, full-bodied, fat. N nusus, Ar. recalcitrant (of a woman refusing to live with her husband). nilong, a slow loris. p pbpatur, the extreme outer plank on which a roof rests. pbregar, (Patani) the serow. piang, II. a preparation of pulut rice. pias, ikan p., a fish (chatoessus sp.) pistaka, II. balai p., (Perak) a throne-room or hall-of-audience. piutang, a debt; see hutang. pong, buloh p., a toy (the paper membrane of which is broken by airpressure and goes off with a bang). pos, buah p., (Rian) the testes. puloh, a group of ten; sa-puloh, ten; dua-puloh, twenty. R riau, m1riau mas, to wash for gold. rugas, ayaw merugas, a fowl that is about to lay.

Page  248 SAKI 248 WAYANG S saki, Pers. a cup-bearer. sapar, (Perak) a lean-to. sMlmbada;, snmut s., a large ant (sp. unidentified). s8lodok, mnnylodok, to worm one's way through jungle. sbmbap, to swell (with dropsy). sbmpudal, filth. sbngkau, s. pcrahu, the Malay weasel (putorius nudipes). sengsut, (Malacca) a fabled maneating ape that walks with its head between its legs. serak, II. tumboh s., young sprouts in water. siak, bakul s., a tiffin-basket. solok, II. the outer portions of a stretch of rice-field. sureh-sureh, (Perak) descent, lineage. T ta, (tan) the report of a gun. takah, a Kedah name for the slow ' loris. takup, a small tuberous jungle-plant. tambak, II. ikan t. or bawzal t., the fish stromateus niger. U ukek, a game played with coins. tbis, sa.t., a particle. temblah, a quiver for darts. t6sak, the bull's-eye in a target. tumbong, the hairless patches on the hindquarters of certain monkeys. W wayang, ikan w., a fish (zanclus cornutus).

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