A dictionary of the Hungarian and English languages, compiled from the best sources by Arthur B. Yolland.
Yolland, Arthur B.

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Page  1 nrrpnPNT7VV7WWa~Tr L 1 Lab-csukl6 11 L, A the sixteenth letter of the Hungarian alphabet (see Introduction). B. abbreviations: I (1. liter) litre: (2. lap), page; (3.=ldsd), see; vide; v. La, interj. behold! ho! itt van ~, here it is. Lab, (-ak, -at, -a), n. I foot (lab-fej): leg (lab-szar): (vulg.) shank: fel ~, one foot: fel ~bal, half: (have) one foot (in the grave): vkinek -a ele, (ahoz) borul, throw (oneself) at the feet of; prostrate (oneself) before: - alatt van, be in the way (of); be in (someone's) light: a al61 eltesz, make away with: do for; put out of the way; despatch: ~a kel vminek, disappear; get lost: ~aba szall a batorsaga, have (one's) heart in (one's) mouth; lose courage; lose heart; become disheartened: mind egy ~ig, to the last man; all without exception; to a man: ~ at 16 -gatja, lounge; sit with folded arms: beteszi a ~at (vhova), enter; come in; put in an appearance; appear: a maga tan jar, stand on (one's) own, - feet; be independent; be not in need of assistance: ~ ala valo, inviting (waltz): alig a11 a,an, be scarcely able to stand; be on his last legs; be weak: be scarcely able to keep (one's) head above water: ~anal, at the feet of (person): at the foot of (mountain): ra allit, set (someons) on his feet (again);help (a person) up; give (someone) a lift; set (someone) going (again): Lhbad6, (-k, -t), n. and ~ra kap, come into use: adj. reconvalescent; confind favour; get into vogue: valescent. spread; gain ground: vkit Labadoz, (-tam, -ott), v. levesz a ~ar6l, dissuade; i.=ldbad 1. (expresses slow talk over; get round; bring character of process). over: vkit leit a.Ar61, Ltbadozas, Ltbadoz6, knock down; floor: ~at meg- = ldbadds, ldbadd. veti (vhol), gain a (firm) Labal, (-tam, -t), A. v. t. footing: szaraz ~bal, dry- tread (water). B. v. i. wade: footed; without getting wet: ford (river). ~bal tapos, trample under LAb-alj, n. stool; footstool; foot; trample on: (fig.) hassock. outrage: bal ~bal kel fel, Labancz, (-ok, -ot, -a), n. get up the wrong side of the (arch.) imperialist foot solbed; get out of bed (on) the dier (during wars of inwrong side: kezzel-bal, depedence againstAustria): with might and main; with (fig.) cavalier: tuft-hunter. all (one's) might: keze -a Labas, A. (-ok, -t, -a), n. van a dolognak, there is pan; saucepan: tripod; something in it. II leg (of trivet. B. adj. having feet chair, table etc.); (bed) post; (or legs): - joszag, live foot. III harang -a, belfry stock; cattle.: 6ra, clock: IV paw (of cat, lion etc.): French clock. leg (of domestic animals). Ltbatlan, (-ul), adj. withV bottom (of plot). VI (mer- out eet (or legs); footless: tek)foot.VII other phrases: apodal. gabona a -on, standing corn Labatlankodas, (-t, -a), (uncut): nagy ~on a11, live n. (fig.) oficiousness. in great style: j6 -on van Labatlankod(ik), (-tam, vkivel, be on good terms -ott), v. i. be in the way (with): rossz -on elnek, be (of); get (be getting) in the on bad terms: hadi _on all, way (of); give trouble (to). be at war: (fig.) be at dag- LAbazat, (-ok, -ot, -a), n. gers drawn. socle (of column): base; Labacska, (-at, -Aja), n. pedestal: plinth. small foot (or leg). Labbad(as),= ldbad(ds). Labad, (-tam, -t), v. i. I Labbadoz(as), Labbarecover: get well again. II doz6, = lcbadoz(cs), ldbakonnybe - a szeme, (his) doz6. eyes fill with tears: konnybe Lab-, prefix. ~-baj, n. _t szemmel, with tear- affection of the feet; foot stained eyes; (his) eyes filled complaint. ~-beli, (-ek, -t, with tears. -je), n.foot-gear; (shoes and) Labadas, (-t, -a), n. recov- stockings. ~-csont, n. shinery; convalescence; recon- bone: (med.) tibia. valescence. csukl6, n. ankle;:ancle. Yolland: Magya-an-gol szdtdir. II. I

Page  2 Labda Labda, (-iak, -at, -Aja), n. (cricket, tennis) ball: labdat jatszik, play (at) ball; play tennis: labdit rug, play football. pill. Labdacs, (-ok, -ot, -a), n. Labda-, prefix. — fa, n. (tennis) racket: (cricket) bat. -jiatek, n. (any) game played with a ball: tennis: cricket: rounders (t. sz.): (Am.) baseball. ~-rozsa, n. (bot.) marsh elder; cranberry tree. ~-ruigas, n. football. ~-'iru6, A. n. footballer; football player. B. adj. football-: ~ szovetseg, football association. ~it6, ~-ver6, n. I. player: (cricket) batsman: striker. II (tennis) racket: (cricket) bat. Labdaz(ik), (tam, -ott), v. i. play(at) ball: play tennis (cricket; rounders; baseball). LabdAz6, A. (-k, -t), n. player (at ball). B. adj. haz, tennis court: (Eng.) fives court; racquets court. Lab-, prefix. ~-fljas, n. footsoreness. ~-fej, n. I foot (of human being or domestic animal). II paw (of lion, cat etc.). III instep. ~ticzamodas, n. a sprained ankle; sprain of the ankle. ~-fiird, n. foot-bath. ~hegy, n. point of the foot (but see ldbujjhegy). ~ikra, n. calf (of leg). Labit6, (-k, -t, -ja), n. I ladder. II treadle (of loom). III pedal (of piano). Lab-melegito, n. tootwarmer. Lab-mosas, n. washing of (the) feet: (eccl.) maundy. LAbnyi, (-t, -ra). adj. egy ~, a foot long: a foot: tiz ~ra, ten feet distant (from): (throw something a distance of) ten feet. Lab-nyom, n. footprint; track: (fig.) trace; vestige. Laboda, (-at, -aja) n. (bot.), I notchweed; stinking goosefoot. II ~ parej, spinach; spinage. LAgy-testti Lfbol,= ldbal. pliable (material): sleek Lab-pont, n. nadir. (hair); smooth; silken: La-bra-val6, (-t, -ja), n. I mellow (fruit). IV mild drawers (t. sz.). II pants (t. (weather); temperate: light sz.); hose. (breeze); soft; gentle. V(fig.) Lab-, prefix. ~-szar, n. tender; gentle: sweet (disleg. — szzir-csont, n. = position):.supple; pliant; ldb-csont. ~-sztar-tiors, n. yieldingg; indulgent.VI (fig.) fracture of the leg. _-sz6k, sweet (tones); gentle; delicn.= ldb-alj. ~-szij, n. ate: melodious; musical (shoemaker's) kn- strap. - (voice). VII - meleg, lukesz6nyeg, n. mat: (hearth) warm; tepid.VIII (tig.)weak; rug. ~-takar6, n. rug. ~- irresolute. IX (gramm.) tisztit6, n. (door-) mat: soft; voiced. B. (-a), n. bescraper. nott a feje ~a, be no longer Labt6, (-t, -ja), n.= letra. a child (or a chicken): o Lab-to, n. (anat.) tarsus. sem esett a feje -ara. he is Lab-to6r16, n. (door-)mat. no fool. LabU, suffix. gyors ~, Lgyek, (-ot, -a), n. groin: swift-Jooted; fleet: ket, flank: (med.) inguen. ~two-legged; biped. mirigy, n. (med.) inguinal Lab-, prefix. ~-ujj, n. toe. gland. ~-serv, n. (med.) — ujj-hegy, n. point of the inguinal hernia. root: ~en, (on) tiptoe. -viz, Lagyit, (-ottam, -ott), v. t. n.== ldb-fiirdo. I soften; make soft. II (fig.) Laczi, (-t), propeI n. = mollify; mitigate; relieve. Ldszlo. III(fig.)soften; touch (heart). Laczi-konyha, n. chop- Lagyittis, (-t, -a), n. I softhouse; eating house: cook- ening. II (fig.) mollifying; shop. mitigation. III (fig.) softenLaczk6, (-t), proper n.- ing; touching. Ldszld. Ligyit6, adj. I softening..>Lada, (-hk, -at, -aja), n. III (fig.) mollifying; mitigatbox: (packing) case: chest ing. III (fig.) soft lwords); (of tea). II (utaz6o ), trunk; softening (effect); touching. portmanteau. _-fia, -fi 6k, Lagyniatag, (-on), adj. ] n. drawer. lukewarm; tepid. II (fig.) Ladd, imper. (fr. Idt): see! indifferent; lukewarm; halflook! behold! hearted; apathetic; insipid. Ladik, (-ot, -ok. -ja), n. III(fig.) dull; flat; stagnant. boat: skiff: canoe: punt: Lagymatagsag, (-ot, -a), jolly-boat (of warship). n. I lukewarmness; tepidity. Ladika, (-Ak, -at, -Aja). n. II (fig.) indifference; haltsmall box (case or chest): heartedness; lukeu'armness; casket. apathy: insipidity. Ladikat, (-tam, -ott), v. i. Lagy-meleg, adj. = lagyrow; go boating: go 'or a matag I-I11. row. Lagy-melegseg,n.=-/agyLadikazas, (-t, a), n. matagsdg. boating; rowing: a row. Lagysag, (-ot, -a). n. soft Lafdik6, (-k, -t, -ja), n. - ness; tenderness: soqt etc. Iddika. character or nature (of: see Ladikos, (-ok, t, -a), n. I dg A.) boatman; sailor. Ligy-szivii, (-en.) adj.) La gzi,== lakzi. soft-hearted; tender-hearted. Lafly, A. (-an), adj. I soqt; Laigy-testi, (-ek), n. (zool.) tender. II fresh (bread): mollusk; mollusc: ~ek, molsoft-boiled (egg). III soft: lusca (t. sz.).

Page  3 Lahgyul, (-tanl. -t), v. i. I soften; become (grow) soft. II (fig.) yield; relent: (of heart) be touched; be moved. III (of weather) become milder: abate: (of wind) subside. a Laikus, A. (-ok, -t), n. uninitiated (person); amateur; dilettante. B. adj. uninitiated; untrained; unskilled (in). Liajbli,(-k, -t, -ja),n.bodice. Lajhta, (-an), adj. I sluggish (person); lazy; slothful; lazy.II es6, drizzle; Scotch mist. Lajhar, (-ok, -t, -ja), n. I (zool.) sloth. II (fig.) sluggard; lazy-bones. Lajos, (-t), proper n. Louis; Lewis: ~arany, louis d'or; napoleon (coin). CLajstrom, (ok, -ot, -a), n. list; register; catalogue; index; (tax) roll. VLajstromoz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. register; catalogue; file; record; enter. kLajstromozas, (-t, -a), n. registration; filing; recording; entering. <Lajstromozo, (-k, -t,-ja), n. registrar; recorder. Lajta, (-at), proper n. Leitha (river). uLajtorja, (-ak, -at, -hja), n. ladder. Lak, (-ok, -ot, -a), n. I llvelling; house; residence: nyari -. villa: countryhouse: kerti -, summer house: var -, castle. II domicile; residence: (for compounds, see in Vocabulary and under lakds and lakd). lakalyos, (-an), adj. comfortable; cosy; habitable; snug. Lakas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I (generally) dwelling; habitation; abode. II (specifically) house: (in Continental towns) flat: lodging; apartments; rooms: (vulg.) diggings (of student): quarters. III residence; domicile.,her, n. rent (of house); 3 house-rent. ~-b6rlet, n. lease oi (a) flat: taking rooms. ~-czim, n. address. -hi any, n. shortage of fiats (houses); scarcity of dwellings (lodgings). ~-hivatai, n. Dwellings (Lodgings) Office: Housing Commnission. — jegyz6k, n. directory. ~-penz, n. allowance bor rent. — valtoztatas, n. removal; move; change or residence (quarters). — viszoinyok, n. pl. housing conditions. Lakat, (-ok, -ot, -ja), n. padlock: lock: titkos ~, combination lock:.ot tesz vmire, keep under lock and key; padlock; lock up: -ot tesz vkinek sz&jara, enjoin silence on; keep (one's) lips sealed. Lakatlan, (-ul), adj. uninhabited; unoccupied (house); deserted; vacant: (fig.) waste; desolate: bleak. Lakatos, A. (-ok, -t, -a), n. locksmith. B. adj. -legeny.journeyman locksmith: ~mester, master locksmith; ~munka, locksmith's work. Lakatossig, (-ot, -a), n. locksmith's trade. Lak-ber, n.- lakds-bdr. Lakhatatlan, (-ul), adj. uninhabitable: (fig.) uncomfortable. Lakhat6, (-an). adj. habitable; fit to live in: (fig.) comfortable. *Lak-haz, n. house; dwelling; residence; (nagyobb) mansion. Lak-hely, n. place of residerce; domicile; dioellingplace. Lak(ik), (-tam, -ott, A. v. i. I live; dwell; reside; lodge; be living (somewhere). II (fig.) be (in one's mind); be latent (in): possess (someone). III (fig.) j61 -, eat (one's) fill; have enough; be satisfied: (fig.) have a surfeit (of); be surfeited; grow tired (of); weary (of); have had enough (of): be sick,Lakodalmaskod(ik) (of). B. v. t, I live in; occupy (house); dwell in: inhabit (district). II (arch.) celebrate (wedding). Lak-jeyzek, n. === lakdsjegyzek. ~*Lakk, (-ot, -ja), n. I lac. II lacquer; varnish; lacker; japan. ~czipO, n. patent (leather) shoes (or boots): (vulg.) patents (t. sz.) _fest6k, n. lac-dye; laclake. _-niezga, n. shellac, shell-lac. ~-munka, n. lacquer work: japanned work. _-munlLks, n. lacquerer: japanner. lI,akkoz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. I lacquer; varnish: japan. II polish; burnish. ~kLakkoz6, (-k, -t, -ja), n. = lakk-munkds. ~XLakk-szeri, adj. resembling lac. Lakmarozas, (-t, -a), n. feasting; banqueting: carousal; revel. Lakmaroz(ik),(-tam,-ott), v. i. feast; banquet: carouse; revel. Lakmaroz6, (-k, -t), n. feaster: carouser; reveller. ~* Lakmusz, (-t), n. litmus. ~-noveny, n. (bot.) turnsole. ~-papir, n. litmus paper. Lak6, A. (-k, -t, -ja), n. inhabitant: occupier (of house); tenant: lodger; inmate: denizen. B. adj. I living (at); dwoelling; resident; residing; domiciled. II dwelling-; for living in: for compounds, see in Vocabulary. III = lakozo. Lakocska, (-ak, -at, -ja), n. small house: cottage: bungalow: (shooting) box. Lakodalmas, A. adj. nuptial; bridal; wedding-; hymeneal; hymenean: - menet, bridal procession: ~ nep, wedding guests (t. sz.): - vers, epithalamium. B. (-ok, -t), n. wedding guest, Lakodalmaskod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. celebrate a weddinq. 1

Page  4 ILakodalm i 4 Lang Lakodalmi, adj. - lako- Lak-, prefix.,-penz, n. =- -lhaj6zas, n. convoying. dalmas A. lakds-penz. _-szoba, n.-,-hid, n. chain bridge; susLakodalom, (lakodalmat, lako-szoba. — tanya, n. pension bridge. ~-hordta, lakodalma), n. wedding; barracks. ~-tanya-6r, n. ~-hordtat, interj. damn! nuptials (t. sz.): w2edding- sentinel. the deuce! ~-k6vetkt-ztefeast; (Angliabsn) wedding Lakzi, (-t, -ja), n. (vulg.), I tes, n. sorites. _-miives, breakfast; bridal feast: he- = lakoma. II = lakodalom. n. chain-maker. gyen-volgyon -, things have Lami, interj. well! see! lo! Lanzol, (-tam, -t), v. t. I a bright aspect: be in the.iLhma, (-ak, ( -t, -aja), n. chain; link (to); fasten; seventh heaven:a bed of roses. (zool.) llama; lama. tie; join; connect: Uweld. II Lak6-, prefix. ~-fI, n. - 'Lhmpa, ((ak, -at, -fja), n. (fig.) fetter; shackle: chain: lodger; tenant: occupier (of lamp: utczai ~, hordoz- bind; unite. house). ~-fold, n. native hato ~, lantern: izzo ~, in- Lanczolat, (-ot, -a), n. place (or country); home. candescent lamp: olajos, (fig.) chain (of events); ~-haz, n. house; dwelling: oil lamp: dolgozo -, read- series: concatenation: train (nagyobb) mansion; resid- ing lamp: fiiggo, chande- (of thought). ence: (country) place; seat. lier; lustre: swing lamp; Lanczolatos, (-an), adj. — hely, n.= lak-hely. hanging lamp: biztosito, connected; succeessive. Lakol, (-tam, -t), v. i. atone safety lamp. ~-bel, n. Lanczol6d(ik), (-ott), v. i. (for); make amends (for); (lamp) wick. ~-ernyo, n. be linked (to); concatenate expiate (offence); poy (for: lamp-shade. ~-feny, n. (with); be connected (with); with life); suffer: meltan lamp-light. ~-gyar, n. connect. ~t, he met the fate he deserv- lamp factory. ~-gyaros, n. Lanczos, (-an), adj. I ed: ezert ~ni fogsz, you lamp manufacturer. -- chainlike. II chained; wearwill pay (dearly) for this; gyujt6, ~-gyujtogat6, n. ing a chain (or chains); you will smart for it. lamp-lighter. ~-hord6, n. I having chains: in chains; Lakolas, (-t, -a), n. atone- (arch.) linkman; linkboy. infetters. III - lobogos! ment; penance; expiation; II (eccl.) acolyte. ~-karo, teremtette! zounds! the sufering. n. lamp-post. ~-korom, n. deuce! damn! Lakoltat, (-tam, -ot), v. t. lamp-black. ~-laz, n. stage Lancz-, prefix. — oltes, n. punish; chastise; make fever; stage fright. ~-olaj, chain stitch. ~-szabaly, n. (someone) atone (for); n. lamp oil. (math.) chain rule.~-szem, make (a person) smart (for). Lampas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. n. link (of chain); loop. ~Lakoma, (-Ak, -At, -Aja), n. lantern: lamp. tort, n. (math.) continued east; banquet. Lampa-, prefix. ~-sor, n. fraction. Lakomaz, (-tam, -ott), v.i. footlights (t. sz.). ~-tart6, Landsa, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. feast; banquet. n. candelabra; chandelier. lance; spear: vki mellett ~Lakonikus, (-an), adj. ~-tisztogat6, n. lamp- lhndsht tor. champion (eslaconic: coneise; pithy. trimmer. ~-iiveg, n. (lamp) pouse) the cause (of); stand Lakos,Lak6s, (-ok, -t,-a), chimney; glass. up (for). ~-alaku, adj. n. = lako A. Lampert, (-et), proper n. lanciform; lance-shaped: Lakossag, Lak6ssatg, Lambert. (bot.. lanceolate: spear(-ot, -a), n. population; in- Lancsa,== Idndsa. shaped. ~-dcles, n. lancehabitants (t. sz.). Latncz, (-ok, -ot, -a), n. I thrust. ~-hajitas, n. spearLak6-szoba, n. sitting chain: ~ra ver, put in throwing. ~-hordoz6, n. room; parlour: living room. chains: ~on van, be chained lance-bearer; lancer; spearLak-osztaly, n. apartments (up): -ra verve (vert), man. (t. sz.); suite (of rooms). chained; in chains: in fet- Landsas, A. (-ok, -t, -a), n. Lak6-tars, n. fellow-lodg- ters. II csatol6 ~, kapcsolo = ldndsa-hordozo. B. adj. er; inmate: co-habitant.., coupling chain: k6tB, = ldndsa-alakiu. Lakott, adj. inhabited; sii- skid; lock-chain: mer6 ~, Lhndzsa,(andcompounds), rfin, thickly (densely) po- surveyor's chain; Gunter's = lndsa (and compounds), pulated. chain. III (fig.) chains (t. Landzsas.=ldndsds. Lakoz(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. sz.); yoke. IV (measure of Lang, (-ok, -ot, -ja), n. I I-=lak(ik). II =lakomzx. land) acre. ~-alakli, adj. flame: -ban All, be on fire; Lakoz6, adj. (fig.) dwelling; chain-shaped; chainlike; be ablaze; be all on fire: inherent (in); being (in); catenary: (bot.) catenulate. ~ba borit, set ablaze; set on possessing. ~ -csinal6, n. chain-maker. fire; -ba borul, catch fire:

Page  5 "M!" WwwwwMMM vw"Tw!, _ T;A4!17M.Wr l-,mifl-betfik U- I 1) a t k..) -gal 6g, blaze; be all aflamie; be in a blaze: ra kap, -a lobban. -.ot vct, flaie up; break- into flame: ra lobbant, kindle vita flame set ablaze: (fig.) inflame iacease arouse (passion) -.ot lovel, spit fire;blaze -ban Ml(), blaziseq buniniu; on fire. II (fig.) famne h Ieat; passioni; tardaur, qlowv (of love). III (fig.) best part: liszt _ja, fine faoun n firts letters a/fire;flaming chqracters. _.-elme, ni I qenius (person);,man af qeninus. ITgenifus; qsiftedness; talent. _-elmejui, adj. qifted; (extremely) clever o f aoriqinal genies; talented. 6sn. =-= linrg-elme. - eszfi, adj. = lding-elintjii. ~-Ieikii, adj. fiery; hiqhsprtd_-rnaddsr~n.ool.) flamingo. Lftn96go, (-tam, -t), v. i. I flame; blaze; be in flamnes; be ablaze. II glowv; burn; be red-hot. III (fig.) buern: be afire: be in love (with) long (for) be fired (with anger):be transported (with Lzing~ol adj. I binning flaming; blazing. 1I (fig.) ardent; fervent; bnrning; glowving; passionate: blekesedhstoI -l gloiring wvith enthusiasm: - zerelem, ardent lovi?; passionate love: -szavakkal, in gloicing terms:_tekintet, passionate look: lightuing glance. Laiigos, (-an), ad). culy (hair);wavy. Langos, A. (-an), ad). blazing; flaming. B. (-t), n. griddlecake. Lung-, prefix. — osZ10p,n. pillar of fire. _-6zdn, n. sea of fame. — szei~elemn, n. passionate love. _-Szinfi, ad). flamne-coloun'ed; fiery..enger. n. =lcng-z&6n..,-vl.r6s, ad). fiery red;.gloicing: scarlet. LanpzO, A. (-t, -ja), a. burnier (of lamp). B1. ad). itig: depres.~ism; oplirese,,ire Layqjy, (-ani), a&lj lmqjyos. Lant, (-ot, -ja), ii. lute;!lpre. Lang os, (-an), ad]. I lu-e- -hin1ra lieitr i tut niai us ~tepidmd gil!(a watlhe,); Larntol, (-tam, U_ V. i. teinpetrale- It (fig. It haIf- plnt, the lute (or the lyre). heartd tit tidt/jetiit;lake- Lantos, A. (-ok -t -a). r. teatu in sii:Mnotle (te I lute-pla yet luttert lutist; halt' (ineasrues) iO lijris~t. I (areh.) ILaHfjyosit1 (ott), v. t. mimc scop;bard iuitiitre! III1 teptd (at liiei carin). lyicti poet. I. a dj I pltu (i.mg Lawnrpsod(ik). (ott), v. i the iste (or the ly~re) II lyric; become lkiiietari i grotv lytittil (poem etc.) tepidl Lant-vei s 0 ~a lnos A. I. Langyossaig, (-ot) -a), in. L-Any, a. h diii (cornI litetvamrnatess tepidtty pounds too). mitlditess (of weather). II Lamnyii ( an), adj. I feeble; (oig.) half-heatrtedness t n- faint;lanuiud: lugisqmh differettee lisleti atmniess:sloicv 1I lietltiarm i hmalfinsitpidity:mioderatiton. hea'mted; indmfteretnt. III Lanka, (-(k, -,-t, aija), a. flat; insipid; dull. (gentle) slope; itcu els de- Lanyliasuii, (-ot, -a), n. elicityp; hillsttde. fa~intitess; ftebletiess; faint Lankad, (-tam, t), v t. I etc. character or nature (of: be exhtausted; ttte groiv see lanyha)..faust: droop flag (of Lainyka, n. lednyka. strength) fasl; slacken: Leinyos, adj.=== ledinyos. languish; be ireary. II (of Lap, (-ok, -ot, -ja), a. I head) hang di oop (of sheet (of metal); plate; plant);latiquish. III (fia.) foil; lamina; scale: slab (of icither; ftide stone). Ilflttt (of sword). III LankadA s (t, -a), n wear- sik -, flat stitface; plane. mvess; ex haustion;fatigute; IV page (of hook):sheet (of lassittite; latiqitor futitit- paper): fttlio (of ledger) nless: droopittq. a masik -on, over the page: LanskadatIau, (-ul), adj..ot fordit, turn over the iunicearied, umntiring;its- letices (of hook). V newcsdefatigable (efios ts). paper;paper;jo~utrnal: aok Lan~kadoz, (-tam, ott), v. the press. VI leaf (of tahle). i. frequentati-ve form of Ldp, (-ot, -ja), a. fe~n; finlanikad (ql. v.). latuil; bog mnoorland Lankadt, (-an), ad). wceary; marshy land. zcearied; tired; exhausted; Lapilly, (-ok, -t, -a), a.,faint; droopbiii; jadled: plain; level (flat) country: ivitlieritig. (flower); faded. losvland. Lankadisagq, (-ot. -a), a. Lap-Adyos, (-an), adj. flat; latukada's. level; loiv-lyimg; low. Lank/ifs, (-an), adj. sloping: Lapdst, (-ok, -ot, -Ja), a. I _hely,~ lanka. shovel: scoop; ladle. II (kiLankasilig, (-ot, -a), n.~ sehh) spatitla; spattle. III lanka. (mill) float; ladle: (steamer) Lankaszt, (ott), v. t. weary; patldle: (anchor) palsm; fatigue; exhaust; tire (out); flake. IV (oar) blade; oar: jade: wveaken: depress; (canoe) paddle. — alakfi, oppress; enervate. (-an), adj. shovel-shaped: Lankaszt6, (-an), ad). spa iae pauioM. ivearying; fatiguing; ex- Lap~tka, (-lsk, -a't, aj a). a. hansting; timing; ivcaken-l l-apit 11.

Page  6 Lapatol 6 Lassuid(ik) Lapdtol, (-tam, -t), A. v. t. lander; Lapp. B. adj. I,ap- 'Lirmfiz, (-tam, -ott), v. i, shovel: scoop; dig. B. v. i. pish; Laplandish. make a noise; be 'noisy; paddle: row. Lappang, (-ott), v. i. lie clalmour; make an uproar: Lap-ezim, n. heading; hidden; be latent (in); be brawl; (vulg.) nake a row; headline. i present unseen: be: lurk kick up a shindy: ne z! Lapda etc.== labda etc. (unobserved): ez alatt shut up! (vulg.) dry up! Lap-fej, n.= lap-czim. vmi, there is some mystery iLirmizo, (-k, -t), n. Lap-fold, n. fenland; fens about it. noisy person; brawler. (t. sz.); moorland; marshy Lappangds, (-t, -a), n. LiLdrva, (-ak, -ft, -aja), n. country. latent character (of); hidden I = dlarcz. II (zool.) larva. Lapiczka, = lapoczka. (unobserved) presence (of). Laska, (-at, -aja), n. 1 Lapit, (-ottam, ott), A v. t. Lappango, adj. hidden; noodle (dough).II macaroni. I flatten; make flat. II latent; lurking; lingering III azyme; azym: unleavenstretch: smoothen; smooth: (fever). ed bread. plate (metal); laminate; Lapp-fold, = Lapporszdg. Lasponya, (-ht, -ija), n, hammer out; roll; draw Lapporszag, (-ot), proper (bot.) medlar. (wire): broaden; widen. B. n. Lapland. Lassabban, adv. more v. i. I stoop; crouch: duck Lap-, prefix.,-szam, n. slowly (comp of lassan,q.v.). (one's head). II lie low; keep number of pages. — sza- Lassacskan, adv. slowly; quiet. moz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. gradually; by degrees: Lapoczka, (-at, -aja), n. I page (book). ~-szAmozas, gently; little by little. shoulder-blade; (med.) scap- (-t, -a), n. pagination; pag- Lassan, adv. (see lassu). 1 ula. II (meat.) shoulder (of ing. ~-szel, n. margin. ~- slowly; not fast. II (speak) mutton). szeli, adj. marginal (note). in a low voice; in an utnLapos, (-an), adj. I flat — szerkeszto, n. editor dertone; low; quietly. II1 (country); level: plain; (of newspaper). ~-szog, n. gently; slightly; lightly. IV smooth (surface): -ra ver, (math.) plane angle. (vulg.) out of sorts; not very hammer out; laminate: Lapta,= lapda. well; middling. V (vulg.) flatten. II (fig.) flat; insipid; Laptika, (-at, -aja), n. legy! keep quiet! VI - jarj. dull; commonplace. III snub hand-cart. tovabb ersz, more haste. (nose). Lap-tud6sit6, n. news- less speed. VI=-lassacskdan Lapos, (-an), adj. marshy; paper correspondent; jour- Lassank6nt, adv. gradnfenny; fennish; boggy; nalist. [paper proprietor. ally; by degrees; little by moorish; moory. Lap-tulajdonos, n. news- little; (break news) gently. Laposit, (-ottam,-ott), v. t. Lapfi, (-t, -ja), n. (bot.) Lassan-lassan, adv. flatten; make flat: and see burdock; clotbur: uti -, lassankdnt. lapit A. plantain. Lassit, (-ott), v. t. slow Laposod(ik), (-ott), v. i. I Lapul, (-tam, -t), v. i. I down; reduce (speed); retard become flat or level. II (fig.) flatten; become flat. II (progress); delay: pull up become insipid or common- crouch; stoop; duck (one's (train). place. head). III lie low; keep Lassu, (lassan), adj. I slow; Lapos-orru, adj. flat- quiet; keep still. not fast: lingering (death). nosed; snub-nosed. XLadri-ffri, A. (-t), n. non- II tardy; slack; backward; Lapossaig, (-ot, -a), n. I sense; rubbish. B. interj. sluggish; negligent: dull flatness: flat or level or nonsense! rubbish! what (intellect); slow: inactive. plain or smooth character next?! III slow (poison). IV low: (of). II (fig.) dulness; in- -iLarma, (-at, -aja), n. gentle; soft (voice). V ~ viz sipidity; commonplace char- noise; din; clamour; bustle; partot mos, still waters run acter (of); flatness. hubbub; uproar; (vulg.) deep. Lapos-tetejii, adj. flat- rolw; ado; shindy: larmat Lassiuska, (-fan), adj. roofed. csap, 1. make a noise. 2. somewihat slow etc. (see Lapos-tetufi, n. (zool.) crab- (vulg.) kick up a row; make lassu). louse. a scene: pokoli ~, infernal Lassudas, ((t, -a), n. reducLapoz(gat), (-tam, -ott), noise: hullaballoo; a devil tion of speed; slackening: v. t. turn over the leaves of of a row. delay. (book); run through; look.>Larmas, (-an), adj. noisy; Lassudc(ik), (-ott), v. i. through. clamorous; uproarious: slacken; become slowver; Lapp, A. (-ok, -ot), n. Lap- rowvdq. abate; slack.

Page  7 :.zp ii -~~~~~~777 _-r, - -I Lassfisdg Lassfisag, (-ot, -a), n. slowness; tardiness; slackness; sluggishness; negligence: slow etc character or nature (of: see lassu). Laszl6, (-t), proper n. Ladislas. Lat, (-ot, -ja), n. I halt an ounce. II (fig.) ~ra tesz, weigh (words): ~ba vet, exert (influence); throw into the scales: nem sokat nyom a -ban, be of little account; be of little weight. Lat, *A. n. (comm.) sight. B. (-tam, -ott), v. i. I (be able to) see: rosszul -, have weak eyes. II vmilez ~, begin (to work); set to (work);start; get to (work). III vkihez (vmihez) ~, look after; attend to; mind. IV vmi uthn ~, see (to) look (to). V keresztiil - vmin, (fig.) see through. C. (-tam, -ott), v. t. I see; behold; perceive: observe; notice: nem ~, fail to see; overlook. II (fig.) see; perceive: experience. III phrases: almot, have a dream: szivesen, be glad to see; szivesen ~ott, welcome: Isten ~ja lelkemet! I swear! on my conscience! jonak t, think (something) advisable; see good (to): szinet sem.tam, I have never set eyes on himz: vminek hasznat ~ja, derive profit (from); be benefited (by): napvilagot ~, (of book) appear: sziikseget ~, be in want: t6rv6nyt -, vki folott, sit in judgment (on): j6 szemmel ~, welcome: approve of. Lttats, (-t, -a), n. I sight; vision; power of sight. II _b6l ismer, know (someone) by sight: els6o ra, at first sight. III (fig.) appearance: - szerint itelve, to all appearances. IV = ldtomdny. V (comm.)= ldt A. VI - mezeje, range of vision (of sight): - szoge, optic angle; visual angle: - tengelye, axis of the eye; axis of vi 7 sion; optic axis: vonala, visual linee; line of sight. ~tan, n. optics (t. sz.) - tavolsaq, n. visual distance ken; range of sight. Latat, (-ot, -ja), n. appearance: (visible) result; success: nines semmi ~ja, have nothing to show: showl no results. Litatlan, (-ul), adj. unseen: -ba, _ban, unseen: (vulg.) unsight-unseen; unperceived: at a venture; at random; haphazard. *Lat-cs6, n. I telescope. II field-glass: szinhazi, opera glass; lorgnette. *Ltcsj6vez, (-tem, -ett), v. t. examine Zwith a telescope: look through a glass at. Lathat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. and i. be able to see: nem ~tunk, semmit, wie could not see anything. *Lat-hlatiar, n. horizon. Lathatatlan, (-ul), adj. invisible; out of sight. Lathatatlansaig, (-ot, -a), n. invisibility; invisibleness; invisible character(of). Lathat6, (-an, -lag). adj. visible; perceptible: szemmel ~, evident; manifest: ebbol ~, bogy, this shoiws (that); it is clear (that). Latin, (-ul), adj. and n. Latin. Latinos, (-an), adj. Latian; like Latin. Latinossag, (-ot, -a), n. Latinism. [tinity. Latinsag, (-ot, -a), n. LaLat-, prefix. ~-kep, n view (of country). ~-k6pes, adj. ~ levelezo-lap, picture postcard. _-*kepesseg, n. sight; vision; faculty of seeing; visual faculty. ~kor, n. I horizon. II (fig.) range (of mind); ken; scope; sphere (of knowledge); sphere of interests; szik ii, narrow-minded. - lelet, n. report; bulletin: (medical) certificate; evidence. Lator Latni-val6, A. (-k, -t, -ja), n. sight; (something) to be seen. B. adj. I evident; clear; manitfest; apparent; obvious. II worth seeing. *Ltlnol, (-ok, -ot), n. seer; prophet: prophetess. *Latnoki, (-lag), adj. prophetic; a seer's. Lato, A. (-t, -ja), n. I one Vwho sees etc. (see lat B-C). II=ldtnok. B. adj. I seeing. II of sight; for seeing; visual; optic: scs,.- latcso: ~ero, = ldtkepesseg: e6rz6k, (sense of) sight: ~hathr, - ldthiatdr: -ideg, facial (optic; visual) nerve: ~kep (esseg),=ldtkep (esseg): ko6r, = ldtor: ~ pont, point (centre) of vision: - res, pupil (of eye). ~ szekreny, peep-show:,szer,ldt.szer: - szeres,= lhdtszeresz: iiveg,= ldtcso: tehetseg,= ldtkepessdg. Lato.gat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. I attend (school etc.) II visit (for examination); go the round of. III visit; call on; pay visits to. IV (arch.) visit; try; afflict. Lcatogatfis, (-ok, -t, -a), n. visit; call: - tesz, pay a visit (a call) (to); call (on). Latogato, A. (-k, -t, -ja), n. I visitor; caller. II ~ba me ry, pay a visit (to); ~ba jar, go visiting; make calls. B. adj. visiting (card). Latogatott, (-an), adj. popular; much frequented; busy. Latogatottsag, (-ot, -a). n. popularity: nagy -nak 6rvend, be much frequent4d. Lat6ka, (-at, -aja), n. peephole; loophole. II (vulg.) = szem. Latol, (-tam. -t), v. t. (fig.) weigh; consider; think over; ponder. Latolgat, (-tam, -ott), v. i. frequentative of latol (q. v.). Latomany, Latomas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. vision; phantom; dream; chimera. 'Lator, (latrok, latra), n.

Page  8 Latorsag~ L6 rascal: aoni udrel; b/ock leg: [U1tv;iim (oss (J, a-t, -a). Ulzong, (-tarn, -ott), v. i. thier; hknae. II. shovu /)pogealt sigtht I, rebel;rise (in isusnrree-:Latorsafj,(-at. -a), i. specibet. Lara tionn) be in tumult;riot ro'callij tri ck. ktiaireriq; La I] rat, ( ait), Jpiop)Oi Li. cluttiolur. 1I [be excited reisca~lisuti: tosalitii. l4_fv:,1 at a,,Ja) I itain e. weork f ermvent: be int Coo1 -1-abs, adj. uweiqghing (s f~ iolv nu n i _ hls, a. nilotion: at waves) hence. mainy) half ott et's t iz 1, oren o I alo a dren in~. LI izonflats, (-t, a), a. I=-= oflire oun1ces. 21Laviva, itI. a azudas. II i'r1?1eitatito tLat-pont, ai.-Iril-pont (v. a raarht ite Imeaet r oltniotioln. let lit). ~~~~Lziz, (-at -a), a I (mne d.) LAzioiu6, ad). I rebellious *Ldtira, adv. (comm.) at fre; (a) tt nt/Jet at ire nwtstgent: seditiouts; luimutsight. forim ltdlog, aguie: _ban- lutouis II disturbed in a LIiutsZa-ni, infin. of ldts~Z(ik) ltesz~i. (his) notibdi ica otlder f1rittetit; hearinig (waves) (p. V.) I inn. 1I (to'.) fete' atf ex- botlmng. Latszat, (-ot. -a), n. I citement). Laziroiamn, a. I attack of1 appernerrce; semblance; l-aza, adj. strickt loose;lax fie;er HIparoxysin. s/tow: -ra, letsztilag. II (discipline) incoherenit:Ultzszei'i, (-en~), adj. feverresnlt effec. (bat.) sponqgy isit;frer-like. alu~tszatos, (-an), ad). ap- Lazactz, (-ot -a), n. (700l.) Iaztdala, (-ul), adj. jree parent; seeming. satioinn. from fietet; ait/tout ferer. Lki-szer, a. optical instru- Ltzadm, (-t), v. i. recol; Lazul, t4) v. i ioosett; 'ment. rebel rise (against) (at silteken slacd berotte loose. Lki-szer6sz, a. apticlotn, troops) mntttiiy. Lazulis, (t, -a), a loosettUltsz(ik), (-ott), v. i. I be Ulizadsis, (-t, -a), n. retail; ing; slacl ettitm seen; be visible; appear; rebellioit;n; ri edton:iaur adi itre tultra,be switihin sig/ tI. IT appeat' muiy tarsive -(7-inege, n. see seemn: look (like);hare t/te Utizad6, A. (-.k, t), n. rebel; czinege _kek, adj. ultraappearance (af): igy -, it itisurgetit m;ttineer. B. ad). ttttriie, azure. _k6, a. trottd seem (as if) appar- rebellious;seditious: mu- irapis laziult. -Szsn, R. ently. III (wish) to lie taken titiatis. tiznre bitme; ultrtmnaritte. (faor). Litz- itiO)it, n. irrittleriig of _-szinfi, (-en). adj.~iazur. Lfttsz6, ad). I appareti; the mArind. ILazsnak, (-ot, -ja), ii. risible. II ~ leitszdlagos. L ll]i, adv. see lazn. (roughi) rug. L.szla, adv. apptet L,1ZAi-, (-I), proper a. L-Linkl -a,-1.t ettliy; seetimiinglg; to all zan;it'. thrash,; gire (one) a hitting; tippearances. iLai s, (-an), ad). I ferer- 1)0g. lAttszolajos, ad't. lMt- 1/ gish;mtitl; (state) offeIrer; b.e, adv. (used as pretix), s~zatos. lebt ile (symiptons);ferer- tlomen: vele dowvn welt/i...! Utst-sz6ij, n.=~ ltetes szo!qe Ion's. II (fig.) feer-is/i; rest- -a kalapot, a kalappal (see ic/lets VI). less;ercited; hot. hatts off h take yoitr hat afft! Latttamoz, (-taut, -ott),v Lazi beteqg. ad). sitflering (see compounds in voct. countersi gtm; cettify. fra-n crier. abulary). Lftttamozds, (-t. -a). a. L mx zelleues, adj. antiifeb- Let, (levet, love), n. 1 grrtryj cotintersigning (at); coutntet tile t ebtiftige; febritfitgal. (at meat); brotit (of chicken signature; certifying. Lazit, (-ott), v. t. loosen; etc.1 soiip: juice (of fruit). LiittuAj-,_ adv. I at t/ie sight slackeeii; make loose: relax II (vulgr.) mire; miud.II 01'; on seeing. II szeme -, (discipline). phrases; hosszih -re ereszt, befair /the eyes of: az egksz Laizit, (ott), v. t. and i. I mtake a long story of': mimvilisg before the ti-hole inicite (to sedition) slit- np; den -ben kanhl, hate a fintrcorit. ' excite; iti~ficme; instigate. ger iti every pie; thrust Lkstat, A. a. = h/tat. B.' II recolt; shock: rouse;) one's nose into ererything: (-tam, -ott), v. t. mnake a stir (emotions). III agitate;) csapj a a levet, pay coiurt; displayi of; s/tote; exhibit;1 caase sedition, flrt itta meg a levkt, hie parade; dtisplay. LtszIte, A. (-k, -t). a. agi- had to pay the piper: 6sszeLAtvdny, (-ok. - t, -a), a. I! tator; instigator. B. adj. I sziir-n/ a hevet. coltlude; act sght; (miserable) ligire. II seditious; iticiting; stir- in concert (with); consie vi etc (of). lIII~ltvttdvyossatg. tithig; excitisig. II revoltting; bemrne van a -ben, be itt a Ldtvanyos, adj. shoi oImey. sitocking. n ice pickle.

Page  9 ,__Mnrp~ -c-mq 7_i-7 Le-n(1 Le-, prefix..-adi, -(,v. t. 1 hamid over; give tip:delit~er h Iand in. It (fig.) lose (weight). — ad.-tis, II. hianding over: delivery; hantding in. — adlogat, v. t. frequentative form of le-ad (q. v.), implying a gradual process. _-akaszt~, v. t. take down (something, from p~eg etc.); take off: unliang (gate):remove. _-alaesoisyit, v. t. abase; degrade; tdebase (arch.) demean lowcer; disgrace. _-alaeso1yiIIAs, (-, -a), n. abasemient; degradation; debasement: disqrace. _ —ala-' csonyitO, adj. degrading; debasing; abasing; lowvericg. _-alaesonlyodifs, (-t. -a), n. degrat/ation; deileneriicy; abasetient; debasement: lep ratify. -l V(SMlyo(I(ik), (-tam, -ott). v. i. tietnean o'nesel t; sink be lotvered; stoop (to). _ ahiz, (-tam, -ott), v. t.!oinmiliate; degrade; briny doicit; htumiible;mortify dlisparage; vilidy/ slasider; cal tmniaite. _aalzas, (-, -a), n. humiliation ittimbling; mortification di sgrace: cailnnniation. — lizC), ad'. Ititetiliating degradtng miorti tying: disqgra(ting ttdisgraice tlc: ot calnsiny catimnriating. _alszod(ik), (-tam -Ott). V. i. humiliate oneself; Itunible notesel,t' stoop; condescend. — at1 -czatz, v. t. unmask. — d1 -doz(ik), (-ott), v. i. (of sun) set. -aijasit, (-ott), v. t. ~=le alacsonyit. _-.aijaso(1(1k), (-Ott), v. i. = lealacsonyod(ik)._-a1k onyoct(k), ( ott), v. i. -leftldoz(ik). — aikudnij, — allkudtam, see le-aikusz(ik). _-alkusz(ik), v. t. beat doiwn (price); abate (by bargaining). _-dlorczaz, (-tam, -Ott), v. t. = ledilCZdz. Lediny, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I ginl; lass; maid; maiden; 9 Le( I t e t jit i dainsel: (vuig ) 2rench hat rut toton it; reap (corn)- (fig.) jadon~ -, sphinster:sznz -, e iin obtasiin (vuig.) pocket. virgin: yen1, olil maid. 11 a v. t I bury. II lotver, (vkinek -a) datiqitter _dq, bg digqqing _-az(ik(, v. i. n. yenitle liue _-a'SszOIy "alt tiff (by soa~king) drop n. (arch.) (laittsel;maiden. o ff come, ogf _aztat, v. t. — egylsa/z, n.fiok-eqiyhz. loosen (by soaking);detach; — fovel, adv. uinmiarited. take off ieinove. gyermek, n =- ledny. Lel (-et, e), nI (vuig) apLe~nyi, LeAnyias, (-an), oisr: steamt. ad). 1 girlishi; cltiildislh. I1I.Le-hakol, (-t), v. t. stanip filidl; dauightetly. (earth)- drit-e (pile); rent. Leainy-iskota, -n. girls' Lebben (-t), v. i. flutter; sc/ihoo. wave (of flag): flicker (of Le,'nyk~a, (-hk, -ht, -'j'a), -n. flame) soar (into air); I lassie; little girl. II little dart up. daugher -bilee6, n. Lebbent (-ett), v. t. va~ve; see billegetoj lflad~l iP. n. fiuttter: titrate tip (veil). (zool.) gurit iaytadl Le-beesu, v. t. disparage: Lenny-, prefix. _kevs, nndei-rate; tunderestimnate. kedelem, It. wh/ite slate float (in air); hover; fiutter traffic. _-ker60 n. wooer; II (fig.) hover; hang (besnitor.- -kor, n. qrl/toodl: tweetm). III (of breeze) blowe. -Abanr, in her teents _sma- Lebetj~s, (-t, -e),n. floating; i-a(1I1k, ns / emale deseneid- hioteriig; flutter; iuitter-ing. ants (t. sz.). -nec~yed, ni. Lebeqo, adj. floating; hov(leg.) dlaiitj/tei s pot tiai (of eyi~ng; ltittering: haj', estate). _new~, n. miiden hair torov loose. sname. isneved intiezet,, Lebeqlet, (-tom, -ett), v. t. n. girls' sc/tool. _-n czes, It. tcarle; sivag; flutter: tiringi. ==lcdny-keres. -ne&, nt. Le-1u6koz, v. t. tetter. IJ==ledn~y -knto 11 ledisy- Lebel, (-t), n. (poet.) bretith kUris: -be megy, qo a- of air; (gentle) breeze. irooing. _iiyeIv, nt dlerit'- Le.-bflyegez, v. t. stamp ative langitage. (notes etc.). LefInyos, (-an), adj. lgitt- I Ae Jwhegz6s, n.statnping. ish (ways); like a guir Lebeasy, (-t, -e) n. I lappet, maidenly. II containi nt (ot dress); flap. II:f egirls; (family) iwith dauiqlt- bents it ers Lebenye, (-ht, -6je), LeLeainy-, prefix. ~-i-ablAs, beny6, (-t, -je), mm. deiwlap n. kidnapping; rape of (of ox) irwattle (of tuirkey) girl); ravris/tment; abduction. flap - _-rabl, n. kidnapper (of Le-beiretvAl, (t), v. t. girl). — sereg, it. /tost o~ s/tare (off). girls; troop at'girls. — som, Leb)erustycj (t, e).9 n. I mm. (bat.) barberry. — szeg- t ebetig and lebeniyh. IL Mi, n. (hot.) maideit pink; (vulg.) sticip shairt: cape, meatlow piisk. man~tilla opet a cloak. Leainyz6, (-k, -t, -ja) n. =- Le-, prefix. _beszel, v. t. lediny I. dissitatde (from). -betegjeLe-, prefix. -.-apadu, v. i. de4s, Dm. tcon/snemesit (of wofa~ll; subside; dectease; dint- man); tying-rn: (arch.) mnis/i; lessen. _-apaszt, v. sicknvess;illness. l-ebetet. decrease; lessen.; dim- gead(ik), v. a. tebeteginis/i: draist off' (water) sz(ik). ~-betegjedni, infin. loiver (level). — arat, v. t. of le-beteqsz(ik). -beteg

Page  10 Le-betegsz(iki sz(ik), (-betegedett), v. i. I (of woman) be confined; be brought to bed (of): lie in; be in childbed. II (arch.) be taken ill; all ill. — bilin- csel, v. t. I letter; shackle. II (fig.) letter; attract; engage (attention); captivate; take; charm; arrest (eyes); take captive; fascinate; enchant. _-bilincsel6, adj. attractive; engaging; taking (manners); captivating; charming; ascinating (ways); enchanting; bewitching: (vulg.) fetching. -billen, v. i. turn over; capsize: (of scale) turn. - billent, v. t. turn over; upset: ~i a merteket, turn the scale; kick the beam. ~bir, v. t. overcome (and see le-gyoz). _-bilrl, v. t. disparage; depreciate;.decry: (vulg.) slang; pick to pieces. _-birk6z(ik), v. t. legyoz. Lebke, adj. (poet.) lebego. *Lebk6, (-t, -je), n. meteor. Le-, prefix. ~-bocsdt, v. t. I let down; lower (boat etc.) II show (someone) down; allow (one) to go down. - bocsfitis, (-t, -a), n. lowering; letting down. _-bocsatkoz(ik), v. -= leereszked(ik). ~-bont, v. t. I pull down (house); demolish; dismsantle: dismount (machinery): break up; break down; raze (fortifications). II undo (hair). ~bontis, n. pulling down; demolition; dismantlement: dismounting: breaking up; breaking dozwn: razing. ~- bonyolit, v. t. carry out (transaction); do(business); settle (affair); complete; wind up. ~-bonyo16ll(ik), v. i. be carried out; be done (settled; completed; iwound utp.) — borit, v. t. I cover; smother (with); covler up. II upset; turn over: throw (down); prostrate. III turn upside down. — borotval, 1) v. t. = le-beretvdal. ~-bolrul, v.. al l (prostrate); prostrate oneself: ftll on one's knees throw oneself (at the feet of), — botol, (-t), v. t. prulne; lop (tree). ~-b6jt6l, (-t). v. t. atone for (by fasting). ~-buj, (-ok, -t, -a), n. lowv tavern; den; haunt; ginshop; bar; underground restaurant. ~-buj(ik), v. i. creep (slink) down. ~-buk(ik), v. i. I tall (down); tumble down. II bend doin; crouch;; stoop; thro oneself down.III dive (underwater); plunge. IV be thrown (from horse): (vulg.) come a cropper. ~-buktat, v. t. I throw (down); throw headlolng; precipitate; plunge (into). II duck (in water); dip; submerge. ~-bunk6z, (-tam, -ott). v. t. knock on the head; beat to death. ~bfivl1, v. t. bewitch; enchant; fascinate. Lebzsel, (-tem, 4), v. i. lounge (about); idle; loll (about); loiter, Le-, prefix. ~-csal, v. t. entice (to come) down. ~esap, A. v. t. I cut off; strike ofq; knock off; chop ofq II f1ing (down); dash (to ground); throw down; cast (with noise). III bang (lid of box); s/hut (with a crash):.sl1am. IV (ehem.)precipitate. V strike (corn): sclu (metal); skim. VI dismiss (from office); cashier; remove; discharge: degrade: (vulg.) sack; give (one) the sack. B. v. i. I swoop down (upon); pounce (on).II (of lightning) strike. III hit; strike (with whip etc.); deal a blow. ~csap6d(ik), v. i. I shiut (suddenly); close: (of trapdoor) slam. II (chem.) precipitate. III (of smoke etc.) hang. _-csapol, v. t. I drain (off); draw (pond); dryt. II (med.) tap; dralw. -csapolas, n. I drailning; drying. II (med.) tapping; draiwing. _-csapo6l, adj. Le-csurog draill-, etc.: - arok, irrigation chlannel; gutter - cso. (mied.) drain pipe. ~-csatol, v. t. I uinbuckle; take of. II luncouple (car). ~csavai, v. t. screw off; unscrew. ~-csendesed(ik), v. i. calm down; become calm (or quiet): (of storm, passion etc.) subside; lull; abate; cease. ~-csendesit, v. t. calm; quiet; still (noise): appease (anger); lull: settle (dispute); compose: pacify; tranquillise. ~-csendesiil, v. i. = lecsendesed(ik). ~-csepeg, v. i. trickle downn; drip down; drop (down). ~-csepegtet, v. t. pour in drops; cause to drip; drop. ~ -csepel, v. t. = le-csepiil. — cseppen(t), v. i. and t. -- lecsepeg(tet). -cesepiil, (-t). v. t. (fig.) take to task; scold; reprimand: pick to pieces; run down; pitch into; cut up; abuse. ~csillapit, v. t. quiet; calm: assuage (wrath); appease; allay: soothe (grief); mitigate: still (pain); relieve; alleviate: put an end to (strife); conciliate; reconcile: compose (differences). ~-csillapod(lk), (-ott), ~esillapul, (-t) v. i. become calm; be calned; be assuaged: abate; subside (of anger): slacken (of fever): lull; be appeased: be allayed; be mitigated: cease: lessen. -- csip, v. t. pluck off; pinch off; nip off. ~ -csipked, (-tem, -ett), v. i. frequentative of lecsip (q. v.) implying constant repetition. ~-csiszol, v. t. smooth; polish: remove (by polishing). _csoirdul, v. i. run1 down (of liquid). ~-csorog, (esorgott), v. i. = le-csordul. ~-cs6p6g(tet), = lecsepeg(tet). -esulk, v. t. 1 shut; close. II lock up (person); put in prisonl. -Csuk6d(ik), v. i. close; shut. -csuirog, (csurgott), v. i.

Page  11 Le-csiiszik 11 le-csordul. ~-csuszik, v. i. slip (down): glide down: fall (from); hate a fall: (vulg.) come a cropper; come down (in the world)...-csusztat, v. t. slide down; let (something) slip down. -csiigg, (-6tt), v. i. hang down (or down-wards): be suspended(from).-csiijgeszt, (-ett), v. t. hang (the head); droop; hang down; let (something) hang. Lecz, (-ek, -et, -e), n. lath: batten. ~-ajt6, n. batten door. ~-boritas, n. lathing. Leczez, (-tem, -ett), v. t. lath. Ieczezet, (-et, -e), n. lathing; lath-work: lattice; lattice-work. Lecz-, prefix. ~-fa, n. wood for laths. ~-fal, n. lattice wall; (wooden) fence. ~kapli, n. lattice door; wicket gate. iLeezke, (-6k, -6t, -eje), n. I lesson. II (to be learned) lessons (t. sz.) III (fig.) lesson: (give someone a) lecture..-adas, n. (the) giving (of) lessons; teaching. ~- konyv, n. (university) index (booklet registering lectures attended, terms kept, etc.). ~-6ra, n. lesson. _-penz, n. tees (for lectures). — rend, n. curriculum; syllabus of lectures.,Lcz-kerit6s, n. fence; paling. Leczkez(tet), (-tem, -ett), v. t. I domineer (over). II (fig.) lecture; reprimand; scold; (vulg.) haul over the coals; rebuke; take to task; give (someone) a talking to. I,eczk6ztetes, (-t, -e), n. (fig.) lecture; reprimand; scolding. Lecz-, prefix. -korlit, n. fence; paling. ~-k/Jz, n. distance between laths. szeg, n. lath nail. Le-czurhol, (-t), v. t. flesh (hides). ratte off. Le-daral, (-t), v. t. gabble; Leder, (-en). adj. ranton; loose; fast (woman);flighty; lightminded: lewd (person); dissol rte: lustful; licentiou s; impure (talk); lascivious; frivolous: - ember, rake. Lederseg, (-et, -e), n. icantonness; looseness; fast nature; flightiness; lightmindedness; lewdness; dissoluteness; licentiousness impurity; lasciviousness frivolousness; frivolity. Ledisek, (-et), n. (hot.) vetch: heath pea. Le-, prefix. ~-dob, v. t. throw (down); fling down; cast down. — dolgoz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. work off; pay off (by work). ~-dorongol, (-t), v. t. - le-csepel. — d6f, v. t. stab; strike down (by stabbing). ~-d6l, v. i. I tumble down; fall; collapse; give way; fall in. II lie down (to rest): throw oneself' down. ~-diint, v. t. I knock down; knock over; upset; overthrow; overturn. II pull down (building). III (vulg.) take down a peg or two. IV (fig.) overthrow. — d6nt6 -get, (-tem, -ett), v. i. frequentative of le-dont I-II. (q. v.) ~-d6rg61, ~-dorzsol, v. t. rub off. ~-dorzsolod(ik), v. i. be?rbbed off; wear away (by rubbing); wear offt. -durrant, v. t. shoot (down). -diil, v. i. = le-dol. — e6, v. i. burn down; be burned down; be consumed by fire; be singed. ~-egJes, n. burniang down (of). — e!et, v. t. bmrn down; destro! by fire: eburn off: singe. ~-eji, v. t. drop; let (something) fall. _-e1, v. t. live (a certain time): live out. ~-ernel, v. t. I take dowrn; take off: lift (down from). II cut (cards). Leend, see lenni. Leendo, adj. fture; to be; to come: fbrthcoming: (often need not be translated: e. g. a lt stromba - beikt'aths vegett, for registration in the list)I Le-fejez Le-, prefix. -6nekiel, v. t. sing (a certain number of songs): finish (singing). ~entled, v. t. I let down. II let (something) off; abate (from price); remit. ~-engedes, (-t, -e), n. abatement; rebate. ~-er, v. i. I reach (a place lower down); arrive. II reach (down, as far as). ~-ereszkedes, n. I descent. II (fig.) condescension: affability. ~-ereszkedik, v. i. I descend; go down: (of hill) slope (downwards). II (fig.) condescend; stoop (to): vkihez ~, be condescending to.~-ereszked6, (-en), adj. (fig.) condescending: affable; complaisant; courteous; gracious. ereszt, v. t. I let down; lower (into): open (window). II cast (anchor): strike (sail). II couch (spear); tilt: fix (bayonet): level (gun). IV drain (lake); let off: rack (wine). -e6rkez(ik), v. i. = le-er I. ~es(ik), v. i. Ifall (down); tumble (down). II (of price) decrease; tlll. III leesett az alla, make a long face. ~esz(ik), v. t. eat away; consume. ~-etet, v. t. I have (something) eaten (by). II remove (by caustic). ~-ette, ~-evett, see le-esz(ik). ~evez, v. i. rotw down (to). — lagy, v. i. be bitten off (by cold): freeze off. ~-firadl, v. i. take the trouble to come dotwn (go dolwn): tessek ~ni, kindly come down (to): this way, please! — farag, v. t. cut off (by chiselling): whittle..-fdtyoloz, v. t. veil; cover wvith a veil; (fig.) palliate; disguise. ~-fefyverez, v. t. I disarm; deprive of arms. II (fig.) disarm: discountenance; disconcert. -iegfyverz6s, n. disarmament; disarming. ~-fejez, v. t. behead (person); decapitate; execute: guillotine: poll (plant). — feje

Page  12 Le*-fejeze's 19Leg-alflt zes, ii. decaipitiatioii be- dead person). _-foglil, v. (vuig.) score oft snub:reu. hediidng; execalioin; be- t. I1 reserre (seat et-.).ell- fioSZl(ik), V. i. peel oft: headal. ~-feijI~k), v. i. age. 11 (W-.) sei-e; altasChi' fIlo of;comie otffinshred~s). com~e oI; peel, of; (leop off (goods);distrain (for debt): ~ —oszt, v. t. shiell; stri'p -fejt, v. t. I take Oji; 01010. seq] ester; Ooliliscalte (eoil- ioff; peel; duvsk (Indian corn): II strip off (skin). III rack traban)d). — to!J~aftIs, n. I1 flack (fowl). _-f6d, v. t. (wine) chrow ofl (flroam the reserbing (of): em agemerut. ('oilrr corer uip. _4-foIZ, l ees):drawr bot~)tle (wine). It (teg.) sea, Lure; sei,-J11 at- v. t. I skimt (milk): take the IV husk (ndaian corn). V tl-lhnent; di.Qtraitit; seynes- cream oft'. (fig.) take aicaiy break- of. _-f-ejles, V. t. I trntioln conlfiscation. th bet ar.11sik taking off; nntdoiuig. 11 foiag;Iva, ad'. res~erced; (cor.n'. _-f6z, v. t. I boil strippinig off. III racking, engagfed. -foUialht~t-, v. t~ dJown reduce by boiling. II. (of wine): drawcing;bottlity iI ha i-c (something) reserced' (-vug.) score off; smnub set (of wine). IV h u1kiiin; (of (or emjgagcd). II hare (saine- dawJon; puit clowni: rebuff'; Indian coin). _fejtlieto, t hing) seized (attached; serc~e out. III (vulg.) trick adj. mnellowv (wine) seasoned sequlestered conlfiscated). sell: outwiit: get the belier (ready for bottling1. f-ek- fogy, v.i lo.~e wveight; of'; ouitb-id (in generosity sz(ik), v.i lie elarn a qo to eljoticeati (ull ojT-fokoz, etc.);outdo. -ifii, — flii, bedl; ccetn e to iest. -eitek t t. decgrade -fokozAS, v. t. I blaor dowrn: bloir off; v. t. lap clowcn - put to lied. (t -a),. clegr ateition. _- bloic au-it. I ii. s~ii -tekisdni I~-eliiid foly, (t), v.x I flowt cloicn; reti'eat. III (fig.) stop; puta t(enm), see le- e1;(kd). rinn? (b0un,1 sok vizr addig stop to: postponie; (le fer fekv6s, -n lyin up (1c11 a uIina'n it iridl be a lonig ann iii; ca ncei: veto..-f tit., going to bedl ideje, bed- tille Ii (of time) elapse; A. v. i. ruin iloicnt. B. v. t. time, _Iota adv. downt pass;expiie. III (of events) ruis11 (course): coiiplete iearcls doicn: hegyro1I~ take place (of scene) be (career). -ifiigj, v. i. hiasg doirn hill:fej'el -,head enacted;happen:be cccr- lowvn (loicnicards); dan1gle. doirnii-ards: head first; ieil on?, IV (vmrnsrl) flair _.- ffiggeszt, v. t. see lehead foemst.in)1k& off'; ruan oft,; rin aicay; Cs Iiggeszt. -fhijel, v. t. pez, v. t. photogriiph: take' discharge. _folyas, II. I catch; take (by the cars) a photogiaphi (photo) of I: flouicinp ( itnning) dlown: collar. _-f fir~szel, v. t. (pillanat-felvhtei) sniapshot. tloicitii qgof discharge. II saic off; sair; aicay...-fesl(ik), v. i. weren off: ii-aste-pipe- quttter. III cour-se Leg-, prefix of superlative: come offt ~-test, v. t. I (of esesits) proces: pro- e. g. -nagyobb, biggest: painlt (portiait of). II1 de- gress (of dbsceise):pai-ticnl- aI qatest: -es-jobb, best of' sciibe. -f6stiI, v. t. coiub ins (of mattet-) -.lapse (of cll: -alnl, loirest (adv.):a (dociin): comb qft (from). t~ime). toI401y alj. tloiriugy I -vge, the exrteme eiid. -feszit, v t. breakoft; do it,; lnilg_-oy,6q (1idget or leget, lege), a.,irrentchi off. adj. past; last (y ear estc.). -- ( lecegh1)., air r apou~r Leffesty, (-.-j) n. flap;.~ tordit, v. I. I thiii-i oirer; gcs:attniosphere -bTe rebob. ituin uipside livien; orerituin. pfil, blo01 ill); be bloicin 'lp Le-, prefix...-fisk-s, v. t. If trin slate (into another The rbpit, blair uip; blast scribble cdoirni; take dow-n lanrguage): ri-rder; do. ~ (rocks): csaph (sujth))hastily: copy negligenitly. iorditlmatatlain, udj. un- fire-dump: fojth 6 choke.-fii-kant, (-Ott), V. t. fre- trallslitcibte._- foid(-ithat6, dnamp. _-alkna, ciir-sha 'ft. quentative of le-firkdl(c.v.)- adj. traisicutable: le nem Legakitbb), adv. at lecast: -fityeg, vi.hiqd a; fo iht. ni-uslatcible. ait the i-ei- lecast; to say the fluitter; cdan le; hub. -til- ~-I( I, v.. I fisfl least: (J) (or onie. zest, v. t. pap (sunn); pcay (from), feill cloirn: tmble Leg-aija, n. I bottom (of). oft (debt):scttle (afomout);(off). IT. go cloin (for a short II sechimieii (of liquid) discharge (debt): ceait. ~- timer): get doirni. — foi-gAs, ciest.s) les:(g) lizet~s, n. pa~iei o) a.r-ose (of tinse); lapse, scum; me fuse. pcaying oft; settlement (of egy la' -a alatt, withiin cia gf16 adj. air-tight. account);discharge: -re iioitli: hi'roni hhnap -a Leg-als6, adj. loivestjlowerby Distaliiietits. -log, v. t.' niuin. after the lapse of ths-ee most; bottom: (poet.) netherI hold cloirn keep) claimv miiaitls: _-ioiiraz, v. t. I most. hold fast. II d'educt (from) scold; pouir boilimig wrater Leg-altil, adv. loir~est; at take off. III close (eyos:of ou-er. II pirchi; silige. III the bottom.

Page  13 11 I Leg-aranm(las) Leg-ai;a (las), n. current ot air. Leil-aramlat, n. wind; breeze: atmospheric tide..Le(guitns, (-ok. -t. -a) n. legate. Le-tlazlemlierez, (-temn, -ett). v. t. call (someone) a scoundrel (or villain); dub (someone) blackguard. Le-g9zol, v. t. I trample under foot; crush; stamp. II run over; knock down. L6g-es6, n. (med.) windpipe; trachea. ~-hurut, n. (med.) tracheitis. Leglel, (-tem, -t), v. i. graze; pasture; feed. Leig-eleje, n. vminek ~, (the) very beginning; very outset (of). Legeles, (-t, -e), n. grazing; pasturing; pasture. Legelesz, (-tem, -ett), v. i. frequentative of legel (q. v.): browse. Legel6, A. (-k, -t, -je), n. pasture; pastura; past pastureground: (k6z ~) common: grazing ground. B. adj. grazing; pasturing; hely, - legelo A.: ~ jog, right of pasturage. Leg-elobb, adv. in the first place; first and foremost; first of all. Leg-el61, adv. first; in (the very) tront: in the van (of army etc.): at the head (of table); at the top. Leg-el6sz6r, adv. 1 = leg-eldbb. II for the (very) first time. III the (very) first time. Leg-els6, adj. first; the very first; foremost: a - pillanattol, from the very first moment. ~-ben, adv. legeloszor. Legeltet, (-ter, -ett), v. t. I pasture; graze; turn out to grass; feed; tend (flock). II (fig.) szemet - vmin, feed (one's) eyes (on); feast (one's) eyes (on). Legeltetes, (-t, -e), n. pasturing; grazing; feeding; pasturage: - joga, right of 13 pasturage: szemek ~, feasting of the eyes. Letjelteto, adj. pastllring; tending (his flocks). Le l-e ill, adv. == leg-elol. Ie,6lely, (-ek, -t, -e), n. keg; barrel. ~*X,elltlenda, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. legend. ~Legendas, adj. I legendar1'; storied; tabulous. II legerldary; of legends; containing legends: ~ konyv, legendary. k~Legendaszerli, (-en), adj. = legendds I. Legeny, (-ek, -t, -e), n. I boy; lad: young fellowo; young chap. II bachelor; single man. III (in trade) journeyman. IV (in commerce) assistant. V. (mil.) orderly; servant; batman, VI bully; spark. VII (vulg.) szeg6ny i, highwvayman: evezo ~, oarsmanc: vandor -, strolling beggar; tramp. *L,6eeny, (-t), n. (chem.) nitrogen. Lege16y-elet, n. single life; bachelordom; bachelorhood. Legeny-ember, n. = legeny II1. Lelqenyes,(-en),adj. boyish: jovial; iree anrd easy: slangy (talk). Lee!6nyke, (-ek, -et, -6je), n. lad; laddie; chap; striplivg. 1Leeqnykedes, (-t, -e), n, I swagger; braggardism; braggadocio. II daring; ioolhardiness; bravado. Lellelnyked(ik), (-tem, -ett), v.. I live (the li e of) a bachelor; be a bachelor. II (in trade) act as journeyman. III swagger: brag. IV he daring (or ioolhardy); tempt Providence. Leje6ny-kor, n. I youth; 'teens. II bache'orship; bachelorhood; bachelor days (t. sz.). Legenyseg, (-et, -e) n. I bachelorship; bachelorhood; bachelordom: bachelor's life. II youth; young men'(t. sz.). Legio III (mil.) rank and file; men (t. sz.): garrison (of fort). IV (nant.) cr(ew: gel ellkt, provide 1wUith a crew; man (ship). Legesleg-,emphatic superlative prefix (see leg-). Leg-, prefix. -feljebb, adv. at (the) most; at best; not more than. ~-fels6, adj. uppermost; top; highest: supreme (authority). ~-feliil, adv. on top; on the very top; right on the top. ~6obb, adj. I highest; supreme. II principal; main (reason); chief. III ideje (mar), it is high time (to). ~-f6k6pen, adv. principally; chiefly; mainly; particularly. ~-foljebb, adv. =- legfeljebb. Leg-, prefix. ~-fiird6, n. air bath. ~-fiites, n. hot air heating. ~-goly6,m-g6mb, n. balloon; aerostat. -haj6, n. balloon. ~-hajos, n. balloonist; aeironaut; aerostat. ~-haj6zas, n. aeronautics (t. sz.); aerial navigation; aerostation. ~-llatlan, (-ul) adj. airtight. Leg-hlatul, adv. right at the back; at the very back; right behind: at the end; at the rear. Leg-lhdtuls6, adj. hindermost; hindmost. Leg-livebb, superl. of hii (q. v.). *Leq-liuzam, (-ot), n. draught (of air). *Leg-lluzamos, (-an), adj. draughty. Leji-, adj. air-; aerial: fit. aerial voyage. Leg.ies, (-en), adj. airy; ethereal; aerial; light; unsubstantial; thin; intangible. Leginkabb, adv. 1 mostly; principally; chiefly; mainly; for the most part; in most cases; generally speaking. II most of all; (like) most; best: ~ szeret, prefer. ->Lejgi6, (-k, -t,-ja), n. legion.

Page  14 Leg-itt i4 Leg-itt, adv. on the spot; warp; cturve turn dotrn. at once. _-gJollbiil, v. t. c(urve bend Leg-java, A. n. vminek ~, (downwards); warp; be best part (o): cream (of turned down. -goq6rdit, v. society); elite: prime (of It. roll (down): lower (curlife): flower (of chivalry); tain). -gl6rdll, v. i. roll pick; choice: quintessence (down): (of curtain). tall; (of art). B. adj. best possible; be lowered. -go6rget, v. t. very best; I. fre luentative of le-gordit Leg-jobban, adv. I = leg- (q. v.). ~-g6rnyed, v. i. inkdbb. II ~ szeretem, 1 bend; stoop be bowed; be prefer (that); (it) is my fa- bent. vourite. Lej-lreteg, n. stratum of Leg-kesobb, adv. at latest; air. not later (than). LLg-sfily, n. weight (presLegkevesb(b)6, adv. I sure) of the atmosphere. ~least of all. II - sem, not in mero, n. barometer. the least; not at all; not in Leg-szebb, adj. superlatthe slightest (degree). ive of szep (q. v.). Leg-kevesebb, adj. least; Leg-szele, n. vminek, slightest; smallest. extreme edge (of); extreme Leg-kisebb, adj. I smallest verge (of precipice). (and see kis and kicsi). II Leg-szesz, n. (lighting) minimum (price): lowest gas. ~-gyar, n. gas-works (tariff). (t. sz.). _-ldmpa, n, gasLeg-ko, n. aerolite; aero- lamp: gasalier; gasolier. - lith; meteorite. mero, n. gas meter. Leg-k6r, n. atmosphere (fig. tarto, n. gasometer. ~-vitoo.) j igilds, n. gas-light. Leg-k6ri, adj. atmospheric Leh-szivattyli, n. air (electricity). pump. Leg-k6zelebb,adv.shortly; Leg-tan, n. aerology. soon; before long. LMg-tarto, n. gasometer, Leg-k6zelebbi, adj. next Leg-t6bb, adj. most: a en, (occasion): nearest (station). most people: a -et iger6, Leg-melye, n. vminek -, the highest bidder: a -, amit innermost depths (of). tehetek, the best 1 can do Leg-mentes,!-en), adj. (for you). ~-nyile, adv. air-tight; hermetic(al): -en mostly; lor the most part; elzart, hermetically sealed. as a rule; generally (speakLeg-mro6, n. aerometer. ing). ~-szOr, adv. mostly; Leg-nagyobb, adj.I super- generally; for the most part. lative of nagy (q. v.). II Le(-, prefix. ~-t6meg, n. maximum; highest. body (mass) ot air. ~-tudoLeg-nemii, adj. I - legies. many, n. aerology. ~-tukII gaseous: vaporous: vap- rozes, n. mirage; Fata orose. lMorgana; looming. -tiineLeg-nyornms, n. atmo- meny, ~-tiinet, ni aerial spheric pressure. phenomenon. Le-gombolyit, v. t. un- Le-guggol, v. i. crouch; wind; wind off; unspool. squat; stoop. Leg-oszlop, n. column of Leg-ujiabban, adv. most air. recently; quite recently. Legott(an), adj. on the Le-gurit, v. t. = le-gordit. spot; at once. Le-gurul, v. i. slip down; Le-, prefix. _,-gongyol, v. roll down. t. unwoind; unroll. ~-gjir- Leg-utazas, n. aerial bit, v. t. bend (down); voyage. Le-gyaliz Leg-, prefix. ~-ut6bb, adv. I = legIujabban. 1I last. ~ut6bbi, adj. latest; mos7 recentt. -utolijtia, adv, last: tremain) to the last. ~utols6, adj. I (the) very last; last or all. 11 (fig. worst; least worthy. _-utolszor, adv. irr the very las. time: mikor -, the last time (something happened). Leg-, prefix. -fir, n. atmosphere. -uiretl, n. (bot.) air-cell. ~-iires, adj, void of air; airless: (mech. exhausted: - ter, vacuum. — var, n. castle in the air; castle in Spain; air castle: ~akat fpit, build castles in the air. Leg-vege, n. vminek ~. extreme end (of); the very end; the very close (fo season): (the) tag end. Leg-v6gso, adj. I rurthermost; outermost. II extreme (necessity): final (expedient); last (resource): frantic (effort'. Leg-vgiil, adv. I finally; last of all. II = legutoljdra. Leg-vilagitfs, n. gas-light. Leg-vonat, n. draught: current of air. Leg - vonatos, adj. draughty. Legzes, (-t. -e), n. = lelekzes. Legzo, -= lelekzo. Legy, A. (legyek, legyet, legye), n. I (zool.) fly: dong6 -, bluebottle: dog, blow fly; carrion fly; dung fly: ~nek sem vet (or art). he would not hurt even a fly: _bol elefantot csinal, make a mountain out or a molehill: k6t legyet egy csa passal, (kill) two birds with one stone: tudja mit6l doglik a ~, he has his wits about him. II sight (of gun). B. (see lenni, lesz and van). imper. (2. p. sing.) be. Le-gyalaz, v. t. abuse; vilify; vituperate; revile; asperse; malign; defame. traduce.

Page  15 I i i I I I ~~~~~ ICI~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CS~P~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- -, I C 7- - * I I. I I -r I. _ -, Le-gyalazas 15 Le-gyaliazs, (-t, -a), n. abuse; vituperation; vili fication; revilement; aspersion; defamation. Le-gyalul, v. t. plane off; smooth by planing. Legy-esap6, n. fly-trap: fly-flap. Legyek, A. see ligy A. B. see lesz and van. Legyen, imper. (see lenni, lesz and van), let it (him, her) be: tavol tSlem, tar be it from me...! - meg a Te akaratod, Thy will he done! ugy -! amen! so be it! Legyes, (-en), adj. I full oJ flies; fly-pestered. II (fig.) restive (horse); frisky. Legyeskedes, (-t, -e), n. 1 roguishness; pertness; sauciness. II flirting; flirt: addresses (t. sz.); paying court (to). Legyesked(ik),(-tem, -ett), v. i. I be roguish (pert; saucy). II flirt: vki koriil, pay (one's) addresses (to); pay court (to). Legyetek, see lesz and van. Legyez, (-ter, -ett), v. t. I tan. II (fig.) screen (fault); palliate: excuse: indulge; humour (weakness). III (fig.) flatter (someone); stimulate; gratify (vanity). Legyezget, (-ter, -ett), v. t. frequentative of legyez (q. v.). Legyezo, (-k, -t, -je), a. 1 fan. II scut (of deer). -- alaku, adj. fan-shaped: (bot.) flabelliform; flabellate. Legy-fog6, n. I fly paper; fly trap. II (zool.) flycatcher <bird); fly snapper: gnat snapper. _-fii, n. (bot.) lady's thumb: catchfly; flybane. Le-gyilkol, v. t. murder; put to death: assassinate massacre. Legyint, (-ettem. -etti, A. v. t. I tp: touch lightly (gently): rap. [I brush (the surface of); graze. B. v. i. (kezevel). motion (with hand); makt a sign. Legy-kap6, n. (zool.) flycatcher (bird): kormos -, pied flycatcher: kis _, redbreasted flycatcher: szfirke ~, spotted flycatcher: orvos v, white-collared fly-catcher. Legy-k6pes, n. fly blow: fly speck. Legy-nelkiill, adj. open sight (pistol). Legy-nyom, n. - 1egykopes. Legy-ott, -at, -ja), n. rendezvous; appointment. Legy-616, n. (bot.) gomba, fly agaric; flybane. Le-, prefix. ~-gy6z, v. t. I defeat; overcome; conquer; overpower; vanquish: beat (in competition); get the better of; win a victory over. [I (fig.) surmount (obstacle); overcome: master (passion); subdue; conquer. _-gy6 -zes, n. [ de eat; victory (over); overpowering; vanquishing (of). II (fig.). surmounting; overcoming: mastery (over); subduing; conquest (of). -gy6zetes, (-t, -e), n. de eat (of). _gyozetik, i-ett), v. i. be defeated: succumb (to).,gy8zhetetlen, (-dl), adj. invincible: (fig.). insurmountable (difficulty); insuperable. _-jy ozheto, adj. conquerable; vanquishable: (fig.l surmountable; able to be overcome; masterable. _-gy6z6, n. vanquisher; conqueror (of): success ful rival. Legy-piszok, n. = legykopes. Legy-raj, n. swarm ot flies. Legyiink, see lesz and van. Le-gyfir, v. t. I overcome; overpower: f'oor (in wrestling); knock down. II roll down (sleeve). II1 si.allow with ditficulty. Leh, (-et, -e), n. breath. Lleha, i-an]. adj. I light empty: void. 1 fig.) light; frivolous; 'ight-misnded qood-bor-nothinn: unsteady; Le-hany loose (manners): reckless; inconsiderate; thoughtless: - ember. - frater, good-fornothing; scapegrace: -beszed, idle talk. III (fig.) indolent; slovenly; negligent; careless. Le-, prefix.,-haboz, v. t. skim. _-hag, v. i. alight (from carriage); dismount (from horse). ~-hajigal, v. t. fling down; throw down (from): keep throwing down; toss down. ~-hajit, v. t. throw down; fling down. ~hajlas, n. inclination: (downward) bend; curve. _hafilsi, adi. inclinatory (needle). _-hajlAs - mutato, n. inclinometer; inclination compass; dip circle..-hajl(ik), v. i. bend (downwards); incline: slant;slope. _-haj6kaz(ik), v. i. sail down (to). ~-haiol, v. i. stoop: bend; bow (to). ~-haj6z, v. i. - lehajdkdz(ik). — iajt, v. t. 1 bend (downwards): bow (head). II lay (one's head). III = le-kerget. — halad, v. 1. go down. — hallatsz(ik), _-hall(ik), v. i. be audible (down below); be heard. _ —htmlik, v. i. peel off: scale off; flake (off); come off in layers (scales or flakes). ~-hlamoz, v. t.peel (orange etc.) hull (corn); husk: decorticate. — hangol, v. t. I tune lower; lower the pitch ot (instrument). II (fig.) depress; dis pirit; plttd t ot humour; put out of tune; deject; ca.t down; dishearten. ~-han-.olt, (-an). adj. (fig. depressed; dispirited; downcast; out o'0 spirits; dejected; gloomy. _-halqoltsag, (-ot, -a), n. (fig.) depression: dejection; (loom 1!ownes. of spirits: dspiritedness. ~ - hangz(ik), v. i. = le-hall(ik). -ltiant, v. t. =lehdmoz, _-hliny, v. t. 1 throw down; fling down; throw out (from cart). II be

Page  16 .- - " w- i- 0174, -,I. - I I I 1 717j",;; 11 - I . r7 IF,.,, r_ — - __1 11, - - - 1 I "I I I ---- -1 __ - - Lehanyatl(ik1 sick over; bespew; vomit o2. -IIhanyatl(ik), v.. I sink (down). 11 (fig.) decline; relapse. -lharap, v. t. bite o'; snap off. Letlasag, (-ot, -a), n. I lightness; emptiness. II (fig.) tiivolity; lightmindedness; levity; recklessness; thotughtlessness: light etc. chlarlter, (of: see leha II.). 1II tfig.) indolence; sloveniiness; negligence; carelessness. Le-hlasal, (-t), v. i. lie on (one's) stomach. Le-hlasit, v. t. split o#; cleave (off): shave off. Le6hfskod(ik, (-tam, -ott), v. i. be trivolous; bte idle (or indolent); waste (one's) time (in riotous living); play the idle: take things easily. Le-hat, Le-hatol, v. i. penetrate (down to); reach (as far as): (of voice) carry. Le-hejaz, v. t. = le-hdmoz. Lehel, (-ter, -t), v. i. lehell. Leheles, (-t, -e), n. breathing; respiration. Lehelet, (-et, -e), n. I breath: utols6 ~eig, to the last gasp; as long as (he) has (had) any breath in (him). II tarnish (on glass etc.). III (fig.) breath of wind); whiff; puff. Lehell, (-tem, -ett), v. i. breathe; draw breath; take breath. Lehellet, n. = lehelet. Le-, prefix. — hengered(ik), (-ett), v. i. roll down. ~-hengerel, v. t. roll flat; roll. ~-hengerget, v. t. frequentative of le-hengerit (q. v.). — hengerit, v. t. roll down (downwards); trundle down. — hentered(ik), (-ett). v. i. = lehevered(ik). ~-hervad, v. i. fall off (by withering); drop off. Lehet, (-ter, -ett), v. i. (formed from root of lenni + suffix -het, for which see Introduction) I may be; can be: can (with infin) 16 Le-liiit nem - it is not possible (to). Le-, prefix. — hever, A. v. 11 nagyon boldog,. he must t. crush (by lying on); be very happy: igen szp crumple; tumble (bedido ~ett. it must have been a clothes); rumple. B. v. i. - very nice time. 1II~ hogy, le-hevered(ik). — leheveremaybe (I shall come); it (I(ik), v. i. throw (oneself) may be that; it is possible down (on); lay (oneself) thai. IV mihelyt csak ~, as down (at full length). -hi, soon as possible: qimennyire call (down). ~-hidal, v. t. cSiLi -, i, possibe. le-hever A. _-higgad, Leletettlen, (-il), adj. im- v. i. settle (of sediment): possible; (it is) out ot the (of liquid) clear; clarify.~question: absurd (price; lhord, v. t. I carry down preposterous; unreasonable: (by degrees). II pull down Igyakorlatilag ~), impractic- (house); demolish (= leable) unteasible (scheme): bont). III carry away; teljesen qu, qite out of the carry ofq IV (vulg.) blow question. up (someone); scold; Lehtlet(1linsIeS, i-et, -e), take to task; give (somen. impossibility: teljes -, one) what tor; lecture; requite out ot the question. primand; reprove. ~-horLeh to (-eg), adj. possible gaszt, v. t. I bend; bow: tsee lehetseges): often used warp. II hang (head). ~with adverbs or adjectives horjgonyoz, v. t. anchor. (particularly such in the — horzsol, v. t. graze; superlative): - legjobban, carry off; take off; scratch. in the best possible manner: — hoz, v. t. I bring down; - gyorsan, as quickly as fetch (down); go up for possible: a legjobb, the (something). II derive (orbest possible; the very best; igin; from); trace back (to). minden ~t elk6vet, leace no _-hozds, n. bringing down; stone unturned; do one's retching (down). -liozat, very (or level) best: vmit v. t.send up to; have (some~ve tesz, render (some- thing)brought down. — hull, thing)possible; enable(some- v. i. (of leaf) tall off; tall one) to...; make possible; down; drop. — hulllas, n. facilitate. ~-kepen, adv. = talling off; dropping. ~lehet6leg. hullat, v. t. (of tree) shed. Lelietoleg, adv. (as much) — hlny, v. t. -ja szem6t. as possible;(in anyway) pos- close (one s) eyes. -hlursible: korAn. as soon as czol, v. t. drag down. ~possible; (come) as soon as huir'og, (-tam, -ott), v. t. (you) can: - vigyazz ma- cry down; hiss. ~-hurrogadra,use the utmost caution. qat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. freLehetoseg, Lehets6el, quentative of le-hurrog (q. (-et, -e), n. possibility: v.).,-hliz, v. t. I pull down(gyakorlati) feasibility (of); drag down. II take of(gloves practicability (of); - sze- etc.); pull off. III allat b6 -rint, -hez kepest, as Jar (as ret ~za, flay; skin. IV (fig.) much) as possible. vkinek biort,za. fleece; Lehetseges, (-en), adj. strip. V a) rack; draw off possible; (gyakorlatilag) (wine): b) bottle (wine). VI feasible;practicable: a meny- deduct (from sum); retain; nyire - as far as possible: - keep back. VII (vulg.) flog. bogy... may be..; per- ~-huil, v. i. cocl down; behaqps: nem r, = lehetetlen: come cool; groo cool. ~ —fit. ~se tesz, - leheto'vd tesz v. t. cool; make cool; re(see leheto'). fresh: (fig.) damp (ardour):

Page  17 I I i I I i II C — - -----,il 9PIT- -- ---- __ _I - I- -, Le-lfit deaden; depress; repress; check. e-l&hit6, (-t), n. good-tornothing (fellow); scapegrace; ne'er-do-well: idler;lounger; udvari -, courtling. Lc-, prefix. ~-igaz, v. t. subjugate, slibdue; enthral; enslave; bring under the yoke; subject. ~-imaidkoz(ik), v. t. I pray off: cl1 (beads): repeat (prayers). II atone for (by prayer). - - inni, infin. see le-isz(ik).ir, v. t. I write down; put into writing: ujra ~, rewrite. II copy; transcribe. III (fig.) describe; delineate; paint (scene); portray. IV write off; deduct. ~-iras, n. I triting (down). II copying; transcription. III copy (lLade); transcript. IV. (fig.) description; delineation; painting; portrayal (of): picture. V writing off. ~-irat, A. (-tam. -ott), v. t. have (something) written down or copied. B. (-ot, -a), n. (royal) rescript: note (of authorities); letter (of superior): ordinance; (letter of) instructions. ~-Irhatatlan, (-ul), adj.indescribable; that baffles description; beyond description; not to be described in words; inefable (joy); unspeakable (suffering); unutterable. ~h16. A.. writer. II copier; transcriber. III describer; delineator; painter. B. adj. descriptive; (power) or description; of delineation.,isz(ik), v. t. I drink qof II banish (by drink). II[ leissza magat, get drunk; take too much. ~-itat, v. t. make (some one' drunk; drink (one) under the table. ~itta(m), _-ivott, see leisz(ik). ~-jar, A. v. i. I go (down); be in the habit of going (down). II run down (of). III (of time) expire; lapse; be up: (of watch) run down: (of bill) tall due; be due: (of contract) expire. 17 IV (of part of tool, etc.) get loose; be loose. B. v. t. I tread down (shoe); wear out (by walking). II ~ja magat, (of person) have had (one's day; outtic (one's) vogue: do tor (oneself); lose caste: (of thing) lose (its) vogue; fall into disfll foiour; tfall into abeyance (or disuse). ~-jfir;is, I. I going downt. IL lejdr, 4. A.-jdrat, A. (-ot,-), n. I (!oinlg dwn: Cdscentt. II 21:i,IJ',t. I1 expira tion ff( time): lapsc. IV Laturity (of bill). B. (-tam, -ott), v. t. I wear out (shoe). II let (something) expire.III (fig.) discredit (a person); destroy the reputation oJ. ~-jarati, adj. (comm.) - id6, time (a bill has) to run: - nap, date of maturity. _-jart, adj. I (comm.; leg.) due: (bill) overdue. II (fig.) discredited; (a man) who has had his day: (custom) out of vogue; in disuse; in abeyance. ~-jitsz(ik), v. t. play (off). - jatsz6d(ik), v. i. take place; (of scene) be enacted. Lejebb, adv. == lejjebb. Le-jegyez, v. t. note down; make notes of: make a memorandum of. Le-jegyz6s, n. noting down; notes (t. sz.). Lejjebb, adv. lower (doon); farther down: - hangol, tune to a lower key: - szallit, reduce; diminish: abate (terms): lower (price): moderate (claim): - szall, come down: sink: (of cloud) lower: (of claim etc.) be reduced; be abated. Le-j6. Le-ijn, v. i. I come down: descend. [I come off; (of skin) peel. Le-j6ttem, see le-jon. Le-ijovs, Le-jovetel, n. (the) coming down; descent. Lejt, (-ett), A. v. i. slope (downwards); shelve; incline. B. v. t. dance (a certain dance). Lejtes, (- t, -e), n. I sloping; Le-kap shelving: declirity; incline. II - lejto. II danciyng: dance. IV rhythm. *Lejt-mniel s, n. - lejtimedres. *Lejt-mer6, n. - lei;mero. Lejt6, (-k, -t, -je), n. slope; declivity; incline: fall: gradient (of road): (mil.) escarpment. ~-meres, n. levelling. ~-m 6r6, n. levelling ins; rument; surveyor's level. Lt it6s, (-on), adj. sloping; sheicitg; declivitous; declivous; sla,:ting: steep _s6 tesz, slope: (mech.) be el. Lejt6sit, (-ett), v.. slope; slant: (mech.) bevel: (mil.) escarp. Lejtosod(ik), (-6tt), v. i. slope downwards: shelve off. Lejtoss6g, (-et, -e), n. sloping etc. character (of: see lejtos). *Lejt-szin-meres, n. = lejt6-meres. *Lejt-szin-mer6, n. lejto-mero. Le-jut, v. i. get down (to); arrive (at): manage to get down (to); (vhova ), reach (some place). Lek, (-et, -e), n. I hole (in ice); fissurei; crack; crevice. II (naut.) leak: -et kap, spring a leak. Le-, prefix. _kaczag, v. t. laugh at; laugh (one) to scorn: silence (by laughing or ridicule). ~-kantaroz, v. t. unbridle. ~-kanyarit, v. t. cut off (in a round piece). _-kanyarod(ik), v. i. swind (downwards): (of river) meander. ~-kap, v. t. I tear off; snatch off; take off (hastily).. II take down; snatch down. III take a snapshot of:sketch hurriedly; make a hasty sketch of. IV throw (someone); floor. V (fig.) pitch into; take to task; go for; give (someone) what tor: scold. VI duck (one's head). ~-kay2 Yolland lagyar-angol szdotd. Ii.

Page  18 " " -.., I'll I. - I i I I I r= ` I 17 T, ,11'-.,, I';- I - 7 1- ' ' I- I- __ I --- " - - -, ". - --, - __ Le-kapar 1s Leek par, v. t. scrape off; v. t. wear out (clothes): subdue; surmount(obstacle): scratch off: grave (ship). - wear down (heel). ~-kot- and see le-gyoz. ~-kiizdkapcsol, v. t. I le-csa- taz, v. t. set to music; letetlen, (-iil), adj. intol. II (football) intercept. score. ~-k6lt6z[k6d](ik), superable (difficulty): in_-kaszabol, v. t. cut v. i. move down (to)..-ko- surmountable (obstacle); indown; butcher; massacre; nyokol, v. i. lean (one's) vincible: ungovernable (passlaughter. ~-kaszal, v. t. elbows (on). ~-kop, v. t. sion); unbridled: insatiable mow (down); cut down. ~- spit at; bespit; spit on (or (longing): insatiate. kefel, v. t. brush (clothes): upon). — kiiszon, v. i. iLekvar, (-t, -ja), n. jam. brush off (dust): brush resign (post): retire (*rcrn Lel, (-ter, -t), v. t. I find; (someone) down. service); withdraw; (of come across; light on; disLekel, (-tem, -t), v. t. I make monarch) atdicate. - cover. II meet (death): find a hole in; cut a hole in: kisz/in6s, n. resignatiom; (pleasure: in something): bore (a hole in); perforoae. retirement; witidrawal: 6oromt ~ni vmiben, take II (med.) trean; trepkinle. abdication (of monarch). delight (in); take great Lek-emelo, n. (nmed.) tre- ~-koszoriil, v. t. rub pleasure (in). III happen to pan; trephLne. off; rub rub down: (someone): mi ~t teged? Le-, prefix. ~-kenyerez, wear out. ~-ko1, v. t. I tie; what is the matter with you? (-ternm, -gtt), v. t. I put (one) tie down; bind; fasten; bind what's up? IV (of ague) under an obligation: lay up (wound); dress. II (leg.) seize. V zsak -i foltjat, birdsc urnder an obligation; put stipulate: insist on. III (za- of a feather flock together. (someone) off (with). II logul) mortgage. IV (fig.) Le-, prefix. ~-lanczol, v. bribe; pay. ~-kerdez, v. t. engage (attention); attract; t. chain (down); fetter; examine. ~-keredz ke- arrest; engross. V (fig.) oc- shackle: (fig.) captivate; d] (ik), v. i. ask to be allowed cupy; make (someone) busy; entrance. _-lapit, v. t. to go down; ask for permis- r.ake (great) demands on flatten (down); make flat (by sion to go down. ~-kerget, (person): take up (time): beating or rolling). ~-lav.t. drive down; make (some- nagyon le vagyok k6tve, I pul, v. i. I become flat; one) go down; drive away. am very busy. VI (fig.) give flatten out. II lie close; ~-keriil, v. i. I get down; (word). VII ~i magat, en- crouch; cower. _-lappad, come down: make (one's) gage (to); bind (oneself). ~- v. i. le-lohad. ~-lat, v. i. way down. II disappear kotelez, v. t. oblige; lay see (down; as far as). (from): - a napirendr6l, (of (one) under an obligation: Le-le-, prefix. implying question) be shelved; be do (one) a favour; put (a repeated action: e. g. ~-j6n, adjourned. ~-k6s(ik), v. i. pexson) in (one's) debt. ~- come down again and again; I be late; be too late; be kotelezes, n. (the act of) keep coming down. behind (one's) time. II (vo- obliging. — k6telezett, Leledz(ik), (-tern, -ett) v. i. natr6ol) miss (train); lose. (-en), adj. obliged (to); vmiben ~, be (in error, etc.): *Lekesz, (-ek, -t, -e), n. = (poet.) beholden (to). _-k6- be guilty of (sin): bUnben lek-emelo. telezo, (-en), adj. obliging; -,live a sinful life; be a sinLe-, prefix. ~-kiabal, A. v. courteous; complaisant; ner: betegsegben ~, suffer i. shout down (to); call kind; kindly; gracious. ~- from disease; be ill. (down). B. v. t. drown (by koto, adj. = le-bilincsel8. Le-legel, v. t. crop; eat. shouting). ~-kialt, v. i. = ~-kotoz, v. t. tie; fasten Le-legeltet, v. t. have le-kiabdl A. ~-kicsinyel, (to): tether (horse). ~-ko- (something) eaten or cropv. t. slight; treat disparag- zol, v. t. publish (in news- ped. ingly; disdain. E-kon- paper); insert (advertise- I Leiegzet, Lrlegz(ik), see czol, v. t. = le-kaszabol. ment). lelekzet, lelekz(ik). ~-konyit,v. t. hang (head); -Lektika, (-kt, -aja), n. T 1Llek,(lelkek, lelket, lelke), droop. ~-konyul, v. i. I litter: sedan chair. II chise; n. I soul: spirit; mind. II droop; hang; bow. II - az (pony) trap; (govern ess) cr. (fig.) spirit: eltet lelke orra, sulk. ~-kop(ik), v. i. Le-, prefix. ~-kuporo- vminek, the soul (of). III wear out: (of clothes) be- d(ik), v. i. crouch [down): egy arva sem, not a soul: come threadbare: (of hair) stoop; eower; squat (on a Szent ~, the Holy Ghost: rub off; wear off. ~-kop- floor). ~-knifd, v. t. send minden j6tet ~, every man [p]aszt, v. t. Ipluck (fowl); down (to). ~-kiizd, v. t. Jack: a gonosz ~, the Evil plume: strip (tree) of leaves. overcome: (fig.) master (pas- One: evil spirit; devil: hall (fig.) fleece. — koptat, sion); get the better of; zajaro6, ghost; apparition;

Page  19 Le6ek 1Lelkesed(ik) spook: aldott ~, good soul; elevating.,-lsAborodis, Lelencz, (-ek, -et, -e), n. good fellow. IV (fig.) breath; n. mental d(erangement. -~ foundling; waif. -hlatz, ghost: kiadja (kileheli) lel- harang, n. passing bell; foundling hospital. ket, give up the ghost; pass knell. ~-idezes, n. exorc- Le-, prefix. ~-lep, v. i. I away: lelket ver bele, re- ism; conjuration (of spir- step down (to); go down; vive. V (fig.) heart (and its). -idezo, n. exorcist; come down:step off; go off. soul): lelkembol fhjlalom, conjurer. ~-ismeret, n. == II retire (from) withdraw. I am heartily sorry: lelke- lelkiismeret. ~-jelenes, n. ~-lepes, n. I stepping bol szeret, love deeply; be apparition. ~-jelenlet, n. down; descent. II retirement; dearly fond of (attached to): presence of mind. _-koilto- withdrawal. III (modern egesz ~kel, (writh) heart and zes, n. metempsychosis; use) renunciation; giving soul; with all (one's) heart: transmigration of souls. ~- up: cession. ~-lep6si, adj. vkinek lelk6re beszel, urge kufar, n. kidnapper: white ~ dij, fee payable for cession (something) on (one); ap- slave trader: (naut.) crimp. (of flat); premium. ~-leppeal to: lelk6re vesz, take ~-mardosas, n. com- lez, v. t. I unveil (monuto heart. VI (fig.) conscience: punction; remorse. ~-nyu- ment). II (fig.) disclose lelkere kot vmit, impress galom n. peace of mind. (secret); betray; reveal: on (one); enjoin; make it ~-l16, (-en), adj. depres- show up (someone). -lep(one's) duty (to): lelkemre, sing; racking; tormenting; lezes, n. I unveiling. II on my word (ofhonour): lel- killing (work). ~-szakad- (fig.) disclosure; revelation kemre mondom, I swear: va, adv. out of breath: in (made): showing up (of). lelke rajta! it will be his breathless haste; in wild Lels, (-t,-e), n.fi nding (of); fault: lelk6be lat vkinek, haste; at breakneck speed. discovery: helye, = leletsee through (someone): nem ~-tan, n. psychology; psy- hely. visz ra lelkem, nem vehe- chics (t. sz.). ~-tani, adj. Lelet (-et, -e), n. I thing tem lelkemre, nincs hozza psychologic(al). ~-rokon- found; find; discovery: lelkem, I have not the heart sag, n. congeniality: spirit- (leg.) waif. II (medical) (to); I cannot prevail upon ual affinity. -uiidito, adj. certificate; report; (doctor's) myself (to): k6nnyebb volt refreshing; quickening: diagnosis. lelkenek, he felt more at cheering; animating. ~- Leletez, (-tem, -ett), v. t. I ease: konnyit lelken, ease vandorlas, n. = lelek- make a report (of); draw up (one's) conscience; quiet ki'ltiozs. ~-veszto, n. (fig.) a statement (concerning). (one's) conscience: nyugodt whiff (light boat). II make an inventory of ~kel, with a clear conscience; Lelekzes, (-t, -e), n. (act (things found). without scruple; safely. VII of), breathing; respiration. Lelet-hely, n. place ot dis(fig.) courage: lelket ont Lelekzet,(-et, -e), n. breath: covery;placeuwheresomething bele, instil courage (in); in- - vesz, breathe; take breath; is found: home: (bot.) habspirewith courage: lelketad, respire: elfll a ~e, get out itat. animate;inspirit;rouse. VIII of breath; be spent: alig Lelet-tar, n. inventory. lelkem! edes lelkem! 1 my gyozi ~tel, be out of breath. Lel-hely, n. = lelet-hely. darling! 2 my dear fellow! ~-vetel, n. = lelekzes. Lelkendez, (-tem, -ett), v. IX (fig.) spirit; animation; Lelekz(ik), (-ett), v. i. i. gasp for breath; breathe energy.X (fig.)vminek lelke, breathe; respire. heavily; pant: ~ve, out of best part (of). XI other Lelekzo, adj. breathing; breath; panting. phrases: egy sziv, egy, for breathing: ~ cso, -lg- Lelkendez6s, (-t, -e), n. hand and glove: egy szivvel, cs6: kesziil6k, respirator. gasping for breath; heavy ~kel unanimously: szivvel Lelem6ny, (-t, -e), n. (fig.) breathing; panting. (testtel)-~kel, testesttil-lel- inventiveness; inventive fac- Lelkes,(-en), adj. I spirited; kestiil, heart and soul; thor- ulty; ingenuity; invention; animated; eager: lively. II oughly. ~-ad6, adj. (poet.) resource. enthusiastic; ardent; zealinspiring; animating. ~- Lelemenyes, (-en), adj. in- ous; fervent (admirer). III allapot, n. state of mind. ventive; (man) of invention; warm (reception); enthusias~-buvar, n. psychologist; never at a loss (for exped- tic: rapt; ecstatic. psychologue.~-deriult,(-en), ients); ingenious; sharp; Lelkesed6s, (-t, -e), n. enadj. in good spirits; cheerful. resourceful. thusiasm (for): ardour; ~-emelo, (-en), adj. stir- Lelemenyessg, (-et, -e), zeal; fervour:rapture; exring; stimulating; moving; n. I = lelemeny. II resource- ultation; ecstasy. rousing: sublime (sight) fulness. Lelkesed(ik), (-tem, -ett), 0*

Page  20 Lelkesit v. i. be enthusiastic (about); be an ardent supporter (or admirer) glow (with enthusiasm); go into raptures: show enthusiasmt (for). Lelkesit, (-ett), v. t. I aniimate; encourage inspirit: inspire (poet). II fill with enthusiasm; make enthusiastic; fire; rouse. IIII incite; egg (on). Lelkesit6, adj. animating; encouraging; (words) of encouragement; inspiring (example); firing; rousing: inciting. Lelkesiil, (-ter, -t), v. i. = lelkesed(ik). Lelkesiiles, (-t, -e), ln. lelkesedes. Lelkesiilt, (-en), adj, - lelkes 11.,elkesiiltls6e, (-et, -e), n. = lelkesedes. Lelkesz, (-ek, -t, -e), n. clergyman: (Prot.) minister: (Cath.) priest: chaplainl (vulg.) parson. Lelkeszi, adj. a clergyman's: priestly: hlivatal, priestly office: lak, parsonage; vicarage; rectory: (Scotch) manse. Lelk6szked(ik), (-tern, -ett), v. i. act as clergyman; be in orlders: be a clergyman. Lelk6szsejl. (-et, -e), n. I priestly o/fice. II the clergy (t. sz.). Lelketlen, (-til), adj. I heartless; cruel ruthless: unfeeling; soulless. II unscrupulous; unconscientiols. Lelketleitses, (-et, -e), n. I heartlessness; cruelty; ruthlessness; un feelingness; want of feeling. II unscrupulousness; unconscientiousness (often to be translated by corresponding adjective,. Lelki, (-leg, adj. I spiritual: mental: ~ kin, mental agony; nagysfig, greatness or mind: - rokon, spiritually akin; congenial: ~(leg) szegeny, poor-spirited: poor in m2ind. II psychic (for compounds see in Vocabulary). ~-fillal)ot, n. state (frame) o: minld..-alt ya, n. spiritual adviser: olther confessor. ~beteg, adj. deralnged (in mindI). ~-blete!lseg, n. mental derangement. _-er6, n. mental power; rigour of mind(. _-ftijdalom, n. grief (of mind): mental agony; anguish. ~-furdatlas, n. qualmns of conscience; compunction. _-gy( ny6r, n. ecstasy. ~-har'Cz, n. mental struggle. — ismeret, (-et, -e), n. conscience. ~-ismeretbeli, adj. (question) of conscience; (matter) for the conscience. -ismeletes, (-en), adj. conscientious; scrupulous. — ismeretesseg, (-et, -e), n. conscientiousness; scrupulousness. ~-ismeretlen, (-ul), adj. unscrupulous; unconscientious. ~-ismeretlenseg, (-et, -e), n. unscrupulousness; unconscientiousness. ~-mardosfs, n. = lelkifurdalds. _-nyugalom, n. peace of mind: calmness; sangfroid. ~-pasztor, n. == lelkesz. _-sotetse(J, n. darkness of the mind. — tchetsel, n. mental capacity: intellectual powers (t. sz.); mental faculty.,-iidv, n. salvation; spiritual welfare. _-valosgq, n spiritual being. ~-vigasz, n. (spiritual) com ort. Lelkii, suffix. -minded: nagy,, magnanimous: j6~, of good uill; kindly: egyenes -, straight obrward; ingenuous open; frtank: gonosz -, evil-minded; wricked: gyenge (ingatag), fickle; inconstant. Lelkiilet, (-et, -e), n. frame ot mind; dispo.sition; temper. Lelkiisfg, (-et, -e), n. suffix, -mindedness: (see compounds in Vocabulary). Le-, prefix. _-lotsol, v. t. sprinkle (with); besprinkle; moisten: throw rwater over: Le-lInelIs bedashl. ~-16g, v. i. hanly (down); be suspended (from); dangle. ~-loild, v. i. I (of swelling) sn/.,ifde; decrease; go dowln: abate. II (of fire) die out; smouldter; smolder:; go out expire. _-lohaszt, v. t. I decrease te; t; dim. inish; reduce (swelling). 11 (fig.) cool (ardour); damp ~-1op1)6dzik), v. i. steal down; go dolwn stealthily' slink down. ~-Iovagol, v. i. ride down (to). -16, A. v. t. shoot (down}. B. v. i. 1 fire down (into). II aim dloiwnwards. Lel6-hely, n. = lelet-hely. Le-16k, v. t. I push down: thrust dotln. II push over: knock over; knock down7 upset. Leltar, (-ok, -t, -a), n. in., ventory; stock. ~-k6nyvv n. stock book. Leltaroz, (-tam, -ott), v. t, (comm.) take stock; stock take: take an inventory (of) itemise. Leltariozas, (-t, -a), n. (comm.) stock-taking: tak ing an inventory (of); in ventory: itemising. Le-, prefix. — mar, v. t. I bite off; gnaw off; tear o/ (with teeth). II eat away I corrode., —sllilad, v. i. be left behind; fall behind. I1 be outstripped: plalp second fiddle. IIl [vonatr6]) miss (train). — miaril, v. t. = le-mar 11. — lnasol, v, t. copy make a copy o. ~masolas, n. copying (of). _-inasz(ik), v. i. cree'l down; cral:l dowcn; scrambli doiwn: climb dozn. ~- megy, (see megy), v. i. I go doiwn, descend (from): (kocsiri) drive down (to). II (of sun) set. III go aiway (from); get off; get doiwn (from). IV come off: come out. V sink (into). VI be deducted (from price); be taken off. VII (of price) fall; decline; be going down. _-melyit. v, t. deepen. _-menes, i,

Page  21 jiong down;descent. — Meniet, A. (-et. e), -n I lewenes. LI settinq (of sun) niap lementekor, at sunset. III wcay down sB. adv. on the wcay dotsnu -iienni, intin. see leboe/y...-nieM-), adj. I qjoinf down; descendittt(J LI (In eg) descendinq (line). III setting (sun): -ben van a nap, the sun is settinq. IV. Jdlin (prices). _-ment((M), see le-mnegy..-Iner' v. t measure (off): weigh. -cineit. v. t. I take off; take away. LI submerge; immerse; plunge (uinder water) -sink; (luck. -rinepiil, v. i. sink: dive (in water); plunge. _-ineszsirlas, n. massacre (of) butchery. -n1w6szdu-01, v. t. massacre; butcher; put to the swtord. ~-rnletsz, v. t. cut off; chop off'; hew off. Lemez, (-ek, -t, -a), n. plate (ot metal): lanzina,; lamel(la); sheet; leaf'. — ara~ny, n. gold leaf; golsi foil. - c1ssipfiak,' n. pi. lainellicorni (t. sz.) — cs6vii tiuidar, n. (zool.) screamer (bird). Lemezes, (-en), adj. I in plates; in sheets; in leaves. I I lauseilijorus laisellar lamoellary. Leiue(-Z-rnosz-at, n. (zool.) sea girdle. Lernez-pnapir(os), n. cardboard. Lemez-vas, in. plate iron. Le-, prefix. _-misitdz, v. t, osodel; make a nmodlel o; (copyI. ~-rmond, A. v. t. cancel (appointment);put off (dinner): ask to be excused. B. v. i. vmnl` -, resign(post); renou ne (claim); fiorego; waive (privilege) f/ice up (right) abandon (hope) t elsnqussh (possessian) (sabdicate (horn throne); desist (from claim); withdr aw cutrrendler: qiv'e up (a sick person). -monsd,n. I resiqnatiou (of) reinuncitiotnoi wirinOt 55; qisv ing op; abandonment; relienqutshsny abdicatiou (of monarch); desisletue (frons); ivithdivatl at s it teulers (of claim). II (fig.) restiqoatiots; sttbinision (tLajttiescence. III lettet at ap)ologyf; ecvcttse (for not buimg abile to caine). -imonde), ad'. n-le vhi, ~-le-ionodds 1/ILrniovzst!od(ik), v. i. cetunble (away); breesk zip (of task etc.) cotne gradutally tt) (Sn end. _-Mor1ZSol v. t. crunible atrayt; crutnble to pieces; svear awray: (fig.) get through, (anyhow);drawvl out: drttdge asway (tinse) labour throttgh. _-M0rzs0 -16d(ik), v. i. le-7norzsdilid(ik). — mos, v. t. I wash,; clean; make clean. LI trash of': swash/ivotya (stains). Ill wcear ateny (by attrition); wvash away. _-niosils, n. I wrashing (of); cleaning weasht. II tashisg off; wcashing away. III attrition; detrition. — mosogat, v. t. wcash; swash up (plates). _-n1Sosogtats, n. twashting (up). _-mosolyog, V. t. make fta ot; ridicule; sneer at. _-Mozdonyoz, (-tam, -Ott), V. t. dissoitnt (gunl) stnlimb er. Len, (-t, -je), n. fiax: -bo~l, vall, flaxets; lineit. Lhiihrt, (-ot), proper n. Leonard. Letn-6tztaihs, a. retting; ro-atting. n. rettery; rettiniJ. Len-buga. n. husk of linseed. Lmesise, (-kt, -6je), -n. I (hot.) lentil: vad -, common retch. II (optical) letss: gyiijtfi -, Fresnel tens: sz6rh -, dispersing lens. _ alakf], adj. lens-shaped; lenticular. Lenezi, (-t), proper n. Lanrence. Lenidek, n. ==lednek. Lendit, (-ettem, -ett), v. t. I set in inotiott set inoring; Lenges start; set going. II fssrther; protinote; give an impulse to: sokat -a dolgon, be a great hell);be of great assistance (in) m tak~e thsisgs msove; be of geeati tise (in); make things hume; itiprove mnattees greatly. Lendlitio, adj.- deszka, spriny-board: -er8, centrifttgal force: usotive force: k lerfik, fly-swheel. Lenidiil,' (em, -t), V. i. begin to move: get set in motion: progress; adilvesice; toeske head tay: svibrate; oscillate. Lendlilet, (-et, -e), a. I string; nsotion; meosemtentum. LI (fig.) impetuus; imsputlse; rise; growth; vigotsr; force: flight (of fancy): energy: -et vesz, l= endril. Leiididletes, (- en), adj. (fig.) impetutouts; imptslsive; vligorouss; ensergyetic; brisk highs-floson (style); soaring. n. impetusousness: imp etuotss etc. cisaracter or nature (of: see lendiiletes). Le-nern-foidithato, adj. untranslatable. Le-n~z, A. v. i. look down (tram). 13. v. t. look down uspon:disdains despise; scorn; sight; disparage. Le-nhzes, n. (fig.) disdain; contenspt, scarns; disparagemnent. Le-n~z6, (-en), adj. contensptiuous; disdaisfnl; sliglttissg; disparaging; scornfusl. Len-iondi, n. I hsarl (filament). II (linen) thread. Lenqg. (-ett), v. i. (of flag) wvave; flitstter; float: (of pendulum) siring: (of wind) bloai; saughs. Lenge, (-en), adj. lighst; slyght: tracing; fluttering: sleisder (figure); slim: (fig.).fickle; flighty; wcanton. Lengedez, (-ett), v. i. frequentative of leng (q. v.). Leng6s, (-t, -e), a. traving; fltstterinsg: rvinging (of

Page  22 Lengeseg,-2 pendulum): blowing (of knife (staf#, or wand). a - wind). 'vszoii, n. linen. LeIIneseg, (-et, -e), n. light L6ny, (-ek, -t, -e), n. being: etc. character or nature (of:(plil.) entity: person: elo ~, see lenge). liring being: 6rtelmes ~, 1. Lenget, (-tern, -ett), v. t. intellectual being: 2. intelwave; flutter: swing: blow. ligent person. Lengeteg, adj. = lenge. Le-, prefix. ~-nyakaz, Lenget6s, (-t, -e), n. wav- (-ott), v. t. = le-fejez. - ing; fluttering; swinging. nyakaztat, (-tam, -ott), Lengo, adj. waving; flut- v. t. have (someone) betering; floating: swinging headed (or executed). (pendulum). nyal, v. t. lick off: clean Lengyel, A. (-ek, -t), n. (by licking); lick (sore). Pole. B. (-ill), adj. Polish. Leyeg, (-et, -e), n. essence; Lengyeles, (-en), adj. substance (of story); gist (of Polonaise; Polonese. question); pith: essentials Lengyelke, (6et), n. (mus.) (t. sz.):,ebenj substantially; Polonaise. in substance: a dolog ~ehez Lengyelorszag, (-ot), tartozik, be an essential proper n. Poland. point (in); be an essential Len-haj, n. flaxen hair. part of. Len-haju, adj. flaxen- Lenyeges, (-en), adj. eshaired. sential; all-important; in-XLenia, (-ht, -aja), n. ruler. dispensable; vital; material Lenka, (-at), Lenke, (-et), (difference). proper, n. Maud. Lenyegileg, adv. = lenyeLen-, prefix, -mInag, lin- geben (see ldnyeg). seed. ~-mag-olaj, n. lin- Lenyegtelen, (il),adj. unseed oil. ~-mfiveles, n. important; unessential; imcultivation of flax; flax- material; trifling (differgrowing. ence).,enn, adv. (down) below: Le-, prefix. ~-nyel, v. t. downstairs. swallow (douwn); absorb: Lenne, Lennek, etc., see (fig.) swcallow (insult); pocklesz and van. et; put up with. — nyerLenni, infin. (see lesz and gel, v. t. unsaddle; unvan). I be: exist: bekevel, harness.,-nyes, v. t. lop be quiet; keep quiet. II vmi- (tree): prune (plant).,ve ~, become; get (sour): nyilaz, v. t. shoot down turn (into): grow (strong) (with arrow); lay low. - wax (hot). III for various nyir, v. t. cut (hair); cut tenses and moods see In- off: cut the hair off. ~-nyitroduction. ras, n. hair-cutting; hairLenniink, see lesz and van. cut. ~-nyiratkoz(ik), v. i. Len-, prefix. -szinii, adj. get (one's) hair cut; have flaxen (coloured),,-szo- (one's) hair cut. ~-nyom, vet, n. linen; cambric: v. t. I press dolwn: (vulg.) (legfinomabb) lawn; lace. squash. II throw; get (one).-szovo, A. n. fax-spinner. down. III depress (prices). B. adj. ~ mihely, flax mill. IV impress; imprint: make Lent, adv. = lenn. a copy of: take an impresLentebb,adv.far ther dorn; sion of. ~-nyomas, n. I lowier down. pressing down (of); squashLen-, prefix.,-termeles, ing. II throwling. III depresn. = len-mi7veles. -til6,.- sion (of prices). IV = leto6r6,n. brake (instrument); nyomat A. ~-nyomat, A. swingle; scutcher; swingling (-ot, -a), n. impression; Le-ont cop!; model: (oil) print: rough prolo (of type); galle! pro0l. B. v. t. h1ave (sonmething) copied; have ai, impression (print) of (somlething)taken. ~-nyomtat, v. t. priint. ~-nyugoclni, -- nyugodt(am), see lenyugsz(ik). ~-nyugsz(ik), v. i. I retire to rest; go to bed. II (of sun) set; be setting. _-nyugvas, n. I retiring to rest. II setting (of sun). -nyujt, v. t. I hand (dolwn); reach (doiwn). II stretch out (downwards). ~nyul, v. i. stretch; reach (downwards); stretch out (one's) hand. -nyul(ik), v. i. I stretch (as far down as); reach (to). II hang downwards (to); project; protrude; jut; beetle (of rock). ~-nyuz, v. t. Iflay (animal); skin. II (a fejbort ~za), scalp. III (fig.) fleece. nyiigoz, v. t. = le-igdz. ~-okad, v. t. be sick over; bespeiw. ~-old(oz), v. t. I undo; untie; unfasten; loosen: ungirdle. II set afloat (a boat). ~-olvad, v. i. I thaw: run off (by melting). II melt: (fig.) decrease; diminish. ~-olvas, v. t. I read (from high place). II read off text):count(money). ~-olvaszt, v. t. I thaw (snow etc.); melt. II melt dowln (leaf lard); liquefy. ~-oml(ik), v. i. fall in; collapse (and see le-do5l). ~Leopard, (-ot), n. (zool.) leopard. Leopold, (-ot), proper n. Leopold. Le-, prefix, -oblit, v. t. rinse (mouth): wash (dish); clean. ~-oi, v. t. I kill; murder; put to death. II slaughter (animal): stick (pig); kill. ~-old6s, v. t. (frequentative of le-6l): slaughter; butcher; nmassacre (one by one). ~-int, v. t. I pour (down): pour off. II pour (something) over; baste (meat): forr6 vizzel,

Page  23 Le6nties 23 Le-piszkol scald: vizzel ~, throw water Lep-baj, n. (med.) spleen; Le-pereg, v. i. I trickle on; drench: water. III (for- hypochondriasis; hypochon- dolwn; trickle off: run of; maba ~), cast. ~-ont6s, n. dria. II roll off: roll away. lIt cast. ~-ontiz, v. t. frequ- Lepcses, A. (-t, -e), n. I (fig.) elapse; pass away (of entative of le-ont I. ~- (vnlg.) mouth. B. (-en), adj. time). 6r61, v. t. I grind (a cer- I dirty; filthy: sluttish. 1I Le-perzsel, v. t. singe (off); tain quantity). II (fig.) rattle slovenly; untidy; careless. (of sun) parch. off: get through (task). L6peso, (-t, -je), n. I stairs Lepes, (-en), adj. I = lepLep, (-tem, -ett), v.t. I cover, (t. sz.); staircase: (outside) koros. II limed; limy; II = be-lep, el-lep, meg-lep. steps (t. sz.): csiga, spiral viscouz. III in the comb: LUp, A. (-et, -e), n. I (med.) staircase: hhtuls6 ~, back mez, honey comb. milt; spleen. II (honey-) stairs: szabad ~, steps: n Lepes, (-ek,-t, -e), n. I step; comb. III bird-lime; lime; fel, (go) upstairs: ~n le, pace: csakpair re van, it is -re megy, -re keriil, fall downstairs. II = lpcso-fok. only a few steps away: roil into a trap; be ensnared; be III(fig.lstepping-stone.~ ok, -re, step by step; gradually; hooked; be taken in: ~re n. stair; step. -flordul6,n. gyors ~ekkel, rapidly; csal, ensnare; inveigle; ca- landing. ~-haz, n. staircase. with rapid strides: futo ~, jole; take in. B. (-tern,-ett), ~-korlit, n. banisters (t. (a) runm: ~t halad (~t tart, v. i. I walk; step; go: sz.); (outside) balustrade. -ben szalad), vkivel, keep march: nagyokat ~, stride; L6pcs6nkent, adv. step by pace (with); keep up (with) - make long strides. II f6lre step. [stairs). ~t megy, iwalk slowly; pace;,trip; stumble: (fig.) make Lepcs6-szak, n. flight (of trot (riding): elveti a ~t, a slip; lapse: vkinek helye- Lepcs6zet, (-et, -e), n. I trip; stumble: gyorsitja be ~, take the place o,; re- = lepcs6-hdz. II stairs; ~eit, mend (one's) pace. II place; supplant: vmely itra steps (t. sz.). III gradation. korma'nyra -, accession (to, enter (a certain) path or L6pcs6zetes, (-en), adj. I power); succession (to road: nyomaba se het, not terraced (garden). II (fig.) throne): a hazba, entrance to be compared to; cannot gradual; graduated. (into house). III (fig,) ~eket hold a candle to: trhnra -, LUpdeg9l, L6pdel, (-tern, tesz, take steps (on behalf ascend (the throne); succeed: -t), v. i. strut; stalk; march of); act; move: torv6nyes szinpadra ~, enter the acting (leisurely); stride: aprokat ~eket tesz, take legal measprofession; join the stage:, trip. ures; take aetion (against). egyessegre ~, make a cornm- Lepe, n. = lepke. L6pes-mez, n. see lepes promise: make a composition Le-pecsetel, v. t. seal 11I. (with creditors); make an (down); seal up. Lepest, adv. at a walk: agreement (with): frigyre Leped6k, (-et, -e), n. in- (ride) at a trot: leisurely. (szovetsegre) -, make an crustation:fur (on tongue). Lepesnyi, adj. husz -, (a alliance: hazassagia -, Leped6kes, (-en), adj. distance) of twenty paces: contract a marriage: be furred (tongue). harmincz re, thirty paces married (to): osszekotte- Lepedo, (-t, -je), n. sheet: (yards) off: (carry) thirt? tesbe, get into connection vkire rateriti a vizes ~, yards. (with); communicate (with): score (one) off; snub: pull L6p-fene, n. (med.)leprosy; enter into relations (with). (someone) up short: pay (a lepra. III = be-lep. person) back in (his) own Lep-fenes, adj. (med.) Le-, prefix. ~-parlas, n. coin. leprous. distillation..-parlaszt, v. Lepeget, (-ternm, -ett), v. i. Le-, prefix. ~-pihen, v. i. t. distill. ~-pdrlo, adj. = lUpdegel. - le-nyugsz(ik). ~pikkedistilling; distillatory (ves- Lepel, (leplek,leplet,leple), lyez, (-ternm, -ett), v. t. unsel). ~-pdrol, v. t. distill. n. I cover: (bed) coverlet; scale; remove the scales of. ~-pattan, v. i. I crack off; counterpane. II wvrapper; * -pillant, v. i. look down; break off; come off; fly off; wrap: veil (of statue1. III glance down; take a look rebound (off); recoil. II wrap; cape: cloak. IV (fig.) (down; into). ~-pirongat, jump off; spring down veil; cloke; cloak; cover: v. t. give (someone) a good (from). ~-pattant, v. t. az ej leple alatt, under scolding; haul over the coals; crack off; break off. — pat- cover of the night: lehullt a take to task; give (one) a tog, ~-patto9z(ik), v. i. ~, the secret is out. good talking to; reprimand. crack off; break off; come Lep6ny, (-t, -e), n. (a kind.-piszkol, v. t. (fig.) Ioff; fly off. of) cake, le-pirongat. II denounce;

Page  24 Le-pisszeqet $ Le-1oh ta backbite: disparoage; pickF Lp-rig6, (zool.) miissel uns.ipient. I (lrepoit. IV to pieces; abuse; decry. -- bird; missel thrush; mis- laIinq (of fotlldatiol). V pisszeget, v. t. hiss (to tletoe thrush: mnissel. laying down (of lrms): strsilence): silence. Llete, L6ptek,n.(pl.) used re(nder. ~-rI'l6dils, n. - Lepke, (-6k, -Bt, -6je), n. with suffixes only (= Ie- le-rakds -I11. _-rak6 -(zool.) moth; butterfly. - ps): gyors leptekkel, with d(ik), v. i. I = le-rak 1. 11 fog6, n. butterfly net. rapid strides; rapidly. be eposited settle. II (of LJpked, (-tem, -ett), v. i. Leptek, (-et, -e), n. I (mus.) foundation) be laid. _-rI(al= pdegdl. scale. II measure (= mertek). k6d6, A. n. steredore. B. Lep-keny6r, n. beebread. Lepten-nyomon, adv. at adj. for unloading: hlely, Lepk6sz, (-tern, -ett), v. i. every step; continually. wharff. — rakos!lat, v. t. catch butterflies. Leptet, (-tern, -ett), v. t. frequentative of le-rak ILep-k6r, n. (med.) spleen; and i. walk; pace: -ve, at II (q. v.) implying a gradual hypochondriasis; hypo- a walk; walking. or interrupted process: chondria. Lepuiffant, Lepuskiz, keep putting down, etc. Lep-koros, adj. hypo- (-ott), v. t. shoot (down). raiczia(l, ~-ranqat, v. chondriac(al). Lep-vessz6, n. lime-twig. t. (frequentative) pull down; Leple, Leplet, see lepel. Lep-vesz, n. (med.) lep- keep pulling down; lug Leplez, (-ter, -ett), v. t. I rosy; lepra. down; drag down; haul cover; cover over. II (fig.) Le-, prefix. ~-rag, v. t. down: snatch (from). - veil; hide; disguise (in- gnaw off; pick (off). ~-ra- raint, v. t. I le-rdnczigdl. tention): palliate (fault); (Jad, A. v. i. I stick; be II pull off: vkinek alarczAt gloss over; cloak, stuck; get stuck: adhere. II ~ja, unmask. III (fig.) pick Leplezetlen, (-iil), adj. (of eyes) close; be closed; to pieces; censure; severely open; undisguised; frank; shut. III be dumlfounded; be criticise (work);?run down; blunt; unreserved; undis- paralysed (with fear). IV t cut tup: pitch into (someone); sembling: evident (surprise): a nyelve, words fail (him); take to task. ~-lraz, v. t. I unvarnished (truth): iil, remain speechless; be struck shake off (from): throw off. bluntly; frankly; unreserv- dumb. B. v. t. snatch down II (fig.) shake off (yoke): edly. (from); pluck: snatch away; get rid of (person). III shake Leplezget, (-tem, -ett), v. snatch off: grab. ~-r'a- down (to bottom). ~-rent. frequentative of leplez (q. qaszt, v. t. stick; stick del, v. t. I send for; order v.): attempt to veil etc. down; fasten: close (letter). (someone) to come down. II* Leplezve, adv. secretly; _-ragyog, v. i. shine down countermand. ~-r-eped(ez), (tslk) in proverbs. (from). _-rajzol, v. t. I v. i. come off; crack off; Le-, prefix. — pocskol, (-t), draiw; paint (portrait of); fall off. -rlepeszt,v.t.c'rack ~-pocskondiaz, (-ott), v. delineate; sketch: make a off; break off. ~-replil, v. t. (vulg.) take to task; haul planl of. II (fig.) describe; i.flyl dorn.~-rseszcged(ik), over the coals; pitch into. - give a description ort; pot — v. i. le-reszegsz(ik). ~por'l(ik), v. i. break up; tray (scene). -l'ajzolas, lrszegit, v. t. = le-itat. crumble (to pieces); crumble n. I drawling (of); painting; ~-resze sz(ik), — reszeto dust. -ptolIol, ~-porioz, picture; delineation; sketchl: g(il, (-t), v. i. get drunk. -- v. t. dust: beat (carpet): plan. II (fig.) description; l'eszel, v. t. I file of(from): brush. — pottyan, ~-po- picture; portrayal.,-lraj- grate off; rub off. II file tyoJ, v. i. I fall with a zol6dik, v. i. be traced dow n: file alcay. -ri, v. i. crash; clatter down: fall (against); appear; (of high I be conspicuous; be evidsuddenly; drop (unexpect- object) loom; be outlined. - ent (at a glance). II vkir61 edly). II fall doiwn plump rak, v. t. I put down; set -, sit badly on (of clothes); (into);flop (into). down. II unload (goods); not suit. ~-r6, v. t. disLepo, A. adj. stepping; unpack; discharge (from charge (debt); settle; pay: pacing (particularly with boat); disembark; land (fig.) fulfil (duty); do: atone adverbs). *B. (-k, -t, -je), n. (caIgo); unship. III deposit for (sin). ~-robotol, v. t. (gramm.) spondee. (sediment). IV lay (found- pa-y off (by hard work); Le-pok, v. t. and i. - le- ation). V lay down (arms); work off. ~-rogy, v. i. colkop. rperzsel. surrender.,-lrakis, n. I lapse; drop; sink; fall (into Le-porkol, v. t. = le- puttin dotting nsetting down. chair). ~-rohad, v. i. rot Leppentyu, (-t, -je), n. = II unloading; unpacking; off;falloff (by putrefaction). lebeny. idischarge; landing (of cargo); -rohan, v. i. rush down

Page  25 Le-r~orbo1 (lash slown thdart dlou.it (to). _-s'osssbol, V. t. I demolish, (building); pull do wnt knock dowrn (wvall) (1di5 -Oltantil(fortress):riaze(towni). II (fig.) (lest coy; ruin (hmappiness):spoil (pleasure) inar blight; crush. -~-roiut, v. t. I le-rolubol. II (fig.) s~poil (effect) 'nieutralise dissappoin 11(hopes); frinstrate: ba/fl~e; balk (plan). _ i'oskad, v. i. I le-rogyl. 11 jidl to pieces; crulmble: tall i( llbreak lup. III sucecIImlb (to). ~-r-othad, v. i. -le-rohad..-sr6tt, adj. (see le-rd4): (debt) paid: (duty) done. _-sovds, n. I paymlent (of debt); settlemeat: fnljilsnent (of duty): atonement (for sin). II (comm.) (liscollnt. Les, A. (-t, -e), n. ambush; amsbuscad~e: lurking place (hunting) standl: -ben 'all, lie in alablush; lie in wtait (for): _t vet (hhlny) vkinek, (cal/lay; set a flap for; ensnare; -be esik, be?raylaiti. B. (-tern, -ett), v. t. I lie in wait /01; (watch for; be on the look-oat for: caylay. II satacl; keep an eye on. III esak -_d! yost still hate a long time to wcaitl azt ugyan -heti! you are not likels to get if; it is only a scaste of' time. L'e-, prefix. _'-sajndl, v. t. showv a contemptuouspitfyor; poke fuan at; make fani of. -s-anyas-t, adj. r-tcked (body); mollified. — sai16z, v. t. cat down (with sickle). — setjlit, v. t. I help (Iowa; help (someone) to get down; gice (one) a hand. II hl~ep to take off (or down); help to remove. L~esekedks, Le-sekecl(ik), = leselkedis, leselked(ik).,elselkedds, (-t, -e), n. wailing in ambush; lying in ivail (for): lurking: ambuscade. Lesel~ked(ik), (-tern, -ett) v. i. I wait in ambush; lie i15 isailt vkire -, wcaylay; clmlibuhsh ad55((ow5 (one(,); dog the tootsteps oJ'. Ilic(atds; be on the scotch; be on t/se lookosItt (f or): bi de (o pp o rtuni ty). Leselked6, A. (-k, -t), nI. wa~tciher; lssrler;alltbusheir. B. adj. lctstching; liurking 015 tile sratclh. Le-seper, v. t. I ssceep away! swveep ofg f (lons) ssceep;brshsi. II (fig.) carry offT; carlry ascay; teal- ascay; ssceep assag; bear away. Le-shtfil, v. i. walk doscn (to). Le~s-hiely, n. =: les A. Le-, prefix. — siet, v. 1. hssrry docn; hastess (to get) dowcn; run dossn. — sikal, v. t. -= le-surol..-sikam1(1k),.-sikl(ik), v. i. slip doscn; glide docn: slide doscn; slip off: (fig.) de si ate (from riglst way). — simit, v. t. smootis (dowcn); make smooth..-sii-uil, v. i. become smnooths; become esven susbside; abate. Lesi-pisskfts, n. (vulg.) poacher. Leskelod(ik), v. i. leselked(ik). Le-, prefix. _-sodoi-, v. t. sasis ascay; cas-ry ascay; swseep aray. _-sovanyit, v. t. emnaciate; make thin; make lean: (of disease) waste: (of cure) reduce corplllence. _-sovuanyod(lk), v. i. become lean (ortliin); emaciate! fiall off: (caste awayl; lose flesh; lose wteight. csacar. — sulltrz~k), v. i. I ==le-r-agyog. II arczk'rhl a boldogsa'g, isis face is beaming sitill happiness. _ Suijt, v. t. I cast doswn; depress; dejectl; dispirilt dishearten; iveigh, down. II (of lightning) strike. III crissh; blight: -6 pillanths, look o~f scorn: h6 kritika, lamning criticism. _-suny, (-t), V. t. dnck (head): bend: bowr. ss~roI, V. t. scru1b; scour. _M V. i. I. buran; get Lesz, Le'z bal-ned. II get sulsblsrls; be brons~ed; gelt tannledl. _-siilyIyetl, — sifllyeszt, lesid1,ed, le-sidyeszl..-s-Si 1yed, v. i. I sisk; go doscs; go to the bottom. II (of ship) fosnder-. III (fig.) sink; degenertate: lose castse come slown. ~-sfilyeszt, v. t. sink; cause to disk; submerge; (fig.) cast down (eyes) h isnsg (head). supped, v. i, I fiall in; piull; gice stay. II sink (into); fall (in); slsanp. Atl, A. v. i. shine (downwards); cast (its) beamas. B. v' t. I singe; singe off: (of sun) parch. II (fig.) cast doswn (eyes) h iang (head) bosv: -tt szemmel, witis doscncast eyes. Lestz, LUsz, 3. person sing. f tt. (> Ilalsi) I. still be: ha phnzemnl scshen 1 (shall) isace some snoney. II vmliv6 -,beconse: tusrn (into): grow (feeble): wsax (strong): semmivh -, come to nollght; be destl-oyed; be sannihilated: papph -, become a 'priest; lake orders: katonsavail euler thse army. III vmihh~l (vinssv) ~, be made (into); be Ins-ned ~into): change (to) dec~elop (into). IV mi -ebhill? chatu still be the end of (it)? hsow still (it all) end? hov/s legyek? sc/al sisall 1 do? h ovh legyfink? swisat silall ste do IV rajta -ek, I still do my best (to); I svill see (that): 1 shall leave no stose, sinturned. VI hovhlett...? schat isas become oft... mi _ belhiem.? schat is to become of me I nem tudom, hogy mi lett heldile, I do not knosv uhat has happened to him (schat has become of him). VII lennbk, (leunnei, lenne, lenniink, lennhtek, lennbnek); should be; wtould be: (if you) svere etc: egy megjegyzehsem lenne, there is one observation I should like to make: ha itt lettd'l volna, had you

Page  26 Lesza been here: ha annyi penzem lenne, if I had the money. Lesza, (-at, -aja), n. I fence; trellis: hurdle. II litter: stretcher. Le-, prefix.,-szab, v. t. I cut off; hew off: cut away. II cut (clothes). — szaggat, v. t. tear off; wrench off (frequentative of leszakit); rip off. — szakad, v. i. I be torn off: break off; snap; tear. II collapse; fall in; give way: break down. ~-szakaszt, ~-szakit, v. t. I pull off; break off; snap; pluck off. II pluck (flower). ~-szalad, v. i. run down: (fig.) slip down. ~-szall, v. i. I alight (from horse); dismount: get down; (of bird etc.) light; fly down: perch. II get out (of carriage, train etc.); leave (the train). IIl descend (from hill): go down (into). IV (of sediment) settle. V sink. VI dive (into water); plunge. VII (of prices) fall; drop. VIII put up (at hotel); stop. IX (of sun) set. ~-szallas, n. Ile-menet. II alighting (from horse); dismounting. I [Ifall (of prices); reduction. IV putting up (at hotel). V settling (of sediment). VI diving; dive. — szallit, v. t. I send down; carry (down); convey; transport: take down; drive (one) down (to). II make (someone) get down (or off): order (one) to dismount: help (someone) off (his horse); help to alight: give a hand to: make (one) get out (of train): dismount. III reduce (price); lower: abate (taxes): moderate (claims): mitigate (conditions). IV - a magas 16r61, take (someone) down; make (someone) climb down. ~szallitfs, n. I sending down: conveyance; carriage; transport. II reduction (of price); lowering: abatement: moderation; mitigation. -szAfllitott, adj. reduced (price). szall6, adj. I- le-meneo. II ~ hely, halt (of tram etc.). — szamaraz, (-ott), v. 1. call (someone) an ass. - szmrlit, v. t. deduct; take off; discount; abate: ~v, less (10~o discount). ~-szAimitas, n. deduction: discount; abatement. ~-sztimitol, (-t), v. t. (comm.) discount (bill). -szamnitolfs, n. (comm.) discounting (of bills): c dija, discount (charged). ~-szamnitolo, adj. (comm.) discount; discounting: ~bank, discount bank: ~ haz, clearing house: jegyz6k, discount note: ~ figylet, discount transaction: discount brokerage..-sz'fmail, v. t. count out. ~-szamol, A. v. t. I -- le-szdmit. II (comm.) = le-szdmitol. III = le-szdmldl. B. v. i. I = be-szdmol. II vki-el ~, settle accounts (with); have it out (with); square accounts (with). ~-szatmolas, n. I = le-szdmitds, leszdmitolds, le-szamldlts. II (fig.) settling of accounts; squaring of accounts. ~-szapul, v. t. = le-hord IV. — szarmazas, n. (lineal) descent; (high) extraction birth: derivation (of word): origin..-szarmaz(ik), v. i. be descended (from); descend (from); come (of): (of word) be derived; derive. ~-szarmaz6, (-k, -t, -ja), n. descendant; offspring: ~k, posterity; issue; ofspr ing; descendants (t. sz.). ~-szairmaztat, v. t. trace (one's) origin (to); trace (one s) descent (from): derive (word). ~-szavaz, A. v. i. vote. B. v. t. outvote; defeat (government): reject (motion). ~szavazas, n. I outvoting; defeat (of ministry): rjection (of motion). II voting; vote: (Eng.) division (in Parliament). ~-szavaztat, v. t. let (someone) vote; Le-szok(ik) canvass; take the vote of: (Engl. Parliament) divide. ~-szed, v. t. I take down (from). II take off (one by one); pick off: pluck (fruit). III take off (cream); remove: ~i a tejfolt, skim the milk: (fig.) monopolise the best part (of); take the best part of. IV clear (table): take in (sails); reef. V vkit labar6l,(fig.) get over (someone); get round; coax (round). - szedeget, v. t. frequentative of le-szed I —II (q. v.): keep taking down etc. ~sz6diil, v. i. fall in a faint (a swoon); get giddy and fall down. ~-szeig, v. t. I cut off (in slices). II throw; floor: knock down: trip (up). III hold down (head). IV hantg (head); droop (wings). ~-szegez, v. t. nail; nail dozwn: fasten (down). Leszek, Leszel, see lesz. Le-szel, v. t. cut off (in slices). Leszen, (arch.) = lesz. Le-, prefix. ~-szerel, v. t. I disarm; deprive of arms. II dismount (gun); disable (battery): dismount (machine): disconnect (telephone): unrig (ship); dismantle. III (fig.) disarm (wrath): overcome (objection).,-szerel6s, n. I disarmament; disarming. II dismounting: disconnection: unrigging; dismantling. III (fig.) disarming; overcoming. ~-szerszamoz, v. t. unharness (horse): unyoke (oxen). ~-szi, v. t. I sutck down: absorb; imbibe. II inhale (smoke). III (vulg.) -ja magat, get drunk. ~szid, v. t. = le-hord IV. ~-szivarog, v. i. filter through; be absorbed; ooze (down); percolate (into). - szivni, infin. see le-szi. Lesznek, see lesz. Le-, prefix. ~-szok(ik), v. i. vmiroil, break (oneself) of (a habit): give up (smoking); leave off: abandon (a

Page  27 Ie-szoktat vice); throw off: and see el-szok(ik). ~-szokf'at, v. t. vmirol ~, break (of); wean (from); disaccustonm; make (someone) give up (leave off; abandon). ~-sz6l, A. v. i. call (down). B. v. t. decry; speak ill of; abuse; disparage; revile; depreciate; dispraise: censure; pick to pieces; backbite (person). ~-szolgal, A v. t. work off (debt): serve (one's time). B. v. i. (of steps) lead (down, to): (of window) look (over; into). ~-szolit, v. t. summon (to come down); call (down). ~-sz6r, v. t. throw down; scatter (down): strew (sand); sprinkle. ~szorit, v. t. I press (dozn): force down: stuff (in); cram down; squash. II tighten. III depress (prices). IV hold down. V drive away; dislodge (enemy). ~-szorul, v. i. be driven away: be left out; be omitted: be crowded out; be left behind. ~-szogez, v. t. establish (fact). ~szok(ik), v. i. I leap down; spring down;jump down. II make (one's) escape (down, to); escape (into); steal down (to); slip down. Lesztek, see lesz. Le-sziir, v. t. I stab (to death); run (someone) through (with bayonet). II pin (to). Lesziink, see lesz. Le-, prefix. ~-szur, v. t. strain (liquid); filter: (fig.) extract; deduce. ~-szurcs6l, v. t. sip off. ~-sziirod(ik), v. i. I clarify; become clear. II (fig.) become evident (or manifest): be left (as result). Let, (-et, -e), n. I existence; being: life: a ~ert val6 kiizdelem, (the) struggle for life: jobb -re szenderiil, fall asleep (in God); pass away: ~re hoz, bring about (see Vocabulary). II stay; sojourn: Becsben ~emkor, during my stay in Vienna; Letesit while (I was) in Vienna. III I Letel, (-t, -e), n. = lIt I. -emre, -edre, ~ere etc. Lt-elmelet, n. entology. though: ifji ~ere, young as Le-, prefix. ~-telepedes, he is: szegeny ~emre, poor n. settlement (of); settling: as I am: tudos -ere, for a colonisation.~-teleped(ik), scholar (he knows very v. i. settle (at); establish little): gazdag ~edre, rich (oneself); colonise (in dias you are: nothwzithstand- stant part): (fig.) plant (oneing your wealth: magyar self). — telepit, v. t. settle; ~emre, as a Hungarian: colonise. ~-telepsz(ik), (tefor a Hungarian. IV for lepedett), ~-telepiil, (-t), compounds of ~re, see Vo- v. i. = le-teleped(ik). ~cabulary. telefpiles, n. = letelepeLe-, prefix. ~-tacsol, (-t), des. -telepiilt, adj. settled; v. t. (vulg.) silence. — ta- established: domiciled. gad, v. t. deny: disown tels, (-t, -e), n. expiration (connection). ~-tajcsol, v. (of period); lapse. ~-tel(ik), t. = le-tdcsol. ~-takar, v. (-t), v. i. elapse; expire; t. I cover over: hide; con- come to an end; come to a ceal. *II uncover: disclose close: (comm.)fall due. ~(= ki-takar). ~-takarit, telte, n. vminek ~, = lev. t. put away; clear away; teles. ~-tenni, infin. see remove. _-takarod(ik), v. le-tesz. i. make (oneself) scarce;.Letenye, (-6t), n. litany. clear out. Le-, prefix. ~-tep, v. t. tear Let-alap, n. essence; na- off; pluck off: pluck (flower): ture: substance. pick (fruit). ~-teper, v. t. Le-, prefix. ~-tapod, ~- throwv; floor (someone); get tapos, v. t. trample (down); (someone) dowzn; bear down. tread down; trample under -ter, v. i. leave (road); foot: (fig.) trample on; turn aside (from); turn off: overbear; crush. ~-tar- (fig.) deviate (from path of gyal, v. t. I discuss; finish virtue); swerve; stray; err; the discussion of: debate. II deflect. (fig.) pick to pieces. ~-tar- Let-erdek, n. vital interest. loz, v. t. glean: gather the Le-, prefix. _-t6rdel, v. i. stubble (off). ~-tarol, v. t. kneel down; fall on (one's) cut down; fell (wood): reap knees; prostrate (oneself). ~(field): make bare: strip tredeles,n. kneeling down; (tree) of leaves: (fig.) de- prostration. — terdepestroy; annihilate: divest; l(es), = le-terdeles. rob. — tarolt, adj. bare: Letere, see let. f61d, stubble field. ~-tart, Le, prefix. ~-tereget, v. t. v. t. hold down; keep down. spread(out);put out(clothes); ~-tart6ztat, v. t. arrest; hang (out); hang up. — tetake up; apprehend; take remt, v. t. (vulg.) throw; into custody. ~-tart6zta- floor: knock down. — terit, tas, n. arrest; apprehension; v. t. I= le-tereget. II - taking into custody. ~-tar- le-teremt. III cover; cover t6ztatasi, adj. - parancs, over. IV bring down: kill warrant for the arrest (of). (game). -terit, v. t. (fig.) ~-taszigal, ~-taszit, v.t. turn aside (from); lead push down; throw down; astray; make to err; cause cast dozwn: (vulg.) chuck to deviate: divert (from). down. -tegez, v. t. address Ltesit, (-ett), v. t. bring (contemptuously) in the about; call into being (or second person singular; thou. existence); bring to pass: ~-tekint, v. i. look down. establish (business); create;

Page  28 ~ ~ - - -, -.,. I i - - I I -I - I 1 - - ' - I 1- -7 1 - 1 --.-. 1 - _1 - I -- - -- - - 7 - -- - 7 - - - - - - - - - -. s - I I - -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~r Letesites 2 setie-jovetct accomplish (purpose); effect; tem&enyez6, (-k, -t, -je), n. ~ -tisztit, v. t. cleanl achieve: set up (connection): depositor: (leg.) bailor. '- cleanse; lmake clean: (kefestart; set on foot: tound teti, adj. (qof') deposit: vel);rb; scrub (stain) of: (institution): initiate. bank, bank of deposit: brash (coat): ~wash lcash Letesits, (-t, -e), n. bring- jegy,deposit note (or receipt): o. — tisztolat, v. t. freing about (of); calling into ~ szimla, deposit account. quent:Ltiveofle-tistit (q. v). being; establishment; crea- — tett, A. see le-tesz. B. Let-jol, n. - lt-jogtosut.a tion: accomplishment; efect- adj. (sum) deposited. ~-tet- sc/. ing; achievement: setting tern, see le-tesz. — teve, Let-jogosult, adj. entitled up; starting: foundation. adj. deposited. — teved, v. to exi.st. Letesitheto, adj. that can i. lose (one's) way: get down Let-jogosiltsaq, (-ot, -a), be created (established; set (by mistake): find (one's) n. right to exist: raison up): practicable: realisable; way (by accident) down d'etre. feasible. (into): deviate (from); stray. Let-'minimum, (-ot), n. Letesito, (-t, -je), n. cre- — tev6s, (-t, -e) n. I put- living wage. ator; bounder; establisher; ting (down); setting down; Le-, prefix. -tol, v. t. push initiator. laying down. II putting off down: pull down (trousers). Letesiil, (-t), v. i. come into (of clothes). III laying — torkol, v. t. (fig.) snub; being (or existence); be down (of arms); surrender. silence; rebuff': browbeat. brought about; be estab- IV resignation (of office). V -t6olt, v. t. pour (out): lished; be set up; be deposit (of money). ~-tev6, pour off; pour away: drain started; be carried out (into (-t,-je),n. (comm.) depositor. off. — t6r, v. t. I break off; effect): arise; be formed: Letezs, (-t,-e), n. existence break. II (fig.) break downs: be realised; be effected. (of); being in existence: overcome (opposition): exLetesiiles, (-t, -e), n. com- subsistence. haust (person); do for; ing into being (or existence); L6tez(ik), (-ternm, -ett), v. i. overwhelm: sap (strength). establishment; creation. I exist; be; be in existence; ~-tordel, v. t. frequentaLe-, prefix. ~-tesz, A. v. t. subsist. II there is (are): tive of le-tor I. (q. v.) _-t6 -I put (down); set down: lay nem ~, (vulg.) absurd! out redez(ik), v. i. break off; down. II (comm.) deposit of the question! nonsense! (by degrees); break: go to (money); put (in bank). III no, you don't! pieces; crumble. ~-t6ir(ik), take off (clothes); doff: Letez6, adj. existing; ex- v. i. I break off; break: throsw off (burden). IV lay tant; subsisting; in being; crack. II (fig.) be broken down (arms); surrender. V nem ~, non-existent. down; break down: (opresign (office); give up; Let-feltktel, n. vital con- position) yield; give way; retire from; quit. VI vkit dition: "sine qua non. be broken. III (fig.) - a ~, dismiss; cashier: unfrock Let-fenntartds, n. sub- szarva, climb down (a peg (priest): depose (monarch): sistence: livelihood. or two). -t6rles, n. wiping remove. VII stake (in bet). Le-, prefix. — tilt, v. t. I (off): wiping out: rubbing VIII (fig.) give up; abandon prohibit; forbid: inhibit; out; obliteration: dusting (a vice); throw off. IX take lay under a ban. II (leg.) (of table). ~-torleszt, v. t. (oath). X pass (exam.). XI garnishee (effects); attach: pay off (in instalments); pay (fine.). XII (vulg.). lay an embargo on; se- redeem; amortise. -tl6rabuse; pitch into. B. v. i. quester: (comm.) stop leszt6s, n. paying off'; revmir6l ~, give up; abandon (cheque). _-tilths, n. I demption; amortisation. ~(hope): relinquish; waive prohibition; forbidding (of); torleszt6si, adj. - alap, (claim). ~-t6t, n. I deposit: inhibition; ban. II (leg.) sinking fund. ~-torOl, ~-.be ad, deposit. II pledge. garnishment; garnishee toriil, v. t. wipe off; wipe III for compounds, see le- order; attachment: embargo; out; obliterate; efface; rub teti. ~-t6tel, n. I = le- sequestration: (comm.) stop- out (writing); dust (table). teves. II == le-tet I. ~-tete- ping (of cheque). — tipor, i'Letra, (-at, -aja), n. ladmeny, (-t, -e), n. deposit: v. t. crush (down); trample der. ~-fok(a), n. rung (of earnest; security. ~-tete- on; trample down; tread ladder). menyes, (-ek, -t, -e), n. under foot. — tipras, n. Letre-, prefix. ~-hoz, v. t. (leg.) depositary; bailee: crushing (down); trampling = letesit. ~-hozas, n. = trustee. ~-tetem6nyez, on. ~-tisztaz, v. t. make a ltesites. _-jon, v. i. = le(-tem,-ett), v. t. deposit: fair copy of; write a fair tesil. ~-j6ovs,.-jovetel, pledge (as security). — te- copy of engross (document). n. == ldtesiiles.

Page  29 Le-tromfol 2! Leveles Le-.tromfol, (-t), v. t. (corn): cut ott; chop off. I1 aired (room); roomy: windy (fig.) snub; rebuff; score off: cut off (from); intercept (height); breezy (spot). (vulg.) squelch. (enemy); isolate. lIt fell Leveqgtlen, adj. airless: Let-szhm, n. number: (tree): lop (branches); hew: stulffy (room); close (atmostrength (of army); footing. throw down; fling. IV sphere): still; windless. Lett, A. (-et), n. and adj. slaughter 1animal); tell (ox); Levego - vfiltozas, n. Lett; Lettish, Lettic. B. kill. V cut down; kill (per- change oi air. (see leszand van), has(hare) son); massacre; slay; Lev6l, (levelok, levelet, lebecome: became: nem tu- butcher; bring down. VI vele), n. I (hot.) leaf (of dom, hovra, I do not knowt strike off (head): (med.) tree): levelek, foliage: lewhat has become of him (or amputate (limb). VII (vulg.) velek hullasa, falling ot the where he has gone). I pick to pieces; abuse; decry; leaves; defoliation: (fig.) Lettek, Lettel, Lettem, damn.VIII knock (someone) autumn: nem mozog a Lettiink, see lett. down; throw; floor. IX ~ja szel nelkiil, there is no Le-, prefix. ~-tfin6s, n. magat, throw (oneselt') down; smoke without a fire. UI page disappearance. ~-tfin(ik), prostrate (oneself). ~-va- (of book); leaf. IIn (arch.) v. i. disappear (from the gas, n. I cutting (down): sheet (of paper). IV letter: scene); vanish. tuir, v. t. cutting off; chopping of. II (vulg.) epistle: note: -ben, turn down (sleeve); pull cutting off; interception. III - utjan, by letter; by post; down. ~-tfiz, A. v. t. I pin; felling; cutting down: lop- becses levele, (comm.) your pin down. II plant (flag); ping. IV slaughter (of an- favour (of the 10th inst.):.et up: fix (in). B. v. i. (of imal); killing. V killing (of b6rmentes -, (letter), 0. II. sun) shine; burn. ~-ugi(ik), person); slaughter; mas- M. S.: ajanl6o, letter of inv. i. I jump down; leap sacre; butchery. VI striking troduction; letter of recomdown; spring down. II jump off (of head): amputation mendation: penzes _, mon(off); leap (from). -uisz(ik), (of limb). _-vagdal, v. t. ey letter; letter containing v. i. swim down (to): float frequentative of le-vdg 1== money. V deed: (royal) letdown. -ufisztat, v. t. float III. (q. v.). ~-vdgtat, v. i. ters patent: meghitelezo ~, down: carry down (on sur- gallop down. ~-vakar, v. t. credentials(t. sz.). ~-alakfi, face). -utaz(ik), v. i.jour- scrape off scratch off: un- adj. leaflike; foliaceous. ~ney (down); travel (down); scale (fish). _-vialas, n. belyeg, n. (postage) stamp. go down. ~-iil, A. v. i. I coming off; falling off: _-br, n. == level-dij. ~sit down; take a seat; peeling off (of skin); scal- bogar,n. (zool.) rose beetle; seat (oneself): vkihez ~, sit ing off. '-valaszt, v. t. rose bug; rose chafer. ~(beside): ismet ~, resume separate; take off: peel; borda, n. (bot.) costa; rib (one's) seat. II == le-ulepe- strip off. _-val(ik), v. i. I (of leaf); vein; midrib. ~ d(ik). III sink (to ground); come off; tall off: peel (off); borit6k, n. envelope. ~ all down. B. v. t. do (time; scale off; separate (from). czim, n. address (of letter). in prison). ~-iileped(ik), II (chem.). precipitate. _- ~-dij, n. postage. ~-dus, -iilepszik, (ulepedett), v. varr, v. t. sew down; adj. leajy; foliose: manyi. (of sediment), settle (used fasten. ~-vasal, v. t. I put leaved; polyphyllous. fig. too): (chem.) precipitate. (someone) in irons. II iron; Levelecske, (-et), n. = le-uiiltet, v. t. I offer a seat smooth (by ironing). velke. to; give (someone) a chair: Leve, see le. Leveledzes, (-t, -e), n. ask (someone) to be seated; Levedz(ik), (-ett), v. i. be- leafing; bursting into leaf. ask to sit down. II make come juicy; be juicy. Leveledz(ikl, (-ett), v. i. (one) sit down: send (back) Levego, (-t, -je), n. I air: leaf; burst into leaf; leave to (one's) place. _-iit, A. v. kimegy a -re, go out; take (out); shoot out leaves. t. I knock down; beat down; the air: -be repil, be blown Levelenkint, adv. leaf by hit; strike. II knock over; up; blow up: -be ropit, leaf: (of book) page by page; knock down: bowl over. III blow up: rontja a ~t, a) be one page at a time. knock off; hit off (from). in the way: b) talk non- Leveles, (-en), adj. I leafy; IV strike off (head).: slaugh- sense: ~be beszel, tverdes, covered with leaves. I in ter (animal); fell. B. v. i. (of talk to the wall: tiszta a -, the lear; in leaves; leaf-. lightning) strike. -ufiz, v. t. the coast in clear. Ii for III leaf-covered; leafy. IV drive (down); drive away; compounds,see compounds in layers: foliaceous. V drive off: chase away. ~- of leg. ~szin, arbour. ~ tar, = le vdg, v. t. I cut dowvn; cut Leveg6s, adj. airy: well- vdl-tdr.

Page  30 Levelesz Levelesz, (-t), n. (zool.)= Levenite, (-et), n. knight: level-bogdr. cavalier; champion. Levelet, see level. Le-ver, v. t. 1 knock down; Leveletlen, (-ul), adj. knock of'; break off; tear leafless. down; tear of. UI knock Levelez, (-tern, -ett), v. i. over; throwo down. III stamp correspond; write letters; (earth): drive (pile): hamcarry on a correspondence mer in (nail). IV defeat; e e(with) s(t). cr| overcome (enemy); vanLevelezes, (-t, -e), n. cor- quish: drive of,; drive away. respondence; letters (t. sz.). V suppress (rebellion); quell. Levelezo, A. (-t, -je), n. VI vkit labarol - throw; correspondent; letter-writer. floor; knock over: (of B. adj. correspondence: wine) be too much for: konyv, letter-file; letter- (of illness) waste; debilitate. book..-lap, n. postcard: VII beat down (prices); dekepes,, picture postcard; press. VIII (fig.) depress; zart ~, correspondence card. deject; dispirit; dishearten; Level-hordo, n. postman; cast down; discourage. letter carrier. Le-vero, (-en), adj. (fig.) Level-hullfls, n. = levelek depressing; dispiriting; hulldsa (see level I). disheartening. Leveli, adj. - beka, (zool.) Le-vert, (verve), dj. degreen frog. pressed; downcast; lowLev6l-iras, n. letter-writ- spirited; dispirited; (vulg.) ing; correspondence. down in the mouth; deLevel-iro, n. letter-writer; spondent; crestfallen; (vulg.) correspondent. down in the dumps. Levelke, (-et, -eje), n. I Le-verts6e, (-et, -e), n. note; billet. II small leaf; dejection; depression; low leaflet. spirits (t. sz.); downcastLevel-, prefix.,-nyom6, ness; despondency: (vulg.) n. letter-weight. — papi- the dumps (t. sz.). r(os), n. note paper; letter Leves, A. (-ek, -t, -e), n. paper. ~-p6sta, n. letter soup: broth: hfis, beef-tea; post. — szekr6ny, n. letter rantott ~, thick soup: hatra box; pillar box. ~-sze- van meg a fekete ~, the rinti, adj. in writing. ~- worst is still to come. B. adj. szin, n. arbour; bower. ~- juicy (fruit); succulent. tr, n. (private) archives: Leves, (-t, -e), n. (the) (public) orszagos ~, Record being: (the) becoming. Office. ~-tLrcza, n. port- Leveses, adj. I juicy; sucfolio. ~-thrnok, ~-taros, culent. H for soup: kanal, n. archivist: registrar: (An- table spoon: tal, soup glia) Master of the Rolls. ~- tureen: ~ tanyer, soup plate. valtas, n. correspondence Le-, prefix.,-vesz, v. t. I (with): _t kezd, ~ba bocsht- take down: take off (from): kozik, open a correspond- remove. II take of' (hat); ence; begin to write (to). ~- raise; doff.III cut off(beard); vivo, n. I = level-hordd. shave. IV take a picture of; II messenger, draw: photograph; take a Leven, Levn, pres. part. photo of: paint (aportrait (see lesz and van), being: it of). V nem veszi le a szebeing (Sunday); as it is: m6t rola, (be) cannot take there being. his eyes off (her): vkit XLevendula, (-&t), n. (bot.) (szandekar6l), dissuade; lavender. divert (from); wean (from Le-venni, infin. see le-vesz. purpose): vkit labar6l ~, a) Le- von dissuade: b) get round; coax; wheedle. VI cancel; zithdraw; take (off programme); strike out. — vet, v. t. 1 throw down; throw off; throw: cast down; fiing down. II take off (clothes). III ~i maght, throw (oneself) down; prostrate (oneself) (before): jump (down). — vetel, n. taking down (from); taking off; removal; a keresztrol (valo) ~, descent from the Cross. — vetet, (-ter, -ett), v. t. I have (something) taken down (or removed). II have (one's beard) shaved. III ~i maght. have (one's) photograph taken. IV have (something) cancelled (struck out). ~vetkez(ik), ~-vetkeztet, = le-vetkdz(ik), le-vetkoztet. ~-vetk6z(ik), v. i. I undress; take off (one's) clothe,. II divest (oneself) (of). ~vetk6ztet, v. t. I undress; unclothe. II (fig.) divest (of). ~-vett(em), see le-vesz. ~vezet, A. v. t. I lead down; take (to); conduct; see (one) down. II carry away; carry off: conduct; convey. IIl conclude; deduce. B. v. i. lead (to). — vezetes, n. 1 leading dozwn; conducting. II carrying away (or off'); conveyance. III conclusion; deduction. — vezeto, adj. ~ csatorna, a) duct; conduit; waste-pipe; b) (fig.) safety valve. ~-vinni, infin. see le-visz. — visz, v. t. I carry down: carry away carry off: take (to). II convey; carry; transport: drive (down). III take out (stain). remove. IV wtash away: abrade. — vitel, n. I carrying dolwn: carrying ascay (off). II conveyance; carriage; transport. ~-vitt(em), see le-visz. ~-vizsgazik, v. i. pass (one's) exam(ination). — von, v. t. I drag down (see le-hiz). II take in (sails); reef. III (comm.) deduct; take off:

Page  31 Le-vonando6 1 ~va, less (expenses). IV mit Libanon, (-t), proper n. sem von le (vmibl1), make Lebanon. no difference: not diminish; Liba-, prefix. ~-pdsztor, not prejudice: not detract n. gosherd: (vulg.) gozzard. (from): not discount. ~-vo- ~-sor, n. single file. ~nand6, n. (math.) sub- talp, n. (bot.) orach; orache. trahend. ~-vonlas, n. de-.-toll, n. goose-qutill: quill duction: (comm.) discount. pen. — top(p), (-ot), n. (bot.) ~-vonat, n. (printing) gal- goose-foot. ~-zsir, n. = ludley; galley proof. zs1r. rlebeg. LevoLev6evo, adj. (see lesz Libben, Libeg, = lippen, and van) I being: existing; Libeg-lobog, v. i. flicker; subsisting. II vhol ~, situate; bicker; quiver. situated: jelenL, present: Libella - negyedlo, n. tavol~, absent; absentee: (math.) quadrant. distant: j6 karban, in good.Liberia, (-at, -hja), n. repair. livery. Le-, prefix. ~-zajl(ik), v. i. iLiberias, adj. liveried. (of storm), pass away; sub- Libia, (-at), proper n.Lybia. side: (of events) pass over; Libiai, adj. Lybian. come to an end; pass off. - Libucz, (-ot), n.(zool.) sandzar, v. t. I lock up (money); piper; yellow-legs. lock away. II lock (door). 'Liczitaczio, (-t, -ja), n. III (comm.) close (account): auction; sale by auction. makeup (books); balance. XLiczital, (-tam,-t),v.i.bid. ~-zaras, n. (comm.) clos- hLiczitalas, (-t, -a), n. ing; balancinq; making up. bidding: bid. ~-zairol, v. t. sequester; Lidercz, (-et, -e), n. I attach: garnishee (goods). lidercz-feny. II = lidercz_-zfrolds, n. sequestration; nyonms. III evil spirit: attachment: garnishment. vampire: hobgoblin. ~-deLezeng, (-tem, -ett), v. i. I never, n. vampire. ~lounge (about); idle: saunter feny, n. ignis atuus: Will(about): loll about. II ve- o'-the- Wisp; Jack-with-agetate: drag on (one's) ex- lantern; Jack-o'-lantern: istence. (naut.) St. Elmo's fire; Lezengo, A. (-k, -t), n. Helena: Castor and Pollux, idler; lounger; saunterer; ~-nyonlas, n. nightmar; loller. B. adj. idle; lounging. incubuls. -tfiz, n. = liderczLe-, prefix. -zuidit, v. t. Ifeny. hurl (dowun): throw (on);.Liferal, (-tam, -t), v. t. pour. ~-zudul, v. i. rush (vulg.) supply; provide; down (roaring); dash down. furnish. l-zig, v. i. = le-zlidul. ~- Liget, (-ek, -et, -e), n. grove; zuhan, v. i. fall down; coppice; copse; copse-wood. plump; flop; tall with a Ligetes, adj.,opsy; woody. thud; drop with a thud. Liheg, (-tern, -ett), v. i. Liba, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. I breathe heavily; pant: bosz(zool). goose: (him) gander. szu6rt ~, brood vengeance; II falusi ~, country wench. breathe vengeante. ~-apr6lek, n. giblets (t. Lihegd, adv. panting; sz.). ~-bimb6, n. (bot.) breathing heavily: bosszut silver-weed. ~, burning tor vengeance. Libacska, (-ak, -aja), n. I Lik, (-at, -a), n. = lyuk. gosling. II (fig.) goose; Likacs, (-ok, -ot, -a), n. simpleton; ninny: falusi ~, small hole. II. (med.) pore: country wench. (zool.) spiracle. Liba-maj, n. goose liver. Likacsos, adj. porous. Lisztes Likad, Likas, Likaszt, == lyukad, lyukas, lyukaszt. ~Likor, (-t), n. liqueur.;Lila, (-it), n. lilac (colour). ~-szin(ui), adj. mauve. Lile, (-et), n. (zool.) plover; havasi ~, dottorel; parti, ringed plover; fut6,, creamcoloured courser: kis ~, little ringedplover: pettyes - golden plover: szeki k, Kentish plover: ujjas ~, grey plover. Lilik, (-et,) n. (zool.) whitefronted goose. ~Liliom, (-ot, -a), n. (bot.) lily: kek ~, corn flag: sword lily: t6ork ~, Turk'scap lily: feher, mint a, white as a lily. Lim-lom, (-ot, -ja), n. l;mber: trash: rubbish; trumpery. ~Limonade, (-t, -ja), n. lemonade. Lina, Linka, (-at), proper n. Caroline; Carrie; Caddie. Lipcse, (-eben), proper n. Leipsic. Lipe, (-6t), n. = lepke. Lipot, (-ot), proper n. Leopold. ippen, (-t), v. i. (vulg.) duck (the head). Liptai, adj. - sajt (tur6), a kind of cream cheese (from Lipt6). ~*XLira, (-at), n. I lyrics (t. sz.); lyrical poetry. II (Italian) lira. ~>Liral, adj. lyric(al). ~Lirikus, A. (-ok, -t, -a), n. lyrical poet; lyrist; (arch.) lyric. B. adj. = lirai. Liszka, (-at), proper n. Bess; Betsey; Betty; Elsie; Bessy; Lizzy. Liszt, (-et, -je), n. I flour: meal: nullas ~, whites: feher -, pastry flour: fekete,, blackflour (meal). II (wood) dust;flourL. -alma-fa, n. (hot.) omander. ~-Arulas, n. flour trade: flour-deales's shop. ~-csiriz, — enyv, n. paste: size. Lisztes, (-en), adj. Ifloury: meal?: covered with flolr.

Page  32 Lisztesseg;_ Lo-fej IfI lour-: or flour: ~ bolt, L6-bab,n.(bot.) horse bean; Loboigtal, (-tam, -ott), v. t. iUz'lett,flotr-cha ndler'.sshop: tirk bean. uaLt'. hord6, flour barrel: ~ L6bail, (-t), v. t. sl-ay; swing L6-bor, n. horse-skin. szekreny, flour-bint: zshk, (arms); ling; kick (legs); Ioccsail, (-t), v. i. splash: flour sack. let (something) dangle. tall with a splash: spatter. Lisztesseg, (-et, -e), n. L6f1tl6dz(ik), (-ott), v. i. Loccsantis, (-t, -a), n. mildew; blight. (ldanle; su-ing. splashing; splash: spatter. Liszt-, prefix. Jere!l, n. Ioobl, n. = lob I and IIl. Loccsant,(-ott),v. t. splash; meal worm. _-latrmnat, n. Lobbanl, (-t), v. i. I blaze spatter; spltter: bespatter. lisztessdg. lfinfJ, n. (up); flare; burst into lame; L6cser, (-t), n. (zool.) firsts; fine flour. _-potl, flash up. II (fig.) fly (into a Caspian tern. n. mill dust. passion): haragra f, fall Lo-csiszar, n. horse-dealer. ~<Litania, (-ht), n. litany. into a passion; fly into a L,osi-feesi, LoeskaLiter, (-t, -je), n. litre temper: szerelemnre -, fall (feeske), adj. and n (measure: = 1-76 English in love. chatterbox; prattler; babbler: pints). l.obl)anas, (-t, -a), n. blaz- babbling; garrulous; loqua-literatura, (-at, -kja), n. ing (up); flaring. cious. literature. Lobban6kony, (-an), adj. Loeskos, (-an), adj. dirty: Literes, adj. containing a I inflammable. II (fig.) chol- filthy (fig. too) smutty; litre: containing (....) eric; quick-tempered; hasty; indecent: oul. litres. irascible: passionate; hot; Locsog, (-tam, -ott), v. i. Litvan, (-ok, -t), n. and inflammable. I tattle; babble; chatter: adj. Lithuanian. Lobban6, adj. I = lobba- prattle; prate: blab. II Litvania, (-at), proper n. nekony. II blazing; flaming; splash; plash. Lithuania. flaring. Locsogis, (-t, -a), n. babLiza, (-at), Lizi, (-t) proper ILobbant, (-ott), v. t. I in- bling; babble; tattle; prattle: n. = Liszka. flame; kindle; fan (into chatter. L6, (lovak, lovat, lova), n. flame). II (fig.) inflame; Locsog6, adj. babbling; I horse: steed; mount: fire: put (into a passion): garrulous; loquacious. nyerges (hatas) ~, saddle inspire (with love). III sze- Loesol, (-tam, -t), v. t. horse; riding horse; mount: mere ~ vkinek, reproach sprinkle (with water); beigas ~, draught horse; cart (with); cast (something) in spatter: throw (water) on: horse; sumpter horse; the teeth of. water (plant); besprinkle. teamer: malhas -, pack Lobbantyui, (-t, -ja), n. Loesol, (-t, -ja), n. wate - horse; sumpter (horse); bag- (gun) match-lock. ing can: squirt. gage horse: taligas ~, cart Lobog, (-ott), v. i. I (of Locso16d(ik), (-tam, -ott), horse: vizi, hippopotamus; flame) flicker; bicker: v. i. splash (about); plash. ~ra szAl, nra il, mount (on (candle) flare: blaze: (fig.) Locs-pocs, (-ot), n. I mire; horseback): -ra! to horse! burn. II (of flag)wave;flutter. slush; sludge: idh, slushy lovon iiI, sit (on horseback): Lobogis, (-t, -a), n. I weather. II puddle. ride: ~ra pattan, ~ra kap, flickering; flicker; bicker- L6cza, (-at, -aja), n. seat. spring (leap) into the saddle: ing; flaring; flare; blaze; L6-cziprus, n. (bot.) savin; a _r61 leugrik, dismount: blazing. II waving; flutter- savine. lovon jon, come riding: ing; flutter. L6-darazs,n. (zool.)hornet. sz6ren ili meg a lovat, ride Lobog6, A. adj. I flickering; -L6ding, (-ot, -ja), n. carbareback. II ~va tesz, make bickering; unsteady (flame); tridge box. a fool of; befool; mock; flaring; blazing. II waving; L6dit, (-ott), v. t. I = lendit. take in; have on; trick: bam: fluttering. B. (-t, -ja), n. I II talk big; draw a long az apostoloklovainjar, ride flag; banner; standard; col- bow; put it on. shank's mare: 6 nagy -, (he ours (t. sz.): (landsan) pen- Lodul, v. i. I get moving; is) an awful fool. III (chess) non: (haj6o rb6czan) pen- move: fly (into). II (fig.) go knight. nant: a ~t felhuzza, hoist off; make (oneself) scarce; Lob, (-ot, -ja), n. I flame; the flag. II wide sleeves (t. get out ot the way; make off; blaze: ~ot vet, burst into sz.). III bubbling spring. ~ j! out of the way! off you go! flame; fare up. II. (med.) Lobog6s,(-an), adj. flagged; L6-, prefix. ~-ero, n. horseinflammation. III haste; flag-decked. power. ~-falk, n. horse tail. hurry: sebbel-~al, post- Lobod oz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. ~-fa-k-ufi, n. (bot.) equiIaste; in great haste. flag:; deck out with flags. setum; horsetail. ~-fej, n,

Page  33 LO,46 33 L6-soska horse's headl. -_-f6, n. (ascih.) leV6&1, n. clovrer leaf; trefoil. fitlnes~s; sloth; inactivity: horseman; mnounted soldier.._-heri~s, (-t), n. clover fieldl; sluggish etc. character, na~-ftsttatds, a. (horse)-roc- field of clover..-e-lvl, tre or quotlit?, (of: see ing; hiorse-race. -n. i6-herelevil1. lomhoa). L6gj, (-tam, -ott), v. i. I Loho i, (- tarn, -ot t), Lohol, Lomnpos, (-an), adj. I hang (doivn) dangle. II (4), v. i. I huirrj; hasteni. sloven~ly slatternly; Unhang on (to tramn). III hang II (of rain) pelt. I ti(lNl; sluttish. II shaggy (on). IV (fig.) have (one's) L6-, prefix. ~-Ihossmu, ai.(as) position shaken be in sins- (horse-) length. _-idomi- Lomi-tdr, n. lunliber room. pease; be in doubt; not taIS, n. bs-eaking of horses~ Lonesos, (-an), adj. knoic (one's) fate. training. _-idcanit6, fl. lujcskos. L6gat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. I horse breaker: trainer. _- Loncz, (-ot, -a), n. (bat.) hang; siving: dangle. II -ja isttdl11, n. stable..-iAt6, hlone ysnckle. lhtbast, (fig.) hick (one's) n. horse pond. — kefe, in. Lo-orvos, n. veterinars, heels; lounge (about): ~ja cutrry-com,1b. -khereske- suirgeon; (vulg.) vet.: farfejh't, hanq the head. d&s, ii. Iioie-dealing. -- rieir; horse-leech. L6uftz, (-tarn, Ott), V. t. = kei-eskedo~ss. horse (lealer. Lop, (-tans, -ott), A. v. t. I 16 bdl. _-kWt, n. 1 horse-stealei steal:pilfer; pillage: par-Lgk,(-it, -Aja), n. I horse-thiefi. II (tig.) rascal;loin.II jaanapot, idleairaq logic. II (fig.) ssincs benne scamp. — kupeez, n.= lo- (one s) time. B. V. i. he a it is qnite illogical; there kereskedd. _A-a'b, n.J horse's thire. is neither rhyme nor reason. foot. IL (vuig.) cloven foot Loipakod(ik), (-tam, -ott), PKLogfikal, (-lag), adj. logic- (of devil): kilhtszik a sv lop~dd(ik). at: seasonable; rnational. the intention is evident Lop is, (-t, -a), n. stealing 4XLofikiftlan, (-ul), adj. there can be no mistake thictt: piirloiniiig: betdr6 -illogical: nnieasonable; ir- (about it). sos -, buiglaryl. rational. Loin, (-ot, -ja), n. I l iin- Lo p atk6, is. horse-shoe. 'Logikus, A. (-ok, -t), n. loin. II moisture; humidity. Lo piocza, a. (zool.) horselogician. B. (-an), adj.= Lomb, (-ok, -ot, -ja), n. leech. logikai. foliage; leaves (t. sz.) _- Lopdos, Lopkod, (-tans, L6g.6, adj -I hangling; dangl- disz, ss.=- lomabozat. _-ffi- -ott), v. t. frequesntative of iimg. II uncertain of (one's) r-esz, n. fret-sair..-huil- lop A4. (q. v.): keep stealing; position. uis, II. levelek hmulldsa steal one by one: pilf'er; L,6g6s, A. (-ok, -t), -n. II (see lev9l). bag; bone. (war cant) shirker-. II reserve h~Loinbik, (-ot, (ja), ia. ie- Loip6, (-t, -ja), n. I thief; (relayi) horse. III (fig.) stop- foit: a~lemnbic; still, stealer; purloiner. II (wine) gap. B. adj.= lo'q6 Loinbja-vesztett, ad.spo;lurthe Loliad, (-tam -t), v. i. sub- lefless. Lop)6dz(ik), (-tasss, -ott), side; abate; go doirn: re- Lomb-koronh's, adj. leat- v. I. steal (into) creep; g lax (in severity). clad. stealthily;sntake (one's) uira Lohajt, (-ot), v. i.=- lohog. Lombos, (-ass), adj. leafy; by stealth. L6-hsaldlaban, adv. post tb fliaceous;.foliaged. L6A-pokr6ez, n. (coarse) haste; at breakneck speed; Lombosod(ik), (-ott), v. i. rug. head over heels; precipit- leaf'; leave; shoot into leaf. Lopo6-tok, si.= lop6 II. ately; at full speed: (vuslg.) I Lomybozat, (-ot, -a), ri. Lopott, udj. stolen. helter-skelter: (Ihuntingo) foliage; leafage. Loppal, Lopva, adv. stealtantivy. Lomb-pdlma, n. (bot.) thugy; furtively; by stealth; Lohaszt, (-ott), v. t. reduce palmetto. clandestinely. (swelling): mitigate; alle- Lomb-si6ttoi-, a. bowrer; L6vzt, (- it), proper n. Eleviate (pain): still; assuage. arbouir. onor; Elinor; Yoar; NelL,6-, prefix. _-hdt, an. horse- Lombtalan, (-ul), adj. leaf- l(ie). back: -on j 6n, ride: _rdl less: bare. Lopidnt, (-at), proper si. beszhl, ride the high horse; Lomlia, (-han), adj. sluggish; Roland. speak in a condescending lazy; slothful (person) L6ri, (-t), proper n.=Lnira. manner (to) give (oneself') inactive; inert: hieavy(bady); L6ira-termett, adj. -nip, airs. -.-huitas, a. rider'; unusieldy; clumsy, na~tion of horsemen. horsean. her~),n.(Lot) Lonlsaiig,(-at, -a), a. L6-s6ska, a. (Lot.) shier clover; trefoil. -hee- slggishiness; laziness; sloth- sanre: red ~ori'c Ylattnsd: 1amlargm-aiigol szflifir. HI.

Page  34 L6stat.94 L6 LAstat, (-tarn, -ott), v. 1. = chirairouis; gallant; eourt- L6-vakaroi-, n. curry-comb. lohog. eouls; chirairic: maqulau- [oval, (-tarn, t), v. t. inL,6-, prefix. _-szerszilm, juilouls. cite; urge; goad (on); stimii. harness: gear; trappings Lo)Vaqi.ASSag4f, (-at, -a), n. uatle: bele -, iui-eigle (fIt) (t. sz.)..-sz6i5 ii. horse- chicairousuess; chivalry; Lovar, (-ok, -t), n. I eqaeshair. _-ta1kqstrsnhny,11 II. (ouirtesyf; glallaitry: ~may- trian performer; equestrian. fodder;prortew ler. _4;t~- ii an timni tY. I jocke?,. kaiti6, n. horse-cloth. Loivaji.Atlan, (-ul), adj. *Lovaida, (-ht, -aja), n. L6tftS-f~tdM,1, n. runn111ilg unehir'airous; discoii teous; ridling-school; maneye. about; running to and fro unglallant:mean. Lovar-eglylet, jockey club. commotion; scramnble; ex- isi Lovajisdg, (-at, -a), n. Lovas, A. (-ok, -t, -a), n. I qjteinent. kanighthood el ci ralmy. horseman; rider; equestrian. LO-, prefix. — tej, a. L__ovag-, prefix. — j ftt~k, n. II (mil.) trooper. 13. adj. mare's miilk. -.-teiy~sz- toutrnamtent; tourney. ~ mounted csapat, a) cat6s,n. horse-breeding. — te- kereszt, knight's cr-oss. v- alry: b) caralcade: ezred, ny,6szt6, n. horse-breeder. kor, n. age of chivalry. caralry regiment: kapi_-tetii, n. (zool.) horse.-klorbacs, n. riding whip; ta'ny, captain (in cavalry): louse: liaise tick. ridiug crop. _-kdsstds, ri. -katona, trooper; cavalryL6t-f ut, (ldtott-fntatt), V. I. knights cloak. muatt katonasag, cavalry: run about; run to and fro: LOVaglii1S, (-t, -a), n. rid- -nhp, horsemen (t. sz.) scainper about: hurry to and ing: (a) ride. rendflr, moanted policeman: fro,; dash about; rush about. Lovagl6, adj. riding-: -roham, (cavalry) charge: Lothiaringia, (-ht), proper hely, -6,rdn rud szhzad, squadron: Szon. Lor-raine. -iskola, riding school; man- bar, equestrian statue: L6-tolvaj, n.~= 16-khth. eye: -korba'cs, -astor, tiszt, cavalry officer. Lotti, (-t), proper n. Char- ridiisg wchip; riding crop: L6-vcisdr, n. horse fair. lotte. -nadrkg, (riding) breeches: Lofvasit, (-ott), v. t. mount: ~'3Lott6, (-t), a. lottery - phlcza, (hunting) cl-op: furnish wcith mounts. drawirig: lotto. -mrba, (lady's) riding habit: Lovasitott, adj. mounted. Lotty~-tr, (-t), v. i.=lotyog. (vuig.) joseph: -szerszahm, Lovassdg, (-at, a), a. cayLotyO, (-t), n. str-iapet; pro- bridle: capaniison: -phlya,'= alry; horse. stitutte. tdr. Lovassagi, adj. cavalry-; LOtvN og, (-ott), v. i. shake; Lovagol, (-tarn, -t), v. t. of' cavalry; horse-:- dan(of.clothes) swvag; hang and i. I ride. II mindig dhr, cavalry brigade: -tah loose: (of liquid) swash; ugyanegy dolgan -, be al- bornok, lieutenant-general. slop. irayls harping on the saein L,6-vasfit, n. (horse) tram[6- iSsztat6, ii. horse-pond. sti-ing. way. Lovacska, (-hit, -fija), n. I Lovagjolhat6,adj.I(horse) Lovasz, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I little hoise; pony: nag. II for ridiag; ridable. II (road) groom. II jockey...-inas, hobby-horse: rocking horse. sicitable for riding. n. stable boy..-flmester~, Lovaeskd~z, (-tarn, -ott), v. Lovag-, prefix..-ostor, n. Mlaster of the Horse: i. ride a hobby-horse. n. i ovag-korbdcs. _-6rs, (kisebb) equerry. - Lova, (-ok, -at, -ja), a. I n. mounted patrol; mounted Lovaz, (-tam, -ot)v.. horseman: mounted warrior, picket. _-req6ny, n. ro- ride. II knight: -gh avat (fit), mance(o fchivalry)..-rend, L6-verseny, n. horse-racdub a knight; knight: kdbor a. order of knights; knightly ing: horse-race. _4r a. -, knight errant: templo- order. race-course. mos -, (Knight) Templar: Lovags~g, (a,-)n.IL voat, L6-vonatfi keresztes, crusader; knighthood (rank). II knight- vasfit,= 16-vasdt. knight of the Cross: -gh hood (body of knights); L6, (l16vdk, 10lttem, l0itt), avata's, k~nighting; accolade. chivalry. A. v. t. I shoot (at); fire III gallant; cavalie,-: Lovag-, prefix..-szobor, (shot). II shoot (someone); champion, n. equestiian statue. ~-te- kill (game). II ag~yon Lovagli, adj. knightly; of a rem, n. knights' hall _- kill; shoot down: f6be knight: of chiralry: feudal vdhr, n. knight's castle; shoot: blow (someone's) (service): torna,= lorag- feudal castle. _-vessz6, n. brains out: bakot -, coininit jeitdk. crop. a blunder: rosszul -, miss. Lovagias, (-an), adj. Lovak, see 16. B. v. t. I shmoot. II lhttek

Page  35 L6cs Llid-hi'(fi) neki it is all up 'with him: L6-r6s, n1. loophole (in (a fort) razed to the ground. he has received a check. i wall): porthole (of ship). B. (-et, -e), n. I shot. II Lcs, (-6t, -e), n. car-stake. 6ii-vinclz, (-et), proper n. projectile; missile; shell. ~-lil, n. bandy legs (t. sz.); Lawrence; Laurence. III charge (of powder). bow-legs. ~-flbu, adj. Li-seb, n. gunshot wound. Lo&iv, A. (-k, -t, -je), n bandy-legged; bow-legged. L6sz, (-t), n. loess. shooter: shot; marksman. Iii6drg6, adj. strolling; L-szer, n. munition; am- B. adj. shooting: fegyver sauntering; loitering munition. = lio-fegyver: gyakorlat, (about); loafing; lolling. L6-tavol(sijg), n. range (of rifle practice: - ~gyapot, = Lodoroiij, (lodorg6tt) v. i. gun);' ban, within range. lo-gyapot: haz, = lveszstroll (about); loiter (about); L6tt, (see 16), adj. shot: ~ hdz I: kiserlet, trial shot: loaf; loll (about); gad seb, = lo-seb. kupak, cap: ~ res,= li(about). L6ttem, see lo'. res: - szer, = 1-szer: ~ Lodoz, (-ter, -6tt), v. i.= Lotty, (-6t, -e), n. slops (t. szerszam,= o6veg. lovoldoz. sz.); mess. L6volde, (-et, -eje), n. L6-fegyver, n. firearm: L6ttyen, (-t), v. i.== lotyog. shooting gallery (zart): gun: pistol; revolver: (Am.) Lotyed6k, (-et, -e), n.= shooting range (nyitott); shooting iron. lotty. rifle range. L66erez, (-ter, -ett), v. i. Lotyog, (-6tt), v. i.=lotyog. Lovold6z, (-tern, -6tt), A. =lodorog. Loty6ogos, adj. sloppy. v. i. frequentative of o6: Lo-gyapot, n. gun-cotton. Lovedek, (-et, -e), n. pro- keep shooting; keep firing. Lok, (-ter, -ott), v. t. I jectile: shell. B. v. t. I fusillade; shoot at. push; shove: give (one) a *L6veg, (-et, -e), n. gun; II bombard (town); shell. push: knock; strike; hit cannon. ~-sancz, n. (hadi- Lubiczkol, (-tam, -t), v. i. (ball): thrust: oldalba ~, hajon) bar6ette. splash; plash; paddle (in nudge; jog; f6lre ~, push Lovel, (-t), Lovell, (-ett), water); dabble. on one side; push aside: A. v. t. I shoot (water); Lucskos,-(-an), adj. slushy; hibasan (rosszul),, miss. spray; spout; discharge; sludgy; miry: sloppy; II thro w; cast; toss (into): emit: squirt. II throw; cast dirty (weather); poachy kick. III nagyot vmin, be (rays); dart: szeme vill- (ground): (fig.) filthy; ina great help (to); do much mot ~, his eyes flash. B. v. i. decent; smutty. to further. shoot; spring; spout; pour. Lucsok, (lucskot) n. slush; Lokd6s, (-ter, -6tt), v. t. Loves, (-t, -e), n. I shoot- mud; mire. frequentative of lIkI(q.v.); ing; firing. II shot (fired): iLuczerna, (-at), n. (bot.) keep pushing etc. elhibazott -, miss: ~re ke- lucern(e); alfalfa. Lokes, (-t, e), n. I push; sz(en), ready to fire: nyire, Liicz-fenyo, n. (bot.) shove: knock; (billiard) woithin shot. ~-tavolsatg, spruce. stroke: hit: (k6ny6kkel) n. == l'-tdvol(sdg). — vo- Lfid, (ludak, ludat, -ja), n. nudge; jog. II throw; toss: nala, n. level. (zool.) goose: (him) gander: (labbal) kick: blow. III Lovesi, adj. see lov6. hso ~, sheldrake: orv6s ~, (fig.) impulse; impetus. IV L6ovsz, (-ek, -t, -e), n. I Brent goose: vetesi -, bean collision: bump. marksman; shot. II rifle- goose: ~da tesz, make a Lokod, (-tem, -6tt), v. t.== man; member of a rifle fool of; have (someone) on; lokdos. association. ~-egyesulet, trick; fool: sok disznot Lok6-er6, n. impulsive ~-egylet, n. rifle associ- gyoz, there is no fighting force; impetus. ation; rifle club. against great odds. ~-aproL6n = lett B. Loveszet, (-et, -e), n. shoot- lek,n. (goose) giblets( t. sz.) Lonni, infin. see lo. ing: marksmanship. Ludas, A. (-ok, -t), n. L6-, prefix.,-por, n. gun- Lovesz-haz,, n, I shooting guilty (person). B. adj. I powder; powder. ~-por- gallery: rifle range. II rifle (fig.) notorious: ill-famed. gyar, n. gunpowderfactory. club (house): headquarters II goose-: ~ kaisa, pillan. ~-por-malom, n. powder of rifle association. Llid-, prefix. ~-b6r, n.(fig.) mill. -poros, adj. torony, Lovesz-rnester, n. master goose flesh; goose skin. ~powder magazine.,-por- shot. b6rz(ik), v. i. r minden torony, n. powder maga- Lovet, A. (-ter, -ett), v t. tagja, his flesh creeps; have zine. have (something) shot at; the creep (or creeps). ~L6re, (-et), n. after-wine (of give orders for the bombard- czomb, n. leg qf goose. ~the second running). ment of: halomra -, have hur-(fii), n. (bot.) chick

Page  36 Lild-1:11) Lvilki wceed. -Iilab, ai (bot.) goose-:Attttip, (-ok, -oti a (vlg) Lisi-ti (-Ott, v. t. stiake J'o at. '-llj, a. qoose /cerr. cake rakelleie/i debauchee. (Ianonve) lazy deprti'e alt ~-P)el1%e e, a toastgi/le. *:Liiipol, (-tain, t) v.t etieiw ii Iear.-talpft, adj. _flat- footed. (vig.) hita ' a night oidt go Luslifl (-tama -t) v. /. be-tojti i. gaooae eqig. _-1on the spicee lead (ttfat lift. come laz It hate it ~t oi toll, a. I goose teat/icr. 11 -Ltimpoh'is, (-t, -a), n lazinies4 qelt tiack. goo~se-qiiill ejitlill peni, (vislg.) i toy/it oat; ptee; ~Ltt(hi)ci ans, (-olk, -t), *jjj~lV~r~i ( at e), a. cairoiisal lat ltd aa dj- Luttthean. (vai1g.) /~ idei2, Lumiia, ( a) (zool.) k6- I 4ut(hi)eanuissft, -a) Lfid-zsir, a. qoos-e -fat- SCs o pitj:6n7 ai dLiteranisni Latherisni. Lug, (-at), a lye:(teloidva),Lunk ) a C ip u6(t)aIcttr.1 blitch: -gal Dios, 7- -17lii oz. rascal; good -fat' - nothing (Fig.) a niere chance; at Lugas, (-ale, -t, -a), a, (fellow)- rapscallion: roguie; toss-tip. boiver; arbatir:sintsiier- hknate. Ku,(-an-ft),v.t haitse. Lustn, (-an), adj. lazy/ ta/:e ci latterit ticket: (fig.) LUdg-liamu, a. bitch ashies ielle: suggish; slothfuli ltahe risks. (t. sz.) icaood ashes. slatev indaletit slack X-Luxxus, (-t, -a), a. liuruiry Lfiq-ienuif, ad'. lixic/its (worke-r). pottip; shoic; spletdidair. lixireial. 'u Lustdl kod.ds, (-t, a), a.:ad26, a. taX attr articles eol LftfJos, (-an), ad)j. 1/it/ral idiliny loiinginy (about) lit cIiiri. -z~ikk, a. art/celi lixricaits f -fiird6, biterling; loaaitiq; edaing sotat/iny aof laii cii q vowat, a. lye betthi. dlte/ity. Itreain ede litxe;eprpi s. Luigoz, (-tain, -att), v t. Lusti dkod(ik), (-tarn ott) flitet (-ett),v i. (at bitch; steep in lye. vi.rlie; lotusge (about); heart etc.) thi ob beat; afqs6. l/ixi/al salts loot' elo nothitig; be lazy pulate (fig. too), ptlse. (t sZ.). slaoel Likteles, (-t, ae) a thrabLuiqjz6, (-t, -ja), a. lye vat, Lusftalkodd, A. (-k, -t), a binq thtob; beating; beat; b iteckitug k/er. sdlet; loaefer-; Slackers do- pulsation:pitlhe Lujzta, (-at), proper a. nat/ inq, B. ad). lit usta. Luikteto, A. (t- -je), a. (ini Louisa. [Lithe. LUstasdgj, (-at, -a), a. lazi- verse) icttits; aisis. B. ad). Lukdces, (-at), proper a. tess; idleness; Slugit shitess; thtrobbitig; beefing; pulsLu1Mma1-t, (-a't), a. (zaal.) -sloth ftlness: indolence; at/ny: _6Ar, artery. fekete -, tystey: ltiilye ~,slackness: a - bhntja, haesc aitillenttot; iillock, a fit of idleness. Ly Ly, The seventeenth letter of the Hungarian alphabet (for pronrosciation, see Introduiition). Lyitny, a. lediny. Lyuggjqat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. snake a hole in; perforate; pierce:puttcht (ticket): bote holes in. Lyugfjatds, (-t, -a), a. per-.foration; piercing: punching. Lyuggat6, (-t, -ja), a. per. forator: (for rnetals)punch: (kalauz6) bell-punch: anger; borer: drill. Lyuk, (-at, -a), an. I. hole; opentitg: ciperture; gap or/lfice. II eye (of needle). I.II (fig.) hole; hovel. IV (rabbit) but-row: earth (of fox); kennel; hawunt; hole. V hole; rent; tear. VI -atf fAr, snake a hole (in): -at beduig, stop sep a gap:-(flg.)supply a need. Lyukacs, (-ok, -ot, -a), a. I small hole: interstice; eyelet. II pore (of skin or stones).U[I(in cheese) eyelet. Lyukacsos, (-an), ad). I full of holes; perforated. II porou s. Lyukacsossidg, (-ot, -a), n. porousness; porosity. Lyukad, (-t), v. i. h= ilyukad. Lyukas, (-an), adj. I full ot, holes. II leaky (cask): (ship) Ithat lies sprung a leak. il perforated. IV (bot.) blind; empty. Lyuka szt, (-ott), v. t. h ilyu kaszt. Lyvukasz~ts, (-t, -a), a. lyueggatds. Lyukaszto, (t), a.:-lyuggatd'. — fog6, n.punch pliers (t. sz.). — vas, a. = lyug-, Lyuk-tdgit, a. (mech.) reamer. Lyiiki, (-t), a.' dwarf; pig-,my; mann/kin; dan~diprat.

Page  37 -_ __~4T7."T rf M 37 Madar-tan M.I. I The eighteenth letter of the Hungarian alphabet. II abbreviations: m. (meter), metre: m2 (n6gyzetmeter), square metre: m3 (kobmeter), cubic metre: m. 6. (mult evi), of last year: m. kir. (magyar kiralyi), Royal Hungarian: m. h. (mult hb), (comm.) ult..Ia, A. (-at), n. today; the present: mat6l fogva, friom today: henceforward; (poet.) from this day forward: mAhoz egy hetre, a week today; a week hence; this day week. B. adv. today: ~ delben, today at noon: - este, this evening: dblutan, this a fternoon: jobb ~ egy ver6b, mint holnap egy tuzok, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. lacska, (-ht, -aja), n. I cat: kan -, tom cat: vad-, wild cat: kis, kitten: zsakban macskat arul, dissemble: letSri a - szarvat, make mischief: forgolodik, mint - a forr6 kasa k6riil, beat about the bush: nem j6 az alv6 macskat felkelteni, let sleeping dogs lie. II(vulg.) anchor. III (vulg.) small pony. IV (bot.) atkozott ~. eryngium. ~-asztal, n. (vulg.) side.-table. ~-bagoly, n. (zool.) tawny owl. ~-eziist, n. (min.) mica; glimmer; cat-silver. ~-faj, n. feline race. ~-fark, n. I cat's tail. II (bot.) cat-tail. — fu, n. (bot.) catnip; catmint. ~-gyoke6r, n. (bot.) = macska-gyokonke. ~-gy6 -konke, (-6t), n. (bot.) panacea; all-heal; officinal valerian..-hat, n. (fig.) cringing posture..-here, n. (bot.) harefoot clover. ~-*jaj, n. (vulg.) seedy feel ing (after a night's debauch), ~-kaparas, n. = macska-karmolds. — karmolas, n. I scratch (of cat). II scrawl; scribble: daub. _-k6orm, n. I cat's claws (t. sz.). II (vulg.) apostrophe: inverted commas (t. sz.). -lepe6s, n. stealthy step. ~menta, n. (bot.) = macskafu. ~-m6z, n. (bot.) gum: resin. — szem, n. cat's eye: (fig.) sharp eyes (t. sz.). - szemu, adj. (fig.) lynxeyed..-tekero, n. (naut.) windlass. ~-termeszet, n. nature of cats; sly (treacherous; fawning) disposition: falseness. ~-termeszetfi, adj. sly; treacherous; fawning; false; cunning; artful. _-ugras, n. (fig.) a stone's throw. _-zene, n. charivari; caterwaul; caterwauling; Dutch concert. Maczk6, (-t), n. (vulg.) bear: Bruin: (mint jat6k) Teddy Bear. Maddr, (madarak, madarat, madara), n. I bird: koltozo (vkndor) -, bird of passage: ragadoz6, bird of prey: eneklo,, songster; song bird; singing bird: gazl6. wader; grallatory bird: gAzl6 madarak, grallae; grallatores (t. sz.): kusz6 ~, scansorial bird: kusz6 madarak, scansores (t. sz.): vizi ~, aquatic bird; waterfowl; hol a - se jar, far, far away: at a dizzy height. II j6 ~, rogue; fine fellow: ragamuffin: (rossz ertelemben) scoundrel; rakehell. III ritka ~, rarity: (vulg.) rare customer. Maditracska, n. = maddrka. Madaras, adj. abounding in birds; rich in birds. Madardsz, A. (-t), n. I fowler; bird-man; birdcatcher, II ornithologist. B. (-ott), v. i. fowl; catch birds. Madaraszas, (-tj, n. fowling; birdcatching; birding. Madaraszat, (-ot), n. I= madardszds. II ornithology. Madarasz-puska, n.fowling piece; birding piece. Madar-, prefix. ~-berkenye, n. (bot.) quick-beam; quicken-tree; rowan tree. ~bogy6, n. (bot.) sorb. ~csalo, n. decoy. ~-cseveges, n. twitter; twittering. _-csosz, n. ranger; keeper..-eleseg, n. bird-seed; food for birds. — enek, n. warbling; song (of birds). ~*enyv, n. birdlime. ~-feszek, n. bird's nest. ~-fia, ~-fi6k, n. young bird; fledgeling; nestling; young (of bird); birdikin; birdlet. ~-hl16, n. fowler's net. ~hang, n. = maddr-sz6. ~haz, n. birdcage; aviary. ~-huir, n. (bot.) mouse-ear; chickweed. ~-hufs, n. (fig.) skin and bone. ~-hfisfi, adj, (fig.) thin; lean; skinny; lank; haggard. ~-ijeszto, n. scare-crow: (fig.) a fright; guy. ~-ismero, n. ornithologist: bird fancier. ~-j6s, n. augur. ~-j6slas, n. augury; ornithomancy. Madarka, (-at), n. little bird; birdikin; birdlet; birdie. Maddr-, prefix. ~-kalitka, n. birdcage. ~-keresked6s, n. bird-fancier's (shop). ~kereskedd, n. bird-fancier. ~-k6les, n. (bot.) stoneweed. _-koltoz6s, n. migration of birds. ~-lab, n. (bot.) bird's foot. ~-lep, n. birdlime. ~-puska, n. = madardsz-puska. ~-seret, n. small shot. — sz6, n. == maddr-enek. ~-tan, n. orni

Page  38 Maaar-tavialt 3s.laga-dicseret thology. ~-tavlat, n. bird's- voluntarily; of his own free nem bir magaval, cannot eye view.,-tej, n. 1 (a kind will; spontaneously: sii- control himself; cannot reof) custard. II (bot.) Star- t6tte kalacs, home-made strain himself: be out ofpaof-Bethlehem. _-t6r, n. cake. V (as adj.): alone; by tience: magaval hoz, 1. springe; snare. ~-vonu- (oneself): (do) unaided: ma- bring with (him): ~. inlas, n. = maddr-koltozes. gara marad, be le 't alone; volve: magaval visz, take ~-zene, n. = maddr-enek. be lonely: magara hagy, with (him): t6bbed magaMadzag, (-ot, -ja), n. I leave alone; desert: leave in val, with several companstring; twine: (csomago- the lurch; leave to (one's) ions: ~ utan von, involve: lashoz) pack thread. II tape own devices: (egy) maga- magaban hord,involve (con(of drawers); (shoe) lace. ban, (quite) alone: apart: sequences); be attended by. Ill elvagja a ~ot, fail to magamban, in my mind: to Magaba, see maga: -szall, keep (his) word: m6zes ~, myself: magaban 11, stand ter, feel remorse; repent; seductive words; honeyed alone: stand by itself: be be contrite: ~ szallas, re(honied) words. -fiiz6, n. alone: (of case) be unique: morse; contrition; penbodkin. magAban a116, unparal- itence: szi, imbibe; absorb: Mafla, A. (-at), n. (vulg.) leled; unique: magiban be- breathe (air): be imbued blockhead; simpleton; idiot; sz61, talk to (oneself): maga- with (error etc.): - foglal, nincompoop; ninny; ninny- ban imadkozik,pray to (one- contain; include; comprise; hammer; dolt; tool; jackass. self): magaban v6ve, in (and comprehend; embrace. B. adj. silly; idiotic; fool- for) itself: taken absolutely. Magaban, see maga V-V1. ish; soft; doltish. VI other phrases: magab6l Maga-biro, adj. I vigorous: Mag, (-ok or -vak, -ot, -ja or kikel, lose (one's) temper;fly hale; active; capable. II -va), n. I seed: ~ba indul, into apassion: mag/b6l ki- well-to-do; in easy circumturn to seed; seed. II kernel kelt, in a rage; furious: stances. (of fruit): pip (of orange magat61 rtet6dik (rthet6), Magab6l, see maga V1. etc.): grain (of wheat); it goes without saying: self- Magad, (-at, -ba, -on). adj. seed: (barley) corn. III (fig.) evident; palpable; man- (see maga), I thyself: yoursperm (of male): spawn (of ifest: magat61 (cselekszik), self: tedd meg, do it yourfish). IV (fig.) issue; off- unasked; voluntarily; on self. II alone: unaided; spring; seed; posterity: -va (his) own initiative: (come) without help. III ~ ba szllj, szakad, die without issue. naturally; automatically; repent: -ban, alone; by V (fig.) essence: main point; of itself: (go) of (one's) own yourselt (thyself): in your kernel; essential point; accord; spontaneously: ma- mind; to yourself: Db61, gist; core; pith. VI (fig.) gahoz ter, recover; come see magabdl: ~6, your own cream; flower; best part; round; come to oneself: ma- (thy own): tedd ~ eva, identquintessence. ginak 61, live a lonely (re- ify yourself with; make Maga, (-at), n. (used as tired) lite; live in seclusion: (tis opinion) your own: pron. and adj.) I himself; be selfish: maginak 616, interest yourself in (his herself; itself: - a kirily, lonely; retiring: selfish: cause): ~ert, for your own the king in person. II (with nines maganal, (he) is un- sake: (work) for yourself: personal suffixes): ~m, conscious: a penz maganAl t6rj -hoz, recover yourself; (I) myself: ~d, (thou) thy- van, you have the money; pull yourself together: _nl, self: (you) yourself: ~tok, the money is in your posses- in your pocket: in your (you) yourselves. III (as sion: batyam magnal van, house: (take) with you: address): you (singular). my (elder) brother is at your ~ra maradsz, you will IV (as poss. pron.): a - house: maghn kiviil, 1. un- be all alone: and see mahaza, his (own) house: your conscious: 2. furious: 3. gdra: megfeledkezt6l ~r61, (own) house: a ~m ura, my besides you: magara vesz, you forgot (have forgotten) own master: torodj a ~d take upon (oneself): put on yourself: ~t61, of your own dolgival, min.i your own (clothes): undertake (re- accord; without being asked. business: a ~m penze, my sponsibility):take(aremark) Magad6, adj. your own (see own money: a utjan, (go) as meant for (oneself): ma- magad III). his own way: your (own) gara vllal, undertake; ac- Magad-fajta, Magadway.: a - lAban jar, be in- cept (responsibility): ma- fele, Magad-forma, adj. dependent: menjen ki-ki a gara von, attract (atten- like yourself: your like. ~ utj&ra, everyone go his tion); incur (displeasure): Maga-dics6ret, n. selJown way: a - joszantabol, magira haragit, incense: prai.se

Page  39 Magad-szruii 39 Maghn-vadl6 Magad-szorfi, adj. = magad-tajta. Magae, adj. (see maga) I his (her; its) own: megkapta a,t, he (has) got what he deserved; he (has) got his deserts: mindenki megkapja a.t, everybody will get his due: mindenki tegye meg a,t, everyone must do his share (his duty); -va tesz, make (something) his own; identify (himself) with: espouse (cause); take up; interest (oneself) in. II yours: ez a konyv a ~, this book is yours: but v. supra sub I. Maga-, prefix. ~-fitogtatas, n. = maga-hdnyds. - fitogtat6, adj. = magahdnyd. ~-hanyas, n. brag; bragging; swagger; ostentation; rodomontade. ~hanyo, adj. bragging; swaggering; vaunting. ~hitt, adj. conceited; selfconscious: and see on-hilt. Magahoz, see maga VI. Maga-irta, adj. (one's) own work (or handwriting). *Maga-jar6, n. motor car. Magam, (-at, -on), adj. (see maga). I myself: - megteszem, I shall do it myself. II alone: unaided; without help: ~ maradtam, I was left alone: - csinaltam az egeszet, I did the whole work singlehanded (by myself): I did it all myself. III ~ba szalltam, Ifelt remorse; I repented; ~ban, alone: in my mind: in myself: ~b61, see magdbol: ~6, my own: a 6ebo1 6lek, I keep myself; I live on my own money:.eva teszem, Iidentify myself with; I make my own; I agree with (opinion); I concur in: I espouse (a cause); I interest myself in; I take up: ~hoz tertem, I recovered (consciousness): I got over (it): I pulled myself together: ~nal, in my pocket; (I have the money) on me; with me: at my house: ~ra maradtam, I for (the) private use (of.): was left alone: megfeled- ((privateu. ~-hiz, n. private keztem r61l, I forgot my- house; private residence. ~self:.t6l, of my own accord; int6zet, n. private inspontaneously; without stitute. ~-iskola, n. private being asked (or told): tb- school. _-jatek, n. solo (on bedLmal, with several others: instrument). ~-jelenes, ~nyolczad ~mal, with seven jelenet, n. monologue (draothers: ~ban gondoltam, I matic). ~-jog, n. (leg.) civil thought (to myself); I reflec- law. — jogi, adj. leg.) of ted; I mused: megtettem a civil law; in civil law: ~et, I have done (did) my best according to civil law: civil (my share; my duty): 6rt,for (action): ~ torvenykonyv, my own sake; (act) for my- civil code. -kiviil, adv. beself; in my own interest; side (oneself); out of temper: on my own behalf. unconscious. ~-kiviili, adj. Maga-magat61, adv. I. furious; wrathful: unconvoluntarily; of (his) own scious (state). ~-lakas, n. accord. II automatically. private dwelling; house; Magame, see magam III. apartments (t. sz.) ~-lakMaga-megadas, n. resig- sert6s, n. forcible entry nation. into a private house. ~Maga-megtagadas, n. leczke, n. private lesson. self-denial. ~ -okirat, ~-okmany, n. Magam-fajta, Magam- private record; private fele, Magam-forma, paper; deed. ~-oktatis, n. Magam-szoru, adj. such private tuition. ~-olvasas I am; (person) like me; many, n. matter read at my equal; my like. home (not at school). ~-6ra, Magall, A. adj. I lonely; n. private lesson. secluded. II private: sep- Maganos, etc. = magdarate: special. B. see maga nyos etc. VI. ~-ad6ssag, n. (pri- Magan-, prefix. ~-p6nzvate) debt. ' tr, n. private purse: (of Maganak, see maga. king) privy purse. ~-szeMagatnal, see maga. m1ly, n.private indi idual. Magan-, prefix. -a116, n. ~-szorgalom, n. special I independent: (his) own diligence. ~-tanar, n. master. II detached (house). reader (in university): see III without friends; left doczens. ~-tanari, n. of alone: apart. ~-beszed, n. reader. ~-tancz, n. pas monologue; soliloquy. - seul; solo. ~-tanczos, n. ~-beszelgetes, n. private solo-dancer. a-tanitas, n. conversation. ~-birtok, n. private tuition. ~-tanit6, n. private property. ~-cz61, n. lector tin university); lecselfish interest; selfish aim turer: private tutor; coach. or object. ~-dal, n. = ma- — tanulas, n. learning at gdn-enek..-6let, n. private home. ~-tanul6, n. boy (or life. ~-elzaras, n. solitary girl) who learns at home. ~confinement. — ember, n. tisztviselo, n, (commerprivate person. ~-enek, n. cial, banking) clerk. ~-tusolo. ~-6nekes, n. soloist. lajdon, n.privateproperty: ~-6rdek, n. selfish interest: ~joga, private ownership. ~by-end; by-interest: own fton, adv. privately. ~(special) interest. ~-fogsag, iigy, n. private afair; prin. solitary confinement.,- vate concern. -vad, n. (leg.) hangz6, n. (gramm.) vow- action; case (against). ~el. — hasznalatra, adv. vadl6, n. (leg.) plaintiff. -

Page  40 Magan-vagyon vagyon, n. (leg.) personal estate; own property. ~-vallalat, n. private company. ~-vallalkoz6, n. contractor. ~-va6l, adj. concrete: absolute. ~-valt6, n. (comm.) private bill (of exchange). ~-vizsga, ~-vizsgalat, n. private exam.: private examination. zarka, n. cell (in prison). Maganz6, (-t), n. private gentleman; gentleman at large: man (woman) of independent means; rentier. Magany, (-t, -a), n. I solitude: loneliness; lonesomeness.II seclusion; retirement; solitude. III desert; lonely spot; lonely place. Maganyos, A. (-ok, -t), n. magdnzo, B. (-an), adj. I lonely; lonesome; solitary: deserted (spot); secluded; retired (life); forlorn: lone; forsaken: sequestered (vale); unfrequented. II -an, (do something) alone; unaided; by (oneself): (live) alone. Maganyossag, (ot, -a), n. loneliness; lonesomeness; solitude: lonely etc. character or nature (of: see maganyos I.). Magara, see maga V —VI. Magar6l, see maga VI. Magas, A. n. (=-magassdg): a.ba, (soar up) high: a -ban, high up: a b6ol, from above; from a great height: a ~r61 n6z, look from a height: (fig.) a -ban, in Heaven; above the sky. B. (-an), adj. I high; lofty (spire); towering (cliff): tall (chimney): -an, high up. ~an fekvi, high; elevated (position); situated at a considerable height: - mint egy haz, very high; very tall. II (of person) tall: ket meter, two metres in height. III (of price) high; big: (of position, rank, station) high; exalted; distinguished; eminent: great (distinction). IV high (water). V mind aabbra, (rise: go) higher 40 Mag-burok and higher: ~abb rangui, ~-vdllu, adj. high-shouldabove (one) in rank; (one's) ered. superior: -hang, high voice Maga-szaintab61, adv. (or tone or note): (gramm) voluntarily; spontaneously; front vowel: ~hegyseg, high of (one's) own accord. mountains: Alps (t. sz.): Magasztal, (-tam, -t), v. t. pepitmeny, building above praise; laud, extol; magnify; ground. _ —llasu, adj. high exalt; glorify: egekig, (official); of high rank. praise to the skies. Magasan, adv. (see magas): Magasztalds, (-t, -a), n. ~ fekvo, situated high up; praise (of); praising; laudelevated: - szarnyal6, high- ation; lauding; magnifyflown; sublime; lofty. ing; exaltation; glorification; Magas-fokii, adj. of a hi!7, extolling. degree; high; great (tern- Magasztalo, adj. of praise; perature): considerable; big. laudatorb,: beszed, eulogy; — homloki, adj. high- panegyric; encomium: browed. 6nek, hymn of praise. Magasit, (-ott), v. t. raise; Magasztos,(-an),adj.lojty; make higher. sublime; grand; magnificent; Magaslat, (-ot, -a), n. I august: ethereal (pleasure): height: hill; rising ground. glorious (feeling); divine. II (fig.) height; eminence: Magasztosit, (-ott), v. t. acme; zenith. III a helyzet glorify; make sublime; ~ara emelkedik, rise to the exalt; sublime. situation; rise to the occasion. Magasztossai, (-ot, -a), Magaslati, adj. Alpine; n. sublimity; grandeur; mountain (health resort). magnificence: lofty etc. Magasl(ik), (-ott), v. i. rise: character or quality (of: tower; loom: and see ki- see magasztos). magaslik. Magat, see maga. Magasod(ik), (-ott), v. i. Maga-tartds, n. I behavgrow; rise: tower; loom. iour; conduct. II bearing; Magas-rangu, adj. of high carriage; mien; deportment: rank; high (official); distin- higgadt _, coolness; calmguished; eminent. ness; sang froid: iinnepies Magasra-tdr6, adj. am- _, stiffness. III temper (of bitious; aspiring. crowd). Magas-roptui, adj. high- Magatok, (-at), adj. I you.iown; elevated (language): yourselves (2. pers. pl.). II eloquent (speech). by yourselves: alone; unMagassag, (-ot, -a), n. I aided: and see magad. height (of); elevation; alt- Magatoke, adj. see magad'. itude. II (as address) Serene Magat6l, see maga VI. Highness. Maga-fnt, adj. blase; Magassagbeli, (-t), n. used-up. (bibl.) The Most High. Magaval, see maga VI. Magassagi, adj. - kor, Maga-viselet, n. I behavalmucantar; circle of alt- iour; conduct: j6 odi, wellitude. behaved: j6 ~, good conduct. Magassag-mero, n. alti- II bearing; mien; demeanmeter; quadrant. our: manners (t. sz.). Magas-, prefix. ~-szard, Malgaz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. adj. I long-stemmed. II high use' the 2. pers. plur. in (top-boots). ~-termetu, addressing someone (the adj. tall.,-tetejui, adj. more formal mode). kalap. top-hat; tall hat. Mag-bel, n. kernel. ~-ugras, n. high jump. Mag-burok, n. perisperm.

Page  41 Magda 41 Magyarazatos Magda, (-at), proper n. lMaud (and see Magdolna). Xag-diszn6, n. sow. Magdolna, (-ht), proper n. Magdalene; Maud; Maudlin. MXag-, prefix. ~-ev6, n. seedeater. _-folyis, n. (vulg.) pollution. _-yiiumolcs, n. drupaceous fruit: drupe; stone fruit. ~-hlaz, n. I granary. II mag-hon. ~lion, n. (bot.) ovary: pericarp. ~-keresked6s, n. seedsman's shop. ~-keresked6, n. seedsman. Ma1l6, (-t), n. sow. Maglya, (-at, -aja), n. (buntetes) stake: (funeral) pyre; funeral pile: maglyara itel, condemn to the stake. MSldgnis, (-ok, -t), n. aristocrat; noble; magnate: grandee.,Mfignes, (-ek, -t, -e), n. magnet. E(Mqagneses, adj. magnetic. -*Magnesez, (-ter, -ett), v. t. magnetise. -Madgness6g, (-et, -e), n. magnetism. MMagtnes-tii, n. magnetic needle. *MiMagnes-vas, n. magnetite; magnetic iron; loadstone; lodestone. `Magnezium, (-ot), n. (chem.) magnesium. Magok, A. see mag. B.= maguk. Magol, (-tam, -t), v. t. and i. cram (for exam.); memorise. Magolds, (-t, -a), n. cramming; memorising. Magos, adj. I= magas. [I = magvas I Mag-, prefix. -om16es, n. pollution: (vulg.) wet dream. — pehely, n. (bot.) floss. — por, n. (bot.) pollen. _-rejt6, n. (bot.) pericarp; seed-vessel. ~-szakadds, n. extinction (of a family). ~-szem, n. grain.,-talan, adj. I (fruit) without seeds; (orange) without pips; seedless. II (fig.) barren (woman); childless; without issute. -talansdg, (-ot, -a), n. barrenness. ~-tdr, n. granary; corn-loft: barn. -ltaraj, n. (bot.) hartwort. ~-tarut6, n. = mag-rejto. ~tej, n. emulsion. ~-termo, adj. seminiferous; seedbearing; seminific(al). ~tok, n. (bot.) (apple) core: (peas) cod; husk; pod. ~t6o6, adj. (zool.) ~hollo, nutcracker. Maguk, (-at), adj. (see maga). I (they) themselves. II by themselves: alone; unaided. III you (for 2. pers. pl.). IV ~ra maradtak, they (you) were left alone (to their [your] own devices): ~ra vallaljhk, they undertake (take on themselves): ~ eva teszik, identify themselves with: espouse (cause): and see maga and magde. Maguke, adj. I their own. II your own: and see maguk IV. Magukfajta, Magukfele, Magukforma, MagukszOrii, adj. I like them; their like; such as they; their equals (t. sz.). II like you; your like; such as you; your equals (t. sz.). Magunk, (-at), adj. I (we) ourselves: ~ra maradtunk, we were leas alone: - k6zt, between ourselves. II (by) ourselbes: alone; unaided. III 6vh teszszfik, identify ourselves with: espouse (cause); take up: ~ra vallaljuk, undertake; take upon ourselves: and see magam. Magunke, adj. bur own: see magunk III. Magunkfajta, Magunkfele, Magunkforma, Magunkszoru, adj. like us; such as we (are); our like: our equals (t. sz.). XMadgus, (-ok, -t), n. magician; sorcerer. Magva(k), see mag. Magvas, (-an), adj. I seedy; abounding in seeds: corny: seed-bearing: ~ gyiimolcs, drupe; drupaceous fruit; stone fruit: ~ kender,.fimble hemp. 1II (fig.) pithy; substantial; full of substance; pregnant (words); jull of meaning; forcible. Magva-, prefix. -szakadas, n. extinction (of family). ~-szakadt, adj. extinct. ~-val6, adj. kernel (fruit). Mag-vetes, n. sowing (of seed). Mag-vet6, n. sower. Magzat, (-ot, -at, n. I embryo; fetus. 1I (fig.) child; issue; offspring: son; scion. ~-burok, r. (med.) integument: fetal mc mbqrane. — elhaijts, n. (med.) abortion; miscarriage. — szurok, n. (med.) m conium. Magz(ik), (-ott), v. i. run to seed. Magyal, (-t), n. (bot.) or ~fa, holly. ~-tlg1y, n. (bot.) bur oak. Magyar, A. (-ok, -t), n. Magyar (as race): Hungarian: tosgyokeres -, true-born (downright) (genuinc) Magyar. B. (-ul), adj. Magyar (language): Hunqarian (government): ~ul besz6l, speak Magyar. Magyaran, adv. in plain English; frankly; roundly; openly; bluntly; without mincing matters; plainly. Magyaraz, (-tam, -ott),v. t. I explain; give an explanation (of); account foJ. II expound (theory); eluci aate (difficult passage); English; interpret; comment: throw light on (difficulty); explain: rosszra ~, put a tad interpretation (on). Magyarzats, (-t, -a), n. I explanation (of): excuse (for). II exposition; elucidation; interpretation; commenting. Magyarazat, (-ot, -a), n. I magyardzds. II explanation (given). III comment; gloss; note; annotation. Magyarfzatos, adj. (edi

Page  42 Magyarazgat Major tion etc.) with notes or glos- Magyarossag, (-ot,-a), n. ses; annotated; critical Hungarian (good MIagyar; (edition). pure Hungarian) character Magyarazgat, (-tam, -ott), or quality (of: see mav. t. (frequentative form of gyaros). magyardz): comment on; Magyarsag, (-ot, -a), n. I commentate upon; make Hungarians (t. sz.): (as (critical) remarks on: ex- race) Magyars; Magyar inplain by degrees; lecture on. habitants (t. sz.): MagyarMagyarazhatatlan, adj. dom. 11 (tle) Magyar style inexplicable; not to be ac- or language (of): (the) counted for. Hungarian (tongue): rossz Magyarazhat6, adj. ex- Ial, in bad Hungarian. plicable; accountable: III Magyar (Hungarian) (hardly) to be accounted for. feeling; patriotism. IV MaMagyaraz6, A. (-t, -ja), n. gyar (Hungarian) nationcommentator: interpreter; ality. expounder. B. adj. explan- Magyartalan, (-ul), adj. atory; of explanation: ~ un-Magyar: bad Hungarian. jegyzet, note; gloss; com- Magyartalansag, (-ot, -a), ment; annotation. [szdg. n. un-Magyar character (of): Magyar-hon, =IMagyaror- ~gal, in bad Hungarian. Magyarit, (-ott), v. t. I Magyarul, adv. (see marender into Magyar (Hung- gyar B.): (speak) Hungarian); translate into Ma- arian: - hogy hivjAk? what gyar; do into Hungarian. is the Hungarian Jor...? II = magyarosit. Mahagoni, (-t), n. (bot.) Magyarka, (-at), n. (a kind ~ or - fa, mahogany. of) dolman. Ma-holnap, adv. before Magyar-miskasan, adv. long; in no time; some day roundly; bluntly; (vulg.) (or other). with a vengeance. Mahomedan, (-t), n. and Magyarorszag, (-ot), adj.= mohamedan. proper n. Hungary. Mahomet, Mahumed, MagyarorszAgi, adj. of adj. (vulg.) unwieldy; unHungary (proper); from couth. Hungary; Hungarian; in Mai, MMi, adj. today's; of Hungary. today: (fig.) new; fresh; Magyaros, (-an), adj. I recent: young: up-to-date: Hungarian (costume); like - idoben, nowadays: a the Hungarians. II good napon, today; this day: (a) Magyar (Hungarian); pure ~ napig, up till today; Hungarian. III,an oltoz- hitherto; up till now: - kodik, dress like a (true) napsAg, a - vilagban, nowHungarian. adays: nem - gyerek, (he Magyarosit, (-ott), v. t. is) no chicken. magyarise; make a Magyar Maig, Maig, adv. up till (Hungarian) of (someone): (to) today; up tothe present; change (name: taking a hitherto; sofar. Magyar one). Maj, (-at, -a), n. (med.) liver. Magyarositas, (-t, -a), n. Majas, adj. made of or with magyarisation. liver: -hurka, white sausage Magyarosodas, (-t, -a), n. or pudding. becoming Magyar (of). MIj-baj, n. liver complaint. Magyarosod(ik), (-ott), v. Maj-bajos, adj. suffering i. become Magyar: change 'rom a liver complaint. into a Magyar; adopt Ma- Maj-beteg, adj.= mdijgyar ways. bajos. Majd, adv. I soon; presently; before long: in time; in the future: ~ mindjart, - bizony! what next! II used to express the future tense: - megmondom, I shall tell (you): ~ meglatom, I shall see. III.,, nowv (here), now (there): at one moment.... at the next: at one time..., at another. IV = majdnem. Majdani, adv. in the future; some day; one day. Majdani, adj. future; to come; that is to be; coming. Majdnem, adv. almost; wellnigh; all but; nearly: practically: as good as (nothing). Maj-, prefix.,-folt, n. (med.) lentigo; freckle. ~foltos, adj. freckled: (med.) lentiginous. — folyas, n. (med.) hepatic flux. ~-fii, n. (bot.) I hepatica. II liverwort; squirrel-cups. ~-gyuladds, n. (med.) hepatitis. ~-k6r, n.= maj-baj. ~-k6, n. (min.) hepatite. ~-lob, n. (med.) hepatitis. ~-metely, n. (liver) fluke. Majmol, (-t), v. t. ape; mimic: imitate; counterfeit; copy. Majmolas, (-t, -a), n. aping (of); mimicking: imitation; counterfeiting; copying. Majmol6, (-t), n. one who apes; mimicker: imitator; counterfeiter; copier; copyer. Majmot, see majom. Majna,(-it),proper n. Mlain (river in Germany). XMajolika, (-at), n. majolica. Majom, (majmot, majma), n. I (zool.) monkey; ape: ebfeju,, baboon: vadember ~, chimpanzee. II (fig.) a) (little) monkey; scoundrel; rascal: b) dandy; fop; dandyling; coxcomb. ~-szeretet, n. coddling (pampering) love (of a parent for child); fondness.,^Major, (-ok, -t, -a), n. grange; farm(house): dairyfarm.

Page  43 Majoran(n)a 43 Malaji Majorin(n)a, (-ft), n. makacs). II (leg.) contempt (bot.) marjoram. of court; contumacy. XMajoratus, (-t, -a), n. Makacssatgi, adj. (leg.)~ estate attached to right of itelet, sentence in contumaprimogeniture: entail. ciam (for contempt of 'Majoros, (-ok, -t), n. court). farmer: dairy-farmer.. kMakaddm, (-ot), n. maci'Majorsag, (-ot, -a), n. adam (macadamised) road. I = major. II (vulg.) == iMakadamoz, (-tam,-ott), baromfi. v. t. macadamise. EMajorsfigi, adj. Jarm-.Makar, (-ok, -t), n. (zool.) (buildings): (life) on a mackerel. farm: - fold, (leg.) fee i.Makar6ni, (-t), n. macasimple. roni; Italian (Genoese) Maj-szfni, adj. liver- paste. coloured. Mak-buga, Mak-fej, n. Majszol, (-t), v. t. (of an- capsule (of poppy). imal) nibble: (of person) Makk, (-ot, -ja), n. I (bot.) munch; chew: masticate. acorn: egeszs6ges, mint a Maljus, (-t), n. (month of) ~, thoroughly healthy; hale May. ~-fa, n. may-tree. and hearty. II clubs (suit in MVajusi, adj. May-; of May; cards). III glans (of penis). in May: (fig.) ear7ly (flower); — alaku, adj. glandiform; spring (breeze). acorn-shaped. ~-diszn6, n..Mak, (-ot), n. (bot.) I poppy: ace of clubs. ~-fa, n. (bot.) opium poppy: vad ~, red oak (tree). -filk6, n. queen poppy. II poppy seed. of clubs. — jog, n. right of Xlaklacs, (-ul),adj. obstinate; pannage. — kiv6, n. acorn stubborn; refractory; tilful coffee. (child); obdurate (heart); Makkol, (-t), Makkoltat, unbending (will); infiex- (-ott), v. t. feed (swine) ible; mulish; perverse; sel f- with acorns (beech-mast; willed; headstrong; stiff- pannage; or pawns); fatten. necked (person): obstinate Makkoltatas, (-t, -a), n. (disease); long (illness); pannage. persistent; inveterate: severe Makkos, adj. I acorned: (winter); obstreperous (in- - fa, oak. II fattened: (poet.) dividual); unyielding: dog- acorned: ~ diszn6, pig fed ged (resolution); pertina- on acorns. cious; pig-headed. Makk-, prefix. ~-penz, n. Makacskodas, (-t, -a), n. (leg.) pannage. _-sert6s, makacssdg I. n. makkos diszno. - Makacskod(ik), (-ott), v. i. termo, adj. acorn-bearing. be obstinate; be stubborn; Miknyi, adj. an atom of; persist; be headstrong; be (not) a bit of; the least; an opinionative; (of child) be ounce of. refractory; pout. Makog, (-ott, v. i. stutter; Makacsol, (-t), v. t. (leg.) stammer;falter. sentence for contempt of Mftkony, (-4), n. (vulg.) court. opium. Makacssdg, (-ot, -a), n. I Makos, adj. made with obstinacy; stubbornness; poppy-seed: - lepeny, poppy refractoriness; wilfulness; cake: - patk6, (another obduracy; stubbornness; kind of) poppy-seed cake inflexibility; self-will; per- (roll): - retes,pastry filled sistence: pertinacity; dog- with poppy-seed. gedness: obstinate etc. char- *Makrancz, (-ot), n. capacter or nature (of: see rice; selficill: shrewishness. Makranczos, (-an), adj. shrewish (woman); headstrong; ungovernable: capricious; perverse; self-willed: ~ asszony, shrew; vixen: a ~ holgy, (Shak.) the Taming of the Shrew. Makranczoskod(ik), (-ott), v. i. be shrewish; behave like a shrew: be ungovernable (intractable). Makranczossag, (-ot, -a), n. shresishness: ungovernableness; intractability: perverseness. Makra-pipa, n. clay pipe. Mak-, prefix. ~-szem, n. poppy-seed: (fig.) egy ~nyi sem, not an atom of; not an ounce of; not a drop of: egy ~nyit sem, not a bit; not in the least: egy ~nyi, a little. ~-tok, n. = mdkbuga. ~IMakula, (-at), n. spot; stain; blemish; taint. ~ Makulanyi,adj. tiny; wee. XMalkulatlan, (-ul), adj. spotless; stainless; without blemish. ~*iMakulatura, (-At), n. waste paper. Mak-virag, n. I (bot.) poppy; corn poppy; corn rose. II (fig.) scoundrel; rascal; rapscallion. Malacz, (-ot, -a), n. I sucking pig: porket; porkling; farrow. II (fig.) piggie; dirty child: mud-lark. III (in writing) smudge; blot. Malaczkodcts, (-t, -a), n. piggishness. Malaczkod(ik), (-ott), v. i. I make a mess of (oneself); be dirty; be piggish; be a piggie. II be smutty; tell smutty jokes; talk smut. Malaczoz(ik), (-ott, v. i. farrow; pig; litter. Malaczsag, (-ot, -a), n. I piggishness; dirtiness. II smut; smutty talk III= malacz III. ~ Malaga, adj. ~ szi11i, raisins (t. sz.): ~ bor, sherry. Malaji, A. (-t), n. Malay. B. adj. Malayan.

Page  44 Alahti-a 44 andolas:Maliri, (-t),. mlari; M ma,(-At), ii. (bot.) IIXkAlamneluk, (-at, -ja), in. malarial (intermittrut or~ rasplberr-i-y.11~nuilna-bokor-. miameluke. remittent) fever. — I)oklr, raspberry shruib Nlamtlasz, (-ak, -t), n. s~kraadj. malarial. (or bushi). — iz, n. raspberry noodle;simpleton ninny; Mlalaszt, (-at, -ja), ii. race; IJam. _-46, n.-~mtlna-szijrp. jackass; booby; blockhead: favour; mercy; benevolence: j M;11iifis, adj. I aboundiny idiot;fool; silly creature: irott -, a dead letter; on' ini ra,,pberries. II rasp- (- b~alek) gull. ppronly: pretence. bearr. Manmniei-a n. (bat.) Malasztos, (-an), adj. Mid~na-*szorp, n. rasp- maammee. gracious; benevolent; mer- berr?/ vinegar. Mlhmnor, (-t,-a), a. I intoxic-, Cejul. Llasztos. Malom, (malmak, malmat, ation; inebriety; inebriMlalaszt-teljes, adj.== ma- malma), n. I mill: ghz -, ation. II (fig.) intoxication bMlakta, (-At), -n. malt. ~- steam mill: sz'l-, wind- (of victory); ecstasy (af kiemeneze, a. malt-kiln. mill: vizi iv ater-mill: love) transport: frenzy (ail -'&Malitds, Ad. malt-. henger -, roller mill: kallh poet). III tegnap'i -, sick PlM1Adta —sz~rfl, ni. malt- -,.fulling mill; fullery: ez headache. floor. viz az 65 malma'ra, this will Mdmorit, (-ott), v. t. I in-X-Malalttiz, (-Ott), v. t. malt. serve his turn; it will bring toxicate; make. drunk; inMAM1, (.t), n. I corn cake; grist to his mill: az An ma)- ebriate. II (fig.) intoxicate; johnny-cake; hoecake II momara hajtja a vizet, (it) transport: upset the equimaize; Indian corn. III is good for me; (it) is to my librium of; get into (one's) (vnig.) jackanapes; booby; advantage. II (coffee etc.) head; tarn (one's) headl: ninny; ninny-hammer. _- mill. III =malom-jdtik. -- elate. szatji, A. n.== maild IlL. B. arok, n. leat. _-6piti~s, n. Mlrnorit6, (-an), adj. inadj. simple; silly; (vuig.) mill construction. _-epit6, toxicatiny (fig. too) elats oft. n. mill-wright. -gdt, ni. lag. MAi~ha, (-At, -Aja), a. lag- mill-dam. -lsiajt6, adj. -NAin-oi-os, (-an), adj. ingage; (Am.) baggage. _- patak, mill-race. _-ipair, n. taxi cated; inebriate; drankJelly, n. (luggage-) label. mlilli'ng industry. -J6it6k, en; tipsy; fuddled; boolzy; MAIhds, adj. luggage-; n.= malmosdi. _-ker6k, n. bousy: -Allapot,== madmor pac.k-: 16, pack-horse- mill-wheel. _-k6, a. mill- I.: -fejj el, scith a fuddled toe-Si, szekh'r, luggage stone. -_-p~flz, n. (Scat.) head. cart. maltuare (fee). ~-irekesz, n. Mdmorosod(ik), (-ott), v. Ma'lh~iz, ((tami, -ott), v. t. I = malom-gelt. _-r6sz, a.i get intoxicated (or tipsy). pack: load. II weigh (lug- multure (in kind) toll corn. Mamuska, (-At), n.== magage): put ist (van). — viiun, an. multure; tollI mdcska. [shoe'. Maihazo, (-t), n. I packer. corn. — Viz, n. mill-race. Mamusz (-ak, -t, -a) n. felt II mian who weighs luggage. _ —ziidS, an. hum (of Mill).'M asg a dv-nw III -(lfda), trunk. Malta, (-At) proper n.Malta. adays. M~ilink6, (-t), a. (zool.) Malltai, adj. Maltese: la- Manies, (-at, -a), n. paw. yelsew thrush. vag,- vithz, Konight of1 Manczi,(-t),propern.M1aud. NNI1lad6k, (-ot), a. dust; M1alta; Hospitaler: -rend, Mandai-in-r-6eze, n.(zool.) fragments (t. sz.). Order of St John (of Jerus- Imandarin duck. MA-11llAS, (-t, -a), a. moulder- alem. later of M1alta.). 'v~~Mando ta, (-At, -Aja), a., I infg; moldering; crumbling. -XMal-teir, (-t), a. mortar. j(bot.) almond: v~kanyhhji.. Mallaszt, (~-ott), v. t. Mitilyva, (-At), a. (bat.) mal-' thin-shelled almond: keser-h crumble; cause to moulder. low. ~-ir6zsa, a. (bot.) -, bitter almond. II (med.) MA1J6kony, adj. crumbly; hollyhock. — szin,n. mauve, tonsil. — fa, a. almond tree. friable; brittle. -.-szinfi, adj. mauve, _-feny6, a. Siberian stoneMall(lk), (-ott), v. i. Mlama, (-a't, -Aj a), a. I pine. _-ffiz, an. almond wilmrumble; moulder; molder. mother; mamma. II (as low. _.-Uyulad~ts, a. (med.) Malma, see malom. address) mammie; mammy; tonsilitis...-k6, a. amygMalmos, A. adj. provided mamma. daloid. — mag(ja),an. kernel suith mills. B. (-at), a. == Mamficska, (-At), a. dim. (of almond). — ojaj, a. atmilmosdi. form of mama (q. v.) mond oil. _-pep, a. almond Malmosdi, (-t), n. naughts Mlamaliga, (-At),n. polenta. paste.,and crosses. Ma-msir, adv. by now; a-XVandolt~s, adj. made with Malinot, see malom. by this time. (or of) almonds.

Page  45 Mlandola-siitelni~i 45 Maradand6siiq 7s~tslanola-, prefix. _-sii- (t. sz.). B. (-t), v. t. I bite: stay in. bed: szobihbii tei-n6nv an. almiond cake: (of serpent) sting: a hI birja, keep) to (onles) 'roomt: fek~valmond nutt: cznkros _. mac- -ja. augh lt 's right. 11 (of 1) 'eniairn in bet: ii) not aroon. _-Szapjuin, n. al- acid) corrodle jret. 411 burn get op: I1) be lett lying mond soap. _-t1j, ii. emnul- (tonge) IV (fig.) mialign (on floor): itllva -, remnuin sion. _-lorla, n. almond rilif 77 aIsperse slander stasnding not sit dowrn cake. speak evil oJ; traduce. V ltu-.srieeghl-,~K'Iandi-agotia, (ht), n. (fig.) be spitelul to; worry ben - not m)ove not budge; (bot.) msaneirake; maandrag- (one's) lif~e out; torment. not stir: kztiinlk- (it) is ova. Ala-, adyv. I already - Js, a secret uusmn's the wvord! $M~Aandula, (and,omn- alcealy: -esak, nothing but: abban -tunk, bogy.,we pounds), see usuandola. -,(be) (abont (to) -, decided (to) irwe settled: ott i~anduliisad'. sen gy "z "tt, hie was just on the -, be lept. behind: holt Junk? doids,-. poiust o f victory (uwithin an where wcere ire where did ~7Aisaticza, (-ftt), n. (a are -1vcoy): - tdr elaeoi ko,stay breed of) pig. tern, 1 tvas just overtaking awcay; not come; not turn P'Mangsin, (-t), U, man- him; 1 hesd almost orertakens up: Oda -, 1) slay b)ehinld gianese. him: _nemi, no more; no 2) be left behind: rnagara Alanqg6-fa,n. (bot.) mango. Ion qer: ii- nemi az, ahi be left alone; be left to NXIftss!JoI, (-t), v. t. mangle volt, The is no longer what (one's) owcn devices: valams (linen). in he was. II most, or- most, mellett -, abide byi (doci-, Alsingohits, (-t, -a), am. many- wrell; come nowv. Ill (yon sion);stick to (resolution); Mlalngolo A. (-t), a. I mangle will admsit): az -az 6n dlol- persist in; insist on (clahn (machine). II mangler. B. gain, that is iny affair (you mihiden a rkgiben -, everyadj., -deszha, mangling will admit or by your leave): thing will be ais before; board: -fa, roller-. m iegyek, I1 a m going: from there weill be no change: Alftilgoi-lis, = susanTgola's. these instances of its use it let bygones be bygones?: hopXligol,= naingol6. will. be seen that madv is ipoi ~, 1) get ncothing; be Atlpnqool-0, - mdngol. often untranslatable and taken in: 1_1) (of girl) get no ~Mii,(-ht.-h-ja), n. mania. may simply, he omitted. past ner; be a wallflower -\ManipulAl, (-t), v. i. man- Mlisra, adv. fos- today. (in dance): remtain unmarip~ulate: vinivel -,handle;Mai-ad, (-tani, -t), v. i. I re- ied: hilve -,remnain sitting; deal with. main; stop (somewhere); not rise: ugaron -, r-smai su Mlank6 (-t, -ja), n. crutch: slay; bide; abide: tarry; fallouw; lie fallow: p/msthn _n jr, use crthes.._-1db, sojouirn: ottlhon -, -stay at -, poste restante: pa'dyauda. scooden leg. home. II remnain (as it is); vaison -, be le ft till calle~d for AManna, (-a't), n. (hot.') not chuange; continsue uns- (at station): ha'tra (vissza) nuanna. chaunged; be still time smse; -, be left be/mind; be oumtNMan6, (-t(, A. proper am. continue to be. III re- distanced; lag behind: (fig.) Emumanucel. B. n. I demon; suain; be left (over): nem. be behmindhand; be backgoblin; hsobgoblin; evil spir- _t seminl. t/ueue is nothminsy sward: az itt..t idegenlek, it. II (msischievosms) sprite; left (of): ami -, what me- the foreigneus still here: vlsi (poet.) Puck: gnome: his umuains. IV stay away; be mbgbtt -, be le ft behind; hi -(ha), brouwnie; el f: erdei -, asuay; be: stayl out: holt outtstripped; be outdistanced faun: hegyi -, momentain Oly sokhig? mv/mere can lie be (by); be in-ferior (to) mvii sprite; gnome. III vigye ei so long l V be left (till); be mbgbtt -, be inf(erior (to) a.. the devil take (it)! thue put off; reinain (for). VI comae s/mont (of); be iso match, deuce take (it)! mi a _t csi- remusaism; keep (qluiet); be: (for): acm _t egy fillh'rens nhljak? schat time devil ani 1.j nyugton, keep stil-l! ese-nd- sem, I liace not a pennmy to do? a -ba! the devil! hen -, keep qumiet; be quiet. left: _ keep it! yon can time deuce!I eredj a -ba! go VIII vhire -, be left to; fall have it!l to the devil! go to blazes! to time share of. 'VII vhitdl1 Maiuadand6, (-lag), adj lastMlanszanilya-fa., n. (hot.) (vmitoIi) nem -hat, canumot ing; permasmeut; unc/iasgmanchineel. stay jor (because of); be iny; settled (abode); fired,; i7-Mappa, (-At, (-hja), a. I disturbed by: aem..hatok stable; indmestrumctible. map; chart. If blotting-book; tiile, lie gives sac nso peace; Mairadand&sqg, (-ot, -a), blotter. lie is a plagsme to sac. IX -n. lasting etc. character oi Mar, A. (-t, -ja), a. uuithmeus other- phrases: iigybau - natumue (olf: seeusarlu m

Page  46 Maradas 4; 4Marha-vagis Maradtas, (-t, -a) n. I re- stay. II convict (of); sen- Margit,(-of), propern. Marmaining; stay; abiding; so- tence: see elmarasztal. garet: Maggie; Madge: and journ. 1I nines omn, I am Marasztalo, adj.I inviting; see Margitka. restless; I have no peace; ot invitation. II (verdict) oj larglqitka, (-at), proper n. Ifeel uneasy: I cannot stay guilty; condemnatory (sen- (d(im.)JllMarery;1Mag;BMaggy; (here); (this) is noplace tor tence). Meg; Meggy; Peg; Peggy; me: I must be moving: nines Marat, (-ott), v. t. corrode: Gritty: Daisy. -a, (vulg.) have the fidgets. etch (engraving):(med.)cant- Marlih, (-at, hja), n. I cattle: Marad6k, A. (-ot, -a), n. erise. beast: apr6 ~, 1) poultry; I remains (t. sz.); remnant Malrat6, A.(-t),n. corrosive: jowls: 2) young animals: (of cloth); remainder; leav- (med.) caustic; cautery. B. szarvas -, horned cattle: ings (of food: t. sz.); adj. corrosive (fluid): (med.) hiz0 ~, cattle fattened (for (bibl.) crumbs (t. sz.): res- caustic. eating). II (arch.) goods and idue; rest: scraps (t. sz.) Marcsi, (-t), proper n. = chattels (t. sz.); property; II (math.) remainder. Ill Mari. ejfects (t. sz.). Ill (vulg.) (comm.) balance (of debt). Maircz, (-ot), n. mead. tool; idiot; ass; dolt; booby; IV (fig.) issue; offspring: Marczangol, (-t), v. t. (of blockhead. IV (vulg.) nagy~, posterity. B. adj. (what is) dog) worry; lacerate; rend; bigwig; big pot. V (vulg.) left; remaining: - etel, tear (to pieces). clown; awkward fellow; scraps (of food); leavings Marczangolas (, ( —a), n. boor. ~-illtis, n. cattle(t. sz.). worrying; laceration; rend- yard. -allomidny, n. live Maradht(at(at)lan,(ul),adj. ing; tearing. stock. -atka, n. cattle louse. restless; uneaqsy; fidgety. Matczel, (-t),proper n.lMar- ~-bgi61y, n. (zool.) gadfly. Maradi, adj. conservative; cellus..-b6r, n. oxhide; cowhide. reactionary: (in church mat- Marczi, (-t), proper n. Mar'- -csapsas, n. driftway. ters) orthodox. tin. ~-csorda, n. herd of cattle; Maradisdg, (-ot, -a), n. -XMarczipan, (-t),n. almond drove of cattle. ~-cs6sz, n. conservatism; reaction; or- paste. herdsman; cowherd. — d6g, thodoxy. MalIczius, (-t), n. March. n. murrain: steppe murrain; Marad6, (-an), adj. I =Madrcziusi, adj. March cattle plague; rinderpest. maradandd. II helyben ~, (wind). ~-hajto, n. drover. ~-hiz — stable. Marczona, adj.fierce; grim; lalds, n..fattening of cattle. Maradoz, (-tam, -ott), v. i. savage; ferocious; fell: -hizlal6,n.grazier.~-lius, lag behind; loiter (on the cruel: martial. n. beef: ~ leves, beef tea: way); linger; dawodle: (mil.) Mardos, (-tam, -ott), v. t. bouillon; beef broth. ~-isstraggle. I keep on biting (or stinging). t 6llo, n. cattle-shed; coiwMaradoz6, (-t), n. (mil.) II corrode (gradually); fret. house; cow-shed. -jal'rs, straggler; loiterer; lingerer; III (fig.) smite; prick (of n. — marha-csapds. ~-kedawdler; laggard; lagger. conscience): (of care) wear reskedo, n. cattle-dealer; Maradvdny, ((ok, -t,-a),n. out; gnaw at; prey upon; drover; grazier.,-legelo, I remainber: and see mara- corrode. n. pasture; cattle range; dek. II arrears (t. sz.); out- Mairdosits, (-t, a), n. I bite: cattle run. ~-lev1e, n. cattle standings; balance. ~-osz- sting. H corrosion. Ill (fig.) license. ~-lopas, n. abducszeg, n. (comm.) balance. sting; prick (of conscience). tion. ~-munka, n. drudgMarakodds,(-t),n.squabble; Mardoso, adj. I = maro. ery; hard work. ~-nyelv, quarrel; bickering; brawl; II ==marato. II (fig.) uneasy n. ox tongue., -pasztor, swrangle; (vunlg.) row. (conscience); remorseful: n. = marha-cso"sz. ~-peMarakod(ik), (ott), v. i. gnawing (care); corroding. csenye, n. roast beef; sirsquabble; quarrel; bicker; Marek, (-ot, -ja),n.=marok. loin of beef. brawl; wrangle: (vulg.) have MarI kniyi, = maroknyi. Marhasag, (-ot, -a), n. a 'oso. ~-Marga, (-at), n. (min.) (vulg.) folly; stupidity; Marakod6, adj. quarrel- marl. nonsense: (what an) idiotic some; contentious: (vulg.) 'lMargarin, (-t), n. mar- thing! (how) idiotic! absurd! cantankerous. garin. Marha-, prefix. _-siilt, n. Maris, (-t, -a), n. bite; 'IMtrgas, adj. marly; marl- - marha-pecsenye..-testing. aceous. ny6szt6s, n. cattle-breedMaraszt, (-ott), v. t. I de- iMalrgaIz, (-ott), v. t. marl ing. -tenyeszt6, n. cattletain; press (someone) to (a field). breeder; grazier. ~-vasas.

Page  47 Marha-vtasai 47 n. slatghtering oJ cattle. Mar-mar, adv. almost; just -~valsar, n. cattle market; about to; azt hittem, I was cattle tair. ~-v6sz, n. == just beginning to think. marha-dog. Marmota, (-at), a (zool.) Marhliz, (-ott), v. t. (vulg.) marmot; bobac (Polish specall (someone) a fool (an cies). ass; a blockhead); swear at; Marna, (-at), n. (zool.) barabuse;call (someone) names. bel. Marl, Mari, (-et), proper Maro, adj. I biting; stingn. (dim.). = Mdria. ing. II caustic; corrosive: Mtiria, (-at),proper n. Mary; lJdg, lye:.pacz, (tanner's) Maria; May; Moll; Molly; ooze: (metal) aqua fortis: Pol; Polly; Boldogsagos ~szer, caustic; corrosive; Sziiz ~, the Blessed Virgin corrodent. Ill (fig.) biting; AMary. ~-kep, n. Madonna; caustic (remark); stinging; image of the Virgin Mary. cutting; sharp;severe: ~guiny, Mariais, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I sarcasm. a coin formerly in use I.Mar6di, adj. (mil.) sick: (value 4 d.): ( Mary groat)), (vulg.) tagged out; done up. II a game of cards. Mar6d(ik), (-ott),v.i. (vulg.) Malria-iiveg, n. mica; mus- push through. covite; muscovy glass. Marok, (markot, marka,) n. Maris, (-t), = Mariska. I hollow of the hand; palm: Mrt-is, adv. already. hand: vas,, iron hand: marMariska, (-ht), proper n. komban van, (it; he) is in Maria. my hands: markaba nevet, Marja, see mar. laugh in (one's) sleeve: p6nz Mairjas, = mdridcs. iiti a markht, receive monMarjul, (-t), v. i., = ki- ey. II handful: tele kal, ficzamod(ik.) copiously; unstintingly; Mirk, (-ot), proper n. Mark. (give) uwith both hands: zwith Marka, see marok. (one's)hands full: egy ~kal, lMarka, (-ht), n. I (German) a handful (of). III sheaf (of mark. I (comm.) brand. corn). Mark6, (-t), = Mdrk. Maroknyi, adj. a handful Markol, (-t), v. t. grasp; (of); a fewo: nep, a small clutch; get hold of; take in people. the hand: aki sokat ~, keve- Marok - ver6, n. sheafset fog, grasp all, lose all. binder. Markolasz, (-tam, -ott), v..Mar6ni, (-t), n. chestnut. t. and i. finger; fumble (in). 'tMars, A. (-ot, -a),n. march. Markolat,(-ot,-a),n.handle; B. interj. (valg.) clear out! hilt (of sword).,-kosar, get out! get along! n. basket hilt..Marsall, (-ok, -t), n. Markolhat6, adj. grasp- marshal. — bot, n. marshal's able; to be grasped. staff. Markos, adj. I strong; mis- -Marsol, (-t), v. i. march. cular; stout; brawny; sin- Mart, (-ot, -ja), n. (sea) coast; ewiy. II (of horse) 16~, six- beach; shore: (river) bank. teen hands high. Mart, (-ott), v. t. I dip; Markot, see marok. steep (in); soak. II dip Markotfnyos, (-ok, t.) n. (candle); mould. III plunge sutler. (dagger; into). MarkotAnyoskod(ik), Marta, (-at), proper n. Mar(-ott), v. i. be a sutler. tha: Mat; Matty; Pat; Patty. Markotiinyos-no, n. (fe- Martailk, (-ot, -a), n. male) sutler. [AMdrk. booty; prey; spoil; plunder: Mdrklus, (-t), proper n. = u ~ul ejt, -= zsdkmdnyol. MaI rvfIny-tabla Marltaiek, (-ot), n. = mdrtds III. Martal6cz, (-ok, ot), n. freebooter; marauder; brigand; robber: (utonall) highwayman: (tengeri) pirate; buccaneer. Mairtas, (-t, -a),n. I dipping; steeping; soaking (in). II plunging (into), Iml sauce: (thin) gravy. Marti, adj. shore-: fecske, sandmartin: bank swallow. ~ Martir, (-ok, -t, -ja), n. martyr. XMartir(om)sag, (-ot, -a), n. martydom. Martogat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. (frequentative): keep on dipping(steeping or soaking): dip(steep or soak) frequently. Marton, (-t), proper n. Martin: ~nap, Martinmas; Martlemas. Marvany, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I marble:.hbll(valo),marble. II grain (of painted work). ~-asztal, n. marble table. ~-banya, n. marble quarry. ~-fejtes, n. quarrying of marble, ~-fuir6, n. marble drill. ~-hidegsegfi, adj. cold as marble. ~-keblui, adj. (fig) marble-hearted, un feeling.~-kem6nysegii, adj. hard as marble. ~-k6p, n. marble statue (or bust).,-k6, n. = mirvdny I. ~-lap, n. marble slab, - munka, n. marble-wvork. ~-muves, n. marble-cutter. Marvanyos, adj. I rich (abounding) in marble, II marbled (paper): marbleedged (book): marbleised (wood etc); marmorate(d). II like marble; marmoraceous; marmoreal; marmorean. Marvanyoz, (-ott), v. t marble; marbleise; vein. Marvanyozott,adj.===marvdnyos II. MaIrvdtny-szobor, n. marble statue. Marviany-tabla,n.I marble tablet. II marble slab: (iiveghengerelesn6l) marver.

Page  48 7_ - - - r -, -. ----, - 7- - - ' 1 -— 7- - 7 17- -- - -r - - - - - - - - - -_ - - I ' -- - --- ' ` ' - - - - - -, ". -X -71 - - 77 — Marvany-tenger ~~~Alasod-rend/i Msianv-lenger, properl otherrqi'se. -tekp i),M -,prefix. — iwi1s, adi.l n. Sea oft Jlfriinora. adij. otherwlise; (poet) other- di/lereia; roriou: moetMA S, A. (ko, - t, - a), D. I ijhes. — ftrls, ad'. onie and il-Oid. — miiilyven, _mn; other: ey/,onte thing at halt'; sesqujalterai. -f- l. ad-et.-o i, and another:egyet- _t, a hewr IoI, adv. I froin aniother ads. = nshnt1.-IJ, thin qs; a thing or two:t h directin fr ffidsreiit tidv. next clay;ontenanother's: -tollhval dices- direction: lri-o aniother side: romw; the fo~lloiring (la/. kei, a* rckdlow in pen-, (,in1 hioler quarter. II on niapos, adj. of tliefolloircoksfeathers; irear bor- the other liaiid. — foirma, lag idri!. -~-neinii, adj.~rowed p/lines: dcolgitba, dj o a, different shape: d-de beleavathoziki, meddle inl and se e midias-fele..-hIit/i,tlMdsod, adj. Iothter second~: other people's affairs: (-oh), adj. of another feaith; napra, for the next doa: senki, or senni -, noone o f a diie'rrat creed. — ihol, ke/zbfil, secondhand: miscelse: senirni -, mint, no- adv. elseirhiere; in another den — nap, el-erg other (secthing but; merely. II vmineh place: otherirhere. -~-liol- ond) drag. II magammal, -a (or sa), copy; 'foes/in- 161, n. alibi: presence else- crith one companion; two0 rile: -AT voszi, take (iiake) rhcere. -h-Ioitnan, adv. of us. III second (in rank) a copg of; copy: -act adja, isaom some other place v ice-; sub-; depnty; nader,-: reproduce. ELI vkineh -a,,fromi elserhcere. — liovzt, -hapitany, mate. _-bhv0d, image (of person) counter- adv. (go) elsewhere; else- aI. subtenant; undeitenant; part: double: szakasztott -a. whither; to somie other-place; sublessee. ~-bolygj6, n. salt/ce very incage (of):nines' othieriehcere: _h1tii"zik, se- ellite. _-eln6k, n. rice-a, he has no equal (wcith- snore; ocigrate (to another president; deputg chairman,: omet a rival): 6nhnmagaim- country): - fltet, transplant, co-pies/dent. -161, adj. nak (Ielkeninak~)- a, my Md~sik, (-at, -a), adj. (tdie) mids-fl -f e ite6, ((alter ego)). IV (arch.) on- other: the other one: egy -, sub-inspector. -4fi/, adj. and scvrei (to letter). V az egh- another-: a.oldalon, on the a. tiro - gear - old (colt) szen -, that is quite another other (opposite) suide: a. (prov.) tirintei-. _-fo1kci, thing: _t heszhl, he _t gon- oldaira htmegy, cross (to theI adj. (conrt) of second infbi1, hce sags oiie tlhinq and othcer side). stnce. — hangn (a. thciscks anothler:-. -_different; MciSit, (-ott), v. t. ecoaege second. _-hielyi, ad'. rarions. B. ad). other; else: (plan) alter: and see meg- (comm.) collateral (seemdi/fereist: (fig.) bettel-: Va,- mice/sit. ity). lAki, someone else: az mhr MAlsitliatatlan, (-nil), adj. M1csodik, (-at), adj. (nualidolog, that is another ncchangeable; unalteiable: 1 eral) second: korra nhzve watter: nalp(osa), next dag; irrerocable (decree): see, eldest but one: Lajos. thee follocrisn dog: -oldalra seicync/sithcatatlan. Lou/s the Second. fordlit, tam-n over- (page); - h~Maskarna, (-At), ia. I snack: Mhsod-izbecc, adv.~ mnca-_ vhlemhniynn Vail, be of a disguise- II masquerade: I sod-szoi-. different op/ic/on: mhdon, sicllmncery. IMdsod-k6zb6l, adv. seeseencikp alkalommal, Mds-, prefix. _-k~nt, _- ondhanid. ~-maiskor: vila'g volt Ak- k6p, adv. I othlerlr/se; in Mifcsod-kov, n. secondatig hoc, thcimgs wree better in anothcer macnner: -hangol, (Mesozoic) age. theose days. s-etlwee (instrument); tunse M/csol-kos-i, adj. seconidAltlts6, (-), a. oaeother's; somize- to anotheer p/tell: (fig.) con- orgy; Mesozoic. 01e else's (property or vert; brilly round:- gon- Masodlagos, adj. secondlmoney): other people's. dolkozik, thinik differently; org. Whs-, prefix, _-fajta,, adj. be of a dljte'rent sicnil. It Ma~sko(lat, (-ot, -a), a-.-~mas- (le, -161, (f ale). adj. else; otheereise. — kojp, adv Icdsod-pdlddny..one and a half: _iap, a (at) acescother time: ott onother Micsodl-, prefix. ~-6-6s6kis, dog amsd ca hca _f -16, adv. oceasioil: -ra,, to another a. heir presitmnptiv-e. _-p6lI in anotheer diiectiocc: - tlle; for a fuitlire occasion. dadny, a. dleplicate: _A fordit, turn 'rosnd:- f or- — kii16itbenc, adv. else; (comm.) seconld of exchange. dul, turn, awas': (fig.) change otherleise. _-peiwcz aI. second. s/des. II elseimlere..-461e, Mh6slas, (-t, a-), n. I mr/ne perCz-]rntltat6, a. second adj. of ainothcer (a r/ifferenlt) smeore of meerc. II ir/lue af caild. _ —raugllf, — rendii, kised; aiiothler kind o 'f: lice 'first press. adj. secondrate; seconcietogeeoccs: otheiguces YiIsi (-t, -ja). u. bolt; tie. class (hoteil): (fipg.) infer/orl.

Page  49 - T Ma "sodI-SZOi 49 _szotr, adv. I 'econdlqI II Meifsz(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i.!or the second tisme: asecond I creep crawcl. II climb fime: -ra, at the secoud clamber: (of plant) creep. attempt. '-szori, alj. s~ec- Miiszki!1, (-t), v. i. I creep and._-sziilott, adj second about; crawl about. II walk (son). — teiPJii naqy, ii. about; wander about: walk rfear, adminial. -iimoka, n. up and dawn: eghsz napqgreat grandclald (g, andson he is out all day: mit -itt? or granddauqhter).-Alt6, what are you doing here l n. (comm.) second, of ex - Mtaszlag, (-ot), n. I (bot.), change. _-vi aqza n. thorn apple; datura; Jamessecondl blossominq after- town weed; jimson weed; growth. stramony. II (fig.) poison. Miftsol, (-tam, t) v. t. copy; III (vulg.) honied words make a copy of a t -,trace. (t. sz.):paddiug. MeisoLris, (-t -a), -n copy- Maszlafgos, (-an), adj. I 11y (of). poisonous. II (bot.) -nadraMtisolat, (-at, -a), n. copy: gulya, belladonna; deadly reproduction; facsimile: nightshade: redflszirom, -ban, a copy of'; in dup- maszlag I. licate. Mdsz6, A. (-t) n. I creeper; Ntssol6, A. (-t, -ja), n. cop- crawler. II climber. B. I ier. B. ad~j. copying (book): creeping; crasvling. II -g~p, cop yiimy machine: climbing: p6zna, greasy -papiros, tracing paper: pole. [thew. -thnta, copyin~g ink. MWt, (-t), proper n. MatNAidsr~szrol, adv. = mds- hXMat6i'ia, (-kt), n. I materfelA'l. ial. II (vuig.) matter. Mdhs-r~szt, adv. on the hXMathernatika, (-dt), n. other hand. mathematics (t. sz.). Md~ssal - Ihangzo, n. ih'Aathiematikai, (-lag), (gramm.) consonant. adj. mathematic(al). Y~Massziv'oz, (-tam), v. t. hXMathemalikus, (-ok, 4), snassage. n. mathematician. Mhs-szor, adv. = md's-kor. Matild, (-ot), proper n. Mds-usijisan, adv. -meis- M1athilda; Matilda; Maud; honnan. M1at; M1atty; Patty; Tilda. Mdutt, adv. elsewhere; in Mdtka,(-At, -Aja), n. fiancde; ainother place; in other plac- betrothed. es: and see mds-hol. Mhtkds, adj. betrothed; Ma-stilt, adj. fresh (bread), engaged. Mfs-valaki, pron. someone Mttkiasdg, (-at, -a), -s. else. engagement. Mds-vilfti, n. (the) other Mdtka-tdl, is. sredding world; the sworld to come; the present. next srorld: a -on, in the MdtWl, adv. -kezdve, fromt other svorld; beyond the today; he'nceforsward; in race; in the life to come. fuiture. Aldfszds, (-t, -a), n. I creep- -X-Matrhcz, (-at, -a), is. ing; crawling. II cliwbing; mattress. clambering (of plant). hK-Aativlcz, (-at), n. matrix MAltszat, (-at), is. stain; mould. blot: dirt; mess: (printing) hXMatr6z, (-ak, -t), is. sailor; pick: daub. seaman; (vulg.) Jack-tar; IMaszatol, (-t), v. t. dirty; (baditengerhszetnhl) tar; sness; siake a mes~s of: stain, salt 3 teljes -~, able-bodied Maszatos, adj. dirty; seaman...-rulha, n. (bay's) grubby; messy; slubbery. sailor suit. Mleczendfs Mftty~fts, (-t), A. proper n. M1atthia~s. B. n. (zoal.. vulg.) mgpie: ar Mlat-yi, Mlatyk6, (-t), proper is. Matthias; Mat: Hiiyelyk -, Tom Thumb. Miliz, (-t), -a), n. I coating (of paint). II glazing; varnish. III (fig.) appearance; tinge; gloss; smattering (of l earning); air: show; dash; touch; suspicion. Mdizas, adj. varnished: painted: glazed (pottery). Maznsa,adj. swhining: (vulg.) (lawn in the dumps. MAzol, (-tam, -t), v. t. I paint. II varnsish twood): glaze (pat). III besmear; daub: dirty; mess. Md-zolds, (-t, -a), -s. I painting. II 'varnishing: smear: dautbing; daub: dirtying; snessing; mess. Mdzolo, (-t), n. (bouse) painter-. Mhzos, adj.== mdizas. WMaa, (-At, -Aja), is. I centner (weight); quintal (100 lb.). II scales; plotfarm scales; weigh-bridge; sveighing machine. — eais. tail; sceighage. — hivatal, n. weigh-house: sceighighouse. Mhzsdl0, (-t), v. t. weigh. Mh1zs;!16, (-t, -ja), nI. I beam-scale. II- mester, sweigh-master. Matzsa-mester, n. wneighmaster. MdzAnyi, adj. (one or mare) centners (of); centners in weight. Mzizsds, adj. madzsanyi. Mazsola, (-At), Mazsolatsz616, n. sultana (raisin). MWcs, (-ek, -et, -e), n. nightlamp: (areb.) rush-light tper. ~- b6l, is, swick. Meeses, (-et, -a), is. lamp; lucerna. hXMecset, (-et), is. masque. MWcs-vilig~, n.ca'ndle-light. MWcs-virdtg, n. (bat.) lychnis: corn cockle. h~`Tleczdndis, (-ok, -t), n. patron (of art etc.). Yolland: ffagyynr-aprol szitfr. II.

Page  50 Med M6d, A. (-et), n. Mede. B. adj. Median. Meddig, adv. I (of time) how long? II (of place, and fig.) how far? to what extent? III= a meddig. Meddo, adj. I barren; unproductive; sterile. II (fig.) fruitless; vain; futile: useless: empty (promise): fond (hope). Meddoseg, (-et, -e), n. barrenness: barren etc. character or nature (of: see. meddi). Medencze (-et, -eje), n. I basin: bowl (for flowers etc.). II (med.) pelvis. III trough. IV. (river) basin. ~-alakui,adj.trough-shaped. ~-szeru, adj. trough-like. Meder, (medret, medre), n. I bed (of a river); channel; river-bed. II (fig.) groove: a rendes -be terel, set right; set straight; set going. ~-fen6k, n. bottom. Medre(t), see meder. tXMeduza, (-at,) n. (zool.) jelly-fish. Medve, (-et), n. I (zool.) bear: erdei ~, brown bear: jeges,, polar bear; white bear. II (astron.) ids ~, Lesser Bear: nagy -, Great Bear; (vulg.) Charles's Wain. ~-bocs, n. bear cub. ~-b6r, n. bearskin: elore iszik a medve bor6re, cook one's chickens before they are hatched. ~-czukor, n. licorice. ~-gy6k6r, n. (bot.) bear's wort. ~-kucsma, n. bearskin (cap). ~-kor6m, n. (bot.) bear's breech. ~szolo, n. (bot.) bear-berry.,-talp, n. I bear's paw. II (mil.) slash (on tunic). ~talp-fu, n. (bot.) bear's breech; cow parsnip. ~-tanczoltat6, n. bear-keeper. ~-vaddsz, n. bear-hunter. ~-vadaszat, n. bear-hunt. Meg, A. conj. I and (connecting two nouns or adjectives). II (by way of objection) and: az ~ az enyem, and that is mine. III (arch.) again. B. prefix. often colourless, but mostly implies a completed action (see compounds in vocabulary), thus corresponding to the English perfect. Meg, adv. I still: mindig, ~ most is, still: ~ egyszer, once more: egynehhny, a few more. II nem, not yet. III (is), even; the very: - a szemtanuknak sem hisz, he does not believe even the eyewitnesses: itt is, here too; even here: ~ a falak is remegtek, the very walls shook: - a sem, not even he. IV ~is, notwithstanding; still; after all: - sem, not a bit; not at all; not (strongly emphasised): ~ pedig, namely; to wit (often untranslatable); too: j6 bor ez, ~ pedig er6s, rlis is good wine, and strong t,,o. Meg-, prefix. ~-abroncsoz, v. t. hoop (barrel).,aczeIoz, (-tam), v. t. harden; steel; temper. ~-ad, v. t. I grant; give. II afford (protection); accord (favour); render (honour); pay (respect); yield (praise); give. II surrender (fort); give up: ja magat, surrender; yield: capitulate IV pay (price); return (loan); pay back. V. admit; agree; confess: acquiesce in; consent to; grant; fulfil (request): meg kell adni, hogy..., it must be admitted (that): meg kell neki adni, he must be credited (with); we must do him credit (for): he must be admitted (to be). VI vmit meg nem ad, refuse: vminek arat ja, (fig.) pay (for); smart (for); have to suffer (for): -ja neki, pay (one) out; serve (one) out: (vulg.) give (one) what for: mindenkinek a maggat -ja, give everyone his due: ~ja magat vminek, resign (oneself) to (one's fate); submit to: acquiesce in: v Meg-aktadalilyoz kinek a vtegtisztesseget ja. pay (one's) last respects to. -adlfis, n. I (the act of) granting; yielding; givin#; payment; paying; return (of loan): handing over. II fulfilment (of request): consent (to); acquiescence (in). HL (fig.) resignation; acquiescence; submission. IV surrender: capitulation. ~-adlztat, v. t. taxc; impose taxes on: put a tax on (gpods): levy taxes on: (mil.) lay under a contribution. ~-ad6ztatds, n. taxing; taxation: (mil.) laying under a contribution. ~ad6ztathato, adi. taxable. ~-agyabugyal, v.t. thrash; give (one) a good hiding. - agyaz, v. i. make the beds: make (one's) bed. ~-ajdndekoz, v. t. give a present to; present (with); make (someone) a present (of): vkit bizalommal -, put trust( in); repose confidence (in): favour (someone) with (one's) confidence. ~-ajandekozas, n. presentation (with): endowment (with). _-ajlind6kozott, n. donee. _-ajainl, v. t. vote (supplies); agree to; pass (bill); ratify (treaty); sanction. _akad, v. i. I come to a standstill; get stuck; stand still: stick (in mud): (of clothes) get caught. II (fig.) falter (in speech); hesitate; stop; break dovwn: hitch: (of conversation) flag: (of negotiations) be interrupted. mI mindenki szeme - rajta, all eyes are riveted on (her); (she) is the cynosure of all eyes: szemem - rajta, (it) caught my eye. IV vmin, take umbrage (at); take offence (at); be put out (by). ~-akadalyoz, v. t. I hinder; impede (progress); prevent; stop; obstruct; check; arrest. II prevent (disaster); avert; ward off. III bar (a person: from); preclude; prevent. ~-aka

Page  51 Meg-akadalyozis ddlyozas, n. prevention; impeding; hindering; obstruction: averting (of): preclusion. _-akadafs, n. I standstill; sticking; getting stuck. II faltering; hesitation; hitch: interruption: stoppage: stagnation (of business). III -- fenn-akadds. ~-akaszt, v. t. I stop; check; stay the progress of: obstruct (negotiations); throw obstacles in the way of: put a restraint on: delay: bring to a standstill. II trig (wheel). III interrupt (in speech). ~-alakit, v. t. form; complete the formation of; establish; organise; constitute (association); found. — alakitas, n. formation; establishment; organisation; constitution; foundation. ~-alakul, v. i. be formed; be established; be organised; be constituted. ~-alakullls, n. constitution: establis7hment. — alapit, v. t. found; establish: lay the foundations of: szerencsejet ~ja, succeed (in the world). _-alapitas, n. foundation; establishment. ~-alaz, v. t. I humble; humiliate; put down. II,za magat, meg-alazkod(ik). ~-alaizas, n. humiliation; abasement; bringing low. ~alazkodss, n. humility; humiliation; self-abasement. _-alazkodik, v. i. humble (oneself); bow the neck; be humble. ~-alaz6, (-an), adj. humiliating; humbling. ~alfz6d(ik), v. i. be humbled; be humiliated; be abased. ~-aliztatfas, r. = megaldzds. ~-altaztat(ik), (-ott), v. i. = meg-aldzod(ik). -.ald, v. t. I bless; invoke a blessing on: Isten hldjon meg! a) God bless you! b) goodbye! 1 bless (with); favour ~ dusan _ott, richly endowed; wealthy (country). III bless: consecrate. _-aldas, n. I blessing. I favouring; blessing; 51 endowment. ~-alkot, v. t. create; form; constitute: and see alkot. _-alkudni, infin. see meg-alkltsz(ik). ~alkusz(ik), v. i. come to terms; strike a bargain: come to an agreement; make a compromise: compound (with): acquiesce in; resign (oneselt) to (fate): make the best of (circumstances).,alkuvAs, (-t, -a), n. I bargain (made): compromise; agreement. II (fig.) acquiescence (in); resignation (to): opportunism: ~t nem isnmero, uncompromising; inflexible (character). ~-alkuv6, adj. opportunistic: yielding: meg nem alkuv6, uncompromising; inflexible. -aill, A. v. i. 1 stop; halt; stand still; come to a halt: (of machine) stop working: (of water etc.) stagnate: (of work) cease: stop short (in speech). II stand (erect): (fig.) hold; be valid. III (fig.) maintain (oneself); hold (one's) ground: remain intact; remain in force: vmi mellett, maintain; abide by; stick to. IV -j csak! look out! you just wait! alljunk meg itt! wait a moment! ~ az eszem, it is quite beyond me: I am dumfounded. B. v. t. I keep (promise); stand to; make good; abide by. II stand (test).III forbear (laughing); keep from; restrain: nem tudta ~ani siras nelkiil, he could not help crying. IV ~ja hely6t, hold (one's) own; hold out; hold up. — allapit, v. t. establish; set fast; determine; fix: decide (that): ascertain (a fact): appoint (time). ~-allapitas, n. establishment (of); determination; fixing; de cision: appointment. _-allapithat6, (-an), adj. ascertainable; determinable: that may be established (or set fast). ~-allapodas, n. I standstill; halt. II agree Mleg-art ment; convention. III decision. IV consolidation. ~allapod(lk), v. i. I. stop; halt; come to a halt: stand still. II cease: (of wind) subside; abate: leave over. III come to an agreement; agree (to); decide (upon); determine. IV decide (to); resolve. V (of situation) clear up; be cleared up: (of conditions) consolidate; settle; become settled. - fillapodott, (-an), adj. settled (conditions): (man) settled in life: in the prime of life. — allas, n. stopping; stop; halt: nelkfil, without stopping: without a break: non-stop (run; of train). ~-allhato, adj. valid: good. — allit, v. t. stop; hold up: pull up (horse): bring to a standstill: staunch (blood): put (machine) out of gear..allo, n. - or h hely. n. (railway) station: halt; stop: (vill. vasdt) (all trams stop here)>: felteteles ~. trams stop by request). ~-almod(ik), v. t. dream (something): imagine; conceive. ~alsz(ik), v. i. (of milk) curdle; turn: coagulate; congeal: stiffen: thicken: (of blood) clot. ~-aludni, infin. see meg-alsz(ik). ~aludt, adj. (see megalsz[ik]), curdled (milk); sour: coagulated; congealed: stiff; thickened: clotted (blood). ~-alusz(ik), v. i. = meg-alsz(ik). ~-annyi, adj. I or rather. II a lot of. ~-apad, v. i. = le-apad. - arad, v. i. swell; (of river) overflow. _-aradas, n. swelling: overflowing; flood. ~-aradt, adj. swollen (river); overflowing. ~-aranyoz, v. t. gild: and see aranyoz. _-araszt, v. t. swell (river); make (river) overflow (its banks). — art, v. i. vkinek (vminek), hurt; injure; be harmful to; be injurious to (heatih): (of 4*

Page  52 Meg-as food) disagree with: ~ott neki a bor, the iine has gone to his head. ~-is, v. t. dig (a grave; for). ~-aszal, v. t. dry (fruit): cure. ~-asz(ik), v. i. become dry: 'wither?; parch, -aitalkodtis, n. obstinacy: obduracy; perversity; stubbornness: impenitence. ~-atalkod(ik), v. i. grow stubborn: be obdurate; be hardened. -adtalkodott, adj. stubborn; obstinate; obdurate; perverse: impenitent; hardened. ~-italkodottsdg, (ot, -a), n. = megdtalkodds. — dtkoz, v. t. rurse: execrate; damn; imprecate evil on. ~-itkozas, n. cursing: execration; 'urse. -aitkozott, adj. = tl-dtkozott. ~-avasod(ik), v. i. become rancid. ~-avul, v.i. get out of date: lose its vogue: and see el-avul. ~~-azas, n. becoming wet; wetting.,-az(ik), v. i. get wet (through); get drenched; get soaked: teljesen,, get sopping wet. -adztat, v. t. wet (through); make wet: soak; drench: ret (hemp). ~-babdz(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. (vulg.) be confined; have a chilcd. ~-babondz, v. t. beswitch; enchant; charm: (of witch) overlook: (fig.) fascinate. ~-bajuszosod(ik), (-ott), v. i. get a moustache. — bakol, v. i. ~ja magat, become obstinate. _-bIamul, v. t. wonder at: stare at; gaze at; gape at. ~-ban, v. t. regret; be sorry for: rue (fault); repent (sin): (fig.) suffer for; pay for. ~-banas, n. regret: penitence: remorse; compunction; contrition. ~-bant, v. t. offend; hurt(feelings):wound (honour): outrage. ~-bJnt6d(ik), v. i. feel offended (or hurt); be hurt. ~-baratkoz(ik), v. i. I make friends (with). II (fig.) familiarise (oneself) (with); reconcile (oneself) (to; circumstanc es): make tlhe bedl (of). bar-nit, v. i. brown; make brown: bronze. ~-barsnl, v. i. broun; become brownt: be bronzed. — biatoiit, v. t. tel-bdtorit. -bhecstelenit, v. t. I disgrace; dishoiour: defame. II ravish (woman); violate; seduce; defloiwer; dishonour; debauch; rape. ~-becstelenlit6s, n. I disgracing; dishonouring; defaming. II ravishment; rape; violation; seduction. ~-becsteleniti, adj. dishonouriug; defaming. — becsiil, v. t. I esteem; respect; show respect for; honour (person). II prize (favour); esteem highly; appreciate. III take care of (clothes). IV estimate (damage): appraise; value. V ~i magat, show selfrespect: behave like a man; be a man: behave properly. _-becsiiles, n. I esteem (for): respect. II prizing: appreciation. III appraisement; valuation. ~-becsiilhetetlen, (-ul), adj. invaluable; priceless; inestimable. ~-becsiiltet, v.t. have (something) appraised (or valued). ~-b6ekl, v. i. become reconciled (to); make (one's) peace (with): make (it) up (with): and see ki-bekiil. — b6keltet, v. t. reconcile (to); conciliate. ~-b6kiil, v. i. meg-bekel. ~-b6kiiles, n. reconciliation. — belyegez, v. t. I stamp; mark; brand; hallmark (silver). II (fig.) brand; put a stigma on; stigmatise. — belyegzes, n. I stamping; marking; branding. II (fig.) branding; brand; stigma; stigmatisation. ~belyegzett, adj. branded; stigmatised; bearing a stigma. ~-benit, v. t. lame; cripple; make lame: paralyse. ~-benul, v.i. become lame (or crippled): be paralysed. ~-beretv-al, v. t. shave. ~-b6erml l, v. t. (of leg-bizhatatlan bishop) confirm. _-beszl, v. t. tallk (something) over; d(iiis, x.; talk about; deliberate upon. _-beszltes, (-t, -e), n. di:cussion (of); conference; deliberation,: agreement: - szerint. a.s aqreed. — betegedes, n. talling ill; being taken ill: illtness. - beteged(ik), v. i. tall ill; be taken ill. ~-betegit, v. t. make ill. ~-beteqsz(ik), v. i.-= meg-beteged(ik). ~ -bicsakl(ik), (-ott), v. i. I (of ankle etc.) be sprained. II (fig.) - a nyelve. make a slip (of the tongue). ~-bicsakol, v. t. ~ja magat, become stubborn; get (one's) back tp; put (one's) back up. ~billen, v. i. tilt: topple over. ~-bir, v. t. I. be equal to; (be able to) cope with: be able to carry (weight); be strong enough to carry: be a match for. II (be able to) put up with; (be able to) support: manage (work); get through. III be able to afford (expense). ~-biral, v. t. revieLw (book); criticise: subject to criticism. ~-birilas, n. review; criticism (of): judgment. ~-birk6 -z(ik), v. i. I wrestle (with: person): cope (with); make head (against); be a match (for). II (fig.) vmivel ~, master; overcome; cope with: nem tudok ezzel ~ni, this is too mucih for me. - birsfagol, v. t. fine; punish by fine; impose a fine on; mulct. ~-bii-sagolas, n. fining; mulcting: fine; mulct. ~-biz, v. t. entrust (someone; with); charge (with); intrust. -bizas, ~bizatis, (-t. -a), n. I (act of) entrusting; charging. II trust; charge; commission: (pol.) mandate: mission; task: message; errand. III (leg.) poiver of attorney: authorisation: (executorms) letters of administration: proxy: (comm.) procuration. ~-bizhatatlan, (-ul),

Page  53 Meg-bizhatatlansag adj. unreliable; zuntrustworthy: (comm.) unsound; not safe. ~-bizhatatlansag, (-ot, -a), n. unreliability; untrustworthiness: unreliable etc. character or nature (of: see meg-bizhatatlan). ~-bizhat6, (-an), adj. reliable; trustworthy; trusty: (comm.) good (firm); sound; to be relied on; to be depended on: authentic (source). _-bizlhat6sdg, (-ot, -a), n. reliability; trustworthiness: reliable etc. character or quality (of: see meg-bizhatd). ~-biz(ik), v. i. trust (in); repose confidence (in): rely (on); depend (on). ~-biz6, A. (-k, -t, -ja), n. I (leg.) mandator: one who gives a charge: employer. II client (of lawyer): constituent (of deputy): (comm.) consignor. B. adj. ~ level, mandate: power of attorney: credentials (t. sz.). ~-bizonyit, v. t. = be-bizonyit. ~-bizoryosodas, n. convincing (oneself); making sure (of). ~-bizonyosod(ik), v. i. I vmirbl ~, convince (oneself); make sure (of): ascertain (the facts); make certain (of). II (of news) prove true; be confirmed; be corroborated. ~-bizott, (-ak, -ja), n. delegate; representative: mandatary; mandatory; emissary: (political) commissioner; (leg.) attorney: (comm.) proxy. ~-bocsdt, v. t. forgive; pardon; excuse. ~-bocsttas, n. forgiving; pardoning; excusing: forgiveness: pardon. ~-bocsathatatlan, (-ul), adj. unpardonable; inexcusable; unwarrantable(conduct); unjustifiable. ~-bocsathato, adj. excusable; pardonable; forgivable: venial (offence).,b6dit, v. t. stupefy; overpower: daze; make giddy. ~-b6dul, v. i. be overpowered: be dazed; (of head) 53 reel; turn giddy. — bokrosodils, n. shying (of horse). ~-bokrosod(ik), v. i. shy; take fright. ~-boldogult, n. and adj. (the) deceased; defunct. — bolondit, v. t. sake (one) mad. ~-bolondul, v. i. go mad; go off (one's) head; run mad; lose (one's) wits; go crazy: -tal? are you mad? are you crazy? are you out of your senses? ~-bolygat, v. t. disturb; upset: interfere with. ~-bornl(ik), v. i. I get into disorder; be disorganised: fall to pieces; be thrown into disorder: be overthrown. II (of health) be shattered. III (of organ) get out of order. IV (fig.) = meg-bolondul. ~-bont, v. t. disturb; throwv into confusion; upset: destroy: take to pieces. ~-borotval, v. t. shave. ~-borotvilkoz(ik), v. i. shave: have a shave. _borsol, ~-borsoz, v. t. pepper; season with pepper. ~-borzad, v. i. shudder (at): ~t, (he) shuddered (at); it made (his) flesh creep. ~borzaszt, v. t. make (one) shudder; make (one's) flesh creep; give (one) the creeps. ~-bo(s)szankod(ik), v. i. be annoyed; wzax indignant: see boszankod(ik). ~-bo(sz)szant, v. t. annoy; make indignant; provoke; vex. ~bo(s)szul, v. t. avenge (on); take vengeance for; exact satisfaction for: ~ja magkt, have (one's) revenge: demand a penalty; make (someone) smart; make (one) rue the day. ~-bos(z)ulas, n. avenging (of): vengeance (for); retribution; satisfaction (for). _-boszorkanyoz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. bewitch; overlook. ~-botl(ik), v. i. stumble: vmiben ~,fall (over): (fig.) blunder; make a slip (of the tongue). ~-botoz, v. t. thrash; flog; cane. ~-botrtnkozas, (-t, -a), n. commotion; scandal: Meg-cselekedt(em) (the) being shocked (or scandalised); consternation. ~-botrdnkoz(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. be shocked; be scandalised. ~-botlrankoztat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. shock; scandalise: dismay. ~-b6k, v. t. nudge (with elbow); jog; (of goat) butt; strike; rap. ~-bovit, v. t. ==- bovit. ~-buk(ik), v. i. (see buk[ik]). I tall; tumble (over). II be ploughed; fail (in exam.). III (of ministry) be defeated. IV (comm.)fail; become bankrupt. ~-buktat, v. t. I knock over; knock down. II = le-buktat. III plough (in exam.);pluck. IV ruin (enterprise). V defeat (ministry); bring about the fall of. ~-bfsit, v. t. make sad; sadden: grieve; afflict. ~-biidosod(ik), v. i. become stinky; become foul (or putrid). ~buinhod(ik), v. i. atone (for); pay the penalty (for); pay(for); smart (for).~-biintet, v. t. punish; inflict (a) punishment (on): (bibl.) chastise: vmiert~,visit (sins) on (someone). ~-biiv61, v.t. bewitch (fig. too); overlook: (fig.) charm; fascinate; captivate: infatuate. ~-csal, v. t. I cheat; defraud; swindle: overreach; circumvent. II deceive; delude; impose upon: take (someone) in: mislead. III disappoint. ~-csalatkozik, v. i. I be deceived: be mistaken. II be disappointed. ~-csa16d(ik), v. i. == meg-csalatkoz(ik). ~-csap, v. t. I strike; hit; beat; thrash. II (of smell) meet. ~-csapkod, v. t. frequentative of meg-csap I (q. v.). ~-csapol, v. t. broach (barrel); tap. ~-csappan, v. i. decrease; diminish; decline; grow less; (of person) grow lean; waste away; fall off. ~-csavar, v.t. turn (round); screw. ~- cselekedni, ~ cselekedt(em), see meg

Page  54 Meg-cselekszik cseleksz(ik). — cselekszik, v. t. do; perform; complete; accomplish; achieve: and see meg-tesz. ~ - csendiil, v. i. sound; (of bell) begin to ring: resound: (of ears) tingle.~-csepel, v. t. thrash (corn): (fig.) exhaust. _-cserel, v. t. exchange: (vulg.) swap; swoop. ~-csereles, n. exchange: (vulg.) swoap; swoop. ~-cserez, v. t. tan. ~-csikland(oz), v. t. tickle. ~-csikordul, v. i. creak; jar; squeak: (of teeth) gnash.- ~-csillapod(ik), v. i. ie-csillapod(ik)._-csinAl, v. t. I prepare; make ready: make; complete. II put in order; repair (watch); put 1 right. ~-csip, v. t. I pinch; squeeze; nip: (bee) sting: (snake) bite. II (fig.) catch (in the act); seize. III (of frost) bite. ~-csodgl, v. t. I stare at; gaze at. II wonder at: admire. ~-cs6kol, v. t. kiss; give (someone) a kiss. _-csonkit, v. t. mutilate: truncate: dismember (country): amputate (body). ~-csonkul, v.i. be mutilated (or dismembered). ~csontosod(ik), v.i. ossify: (fig.) be hardened; be confirmed (in). ~-csontosodott, adj. (:ig.) hardened; confirmed; inveterate. csorbit, v. t. I crack: make a flaw in; chip off. II (fig.) curtail: impair; damage. ~csordul, v. i. -= csordul. ~cs6vgl, v. t. wag (tail): shake (head). ~-cs6k6nvosod(ik), (-6tt), v. i. become stubborn; put (one's) back up; set (one's) back up.,csomorl6ls, n. disgust. - cs6morl(ik), v. i.feel sick: (of stomach) turn: (fig.) conceive a disgust (of): be disgusted (with); feel sick (of); conceive an aversion (for). ~-csufit, v. t. = elcslIfit. ~-csufol, v. t. make mun of; mock; deride; gibe (at; scoff at; flout; jeer at. 5 ~-csukl(ik), v. i. get out of joint; get sprained. ~csunytil, v. i. become ugly; grow ugly; get disfigured. ~csiisz(ik), v. i. slip. ~cztLfol, v. t. re'fute (statement); conlute; disprove; opp ugn: belie (person); give the lie to; prove (one) to be in the wrong: show to be false: repel (argument): deny (report); contradict. - czafolhatatlan, (-ul), adj. irrefutable; irre iragable; incontestable; undeniable; unanswerable. ~-czlbal, v. t. pull by the hair; tousle; tug; pull about. ~-czir6 -glat, v. t. = czirogat. ~czukroz, v. t. sugar: (fig.) sweeten. ~-dagad, v. i. swell: (of tumour) rise. - ~-dagaszt, v. t. I swell: raise; inflame. II knead (bread). — dermed, v. t. become stiff; be benumbed (with cold); stiffen; become torpid: (fig.) shrink; start (with horror); be dumfounded; stand aghast. ~dermeszt, v. t. benumb; numb; stiffen; make stiff: (fig.) dumfound; make one's hair stand on end. ~-dezsmlal, v. t. I take a tithe of; tithe. II (fig.) make havoc of; rifle; make a hole in. ~-dicser, v. t. commend; praise; laud. ~-dicsoit, v. t. glorify; exalt: (eccl.) beatify..-dics6ites, n. glorification; exaltation: apotheosis: (eccl.) beatification. ~-dics6iil, v. i. be glorified; be exalted: (eccl.) join the Saints; become one of a the blessedr. ~-dics6iiles, n. beatification. ~dicsiilt, adj. beatified; blessed. ~-dob, v. t. I pelt (with stones). II hit (the mark). ~-dobal, v. t. frequentative of meg-dob I (q. v.). ~-dobban, v. i. begin to beat; beat fast. ~-dobbant, ~-dobogtat, v.t. make (the heart) beat; set beating..-dohosod(ik), Meg-do/rdiil v. i. = dohosod(ik). ~-dolgoz, v. t. (fig.) get round; square (someone). ~-dolgoz(ik), v. i. (vmiert ), slave; drudge. ~-dorgil, v. t. scold; rebuke; reprimand; censure: (vulg.) haul over the coals; blow up..-d6bben, v. i. be taken aback; be dumrfounded; stand aghast; be amazed; be dismayed. ~-dobbenes,n.consternation; dtsmay; disconcertion: (vulg.) flabbergastation. ~-dobbent, v. t. take aback; dumfound; amaze; stupefy; disconcert; dismay; bewilder; put out of countenance: (vulg.)flabbergast. ~-dobbent6, (-en), adj. amazing (contrast); dum'ounding; stupefying; disconcerting; bewildering; startling: gruesome (story); horrifying. ~-dof, v. t. stab: butt (with horns) * (of bull) toss. ~-d6gl(ik), v. i. (of animals) die: (vulg.; of person) kick the bucket. - doiigonyoz, v. t. thrash. - d61, v. i. I fall; collapse. II lean (on one side); bow: (of ship) lurch; heel; heel over: (of corn) lodge; be laid. I1I (fig.) fail; come to nought; prove a failure; fall to the ground: prove untenable; fail to stand the test; collapse. ~-domoczkol, (-t), v. t. I press down; ram in; stuff (in). II (fig.) cuff: beat. ~donget, v. t. I knock at (door); batter: belabour; bang. II (flg.) thrash; give a hiding to; drub; lick. ~-dont, v. t. I knock down; throw down; overthrow: lay (corn); lodge. II (fig.) refute (statement); confute; disprove: invalidate. ~-dnthetetlen, (-iil), adj. irrefutable; unanswerable; irrefragable; incontestable: impregnable (position). ~-dontheto, adj. refutable; refragable. ~-d6rdill, v. i. (of cannon) boom: begin to thunder. ~-d6r

Page  55 Meg-dorzsol 55 zsol, v. t. rub. ~-dragit, v. t. increase the price of: make dearer; raise the price of increase the cost of (living). ~-dragul, v. i. become dearer; increase in price: become more expensive. — duzzad, v. i. = megdagad. ~-duzzaszt, v. t. = meg-dagaszt I ~-diiuhd(ik), (-ter, 61t), v. i. I become furious; lose (one's) temper; become enraged; fly into a passion. II (of animal) go mad. ~-duhosit, v. t. enrage; infuriate. ~-dil, v. i. = megd6l. Mege, adv. = m6gd. Meg-, prefix. ~-eb6del, v. i. dine: lunch (at noon): j61 ~t, he(has) had a good dinner (or lunch). ~-eczetesed(ik), v. i. acetify; turn acid. -e6desed(ik), v. i. become sweet; sweeten ~6desit, v. t. sweeten (fig. too); make sweet. ~-6desiil, (-t), v. i. = meg-edesed(ik). ~-edz, v. t. harden (fig. too); steel: and see edz.,-edzod(ik), v. i. = edz6d(ik). _-eg, v. i. I burn; be burned. II (of food) burn. ~6get, v. t. I burn (in cooking too). II burn a hole in: scorch; singe: ~i sz&jat, 1) scald (one's) mouth: 2) get into hot water (by talking too freely): -i kbrmet, 1) burn (one's) fingers: 2) catch a Tartar: ~i magat, fall in love: be smitten (with). ~egyez, v. i. I agree; be in agreement. II correspond (to); agree: be alike; tally; coincide. II vkivel~, come to an agreement (with); make a bargain; come to terms (with); strike a bargain. IV be in accordance (with); suit; be in keeping (with) accord. ~-egyez6s, n. I agreement; harmony; concord. II correspondence; tallying; conformity. II agreement (made); compromise; convention; bargain..-egyez(ik), v. i. = meg egyez I-1I-IV. _-egyezo, (-leg), adj. = egyezo. ~-egyeztet, v. t. reconcile; adjust: bring into agreement; accommodate; accord. ~-egyeztetheto, adj. reconcilable; adjustable. - ehet6, adj. = eheti. - 6hez(ik), v. i. become hungry; grow hungry. ~-ejt, v. t. I carry out; bring about; carry into execution; accomplish; carry through. II hold (election). m (fig.) inveigle; ensnare; entrap: seduce (girl). -61e, A. v. t. live to see (something). B. v. i. I survive; live. II maintain oneself; be able to live; (be able to) subsist; eke out a livelihood; make both ends meet.,-elegedes, (-t, -e), n. I contentment; content; contentedness. I satisfaction; pleasure; approval,.-elegedett, (-en), adj. I content; contented. 17 satisfied; pleased (with). ~-elegedettseg, (-et, -e), n. = megelegedes L ~-elegedni, infin. see meg-elegsz(ik). ~elgel, (-t), v. t. have enough of; be sick of; be tired of; have had enough of; be surfeited with. ~el6gsz(ik), (elegedtem), v. i. be satisfied (with); content oneself; rest content (with); be contented (with). _-elenkiil, v. i. become lively; be all in a bustle; become bustling: assume a lively (bustling) aspect; become animated. ~-61esit, v. t. sharpen; put an edge on; whet: and see llesit. ~-elevened(ik), v. i. = meg6elnkiil. ~-elevenit, v. t. I enliven; make lively: brighten: wake up. I restore to life: revive. ~-eleveniil, (-), v. i. = meg-lednkiil. ~-elhet6s, (-t, -e), n. subsistence; livelihood: (means of) living. -61ljenez, v. t. = dljenez. ~-ell(ik), v. t. = ell(ik). ~-eloz, v. t. I Meg-engedhetetlen outstrip; outdistance; be beforehand with; get the start of: get ahead of; leave behind: be too quick for: take precedence of. 1n anticipate (wish): prevent (trouble); obviate; preclude. IM precede; go before: lead up to. _-elozes, (-t, -e), n. I outstripping; outdistanc, ing. II anticipation: prevention (of trouble). ~-elozoadj. I previous; antecedent; anterior: prior (claim). II preventive (measure): anticipatory: (med.) prophylactic(al). ~-elozoleg, adv. previously: prior (to). emberel, v. t. treat honourably. II ~i magft, pluck up courage; show oneself a man; make an effort. ~-emberesed(ik), (-ett), v. i. come to man's estate; be grown up. ~emel, v. t. lift; raise: cut (cards): take off (one's hat). ~-emeszt, v. t. I digest (food). II (fig.) digest; comprehend; absorb. ITn (fig.) run through (money); squander; use up: consume (with grief); waste; wear (away). ~-emeszt6s, (-t, -e), n. I digestion; (of food). II (fig.) digestion; comprehension. ~-emeszthetetlen, (-iil), adj. indigestible (fig. too). ~-emleget, v. t. make Jfrequent) mention of: recall; recollect; think of; remember. _-emlekezes, n. remembrance. ~eml6kez(ik), ~-eml6ksz(ik), v. i. vmirol, (vkir61), ~, remember: refer to (something); allude to; mention:speak of (someone). - emlit, v. t. == emlit. - 6nekel, v. t. sing of; sing (praises of); celebrate in song. ~-enged,v.t. I permit; allow; give permission for; consent to. II(used absolutely): admit; grpnt; concede; allow. ~-engedes, (-t,-e),n. permission. ~-engedhetetlen, adj. I inadmissible;

Page  56 Meg-engedheto 56 Meg-farag improper; unlawful. II un- ready, -e6r(ik), v. i. ripen; erzekit. ~-erz(ik), v. i. be pardonable. ~-engedheto, become ripe; mature (fig. perceptible (by the senses); adj.permissible; allowable; too); (of boil) come to a be palpable; be felt. ~-esadmissible: proper; lawful; head. -eirint, v.t. I- rint. het6,adj.=eshet&.~-es(ik), legitimate. ~-engedheto- II touch lightly; graze; v. i. I occur; happen. II seg, (-et, -e), n. permissible brush, -6rkezes,n.arrival. vkivel ~, befall; betide; etc. character (of: see meg- -erkez(ik), v. i. arrive happen to (someone). II engedhet6). ~-engesztel, (at): (fig.) come. ~-6rlel, szivem rajta, I am sorry v. t. conciliate; appease; v. t. ripen; make ripe; for him; my heart is touched propitiate. ~-engesztel- mature (fig. too); bring to (with compassion); I feel hetetlen, adj. implacable; maturity: bring (matters) pity for him. IV ~ett neki, unrelenting; unappeasable; to a head. ~-ernyed, v. i. he has had bad luck; he unforgiving. ~-engesztel- - ernyed. ~-eroltet, v. t. has got into trouble. V (of heto, adj. appeasable; strain; overtask; exhaust; girl) be seduced; be got placable; conciliatory. - overexert: i magat, over- with child. — esket, v. t. I engesztel6d(ik), (-ter, exert oneself: strain oneself administer the oath to;swear. -ott), v. i. become appeased to the utmost: make an II marry. ~-esket6s, n. - (or conciliated). ~-engesz- effrt; exert oneself; take esketes, ~-eskiidtet, v. t. telodes, (-t, -e), n. concili- the trouble. ~-eroltet6s,= meg-esket I. — eskiiation; propitiation. ~-enni, n. exertion; effort: over- sz(ik), v. i. I take an oath; infin. see meg-esz(ik). -- exertion; overwork. ~-erol- swear. II vkivel ~, wed; enyhit, stb. see enyhit etc. tetett, adj. (fig.) forced; be married (to). ~esz(ik), ~-enyhiii, stb. see eny- constrained. ~-erosit, v. t. v. t. I eat; eat up: devour; hill etc. ~-enyvez, v. t. I fortify (town): reinforce consume (in eatinr). II egye glue; fasten. -e6pit, v. t. (army). II confirm (state- meg a fene (stb.)! the devil build; finish building; erect; ment); bear out; corrob- take him! ~-etet, ~-tet, construct. ~-epul, v. i. be orate: ratify; sanction (legal v. t. I feed; give food to: built; be finished. ~-er, v. act): affirm (judgment). III givefodderto (cattle);fodder. t. I live to (a certain age); (fig.) fortify (someone, in II poison. live to see. II be worth (so resolution); conJirm. IV see Megett, adv. - m6ogtt. much): nem 6ri meg a fa- erosit. ~-erosites, n. I Meg-, prefix. ~-ettem, see radsagot, (it) is not worth fortification (of town) re- meg-esz(ik). — evett, see the trouble. ~-erdemel, v. inforcement (of army). II megesz(ik). ~-eziistoz, v. t. t. I deserve; merit. II be confirmation; corroboration: = eziist6z. -faggy6iz, v. t. worth (the trouble).,-er- ratification; sanction: af- -faggyulz. — fagy, v. i. I demelt,~-erdemlett,adj. firmation. III see erosites. freeze to death; perish with merited; well-deserved; due ~-er6s6des, n. = erosodes. cold; starve to death. II (of (reward). ~-ered,v.i.I begin ~er6s6d(ik), v. i. I be plant) be frost-bitten: (of to fow: (of rain) begin to strengthened; become strong- water) freeze. III be befall; _t az eso, it began to er; grow in strength. II be numbed; become numb: (of rain;.t a nyelve, he became confirmed (in). ~-6rt, v. t. blood) congeal; clot: cotalkative. II (of plant), take I understand; comprehend; agulate: a ver ~ott ereiben, root: sprout; begin to grow: grasp (meaning): take(hint). he shrank wuith horror; he (of seed) germinate. ~-re6s, II (fig.) understand: ~ik was paralysed with terror. n. ripeningg. ~-ereszt, v. t. egymast, come to an under- IV ajkan ~ott a sz6, he was I loosen; slacken; relax: standing; agree. ~-6rt6s, struck dumb..-fagyas, n. let down (string): let go; n. I understanding; com- freezing; starvation. — falet loose (reins): ~ett kan- prehension. II (fig.) under- gyaszt, v. t. I congeal tarszarral, at full speed. II standing; harmony; agree- (liquid); set. II (fig.) congeal crack (a joke). III givefull ment..-6rtet, v. t. I (blood): kill (sentiment). plqy to. IV open (tap): let vkivel ~, make (someone) III benumb; chill. -fajdul, (water) run. -e6rez, v. t. I understand (something); ~-fAjul, (-t), v. i. begin to become sensible (or con- teach: give (one) to under- hurt; begin to ache. — fascious)of; feel: havea pre- stand (that). II magatt i. kad, v. i. I = fel-fakad. sentiment of (danger). II make (oneself) understood. II meg-pukkad. ~-fakul, smell. II feel the effect of. IV ~-erthet6, adj. = ertheto: v. i. lose (its) colour; become sof animal)scent; get scent of. meg nem ertheto, = ert- faded; tade. ~-farad, v. i. _-erett, adj. (ffg.) ripe (for): hetetlen. ~-6rz6kit, v. t. = fdradoz(ik). ~-farag,v. t.

Page  57 Meg-fasul carve(into shape); cut: make. ~-fasul, v. i. = el-fdsul.,-f azas, n. catching a cold. ~-faz(ik),v.i. catch (a) cold; take cold. — fedd, v. t. - meg-dorgdl. ~-fegyelmez, v. t. = fegyelmez. ~-fehered(ik), v. i. become white; whiten: bleach. ~-feh6rit, v. t. whiten; make white; bleach (linen). ~-fej, v. t. I. milk (cow). II (fig.) bleed (someone); pump. ~-fejel, v. t. vamp (boot). ~-fejt, v. t. I explain; expound: account for. II solve (riddle; problem): unravel (secret): decipher (obscure text): unriddle;, resolve; analyse: fathom (mystery). ~-fejtes, n. I explanation. II solution: unravelling; deciphering.II solution (arrived at); answer. ~-fejtetlen, (iil), adj. unsolved; unexplained: a mystery. ~fejthetetlen, (-iil), adj. inexplicable; mysterious: unfathomable; inscrutable; unsolvable. -liejthet6, (-en), adj. explicable; solvable; fathomable: nehezen ~, difficult to explain (to account for). — feketed(ik), v. i. become black; blacken.~-feketit,v.t. blacken; make black. ~-feketiil, v. i. = meg-feketed(ik), _-f6 -kez, v. t. (fig.) tame; curb (passion); master; bridle; restrain; keep under; keep in check: control; subdue: break. ~-fekezhetetlen, (il), adj. ungovernable; unbridled; unmanageable; uncontrolled. ~-feksz(ik), A. v. i. sit (well); fit (close): be close (to): lie flat (on). B. v. t. lie heavy on; oppress: megfekszi a gyomromat, a) be indigestible; give me the stomach-ache: b) be intolerable to me; be my pet aversion. — fekiidni, infin.see meg-feksz(ik). — feledkezes, n. forgetfulness: omission; neglect (of one's duty). f-feledkez(ik), v. i. I vmiro1 ~, forget: overlook (duty); omit; neglect; be oblivious of. II magar6l ~, forget oneself: lose one's self-control..-feledkezo, adj. forgetful: oblivious; negligent. ~-felel, v. i. I answer (question); give an answer (to): account to (someone: for something): j6l - vkinek, give (one) a smart answer; be quick to reply: score (one) off: retort. II vminek -, anvser (purpose); suit; be suited to: come up to (expectations); fulfil: be up to (task); be a match for; be equal to (emergency): cope with (difficulty); keep (promise): meet (obligation): do (duty). IH correspond (with); agree (with); be in conformity; conform (to). ~-felel6s, n. correspondence; agreement; conformity. ~-felelo, (-en), adj. suitable (to); suited; fit: due; adequate; proper; fitting (reward): conform (to); in agreement (with); corresponding: vminek -en, in accordance with; suitably to; in conformity with. ~-feleml(ik), (-ett) v. i. = negijed. ~-felemlit, v. t. intimidate; strike with fear: cow; bully. _-felemlites, n. intimidation; bullying. ~-felesegesed(ik), (-tem, -ett), v. i. take a wife; get married.~-felez, v. t. halve; share. ~-fenlekles, (-t, e), n. stranding (of boat): shipwreck. ~-fenlekl(ik), (-ett), v. i. (of boat) be stranded; run aground; founder; strand; be wrecked: get stuck (in mud): (of scheme) be shipwrecked; miscarry; fail. -.fenyeget, v. t. threaten; menace. ~-fenyesed(ik), v. i.=fenyesed(ik). ~-fenyit, (-ett),v.t. chastise; punish: correct. ~-fer, v. i. I get on (with); be on good terms (with); agree. II (= elfer) have room (somewhere): hatan is ~nek, there is room for six. -fergesed(ik), v.i. Meg-fizet6s ==fergesed(ik). ~ -fl1rh1etetlen, adj. unsociable; disagreeable (person). ~-fertozt(et), v. t. I defile; stain; befoul. II (fig.) infect: (morally) taint; poison; contaminate.If (fig.) defile (virgin); deflower. IV ~i magat, masturbate. ~-fertoz(tet)6s, n. I. defilement; staining; befouling; blot; stain. II (fig.) infection: tainting; poisoning: contamina4ion. IL (fig.) violation; rape. ~-fest, v. t. I colour; paint: dye. u paint (poitrait of.) ~-fesiil, stb.== fesiil, etc. ~-fesuilkod(ik), v. i. = fesiilk6d(ik). ~-feszit, v. t. I stretch; strain: tighten. II crucify. III erejet ~i, strain every nerve; use every effort; exert oneself to the utmost. ~-feszites, n. I stretching; straining; tightening. II crucifixion. Ill exertion; effort. — feszitett, adj. (fig.) redoubled (effort): intent; anxious. ~-feszkel, v. t.,i magat, ensconce (oneself); lodge (oneself): settle; plant (oneself); establish (oneself): (fig.) take root. ~-fesziil, v. i. I. stretch; strain: tighten; become taut: (of clothes) sit close; fit close. II (fig.) be strained; become fixed. ~-fiadz(ik), (-ott), v. i. = kdlykez(ik). ~-figyel, v. t. I watch; observe (closely). II keep an eye on. — figyeles, n. I watching; observation. II experience: reflection. ~-figyelo, A. n. observer: spectator. B. adj. for watching; of observation: ~ allomas, observatory: look-out; ~ tehetseg, (faculty of) observation. ~-fizet, v. t. I pay (debt); settle.: (fig.) pay for: driagn fogod ~ni, you swill pay dear for (it); you will smart for (it). II pay (price): pay for (goods). III reward (action); recompense; requite; repay..-fizet6s, n. I payment;

Page  58 Meg-fizethetetlen settlement. II reward (of); recompense (for) requital. ~-fizetlhetetlen, (-ul), adj. not to be paid (for): (fig.) invaluable; inestimable. ~fog, v. t. I seize; take hold of; grasp; lay hold on; catch; take. II catch; arrest; apprehend: -ta az htok, (fig.) be in a bad way. Il meg-ert, fel-tog. IV stain (clothes); penetrate; catch; tasten on. ~-fogad, v. t. I engage (servant). II (fig.) engage; vow; undertake: promise. Il take (advice); follow: -ja a szbt, obey. -flogadtat, v. t. vkivel -, make (someone)promise (to). — fogalmaz, v. t. draft; draw up: pen; compose. _-fogalmazas, n.drafting; drawing up: composition. ~fogamz(ik), ~-fogan, v. i. I be conceived. II take root: mature. - - foghatatlan, adj. incomprehensible; inconceivable; inexplicable. ~-foghatatlanssag, (-ot, -a), n. incomprehensibility; inconceivability; inexplicability. — foghat6, adj. I palpable; tangible. II comprehensible; intelligible: tangible (fig.). - fog6dz(ik), v. i. take hold (of); grasp; hold on (by); clutch hold (of). — fogy, v. i. decrease; lessen; diminish; grow less:.va bar, though rlfeced in numbers: eroben., decay in strength: testben l, lose weight; grow thinner. - fogyas, - fogyatkozas, n. decrease; decline; lessening; diminution; reduction (in numbers). ~-fogyatkoz(ik), v. i. = megJogy. — fojt, v. t. strangle; throttle: choke. ~-fold, _foltoz, v. t. patch (clothes): darn (stockings). -fon,v. t. Iplait (hair). II weave; spin. — fontol, v. t. think (something) over; weigh; consider; turn over in (one's) mind; ponder (over). ~-fontolas, (-t. -a.) n. consideration (of): 58 reflection; meditation; deliberation; circumspection. ~-fontolatlan,(-nt),adj.meg-gondolatlan.~-fon tolt, (-an), adj. circumspect; deliberate; cautious; thoughtful. ~-fordit, v. t. turn: turn over; turn round: reverse (order): ~ja a k6penyt, be a time-server. ~-fordul, v. i. I turn (round); turn about: (of weather) change: (of wind) veer; shift. I1 vhol ~, appear; pay a visit (to); be (somewhere): sokszor~t nalunk, he was a treqzsent visitor at our house: sok helyen -, he goes to many places. III ~t az eszemben, it occurred to me: vmin a dolog, the matter depends (on); it is a question (of). _-foldulas, n. I turning round. II change (of luck): reversion. — foirgat, v. t. I turn round (fiequently); turn over: brandish (sword); wield. II = meg-tdnczoltat. IlI fallow (land): trenchplough. ~-foszt, v. t. vkit vmit6l -, deprive (of); strip (of); despoil; take (the life; of); rob (of hope); divest (of); bereave: dash (the hopes: of). ~-f6, v. i. be boiled; be (well) done. —f6tt, adj. well done. f6iz, v. t. I boil thoroughly: cook well. II (fig.) getround (someone); square. ~-fricskaz, v. t.= fel-fricskdz. — frissit, stb. seefel-frissit etc. ~-frissil, stb. see fel-frissisl etc. ~-fu, ~-fuj, v.t. I blow (trumpet); sound. II blow (on)..-fuil, ~-fullad, v. i. suffocate; choke: be stfled: vizben ~, drown. ~-fulladas, n. suffocation; choking: vizben., drowning. _-fullaszt,v.t. I - meg-fojt. II suffocate; smother; stifle. -fir, v. t. I bore; make a hole in; pierce (ear); perforate: a haj6 fenek6t ~ja, scuttle a ship. II (vulg.) poke; block (woman). — fut, A. v. i. run away; flee; fly. B. v. t. run Meg-gondolatlansag (a certain course); make (distance); go. ~-futamit, v. t. = meg-szalaszt. — fulaInod(s, n. flight. ~-futamlod(ik), v. i. run aay; flee; take to flight;fly; take to (one's) heels. ~-fiird(ik), v. i. take a bath: bathe (in river); have a bathe. -fiio6szt, v. t. bath; give a bath to. - fiistol, v. t. smoke;fume: smoke (meat); dry: kennel -, fumigate. -fiist6osd(ik), v.i. become smoked; be impregnated with smoke. -galrgyul, (-t), v. i. (vulg.) go crazy; go of (one's) head. — gatlts, n. = meg-akadalyozds. ~-gfa. tol, v. t. prevent; hinder; frustrate: and see meg-akadalyoz. — gazdagit, v. t. enrich; make rich. — gazdagodds, n. (the) becoming rich. — gazdagod(ik), v. i. become rich; become wealthy; make afortune; amass riches. _-gazdagsz(ik), v. i. = meg-gazdagod(ik). - gazdalkodds, n. economy; thrift. - - gazdalkod(ik), v. i. economise; be thrifty; save. ~-gazol, v. t. trample underfoot; tread down: run over. — gebed, v. i. - megd6gl(ik). ~-gembered(ik), (-ett), v. i. = meg-dermed. — gelrebly6z, v. t. rake: harrow (field). ~-gondol, v. t. I think over; weigh; consider; ponder; reflect upon: elore ~, premeditate. II ~ja magat, change (one's) mind; think better of (it). — gondolas, n. reflection; meditation: consideration (of): deliberation: n nelkiil, recklessly; thoughtlessly: i idi, time to think (matters) over: respite; breathingtime. ~-gondolatlan,(-ul), adj. reckless; thoughtless; inconsiderate; rash; foolhardy; imprudent: precipitate;premature. ~-gondolatlansag, (-ot, -a), n. recklessness; thoughtlessness; rashness; foolhardiness; im

Page  59 Meg-gondolt 59 Meg-halad prudence; a rash step (on strike root: (fig.) establish turbed: be troubled (or disthe part of). — gondolt, itself; gain (a) footing: be turbed): become uneasy; be (-an), adj. thoughtful; care- riveted. ~-gyongit, - agitated. II (of sea) become ful; prudent; wary; cau- gyongiil stb., meg- rough; roll. mI (fig.) go tious: circumspect (person): gyengit etc. ~-gvotor, v. t. mad; go off (one's) head; deliberate (action)..-gon- torment; torture..-gy6z, become demented; become doltsag, (-ot,-a), n. circum- v. t. I vnquish; overcome; insane. -hlaborodott, spection. -goirbit,v.t.bend: conquer: master (oneself). (-an), adj. insane; mad; warp ((wood): and see gor- I (fig.) be equal to (task). demented. ~-hag, v. t. cover bit. ~gorbiil, v. i. bend; vmirol ~, convince (of); (mare)..-hagy, v. t. I (hair) turn: (wood) warp: persuade. ~-gyo6zs, n. leave; let alone; leave unand see gorbul. — gornyed convincing (of); conviction. touched. II leave (behind). stb., see gornyed etc. -gyozo, (-en), adj. con- Im vkinek, enjoin; charge Meggy, (-et, -e), n. (bot.) vincing; cogent; forcible. (someone; to); bid (to); mahaleb (cherry)..-gyoz6d6s, (-t, -e), n. give instructions (to); direct Meg-, prefix. _-gyalaz, v. conviction (arrived at);per- (someone; to); order; sumt. I defame; revile; abuse: suasion; belief. ~-gyozo- mon. ~-hagyas, n. injuncstigmatise; brand. II defile d(ik), (-tem,-ott), v. i. be tion; charge; instructions (virgin); deflower; ruin; convinced (of); bepersuaded (t. sz.); directions (t. sz.); ravish; rape: seduce. - (that); convince (oneself): order: (leg.) writ; summons. gyalazas, n. I defamation; feel sure. -hajigal, ~ -hajit, v. t. reviling; abuse (of): stig- Meggy-szin, n. cherry = meg-dob(al). ~-hajlas, matisation; branding. I (colour). n. I bending; bend: curving; defiling; defilement; rape: Meggy-szinui, adj. cherry curve: turn; winding. II seduction. — gyalaz6, adj. (-coloured). bow; curtsey: obeisance. ~defamatory; reviling; ab- Meg-, prefix..-gyujt, v.t. hajl(ik), v. i. - meghajol. usive: of shame. ~-gyalul, light (fire): strike (match): _-hajlit, v. t. bend; turn: v. t. plane; smooth. ~-gyan- set fire to (house); set on curve. ~-hajol, v. i. I bend taz,v. t.== gyantaz..-gya- fire. ~-gyul(l)ad, v. i. catch (down); bow (beneath nusit, v. t. gyanusit. ~- fire; take fire: (fig.) inflame. weight); stoop (down). II gyengit stb., =gyengit ~-gyur, v.t. knead (thor- (fig.) bow (before); curtsey; etc. _-gyerit, v. t.=gyerit. oughly). ~-gyl, v. i. I col- umble (oneself); make -gy6erul, v. i. == gyeruil. lect; assemble; accumulate; obeisance: submit (to); yield Meggyes, adj. I producing be amassed. II (fig.) -t vele (to); comply (with); give (abounding in) mahaleb a baja, he has a lot of trouble way (before). -hajt, v. t. trees. I made with (contain- with him; he has his hands I = meg-hajlit. 1 bend ing) mahaleb cherries. full (with). mi =- meg-gyii- (knee); bow (head). I drive Meggy-fa, n. I (bot.) mah- l(ik). -gyiileml(ik),v. i.- hard (horse); overdrive. IV aleb (tree). II cherry-wood. meg-gyiil I. -gyiil(ik), v. magat.ja, bow; curtsey: Meg-, prefix. ~-gyilkol, i. (of wound) gather: sup- make obeisance. V (med.) v. t. murder; kill; take the purate. — gyulol, v. t. open (bowels); purge. - life of: assassinate.,-gyil- conceive a hatred of; begin hajtas, n.== meg-hajlds. ~kolas, -gyilkoltatas, n. to hate; take a great dislike hal, v. i. die; perish; exmurder (of): assassination. to; take an aversion to. ~- pire; pass away: terme~-gy6gyit, v. t. cure; heal; gyuloltet, (-tem), v. t. vki- szetes halkllal ~, die a natrestore (to health). ~-gv6- vel vmit, make (someone) ural death: majd - 6hen, gyul, v. i. recover; be hate; turn (one) against. ~- famish; starve. ~-hal, v. i. restored (to health); get well giirod(ik), v. i. =6ssze- pass the night; spend the (again): (of wound) heal. gyiir6d(ik). night; put up for the night; ~-gy6gyulas, n. recovery: Meggy-vago, n. (zool.) stay the night. — halad, healing (of wound): recon- hawfinch; cherry finch; v. t. I make (journey). II valescence. ~-gy6n, v. i. coble. exceed; surpass; be beyond confess; make confession. Meggy-viz, n. kirschwasser. (his strength); be too much ~-gy6ntat, v. t.==gy6ntat. Meg-, prefix. ~-haborit, for; pass; be above; rise ~-gyokerezett, adj. (fig.) v. t. Imolest; worry; harass; above (mediocrity); defy inveterate (habit); rooted; trouble: disturb. II distract: (imagination): be superior established. ~-gyokere- turn (head)..-haboro- to; outdo (person); overz(ik), (-ett), v. i. take root; d(ik), v. i. I become dis- match. mI be more than

Page  60 Meg-halail (fifty years old). IV ~ott allaspont, exploded idea. ~halal, v. t. return (service); reward; show (one's) gratitude for; return thanks for; thank (someone) for; repay. ~-halilllaattlan, adj. beyond thanks; for which no adequate thanks can be offered. ~-halaloz(ik), v. i. - meg-hal. ~-halas, n. dying.,-hall, v. t. hear; learn; be informed (of); get wiind (of). ~-hallgat, v. t. I listen to. II (fig.) give an ear to; give a hearing to; listen to: answer (prayer); grant (request). -hallgatas, n. I listening to. II (fig.) ear; hearing. ~-halvanyod(ik), ~-halvanyul, v. i. I pale; turn pale. II (fig.) fade; become indistinct. — hamisit, v. t, counterfeit; forge (document): adulterate (wine). ~-hamoz, v. t.= le-hdmoz. ~-hlint, v. t. = le-hamoz. ~-hany, v. t. I shake; toss; jerk. 11 cover (with). mII be sick over. IV weigh; think over; consider. ~-hany-vet, v. t. = meggondol. ~-hdnyas-vet6s, n.= meg-gondolds. — haragit, v. t. anger; incense; make (someone) angry; enrage. ~-haragsz(ik), v. i. take umbrage (at); get angry; lose (one's) temper. — haragudni, — hariagudtamrn), see megharagsz(ik). ~-harap, v. t. bite. ~-harczol, v. t. = megkiizd. ~-hidromszoroz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. treble; make threefold; triple. ~hasad, v. i. split; rend; crack: burst: ~ a szivem, my heart breaks: majd ~t a szivem, it made my heart ache. ~-hasit, v. t. split; crack; rend: burst. ~-hasonlas, n. dissension; discord; disunion; falling out: (vulg.) split; break; breach; rupture. ~-hasonl(ik), v. i. fall out; break (with); have a difference. -halt, v. t. 60 touch; affect; move. ~-hatalmaz, v. t. authorise; empower. — hatalmazas, n. authorisation: (leg.) power of attorney; warrant: procuration; proxy: ~ utjan, by proxy: p.ro. ~-hatalnlaz6, adj. of authorisation: - level,- meg-hatalmazds. ~-hatalmazott, A. n. (leg.) attorney; proxy: (comm.) procurator; manager; factor: (polit.) mandatary; mandatory. B. adj. authorised: (polit.) plenipotentiary. ~-*hatalmazvany, (-ok, -t, -a), n. (leg.) power of attorney: procuration; proxy.,-hataroz, v. t. I determine; settle; fix; appoint (day); designate. II define (conception). ~-hatarozds, n. I determination; settlement; fixing; appointment; designation. II definition. ~-hatarozhatatlan, (-ul), adj. indefinable; indefinite; indeterminable. ~-hatdrozott, adj. definite; fixed; settled. -hat6, (-an), adj. touching; moving; affecting; thrilling. ~-hatottsag, (-ot, -a), n. emotion; agitation. — hdtral stb.-= htrdl etc. ~-hazasit, v. t. marry; make a match. ~-hazasod(ik), v. i. get married; take a wife. ~-hazudtol, v. t. give the lie to; belie: (fig.) come short of; balk. ~-hegyesit, ~-hegyez, v. t. sharpen. — hi, v. t. I invite. II offer (an appointment) to; call; appoint. II convene (assembly); call (meeting); convoke. ~-hiinyol, v. t. find fault with. — hibban, v. i. I get out of joint; be sprained. II (fig.) _ az esze, go crazy: ~t eszi, halfwitted; daft. ~-higgad, v. i. = higgad. ~-higit, ~-higiil stb. - higit etc. — hint, v. t. = be-hint. ~-hisz, (see hisz). v. t. believe: ~em, I should think so. ~-hitelesit, v. t. certify; verify; Meg-hordoz attest. ~-hitelez6, adj. level, -irat, credentials (t. sz.). ~-hiteltet, (-ten), v. t. administer the oath to; swiear. ~-hitt, A. see meg-hi. B. (-en), adj. intimate (friend); bosom-: confidential: (terms) of intimacy; familiar: ~ ember, confidant. ~-hittseg, (-et, -e), n. intimacy; familiarity. ~hiisit, (-ott), v. t. frustrate; baffe; balk; traverse; foil; mar; defeat; thwart; bring to nought. ~-liuisul, (-t), v. i. come to nothing; come to nought; be frustrated; be thwarted; fail; prove abortive.~-liuisulas, (-t, -a), n. failure. — hiv, see meg-hi. -lhivis, n. I invitation: ~ nelkiil, uninvited. II appointment (to chair); call. ~-hivat(ik), v. i. I be invited. II be appointed. — hivni, infin. see meg-hi. ~-hiv6, (-t), n. invitation (sent). -lhivott, ~-hivtam, see meg-hi. ~hiz(ik), v. i. grow fat; put on flesh; fatten; grow corpulent. ~-hizlal, v. t.fatten. ~-h6dit, v. t. I conquer; overcome; subdue; vanquish. II (fig.) captivate; win. ~h6ditas, n. I conquest. II (fig.) captivation. ~-h6dol, v. i. submit (to); subject (oneself); yield: pay homage (to). ~-hodolas, n. submission; yielding:,iomage. ~-h6doltat, v. t. meghodit I. ~-holt, adj. dead. — honosit,v. t. I naturalise (foreign settler); enfranchise. II (fig.) adopt (word); introduce: acclimatise (plant). ~-honositds, ~honosodas, n. I naturalisation; admission. II (fig.) adoption; introduction: acclimatisation. ~-honosod(ik), ~-honosul, (-t), v. i. I be naturalised; become naturalised: settle. II (fig.) come into vogue: (of plant) thrive. ~-hordoz, v. t. carry about. (evory

Page  61 Meg-llosszablit (;1 Meg-is where): take (person) aboutt. withdraw; retire (to). — hli- t6d(ik), (-ter, -ott), v. i. ~-llosszabbit, v. t. I leng- z6d(ik), v. i.=meg-lhizza be moved; be touched; be then; make longer; extend: magcit (see meg-hziz V). -- affected. ~-indit, v. t. I set let out (clothes): eke out; Iliil, (-t), v. i. I cool; become going; start; set in motion; prolong (life). II (leg.) ex- cool. II (fig.) catch cold; move. II start; begin; open tend; deter: (comm.) renew take cold. ~-hliiles, (-t, -e), (proceedings); institute (bill). ~-hosszabbitis, n. n. cold. ~-hlit, (-ott), v. t. (suit); bring (information): I lengthening (of): extension: I cool; make cool. II ~i ma- lodge (complaint). III (fig.) letting out: prolongation. II gat, catch cold; take cold. move; touch; affect: actuate (leg.) extension: (comm.) ~-hiiv6osd(ik), (-ott), v.i. (someone; to). — inditds, renewal. ~-hosszabbo- become cool; grow cool: be n. I starting; setting in modas, n. lengthening; grow- getting cool. -iz,.t. tion. II stat; beginning; ing longer (of).,-hosszab- summon (witness); sub- opening; commencement; bod(ik), v. i. lengthen; be- poena. ~-idezes, n. (leg.) institution. m (fig.) moving; come longer: (of shadow) summons; subpoena; cit- affecting: emotion.,-indraw out. ~-hoz, v. t. I ation: writ. ~-id6ztet, v. t. dit, (-an), adj.meg-hato. bring (in). II bring back; meg-idez. — ifjit, v. t. — indul, v. i. I start; begin return. Ill (fig.) bring about; make young (again); rejuv- to move; set off; get under produce: bear (fruit): yield enate. ~-ifjitas, (-t, -a), n. way. II start; begin; open. (profit); afford: bring rejuvenation. ~-ifjodfs, III (fig.) be moved; be (reward); effect. IV pass (-t, -a), n. rejuvenescence. - touched; be affected. IV ~ (judgment); come to (de- ifjod(ik), ~-ifjuhod(ik), az orra vere, his nose begins cision); take. — hokken, (-ott), ~-ifjul, (-t), v. i. be- to bleed. ~-indulds, n. I v. i. be taken aback; start come young (again); be re- start; setting off. II start; (at); stand perplexed; be juvenated. ~-igazgat, v. t. beginning; commencement. disconcerted. — hokkenes, put to rights: put in order; III (fig.) emotion. ~-indult, n. amazement; confusion; arrange: repair (roof): dress (-an), adj. moved; touched; disconcertion. ~-hokkent, (hair). ~-igazit, v. t. I = affected. ~-indultsdg, (-ot, v. t. take aback; nonplus; meg-igazgat. II set (watch); -a), n. = meg-hatottsdg. ~disconcert; amaze; perplex; regulate: correct; rectify: ing, v. i. be shaken; falter; bewilder; startle; abash. ~- adjust. Ill put straight. ~- waver;flinch: swerve (from). hokol, (-t), v. i.=-meg- igazul, v. i. be put to ~-ingat, v. t. shake; make h6kken. -hunyfaszkodas, rights: be put in order; be (one) falter; cause to n. submissiveness. ~-hu- arranged: be rectified. ~- waver; undermine (resolunyiszkod(ik), (-tam,-ott), igencl, (igenlem), v. t.- tion). ~ingathatatlan, v. i. feel small; haul in meg-sokall. ~-igel, v. t. (-ul), adj. unswerving; (one's) horns; come down a promise; engage (to): pledge. steadfast. ~-inog, v. i. = peg or two; humble (oneself); -igeres, n. promise (of); meg-ing. — inni, infin. see fawn; cringe. ~-hunyasz- engagement: pledge (of). - meg-isz(ik). ~-int, v. t. kodo, adj. submissive; igez, v. t. I meg-biivol. warn; caution; admonish: humble; servile; fawning; II (of witch) overlook; be- remonstrate with. cringing. — hurczol, v. t. I witch. II hypnotise; mes- Megint, adv. again; once drag; pull (about). II (fig.) merise. -illat6, adj. drink- more: anew; afresh. defame; asperse; backbite; able. — ihlet, v. t. (fig.) Meg-, prefix. ~-intes, n. speak ill of: abuse; revile. inspire. ~-ijed, v. i. take warning; admonition: re~-hiz, v. t. I pull; tug: fright; take alarm; be monstrance. ~-ir, v. i. I tighten (rope); strain; scared; be startled: j obb finish writing; write. II stretch: tighten (one's) hold felni, mint ~ni, prevention write; compose; write down; on: vkinek fiilet ~za, pull is better than cure. ~-ijedis, set down (in writing); pen. (someone's) ears. II begin to n. fright; alarm. — ijeszt, III write (to); send word. ~play (instrument); strike v. t. scare; frighten; alarm; irigyel, v. t. become enup. III (of illness) tell on; startle; terrify. ~-illet, v. t. vious of; grudge. exhaust; reduce; take it out I touch (gently); brush. 1I Meg-is, adv, I nevertheless; of (one). IV drain (glass); (fig.) be due to (someone): notwcithstanding: still; for quaff. V ~za magat, a) be the due of. ~-illet6, adj. all that. II after all; often retrench (one's) expenses: vkit ~, due (to): adequate; no.t to be translated, but b)=meg-hunydszkod(ik): c) fit; proper. ~-illet6des, expressed by emphasis: ~ crouch: skulk (in corner); (-t, -e), n. emotion, ~-ile- elmegyek, I shall go.

Page  62 Meg-ismer Meg-, prefix. ~-ismer, v. t. I recognise; know (by); tell: distinguish. II get to know; get acquainted with. III acknowledge; accept; admit. IV. (bibl. know (woman). ~-ismeres, n. I recognition. II acknowledgment; acceptance; admission. III cognition. ~-ismeIrlet6, adj. recognisable: distinguishable; discernible. ~ismerkedes, n. making the acquaintance (of): introduction (to): -i estely, conversazione. ~-ismerked(ik),v. i. make the acquaintance (of); become acquainted (with). (vulg.) pick up acquaintance (with); be introduced (to): familiarise (oneself) (with something); make (oneself) conversant (with). ~-ismert, adj. recognised; accepted; current. ~-ismertet, v. t. I make (someone) acquainted (with); introduce (to). II vmit~, acquaint (with);make known (to); familiarise (with). III ~i magat, make (oneself) known. -ism6tel, v. t. repeat; reiterate; renew. ~-ismeteltet, (-tem), v. t. have (something) repeated. ~-isz(ik), (see isz(ik). v. t. I drink (off); quaff. II consume by drinking; spend in drinking. III ~sza meg a levet, you will smart for it; it will cost you dear. ~-iszonyod(ik), v. i.=el-iszonyod(ik). — itat, v. t. I give (one) to drink. II water (cattle). ~-itel, v. t. I vkit (vmit) ~, judge; judge of; form (a certain) judgment of: estimate: review (writing); criticise. II (absolutely) judge; decide. III vkinek,, award; adjudge; adjudicate: allot (to). IV decry; speak ill of: find fault with; carp at. ~-ite16s, n. I judgment (of); estimation: eriticism. II award; adjudication. ~-itta(m), see meg-isz(ik). — ittasit, (" v. t. make (one) drunk; intoxicate. ~-ittasod(ik), ~-ittasul, (-t), v. i. get tipsy; get intozicated; get drunk. ~-ivott, see megisz(ik). ~-izelit, v. t.=megizlel. ~-izen, v. t.=- megiizen. ~-izlel, v. t. taste (fig. too); have a taste of; try: experience. ~-izmosit, v. t.=izmosit. ~-izmosodas, n. (fig.) strengthening; invigoration. ~-izmosod(ik), v. i.= izmosod(ik). -izzad, v. i. begin to sweat; perspire. ~-izzaszt, v. t. make (one) sweat. ~-jamborod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. I reform; turn over a new leaf. II become mild; soften. ~-jar, v. t. I go (a certain distance); travel; journey: walk: do: traverse; go through. II igy meg ~ja, that will do: be passable; be pretty good; (will) do: trefanak ~ja, it will pass as a joke. III (of person) come to grief; fare ill; get into a mess: ~od vele, he will get you into trouble. ~-javit, v. t. I improve: better. II mend (clothes): repair. III raise (wages). _-javul, v. i. I improve. II reform; better (oneself); turn over a new leaf. III recover (of health). — jegeczesed(ik), v. i. crystallise. — jegesedik, v. i. freeze; turn into ice. _jegyez, v. t. I mark; stamp. II remark; observe: notice; perceive; note: maganak, remember: esak azt akarom -ni, I would merely observe (that). — jegyzend6, adj. (it is) to be observed; we must not forget: mark me! mark my words!,-jegyzes, n. remark; observation: (marginal) note; comment: ~t tesz, make a remark: -re meltb, remarkable; worth noting: gunyos -, gibe: eloleges,, preliminary remark; preamble. -jelenes, a. appearance (of): entry. ~-jelen(ik), v. i. I appear Meg-lip (somewhere); put in an appearance; turn upp; make (one's) appearance: show oneself: come; go. II (of paper) appear: (of book) come out; be issued; be published. ~-jelenit, v. t, represent; reproduce; depict; conjure up (the past). — jelent, v. t. report (to): vkinek ~, inform; tell: announce. — jelentet, v. t. publish: have (something) published. ~-jelol, v. t. I mark: vonassal ~, underline. II indicate; point out: designate; specify. ~-jeloles, n. I marking; stamping. II indication (of); pointing out: designation; specification. — jobbit, v. t. = meg-javit. ~-j6sol, v. t. =meg-j6vend6l.-j6,-j]on, v. i. I arrive; be come: megjott-e mar? is he here? II come back; return. ~-jovend6l, v. t. prophesy; foretell; predict; prognosticate. ~-j6vendo6ls, n. foretelling; prediction; prognostication.,-jovetel, n. =meg-drkezes. ~-juhdszit, (-ott), v. t. calm; soothe; appease: tame; subdue. - juhaszod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. calm down; be soothed; be appeased: be tamed; be subdued. -jutalmaz, v. t. reward; recompense: remunerate (service); requite. - jutalmazas, n. rewarding (of); reward (for); recompense; remuneration (of): requital. ~-jutalmaz6, n. rewarder; requiter. _-kibit, v. t.== el-kdbit. ~-kabul, v. i.= elkdbul. ~-kaczag, v. t. laugh at; make fun of. ~-kalapdl, v. t. I hammer; beat. II hammer into shape; beat into shape. ~-kap, v. t. I catch; seize; take hold of: snatch; snatch up: clutch hold of: grip; catch hold of: catch (illness). II receive; get: obtain; gain (position): get hold of. III surprise; take

Page  63 Meg-kapal (in the act) catch (redhanded). IV (fig.) affect; move: (of idea) strike: tell upon: captivate; Fascinate. ~-kapal, v. t. hoe (field): hill (potatoes). ~-kaparit, v. t. I get hold of; lay (one's) hands on: catch. II scrape together. _-kaphat6, adj. obtainable; to be had. ~kap6, (-an), adj. affecting; moving: striking; telling (passage): captivating; fascinating. _-karczol, v. t. scratch. ~-kardlapoz, (-ott), v. t. strike with the flat of a sword. ~-karmol, v. t. scratch: (of animal) claw.,-kdrosit, (-ott), v. t. inflict a loss on; cause loss to: injure; harm: prejudice; be prejudicial to. ~karosodds, (-t, -a), n. loss (suffered); damages (t. sz.); injury. -kairosod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. suffer loss; sustain a loss; be a sufferer (by): be a loser; come off a loser; lose (by). ~-karosodott, (-ot), n. loser; suff'eer: victim. ~-karosul,{-t), v. i.= meg-kdrosod(ik). ~-kavar, v. t. stir. ~-kedvel, v. t. take a liking to (someone): grow fond of; take to: take a fancy to (thing or person). — kedveltet, v. t. I make (one) like; make (one) take a fancy to; encourage a taste for (something); make popular; popularise. II endear (someone; to a person). III Ji magat, ingratiate (oneself) (with); make (oneself) popular; win favour (with); gain the good graces (of). ~-kefel, v. t I brush (clothes). II (vulg.) thrash. ~-kegyelmnez, v. i. vkinek ~, pardon; grant a pardon to: vki 6letenek ~, spare the life (of); (mil.) give (show) quarter (to). ~-kegyelmezes, n. pardon; amnesty: quarter. ~-kekit, v. t. dye blue; blue. -kekiil, v. i. grow blue; become blue., 63 kel, v. i. (of dough) rise. ~-keni6nyed(ik), v. i. harden; become hard: stifren; become stiffl (fig.) harden; be steeled; become obdurate. ~-kemiivyit, v. t. harden; make hard: stiffen; make stiff: starch (linen): (fig.) harden; steel; indurate; make callous.,-kemenysz(ik), ~ -kenienyiil, (-t), v. i.= meg-kemenyed(ik). — ken, v. t. I grease; oil; smear; lubricate. II besmear; rub (with ointment); salve. III (eccl.) anoint. IV (fig.) bribe; corrupt; (vulg.) grease the palm of; tamper with; square; grease (in the hand). V massage; rub down. - kenez, v. t. sulphurise; impregnate with sulphur. ~ker, v. t. I request; ask; beg; solicit (someone). II ask the hand of (girl): woo; ask in marriage: (vulg.) pop the question to. III demand; ask for (something). ~-kerd, ~-kerdez, v. t. ask (someone); put a question to; question;interrogate: make enquiries (about): take (the advice of); ask (opinion): Ji velemenyet, consult. ~ -k6rd6jelez, (-ett), v. t. query. ~-keres, v. t. I look for; search for; try to find: look up (passage; in book). II call on; visit; look up. III apply to: request; desire. IV earn (living); make. — kereses, n. I application (to): request. II (leg.) writ. ~-keresztel, v. t. christen; baptise. ~-keresztelked(ik), v. i. be baptised; be christened. _-keret, v. t. I have (someone) asked; request. II ask in marriage; ask the hand of. ~-k6rgesed(ik), v. i.==kergesed(ik)..-kerget, v. t. chase; pursue; run after; hunt. ~kergiil, v. i. (of animal) get the staggers: (fig.) go crazy.,-kerit, v. t. I hunt Meg-komolyod(ik) up: procure; get; find; trace: get hold of. II seduce (girl); procure. ~-kerlel, v. t. entreat; beseech: conciliate; appease. ~-keriil, A. v. i. be found; turn up (again). B. v. t. I go round; go about; swalk round; drive round: (nav.) double (cape); sail round. II get round (someone). III (mil.) outflank; turn the flank oJ. ~kesel, v.t. stab (with knifs). _-kesered(ik), v. i. = kesered(ik). ~-keserit, v. t.== keserzt and el-keserit. ~-keseruil, v. t. (sorely) rue; be sorry for. ~-k s(ik), v. i. be late; be behind (its) time. ~-keszit, stb.== keszit, etc. ~-ketszerez, ~-kettoz[tetj, v. t. double: redouble (effort). ~-kever, v. t. I stir; mix: beat. II shuffle (cards); make. ~-kezd, v. t. I begin; commence; start; set about. II cut (cheese); broach (barrel): make the first cut in. ~-kezd6d(ik), v. i. begin; commence; start: open; be opened. ~-kimel, v. t. I spare; take care of: save. II vkit vmitoil, save (someone: the trouble); spare; not bother; not worry. ~-kinal, v. t. vkit vmivel ~, offer (someone something); proffer: vkit az eskiivel, put (someone) on his oath; tender an oath to. -kinoz, stb.,= kinoz etc. ~-kisebbed(ik), v. i.=kisebbed(ik). -kisebbit, v. t. = kisebbit. _-kiserel, (-t), ~-kis6rt, (-ett), v. t. I try; attempt; essay. II put to the test; try; test; prove; probe. III (arch.) haunt. ~-kivan, v. t. I require; need; feel the want of. II desire; long for; crave for;have a longing for. III require; expect. ~-kivan as,(-t,-a)n. desire; longing (for). ~-kivant(at6), adj. requisite: desirable; desired. ~koczkaztat, v. t. stake; risk. ~-komolyod(ik), v. i. become serious

Page  64 Meg-komorod(ik) (or grave).~-komorod(ik), v. i. = el-komorod(ik). - kondit, v. t. sound (knell); begin to ring. ~-knidul, v. i. begin to ring; sound. ~-kopaszod(ik), v. i. become bald; lose (one's) hair. ~-kopaszt, v. t. I pluck (fowl): strip (tree) of leaves. II (fig.) fleece. ~-kop(ik), v. i. wear out: (of clothes) become threadbare. ~-koplaltat, v. t. make (one) starve: keep on starvation diet. ~-kopogat, ~-kopogtat, v. t. knock at: rap at. ~-korbacsol, v. t. thrash; flog; whip. ~-korhad, v. i.= korhad. ~-korontiz, v. t. crotwu (fig. too). ~-koronzais, n. coronation. ~-k6st61, (-t), v. t.= meg-izlel.,-k6stoltat, (-ott), v. t. make (someone) taste; give (one) a taste of. ~-koszoruz, v. t. wreathe; crown (with laurel): (fig.) consummate; crown. kottyan, v. i. I (of liquid) guggle; gurgle. II (fig.) vkinek meg sem kottyan, be nothing like enough (for); make no impression (on); be a drop in the ocean. ~kozmasod(ik), v. i. (of dish) burn; be burnt. ~kolykez(ik), v. i.= k6lykez(ik). ~-konnyebbed(ik), v. i. I = konnyebbed(ik). II = meg-hiknnyebbiul. ~-konnyebbit, v. t. lighten; make lighter: (fig.) relieve; ease; alleviate. ~konnyebbiil, v. i. (fig.) become relieved; be relieved: breathe Jfreely (again). ~konnyebbiiles, (-t, -e), n. (fig.) relief; ease. ~-konynyebbiilt, (-en), adj. (fig.) relieved. ~-konnyez, v. t. weep for (one): cry over (something); shed tears for. ~-k6nnyezetlen, (-l), adj. unwept-for. ~-k6nynyit, v. t. I-meg-konnyebbit. II facilitate; render easier. k-konnyul, v. i. meg-k6nnyebbed(ik). — kio 4 Iny6oriil, v. i. vkin ~, take pity on; compassionate: have mercy on. ~-kiip, v. t. spit on: (of fly) blow. ~k6onyl6kez, (-tern, -ett), v. t. I surround; encompass; enclose. II (fig.) try to get round (someone); wheedle; cajole. ~-k6sz6n, v. t. I thank (one) for. II decline with thanks. ~-kOsznit, v. t. congratulate. — k6szoriil, v. t. grind; whet: sharpen. ~-koszve6nvesed(ik), (-ett), v. i. get the gout; become gouty. ~-k6t, v. t. I bind: tie; fasten: scotch (wheel): moor (boat): tether (horse). II (fig.) restrain; check; hamper. III conclude (treaty); make: contract (marriage). IV magat i, be obstinate; make a point (of); persist. ~-k6t6z, v. t.= meg-k6t I. -klotoztet, v. t. have (something) bound (tied, or, fastened). ~-kovered(ik), v. i. I become fat (or, stout); grow fat. II (of soil) become rich (or,fertile). ~-k6verit, v. t. I fatten; make fat. II enrich (soil). ~-k6vet, v. t. beg (someone's) pardon; apologise to: (leg.) make honourable amends. ~-k6vetel, v. t. demand; require; exact. ~-k6vetes, n. apology: amends (t. sz.). -kovez, v. t. I stone (person). II pave (road). ~-k6vit, v. t. petrify: (fig.) harden. koviil, v. i. petrify; turn to stone: (fig.) be hardened. ~-k6zelit, v. t. I approach; near; draw near; advance towar ds.II(fig.)approximate; come near to: be about (right): be nearly as good as: be practically (the same as): meg sem i, not comparable (to); not to be compared (with); be nothing like (as good as). ~-k6zelitlietetlen, (-il), adj. I inaccessible; unapproachable. II incomparable. ~-k6zelithleto, adj. accessible. ~ AMeg-lassfid(ik) kozelito, (-leg.), adj. approcimalte; alpproximative. — kretiz, v. t. chalk. — kuporalt, v. t. scrape together; save. ~- kurtit, (-ott), v. t. =- meg-r6oidit. ~-kiild, v. t. send; despatch (to): remit (money): consign (goods). ~-kiiloilbiztet, v. t. I distinguish (from): make a distinction (between). II confer a distinction on: distinguish.; show special favour to; be partial to. ~-kiil/nboztetes, n. I distinguishing(of); discrimination; distinction. II distinction(conferred on): special favour; partiality. ~-klilonb6ztetett, a(j. special; particular. ~-kiilonb6ztethet6, adj. distinguishable (from): discernible. ~-kiilonb6ztet6, adj. I distinctive; of distinction. II special (favour): flattering (attention). ~ - kiizd, v. i. I wrestle (with); struggle (against); fight. II grapple (with difficulties); make headway (against); meet: defy. -laibol, v. t. wade through; ford: (fig.) scrape through. ~-labolhatatlain, (-ul), adj. unfordable. -lAlgyit, v. t. I soften; make soft. II make milder (weather); temper. III (fig.) soften: move; touch. _-lfgJyul, v. i. I soften; become soft. II (of weather) become milder. III (fig.) soften; be moved; relent. _-laktik), A. v. t. live (somewhere; in a town): be domiciled (in). B. v. i. live (always implies resignation). -lIakol, v. i. vmiert ~, pay (for); smart (for). — lakolis, (-t, -a), n. expiation: punishment. ~lakoltat, v. t. punish; inflict a penalty on. ~-linczol, v. t. chain (up). ~lankad, stb. -- el-lankad, etc. ~-lapul, v. i. I crouch; cower. II (fig.) knuckle under; cave in; submit. ~~-lassfid(ik), (-ott), v. i.

Page  65 Aleg-l iat t)5 slacken: slowi d1oin. ~-l it v. t. I catch, sight of; perceive; discern; (;deiry. II mnajd ~od, you urill see; yotu w1ill find 0out..-laltas, n. (ithe) catch ing sighlt of; perception. -lfitoqat, v. t. I risit; pay a visit to; call on: inspect (school). II (fig.) 'visit; c(/hastis:e'.C.lloq(atias, 1. visit (to); call (on): inqspection (of). ~-lfttsz(ik), v. i. I appear; be visible (from distance): rise (above). II be evident; be noticeable; be manifest; be palpable: r rajta, he is evidently (poor); he shoiws traces of (exhaustion): nem latszik meg rajta, he does not show a sign (of). — lazit, v. t. loosen: make loose: slacken; relax. -lIazul, v.i. get loose; loosen: slacken; give (way). ~-lazsnakol, v. t. thrash;flog. ~-lebben, v. i. begin to flutter (or wave).,-lebbent, v. t. flutter; wave. ~-leezkleztet, v. t. lecture (someone); talk to; give (one) a talking to; give (someone) a piece of (one's) mind; reprimand; haul over the coals; give (one) a lesson (for).,-lejye1n, imper see meg-lenni. _-legyint, v. t. rap; tap: touch gently; dab.~-leqyinl es, n. rap; tap; dab. ~lelet, v. i. ~, hogy.... maybe; perhaps (I shall go): ~, 1) maybe: 2) you may be right: tnnd see meg-lenni. ~-lelletos, (-en), a'lj. passable; tolerable; jairly good, etc.: ~en, pretty (good); ifairly. _~-lkel, v. t. bore; mnake a hole in: cut open (melon): trepan (skull): scuttle (boat). ~-lel, v. t. find; discorer: minden zsak ~i foltjat, birds of a feather flock together. ~-llectez, v. t. = leletez. — lendit, v. t. begin to move; set moving: wling. ~-lendiil, v. i. begin to move. ~-lenni, intin. (see meg-lesz and meg-van): be; exist; be in existence: meg kell leIli, a) it must be: b) it gmust be found. ~lep, v. t. I. surprise; take by surprise; come unawares upon; take (one) iunawcares; catch (in the act); take. II (iig.) surprise; a;tonish; take aback; astound:(: perplex; puzzle..-lepes, n.= meg-lepetes. ~-1espsed(ik), (-ett), v. i. enrich (oneself). ~-lepet6s, (-t, -e), n. surprise: astonishment; perplexity. ~-lepetik, (-ett), v. i. be surprised; be astonished; be taken aback: be taken by surprise. ~-lepo, (-en), adj. surprising; striking; astonishing: remarkable. ~-leCod6s, (-t, -e), n. = meglepetes. -lcpild(ik), v. i.== meg-lepet(ik). — les, v. t. I watch; see. II lie in wait for; waylay: be after (someone): watch for (opportunity). — lesz, v. i. (future): I will be; shall be: will take place. II cill be ready (by); will be done. III ~ek vele, a) I shall have (it) done; I shall be ready with (it): b) 1 shall (be able to) get on with (him). ~-lett, A. v. i. see meg-van and Introduction. B.adj. grownup (man); of ripe years. ~levI, adj. existing; in being: (money) in hand: (goods) in stock: actual; extant; now subsisting: at (one's) disposal. ~-lippcel, (-t), v. i. crouch. ~-locsol, v. t. bedabble; wLet: sprinkle; besprinkle. ~-1ldit, v. t. set moving; set in motion: loosen: and see lodit. ~lodul, v. i. begin to move: loosen. — lop, v. t. I rob (someone); steal from. II* steal (something). III (fig.) steal upon: stalk (game). ~16, v. t. I shoot (someone); wound. II kill (by shooting); shoot dead. III (vulg.) poke (woman); have. IV (vulg.) meg vagyok 1ove, I am in a nice pickle: I am done for. Meg-neg ~-l1ik, v. t. push; knock agaiinst; give a push to. ~niagy'l.l'liz, v. t. explain (conduct); account for: expound (passage); interpret; elucidate. ~-magqyaraza;s, n. explanation (of): interpretation; elucidation. ~ii0ag.yarazliltatlan,t-ul) adj. inexplicable; unaccountable: incapable of interpretation.~-m ag yarazhato, (-an), adj. explicable; easy to explain; accountable for. ~-mayarm'osit, stb., =magyarosit, etc. ~-mayarlosodas, ~-magyarosod(ik), = magyarosodds, etc. m-makacsol, v. t. ~ja magat,-makacskod(ik). ~-mamorosit, v. t. intoxicate (fig. too); inebriate: (fig.) transport. ~-mumorosod(ik), v. i. become intoxicated: be transported. ~-mdngo(ro)1, v.t. mangle (clothes). ~-mar, v. t. bite; (of serpent) sting: (fig.) backbite; slander. ~-marad, v.i. I emain (somewhere); stay; abide: continue (in office). I1 (fig.) persist (in); stick (to: resolution); stand (upon); abide (by); adhere (to). III be left; remain: be left over: (of person) survive: ami ~, what remains; the remainder. ~maradt, adj. remaining; left (over). ~-mnalkol, v. t. take hold of; grasp; lay hold of; take: clutch (hold of). ~-milrt, v. t. dip; steep (in).,-rnmsit, v. t. change (plan); alter: revoke (decision): szandekat ja, change (one's) mind. ~-mnisithatatlan, (-ul), adj. unalterable: irrevocablc: unchangeable.~-m fisithata tlansdg, (-ot -a), n. unalterable etc. character (of: see megmasithatatlan). nmasz, v.t. climb (hill, etc.); ascend. ~-maszhat6, adi. ascendable. ~-mazsal, v. t. weigh. ~-meg, adv. implies repetition of action: ~-all, 5 Yolland Magyar-angol szitcr. II.

Page  66 Meg-melegedes keep standing still..-melegedes, n. getting warm. — meleged(ik), v. i. get warm; become warm: warm. ~-melegit, v. t. warm; make warm: warm up (food). ~-melegsz(ik), v. i. = meg-meleged(ik). ~-menekedes, (-t, -e), n. -- megmenekiiles. ~-meneked(ik), ~-meneksz(ik), v. i. = meg-menekiil. ~-menekiil, v. i. escape; make (one's) escape; get away (from); get (out of): alig ~ni, have a narrow escape. — menekiies, n. escape. -mrent, v. t. save; deliver; rescue (person): preserve. ~Inentes, n. saving; deliverance; rescue. -ment6, n. saver; deliverer; rescuer: preserver. ~-mer, v. t. =meg-merit. ~-mer, v. t. I measure (length). II measure (coin): weigh (goods). mered, v. i. stiffen; harden: become stiff (or, hard). ~meres, n. measuring; measurement; weighing. ~ mereszt, v. t. stiffen; make stiff: harden. -merevedes, n. stiffening: (med.) catalepsy. ~-mereved(ik), v. i. stiffen; become stiff: become torpid. ~-merevit, v. t. stiffen; make sti. ~mereviil, v. i. = megmereved(ik). ~-mergesed(ik), v. i. I become angry; get in a rage; grow angry; lose (one's) temper. II (of wound) rankle; fester.,mergesit, v. t. enrage; infuriate; make angry; anger. ~-mergez, v. t. poison: ~i magat, take poison. ~-m6rhet(et)len, (-iil), adj. immeasurable: incalculable (injury): unfathomable (depth): immense; vast; boundless. ~-merit, v. t. I dip (in); plunge: lower (into). II fill (with). ~-m6rkozes, n. (single) combat; duel. ~-merkoz(ik), v.i. measure swords (with); try (one's) strength (against); struggle (against): (fig.) cope (with); be a match (for); vie (with) bear comparison (with). ~-meril, v. i. plunge; sink (in). ~-meszel, v. t. whitewash. ~-metelyez, v. t. infect: (fig.) taint; corrupt; vitiate; deprave. — metsz, v. t. I cut. II begin to cut: slice. ~meztelenit, v. t. strip; bare; divest. ~-mivel, v. t. = meg-muvel. ~-mocczzan, v. i. move; stir; budge. ~mohosod(ik), (-ott), v. i. become mossgrown; be covered with moss: nem mohosodik meg a k6, amelyet gyakran mozgatnak, rolling stones gather no moss. ~mond, v. t. I tell (someone); say. II express (opinion); declare: give (name); state (reason); show: utter. — mondhat6, A. adj. utterable; expressible. B. n. Isten a ja, God only knows: Heaven knows. ~-mormog, ~ - morog, v. t. growl at: (of dog) snarl at. — mos, v. t. I wash (clothes): clean. II (fig.) pitch into: haul over the coals; reprimand. mosd(ik), (-ott), v. i. swash. — mosolyog, v. t. smile at; laugh at. ~-motoz, v. t. search (person). ~-mozdit, v. t. move; shift. ~-mozdul, v. i. I move; shift: stir (from place). II begin to move; get going. II (fig.) be moved; be roused. ~-mozgat, v. t. move; set in motion; set going: minden eszkozt, leave no stone unturned. — mukkan, (-t), v. 'i. = meg-mocczan. ~-munkal, v. t. cultivate (land); till (soil). — munkalas, n. cultivation. ~-mutat, v. t. I show (to); point out: let (one) see (something). II prove; demonstrate; show; exhibit: establish. Ill majd -om neki, I will teach him: I will make him sit up. ~mutogat, v. t. show; display: let (one) look at Meg-nenul (have a look at). ~-miuve1(6s), — meg-munkdl(ds).~nadragol, (-t), v. t. give (one) a hiding; thrash; flog. ~-nagy(obb)it, v. t. enlarge: magnify; make larger: let out (clothes). _-nagyobbod(ik), v. i. enlarge; become larger (or, bigger): grow: increase: (of clothes) stretch. _-naspangol, (-t), v.t. = meg-nadrdgol. ~-natlhasod(ik), (-ott), v. i. get a cold; catch a cold. ~-nedvesed(ik), v. i. become wet (or, damp). ~-nedvesit, v. t. wet; make wet: moisten; damp: bedabble; sprinkle. ~-nehezed(ik), v. i. become heavy: (fig.) become more difficult. — nehezit, v. t. I make heavier; increase the weight of. II (ig.) render more difficult; throw difficulties in the way of: aggravate (condition). ~-neheztel, v. i. vkire - vmiert, take (something) amiss; take (something) ill (of): conceive a grudge (against): be offended (with). ~-neheziil, (-t), v. i. = meg-nehezed(ik). — nem-alkuvas, n. uncompromising attitude; steadfastness. ~-nem-alkuv6, adj. uncompromising; inflexible; unyielding; steadfast: unswerving (loyalty). — nem-engedhet6, adj. inadmissible: unwarrantable; unjustifiable; im proper. ~-nemesed(ik), v.. I be ennobled. II (fig.) be improved (or, refined). ~nemesit, v. t. I ennoble; raise to noble rank. II (fig.) improve (plant): refine; raise; ennoble; better; improve (the mind). _-nemetesit, v. t. germanise. ~nemit, v. t. I make dumb; strike dumb; deprive of the power of speech. II (fig.) strike dumb; reduce to silence; silence; dum'ound. ~-nem-toSrtent, adj. ~te tesz, undo. — n6mul, v. i. I become dumb; be struck

Page  67 Meg-nepesedik dumlb; lose the powcer of speech. II (fig.) be silenced; be reduced to silence; be struck dumb: become speechless: (of bells) cease to sound. _-nepesed(ik), v. i. see benepesed(ik). ~-n6pesit, v. t. see be-nepesit. ~-nepesil, v. i. = meg-nepesed(ik). ~-neptelenit, v. t. depopulate; dispeople; unpeople. _-n6pteleniites, n. depopulation. ~-nleszel, v. t. = meg-szimatol. ~-nevet, v. t. laugh at. — nevettet, v. t. make tone) laugh. - nevez, v. t. name: give a name to; call: ~i magat, tell (one's) name: ~ett, (the) said; atoresaid. ~-nevezhetetlen, adj. not to be named: nameless. ~-nleZ, v. t. I look at: regard; inspect; examine; have a look at. II majd ~em, I will see (if). III nezze meg az ember! well! 1 never! what next? _-nezeget, v. t. frequentative of meg-nez. I (q. v.l: keep looking at. ~-n6zheto, adj. I to be seen; on view. II worth seeing. ~-n6, (see no B.), v. i. grow: (of person) grow up. ~-n6siil, v. i. (of man) get married: take a wife. ~-n6tt, adj. grownup. -noveszt, v. t. grow (a beard): make (something) grow.~-nyal,v.t.lick. — nyalaz, v. t. lick; moisten (with spittle). ~-nyer, v. t. I win (victory); gain (day). II obtain (prize); get; win; carry off. III (fig.) win over; prevail upon: captivate: hizelgessel ~, cajole. ~-nyergel, v. t. saddle. ~-nyero, (-en), adj. winning (ways); prepossessing (appearance); taking; engaging; captivating; attractive (manners). ~nyes, v. t. prune (tree); lop. ~-nyilatkozas, n. manifestation: revelation. ~-nyilatkoz(ik), v. i. manifest itself; reveal itself: become manifest. ~-nyilatkoztat, v. t. reveal: man 67 ifest. ~nyil(ik), v. i. I open. II (of meeting) be opened; begin. ll most nyilik meg a szemem, now I begin to see clearly (to see daylight); now I see my way: it dawns upon me. -nyilta, n. opening (of): beginning: reopening. ~-nyiI, v. t. I cut (hair): cut the hair of. II = meg-nyes. ~nyirbal, v. t. I = meg-nyir. II (leg.) curtail (rights). — nyit, v. t. I open; throw open. II open (proceedings); begin; commence. ~nyitas, n. opening (fig. too). ~-nyito, A. adj. opening (speech); introductory. B. n. overture (of opera): prologue (of drama). -nylom, v. t. I press (button): squeeze; hold (tightly). II emphasise (word); accentuate. III press (heavily) on; oppress. IV ~ja az agyat, be bedridden. ~-nyomorgat, v. t. torment; plague; pester; afflict. ~-nyomorit, v. t. I cripple: deform; maim.II (fig.) ruin; spoil: deface. ~-nyomorod(ik), (-ott), v. i. become crippled; become a cripple. ~-nyugod(ik), ~-nyugsz(ik), v. i. I rest: see meg-pihen. II (fig.) calm down; make (oneself) easy (about): settle down; compose (oneself): be re-assured. Ill (fig.) vmiben ~, acquiesce (in); rest satisfied (with); resign (oneself) (to); submit (to). ~-nyugtat, v. t. re-assure; set at rest; put (one) at (one's) ease: console; comfort: satisfy. _-nyugtatas, n. reassurance: consolation; comfort: satisfaction. ~nyugtat6, (-an), adj. reassuring. _-nyugvas, n. I rest: see meg-pihenes. II (fig.) re-assurance: resignation; submission; acquiescence (in). ~-nyujt, v. t. I stretch: distend. II lengthen; extend: (fig.) prolong (term). ~-nyfl(ik), v. i. I stretch: widen. II lengthen; become Meg-orvoslfis longer: az arcza, he makes a long face; he looks down in the mouth. -nIyIiz, v. t. flay; skin: (fg.) fleece. ~nviigoz, v.. t. nyugoz. ~-6, v. t. -- meg-ov. -odvasod(ik), v. i. become hollow: (of tooth) decay. ~okol, v. t. justify; give a reason (offer reasons) for; (Am.) motivate; reason: vindicate (point of view). _okolas, (-t,-a), n.justification (of); reasons (for); grounds (t. sz.); plea: (Am.) motivation: vindication: preamble (of Act of Parliament). ~-okolatlan, (-ul), adj. unjustifiable; unwarranted. ~-okosod(ik), v. i. grow prudent; acquire prudence: come to (one's) senses. — olajoz, v. t. oil. — old, v. t. I undo; untie; unfasten: loosen; unloose: dissolve (bonds). II (fig.) solve (problem): resolve (riddle); unravel (mystery); clear up: accomplish (task). ~-oldds, n. I undoing; untying; unfastening: loosening: dissolution. II (fig.) solution: resolution; unravelling: accomplishment. -oldatlan, (-ul), adj. (fig.) unsolved: unaccomplished. ~-oldhatatlan, (-ul), adj. (fig.) unsolvable: not to be accomplished. ~-old(ik), ~-old6 -d(ik), v. i. come undone: (fig.) be solved; be cleared up. — oldoz, v. t. = megold I. ~-olt, v. t. extinguish: slake (lime): curdle (milk). ~-oltalmaz, v. t. protect; shield (from). ~-olvad, v. i. (of snow) thaw: melt: liquefy; dissolve: (of candle) gutter; run. ~-olvas, v. t. count; tell (money).,olvaszt, v. t. thaw (snow): melt: liquefy; dissolve: melt down. — orrol, v. t. take amiss ( of); blame (someone) for; take ill (of).,-orvoslas, n. I cure; healing (of). II (fig.) 5*

Page  68 Mecj-orvosa i remtedytltjtn; renitedig redireS. ~MV-1 v. t. I eu heal.1111 (bg.) iettet;redress. stormi; taike by stormn a/orc..-oszA.S, fl. (litisiof dhaItibutioni separation. oszl(ik), — Oszol, (-oszlott), v. i. I be divided: be distributed (or, separated). 11 disperse; be (lispersd. _ oszt, v. t. divide (amiong) share (with):distribute; portion out. _-oszti's, ni. (livision:sharing: distribulion: conflict (of opinions). ~-osztoft, adj. common (grief); shared in con/mon. _-oSztOz~aS, I. muitual,sharing (in); partitiosn. divide among themselves; share (tile proceeds); partition..-6talnmaz, v. t. mneg-oltaltaaz. -d6, v. t. protect (from) keep; re serve (fromn);shield; quiard (against) save; take core of. ~-6vx as, n. psotection; preservatioa; guaasding care. _-oxvatol, (t), v. t. (comlm.) piotest (bill). _ dkldz, v. t. s~tske with the fist; cuiff; fist. (41 V. t. I kill; murder; take the li fe if; despatch: do for:J mlagkt, conmimt susicide. II (fig.) kill;, (lestroy; snmother. Inl stick (pig). Me96l, adv. miigiil. Mlqj-, prefix. _.-dlel, v. t. enibrace; clasp in (one's) armas: (eriisen) huiy..-6leWiS, n. embracing; embrace; hug...-6lelget, v. t. keep enibreacing; emibrace repeatedly. _-616s, a. killin g; murder. _-diet, v. t. have (somleone) killed (or, mardered); procare the murder of _-6mleszt, V. t. render fluid; nielt. _4-dsnl(ik), v. i. become flaid; nielt..-dntdz), v. t. iwater (flowers) bedabble; mioisten: baste ==mey-oreqsz(ik). _-6-de tjit, v. t. littke (san/ceone)l Al i"j -p14(Iig, Coitj, It mlnq. a'd at/c Oe. 1.4- -cjz~) V. i. I ad..)is tc Sal-(,; bk o~ldl betaste aid; trao sltatblu I l truts ao ik irae Olti. -4tIIZ, v. t. I Me r-, fai\. -c~i JirSOrce; gulartl; shltnCd d ( (ili) N. f,. I lacoolt H liakeep); 'it titche over. II beep; be (ttvcvel withs i/lif. II retain Din nemorYx) t oolk (at bace-j bectoite tbat eqY. a~fter; puit aiavtt; ott/ eate peid it, v. t. I "tt tri qf: nainteain (digniil ). keep i iietp t bl (c it tids (tllC5 S aCOfnteliiaice). (16r st0?ittd. II (ill' ( btrottt I (Stilt j it, v. t. niaddeit; drice madl JcA t sittjteJLt (idtt). _-pwl drive to distraction,. ~-4iJ-( (1111 v.is s~oiid. _+-p kit, v. t. peirpetiiate (cus- nc'sied(ih), v.i becotit tomn) imniortalise (iname): ntoidldt; iiouild l beconte sender imruortal. _4j-rok6o ntitiidi jR p l4J(t, V. t. djik), -idi1 v. i. I be inc -pintdit 1. — perzsel, perpetuateti; become pert v. t. singe; ltirni: score/i. _mannent: be inprinted (or, p( 1 /zseJ d(ik), v. i. biconic firaven tI (in meniory ) be singed..-pilwen, v. i. I rest, imniortalised.II be iiilieiited: take a i'est; 'repose; pittoce lbecomie /teredlai tr.TII1 become halt. Ii be resteil: rereovr inveterate...-0m-61, v. t I feel tested. — pilieite6S, it. grintl (grain). II (fig.) exr test,; resting; siesta: ptatse: liatst; wcear out: try._ halt. -.-pillant, v. t. ctticit drill, v. i. vminek -, be siqhit oj'; cate/i it gltimpsc of tieligqhteel (with); be p leeasetl.-piit, V. t. roast (brawn) (with):re joice (tat, evenit); tiatke irotwn: toadt (bras 1): be rejoiced.._-d6Ai, v. i. ftry (nteat) gi ill. -pi l,0lgo miad; become mtad; go gat, v. t. - itteg-bees/nV~ olf (onte's) head; becotte a let. — pii osod~ik), vi]. retl invtilic..- iiCn. be- den; becitme ted. -jpiril, cotiing macd: miadness; lut- v. i. I biraown ii tur ltrotca. acy. _-drveisd, v. i. II = el pstnl. -piszknl, nteg-firii. _.-dI1veII(lcztet, v. t. poke (fire). -mp foz, v. t. delight; please; glad- v. t. boX Me ei atrs oj' cull' den; give pleasure to. grat- slap (otie s) fate. -poili111t af1-i s. I protection; nyul, (t), v. i sol'teit preservation; gutardingy; become soft: (ot eatke) becotet shielding. II keeping; rettain- ctrisp (or, short); crumtble. ing: looking alter,; sate- _-poi-oz, v. t. powiler; keepitig;putting aiway; sprimtkleit-it/i powrder..-p-I( care (o1) minticintitisce. _- ddi, v. t. ttt'irl; toll dsnmei, sib, utineg-istuer, twist. ~-d-~,v. t. sistge: etc. _..-dSzfil, V. i. thitr roast (coffee). _-jw-6elt, V. gre?: become grey (or, ltoartfi. t. press.._-pr6bhll, v. t. I _-6sziit, adj. grey-hatireib; try; attettpt: make at trial hoary; hoar-7teadeti. — pa p- of(; test. II (fig.) try (somle rikalz, (-ott) v. t. seasoni onie). UJI try on (clothes). with t(paprikaitt (reel pepper)..- pldluink oz(ik), v. i. vnni-..-pttraniisol, v. t. order; va/n, try...-pirdbhliatitis, give ot-ders for (retreat) (-ole, -t, -a), a. (flg.) triaui: vkinek -, charge (someone - ordeal: ticissititte (of fbrto)' conmnand. _-patkol, tnne); (bibi.) affliction; visv~t.'shoe (horse)... —I ttan, itation: kia'llj-a a 4t stanil v. i. burst; crack. — es- the test; strircie the ordealei tel, v. t. I seal (letter). Ii — p)ulsit, v. t. I m — eg(fig.) seal; contfirmn: establish. 1dgytt. II niake crisp (or..-Pe (IC, V. t. - odr. shor't)..-pmtiliiul, V. i. I

Page  69 Me.q-piikkad meii!l-ln!t.qul - II -= m,'q por1,an yul. — i)l1kad1, V. 1. I burt': cra ck. II (fi,) bu.t,t: iajd ~ nevetteilen, split (one's) sildes wIithJ laulghilg.,-r'iablas, n. robbing (of); dlepriving. ~-ra11(l, v. t. rob (soincone: of; deprive; spoil; despoil. -r1I (, v. t. I gquua; bite: (of mouse) nibble: (of worm) eat;;fret. II chewv (meat); ma.tsliate. III (tig.) weigh; think over; consider; reflect upon: digest. ~-ragad, A. v. t. I seize; grasp; clutch (hold of): snatch. II (fig.) arrest (attention); rivet: make sure of (a chance): embrace (opportunity): minden eszkozt ~, leave no stone unturned; resort to every means: ~ja szerencsejet, take time by the forelock. Ir (fig.) take hold of; captivate; carry away; thrill; move. B. v. i. stick; adhere: cleave (to). _.-alJad16, (-an), adj. (fig.) thrilling; moving; captivati ng; striking; telling; charmnig: rousing (speech). ~-riagal1maz, v. t. = rcdgalimaz. — ragaszt, v. t. I stick; paste (on) glue. II patch (with); paste up. III (vulg.) acquire. ~rajzol, v. t. draw:portray; delineate: describe. ~-rak, v. t. I load (ship: cart); charge; freight (steamer); lade: stock (with goods); line (wharf); pack: (mil.) occupy; garrison. II lay (fire); make. III (vulg.) thrash; lick; give a hiding to.,_-rak;is, n. I loading; charging; freighting; lading: stocking; lining; filling: occupation. II making (of fire). ~-rakod(ik), v. i. I take a cargo; be freighted: be stocked (lined; filled). II load; lade: pack. ~-rakott, (-an), adj. laden; freighted: full:heavily laden; well-stocked. -lillnczosod(ik), v. i. become wrinkled. ~-randit, v. t. I pull; jerk; 69 iwrench. II sprain (ankle) strain. ~-rIaiil, v. i. I jerk: quiver. 11 (of foot, etc.) be sprained: _t a hlba, he has sprainied his Joot; arczLnak egy izmt sem rnldult mleg, he did not betray the least eimotion. ~-r1 n(Jplt, v. t. pull; ttu; wl rench; tear at. _-linlli, V. t. tug; pull; give a tug (to); pluck (one: by).,-riz, v. t. I shake: (of cart) jolt; jog. It (fig.) agitate; make (one) shudder; stagger: move; thrill: perturb; shake. ~rfizk6dts, (-t, -a), n. (fig.) shock: agitation. -.-rAzk6 -d(ik), (-ott), v. i. I shake (onesel): (of earth) quake. 11 (fig.) shudder; have a shock: be agitated (thrilled); be perturbed: wince. ~-1atzkodtat, (-ott), v. t. I (fig.) shake; make (one) shudder: give a shock to: thrill. II shake..-rdzk6dtatas, (-t, -a), n. = meg-rdzkodds. -~ i-riz6, (-an), adj thrilling; staggering: deeply affecting; moving; shocking (tragedy): tragical. -rlkedl, v. i. I get stopped (up); be choked (up): be blocked. II get stuck (somewhere); come to a standstill: be held up. III become hoarse. IV _t a szeke, be constipated; suffer from constipation. _-reemcg, v. i. begin to tremble (or, shiver): (of eaith) begin to quake; vibrate.,-remegtet, v. t. = meg-reszkettet. _-remit, v. t. appall; terrify; scare: horrify; shock; dismay. — rerniil, v. i. be appalled; be terrified; be scared; be struck with terror: be horrified; be shocked; be dismayed. _-r6miiles, n. terror: horror; dismay; consternation. ~-rendel, v. t. order; bespeak: give orders for. ~-reiideles, n. ordering (of); order (for): -re, to order..-rendelo, A. n. one wcho orders: (comm.) customer. B. adj. jegy, Meg-rtlkit order torm; (comm.) indent. -pe(ildit, v. t. I shake. II u ndertnine (health). I II fig.) c meg-riz II. -relndilt, (-en), adj. = n meg-rdzo. ~reIndszabtt)ily,<)z, (-tam, -ott), v.t. lecture; reprimand; reprove; take to task: punish. -rendlszabialyozats, (-t, -a), n. reprimiund; reproval: punishment. -rtendril, v. i. I shake; quake. II of health) be undermined. III (fig.) be shaken; be moved;be shocked; have a shock; be aghs;t; be thrilled. _-rcndliiles, n. horror; dismay: consternation; shock. — renget, v. t. shake..-reped,v.i. crack; be rent: burst: (fig., of heart) break. -rlepedez, v. i. (frequentative): crack; become full of cracks: (of skin) be chapped. _-repeszt, v. t. crack: rend; rive;?rit: slit; cleave: chap (skin): (fig.) break (heart). ~ -reszeged(ik), v. i. m7eg-r;szegsz(ik). ~lrszegit, v. t. make (one) drunzk: intoxicate (fig. too); inebriate: (fig.) turn (one's) head. ~-r6szegsz(ik), v. i. get drunk; get intoxicated. ~-reszel, v. t. file: grate (nutmeg, etc).,reszket, v. i. = n meg-remeg. -rleszkettet, v. t. make (one) tremble (quiver, shiver, or, shake): shake (earth).,-retten, v: i. become alarmed: ivince; shrink: be aghast (at): and see meg-ijed. ~rettent, v. t. terrify; appall: horrify; shock; and see meg-ijeszt. ~-rezdiil, ~-rezzen, v. i. == megremeg, meg-r&iniil. ~-rezzent, v. t. = meg-remegtet. ~riad, v.i.Ilmeg-ijed, megremiil. II (of bugle) sound. -ri'iaszt, v. t. I=mneg-ijeszt, meg-r mit. II drive off; drive awiay: put to flight. ~-rikat, v. t. make (one) cry. — ritkit, v. t. I thin (forest); clear; make a clearing in. II dilute (liquid):

Page  70 Meg-rltkul attenuate. ~-ritkul, v. i. I become thinner. II become scarce. ~-r6, v.t. reprimand; reprove: scold; censure; take to task. ~-roggyan, (-t), v. i. collapse (suddenly). ~-rogy, v. i. collapse: break down. ~-rohad, v.i. decay: and see el-rohad. ~-rohan, v. t. assail; assault; attack; fall upon: storm (fortress): go for (someono); be at: rush at (one); rush tor (something); make a dash for. ~-rokkan, v. i. (of person) become disabled; become incapable (or, unfit): be enfeebled. — rokkant, v. t. disable: render unfit (for service): founder (horse). ~-romlas, n.I spoiling (of); decay. II (fig.) corruption. ~-roml(ik), v. i. I spoil; decay; rot: (of milk) turn: be spoiled. II (fig.) be corrupted; become depraved. - rongal, v. t. damage: spoil: undermine (health); impair: tamper with. ~rongalodik, v. i. become damaged; suffer injury: become spoiled; be the worse for wear. ~-rongalt, adj. broken; impaired. ~-ront, v. t. I spoil; mar: ruin; impair (health); undermine: damage. II (fig.) overlook; bewitch. HII (fig.) ruin (one); undo. IV (fig.) corrupt (manners): deprave; pervert: seduce (girl); deflower: vkinek erkolcset 'ja, demoralise: vkinek 6ormet -ja, spoil (one's) pleasure; act as a wet blanket; put a damper on. ~-ropogtat, v. t. crack; make (something) crack. ~-roppan,v.i. crack. _-rosszabbit, stb. -= roqszabbit etc. _-rostal, v. t. I sift: riddle: winnow. II sort. III (fig.) revise; sift: criticise. ~-rothad, v.i.= el-rohad. _-r6tt(am), see meg-ro. ~-rovas, n. reprimand; reproof; censure; rebuke: kemeny,, severe reprimand. — rozs 70 dasod(ik), v. i. become rusty; rust. -rPoqz(ik), v. i. I harden; become hard. II take root; become inveterate. III vmiben, become addicted (to): be a confirmed (sinner). IV (of illness) become chronic. — rogzit, v. t. establish; fix; set down; lay down. ~-rogzott, adj. inveterate; hardened (sinner); confirmed; obdurate: rooted (dislike); chronic (disease): thorough -going (republican); (devil) incarnate: deep-rooted; ingrained (hatred): ~ gondolat, monomania. ~- rogzottseg, (-et, -e, n. inveteracy; obduracy: inveterate etc. character (of: see meg-rogz6tt). ~- rokonyod(ik), (-ott), v. i. be taken aback; be dumfounded (dum ooundered): stand aghast; recoil. — rovidit, v. t. I shorten: abridge (text): epitomise: (fig.) beguile (time); while away. II (fig.) vmiben - (vkit), curtail; prejudice; injure: stint. ~-rovidiil, v. i. I become shorter; grow short; be made shorter: shrink. II (fig.) (of person) be curtailed (of); be a loser; come off a loser; come off second best. ~-ruig, ~-rugdos, v. t. kick. ~-rsitit, v. t. = el-rztit..-rutul, v. i. become ugly; grow ugly. ~riihesed(ik), v. i. become scabby (or, mangy): get the itch. — sajdul, v. i. twinge. ~-sajnal, v. t. feel sorry for: pity; have pity on; commiserate: take pity on. ~-santul, v. i. go lame; grow lame: begin to limp. ~-sanyargat, v. t. = sanyargat. ~-sarczol, v. t. lay (town) under contribution; exact a contribution of. ~-sargul, v. i. turn yellow: (of leaves) become sere. ~-sarkantyfiz, v. t. spur; set spurs to. ~-savanyit, v. t. sour; make sour: pickle (vegetables) Mleg-seproz leaven (dough). ~-savainyodtik), v. i. tarn sour; sour: become acid. Meg-so, = meg-sem (see meg). Meg-, prefix. — sebesit, v. t. wound; inflict a wound on. ~-sebesites, n. wounding (of): wound. ~-sebesiil, v. i. become wounded; be wounded; get wounded; receive a wound. ~-sebesii1es, n. wound. ~-sebez, v. t. = meg-sebesit. ~-sebezhetetlen, (-iil), adj. invulnerable. ~-sebezleto, adj. vulnerable. ~-sebz6s, n. = meg-sebesites. ~-segit, v. t. assist; aid; help (one): succour; come to the assistance of: support; stand by. ~-sejdit, ~-sejt, v. t. suspect; guess: presume; sur mise: get wind of. Megsem, conj. I not at all; by no means. II after all... not (and see meg). Meg-, prefix. ~-semmisit, v. t. I destroy: annihilate; extirpate (race). II annul; abrogate (decree)); abolish; rescind; reverse; revoke: invalidate; quash (verdict); declare null and void; nullify: cancel: amortise (fief). III egymAst.ik, neutralise (one another). ~semmisites, n. I destruction: annihilation; extirpation. II annulment; abrogation; abolition; rescindment; reversal; revocation: invalidation; quashing; nullification; cancelling: amortisation (of fief). _-semmisito, adj. I destructive: annihilating: (war) to the knife. II (leg.) derogatory: (act) of cassation: invalidating. - semmisiil, v. i. I be destroyed; come to nought: be annihilated. II become invalid; lose (its) force; be abrogated; be cancelled; lose (its) validity. ~-semmisii1es, n. destruction: annihilation. ~-sepr6z, — sep

Page  71 Meg-sepriz ruiz, (-ter, -ett), v. t. flog: scourge; whip. ~-sert, v. t. I injure; damage; impair; harm; hurt. II (fig.) ffend (person); affront; give offence to; insult: wound (feelings); outrage: prejudice (rights); wrong: infringe (law); violate; break: shock (propriety); offend against. — s6rtes, n. I injury (to); damage: impairment; harm; hurt. II (fig.) offence; offending; affront; insulting (of); insult: wounding (of); outrage (on): prejudicing (of): infringement (of law); infraction; breach (of decorum). se6rt6d(ik), v i. be offended; feel offended; take offence (at); take umbrage (at): konnyen ~ik, be easily offended; be (very) touchy; be techy. ~-seriil, v. i. become damaged (or, injured): sustain injury: receive a wound; be wounded. ~-siketit, v. t. deafen; make deaf. ~-siketiil, v. i. become deaf; turn deaf. ~sikl(ik), v. i. slip. — simit, v. t. smooth; make smooth: stroke (with hand). ~-siulogat, v. t. stroke (with hand); pat. ~-sinl, -sfnyl, v. t. feel (acutely); suffer on account of: be (much) the worse for; be a victim of; be a sufferer by; be hard hit by: (fig.) rue (action); smart for; suffer for. — sirat, v. t. weep for; bewail; mourn: cry over; deplore. ~-sodor, v. t. roll; twist; twirl. ~sokall, v. t. think (something) too much: have (had) enough of; be sick of (waiting). _-sokasit, v. t. multiply; increase: propagate. ~-sokasod(ik), v. i. multiply; increase: propagate. ~-sokszoroz, v. t. reproduce; multiply.,-sovanyit, v. t. make (one) thin (or, lean).~-sovanyod(ik), v. i. grow thin (or, lean); fall off. — s6z, v. t. salt; put salt in (or, on).,-sijg, 71 v. t. I whisper (to): prompt. II (fig.) suggest; insinuate. III (fig.) betray. — suhint, v. t. brandish (sword): crack (whip). ~-siiketit, ~-siiketiil meg-siketit, megsiketiil. ~-siil, v. i. I be roasted; be done: be ready (baked or roasted). II be scorched; be parched. III (fig.) be boiling; be very hot. — siirget, v. t. I press; insist upon; push (matter); hurry up. II urge (someone); hurry up. ~-siirit, v. t. thicken; condense. ~-siirud(ik), ~-sfiuisod(ik), v. i. thicken; become condensed. ~-siit, v. t. I roast (meat): bake (cake). II parch; scorch: burn. III shine on (upon); illumine. ~-siivegel, (-t), v. t. take off (one's) hat to; doff (one's) hat to. ~-szab, v. t. I fix; appoint (time); assign: determine: estimate (costs): prescribe (duty); dictate (terms) limit (quantity). II assess (taxes). -szabadit, v. t. I set free; release; liberate; set at liberty; free (from bonds): bilincseitol ~, unshackle; unfetter. II (fig.) deliver (from); save; rescue: rid (of) disencumber (of load); free. ~-szabaditas, n. I release; setting free; liber ation; setting at liberty. II (fig.) deliverance; rescue: disencumbrance. ~-szabadit6, n. liberator: deliverer; rescuer. ~-szabadul, v. i. I get out; get free; get away; get off; be set at liberty; be released; be set free. II be loosened; get loose; break loose: ~t, runaway. mII vmit81, escape (punishment): get rid (of: obstacle): get away (from: person); shake off: ease (oneself) (of: cares); rid (oneself) (of): avoid (thought); evade. ~-szabadulas, n. deliverance; escape. ~-szabott, adj. fixed (price): appointed (time): definite (instruc Meg-szillas tions); precise: prescribed (course): limited (quantity): - ido, fixed term; time appointed: (leg.) respite. ~szaggat, v. t. tear (gradually); rip; rend: break. - szagol, v. t. I smell. II sniff (at); smell; snuffle at. Im become sensible of; scent: ~ja a shfrhny-illatot, (vulg.) smell a rat. ~-szakad, v. i. I break: snap (in two): (of clothes) tear. II (fig.) burst; break: majd - a szivem, my heart aches; it makes my heart break (to): majd ~ nevett6ben, split (one's) sides with laughing. III be interrupted: (of journey) be broken: (of communication) be cut off: break off; discontinue: (of road) stop; come to an end: be suspended. ~-szakadas, n. interruption; break: cutting off; intermission: discontinuance; suspension: end. - szakallasod(ik), (-ott), v. i. get a beard; grow a beard. ~-szakaszt, ~-szakit, v. t. I tear; rend: snap (in two); break (off). I interrupt (conversation); break off: break (silence): discontinue (action): cut off (communication); suspend; stop; put an end to: break (journey). ~-szakitas, n. interruption; intermission; break: stop: nelkiil, uninterruptedly; without intermission; without a break; incessantly. ~-szalad, v. i. I run away; take to (one's) heels; take to flight. II run away (with); slip (from). ~-szalaszt, v. t. put to flight. ~-szall, A. v. i. I put up (at inn); take up (one's) quarters; stay; alight; stop. I settle (in). B. v. t. I (of insects) overrun. II (mil.) occupy (town); take possession of: garrison (fort). III (fig.) seize; possess: overtake; overcome; strike.(with fear). ~-szallas, n. I putting up (at); stopping:

Page  72 lMeg-szillott stay. II settlement. III (fig.) occupation (by troops). ~szallott, ~-szialt, adj. (mil.) occupied (territory). ~-sztmlafl, v. t. count; tell (over): reckon up: meg vannak szamlhalva napjai, his days are numbered. - sztimlalliatatlani, adj. innumerable; numberless; uncountable. ~ -szfnmlflliat6, adj. countable.~-sziniol, v. t.=meg-szdmldl. ~ szftmoz, v.t. number; mark with numbers: ticket: page (leaves of book, etc.); paginate. ~-szamozats,n. numbering; numeration: ticketing: 'pagination (of book). ~-szan, v. t. = meg-sajndl. ~-szanas,n. commiseration (for). ~-szfint, v. t. plough; finish ploughing. ~-szapoi t, v.t. I increase; add to: multiply. II mend (one's pace): quicken; accelerate (speed). — szaporod(ik), v. i. I increase: multiply. 1 accumulate. III (vulg.) have a child.,-szappalnoz, v. t. soap (linen). ~-szAirad, v. i. dry; become dry..szAirit, v. t. I dry; make dry. II dry up; parch: cure (meat); dry (fruit). ~-szavaz, v. t. vote (something); pass (resolution); grant (supplies). ~-szed, v. t. I gather; pick (fruit). II fill (basket). IlI i maghtt, fill (one's) pockets; make a fortune; make (one's) pile; feather (one's) nest. ~-sz6 -dit, v. t. make (one) giddy: (fig.) dazzle; turn (one's) head; in:atuate; beguile. - szdiil, v. i. turn giddy; get giddy: have (the) vertigo. — szeg, v. t. I cut (bread); slice. II (fig.) break (oath); infringe (law); violate: commit a breach of. — szegel, v. t. nail: rivet (iron): nail doiwn. _-szeq6s, n. I cutting; slicing. II (fig.) breaking (of oath); breach (of faith): infringement; infraction (of law); violation. ~-szegez, v. t.-= meg-sze- gel. -szeSgyenit, v. t. put to s7ame; shame; make (one) ashamed: abash; con 'oumdl: pitt dowvn; humiliate. ~-sze- gyenit6, adj. humiliatingq. -szegyelniil, (-t), v. i. be put to shame; be abathed: be humiliated; be pitt down: (vulg.) look small; look blue; look abashed. ~-szel, v. t. cat; slice. ~-szelidit, v. t. I tame (wild animal): break 1 in (horse); train. II (fig.) soften (heart); tame (passions); curb: mitigate: cirilise (people): make (one) tractable: refine (manners): overcome; break (spirit). ~szelidiil, v. i. I be tamel; become tame: be broken in. II (fig.) be softened: be tamedl(curbed, or, mitigated): become civilised: become tractable: become refined: yield; break.,-szelidiilt, adj. I tame. II (fig.) softened: tractable; docile: civilised: refined (manners): pliant. ~-szemelyesit, v. t. personify. _-szemlel, v. t. viewv; survey: review; pass in revieiv: scrutinise; ecamine; inspect. — szenesed(ik), v. i. char; become charred; turn to coal. ~szenesit, v. t. char; reduce to charcoal; make coal of; burn to a cinder. ~-szentel, v. t. I hallowl; keep sacred. II consecrate: bless. ~-szentel6s, n. consecration: blessing. ~-szents6etelenit, (-ett), v. t. profane; unhallowo; desecrate. ~-szentseg6telenit6s, (-t, -e), n. profanation; desecration. ~szenved, A. v. i. vmi6rt ~, suffer (for); atone (for); smart (for). B. v. t. I pay for; expiate; suffer for: nagyon ~tem, (it) cost me dear. II put up wiith; (be able to) bear; stanl. ~szepl6sit, v. t. I (of sun) freckle. II (fig.) defloier (maiden); violate; ravish; defile. ~-szepl6sites, n. Meg-szok(ik) (fig.) violation; rape; dejloration. ~-szeppeii, v. i. winrce; sirink: start (at): be dis!)naqtel; shrink back. ~-SZ I'et, v. t. take a fancy to; take a likinyg to: become fond of; conceive an alpection for'; grow' fondl or: take to. ~-szevettet, v. t. - megkedveltet. ~-Sze'ez, v. t. I procure; obtain; get; provilde: vkinek ~,,stppll (with); get (for). II obtain possession of; acquire. III vmivel ~, give into the bargain; add (to). — szerkeszt, v. t. I construct; make. II drawi up (docum3nt); drant: compose; pen: construct (sentence).,szeCrzs, n. I procuring (of); procurat; obtaining; provision: purchase. II a,dition: over-weight; overmeasuire. ~-sz id, v. t. chlde; scold: reprove; reprimand: take to task: rate. -szig0oPit, v. t. make more severe (or, rigorous): increase the severity of: aggravate; intensify. — szikkal, v. i. dry/ (it)); become dry. ~-szilarilit, v. t. strengthen (position); make firm; consolidate; stabilise; establislh. _-szilardul, v. i. be strezngthened; be firmly established: become con solidated; be stabilised. ~szilIti'dullis, n. firm establishment (of); consolidation; stabilisation; stability. ~-sziniatol, v. t. scent; get scent of: (fig.) get wind of. ~-szitfil, v. t. sift. ~-szivlel, (-tern, -t), v. t. take (something) to heart; consider; pon-ler. — szivlelendo, adj. deserving o/ consideration; worth considering. -szokias, n. habitnation (to); inurement. ~-szok(ik), A. v. t. get used to (accustomed to); accustom (oneself) to; grow uIsed to: inure (oneself) to; habituate (oneself) to: mar- ~tuk, we are used to (it); (it) is no

Page  73 Meg-szokott thling new to us. B. v. i. vhol -, becomne acclinatised; settle dowvn. ~-szokott, adj. accustomed; wonted; usual (occupation); habitual; customary: everyday. - szol, v. t. backbite: malign; speak ill of; abuse: asperse (chlracter); calumniate. ~sz6lal, v. i. I begin to speak; start speaking: open (one's) mouth; speak (fig. too). II (of instrument) sound; resound; strike up: begin to sound; be heard. III (of bird) begin to sing. ~-szolaldts, n. speaking: (fig.) voice (of conscience): a-ig h, speaking (likeness). ~-sz6laltat, v. t. I make (one) speak; make (one) break silence. It sound; play (organ): ring (bell). ~-sz6 -las, n. backbiting: maligning; abuse: aspersion; calumny: detraction. ~szolgJ'l, v. t. I deserve; merit: earn (by service). II acknowledge; be grateful for: reciprocate; return; repay. ~-sz61it, v. t. address; accost; speak to. ~sz6litas, n. addressing; accosting (of): address: form of address; allocution. ~~-szom jaz(ik), ~-szoinjuhoz(ik), (-ott), v. i. become thirsty; grow thirsty; get thirsty. -szomlorit, v. t. sadden; make sad: depress: and see el-szomorit. ~-szomnorol(ik), v. i. become sad; grow sad; be depressed; be afflicted. ~-szomorodott, adj. saddened: gloomy; melancholy: afflicted: ~ szivvel, with aching heart. ~-szontyolod(ik), v. i. be abashed: haul in (one's) horns; come down a peg or two. ~-szoptat, v. t, nurse (infant); suckle. ~-szorit, v. t. I press; squeeze: tighten (girth); take in: shake (hands); squeeze: compress (in space). II (fig.) restrict; confine (within limits); limit; check: cur 73 tail (liberty): retrench (expenses): constrain; restrain; circumscribe. ~-szolittls, n. I pressing; squeezing; squeeze: tightening: pressure. It (fig.) restriction; limitation; check: curtailment (o. liberty): retrenchment (of expenses): constraint; restraint: n6lkil, unrestrictedly; unreservedly; unconditionally. ~-szorul, v. i. I qet stuck (in); get wedged in: be squeezed (in): be crowded together; be squashed (in); be huddled together. II (fig.) be in afix; be in a quandary; be in straits; be hard pressed; be in difficulties; be up a tree: be short (of: money); run short (of). ~-szorult, adj. (fig.) in difficulties; in distress; in straits; in a fix: hard pressed. ~-szokes, n. see szioks. -szok(ik), v. i. make (one's) escape; slip away; get off; run away; take to flight: (mil.) desert: and see el-sz6k(ik). ~-sz6ktet, v. t. I elope with (girl); run away with: abduct. II liberate (prisoner); help (one) to escape. ~-sz6ktetes, n. elopement; abduction. -szuIr, v. t. stab: wvound. ~-szurkal, v. t. stab repeatedly; inflict wounds on.,-sziikit, v. t. narrow; straiten; make narrow; contract: tighten; take in (clothes). ~-szikiil, v. i. narrow; become narrow(er); contract. ~-sziil, v. t. give birth to; bear; bring forth. ~-sziiletfik), v. i. be born. - szunes, n. ceasing; cessation. ~-sziin(ik), v. i. cease; stop; leave off (speaking); come to an end; be at an end; discontinue: become extinct; be abolished: (of firm) be dissolved: itt - minden, (it) is too much; (it) is beyond endurance; (it) would try the patience of Job. — sziintet, v. t. cease; stop (payment); suspend: Meg-tamadhatO put a stop to: abolish; abrogate (decree): abandon; give up; discontinue: put an end to (quarrel): dissolve (partnership); wind up (company): remove (doubt). -sziintet6s, n. cessation; stopping; suspension: abolition; abrogation: abandonment; giving-up: dissolution; winding.up: removal. ~-sziir, v. t. strain; percolate: filter (water). ~sziiretel, v. t. gather in the vintage. ~-sziirkit, v. t. make grey. ~-sziirkiil, v. i. turn grey: (fig.) become dim. ~-tagad, v. t. I vkit6l ~, refuse (one: something); deny; decline (to). II deny (God): disown (person): turn (one's) back on (party). — tagadds, n. I refusal; denial; declining. II denial: disowning. ~-ttgul, v. i. = ki-tdgul. ~-takargJat, v. t. put away (by degrees); scrape together. — takarit, v. t. save; save up; lay by; spare. — takaritais, n. saving (up); laying by. ~-takaritott, adj. saved: penz, savings (t. sz.). ~-talal, v. t. find; discover: meet with (person); fall in with: ~ja a mbdjat, find a means (to); find ways and means; find an expedient. ~-taldlhat6, adj. to be found: easily found; easy to find: meg nem talhlhato, not to be found. ~-tal6o, n. finder. ~-talpal, v. t. sole (shoes): provide (wheel) with felloes (fellies). ~-tamnad, v. t. I attack; assail; charge (enemy): fall upon (one); assault: fall foul of; go for; tackle. II dispute (opinion); combat; oppose; call in question; impugn: contest. III (fig.) abuse; rail at; go for. ~-tamadhatatlan, (-ul), adj. incontestable; indisputable; unimpeachable: unassailable.,-tamadhat6, adj. contestable; disputable; controvertible. ~

Page  74 Mefl-tam;ad6 tAmad6, == trmcado. ~-tamaszt, v. t. prop; support; stay. ~-tanczoltat, v. t. I dance with (one). II (fig.) lead (one) a (fine) dance; make (a person) sit up; teach; give (one) beans. ~tanit, v. t. I teach (a person): vkit vmire ~, instruct (in). II coach; train. III give a lesson to; teach. ~tantorit, v. t.==el-tdntorit. ~-tantorod(ik), v. i. - eltdntorod(ik). ~-tanul, v. t. learn (something); master (language); acquire. — tanulas, n. learning; mastery; acquisition. _-tanulhato, adj. easy to learn. -tanultat, v. t. make (one) learn: vmit ~vkivel, drill (something) into. ~-tapaszt, v. t. plaster (wall): paste over (gap); fill in. ~-tapint, v. t. feel; touch (with fingers). ~-tapod, v. t. = meg-tapos. ~-tapogat, v. t. frequentative of meg-tapint (q. v.). — tapos, v. t. tread; trample under foot; trample on; stamp on: crush. _-tapsol, v. t. applaud. — tart, v. t. I keep (for oneself); retain; keep back. II maintain; uphold: sustain; support: preserve: elmej6ben ~, keep in mind; remember. II hold (fortress); remain master of (the field). IV keep (word); be true to: observe (forms). V hold (meeting); give (lecture): celebrate (wedding). -tartas,n. I keeping (back); retaining; retention. II maintenance; upholding: sustenance; support: preseruation. III keeping (of word): observance (of law). IV holding (of meeting): giving (of lecture): celebration (of marriage). ~-tart6zkod(ik), v. i. refrain (from): abstain. ~-tart6ztat, v. t. I hold up; keep (from). II ~ja magat, abstain; refrain. ~-tart6ztatas, n. abstinence (from). ~-taszigal, ~-taszit, v. t. 74 Meg-tetsz(ikW push; move: hustle (person).!elt, (-en), adj. I laden; ~-tebolyod(ik),v.i.=meg- heavilv laden. II sur'eited. oriul. ~-tehet, v. t. be in a ~-terit, v. t. lay (table): position to do: ~ne, you lay the cloth. -te6rit, v. t. might do (it). ~-tekinlt, v. t. I repay; reimburse; refund: look at; inspect; examine: make good (losses). II conhave a look at: survey. ~- vert,person); reform. ~tekintes, n. inspection; t6rit6s, n. I repayment; examination: survey: ~re, reimbursement; re funding: on approval: for (your) making good: compensation perusal: -re m6ltd, worth (given). II conversion. ~looking at. ~-teleped6s, termekenyit, v. t. make n. = le-telepedes. ~-telepe- fertile: 'ecundate: (bot.) dett, adj. settled: resident. fertilise; fructify. ~-ter~-teleped(ik), ~-telep- mekenyit6s, n. fecundsz(ik), v. i. ==le-telepsz(ik). ation; impregnation: (bot.) ~-telepiil, v. i.=meg-telep- fertilisation; Fructification. sz(ik). ~-tell(ik), v. i. I fill; ~-ternekenyil, v. i. bebecome full: (of house, etc.) come fertile: (of woman) become crowded (with): (of conceive: (bot.) fructify. ~person) be full; be satisfied. termett, adj. swell-built II (of moon) become full: (man): well-shaped (woman): megtelt a hold, it is full well-made; strapping (felmoon. III megtelt a m6rt6k, low). ~-tert, (-ek, -et), n. the cup is full. ~-telt, adj. convert. ~-t6riil, v. i. (of full: crowded (house); money) be repaid (refunded): packed. — tenni, infin. see be made good. ~-testesemeg-tesz. — tep, v. t. pluck; d(ik), v. i. become corpulent; strip: pull to pieces; pick put on flesh. ~-testesit, v. t. to pieces: tear: tousle; touse. embody; give shape to: (fig.) ~-t6paz, v. t. pull about: personify. ~-testesites, n. tousle; touse: tear; tatter embodying; embodiment (fig. (clothes). ~-tepdes, v. t. too). ~-testesiil, v. i. befrequentative of meg-tep (q. come embodied; take shape; v.). ~-ter, v. i. I = vissza- form: assume (a certain) ter. II be converted: reform; shape. ~-testesiiles, n. mend; turn over a new leaf. embodiment (fig. too): (fig.) -terem, A. v. t. bear incarnation. ~-testesiilt, (fruit); produce. B. v. i. adj. incarnate: the very thrive; grow: prosper. ~.te- (devil): (kindness) itself. - remt, v. t. create: produce; tesz, v. t. (see tesz). I do: establish. ~-teremt6s, n. accomplish; carry out; percreation (of): production; form: take (steps): tedd establishment. ~-t6r6s, n. meg az 6n kedvemert, do conversion. ~-terhel, v. t. it for my sake: megteszek I burden; load: freight mindent, I will (shall) do (steamer): encumber. II all in my power; I shall do (fig.) clog; cloy; saddle: my best: vmit nem tenni overload; overburden: ~i me-, fail to do. II az is i, gyomrAt, have a surfeit: that wtill do as well. III eat too much. III trouble appoint (to office); make (someone); inconvenience. (someone; a bishop). ~IV (comm.) debit (account). t6tel, n. doing: accomplish~-terheles, n. I burden- ment; performance: taking ing; loading: freighting: (of steps): putting (of encumbrance. II overload- question). ~-tetez, v. t. top: ing; overburdening. III fill to the brim. ~-tetsz ik), (comm.) debiting. ~-ter- v. i. I vkinek ~, take the

Page  75 Meg-tett(em) fancy of; hit (one's) fancy; please; take: win the approval of. II appear; be clear. ~tett(em), see meg-tesz. ~teved, v. i. err; go astray; be wrong: (fig.) swerve from the right path. ~-tevedes, n. error: (fig.) aberration. ~-tevelyedes, n. = megtevedes. ~-t6velyed(ik), v. i. = meg-teved. ~-teves, n. = meg-tetel. — teveszt, v. t. I mislead; lead astray: puzzle; perplex: deceive; delude: mystify. II mistake (for). ~-tilol, v. t. dress (hemp); scutch; swingle. ~tilt, v. t. forbid; prohibit: interdict. ~-tiltas, n. forbidding; prohibition. ~ti sztel, v. t. honour (someone); do (someone) the honour (to); give (one) the honour (of): respect; show respect for: pay honour to. ~-tiszteles, n. honour; distinction: respect (for). ~tisztelo, adj. flattering (condescension). -.tiszteltetes. n. = meg-tiszteles. ~tisztit, v. t. I clean; cleanse; make clean: trim (lamp): scour; scrub (floor): pick (beans); sift. II clarify (liquid); clear. ~-tisztogat, v. t. frequentative of megtisztit (q. v.). ~-tisztul, v. i. I become clean. II (of wine clarify; clear: (of weather) clear up. III (fi.) be purified: be tried. — tlzedel, v. t. decimate; thin (ranks): clear (forest). ~-tizszerez, v. t. multiply (increase) tenfold: decuple. — told, v. t. I piece (dress); patch; put a piece on; piece out; lengthen. II add to; increase; augment: supplement (work): prolong: eke out (sum): szavait -otta, he added. ~-tollasod(ik), v. i. I get feathers; become fledged. II (fig.) feather (one's) nest: make a fortune; make (one's) pile. ~-tompit, v. t. blunt (edge): (fig.) dull; deaden. ~-tompul, v. i. become blunt: (fig.) become 75 dull; be deadened. ~-torlas, n. retaliation; revenge; reprisals (t. sz.); retribution: requital. -torlatlan, (-ul), adj. unavenged; unpunished. ~-torl(ik), v. i. be piled up; be heaped up; accumulate: (of waves) swell: be stacked: see torl(ik). ~-torl6, adj. repressive; retaliatory: rendszabhlyok, reprisals (t. sz.). ~-torl6das, n. accumulation: block (of traffic): swell (of waves). ~-torl6 -d(ik), v. i. -meg-torl(ik). — torol, v. t. avenge; revenge (insult); punish; requite; retaliate. ~-torpan, v. i. start back; wince: shrink; recoil. ~-t6lt, v. t. I fill (with): fill up; replenish: fill (pipe). II load (gun); charge. ~-tltoget, frequentative of meg tilt (q. v.). ~-tom, v. t. I stuff (with); cram; fill. II glut; overfill; overload; saturate. ~-tor, v. t. I break; break up: stamp; grind; pound (in mortar): crack (nut): bruise (fruit): turn (wine). II refract (rays of light). III impose (type). IV break (silence). V (fig.) subdue; bend; break (down); humble; take down; overcome: crush. VI (fig.) break (a charm). ~-torhetetlen, adj. = torhetetlen. ~-t6r(ik), v. i. I break; get broken: (of nut) crack. II (of waves) break; surge. III (of wine) turn. IV szeme ~, his eyes grow dim: terde,, his knee gives way. — t6r6d(ik), v. i. become rumpled; rumple; crumple. ~-torol(get), v. t. wipe: dry. ~-tort, (-en), adj. (fig.) broken (down); crushed (in spirit): contrite; broken-hearted; repentant. ~-tort6n6s, n. happening (of); occurrence. ~- tort6 -n(ik), v. i. happen; occur; come to pass; take place: vkivel ~, happen to (one); befall. _-tort6nt, adj. done: actual; real: historical: en Meg-un nek megt6rtent6vel, after this had been done: ez - dolog, this is a fact. ~-triil, v. t. = meg-t6rol. -toriilkoz(ik), v. i. wipe (oneself): dry (oneself). — tragyaz, v. t. manure. ~-tr6efal, v. t. play a joke on; have (someone) on; play a trick on; quiz. — tud, v. t. find out; come to know; know; hear; learn: ascertain. ~-tudakol, v. t. make enquiries about; enquire a "ter: ascertain.,tudakolas, n. enquiry (after). ~-tiir, v. t. tolerate; put up with. ~-tfiz, v. t. I pin; fasten. II quilt. _-tuzdel, v. t. I pin; stick with pins. II lard (meat). m quilt. ~-tiizesed(ik), v. i. glow; become red hot. ~-tiizesit, v. t. make (something) glow; heat (to a red heat). ~-ugat, v. t. bark at: a kutya sem ugatja meg, noone takes any notice of him. ~-ugrat, v. t. = meg-szalaszt. ~-ugr(ik), v. i. I (of horse) shy. II (fig.) run away; make off; make (oneself) scarce; escape: (mil.) desert. -uijhodas, n. regeneration; renaissance; renascence. -iUjhod(ik), (-ott), v. i. be regenerate: be renewed; be restored: begin afresh: return: and see meguijul. ~-ufjit, v. t. I renew: restore; renovate (building): re-form: modernise; bring up to date: revive (memory). II renew; put fresh (article). -ufjitas, n. renewal: restoration; renovation: reformation: modernisation. ~-ujraz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. have (something) repeated: encore (song, etc.). -iijul, v. i. I be renewed: be refreshed; be restored. II return; come back: be repeated; repeat (itself). III - a hold, there is a new moon. ~-ujulas, n. I renewal: restoration. II return; recurrence. III = meg-Aijhodds. -uin, (-tam, -t), v. t. I become tired of; weary of; get sick

Page  76 Meg-finat of; be tired of; grow tired of; have (had) enough of; be sick and tired of: ~ta a varakozast, be is tired of waiting. II ~ja maght, be bored. ~-iinat, v. t. vkivel vmit ~, make (one) sick (of). ~-undorod(ik), v. i. vmitol ~, become disgusted (with); turn with disgust (from); conceive an aversion (for): be horrified (at): and see meg-utdl. ~-uraz, v. t. call (someone) ( Sir. ~l1isz, v. t. swim: (fig.) get through; get over; survive. ~-ltfil, v. t. I (begin to) detest; abhor. II vmit ~, become disgusted (with); conceive an abhorrence of; conceive an aversion for; feel repugnance towards: grow weary of; be tired of; be sick of. - utfiltat, v. t. vmit vkivel, make (one) disgusted with; render (something) abhorrent to: make (one) loathe (something): ~ja maght, make (oneself) repellent; make (oneself) loathed. Megiil, adv. = mogul. Meg-, prefix. ~-iil, A. v. i. sit(somewhere); keep seated; go on sitting. B. v. t. I sit firm on (horse); sit (well). II celebrate; solemnise; hold. - iileped(ik), - iile)sz(ik), v. i. settle. ~-iinnepel, v. t. celebrate; solemnise: commemorate. ~-iilesedes, n. becoming vacant (of); vacancy. ~-iiresed(ik), v. i. I become empty (or, void): be cleared; empty. II meg-iiriil. ~-iiresit, v. t. empty: clear; make empty. — iiriil, v. i. become vacant; fall vacant. ~-iiriiles, n. = meg-iiresedes. -uiruilt, adj. vacant (benefice): hely, vacancy. _-iit, v. t. I hit; strike; knock: rap (with knuckle): slap (with hand): cuff (with fist): maght ~i, knock (oneself). II take (trick); overplay; play higher (than); trump (card). III a guta, 76 have a stroke (of apoplexy) have a fit. IV (of lightning) strike. V come up to (standard); meet (expectations); answer. VI (of sound) strike; fall upon: (of smell penetrate. -ii tk6zes,n. I Jight; combat; encounter. II (ig.) offence (at); repugnan ce; aversion; disalst: displeasure; distaste; indignation. ~-iitkoz(ik), v. i. I fight; ofTer battle (to); give battle encounter (the enemy). II (fig.) vmin ~, take offence (at); be scandalisedl (by); take umbrage (at); be shocked (at): be surprised (at); be amazed (at). -iitOd((ik),v.i. I vmiben, strike (against); knock (one's head): collide (with); come into collision; run(against): stumble(over). II (fig.) vmin, -= meg-iitkoz(ik) II. _-iivegesed(ik), v. i. vitri fy; become glass (or, glassy); glaze: (fig.) (of eye) growl dim; become glassy. ~-iizell, v. t. send a message (to); send word (to); advise (someone). ~vacsorfil, v. i. have supper; take (one's) dinner; dine. ~-vadit, v. t. make (one) wild (or, shy). ~-vadul, v. i. I become shy (or, wild): (of horse) shy; -run away: break loose. II (fig.) become intractable: run mad; get out of control; become unmanageable: fly into a passion; get in a rage. ~vami, v. t. I cut. II cut iup; chop: apr6ra ~, mince. III strike; hit. IV (fig. vulg) pump; borrow money of. — vagdal, v. t. I cut (in several places). II cut up; mince (meat). ~-vagyonosod(ik), (-ott), v. i. make a fortune; become wealthy. — vajaz,v. t. butter (bread). - vakar, v. t. scratch; scrape: rub: curry (horse); cu1rry-comb. ~-vakit, v. t. blind (fig too): (fig.) turn (one's) head; dazzle; cajole. — vakol, v. t. plaster (wall). lMe-v iltoz is,,-vakul, v. i. (row lflind; lose (ot's) si tght. ~-vails, n. plarting; leai'e-tlakin: separation (froim). -valaszt, v. t. e!ect (to oftice): appoiint: njra ~, re-elect. ~-valasztfis, n. election; appointwe'nt. _-v\il(ik), v.i. I vkitol t, take leire (of); part (fron); leave (one), II vmitd)l ~, part (with: one's books); give up: leave of. (liabit); abandon. III appear; be seen: majd ~, it remaiins to be seen; ie shall see: nwait and see. ~vall, v. t. con ess; own; admlit; acknowledge: lindent ~, make a clean breast (of it): ~om, I must confess; to tell the truth. ~-valilis, n. confession; admlission; acknowledgment. ~- \vilog.at, v. t. select; pick out; choose. -vaaloisit, v.t.realise (scheme); matecrialise; carry out; effect (purpose); accomplish; carry into effect; carry through; see (somlething) throulgh: substantiate (words: by deeds). — val6sitis, n. realisation; materialisationl; carrying out; effecting; acconplishment; carrying into effect: substantiation (of words). ~-val6sul, v. i. I be realised; be calrried out; be efected; be accomlplished. II prove true; be borne out (by events); besubstacnt iated: come truie. _ —valsults, n. = 2meg-vaCJsitids. ~-vailt,v.t. I ransom (prisoner): emancipate (slave). II reldeemi (pledge): commute (titlies). IIl buy (ticket); book (railway ticket); take. ~-vtiltas, n. I ransoming: emancipation. II redemption (of pledge): commutation. III buy!in; booking; taking (of ticket). ~-vflltlat6, adj. redeemable: purchasable; (tickets) to be had. ~-vdilt6, A. (-t, -ja), n. (the) Saviour; Redeemer. B. aij. redernptive; saving. _-vAiltozfis, n.

Page  77 Mofq-vidtozilatatari tozil"Itautall, (-ni), ialj. anclhwonjeabile; minalereable 111W U/ble/; itincvriable. vnito(HZik), N. I. Change (liter; ii nierleo ai chanige: belC /1n usarteil. -uvilt ozta41t, v. t. cha~nge; alter; lulike a change in: Vrarij tranfls~'Oral; turn (tid(e of events). -vloltiII. cheinge:a/era/ion:tranlsflirmat ion (of) t urn (in). - va,.lloztlathaatafntl, (-ul), vij. legivaltozhatatlafl. M10ti1, v. t. levy d/ut?, on (imnpoats). _..-vaimoland6, adlj. dutiable; liable to duty. _ —van, V. I. (see meg-lenni an van). I be at hand; be on. handl; be; exist; be pre-.lent: -a phniz, tihe molley is here; I (ire) bare got the mone?/. 1I be F1ound: -a to]vaj, the f/lie/fhas been cautght: atuIrczu, 15/purse has beea found. Ill be ready: meg vagy-e nlrlr? are you rearly / IV vkiuek -, hare; possess;- a j6' tulaJdonshga, he has the good quality: meg van-a kalapod? hare i/ou got Iour hat? V there i:- a maga oka, there is a reason (F o r it). VI be over' be finished. VII valuhogy - make shift; get along (somehow)..-vair Iv. t. lrait lor: (liOait; abide (issne): lrait till (something) is over. - -v 'ikzft, v. t. nsake (someone) wait; keep (one) (lagy) ivait for: -od, you1 can lrllit for (it). _-va~ipi, v. t. -ev(dress);stitch. -.-vasal, v. t. I bind (ivith iron); tire (Wheel); Clout (axietree) case: shoe (horse) sheet (with iron). II purt in iroils. III iron (clothes);press. - V'isdpld a's, n. purchlase' (of). -~vsioV. t. I buy pureclose. II (fig.) bribe. -vasufrolihato, adj. I purchalsable; to be bought; to he hall. II (fig.) venal; bribable; open to bribery. — vasai-olihitdsad, (-ot, -a), n. (fi.g.) velltllitg. _-vts(ik), v. i. I wrear (out); be 110151 out: be blunted; beoene b/uat. II (fig.) get on edge. _-vnsftajszjk), V-. i. mez), v. t. protect; defend; glaard: hold (position). _ V,6C(v~1(1ChlI S,) n. protecNaen; deleence. _vcd(eIrnjez)Iefo6, ttlj. defensible tenable (position). i-ed1(1k,), v. i.==vedl(sk). -yvelhetetlen, adj. I be-vehetetlen. II intact. x (eheld, adj. ==mq -viaaol/hato'. vekoiiyo(1)1k), v. i beconle thin; get t/lin: (of -voice) lreaken. _-Vendfjel, v. t. entertain (guests): treat (in inn).- - vend~flek~s, n. entertainment; hospitality treating. _-v%6nhed(ik),vJ.. m=veg-renidl., —v6nft, v. t. nsake (one) old: age. _ _-ventti, infin. see megvesz A. _-v16nfil, v. i. grivo old; become 01(1: ag/i; be agedl. — ver, v. t. I beat; hi labolir; thrash; gise (one) a hiding; lick. II (fig.; of God) punish; chastise; visit. III beat; delfeat; overcoule: (of wine) take (one) off (one's) feet; intoxicate. IV szemhevel -, bewritch; overlook. — vei-eflet, v. t. rap knock; tap: vkiuek vahihtt Ji, phat on the hack. _-vev. i. fight (with):- fight a (iuel...-V61r(z, V. t. ==be7,Yrez. _-Verod/ik), v. i. be beatien. — VesszOz, v. t. flog (with rod); birch. -'Vesz, A. v. t. I boy (of); purchase: get. 1I take (fort); carry: occutpy. Il recover (debti). IV (fig.) captirate. V (fig.) mai~ld megvette az Jsten hidege, be almost starved to death. B. v. i. (infin. meg-veszni): go muad; run mad: (of dog) beconse rabid vmihit (majd) -, be nmad (on); he nlad (after): he (lying (far): - W? ale gou, Meg-vihat(at)Jan mad01 _-veszeketJ(ik-), veszeksz~ik), v. i. I meg-sves; B. IL. die. — Veszctt, lldj. 2nad: rabid (dog). — vesztfiete, v. t. bribe; give a bribe to; corrupt: tealiper wcith; grease (one's)Valm;square._-veszteqgetes, n. bribing (of); bribery; corriiption._-VeSztegetlhetetlen, ad'. iutact; proot' against bribery; incorru~ptible...-vesztegetlieto, (-en), adj. ienial bribable; corruptible: mercenary. — vesztegethiet6 -sag, (-et, -e), n. venality. -vet, v. t. I make (hed): lay (foundation). II lhhkt.l,prop (one's)feet (against): (fig.) obtain a foothold; establish (oneself); get a firsm footing: settle. III (lespise; contemn; look dolrn on; hold in contempt; score; disdain: abhor: dlisparage. -- vktel, n. I pulrchase. II taking (of tort); carrying: occupation. _-vetemed(ik), v. i. I bend: (of (wood) warp. II (fig.): el-s'etensed(ik). _-vetend5, adj. despicable; contemuptible: detestable; mean; vile; lrorthless: nem -, not to be despised...-vet~s, n. contempt; scorn; disdain:-r mhlt6, ~-meg-vetendoi. _ vetldt, adj. despised; held in conteuspt. _-vet6, (-en, -leg), adj. contemptuolls; scorn ul;disdaiu eul...-vett(eni), 'see meg-vesz A. _ vetteteis, n. meg-vetfs. — vi, A. v. i. fig/It (with) face (the enemy). B. v. t. take (fort); carry: take by (lip); gladden. — vidqmod~ik, — vidul, v. i. cheer up; brighten: become gay...-vigasztal, v'. t. console; consfort. solace. _-vigusztal6d(ik),v. i. he comforted; be consoled: console (onesef:nem. tud mogvigasztalfdni, he is inconsolable. _-vimat,(,At)lan, ad). im

Page  78 Meg-vilagit pregnable. ~-vilagit, v. t. I illumine; light (up).II (fig.) throw light upon: illustrate (by example): elucidate; examine; explain; clear up: kell8en -, set in (its) proper light. - vilagitas, n. I lighting (up). II (fig.) illustration; exposition: elucidation; explanation: examination. — vilagosit, v. t. = meg-vildgit L ~-vilagosod(ik), v. i. I become light: be illumined. II (fig.) become clear (to); be cleared up: be explained; be elucidated. ~-villan, v. i. flash; vmi ~t eszemben, (it) flashed across my mind. — vini, see meg-vi..-vinni, see meg-visz.~-virlagosod(ik), v.i. (of wine) become mouldy (or, ropy). — virrad, v. i. it is dawning; day breaks (is breaking). ~-visel, v. t. I wear out; wear threadbare. II (fig.) tell on; exhaust: affect (nerves): pull (one) down; take it out of (one). ~-viselt, adj. I worn (out); threadbare (elothes). II (fig.) run down; exhausted: az idotol ~, weather-beaten. ~visz, v. t. carry over; transfer; convey: spread (report). — vitat, v. t. discuss (question); talk (the matter) over; argue (it) out; turn over. ~vitatas, n. discussion (of). ~-vitel, n. carrying over; transfer; conveyance. ~-vitt(em), see meg-visz..-viv, v. i. and t. = meg-vi. ~-vivas, n. I fight: combat; encounter. II taking (of fort); carrying: occupation.~-vivhatatlan, adj.impregnable. ~-vivo, n. conveyer. ~-vizesed(ik), v. i. become wet (or, damp)..-vizesit, v. t. moisten: make damp; wet. ~-vizez, v. t. uater (wine). ~-vizsgal, v. t. examine (thing or person): scan (something); scrutinisc; make an examination of; look into; inquire into: audit (accounts): search 78 (boxes). ~-vizsgalas, n. examination (of): scrutiny; inquiry (into): auditing (of accounts): searching (of boxes). — volt, v. i. (see meg-lenni and meg-van): tegnap m6g ~, I had it yesterday. — von, v. t. I vkitol vmit ~, withdraw (from); deprive (someone; o ); withhold (from); take (from): magitbl ~, deprive (oneself) (of); grudge (oneself); deny (oneself); pinch (oneself) (of). II ja a sz6t, silence: (Pail.) call to order. III ja maght, withdraw; retire: settle. IV draw (line): fix (frontier); delimit. ~-vonas, n. withdrawal: withholding (of); denial. _-zabal, A. v. t. devour. B. v. i. overeat; overfeed; gorge (oneself): (of bird) be cropsick. _-zabolaz, v. t. bridle; curb (fig. too): (fig.) coerce; restrain. ~-zabolazhat(at)lan, adj. (fig.) = fekezhetetln.. ~-zabolizhat6,adj. = fekezheto. ~-zajdul, v. i. set up an uproar; become excited; make a hubbub. - zaklat, v. i. harass; plague: worry; fret. ~-zalogol, v. t. take (something) as pledge (as security): take as lien; distrain(goods); attach. ~-zapul, v. i. (of egg) become rotten; go bad. — zavar, v. t. I trouble (water): make muddy; muddle. II disturb (peace); break; violate: interrupt: upset (calculations); thwart. II (fig.) embarrass (one); perplex; confuse; puzzle; bewilder; put out (of countenance); disconcert; discompose: confound; throw into confusion; distract (one's thoughts); upset: thwart (purpose). ~-zavaras, n. I troubling (of water). II disturbance; breach (of order); violation: interruption: upsetting; thwarting. III (fig.) embarrassment; perplexing; Megy distraction. — zavalrodfs, n. I becoming troubled: troubled character (of). II (fig.) embarrassment; confusion; distraction; perplexity; bewilderment. ~-zavairod(ik), v. i. I (of water) become troubled (or, muddy). II (fig.) become con used (bewildered, perplexed, embarrassed): lose (one's) sellcontrol; be disconcerted: be thrown into con'usion: (of brain) be turned; (of mind) become unhinged. ~-zavarodott, adj. (fig.) embarrassed; bewildered; perplex ed; disconcerted; confused: troubled (mind); unhinged: distracted; discomposed. ~zendit, v. t. sound; strike (chord). ~-zendil, v. i. (begin to) sound; resound: strike up: (of bell) begin to ring: - az 6g, begin to thunder. ~-zenesit, v. t. set to music. ~-zeng, v. t. sing of; celebrate in song. ~-zirdiil, v. i. clang; clash: clatter. ~-zorget, v. t. clatter: knock at (window); rap (at): shake. ~-zorren t,v.t.rustle. ~zsibbad, v. i. - el-zsibbad. ~-zsibbaszt, v. t. = el-zsibbaszt. - -zsinoi6oz, v. t. - zsinoroz. ~-zsiroz, v. t. grease; smear: lard; baste. ~-zsugorgat, v. t. scrape together; save (up); hoard up (by niggardly parsimony). Megy, (infin. menni, mentem, ment), v. i. I go: gyalog ~, walk: 16hiton ~, ride: kocsin ~, drive: haj6n, sail; voyage: vasuton, journey; travel; take the train to: vhovah, betake (oneself) (to); go. II (of object) move. mI vminek ~, go for (something); attack; go at: neki - a falnak, knock (one's) head against the wall: tempt Providence; court danger. IV vminek ~, collide (with); knock (against); run (into). V (o time) advance; pass: (of

Page  79 ~*5nrrr-r*~~-r Meg y work) progress; get on. VI (vkinek dolga) -, get on: nem j61 - a dolga, he is in a bad way; he is not getting on: hogyan - a dolga? how are you getting on jbl - a dolga, he is getting on: he is having a fine time (somewhere): he is doing well; he is thriving. VII vmire ~, get on; thrive: semmire sem _, fail to get on: ezzel nem sokra, it will not be of much use to you: mire mentl6? how did you succeed? szep szerevel tobbre _ az ember, kindness will prove more effectual: nagyra ~, make (one's) mark: attain distinction. VmI vmire ~, amount (to): ez sokra,, it amounts to a great deal: egyre ~, it is all the same: no matter; never mind; it does not matter. IV have room (in): go (to: the pound). X be spent (on); be employed. XI other phrases: semmire sem vele, (he) cannot do anything with him: feledesbe ~, be forgotten; fall into oblivion: vegbe ~, take place: go on; proceed; be proceeding: ferjhez ~, (of woman) be married: biztosra, make sure of (it); leave nothing to chance: vilaggka, go out into the world: go abroad: v6gig - vmin, go through; go over: peruse (book): vegere ~ vminek, get to the bottom of: nem - a fejembe, I cannot grasp (or understand); (it) is beyond me. Megy, see megy. Megye, (-6k, -et, -6je), n. I (administrative) county; shire: (French) department: (arch.) march. II (puspoki) diocese. Megyebeli, A. adj. county. B. n. (used as suffix): member of the county (of...): Devon,, Devonian. Megye-fonok, n. I sheriff. II (French) prefect. [hall. Megye-hAz(a), n. county 79 Megyei, adj. county-; shire-; of a county: ~ hivatalnok, county official. Megyek, Megyen, see megy. Megy6s, adj. - piisphk, diocesan (bishop). Megye-t6rvr6nysz6k, n. county court. Megyiink, see megy. M6h, (-ek, -et, -e), n. I (zool.) bee: anya -, queen bee; dolgozo -, working bee: worker: vad (erdei) -, bumble-bee; humble-bee: here ~, drone. II womb: (med.) uterus: bowels (of earth): ~eben visel, be great with (child): e6nek gyiumolcse, fruit of (her) body; offspring. benhagyott, adj. posthumous. ~-csipes, n. bee-sting. Mehe, = meh L Mehecske, (-6t, -bje), n. little bee. Mehes, A. adj. I rich in bees. I apiarian: - gazda, = mehesz. II bee-; for bees: h&z, = meh-kaptdr. B. (-ek, -t, -e), n. I bee-hive; alveary. II apiary. Mehesz, A. (-ek, -t, -e), n. I apiarist; beemaster. II (zool.) bee-eater; bee bird. B. adj. bee-; apiarian; kes, knife for cutting hives: - medve, (zool.) honey bear; kinkajou; potto: - olyv, (zool.) honey buzzard. Meh6szet, (-et, -e), n. apiculture; beekeping. Mehet, (-tem, see megy), v. i. I be able to go. II may go. mI ez meg ~, (it) will do (somehow); (it) will pass. IV ~n6kem volt, I should have liked to go: ~n6ke van, he would like to go; he is itching to go. Meh-, prefix. ~-fecskendo, n. (med.) womb syringe. ~-fojtA s, n. abortion. ~-fu, n. (bot.) honey flower. ~gores, n. spasm of the womb. _-gyur/U, n. pessary. ~-haz, n. bee-house; apiary. ~-hiively,n. (med). vagina. ~-kaptAr, ~-kas, n. bee Meleg hive; hive: alveary.,-kiralynie, n. queen bee. ~kirt, n. (med.) Fallopian duct. ~-k6pfi, n. = mehkaptdr. _-lepeny, n. I (med.) placenta; after-birth. II (bot.) cotyledon. _-magzat, n. (med.) foetus. ~-raj, n. swarm (of bees). ~-rajzas, n. swarming (of bees). ~-s6r, n. metheglin; mead. ~-tartas, ~-tenyeszt6s, n. apiculture; beekeeping. _-testver, n. uterine brother (sister).,-viasz, n. beeswax. Mejjek, (-et, -e), n. warp thread. Mekeg, (-tem, -ett), v. i. bleat. Mekeges, (-t, -e), n. bleating; bleat. Mekego, adj. bleating. Mekkora? adj. how large? how big? what size (of)?.~ a hhz? what is the size of the house? how big is the house? mekkor&kat asit! how terribly he is yawning! mekkorakat nez! what big eyes he is making! how he is staring! Mekkorasag, (-ot, -a), n. size; extent; quantity. Mela, adj. I pensive; meditative; dreamy. II melancholy; gloomy; dejected; sad; despondent; rueful; dismal; woebegone.,-bi, n. melancholy; dejection; low spirits (t. sz.); despondency; (vulg.) the blues (t. sz.); gloominess.,-bl, (-an), adj. = mela II. - k6r, n. = mela-bui. -k6 -ros, (-an), adj. =- mla II. Melasag, (-ot, -a), n. = mela-bu. M6elaz, (-tam, -ott), v. i. J be lost in thought; meditate be pensive; muse; be wrap, in thought; day-dream; be in a reverie. II be melancholy; be dejected; despond: (vulg.) feel blue; have a fit of the blues. Melaz6, adj. = mela. Meleg, A. (-et, -e), n. warmth: heat (of sun): _elr

Page  80 van, I ail/ waurv (or, bat), B. (-en), ad'. 1 warne n iagyoii hot: pokoli -, int-erva(lly hot: rekkenb -, stijling (1hat); close: lbgy -, lhkewarns; tepid. BI (fig.) wcarmn; ardleat; fervent. 111 ~6ben, _iben, a) scalding hot: while still warm:b) at once; ou tbe spot. IV far campounds, see Vocabulary..-ijn. hotbed (fig. too). Nlelegjed(ik), (-tern, -ett), v. 1. warm (oneself") (at fire) grow warm; become norm; warm. Melegeii, adv. (see meleg iB.) warmly. Meleg-, prefix. Jorrsds, n. hot spring,; thermal spring. — ffiido, n. mrarnm (hot) bath.- - f;yiiijt6, ii. burning-glass_.-haz, n. hothosese; greenhouse: conservatory. Melegit, v. t. I warm; beat; make warm (or, hat). II wcarm up (food);put in the oven: keep warm. Mleleigitds, (-t, -e), nI. I warming; heating; making warm. If searming up; keeping warm. Melegit6, A. adj. warming: -ke'szfilkk, warming pan; heater: -palaczk, hot-water bottle; chafer. B. n. warming pan; heater. Melegsdg, (-et, -e), n. I svarmth; heat. If (fig.),warmth; ardour; fervour: -gel, warmnly; with warmth. Melegsz(ik), (melegedett), v. i. ==meleged(ik). Meleq-verii, adj. I warmnblooded. If (fig.) hot-blooded; passionate: hot-tempered. Melengjet, (-tern, -ett), v. t. warm; keep svarm. Melenget6s, (-t,.e), n. warmniny. iitMelinit, (-et), n. melinite. Mell, (-et,.e), n. IL chest (of man):- breast tof bird): bilszk6n yeni -t, -6t diilleszti, give (oneself) airs. II breast (of woman); bosom...-baj, disease of the chest; heb/st coup ~laint:lan /f calmPlaint; cal/lalJnptiole. _-.-Itjos, adj '. /1 froma a dlisease #)tla ti/h e it (or, 11anq lItc(eg, alj. /eletl-baj/1s. -4) Aq.Cs(~j n miell-ba]1 --binbo, n. nipple;teat' tit: (vied.) jagifla: (vulg.) pap; bvb;titty. -cesokolw, 11. nose gay. _-esoilt, n. breast-bone: (med.) sternum: (of chicken) merry-tbosught. Me116, adv. (used with personal suffixes: e. g. meliedni, mtelld'd, melidje, etc).I besidee (someone); next to (motion towards): itlj _m, sit next to mse. II in addition to with (in combination witb). Ill mbig, besides; nloreover; (-je) ad, attach (to someone); adljoin: -(..je) 'ali, join (one): take the side of; smepport; stand by: (j'e) esatol, annex (to) subjoin; enclose (letter): (je) esatalt (esatolva), annexed enclosed:- (.je) rendel, attach, (to);adjoin: co-ordinate:- (-je) rendelds. at'tachment (to) co-orineisation: -(-je rendelt), assistant (clerk): co-ordinate (sentonce): (-je) sorakoztat;, (sorol), add. Melledzo, (-t, -je), n. breastcloth/I stomech/er-. Mel[kk, A. (-et, -e), n. I environs (t. sz.); surroundings: neighbourhood. fl district (flanking banks of river); region: a Duna _e, the Danube district; Danube-land: a tenger _e, littoral; coastline; sea-board. B. prefix. suboradinate: branch-; by-; secondary; additional: see Vocabulary. -ijn. I collateral line (of family). 11 branch (of river). ~-ajt6, n. side-door. — alak, n. I subordinate figure. II (in painting) accessory: (in drama), subordinate ride. _-Allomdts, n. (telephone) extension. asztal, n. side-table. Ill~ity.-(0-(UtlKVity, 1/ y~-plof (of play);setl p lot: -pisalle. _-t-z4, 17. s~abordli?/ate 0ai/in: ia (on/id/i / objIel 1/i/idea pull/Jo5e. (harl), 11. I penidant: s/i])plen/entary arti/cle. 11 cartamn-raiser (drama); sub01/dinlate piece. -(Iij, d/. suipplementary charges (t. sz.): extra fee. Mlelkkel, (-tern, -t), v. t. enclose (in letter): suibjoin annex; a/Il. Melhlkels, (-t, -e), n. enclosucre (of): subjoining; anv/exing; ad/linly. Mell6kelt, (mellbkelve), adj. enclosed: sublJoined; annexed. Mlelldk-6piilet, n. oultbuititfaqg: annex; pavilion. MelJik-dr, n. capillary. Me,1I6kes, (-en), adj. I subordinate; secondary: accessoryj; lby-. 1[ non-essrsltiall; of no imuportance: a mattet of indiff'erence: cgbszenit (loes not matter (at all); it is a matters of absolute indifference. I1 -en. =-n/ellesleg. Me~lk'k-, prefix..-eserJuhiy, n. episode. -11 n. side-dish; suipplemientarm,! dish: vegetables: salad; garnish. -mfl, n. collateral irall. -t ogadlon, n. accessory notion. _-foq.,-1hdozhas, n. extra occap/ation supplementa~ry leork; (vuig.) odd jobs (t. sz.). ~ oyO, n. tributary (river). ~-to-* lyos6, n. by-passage; sidt( passage. — fonal, n. srarp threa/l. _-gondolait, n. mental reservation; arri~re pensle. —helyis,69, n. offices (t. sz.). — hold, u. paraselene; mock moon. Mellki, adj. adjoining; adjacent: Duna -, of Danube-land; Rajna -hor, Rhlenish irine: Tisza -, living (situate) in the regioni

Page  81 - ~-~- I- --- _ --- —-----— rn-,,n-~ ~RIRICI~~R-BIR~O~rPPRPW 7WT Mellk-iz 81 Meltan flanking the Tisza: tenger, Melle-rend(lel, stb., see -mivriq, n. (med.) masmlittoral. melle Il. nmary gland. Mel1ek-, prefix. ~-iz, n. Melles, (-en), adj. broad- Mello6, adv. (used with tang; by-flavour; subsidiary chested; broad; Jfll-breasted personal sutfixes, e. g. melflavour: by-taste; after- (woman). 161em, etc.): from beside; taste; (fig.) touch; tinge. ~- Mellesleg, adv. by the way; tfrom (the side of). jel, n. countermark. ~-j6- incidentally. Mell6z, (-tern, -ott), v. t. I vedeleli, n. supplement- Melleszt, (-ett), v. t. pluck set aside; put aside: pass ary income (or, revenue); (fowl): (vulg.) pump; bleed. over (something); omit: (of official) perquisites (t. Mellett, adv. (used with abandon; drop: disregard: sz.): extra earnings (t. sz.). personal suffixes, e. g. mnel- waive (formalities); dis~-kapfi, n. side-gate; side lettem, melletted, mellette, pense with. II ignore (someentrance. ~-kCrdes, n. sub- etc.). I beside; by the side one); neglect; slight; disordinate question; matter of o': near; close to: egymas regard; leave out in the secondary importance. ~-ke- ~, side by side: a Duna ~, cold; pass by; shelve; leave reset, n. extra (supplement- on the banks of the Danube: out of account. ary) earnings (t. sz.). ~- ~em, beside me; near me; Mllozes, (-t, -e), n. I setko6iilhn6ny, n. subordin- next to me. II besides; in ting aside; putting aside; ate circumstance: accidental addition to; over and above: passing over; omission: abcircumstance. ~-lap, n. notwithstanding. despite; andonment: disregard: waivsupplement. with all (his good qualities); ing. II ignoring (of someMelldklet, (-ek, -et, -e), n. in spite of: a ~, hogy..., one); neglect; slighting; I enclosure (in letter): an- besides (doing).IIl in iavour passing by; shelving. nex; appendix: codicil (of of (someone or something): Melloziletetlen, (-fiil), adj. will): -ben, ~iil, enclosed. ki ~ vagy? ihom are you in indispensable; essential; II supplement (of news- favoui olf? IV vmi (vki) - inevitable; unavoidable. paper). elmegy, pass. V to the ac- Mellozheto, adj. that may Mell6k-, prefix. ~-nion- companiment of; ivith (pro- be dispensed with; unnecesdat, n. subordinate sentence. mise): on (conditions); sary; of no (particular) ~-nap, n. parhelion; ant- under: against (receipt): significance. helion. ~nev, n.I (gramm.) ily allapotok ~, under such Mell-panczel, n. =- melladjective. H surname; ag- circumstances; in such vcet. nomen. ~-n6vi, adj. adject- circumstances. VI other Mell-resz, n. brisket (of ival. ~-nyeremeny, n. phrases: elfutott ~em, he animal). small prize (in lottery). - ran past me: ~e 6s ellene, Mell-re-val6, n. stoimacher. oltar, n. side altar. ~-orr- for and against: pro and Mellso, adj. front. kos, n. co-heir. _-szerep, contra: ~ fekszik, adjoin; Mell-szol)or, n. bust. n. subordinate part (or, be adjacent to: ~e lakik, Meli-t/i, n. (woman's) ri61e). ~-szeirepl6, n. actor live next door to: ~e lakO, brooch: breast-pin; shirt(actress) playing a sub- neighbour; next-door neigh- pin. ordinate part: subordinate bour. MOMllu, suffix. -breasted; person. ~-szoba, n. ad- Melletti, adj. adjoining; -chestedc: szuk-~, narrovwjacent room; adjoining adjacent (to); next (some- chested. room. ~-sz6og, n. (math.) thing). Mell-, prefix. -iireg., n. adjacent angle. ~-terem, n. Mell-, prefix. ~-fdjas, n. thosracic cavity. ~-vas, n. adjoining hall (room). ~- pain in the chest (or, breast). = mell-vert. ~-v6d(6), n. 1 temntnek, n. by-product; -faij6s, adj. suffering pain parapet (of fortress); breastaccessory product; residual in the chest. ~-fodor, n. work. It plastron (of dress). product. ~-tOrt6net, n. by- frill; ruffle. ~-fuiz6, n. _-v6rt, n. breastplate; plot; secondary plot: epi- corset; stays (t. sz.). -- cuirass; corslet. _-viz-k6r, sode. -fit, n. by-road; by hang, n. chest voice; na- n. (med.) hydrothorax. way; by-path. ~-utcza, n. tural voice. ~-ltiartya, n. Melly, A. (-et, -e), n. = side street. ~-vasiit, n. (med.) pleura. ~-liartya- nmell. B. pron. =- mely. branch-line: local railway. gyuladas, n. (med.) pleur-.-Mel6dia, (-ak, -At, -aja), n. ~-vonal, n. (railway), isy; pleuritis. ~-izom, n. melody; air; tune. branch-line; loop-line. pectoral muscle. ~-kas, n. '>Melodikus, (-an), adj. Melleny, (-ek, -t, -e), n. chest: (med.) thorax. ~-k6p, melodious; tunejul. waistcoat: (arch.) doublet. n. bust: half length portrait. M6eltan, adv. deservedly; Yolland: Magyar-angr szdtc-. II. 6

Page  82 Meltanyolfis meetly: justly; Iairly; in all fairness; fitly. Meltanyolas, (-t,-a), Me1 -tanylat, (-ot, -a), n. appreciation. Meltanyol, (-tam, -t), v. t. appreciate; do justice to: be appreciative of; show (one's) appreciation of. Meltanyos, (-an), adj. fair (treatment); equitable; reasonable (offer; price): just; due (reward). Meltanyossag, (-ot, -a), n. lairness; equitableness: reasonableness; reason; fair etc. character or nature (of: see meltdnyos). Meltanytalan, (-ul), adj. unfair: unreasonable: unjust: and see meltatlan I. MeltanytalansAg, (-ot, -a), n. unfairness: unfair dealing: unreasonableness: injustice: and see mdltatlansdg I. Meltat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. I vkit vmire ~, deem (one) worthy (of); consider worthy (of): vouchsafe (a hearing: to someone); deign (to speak to): favour (with). II review (book): express (one's) appreciation of; dwell on. Meltatas, (-t, -a), n. consideration; regard: appreciation. Meltatlan, (-ul), adj. I unfair: unreasonable; unjust: undeserved (punishment): unmerited: inadequate (reward). II vmire,, undeserving; unworthy (of): unfit (for). III vkihez ~, unworthy (pf); discreditable (to); unbecoming (behaviour): magamhoz nem -, beneath my dignity; below me: (vulg.) infra dig. Meltatlankodas, (-t, a), n. indignation. Meltatlankodik, (-tam, -ott), v. i. be indignant (at); revolt (against; at); kick (at). Meltatlansag, (-ot, -a), n. I unfairness; unfair dealing: unreasonableness: injustice: un 'air etc. character or nature (of: see meltat1an I). 11 unleserving character (of); unworthiness; unworth: unfitness (for). M6lt6, (-an), adj. I vmire, worthy (of); deserving (of): worth (the trouble): nem,, - meltatlan II: buntet6sre ~, deserves to be punished: punishable (action): dicseretre,, praiseworthy; commendable; laudable: emlitesre _, worth mentioning: remarkable (occurrence); noteworthy: sajnalatra (szhnalomra) -, pitiable; sorry; wretched: tiszteletre,, honourable: venerable (person). II just; condign (punishment): due (reward); meet; fitting; merited: legitimate; righteous (indignation) justifiable. III vhihez, becoming; worthy (of): dignified (bearing): nem ~, unbecoming: undignified. Melt6an, Melt6kep, Melt6n, adv. I = meltdn. II worthily; in a becoming manner: fittingly: in a dignified manner. Me6lt6sg, (-ot, -a), n. I dignity: dignified bearing: worthiness; worth: ~omon alul, beneath me; beneath my dignity; (vulg.) infra dig. II dignified character (of); stateliness. III dignity; rank; office: piispoki, episcopal office: kiralyi, royalty; kingly office. IV as title (with personal suffixes): ~od, a) Your Lordship:,,b) Right Honourable Sir: 0 -a, a) His Lordship: b) Her Ladyship: c) the Right Hon... Melt6sagos, (-an), dj. I dignified; full of dignity; stately (mien): lordly: majestic; stately (building); grand. II as title: right honourable: (in address) ~ Uram! My Lord! Melt6sag-teljes, (-en),adj. dignified; stately; lordly; ompous. Meltiztat(ik), (-ott), v. i. M6Jyed vkinek ~, de,gn (to); vouchsafe (to); e pleased (to): meltoztassek alairni, kindly (deign to) sign: please sign (hele): no, used much in English, except in formal addresses to the King oi personaget; of very high rank. Mely, (-ek, -et), pron. I rel. pron., = amely: which; that. II interr. pron., melyik: which? what? III = mily (q. v.). M6ly, A. (-et, -e), n. (= melysdg): depth: bottom: szive heben, in his heart of hearts: lelke hebol, heart and soul; with all (ore's) heart: utterly: lelkem ~eig. in my inmost being: a fold ~eben, in the bowels of the earth: az erdo ~e, the depth (heart) of the forest: vminek e6re hatol, jathom; probe (to its depths); get to the bottom of; sift. B. (-en), adj. I deep: ~re as, dig deep: eebbe tesz, deepen. II tanybr, soup plate. III thick (forest); dark. IV (fig.) deep; profound (respect): utter (contempt): intense (hatred); heartfelt: deepseated (aversion). V (fig.) profound (intellect); penetrative: thorough (knowledge); thorough-going. VI (fig.) sound (sleep); deep (slumber); fast: profound (meditation): deep (mourning): unfathomable (mystery); dark; profound (secret); absolute: utter (mystery); utmost. VII (fig.) deep (breath); long.VIII (gramm.) back (vowel); low. IX deep (voice); low: bass. X siksag, lowlands (t. sz.): fit, defile. Melyed, (-tem, -ett), v. i. I sink; deepen:-descend. II (fig.) vmibe ~, dive deep (into): become immersed (in): penetrate (into): become absorbed (in); lose (oneself) (in); be buried (in); gondolatokba ~, be lost in thought.

Page  83 M61yedes Melyedes, (-ek, -t, -e), n. I sinking: deepening: descent. II cavity; hollow: recess: gorge (valley); ravine; glen. M6ly-elmeju, adj. (fig.) profound; deep; penetrating. M1ely-elmjuiiseg, (-et, -e), n. (fig.) profundity; penetration. Melyen, adv. (see mely): deeply: pro oundly: - rz6, full of feeling; sensitive: fekvo, lowlying: gondolkodo, profound: meditative; pensive: - gyokerezo, deeprooted; deep-seated: ~ jAro, (fig.) thorough; profound; deep: - tisztelt uraim, gentlemen: - megsert, outrage (feelings); ofend (one) deeply. Mely-ertelmu(seg), = mely-elmejii(seig). M l1y-erzesi, adj. full ot feeling; sensitive; feeling; (a man) of profoundfeeling. *Melyeszt, (-ett), v. t. = melyit. Mely-hang, n. bass (voice). Mely-hangfi, adj. lowtoned: deep: deep-mouthed (dog). Mely-hangz6, n. (gramm.) back (low) vowel. Melyik, interr. pron. which (of several)? what...? which one?.~ink? which of us? Melyit, (-ett), v. t. I deepen; make deeper: sink (shaft). II sink; lower (into). III fix (eyes; on); concentrate (on): tekintet6t ~i, pore (over). IV (fig.) strengthen (ties); cement (bond): render more intimate; draw closer: make more thorough. Melyites, (-t, -e), n. I deepening: sinking. II (fig.) strengthening; cementing. Melyre-hat6,adj.thorough; thoroughgoing: radical (change): profound. Melysg, (-et, -e). n. I depth (of); deepness: ~et mer, sound the depth (of). II depth (hollow); deep: 83 gulf; abyss; (bottomless) pit. III (fig.) depth (of feeling); profundity. Melyseges, (-en), adj. I very deep; unfathomable; bottomless. II (fig.) profound (silence): utter (contempt):,en hallgat, be wrapped in silence; not utter a sound: be absolutely silent (about). Melys6efi, suffix. of (a certain) depth: (... feet) deep. Mefy-sik, n.lowlands (t.sz.). Men, A. v. i. = megy. B. (-ek, -t, -je), n. stallion: harczi ~, steed; charger. '~Menazsi, (-t), n. (vulg.) mess. Men-csik6, n. colt. Mendegel, (-tem, -t), v. i. stroll; saunter; walk slowly: trudge. Mende-monda, n.rumour: report; story; tale: tittle tattle; (mere) gossip; talk. XMendiki(n)s (-, ( -o, t-a), n. mendicant. Menedek, (-et, -e), n. I shelter; refuge: ~et keres, seek refuge (in): fly; flee: have recourse (to): -et talal, find refuge: get under shelter. II sanctuary; asylum: retreat. Ill safe-conduct. IV hegy e, declivity; slope. Menedekes, (-en),adj. sloping; declivitous; declivous. Menedek-, prefix. ~-godor, n. burrow (of fox).,haz, n. I home; asylum: hospital; house of refuge. If (mountain) refuge; hut: shanty. ~-hely, n. I refuge: hiding-place. II sanctuary; asylum. ~-irat, ~-lev61, n. safe-conduct; safeguard. - var, n. I citadel. II meneddk-hely. Meneked(ik), (-ter, -ett), Meneksz(ik), (menekedett), Menekil, (-t), v. i. I escape; make (one's) escape: flee; fly (for refuge): save (oneself): take refuge (in); take shelter (under): run awuay; take to (one's) heels. II vmitll ~, get away (from); Menhely get rid (of); rid (oneself) (of): shake off; escape (from). Menekiiles, (-t, -e), n. escape; flight: running away: rescue; safety: kiilfoldre, emigration: exile. Menekiilo, A. (-k, -t), n. refugee: fugitive. B. adj. fugitive: fleeing; flying: reftugee. Menekiilt, (-ek, -et, -je), n. refugee: kiilfoldre ~, emigrant: exi'e. Menekves, (-et, -e), n. menekiiles. Menekvo, = menekiilo. Menels, (-t, -e), n. going: (gyalog) walk: (kocsin) drive: (lovon) ride. Menes, (-ek, -t, -e) n.I herd of horses. II stud. ~-beli, n. stud-horse. —szolga,n.studgroom. Meneszt, (-ett), v. t. I send; despatch: send away. II dismiss (from service): sack (servant). Menet, A. (-et, -e), n. I going: way; tour; journey (to): walk: (mil.) march: - kozben, on the way: en route. II procession. II (fig.) progress; course: march (of events). IV time (measured): pace. B. adv. on the way (there): haza ~, on the way home. ~-dij, n. fare. Menetel, A. (-t, -e), n. progress; course: march (of events). B. (-ter, -t), v. i. march. Meneteles, (-en), adj. = menedekes. Meneteles, (-t,e), n. march. Menet-, prefix. ~-irany, n. direction (of march). ~ jegy, n. (railway) ticket. - jegy-iroda, n. ticket office. — jovet, adv. coming and going. ~-level, n. (mil.) cartouch. -rend, n. (railway) time-table. ~-sebesseg, n. speed (of train). ~-terti, adj. return (ticket). ~-terv, n. time-table. Men-hen-hz, en-hely, n. = menedek - hdz, menedekhely. 6*

Page  84 Mestj(etck), inmper. see truth, about ( wu/at are esi,-pas, fl. lii iiidlr-cla3). mnegy. the iatet of (the case)? ~- ki~vecz, (-ett,) v. i. (at Wlis-k6, n. = meuuy-kd. igaz? u/that is the trutih about ligthning) f/as/i: thtiitide M16it-16, n. st(al/ion. (...)? ilhat ti tihl is /icr a ad lightten. — oP'sZ"If, D. Me[nnse, Mennelk, Mcein- iii (. 9 I Hateit A ingdoiu a n 5k00e iieyq/. MAfln1) ile, adj. hair-many Heatite; Pairidioq. II (C-1-.) 1Ntenn6l, A. see niegy. B. kinds at? paradlise:seceuthli earcni. adv. I - ol/ibb, as soon (is Atennyi' liges, adj.=teieny p Mell(~ adj. (sea tu~erp) possilble: - hantarabb, rin/h tiqisfgit going ben. on ihe tnt?, ais much dispatch as post/Al1e. AlviiniyWe, tidv. I hair f'ar (to) ftIllen, cutout to go. II the (with comparative, (front)? II tar wi/at (/(iigt/ ill nl, A. see nweqy. B'. (-en), followed by attud/) - ko- ofl) tiiie? far howv /anf? III adj. free (from) ereiiipt rhbban, ann/il jobb, the /ioir far (have yate got)?- (from) proot (against) sooner, the better. van a. niinka? hair is the secure (aeainst) ravid (of) Mcieini, irifin. see megy. work getting on? IV irhat? deco/i 'of):immuine: tolilennyv, (-at, -a), n. Heaven; howv m)ime/? -becsildd azt hertf~t utneticuitbered Paradise: aek orszh~ga, a gyhriut? tlhat do?yoi think ail')ssdgt6l -, free firom mettugorszdg: -re-fdldre as- is the critic of this ring? debt. C. (-ett), v. t. I sore; kuiszik, affirm soletutuig: a V /oiot (enormously) Sze- deliver; rescue: (nanit). sa/ve: _dhrdg, it t/iunt ers (/s tmiti - reti, hcoic fatal (he) is of preserve (see muegmietit): sdering)..-beli, 'A. ( ek, -t), (her)! akar, hair aixiatus ten _s(an)!Gad forbid II n. den/zen of Heavetn. 1B. he is (to) / excus~e; exculpate; exoneradj. celestial; heavenly: Atienryis&.g, (-at, -a), n. I ate; condone (faitilt); pardon: (the Powers) above: (king- quantttyi: nuumber (of goods: acquit (of cliarge):c/ear dom) of Hfeat-en. -be-tne- (lose (of medicine):f/Ads -, mastilt -, eratnerate (atieself); netel, a. asccstsiott: as- overireight: overnieasture: exciuse (atteseif); clear (titestitaption (of Blessed Vir- kiszabott.., (comm.) can/in- self). gin)...-boltozat, n. shy; getit; quota: lagkisabb -, Mleisutn t, (-A"t), n. fit-iianeut; citet o /ieren rn/i/mm: ntg, large (bot.) nt/itt: Iborsos -, pep -(lcwes, n., thtundler. _- qtitatuitites (t. sz.) nimass. II permittt: fodor -, seim t (16iwges-szerui, (-an), adj. s/Se; bulk: mnagnittide. III Mentc, (-At,.6ja), aI. (a kind thunderous. — dorgU6, ad'. (math.) quanitity: folyto- 0/ loose Hnng'arian.) fuir thiuidering (voice);roaring nos -, cttittinotis qaitati/ty: cloak; ittr matitle. (cannon). ~-(lOigoS, ad'. agytagi -, mnatotie; tnoutotit- Mferitchn, adv. I on the -metiny-diirgi: _mennykf, ial: kdttagi -, bitoine; try (to); as (I) irent (to). a) thttnder-storuit: ii) interj. binomial. II vminfek -, a/aug (the zotitids / dauinaation! — (10- M Ael nyisegi, adj. qtian/it- coast): an the batiks o f; ott, irijg, (dih-gdtt), v. i. thunder a/icle, the sWhare of (river): bes/ide (fig. too). Mennyiseg - taii, n. tnath- (road):a vi'z -, downustreamt. Mtennyei, adj. celestial etnati/es t.sz.). Al enitcfJet, (-tata, -att), v. t. (bliss); /ieavenly: -hiroda- Mletuyiseg -tanii, (-lag), ercuise; aputlog/se for; tmake lom, a) (the) Kin qdau o~f ad.- niatheinat/cal. excuses for: enudetaouir to Heaveti: h) Celestial Emp~ire Mcny 6~, adj.(ast- ecie atun oclt (China). lix) n agy -, large qutantit- (ottase/f). Mtennyezet, (-at. -e). n I ies ofJ; a tmiass of; masses of. Mcle jc1Ct~s, )-t, -a), n. ce//lug (of room). Il bal- Mcennyiszeiv, adv. hosr of- mentegethdze's. duc/iin; canopty. ten? hour many tf imes? TMenteget6i, adj. apologetic; Mennyezetcs, (-aon), adj. Mennyit, see mnennyi: Jkr? dlepr-ecatorym evasive. caiutopied; provided urith a ti/tat is t/ut salutes of? ize- AMen tegfetod z s, (-t, -a) n. cuiuiolig (or, baldachiut). tett? hotv mach did youe apology; excuses (t. sz.) Mteiuni, aclj. hour teumhi / pa/y / era.tusan; plea. hoiou many? - en vannak? Mennmy-, prefix. -_k/, n. I Acteg~eet6dz(ik), Moesthair manyh are thiere / - le thiunmidr. II theunderbolt; tegeltiz(ik), (-tam, -ett), keri1? urhiat is the price (oj)l (Shak.) thuinder-stone. III v. i. a~pologise; nimake (one's) -re vtagy? hour far have /as interj.): azer _ zourads/ excuses: attempt to cleat. y/ou got / rdaimnt damunatiots.-k6i- (oneself: offer (outs's~) cupaMeusnvil)en, tidy. hour far? ad tu, adj. _Uif, stiart tel- loqies. -all a dolog,? urhat is the low; capital fellour. — k6i Meiite-kt,.agufle.

Page  85 MenteMi 85 Uh-eq Mentelek, (-et, -e), n.(mnatli.) let, ambulance societq: lt 6rt, (-et), proper fl. MelIuyperbolu. eszk6iL a) sabiuty appliiu~e; chior. Meli-telep, fl. stud. life-preseri rng ap pliance (e. i~e,(-temn, -t), A. v. t. ladlle; Mtettteltni, adj. -jog, (leg.) g. lifebelt, lifebuoy, etc.) scoop (water) take (out). 13. pric~iletle (of member of bi) remeedy; expedient; shift: V. i. I dlare; be dariuq. 1I Parliament) beu.fit (of - gonlolat, exp)edient (to dare venture presumie clergy) imsnunit!1 jog savxe the situation) esol- make bold (to). Ilf nlagyon me~gs6rt~se, breach of pri- ntk, tsfeboat km~rlrnd- sokat -, prjesuntme too mnuch; rileqe. nyeoh, exmtenuasting circunm- be too presunm-ptols: foMentem, see nmegi,. stances (t. sz.) litra, gadlal- n~h, I could bet: Ateiittcu, adv. 1 vmito~l -, escape (ladder): -6v, lifebeit: aki -, ast nN er, fortune li4 -soe, meet 13. II forthwtith; -szekreny, ambulance chest: yiours the brave. faiut heart 0o5 the spot: at once. t'inu, witness for the ner~er wou fair lady~. Mlentin,adv.-mnenteben ii. dlefeu ic e AMd, A. (-tem, -t), v. t. I Mteintes, (-en), adj. free Al niol, adv. meunnl. ire igh (goods) measure (from); exempt (from) Meaits, see mnent C. lenigth: capacity): sound proof (against); immune: Mentseg,(et, -e), n. e 'use; (depth): gauge (liquid). II insured; secure (against): apology: fires-, subtc, f1uge; sell (xvine etc.); retail. III vamtm~l -, dutyfree: vi'ztd~l evasion: prete. t: kopasz. -, vkire bajt ~,visit; cefflct: -,waterproof: -se' tesz. = lame excuse; shufflinq er- bfiutetist ~ mete out (inmentes~it. ruse; shuffl e: nin s -,there flirt) punishment (on): esaM1en Rtd6s, A. adj. irearing a is no excuse (for). pkst..xkire, a) deal (some(menteim (fur cloak). B. (-t, Mfentseii, see ment C. one) a blow: b) (fi g.) -e), n. I saving; deliver- Mlents-vsiu-, n. safe retreat; afflict: szeuie'vel. ve'gig ance; rescne: preservation: rfg:bi.)ock. vkit, stare at (from head to (naut.) salvrage. II excusing; TMentitil, adv. = mentoil. foot). 13. prefix. see coumexcusal; exculpation; ex- Mteny, (-et, -a), n. (laughter-. pounds of mini, in Vocaoneration. in-law. _-asszony, -n. (be- huflary. Mentesit, (-ett v. t. I ex - fore wedding) fiaucsee; be- MWreze,, (-6t), n. (dry measempt (from); free; release; trotbed; intended: (at wed- uire) peck (?). discharmge (of). II inlsure dling) bride...-asszonlyi, Mewed, (-t), v. 1. I stand (againstl. r-easier immune. auij. bridal: a (the', bride's: ouit; beprmn t;roe: Mteiiesitds, (-t, -e), ii. I ireddiug -(dress): aj'An- (of hair) stanil on end:, (of exemiption; fi-eeing; melease; dbk, wedding present:- ko- building etc.) rise; towrer; discharge. II insurance szorm'm, bridal wr-eath: loom. I[ becosme numb (or, (against). rmla, nedding diems. st!f) stiffen: (of eyes) 1~lentsseg, -at, -), n. e. - sszonv dg -ot, -a), a. become fixed; state: kvh" emmiption; release. II im- (period of) emigagemuent. petrifg (fig.). inanity. Mteniyeske, (-kt,) n. young Mleredek, (-en), adj. steep Menthetetlent, (-il), adj. I (nmarried) wmrnan.' (hill); precipitous: stiif 1aspast help; past all hope of Menyeeskds,(en.), adj. like cent); abrupt. recoverg; beyond?recovery'; a young (married) woman: Aleredleksdg, (-et, -e), n. I not to be saved: in-eeot7- of a young (married) ivomnan. steepness; precipitousness. erabie; irretrievable: ill, Xlenmyegqz6, (-t, -je), n. ned- II m neredily. ir-retriev~ablg (lost). II ins- sliig; bridal; nuptials(t. sz.); Mereddl1y, (-et, -a), n. pree. emsable: unpardonable. marriage jeast; wedding cip ice: sleep. Mtentlhetfi, (-en) adj.1Isay- feast. Mleredlez, (-att), v. i. freable; that can be saved: Aleityegz~ii, adj. wedidinig-; quermtative of met-ed (q. V.): recoverable; retrievable. II nuptial; bridal, implies gradual or reexcusable; pardottable: to Mtenyekz6(i), ~meuyegzii5i. peated process. 'be excu.,ed. Menyft, (-et, -je), a. (zool.) MeredIt, (-en), adj. stiff; Mlenti, adj. (as suffix): iveasel: furmm -,' f'emret: ezo- nmumnb:fi. ~ed (stare); starinig. situate along (beside; on holy ~ sable: hidigy -,..-szemni, adj. goggle-eygemd. the banks of,. ermine. Mdre, (mret mrel,n Mvnt6, A. (- t, -je), a. Menivezet, n. m=isennyezet. I poison: mbrgot vesz, taike saver; deliverer; rescuer: Meny-lial, n. (zool.) eel-' poiSon; p olson (oueself)j preserver. B. adj. saving; pot mkrget vel1met, (fig.) you msoi life-preserving:- egyesid- Menyhdrt, (-ot), Meny- be quite sure (that). II renomim

Page  86 Mereg-dracga 86 (of snake): bane: virus (of Meres, (ek, -t, -e), n. I wound). III 'fig.) anger; measuring; measurement; wrath; temper: rage: mar- weighing: sounding (of geben, in a temper: ~ be depth): gauging (of liquid). jon, lose (one's) temper; get II retailing (of wine); sale. in a rage; fly into a pas- Meresz, (-en), adj. daring; sion: (vulg.) lose (one's hair: bold; audacious; venturemerget kiadja, vent (one's) some; hardy; presumptuous passion; vent (one's) spleen: (arrogance): brazen- faced eszi a ~, forr a ~ benne, his (impudence): bumptious blood is up: be choking with (child); cheeky: - ember, rage. ~-draga, adj. enorm- daredevil: -~ llitas, bold ously dear (or, expensive). assertion. ~-duda, n. (fig.) spitfire. Mereszel, (-t), MereszMereget, (-ter, -ett), v. t. ked(ik), (-ett), v. i. dare; frequentative of mer A. presume: have the audacity (q. v.) (to); haae the cheek (to). Mereget, (-tem,-ett), v. t. Mreszseg, (-et, -e), n. frequentative of mer A. daring; boldness; audaq. v.) ciousness; hardiness: preMreg-, prefix. ~-fog, n. sumption; audacity; temerpoison-fang: (vkinek: vmi- ity: bumptiousness; cheek. nek) itkihuzza,(fig.)render Mereszt, (-ett), v. t. fix (someone) harmless: take the (on): szemet -i (vkire), sting out of (something). - stare (at); gaze (at). ital, n. poisoned draught; Mret, (-ek, -et, -je), n. poison. ~-keveres, n. I dimension; nagy ~i, of great poisoning II (fig.) intrigue: dimensions: bulky; huge: mischiefmaking. -kevero, nagy - ekben, on a large n. I poisoner. II (fig.) intri- scale. guer; schemer: mischief- Merev, (-en), adj. I stiff; maker. ~-o16, adj. alexi- torpid; numb. II (fig.) rigid pharmic. _-pohair, n. cup (observance); formal: obof poison: poisoned chalice. stinate; unyielding; blunt ~-tarisznya, _-zacsk6, (refusal): stiff (demeanour); n. (fig.) spitfire. cold: prudish. III solid Mereng, (-ter, -ett), v. i. (substance). IV ~en n6z, muse: dream; day-dream; stare; gaze. be lost in reverie; be wrapt Mereved(ik), (-ter, -ett), in thought. v. i. = meg-mereved(ik). Merenges, (-t, -e), n. mus- Merevedett, adj. stiffened; ing; dreaming; day-dream- stiff: torpid; numb; being; day-dream; reverie; numbed. revery: absorption. Merevseg, (-et, -e), n. Merengo, A. (-k, -t), n. stiffness; torpidity; nembmuser; dreamer; day-dream- ness: stiff etc. character (of: er: visionary. B. adj. see merev I-II.). musing; meditative; pensive:I Merfold, (-et, -e), n. mile: absorbed; absent-minded. angol -, English mile; statMereny, (-ek, -t, -e), n. = ute mile (1760 yards): mamerenylet. gyar ~, Hungarian mile Mer(nylet, (-ek, -et, -e), n. (8000 yards): egy nyire, I attempt (on someone's a mile: ekre terjedo, miles life). II hazardous undertak- long; of many miles. ~-k6, ing; venture: (vulg.) plunge. n. milestone. ~-mutat6, n. Merenylo, (-k, -t, -je), n. milestone; milepost. one who attempts the life of Merge, see mereg. another; assailant. M6ergelodes, (-t, -e), n. Mlrk6z(ik) indignation; anger; vexation. Mergelod(ik), (-tem, -ett), v. i. (fume and) fret; be vexed (at); be angry (at); chafe; be irritated. Merges, (-en), adj. Ipoisorous; poisoned; venomous (snake). II (fig.) hot-temnpered; angry; petulant; spitfire; wrath ful: furious; wild (person); enraged: venomous (words); spiteful; malicious; biting (sarcasm): snarling (dog); snappy; surly: malignant (wound); virulent. Mergesit, (-ett), v. t. (fig.) infuriate; make (one) angry; enrage; provoke; exasperate; anger. Mergesked(ik), (-tem,-ett), v. i. = mergelid(ik). Mergez, (-tem, -ett), v. t. poison. Mergezes, (-t, -e), n. poisoning. Mergezo, A. (-k, -t, -je), n. poisoner. B. adj. poisonous: poisoning. Merhetetlen, (-il), adj. immeasurable; immense; boundless; unbounded; vast: incalculable (injury); measureless beyond measure. Merheto, adj. measurable: weighable: calculable. Merit, (-ett), v. t. I draw (water): ladle; scoop: bale; bail (water; from boat): kanallal ~, ladle; take with a spoon. II (fig.) derive (from); draw; borrow (material): pluck up (courage); take: get (news); obtain. III dip (in); immerse: plunge (in): saturate. Meritett, adj. - papiros. India paper; China paper. Merito, adj. for ladling (or, drawing): ~ edeny, dipper; scoop: - halo, scoop-net: purse net: ~ kanal, ladle: ker6k, scoop-wheel. Merkozes, (-t,-e),n. combat; contest; encounter: (football) match. M6rk6z(ik), (-ter, -ott), v.

Page  87 ___ __ I — I —7-N-sW7.-7~PDll lMrkd6z 87 M6rt6k-egys6g i. cope (with); try (one's) strength (against); vie; compete (with); be matched (against): (of football team) play a match (with); play. Zerkozo, A. (-k, -t), n. combatant: rival: competitor. B. adj. competing; rival (teams). Merleg, (-et, -e), n. I (pair of) scales (t. sz.); balance: a -be vet, (fig.), throw into the scales (or, the balance). II (comm.) balance-sheet: -et csinal (k6szit), draw up balance-sheet. ~-csesze, n. merleg-serpenyoi. ~-dij, n. weighage. Merlegel, (-tem, -t), v. t. (fig.) weigh (in the mind); ponder over; consider; think over: poise; reflect upon: balance; examine; scrutinise. Merlegeles, (-t, -e), n. (fig.) weighing (in the mind); pondering over; consideration: poising; examination; scrutiny. Merleg-jegy, n. standard mark (of weight); stamp. Merleg-nyelv, n. tongue (of balance). Merleg-serpenyo, n. scale (of balance); basin. Mernok, (-ok, -6t, -e), n. engineer: 6pitio, architect: banya,, mining engineer; kultur, civil engineer. Mernoki, adj. engineering: of an engineer: (body; corps) of engineers: - tudomany, engineering. Mernokseg, (-et, -e), n. I office (work) of engineer. II body (corps) of engineers. III engineering. Mero, (-en), adj. I = merev: ~ nezes, vacant stare. II = merito. III pure; mere; sheer (nonsense); downright (lie); absolute (impossibility): pure (gold); unalloyed: unmixed; unadulterated: - vak, stoneblind: ~ figyelem vagyok, I am all ears: ~ v1letlen, a mere accident. Mer6,A. (-t,-je), n. I measurer: weigher. II measure: (specifically) peck; bushel (?). B. adj. weighing: measuring. ~-asztal, n. plane table. Meroben, adv. absolutely. Meroen, adv. = meron. Mero-eszkoz, n.measuring instrument. Merio-kanal, n. ladle. Mri-r-kesziilk, n.measurin.X apparatus. Mero- ancz, n. measuring chain; surveyor's chain; Gunter's chain. Meroleges, (-en), adj. vertical: perpendicular: ~en, at right angles. Merin, adv. stiffly: fixedly; unmoved; without moving: n nez, stare. Mero, prefix. —6n, n. plummet; plumb-line: (naut.) lead. ~-orso, n. (naut.) log. _-pflcza, n. meteyard; measuring staff; surveyor's staff: rod. — penz, n. weighage: metage. ~-ruid, n. (surveyor's) rod. ~-serpenyo, n. scale (of balance). Mero-vak, adj. stone-blind: blind as a bat. Mero-vessz6,n.mete-yard. Merre, adv. in which direction? which way (are you going)? whither? where? Merrol, adv. from which direction? whence? from where? MWrsekel, (-tem, -t), v. t. I moderate; temper (heat): reduce (price); lessen: slacken (pace): deaden (tone); lower (voice); modulate. II (fig.) restrain; check; curb (passion); damp (ardour): control; keep (one's temper): abate (claims): qualify (expression). II maght ~i, contrQo (oneself): restrain (onesel): keep (one's) temper. Mersekelt, (-en), adj. I moderate; reasonable (price): temperate (climate); tempered. II moderate; middling. mI (fig.) abstemious; sober (person); temperate; selfrestrained. Me6sekles, (-t, -e), n. 1 moderation; tempering: reduction; lessening: slackening (of pace): lowering (of voice); modulation. II (fig.) restraint; check: damping: control: abatement(of claim). Merseklet, (-et, -e) n. I mersekls. II ho -,, temperature: v6r ~, temperament. Mersz, (-e), n. (vulg.) courage: van-e,ed? would you dare (to)? Mert, conj. because: for; since; as. Mert, A. adv. (interrog.), = miert. B. adj. I weighed: measured. 11 (punishment) inflicted (on). III vmihez _. suited (to); suitable: in conlormity (with): in keeping (with); in proportion (to). Mer-tan, n. (math.) geometry: sik ~, plane geometry. Mer-tani, ( eC), adj. geometrical: rajz, lineal drawing. Mertek, (-et, -e), n. I measure: hossz ~, measure ot length: ur,, measure of capacity (dry or liquid): szab lyoz6 ~, standard. II (mus.) time: (verse) metre. m (fig.) measure; proportion; moderation; restraint: -et tart, keep within bounds; restrain (oneself); control (oneself); be moderate; observe moderation: ~ nlkiil, immoderately; extravagant (ly). IV (fig.) standard; level: megiti a -et, come up to the mark; come up to the scratch: fulfil (one's) expectations; satisfy requirements. V measure; degree; scale: legnagyobb ~, maximum; legkisebb ~, minimum; nagy -ben, to a large extent: principally: teljes _ben, fully: a legkisebb -ben sem, not in the least; not at all. ~-ad6, adj. standard: decisive; authoritative (circles): absolute. ~-egyseg, n. unit of measure.

Page  88 N16t Me,(-t(~ein t,. I meosiire: w'igih. II Mrti-kes, (-eun), adj. met-I Wrsied. fx -flet adv. exceedingly;excessiveliy: beyond inea~snire. letti, adj) exceeding; excessive. enormous: extravagant. -U6ijtt(i), == nOici-teklett(i). -4Ls"Ifiy, ii. (comm.) shtortage: deficiency:underhivatal, assay office. Mei6-tkletes, (-en), ad). moderate: sober; temsperate: 'frutgal (diet) restra~ined (language):ab-stentious (person) 01)bs/ieet: mnodest. Md1rt6kletess6g, (-et, -e), ii. moderation: soberness; sobriiety; temiperancie; temtperateness:frugality: restraiuit: abstemiouisness; abstinence; continence. immoderate; intemperate; excessive; extravagant: insatiable. ii. imsmoderate etc. character (of:see, m~rtketlen): intemperance; excess; extravagance: ultraisms. tekletess~fg. A16Iet~k-tar~tO, ad). 4mtszletes. M16i-6ktelen, (-dl), adj. T boundless; immense; enornsents; unmeasutred. III mt~kletlen. -ett), v. i. indulge in excesses; be extravagant (intemperate). M~rt(ikteleiisfg, (-et, -e), ii. I boundlessness; immsensit?,; enormousness. II-~ m~rtMkletlens~g. Med-fold, stb., see mirfdld, etc. Merfi, v. i. I sink: viz ala' dive-ll (fig.) be immersed (in); be absorbed (in thought) gondolatokba - be lost (wrapt) in thonghit; be in ci o01c shtudy ialombia leg ndriw: fiich i Sits: WWtItoll asleep: adU~ssagWokba i, eal: oinN \' boot: or bi'bies becomne in colveic in debt: a (ors fwiry tlal). LI Jfig,) tulonmzuybft~ devote (one- spileniid a? cap ital (time,) self) to science: bfnbo -, g~lutions, ('Aveather) prodiMteioilcs, (-t, -e), n. -- el- Meste 'serii ( eu), ad). iiieriilcs. 15)3eS I Mlerlilt, (-en), adi. (fig.) Alesrj, ei, (it, 4rje), ii. balk; insmersed: absorbed (in baiilk; line/i (of field):cossthoLIght);lost; Wit-apt: upI ti lines; botindary: flelil-weiy. to the ears (in debt): hlomba Alesqy~s, adj. adjoiniiig; fast aisleep. sIdajacent. 1Thmi-v, (-et, -e), ni. == mdv- Mess(en), etc. see nsetsz. tMk: ~eket 6it, assiome (....) tb-Aessidss, (-t, -a), mm. (the) diinensioiis: nagy -bein, to Messiah. a large exteist: on a large tb<,Aessiasi, adj. Messianic. scale. — add, ad). - maci-Uk Mcssze, A. ad). distant; a~dd. far; tar-distant; remote. B. Mese, (-6'k, -bt, -j'e), n.I I adv.far oft; afar; tar a/cay: ftable; nur-sery tale: fairy- akkor mar jairt, by that tale; fiction; tale: tanitb -, tiiie ie ivas a loug iway off: fasble: mesht mond, fabiilise: - terjed, spread far aiid tell a tale; spin a yarn: wide; be ividespread: nem mieskbe valo6, fabnlous. II -, not far (from); a short plot (of novel); stomy; sub- way. _-fekv6i, ad). distamit; ject matter). Ill (fig.)(a mere) remote; far-distant. _-ImOt, fable; talk; old wcives' tale; adj~far-rea c/uing (influence): invention: yarn. IV tala'd6s importaist; poitentoiis: long-,riddle. V =mnesis I. -- distance (gun). — ki-ha 16, Ibell, ad). in: esis I..-be- adj. =mnessze-hatotd _-lI.tmds, szed, ii. nonsense; idle ii. far - sighitediness; longtalk; (a mere) invention: sig/stedmiess: (mad.) presby(as interj.) rubbish; tivoddle; opia. _-lat, A. ii. telescope: bos/i...-gyiijtetiu-i'iy, ii. field-glasses. (t. sz.); biinocle. collection of fables (or. tales). B. ad). long-sighted; fiarJrv6,..-kd 6, ni. fabulist; sighted (fig. too): keenicriter of fables (or, fairy- sighted; fari —seeing. _-IeV6, tales). — k6nmyv, ni. book ad). in= ess-,e A. ojf fbles (fairy-tales). Messzelv, (-t), n. (measure) Mesel, (-tem, -t), v. t. and pint () [scire. i. tell a story; tell tales; MAesszer~e, adv. == meszfabulise; fable: tell; relate: iTIesszes6(j, (-et, -e), n. mmrrate: spin a yarn, distance: memnoteness: a -bhe, Mesdgiet, (-tem', -ett), v. in the distance. t. frequentative of mesil Mlessze-, prefix. — ~*sz6I6, (q. v.). ii. telephone.,.-t~erjed6, MlesW1, (-t, -Je), ni. fabulist; ad). I scidespread: extensive. story-teller-: narrator. II far-reaching; wcide. III Mese-mondhas, ni. story- universal. _-vdtg6,) ad). telling: -bha val6, nonsense; messze-/iat6c. invention: (vuig.) flame Messzi, messze. bam. Messzire, adv. (go; reach) Mese-mond6, a. ==mescdmi far; a long scay: to a great Mese - orszdg, um. fairy- distance: nem megy- vele, land. it will not be of much use Mesas, (-en), ad). I fabme/ous to (yon): menu, far(age):fabled (hero); storied; reaching; sweeping: all

Page  89 T r-rr, _, - --n.r-~ --- — rarrp-r-;R~-~ —~Irr*BBIRiaC*FBY ir'lr-~BTI%*-- -se-r;ir.T,R~;zxr-rs- -i=--;-r~s —~'F —ir".-.-. —oTmr:rlr *-~ Messzirol embracing: ~ terjedi, = messze-terjedo. Messzirol, Messzunnen, adv. from afar: (come) a long way; from a long. distance: (seem) at a distance..-Mester, (-ek, -t, -e), n. I master; teacher: iskola ~, schoolmaster. II master (of trade); master workman: (in art) virtuoso: na ry (vmiben), past master (of) (vulg.) a dab (at); dabster: a caution: gyakorlat teszi a ~t, practice makes perfect: szabo ~, master tailor. Il (as title) master (of lodge, guild, etc.) IV (fig.) origin; cause. V (old) master: classic. ~ - dal, n. minstrel's lay. ~-dalnok, n.(German) mastersinger. ~-ember, n. cra'tsman; artisan. ~-fo-.as, n. artifice; dodge; sleight: master stroke. ~geren(la, n. (archit.) summer; summer tree; girder: transom; architrave. 'XMesteri, (-leg), adj. masterly: superb; glorious. ~* Mester-inas, n. apprentice. Mesterked6s, (-t, -e), n. manoeuvre (fig.); machinations (t. sz.); intrigue: stratagem; artifice; trick. Mcsterked(ik), (-tem,-ett), v. i. use shifts; manoeuvre; plot (to): use every effort; strain every nerve: vmiben ~, be at (something); be up to. Mesterk6l, (-tem, -t), v. t. feign; affect: force (a laugh): refine on; study (attitude). Mestelkeletlen, (-ul), adj. natural; unaffected; unfeigned; plain; artless; unsophisticated; ingenuous: naive: easy; unconstrained. Mesterk6letlens6g, (-et, -e), n. natural etc. character or nature (of; see mesterkeletlen). Mesterikelt, (-en), adj. artificial; unnatural; feigned; affected; studied (pose); 89 Metelyez forced (humour): sophisticated; primt: constrained. AMsterkelts6g, (-et, -e), n. artificiality; unnaturalness; affectation: primness: artificial etc. character or nature (of: see mesterkilt). Mestcr- preiix. ~-k6z, n. hand of a master; a master's hand: (fig.) masterly skill; master - hand. - legey, n. journeyman. ~-nfit, n. masterpiece; masterwork: masterly perfornmance. ~-n6, n. wife of master (see mester I-II.) ~-remek, n. = mester-mii. Mcsters6g, (-et, -e), n. I trade: craft; handicraft: profession: ordbng6s (ordogi) ~, infernal tricks (t. sz.): a devilish trade: ~et folytat, ply a trade; be engaged in trade: ~re ad, put to (learn) a trade; apprentice: ~ere nezve, by trade: by profession. II (fig.) business; line: nemn az en ~em, (it is) not in my line. Ill (fig.) nem nagy,, no great shakes. Mesters6ges, (-en), adj. I artificial; not genuine: ~ vaj, margarine. II = mesterkelt. Mcester-sz6, n. - mi-szo. Mesz, (meszet, mesze), n. lime: oltatlan ~, quicklime; unslaked (unslacked) lime: oltott ~, slaked (slacked) lime. Meszdirlfs, (-t, a), n. butchery: massacre; slaughter. Meszirol, (-tam, -t), v. t. butcher; massacre; slaughter; cut down. MeszAtros, (-ok, -t, a), n. butcher. ~-bolt, n. butcher's (shop). — kutya, n. mastiff. ~-legeny, n. butcher's man; butcher's assistant. MeszarossSig, (-ot, -a), n. butchery (trade of butcher). M6szAr-szek, n. I butcher's shop. II slaughterhouse: (fig.) shambles (t. sz.). Mesz- 6dget6s, n. lime burning. Mesz-6geto, n. I limeburner. II limekiln. Meszel, (tern, -t), v. t. whitewash. Meszel6s, (-t, -e), n. whitewashing. Meszeli, (-t, -je), n. I (house-) painter; whitewasher. II whitewash brush. Meszely, - messzely. Meszcs, (-on), adj. I limy: lime-: ~ godor, lime-pit: viz, lime-water. II limy; covered with lime. Meszesed(ik), (-ett), v. i. calcine. Mesz-, prefix. -f old, n. calcareous earth.,-hegys6g, n. limestone hills (t. sz.). - ki, n. limestone ~-16, n. whitewash. ~-plit, n. calc spar; calcite..-vakolat, n. plaster. ~-velve1i, n. lime-pit. ~-viz, n. limewater. Meta, (-ft), n. (a kind of) rounders (t. sz.). ~tMeltafizika, (-at, -aja), n. metaphysics (t. sz.). ~ Metafizikai, (-lag), adj. metaphysical..XMetafora, (-at), n. metaphor. ~ Metaforas, (-an), adj. metaphoric(al). Met61, (-ter, -t), v. t. I cut up; chop (up). II carve. Mett16s, (-t, -e), n. I cutting up; chopping (up). II carving. Metel, adj. cutting: chopping: carving: ~ deszka, chopping block; trencher: - hagyma, chive; cive: ~ kes, chopping knife; chopper. Metelt, (-et), n. noodle (lind of pastry): vermicelli. Metely, (-ek, -t, -e), n. I (zool.) fluke (in sheep's liver). II rot (disease). IlI (fig.) corruption; contagion; taint: poison; corrupting influence: bane; defilement. Metelyes, (-en), adj. (fig.) corrupt; defiled; vicious; tainted. M6telyez, (-ett), v. t. (fig.)

Page  90 Metelyezes 90 corrupt; infect; taint; defile; deprave; pollute; vitiate. Metelyez6s, (-t, -e), n. corruption; infection; tainting; defilement; pollution; depravation. Metelyez6, adj. corrupting; corruptive; vitiating (influence); tainting. letely-k6r, n. rot dropsy; liver fluke. -Meteor, (-t, -ja), n. meteor. ~-k6, n. meteoric stone; aerolite; meteorolite; meteorite. &Meteorol6gia, (-at), n. meteorology..lMeteorologiai, adj. meteorologic(al). xMeteor-szerii, adj. meteoric; meteorous. &Meteor-vas, n. meteoric iron. ~Meter, (-ek, -t, -e), n. metre (unit of measure); metre; (Am.) meter. ~mazsa, n. quintal (100 kilos). ~-mertek, n. metric lineal measure. ~-rendszer, n. metric system Metsz, (-ettem, -ett), v. t. I cut: egymast ~i, intersect; cross. II. cut (in metal); engrave: carve (in wood): rezbe -, engrave on copper: -ett dragako, gem. Metszes, (-t, e), n. I cutting: intersection (of two lines); crossing: section. II cutting; engraving: carving. III cut; shape. ~-pont, n. (point of) intersection. Metszet, (-et, e), n. I eut; engraving; print. II (verse) caesura. ~-rajz, n. profile. Metszett, adj. cut; chiselled: ~ ko, gem. Metsz6, A. (-t, -je), n. I (wood) cutter: engraver. II (math.) sector. III Jewish butcher. B. (-en), adj. I cutting; sharp: shrill (voice); piercing (cold); keen (wind): (fig.) withering (sarcasm); biting (remark). II - fog, incisor; fore tooth:. ks, chopping knife; chopper: pruning knitfe: - pont, (point of) intersection: (railway);unction: ~vonal, (math.) secant. Mexiko, (-t), proper n. Mexico. Mexik6i, adj. and n. Mexican. Mez, (-t, -e), n. dress; garment: cover: (fig.) garb; guise. Mez, (-et, -e), n. honey: szin ~, liquid (virgin) honey: -zel bovelkedo, rich in honey: edes mint a ~, sweet as honey: tejjel —zel foly6 orszag, land flowing with milk and honey. ~-edes, adj.= mezes IV. Mezei, adj. country; rustic: field-; meadow-; rural; campestral: ~ egr, field-mouse: ~ elet, country life; rural life; ~ gazda, farmer; husbandman; _gazdasag,farm: husbandry: farming; k6 -korcsin, wind-flower: ~ lak, country house; contry seat: meh, bumble-bee: - munka, work in the fields; agricultural labour: - munkas, farm labourer: agricultural labourer; ~ pacsirta, sky-lark; titlark; pipit: ~ rendors6g, rural police; country police: ~ tucs6k, field cricket: it, country lane: path (across field): ~ vasut, light railway: ~ virag, wild flower. Mezes, (en), adj. I made with honey; honey-: ~bab, -kalacs, gingerbread.II honeyed; melliferous; abounding in honey. III honey; containing honey. IV honeyed (fig. too); sweet as honey; honey-sweet; honied (lips): ~ madzag, flattering words (t. sz.); cajolery: -madzagot hAz vkinek szajin keresztiil, wheedle; cajole. V - hetek, honeymoon. ~-bab, n. see mezes I. -babos, n. maker of gingerbread. ~hetek, n. pl. see mezes V. ~-kalacs(os), = mezes-bdb(os). _-madzafl, n. see Mezo-rendorseg mezes IV. — mazas, - mrzos, adj. (fig.) honeyed; honied: wheedling; seductive. _-szjii, ~-szavii, adj. honey-mouthed; honey-tongued. Mez-evo, adj. meliphagous Mezga, (-at), n. resin; rosin; gum: arab ~, gum: rugo (torl6) ~, India rubber. Mez-gyiijto, adj. honey(bee); gathering honey. Mez-harmat, n. honeydew. Mezitelen, (-iil), adj. 1 naked; bare; stripped (to the waist); nude: anyasziilt ~, stark naked. II bare (wall: sword); naked; blunt (truth); undisguised. Mezitelenit, (-ett), v. t. strip (one) naked; strip to the skin; bare; uncover; strip; lay bare. Mezitelens6g, (-et, -e), n. nakedness; bareness; nudity. Mezit-lab, adv. barefoot: without shoes or stockings. Mezit-labas, (-an), adj. barefooted: unshod: - ember, - barat, barefooted triar. Mezitlen, stb., = mezitelen etc. Mez-, prefix. -izii, adv. tasting like honey (of honey): honey-sweet. ~-juhar, n. (bot.) rock maple; sugar maple. ~-lep,n. honey comb. ~-madar, n. (zool.) humming bird. — nedv, n. nectar. _-nemii, adj. like honey; resembling honey. Mezo, (-k, -t, -je), n. 1 field; open field: (fives) meadow. II (fig.) field: range; scope: opportunity. -fol1d, n. flat land. _gazda, n. farmer; husbandman ~-gazdasag, n. I farm. II agriculture; husbandry. ~-gazdassgi, adj. agricultural: (Ministry) ot Agriculture. _-gazdasz, n. mezo-gazda. ~-or, n. ranger. ~-pat, n. feldspar; feldspath. _-renldorseg, n. country police.

Page  91 Mez6seg 91 Milli6s Mezoscg, (-et, -e), n. fields Miatyiank, (-ot, -ja), n. (the) Milihly, (-t), proper n. Mi(t. sz.): district; region. Lord's Prayer; paternoster. chae: szt napja, MichaelMezo-vatros, n. market- -XMiaznia, (-ak, -at), n. mas Day: szt lova, bier: town: borough. miasma; miasm. szt, hava, September. Mez-por6jet6, n. implement Miben, adv. I wherein? in Mi-hamar, adv. as soon as for extracting honey from what? II swhat (was the possible; with as little delay comb. [eglin. agreement)? ~-let, n. cir- as possible. MWz-s6r, n. mead; meth- cumstances (t. sz.); facts Mi-haszna, A. n. good-forIMz- szinii, adj. honey- (t. sz.: of case); nature. nothing; scapegrace; ne'ercoToured. Mibiol-lett, n. parvenu; do-well. B. adj. good-forMeztelen(it), Meztelen- upstart. nothing; idle; naughty. sej,= mezitelen etc. Micsoda, pron. I what? Mihelyest, Mihelyt, adv. Mez-termeles, n. produc- what kind of? (used adject- as soon as; the moment; tion of honey; mellification. ivally): - dolog ez?! what the instant: ~ lehet, as soon Mez-termo, adj. mellifer- is the meaning of this? well, as possible. ous: (bot.) meliaceous. I never! II used as interj. Mihez, adv. (to) what? - Mi, A. (minket, benniinket, - tehetseg! what a clever tartas, n. procedure: - veetc.), pers. pron. we: often man! what talents! gett, to serve as instructions used for the sake of em- Miesodas, adj. what kind (as a guide): to be followed phasis e.g. hozzank, to of? what sort of? what? (out). us, etc. B. (mit), interrog. mar a ~, such as it is; of a Mik, (-et), pron. see mi pron. I what? - baj? what's kind. B-C. the matter? what's up? - Miezi, (-t), prop. n. Molly: Mjkent, A. adv.= mikep. B. bajod? wvhat's the matter Moll. (-je), n. manner; mode. with you? what's wrong with Mid(on, conj. I when: as Mikep(en), adv. I how? by you! czelra? - czelbol? (I was going). II = amidon. what means? II how; in why? to what end? for what III if. [mienk. what manner. reason? II used as interjec- Mieink, Mieink, see Mikl6s, (-t), proper n. Nition: szep! how beautiful! Miel6bh, adv. as soon as cholas; Nicolas. what a beautiful....! III possible; with as little delay Mik6, (-t), proper n. Nick. modon? how? ~ k6zom as possible: (answer) at Mikor, adv. I interrog. hozza? what is that to do (your) earliest convenience. when? at what time? on what with me? what business is Mielbbli, adj. early: at occasion? II= amikor. it of mine? - a man6o? the (yous) earliest covenience. Mikorara, adv.= mikorra. deuce! C. 'mit), rel. pron. Miel6tt, adv. before: ere: Mikoron, adv.==mikor. =-ami: nines ~t tenni, - elment, before he left; be- Mikorra, adv. by when? there is nothing to be done. fore leaving: prior to his when? Miakol, (-t), v. i. (of cat) departure. Mikozben, adv.= mialatt. mew; miaul. Mienk, Mienk, (-et, pl. -Mikroszk6p, (-ot, -ja), n. Miakolds, (-t, -a), n. mew- mieink), pron. ours. microscope. ing; mew. Miert, adv. (interrog.) Miksa, (-at), proper n. Mialatt, conj. while; whilst. why? wherefore? on what Maximilian. Mialtal, conj. whereby; by account? for what reason? Mikulats, (-ok, -t, -a), n. which means. nines - panaszkodni, there Santa Claus (AngliAban kaMiatt, adv. (used with per- is no reason to complain: racsonykor); St Nicholas. sonal suffixes, e. g. miat- nines ~, don't mention it. Milano6, (-t, -ba, -ban), tam, miattad, etc.). I on Mifele, adj. I interrog. what proper n. Milan. account of; because of: for; kind of? what sort oJ? what? -Milliard, (-ot, -ja), n. about: owing to; in conse- II what; what sort of: nem milliard; (French) billion. quence of: egy sz6 -, (they tudom, - ember ez, I have 'Y'Milliardos, (-ok, -t), n. fell out) over a word: a no idea what kind of cus- milliardeur (man worth a kod -, owing to the fog; on tomer he is. billion or more); billaccount of the fog. II for Mig, Miglen, eonj. I while; ionaire. the sake of; on behalf of. so long as; as long as. II= '^Milli6, (-k, -t, -ja), MilIII(with personal suffixes): mig-nem. liom, (-ot), n. million. -am, for aught I care; for Mig-nem, conj. till; until. X'Milliomos, (-ok, -t), n. all I care; as far as I am -Migr6n, (-t, -je), n. mig- millionaire. concerned. raine; megrim. ' > Milll6s, adj. of (a) million:

Page  92 Milv (-oct11 ( I) nilo l mI (201kt(. nintlicons al(~nt(((2/i to ( I wchat 2 v hot kind otlo? what sFort oj' - id( van ima? w1hat is the iveather like today - magaviseletu" hon (10Cc~ (he) behave 2 ichat i the behaviour of...? -kildths? wchat prospect? IT used interjcntionally: how: _j(o howv good (he is)! -nagyszerd, howv splendlidl w hat a splendid (performance)! III11 amilyen. Ntilyenska, (- et, -hja), n. nmimicryJ. Mli-m~dou, adv. howv? in wihat way? Mmli, adv. howv? by wvhat? on (vilat? Minap, Mlinapi~ban, adv. recently; lately: tihe other (lay. Mintapi, adIj. late; recent. Minid, A. (-et), adj. all: nem -arany, naml fe'nylik, alt is not gold that glitters: a kettii, both: az a fhjdalom, all the pain: elji~ttek, they all came: tiey are all here: keht rhszrbl, on botih siles: ahhny, all: every man Jack (of them) -egy szhiig, to amsain. B. adly. contin((ailly; continitottsly/: -inkhbb, more anul more:- nagyobb, bigger anad bigger; greater and greatert: -tdbb, more andi more: -melegebb, warmer an1( warmer. C. eon). -—. both...- and... addig,adv. not to be translated, itt iaradlok, amig.., I shall stay here until... — ana (z), pron. all (that, or those). _-atmellett, adv. nevertheless; *for all that;- all tile same; notwcitlhstanding. — alnify, (-an), pron. all. -fannf'liszoi,, adv. every tihne (often unot to be translated). _ u1z, f~rlu (II/ dl(11 that (Or, d/ion') okl.0i K ((vel, th ((114(02 Of ((11 atita1 azoni, prn aill tihat (ornevertheless; notwvithsta 2l(ing; hlowerer; after all; (chen (all isc 8(i1 and done; far all that. _-edldig, adv. so far; ((l) to tile preselt; till, sstv (not) as yet. — 6g, adv.= ((inindig. — ecjy, adj. (it is) all the same; a ((atter oJ indifference; all one; of no consequience; (it) does not ((atter: (absolutely) never ((ild; no ((atter-. _-egjyik, adj. each (of several): every: (absolutely) eacih one; every one; any one (will do). egyl itbig, adv. all; to a (2(n( (-q, yre, adv. conltin((ally(] (Lsthio(t a break; ((21i2(tte( bngttedlly (u~cessantly. _-enile(z), p~on. all this (or th-se). _eqvszAlig, adv. (((((1(1eqyl/big. eg.yuitt, adv. altogether. elkkoriig, adv. (((mideddig. -lig adv. all (one's) lif~etime: as long as (one) lives. Mlinden, A. (-t, -e)2, n. all: everythling: -en, my all all my pos~sessions; ever?,tiling I possess: _t elmond, tell all (everything): -6t elveszti, lose (one's) all; lose ecerythinig (one) pos,3esses te vagy -er, youl are all in all to me: -re khpes, capable of anything: a -ek atya, Father o f all; All Father: sok -, all.kindso~f thiills; a lot o f things: elkdvet, leave no stonse unturtiel: -nek vhge, it is all over: a -it! tie deuce!man alive l B. adj. I (with singular) every: (with plural) all: any (will do): -egyes, every single (one); ecavi several:- ember, every matl; all men; everybody: e kszer nhlkiil, without any Jewellery: -gondola kil citd (((It f('1 Il h t((,(1(1 nit til2I22/ (b( 21(1( S6Lt, a(11 2/catile eCCrI] 2/(r( (once) 21 212(ir II _k elo~tt, tolott, (a/(02 p10cC; to( beylin (clti( ((lbl(((l and foremnost:bizonvnyal~l, (citi~o(t (lo(bt ((0( lobh certainly; (Irish) sore: aron, at all costs; at a(2llJ price: scitiho((t fail: for otiler expressions, see Vocabulary. -dr-tion, -hbizonyny~al, ndv. see ((linden B. II. — el-el6tt, — ek folott, adv. see m(inden B. IL. Mindeises, (-ek, -t, -e), II. I v selhd, lehiny, general (servant); cook-general; ((laid of all work. II factotlm; Jack-of-all-trades: (fig.) rigiht ha0n(1 Minden-esetre, adv. I in any case; undler any~ ciceaastan (cs; wciatever hlappetls: by all m(eans(; by hoo0k or by crook. II at all. events; at any r-ate: ihocever; (cien all is saill andl down: certainly; doubtless; witilolt doubt; after all i to be sore indeed: everydcay. Mindeniestili, adv. wvith1 all (one's) goodls and chattels; bag and baggage;every living so(11: utterly; tihoro(ghlyig (perish) root anld branch; entirely: as (it) stands; comnpletely. Miniden-, prefix. — fel, adv. in all directions; in every Ilisection: (look) every(wiere; on all sidles; all over (tile place). — fcle, adj. all kinds of; all sorts of: divers; sundry; of all sort's; a variety of; ainnislfarious: -enlber, all sosts (lnl conditions of men. -fd1e-lkpp(en), adv. (n indenke'p(en). -fcl61, adv. fromn all directions; from all shies; from every direc

Page  93 A~li d( ICII vIn (III:ha al )O its:ott all sIldes; ererywte re. ha adlv. — tiniatln-kor..-lta t, A. (-t), a. (the) Alwighty. B3. ad'. hliihtliq alipoirerfJdl ouinipoteiit suptewe. -aIs j,(-at, -a)0, I. oatitipotearce;aliniqlitiness. -liol, atlv. everywchere. Iflltadv. front every u-here; traion (ill sides; romn all qutarters..-hov,`, adv. (go) everywhtere to all pilaces;itt all directions. in~(l1e11ik, (-et), adj. inind-egyik Jk-fnk, each one of us: we all. Miniden-, prefix. _-k&6 j)(cfl), adv. s= nimulenesetre. — ki, (-t), pronl. everybody: (in the presence of) all; the whole world l _t6l 6rthetf, intelligible to all: popular. — kotp, adv. ot all times; always; ever: ait anat time. _-kori, adj. prevailing (cirduststances) current (belief):existing; for the timie being: every; each several. — koi-on, ady. sn= inden-kor. _-k-oppra, adv. fir ever; -for all tiune: alwvays. -l4tt6, adj. allseeing. ~-nssp, adv. daily; every day. _-napli, adj. I daily (routine). II (fi'g.) everyday: comnonoplace; trite; trivial; common; hackneyed (phrase): cotsventional. Ill everytloy; seorkaday (clothes). _4-nPos, adj. daily (visitor'~quotidian..-smapisilu, (-at, -a), an. (tig.) triviality: everydaet etc. character or nature (of: see minden-napi). _ nenifi, adj. ot iuden- Itle. — oldaltit, adj. universal miany-sided. Mlin(lensegq, (-et, -e); a. I world; universe: creation. II (fig.) h sszesse~g. Minden-Szentek, a. pl. napja. All Saints' Day. Alindenst-lIt6, adj. alls~ee ing. Minden-, prefix. A-uda's, n. omniscience._-tud6, adj. 93) MinlisZtep fiIk neii, aid-. ~ ibiiiidenl j titek — ytdjok,..-syaih(11auna. -4ii t, adlv. I juntin Ksee viitnd-uayej(a). _ mitidelea-ltal. II jelenvalo) 01 okti6 adv, far evre and la-ed, omnipresent: iibi- eceu ecerlastingly; eternquiitous,~; -jalnn~vald'sfg, ally. o-i-iikt~l, adv. lht, ominipresence (of God) fog-ia tIsout tiine imnatemnoubiqutity; sibiqiiitoaussess. ril OamC aclV. altoiiv6, adiv. si titalest-hova. getltert all told: not ntore Miniiletig, adv. utviitlig. tlttn (100). _.-Szent, a. = Mfitit-, prefix. _-e1z(Cii), Mindaen-Szetttek. _-uutapraot. (ill this (or, these): -,-ai, atdv. incessantly; for (at) fhny, all this brilliance ever; every itistant; con(luistre; splendour): -elk a titnually; perpetually; eves1kdvek, all these stones. ~-Cz- viitre. — v6g.ig, adv. I fr~omn ideig, adv. snmind-etldig. beginning to end;.front first -Ialli, tidy, till (one's) to loast: to the (very last cleat I; till the grave: to the causisteuttly; persistently. II very last..~-Itftrinuk, stb. all over: fromn one end to n. all titree (of thent) etc. ~- the othter; thtroughtoitt. Iidrornm, n. all three. At inek, adv. I wlty l whtereija atdy. all for nothing; fore? to irhat end? for whiat (all) in vatint. ~-1toltig, adv. purpose l ez neked? what min,laldg. tlo yoit tratt (it) for l shatet Aliidig, Alindig, adv. al- is the good o f (it) ti) yous? II trays; at all times; ever: _elbitte, m=ieliitt:- oka'6rt, contintuotsly; iutcessatntly: = iniirt:- utnta, = tititndler auty circuntstanices; uatdii. wrhatet'er htappens: nhg -, Ainiil, adv. I whtereby. II still. (with comparatives) thte: Mind-inkilbb], adv. more elhhh, aunnl j obb, the and mnore: cocttinutally; in- sooner, thte better. III (with crettsitgly: -stiilyed, sink comparatives): -eliibb, its deeper tistd deeper, soon as possible: -gyorsabMlididjart, aedv. I forthlicvitht; ban, as quickly as possible antoit; itistanttly: (vulg.) in witult as ninelt dispattcht as a jiffy; in art instant: possible:- magasabb, the directly:- jdvhle, (I amn) htighiest possible. — ioojva, costiny! II (of past timre) adv. as a consequence a! at once; immediately: ott which (,fact): and conthe spot; promptly; at a seqtuently; ante accorditigly. mosnent's notice. Mt -neinu, adj. - mifeil. Mind-, prefix. — jobban, Mli inemrntsesg (-et, -a), a. adv. ntindl-inkaibb. _ qnaltty: kind; sort: nat tre; kht, adj. (numeral), both chinsactes. (used before substantive): Mlinfl sit, acly.- mittipiirt, botht patties: -rhsz- jait nil, snittutally; reciptocallyj llliniotri, (-.ot, -ja), n. miby botht parties..-ketteji, nitim (red oxide of lead). adyv. both:- itt vannak, -XM~nisztecv, (-ek, -t, -e), a. they are both here. _-kctto I sistulter: (Anglhiban) adj. botht (used absolutely): Ptrtncipal Secretary of St ate: used with personal suffixes, (Amerikaban) Secretary e. g. _nk, both of sis. _ a luraly szemhlye k6 -nycij'a), adlj. otteetttd all; muli- (formerly) 31iuall: used with personal ister in attendance (a latsuffixes, e. g. mindnya- eme); taeza hlkhlli -, minijunk, all of us; we all. s- ster not member of thte

Page  94 Miniszter-elnok 94 Cabinet: and see Vocabul- Minositesi, adj. =- minoary. II (diplomatic) min- sito. ister (plenipotentiary and Min6sithltetlcn,(-iil),adj. envoy extraordinary). ~-el- unqualifiable. n6k, n. Prime Minister; Minosito, adj. - iv, - tabPremier. ~-elnoks6g, n. I lazat, conduct roll (secret prime ministry; premier- records of conduct of public ship. II Prime Ministry; functionaries). Prime Mini.ster's residence. Min6sitveny, (-ek, -t, -e), *~PMiniszteri, adj. min- n. description: certificate. isterial: ~ fogalmaz6, third- Mint, adv. I how? - vagy? class clerk: ~ hivatalnok, how are you? II as conj. ministerial official: ~ tana- as; like: fekete a szen, csos, ministerial councillor; (as) black as coal: ~ miniszsenior clerk: - tan&cskoz&s, ter, in his capacity as mincabinet council: ~ titkar, ister: ~ kBlt6, as poet. III ministerial secretary;junior as conj. than (after comparclerk. atives): 6desebb - a mez, ~iMiniszterium, (-ot, -a), sweeter than honey: id6 -n. ministry: (Angliaban) sebb - 6n, (he is) older than (Foreign; Home) Office: 1 (am); (he is) my senior. Board (of Trade): (Ameri- Minta, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. I kaban) Department. pattern (of cloth): sample ~.Miniszter-tanacs, n. I (of wheat): model (of machCabinet. II Cabinet Council: ine): specimen (of paper). ~rendelete, order in council. II mould (for casting); Mink, (-et), pers. pron. we: matrix: pattern (for em~et, us. broidery): stencil: model Min-magunk, pers. pron. (for copying by artist): (we) ourselves. type: formula; set jorm. III ~*hMinorita, (-ak, -at), n. (as prefix), standard: model. Minorite. — aru, n. sample goods (t. Mino, adj. I what? what sz.) — asztal, n. I mould kind of? what sort of? frame. II model table. ~II (used interjectionally): bab, n. model. ~-darab, n. what... what a...! ~== minta L ~-gazdasig, szemtelenseg! what in- n. model farm. ~-gyiijtesolence! ~ bolond! what a meny, n. collection of patfool! [itative. terns (samples; specimens). Minoleges, (-en), adj. qual- ~-iskola, n. model school Minoseg, (-et, -e), n. I (attached to training inquality (of): elso ~i1, first- stitute); normal school. rate; A. I.: rossz ii, in- ~-kep, n. I model; type; ferior: kozepes ufl, medium; original: prototype. II middling. II capacity (as (fig.) pattern; paragon; professor); quality; char- exemplar; prototype: vmiacter. nek ~e, a model...; an Minosegi, (-leg), adj. qual- ideal...; an exemplary... itative: of quality: -leg, in _-konyv, n. pattern book: quality. sample book. ~-lap, n. specMin6sit, (-ett), v. t. I clas- imen: sampler. ~-mersify. II qualify; fit. Im t6k, n. standard measure: estimate; appraise; rate. standard._-metsz6J,n.formMinosites, (-t, -e), n. I cutter; moulder. ~-rajz, n. classification. II qualifica- (original) design; pattern. tion; fitting. III estimation; ~-suily, n. standard meight. appraising; rating. IV == -szekr6ny, n. I mould minositvdny. box. II model cupboard etc. Mirol ~-szerii, (-en), adj. exemplary (conduct); admirable: model; ideal; classical (example). ~-szeriseg, (-et, -e), n. exemplary (admirable; model; ideal) character (of: see mintaszeriu). _- vazlat, n. cartoon (preparatory drawing). Mintaz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. model: mould; shape. Mintazas, (-t,-a),n. modelling: moulding; shaping. Mintaz6, A. (-t, -ja), n. modeller. B. adj. modelling. Mint-, prefix. ~-egy, adv. I about; some (hundred). II so to say; practically (speaking); to all intents and purposes; as it were. ~ha, conj. as ij; as though. ~-hogy, conj. seeing that; as; since; uhereas. ~-sem, conj. than (that). — semhogy, conj. (too wise) to (in Hungarian after a comparative). Mi-okbol, adv. why?'wherefore? for what reason? Mi6ta, A. conj. (= amiota): since. B. adv. since wshen? how long (have you been here)? Mile, A. conj. (= amire): by the time; as soon as. B. adv. I why II on what (do you count)? what (do you use it) for? fo what? III valo ez? what is the use (the object) of this! what are you driving at? why this...? megyiink? wihat good will (it) do us? what shall we gain by (it)? ~IMirha, (-at), n. (bot.) myrrh. Mirigy, (-ek, -et, -e), n. I gland. II boil: tumour. ~daganat, n. swelling of the glands. Mirigyes, adj. glandular; glandulous: (med.) adenoid. Mirigy-halal, n. plague. Mirol, A. conj. (= amiroil): of which: whereof. B. adv. of what? by what (can we tell)? for what (is he famous? how (do you know)?

Page  95 -r- _ ____ __ — a ----~-a~-cIr —~ssrrrl*~IIE-mr — RTc`--wi-n-r-~r —; Lrrnryym. Mirtus.iMirtus, (-t, -a), n. (bot.) myrtle. ~-koszorl, n. myrtle wreath. > Mise, (-6t,, ), n. (eccl.) mass: miset mond, celebrate mass: mis6t hallgat, hear mass: nagy ~, high mass: kis -, low mass. ~-aldozat, n. offertory. — ing, n. alb: surplice. _-kend6, n. corporal(e); communion cloth. -- konyv, n. missal; mass book. ~-mondas, n. celehration of mass.,-moid6, A. a, priest (celebrating mass). B. adj. mass-: for mass: ~ ruha, chasuble. - penz, n. mass money. <Mises, adj. missal: ~k6nyv, missal; mass-book: - pap, mass priest; priest celebrating ma.ss: szolga, acolyte. 'Mis6z, (-tem, -ett), v. i. celebrate mass; say mass. Misi, (-t), Miska, (-at), proper n. Michael. iMisszi6, (-t, -ja), n. mission: (polit.) commission..Misszionarlls, (-ok, -t, -a), n. missionary. Miszerint, A. conj. (= hogy): that. B. adv. I how? II whereupon. ~ Miszterium, (-ot, -a), n. mystery (play).?~Miszticzizmus, (-ot, -a), n. mysticism. '>Misztikus, (-an),adj. mystic(al): mysterious. Mit, A. see mi B. and C.: sem sejtve, without suspecting anything: sem tudva, quite unconsciously: - tudom en? 1 have not the least idea. B. adv. why? wthat... Jfo? - allsz ott? what (on earth) are you standing there for? ~ k6rdezel engem? why do you ask me. Mitevr, adj. - legyek? what am I to do? what shall I do? uem tudom, - legyek? I do not know what to do. '~Mithikus,(-an), adj. mythic(al): fabulous. '(Mithol6gia,(-at), n. mythology. ~*Mithologiai, adj. mythologic(al). lMithlosz, (-ok, -t, -a), n. myth. Mitol, A. conj. (== amitol): Jfrom which: from what. B. adv. by what (do you know)? of cwhat (are you afraid)? on what (does it depend)? what (makes you think)? Miutan, conj. I after (having); when (1 had). II since; seeing that; as. Miv, (mivet), n. = mu. Mivel, A. (-ter, -t), v. t. - muvel. B. conj. I since; seeing that; as. II because. C. adv. with what? by what (can you show)? what (are you engaged) on? what (do I owe you)? how (can you prove)? Miveles, Miveletlen stb. = mivelds, etc. Mivelieto, = muvelheto. Mivel-hogy, conj. = mivel B. I. Mivetl(d6s), Mivelod(ik), = miivelo, etc. Mivelt(s6e), = miiuelt(seg). Miveltet, stb. = milveltet, etc. Mives, stb. = maves, etc. Mivesz, stb. = miivesz, etc. Mivolta, n. vminek ~, nature; character; condition; quality. Mocczan, (-tam, -t), v. i. budge: stir: move. Mocczands, (-t, -a), n. budging; stirring: movement. Mocsair, (moosarat, mocsara), n. morass; marsh; swamp; bog; slough: (fig). sink (of corruption): nadas ~, Jen. Mocsaras, Mocsairos, (-an), adj. marshy; swampy; boggy; sloughy; morassy: fold, moorland; moor. Moesari, adj. marsh-: ~ g6lya-hir, (bot.), buttercup. Mocstr-, prefix. _-lz, n. marsh fever: malaria. ~le6, n. marsh gas. ~-virag, n. (bot.) marsh marigold. ~viz, n. bog water.. M6d M6csing, (-ot, -ja), n. tendon; sinew. M6csilngos, adj. tendinal; tendinous; sineowy: tough (meat); stringy. Mocskol, (-tam, -t), v. t. I dirty; make dirty; soil; defile; foul. II (fig.) defame; blemish (character); vilify; taint (reputation); slur; abuse: blackguard. Mocskol6das, (-t, -a), n. abuse; abusive language; vituperation; revilement; aspersion. Mocskol6d(ik),(-tam,-ott), v. i. be abusive; use abusive language; use invectives: vituperate. Mocskos, (-an), adj. dirty; soiled: obul (language); scurrilous: filthy: obscene (words); smutty; lewd. Mocskot, see mocsok. Mocsok, (mocskot, mocska), n. dirt; filth (fig. too): (fig.) stain; blemish; blot; spot: flaw. Mocsoktalan, (-ul), adj. (fig.) pure: unstained; stainless (reputation); spotless; without blemish; unblemished; untainted: flawless. M6cz, (-6k, -ot), n. (vulg.) Roumanian (of Transylvania); Wallachian. M6d, (-ot, -ja), n. I mode(of action); way; manner; method: hasonl6 -on, in a similar way: ilyen ~on, in this way; in this manner: thus: semmi -. nowise: szokott,on. in the usual way: a kovetkez6 -on, as follows: vminek ~jara, like (something); after the manner o; & la...: macska ~jara, like a cat: a kerdezes ~ja, the manner of questioning. II means: expedient; way: chance; opportunity; possibility: nem latom ~jat, I cannot see how (to); I see no chance (of): nem tudom ~jat, I do not see how it is to be done: nines benne, nines rh,, it is out of the question: van ~ja benne, it

Page  96 Mod-belt 96 Mokdnvsa'g is in his powcer: lie can: Modor-, (-t, -a), n. (a per- lena stirly; pettisli tomegtala'lja -ja't. -ot tWli, sonls) maniners (t. sz.):be- kintet, scowl. fi ni a means (to) -, fiol waa/s haoiour; denteaunonr _JIn, AMo~orv;1stif, (-at -a), I. and mneans: -jaban hil1t, be irell-behaced; inannierly. mnoroseness; peevishness head it in his powver (to):he Modoros, (-an), adj. a~lrccl- suirliness pelttisness. coalel harle (done it) h Ia e-dci strcoined (style). Moqlotj~6, (-t, -ja). n. (hot.) jaut ejtheti, if You canl ' if MO(lOIoSsft,-,1 (-ot, -a), a. taze!-nut; nut: filbert,yo!osibly can: inegdda flOfe'sl Jlcion: )Okior,.-fiit, hazel. _-faa _jht, give (one) a chancy Q5aIfcted~ness. v4Ss~z(), II. hazel-roil; haze/ (to): _jitban 'a11, (or, van), Mdd)(os, (-,an),ad;i. I wrealth??; wland. _-4atj'Ifnn:, D. (hat.) be in (one's) poscer; be able wcell-to-(lo: c.ell-olf]; opulent. shiallot; scallion. -140 (to): -nines -omuban, I can- II maninesl~ l well-behaved; ii. (zoal.) bdiountse. not;it is not is suy powrer coutrteouis; gentlenzanly vr- Mogvq, d. azl (to). Ill jo' -, svealth; eais p bane. AMoqyor6-szajki6, n.(zaal.) circumstances (t. sz.):j6 O' _, M16dosit, (-ott), v. t. Change siul-cracker. wealthy (man): he is well (opinion) amcuend (propos- Molt, (-at, -a), Molha, (-htt, off: jh 6 ban 61, live at ease; al); alter; qutalify (state- -itja), n. MOlSS Rmolhval labe wealthy; be well off. IV mont); revise (vesdict); maci- clett, mass-grown; mnossy. (gramm.) mood: jelentd " ifyj (terms of contract). Mohliint(rn)cdftn, (-oh, -t, indlicative (mood): koto" WM (lositAs, (-ok, -t, -a), n. -ja), n. and adj. Alohanvanedcon~junctive (mood): felszfi)- I change; eimendlment (of) an; Mo1homne/an; Mahom1HO (parancsolh') -, imnperat- alteration; qiinlificationt eclan. - ire (mood): (hhajtb -, optat- revision;modification. IL -~ Molhar, (-t, -ja), an. (bot.) ire (mood).V other phrases: ninolsit'ejo.- panic greass;panie i. -f elett, -nh'lkifi, extremely; M16dosit6,' adj. changqing; Mohl-fe(lte, Mtol-lep~te, exceedingly; excessively: j6 onsending;qualifying: adj. moss-growa-; mossy. (szehp) ~jahval, aemicably:by jatvasl-at, am~endme'nt. iA1oli-ifl~rnfi, adlj. mus-,coiil; fair, nieans: csodhlatos -on, MWdositvhniy, (-ok, -t, -a), moss~ike. strange to sail; strangely a. amnendmeent (made); Moht6, (-a or -an), adj. eager-; enouigh. _-b1li, aclj. modal. r-ider,. greedy,; voraciouis (appetite): / oel,(-ek, -t, -je), a. At6domssmig, (-ot, -a), ii. _vxhgy, eager louying; cravmodlel. irca/h; opideuce. m ug. YM-Aodlcr, (-stl), aclj. I mod- NIO(lostil, (-t), v. 1. chanqe; 1vtoiholy,(snalyhot,molyha), ern; recent. II1fashionable; alter: be changed; be modl- a. clown; flut. np-to-d ate. fhed; be amended; be revised. Moltos, (-an), adj. I mossy; k~<Modernizftl, (-t), v. t. M16dosuldhs, (-t, -a), n. - moss-growcn.II downy (chin). modernise: bring up to date. mdodsitas I. M.ohIIO s'Agf, (-ot, -a), a. h~Moderiiizldals, (-t, -a), mm. M 6doz.-t, (-aot, -a), an. I way/; eagerne3ss; a lacrity: grecedimodernisation. mode (of procedure); ntess; greed; voracionsuness; -XModeriis~g, (-et, -e), a. maniner. II comlition. voracitp. fashionable (up - to - date) Mddra, adv. like; as; after Moltos'od(fik), (-ott), v. i. character (of). the mianner (of). become mossy (or, mossMl6d-felett, adv. exceed- M.6d-szer, (-ek, -t, -e), a. growrn). ingly; excessively; ex- met lid. M6dka,, (hit, -hja), n. antic; tremely; enormously. MWd-szeres, (-en), adj. drolleryj; trick; fun; (vulg-) M.6d-feletti, adj. excessive; methodical: reysdar;formal. tomfoolery. immoderate; enormous; M6d-szer-tan, mm. method- Mokminiy, (-ul), adj. I cloivnextraordinary; extrosagant. ics (t. sz.); methodology, isle; boorish; churlish; unhXIM16di, (-t), n.(vulg.)fashiou: M.6d-szertelen, (-ill), ndj. polished; rude; coarse: rhgi -, old-f'rashioned; oat-o -f- unmethodical: irregular; emiber, churl. II obstinate; date: antiquated: Aj -, neie- casutal. persistent; unbending. Ill 'fashioned; np-to-date; lash- MWd-szertelens*6g, (-et, shrewvd; smart; crafty: ionable: neicfangled (idea). -e), n. lack of1 met/tad: an- plucky; go-ahead. M6dij~val, adv. I with methodical (irregular; cas- Mokttnysihg, (-ot, -a), a. I moderation; in moderatioss: meal) character (of). cloiwnishness; boorishness; nvi/h discretion. Id see mnddV. MWdti, suffix. see mdd III. rudeness; churlishness; M6d1-nlkfi1(i), - meid- Mogorvm.I, (-han), adj. mar- coarseness. II obstinacy; perfelett(i). ase; peevish; crabbed; sal- sistence; grit. III shrewd

Page  97 -9 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~a- 0 `~T' M6kas ness; smartness; craftiness: pluck. Mokds, A. (-ok, -t), n. jester; merry Andrew. B. (-an), adj. witty; droll; antic; arch; playful. MLokAz(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. jest; play tricks; antic; joke; make fun; play the fool. M6kus,(-ok, -t, -a),n. (zool.) squirrel. Moldva, (-at), proper n. Moldavia. Moldvai, (-ak), n. and adj. Moldavian. Molniar, (-ok, -t, -ja), n. miller. ~-fecske, n. (zool.) house martin. ~-inas, n. miller's apprentice; miller's boy. ~-legeny, n. miller's man. ~-nlester, (manter) miller. ~-mestersIs,, n. miller's trade; milling. - ne, n. miller's wife. ~ostya, n. hollow wafer. Moly, (-ok, -t, -a), n. (zool.) moth: (book) wcorm,,-ette, adj. moth-eaten (cloth): worm-eaten (book). Molylt, (-ot), n. = moholy. Molylios, (-an), adj. downy;.flufy. Molyos, (-an), adj. mothy; moth-eaten; wormy; wormeaten. Mond, (-tam, or -ottam, -ott), v. t. t. I say (something); tell (to): azt -jhk, igy jkak, it is said; it is reported: vkirol 1jak, (he) is said (to): azt jhak, hogy, we are told (that): vkinek utina ~, tell stories of; backbite: ugyan ne ~ja, you don't mean it! really! II declare; affirm; assert. HI vminek ~ja, call; repute: pronounce (guilty); declare: dub (someone, as something). IV name (a sum): state: make (speech); deliver (judgment);pass (sentence): give (opinion); express celebrate (mass): pay (compliment); bid (farewell); say (goodbye): atkot ~, curse: j/venddt, 97 prophesy; tell fortunes; tell (one's) Jortunle: mes6t ~, tell a tale: rosszat vkirol, defame; slander; speak ill of (one). V vminek ~ ja magat, profess (to be): pretend (to be). VI mean; signify: nem sokat ~, (it) does not mean much; (it) is not of any importance: sokat t6, stb. see mondo. Monda, (-ak, -at, -hja), n. legend; saga; tradition. Monlai, adj. legendary; fabulous. [cycle. londalll-kol, n. (legendary) Mond.ani, infin. see mond. ^-val6, (-t, -ja), n. what (one) has to say: tale: story: (one's) say: nincs ~m, I hare nothing to say. Mondfis, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I saying (of); telling. II saying; saw: phrase: expression: eros (vaskos) ~, strong exp- ssion; strong terms (t. sz.): jeles (velos) -, maxim; adage: elmes ~, witty say7 ing; smart saying: furcsa, (szokatlan),, paradox: verses ~, epigram. Mondat, A. (-tam, -ott), v. t. vl;ivel vmit ~, have (one) say; make (one) say: prompt. B. (-ok, -ot, -a), n. sentence: period. ~-alkotlts, n. sentence structure: construction. ~-ffizes,.-kotes, n. connection of sentences: conposition. ~-r6sz, n. member (part) of a sentence. ~-szerkezet, n. structure (of a sentence): construction. ~tan, n. syntax. — tani, adj. syntactic(al). Monda-vilig, n. legendary wrorld: world of sagas; folklore. Mondlllatatlan, (ul), adj. unutterable; ineffable; unspeakable. Mond6, adj. I a vagyok, I am of opinion; I believe: (Am.) I guess. II sokat,, significant: suggestive: semmit ~, insignificant: unpretentious (person): futile; idle. Moralista Mondogat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. (frequentative): keep saying. Mondoka, (.at, -aja), n. (one's) say; short speech; address. Mondola, stb. see mandula, etc. Monldott, adj. and n. I (the) said. II a ~ak uthn, after what has been said. iMlonduir, (-ok, -t, -ja), n. regimentals (t. sz.). Mondva, adv. I k6ztiink legyen ~, entre nous; in confidence. II csinhlt, a) invented: feigned; sham: b) made to order. Monlol, (-ok, -t, -ja), n. and adj. MIongol; Mongolian. ~-oIrszaiJ, proper n. Mongolia. ~-Monolog, (-ot), n. monologue: soliloquy. hMonologizft.l, (-tam, -t), v. i. monologise: soliloquise. '^Monopolium, (-ok, -ot, -a), n. monopoly. IMonopolizal, (-tam, -t), v. t. monopolise. Y~Monostor, (-ok, -t, -a),n. monastery; cloister: apatsagi -, abbey. Monltika, (-at), n. (bQt.) oxeye. Mony-tovi, adj. (med.) prostatic: -mirigy, prostate. iMopsz, (ot), N.Mopszli, (-t) n. pug (dog). M6r, A. (-t), proper n. Maurice. B. (-ok, -, ja), n. Moor. C. adj. Moorish: Mo'isco (language): Moresque (architecture); Arabesque. Moraj, (-ok, -t, -a), n. murmur (of water): rumble (of thunder or carts): hum (of traffic). Morajl.is, (-, -a), n, I moraj. II roaring; roar: hubbub (of voices). Morajl(ik), (-ott), v. i. murmur: rumble. II roar. I ~-Moril, (-ok, -t, -ja), n. I morality. II moral (of story). ~ hMortilis, (-an), adj. moral. ~Moralista, (-hk, -at, -aja,) n. moralist. 7 Yolland: Magyar-angol szdtad. II.

Page  98 Moralizal ~Moralizal, (-tam, -t), v. i. moralise. Moresos, Morezos, (-an), adj. = mogorva. Mord, (-ul), adj. fierce; savage; ferocious; grim; fell; bitter: stern (look); sinister:.an (~ul) n6z, scowl; frown. Mordaly, (-ok, -t, -a), n. (arch.) dagger; dirk; poniard. -6eget6, n. incendiary. Mordul, (-tam, -t), v. i. vkire ~, go for (someone); hector; bully; (vulg.) blow up; snarl at: turn on. More, (-et), n. (vulg.) gipsy..M6res, (-t), n. -re tanit, teach (one) manners; give (one) a lesson: make (someone) knuckle under. ~>Morfium, (-ot, -a), n. morphia. *:Morfondiroz, (-tam,-ott), v. i. be in a brown study. Morgas, (-t, -a), n. I murmuring; murmur; grumbling; growling; snarling (of dog). II murmur (of water): and see moraj. Morg6, adj. murmuring (water): grumbling; growling. [morgds I Morgol6das, (-t, -a), n. = Morgol6d(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. = morog. Morgott, see morog. M6ricz, (-ot), proper n. Maurice. iM6oring, (-ot, -ja), n. dower; dowry. ~-level, n. marriage contract. Mork6lab, (-ot), n. (arch.) werewolf. Mormog, (-tam, -ott), v. i. I mumble; mutter: growl. II (of water) murmur: (of brook) babble; gurgle. Mormogas, (-t, -a), n. I mumbling; muttering: growling. II murmuring; murmur (of water): babbling; babble (of brook) gurgling. Mormog6,adj. I mumbling; muttering; growling. II murmuring: babbling; gurgling. Mormol(is), Mormol, = mormog, etc. 98 ~hMormot6r, (-t), n. - murmuter. Morog, (-tam, morgott), v. i. murmur: grumble; growl; (of dog) snarl. Morotva, (-at, -aja), n. I marsh; swamp; morass: bog; fen. II puddle; pool. Morotvas, (-an), adj. marshy; swampy; morassy: boggy. [mogorva. ->Morozus, (-an), adj. = Morva, A. (-at), proper n. March (river). B. (-ak, -at), n. and adj. Moravian. - olszag,proper n. Moravia. Morzsa, (-ak, -At, -aja), n. crumb (of bread): morsel; bit; chip; fragment. Morzsdl, (-tam, -t), v. t. crumble: crumb (bread). Morzsalek, (-ot, -a), n. crumbs (t. sz.): chips (t. sz.); fragments (t. sz). Morzsa16d(ik), (-ott), v. i. crumble: break into (small) pieces. Morzsinyi, adj. a crumb of (bread): a bit of; a morsel of: tiny; wee. Morzsika, A. (-at, -aja), n. (tiny) morsel: (not) a bit. B. adj. tiny: wee; infinitesimal. Motrzs6ka, (-at), n. (a kind of) dough or cake. Morzsol, (-tam, -t), v. t. I = morzsdl. II rub: hull (corn). Morzsolgat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. I frequentative of morzsol (q. v.) II= majszol. Morzsolod(ik), (-ott), v. i. morzsdl6d(ik). Mos, (-tam, -ott), A. v. t. I wash: buddle (ore): (fig.) cleanse. II (of waves) wash (shore): lap: lave. III kez kezet,, one good turn deserves another: kezet sa, wash (one's) hands (of). B. v. i. wash. Mosakodas, (-t, -a), n. I wash. II (fig.) excuse(s); apology. Mosakod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. I wash. II (fig.) make excuses; wash (one's) hands: try to clear (oneself). Mosolygas Mosas. (-t, -a), n. washing; wash: buddling (of ore): ~ba ad, send to the wash: nagy,, washing day. Mosat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. have (something) washed. Mosatlan, (-ul), adj. unwashed. Mosdani, infin. see mosd(ik). Mosdat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. wash. Mosdatlan, (-ul), adj. I unwashed. II (fig.) dirty; smutty; filthy; obscene; foul (mouthed). Mosd(ik), (-ott), v. i. wash. Mosdo, A. (-t, -ja), n. washstand; wash-hand stand. B. adj. for washing:.asztal, = mosdd A.: ~edeny, tAl, wash-basin; wash-hand basin; wash-bowl: ~ keszlet, basin and ewer; chamber utensils; wash-stand set: ~ kesziilek, washing apparatus: ~korsb, ewer; jug: viz, water for washing. Moshato, (-an), adj. washable; washing: (vulg.) wash. Moslek, (-ot, -a), n. dishwater; slops (t. sz.); dishwash: (for pigs) swill; swillings (t. sz.); hog wash; (distiller's) wash: (of soup) wish-wash. ~-csatorna, n. sink. Mos6, (-at, -ja), n. washer. B. adj. washing: for washing. — arany, n. wash gold; gold dust. ~-asszony, n. = moso-no. ~-edeny, n. wash - basin; wash - hand basin. Mosogat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. I wash; keep washing; wash by degrees. II wash up (crockery): rinse (clothes). Mosogatas, (t, -a), n. 1 (repeated) washing. II washing up; wash-up: rinsing. Moso, prefix. ~-haz, n. wash-house; washing house. ~-hord6, n. wash-tub. - intezet, n. laundry. kad, n. wash-tub. ~-konyha, n. = mosd-hdz. Mosoly, Mosolygas, (-ok.

Page  99 Mosolygo6 99 Mozgathat6 -t, -a), n. smile: smiling: (mesterkelt) smirk:(guinyos) sneer: (egyfigyi) simper. Mosolyg6, adj. smiling: (fig.) amiable; pleasant; genial. Mosolyog, (-tam, mosolygott), v. i. smile: (mesterk6lten) smirk: (gunyosan) (sneer): (egyiigyien) simper: vkire ~, smile at: smile upon. Mos6-, prefix. ~-medve, n. (zool.) raccoon; coon; mapach; washer; washing bear. _-ne, — n6, n. washerwoman; laundress. rongy, n. dish cloth. ~tekno, n. washing trough. Mosott, adj. washed: buddled (ore): arany, wash gold. Most, adv. now; at present: this time: csak 2, only just: 6p-, this very moment; just: - is, still: ~ ez egyszer, for once; this time: - sem, not yet. Mostan, adv. = most: ~ aban, at present; at the present time: lately;recently:.t61 kezdve, from now; from today. Mostanaban, adv. see mostan. Mostanalg, adv. == mostanig. Mostani, adj. present: current (rate of exchange). Mostanig, adv. hitherto: up to thepresent; (up) till now. Mostanra, adv. for the present. Mostansag, adv. = mostandban (see mostan). Mostoha, A. (-ak, -At, -Aja), n. -= mostoha anya or apa. B. (-an), adj. I step-: - anya, stepmother. - apa, - atya, stepfather: ~batya, (elder) stepbrother: ~ gyermek, stepchild: ~ hig, (younger stepsister: - nne, (elder) stepsister: ~ cs, (younger) stepbrother: sziil8k, stepparents (t. sz.): - testver, stepbrother; stepsister: ~ le any, stepdaughter: ~ fiu, stepson: - fiver. stepbrother: n6ver, stepsister. II (fig.) stepmotherly: cruel; harsh; unfair; unkind; hard (fate); ill (luck); adverse (circumstances); unpropitious; unfavourable: stern; severe: slighting; off-hand. Mostohasag, (-ot, -a), n. (fig.) cruelty; unfairness (of treatment); unkindness; hardness: sternness; severity: stepmotherly etc. character or nature (of: see mostoha B. IL). Moszat, (-ot, -ja,) n. (bot.) alga; sea weed: lichen. Moszk6, (-ot), = muszka. Moszkva, (-at), proper n. Moscow. Mot6la, (-Ak, -At, -aja), n. reel (for winding yarn). Mot61ol, (-tam, -t), v. t. reel (yarn); wind. Motolla, n. = motdla. '~Motor, (-ok, -t, -a), n. motor (machine). ~-kocsi, n. = motoros kocsi. ~XM6toros, adj. provided with a motor: -kocsi, motorcar. Motoszkal, (-tam, -t), v. i. I grope about; fumble about; rummage. II vmi -a fejeben, have something on (one's) mind: be in the vapours. Motoz,(-tam,-ott,)v.t.search (one): rummage (drawer). Motozas, (-t, -a), n. searching; search: rummaging. Motozk&l, v. t. = motoszkdl. Motring, (-ot, -ja), n. reel (of cotton): skein (of wool); skain. [bundle. Motyo, (-t, -ja), n. pack; Motyog, (-tam, -ott), v. i. mutter (to oneself). Motyogas, (-t, -a), n. muttering. ~*iMozaik, (-ot, -ja), n. mosaic (as adj. too). ~-arany, n. mosaic gold. Mozdit, (-ottam, -ott), v. t. move: displace; remove; stir. Mozditis, (-t, -a), n. mov ing: displacement; removal: stirring. Mozdithat6, (-an), adj. movable: adjustable; flying (bridge): mobile. Mozdit6, adj. moving: motive (force); motor. Mozdony, (-ok, -t, -a), n. engine; locomotive. ~-vezeto, n. engine-driver. Mozdul, (-tam, -t), v. i. move: stir; budge. Mozdulas, (-t, -a), n. I moving: stirring; budging: motion. II = mozdulat. Mozdulat, (-ok, -ot, -a), n. movement: (kifejezo) gesture. Mozdulatlan, (-ul), adj. motionless: fixed; stationary: still. Mozdulatlansag, (-ot, -a), n. motionlessness; immobility: fixedness. Mozes, (-t), proper n. Moses. Mozgalmas, (-an), adj. stirring (times); cxciting: tumultuous; troublous: active (life); busy; bustling. Mozgalom, (mozgalmat, mozgalma), n. movement: commotion; agitation; upheaval; turmoil: action. Mozgas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I moving; movement; motion: headway (of ship): ba hoz, set in motion; set going; start: ~ba jon, move; get going; get started: ~ra k6 -pes, mobile; able to move: szabad t tere, free play; free scope: latitude: kering6 ~, rotation: gyorsitott ~, accelerated motion; acceleration: lassitott ~, slackening motion: - tengelye, axis of rotation. ~tan, n. dynamics (t. sz.); mechanics (t. sz.). Mozgat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. move; set in motion: stir: (fig.) stir up; incite; work up: set on foot; set going. Mozgatas, (-t, -a), n. moving; setting in motion: stirring; incitement; working up. Mozgathat6, (-an), adj. movable: mobile. 7*

Page  100 Mozfgat4 too Ntul-aftat,Ao74Jat6, atdj. maor/ag: muu/- Mlzzaiinatos, adj. i/is/dtil- Altifiisz!,is, ('It. -t, -a), n. ire vcrc) g-, oor: oat.eq/el oTh a.%ot (aof duty) id10g. motar a crcC. II4 zsa r, (ii1ozsarn at, In')- 'bhrrumtow; a/stare~e (fro/ 11A)zi161kony, (-an), adj. c- rr),n. I naul/ar (fur sshool):iugi ghnace; catrelessivbe l1)ersorl);agile; nintile; pomidno,):(cheni. g / 's ~u brisk; busy;quick; aler-t. eqJJot. 11 h'Igyfi) am] tar. Mu1tlat, (-tam, -ott), v. i. sprightly: licel!/. Alosn-,i i:iz:s, (-t. -a), ii. (arch.),rmnain; stag 51/a Mozq6kon~ys//, (a,-a, h1/ i/tmrtr oar- wbe ei). II pa(155 (onle's) n.-aetivity; agilug; nunlble- tar tire, time; 1 uicpie the time. III Sie/s; brisk//ms; iticknemi,, MloZSdr,1 - tiii6, MtozS~u- ruboy (oeef;aaitse (onealertness; sprigittline,,s. ii6, a. pestle, self): hare a 1jood time; Mozg6, adj. I macing:Mozsdv-virdg, I. (ba t.) vhin - be amutsed (by): mobile: mocable. 11 loose Iieldl balm. make fuin (of);make inerrg usssteadly; shaky; tottering. Xl1og1, adv. (go) behind. (over):viiiin -, be enterIII ambulant; anibita/arg 11 6iiott, ady. I behinid (place tained (by);enjog (some. not stationary:.-hid, hrying wi/are); at the back a!': thing) be direr/ed (by). IV bridge: 6rlikz, amb-I us edc with personal suffixes: (ivhssal) carouse; recel balance; field hospital c -m, b ehind me: a ha'tam ~ hare a spree; be (ant) on -p6sta. mail can; mail behind my back: in my the spree. coach: -thbor, flying camtp: atbsence. II (remain) at the~ MudattAS, (-ok, At, -a), D. I khp, firing p ic/nrec: (Am.) back: after: in, the rear (of) atnasemnent; entertainment; Inaie. IV mtarab/e (feast): behind': -a marad vkinek, dirersian. II carauisal; re-.aiotar (nerve) _-k~p-szin- ibe in eerier to; tie second to retry; revels (t. sz.):jollifiattz. kinema; cinema: (none): vminiek- e marad, cation: (zajos) orgy. electric thteatre. fal1 short of; stat came IMtlLM6, A. (-k, -t, -ja, D. Mozgo16ddds, (-t, -a), ai. I u1p to. Mitstatts he.y. 1B. adlj. atonement: fitgeting. II (fig.) Mdjdttes, adj. or~szdIg, ihely, place of entertaincomnmotionl; restlessness; tur- interior (of a country) mient; place of antusement: snail. hti tert and. ntuimeItatl: -kert, pleatsure Mozgo16d(ik), (-tam, -ott, MWgiiI, tady, from behind. gralunds (t. Sz.) -pajts,~S v. I stir; mace: mot'e Mutezi, A. (-t, -ja), n. (ehilrl totAs, (xulg.) pot-caatpanian: about; fidget. II (fig.) be ran's pet name) bunng tel/auw-met-eter; boon camin a turmmtail; be in coin- (rabbit). B. adlj. (vuig.) cdeart, 1 ttaniait. nsa/ion; be restless. darling. Mu! dos, (-an), taij. mtecca Mciozg6si t, (-ott), v. t. mtob- t//Muff, (-at, -Ja), a. mnull (felow);joa fg1; grty; Joia/: ilis (asiny): rall asmt (mi- M~ukk, (-a), n. egy -ot se full of animal spirits: litia): call up (soldiers). sz6l, siat titter' a syllable 'ember, (vuig.) spasrk; blade; Mozgdsittas, (-t, -a", a1. egy -at seo stat a irord! Jot/it dog: i'ake. mtobilisation: callisig a/it; Alukkan, (-t), n. = meg- Mlulatoz, (-tam. -ott). v. i. calling up. niocezan. frequentative forml of maMozfgott, see snazag M uk k~tanss, (- t, - a), n. (not) lat 1- IT'. (q. v.) Mlozi, (-ik, -t, -js,) a. (vuig.) a saotmd; (not) a syllable. Mlulatozziis, (-ok. -t, -a), an. kineina; cinemha; picture Mluland6, arlj. ti-ansient; inn/ate/s (the worth imthea/se; electric thteat me. transitory; stat durable; plies protraction). Mlozogj, (-tam. nmozgott), v. fleeting '(joy); short-/iced; Mlul~atshg, (-olt, -ot, -at), a. 1.Imore: slir-; get going; evamtescent; ephemeral; pas- I divei ',iom; ttmusement get started: bud/ge: kbrbea -, sitg (symptom);Jugitive; en/etei~tttinmeatt.pastisuce;spoit: turn sostnd; recolte. II (hig.) mromtentary: ladinsg (glory). mersy —inakiiig: recre-a/ion.IT shetke; totter; be s-imsteady; Muland6sh,,1, (at, -a), a. estlertainm)ent: (evening) be loose: -ni kezd, get loose. ti-anitoriness; transient etc. pam/ta: (school) treat. III szabadon -, 1) be free; character or na/use (of: see Mulu t sdtj os, '-an). adj. be at liberty: b) htace _free tnulandni). emnusiuig; enttertatining play. Mulifs, (-t, -a), a. = el- /atigltable (farce): diverting. Mozog1hat6, (-an),adj. man- mytfis. tb~~Nulattt, (-ott). ii. mn/attn. (able. Mulaszt, (-ott), v. t. mniss Mulattut, (-tam, ott). v. t. M~ozzanat, (-olk, -at. -a), n. (lesson); be absesnt from: amuise; entertaiiit; diirert moment (essential element): neg/ect (dutry); aonit; lence recreate: keep (someone) motif. iitndane; fail to do. Icompany.

Page  101 Al tIlatta LItS AtIuIla, tt I; UIS, (-t, -a), II. amuiieiL/iiiit ( f); (lick cinel ent citaiinijictit icrcreat iott. Mtt1atita~tht, adj. - inuiliticeagos. Mulekoity, (-an), adj. /leetDi pasug ejiheineicul (joys) ti-aa naient (pleasure'); transitory: temporary: and se~e mnodand4. Mu1kloirys-ag, (-ot, -a), n. see iiln~cq AMullsatatlauu, (-ul1), adj. indispensable; 7tnavoidlable; iiiperative (necessity); isieritable: essential: - ul sziiks(~ges, absolutely snece~sairi. I (of tinme) p)ass: pass away; cease: (lisajppear; vanish: (cif time) elapse;fleet awvay: iclejb't (divatjh't) mAdita, outo~f-date: antiquated; obsolete. II vkin (vmiin) - dlepend on: be due to: ez rajtad -, it depends on you,: it is your fa4ult: rajtatm nem fog nidlni, it sllU be nIo fault of seine (if): necn rajtaim inult, it was no fadult of seine (that) ez csak a bhtorsilgon -, all that is required is couiaye it is a matters of courage: kevbsb~e (kiesibe) mifilt, hogy...., it was a narrow' shave: it was touch aiid go: (it) all but (si ~ceecled) ami kbsik, nien -, better late tihin never. A16l6, (in), ad. inuand16. Mlult, Muilt, A. (-at, -ja), ii. (the) pest. 13. aclj. I past: last (week): a -6evben, last year. II (gsainm.) perfect (tense). Malta, Mfilta, ni. pas~singj latpse (of time); egy 6v multau (muilthval), after the lapse al a ylear; a yeas later: id6 multalval, in time; in cons-se o f tiiie. Alfilt-koiv, adv. the other day: not long ago. it1iltui, suf fix. wcith (a certain) past. Misilva, Muilva, adv. after 101 (o 1past):hence (of future),il (aiihour): id6vid icid, (hie) s~Oon (alplicareci): (I will eonie,)aliortly; in ci short PilL: Ilmiaro hit -, three ekslisteir: (lie, will be heare,) int three iceeks. Mul~ya, A. n. simpleton; nininy; nilicompoop: dolt; lubber.. adj. doltish simiple. PMisuna, (-Ak, -kt, -Aja),n. iiiuiiiiy. ~-szerhi, (-en), innitinmiforin,; ummuonmijied. MUmRUS, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I bogy; bogey; boyle. II buigbear. Mtunka, (-Ak, -ftt, -ftja), n. I wrork (done);labour: toil; pains (t. sz.): efforts (t. es.); teljesitett (veigzett) -, perfoi mance; accoimplishiient achiereinent; piece of wrork: eldleges -, preparatory,work; ivork done in acdvance: preparations (t. sz.): fOnOtt ic icker-wrork; gyhri -,factory wcork:miianiijacture szeile-i, bralin icork munkkra kipes, capable of icorlk; able-bodied: munkhra kiptelen, incapable of' wrork; disabled: vkinek munkht ad, emiploy: munkkhoz fog, (lkt), set to work: inuinkkba vesz, set about; begin; take in hand: nmunrkkba ad, hare (something) miade: munkalban van, be in hand; be in the snakingl. II workimanship (of). Ill (-maid): cork; composition: (fig.) deed: irott -, wrriti~ng. -a1,n. employer. _-b6r~, ruages (of laboulrer)..-birvas, n. ability (to wrork) capacity (of machine) energy. _-liro, adj. capable of irorking; ableboilied; strong: enerfietic. — dij, n. irages. _-ei6, nr. I —munkabirds. II srorkman worker. — feloszt:1iS, n. clirision of labour. _-id, n. wrorking tine; hofurs of work (t. sz.). — kedv, n. lore of work; ambition to work. _ k&~pes, adj.- inunkdira k6 - kh61tptlets, acd. iiii kdam em cpte~eu (see iiioiilhi I). _ekviulo, A. i.silcr slatckci (vul~g.) diione. ]3J. 'edlj uneciling to work: lazy; indolenst: slack. _koi-, n. sphere (of actirity): mnovince; depic:'tment. _-KzVeti6, ii. labour exchantge. lmiukill, (-am, -t), A. v. t. z mnegininekiil. B. v. i. vuisukdlkad(ik) and nmii'k6 -(l(ik). Maunkdlat, (-at, -a), ni. I irork (done): perf'oriucnce accoinplishsnent. II irork; composition: essay; treatise: report., Ill (mui.) operation. Alunkailkodtss, (-t, -a), n. actirity; wrork. Munksilikod(ik), (-tam, -Ott), v. i. wrork; be actire; be engaged (in): egyimttt coiperate. Mlutnka-rnegosztfis, n. division o~flabour. AMinka-nap, -n. wrork-day icorking day. Attmnk~a-nekifli, A. (-ok., -t), n. unemployed. B. ad). omit-of-wmork; unemployed. Alunka-r~end, n. programme. MT ankhs, A. (-oh, -t, -a),. wrorkmsan; worker-; labourer-; (factosy) hand; opercatire. 13. adj. diligent; hard-irorking; laborious; assiduous: paiisstaking; inilustriovis actire; busy: studious. _Jbiztositds, a. uorokers,, insurance. ~-1hiz, -n. labourer's, direlling. — k6u'de6s, n. (thie) labour qutestion. -ss60, a1. (femnale) worker; labourer; hand: wrorkwroman; operatire. - 0Szthl'1y, n. labouring cas urorking classes (t. muz.): labour. Mumikuisstifj, (-of, -a), a. I = —munkdlkoclds.TI diligence; assiduity; indnstry; activity; hard irork. Ill (collectively) labourers; urork

Page  102 Munkas-sztll6 102.Muzsika ers (t. sz.); working (labour- 'lMust, (-ot, -ja). n. must; good; be an omen of; foreing) classes (t. sz.): labouzr. stum. bode; portend; presage; Munkas-szall6, n. lod- Mustar, (-ok, -t, -ja), n. I foretoken: indicate. ging-house (for workmen): (bot.) mustard (plant): kerti Mutatas, (-t, -a), n. I showdoss-house. i, rocket. II (prepared) ing; display: exhibition: Munkfs-szervezet, n. mustard. _-liszt, n. grolund l poduction; presentation. II trade union. I mustard seed; mustard (in shoLing; expression. Munka-sziinet, n. I holi- powder). -niag, n. mus- Mutatkoz(ik), (-tam, -ott), day: rest. II strike. tard-seed. -tapasz, n.mus- v. i. I show (oneself); apMunka-tars, n. collaborat- tard plaster. pear: put in an appearance: or: contributor (to paper); XMustos, (-an), adj. musty: present (oneself): be seen. II correspondent. kolbasz, sausage prepared appear (to be); seem. III Munkatlan, (-ul), adj. I with must. prove (grateful); show (oneunoccupied; without employ- i'Mustra, (-ak, -at, aja), n. self). IV promise (to be); ment: idle; inactive; in- = minta I —I. -birka, n. give promise (of); bid fair dolent. II unemployed; out- sheep rejected as unsuitable (to be). of-work. for breeding purposes. ~- Mutat6, A. (-k, -t, -ja), n. I Munkatlansag, (-ot, -a), konyv, n. = minta-konyv. index (of book): register. II n. I want of occupation (or,.Mustral, (-tam, -t), v. t. sample (of goods): specemployment): leisure: idle- discard; reject: cast off. imen; pattern: ~ba (goods) ness; inactivity; indolence..Mustra-lap, n. =minta- on approval. III hand (of II unemployment. lap. [ed (linen). watch or clock). B. adj. I Munka-igy, n.(the) labour XMustras,(-an),adj.diaper- showing: pointing. II - lap question. ' Muszaj, A. (-t), n. neces- i face (of watch): ~ nevmas, Munka-iigyi, adj. labour-; sity: compulsion; constraint: demonstrative pronoun:, miniszter, Labour Min- a - nagy ur, there is no ujj, forefinger: index (-finister: ~ hivatal (Internat- virtue like necessity. B. v. i. ger). ional) Labour Bureau. must (with infinitives). C. Mutat6s, (-an), adj. showy; Munka-vezeto, n. fore- interj. you must! pretentious; garish; ostentaman: overseer. Muszka, A. (-At), n. Mus- tious; gaudy; gorgeous: Mura, (-At), proper n.(river) covite: Russian. B. adj. specious. Mur. ~-koz, n. district be- Muscovite; Muscovitic; Mutatvany, (-ok, -t, -a), n. twveen the Mur and the Drave. Muscovy: Russian. ~-ba- I sample: pattern: specimen. Muri, (-t, -ja), n. (vulg.) car- rany - b6r, n. Russia II show; display: producousal; revels (t. sz.): spree. leather. ~-bfivar, (zool.) tion; demonstration. III ex-.*Murmuter, (ok, -t), -ja), smew; goosander. hibit..-iv, n. (typ.) clean n. (zool.) marmot: bobac: Mutat, (-tam, -ott), A. v. t. proof. -szam, n. specimen (Am.) wood-shock. I show: exhibit; display: number. Murok, (murkot, -ja), n. produce; present: give (ex- Mutogat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. (bot.) carrot. ample); set. II show (feel- I keep showing; keep disMurva, (-at, -Aja), n. I ings); express: pay (re- playing; keep exhibiting. II (k6), gravel; grit; shingle. spect). III (of clock) az 6ra display; shcow off; parade; II (bot.) bract. tizenkettot ~, it is twelve by make a show of; flaunt. Murvas, (-an), adj. grav- the clock: az 6ra rosszul ~, Mutyiba, adv. by halves: elly; gritty: shingly. the clock is wrong. IV nem in equal shares. ~Muskatli, (-k, -t, -ja), n. ~ semmit, make no impres- *Mutyiz, (-tam, -ott), v. t (bot.) geranium. sion: be unpretentious. so- halve; share ~*kMusketa, (-ak, -at, -aja), kat, be showy (in appear- Muzeum, (-ok, -ot, -a), n. n. musket: (vulg.) Brown ance): look well. V (arch.) museum. Bess; firelock. presage; predict; point to; -XMuzulman, (-ok, -t), n. ~Musketas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. look like. VI -ja magat, and adj.Mussulman; Moslem. musketeer. showt (oneself);prove (a man): -MiiMzsa, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. Muskotaly, adj. muscadel; let (oneself) be seen. B. v. i. Muse: Mdzsak hegye, Helmuscatel (wine); muscat; I vkire (vmire) _, point (at): icon; Parnassus. ~-fi, n. I muscadine: ~ szl10, mus- ujjaval, point (one's) finger bard; poet. II collegian; cadel (grapes). (at). II vmire ~, a) be ev- student. Muslicza, (-ak,-at,-aja),n. idence of; shou; be a proof.Muzsika, (-at, -aja), n. wine fly. of; b) foreshadow; bode (no mu'1ic.

Page  103 -- _ _ _ __ __- _~ —~-Y~-rx-n-~-lrra.lrCP-FT-nllT _RI-:-a - —a2~~-i- DCC-2- Muzslkal ~* Muzsikal, (-tam, -t), v. i. make music; play (instrument). XMuzsika-sz6, n. music. ~X Muzsikus, (-ok, -t, -a), n. musician: fiddler. Mu, (miivek, miivet, muive), n. I work: pillanat mrive, (the) work of an instant. II work; composition: work of art: koltoi -, poem. III miivek (n. pl.), works (t. sz.); factory.IV as prefix: a) art-: b) artificial (see in Vocabulary). ~-alak, n. form. ~alkat,n. composition: structure (of). ~-alkotas,n. work of art. ~-arius, n. art-dealer: dealer in works of art; old curiosity dealer. ~-asztalos, n. cabinet-maker. ~barat, n. amateur: patron of the fine arts. ~-becs, n. intrinsic value (of work of art). ~-biralat, n. critique (of works of art); criticism. ~-birlo6, -bir6,n. judge (at exhibition): art critic. ~-bor, n. artificial wine. ~csarnok, n. picture gallery; art gallery; fine arts gallery (or, museum). - darab, n. work of art. - diih, n. feigned anger. ~egyetem, n. technical university (or, college); polytechnic college. ~-egyetemi, adj. (professor) of a olytechnic college. — egylet, n. art union; art association. ~-elmelet, theory of art. ~-elvezet, n. intellectual treat.,-eml6k, n. (art) monument; art memorial: art relic. ~enek, n. trained singing. ~-6pites, n. architecture. ~epitesz, n. architect. ~epiteszet, n. = mu-dpites..-epit6, n. = mii-epitesz. ~.-'eposz, n. epopee: comic epos. ~-ertek, n. = mubecs. -6ert6, A. (-k, -t), n. connoisseur: expert. B. adj. expert; skilled; versed (in art): competent (critic). - erzek, n. artistic sense. ~ faj, n. genre (of compos 1)3 ition): kind (of poetry); style; class. — faragas, n. (art of) wood-carving. - farago, n. wood-carver. - festes, n. I (art of) painting. II (fancy) dyeing. ~festo, n. dyer. — fog, n. artificial tooth; false tooth. _-fogis, n. = mester- fogs. ~-forditfis, n. translation. ~-fordit6, n. translator. Miige, (-et), n. (hot.) mugweed: szagos ~, woodruff. Mu-, prefix. — gond, n. industry: care. ~-gyujtemeny, n. art collection; collection of works of art, ~hely, n. workshop: (chem.) laboratory. ~-ipar, n. industrial art; decorative art; applied art. _-iparos, n. craftsman; artisan. ~-it6sz, n. = mil-birdl6. _-izles, n. artistic taste. ~-kedvel6s, n. taste for the fine arts: amateurism; dilettantism. - kedvelo, n. amateur: dilettante: dabbler in the fine arts..-kedveloi, adj. dilettantish; amateur; amateurish. ~-kereskedes, n. art-dealer's shop: print-shop: old curiosity shop. ~-kereskedo, n. = mii-druis. ~kertesz, n. landscape gardener: horticulturist. ~kerteszet, n. landscape gardening: horticulture. ~kiallitas, n. exhibition (of art). _-kilejezes,n. technical term; technical expression. ~-kincs, art treasure. ~korcsolyazas, n. figure skating. Miikodes, (-t, -e), n. I activity: _(e) tere, sphere of activity; province: (one's) line: egyiitt, co-operation. II action; working: -ben, working: -be hoz, set going; start: (fig.) bring into play:.be jon, get working;. begin work: come into action: get going. [activity. Muikodesi, adj. (sphere) of Mikodes-mero, n. cataract; dashpot. Muikod(ik), (-tem, -ott), v. Mu-tarlat i. work; act (as): be active: (of doctor) practise: (of priest) officiate: have (a certain) efect; act: egyiitt ~, co-operate: act in conjunction (with). Mfikodo, adj. I active: (machine) in working; in gear. II er6, efficacy; action: virtue (of medicine): orvos, (medical) practitioner. Mukodtet, (-ter, -ett), v. t. make (something) work: put (machine) in working order: (fig.) bring intoplay. Mui-, prefix. ~-k6lteszet, n. imaginative poetry. ~kolto, n. imaginative poet..-kor, n. sphere of activity: functions (t. sz.). — lap, n. print. Miileges,(-en),adj. artificial. Mu-, prefix. ~-lelkesedes, n. feigned enthusiasm. ~lovar, ~-lovas, n. equestrian (performer): circus rider. ~-marvany, n. parget. ~-melleklet, n. art supplement. ~-nyelv, n. terminology: technical terms (t. sz.). — oszton, n. artistic instinct. %-otvos, n. silversmith: goldsmith. ~partol6, n. = mii-bardt. ~-regis6g, n. antique: art relic. ~-remek, n. masterpiece; masterwork. — rev, n. dock. ~-sor, n. programme: repertoire (of theatre). ~szabfly, n. rule of art.~szak, n. branch (of art or science). ~-szaki, adj. technical: expert: - igazgato, works manager. ~szer, n. I tool; implement; instrument: utensil. II organ. ~-szeres, -szersz, (-ek, -t), ~-szer-k6szit6, n. instrument maker; maker of tools. — szertelen, (-il), adj. = szervetlen. ~-szo, n. technical term. — sz6tar, n. technical dictionary. - tan, n. technology: technics (t. sz.). ~-tani, adj. technological: technical. tairgy, n. object of art. - tarlat, n. exhibition (of

Page  104 Mtii-teriem 101 AIti-v i rafj art). ~-telr-m, n. (artist's) (untilled; fallow) state (of educational; enligh7teiing: studio..-tcimnC k, n. pro- land). civilising. duction of art; nwork of art. Mivellieto, adj. I cult- Mitiveltse(qiu, sufix. (very) Miitet, (-et, -e), n. (med.) ivable (land); arable. II refined: (well) educated; ot operation: -et vegez, oper- (person) capable of being (great) erudition. ate. educated: docile.. Iiives, (-ek, -t, -e), n. (in Miitevo, Miito, (-t, -jen., A. (, -), n. Ie,,, compounds) worker; maker: and adj. surgeon; operator: cultivator (of land); tillerl puska -, gunsmith: arany~, muito terem, operating (of the soil). II student (of go.ldsmith. theatre. science); cultivator: one en- Mliiv6sz, (-ek, -t, -e), n. Mfi-, prefix. ~-toitenet, gaged (in); devotee; follower. artist: (mus.) virtuoso. n. history of art. ~-torte- B. adj. I cultivating; tilling. Mfiveszet, (-et, -e), n. art: nesz, n. art historian. _- II educating (influence);re- kepzo ~, plastic art: a szep trfagya, n. artificial man- fining: softening. -ek, the fine arts (t. sz.): ure. uit, n. causeway: high- MMiivel6d6s, (-t, -e), n. cul- diszit6, decorative art; road; highway. ~-vaj, n. ture; refinement; improve- applied art: fest6o, paintmargarine. ment of the mind (or, of ing: szo616, rhetoric: Miive(k), see rmi. manners): development; en- 6pit6 ~, architecture: 6kori Mivel, (-tern, -t), v. t. I do; lightenment: civilisation (of ~, classic art. — ellenes, act: mit ~sz? what are you nation): - foka, stage of adj. inartistic. doing? II cultivate (land); culture (or, of development): Miveszeti, adj. artistic; till (soil): vork (mine). III hianya, want of culture: art-: of art ~ iskola, school cultivate (the mind); studlj barbarism (of race): ~ t6r- of art; art school. (science): practise (art). IV tenete, history of culture: M/iv6szet - kedvelo, n. (fig.) refine; cultivate; pol-cultural history; history of and adj. = mi kedvel6(i). ish; improve (the mind): manners. Muiveszet-nelkiili, adj. civilise. Miivelodesi, adj. cultural; inartistic; unartistic: Miiveles, (-t, -e), n. I doing; (degree) of culture: (grade) (poet.) artless. performance. II cultivation of civilisation. Miiveszet-tort6net, n. (of land); tilling; tillage: Miivelodes-toitenet, n. history of art. sworking (of mine). III cult- see miuvelodes. Mfiveszi, (-leg), adj. I artivation; study (of):practice. Miivelod((ik), (-tem, -ott), istic(al): skilful: ingenious. IV (fig.) refinement; cultiv- v. i. I. improve (one's) mind: II - ipar, = mu-ipar: ~oszation; polishing; improve- become refined (or, cultured): t6n, artistic instinct: ~tement: civilisation. improve (one's) manners. II hets6g, artistic talent. Miivelet, (-ek, -ot, -e), n. (of nation) become civilised. Mivtszies, (-en), adj. I operation; transaction: Miivelt, (-en), adj. I refined artistic(al): tasteful; dainty. process - proceedings (t. sz.): (manners); cultivated; cul- II artificial. katonai -, a) manoeuvre: b) tured (person); well-bred; Miivesz - iskola, n. art operations (t. sz.): penz- educated; polished; polite; school; school or art. iigyi~,financial transaction. courtly; mannerly: erudite M1iveszkd(es, (-t, -e), n. MAliveletlen, (-iul), adj. I (person); well-educated. II (dabbling in art: work as artist. uncultivated(; uncultured: civilised (nation). III cul- Miiveszked(ik), (-tern, unrefined; uneducated: tivated (land); under cul- -ett), v. i. dabble in art: coarse; ill-bred; boorish; tivation. work as artist; practise art. unmannerly; unmannered; Miivelteto, adj. (gramm.) M/iiv(sz-ni, n. (woman) unpolished; rude; rough: un- factitive (verb.); causative. artist: (imns.) virtuosa: civilised; barbarian (race). Muveltseg, (-et, -e), n. I els6 I, primadonna (of II uncultivated (land): un- refinement (of manners); theatre). tilled: fallow. culture; good breeding; good Miivesz - niivendek, n. Muiveletlens6g, (-et, -e), n. manners: erudition; educa- pupil of an art school: art I want of cultivation; wlant of lion. II civilisation (of na- student. refinement; want of educa- tion); culture. Mhi-vezeti, n. I foreman: tion: coarseness; lwant of Miiveltsefji, adj. (degree) overseer: (works) manager. breeding; boorishness; want of culture; cultural; of re- II (sport) trainer: (rowing; of manners; rudeness; rough- finemsent: (grade) of civil- amateur) coach. ness; want of civilisation; isation; of enlightenment. lMii-viri{ j, n. artificial barbarism. II uncultivated M/ivelts6e-terjeszt6, ad.j flower.

Page  105 ~- -~-rm c-r rR II1C1IF-PI*LPI — s~~P-;ILFS-PP N 105 Nayti! N N, The twentieth letter of the Hungarian alphabet. Na, interj. =- no. NaIzi, (-t), proper n. Ignatiuls. N'd, (-ak, -at, -ja), n. I (bot.) reed: (sugar) cane: bambus ~, bamboo. I -- ndd-palcza. Nadal, (-tom, -t), v. t. thatch (roof) with reeds: enclose (garden) with reeds; fence with reeds. Nadaly, (-ok, -t, -a), n. (zool.) leech. Nadas, A. (-ok, -t, -a), n. cane-brake: reeds (t. sz.); reed bank. B. (-an), adj. I reed-; of reeds: cane-; of cane. II reeded; reedy. Nadaz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. - nidal. Ndfi-, prefix.,-biot, n. - ndd-pdlcza. ~-butzogany, n. (bot.) reed-nmace; cattail. ~-czukor, n. cane sugar: Demerara sugar. ~-fete6l, n. (reed-) thatch. -lfedelcs, adj. (reed-) thatched.,-folnadcek, n. reed-work; cane plaiting. Nfidi, adj. reed-; living in reeds: bika,, g6m, (zool.) bittern: ~ poszata, sedge warbler; night warbler; Scotch nightingale; reed warbler;, rigo, reedling; lesser butcher-bird, vereb, reed sparrow; reed bunting. Nadika, (-at), n. (zool.) reed rwarbler. Ndd-, prefix. ~-kerit6s, n. cane fence: hurdles (t. sz.) -ke6ve, bundle qf reeds. ~mez, n. I (arch.) cane sulgar. II wild honey. Nador, (-ok, -t, -ja), n. palatine; count palatine. Nadori, adj. palatine. Nador-ispAin, n. - nacdor. Naidor-ispansag, Nddorsag, (-ot, -a), n. palat inate (province or dignity): county palatine (province). Nfd-, prefix.,-plilcza, n. cane. ~-pilczfaz, (-ott), v. t. cane; thrash; flog. ~-paripa, n. hobby-horse: (fig.) hobby. Nadrag, (-ot, -ja), n. (pair of) trousers (t. sz.); pantaloons (t. sz.): terdig 6ero, knickerbockers (t.sz.); knickers (t. sz.); kneebreeches (t. sz.): lovagl6 ~, lengyel,, breeches (t. sz.): als6, drawers (t. sz.). ~-ellenzo, n.fly. ~-gomb, n. trousers button. ~-hasad6k, -hlasitek, n. jfly. -kengyel, n. buckle (of kneebreeches). ~-szar, n. leg (of trousers). ~-szerep, n. man's part when played by a woman. ~-szij, n. (waistband) strap; belt. Nadrfatalan, (-ul), adj. without trousers (or, breeches): wearing no trousers. Nad(ig-tart6, n. braces (t. sz.). Nadragulya, (-at), n. (bot.) belladonna; deadly nightshade: maszlagos ~, mandrake; mandragora. Nadrdg-iilep, n. seat (of trousers). Nadrag-zseb, n. trousers pocket. Nad-, prefix.,-sip, n. reed; pipe. ~-szil, n. (single) reed. ~-szek, n. cane chair (seat of cane): wicker chair. - tarto, n. reed stubble. ~term6, adj. reedy; reedgrowing; arundiferous. Nagy, A. (-ok, -ot, -ja), n. I lord; dignitary; great one: (Spanish) grandee: (vulg.) big pot; great gun. II apraja ~ja, old and young; children and grown-up persons; great and small. Ill vminek j ja, (the) greater part; bulk (of); mass (of). IV thinlg of importance:,ot bhmul, be very astonished:,ot esik, a) come a cropper; have a nasty fall: b) have a set-back: decline seriously: ~ot fordul, change considerably; be changed completely: ~ot hall, be hard of hearing: ~ot hazudik, tell a downright (big) lie; lie roundly: ~ot iszik, take a long (deep) draught; drink heavily: ot mond, a) exaggerate; talk big: b) say something of significance: ~o(ka)t nevet, roar wZith laughter; guffaw; laugh outright: ~ot nez, stare; gaze (in astonishment) * ~ot ordit, roar: ~ot sohajt, sigh deeply: ~okat sohajt, keep on sighing: ~ot fordult a vilag, things have changed considerably. V importance: esteem: ~ra van valamivel, think a lot of: and see nagyra in Vocabulary. B. (-ot, -on), adj. I large; big; great: vast; huge (of size). II tall (person); lofty (building); high. III (of character, etc.) great; eminent: grand (imusic). IV lonlg (time: distance): great (age): mahr ~ ideje, it is long (since). V considerable: ~ mertekben, a) to a great extent: b) considerably: c) principally; chiefly; mostly: lhbon, (live) in great style: extravagantly: ~ dolog, a) a difficult task: b) a great thing: c) a matter of importance; no slight matter: - hiba, a great mistake: nem, baj, no great harm done; it does not matter very much. VI extensive; big. VII (too) wide; baggy (trousers):

Page  106 Nagy-alhatO loose (clothes). YIII grovnup; adllt. IX eventful (period); great. X enthusiastic; passionate: great (sportsman). XI important; significant. C. adv. prefix. see Vocabulary: ~ btran, very courageously; with great courage: ~ bolcsen, very vwisely: very cleverly: ~ busan, very sadly: (sit) very sad: fennen, loudly; uproariously: insolently: hamar, very soon; very quickly; at once; forthwith: ~ keson, very late: too late: - lassan, very slowly: ~ nehezen, with the greatest difficulty: scarcely; hardly (able to): nevetve, roaring with laughter: ~ reszt, mostly; chiefly; principally; for the most part: sebbel-lobbal, - sietve, in a great hurry; with the utmost haste; in great haste: helter-skelter: (arch.) hurryskurry: sokara, very late: after a considerable delay. ~-alhat6,,-alv6,n.(poet.) slug-a-bed; lazy-bones; liea-bed; sluggard. ~-anya, n. grandmother: (fam.) granny; grandma; grandmamma; grandam. ~-anyai, adj. I grandmotherly. II (a) grandmother's. ~-apa, n. grandfather; (fam.) grandpapa; grandpa: grandsire. ~-apai, adj. I grandfatherly. II (a) grandfather's.,-aranyi, adj. of great dimensions: far-reachina; widespread (conspiracy): vast; huge; stupendous: and see nagyszabdsui. -aru,, adj. costly; dear; expensive. ~-aszszony, n. I (eccl.) Our Lady. II dame; matron; lady of distinction. ~-atya(i), = nagy-apa(i). ~-bacsi, n. (fam.) uncle. Nagyban, adv. wholesale: val6, = nagybani. *Nagybani, adj. wholesale. Nagy-, prefix. ~-batya, n. uncle. ~-becsfi, adj. very valuable; precious; invalu 106 able; priceless. ~-belfi, adj. (fig.) gluttonous; voracious; greedly; ravenotus: ~ ember, glutton: (vulg.) greedy-guts. ~-beteg, n. very ill; seriously ill. ~-betu, n. capital (letter). — birtok, n. latifundium; large estate.,-birtokos, n. owner of latifundium; large (manyacred) landed proprietor. ~-Boldog-Asszony, n. I (eccl.) the Virgin Mary. u ~ napja, Assumption of the Virgin. ~-bbog, n. bass viol. ~-b6jt, n. Lent. ~-bJlcsen, adv. see nagy C. -Britannia, (-ht), proper n. Great Britain. ~-busan, adv. see nagy C. ~-Csiitort6k, n. Maundy Thursday. ~-ehetO, adj. = nagy-belu. ~-6rdemu, adj. I (one) who has rendered great services; meritorious; (person) of great merit. II (as address) - kozonseg, a) the public; b) ladies and gentlemen! ~-ereji, adj. (person) of great strength; very strong; herculean; powerful. ~-6rtekii, adj. =- nagy-becsi. ~-eszu, adj. very clever; highly gifted: ~ ember, man of genius. -etii, adj. = nagy-belliu. -fejedelem, n. Grand Duke. ~-iejedelems6g, n. Grand Duchy. -fejii, A. adj. large-headed; big-headed. B. n. I (vulg.) blockhead. II (vulg.) a ek, big pots; great guns: the great (t. sz.); the powers that be. -fennen, ~-fenynyen, adv. = nagy fennen (see nagy C.). -fiokfi, adj. I of high degree; high temperature: fever). II fig.) considerable; great (insolence); arrant; downright. -fontossasgi, adj. very (highly) important; most important; of great importance.,-fiili, adj. long-eared.,-gyiil6s, n. general meeting; general assembly; congress.,-hamar, adv. see nagy C. Nagyja ~-hangu, (-an), adj. loud: noisy (perwan); clamorous: high - soundiing (phrase); bombastic; high-flown; big (words): boastful (man). ~-hasui, adj. I big-bellied; corpulent; swag-bellied; potbellied. IIpregnant(woman). ~-hatalmassag, n. nagy-hatalom.,-hatalmi, adj. (position) as a Great Powrer. -hatalmfi, adj. very powerful; allpowerful; mighty; omnipotent; high and mighty. ~-hatalom, (hatalmak), n. Great Power. -hattasu, adj. very effective; most effective; most impressive. ~-hatnam, adj. ~ ember, wonld-be great: megalomaniac. ~-hatnamsag, (-ot, -a), n. megalomania. ~-herczeg, n. Grand Duke. ~-herczegi, adj. grand-ducal. ~herczeg-no, '. Grand Duchess. ~-herczegs6g, n. Grand Duchy. ~-het, n. Passion Week; Holy Week. -hiifrui, adj. far-famed; highly renowned; illustrious. — ihat6, adj. and. n. = nagy-ivd. ~-ipar, n. manufacturing industry. - iparos, n. manufacturer. Nagyit, (-ott), v. t. I enlarge; make larger: increase; addto; augment; amplify. II exaggerate; overdo. Im magnify. Nagy itas, (-t, -a), n. I enlargement: increase; augmentation; amplification. II exaggeration; overdoing. Im magnifying. Nagyit6, adj. I enlarging: increasing. II exaggerative; exaggeratory. mI magnifying: ~ lencse, magnifying lens: s cs, uiiveg, magnifying glass: microscope: kezi iiveg, pocket lens. Nagyitott, adj. I enlarged (portrait). I exaggerated; overdone. Nagy-lv6, n. and adj. hard drinker; toper. Nagyja, see nagy A. II.

Page  107 _ -CCI ICrrCIT*~-117IW~ Nagyjbaban 107 Nagyra Nagyjaban, adv. I superficially; per unctorily: slightly; roughly: hastily. II in outlines; roughly: - elmond, outline; sketch roughly. III on the whole. Nagy jlab61, adv. n- agyjdban I-II. Nagy-, prefix. ~-jelent6 -segu, adj. most (very) significant; of great significance; most important; momentous (decision). -jovoju, adj. (man) with a great future: most promising (undertaking); most hopeful. ~-kendo, n. wrapper; shawl. — k6pi, (-en), adj. and n. consequential; self-important; boastful; swaggering: (vulg.) spoffish: fussy; officious; ember, swaggerer; boaster. ~-kepiskod6s, (-t, -e), n. nagy-kepiiseg. ~-kepusk6d(ik), (-ter, ott), v. i. be officious: give (oneself) airs; swagger.,-klpfiseg, (-et, -e), n. swagger: (vulg.) spoffishness: officiousness; fussiness; self-importance; airs (t. sz.). ~-kereskedes, n. I wholesale trade. 11 wholesale business.,- keresked6, n. wholesale merchant; wholesale dealer. ~-keresked6i, adj. wholesale (price). ~-kereszt, n. grand cross (of order). -kes6n. adv. see nagy C. ~-kiteljedesu, adj. extensive: widespread. ~-korii, adj. (leg.) of age; of full age: ~ ember, major. ~-kordisdg, (-ot, -a), n. (leg.) majority; full age. — kor'isit, (-ott), v. t. declare of age. ~-korfisitas, (-t, -a), n. (the) declaring (someone) to be of (full) age. ~-k6nnyen, adv. very easily; with the greatest ease. ~-krui, adj. = nagy-kiterjedesii. ~-kovet, n. ambassador. ~-kovetseg, n. embassy.,-l1abf, adj. longlegged..-lassan, adv. see nagy C. — lelkii, (-en), adj. magnanimous; generous; high-minded; great-hearted; unselfish; large-hearted; lib- increase (of); augmnentation: eral-minded: gracious; char- extension; growth: widenitable. ~-lelkuseg, (-et, -e), ing (of gap). n. magnanimity; generosity; Nagyobbod(ik), (-ott), v. i. high - mindedness; great - become larger; become bigheartedness; unselfishness; ger; become greater; grow large-heartedness; liberal- larger: increase; augment; mindedness: graciousness; grow: (of gap) widen. charitableness. -mama, n. Nagyobb-J szt, adv. (fam.)= nagy-anya.~-mel- nagyobbdra. t6osg, (-ot, -a), n. (as title), * Nagyobb - szeru, adj. 0 a, His (Her) Excellency: comparative of nagyszerii ~od, Your Excellency. ~- (q. v.). m61t6sag6, adj. (as title, Nagyocska, adj. rather in address):: A. B. urnak, large etc. (see nagy B.). To His Excellency Mr A. B.: Nagyol, (-tam, -t), n. t. I a ~ Miniszter Ur, His Ex- consider too large (or, big). cellency the Minister. ~-m6- II do (work) roughly ImT exretii, adj. of large dimen- aggerate. sions: considerable: spacious; Nagyolts, (-t, -a), n. exvast; huge; stupendous. -- aggeration. mertekii, ~ -mervii, adj. Nagyolo, adj. exaggerative. I = nagy-fokui. II nagy- Nagy-oltar, n. high altar. szabdsu. — messze, adv. Nagyon, adv.I very: highly; very far: a very long way. mightily (pleased); im~-mester, n. I grand master mensely (rich); terribly (an(of Order). II (fig.) past noyed); awfully (lucky): exmaster. ~-mise, n. High ceedingly. II (with verbs) Mass. ~-nehezen, adv. see very much: (rain) hard. III nagy C. ~-n6ne, ~-n6ni,~ (is), too (good); excessively: n. aunt. ~-nevetve, adv. is gyakran, too often: is see nagy C. -nevfi, adj. = j6, far too good. nagy-hirl. Nagy-orruf, adj. big-nosed; Nagyobb, adj. comparative with a big nose. of nagy B (q. v.): resz, Nagyot, adv. see nagy Aszam, majority; (the) IV.: - hallhs, hardness of greater part; bulk: erS, hearing: ~ hallo, hard of superior force. hearing. Nagyobbacska, adj. some- Nagy-, prefix. — papa, n. what larger etc. (see nagy = nagy-apa. ~-P6ntek, n. B.). Good Friday. ~-prepost,n. Nagyobbara, adv. for the provost. most part; mostly. Nagyra, adv. greatly; highly: Nagyobbit, (-ott), v. t. I - becsil, esteem highly; enlarge; make larger: extend think a lot of; value; prize: (building). II increase; add ~ becsiiles, (high) esteem: to; augment; raise (salary).,becsiilt, esteemed: ~ lths, Ill (fig.) heighten; enhance: conceit; arrogance: ~ lato, extol; exalt; magnify. IV conceited; haughty; arroglet out (clothes); widen. ant: ~ lat, be conceited; give Nagyobbitfs, (-t, a), n. I (oneself) airs: ~ lenni (van, enlargement; making larger: volt) vmivel, think a lot of; extension. I increase; aug- flaunt; be conceited about: mentation: raising (of sal-~ tart, think a lot of; be quite ary). III (fig.) heightening; in love with: prize highly; enhancement: exaltation. IV set store by: ~ tartja magat, letting out; widening. think a lot of (oneself); give Nagyobbodhis, (-t, -a), n. (oneself) airs; be horribly.

Page  108 Nafj)-rangii (I 0 Nandoi-Feherv.air C1centedL~ ternsctt, wcith a grnd(afar) ini niict guni. _-V5IIIOS, nI. arec high eallinig (in li re); burn~ (display) c ast )uiidns'tak- i//bitwi.-viois) to greatii( ess: toull niggriW- ing); tiipentdlaus. _-SZa'jul, I aldj a great cit,. ez, cagy (iAk) toi~~,t l'in, idj. siraifiqi'iliiii boasttiil ii. Grand Li~- (. -ier). nail/r 1 i//. fvdtd:iiln la.~-Z, %~iftli, aulj. (maii) o;f Me vaigryis, aiiilitioiii va- alj. very ninny; ai largqi' wan-d: inashiminatle (wuuonia). gy(ik), be aiiiiibitioilis: miil o ii iiir ot' stiring~ (IfolloiiX I _01I,-sli,a'dj. qireit; gratid. ambitulls. jug);inoineroiis. _-szemfi NailyzAs, (-t, -a), ii. cntceit: Nacjy-, prefix..-rvaunji, adj. I big-eyed; largje-eyeil; swvagger; branggiing; bustiiig; adj. of high niink- exalted hil-eyed. _H coarse;bi / airs (t. sz.) a -hubortja. (peus unaga). _-r~emhnyfi, qrained...-szeirhnyen adv am(11dman in., dj. pruinisinig; mast hutpeful. very?nuul estly w iith the W- Naqyzftsi, adj. -ihuburt, _-r~szt, adv. mostly;for, nint modesty. -sZei II, mamia, megaloumania. the most part: principally (-eni), adj. I grnnd; sutblime; Naqyz6, A. (-t,l ii. cun~ceited chiejly mainly. glorious; mannlijlcent: x-' persun: siru,a~qerer; bragNagysh~fd, ii. (addiess celient; splendid. III (fig.) gart; boaster. B. adj. coniNagysd god): (to married glorious (timn) capital ceitedl: swtaggerinig; biragwoman) illa~daii: (to unniar- (fellow); roaring(fun); splen- gilig; lboastbid. rind woman) M1iss N. did (dinner); rattling (time); Nagjyzol, (-`tani, t), v. 1. exNagysdsg, (-ot, -a), n. I ripping...-szerfis(g, (-t ugrate; draic a lung bWu; size: magnitnule; greatness: -e), ii. grandeatr; mnagnif- (viilg.) pirt it an:smuagger. hint -, fi'fe-size:lolki ~,iceiice: grn.t.chrce yzolias, (-,-anegreatness of smnisd. II (as or nature (of: see nagy- aggeratioan: swvagger. title): a d, Yorma Honour: szerii)...-szviv, (-en), adlj. Nag ~yzol6, A. (-t.), n. I er()o iiayor) Yun wI Wrship:large-hearted; generous; aggeratal-; one wcho eratggeiro -a, Mailam. great-hearted. _.-SZiVfiSeg., ate,-. II swcaggerer; bragat. NaqgySAgol, (-tam, -t), v. t. (-et, -e), n. see na~gy-lelkit'sdg. D. adj. I ~=nag jyaM. II address (someone) as ina~gy-..-Szombat, A. ni. Easter sng gyz6 B. sd~goss (q. v.). Etc. B. proper n. town in it-Naiv, (-an), adj. naive: Nagys —igtos, (-an), adj. I W. Hungary (Tirnau). _- artless; simple: ingenuouls; origiiially title of reigning sz il,6k, n. pl. grandparesits snisophisticated; innocent Duke af Transylvania (now (t. sz.). Jehets~gii adj. giees of rector of university): talented; highly gifted. _- it-Naiva, (-At), n. innocent magntifico. II today used as tekint~1yfi, a(Ij. '(person) heroisse (of drama). title of addres s: (the) honouir- of great authority...-tekin- iiiNaivsqhg, (-ot, -a), ni.naivable: in the case of a man tetia, adj. mast esteemnul ete; niaitety: artlessness; simpractically corresponds to (used in address to superior plicity; ingenumousness; tiithe English ((Esquire)); e. authority). — tiszteletii, nacence; gudlelessness. g. -A. B. A'rnak, A. B. Esq.: adj. Very reterenid (dean): Nak, postp. suffix, to (See( -uram! sirl asszony(om)! mast reverend (archdeacon). Introduction). madam!..-titkon, — titokha, adv. NAl-, prefix, or suffix (used Nagysagiul, suffix. of (a 2vith c/ic greatest secrecy. _- with personal suffixes) I ait certain) size kulonbhzh 6 tudom anyfis, adj. (man) of (placa,); ii'ith (someone); off d~ffe emit sizes: egyenlh 8 great scholarship: scry lens-si- at the houtse of: -.aui, (he of thie saine sizc kdzehp ed. -.-ujj, n. I thiiiib (of was) init/i met; at my houtse; medium sized. hand). II1 big toe (of foot). in my roam: (the nioney is Nag-, no)b e avla lprefix. _siet've,.-iir, n. I (arch.) palatine;no)biie avotmml adv. soee agy C -sikerfi, colint palatine. II (Turkish) lheten, I calleid an him la~st ad)j. Very successful: mast Sultan; Grand Seignior. Ill week: I ivas at his place last ejffctive. s- ara, adv. distiniguished persaoi; laid; tveek. I(fe copr see nearl C. _stiln, adj. I peer. IV (fig.) grand seigncur: atives): thasi: -.am nagyohh, - nagy-niany, IT (fig.) big-iig; pci-san of linpas- taller than I. arrant (ku-ave) nit/ih-: ins- tal ire; (vulg.l big pa)t; gjreat Nancsi, (-t), propern. Anna; parallelecul miaster-: egre- gpnu — urtis,.-itri, ~- Anne; Annie?; Nanunie gioles. _sul1fu adj. rely siria~s,(-ani), adj. (fig.) gr-and; Nancy. wceighty; veiny qiave: of splenilid; inagnificcrit;poiii- MNuinor, (-I), proper n. pas-amount snpoi tasce. -'- pans; lordly: distingnislieu Ferdinnnul.d..-FehmrvAr, szabafsuft adj. mighty; (hearing)..-vad, n. big proper n. (.arch.) Be!)raule.

Page  109 Ndni 109, Nani I U9 ~~~~~Napnyi N~aif, (-t), proper n. Nalicsi. Nap, (-ok, -ot, -ja), a. I sun: a -nal villsgosalib, clear as doy qlijht (or, as i~iooiolay):a -hlive, the heat of the sun a -alatt, undler the snn: imar Luagasan 'al a ~,it is noondlay:a felkelii the rising cant; (fig.) adlrancin(]frue I dlay: a mali~ today egdgsz -, the whole (lay; all (lay long: maiden -,every dlay: ugyanaz - the same da?: egy -alatt, in a day el0itto val f- the (la?l before. egy -on, one day: szAbad free da y; (lay off: holiday szarencse's Isilcky (lay: -okig, for days: a maii -ig, to this (lay; up to the present; so far: felvirrad a (l ay dawns: j6 -ot! goodl (lay! good morning! good afternoon! hjt -ot eggy6 tesz, mahe the niight joilitlabourer with the (da? (Shsak.): nap. jilban, daily; every (lay: inhg vagy tiz -ig, (,for) about ten days (longer): (bizonyos) -ofl, 0o5 (a certaia) day: egy szep -on, one fine day: az uta'na vald' (rh'kdvetkezd") -oil, the following day; the next day: az inhlepehly uta'ni -On, on tise day/ following the cerensony: ngyanegy -on, the same (lay: esak egy -ra, for one (lay only; only for one slay. a rre a _ra, for this dy:nyolcz -ra, a) for eight lays: b) eight (lays later dreg jaira, in (h~is,) 01(1 age: -rdl -ra, niellett, n.ts'in, ininden istenadta ram (lay to slisy; day by (l((y; every (blessed) (lay (lay/ in, (lay out: ke't -pal halftl elftit, two days before lis (leath: tiz -pa1 khs 8bb, ten days later: nyolcz -pal tovhbb, eight (lays longer: -kbzbeu, during, the day; (luring the course of the day: Din tlhe (laytime. Ill other phrases: a fizeth's ~ja, (fig.) (lay of reckoning: lopJa a -ot, idle aw'ay (one's) time; staste (one's) time; be a slugqard: feljdn mh~g az en -oiu, my tune is cominzg: a -ot nyugodva dicsh'rd, don't counit your chickens before they are hatched: -ons siitkh'rezik, bask in the sun: hihba nhzi a -ot, waste (one's) time. Napa, (-t)_u mat her-in-law. Nap-, prefix. _411tdozat, n. sun~set. ~-hhIIIS, n. solstice...s'llsi, adj. soistitial. ftdlat6, -litn heliost at. Naphm-asszony, n. my mothier-in-la it, Nap-, prefix. _-bainitotta,..gtle, adj. sunburnt: bronzed; siwarthy. _-6jegyenl6s6g, n. equinox..-ellenz6, _-erny6, n. sumnshade; parasol. — (,Stitj, adv. till ereningj: the iwhole (livelong) day; fromi morining till niight. _.-esztendlo, 6 n. solar year; astrosiomical year. _-fel-kelte, n. sunrise...-fny, n. I sunshisie; sisnlight. II (fig.) light of day; day-light: vilahgos mnint a -, clear as dayliglht; c!"ear as sioouidays: -re desit (Ihoz), bring to light; disclose -re kerWi (juit), come to luqlt libe disclosed be (letected: t keruflo, shunsling the ligltd (fig.) a~fraidl ofpiiblicsty. fciiy S, (-en), adj. sunny; sunlit siai shiny; bright. Ioq) s~tkozauS, n. eclipse of the sun; solar eclipse. folt, n. solar spot. _.-fordulas, -fordulat, n. solstice. _-ff ird6, n. sun bath: baislking in the sun: (mned.) isisolation...-goly6, a. orb (of the sun). _-Ioszszant, _-Itosszat, adv. all (lay; the whole (lay; all day long; the srhole livelong day. Napi, adj. I (arch.) solar (year): sw(101y (side). III daily: thse day's: -hrfolyam, cusrrent rate (of exchange): pre railing price; market pric (of securities): dij, daily aillowance:- be't, daily itages: biztos, commissio1iwr oai duty (for a particul ar (lay): -(lij as, temp orary clerk (or, servant): -hrdekfi,W top ical: current (topic) - hirek, nests: -jielcnth's, daily report: biilletisi: -lap, daily (newspaper): -munka, daystork: stork paid by the dlay: -parancs, (mul.) order o f the day: -rend, (fig.) arder o f fthe day: -renden van, be a cliirent topic.: be the order of the (lay; prerail: be alstays occurring; be a. common occurrence: -rendre tfiz, put on the order o f the (lay: put up for discussions: -rendra ter (vmi ffil16tt), pass over: (Parliament) usote the previous question: -sajto', daily press. III ha'rom -, three (lays' (journey): nyolcz eight days' (imprisonment),: nehgy -, four d(liis' (respite). IV harmed -, three days old: of thwee days. Nhpiez, A. (-at), n. steakhung. B. adj. iweakly; infirm; delicate. Napjaqban, adv. daily; e?'ery day. Nap-, prefix...-kelet, a. (the) East; Orient. — keleli, adj. oriental; easterns. kelte, n. sunrise: dairvn. — korong, n. disk (of the sun); disc. _-kiir, n. zodiac. _-kiizbenl, adv. see siap IL. _-k6ze-Is~, n.peihelion..-Ie-niente, n. sunset. NapI16, (-k, -t, -j a), n.j (liary; Journal. I[I (comm.) daybook...-jegyzetek, n. p1. mensoranda (t. sz.); notes (t. s Z.). N~ap-lopds, n. idling; sloth: truancy (of schoolboy); loafing. Nap-Iop6, n'. idler; lounger; sluggard,; do-not hinsg: ntrant: loafer. Nap-me~leg(e), n. wtarmth o ( the sun. *Napl6sit, (-ott), *NapI6z, (-tamn, -Ott), V. t. (comm.) enter in the (lay-book. Napnyi, adj. hhroun -, three

Page  110 Nap-nyugat days' (respite): n6gy idod van, you have four days (left: to). Nap-nyugat, n. (the) West; Occident. Nap-nyugati, adj. western; occidental. Nap-nyugta, n. sunset. Napol, (-tam, -t), v. t. = elnapol. NApoly, (-t, -ban), proper n. Naples. Napolyi, adj. and n. Neapolitan. Naponkent, adv. daily; every day. Naponkenti, adj. daily. Naponta, adv. I = naponkent. II - nap-kozben. Nap-6ra, n. sun-dial. Napos, (-an), adj. I sunny (side): sunshiny. II ket ~, two days old. mT on duty (for the day). Nappal, A. adv. I in the day-time; ay day: ejjel,, day and night: vilagos, in broad daylight. II see nap II. B. (-t, -a), n. day. Nappali, adj. day-: ~ f6ny (vilagossfg), daylight: id6, daytime: - muuka, daywoork: - 6rseg, morning watch: ~ szoba, sitting-room; parlour: morning room. Nappall(ik), (-ott), v. i. nappalod(ik). Nappalodas, (-t, -a), n. dawn; dawning; break of day: ~kor, at daybreak. Nappalod(ik), (-ott), v. i. dawn: mar,, day is breaking. Nap-, prefix. ~-palya, n. ecliptic. ~-ra-forg6, n. (bot.) sunflower. ~-rendszer, n. solar system. Napsfg, adv. mai (ma), nowadays. Nap-, prefix, — sugar, n. sunbeam: solar ray. — sugaras, adj. sunny; sunlit: (fig.) bright; sunshiny. - suittte, adj. I sunlit; sunny. II sunburnt; bronzed. — szak, n. (any) hour of the day: (early) hours of the day (t. sz.). ~-szallat, n. 110 sunset. ~-szam, n. daily wages; daily pay: ~ba dolgoz(ik), work by the day: (of woman) char. ~-szamos, (-ok, -t, -a), n. day-labourer: (public works) navvy: (no) charwoman: ~ munka, daylabour; work by the day: (of woman) charring. ~szuras, n. sunstroke. ~-tar, n. calendar: almanac: az 6 ~, Old Style (Julian calendar). ~-tari, adj. calendar (year). ~-tavolsag, n. aphelion. ~-t6rit6, n. tropic. ~-veto, n. shutter: Venetian blind. ~-viiag, n. I sunshine; sunlight. I (fig.) daylight: ~ot lat, a) come into being: b) (of book) appear: ~hoz jut, see nap-finy. Narancs, (-ok, -ot, -a), n. (bot.) orange (the fruit). ~fa, n. (bot.) orange-tree; orange. ~-hal, n. (zool.) blue-fish; shipjack. ~-ha7, n. orangery. ~- z, n. (orange) marmalade.,-sarga, ~szin, adj. and n. orange (colour); (poet.) orangetawny. ~-szinu, adj. = narancs-sdrga. — virag, n. orange blossom. ~-viz, n. orangeade; orange sherbet. ~Narczisz, (-t, -a), n. (bot.) narcissus: sarga ~, daffodil: zsonkil ~, jonquil. Nasfa, (-at, -aja), n. (arch.) ear-ring. Naspolya, (-it), n. (bot.) medlar. Nasz, (-t, -a), n. I wedding: nuptials (t. sz.); bridal. II (with pers. suffixes): parent of bride (or, bridegroom): -om, ~uram, father of my son-in-law (or, daughter-inlaw): ~ asszonyom, mother of ditto: in Hungary regarded as relatives. Naszad, (-ot, -ja), n. sloop: (hadi) (gun-) boat. Nasz-, prefix. ~-Agy, n. bridal bed. ~-ajandek, n. wedding present. ~-anya, n. mother of bride (or, of bridegroom)..-apa, ~-atya, n. father of bride (or, of Nedv bridegroom). — dal, n. bridal song: (poet.) epithalamium; nuptial song. ~-ej, n. wedding night. ~kis6ret, n. bridal procession. ~-koszoru, n. bridal wreath. ~-lakoma, n. wedding breakfast: wedding feast; marriage feast. - menet, n. bridal procession. ~-nagy, n. best man (of bridegroom): groomsman: witness. — nap, n. wedding day. ~-n6p, n. wedding guesti (t. sz.); wedding party. ~-ruha, n. wedding dress (of bride). ~fit, — utazds, n. honeymoon. ~-iinnep, n. marriage feast; wedding feast: nuptials (t. sz.). — vendeg, n. weddinq guest. N;itha, (-At, -aja), n. cold (in the head): rheum: naithat kap, catch a cold: muszka ~ lIz, - hurut, influenza; catarrh. NAilhas, (-an), adj. having a cold (in one's head): rheumy: - vagyok, I have a cold (in my head). iNaturalista, A. (-ak, -at, -aja), n. naturalist. B. adj. naturalistic: - irany, naturalism. ~Naturalizmus, (-t, -a), n. naturalism. Ne, interj. A. (with imperative): not: - tedd! do not (don't) do it! B. = nesze: ~ neked! there you are! you can have it! N6, suffix I Mirs (Mistress): Kovaics~, Mr8 Smith. II (the) wife (of): a korcsmfrosne, the innkeeper's wife.: (vulg.) mine hostess. Ne-bants-virag, (-ot), n. I (bot.) touch-me-not; jewelweed; mapweed; impatiens. II (fig.) touchy person: mocksaint. Nebul6, (-t), n. fellow: goodfor-nothing. *Nedely, (-t, -e), n. (fig.) humour. *Nedelyes, (-en), adj. (fig.) humorous. Nedfi, (-t, nedve), Nedv

Page  111 M. -ail~aEr~ CI '~~~ L~-~ "~ n~Li~~-~d~r~~rr Ux n~-9R171-;uiD — T~37 - Nedves (-et, -e), n. I (= nedvess6g): moisture: wet. II sap (of tree): juice (of fruit): suFru, syrup. Nedves, (-en), adj. I moist; damp (room); humid; wet: dank (cellar). II juicy (fruit): sappy (tree): succulent. Nedvesed(ik), (-ett), v. i. become wet (moist, or, damp); grow moist. Nedves-hideg, adj. dampcold (weather); raw (climate). Nedvesit, (-ett), v. t. moisten; wet; damp; make (something) wet. Nedvesites, (-t, -e), n. moistening (of); wetting; damping. Nedvess6g, (-et, -e), n. I moistness; dampness; wetness; humidity; dankness. II moisture; damp; humidity. ~-me66, n. hygrometer. Nefelejts, (-et), n. (hot.) forget-me-not. Neg6d, (-et, -je), n. I affectation; primness; mincing; pose. II conceit; airs (t. sz.): arrogance; hauteur. Negedel, (-tem, -t), A. v. i. be affected; pose; attitudinise: (beszedben) mince. B. v. t. affect: pretend to: make a show of; show off. Neg6des, (-en), adj. I affected; prim; mincing: nambypamby (sentimentalism). II conceited: self-important; self-complacent: arrogant; haughty. [negid. Negedessbg, (-et, -e), n. = XNeger, (-ek, -t, -e), n. negro: (vulg.) nigger; blackamoor; black; darky; darkey: ~ lehny, negro girl: ~ nS, negress: - rabszolga, negro slave: and see szerecsen. N6gy, (-et, -en), n. and adj. (cardinal): four:,en vannak, there are four of them: - reszre oszt, divide into four parts; quarter. ~-^gi, n. four-pointed; four-pronged (pitchfork): (coronot) with four pearls: quadri 111 dentate. ~-annyi, adj. four times as much (as many). Negyed, (-et, -e), n. I quarter (of year too): fourth part: harom - hat, a quarter to six. II (mus.) fourth: (jegy) crotchet. Negyedel, (-t), v. t. quarter; divide into four parts: split in four. Negyed-, prefix. ~-6v, n. quarter (of year): three months: ~e mar, it is (already) three months (since):,enkent, every quarter; every three months; quarterly. - 6ves, adj. I quarterly (payment). II (student) of the fourth year; fourth-year (man): four years old. - evi, adj. = negyed-dves I. ~-fel, adj. three and a half. Negyedik, (-et, -e), n. and adj. (ordinal): fourth. ~szer, adv. for the fourth time. Negyed-izben, adv. = negyedik-szer. Negyed-k6r, n. (math.) quadrant (arc of 90~). Negyedlo, (-, (ja), n. (math.) quadrant (instrument). Negyed-, prefix. ~-magaval, adv. with three others. ~-*mester, n. (arch.) quarter-master. ~-napi, adj. four days old. ~-napos, adj. I = negyed-napi. II (med.) quartan (ague). ~6ra, n. a quarter of an hour. ~-6ral, ~-6ranyi, adj. of a quarter of an hour; a quarter of an hour's. ~-r6sz, n. quarter (of); fourth part. - ret, n. (print.) quarto. - rMtfi, adj. quarto (book). — szer, adv. I fourthly; fourth. II for the fourth time (in succession).,-szerre, adv. at the fourth attempt. ~-szog, n. right angle. N6gyel, (-t), v. t. quarter; divide into four parts: split in four. N6gyen, adv. four: see negy. ~-kent, adv. by fours; four at a time. Negy-szem-k6zti Negyes, A. (-ek, -t, -e), n. I (the number) four. I (mus.) quartet(te). II set dance; square dance: franezia,, quadrille. IV (vulg.) four-inhand. B. I quadruple; fourfold. II fogat,four-in-hand; coach and four: - fogaton megy (jdr), drive a four-inhand. Negy-esztendos, adj. = negy-dves. N6gy-eves, adj. (also n.) four years old: four-yearold (horse): of four years. Negye6vvel, adv. in fours; four at a time. Negy-, prefix. ~-evezos, n. (rowing) four. ~-evi, adj. I four years'; of four years. 1 lasting four years. -lele, adv. infour (different) directions. _-fele, adj. four kinds of; four sorts of; of four (different) kinds (or, sorts). -f6ele-k6p(en), adv. in four (different) ways. ~-fogatu, adj. drawn by four horses: (carriage) and four. ~-h6napos, adj. of four months; four months. - hurui, adj. four-stringed. - kerekii, adj. four-wheeled: kocsi, (vulg.) four-wheeler. ~-kezes, adj. (mus.) for four hands: ~ darab, duet. ~-k6z-lab, adv. on all fours; on (one's) hands and feet. - kezre, adv. - jhtszik, play a duet. ~-keziz, adj. (zool.) quadrumanous: ~ek, quadrumana. ~-labu, adj. quadruped(al); four-footed: ~Allat, quadruped. ~-levelu, adj. (bot.) four-leaved; quadrifoliate. ~-lovas, adj. drawn by four horses. ~-napi, adj. four days'; of four days. ~napos, adj. I four days old. I = negy-napi. ~-nyiistos, adj. four-stranded. ~-6rai, adj. four hours'; of four hours. ~-6rAnyi, adj. ncgy-drai.,-ret, adv. fourfold. ~-retii, adj. fourfold. ~-szem-kozt, adv. ttee bte; in private; privately. ~-szem-kozti, adj. priv

Page  112 ___N(,Uyszer 12Neheztel ate tete-ii-icte; (uo/Ii(ential. N(~gyzetes, (-en), ad~j. Nt-Aiezit, -utt) v. t. I make Nhgyszer, adv. toutr times,: (math.) quw/draiic. S01a tions'-a) keavy. II 'fig.) Ofl four OiCO~i~i5. Netjyzet-, prefix~.-tj k, rea1der (sieve) dir ficu/r Nwj'~yszercs, (-onl). adj. il. Squiare root. -4lab1, n1.L haiiper c thric va a olat es inl f'ourfold; quadrutple: JptfliZ stcare foot. -m (t[ I, the iay op; itmnirde III (fig.) toitr to cue. a. square mini/. -fice',i. aqqravatec Nt6~jyszeivoz, (-tcrn, -ett), v. squaore mectre (vie/er)..-iNe'iczAcdtS ( t, -c), a.1 t. qiiadriiple. n. (sqiuare) cenitiarie; centaire. (Jra 1)/alumn. Neq.yszes'ez~s, (-t, e), n. Neim~ adv. sonwtlines: ait Nelhtzk-ed(ik), (-tern, -ett), quridrup/ication. tuaes now and thei; occaS- v. 1. 1 ireigh (upon) / earn Mijyszeri, adj. repeated sionally now aind agautn. hearlly (upon); press (onl). fo ur times; four (attempts). Nelt ti, adj. late; deceased. 11 gIravitate. Negy-sz6taqjti, adj. ouitr NMha n~la, adv. now and Neltzkes, (-en), adj. I awksyllabieel; qiuadrisyllabic(al): then;- noic and again, ward (gait); clumsy; tnsz6, quadrzsypliable. Ne1li nnpjanladv.~- ne'ha. gainly (person);plump N~tqy-szoq., A. n. (math.) Nehadny, (-at, -an), anlj. cii ibroiis. HI (fig.) sloir; difst/acne; quendrote; quadratic souse;a few; several ad ficuldt; irearisonme (process); lit/are: (archit.) qutadrangle; maganval, irith severail others, irksome: amrkward (busquiad; ferde - triilezitiiii: _-szor', adv. several times; mness). III (fig.) dil/icimit B. ad). sqsuare (mile, etc.). or several occasions. (person). N6qgy-sz69Ietes, N6,q~y- Nehdz, (nchiezet, nelhezen), NcLih(zkess6q., (-et, -e), n. szogfi, adj. four-angled; adj. I (of weight) heavy:1 I airkirare/ness; clumsiness; tetragonal; qiuadrangalar: ponderous,,. lii di (ficiml (taski); ungaiinliness; plunip ess; so0ur11-corneired. hard; ardutous: liiotty(poinit): enmnbronsness. II (fig.) slowNdgy-ii ldses, adj. wnth four trying (circumstances): siess: irksomeness. seats.: -koesi, four-seater. troublesonie (business): -do- Neh&~-, prefix...-16r, h. Ntu(Iyven, (-et, -en), nI. and log, a hard job; a ditjiicimlt epilepsy; fallinig slickness. adj. (cardinal): forty. task: difficult; not aim ea~sy _-ki6rios, adj. epileptic. Nefgyvened, (-t, -e), 11. I mat/er. ILl (fig.) grave (ill- -k6r'sAg, n. - nehez-keb. fjortieth (part). II- magam- ness); seriouis; severe (at- _-Jkletjzetii, adj. s/sort of mal, withe 39 others. tack); grievous: lndlh] s, breaith; bireathming ucith rlif/icNegyven~e(ik, (-et, -e), adj. h ardn ess of hearing: -emh s z- ulty: aslbhsatic. -.-lov"Islortieth. ths, indigestion:- khrsa'g, siqq, a. heavy cavalry. Neilyv-enes, A. (-t, -e), n. epilepsy:- lh'lekzhs, short Neh~zm6ny, (-ek, -t, -e),a.U (the nnmber) forty. B. ad). breath. IV nelhczemire esik, objectioii exception, (to). a - vek, the forties (of last a) I1 am b/Is (to): b) I find Nehs~menyez, (-teni, -ett), century). (great) di~fficulty (in); it i's v. t. find l4iiilt suit/i; object N(,,1yve-6ve, ad. Ifrty hard for me (to); (it) goes to; take erception to. years old. II forty years' against hue g-i.Neh~z-nyava1ya, n. (war); oqf forty years; lasting Nehezed~ik~, (-tomi, -ett), v. nehmiz-k6r. fiorty years.. I become mnoie heavy; grow Nelitzs~g, (-et,.e), n.I Negyven-fdle, adj. Jorty heavier; increuise in wreig/it. ireighit; heaviness; pondkinds of: forty sorts of: of II vkire (vmaire, viniin) -, ei'isiis. II d it clt (f forty (difthent) kinds; 'forty enciimbei)-; be a wreighit on; difficult character; hardness; varieties o~f...-k6p(en), adv. burden: fall on. Il (fig.) arduouisntess: trying nature in forty (different) svays. vkire -, sveigh heavily on; (of). III (fig.) gravity; scrNegyven-napi, adj. forty op press; lie heavy on. sosisness; severity. IV (med.) days'; of forty days. Nehez~k, (-et, -a), a. I neh~z-kdr. N (fig.) difficNegyven-itapos, ad). I (paper) wveig/it. HI (measure) siiltyl (rai sed): troutble (given):forty days old. 1II negyvess- fourth part of an ouince...cket thmaszt, raise difficn~apit. [times. Nelhezell, (-t), v. t. consider ulties; throwv obstascles' (in Neqyven-szer, adv. forty too heavy, the way of): raise objections. N qgyzet, (-et, -e), a, Neliezeii, adv. with diffic- Neh~zsfti, adj. (law) oj I (math.) sqsuare; second silty: hiarsly; scarcely. gravitati on. Poweir: -re emel, raise to the Neh6z-fejf', adj. thick-skiell- Neheztel, (-tern, -t), v. i. I second power; squtare. ]El ed; dnll. vmih'rt -, take (something) (math.) sqnare (figure); Nebi~z-Ihallidsfi, adj. hard amiss; take ill; take offence quadrate, of hearing. (at). I -vkire -1, be angry

Page  113 Nehezteles 1113 Nem (witl); be tannoiyed (with); to rain: ereszt, let (some- Nekiink, pron. (1 plur. bear a grudge (against). thingi) go; let loose: slacken pers. objecti ve-d'ttive-case). Nehlztel6s, (-t, -e), n. dis- (reins): send off: set (at) I (to) us. II tor us. ill van, pleasure; grudge; pique; - es(ik), go for; pitch into: (e ha, ve etc. (see neked). resenthment; indignation; ir- assail; attack set aboiut N61, postp. suffix. (with ritation; annoyltice. (work): fekszik, (fekiidni). front vowels): v. sub nail. Nellez-testii, adj. heavy (of fall to (work); set about: N1lkiil, adv. (used with movement). devote (oneself) to; goin tfor: personal suffixes). I withNellezil, (-t), v. i. == nehe- - fog, = hozzd-fog: ~ fut, out; out of (work): exclusive zed(ik)..run at; ruln against: run of: ~erl, without nme: in my Ne-lhogy, conj. lest: for fear. (ashore): fly at (person): abl,;ence: bejelentes, tnNehol, adv. in some places; _gyfirk6z(ik), see gyiir- announced: e is, quite in places: here and tere: now kdz(ik): hajt, drive at: apart from that: gond ~, and then. ~hevfil, grow warl: wax without cares; free from care: Neje, see no A. II. enthusiastic: ~ hizakod(ik), szeretet -, without ajfection: Nek, postp. suffix. to (see lift up (one's} arnl (to strike): void of feeling; unkind. U Introduction): used with indul, start; start off; set konyv ~, by heart. HI vmi personal suffixes (see in out; set o'f: take a run: ~ ellenni (meglenni) (megVocabulary). keszuil, prepsare (for); get van), be able to do itithout: Neked, (nek + ed), object- ready (to): lat, - hozza- he able to dispeinse with: ive (dative) case of 2 sing. lt: 16ldul, get going; get make shift without; be able pers. pron. I (to) thee. IJfor started: start: - megy to spare. IV a ~, hogy..., thee. III van, thou h7ast: (menni), go for (someone); without (with pres. part.). volt, thou hadst: lesz, attack; assail: advance (to- NOelkili, suffix. deficient in; thou wilt have (see Intro- tarads):pitch1into(someone); itanting: -less: see in Voeduction). IV see neki. give (one) beans; give (one) abulary. Nokem, (nek + em), objee- what for: set about (work); Nelkiilz, (-tern, -6tt). A. tive (dative) case of 1 sing. - megy a falnak, a) knock v. t. I do without; go Zwithpers. pron. I (to) me. I for (one's) head against the wall: oiut: be in want of; want; nme. _I van, 1 have (see b) be obstinate: c) go a wild- feel the want of. II miss (an neked): ~ jon, go for me: goose chase: undertake a absent person). II do withcome towards me: be for me. useless (fruitless) enterprise: out; not want: spare; forego IV see neki. ' rohan, ~ ront, ~ megy, (always with tud = can}. IV Neki, pron. (3 sing. pers. - szalad, = fut: ~ szegez, lack; be wanting in; be pron. objective - dative - point (at); level (at); aim devoid of: be without (foundcase). I (to) him (hleru, it). I (at): fix (eyes: on): tamad, ation). B. v. i. suffer want; for him (her, it). II ha attack; assail: go for: - taf- be in want. volnek, it' I swere he (she): maszt, lean (against); prop: N61kilozes, (-ek, -t, -e), n. (if I were) in his (her) place: tamaszkod(ik), lean (on: want; privation: indigence. Isten! Amen! never mind! against): tizesed(ik), = Nl 1kiil6zhetetlen, (-il), no matter! IV van, he (she, - heviil: ugrik (ugrani), adj. indispensable: essential; it) has: - volt, he (she, it) spring at; fiy at; rutsh at: that cannuot be spuared. had, etc. (see Introduction). ul, set about (work): Ne6lkilozhetetlenseg, V used for emphasis: at; fit6d(ik), knock (against); (-et,-e), n. indispensableagainst: on; towards: - a dash (against); ~ vag, a) hsess: indispensable (essential) saSrkhnynak, straight at the cut: b) makefor; make (one's) character or, nature (of: dragon: ~ all vminek, set way to (across); make across: see delkiilozhetetlen). aboult; take (something) in vagja fejit, knock (one's) NOlkiiloszeto, adj. that hand: b bktorod(ik), pluck head (against). can be spared; not essential; up courage; take heart: ~ Nekik, pron. (3 plur. pers. superfluous; dispensable; buzdul, grow warm; wax objective-dative-case). I (to) nonessential. enthusiastic: ~ bisul, be- them. II for them. II ~ van, Nelkiilozhet6seg, (-et, -e), come melancholy; have a fit they have etc. (see neked). n. non-essential etc. charof the blues; - duralja ma-.dNekt.ir, (-t, -ja), n. nectar. acter or nature (or: see nelgAt, a) set to work: b) pluck Nektek, pron. (2 plur. pears. kiil6zhetu). up courage: ~ ered, start objective- dative - case). I Nem, A. (-ek, -et, -e), n. I runniung; begin to run; set (to) you. ITfor you. Ill van, sex: a szep, the fair sex: off: ~ eredt az esoi, it began you have, etc. (see neked). az asszonyi ~, the female sex. Yollandl.- Magym-~ angol szdtdr. 11.I 8

Page  114 I,- - -1 - -_ - --- f- --7 — -__I --- ' --- --- 7 — - - Nema 114 II (human) species; race; Nemelyik, (-et, -e), pron. kind. III kind; sort; form: (without substantive): one species; nature; paratlan a (or other); some: iunk, some maga ~eben, unique of its of us (in English, use the kind. IV (gramm.) gender: plural). - sz6cska, article. B. adv. I Nemelykor, adv. at times; (used absolutely) no. II (in sometimes: now and again. predicate or with adjective) Nemes, A. (-ek, -t, -e), n. not: ~ epen, not exactly: noble; nobleman; (Eng.) epen ~, not a bit; not in the peer: ~ek, nobility: nem, least: not by any means. commoner. B. (-en), adj. I III often translatable by a noble; of noble rank; of prefix: e. g. biztos, un- quality; of noble birth; certain: - kedvelt, unpop- high-blooded. II nem ~, ular:, nemes, ignoble: common; not noble: ~s6 tesz, becsiiletes, dishonest: ~ t- ennoble; raise to nobility. lAtszo, opaque; not trans- II precious (metal); noble: parent: ~ erdemelt, un- thoroughbred (horse); ofpure deserved: kepes, incapable breed: garden (fruit). VI (of); unable (to). VI mar,, (fig.) noble; noble-minded; no longer; no more. high-minded; generous; magNema, (an), adj. (used as n. nanimous. ~-apr6d, n. too). I dumb. II dumb; mute; squire: knight bachelor.,speechless; silent. IIm csend, asszony, n. noble woman. profound silence: dead sil- Nemesbit, (-ett), v. t. I imence: ~ jatek, dumb show: prove (breed). 11 (fig.) im- szemely, mute. prove (manners); refine; Nem-akaras, n. unwilling- ennoble: better; elevate. ness; reluctance. Nemesbiil, (-t), v. i. N6man, adv. without speak- nemesed(ik). ing; (remain) speechless: in Nemesbiiles, (-t, -e), n. = silence. nemeseds. Nemasag, (-ot, -a), n. I Nemesed6s, (-t, -e), n. I dumbness. II speechlessness; improvement (of breed). II silence (of). III silence; (fig.) ennoblement; refinestillness. ment; improvement: betterNem-banomsag, (-ot, -a), ment. n. indifference; unconcern: Nemesed(ik), (-ter, -ett), listlessness; apathy; poco- v. i. I (of breed) improve. II curantism (Carlyle). (fig.) become ennobled; grow Nembeli, (-ek, -t, -je), adj. refined: better (oneself). III and n. (person) of (a certain) be raised to nobility. sex. Nemes-ember, n. = nemes N6mber, (-ek, -t, -e), n. A.: bocskoros ~, member of woman; (vulg.) female. lesser nobility (or, of gentry): Nem-csak, conj. not only; country squire. not merely. Nemesi, adj. a noble's; Nem-de, adv. translated by noble; of the nobility: - birrepeating the auxiliary verb tok, estate of a noble; heredof the preceding statement: itary estate: ~ el6nev, patro6 j6 ember, -? he is a good nymic; surname: - oszthly, man, is he not? rend, nobility: peerage; Nem-dohAnyz6, n. I non- - uralom, aristocratic rule smoker (person). II com- Nemesit, (-ett), v. t. I enpartment ((for non-smokers). noble; raise to nobility: N6mely, pron. some; a few (Eng.) raise to the peerage. (in English with plural): I = nemesbit. ke~, some persons. Nemesites, (-t, -e), n. I Nemetesit ennoblement; raising to nobility (of); raising to the peerage. II (fig.) ennoblement; refinement; improvement: betterment; elevation. III improvement (of breed). NemesiIo, (-en), adj. (fig.) ennobling; refining (influence); elevating. Nemies-, prefix. ~-h61gy, n. noblewzoman: daughter of a nobleman. — lelkii, (-en), adj. (fig.) noble; nobleminded; high-minded; generous; magnanimous.,-lelkfis6g, (-et, -e), n. (fig.) nobility; noble-mindedness; high-mindedness; generosity; magnanimity. ~-level, n. patent of nobility. ~-n6, n. - nemes-hblgy. Nemesseg, (-et, -e), n. I nobility (rank). II nobility (order); (Eng.) peerage: fo6, aristocracy: koz~, lesser nobility; gentry: ~re emel, ennoble; see nemesit I.:.re emeles, = nemesites I. II noble etc. character or nature (of; see nemes B.). IV (fig.) = nemes-lelkiiseg. Nemes-szivii(seg), = nemes-lelkii(sig). Nemet, (-ek, -et, -je, -iil), n. and adj. German: ~re fordit, translate into German: szora megy, go (somewhere) to learn German: - birodalom, German Empire: - betiu, Gothic letter (or, German text). -ajkfi, adj. German by speech. ~-AJfold, proper n. Netherlands (t. sz.); Holland; Low Countries. ~-alfoldi, A. (-ek, -t) n. Dutchman. B. adj. Dutch. ~-bardt, adj. germanophile; friendly to Germany: proGerman. ~-e6rzelmu, adj. German in feeling. Nemetes, (-en), adj. I German: characteristic of the Germans. II Germanesque. Nemetesed (ik), (-tem, -ett), v. i. become Germanised; Teutonise. Nemetesit, (-ett), v. t. Germanise; Teutonise.

Page  115 Nemetesites Nemetesites, (-t, -e), n. germanisation; Teutonisation. Nemeteskedes, (-t, -e), n. Germanomania: imitation of the Germans. Nemetesked(ik), (-tern, -ett), v. i. play the German; imitate the Germans; play the Teutomaniac; affect German customs (or, manners). Nemetess6g, (-et, -e), n. I (typically) German character (of). II Germanism; Teutonism; Teutonicism. Nemet-, prefix. ~-franczia, adj. Franco-Prussian (War). ~-gyiilolet, n. Germanophobia; hatred of the Germans. ~-gyiilolo, adj. germanophobe; German-hating. ~-has, n. (vulg.) diarrhoea. ~-hon, ~-orszag, proper n. Germany. ~-orszdgi, adj. of Germany; German: from Germany. Nemetseg, (-et, -e), n. I the Germans (t. sz.); the German people. II German character (of); German idiom: j6 ~gel, speak; write) good German. N6met-szegfii, n. (bot.) Carthusian pink. N6metiil, adv. (speak; learn) German. Nemez, (-t, -e) n. felt.,fele, adj. felt-like. ~-gyart6, n. felter; felt-maker. 'iNemezis, (-t, -e), n. nemesis. Nemez-kalap, n. felt-hat: hard hat; (vulg.) bowler. Nem-hogy, conj. I far from (with pres. part.); not only (did he) not (come). II still less. Nemi, (-leg), adj. I sexual (instinct): (difference) of sex. II generic (term); specific. Im (gramm.) of gender: ~ szocska, article: ~ vegzet, ending (of noun). IV (med.) venereal (disease). Nemi, pron. (a) certain; some: a little. Nemik6p(en), N6mileg, adv. to a certain extent; in some measure; to some ex 115 tent: somehow; a little; somewhat. Nemi-nemii, adj. == nemi. Nem-ismer6s,n. ignorance (of); unfamiliarity (with). N'emit, (-ott), v. t. = elnemit. Nem-kuiloiben, adv. also; similarly; likewise. Nemleges, (-en), adj. negative (answer). Nem-let, n. non-existence: want (of); lack; (in) default (of). Nem-reg, adv. recently; not long ago. Nem-sokara, adv. soon (after); shortly. Nemtelen, A. (-ek, -t), n. commoner. B. (-ul), adj. I common; not noble; (poet.) lewd. H common (metal). III (fig.) ignoble; mean; low; base; vile; low-minded; mean-spirited (pers.): sordid (motive). Nemtelenseg, (-et, -e), n. (fig.) meanness; baseness; low-mindedness; vileness. Nemto, (-t, -je)' n. genius (of place: plur. genii); good spirit. Nem-t6r6des, n. = nembdnomsdg. Nem-tor6do(m), adj. indifferent; unconcerned; careless; listless; apathetic. Nem-tor6domseg, (-et, -e), n. == nem-bdnomsdg. Nem-tudds, n. ignorance. Nemul, (-tam, -t), v. i. = meg-nemul and el-nemul. Nemulas, (-t, -a), n. becoming dumb. Nemii, suffix. of (a certain) kind (species, or, sort); egy ~, of the same kind (or, species): homogeneous. Nenlz, (-ett), v. t. beget; (bibl.) get; engender; procreate; generate. Nemzedek, (-ek, -et, -e), n. generation: lj ~, rising generation: ~r61 ~re, from generation to generation. -rend, n. genealogy; pedigree. Nemzes, (-t, -e), n. begetting; getting; procreation; Nemzetiesked6 generation; ~re kepes, virite; procreative. Nemzet, (-ek, -et, -e), n. nation. ~ellenes, (-en), adj. anti-national. Nemzetes, adj. (as title) honourable. Nemzet-, prefix. — gazda, n. economist. ~-gazdasag, n. political economy. ~-gazdasagi, adj. economic. ~gazdasag-tan, n. (system of) political economy; economics (t. sz.) ~-gazdasz(at)-[tan], = nemzetgazda(scg)-[tan]. ~-gyiles, n. national assembly. -gy ul6si, adj. (member) of the national assembly. -gyilkol6, ~-gyilkos, adj. ruinous to (the) nation. Nemzeti, adj. national: bank, national bank: - biszkeseg, a) national pride: b) pride of (the) nation: ~ dal, national anthem; national air: - erzes, national feeling; patriotism: ~ h6s, national hero: - himnusz, = - dal: - iriny, nationalism: irodalom, national literature: jelleg, national character: jellem-vonhs, national characteristic: jelv6ny, national emblem: - lobog6, national flag (or, ensign): (Eng.) Union Jack: (Am.) Stars and Stripes: (Hung.) tricolor: - nyelv, national tongue; vernacular: - szellem, national spirit; nationalism: szin,national colour; national colours (t. sz.): - szinhhz, national theatre: ~ szinfl, (Eng.) red, white and blue: (Hung.) red, white and green: - szok/s, national custom: - tulajdon, national property: ~ vagyon, national wealth: - viselet, national dress; national costume:, zaszlo, = ~ lobogo. Nemzeties, (-en), adj. national. Nemzetiesked6, adj. affectedly national: ultra-national. 8*

Page  116 Nenizetitilen W M1p XPkon~v t i`i~eN(,mzelieflen, hfi), ad'. migr'ation..-J)ank, n. peo- lion: /riot; r i.iiql I (lintl.) (lenatiowiisileer. ple's lank; popular banik general Oev? leri it in mas. Nemzetis6(j, (-ek, -at, -a), _-lztaht, A. ni. demnocrat: 111 (ml) ) ban;militia. fl. I natiOlmibiit; tirtional friend to the people. B3. adj. fel-kelo in (md il) militiapeculiairities (t. sz.); nattioni'i demtocratic: popular; friend- man. — feascj _46ls6gj, existence (oi'. charocter). It lyI to tke people. _-b~oldto- nI. soveeignqty a Ike people'. national ity (ineiulbersllip of fjitnls, ni. I 0 nieliorat ion of' tj y iiI s, ii. p opuldari meeting; nation); citizeniship. I-LI n1- the rondition ot the people J piblic iineeitof;. _-qyfiiJ6I6, tionality (lace); people (not social ref'ormn. I (fig.) =- adj antipopilar. _-hiaqyoof runing race); siibordinate iiep-amitds. -~-boldogio nn,1. rdto.race. ii. (and ad'.) I tendinig to fqyott1, ailj. deserted. _-lItafl Nenizvtis~gi, adj. nation- eanelios-ate the coiicitiou of qtfiat, n. popular feeling aility (question). the people: social re ornuer: temnper o'f tie p eop le. _-1It i aNenizetis~f~d, suffix. be- pnblic benetactor. II (fig.) iiusz, n. natioiial anthemn. longing to (a certain) miation.: ndp-d'in't6. -_-bolondi- _-1mi, n. popula;- belie," mtigyar -, Huingarian. na- las, n. ==nep-(imitais. _- popiilar siiperstitioii tioiial. bI~olodit6, A. n. nip- N_',pi, N6pies, (-en), ad'. Nenizet-, prefix. ~-ko"zi, dmnit6. B. adj. demagogic. _- pop iiar: colloquial, (ainnad). iutes-national (law). _- btuttilAS, n. cajoling of the gnage). slang (expression); k6zis~g, (-et, -a), 1n. inter- masses: deniagogy. _-butit6, vulgar (idiom): iiistic (alannationalism. — 4ir, n. member adj. cajoling the?masses: dem- muars): -elbeszkls, tale or of the National Guiard. _- agogic. t-spowrtosu- country life; rulstic tale hrhn. National Gutard. Ids coIfilet, n. craicd; kiadius, popular eilition: Nemzets~q., (-et, -a), a. thirong. dal, n. tolk-song: nyelv, dialect; rant; slang. clan:-family; i-ace; lisieage. popnlas soonr Nhpiesked&s, (-t,-),n.-a,, mm. pedigree; genealogy; Nhpecsie, (-oh, at, -hje), affecteul imtation o f popnlau family ti-e; g enealogical ii. small peop)le;- tribe. nianiieis (or, ciistoies). tree. — kdnyv, n. book of Nhp-, prefix. _-et, -. life N~piesked6, adj. ol~ectinn genealogy. — tiftbla, n. gene- of the people popnlar life. pop ilar niaiiiers (or, ens~aloglical table; pedigree. -heneli n. I ne~p dal. II tosis). Nemzet-laqad6, a. ren- popielai aii. e-nekes, n. Nhpiesshg., (-at, -a), n. pop. egarle. populusi sin gei- _ep-osz, n. lilarit?l; popular etc. charir Nemnzo, A. (-t, -je), a. be- popuilar epic: natioiial epic. acter or natntre (of: see getter; sute. B. adj. gesierat- Ndpes, (-ems),.ad). I pop- nep ies). ive; procreative; glenital: Waous (towni); tliickly-popsil- Nap-, prerfix. -islkola, is. _er6, virility; geiierative ated. II crowded (assemlbly); (pulc lieiagsho poicer: rkszek, genitals; irell-atteiided. II -niine-ous. (Eng.) natioiial school. _ genitalia (t. sz.): - szerv, N~pesed~s, (-t, -a), n. in- isme, -ismeret, a. el/mo -tag, gesnital orgati., creas~e of population; in- logy. — jogj, ii. intei-iationat NCdne, (nehnhm, 'nenk'je), n. clrease in the population (of). laiw; laic of natiosus. — jogi, elder sister. Nhpesed(ik), (-ott), v. i. (-lag), audj. accordiiig to (i-eNhni, (-t, -)e), ai. awnit. becomue popaloii; become lating to) interiiational lair NMn i ke, (-6 t, -hj e), n. autntie. crowd-(ed: Budapest -, (lie of inteinational lauc. — keqy N6p, (-ek,-t, -a), ms.I people: population of't 15. iiicreases ns psp ulai- fa~voutr. k - mace. 1I people: (lie masses (is increasisig). viselet, n. I popular re (t. sz.); plebs: az alshbb- Nhpesft, (-ott), v. t. pop- pseselutation. f popular a.v~ rendfi the loirer classes: uiiate;,people. senibly. — khpviseI6, mm. aija, the ci-oid; rubble; Nhpesit~s, (-t, -a), a. pop- representative ot the people - mob: a -hia, son or (lie soil: uilating; peopling (of); popu- deputy. — lon) Ita, ii. (puiba fdld ae, peasantry: a- latioiil. lia) soap - kitchen. — k~iInyelve, vulgar itongsie. mE Nhpesshgi, (-at, -a), n. popui- tds, — kolthszet, n. popasszony -, felie'r, wvomsen latioin; inhabitaiits (t. sz.); milar poetry. _-k61t~szeti, (t. sz.). _-akarat, a. pop- esekehly-Uthi, iily pop idated: ad). s-elating to popular ular iwill: naitional wcill. _- sfiril Ai densely popidated; poetrlt of popiiair poetry. tumitsisl n. demagogy; dems- populouts. [seul(ik). _-k6Ito, a. popular, poet. agogismn. _-f-1init6, n. dens- NMpesfii, (-t), v. i. = nelpe- — k6nyv, -n. pop ilar book: agogite. - aradat, n. I NMp-, prefix. ~-haJ, n. i -ae chap-book. -~y-hmoving mass of people. II — fel-keI6-s, -n. I insmiiec- n. people's libuary: e

Page  117 %R_ 7W -71M - " I W-1 N6ep-lap 117 li/rary. hilp, ii. peo0pie's ow paper. -. lifziI, A. n. demagogie. I) alj. (lemlagog/c. l-6eik, is soul ofthe peophe pop u/ar minid. _4161ek-tan, ii. racial ps?/chology. -msnes n. popn/ar tale: tair-tale._ inontla, fl. leflend; salqa; raditiion. _sitieles n. /)opular eduscation. -n yev, i. slang: dialect. -oktaitzhs, II. eleaetsalay; eduication pub)lic just; action. oki1a16, n. (clement ay school) teacher-. -oszt.ily, n (soci~al) class. jh plirt fl. people's party (originally, in Hungicary, clericai), -i-ajz, 11. e/haago;;ph y. - ijzi, (-lag), adj. c/haag;aplic(al). ~-ee, n. sniep-mnese, i?~p-monda. -rhteqi class fof society); grade. N~pseqf, (-et, -e), n. Jpeople: inhabitants (t. sz.). II (fig.) rabble; riff-raff'; mob: (disgusting) crew; set; lot; crowd: gyiilevhsz -, mulltiturle; vulgar; commnunu hserd: rabble; tag-rag and bob-tail: hitv'ny_ mean lot / awful s~et / Nf~p-szimhI,-I~fts, n. censuts. Ni~p-szava, n. I voice of the people. II (Budapest): name of organ of Social Democrat Party. N(hp-szavatzat, n. popular suffrage; plebiscite. Ne'p-szellem, -n. public sitnd: popustar sp/rit. N6hpszerii, (-en), adj. popa/ar (in all its senses),fashionable; in rogute. N6pszetvfis~q, (-et, -e), n. I pop alarity: generalfavour'. II pop n/ar character or nature (of). _-.-ajlitiszat, n. scramble for popularity. popularise: bring into vogue (or, fashion). NhCpszefi'uilen, (-ii), adj. I unpopnlar. II niot popular; adivanced. I. unp opilu/only. N61p-, prefix. _-szjIi-IIdz, as. people's t/teatre. -.-SzinlIn,I. popular piece; popsi/ar I/raute..-szokizis, n. popular ents/ou; popular usge -SZ4on(k-, u. pop u/ ar orator: t/einagoguie; ha~rangncr: (vulg.) tub-thunper. -.-tanif6, ia. (eleaaantary school) teacher. N6hptelen, (-iii), adj. I tlesHertedl (street): thinly peopled; nutfreiueenteil: ept py. II iepopit/atetl; dispeopled. N6,ptv-enleud(ik), (-ott), v. i. beconte t/esertes/ (ilepop u/a/eel or d/ispeopletl). N61ptelensit, (-ett), v. t. de/)opulate'; dispeople; itspeoplie. Nap-, prefix. _-Pimeq, n. mass (of people); crowd; throng: inn/ti/tide. -tdi'zs, n/tri be._4-trihin, ni./ribune of the people. — tiwalorn, n. deniocracy democratic governmetit uiiniep, n. pitb/ic (na/tional) "fistival popular feast. u-innepely, -ufnilepst6j, n. nip1itnnep. _-vandoi 1 ts, a1. migration (of peoples). _ Vez6hr, _-ei( t, n. pop - ular leadeu leatlet of the p eopile. -v iselet, n isa/ion(ti dress; natiottal costunte. _-z-avariqas, n tttmult; uproar: rising; insuirrection. Nesz, (-t, -e), n. (slight) noise: soutnd: (fig.) inkling -6t veszi vu-infek, get wi/nd of; get to hear o f. Nesze, interj. here you are/ titere /y011 ase! Neszel, (-tern, -t), v. t. I (of game) scent. II (fig.) glet wind of. Neszez, (-tern, ett), V. i. nsake a (slight) no/se. Ne~sztek, interj. = nesze (plural f orm). Nveszteleun, (- ul), alIj. noiseless: irit/tott a sottnd; silent. Neszte~ensf6qg, (-et. -e), ni. noise/essness*. Nev-cserce Ne-tfdhlin, uadv. (if) by an?, cliiintcs; petOclii tice; peradveutuitre: soe/tow it's r othter. Ne-lalhitii, adj. (if) any. Ne-to~vhhb~, A. initerj. no 6urther! Istop! Ienouigh / B. (-ja), a. arnti p/us altra (of):(the) every bes~,; tcinie /)arogott (of virtue): pink (of is urtesy): crowen: clitnax z-en/ith: height. N6Nc, (nevek, nevet, neve), a. I stassie:- szorint, byj tamie: imi a neved? what is, your name? szeriut (nevezve), calletl; (Smith) by naute: -re sz6lfm, persomntl (invitation): Isten neve'ben, a) iii Got/s name: b) (vuig.) never misitd! rio matter / II naisse (of thing) dentomntii(ttiltn; tittle: te-m: vminek nevet ad, tiame; call; give (something) a ttanie: vmit nievni -nevez, call a spad/c a spas/c. IIl (fig.) a name; reputatioss renoirn: nevet szerez, make a siame (f or oneself); ga/in celebrity. IV (gram~m.) nolat; sitbstantive.Vother phrases: rossz -en vesz, take ill; tttke atiiss; take umbrage at; take offence at: j 6 _enD vesz, be pleascel at; take in glood past; be gratiJies/ by: no vegrye rossz _eu, I hiose myatt (lo not mndis (my leaving dlone sousething): no offence! nievemben, in my' nanie: tidv6 -ziild nevomben, give (him) lnm// kins/(est) regarils; remnetuber me to (him): vkfinek nevhben, itt then naute of: in (soameone's) name: vkit nevhn nevez, call (sonaoone) by hi/s nateti: neveht al/firjsi, sign (one's) naive: -r"I ismer, knott (someone) by naive. — ad1aS, n. stamencla/t;src. D-li/as. signatu;re. - becsiikms, ni. (commn.) co/lateral acceptanice (of bill). _-h~eesfiI6i, n. acceptor for th~e hionomur of' another'. _-esere, a. I cha, itge ofI nanme. II metap)hor-.

Page  118 Nevekedik Neveked(ik), (-ter, -ett), v. i. I = n6veked(ik). II = nevelked(ik). Nevel, (-ter, -t), v. t. I educate; bring up (a child); train; rear.II breed (poultry): cultivate (plants); raise. II = novel. Neveles, (-t, -e), n. I education (of); bringing up; training; rearing. II education (given); breeding; training. III breeding (of animals): cultivation (of plants); raising. IV = noveles. Nevelesi, adj. aducational; of education: - m6d, - rendszer, system of education. Neveles-, prefix. — tan, n. pedagogics (t. sz.); pedagogy: science of education. ~-tani, adj. pedagogic(al). ~-tudomany(i), = neveles-tan(i). ~-iigy, n. educational matters; education. -iigyi, adj. educational: (inspector) of education. Nevelesu, suffix. of (good) breeding: j6 ~, well-bred: rossz ~, ill-bred. Neveletlen, (-iil), adj. I uneducated; untutored. II ill-bred; unmannerly; unmannered; rude; uncivil: naughty (child); insolent. Neveletlenseg, (-et, -e), n. I want of education. II illbreeding; want of manners; rudeness; incivility: naughtiness; insolence. Nevelheto, adj. capable of being educated: educable; docile. Nevelked(ik), (-tern, -ett), v. i. be brought up; be educated; receive (one's) training: grow up. Nevelo, A. (-k, -t, -je), n. tutor: educator; pedagogue. B. adj. I educational; educative. II foster-(father): anya, foster-mother: ~szii16k, foster-parents. Nev-elo, (-k, -t, -je), n. (gramm.) article. Nevelod(ik), (-tern, -ott), v. i. = nevelked(ik). 118 Nevelo-intezet, n. educational institute: (specifically) boarding school. Nevelo-no, n. governess: mistress (of boarding school). Neveloskod(ik), (- tern, -ott), v. i. act as tutor; be tutor (to). Nevelo-sziilok, n. pi. see nevel8 B. II. Nevelt, (-et, -en), adj. I educated (at); brought up; trained. II j6l ~, wcell-bred. III gyermek, foster-child: nursiing. Neveltseg, (-et,-e), n. (good) breeding; education: good manners. Nevendek, n. and adj. novendek. Nev-ert6k,n.nominal value; face value (of share): ~en, at par: ~en alul, below par. Neves, (-en), adj. famous; celebrated; illustrious renowned. Nevesseg, (-et, -e), n. fame; celebrity; renown. Nevet, A. see nev. B. (-tem, -ett), v. i. laugh (at): ~ve (el)fakad, burst out laughing: joizfit ~, laugh heartily: gunyosan ~, sneer; jeer: nem rni val6, nothing to laugh at (in): ~teben, see in Xocabulary. C. v. t. laugh at; deride; make fun of; mock: mit ~sz? what are you laughing at? a fenyegetest ~i, deride the threat; make light of the threat. Nevetes, (-t,-e), n. laughter; laughing; laugh: ~re fakad, burst out laughing: nem allhatja meg a ~t, (he) cannot help laughing: gunyos ~, sneer; jeer. Nevetesi, adj. (fit) of laughing. Nevetge1, (-ter, -t), v. i. keep laughing (from time to time). Nevetlen, adj. = nevtelen. Nevet6, A. adj. laughing: of laughter: ~ g6rcs, convulsive laugh: ~ inger, fit of laughter; laughing fit: ~ kedv, (a) laughing mood; Nevezes inclination to laugh: - izom, risorial muscle. B. (-t), n. laugher. Nevet6s, (.en), adj. merry; laughter-loving: risible. Nevets6g, (-et, -e), n. I = nevetes. II ridiculousness; ridiculous character: ridiculous thing: k6sz ~, (it is) simply ridiculous: how ridiculous! ~ targyavA vhlik (lesz), make (oneself) ridiculous; make a fool of (oneself): - targyava tesz, make (someone) ridiculous: hold up to scorn; make a laughing-stock of. Nevetseges, (-en), adj. ridiculous; laughable: ludicrous; risible; comical; droll (figure). Nevetsegesseg, (-et, -e), n. ridiculousness: ridiculous etc. character or nature (of: see nevetseges). Nevett6ben, adv. of laughing; from (for) laughing; of laughter: majd megpukkad (meghal, megszakad) ~, split (one's) sides with laughter: - nem tud sz6lni, he cannot speak for laughing. Nevettet, (-ter, -ett), v. t. make (someone) laugh; amuse: (vulg.) tickle. Nevettetes, (-t, -e), n. amusement. Nevetteto, adj. laughable; amusing: comic; funny; ludicrous. Nevetve, adv. laughing(ly). Nevez, (-ter, -ett), A. v. t. call; name: denominate (thing); term; style: give a name to: denote (as); qualify: vkit neven -, call (someone) by (his) name: hogy ~ik ezt? what is (...) called? what is the name of (...)? B. v. i. enter (for competition). Nevezend6, adj. to be named (or, called): semmi neven -, no kind of: no (...) whatever. Nevezes, (-ek, -t, -e), n. I calling; naming: denomina

Page  119 Neveze 119 Nezo tion; terming. II entry (for competition). Nevezet, (-et, -e), n. denomination: name. Nevezetes, (-en), adj. I celebrated (person); renowned; illustrious; Jamous. II vmirol _, famous (for); famed; known (for); noted (for): remarkable (for). III remarkable (thing); noteworthy: (fig.) - dolog, how singular! strange! Nevezetesen, adv. I namely: to wit. II particularly. Nevezetesseg, (-et, -e), n. I celebrity (of); renown; fame. II celebrated etc. character (of: see nevezetes). III celebrity (person): sight (thing); curiosity. Nevezetlen, (-ii), adj. unnamed; nameless. Nevezett, A. adj. I called; of the name of. II said; aforesaid; above. B. n. (the) said (person). Nevezetfi, suffix. of the name of; called; named. Nevezheto, adj. nameable; to be named: that may be called (something); that may be qualified (as); that may be denoted (as). Nevez6, A. (-k, -t, -j), n. (math.) denominator. B. adj. (gramm.) eset, nominative (case). Nev-, prefix. _-hatAroz6, n. (gramm.) I preposition: (Hung.) postposition. II article. ~-iras, n. signature. ~-jegy, n. I (visiting) card. II signature. ~-jegyz6k, n. list (of names); roll; register: (election) poll: catalogue. ~-jel, n. paraph; sign manual: flourish. ~kepzo, n. (gramm.) substantival suffix. ~-konyv, n. roll: catalogue; list. Nevleg, adv. nominally. Nevleges, (-en), adj. nominal; supposed: not real: - ert6k, nominal value; face value. N6v-, prefix. _-magyarositas, n. magyarisation of a name. ~-mas, n. (gramm.) pronoun: szemelyes ~, personal pronoun: birtokos, 'possessive pronoun: mutat6 ~, demonstrative pronoun: kerd6o, interrogative pronoun. ~-mdsi, adj. pronominal. _-mutat6, n. = nevjegyzdk. ~-nap, n. nameday (~om or nevem napja, etc.),-rag, n. case-ending: nominal suffix.,-ragozas, n. declension (of noun). - re-sz616, adj. personal (invitation). ~-rokon, n. namesake..-sor, n. list; roll. — szerint, adv. by name.,-szerinti, adj. by name: - szavazas, (Parl.) dimsion: open ballot. — sz6, n. (gramm.) noun; substantive: igei ~, verbal noun. -tar, n. = nev-k6nyv. Nevtelen, (iil),adj.anonymous (writer): nameless: unnamed; unknown. Nevtelenseg, (-et, -e) n. anonymity: anonymousness; namelessness. Nev-ut6, n. (gramm.) postposition. Nevu, suffix. oJ the name of; named; called; (Smith) by name: egy -, of the same name: homonymous: ismeretlen,, of unknovn name. Nev-, prefix. ~iinnep, n. name-day; fete. — valtoztatas, n. change of name. — vonas, n. = nev-jel. N6z, (-tem, -ett), A. v. i. I look: behold; see: vkire, look at; regard: nem ~ vkire, not look at; take no notice of: ~d csak! a) look here! b) well, 1 never! II gaze; stare. m vminek elebe ~, look forward to: have (something) in prospect; have (something) to expect; have (something) before (one). IV (of window, etc.), vmire -,face (south): look (on). V (of wealth, etc.), vkire ~, be in store (for); will be the share (of): nagy vagyon - rA, (he) will come in for a big fortune: mi ~ ram? what is in store for me? VI other phrases: utina (vminek), look after; see to (it): see; take care: oda se - neki, (he) does not mind (in the least); (he) does not care. B. v. t. I look at; examine; view; survey; regard; inspect. II vminek ~, take (someone for); consider; regard (as). II take into consideration; have regard for. IV mind (one's own business): care for: nem ~, be not particular (about). V rossz (j6) szemmel ~, see szem. Nezdegel, (-t), Nezeget, (-tem, -ett), v. i. and. t. frequentative of nez A. 1 and B. I (q. v.): keep looking (at), etc. Nezelo6ds, (-t, -e), n. I looking about: peering. II musing; meditation. N6zelod(ik), (-tem, -.tt), v. i. I look about: peer. II muse; meditate. Nezes, (-t, -e), n. I looking (at): seeing: inspection; view. II (fig.l look; regard: glance: zord ~, scowl. Nezsfi, suffix. with (a certain) look: -eyed: gorbe s, squinting; squinteyed: (fig.) malignant-looking. Nezet, (-ek, -et, -e), n. I view (of building): mellso f, front view: oldal -, side view. II (fig.) view; opinion: ~em szerint, in my opinion; to my mind: az a ~em, abban a,ben vagyok, I am of opinion (that); I believe: egy,en van vkivel, agree (with); be of the same opinion (as): mas -en vagyok, I am of a different opinion; I must agree to differ: mhs ~re jut, change (one's) mind. ~-elter6s, ~-kiilnbseg, n. difference of opinion: disagreement; dissension. ~viltoztatas, n. change of mind; change of opinion. Nezlet (-ek, -et, -e), n. = nezet II Nezo, A. (-k, -t, -je), n.

Page  120 NMzve 1l20()O looker-on; secetaitor. 1. adij iij (oii) iwp al.e; tinma- In -NO%4-'.I I k, -t a), aI. I blooi nij seeling. U nJ ip iiig;iiiieinia Iii cc iii vany sea i alding; Stagle eliihirlotion. Vo I ( K t jli stand: hlay, place iiiO N4 uli, coi j. althoajlt; alb t; VO in (Ii H (N kilnek nlay) spectators: statiiiid rme iiil i V ic spoue: jikplay: Mioir: -ko No- Iitii iiiterj. I colenic lion I v>sz?ii (w; Insall) zonse'g, spectators (t. sz ) a v-ell I iiecer! Inowt! Ii ill. (Ul to) vir!e -il In'Y vkdiauidence; puablic (at pia)) tIC11 lii z, / I n)ioriied (to);iced pont, poiiit of cievic; staiid- iN aiiii, A. (-ok, -ot), ni. laTShln i) &d a" d, giv it powint: lynk, loop-7iole iiiiiiail; noinade. 13. adj. ii avrriiige. 13. (ndx ik, ndtpeep(ing)-hole: _tir, liouse' iioiiiidic (life); unisettled; toni, nfitt), v. i. I groic: (ot theatre). UYicnieri ng. gr~ow up nagyra -, groic Nezve, adv. as/or; concern- Noui III~ew-qi,adj.Qj Nureni- toll. II groic increase; ing; icitli respect to; tony/i- berg. icaxr ciigmeiict: naigyabbra inig ' respecting; icithi regard No'tti,(-an), adj.- nor- -, incerie.~e li11 (of water) to ivwitli -reference to; in nial: regulair; unal: stand- rise. _ —taik, teincle finre: point oa': in (appearance) m.icomnii chaircicter (of Play). by (origin). Normvu'ii'di.a, (-At), proper ~-In-tit't, Ti. lady-killer-; Ni, intorj. ino behold! there ' a. Normandy. laidies' anine (fig.) Don (now) JI ivell INoi'inumm, (-ok, -t), n. and Jnan.._-e-fjYesii~et,_-cj) — ti~Nikkel, (-t), n. nickel, ad). Aormain. le~t, II. icoiien's(lde' otine. (Scancl ) Nare (one of the kos, nl. iiirilerer o; (one's) Niluis, (-t), proper nI. Nile. Fatdes). icife. _-q-yfililet, ni. nis-.-ineuti, _~-p.au'Ii, adj. on Noit J, (-ek, -et, -ildl), Ti. oggiat; hatred of woiiiin. the banks of the Nile and adj Noricegian. ~ — q fi1616, nI. niogi tl~Nintfa, (-akl-, -s'it aIja), nI I Nori ghtji, (-IAt), proper n. coiian-hcater. — lis'dito, a. nyniphi. I (bot.) nyiiphlien; N iiramy. lady-killer; (fig.) Doni Jiicn. wnter-lily. Nos, iaterj. well? anei... IN6i, adj. I (a) ivomnant's; Nim, (-It), proper n. Nan; icel I/ien:- (ha't) azut'ln, womanly; womanlike: feNanny, and (3): teliht, nlow thenl I male (sex);feininine.II1 camNieis, Niiscsens, v. i.I 1 Nosz.a, interj. nowv then!. pounds: divat, icomen' there is no: (absolutely) come milong!J come on! go fashions: erlny, wosnanly t/ieie is noie: nines i1dm, on Ivirtue: huiselg. conjugal Ihave sno tiiie: mit tenni, 1-:Noia, (-.Ak, -t-ja), n. fiidelity (of wife) a icothese is nothing to be done. soiig: air. nain'sfiiait/i: - nunka, femnale II lie (s/ic it) is not (at A;<Notabjltds, (-ok, -t, -a), work; omeonii's mork: mendk home). 11J sneg, (some- notability (person); person of a icomnan: rhba, idress; thing) is los~t; is not to be af' note: (vulg.) big pot. r'obe; gjoirn: ironieiis mccor:.fominil; is niissing. Y~(Ni6ta-fia, is. (vuig.) song - rnlialsereskedes, dcalcr Nineseuteki, v. i. (plus.). I icriter. inieid y-nnale icoiien's nvear: t/iere are no: (absolntely) iNotiftri'is, (-ok, -t, -a), in. szab,'i, idressinaker.- szat/iere are none: -gyormnekei, 'notary. kasz,i(lciiiess) (compartment /ie has no chilldien. II they '~\Nitdz, (-tani, -ott), v. i. reserved for womnen): sziv, are not (at home). sBing (songs). i a iunman's /meart: in. Ninil, interj. ni. tizNotesz, (-ek, -t, -e), n. 1 c/ieiiise. X-Niv0ellid, (-tam, -t), V. t. note book. M~ies, (-en), adj. I tonamni,. level. tiNot6siais, (-an), adj. not- a icomnan's; ivomanamiike -tSNivO, (-t, -ja), n. level: orious: in 'anious. tender: gentle. II (of alan) stiindcrd; grade. c-~Novella, (-k, -I,-j). elfeminante; icomanis/i. No, interj. I well: nomv. Il I s/iort story; novelette. II N'6iessilg, (-et, -a), u. I colime nowv! (log.) novel (sepplementary I w inanliness; wvoman/mod. Nodt, (-t), proper n. Non/i: constitution); novella. _- III (of man) eheniinacy; - blrkiuja, Noah's Ark. fit6, Is. writer of short wonianis/iness. Ndg-aI, (-am~n, -Oitt), V. t. ~tmiries. [ember. NMietlen, (-iil), adj. unuage (on); immpel; piroinpt; >-:Novejfll)eC, (-t), n. Non- ivomanly. incite; goaoi (on): exhort. I E~Novemubern, adj. Noveni- N6isdg, (-et, -e), n. - Ndgatds, (-t, -a,), n. urg- j bei- (days~); of November.) noiesseg 1.

Page  121 N6-k6im6s NyafoU4 M-k~p,6s,. wvomen'sl red (mnan); single: -e-,m- physiological botany. education; tesnale educeation. Iber, bachelor. eulyV, 11. gluten. — evoi, N6-k~rd6s, n. (th e) wonuan I6(1tiens6g, (-at, -e), n. 'un- -adj. herbirorouts; gransinir(iestion. niacned state; celibacy orots; phg~topha~gouls: oeinN,(-t), v. i. = nil B. single state. Iber, vcgetarian. — filj, n. N6111i, see nil A. 11. N6-ural-Orn, ni. petticoatspce (af plant).. —qyuN6i-, prefix. - itc ini, ni. gloverunmeti. temin~ny, ni. herbarium; (enmale sex;,iosanakind; Ndved6k, (-nt,-n), ngrowcth. collection of plants'. fair ccex: (granrnn.) reminin- NMveked&Ws, (-, -e), n. glyfijt6, ni. herbalist. i'ne (gender). ~- enaj. grwh;icrae;ag IitZ, a. greenhouse: hotfenmale: (grarnrn ), ~emunini menetation; rise (o1). house: conservatory (for a-ev,6,n I no-~p le vocked(iIk), (-ott), v. t. flowers). zns. III gsi ls' education. grow; increase; wcax; any- Ndv,6nyi, adj. vegetable..-nceloiuttct i gils nent 5ise; swrell. Ndv6ny-,prefix._4smer6, school; girls' boarding- Nii ekedo1, adj. growing; n. botanist; her balist. -orschool. '-orszsiaqiasin. (fig.) incr eassing]; waxing; ac- SZaJ, IIvgetation; vegetpetticoat govebnment. 01r crescent. [ked(ik). able kingdom. -tan, n. Vos, n. gynaem ologlint;spe- Nov eksz(ik), v. i. ==ndve- botany: phytology; phytocialist [or mwomnen' (hieases. No,% _kves, Ndvekv6, ==nomy. -tani, (lag), adj. _-rabhfts, na abdiutions novekedec, ndvekedil. botanical:phytologscal. N6is, adj. married (mnan). Novel, (-tern, -t), v. t. in- — tudom'ally, n.=noveinyNMst6ny, (-ek, -t, -a), ni. crease; augment; add to: tan. — ttL(IOs, an. botanist: and adj. she-; female: (fig.) enhasnce; raise; height- phytologist. - Vilt"Ig, n., farkas, she-mwolf: -kutya, en. flora; vegetation. bitch:- oroszla'n, lioness: Ndveffde, (-et, -6je), a. == Nodve'ryzet, (-et, -e), n. rilka, vixen. neveloirl-ntzet. vegetation; flora. N&Miii, (-tern, -t), v. i. get Ndvel6s, (-t, -e), n. increas- N6-v6r-, (-ek, -t, -e), n. married; wved a wuife; take ing; increase;, amegmenta- sister. (to omseself. a ivtife. tion: (fig.) enhancement; N6-v,60i(es), (-en), adj. sisN~siiI~s, (-t, -e), n. mar- heightening. terly; a sister's; sisterlike. riage; taking a ivife: t i Ndv-endhk, A. (-ek, -et, -e), Nd&%,~~s, (-t, -e), vi. I growrth: kedv, kedve, mind to n. pupil (of school). B. arlj. increase; augmentation: rise. marry. young: -Ieany, young girl; II g'roirth: stature; build; NVi-szem6ly, n. woman; maiden:- pap, seminarist: size; figutre. female. marha, yosnsg ox; calf: Niives~zt, (-ott), v. t. I= NMsz(ik), (-tern, -ott), v.. i. ujj, ring-finger: vessz5, novel. If growv (a beard). ==nsilsl. shoot; scion; sucker.. N~iv~k, N6%,fink, seev'nl B. N6-szirom, n. (bot.) iris. NV611hy, (-ek, -t, -e), a. Nvibia, ( —ut), proper vi. N6sz6i, adj. about to wed. plant: herb: vegetable: a Nusbia. N6telen(s,6g),= smotlen(s~g.) -ek. flora; vegetation: ffl- Nubiliai, adj. and. vi. Nubian. NM-testv- r, n. sister. nerniu- herb: cserjks ~,kul,(-(t), n. I zero. II N6tet, (-tern, -ett), v. t. = shrub: vizi - aquatic (fig.) nobodgq; nonentity. nbveszt. plant: virahgtalan ole, crypt- fiN Atnut zuat ikea,(-ht,- -ja), N~i-tisztelet, a. respect (or ogamnia; floiverless plants. n. numnismnatics (t. sz.). svomen. _-dMet, a. segetable life: Nijinfke,. (-(it), a. larv~a oj N~t~en, (-ftl), adj. sunnaer- vegetation. _ —At-tan,' a. cockchsafer. Ny Ny, the twenty-first letter pamby; (weakly) sentiment- pernny; wrhiosper; wrhining; of the Hungarian alphabet at; finical; nifF ifyr!. wchiine; blubbering; seirl(for pronunciation, see Nyafog, (-tarn, -ott), v. i. I ing. Introduction), whimper; whine; blubber: Nyafoq.6, A. (-t), a. svhintNyaffadt, Nyafka, adj. meiil. II mattte,': talk iss a pes-er; whiner; blubberer-. whining; whimpering; put- wvhining voice. B. adj. whimper ing; whining; blabbering: namby- Nyafogmis, (-t, -a), n. whim- iog (voice) blabbering.

Page  122 Nyaggat Nyaggat, (-tam. ott), v. t. torment; harass; excruciate; bother; vex: badger; pester: cross-question: and see taggat. Nyaggatas, (-t, -a), n. tormenting; harassing; excruciation; bothering; vexation: badgering; pestering; cross-questioning: and see aggatds. Nyaj, (-at, -a), n. I flock (of sheep): herd; drove. II (eccl.) congregation; flock. Nyajas, (-an), adj. amiable; aflable; courteous; condescending; gentle (words); /ind; sweet (nature); comvlaisant; fair; gracious; mild; benign: pleasant (scene); charming (sight); delightful. Nygjaskodas, (-t, -a), n. amiability; affability; courtesy; condescension; gentleness; complaisance; grace; raciousness; benignity. Nyajaskod(ik),(-tam,-ott), v. i. be amiable; be courteous; be affable; be condescending: play the amiable; play the gallant. Nyajassag, (-ot, -a), n. I - nydjaskodds. II amiable etc. character or nature (of: see nydjas). Nyajbeli, adj. of (the same) flock. Nydj-6r, n. shepherd. Nyak, (-at, -a), n. I neck: vkinek ~aba borul, embrace: vmit vkinek a ~aba akaszt (s6z, or, varr), palm (upon); leave (something) to (someone); throw (on): vkinek ~aba varrja magAt, intrude (on); pin (oneself) (upon): vkinek a -aba szokik, (ugrik), fall on the neck of; embrace; throw (one's) arms round; ez az en aamba szakadt, (this) has been left to me: ~-ba veszi a varost, make a tour of the town; (Amer.) do the town: ~Aba veszi a vilagot, go (out) into the world: vkinek ~aba tol, impose (on); lay on the 12Q shoulders of: ~ig, (be) over head and ears (in debt): ~ig van vmivel, have had enough of; be sick of; be tired of: -ban van, (vulg.) be tipsy; be half seas over: vkit _on csip, take by the scruff of the neck; collar: vkinek -an il, pester; plague; be a bore to: dog the heels of: vkit -on iit, (vag, or, felejt). box the ears of; slap (one) in the face: vminek ~ara hag, run through (a fortune); dissipate; waste; squander: vkinek -Ara jar, importune; pester: vkinek ~ara n8, grow beyond: be too nuch for: vkinek -Ara k6ti magat, intrude (upon): pester: -arbl leraz, get rid of; rid (oneself) of; shake off: -at szegi (or, kitori), break (one's) neck: (fig.) come to grief; cut (one s) own throat: (vulg.) come a cropper: vkinek -at tekeri, undo; be the ruin of; do for (someone): ez -at szegheti, (this) may be the undoing of; (this) may be the end of; that may finish (him). II (fig.) life: ez -aba fog keriilni, (it) will cost (him) his life; it will be the death of (him). m11 neck (of bottle). Nyak, (-ot), n. = nydlka. Nyakal, (-tam, -t), v. t. (vulg.) I = nyakaz. II drink; booze. Nyakas, (-an), adj. headstrong; obstinate; wilful; stubborn; refractory; stiffnecked; crabbed; persistent: (vulg.) cantankerous. Nyakaskodas, (-t, -e), n. obstinacy; stubbornness; wilfulness; persistence. Nyakaskod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. be obstinate; be stubborn; persist (obstinately); put (one's) back up; get (one's) back up: set (one's) teeth. Nyakassag, (-ot- -a), n. I = nyakaskodas. II headstrong etc. character or nature (of: see nyakas). Nyak-szorit6 Nyaka-tekert, adj. distorted: intricate: complicated (sentence): labyrinthine. Nyakaz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. = e-nyakaz. Nyakazas, (-t, -a), n. beheading; decapitation: execution. Nyak-, prefix. ~-b6seq, n. zwidth of neck. — csap-fi, n. (bot.) throat-wort. ~-csigolya, n. (med.) nape (of neck): cervical vertebrae (t. sz.) -disz, ~-6k, n. necklace; necklet. — fajds, n. (kilso) pain in the neck: neck-ache. — fodor, n. ruf (for neck); frill. ~-hartva, n. mucous membrane. — kaloda, n. pillory. — kend6, n. 1 tie; cravat; necktie. II neck-cloth; scarf: neckerchief. ~-k6t6, n. = nyakkendo I. — lncz, n. necklace; necklet. — leves, n. (vulg.) box on the ears; slap (in theface). Nyaklo, (-t, -ja), n. I halter. II noose; loop; (naut.) sling. Im leash (for hounds). *Nyakorjan, (-ok, -t, -ja), n. (zool.) giraffe; camelopard. Nyakos, (-an), adj. = nydlkds. Nyak-orv, n. =- nyakkaloda. Nyakra-fore, adv. headlong; precipitately: helterskelter; in the utmost haste: without thinking; indiscriminately. Nyakra-val6, (-k, -t, -ja), n. = nyak-kendo. Nyak-, prefix. — resz, n. neckbeef. — rovat, n. (bot.) white stone-crop. — szeges, n. breaking of the neck; a broken neck. — szego, adj. breakneck (speed): (fig.) perilous. — szij, n. neckstrap: throat-latch(of horse). ~-szirt, n. nape (of neck). ~-szirt-merevedes, n. (med.) cerebrospinal meningitis; spotted fever. ~-szorit6, n. collar: tie. — te

Page  123 Nyak-tekercs kercs, n. (zool.) wry-neck; pea bird; turkey bird; snakebird; cuckoo's mate; summer bird; tongue-bird; writhe-neck. ~-teker6, n. (med.) torticollis; wryneck. ~-tilo,n.guillotine. ~-tiloz, (-tam, -ott), v.t. guillotine: behead; decapitate. tor6, adj. breakneck (speed): precipitous (descent): (fig.) perilous; dangerous. Nyakli, suffix. -necked: hosszu,, longnecked. Nyal, (-tam, -t), v. t. and. i. lick: lap; lick up: ~jakfaljak egymast, be all love; they almost eat one another; be fondly in love: vkinek ~, court the favour of; be a lick-spittle (to); play the toady (to). Nyal, (-at, -a), n. spittle; saliva: ~am folyik, my mouth waters: -am folyik utana, it makes my mouth water. Nyalab, (-ot, -ja), n. I bundle: package; packet: faggot (of sticks); fagot. 1I armful (of): ~ra fog, take under (one's) arm. III truss (of hay): bottle (of straw): lock (of hay). Nyalabol, (-tam, -t), v. t. I make into a bundle; bind up: faggot (wood); fagot: truss (hay). II take up (in [one's] arms); pick up: clasp. Nyalabonkent, adv. by bundles (packages; faggots; trusses): a bundle (package; faggot; truss) at a time. Nyalad6k, (-ok, -ot, -ja), n. titbit; dainty; sweetmeat; delicacy; junket. Nyaladz(ik), (-ott), v. i. slaver; slabber; slobber; drivel. Nyalakodas, (-t, -a), n. I billing and cooing: philandering. II eating titbits: eating of dainties: (vulg.) junketing. Nyalakod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. I bill and coo: wanton; philander. II eat titbits (or, dainties); nibble: (vulg.) 123 junket: have a sweet tooth. Nyalakod6, A. (-t), n. I fond lover; philanderer. II siweet-tooth; nibbler; lickerish fellow: gourmet; epicure. B. adj. I wanton; amorous. II sweet-toothed; lickerish; fond of dainties (or, titbits): (vuig.) junketing: epicurean. Nyalank, A. (-ot), n. - nyalakodo A. II. B. adj. I dainty (food); tempting (morsel); lickerish: epicurean. IIH nyalakod6B.II. Nyalanksag, (-ok, -ot, -a), n. I == nyaladek. II sweet tooth: fondness for titbits (or, dainties); lickerishness: epicureanism. Nyalas, (-t, -a), n. licking: lapping; licking up. Nyalas, (-an), adj. I beslavered; beslobbered: salivous; ituitous; pituital: mucous. II (fig.) unripe; green; raw (youth). ~-szaju, n. (fig.) greenhorn; stripling. Nyalaz, (-tam, -ott), A. v. t. I beslaver; beslobber. II lick (stamp). B. v. i. = nydladz(ik). ' [ladz(ik). NyTalaz(ik), v. i. = nydNyaldos, (-tam, -t), v. t. I lick; keep licking. II (of water) lap; wash: (ol flames) lick. Nyal-fejleszt6,adj. salivating; salivary. Nyal-hdrtya, n. mucous membrane. Nyalka, (-an), adj. smart; trim; spruce; stylish (woman); dashy. Nyalka, (-at,-&ja), n. mucus; phlegm: nyhlkat ereszt, generate phlegm. ~-hajt6, n. (med.) phlegmagogue. ~hartya, n. (med.) mucous membrane. ~-hal, n. (zool.) blenny. Nyalkas, (-an), adj. I mucous: pituitous. II mucoid; mucilaginous: slimy; phlegmatic; phlegmy. mI allatok, mollusca; mollusks (t. sz.): - hartya, mucous membrane: - leves, gruel. Nyalrgal Nydlkasod(ik),(-tam,-ott), v. i. become mucous (slimy; phlegmy). Nyalka-valaszt6, adj. (med.) muciparous. Nyal-kepzodes, n. mucous secretion. Nyal-mirigy, n. salivary gland. Nya6l, (-t, -ja), n. licker. Nyalogat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. frequentative of nyal (q. v.). Nyal-omles, n. (med.) salivation; ptyalism. Nyvm-nyam, Nyamnyila, adj. and n. (vulg.) clumsy; awkward: silly: (ember) clodhopper: blockhead. Nyar, (nyarat, nyara,) n. summer: ~ dereka, midsummer: ~on, in summer: ven asszonyok nyara, Saint Martin's summer: (Amer.) Indian summer. Nyaral, (-tam, -t), v. i. spend the summer (somewhere); pass (one's) summer holidays; take a summer holiday: ~ni megy, go to the country; go to the seaside. Nyaralas, (-t, -a), n. summer holidays (t. sz.); summer vacation: (arch.) aestivation. Nyaral6, (-k, -t, -ja), n. 1 (hely) summer resort; healthresort. II (haz) villa; summer-house; summer residence: country house (cottage). II1 (szemely) visitor; holiday-maker. Nyaranta, Nyaratszaka, adv. in summer: during the summer; in summer-time: every summer. Nyar-elo, (eleje), n. (month of) June. Nydr-fa, n. (bot.) poplar: jegenye ~, Lombardy poplar: feher -, white poplar: rezg6 ~, aspen (poplar). - level, n. aspen leaf. Nyargal, (-tam, -t), v. i. I ride. II gallop; ride hard: rush; run; race. Il (fig.) vmin ~, harp (on); be con

Page  124 N ya r ItjI is- N N N limii llli hltxjiii on) _ti~ d~,ht titj, t~), ii. I iv lut ("i1iisilviolin I, uit I'l ii, hobby. d c lli (Xiii.) ii? ri/h (I loliii itb: hei N\y.ai igq:ilis, -t,-), n. i I ichti" itins IuINl~l; 1i/u) -.) veszctt fthJriling li/C6. I I yatotspito, (lbii Lllijp r: 111111/Z - pdpsl/ sziwek L nvclib, i p~oor cont gall~~p rushin ) i Ish,; ruilt. liigiis.1 iKr St l oIit) io:F(ig.) dbn lit N1iiit: 111 (fig.) harping (on. distie (iS utrible; rilj. itf brio (I aboit: c0 rrgl out1 Nyni~aI6, -t, -ja),D. 110Juliet liiidug: is. Sc]i cole); arry ilito e/i ecl, rideri. I[ z — nli argja,!a 1 —Il. NvavalyaIs, (-aii), ad'.1 iu ag (the business) Nya-_rfja16dz(ik), (-tamii diseMseed sik; ailing. 11 accoiupi,'ish. -Ott), V. i. gaillop) aboii: riiih r))ileptic. 111 (fig. miser- NYcidehid, (-t, je), n. I about; rush to an, I froa; lace able: turetch ed. IV fig.) Pit- throatI; guillet: phorynx about. i 'ilii paltrys;ireel heil rile esopihigigs. I epiglotnis. Ny~arqjalva, adv. ridilig (cr-eature) despicable Nyeltes, (- en), adj. (turnharil;rgallopingj;ata gallop. aiictu/. islhod) with a lhanille: hldveil Nydir lid, (LIav'a), n..(month Nyavalya-Wt-s s, is. ep)i- (ache) of) July. lepsy: epilept ic fit. Nyel~s, (-t, -a), n. slrallolrNyhi'i, adj. sanluier-;sumt- Nyavalya-Vidrd5s, adj. epi1- iug.f iner-like:!or (used ill) sii- lep/ic. Nwveltlen,(-l), adj.ivithbout nier: Ahlhv, slillililier teruit Nyavailyoqj,(-tam, nyavaly- a handle: haundleless; heft(of Unix ersity) M I-ay termu gott), V. i. I be ill; be sic/lAg; less; unbelvred. (Cambridge) - lahks, sii n- be ailing; be in bant health. Nyelez, (-tam, -ett), v. t. iner r~esidentce; sin iner- II (fig.) be in distress: and p.rovide with a handle (or., house: -nap, suitiiner ilai see nygomorog lie: t); putt a llalnlle (or, lie/t) idoi, a) summiller lreather XN a,(-tains -ott), v. i. 1 oa: helve (hiatchiet) beiaft. bi) slilliler tune riiiai (of cait) imev;lit an! 1111 cat- Nyoto, A. (-t, -).i.siraltsininnier clothes (t. sz.) s i cliiaidl J fiota' oi, 1. oirer; oiie irho swcallowcs. B. uuer dress (of wxonian) NN advogas, (t, -a), n I adj, swcalloiring: zsilip, tdj, minniqe; sCulli. iaewiaig (of cat) n isaul; channel; trough (wveir). Nyhirias, (-an), saj. suilimi a iialng: ater weuding. I Nyelv, (-aek, -at, -) s (weather) euinirlilllilke ngafogas. I (human) tongue (/l1g. too) slielsmiiiiieil g light Nyeqjqet, (-tens -ett), v. t. szabadjhra ereszti -6t, letd (dress); thiia (clothes). 111ya0 gat- (onieself) go; talk freely Nyar~-1eN-6 n. auai let Ny(eule A. (-6el a6t eje), inegeredt _e, lie becamne le re'l. isI -Cheap' jack, Cebap johni: talkative: emen vane (foNybsis, (-a, ), is. spit pa//ri II siragqere brg Io) I hiave (it) at the tip) ci] broach: -oi sii t, roast (on Ita rt; braggcalocio; rod- myq toliglie: jO -3 Vanl, jul split): ra, lfiz, spit: (fig.) aollolt. Il snotiitebeink; pbrbg a -, hirve ea glib iliiipale (criminal): o*, suilt, quack; gutacksalver; char — toliglite; have the gi~ft of'the roeist meait. latan. B. adj. rcintitig; glab: rihgalmaz6 -ek, staniNyiii&sal, (-tarn, -t), v. t. I siraggering; bragging: coa- deroiis tonguites: slanilerers: spit (meat). II (fig.) im~paede celled, aI rossz -ek, slauder; slainNyaI~s-, rrefx..-forgatd Nyc~jles&~,(-at, -a), n. I ilerers (t. sz.):a vkros -.hre i.jack; smoke-jack; roa-st- sivagger; braggiag; pnr 'I: kerftl, becoiie the talk of the tag jack: turn-spit. — Ipo1- (vuig.) siile: coace it. IL tourn: niegbotlik a -, maakc q is,. (Germ.) Philistiise; iounitebankery~ inoiinte- a slip (of the ton~tne): /6kPhilistian; Philister: (corn- bank"ism; quackerg; Char- telen a _e, rossz A1, he has nionily) burgess; burgher: latalsia. Ican evit toague; have a mal(vuig.) cit. _-polhjfti(as), N yekken, (-t), v. i. I ci-ack; icious tong~ue: -e't fhkenl (-an), adj. (Germ.) P1hil- make a cracking sound: tartj a, control (one's,) tongu e: istiean; Philistine: coin- click; C/ark. II croak: groanz. here vesz, backbite; slander: muonplaee; simple:?msoph- Nyel, (-tern, -t), V. t. I sirvul- rsom/ut kflt -Jn, hold (one's) isticated. _~-polq,,ariassAq, lov se -nygel and le-nyel. tonigue. II language; toague; (-ot, -a), n. (Germn.) Phil- II (fig.) suralloir; (affront); spIeech: mag~yar -en, fii istiriism: rvant of Cu/tare; suppress (emiotion):pocket Hunugarian: an gol -re, siinplicity /I [Augulst. (insuLt):pnt up irith; end ire. (translate) into Eaglish: Nyhit-ntO~, is. (month of) Nyhl, (nynlet, nyele), is. irudalnii -, literary lanNvy-vadt, (-an), ad). sickly; handle (of whip); hlcle (of guutage:hl-6(modern)-ekinoi:Idelicate rail. ha~~~~lithete); haft (of kinife):emn languages: holt ~,di-ad

Page  125 w1FW'_-3wW-,T_7w-V-, IW I *" I - I Fawmqw-w __- - , 7 1_' 7 - - _-_ I - - __ Ny'elv-alak ii lavnguage: ert a _6u. be able to fet oni (With). lit (fig.) st!,le; loongutoje. TV [00ff u (of balance, btind, or, boll) elaupier (of bell). _-alaku, adi. tonguie-shaped; lirgiguiforns...-J)eli, adj. linguistic; (beauty) of style; of speech: Jhiba, inconigruity of speech; bad grammar: _khszse'g, fluency; vol ubility; easy sty~le:readiness of speech. _-I)etfi,u. (gramum.) lingual. _-botlhas, ni. slip of the tongu e; lapsuss lirnysiae; tframiniatical blunder; solecism. — biiveir, n. 'philologist; linyptist. -buviivhr — lat, n. philology; linguiistics (t. sz.)...-Csap, u. (used.) uvula. _-esap)-hi, n. (bot.) throat-wort...csont, n. (med.) hyoid bone...-esoport, n. group (family) of languiages. Nyelvel, (-tern, -t), v. I. Pitt out (one's) tongue. I Use (one's) tongue freely; be garrulous (or, loqnacious): be sancy; be Pert: babble, chatter. Nyelv-, prefix. — ellenes, adj. ungrammatical; incorrect; incongruous. _ entlhk, n. literary monunsent; (literary) record. 6,n. lingual artery. urk. linguistic instinct. Nyeives, (-en), adj. I garrulous; loquacious: talkarlive: babbling; glib-tongued. It saucy; pert: insolent. Nyelveskedhs, (-t, -e), n. Igarrulousness; loquacity; loqutacioutsness; talkativeness:babbling;(a)glib tongue. II sauciness; pertness; insolence. Nye~lvesked(ik), v. i. nyelvel Iii. [vies. Nyelvesked6i, adj. ==nyelNyelvh6sz, (-ek, -t, -e),' a. linguist; philologist. Nyeivhszet, (-at, -a), n. linguistics (t. sz.); philology; science of language. Nyelveszeti, (-leg), adj. lin~quistic(al); ))hiological. 12 5 Nyelv(~szkd (ih), (-tots, -ott) V. I.be ea )hilo!Ogfist; pursute sltulies iu philology. Nycivetleni, (-ill), ndj. tonguveless; withouit (a) tonpile. Nyelvezet, (-01, -a), n. languiage (used);style mnunner of writing;diction. Nyeivezeti, (-leg), adj. of' leissyuage; of style; qf elicN~ye-l%-, prefix. ~4-ik, n. ligament of' the tongue. fkyn. (iued.) ranula. _-Ujyakiotrat, fl. grammatical exercise: (Amn.) exercice in rhetoric..-hlang, n. (grammi.) lingual. _-IiaS0onlittfrs, n. comnpearative gramnuner; comparative philology. _-lsasoiil6sdqg, n. sinsilarity (of languages). _liasmnhat, a. usage; idlenm. — lielyesseg, ri. gramimatical correctness. _hibl)a, n. I gramnmatical,fault (or, error): incongruity of speech: solecism; bad spelling. II impieediment in (onie's) speech. Nyeolvi, (-leg). adj. - nyelebell. Nyelv-, prefix. -iskola, school of langnaqes. -isrne),et, u. knowvledgqe of leanguages; linyntistic kuoweledge. _-isrne'o, adj. and n. (person) vetsed in lassguages; conversant with languages; linguist. _jai as,nI. dialect: idiom; slangq jibrttsi, adj edialecteal.jtiviths, n. putrism; lersguagje reforsn. ~-javit6, A. is. Purist; language reformer. B. adj. Puristic. _ kever,6k, -n. coniposite language. ~-kcver-es, n. mixture of languiages: confusion of tongues. — kiucs, n. vocabulary. — k~nyv, n. grammar (book). — niestezv, u. master (teacher) qo~ a lsngnage: (archi.) grammarion; languages master. — mi Hifjy, n. (med.) fingsial Wianil.-. -ntiulatv.afly, II.: ecxeeej1f(illustra tive of style). us' I eulluation oIt a languiage:philo'logg. iniivecl6, adj. -trasersug,)liilolofiical woietg mu vCsz, fl. iiistei ot a Ianguage; artist (iln wxritng) innster of stale. ol6t6, adj panting. om, is rii tt r-ajz, n. giammnar. -dk,4fi is. cancer of, tire tonigue._ 101Uoitss, fl coiirlptioii Of ai language. I Ollt6) A. n. cor~rupter 01' a language. 13. adj. corrupting (cot i iptire of) a language.. _S:1J;(S;il J, aI. (peenlsnsa) geniiii of' o language: idiom. _-mp, n reed-pipe (of organ). _Sza1bfly, n. girasmaticeal rnile. _ —si(1eileii n1 cpu it of a lanigiteige. iisage C S/Cl-1 kezet, is stm ictire e szoktis, n. usaqe; idieuatic use. -4an, is. gianisner (book or srales). _tantlu-, a. professor ofphdlologyg or==nypelv tansto Idani, (-lag), adj. ramerininatua of gremaneer:.ag helyes, grammatical; granuuatically, correct. _-tan-iro6, is. grain-,marian. ~-tanita~s, n. teaching of' (instrucetion isi) a language: language teaehitalent for languages: gi ift for languages. -.-tceifilet, n. language territory: district where aparticutlar langqage is spoken. _-tiSztasahg,n. purity (of langutage): p,?tim _-tiSzti1tfs, U~purification of' a language; Puirisni. _-tisztit6, A. n. purist. B. adj. puiristic. _ torteiset, an. history of langiiage: philologyf; historical greammar. tot,6nt(i, aelj. philological. toi wciy, n1. (linguistic) law. -tudorn-miy, a. science of langiiage; lingusstics (t. sz.) philology. _tudoinatbyl, adj. linguistic; phsslological: of philaooqy. tH1(10S n.

Page  126 Nyelv-ujitfas tas, n. neology; language reform. -lljit6, A. n. neologist; language reformer. B. adj. neologic(al); neologistic(al). Nyelvii, suffix. of (a certain) speech; of (a certain) style. (Hungarian) by speech: angol ~, English (book). Nyelv-ur, n. (bot.) coelog.lossum. Nyelv-vegyiiles, n. nyelv-keveres. Nyelv-zavar, n. confusion of tongues: Babel. Nyer, (-ter, -t), A. v. t. I win (victory). II gain; obtain; carry off (a prize): profit; clear (a hundred pounds); make a profit of: acquire: idit ~, gain time: tert ~, make headway: kegyelmet ~, obtain a reprieve; be pardoned: mit _ink vele? what good is (it) to us? what do we gain by (it)? nem iunk vele semmit, (it) avails us nought; (it) is of no use to us. B. v. i. win; be a winner: profit (by); make a profit: gain (by comparison). Nyercz, (-et, -e), n. (zool.) mink. Nyereg, (nyerget, nyerge), n. I saddle: n6i ~, sidesaddle: a,b81 kiuit (kiemel, kivet), unseat; unhorse: (fig.) supplant; supersede. II depression(in mountain-ridge); saddle-back. III bridge (of violin). ~alakui, (-an), adj. saddle-shaped. ~-alj, n. saddle-cloth. ~-csinal6, n. saddler. _-csont, n. (med.) saddle-bone. ~-fa, n. saddletree. ~-fej, ~-f6, n. saddlebow: pommel. ~-gyartds, n. saddlery. _-gyarto, n. saddler. — heveder, n. (saddle) girth. ~-kapa, n. pommel. ~-parna, n. pillion: panel. ~-szerszam, n. saddle and harness. ~takar6, n. housing; saddlecloth: (mil.) shabrack; caparison. ~-taska, n. saddle-bag: holster (for ifi6 pistol). ~-tores, n. saddlegall. ~-vtnkos, n. nyereg-pdrna. Nyereked(ik), v. i. nyereszked(ik). Nyeremeny, (-ek, -t, -e), n. I profit; gain: winnings (t. sz). II (lottery) prize. III (comm.) premium; bounty. NyeremBnyes, (-ek, -t, -e), n. winner of prize. Nyeremeny-kolcson, n. premium loan. Nyeremeny-sorsjegy, n. premium lottery ticket: premium bond. Nyerernny-sorsolas, n. I drawing of premium lottery (premium bonds). II prize drawing (lottery). Nyeremeny-t&rgy, n. lottery prize. Nyeres, (-t, -e), n. winning: gaining; gain (of) obtaining; acquiring; acquisition: and see nyeresdg. Nyereseg, (-et, -e), n. I gain; profit; profits (t. sz.); proceeds (t. sz.); returns (t. sz.): (personal) winnings (t. sz.): tiszta, clear profit; net proceeds (t. sz.); net profits (t. sz.). II (fig.) advantage: (a great) acquisition (to us): benefit (to). Nyereseges, (-en), adj. profitable; lucrative (undertaking); that pays; paying: useful; advantageous; beneficial. Nyereseg- [6s veszteseg-] szamla, n. (comm.) profit and loss account. Nyeres6g-vagy, n. greed of gain: profiteering. Nyereseg-vagy6, adj. greedy of gain: mercenary. Nyereszkedes, (-, -e), n. speculation; profiteering: greed of gain: (kozszallittsoknl) jobbery. Nyereszked(ik), (-tem, -ett) v. i. speculate; profiteer: (kozszallitAsoknhl) job. Nyer6szked6, A. (-k, -t, -je), n. speculator; profiteer: (kozszllitasoknal) jobber. Nyerses6. B. adj. speculative; profiteering: mercenary: greedy of gain. Nyerge, see nyereg. Nyergel, (-ter, -t), v. t. saddle (horse); put a saddle on. Nyergeletlen, (-il), adj. unsaddled. Nyerges, A. (-ek, -t, -e), n. I saddler: harness-maker. II = nyerges 16 (see nyerges B). B. adj. saddled: ~ 16, a) saddle-horse; riding horse; mount: b) near horse (in team). Nyerget, see nyereg. Nyerit, (-ett), v. i. (of horse) neigh; whinny. Nyerites, (-t, -e), n. neighing; neigh; whinnying; whinny. Nyer, A. (-k, -t, -je), n. winner. B. adj. winning: ~ sz&m, winning number: prize. Nyers, (-en), adj. I raw (meat); uncooked (fruit): raw (silk); unrefined (sugar): undressed (leather): green (wood): felig ~, underdone (meat):, allapot, raw state. II rough (gem); not refined. III (fig.) rough; coarse; blunt (manners); rude; harsh (tone); gruff (voice): brusque (manner): vulgar. IV - anyag, raw materials (t. sz.): ~ bev6tel, gross takings; gross proceeds (t. sz.); gross receipts (t. sz.): aczel, raw steel; German steel:, czukor, raw sugar; unrefined sugar: ~ suly, gross weight: ~ termek, termeny, raw produce; raw product:, termeles, gross production: ~ vas, pig iron; raw iron. Nyerses, (-en). adj. somewhat raw, etc. (see nyers). Nyerseseg, (-et, -e), n. I rawness; raw state. II (fig.) roughness; coarseness; bluntness; rudeness; harshness; grujfness: brusqueness: rough etc. character (of: see nyers IlI.): vulgarity.

Page  127 Nyertes Nyertes, A. (-ek, -t, -e), n. winner: victor. B. (-en), adj. winning (number): victorious: ~ fel, winner: victor: successful party. Nyer-vagy, n. = nyeresegvdgy. Nyes, (-ter, -ett), v. t. lop (tree); prune; cut off (branch): dress (vine): poll (stick); trim. Nyeseget, (-ter, -ett), v. t. frequentative of nyes (q. v.): lop gradually; keep lopping, etc. Nyeses, (-t, -e), n. lopping; pruning; cutting off: dressing: polling; trimming. Nyeso, adj. pruning (knife). Nyest, (-et, -e), n. (zool). marten: amerikai -, sable. ~-b6r, ~-sz6rme, n. marten (fur). Nyi, (-vok, -tt), v. i. whimper; whine. Nyifeg-nyafog, Nyifog, (-tam, -ott), v. i. = nyafog. Nyihog, (-ott), v. i. I = nyerit. II (fig.) giggle; titter: snigger; snicker. Nyikkan, (-t), v. i. =- mukkan. Nyikorog, (nyikorgott) v. i. (of door) creak; screak; (of boots) squeak: (of snow) crunch. Nyil, A. (nyilat, nyila), n. I arrow: bolt; shaft: egyenes mint a ~, bolt-upright: sebesen mint ~, (as) swift as an arrow:,at hfz, (arch.) draw lots. II az Isten -a, thunderbolt. B. v. i. =- nyil(ik). Nyiladek, (-ot, -a), n. rift; chink: opening; gap; crevice. Nyiladoz(ik), (-ott), v. i. open gradually (or, slowly). Nyil-alakii, (-an), adj. arrow-shaped: (bot.) sagittal; sagittate. Nyilall, v. i. = nyilall(ik). Nyilallas, (-t, -a), n. sharp pain; pang; lancination; lancinating (darting) pain: twitch: oldal ~, stitch. Nyilall(ik), (-ott), v. i. (of pain) shoot; dart; lancinate: 127 szivembe ~, cut me to the heart; touch me to the quick: oldalomba, have a stitch (in my side). Nyilallo, adj. shooting (pain); darting; lancinating; sharp. Nyilas, A. (-ok, -t, -a), n. archer; bowman. B. adj. I furnished with an arrow: - puska, cross-bow. II arrowlike; sagittary. Nyilas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I (act of) opening. II opening (of bud); blooming; blowing. III opening (made); cleft; fissure; gap; rift; aperture; hole; chink; breach: (naut.) hatch; hatchway. IV (arch). vacancy; opening. Nyilatkozas, (-ok. -t. -a) n. I declaration (of); utterance; expression. II (eccl.) revelation. Nyilatkozat, (-ok, -ot, -a), n. I declaration (made); statement: ~ot tesz, make a statement. II manifesto. III (leg.) deposition. ~-tetel, n. declaration: statement of (one's) position. Nyilatkoz(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. I make a declaration; make a statement; state (one's) views; state (one's) position; speak (one's) mind: take up (a certain) attitude: speak (against); express an opinion: declare (oneself) (prepared to); profess (oneself). II ==meg-nyilatkoz(ik). Nyilatkoztat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. = ki-nyilatkoztat. Nyilatkoztatas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. = ki-nyilatkoztatds. Nyilaz, (-tam, -ott), v. i. shoot (with) arrows (at). Nyil - egyenest, adv. straight. Nyil-hegy, n. arrow-head. Nyil-huizds, n. (arch.) drawing of lots. Nyil(ik), (-t), v. i. I open: come open; (of patch) come undone. II (of flower) open; blow; bloom. III (of wound) break. IV (of eye) open: see fel-nyil(ik). V (of cloud) Nyilt-szivuiseg burst: fly asunder. VI (fig.) open; begin: (of opportunity) offer; present itself. Nyllkent, adv. I swift as an arrow: quick as lightning. II like an arrow; like so many arrows: piercingly. Nyil-lves, n. arrow-shot: _ny re, at bow-shot distance; within bow-shot. Nyil6, adj. opening (fig. too.). Nyil-sebes, (-en), adj. swift as an arrow; quick as lightning: ~en, = nyilkent 1. Nyilt, (-an), adj. I open (door): ~ kilatas, open (unobstructed) view: ~ tenger, open sea: utczAn, publicly; in the (open) street: ~ varos, unfortified town. II (fig.) open; frank; straightforward; candid; sincere; outspoken (person): ingenuous (face): plain (speech); unreserved; undisguised (contempt); round; unfeigned; blunt; free-spoken: free-hearted. III ~ parancs, passe-partout. Nyiltan, adv. openly; frankly; candidly; (speak) outright; plainly; unreservedly; without reserve; bluntly; roundly. Nyilt-eszi, adj. clearheaded; sharp; intelligent. Nyilt-feju, adj. == nyilteszii. Nyiltsdg, (-ot, -a), n. (fig.) openness; frankness; candour; outspokenness; bluntness; free - spokenness: ingenuousness; free-heartedness; sincerity: open etc. character or nature (of: see nyilt II.). Nyilt-szavu, adj. candid; frank; outspoken; freespoken; blunt; plain-spoken; plain-dealing. Nyilt-szivii, adj. frank; candid; sincere; openhearted; straightforward: and see nyilt II. Nyilt-szivuseg, (-et, -e), n. frankness; candour; sincerity; openheartedness: frank

Page  128 Nyilt-t&r 12S i etc. character or nature (of;Nyilvhitulhs, (-t, -a), n. NyN.irk, (-ot, -a), 'n. (med.) S06 a?tIt-S-zru"). iman aiesation; demoa~tra ymh Nyilt-itcu n. (in news- tiou rccetation: express~ion. Nvirk:al, (-tami, -t), v. t. paper) column for coausmn- N y iIvd i i -v: d6, ad'. maui-?q/nyirbdl 1. ications of he public- feat; ecideit; obciou.s::plain; Nyirk-ed(iny, n. (m)e d.) Nvilvitit, adv. I evidleatlyl ( lear pailpable; anmistak- lymphatic (duct) - lymph naniteatly; avl)V(Osli/ a (I ilI. act. plainly; clearly,: surel Arti~ i-valo1satjq,(-ot, -a), Nyirki-miriqy.(e. dloubt;certaiidy. III probably; n. ens atestne,,s; obnaiols- ~I?Iphatic glaa71l; l?/mphatic doubtless~,~; (1) daresa?f: to all nit s: palpabilityl: manaiti'est paaylion; conglobate gland. appearances. III foi coin etc. char acte- (of:see nyil- Nvirkos, (-an), adj. I clamp: pounds, see in Vocabulary. ranvala). dank(wall): musty (tobacco): Nyilv:sItnit, (-ott) v. t. I Uprefix. _-varru-'ny, muiggy (weather). II (mied.) kinyilat kozt at. 11 express a. (med.) sayittal sutture; lym~phatic. (opinion); coice: mauisre-t rabaidal sulare. _-vas, n. N-01rkosod(Ik), (-ott), v. i. (feeling); demons-Irate; dli- (arraw-headl. _-VeSSZ6i, a. became damp (dank, must?, vulge; receal: declare; set halt; shaft. _-vet~s, n. or mgg) forth; utter;- speak: give nyil-huizas. _-zapor, n. Nyirkossasg, (-at, -a), D. cent to (One's indignation): showcer at arr-acs. damp; dampness; dankness: give expression to. III de- Nyir, A. (-ek, -t, -Je), n. mustiness: muggines's (of clare (to be): pronounce; (bat.) birch. B. ad'. birch; weathter). find (guilty). birchen. C. (-tam, -t), v. t. Nyirkiot, see nyirok. Nyilvanitds, (-t, -a), a. I I cut (hair): rijvidre -, crop. Nyii-6, A. (-t, -ja), n. cutter: kinyilatkovatatis. II ex- II cut the hair oft (person): shearer. 13. adj. catting: pression (of); caicing: maui- shear (sheep). shearing: gap, machine festatian: demanslratiaa; Nyi~radAk, (-at, -a), a. (or cutting hair Close: (fos revelation: declaratiau; nyiiredeIZ. sheep) shears, (t. sz.):khs. utterance. Ill declaratiaon Nyf r-ti seprii, a. brooms; razor: shaving tool. (as): finding. besom. Nyirok, (nyirkot, nyirka), Nyldns (-naj.INi s, (-t, -a), a. I cutting; n. I ~ nyirk. IIdap public: open: -sh tesz, catting off. II hair-cut: humidity; moist ure. make public; proclaim: -si shearinig (of sheep). ed6ny, _-miniig.y, a. le'sz, became public (prn- Nyiratkozifts, (-t, -a), a. nik-eddny, nyirk-mirigyperty); becam known: come hair-cut. Nyirott, adj. clos,,e-cut; out. II ecident; manifest; NyNiratkoz(iki), (-tam-, -ott), cr-opped:-gyapjhl, shearing'11Sobcvious: (i t i s) p lain; clear-. v. i. hare (one's) hair caut. (t. sz.); fleece: fill, crapNyilv~ftiissrig, (-at, -a), n. Nyjiratlan, (-ul), adj. un- ped ear f idlu, crap-eared. I, public character (of); shorn. Nyirii, (-t, -je), ii. and ad). publicit?1: -ra Mt, become Nyirbisl, (-tamn, -t), v. t. I nyird'. knoun~; be made public. II keep cutting; cut gradually: Nyfrs,69, (-at, -e), n. I birch, (!he) public: a- eliitt, clip; crop: cut up. II (fig.) grace. II district in E. pablicly; In public, cm-tail (rights-). Hungary rich in birchiNyilvdit-tarrt, v. t. keep in Nyired~1k, (-et, -e), a. clip- trees. enidence; keep a record ot: plugs (t. sz.); hair (cut off): Nyisd, Nyissoi, see nyitA. record: register-; book; file. - gyapjfi, carded wool; Nyisztil, (-tam-f, -t), v. t. Nyilvan-VtartAS, a. I re- carding. cut (with blunt instrumient); carding (of; registration; Nyir-erd6, Nyires, (-eli, clap; chip; whittle. booking; filissg. II recofds At, -a), an. birch for-est: birch Nyit, A. (-ott), v. t. I open: (t. sz.); register; file: dos- grove. unclose: thrt (utat) -, make sier. Nis,(t-aa nyras. the way smooth (for); pave Nyilvlin-tar-tlsi, adj.- Nylrettyii, (-t, -j e), a. the way (for). II open (shop); napi6, =- nyilcduitartds II. (violin) bow; (vuig.) fiddle set up (business); start. III NyvilvhnulJ,' (-t), v. i. be- stick; fidd le bow. (comm.) open (account). B. came evident; declare itself; Nyir-fa, a. I birch( -tree). II (-ott), v. i. I (of flower) manifest itself; become ap- birch (wood). _.erdi$, a. I open; blow; bloom.' II a parent; show itself; be maui- ~-nyir-erdli. _-66j, a. bi,-ch szobikba ~, enter the roam*fes,-ted; be ecident; be ap- bark. [grouse. C. a. vmninek 'a, key (to) parent: find expression. Nyir-fajd, a. (zool.) black cue (to): explanation lot):

Page  129 - --— ~1 I~~-~ --— arr-R —~-~l —;~~I'"- n~rcrr i~~a~ ~ ~ MP 9- - I I lose" rmcr Nyitamn y vminek ~jara akad, guess; solve; get at the bottom of: nem tudja a ~jat, (he) cannot explain (it): (he) is all at sea: mindennek ez a ~ja, this explains everything. *Nyitany, (-ok, -t, -a), n. (nlus.) overture. Nyitas, (-t, -a), n. opening (of). [opened. Nyitatlan, (ul), adj. unNyit6, A. (-t, -ja), n. opener. B. adj. opening: for opening: ~ horog, pick-lock. Nyit6d(ik), (-ott), v. t. open: come open. Nyitogat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. keep opening; open repeatedly. Nyitott, (nyitva),adj. open: felig, ajar: tarva-nyitva, wide open. Nyivdkol, (-tam, -t), v. i. I mezw; miaul. II whimper; whine; mewl. Nyivakolas, (-t, -a), n. nydvogas. Nyolcz, (-at, -an), n. and adj. (cardinal): eight: reszbl6 allo, (consisting) of eight parts. Nyolczad, A. (-ot, a), n. I eighth (part). II (mus.) quaver: octave. III (book) octavo. B. adj. eighth: - napra jott, he came (on) the eighth day (seven days later).,-fel, adj. seven and a half..-fogas, n. (music) octave. Nyolczadik, (-ot, -a), n. and adj. (ordinal): eighth. Nyolczad-, prefix. _-resz, n. === nyolczad A. I. ~-ret, n. octavo (book). ~-reti, adj. octavo (size).,-szor, adv. I eighthly; in the eighth place. II for the eighth time. ~-szorra, adv. on the eighth occasion; at the eighth attempt. Nyolczan, adv. eight: ~ vagyunk, we are eight; there are eight of us. Nyolczankent, adv. by eights; eight at a time. Nyolczas, A. (-ok, -t, -a), n. I (the number) eight. II 129 Nyom eight(of hearts).III (rowing) I in the eightieth place. II eight. B. adj. I snumber (no.) for the eightieth time: ~ra eight (8). II eightfold; at the eightieth attempt. octuple. Nyolczvanas, A. (-ok, -t), Nyolcz-, prefix. ~-eszten- n. I octogenarian; octogendei, adj. eight years'; of ary. II (the number) eighty. eight years. _-esztendos, B. adj. a ~ evekben, in the ~-eves, adj. eight years old. eighties (of last century). ~-fele, adv. I in eight (dif- Nyolcvan-, prefix. ~-eszferent) directions. II into tendei, adj. eighty years'; eight parts; in eight. ~- of (or,for) eighty years. _,fele, adj. eight kinds of; esztendos, ~-eves, adj. eight sorts of; eight different; eighty years old: ~ ember, of eight kinds. ~-fele-ke- == nyolczvanas A. I. -fele, p(en), adv. in eight (dif- adj. eighty kinds of; eighty ferent) woays. ~-fogati, adj. sorts of: of eighty kinds. ~drawn by eight horses (or, szor, adv. eighty times; on oxen). _-h6napi, adj. eight eighty (different) occasions. months': of (or, for) eight Nyom, A. (-ok, -ot, -a), n. I months. ~-h6napos, adj. trace; vestige; sign: track eight months old. ~-ijas, n. (of game): trail: slot (of (bot.) octosporousfungus. - stag): rut (of carriage): lovas, adj. ~ kocsi, eight- prick (of hare): scent (of in-hand. — napi, adj. eight game): (fig.) trace; vestige; days': of(or, for) eight days. sign; remnant: ~a veszett, ~-napos, adj. eight days every trace (of...) has been old: lasting eight days; lost: not a trace (of...) is eight days of. ~-oldalii, to be found: vkinek ~aba adj. octagonal: octahedral. ered, follow (one) hard; ~-6rai, adj. I eight hours': dog the heels of: vkinek ~aba of (or, for) eight hours. II igazit, put on the track of: eight o'clock (service). ~- vkinek &aba l6p, follow the oranyi, adj. eight hours' footsteps of; emulate: ~aba (distance): -ra, eight hours sem haghat (lephet), (he) is (on foot). _-oras, adj I == not fit to hold a candle to: nyolcz-drai. II eight hours be vastly inferior to: ~ban, old: lasting eight hours. ~- see in Vocabulary: ~aban soros, adj. eight-roswed: van, a) be on the track of: (bot.) octostichous: (poet.) b) dog; shadow; be at the octave. ~-szor, adv. eight heels of: atyja ~aiban jar, times: on eight (different) follow the example of his occasions. ~-szori, adj. father: (vulg.) be a chip qf eight (attempts); repeated the old block: helyes ~on, eight times. -szoros, (-an), on the right track: idegen adj. eightfold; octuple. ~- kitfoik an, on the basis of szog, n. (math.) octagon. foreign authorities: vkit ~on ~-szogletfi, adj. (math.) k6vet, dog (the heels of); octagonal; octangular. follow hard: immediately Nyolczvan, (-at, -an), n. succeed: j oon van (lenni), and adj. (cardinal): eighty. be on the right track: rossz Nyolczvanad, A. (-ot, -a), -on jar, be at fault; be on n. eightieth (part). B. adj. the wrong track: vminek eightieth: minden v 6vben, an, according to: on the every eighty years. basis of; on the authority ot: Nyolczvanadik, (-ot, -a), after (a model); from: vkit n. and adj. (ordinal): eight- ~ra vezet, put (someone) on ieth. the scent: put on the track Nyolczvanad-szor, adv. (of): ara akad (jut), come ti;. I. 19 Yolland: Mag/yar-angol sz

Page  130 Nyomalod(ik) 130 across (something); filn traces of: find out; discover; detect: ~ot hagy, leave traces; make (its) mark: bottal nitheted a -at, (he) is gone; it is no use trying to find (him): it is lost beyond recovery; it (he) is out of your reach:.at — eszti, lose all trace of. II (arch.) step; inch: egy ~ot sem rmegyek tovabb, I cill not go an inch farther. III (arch.) generation: k6eso ~, posterity. IV tracing: ~okkal jelez (or hasit), = nyom-jelez. B. (-tam, -ott), v. t. I press: squeeze: laposra ~, squash: flatten. II (fig.) oppress (mind); weigh (heavy) on: clog; lie heavy on (stomach). III (of debt) encumber; overwhelm; load. IV weigh (20 pounds). Vprint (book). VI sokat - a latban, see lat. Nyomakod(ik),(-tam,-ott), v. i. = nyomul. Nyonas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I pressure; pressing: squeeze (of hand): expansion (of engine): er6s iu, expansive. II (fig.) pressrure; undue (constraining) influence: ~t gyakorol, bring pressure to bear; use pressure. III printing (of book). IV track. Nyomaszt, (-ott), v. t. oppress; iceigh (heavy) on: aflict: distress. Nyomaszt6, (-an), adj. oppresxsive; burdensome: afflicting; distressing (want); afflictive; grievous: close (weather); stifling: ~ helyzet, distress; affliction. Nyomat, A. (-ot, -ja), n. print: impression. B. (-tam, -ott), v. t. have (something) printed. Nyomatek, (-ot, -a), n. I emphasis; stress: weight: ~kal, emphaticalll: in energetic terms: ckllo ~kal, with dute emphasis. II (arch.) influence; weight: nagy -kal bir, have great influence. Ill (in speech) accent: (sentence) stress. Nyoniat6kosit, (-Ott), v. t. impressed; become graven (c.ccnt:: emphasise. (in); become imprinted (on). Nyonitat6kositilis, (-t, -a) Nyomogat, (-tam, -Ott), v. n. accepting; accentuation: t. frequentative of nyom B. stressing: emphasis. I (q. v.): keep pressing. NvontaWkoz, (-tam, -Ott), Nyomon, adv. see nyom ==,nyomatkosit- A. 1. Nyomatfyfi, (-t, -ja), n. Nyomor, (-t, -a), n. misery; bittton (of bell). distress: want. Nyoma-veszett, adj. lost: Nyomor,&, A. (-ot, -ja), n. missile.q. cripple; -kh lesz, be cripNyomban, adj. I " forthwith; pled, become a cripple: -kh on the spot; immediately; tesz, cripple; make a cripple straightway. H directly; in of disable. B. ( —Lil), adj. a moment. crippled; disabled: stunted Nyomda, (-ht, -'Ja), n. (tree):.!'rail (person);,qickly: printing Qf.fice; printing deformed (hild). establishment; printing- Nyomorgas, (-t, -a), n. house: printers (t. sz.). -- wretched existence; ivant; fes-1.161i, n. printer's ink; rrivation: distress: penury. printit7jq ink. Nyoniojgat, (-tam, -Ott), Nvoindai, adj. printing; v. t. plague; rack; vex; (costs) of' printing: typo- torment; harass: trouble graphical. pester. - Nvoniddsz, (-ok, -t, -a), n. NyomorUWLs, (-t, -a), n. printer. 1;1aguing; racking;vexation; Nyomdiftszat, (-ot, -a), n. tormentation; harassing (art of) printing; typo- troubling; pe,,,terbigyrap hy. Nyomoi-qatO, aAj. plagNyon-ida-tulaidonos, n. uin; racking; vexing; torprinter (owner, of printing menting: pestering. establishment). Nyomorgott, see nyomoNyonidok, (-ok, -ot, -a), n. rg. nyom A. L: vkinek -ait Nyomoi-it, (-Ott), v. t. k6veti, fiqllov in the foot- meg-nyomorit. steps o.(: emidate. Nyomoi-oq, (-tam, nyoNyomint (-ottl), v. t. preps inorgott), v. i. live a, wretchlightly (on). ed (or, mioerable) existence: Nyoitijelez, v. t. trace. be hard up; live inpenury Nyom-jelz6s, n. tracing live from hand to mouth. (of). Nyomorfi, adj. nyomoNyomkod, (-tam, -Ott), v. rult. t. frequentative of nyom B. Nyom6-r-ftd, n. stadlle. 1. (q. v.): keep pre.,,rsing: Nyomorult, A. (-ak, -at).. knead (dough): massage n. ivretch: (fig.) scoundrel; (person). knave; villain,. B. (-an), adi. Nyom6, A. (-t, -ja), n. I I wretched; miseraWe: begpresser. H button (of bell); garly; needy: pitiable knob. III (letter) iveiqht. B. piteous; lamentable; deadi. pressina: for pressing: plorable: sorry (plight). II Nyomatekos, (-an), adj. I emphatic: forcible (language); pithy: vigorous (terms); impressive: -an, emphatically. II accented (syllable): stressed (word): nemll, unaccented: unstressed: ~an mond, accent. Nyonmat6kosit, (-ott), v. t. accent: stress: emphasise. Nyolnat6kositits, (-t, -a) n. accenting; accentuation: stressing: emphasis. Nyomatekoz, (-tamn, -ott), v. t. =lnyomatekosit. Nyomattyfi, (-t, -ja), n. blutton (of bell). Nyoma-veszett, adj. lost: missing. Nyomban, adj. I forthwith; on the spot; immediately; straightway. II directly; in a moment. Nyomda, (-at, -aja), n. printing office; printing establishment; printinghouse: printers (t. sz.). - fest6k, n. printer's ink; printing ink. Nyomndai, adj. printing; (cost) of printing: typographical. Nyomdhisz, (-ok, -t, -a), n. printer. Nyomdiaszat, (-ot, -a), n. (art of) printting; typography. Nyornda-tulajdonos, n. printer (owner of printing establishment). Nyonidok, (-ok, -ot, -a), n. -= nyom A. I.: vkinek ait koveti, follow in the footsteps of: emulate. Nyomint (-ott), v. t. press lightly (on). Nyonm-jelez, v. t. trace. Nyom-jelz6s, n. tracing (of). Nyomkod, (-tam, -ott), v. t. frequentative of nyom B. I. (q. v.): keep pressing: knead (dough): massage (person). Nyom6, A. (-t, -ja), n. I presser. II button (of bell); knob. II (letter) weight. B. adj. pressing; for pressing: Nyomorult (mech.) expansion: ~ er(, pressure: kad, tread-rat: l kar, lever: - minta, matrix; n ould (for tipe): ~ rfid, staddle: szivattyi, tforce pump; plunger pump. Nyom6d(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. imprint itself (on); be impressed; become graven (in); become imprinted (on). Nyomogat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. frequentative of nyom B. I (q. v.): keep pressing. Nyomnon, adv. see nyom A. I. Nyomor, (-t, -a), n. misery; distress: want. Nyomor6k, A. (-ot, -ja), n. cripple; ~ka lesz, be crippled; become a cripple: ~ka tesz, cripple; make a cripple of: disable. B. (-ul), adj. crippled; disabled: stunted (tree): frail (person); sickly: deformed (child). Nyomorgas, (-t, -a), n. wretched existence; wiant; grication: distress: penury. Nyomorgat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. plague; rack; vex; torment; harass: trouble; pester. Nyomorgatas, (-t,-a), n. plaguing; racking; vexation; tormentation; harassing; troubling; pes:tering. NyomorgatO, adj. plaguing; racking; vexing; tormenting: pestering. Nyomor!lott, see nyomocog. Nyomorit, (-ott), v. t. meg-nyomorit. Nyomorog, (-tam, nyomlorgott), v. i. live a wretched (or, miserable) existence: be hard up; live in penury; live from hand to mouth. Nyomorfi, adj. - nyomorult. Nyom6-r-ud, n. stadule. Nyomorult, A. (-ak, -at), n. wretch: (fig.) scoundrel; knave; villain. B. (-an), adj. I wretched; miserable: beggarly; needy: pitiable; piteous; lamentable; deplorable: sorry (plight). II

Page  131 ~~~$~- ~~~ C ~~CI - ~ —pr-lw -,~.~~Ar~ ~ ~?~r"II maw ~ 8r~~im~ 7 Nyoloris,41, 1:1 Ny aL!aszta16 (fig.) wretched; sorry (crea- on title-page of book): - whimper: whimpering; wailture). Ui (fig.) (morally) kolts6ge, cost of printing. ing; 'wail: moan: whining. wretched; miserable; vile; II (art of) printing; t!p- Nyo:s;6i-r'Jq, (-tern, nyoabject; mean: knavish: ography. III threshrinq (ofi sz(rg6tt), v. i. whimper; rillainous: despicable; coni- corn); thrashing.: treading wail; ~moan; ple; whinle. temptible. o out. *Nyug, (-at), n. (arch.) I Nyomomrisfig, (-ot, -a), n. Nyoint.thasi, adj. (cost) of pause. II (poet.) caesura. I misery; wretchedness; printing: (date) of public- agy, n. soIa; couch. distress: suffering. II want; ation. Nyu(altma, see nyugalom. need; penury: ~ba juttat Nyomtat6k, (-ot, -a), n. I Nyugalmnas, (-an), adj. I (taszit), ruin; plunge into make-weight. II (naut.) hal- restful; peaceful: quiet; want. last. tranquil: soothing. II (arch.) Nyomorfisagos,(-an),adj. NyomtathatO, (-an), adj. confortable: snug (corner); = nyomorult I and II. ready to go to the press: cosy. Nyomo6s, (-an), adj. weighty simprimaturs). Nynugalmnassag, (-ot, -a), (argument): cogent (reason); Nyomtato, A. (-k,-t, -ja), n. restful etc. character or substantial;strong; pregnant. n. printer. B. adj. I print- quality (of: see nyugalmas). Nyom6sit, (-ott), v. t. em- ing: printer's: ~ fest6k, Nyuigalmat, see nyugalom. phasise; lay stress on: give printer's (printing) ink: ~Nyigalmaz, (-tarn, -ott), weight to (argument). muhely, printing office; v. t. pension; pension off: Nyomott, (-an), adj. I low printing establishment: ~ superannuate (for old age (spirits); depressed: ~ han- papiros, printing paper. II or infirmity). gulat, dejection; depression. threshing; for threshing (by Nyugalrnazds, (-t, -a), n. II printed. treading out): ~ 16, horse pensioning (off); superNyomoz, (-tam, (-ott), A. employed to tread out corn: annuation. v. t. I track; trace: search ~ rud, staddle. III ~ falat, Nyugalmazott, (-at), adj. for (person); inquire after: finishing bit; last mouthful. retired (official): pensioned look for. II inquire into Nyomtatvany, -ok, -t, -a), (off); superannuated. (affair); investigate: probe n. printed work; public- Nyugalom, (nyugalmat, (secret). B. v. i. make in- ation: ~ok, printed matter. nyugalma), n. I rest; repose: quiries. ~-lap, n. printed form. peace; quiet; peacefulness; Nyomozas, (-t, -a), n. I Nyomul, (-tam, -t), v. i. tranquillity; calm: lelki~, tracking; tracing; search press (forward); force one's peace of mind; composure: for; inquiry after. II tn- way; penetrate (into): ~ra ter, retire to rest: go to quiry (into); investigation squeeze (through); break; bed. II (fig.) calmness: cool(of): (leg.) inquest. pierce: elore ~, advance (to). ness; composure: self-possesNyomoz6, A. (-k, -t, -ja), Nyomulas, (-t, -a), n. pres- sion; self-command. III ren. inquirer (into); invest- sing (forward); penetration tirement (from office): ~ba igator (of): detective. B. (into): squeezing (through); vonul (megy), retire: quit adj. of inquiry; of invest- breaking: elore ~, advance. the service: -ban van, be on igation: ~ level, warrant Nyoszolya, (-ak, -at, -aja), the retired list: ~ba helyez, (of arrest); writ of capias: n. bedstead; bed. = nyugalmaz. ~-ba-vo~ sz6k, grand jury; grand Nyoszoly6-asszony, n. nult, adj.= nyugalmazott. inquest., woman in attendance on ~-dij, n. pension: retired Nyomtalan, (-ul), adj. I bride. allowance; retiring pension. without leaving a trace be- Nyoszoly6-leany, n. Nyugaszt, (-ott), v. t.=== hind; (disappear) entirely; bridesmaid. nyugasztal: Isten nyuabsolutely. II trackless Ny6, (-tt), v. t.= nyu B. gassza 6t, R. I. P.! (snow). Nyog, (-tern, -6tt), v. i. I Nyugasztal, (-tam, -t), v. t. Nyomtat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. groan; utter a groan: (fig.) I (fig.) calm; comfort; I print (book): ~va, (vulg.) vmit ~, pay fora; rue. II quiet; soothe: re-assure. II in black and white. II thresh (fig.) mutter; mumble. Isten ~ja! R. I. P.! (corn); thrash: tread out. Nyogdecsel, (-tern, -t), v. i. Nyugasztalas, (-t, -a), n. Nyomtatas, (-t, -a), n. I I groan; moan. II (of dove) (fig.) calming; comforting; (act of) printing: ~ ve. coo. consolation; quieting; soothyear ofpublication: helye, Ny6ogs, (-t, -e), n. groan- ing: re-assurance. imprint (name of publisher, ing; groan. Nyugasztal6, adj. (fig.) place of publication, etc., Ny6szorges, (-t, e), n, com'orting; consoling; sooth9*

Page  132 Nyugat 1;N2 N ygtat6t ing; (words) of consolation: Ny-u-jel, n. nyugvo jel toml tole, lie will not leave 're-a.s:surigy. (see pyt!7s6). me in peace; he is a plalue Nyugat, (-ot), n. (the) JWest: Nyulodalhmas, (-an), adj. to ee. C. n. (in one phrase): Occident.,-fel, adv. weest- - eualsias. setting (of sun): nyvungt'n 7cards. Ny'unodaloim, (nyugodal- (nyugta'val) dics6rdanaupot, Nyugati, adj. west; western: mnat, nyngodalna), n. == o inot cook?your chicken, occidental: ~ part, west nyulalom. till they are hatched: first coast: ~ szel, west wind: Ni-u odni, infin. see nyug- catch your hare. (poet.) zephyr. sz(ik). NyugJ-tiibor, n. (mil.) biNyugat-, prefix. ~-India, Nyus-sodt, (-an), adj. I v0olac. (-'t), proper n. (the) VWest qu(iet; still; peaceful; tran- Nyuqtalan, (-ul), adj. 1 Indies. — indiai, adj. and quil: calm (sea). II (fig.) restless; sleepless (night):;. West Indian. ~-r6mai, caln/; composed; tranquil; rough (sea); boisterous: adj. Western (Empire). undisturbed; unconcerned: stormy (life); unsettled. II Nyug-dij, (-at, -a), n. pen- cool (behaviour): easy (con- restless; fidgety (child). sion: retiring allowance: science); quiet: objective impatient. III (fig.) restless; ~ba helyez, = nyugalmaz: (criticism); temperate; dis- agitated; concerned: un~ba megy, retire: 6zvegyi,, passionate: ~ lelekel, easy; troubled; anxious; widow's allowance. ~-alap, conscientiously; withoust wl orried. n. pension f1und. scruple: ~ lehet (felole), do Nyugtalanit, (-ott), v. t. I NyufJ-dijas, A. (-ok, -t, -a), not be uneasy (about); you disturb: harass (enemy), II n. retired official: pensioner; may set your mind at rest: (fig.) disturb; disquiet; agpelnsionary: (mil.) half-pay you may rest assured; never itate; trouble; worry; make officer. B. adj. receiving a fear! -an el, live a quiet (one) anxious; render pension: entitled to a pen- life: live in peace. (someone) uneasy; alarm; sion; pensionary. Nyugodtsdg, (-ot, -a), n. I upset. Nyug-dijaz, (-tam, -ott), peacefulness; quiet; peace; Nyugtalankodds, (-t, -a), v. t. = nyugalmaz. calmness; tranquillity. II n. I restlessness: fidgeting. Nyug-dijazdis, (-t, -a), n. (fig.) calmness; composure; II (fig.) restlessness; worry- nyugalmazds. tranquillity: unconcern; ilng; worry; anxiety; fretNyug-dijazhat6, adj. I of coolness; sangfroid: eas- tisng; uneasiness; disquiet; an age ripe for superannu- iless; ease (of mind); repose: agitation. ation. II entitled to (receive) even temper; dispassion- Nyugtalankod(ik), (-tam, a pension. ateness. -ott), v. i. I be restless; Nyug-dijazott, adj.=nyu- Nyugoszt, (-ott), v. t. = fidget. II (fig.) be restless; galmazott and nyugdijas B. nyugasztal. uorry (about); be anxious; Nyug - dij - jogosultsag, Nyugot(i),= nyugat(i). fret; be ill at ease; be con(-ot, -a), n. claim to a pen- Nyugovas, n.=nyugvds. cerned (about); be uneasy; sion; title to a pension. Nyugov6, adj. —nyugv6. be alarmed: fidget. Nyug-dij-k6pes, adj. = Nyug-pont, n.-= nyugv6 Nyugtalankodo, adj. - nyugdijazhat6 II. pont (see nyugvd). nyugtalan II-III. Nyughatatlan, (-ul), adj. Nyugsag, (-ot, -a), n. rest: Nyugtalansaig, (-ot, -a), n. restless: and see nyuqtalan. peace; quiet. I restlessness; fidgetiness; Nyughatatlankod(ik), Nyugsz(ik), (nyugodni, fidgety nature. II see nyug(-tam, -ott), v. i. be restless: nyugodtam, nyugodott), v. talankodds. fidget: and see nyugtalan- i. I rest; take a rest: repose. Nyugtat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. kod(ik). II lie: itt ~ N. N., here lies I calm; compose: re-assure: Nyughatatlansag, (-ot, N. N. III (of sun) set. IV and see meg-nyugtat. II -a), n. restlessness: and see (of work) cease; be at a acknowledge receipt of nyugtalansdg. standstill. (sum); give a receipt for: Nyughat(ik), (-ott), v. i. Nyugta, A. (-ak, -at, -aja), (leg.) receipt (goods). be able to rest: vkitol nem n. receipt. B. n. used only Nyugtatas, (-t, -a), n. I= -, (someone) gives (him) no in certain phrases (with meg-nyugtatds. II acknowpeace; will not let (him) personal suffines, e. g. ledgment of receipt (of): ialone will not leave (him) nyugtom, nyugtod, nyugta, receipt. n peace nyugtunk, etc.): peace: Nyugtat6, A. (-t, -ja), n. I Nyug-lhely, n. = nyugvo nines,, (he) is ill at ease; person whe gives a receipt: hely (see nyugv6). (he cannot rest: nines nyug- (leg.) receiptor. II = nyug

Page  133 Nyugtatvany 133 Nyulas tatvdny. B. adj. = meg- (one's words); drawl out. -ott), v. i. I stretch (out nyugtato. VIII postpone; defer: pro- one's limbs); stretch (oneNyugtatva ny, (-ok, -t, -a), tract;prolong, self) addig nyujt6zzal, n. receipt. Nyujtas, Nyujtas, (-t, -a), ameddig a takar6d er, act Nyugtatvanyoz, (-tam, n. I stretching; expansion; according to your means; -ott), v. t.= nyugtat IL. distension. II rolling (of do not venture beyond your Nyugtatvanyozds, (-t, dough): beating out (of depth. II (fig.) lounge -a), n.= nyugtatds 11. leather). III (gramm.) (about); idle. Nyugtaz(as),= nyugtatva- lengthening (of vowel). IV Nyujt6ztat, (-tam, -ott), v. nyoz(ds). stretching (out) (of hand): t. stretch: expand. Nyugtazott, adj. receipted. putling out (of tongue): Nyil, A. (nyulat, nyula), n. Nyugtod, Nyugtom, see offering (of hand). V hand- (zool.) hare: tengeri ~, hazi nyugta B. ing (of something); passing: -, rabbit; cony; coney: Nyugton, adv. (keep) reaching. VI (fig.) affording; uiregi ~, wild rabbit: ~lal quiet; still: (leave someone) giving; lending: granting; bellelt, cowardly; whitein peace; alone. grant (of credit); according; livered; timid; hare-hearted: Nyugvis, (-t, -a), n. I rest- bestowal: oqfering; offer (of majd kiugratom a nyulat a ing; reposing: lying; reclin- assistance). VII drawling bokorb6l, I will get at the ing. II rest; repose. III (of words); drawl. VIII truth; I will get at the bot(fig.) peace. postponement; deferring: tom of (the matter): I will Nyugv6, A. (-t, -ja), n. I protraction; prolongation. turn him inside out. B. (mil.) tattoo II rest: a nap Nyujthat6, (-an), adj. duct- (-tam, -t), v.i. Ireach (up ~ra ter (hajol), the sun is ile; expansible; malleable: to); stretch out (one's)hand going down. B. adj. resting; elastic; flexible. (after). II vmibe, put of rest: '-eclining (posture): Nyujthat6sag, (-ot, -a), n. (one's) hand (in): thrust allapot, state of rest: ductility; expansile etc. (one's) hand (into); dive agy, couch; sofa:, hely, character, quality, or na- (into). III vmihez (vkihez) resting place; place of rest: ture (of: see nyujthato): ~, touch: grasp (sword). (fig.) last resting place; elasticity; flexibility. seize: feel for: feel (pulse) grave:,helyzet, reclining Nyujt6, A. (-k, -t, ja), handle: begin to make use position: rest: jel, dash; n. I one who (that which) of: (fig.) resort to (trick); parenthesis: (mus.) pause: stretches, etc. (see nyujt). II have recourse to. - nap, day of rest: day off; (gymn.) horizontal bar. III Nyulacska, (-ak, -at, -Aja), holiday: - pad, seat: couch: rolling pin. IV perch (of n. leveret; young hare: pont, pause: (come to a) carriage). B. adj. I stretch- bunny;young rabbit. standstill: (mech.) centre of ing: expansive. II rolling Nyfiladek, (-ot, -a), n. gravity. (pin). III for compounds, abutment. Nyujt, Nylijt, (-ott), v. t. I see in Vocabulary. - Nyfiladoz(ik), (-tam, -ott), stretch: expand; distend. II deszka, — fa, n.= nyujto v. i. I frequentative of roll (dough): beat out A. IIL nySil B. (q. v.); keep reach(metal).III (gramm.)length- Nyujtogat, (-tam, -ott), v. ing etc.II rise (aloft); extend. en (vowel). IV stretch t. I frequentative of nyuit Nyuil-ajak, n. hare-lip. (hand): stretch out: put out I- V. (q. v.): keep stretch- Nyfil-ajkfi, adj. hare-lip(tongue): offer (one's hand; ing, etc. II= nyujt VIII; ped. to). V hand (something); keep prolonging: keep put- Nyulank, (-ot), adj. slim; pass; offer (to); reach. VI ting off. slender: lank (man); lanky; fig.) afford (opportunity); Nyujt6-, prefix. -henger, spindling. lend: give (bail): grant n. laminating roller. ~-jel, N Ayuilanksag, (-ot, -a), n. (credit): afford (con- n. accent. ~-kalapacs, n. slimness; slenderness: lanksolation): accord; bestow: flattening hammer. ~-k6- ness; lankiness. offer (hope): give (lesson): sziilk, n. plate roller. Nyfilank-termetu, adj. seg6dkezet ~, come to the — rlid, n.= nyujto IV. tall and thin: lanky (man). aid (of); come to the assist- Nyujtott, (-an), adj. I Nylil-apr6l1k, n. hare ance (of); lend a helping stretched: rolled (ironplate). ragout. hand (to): vkinek remenyt II (gramm.) lengthened; Nyulas, A. (-ok, -t, -a), n. -,encourage; give encourage- long (vowel). wcarren. B. adj. abounding ment to: sz6p latvanyt ~, Nyujt6-vas, n. stretcher. in hares. be a fine sight. VII drawl Nyujt6z[kod](ik), (-tam, Nyilis, (-t, -a), n. I reach

Page  134 Nyuladsz 134 Nyiizsog ing (after). II vmihez, n. (a kind of) jugged hare. Nyii, A. (nyiivet, nyive), n. touching (of). III stretching; ~-rekettye, n. (bot.) dyer's (zool.) maggot. B. (-ttem, expansion; distention. broom. ~-saldta, n. (bot.) -tt), v. t. I wear (out); wear Nyiilasz, (-tarn, -ott), v. i. hare's lettuce. ~-sult, n. threadbare: and see el-nyu. shoot hares (or rabbits). (roast) hare. — szgaj, n.- II pull (flax); ripple: pick Nyuildszis, (-t), Nyiula- nyidl-ajak. ~-szajii, adj.= (wool). szat, (-ot, -a), n. (the) nyiil-ajkA. ~-szemfii, n. Nyig, (-6t, -e), n. 1 hopples shooting of hares (or, rab- (bot.) herb bennet. ~-sze- (t. sz.); tether. II fetters bits): hare-hunting. ui. adj. swith protruding (t. sz.); shackles (t. sz.). 1II Nyiil-bor, n. hare-skin: eyes: goggle-eyed. ~-szivii, (fig.) burden; plague: enrabbit-skin. adj. hare-hearted; white- cumbrance; load: nuisance; Nyulekony, adj. I ductile: livered; chicken-hearted; bother. flexible; elastic; dilatable. timid; timorous: cowardly. Nyfigtilodes, (-t, -e), n. II= nyzilds. _-szivuseg, (-et, -e), n. pestering; bothering; plagNyilek6onysag, (-ot, -a), timidity; timorousness: uitg#: importunity. n. I ductilily: flexibility; cowardice: hare-hearted etc. Nyisg616d(ik), v. i.= nyiielasticity; dilatability. II character or nature (of: see g6sk6d(ik). - nyulossdg. nyul-szivii). [ldszat. yiyug6s, (-en), adj. I hopNyfil-, prefix. ~-fark, n. I Nyfil-vadaszat, n.= nyi- pled (horse): tethered. II hare's tail; rabbit's tail: Nylilt, adj. I stretched: ex- (fig.) irksome; boring: scut. 11 (bot.) hare's-tail panded. II hosszura,, troublesome; burdensome: grass. ~-fekves, n. (hare's) protracted (discussion); vexatious; provoking; trylair; cover. ~-fi, n. leveret; prolonged: long-winded ing. young hare: young rabbit. (speech): long-dracwn-out; Nyugoskidik, (-tern,-ott), _-ffi, n. (bot.) hare's-ear. long (afternoon)): tedious. v.i. be a nuisance (to); bea — fiilii, adj. hare-eared: Nyulviny, (-ok, -t, -a), n. trouble; be troublesome; prick-eared. ~-gerincz, n. prolongation; extension; be a plague (to); be trying: saddle of hare. ~-hajt6, n. continuation: (anat.) apo- be fretful; be peevish. beater. ~-huis, n. hare physis (of bone); appendix: Nyigoz, (-tern, -ott), v. t. (meat). spur (of mountain range): I hopple (horse): tether. II Nylil(ik), (-ott), v. i. I appendage: (mil.) comple- fetter; shackle. III (fig.) instretch: expand; distend. II ment: arm (of sea). convenience; incommde: reach (to); extend: hosszura Nyurga, adj. lean; lank: embarrass: bother: be a ~, (of discussion), be pro- slender. bore to; be a plague to: be tracted; be prolonged: (of Nyuszi, (-t), n. bunny. in the way of. [thread. speech) be spun out; be long Nyuszt, (-ot, -ja), n. I Nyiist, (-6t, -je), n. strand: drawn out: (of time) drag (zool.) pine marten. II — RNyiists, suffix. -threaded: (on). nyuszt-b&r. ~-b6r, n. mar- hArom ~, three-threaded. Nyulkal, (-tam, -t), v. i. ten (fur of the pine marten): Nyfitt, (-on), adj. worn; frequentative of nyul B. (q. (American) sable. threadbare (clothes); pilev.): keep reaching, etc. Nyuz, (-tam, -ott) v. t. I worn: shabby; seedy. Nyuil-lab, n. I hare's foot: flay (animal); skin. II (fig.) Nyufves,(-en), adj. maggoty. harefoot II (bot.) harefoot fleece; extort money from; Nyiiv6s, (-t, -e), n. I wearclover. ~-ffi, n. (bot.) = skin. ing (out). II pulling (of flax); nyil-ldb I1. Nyuizs, (-t, -a), n. Iflaying; rippling. [ani; ano. Nyuil6s, (-an), adj. ropy skinning. II (fig.) fleecing: Nyuvesz,(-ek,-t),n.(zool.) (wine); stringy; glutinous; exaction; extortion; skin- Nyzsges, (-t, -e), n. sticky (dough); viscous ning. swarming; teeming: bustle; (fluid); viscid. Nyuz6, A. (-t, -ja), n. I seething. Nyuilosod(ik), (-ott), v. i. flayer; skinner: knacker. II Nyuzsgo, adj. swarming; become ropy etc. (see nyu- (fig.) fleecer: extortioner. B. teeming: alive; bustling: - /ls). adj. I flaying; skinning: t6meg, bustling crowd: Nyil6ssag, (-ot, -a), n. hely, flaying house: skin- seething multitude. ropiness (of wine); string- ner's yard. II (fig.) extor- Nyiizsgol6d(ik), (-tem, iness; glutinousness; stick- tionate. -ott), v. i.= nyuzsog. iness; viscousness; viscidity. Nyuzott, (-an), adj. Iflayed; Nyiizsfg, (-tem, nyiizsNyuil-, prefix. -pecsenye, skinned: ~ dog, carrion. II gott), v. i. swarm; teem: n. roast hare. — porkolt, (fig.) fleeced; skinned. bustle; seethe: be alive.

Page  135 0 135 Odabb O, 0. 0, I the twenty-second let- (words) of detraction; deter of the Hungarian alpha- tractive; detractory; abusbet (v. Introduction). II ive; cavilling; carping; abbreviation: o. e. (= oszt- slighting: invective. rak ertekben), Austrian 6csarol, (-tam, -t), v. t.,currency. disparage; carp at; cavil 0, A. the twenty-third let- at; inveigh against; vilify; ter of the Hungarian alpha- speak disparagingly (slightbet (v. Introduction). B. ingly) of: depreciate; decry: adj. I ancient: antique: old find fault with. (wine). II for compounds, 6cska, adj. old: worn (out); see in Vocubulary. C. v. t. cast-off; shabby (clothes); -ov. D. interj.= oh! seedy: rubbishy; trashy; i0-arus, n. old curiosity worthless: tumble - down dealer; dealer in curios (or, (house): vas, scrap-iron. antiques). Ocskasdg, (-ot, -a), n. I 'uOazis, (-ok, -t, -a), n. old etc. condition or state oasis (fig. too). (of: see dcska). IIfrippery. Obegat, (-tam, -ott), v. i. worn-out clothes: rubbish lament; wail: cry aloud. trash; lumber; trumpery: Obegatas, (-t, -a), n. lam- cast-off clothing (or any entation; lamenting; wail- oods). ing; wail. Ocsmany, (-ul), adj. I ubegat6, adj. lamenting; ugly; hideous: horrible; (voice) of lamentation; nasty. II (morally) dirty; wailing. filthy; obscene; lewd; nasty; lObeliszk, (-ot, -ja), n. foul (oath): bawdy; inobelisk. decent; ribald. (Obon, (-ok, -t, -ja), n. Ocsmanysag, (-ot, -a), n. (Troy) ounce. I ugliness; hideousness: -beor, n. old wine. horror; nastiness. II dirtiObsit, (-ot, -ja), n. (vulg.) iness; filthiness; obscenity; discharge (of soldier); dis- lewdness; nastiness; foulmissal. ness; bawdiness; indecency. iObsitos, (-ok, -t), n. and Illfilth; ribaldry; bawdry. adj. discharged (soldier). IV nasty (dirty) action. O-Buda, proper n. Old Ocsi, (-t, -ja), n. light corn; Buda (N. part of right garblings (t. sz.). bank). Ocsud(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. 0-buvar, n. antiquary; come to; recover: and see antiquarian. felocsud(ik). Ocsarlani, infin. see dcsd- -XOczean, (-ok -t, -ja), n. r6l. ocean. ~-jar6, adj. oceanOcsarlas, (-t, -a), n. abuse; going (steamer); oceanic detraction; disparagement; (line). cavillation; cavilling; vili- Oda, adv. I thither; there: fication: invectives (against: ide-~, hither and thither; t. sz.) to and fro: ~ (es) vissza, Ocsarl6, A. (-t, -ja) n. there and back: return detractor; carper; abuser; (ticket). II van, be over; disparages; caviller. B. adj. be gone: (justice) is dead: (of person) be done (fo'r): be finished: (of absence) be away: sokaig volt ~, he was a long time away. III..t, over the way; across the road: - lent, down there: downstairs: ~ fent, up there; up yonder: upstairs: fel (fl), (go) up yonder: ~ kinn, (kint) (kiinn), outside; out yonder: - benn (bent), inside; in there. IV for compounds, see in Vocabulary. 6Oda, (-ak, -at, -ja), n. ode. Oda-, prefix. ~-ad, v. t. I hand over; give up. II pass (to); hand; reach. Ill ja magat, devote (oneself): resign (oneself): addict (oneself) (to drink); give (oneself) up (to). ~-adas, n. I handing over (of); giving up. II passing; handing. II devotion; devotedness: zeal; ardour; enthusiasm: self-sacrifice. ~-ad6, adj. (fig.) devoted (attachment); devout: zealous; ardent; enthusiastic (admirer): self-sacrificing. ~ajandekoz, v. t. give away (as present); make (someone) a present of.~all, v. i. post (oneself); take up (one s) stand: range (oneself); place (oneself): go and stand (somewhere). ~-allit, v. t. place; post (someone): set up; put up: range. ~-arad, v. i. flow (towards); pour: press;,throng. Odabb, adv. farther away; on: away; off: ~ all, move farther away; move on: stand farther off: (fig.) make (oneself) scarce; make off: go (one's) way: ~ siet, hurry off; take to (one's) heels: (vulg.) skedaddle,

Page  136 Oda-benn Ida-, prefix. -beinn, ~bent, adv. see oda III. ~bocsat, v. t. = oda-enged. ~-borul, v.i. throw (olneself) (at the feet of); fall (on the neck of): prostrate (oneself) (before). ~-csdbit, v. t. entice; lure (to); decoy. ~-csap, v. t. strike (at). -csodiil, v. i. stream (towards); crowd; throng (into); be lured (towards); be decoyed. ~-csodiiles, n. streaming (towards); crowding; thronging. -csusz(ik), v. i. creep (towards); crawl (into): slink (towards); steal. ~-cz61oz, v. i. hint (at): tend (towards). ^dob, v. t. throw down; throw away: throw (to); fling (at): give up. -edesget, v. t.=- odacsdbit. ~eg, v. i. 1 be lost (in fire); be burned. II (of food) burn. ~-eget, v. t. burn (food). ~-ekel, v.t. wedge in: fasten (on): dovetail. ~-enged, v. t. I admit (someone). II hand over (something); let (someone) have: and see dt-enged. ~-er, v. i.= odaerkez(ik). ~-6rkezes, n. arrival (at destination).,erkez(ik), v. i. arrive (at destination); reach (a place); come (to). — erosit, v. t. fasten (to); fix (to); affix. -6ertve, adv. including; inclusive of. - fagy, v. i. freeze; be frozen (to). ~-fejlod(ik), v. i. see oda jut II. ~-feksz(ik), v. i. lie down (on). ~-fenn, ~-fent, adv. see oda II. ~-fer, v. i. find room (somewhere); get in: have room (in): nem fer oda, there is no room for. ~figyel, v. i. listen (to); pay attention (to): mark (one's words); pay heed (to). ~-foly(ik), v. i. flow (towards); run (into). ~fordit, v. t. turn (face: towards): direct (attention: to). ~-fordul, v. i. turn (to). _-f6nn, ~-f6nt, adv. —= 136 oda-fenn. ~-filj, A. v. t' blow (towards): vwaft. B. v. i. (of wind) blowl; penetrate. — fut, v. i. run (to); run uop (to). -fiiz, v. t. fasten; tie (to). ~-gondol, v. t. add in thought. ~-hajy, v. t. leave (the field); quit (post): abandon; desert; forsake; leave (something) behind. ~-hagyas, n. leaving; quitting: abandonment; desertion; forsaking: leaving behind (of). — hajl(ik), v. i. lean over (to). ~-hajlit, v. t. bend (towards); incline. ~-hajol, v. i. oda-hajl(ik). — hajt, A. v. t. drive (towards). B. v. i. drive (to). ~-hajtas, n. driving (towards). ~-hajtat, v. i. drive (to). — hallgat, v. i. listen (to); attend (to): pay attention (to). - hat, v. i. penetrate (to); reach. ~-haza, adv. at home. ~-hevered(ik), v. i. throw (oneself) down (on): loll; lounge (on). ~-hi(v), v. t. call (someone): summon. ~-hivat, v. t. send for. -hord, v. t. carry (to); take; convey. ~-hoz, v. t. bring (to); fetch; take (to). ~-hurczol, v. t. drag (to). ~-huiz, A. v. t. draw (towards); pull. B. v. i. incline (towards); be disposed in favour (of); be in sympathy (with): side (with). ~i6dai, adj. odic. Oddig, adv. I as far as (that); asfar as (there): so far (and no farther). II (fig.) - van, a) be done for; be far gone; be exhausted; be spent: b) be beside (oneself) (with joy); be in an ecstasy (of delight); be in the last stage (of despair); be in utter (despair). Oda-, prefix. ~-igazit, v. t. set. ~-iger, v. t. promise (to); promise to give (to). ~-illeszt, v. t. fit (into): adjust (to). -ill(ik), v. i. suit; be suitable: be in Oda-marad place; be appropriate (to). ~-illo, adj. suitable; appropriate: apposite (remark); in place: pertinent. — init, v. t. beckon (to someone) to come. ~-ir, v. t. wcrite (on). iratnvyoz, v. t.=odafordit. ~-iranyul, v. i. tend (to); have (a certain) trend. ~-itel, v. t. award (to): adjudge; allot; assign. ~iteles, n. awarding; award (of prize): adjudgment: allotment; assignment. ~j6, ~-j6n, v. i. come (to); come up (to}: vkihez ~, approach. -.-ut, v. i. I arrive (at); reach; get (to). II a dolog ~ott, the matter is ripe (for): things have come to such a pass (that): it is high time (to). ~-kap, v. i. I vmihez,, seize; snatch: lay hold of. II (of food) burn. III (vulg.) get acclimatised. ~-kapcsol, v. t.fasten (to): hook (on); cmople (car). ~kerget, v. t. drive (towards). ~kialt, v. i. call out (to); shout; holloa. ~-kinn, -kint, adv. see oda III. -*Oda-k6lteszet, n. writing of odes: lyrical poetry. ~ Oda-kolto, n. odist. Oda-, prefix. ~-k6lt6z(ik), v. i. move (to); migrate: leave (for). ~-kot, v. t. fasten; tie; bind (to): tether (animal): moor (boat): (fig.) keep (somewhere). -kiild, v. t. send (to); dispatch. ~kiinn, adv. see oda I11. ~lanczol, v. t. chain (to); fasten: (fig.) enthrall. ~lenn, adv. see oda IIL ~lenni, infin. see oda-van. lent, adv. see oda III. - lep, v. i. step up (to). ~lop6dz(ik), v. i. steal (towards); slink (up; to): make (one's) way stealthily (towards): sneak up (to); creep up (to). ~-lovagol, v...I ride (to). II ride up (to). ~-lo, v. i. shoot (at). ~-marad, v. i. I remain away; stay away. II be left

Page  137 -ROWIF - MM1M-"-W-~~~~~ Oda-negy behind. ~-megy, v. i. I go (to); make (one's) way (to); repair (to): (kocsin) drive (to): (haj6n) sail (to). II go up (to): vkihez ~, approach. ~-menet, A. n. way (out); journey (thither); (hajbn) voyage (to); outwardbound voyage. B. adv. on the way there. ~-menni, infin. see oda-megy. ~-ment(em), see oda-megy. ~-m6dosit, v. t. modify (in a certain way); amend (to the effect that). ~-mond, v. i. vkinek ~, give (someone) a piece of (one's) mind; give (someone) a lecture; give (someone) what for. ~-mutat, v. i. point (at). ~-nez, v. i. look (at). — no, v. i. get stuck (to); adhere (to): attach (itself) (to). ~nyomul, v. i. press (towards). ~-nyujt, v.. t. hand (to); reach: offer. ~-nyiul(ik), v. i. reach (as far as). ~6ozon(ik), v. i. I pour (into). II (fig.) pour; crowd (to); throng ~-pillant, v. i. look (towards); glance (at). ~-rajzol, v. t. sketch (on); draw (on). ~rejt, v. t. hide; hide away. ~-rendel, v. t. order (someone) to come (to): give (a person) an appointment (to meet one). ~-repiil,. i. fly (to): alight (on branch); light (on). ~-rogy, v. i. collapse (into); fall headlong. ~rohan, v. i. rush (to): rush up (to); dash up (to).,roskad, v. i.= oda-rogy. ~-seregl(ik), v. i.=odacsdiil. ~-siet, v. i. hurry; hasten (to): run up (to). - simul, v. i.= hozzd-simul. ~-sompolyog, v. i.= odalopddz(ik). ~-siug, v. t. whisper (to): tell (someone) in a whisper. ~-szalad, v. i.= oda-fut. ~-szall, v. i. I = oda-repiil. II stop; put up. ~-szallit, v. t. convey (to); carry (goods): deliver (at house). ~-szallitds, n. conveyance; carriage: de 137 livery. — szegez, v. t. nail (to); fix; fasten. ~-szorit, v. t. press (into); squeeze; squash: drive (into). ~-szorul, v. i. be pressed (into); be driven (into): be left (in). ~-szogez, v. t.= oda-szegez. — talAl, v. i. I find (ones's) way (to).II hit home: touch (to the quick). ~-tamaszkod(ik), v. i. lean (against). ~-tamaszt, v. t. lean (against); prop. ~-tapad, v. i. stick (to); cleave; adhere. ~tapaszt, v. t. stick (on); paste (up). ~-tart, A. v. t. hold out: hold up: stretch out (towards). B. v. i. be making (for); be on (one's) way (to). ~-tartozas, n. connection (with); belonging (to). -tartoz(ik), v. i. belong (to): form part (of); be a part (of): be an appurtenance (of): be one (of; a party). ~-tekint, v. i. look (towards); glance. - terdel, v. i. kneel (down); fall on (one's) knees (before). ~-tesz, v. t. put (into); put down; lay (in). ~-t6dul, v. i.= oda-csodiil. ~-tolakod(ik), v. i. press (towards); push: intrude (into). — told, v. t. add; subjoin. ~-toldas, n. addition. ~-ugrat, v. t. jump (into); make (it) leap (towards). ~-ugr(ik), v. i. jump (towards); leap: dart up (to); dash (towards). ~-usz(ik), v. i. swim (towards). ~-utasit, v. t. direct (to); send. ~-utazas, n. journey (to): outwardbound voyage. ~-utaz(ik), v. i. travel (to); journey: (hajbn) sail; voyage: (kocsin) drive (to). ~-utaztaban, adv. on the way there: on the outward journey. - iil, v. i. sit (there); sit down (near). ~-iiltet, v. t. seat (near; beside).,-vag, v. i. I strike (with). II give (someone) what for; give (someone) a piece of (one's) mind: go for. III throw Odisszea down; fling down. IV (fig.) fit; suit; be suitable: just do: be to the point. ~-vai6, adj. I suitable; apposite (remark); proper; seasonable; in place; to the point: nem ~, out of place. II of (a certain) place; of that place; belonging to (a certain) place: (custom) of that place. ~-van, v. i. I be away: be absent; be out. II be done for; be exhausted. III be lost (of things): be spent (of money). IV be beside (oneself): see oddig II. ~-varazsol, v. t. conjure (up). — vesz, ~-v6sz, v. i. be lost; disappear: be destroyed. -vet, v. to sketch (roughly); outline: jot down (notes); dash off; drop (hint); throw in (word). ~-vetett, adj. casual (remark): stray: hasty (sketch): incidental. ~-vet6d(ik), v. i. be thrown (on); be cast; stray (into). ~-vetoleg, adj. casually: by the wtay; incidentally. ~-vezet, v. t. I lead (to); take; conduct. II conduct (electric current): supply (water). — vezet&s, n. I leading (to); taking. II conducting (of current): supply (of water). — vezeto, adj. leading (to): ut, approach; entrance. ~vissza, adv. there and back. ~-visz, v. t. take (to); convey; carry: fetch (something): lead (to). - vitel, n. conveyance; carriage. — vitorlaz, v. i. sail (to). — von, v. t. draw (towards); take. ~-vonul, v. i. march (towards); ma:*.e (one's) way (to); move; pass. ~-vonz, v. t. attract; draw (public). Odaz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. defer; postpone; put off: see el-oddz. Odebb, adv.= oddbb. Odera, (-at), proper n. (river) Oder. XOdisszea,(-)t),n. Odyssey.

Page  138 O-divatu 138 O-divatu, adj. old-fashioned: antiquated; out-of-,date. Odon, adj. antiquated; ancient: old-fashioned; out-ofdate: antique: archaic: at, old as the hills. Odondasz, (-ok -t, -a), n. I old curiosity dealer; curio dealer. II = odon-konyv-,keresked6. Odon - konyv - kereskedes, n. second-hand bookseller's (shop). Odoinkonyv.kereskedo, n. second-hand book-seller; dealer in old books. 6donsag, (-ot -a) n. I antiquity: ancient character: old age. II antique; relic; curio; antiquities (t. sz.); article of virtu. ~-keres-,ked6, n.= dondasz. L Odonszerfi, (-en), adj. antique; antiquated: ancient; archaic: old-fashioned. Odonszeriiseg, (-et, -e), n. antiquity: antique etc. character (of: see odonszerii). Odu, (oduk, odut, oduja, or odva), n. 1 hole; hollow (in tree): cavity. II grotto; den (of bear); cover; burrow (of fox); hole: kennel: cavern. Odvas, (-an), adj. hollow (tree): decayed (tooth). Odvasod(ik), (ott), v. i. become hollow: (of tooth) decay. Odvassag, (-ot, -a), n. hollow (dccayed) character (of): hollowness. (-fel-nemet, adj. and n. Old High German. Oh, interj, oh! 0! Ohaj, (-ok, -t, -a), n. desire; longing; yearning (for): yvish. Ohajt, (-ott), v. t. desire; long for; yearn for; crave for; wish (for): ~va var, long to see (one): long for.(something). Ohajtand6, adj. desirable; to be desired. 6hajtas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I (act of) desiring. II = (;a. Ohajto, adj. optative; mod, optative (mood). Ohajtott, adj. desired; longed-for. Qhajtva, adv. longingly. Ohatatlan, (-ul), adj. inevitable; unavoidable. O-hitu, adj. (Greek) Orthodox. Ojt, (-ott), v. t.=olt III-V. Ojtas, n.== oltds II — V. Ojt6,=oltd B. Ill-V. Ok, (-ok, -ot, -a), n. I reason; cause; ground (for complaint): motive (underlying action): inducement (to); occasion (for): donto ~, final cause: indit6, motive: kozvetlen ~, immediate cause: nincs -, there is no reason (why): there is no need (to): there is no ground (for) ralapos -a van, he has every reason (to): ~ot ad (szolgaltat) vmire, give occasion (for); give cause (for): give rise (to: suspicion): eleg ~om van panaszra, I have every reason to complain: vminek -at adja, give (one's) reasons (for): ~ul ad, give (something)as (one's) reason (for): ~okkal thmogat, motivate; justify (action); give reasons (for); account for: ~kalmoddal, in a reasonable manner: (act) reasonably; rationally: nelkiil, without any reason; causelessly; for no earthly reason; without (good) cause; without the slightest foundation: nem nelkul, not without reason: for a very good reason. II argument (adduced): pretext. III vminek ~a (lenni), (be the) cause (of); to blame (for): nem vagyok az ~a, it is not my fault. IV other phrases: mindennek meg van a maga ~a, every why has its wvherefore: mi ~on? mi b6l? why (=-midrt?): ez -on, ez ~b61, (- ezert), for this reason, etc. [(2 1/ lb.). ~ Oka, (-at), n. a measure Okmafny-ttir Okdd, (-tam, -ott), A. v. t. I vomit; throw up: speiv; puke. II (of volcano) vomit; emit; eject: belch. B. v. i. vomit; be sick; pukc. Ok-adas, n. argumentation: plea: motivation. Okidds, (-t, -a), n. I vomiting; throwing up: spewing; puking. II vomiting (of volcano); ejection; belching. Okadat, (-ot, -a), n. argument; reason. OkAdat,(-ot,a-),n.=okaddk. Okadatol, (-tam, -t), v. t. offer reasons for: justify; motivate: adduce arguments for: and see indokol. Okadatolas, (-t, -a), n. see indokolds. Okadek, (-ot, -a), n. vomit. Ok-, prefix. ~-ad6, adj. justifying; giving a reason (for): causal; causative. - alap, n. motive: ground ~bell, adj. causal; causative. ~-fejt6s, n. pragmatism; pragmatic method. ~-fejt6, adj. pragmatic. ~-forras, n-f6, n. principle. Oki, (-lag), adj. causal (connection). Ok(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. vmibe bele -, make (oneself) familiar (with); familiarise (oneself) (with). Ok-, prefix..-irat, n. document: deed; instrument: (public) record; paper; roll: -tal bizonyit, prove in writing; document. ~iratos, adj. documentary (evidence). — irat-tan, n. diplomatics (t. sz.). ~-irattar, n. archives (t. sz.): (public) record office. ~kal-m6ddal, adv. see ok I.,-level, n. I = ok-irat. II diploma: certificate. ~leveles, adj. certificated: possessing a diploma. ~level-tan, n.= okirat-tan. ~-level-tar, n. = okirattdr. Okmany, (-ok, -t, -a), n.= okirat. _-belyeg, n. deed stamp. -ttir, n.= okirattdr.

Page  139 ob Iffin" MM on- --- L Ok-nelkfili 139 Okvetetlenked(ik) Ok-nelkiili, adj. ufbounded (suspicion); groundless; ungrounded: causeless; baseless: unjustifiable. Ok-nyomozds, Ok-nyomozo,= ok-fejtes. ok-fejto. Okol, (-tam, -t), v. t. vmiert ~, blame (for); make (someone) responsible (for); tax (with); lay (something) at the door of; throw the blame (for a thing) on (someone); imute to; charge (with). Okolas, (-t, a), n. throwing the blame (on); imputation,(to). 0-kor, n. antiquity; ancient times (t. sz.): az - tortenete, ancient history. 0-kori, adj. ancient; classical: ~ muiveszetek, the antique. 6-kor-tan,n. archaeology. Okos, (-ok, -at, -an), adj. (sometimes as n. too). 1 intelligent; rational. II clever: talented (person).III prudent; shrewd (answer); wise; judicious; discreet; rational; sensible (remark); reasonable (idea). IV logical. Okosdi, (-t), n. wiseacre. Okoskodds, (-t, -a), n. I reasoning: line of thought: arguments (t. sz.); argumentation. 11 syllogism: conclusion. III sophistry: sophism. IV (fig.) obstinacy: pig-headedness. Okoskod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. I reason; argue: think. II conclude: syllogise. III subtilise: be sophistic(al); indulge in sophistry. IV (fig.) argue: be pig-headed; be obstinate. Okosod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. become prudent; grow in wisdom; learn wisdom: be taught (by experience). Okossag, (-ot, -a), n. I intelligence; cleverness: acumen; judgment. II prudence; shrewdness; wisdom; judiciousness; discreetness: prudent etc. character or nature (of: see okos III.). Okoz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. I cause; occasion; give rise to; be the cause of: engender: bajt ~, do harm; do mischief: give trouble (to): but ~, grieve (someone): fajdalmat ~, give pain (to); pain (someone); hurt: ka'rt ~, inflict a loss (on): damage; injure (someone): feltiinest -, make a stir; create a stir; make a commotion: be a sensation: oromot,, give pleasure (to); delight (someone): be a- source of delight (to): gratify (someone): viszalyt ~, create dissension. II= okol. Okozas, (-t, -a), n. causing (of); occasioning. Okozat, (-ot, -a), n. effect. ~-beli, adj.= okozati. Okozati, (-lag), Okozatos, (-an), adj. causal. 6-konyv-arus, n.= odonkinyv-keresked6. Okra, (-at), n. ochre. Oksag, (-ot,-a), n. causality. Oksagi, (-lag), adj. causal. Ok-szeru, (-en), adj. rational; reasonable: logical. Ok-szerfiseg, (-et, -e), n. I rationality; rationalness; reasonableness: logicality; logiealness. II causality. Ok-szerfitlen, (-iul), adj. contrary to reason; irrational: unreasonable. Okta'lan, (-ul), adj. I unreasonable (conduct); irrational; contrary to reason. II injudicious; foolish; absurd; imprudent; senseless; thoughtless: stupid. 11I groundless; unfounded; baseless (fear). IV brute (beast). Oktalankodas, (-t, -a), n. unreasonable (irrational) behaviour: and see oktalansdg. Oktalankod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. t. behave unreasonably: be foolish; be absurd. Oktalansag, (-ot, -a), n. I unreasonableness: want of reason; folly. 1I unreasonable etc. character or nature (of: see oktalan). Oktat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. teach; instruct: train (recruit); drill: school. Oktatas, (-t, a-), n. I teaching; instruction (of): training; drilling (of recruits): schooling. II tuition: precepts (t. sz.); lesson; advice. — tan, n. didactics (t. sz.). ~-terv, n. curriculum: course (of instruction). ~iigy, n.education: public instruction. ~-iigyi, adj, (ministry) of public instruction: (Eng. board) of education: educational; scholastic (reform). Oktat6, A. (-k, -t, -ja), n. teacher: (gymnastic) instructor: (private) tutor. B. adj. I instructive. II educational (institute): didactic (poem): - muveszet, didactics (t. sz.): pedagogy. Oktav, (-ot), proper n. Octavian. XOktava, (-at), n. (mus.) octave. ~ Oktav-alak, n. octavo. Okt6ber, (-t), n. (month of) October. Okt6beri, adj. October (day); in October. Oktondi, adj. simple; stupid: (vulg.) soft: - ember, simpleton; ninny. Okul, A. (-tam, -t), v. i. learn (by experience); be taught. B. adv. as (one's) reason. Okulas, (-t, -a), n. conclusion (drawn): teaching (of experience). Ok-vetes, n.-= ok-adds. Okvetetlen, (-ul), adj. sure; certain; absolute; positive; unfailing; infallible; indubitable. Okvetetlenkedes, (-t, -e), n. positiveness;opinioniativeness; dogmaticalness: obstinacy pig-headedness: officiousness: (officious) remonstration. Okvetetlenked(ik), (-tem, -ett), v. i. be opinionative; be positive; be dogmatical; remonstrate (officiously);

Page  140 Okvetetlenkedo 140 Oldal be obstinate; be pig-headed; insist; stickle. Okvetetlenkedo, A. (-k, -t), n. dogmatical (opinionative) person; dogmatist; fribbler. B. adj. opinionative; dogmatical; positive; obstinate; pig-headed: officious. Okvetetleniil, adj. without fail. Okvetlen, stb. = okvetetlen, etc. Ok-viszony, n. causality. Ok-viszonyos, adj. causal. 01, (-ak, -t) -ja), n. stall; stable: (pig.) sty: (hen) roost. Olah, (-ok, -t, -ja), n. and adj. Wallachian (of Transylvania): Wallach; Wallack; Roumanian (of Roumania). ~-orszag, proper n. Wallachia: Roumania. Olahosit, (-ott), v. t. Wallachianise: Rouman(ian)ise. Olahositas, (-t, -a), n. Wallachianisation: Rouman(ian)isation. Oldhsag, (-ot, -a), n. Wallachians (t. sz.); Wallachian (Rosumanian) inhabitants (t. sz.). Olahul, adv. (speak) Wallachian (or, Roumanian). Olaj, (-at, or -t, -a), n. oil: -at ont a tuizre, add fuel to the fire: ~jal beken, oil: ego ~, lamp oil: keno ~, (ecel.) chrism: -at fit, strike oil. -aig, n. olive branch. rs, n. oilman. barna, adj. olive; dark brownish; olive brown. ~hogyoy, n. olive (berry). - eziist-fa, n. (bot.) oleaster. ~-fa, n. I (bot.) olive (-tree): az Olajfak hegye, Mount of Olives. II olive-wood. ~-falevel, n. oil leaf; olive leaf. _-festek, n. oil colour; oil. — fest6s, n. oil painting; painting in oils. - festmeny, n. oil painting (picture). ~-finomito, n. oil refinery. — folt, n. oil stain. ~-hegy, n. Mount of Olives. Olajkar-(os), (-ok, -t, -a), n. = olaj-drds. Olaj-, prefix. _-k6p, n.= olaj-festmdny. ~-kert, n. olive grove..-korom, n. lamp-black. ~-k6, n. oilstone. — liampa, n. oil lamp: paraffin lamp. ~lepeny, n. oil-cake. ~mag, n. I olive. II oil seed: castor bean. ~-nralom, n. oil mill; oil works (t. sz.). — miaz, n. oil paint. ~m6cses, n. oil lamp: night-light. ~-nemuii, adj. oily; oleaginous: oleose; oleous. ~-noveny, n. (bot.) olea: oleaginous plant. ~nyomat, n. oleograph. Olajos, (-an), adj. I oily; producing oil: oleaginous. II oily; unctuous; greasy. III oiled: prepared with oil. IV for (containing) oil; oil-: ~ kanna, oil-can: kors6, oil cruet: ~ lampa, oil lamp. Olajoz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. oil: grease; lubricate (gear). Olajozds, (-t, -a), n. oiling: greasing; lubrication. Olajozatlan, (-ul), adj. unoiled. Olajozo, A. (-t, -ja), n. I oiler. II lubricant. B. adj. oiling: lubricating. Olaj-, prefix. ~-pecset, n. oil stain. ~-pogacsa, n. oil cake. ~-pr6s, n. oil press. ~-sajt6, — satii, n. olaj-pres. ~-sav, n. oleic acid. ~-sepri, n. lees of oil. ~-szin(ii), adj. I olive brolwn. II olive green. ~tart6, n. oil can: (nagy) tank. ~-telrm6, adj. oleiferous. _-iit6, _-ver6, n. I oil miller; oil presser. II = olaj-prds. ~-z5ld, adj. olive green. Olalkodds, (-t, -a), n. lurk-,ing; skulking; lying in wait. Olalkodik, (-tam, -ott), v. i. prowl about: lurk; skulk lie in wait (for): vki ut&n, yraylay. Olalkod6, adj. prowling: lurking; skulking: sneaking. Olasz, (-ok, -t, -ul), n. and adj. Italian: ~ di6, large wcalnut: - fal, screen: ~ kaposzta, savoy (cabbage): ~ metilt, macaroni. ~-orszag, (-ot), proper n. Ita!l. ~-orszagi, adj. Italian: of Italy: Italic. Olaszos (-an), adj. Italian. Olaszosit, (-ott), v. t. Italianate; Italianise. Olaszul, adv. (speak) Italian. Olcs6, (-n), n. I cheap (goods): moderate (price); low (tariff): - aron, (buy) cheap: ~bba val(ik), become cheaper: ~bba tesz, cheapen. II (fig.) cheap; mean: poor; paltry. Olcsobb, adj. cheaper (conip. of olcsd; q. v.). Olcs6sag, (-ot, -a), n. I cheapness: low (moderate) price (of). II low prices (t. sz.). Old, (-ottam, -ott), v. t. 1 undo (knot); untie: loosen; unloose; unfasten: uncord; unbind. II ==fel-old. III= meg-old. IV kereket ~, (fig.) make (oneself) scarce; take to (one's) heels; show a clean pair of heels; give legbail. Oldal, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I side: wall (of cliff): slope (of hill): flank (of animal): mellso~, front (of building): facade: hats6o, back (of building); rear: arny6kos ~, shady side: north side (of building): szeles _, weather side (to windward): (naut.) windward side: vkinek ~an, by the side of; beside: (fig.) on the side of; in favour ofj vminek mindket an; on both sides of: ~anal, beside: ~r61, sideways; from the side: laterally: (fig.) askance: minden ~r6l, from all sides; from all directions:,r61 (n6zve), in profile. II (mil.) flank: ~ba kapja, (_r61 tamadja) az ellenseget, attack the enemy in the flank; flank the enemy. Ill page (of book): (comm.)

Page  141 XI 'It- I JPVP_-kqM"qW -aWNW-.3-T Oldal-ablak folio. IV (fig.) (weak) side; spot; part; point: eros -a, forte; strong point. V (fig.) point of view: mas ~r6l, from a different point of view. VI quarter (from which tile wind blows). VII flitch (of bacon). VIII other phrases: kifirja az ~at, give hin no rest: (he) is itching (to tell the secret): ~ba 16k, nudge (someone): poke (someone) in the ribs. ~-ablak, n. side window. ~-ag, n. I collateral line (of descent). II lateral branch (of tree). III arm (of river). -ghbeli,,-agi, adj. collateral (heir): rokon,collateral (relative). Oldalas, A. (-t, -a), n. flitch (of bacon): ribs (of meat). B. adj. I having sides. II next-door (neighbour). III having (so many) sides (or, pages): harmincz-~, (book) of thirty pages. Oldal-, prefix. ~-ba lo6ks, n. nudge. ~-borda, n. I rib. II (fig.) better half; wife; spouse. ~-csont, n. oldal-borda. _-djofs, n. side-thrust; dig in the ribs; nudge. ~-epiilet, n. wing (of building). ~-fjifs, ~ - fajdalom, n. stitch (in [one's] side); pain in (one's) side. ~-fal, n. side-wall. ~fegyver, n. side-arms: (mil.)bayonet. ~-felfilet, n. surface of the sides (of): lateral face. ~foldulat, n. turning aside: swerve. Oldalgads, (-t, -a), n.= kerteles. Oldal-, prefix. ~-haj6, n. aisle (of church). ~-iiras, - jegyzek, n. marginal note. -lap, n. lateral face. ~lepcso, n. back stairs (t. sz.). — lioks, n. nudge. -muozdulat, n. flanking movement. ~-nezet, n. side view; lateral view. ~-nyilallfis, n. stitch (in [one's] side). Oldalog, (-tam, oldalgott), v. i. sidle; move side foremost. Iii Oldal-, prelix. ~-oltiar, n. - mellek-oltdr. ~-rajz, n. side view: lateral sketch (or, drawing). ~-Iq}sz, n. side. -1rohlamn, n. flank attack. ~-rokon, n1. collateral (relative). Oldalr6l, adv. from the side: (mil.) from the flank; sidewasys; sidelong: edgeways. Oldals6, adj. side-; lateral. Oldal-,prefix.~-szalonna, n.flitch (of bacon). — szarny, n. side-wing. ~-sz61, n. side-wind. ~-szelet, n. cutlet (of meat). — szoba, n. adjoining room: side-room. ~-szuiras, n. stitch (in [one's] side). Oldalt, adv. I from the side: (mil.) in the flank: tamad, attack in the flank; flank. II on (either) side; on one side: aside: ~feksz(ik), lie on (one's) side. III laterally; sideways; sidelong; sideoise: ~eso, side-; lateral. IV bal, to the left (of): jobb ~, to the right (of): on the right. Oldal-tlimadas, n. flank attack. Oldal-taska, n. (mil.) sabre-tache. Oldalfi, suffix. -sided: sok~, many-sided: versatile. Oldal-ut, n. side-way; bylway; by-road. Oldal-vagfAs, n. side-cut; (fig.) innuendo. Oldalvafst, adv.= oldalt. Oldal-zseb, n. side-pocket. Oldas, (-t, -a), n. I undoing; unfastening; loosening; unloosening: uncording; unbinding. II see fel-oldds and meg-oldds. Oldat, (-ot, -a), n. (chem.) solution. Oldatlan, (-ul), adj. I unsolved (mystery). II (chem.) pure: solid. Oldhalatlan, (-ul), adj. I insolvable; not to be solved. II (chem.) insoluble. Oldhatatlansagi, (-ot, -a), n. insolvable etc. nature or Oll6zmany character (of see oldhatatlan). Oldlhato, (-an), adj. I solvable. II solulble; dissolvable; dissoluble. Oldlat6ostg, (-ot, -a), n. sol able etc. character or natlre (of: see oldhato). Old(ik), (-ott), v. i. dissolve: melt. 01ld, adj. dissolvent; solvent: lug, lye: ~szer, dissolvent; solvent. Old6dik, (-tam, -ott), v. i. I dissolve: melt. II = megolddd(ik). 01d6-szer, n. see oldd. Oldoz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. I untie; loosen; unfasten; unldo (knot). II (eccl.) absolve. Oldozas, (-t, -a), n. I untying; loosening; unfastening; undoing. II (eccl.) absolution. iOlimpiai, adj. Olympic; Olympian: ~jatekok, Olyimpias; Olympic gamues.(t.sz.) ~Olimpus, (-t), n. Olympus. ~Olimpusi, adj. Olympian (god). 0116, )-t, -a), n. I scissors (t. sz.): (juhnyir6 ~), shears. (t. sz.): (med.) forfer. II (vulg.) kid (of goat): lambkin: fawn (of deer); young deer. III (of lobster) clawls (t. sz.): chela; nipper. _alaku, (-an), adj. shaped like scissors: (zool.) cheliform. — fa, n. rafter. - fog6, n. nippers (t. sz.). - koszoruis, n. scissor-grinder; knife-grinder. Ol16s, adj. (zool.) cheliferous; chelate. Ol16z, (-tam, -ott), v. t. I cut with scissors; cut out. II compile. III plagiarise: pirate. 1ll6zas, (-t, -a), n. I cutting with scissors; cutting out. II compiling; compilation (of). III plagiarising; (act of) plagiarism: piracy. IV = olldzmany. Oll6zmany, (-ok, -t, -a), n, I. plagiarism: work plagiarised. II compilation.

Page  142 0116zo 0l16zo, (-t, -ja), n. I plagiarist: (literary) pirate. II,ompiler. Oliios, (-an), adj. I lead; leaden. II leaded (stick) weighted with lead: ~ bot, (vnlg.) life preserver. III plumzbeous; plumbean. IV esi, sleet: ~ es6 esik, sleet. 011noz, (-tarl, -ott), v. t. I lead: cover with lead. II seal,with lead (or, with a cocket). Omnozfts, (-t, a-), n. I leading: covering with lead. II sealing with lead. III= lnmozat. Olmozat, (-ot, -a), n. leaden,eal; lead: cocket. Olom, (olmok, 6olot, ~ja or 61ma), n. lead: ~b61 va1o, lead; leaden: fuggi ~, plnumet; pliumb-line. binya, n. lead-mine. ~belyeg, n.= 6lom-z-cl. ~betfik, n. pl. type. ~-cs6, n. lead pipe. ~-czukor, n. sugar of lead; acetate of lead. — eczet, n. Goulard's extract. ~-6ecz, n. lead ore. r-felvi, A. n. white lead: cerase. B. adi. leaden (in colour). ~-fe-y, n. lead glance; galena. ~-forrasztas, n. soldering. -fo61d, n. earthy lead spar. -fist, n. = dlom-lemez. ~-gelet, n. lithargo: massicot. -goly6, n. lead bullet: leaden ball. _-jeeccz, n. lead tree: crystallised lead. ~jeqy, n. - ol6om-zdr. kek, adj. bluish: leaden. ~-k6r, n. lead colic; painter's colic. ~-k6, n. mock lead; blende. -lap, ~-lenez, n. sheet of lead. ~mi'z, n. lead enamel. mergezes, n. lead poisoning. -mninta, n. lead moutld. ~-okra, n. lead ochre. ~-olaj, n. oil of lead: Goulard's cerate. ~-ontes, n. plumbery: plumbing. ~-onto, n. I plumber. II lead works (t. sz.) ~-pecs6t, n. leaden seal; lead: cocket: ~et tesz vmire, seal with lead. ~-pir, n. rin lium: redi lerad. — s:ltIaki, n. dir1o0 of lead. ~-siily, n. iweight (for scales): (tig.) ~lyal, ~1kent, oppressively; (very) heavily. -szatnly, n. (fig.) ~akon, very slowly: painl fully. ~-sziin, A. n. lead colour: colour of lead. B. adj. —= o6lon-szilnli. — szinii, adj. I leaden (sky): livid. II (fig.) livid (face). ~-tarta.lmin, adj. containing lead; pl bios; p bfero plumbol.s. ~-iiveg, n.flint glass. ~-vaj, n. plumbic ketone. ~-vilag, n. flowers of lead. ~-viz, n. Goulard's extract. ~-zAr, n.= olom-pecset. Olt, (-ottam, ott), v. t. I put out (fire); extinguish: slake (lime); slack; slacken. II quench (thirst); slake. III (med.) inoculate: (himlo ellen) vaccinate: ijra -, re-vaccinate: (fig.) implant. IV (bot.) graft (tree). V curdle (mik); coagulate (with reunet). Olta, adv.= ota. Oltalmat, see oltalom. Oltalmaz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. protect; shield (from); guard (against); screen (from); defend (against); shelter. Oltalmazds, (-t, -a) n. protection; shielding; guarding; screening (from wind); defence; sheltering (of): shelter (given). Oltalmazatlan, (-ul), adj. unprotected; defenceless. Oltalnaz6, A. (-t, -ja), n. protector; defender; shielder; shield. B. adj. protecting; defending; shielding; guaarding; protective; sheltering: ~ oseg, escort. Oltalmazott, (-at, -ja), n. protege: (no) protgeee. Oltalom, (oltalmat, oltalma), n. protection; care; defence (of); shelter (given); safety: patronage: (mil.) convoy: (fig.) cover (of night): nblkiil(i), unprotected; defenceless; shelterless: oltalmat nyujt, afford protection (to); give ~Ut6 shelter (to): take (someone) undler (one's) wting: patronise. ~-leevl, n. safe-con(duct: sate-gluard. >.'0ltr, (-ok, -t, -a), n.(eccl.) altar: Communion Table: f( ~, High Altar: engesztel6 ~, altar of expiation. (:Oltsri, adj. altar-: szentsig, (the) Holy Eucharist; Hl Scrm Holy S en Hol Conimuznion: szolga, acolyte. ~XOltarka, (-at,-aja), n. portable altar: super-altar. kOlttir-, prefix. ~-kep, n. altar-piece: reredos; retable. ~-k6, n. altar-stone. ~mennyezet, n. (altar) baldachin. — terito, n. altar-cloth: frontal; superfrontal: communion cloth. Oltas, (-t, -a), n. I putting out (of fire); extinguishing: slaking (of lime); slacking. II quenching (of thirst). III (med.) inoculation: (himl6 ellen), vaccination: ~ kenyszere, compulsory vaccination. IV grafting (of tree). V curdling (of milk); coagulation. Oltatlan, (-ul), adj. unslaked (lime). Olthatatlan, (-ul), adj. 1 inextinguishable (fire); slackless. II unquenchable (thirst). Olt6, A. n. I extinguisher (of fire). II (med.) inoculator: vaccinator. III rennet (for curdling milk). IV (med.) vaccine. V = oltogyomor (see olt6 B. V.) B. adj. I extinguishing: slaking II quenching. III (med.) inoculative; inoculatory: vaccinal: ~ anyag, vaccine; lmnph: ~ fecskendo, vaccinal syringe: ~ intezet, vaccinating (inoculating) institute: (veszettseg ellen) Pasteur institute: ~ orvos, inoculator: vaccinator. IV grafting: ~ ag, graft; scion: - kes, grafting knife; grafting tool. V - gyomor, (zool.) rennet bag: ~ fi, (bot.)

Page  143 WlBB~~0~~-a — I"~s-~ — ( l lott 4 tvaLsztotI cheese rennet; yellow bedstraw; Ladies' bedstraw. Oltott, adj. I slaked (lime). I1 (med.) inoculated: vaccinated. III grafted (tree). IV curdled (milk). Oltvany, (-ok, -t, -a), n. 1 graft; scion. II tree grafted. Olvad, ((tam, -t), v. i. I melt: (of snow or ice) thaiv: (of solid) dissolve: (of ore) fuse; liquefy. II vmibe (bele)~, vmivel egygye ~, blend (with): (of colours) run into (one another): coalesce; fuse: merge (into): become incorporated (in). III (tig.) melt away; run (through the hands of). IV (fig.) melt (with tenderness); be softened; be touched: overflow (with); gush; be effuisive. Olvadis, (-t, -a), n. I melting: thawing (of snow or ice); thaw: dissolving (of solid): fusion (of metal); liquefaction. II bele, blending (of colours): coalescence; fusion. III (fig.) melting; emotion. ~pout, n. point of fusion; fising point. Olvadekony, (-an), adj. I fusible (metal): meltable; liquefiable; liquescent: easily melted; soft (substance). II (fig.) soft; emotional (person): melodious (voice). Olvadelonysag, (-ot, -a), n. I.fusibility (of metal): meltable)ness; liquefiable nature (of); liquescency softness. II (fig.) softness; emotional nature; emotionalism (of person): melodiousness (of voice). Olvad6, adj. I melting: liquid: thazwing (snow): dissolving. II (fig.) melting; tender: overflowing; gushing; effusive. Olvadoz, (-tam, -ott), v. i. I melt or thaw gradually: dissolve slowly: be melting (or, thaiwing). II (fig.) melt (with emotion); overfolw:; gush; be eisice: be motional: be in an ec.stasy (of delight). Olvadoz6, adj. I meltimn (thawring) grad(ually. II(tig.) =- olvad6 1I. Olvas, (-tam, -ott), v. t. and i. 1 read (book): peruse: read aloud; recite: say! (mass): a sorok kozt -, read between the lines. II count (money); tell. III a csillagokban ~, read the stars: a jovoben ~, tell the future; diline: tell (one's) fortune. IV other phrases: vkinek sziveben ~, see through (someone): szemebol vmit, guess by (one's) looks; gather from (one's) expressionr: a fejere ~, upraid (with); rebuke (for): roszszul, misread: ni va16, (something) to read. Olvasds, (-t, -a), n. I reading (of): peru.sal (of book): reading aloud; recital. II reading (of bill). III counting (of money); telling. IV ~ra m6nlt, worth reading. ~-m6d, n. way of reading; manner of reading: delivery (of speaker). Olvasat, (-ot, -a), n. I= olvaids-mdd. II reading (of text); version; acceptation: variant. Olvasatlan, (-ul), adj. 1 unread; unperused (manuscript). II uncounted: untold. III unread (person); unlettered. Olvasgat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. frequentative of olvas (q. v.): keep reading; keep perusing: read from time to time; be reading. Olvashatatlan, (-ul), adj. I illegible (writing): unreadable (matter). II uncountable (sum of money) Olvashatatlansiqa, (-ot, -a), n. illegibility: unreadableness. Olvashat6, (-an), adj. I legible (writing); clear; distinct; plain: reatdable (book). II countable. i:lvslItiosaji, (-o;, -a), n. linibility; clearness; distinctrnes; plainness: readableness. Olvasnl:lyt, ((ok, -t, a), n. (piece of) readinq; piece. Olvaso, A. (-k, -t, -ja), n. I reader. II rosary; beads (t. sz.); paternoster. B. adj. reading: for r eading: ~ diih, mania (rage) for reading: - jegy, book-mark: kedv, fionldness for (love of) reading: ~ kor, book-club: koz6nseg, reading public: ~ konyv, reader; readingbook: - proba, rehearsal: - szoba, t terem, reading room. 100))). Olvasott, (-at, -an), adj. I mulch read (book); widell read: popular (author). II swell-read (person); (man) of recading; er'udite. III counted. Olvasottsig, (-ot. -a), n. reading; erudition.... Olvasta, n. in one phrase: (ennek) olvastara, on reading (this). Olvaszt, (-ott), v. t. I melt: thaw (snow): smelt (metals); Jf'se; liquefy: dissolve. II clarify (butter, lard); melt down. III vmibe (bele) d, blend (with): merge (into); iweld: incorporate (in). IV (fig.) move; touch. OlvasztAs, (-t, -a), n. I m)elting: thaswing (of snow): smelting (of metal); tfsion; liquefaction. II clarifying: melting down. Olvaszthat6, (-an), adj. meltable: fusible (metal); liquefiable: dissolvable; dissoluble. Olvaszt6, A. (-t, -ja), n. I melter: smelter (of metals); fuser. II smelting Jfrnace. B. adj. melting; smelting: dissolving: kemencze, furnace; blast furnace: ~ lampa, aphlogistic lamp: oxylhydrogen blowupipe: ni{ihely, smelting work.: foundry:: tegely, crucible. Olvasztott, adj. meltei:

Page  144 01lvalaq 14 ()lnet smlelted (metal); fused: ~ Olyat6n, adj.== olyas. Oml6, (-o), adj. I= omla6loml, pig lead: ~vaj, clari- Olybi, adv. - vesz, take dozo. II flowing (hair); tied butter: ~ zsir, lard. (for); regard; consider (as): streaming; waiing. III Olvalta, (-on), adj.=- olva- tetszi, seez (as if); look pouring (rain): gushing dekony L. (like). (tears): streaming (blood) Oly, (-at), adj. see olyan. Olyik, adj. (vulg.) - neme- flowling. IV = oml6s. Olyan, (-ok, -t), adj. (this lik. Oml6s, (-an), adj. short latter form may be used ab- Oly-k6p, adv.- oly-mndon. (cake); crisp; crumbling. solutely or predicatively). Oly-kor, adv. at times; IO nibusz, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I such (as): -, mint, (just) sometimes; now and again: omnibus: (vulg.) 'bus. like; similar (to); the same.,, occasionally. Omol, (-t), v. i. = oml(ik). (as). II szakasztott ~, ex- Oly-n6don, adv. in such ',n, A. (-t, -ja), n. tin: feactly the same. III ember, a manner; in such a way: kete ~, lead. B. adj. (in aki... a (man who...): ~ viselkedett, his behaviour compounds) tin. videk, ahol..., a (district was such (that). Onas, adj.= onos. where...):,, amilyen, IOlympos, (-t), n.= Olim- Ond6, (-t, -ja), n. I (of man) such as (it) is: mediocre: pus. sperm; semen: (of fish) of a kind. IV (adverbially): Oly-nemu, adj. such. spawn. II (bot.) palea. ~_ edes, so sweet: ~ regen, Omboly, (-t), n. (bot.) allatka, n. spermatozoid; so long ago; such a long seaweed. spermatozoon. ~-ed6ny, n. time ago: ~ kev6s, so feu Omlad6k,(-ot, -a), n.debris: spermatic vessel. ~-tolyds, (things): so little (time): ruins (t. sz.): rubbish; re- n. spermatorrhoea; (vulg.) sok, = annyi: ~ sokan, ==fuse. ~-halom, n. rubbish wet dream. ~-ideg, n. annyian: ~ k6zel, so near: heap. spermatic nerve. ~-om1ls, ~ messze, so far: such a Omladoz(ik), (-ott), v. i. n.=ond6-folyds. ~-zsin6r, distance (from): - hamar, fall into ruins; go to ruin: n. spermatic cord. so soon: so quickly; so fast. crumble (to pieces); decay; Q-nelllt, adj. Old German. V nines! (it is) quite out fall to pieces; fall into On-forrasz, n. tin solder. of the question! nonsense! decay; moulder: be giving 6ni, (==vni), infin: see dv. what next?! nothing of the way. bOniksz (-ot), n. onyx.kind! ~-fele, adj. I of such Omladoz6, adj. dilapidat- k6, n.= oniksz. kind: (a) similar. II a sort ed: crumbling; mouldering 'Onka, (-at), n. (zool.) of; a kind of: an apology (ruin: tumble-down (wall): ounce. for. ~-felekep(en), adv.= threatening to fall: - felben On-lap, On-lemez, n. tin olyan-formn. -fo-orma, van, be in a ruinous (tumble- plate. adj. = olyan-fele. ~-for- down) condition: and see t(n-level, n. tin foil. man, adv. I in such a man- omladoz(ik). On-mesz, n., puttypowder. ner; in such a way: so. II Omladvany, (-ok, -t, -a), On-mives, On-muves,n. thus: consequently; there- = omladek. tinsmith; tinman; tinner. fore. ~-kor, adv. I at a Omlas, (-t, -a), n. I crumb- Onnan, adv. I thence; from time (when): often need ling; mouldering; falling there; from that place: not be translated. II at to pieces; falling in; dilap- epen ~ jovok, that is where such times; on such occas- idation; decay (of build- I have just come from. I1 ions. III = oly-kor. ~-m6- ing): collapse. II hegy,, (be due) to (something): don, adv.= olyan-formdn. land-slide; land-slip: viz,, (know) by: tudom, hogy..., Oly-annyira, adv. to such torrent. III pouring; stream- that is how I knowv (that): an extent; to such a degree: ing; flow (of blood). ez - ered,(it) owes its origin so exceedingly; so much; so Omlatag, (-on), OmlI- (to); (it) is due to the fact terribly (busy): so griev- kony, (-an), adj. = omla- (that): (the report) origously; so utterly (mistaken): dozo. inates (from). III ~t6l so (surprised). Oml(ik), (-ott), v. i. I kezdve, from that time; Olyas, adj.= olyan-fele. ~- crumble; moulder; fall to thenceforward: from that fele, adj.-=olyan-fdle. _- pieces; (of wall) fall in: point. IVinnen-~, a)from mi, pron. something of the decay; collapse. II (of hair) all directions; from all sort: something (like).,- stream; flow. III (of cake) sides: b) about: practically. valaki, pron. somebody of crumble. IV (of tears) pour; ~-val6, adj. from (of) that the kind: such a person: gush: (of blood) stream; place; from there. sonebody (like him). flowa; well: and see 6ml(ik). Onnet, adv.= onnan.

Page  145 vwEi __ I- ~ ___ __ a- X=~ni m-.-US —q~-XWi- P )On-olvaszto On-olvaszt6, n. tin fur-,nace: tin-works (t. sz). Onos, (-an), adj. I tinned. II tinny. III (fig.) eso, fleet. Onoz, (-tam, -ott), v. t.,in; blanch (iron). Onozas, (-t, -a), n. tinning;,blanching (of iron). Onoz6, A. (-k, -t, -ja), n. tinner: blancher (of iron). B. adj. tinning (process);.blanching. On-6nt6, n.= on-muves. Ont, (-ani, -ott) v. t. pour: shed (tears: blood): vkire vmit, pour (water) over: veret ja, shed (one's) blood (for): viragot ~, scatter flowerss: and see Ont I. Ontas, (-t, -a), n. pouring; shedding (of tears or blood). Ontogat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. frequentative of ont (q. v.) Ontok, (-ot, -ja) n. ceft; woof. On-veI-6, n.= dn-mivces..Opal, (-ok, -t, -ja), n. opal: precious opal. ~-feny, n. opalescence. ~-fenyu, adj. opalescent. ~-k6, n. — opdl: ~ m6dra fenylik, opalesce. ~szeriu, (-en), adj. opaline. iOpera, (-at, -aja), n. 1 (mus.)opera;musical drama. II = o]era-haz. -\Operaczio, (-k, -t, -ja), n. (med.) operation.,~Opera-enekes, n. opera singer.:Operaa-haz, n. operahouse; opera. iOperlal, (-tam, -t), v. t. and i. (med.) operate. *Operalas, (-t,-a), n.(med.) operation (of).,Opera-, prefix. ~-szerii, (-en), adj. operatic(al): opera-like. -szinhaz, n.= opera-hdz. ~-szoveg, n. libretto (of opera). ~ Operenczids, adj. - tenger, ocean. tOperett, (-ek, -et, -je), n. operetta; musical play (or, comedy). — ir6, n. libretti t (of operetta). -:6pium, (-ot, -a), n. opium. 1 i, ~XOpponll, (-tam, -t), v. i. raise oposition; obstruct. ~iOpsit, stb.,- obsit, etc. ~Optika, (-at, -aja), n. optics. ~ *Optikai, (-lag), adj. optic(al). ~ Optikus, (-ok, -t, -a), n. opticinan. hOptimista, A. (-at), n. optimist. B. adj. optimistic. ~>Optimnizmus, (-t, -a), n. optimism. Ora, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. I (fali) clock; timepiece: (zseb) watch: all6, asztali ~, French clock: ismetlo, repeater: torony ~, tower clock: church clock: zenelo ~, musical clock: homok, sand-glass; hour-glass: az ~ j61 (rosszul) jar, the wcatch (clock) is right (or, wrong); the watch keeps good time (does not keep good time): az - k6sik, the clock (watch) is slow: az siet, the watch (clock) is fast: az - tizenkett6t fit, the clock strikes twelve. II hour: hivatalos ~, official hour(s); office hour(s): fogad6o, reception hour: (med.) hour of consultation: (leg.) office hour(s): egy all oraig, a whole hour: a szellemek oraja, the witchinq hour (of midnight) 6rar6l-6rara, from hour to hour: every hour: egy 6ranyira van, (it is) an hour's distance (from): hany - van? what is the time? nyolcz van, (it is) eight (o' clock): egy alatt, in an hour: within the hour: nyolezra jar az ~, it is nearly eight o' clock: ~ hosszat, - szamra, for hours (at a time): harom, hosszat, (for) three hours: tizenket - tajban, (at) about twelve (o' clock): j6 (szerenos6s) 6raban, in a favourable moment; at a favourable juncture: under favourable auspices: a tizenkettedik 6raban, at the eleventh hour: (vulg.) in the nick of time: O'a-:lolmz6k a nap barmely (,rajaban, at any hour (of the day): whenecer (you) like: ejjeli ket 6raig, (wait) until 2 a. |m.: harom 6raig vartam, I waited three hours: negy ~kor, at four (o' clock): hany ~kor? at what time? when? delutan harom ~kor, at 3 p. mn.: egy 6ort6l negyig, fiom 1 to 4: egy 6raval, (be) an hour (late): negy oraval ut6bb, four hours later. Ill lesson: magan ~, private lesson: 6rakat ad, give lesson,:. ~-adds, n. (private) tuition; teaching. ~-ad6, n. and adj. ~ (tanar), master paid by the hour (or, lesson). ~-beosztds, n. time-table (of lessons). ~-billego, n. pendulum (of clock): fly (of watch); fly wheel. 6racska, (-at, -aja), n.,(short) hour. Ora-fedel, n. (wlatch) case:,cap. [hours. Ora-liosszat, adv. (for) Orai, adj. I (lasting for)... hours: (...) hours': egy - ft, an hour's walk (or, journey). II (happening, starting, taking place) at... o' clock: az ot - vonat, the five o' clock train: 6t - tea,.ive o'clock tea. Qrakig, adv. (for) hours. Qrakor, adv. see ora II. Ora-, prefix. -kormnny, n. regulator. ~-k6r, n. horary circle. ~-ki z, n. interval (between lessons).,kulcs, n. key (of clock): watchkey. XOrakulum, (-ok, -ot), n. oracle (fig. too). -szerui,,(-en),adj. oracular (fig. too). Ora-, prefix. -lJncz, n. watch-chain: watch-guard. — lap, n. face (of watch or clock): dial-plate (of clock): dial. ~-mives, n.= oramives. ~-mutat6, n. hand (of watch or clock). ~-mfi, n. works (t. sz.); (in toys) clock-wcork., —mfves, n. = ords A. -nehez6k, n, zveight (of clock). Yolland. Magyar-angol szdtdr II.

Page  146 Orangutang ~*Orangutfing, (-ot, -ja), n. (zool.) orangoutang; orang; orangutan. Orania, (-at), proper n. (principality of) Orange. Oriniai, adj. Orange:,(William) of Orange. Orankent, adv. hourly; every hour: from hour to Jiour. Orankenti, adj. hourly: happening (done; repeated) every hour. rainyi, adj.of(...) hours; (so many) hours': egy ~ra, an hour's distance (from): ket rxa, two hours' distance (from): two hours (from): egy varakozas, an hour's wait: egy ~ ut, an hour's valk (or, journey. Ora-rend, n. time-table (of lessons). 6ra-ruig6, n. mainspring: watchspring. 6rfs, A. (-ok -t, -a), n. watchmaker: clockmaker: horologer. B. adj. provided with a clock. C. suffix. of (...) hours: ket, beszed, two hours' speech. Ortssag, (-ot, -a), n. watchmaking: clockmaking: hor-,ologiography. Ora-, prefx. suily, n. weight (of clock). szanra, adv. for hours (at a time). ~-szerkezet, n. works (of watch): clockwork. ~-tarto, n. watchstand. ~-tok, n. watch-case..-toll, n. hair-spring (of watch). ~-iit6s, n. striking (of clock): (Westminster) chimes. ~-iiveg, n. glass (of watch or clock). Orban, (-t), proper n. Urban. Orbancz, (-ot, -a), n.(med.) erysipelas: (vulg.)Anthony's fire. ~-nemii, adj. (med.) erysipelatoid; erysipelatous. Orcza, (-at, -aja), n. cheek: and see arcz: nines orczaja, he is brazen-faced. Orczatlan, (-ul), adj. brazen-faced: impudent; insolent; and see arczdtlan. 146 6Oriisi Orczatlankod(ik), v. i.= 'IOrgona-, prefix.~-lila, n. arczdtlankod(ik). (bot.) orgona II. ~-nii, Orczatlansfig, (-ot,-a) n. n. works (of organ).,=arczdtlansdg. nyoi, n. organ-blower. Ordas, A. (-ol, -t), n. (zool.) 5i^Orlonas, A. (-ok, -t, -a), wolf: (in fable) Isegrim. B. n. I organist. II orga7 -adj. dtun; fallow; tawny: butilder. B. adj. I organmottled. (recital). III (bot.) aboundOrdit, (-ott), v. i. I (of lion) ing in lilac. roar: (of wolf) howl: (of.Orgona-, prefix..-sip, ass) bray. I1 (of men) howl; n. organ-pipe: organ-reed. bellow; roar; bawl; shout: ~-szinu, adj. lilac (in vociferate:( of child) squall; colour). ~-sz6, n.=orgonascream. III (fig.) cry aloud. hang. ~-tapos6, n. = orOrditas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I gona-nyomo. ~ -virag, n. roar (of lion); roaring: lilac (flower). howling (of wolf); howl': Orgonfiz, (-tam, -ott), v. bray (of ass); braying. II i.= orgondl. (oi persons) howling; howl;.bOrg(onadzs,0rgonAz6, bellowing; bellow; roaring; =orgondlds, orgondlo. roar; bawling; shouting; XOrgonista, (-ak, -at,-aja), shout: squalling; squall. n. organist. Ordit6, adj. I roaring Or-gyilkol, v.t.assassinate; (lion): howling (wolf): bray- murder (by stealth). ing (ass).IIhowling; bellow- Or-gyilkos, n. (hired) ing; roaring; bawling; assassin; murderer: (India) shouting: qualling (child); thug g: m6dra, stealthily; screaming: vociferant; voci- insidiously; treacherouzsly. ferous; stentorian (voice). Or-gyilkossag, n. assasOrditoz, (-tam, -ott), v. i. sination (by stealth): murfrequentative of ordit der: (India) thuggee; thug(q. v.): keep on roaring etc. gery. Orditozds, (-t,-a), n. r pea- Oriias, A. (-ok, -t, -a), n. ted roar etc. (see orditds). giant (fig. too): ~no, giantOrditoz6, adj. see ordito. ess: az ~ok, race of giants: ~X Orfeum, (-ot, -a), n.music- szikla~, huge rock. B. adj.hall; variety theatre. driasi: ~ Hegys6g, RiesenOr-gazda, n. receiver (of Gebirge: ~ kigyo, boa constolen goods). strictor: python. _-hl6gy, Or-gazdasag, n. receiving n. giantess (fig.). (of stolen goods). (rifsi, (-lag), adj. gigantic: XOrgona, (-at, -aja), n. 1 huge; enormous; colossal: organ.II (bot.) lilac (shrub). stupendous (task); prodi— bokor, n. = orgona II. gious (effort): immense; ~-csina16, n. organ- tremendous: vast: stentbuilder. — fa, n. = orgona orian (voice): Titanic: ~ II. fulv6, n. (organ) bel- erejfi, strong as a giant; lows. -hliang, n. sound of enormously strong: - ero, an organ: peal of organ. ~- enormous (prodigious; huge) jatek, n. organ-playing. ~- strength: hosszusag, kar,n.organ-loft. —korall, enormous length: ~ leptekn. (zool.) organ-pipe coral. kel, with gigantic strides: at ~Orgonal, (-tam, -t), v. i. a tremendous pace: ~munka, play the organ. gigantic task: Herculean Orgonalas, (-t, -a), n. task: ~ mu, gigantic zvork: organ-playing.~ nagy, gigantic; huge; XOrgonlo6, (-t, -ja), n. colossal ~ termetu, gigantic organ-player; organist. (in size); enormousi.

Page  147 MJ~" "~lbsD" a " " " " l~-~ Orias-kig y6 147 Orr-fintorgatas Oriis-kigy6, n. (zool.) see 6rids B. Orias-no, n. giantess. Orifis-szeriiseg, (-et, -e), n. hugeness: gigantic character (of). Ovigqinilis, (-an), adj. original (fig. too). Orj, (-at, -a), n. a diszn6 -a, griskin; spine (of hog). O>Orkain, (-ok, -t, -ja), n. hurricane: tornado. ~szeru, (-en), adj. violent; tempestuous: (fig.) frantic (applause). Orma, see orom. Ormany, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I (zool.) trunk (of elephant); proboscis. II snout (of swine). III (naut.) bowsprit. Ormanyos, (-ok, -t), n. (zool.) proboscidian: ~ok, proboscidea (t. sz.). Orm6, (-t, -ja), n.= orom. Ormos, Ormos, (-an), adj. pinnacled; topped: embattled (tower). Ormot, see orom. Orm6tlan, (-ul), adj. I having no top (or, pinnacle). II (fig.) clumsy; awokwtard (person); ungainly;uncouth: dowdy (dress). Orm6tlansag, (-ot, -a), n. (fig.) clumsiness; awkwuardness; ungainliness: uncouthness: dowdy character (of). Orom, (ormok, ormot, orma), n. top (of house); gable-end: peak (of hill); summit; pinnacle: crown (of hat): battlement (of citadel). ~-cser6p, n. tile. ~-csucs, n. gable-head; ridge (of gable). — fal, n. I gable-wall. II pediment: tympanum. ~-vitorla, n. (naut.) top-sail. Oromzat, (-ot, -a), n. top: summit; pinnacle. Orosz, (-ok, -t, -ul) n. and adj. Russian; Russ. ~-barlt, adj. Russophile. ~-birodalom, proper. n. (the) Russian Empire. ~-gyiilolet, n. Russophobia. ~-gyulolo, n. and adj. Russo phobe. _-hal, n. — oroszka. Oroszka, (-at), n. Russian sardine. Orosz-kender, n. jute. Oroszlan, (-ok, -t, -ja), n. I (zool.) lion: (n6steny) lioness. II (fig.) lion (man of unusual courage): ne bantsd az alv() t, let sleeping dogs lie. III (astron.) Leo. ~-barlang, n. lion's den. ~-bhtorsdagi, adj. brave as a lion; lion-hearted. ~-b6r, n. lion's skin: (fig.) feigned courage.,-eb, n. (zool.) lion dog. ~-erejii, adj. strong as a lion. ~-fej, n. I lion's head II (zool.) murex pyrum. ~-fog, n. I lion's tooth. II (bot.) lion's tooth; leontodon: (arch.) dandelion. ~-f6ka, n.(zool.) sea lion. ~-k6lyok, n. lion's whelp; lionel; lionet. ~-korom, n. I lion's claw (or, paw). II (bot.) brankursine; bear's paw. ~resz, n. lion's share. ~-szaj, n. I lion's mouth. II (bot.) snapdragon. — szelidito, n. lion-tamer.,-szerfi, (-en), adj. lion-like. ~-szivu, adj. lion-hearted; lion-like: ~ Rikhard, Richard Coeur de Lion.,-talp-fii, n. (bot.) Our Lady's mantle. ~-termeszetu, adj. lion-like. ~-vadasz, n. lion-hunter. ~-vad4szat, n. lion-hunt(ing). ~-velrem, n. I lion's den. II lion's cage. Orosz-orszag, (ot), proper n. Russia. Orosz-orszagi, adj. Russian: of (or, from) Russia. Oroszos, (-an), adj. Russian. Oroszosit, (-ott), v. t. Russianise; Russify. Oroszositas, (-t, -a), n. Russification. [sian. Oroszul, adv. (speak) RusOroz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. steal (insidiously); filch; purloin; pilfer. Orozva, adv. stealthily; by stealth; furtively; treacherously; insidiously: ~ gyilkol,= or-gyilkol. Orr, (-ok, -ot, -a), n. I nose (oi human being): fitos, snubnose; pug-nose: pisze ~, small-nose; flat nose: vkinek az -a elott, (shut door) in (one's) face: under (one's) very nose: vmibe belefiti az -at, thrust (one's) nose (into); meddle; interfere (in): az -an at, (speak) through (one's) nose; with a (nasal) twang: vkinek az ~a ala dorgol vmit, upbraid (with something); reproach (with): elered az -a v6re, (his) nose begins to bleed: folyik az -a vere, his nose in bleeding: az ~At fdjja, blow (one's) nose: az ~at fennhordja, be stuck-up; cock (one's) nose: ride the high horse:,t kap, get a wigging; be reprimanded: get into hot water: vkinek az ~ara k6t vmit, divulge (something) to (someone); let (a person) into (a secret): nem lat tov&bb az -anal (csak az -Aig lat), see no farther than (one's) nose: (fig.) be shortsighted: hosszu ~al tavozik, go away with a flea in (one's) ear; retire discomfited: vkit az ~anal fogva vezet, lead (someone) by the nose: j6 -a van, a) have a fine scent (a good nose): b) be a lucky fellosw: ~at fintorgatja, turn up (one's) nose; sneer (at): -a utan megy, follow (one's) nose: -Ara tesz, put (spectacles) on (one's) nose. II snout (of animals); nozzle: beak (of bird); bill. III bow (of ship); head: forepart: peak (of mountain); summit: nozzle; nose; spout (of kettle): point (of shoe): end (of island): (pen) nib. ~-csiptet6, n. I pince-nez; eyeglasses (t. sz.). 1I snaffle (for horses): curb. - czimpa, n. (side of) nose. ~-facsar6, adj. penetrating (smell): offensive. ~fek, n. musrole; nose-band (of bridle). ~-tintorgatas, 10*

Page  148 Orr-gyurii Orszag-ronto n. turning up of (one's) nose: sneering; sneer. ~-gyurui, n. nose-ring.,-hang, n. I (gramm.) nasal (letter). II nasal twang: ~on beszel, speak through (one's) nose; speak with a tioang. ~-hangu, adj. nasal: ~ kiejtes, twang; snuffle. ~-hit, n. bridge of nose. — hegy, n. tip of nose. ~-lehelet, n. breathing through the nose. — lyuk, n. nostril. Orrmany, n.== ormdny. Orr-n1lkiili, adj. noseless. Orr-nyilas, n. nostril: (med.) nares. Orrodzo, (-t, -ja). n. noseband; musrole. Orrol, (-tam, -t), v. t. and i. vmit (vmi miatt) ~, take (something) amiss; take ill: be annoyed (at); resent (something); take umbrage (at): sulk. Orrolds, (-t,-a), n. indignation; displeasure; annoyance; umbrage; dudgeon. Orront, (-ott), v. t. scent. Orr-peczek, n. fillip. Orr-szarvii, A. (-ak, t-), n. (zool.) rhinoceros. B. adj. rhinocerial; rhinocerical: ~ cserebiily, (zool.), rhinoceros beetle: - madar, (zool.) hornbill. Orru, suffix. -nosed: hosszu -, long-nosed: sas., with an aquiline nose. Orr-iireg, n. cavity of the nasal bone. Or!'-v6r-folyas, Orrverzes, n. bleeding of (or, at) the nose. Orso, (-t, -ja), n. I spindle (of loom): distaff. II spindle (of press): pivot. III cz6rna, spool; bobbin: reel (of cotton): ~ra csavar, spool; wind. IV lantern-wheel (of mill); trundle. V (naut.) mero, log. -alaku, (-an), adj. spindle-shaped: (bot.) fuisiform. ~-csiga, n.(zool.) spindle: spindle shell. - csont, n. (med.) radius. ~-fa, n. I (bot.) spindle tree; prickwood. II spindle (beam). ~-f6reg, n. (zool.) ascaris: maLw-wo1rm; threadlworm. -hlal, n. (zool.) lamprey. ~-ker6k, n. lanlern-wlheel: trundle. Orsolya, (-at), proper n. Ursula. ~-sziizek, n. pl. Ursuline Order (of nuns). Ors6-szdk, n. mandrel: shaft (of spindle). Orsza(g, (-ok -ot, -a), n. I country; land. II realrm: state: az - alkotmanya, constitution (of a country): az iugyei, (dolgai), state affairs; affairs of state; public affairs (t. sz.). III country; region; district. IV az - lakossaga, the population of the country: az ~ban szokasos, usual (in a country); generally accepted: current; customary: az belseje fele, (go) inland; up country: az rendjei, Estates of the Realm: ebben az,ban, here; in this country. ~-alkoto, adj. state-building. -airulas, n. (high) treason. ~-arulo, A. n. traitor (to his country).B. adj. treasonable (act): traitorous. ~beli, adj. and n. (inhabitant) of (a certain) country: generally as suffix. ~-biro, n. (Hung.) Lord Chief Justice (judex curiae): (Amer.) Chief Justice: (Gt. Brit.) Lord High Chancellor. -czimer, n. arms (of a country); national (coat of) arms. ~-fo, n. head of (the) state: ruler. ~-fut6, n. tramp: vagrant. ~-gyfiuls, n. parliament: diet. -gyfilesi, adj. parliamentary: (member) of parliament.,-hatar, n. frontier of (a) country. ~haz, ~-haza, n. Houses of Parliament (t. sz.). ~-igazgatds, n. administration (of the country). — jelvenyek, n. pl. national insignia. ~keriilo, n. == orszdg-futo. Orszdagls, (-t, -a), n. government (of): ruling; rule: reigS (of king). OrszdlJ16, (-t, -ja), n. ruler: monlarch: regent (for king). Orszaig-nagy, n. grandee; magnate: (Eng.) peer. Orsztagq-nevek, n. pl. names of countries. Orsztgool, (-tam, -t), v. t. rule (over): (of king) reign (over): (of regent) govern. OrsziAos, (-an) adj. I pu blic; national (debt) state:. ad6, public tax (paid to the State): - beke, public peace: (Eng.) the king's peace: ~ dolog, public affair; affair of state: erdek, public interest; national interest: felfegyverzes, arming of the whole nation: ~ k6ptar, national gallery: k6pviselet, national representation: intezet, national (public) institute: - kormany, (central) government (of a country): - leveltar, national archives (t. sz.); public record office; rolls office: s6relem, national grievance: t6rv6ny, common law; public law: fi gy, = orszdgos dolog (v. supra): - sereg, national army. II affecting the whole country: public: universal; general: generally accepted (view): csapas, national calamity; public scourge: - ervenyu, current; valid (throughout the whole country): prevalent (everywhere): - es6, general rain (throughout the country): - gazember,notorious scoundrel; notorious villain: ~ gyasz, public mourning: - hir, general report; hirii, universally known: notorious: - szokas, universal custom; general usage: - vasar, fair. Orszagosan, adv. orszdg-szerte: ismert mondas, household word: current phrase. Orszag-,prefix. — rendek, n. pl. Estates (of the Realm). ~-resz, n. district: region (of a country). ~-ront6,

Page  149 v ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ _ VW 77__1 11__CI~-~II II Orszag-szerte 149 adj. injurious to the public interest. — szerte, adv. all over the country; throughoul the (whole) country: divb, (szokasos), current; customary; generally accepted. ~-tanacs, n. dllam-tandcs. -uli, n. highroad; highway; main road. ~-vilag, n. the whole world. ~zaszl6s, n. banneret. <Orthografia, (-at, -aja), n. orthography. ~Orthografiai, (-lag), adj. orthographic(al). Orv, (-ul), see orozva. Or-vadIsz, n. poacher. Or-vaddszat, n. poaching. Orvos, (.ok, -t, -a), n. I doctor: physician: medical man: katonai ~, army surgeon: hat6sagi (tiszti), medical officer; health officer: szigorlo ~, medical student (as probationer): mukodo (gyakorl6) ~, medical practitioner: hazi, medical adviser. II (fig.) physician: healer.,arui, n. medicine; drug. -rnis, n. chemist; apothecary: druggist. ~tiru-iizlet, n. chemist's (shop): druggist's (shop). ~bor, n. medicinal wine. ~doktor, n. doctor of medicine (M. D.). ~-fu, n. medicinal herb; simple. Orvosi (-lag), adj. medical; medicinal: a doctor's; a physician's: ~ bizonyitvany, doctor's certificate: ~ gyakorlat, (medical) practice: jelent6s, bulletin: - kar, medical faculty (of university): medical profession: - kezeles, medical treatment: ~ kifejezes, medical term: latogatas. visit (to a patient): - (lat)lelet, medical certificate: (bunesetben) autopsy: - szer, medicine: - tanacs, board of health; sanitary board: (igazsagiigyi) commission of experts in medical jurisprudence: ~ vizsgalat, medical examination. Orvoslas, (-t, -a), n. I healing; curing: treatment (of). II (fig.) remedying; remedy; redress; relief; reparation. ~-tan, ~-tudomany(a), n1. medical science; therapeutics. Orvoslat, (-ot, -a), n. = orvoslds II.: jog-, legal redress. Orvos-n6, n. lady doctor; female doctor: doctoress. Orvos-n6vendek, n. medical student. Orvosol, (-tam, -t), v. t. I heal; cure: medicine: (vulg.) doctor.II (fig.) remedy (evil); redress (grievance); repair: remove (trouble); relieve. Olvosolhatatlan, (-ul), adj. I incurable; past cure: beyond hope of recovery. II (fig.) irremediable; past redress: irreparable. Orvosolhat6, (-an), adj. I curable; healable. II (fig.) remediable; to be redressed: reparable. Or'vossag, (-ot, -a), n. medicine; physic; drug: (fig.) remedy; cure: halal ellen nines,, there is no remedy against death: hanytato ~, emetic: (has)hajt6o, purgative. Orvossagos, (-an), adj. I healing; curative. II medicine-; for containing medicine. Orvos-, prefix. ~-seged, n. doctor's assistant.,-szer, n. medicine; physic; drug.,-tan, n. medical science; medicine: t6rvenyszeki ~, medical jurisprudence; forensic medicine. ~-tandr, n. professor of medicine; member of the medical faculty (of university): (gyakorl6) consulting physician; consulting surgeon.,-tani, (-lag), adj. medical; medicinal. ~-tudomany(i), orvos-tan(i).,-tudor, n. doctor of medicine (M. D.). Orv-vadasz(at), = or-vaddsz(at). Or-zas, (-t, -a), n. stealing; filching; purloining. Ostor-csattanas 6sci, (-ot, -a), n.= regiseg. -'Arlis, n.= regisdg-kereskedoB. Osdi, A. (-ak-t), n. (polit.) conservative; reactionary. B. adj. I old-fashioned; antiquated; out-of-date: old, shabby; antique. II conservative; reactionary. OsdisAg, (-ot, -a), n. I oldfashioned etc. character or nature (of: see osdi B. I.). II conservatism: old-world ways. Oskola, stb.= iskola stb. Oson, (-tam, -t), v. i. slip (in); slink; glide (into); flit. Osonds, (-t, -a), n. slipping; slinking; gliding; flitting. ~Ossidni, adj. Ossianic. Ostabla, (-at), n. draughtboard. ~-jatek, n. draughts (t. sz.). ~-karika, n. draughtsman. Ostablaz, (-tam, -ott), v. i. play draughts. Ostoba, (-an), adj. stupid; idiotic; blockish (person); loggerheaded; dull-brained; dull-witted: silly (action): foolish; sottish; puerile: ~ beszed, inonsense; drivel; rubbish: e ember, blockhead; dolt; loggerhead; dullard: fool; simpleton. Ostobasag, (-ot, -a), n. i stupidity; idiocy; blockishness; silliness; foolishness; folly; sottishnems,. II stupid etc. character or nature (of: see ostoba). III nonsense; drivel; twaddle; rubbish (of talk): folly (of action); madness: ~! bosh! fiddlesticks! nonsense! Ostor, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I whip: lovaglo ~, horse-whip: riding crop: vegen csattan az -, he laughs best who laughs last. II (fig.) scourge: Isten -a, the Scourge of God (Attila). III swape (of well); sweep.,-csapas, n. cut (withwhip); lash. ~-csap6, n. lash (of whip); thong: whip-cord; whip-lash. csattanas, n. crack (of

Page  150 Ostor-fa whip). ~-fa, n.= ostor III. ~-hegy, n. whip-lash. _hegyes, adj. - 16, righthand leader (in team).,nyel, n. whip-handle; whipstaff; whip-stock. Ostoros, adj.provided with a whip: - gyerek, drover. Ostoroz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. I whip: lash; scourge. II (fig.) scourge; chastise; punish: (sz6val) castigate; reprove. Ostor-, prefix. _-pattan(t)as,.-pattogas, n. crack (of whip); cracking..-szij, n. thong (of whip)..-vagas, n. cut (with a whip); lash. ~XOstrom, (-ot, -a), n. I siege (of fortress):, ala vesz, besiege; beset. I storming; storm; assault: ~mal bevesz, take (a fort) by storm. III (fig.) siege: importunity. ~-agyu, n. siege gun. -aillapot, n. state of siege. -i-rok, n. trench. ~fodel, n. mantelet; mantlet: (arch.) testudo; tortoise. — hid, n. bridge constructed for assault..-kos, n. battering ram. ~-lajtorja, n. -= ostrom-ldtra. Ostromlas, (-t, -a), n. I besieging; siege (of). II storming; storm: assault. III (ffg.) importunity; molestation: siege. ~*Ostrom-letra, n. scaling ladder. Osttromlo, A. (-k, -t, -ja), n. I besieger; beleaguerer. II stormer. B. adj. I besieging; beleaguering. II storming (party). Ostromol, (-tam, -t), v. t. I besiege; lay siege to; beset; beleaguer; blockade (town). II storm (fort); assault. III (fig.) besiege; importune; molest. Ostromoltat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. I have (town) besieged: besiege. II have (fort) stormed; order (position) to be stormed. iOstrom-, prefix. ~-szer, 150 n. siege implement: -ek, siege train. ~-zdr, n. blockade: investment: ala vesz, blockade. ~-zarol, (-t), v. t. blockade: invest. Ostya, (-at, -aja), n. wafer: szent -, consecrated wafer; Host. O-szer, n. second-hand goods; old clothes (t. sz.): tippery. 6-szeres, (-ek, -t, -e), n. old clothes man: dealer in second-hand goods: hawker;,pedlar. O-szerii, (-en), adj. oldfashioned; antiquated: outof-date. O-szerfiseg, (-et, -e), n. old-fashioned (antiquated) character (of). L Oscar. Oszkar, (-t), proper n. Oszladoz(ik), (-ott), v. i. dissolve: decompose; rot. Oszlas, (-t, -a), n. I breaking up; dispersion; separation; scattering; division. II decomposition. Oszlat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. I disperse; scatter; dissolve (assembly); break up: decompose. II (fig.) resolve (doubt); dissipate: mitigate (pain); assuage: relieve. Oszlat6, adj. I dispersing; dissolving; breaking up. II relieving; mitigating. Oszl(ik), (-ott), v. i. I disperse; scatter: break up; separate (into); be divided (into); be subdivided; divide (into). II resolve (into); decompose; be decomposed. III see fel-oszl(ik), meg-oszl(ik) and szdtoszl(ik). XOszlop, (-ok,'-ot, -a), n. I pillar; column: pier (of ridge). II tamaszto 6, stay; support: (naut.) shore. III (fig.) pillar (of fire); column (of water). IV (fig.) pillar (of society) ~-alakd, adj. columnar. ~-csarnok, n. colonnade: portico. ~derek,n. shaft (of column). — fej,,-f6, n. capital. - folyos6, n. colonnade: Osztaly-harcz cloister. ~-k6z, n. intercolumniation. Oszlopocska, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. small column (or, pillar); pillaret. Oszlopos, adj. I columned: columnated: - folyos6,= oszlop-folyoso: - templom, columnated temple. II pier-: - asztal, console table; console. IlI - ember, (fig.) pillar (of society): - szent, stylite; pillar saint. Oszlop-, prefix.,-parkany,n. cornice. — rend, n. order of columns. -sor, n. colonnade: arcade. ~szsr, n. shaft (of column). -szerfi,(-en), adj. columnar: columnlike. _-templom,n,columnated temple. Oszlopzat, (-ot, -a), n. I columns (t. sz.). II = oszlopsor. [ozman. Oszman, n. and adj.= Oszol, (-t), v. i. I= oszl(ik). II (mil.) disband. Oszolva, adj. divided. Oszt, (-ottam, -ott), v. t. I divide (into): subdivide: osztalyokra -, classify. II distribute; deal out; dispense: allot (to); confer; bestow (on). III issue (orders); give. IV deal (cards). V (math.) divide. VI (fig.) share (opinion). Osztag, (-ot), n. (mil) detachment. Osztakaz(ik), (-ott), v. i. = osztozkod(ik). Osztalek, (-ot, -a), n. (comm.) dividend. Osztaly, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I class (of society): section; division (of institution); department. II (arch.) share; portion. III (mil.) division. IV (k6rhazi _) ward. V (iskolai _), a) class; form: (elemi) standard: b) classroom; school-room..-fi(nok), n. I head of section or department (of ministry). II (iskolaban) form-master. ~-9gg, n. class prejudice.,-gyfilolet, n. class hatred. ~-harcz, n. feud between

Page  151 ~~~r~P~~rla~~I~ '- ~ - L L-~ —.~C~C ~ALSWwwom -M-EP11,,-~~R- ~ --- —----- Osztaly-konyv 151 classes. -kolnyv, n. class dealing out; dispensing: register.,-kiilonbseg, n. allotment; conferring; beclass distinction (of rank or stoical. III issue (of order); station). ~-m6rn6k, n. de- giving.IVdealing (of cards); partmental engineer. — mu- deal. V (math.) division. tat6, n. (math.) index; Osztatlan, (-ul), adv. I exponent. ~ -naplo, n.= undivided: entire; unshared. osztaly-k6nyv.,-nyelv, n. II (fig.) unanimous (aplanguage used by a partic- proval); general: implicit ular class. [classes. (confidence): wzholehearted; Osztalonkent, adv. by hearty. Osztalyos, (-ok, -t, -a), n. Oszthatatlan, (-ul), adj. 1 (leg.) joint heir; co-heir, indivisible. [ible. II sharer (in): companion Oszthat6, (-an), adj. divis(in misfortune). Oszthat6sag, (-ot, -a), n. Osztalyoz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. divisibility. I classify; range (in order); Oszt6, A. (-t, -ja), n. I dividorder: sort. II (iskolaban) er. II distributor ' disclassify; give marks to. penser. III (math.) divisor: Osztalyozas, (-t, -a), n. I kozos ~, common divisor. classification; rangngg; or- B. adj. I dividing: j jel, dering: sorting. II (iskola- hyphen: - lap, divisional ban) marks (t. sz.). plane. II distributing: (fig.) Osztaly-, prefix.,-pa- impartial; unbiassed: even rancsnok, n. (mil.) divi- (justice). sional general. ~-per, n. Osztogat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. (leg.) process between joint distribute: dispense; mete heirs.,resz, n. share (in); out: allot; assign. portion: iil jut vkinek,fall Osztogats, (-t, -a), n.-= to (one's) share. ~-reszes, osztds II. (-ek, -t, -e), n.= osztdlyos. Osztott, (-an), adj. divided:,-sors-jatek, n. lottery ket reszre, bipartite. with several drawings. ~- Osztovata, (-at), n. loom. tanacsos, n. councillor Osztozas, (-t, -a), n. shar(head of department).~-ta- ing (in): partition. nar, ~-lanit6, n. form- Osztoz(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. master. -talrs, n. school- i. I go shares (in): divide fellow (in same class). _- (among one another); terem, n.= osztaly V. share: participate (in). II Osztalyu, suffix. -class; (fig.) vmiben, share (joy of (a certain) class: elso,, or sorrow); sympathise first-class (ticket): (fig.) (with troubles); particfirst-rate; A. I.: harmadik ipate (in): agree (with - tanulo, pupil attendin opinion). the third class (form): 6Osztozkodas, (-, -a), n. negyedik - tanulo, he is in partition; division. the fourth form. Osztozkod(ik),(-tam, -ott), Osztaly-vizsga, n. form v. i.= osztoz(ik) I. examination. Osztrak, (-ok, -ot), n. and Osztalyzat, (-ot, -a), n. adj. Austrian.,-magyar, marks (t. sz.). adj. Austro-Hungarian: XOsztan, adv.= azutdn. monirkia, Austria-HunOsztand6, (-t, -ja), n. gary; Dual Monarchy. ~(math.) dividend. orszag, proper n. Austria. Osztas, (-t, -a),n. I division Osztriga, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. (into); sub-division; divid- (zool.) oyster. ~-arus, n. ing-: (osztalyokra) classi- oyster wife: oyster woman; fication, II distribution; oyster wench. ~-ha16, n. Otthonrol oyster dredge. _-hej, n. oyster shell. ~-madar, n. (zool.) oyster catcher. tekno, n. oyster shell. Ota, adv. since: tegnap, since yesterday: rg, long: reg - van itt, (he) has been here a long time: egy ido6, for some time past: 'ecently; of late. [etc. Otalmaz, stb. = oltalmaz Otalom, = oltalom. Otromba, (-An, -aul), n. I clumsy; awkward; ungainly; gawky; clownish; plump; uncouth; unwieldy. II boorish; rough; rude; coarse: brutal; drastic (talk). III doltish; stupid. Otrombasag, (-ot, -a), n. I clumsiness; awkwardness; ungainliness; clo wnishness; plumpness; uncouthness. II boorishness; roughness; rudeness; coarseness; brutality; drastic talk. III doltishness; stupidity. Ott, adv. there: in that place: ~ fonn, ~ font, up yonder: - lenn, - lent, down there; - hagy, leave in the lurch; desert (someone); leave to (one's) own devices: leave (something) behind. Ottan, adv.= ott. Ottani, adj. of that place: in vogue (in force) there. Ott-hon, A. (-t, -a), n. home. B. adv. at home: ~ erzi magat, feel at home. Ott-honi, adj. I home (life): domestic. II = otthonias. Otthonias, (-an), adj. I homely; cosy. II familiar: ~an erzi magat,feel at home. Otthonka, (-at, -aja), n. jacket: dressing gown; morning gown: negligee. Otthonos, (-an), adj. I otthonias. II vmiben ~, at home (in): versed (in); conversant (with); well up (in); familiar (with). Otthonossdg, (-ott, -a), n. familiarity (with); intimate knowledge (of). Otthonr6l, adv. from home.

Page  152 OttlontaJan Otthontalan, (-ul), adj. homeless. Otthon-ulo, A. n. stay-athome. B. adj. sedentary. Ott-let(el), n. presence there (in that place): ottl6tem alatt, during my stay there; while I was there. Ott-lev6, A. (-k, -t), n. person present (there). B. adj. present (there); being there. Ott6, (-t), proper n. Otho. Ottoman, A. (-ok, -t), n. and adj.== ozmdn. B. (-ok, -t, -ja), n. ottoman; divan. Otvar, (-ok, -t, -ja), n. scaurf; scald (on head); danldrIf'; danldrii. (Otvaros, (-an), adj. scu7fy. Ov, (-tam, -ott), v. t. I preserve (from); shield; save; guard (against); protect. II warn: -a int, caution; urge to refrain: advise (someone) not to,(act). Ova, adv. I safe. II cautiously; carefully. III v. dv II. [ovation. ~ Ovaczi6, (-t, -(a), n. 6vad6k, (-ot, -a), n. (comm.; leg.) caution money; security; bail; guaranty: ~ul alkalmas (szolghlhat6), ~nak elfogadhat6, (security) acceptable as guaranty: ~ot ad, give bail. ~-adas n. giving bail: deposit of caution money. _-kepes, adj. (leg.) = ovadekul alkalmas (see ovadek). _-p6nz, n.== ovadek. 152 Oblito Ovakodds, (-t, -a), n. caution; cautiousness; cir-,cum.pection; wariness. Ovakod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. I be on (one's) guard; take heed; be cautious (wary). II vmitol (vkit6l), beware (of); be on (one's) guard (against); guard (against). 6vakod6, adj.= dvatos. Ovis, (-t, -a), n. 1 preservation; protection; shielding; guarding. II caution; wariness; cautiousness; circumspection. III protest (against): vmi ellen ~t tesz, protest (against); lodge a protest; object (to); take exception (to): - felvetele, filing of a protest. vlvast, adv.= dvatosan. Ovas-tetel, n.(leg.) lodging pf a protest: protestation. Ovas-tev6, n. (leg.) protester. 6vatlan, (-ul), adj. un'rotected; unguarded. 6vatol, (-tam, t-), v. t. (comm.) protest (a bill). Ovatolas, (-t, -a), n. dvas III. Ovatolt,adj.protested (bill). 6vatos, (-an), adj. cautious; heedful; careful; circumspect; wary; prudent: -an banik vmivel, handle gingerly. Ovatossag, (-ot, -a), n. caution; cautiousness; circumspection; wariness; prudence: precaution; heed; discretion: ~b6l, by way oj.precaution. O-vilag, n. I Old World. II ancient times (t. sz.): antiquity. Ov-intezkedes, n. = ovo intezkedes (see 6v6 A.). Ov6, A. adj. protective: precautionary: ~ eszkoz, preservative: - int6zkedesek, rendszabalyok, precautionary (preventive) measures (t. sz.): ~szer, preservative. B. (-t -ja), n. I (kisded ~), infant school. II master (mistress) of infant school. ~ Ovoda, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. = v6 B. I. 6v6-iskola, Ov6-kert, n. -= dv B. I. Ov6no, n. infant school mistress. d6v A.). Ov-szer, =dvd szer (see ~Oxid, (-ot, -ja), n. oxide. -iOxiddlt, adj. oxidised..>Oxi.en, (-t), n. oxygen. Ozmfn, A. (-ok, -t), n. Osmanli; Ottoman; Turk. B. adj. Ottoman; Turkish. ~Oz6n, (-t), n. ozone. XOz6n-dus, Oz6nos, (-an), adj. full of ozone. Ozsonna, (-at, -aja), n. afternoon tea: (arch.) runchion: (delelotti) (light) lunch: tiffin. Ozsonnal, (-t), Ozsonnaz(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. take tea; have tea: (delelott) lunch. 6, 0. 6, the twenty-fourth letter of the Hungarian alphabet (see Introduction). 0, A. the twenthy-fifth letter of the Hungarian alphabet (see Introduction.) B. (-t), pron. (3 pers. sing.): he: she: it: for dative see neki (nek). C. poss. pron. I his: her: its: used only for for emphasis: ~ vele t6remphasis: ez az - haza, tent it happened to him (not this ishis (her) house: ez to me). az dolga, this is his bus- Oblit, (-ettem, -ett), v. t. iness. II their (v. supra). rinse: wash (out). III used in titles: Fel- Oblites, (-t, -e), n. rinsing: sege, His (Her) Majesty.,washing (out). IV ~kelme (vulg.), he. V Oblito, adj. rinsing: for used in many other cases, rinsing: see oblogeto,

Page  153 3F* - --- - *RNWY7W: *R Oblocske 153 Oblocske, (-et, -eje), n. inlet; small bay; creek;,cove. Obloget, (-ter, -ett), v. i. I frequentative of oblit: keep rinsing: rinse. II (of.turkey) gobble. Obloget6s, (-t, -e), n. I= oblites. II gobble (of turkey cock). Oblogeto, adj. rinsing: for rinsing (or, washing): edeny, - kad, rinsing tub: - tal, slop basin: ~ viz,.dishwater: (t. sz.). Oblos, (-en), adj. I hollow; concave: bulgy. II stentorian.(voice). Oblosod(ik), (-ott), v. i. become hollow (or, concave): become bulgy. Oblosseg, (-et, -e), n. I hollow (concave: bulgy) character (of). II hollow; cavity. Obol, (oblot, oble), n. I bay; gulf: sinus. II == b6.lsseg II Ocs,(with personal suffixes: e6m, ~6d, ~cse, ~enk, ~6tek, ~csiik): younger brother: (vulg.) asszony ~, younger sister. Odon, (-t), proper n..Edmund. Odong, (-ter, -ott), v. i. loiter about; saunter (about): stroll about; lounge;,flawdle. Ogyeleg, (-ter, Bgyelgett),,y. i.== -6ddng. Ogyelges, (-t, -e), n. loitering (about); saunter; stroll; lounge; lounging; dawdling. Ogyelg6,(-k, -t), n. loiterer;,yaunterer; lounger, dawdler. Ok, (-et), pron. (3 pers. pl.):.they. Okle, see 6okl. Oklel, (-ter, -t), v. t. I butt with horns): gore: run (lance) through. II box:.hit with (one's) fist. Okleles, (-t, -e), n. I butt (of ram): goring: (lance).thrust. II box: fisticuff. Oklel6d(ik), (ott), v. i. fight with horns: butt one.another. Oklel6s, adj. fierce. Qklendez, v. i.= olkrendez. Okl6mnyi, adj. as big as..y fist. Oliot, see ok6l. Okloz, (-ter, -6tt), v. t. box: beat with (one's) fist;. pound. Oklozes, (-t, -e), n. boxing; pugilism: boxing match; fisticuffs (t. sz.): (hivatasos).prize fight. OklozO, A. (-k, -t), n. boxer; pugilist: (hivatasos) prize fighter. B. (-t, -je), n. (~ vas), 7lkuckle; knuckle duster. Oklozod(ik), (-ter, -ott),.. i. box; fight (with fists). Okol, (oklok, oklot, okle), n. fist: -be szoritja kez6t, clench (one's) fist: Jlel, with the fist: ezt felerheti lel, (it) is selfevident (palpable): ^re mennek, come to blowls:,lel viaskod(ik), = kliozod(ik). ~-csapas, n. cuff; fisticuff. — harcz, n. boxing match: (hivatasos) prize fight..-jog, n. club law:..(Am.) lynch law. Okolnyi, adj. (as) big as one's) fist. Okol-viadal, n. -= o6kl-.fiarcz. Okol-vivas, n. boxing;..pugilism. Ok6r, (okrok, okrot, okre), n. I ox; bullock; steer: hiz6 ~, fatted ox: igas, jarmos ~, draught ox. II (vulg.) fool; idiot; blockhead: hat - 6 ahhoz, he is too stupidfor that. ~-borju, n. bull-calf. ~-b6r, n. oxhide. ~-csorda, n. herd of oxen. ~-fark-fi, -farkk6r6, n. (bot) mullen; mullein. — fej, n. oxhead (fig. too). ~-togat, n. team of oxen.,-gulya, n.==6k6rcsorda. ~-hajcsar, -hajt6, n. drover. ~-istall6, n. oxstall. ~-jarom, n. yoke. ~nyal, n. (fig.) gossamer. ~nyelv, n. ox-tongue. ~nyelv-fii, n. (bot.) ox Ol-eb tongue; bugloss. ~-pasztor, n. neat-herd. ~-piacz, n. cattle market. ~-szarv, n. ox-horn. ~-szeker, n. cart drawn by oxen. ~szem, n. I (zool.) wren. II poached egg. ~-szelm-fii, n. (bot.) ox-eye. ~-szernii, adj. ox-eyed. ~szem-virag, n. (bot.) whiteweed; ox-eye daisy. -vastir, n..cattle market. Okrendez, (-ter, -ett), v. i.,'etch; reach: heave; keck. Okr6cske, (-ek, -6t), n. bullock. Okros, (-en), adj. I possessing oxen: abounding in oxen: ~ gazda, peasant proprietor. II (cart, etc.)..drawn by oxen. O1, A. (-et, -e),n. I lap: bosom (of earth); bowels (t. sz.); ~be kap (or, vesz), take on (one's) lap; kezet e6be rakja (teszi), sit idle (with folded arms): ~re kapnak, close (in fight). II (measure) fathom: cord (of wood); stack: negyzet ~, square fathom: -be rak, ~lel mer (fat), cord; stack (wood). B. (-ter, -t), v. t. kill; put to death; slay; dispatch: slaughter (ox): destroy: vizbe ~, drown: borba ~i banatat, drown (one's) sorrows in wine: az idot ~ni, kill time..-beli, adj. ~gyermek, infant in arms: (fig.)..pet. Oldok, n.== szem-6ldok. Oldokles, (-t, -e), n. carnage; massacre; slaughter; butchery. Oldoklio, adj. murderous; slaughtering: (eccl.) destroy-.ing (angel). Oldokol, (-tem, -t), v. t. murder; massacre; slaughter; butcher; slay: put to the sword. Oldos, (-ter, -ott), v. t. frequentative of 61 B. (q. v.): and see 6ldokol. [les. Qldoses, (-t, -e), n.-= oldkOl-eb, Ol-ebecske, n. lapdog.

Page  154 0lel 154 On-all6sit Olel, (-ter, -t), v. t. I embrace: hug; clasp in (one's) arms; fold in (one's) arms. II (fig.) mag&ba ~,.include; embrace; comprise. Oleles, (-t, -e), n. embrace;.lasp; hug; embracement. Olelget, (-ter, -ett), v. t. frequentative of oiel I. (q. v.): keep embracing, etc. Olelkez6s, (-t, -e), n. embracing; embrace. Olelkez(ik), (-ter, -ett), v. i. embrace (one another). Olel6, adj. embracing;.clasping. Oles, (-en), adj. I (one) fathom long (broad; deep). II (fig.) tall (man): big.(letter): huge. Oles, (-t, -e), n. killing; putting to death; dispatch: destroying; destruction: slaughter (of ox); slaughter-..ng. Olesi, adj. - szandek, murderous intent. l0-fa, n. cord wood; stack wood. Ol-mertek, n. fathom (measure): cord (of wood); stack (= 108 cubic feet). Olnyi, adj. of (so many) fathoms: (so many) fathoms.n height (breadth; depth). Olo, adj. killing; murderous; deadly: destroying; destructive: ~ fegyver, deadly weapon: ~ kedv, bloodthirstiness: szandek, murderous intent; intent to murder. Olt, (-ott), v. t. I make (stitches). II czernat - a tube, thread (needle). III put out (tongue); thrust out; shoot out. IV put on (clothes); don. V (fig.) assume (shape); take (on): mas szint ~, change colour: uj kepet ~ magara, be transformed; assume a different appearance; change. VI vkit karjara ~, give (one's) arm to; take the arm of. VII other phrases: gyaszt ~, go into mourning: szarvakat _, put on side; hogy egyik szavamat a masikba ne ~sem, to be.brief; in short; in a word. ()lts, (-t, -e), n. stitch. 6lt6, (-k, -t, -je), n. I ember ~, generation. II egy ruha, -= - ltozet II. Oltoget, (-tern, -ett), v. t. I.stitch; sew. II = 61t II. Olt6ny, (6k, -t, -a), n.= holtozet II. Oltozek, (-et, -e), n.== 6lt'zet. Oltozes, (-t, -e), n. dressing. Oltozet, (-ek, -et, -e), n. I clothing; attire; garment; raiment: (woman's) robe; dress. II (man's) suit (of.clothes). Oltozetlen, (-iil), adj. undressed; unattired:.allapot, undress; deshabille. Oltoz(ik), (-tem, -ott), v. i. dress; put on (one's) clothes: alruhiba ~, disguise (oneself): melegen ~, put on warm clothes; dress warmly: feherbe oltozott, dressed in white: gyaszba, put on.mourning. Oltozkodes, (-t, -e), n.= 6li6zes. Oltozkod(ik), (-ter, -6tt), v. i. = 6ltiz(ik). Oltoz6, A. (-k, -t, -je), n. (~ szoba), dressing-room: (szinhazi), green-room. B. adj. dressing-: ~ asztal, dressing-table: fiilke, cabin (of bath). Oltoztet, (-tern, -ett), v. t. dress; clothe (in); put on the clothes of; attire: alruhaba ~, disguise; mask. Olyu, (-k, -t, olyve), Olyv, (-ek, -et, -e), n. (zool.) hawk: buzzard: darizs ~, bee hawk: gatyas ~, roughlegged buzzard: ker6kfarkf (kzo6ns6ges) -, common buJzzard: mehesz ~, pern. Ormled, (-ett), v. i. run. Omledez, (-tern, -ett), v. i. I flow; run; stream. I (fig.) gush; unbosom (oneself): melt. Omledezes, (-t, -e), n. (fig.) gush: outpouring oj the heart; effusion; e$fusive-.ness: rapture. Omledez(ik), v. i. = o6mledez II. Omledez6, adj. (fig.) gushing: effusive: hyper-sentimental; rapturous. Omleng(6s), = mledez II. and 6mledezes. Qmlengo,-=- mledezo. Omles, (-t, -e), n. pouring; streaming; stream; gushing;.gush: discharge. Omleszt, (-ett), v. t. I pour (forth); throw out; efjuse;.shed. II fuse (metal). Omleszt6s, (-t, -e), n. I pouring (forth); throwing out; effusion: shedding. II fusion (of metal). Omleszto, (-t), n. (chem.) flux. Oml(ik), (-ott), v.i. flow; run: pour (into); gush; stream: (of river) disembogue (into); empty. Omol, (-t), v. i.=o6ml(ik). On, A. (-ok, -t), pron. (formal address, corresponding to 2 pers. sing but in fact 3 pers.): you. B. pron. (used to emphasise use of possessive suffix: your: az az - konyve, this is your book. C. prefix self-: see compounds in vocabulary. On, (-6k, -t), n. (zool.) cyprinoid. On-, prefix. ~-akarat, n. free will..-akarati,(-lag), adj.I free-will; spontaneous; voluntary. II self-willed: wilful; headstrong; obstinate. ~-alkotta, adj. of (one's) own making or, creation; self-made.,-alfis, n. independence (fig. too): originality. ~-allg, (-an), adj. independent (fig. too); self-reliant: selfgoverning (state): original (work).,-all6sag, (ot, -a), n. independence (fig. too): self-reliance: originality (of work). _-all6sit, (-ott), v. t. render (someone) independent; make independent:

Page  155 1111 111-1-= k — --— LII~,-I~~L — 1 TARN=*II~ --- —s —I -- On-all6sodik give independence to (state): ~ja magat, (comm.) set up for (oneself). _-fll6sodik, (-ott), v. i. become independent: secure (its) independence: (comm.) set up for (oneself). ~-all6tlan, (-ul), adj. dependent (on others); helpless: unoriginal (work). _-altatas, -iAmitas, n. sel-decetio; self-ptiondeceit; self-delusion. ~-becsiil6s, n. self-esteem; self-respect. _-birdlat, n. critical examination of (oneself); selfexamination. ~-biraskodas, n. taking the law into (one's) own hand: selfdefence: unwritten lawt. - bizalmatlan, (-ul), adj. devoid of self-confidence; diffident; not self-reliant: ~na tesz, make (one) lose (one's) self-confidence. — bizalom, n. self-confidence; self-reliance. ~-csalas, n. = ondmitds. ~-csonkilas, n. mutilation (maiming) of (oneself). ~-czel, n. end in itself. ~-dicsekves, ~-dicseret, n. self-praise. ~dics6ites, n. self-worship; self-exaltation; egotism. ~el6gedetlenseg, n. discontent with (oneself). ~el6gedett, (-en), adj. selfsatisfied; self-complacent: self-sufficient: end see 6nhitt. _-elegedetts6g, n. self-complacency: self-sufficiency: and see on-hittseg. ~-elegfilt, (-en), = =n-elegedett.,,-elegiiltseg, n.= on - eldgedettseg. -eletfras, n. autobiography. ~eiet-rajz, n.=6n-elet-irds. -ellet[rajz]-ir6, n. autobiographer; autobiographist. ~-elhatarozas, n. selfdetermination: spontaneous resolution. ~-erdek, n. selfinterest; selfishness; egoism. ~-ero, n. one's) own resources (t.sz.):,b81, unaided: without assistance. ~-erzet, n. self-esteem; self-resyect: pride (in oneself). ~-erzetes, (-en), adj. self-con 155 scious; proud (of oneself); manly (bearing); dignified; resolute. -fiejii, adj. selfwilled; headstrong; wilful; (velemenyben) opinionative; obstinate; wayward (child). ~-fejiis6g, (-et, -e), n. self-will; wilfulness: opinionativeness; obstinacy; waywardness. — felfldozas, n. self-sacrifice; selfdevotion. ~ -felaldozo, (-an), adj. self-sacrificing; unselfish. ~-feledes, n. self-oblivion; self-forgetfulness. -feledt, (-en), adj. self-oblivious; self-forgetful. ~-feledts6g, (-et, -e) n.=== 6n-feledes. ~-fenn-tartas, n. self-preservation. fenyii, adj. possessing a brilliance of its own. ~-fertozes, n. self-pollution; self-abuse; masturbation. ~gyilkos, A. n. suicide; self-murderer: -sa lesz, commit suicide. B. adj. suicidal. ~-gyilkossag, n. suicide; self-murder. ~gyilkossagi, adj. suicidal: kiserlet,attempted suicide. ~-hangz6, n. (gramm.) vowel. ~-haszon, n. selfinterest; efishness: 6nhasznAt kereso, selfish. ~hatalmu, (-lag), adj. arbitrary. ~-hibdja, n.(one's) own fault: onhibajan kiviil, through no fault of (his). ~hitt, adj. self-complacent; self-sufficient: conceited; arrogant; haughty; supercilious; self-conceited. ~hittseg, (-et. -e), n. selfcomplacency; self-sufficiency: conceit; arrogance; haughtiness; superciliousness; self-conceit(edness). - lsmeret,n. self-knowledge. ~-ismertets, n. selfrevelation. ~-jelz6-k6sziilek, n. register (telegraphic instrument).,-jogfi, adj. (legally) independent; arrived at years of discretion. ~-jogisag, (ot, -a), n. independence: majority; full age. On-maga Onk6nt, adv. I voluntarily; of (one's) own accord; spontaneously; of (one's) own free will. II of itself; naturlally: (it goes) without.,aying. Onkentes, A. (-ek, -t, -e), n. volunteer. B. (-en), adj. voluntary; spontaneous; free-wzill; free; uncompelled. Onkentesseg, (-et, -e), n. volunter service (in army): _i jog, right to serve as j volunteer. Onkeny, (-t, -e), n. arbitrariness: despotism; ab-.olutism. Onkenyes, (-en), adj. arbitrary; high-handed (action): despotic; absolutistic: -en, with a high hand; arbitrarily. Onkenykedes, (-t, -e), n. arbitrary conduct; arbitrariness: despotism. Onkenyked(ik), (-tem, -ett), v. i. be arbitrary; act in an arbitrary manner; take the law into (one's) own hFand: play the despot. Onkenyt, adv.= onkent. Onk6nytelen, (-ul), adj. involuntary; unintentional: mechanical; automatic. Onkenytelenseg, (-et, -e), n. involuntary etc. character (of: see 6nkenytelen). Onk6nytes(seg),= onken-.tes(seg). Onkeny-uralom, n. despotism; absolutism; tyranny. On-, prefix. ~-kepzes, n. self-education. ~-kepzett, adj. self-educated; selftaught. ~-k6pz6[-kor], n. debating society. ~-kezeles, n. own management. ~kinzas, self-torture. kinz6, n. self-tormentor: ascetic.~-kiviilet,~-kivillet, n. unconsciousness. ~kormanyzat, n. selfgovernment; autonomy. ~kolts6g, n. cost of production; prime cost: -.1 Ar, net price. — maga, pron. (emphatic): he himself: she herself: onmagaban, a) in

Page  156 On-magam his (her) heart: b) in and tbr itself; alotne: onmaga6rt, a) for his (her) own sake: b) as it stands: 6nmagatol, a) (it goes) without saying; of itself: b) of his (her) own accord. ~-magam, pron. (emphatic) I myself: see on-maga. ~-nlaguk, pron. (emphatic): they themselves: see on-maga.~-meg-adas, n. resignation: self-renunciation. ~-meg-ad6, (-an), adj. self-denying: resigned. _-meg-gyozes, n. selfcontrol; self-possession; self-command.-mnegtagadas, n. self-denial. ~-megtagad6, (-an), adj. selfdenying. ~-meg-tart6ztatas, n. abstinence; continence: abstemiousness. ~mers6klet, n. self-control.,-mozg6, n. automaton.,munkassdg, n. selfactivity; self-action. ~-mukodo, adj. automatic: ~ gep, automaton. ~-miive16s, n.-Son-kepzes.~-neve6es, n. self-education; self-.training. Onnon, pron. (his etc.) own: ~ maga, he (she) himself (herself): ~ elete, his (her) own life: ~ ereje,(one's).pwn resources. On-oktatas, n. self-instruction; self-tuition. Qnos, adj.= onz6'. Qnisseg,(-et,-e),n.==6nzes. On-, prefix. ~-sanyargatas, n. self-mortification: asceticism. ~-sanyargato, n. and adj. ascetic _-segely, n. self-help; selfaid. ~-segelyzo-egy(esii)let,n. benefit society; friendly society: Order of Oddfellolws. -suly, n. specific gravity (of body): tare (of railway truck, etc.). ~-szantab6l, adv. of (one's) own accord: voluntarily. — szeretet, n. selfjove. Ont, (-ottem, -ott), v. t. I pour: cast (into). II cast (metal); found (bell): 156 mould (candle). III (fig.) vkibe vmit ~, infuse (into); instil: batorsagot - vkibe, inspire with courage. IV put (into words); clothe (in.words). [hitt. On-telt, (-en), adj. onOn-teltseg, (-et, -e), n.== o6n-hittseg. Ont6s, (-t, -e), n. I pouring (of liquid). II casting (of metal); founding: moulding (of candle). III cast..(made). Ontet, (-et, -e), n. cast: fount (of type); font. Onto, A. (-k, -t, -je), n. I pourer. II caster; founder: moulder. III = nto'de. B. adj. casting; for casting; - ed6ny, crucible: kalyha, smelting furnace: - lyuk, funnel: ~ minta, mould; mfihely,==&ntode. Ont6de, (-et, -eje), n. foundry. Ontd-minta, Onto-mui-.hely, see onto B. Ontott, adj. cast: moulded: aczel, cast steel: - betiik, type:. ercz, cast metal: - mu, cast: - nyomat, stereotype: - vas, cast iron. Ont6z, (-tem, -ott), v. t. water (flowers etc.): sprinkle; wet (with tears): irrigate (land). Ontoz6s, (-t, -e), n. watering: sprinkling; wetting: irrigation. Ontozget, (-tem, -ett), v. t. frequentative of ontiiz (q..v.): keep watering. Ontozkod(ik), (-tem, -6tt), v. i. throw water on one.another. Ont6z6, adj. watering; irrigation-: ~ csatorna, artifical (irrigation) channel; feeder: ~ edeny,.kanna, watering can. On-, prefix. ~-tudat, n. I consciousness. II = 6n-erzet. ~-tudatlan, (-ul), adj. unconscious (fig. too): unuitting; wivntefitional. ~-tudatlansag, (-ot, -a), n. unconsciousness. -tuda O)l-csapat tos, (-an), adj. I conscious: self-conscious. II t= in-drzetes. ~-tudatossfag, (-ot, -a), n. conscious etc. character or natl re (of: see 6n-.tudatos). Ontveny, (-eli, -t, -e), n. I cast. II -= otveny. III.mould. On-, prefix.,-uralom, n. self-control; self-command: coolness. ~-uralkod6, n. autocrat; absolute monarch. ~-vad, n. self-accusation; self-reproach. ~-vedelem, n. self-defence. ~-v6delmi, adj. in self-defence; defensive. Onzes, (-t, -e), n. selfishness; egoism; self-love; self-seek-.ing; self-interest(edness). Onzestelen, (-iil), adj.=..inzetlen. Onzetlen, (-iil), adj. unselfish; disinterested; generous; altruistic; self-forget-.ful. Onzetlenseg, (-et, -e), n. unselfishness; disinterestedness; generosity; altruism; self-forgetfulness. Onzo, (-en), adj. selfish; egoistic(al); self-seeking; self-interested; self-centred:, ember, egoist. Or, A. (-t), v. t.== &rol. B. (-6k, -t, -e), n. I watchman; guard: (mil.) se ttinel; sentry: ejjeli ~, night watchman: a kincs ~e, keeper of the treasure. II (mazeumi) custodian: (beteg) attendant; keeper (in asylum): (vasuti) signalman; pointsman: (borton) wsarder. III (mil.) guard; watch: ~t all, be on guard: felvaltja az,t, relieve the guard: ~t jar, go the round (patrol). -alilas, n. sentry duty; watch. -all6, A. n. (mil.) sentinel; sentry. B. adj. on duty; on guard; - hely, (mil.) post; outpost. ~-angyal, n. guardian angel. b-b6de, n. sentrybox. ~-csapat, n. (mil.) guard: watch.

Page  157 Ordog 157 Ord6ig, (-6k, -ot -e), n. I Ol-eb, n. watch-dog. _ devil; iend; demon: Satan; Oreg, A. (-ek, -et, -e), n. I ild Nick; Old Harry: old man: greybeard: az 4 vigye el az ~, the devil take ~ek, the old. II (form of him! the deuce take him! address), ~em, old man; az - vigye, the deuce! old fellow: (used by wife) 4 zounds! ezer! damn! my dear. B. (-en), adj. I zounds! mi az w hat the old: aged: nagyon -, aged. deuce?!: ~e van, az bujt II (of relations) grand bel6, the devil is in (him); (-father, etc.). III (fig.) (he) is possessed: o6t idez, large; great: big: bet, ( conjure up the devil; raise a) capital (letter): b) big ( the devil: ~6t uz, exorcise letter:~ hiba, 3owler: gross an evil spirit. II szegeny ~, mistake: ~ agyu, big gun; ( poor devil; poor wretch. III heavy artillery: - este, late (of children) demon; rogue; (in the) evenig: c esizma, scamp: (in bad sense, of Wellingtons (t. sz.); top- ( man) fiend; devil (incarn- boots: - ujj, thumb. IV ate). ~-adta, adj. damned; coarse (grain). V ~e apraja, deuced; infernal. — fajzat, old and young. ~-f-gyfi, n. C n. hellish crew; infernal see 6reg B. III. ~-anya, n..brood. grandmother. ~-apa, - Ord6gi, adj. devilish; atya, n. grandfather. C fiendish; infernal; diabol- Oregbedes, (-t, -e), n. I ical; satanic; hellish: growing old. II increase; i wvicked; heinous (crime):.growth. - alak, fiend: ~fajzat,== Oregbed(ik), (-tem, -ett), orddg-Jajzat: - rmu, devil's v. i. I -= oregsz(ik). II in- J work: diabolical action (or, crease; grow (in bulk, etc.): 1.scheme): - n6, she devil...gather strength. z Ordog-idezes, n. conjur- Oreg-, prefix. ~-bel, n. ing up the devil: exorcism; (med.) rectum. ~-b6res, n. conjuration. chief tenant: foreman. - ( Ord6g-idezo, n. conjurer; beti, n. see oreg B. II. - r..exorcist. [6rd6gi. biro, n. (village) ma- n Ord6gies, (-en), adj. =..gistrate; petty constable. a Ord6g-motolla, n. round- Oregbit, (-ett), v. t. n. I= n.about; merry-go-round. oregit. II increase; augment: Ordogseg, (-et, -e), n. I strengthen: aggravate devilishness: devilry; dev- (error): confirm. n ilish trick: wickedness; Oregedes, (-t, -e), n. grow- v heinousness. II (fig.) trouble;.ing old; ageing. a?rub. Oregedett, see oregsz(ik). r Ord6g-uizes, n. exorcism; Oreged(ik),=-6regsz(ik). si conjuration. Oregedni, infin. see 6reg- h QrdoSg-uzo, n. exorcist. sz(ik). Ordongos, (-en), adj. I Oregedtem, see oregsz(ik). ti possessed (by evil spirit); Oregen, adv. old: when h obsessed. II diabolical; dev- old; in (one's) old age. Q ilish: - ficzk6, devil (of Oreges, (-en),adj. Ielderly; 01 a fellow): 'cute fellow: ~ rather old; oldish. HI old- w mester, zwizard: sorcerer: fashioned (child). k,.enchanter. Oregess6g, (-et, e), n. I o0 Ord6ngosseg, (-et, -e), n. elderliness; oldishness. II aJ I (demoniacal) possession..old-fashionedness. (c II devilry; devilishness: Oreg-fejsze, n. broad- (d (fig.) 'cuteness; shrewdness..ax(e). [saw. (f' III witchcraft; sorcery. Oreg-fuirsz, n. crosscut at Or!'iz Dreg-harang, n. big bell: Big Ben. Or'egit, (-ett), v. t. make (someone) old (older): age:.nake (one) look old. )regites, (-t, -e), n. making older; ageing. j)reg-kor, n. old age: and see oregseg I. )reg-mise, n. High Mass. lreg-oltar, n. high altar. )l-eg-reszel6, n. coarse.file. )regs6g, (-et, -e), n. I ola age; age: (fig.) senility. II.ge (of); oldness. )reg-szemii, adj. coarsegrained: big-grained: big.(plum). )regsz(ik), (6regedtem, 6regedett), v. i. grow old (older); age: (poet.) olden. )reg-sziilok, n. pl. grandparents. lreg-ujj, n. thumb (of hand): big toe (of foot). II-, prefix. ~-fa, n. (naut.) mast: stanchion. — fal, n. boundary wall; frontier vall. ~-gebics, n. (zool.) European gray shrike; 5utcher bird. ~-gr6f, n. I arch.) margrave: (Eng.) narcher. II (modern title) zarquis; marquess. ~-gr6fi, dj. I a margrave's (or, rarcher's). II a marquis's..-grolne, n. marchioness. -gr6fsdg, n. I (arch.) nargravate; margraviate: earches (t. sz.). II marquis-,te. ~-had, n. (mil.) garison. _-haj6, n. guardhip: revenue cutter..iaz, n. (mil.) sentry-box: uard-room: (police) stawon: (vasuti) signal-box.,ely, n. post; outpost. -it, v. t.== odjit. Aiz, (-ter, -ett), v. t. I atch; guard; take care of: eep an eye on; keep watch ver: tend (a herd); look Fter: protect. II (fig.) keep iountenance); preserve lignity); maintain. III keep or use); store up; put coay; preserve. IV Isten

Page  158 Orizes,z! God forbid! Heaven _ forbid! God forefenid? Qlriz6s, (-t, -e),-= rzets. Orizet, (-et, -e), n. I care; protection; charge (of); vkinek e6re biz, entrust to the care of; commit to (one's) safe keeping; conmmit to the charge of. II custody; ward: - ala vesz, take (someone) up; take in,ustodq. Orizetlen, (-ul), adj. unguarded; unvatched: unprotected: (fig.) unguarded lmoment); careless. Orizget, (-ter, -ett), v. t. frequentative of oriz L and JII. (q. v.). Orizked(ik), (-tem, -ett), v. i. beware (of); be on (one's) guard (against): guard (against): shun; abstain (from); avoid; keep,clear (of). [B. I.-II. Qrizo6,, ( -k, -je), n.= or Or-jarat, n. (mil.) patrol: ~ot tart, patrol; go the r'ounds. Orjit, (-ett), v. t. madden; make (one) mad; drive (one) mad; make (someone) frantic. Orjong, (-ter, -ott), v. i. rave; be mad; be frantic; behave like a madman: rage; 2'ant. Orj6nges, (-t, -e), n. raving; madness; frenzy; raging; ranting: paroxysm:,delirium. Orj6ng6, (8rj6ngve), adj. raving:' mad; frantic: raging: ranting: distracted;.delirious. Qrjiil(et),= 6riil(et). Or-kanonok, n. canon,capitular. Or-kiseret, n. escort:,convoy (of ships). Ork6des, (t-, -e), n. (act of) watching; watch; guardJng: care; superintendence. Orkodik, (-ter, -ott), v. i. be on guard: watch (over); take care (of); keep guard (over): have (a person) in (one's) charge. 1.,5 Qvr-k1itu ityi6, n. setry-bor. Qr-leilek, n...- 6'-szellem. Orlemei6ny, (-ek, -t, -e), n. milliffl prodict: grist;,multure. Qrleni, infin. see irol. Orles, (-ek, -t, -e), n. grinding (of corn); milling: ~ dija, mniller 'sfee: (Scot.) multure. Orlesi, adj. grinding: ~ forgalom, free trade in milling products. rflet, (-tern. -ett), v. t.,Jiare (corn) ground. Orl6, adj. I grinding: milling. II ~ allat, (zool.) rodent:: fog, grinder;,masticator. Orlod(ik), (-6tt), v. i.,crumble; wear away. Qr-menet, n. =-= rjdrat. Orm6ny, (-ek, -t, -e), n. and adj. Armenian. ~-or_szag, proper n. Armenia. Or-mester, n. (mil.) ser-- qeant. Qrnagy, n. (mil.) major. Ornagyi, adj. (mil.) a.major's; (rank) of major. Or6k, A. (-6k, -e), n. I inheritance; heritage: (leg.) hereditament: uil hagy, bequeath: iil marad,devolve (on); be left (to): iuil jut vkire, devolve on; fall to the share of. II -be fogad, adopt (child): and see in vocabulary. III eternity:,to1 fogva, from time immemorial. B. adj. I eternal: perpetual; everlasting: incessant; unceasing. II hereditary. III ~ aron elad, sell outright. ~-becsi, adj. of lasting value: imperishable (work). ~-be-fogadas, n. adoption (of child). ~-befogad6, A. n. adoptive father (or, mother). B. adj. adoptive (parent). ~-befogadott, adj. adoptive (child).,-be-iktatas, n. institution of an heir. ~ber, n. (leg.) rent of assize: quit-rent; fee-farm rent. ~berlet, n. (leg.) copyhold: lease. l-berlo, n. (leg.) copyholder: lessee; lease OIrkl e IVlys.qfj holder. -blirtok, n. hereditar! estate. ~-eqy, n. (bot.) quillwfort. ~-let'i, adj. eternal; perpetual: immortal; imperi.ihalble; n dyin g. ~-em kiekezetii, - einllekii, adj. lneer-to-beforgotten: of imperi,7hable memory. ~-erv- eyu, adj. eternal; never changifng; unchangeable. ~-etig, adv. -= orokked. — haogyas, n. bequeathal; bequeathing; bequeathment; bequest. ~hagy6, n. bequeather; testator; devisor: (n6) testatrix: ~ jog, right of bequeathal. _-haszon-berlet, n. long lease; hereditary tenure: feefarm. ~ifjui, n. I man who retains his youthful appearance. II = orokz6ld. Or6kit, (-ett), v. t. immortalise; render immortal;.perpetuate; eternise. Orokites, (-t, -e), n. immortalising (of); immortalisation; perpetuation; etern-.isation. Or6k-jog, n. I right ot inheritance: hereditary right. II law of inheritance. Orokke, adv. ever; tor ever (and ever): eternally; everlastingly; unceasingly; perpetually: incessantly; continually: 6r6kk6n ~, for ever and ever. ~-tart6, adv. eternal; everlasting: imperishable; perpetual: unceasing; unfading; fadeless; undying. ~-valo, A. (-t), n. (the) Eternal. B. adj. I eternal; everlasting: and see o6rkke-tart. II endless; protracted; neverending, ~-val6sag, n. I eternity. II (an) age (since); years. III eternal etc. character (of; see 6orokkevald B.). Orokkon, adv. -- brokon. Or6klekeny, (-en), adj. Hereditary; inheritable. Or6klekenyseg, (-et, -e), n. hereditary (inheritable) character or quality (of).

Page  159 11 MIN MINN 1 1 1 =I 1I --- 6r6okleni QrIoklenli, infin. see iroqkoil. Oi'ikl6s, (-t, -e), n. inheritance (of); succession (to: estate):, utjan, by inheritance; - rencdje, mode of descent: succession: entail. Oriklesi, adj. of inheritance; of succession: - jog, right of succession: ig6ny, claim (to inheritance): ~ rend, = orokles rend)e. Orok-les6, n. legacy-.hunter. Orok-let, n, eternity. Orokletes, (-en), adj. I= oroklekeny. II ancient; traditional; immemorial (usage). Orok-letfi, adj. eternal; everlasting; undying; immortal. Or6kl, adj. hereditary;.nherited. Or6klodes, (-t, -e), n. her-..edity. Orokl6dik, (-ott), v. i. descend (to); be hereditary;.be handed down. Oroklodo, adj. =orokle-..keny. Orikltt, (-en), adj. inherited; hereditary: innate; inborn: ~hiba, hereditary defect; natural defect: - jbszag, hereditary estate; patrimonial estate: ~ va-..gyon, patrimony. Orik-mozgo, n. mobile perpetuum: perpetual motion. Orokol, (-ter, -t), A. v. t. inherit; get by inheritance; come in for: succeed to (estate). B. v. i. vki ntan,, be the heir (of); be heir (to). II (arch., at end of letter): oroklok, I remain (yours.truly). Orokolhet6, (-en), adj. inheritable; hereditary. Orokolhet6seg, (-et, -e), n. inheritable (hereditary) character or nature (of). Or6k6n, adv. 6rokke, for ever and ever: (fig.) continually; unceasingly; everlastingly. 159 Or1ikos, A. (-6k, -t, -e), n. heir; inheritor: tron ~, crown prince: (Eng.) heir apparent: altalanos, principal heir; heir-at-law: termeszetes ~, natural heir: mell6k ~, co-heir; joint heir: nt6 ~, residuary legatee: residuary devisee: ~ no, heiress: nelkiil(i), without heir. B. adj. I lasting; perpetual; everlasting; continual; unceasing; incessant; eternal: permanent; unchanging: -en,== 6rkke. II hereditary: - ellens6g, hereditary (sworn) foe: fejedelem, herczeg, hereditary prince: ~ nemess6g, hereditary nobility; aristocracy of birth: - tartominyok, hereditary provinces. ~-nlkiili, adj. without heir: unclaimed.(property). ~-n6, n. heiress. Orokosod6s, (-t, -e), n. I inheritance (of). II in-.Fheritance; heritage. Orokosodesi, adj. - eljaras, probate: ~ haboru, dispute concerning an inheritance: j jog, law of inheritance: - igeny, claim (to inheritance): - kerdes, question of succession: - kereset, claim to estate: - per, suit to obtain inheritance: rend, entail: - szerzSdes, settlement (of heritance): - torv6ny, law.of inheritance. Orokosodik, (-tem, -ott), y. i. inherit. [co-heir. Orloks-tars, n. joint heir; Or6kre, adv. I for ever: for all time. II =- o6kke. Orik-resz, n. share (of inheritance); portion. Oroks6g, (-et, -e), n. I inheritance; heritage: atyai,paternal patrimony: csaladi _,patrimony: ii (lk6p) hagy, bequeath (to); leave: iil jut, be inherited (by); be left (to). II- 6r6kkdvalosag. ~-hajhdsz, n. legacy-hunter.,-hajhaszat, n. legacy-hunting. 0106ni O)roksegi, adj. pertainitg to an inheritance: ~ ad6, robate duty: death duties (t. sz.): per, suit to obtain inheritance: ~ resz,= orokresz. OroJks6eg-l6ss, n. legacy-.munting. Orokseg-les6, n. legacy-.hunter. Oroksegre-jogosult, adj..inheritable (person). Orokseg-vadasz, n. legacy-hunter. Orokseg-vadaszat, n..legacy-hunting. Orokseg-vadaszo, n. =.ir6kseg-vaddsz. Oriktol-fogva, adv. from time immemorial. Orok-valtsdg, n. fee.simp le. Orok-zold, A. n.(bot.) evergreen. B. adj. evergreen:,verlasting. Orol, (-tem, -t), v. t. grinding (of corn); milling. Qroles, (-t, -e) n.-= ols. Qroltet, v. t. = drlet. Orom, (-ok, or -ek, -et, -e), n. joy; delight; pleasure; glad&nes: gratification: nagy ~, bliss; great joy; heart's delight:.e telik benne, vmiben,et leli, ~mel lit vmit, be delighted (by); take pleasure (in); rejoice (at): -et szerez vkinek, gratify; give pleasure to; be a pleasure to: ~ volt ot hallani, it was a pleasure to hear him: nincsen i ur6m n6lkiil, (there is), no joy without alloy: bfiban s ~ben, for better, for worse: in joy and sorrow alike:,6ben,forjoy: -ben usz(ik), be enraptured: ~mel, gladly: with pleasure: -.mel hallom, I am glad (delighted) to hear: ezer mnel! delighted! 4t1l, for joy: with joy: tol6 ragyog6, (sugarz6), beaming (face): tol6 ittas, intoxicated with joy: in an ecstasy: nagy e6re, to (his) great delight:.e derit, cheer; gladden; brighten

Page  160 Orin-aldozat (up): _re deriil, cheer up: (of face) brighten: o6mre szolgal, it is a pleasure to me; I am (only too) delighted (to): ~6t szerez vkinek, delight; be a pleasure to: ~mel lat, be delighted to see. ~-aldozat, n. thank-oJering. ~-anya, n. bride's (or, bidegroom' s) mother.~-apa, — atya, n. bride's (or, bridegroom's) father. -dal, -e6nek, n. song of joy; carol.,-6rzet, n. bliss;..feeling of joy. Oromest, adv. gladly; with pleasure: edes ~, kesz ~, cordially; most willingly:,ebb, sooner; rather: nem,~, unwillingly. Orom-,prefix.~-esztend6, ~-ev, n. jubilee year. ~haborito, adj. kill-joy: (ember), wet blantket. ~hajlhaszat, n. lut. ~hang, n. sound of joy. ~hir, n. glad tidings (t. sz.); good news (t. sz.):,hoz6ja, bearer of glad tidings; messenger of joy. ~-ittas, adj. intoxicated with joy; enraptured; in an ecstasy; in a transport. ~-ittassag, (ot, -a), n. rapture; ecstasy; transport. ~-kialtas, n. shouts of joy (t. sz.); acclamation; cheers (t. sz.); jubilation: joyful exclamation. ~-k6nny, n. tear of joy. — lakoma, n. festive entertainment; feast of joy. ~-lefny, n. prostitute; strumpet. -l1oves, n. salvo..-mamor, n.=o6rm-ittassag. -maimoros, (-an),.adj. = 6r6m-ittas. Orommel, adv. see orom. Orom-, prefix. -nap, n. day of rejoicing: glad day; happy day. ~-nyilvtinitas, ~-nyilvanulhs, n. rejoicing; manifestation of joy. ~-pohar, u. cup of joy. ~-ragyogva, adv. beamingly; with a beaming face. ~-rivalgas, n. jubilation; cheers (t. sz.); acclamation..-sugarz6, adj. beaming 160 Orvendezes (face). ~-szerz6, adj. glad- I dening; cheering. ~-szu16k, n. pl. parents of bride.(or, of bridegroom). Oronitelen, (-i1), adj. cheerless; joyless; dreary;..comfortless. Or6m-, prefix. _-teljes, (-en), adj. joyfil: merry; glad. ~-telve, adv. gladly: joyfully. ~-tfz, n. bonfire. ~-ujlongas, n. exultation; jubilation; acclamation: -sal, exulting; exultingly. ~-iinnep, n. festival of joy: jubilee; commemoration day.,-vadaszat, n. lust; debauchery. ~-zaj, n. jubilation; acclamation;,exultation. Or-parancsnok, n. commander of the guard: officer on duty. Ors, (-6k, -ot, -e), n. (mil.) I post; outpost: guard: lcatch. II sentry; sentinel. Orseg, (-et -e), n. (mil.) guard; watch: garrison (of fortress): -en van, be on duty: - felvaltasa, mounting guard: nemzet,, na-.tional guard. Or-sereg, n. guard; garrison (of fortress): nemzeti.., national guard. Ors-parancsnok, n. officer in command of an out*.post. Orsvezeto, n. (mil.) lanceCorporal. Or-, prefix. ~-szellenr, n. guardian spirit; tutelary spirit: genius. ~-szem, n. I watchful eye: ~mel kis6r, watch; keep an eye on. II (mil.) outpost: lovas, vedette. III (print.) signature. ~-szent, n. patron saint. ~-szoba, n. (mil.) guardroom; guard chamber: (police) station. ~-szolgflat, n. (mil.) sentry duty: outpost duty; guard duty.,-tanya, n. headquarters of outpost. ~-torony, n. watch-tower; look-out; observatory. ~-tiiz, n. watchfire bivouac fire. Oriil, (-tern, -t), v. i. be glad; rejoice (at); delight (in); be delighted; be pleased (at): ~6k, I am glad (to): nagyon fogok nai, I,.hall be delighted. Oriil, (-tern, -t), v. i.- meg-.or dl. Oriiles,(-t,-e), n. being glad;,pleasure delight. Oriiles, (-t, -e), n. madness; insanity: distraction; frenzy; delirium. Oriilet, (-et, -e), n.== &'iilt-.eg. Oriiletes, (-en), adj. I mad; frantic: maniacal; crazy; insane. II (fig.) furious (speed); mad (action); madcap (folly); insane. Oriilt, A. (-ek, -e), n. madman; lunatic; maniac; kozveszelyes ~, dangerous lunatic:,ek haza, lunatic asylum; madhouse; Bedlam; insane asylum. B. (-en) adj. I mad; insane; lunatic; crazy; brain-sick; deranged: maniacal. II (fig.) mad; crazy; reckless (extravagance): furious (speed): idiotic (carelessness). Oriiltseg, (-et, -e), n I madness; insanity; lunacy: mental disorder. II (fig.).mnadness. Orv, (-et, -e), n. collar (for dog: ring. II (fig.) vminek ~e alatt, under the pretext (of); under the guise (of);,under colour (of). Or-valtas, n. change of guard; mounting guard. Orvend, (-ter, -ett), v. i. I = ruiil. II vminek ~, enjoy (a good reputation): nagy elterjedesnek ~, be in vogue; be popular: kelendosegnek., be in demand; sell (well). Orvendetes, (-en), adj. glad (tidings); good (news); gratifying (progress): gladsome; reassuring; pleasing;..elcome (change). Orvendez, (-tern, -ett), v. i. rejoice; be delighted: and see ori il. Orvendez6e, (-t, -e), n.

Page  161 ___ __, 6rvendezo gladness; joy; rejoicing; delight; pleasure; gratification. Orvendezo, (6rvendezve), adj. glad; joyful; delighted;.highly pleased. Orvendeztet, (-ter, -ett), v. t. gladden; make (one) glad; delight; please; gratify; give pleasure to: ccheer. Orvendo, adj.= orvendez0. Orv6ny, (-ek. -t, -e), n. I whirlpool; eddy (of water); vortex. II abyss; chasm; gulf. III (fig.) maelstrom; whirl; vortex. Orvenyes, (-en), adj. I whirling; whirly; eddying: vortical; vorticose. II full.of whirlpools. Orvenyl(ik), Orvenyz(ik), (-ett), v. i. whirl;,fddy. Or-, prefix. _-vezeto, n. (mil.) lance-corporal.,-videk, n. marches (t. sz.): military frontiers (t. sz.)..-vonal, n. (mil.) cordon. Orv6s, adj. ringed: wvearing a collar: - galamb, ring dove; cushat; wood pigeon: - lhd, bernicle goose: - rigo, 2'ing ousel. Orzes, (-t, -e), n. watching; guarding; taking care of: keeping; preservation: safe-,keeping: conservation. Orzo, A. (-t, -je), n. keeper; guarder: preserver: see or B. B. adj. preserving; guard-.ng; guardian (angel). Orzse, (-et), Orzsi, (-t), proper n. (vulg.) Betty;.I.izzy. Os, A. (-6k, -t, -e), n. ancestor; forefather; progenitor; forbear; forebear: ~eink, our forbears: ~ t6l maradt, -okto1 orokolt, ancestral. B. adj. I ancient; very old:, idSktol fogva, from time immemorial. II ancestral (estate), III prinitive: original., —llapot, n. primitive condition: original state; pristine state. — llat, n. antediluvian 161 animal.,-ainya, n. ancestress: great-granmllotheJr. ~-anyag, n. primariy matter. — apa, ~-atya, n. ancestor: great-granlfather: grands-ire. -elem, n. first principle; element. ~-ember, n. primitive man: antediluvian. ~-erd6, n. primeval forest; virgin forest; prime forest. — eredeti, adj. original; pristine: peculiar: primordial.-eio6, n. primitive force; vital force.,-feszek, n. ancestral seat. — foglalkozas,n.primitive occupation.,-forras,n. original source; primary source. — gog, n. pride of ancestry. ~-haza, n. original home. ~-hegyseg, n. primitive mountains I(t. sz.): primary rocks (t.sz.). Osi, adj. I ancient; primitive; primary; primeval: ~alak, primitiveform: lak6, = os-lako. II old-fashioned; old-world; out of date. III ancestral; patrimonial (estate): szekhely, ancestral seat: sirbolt,family vault: szokas, ancestral custom. Os-ido, n. old times (t. sz.); days of yore (t. sz.); remote antiquity: ~k 6ta, t61l fogva, from time imme-,pnorial. Osiseg, (-et, -e), n. (leg.),entail; entailment. Os-, prefix.,-k6p, n. prototype; archetype; ideal; pattern.,-kepz6des, n. abiogenesis; spontaneous generation. ~-kor, n. I= os-idi. II prehistoric age: palaeolithic age: Archaean Age: Silurian Age (of geology). ~-kori, adj. I ancient; primitive; primary; primordial. II prehistoric: palaeolothic: protozoic. ~ak, n. original home; ancestral home (or, seat). _lak6, A. (-k, -t, -ja), n. original inhabitant; aboriginal; autochthon. B. adj. aboriginal; autochthonal: autochthonic; autochthon Ossze-adas ous. ~-lak6s, n.==.s-lako A.:.ok, aborigines. ~-lakossatg, n. original inhabitantS; aborigines (t. sz.). 4-leny, n. primitive (primordial) being. ~-leny-tan, n. palaeontology; paleonto-.logy. Osmer(etlseg]), stb.,ismer(et[seg]), etc. Os-, prefix. ~-nagy-anya, n. great-great-grandmother. ~-nagy-apa, n. greatgreat-grandfather. ~-nagyszii16k, n. pl. great-greatgrandparents (t. sz.).,nemzL6djes, n.= 6s-kepzodes.,-nep, n. primitive people. ~-nyelv, n. I primitive language. II original language. ~-nyomtatvanyok, n. pl. incunabula (t. sz.). ~-pr6ba, n. proof of nobility.,-regi, adj. very ancient: as old as the hills. ~-rengeteg, n.= 6serdo. ~-rokonsag, n. primitive affinity. Other compounds of Os-, osveny, o'sz and compounds of same, follow compounds of issze-. Ossz-, prefix. general: whole; complete. ~-benyomas, n. total impression. ~-birodalom, n. translation of an Austrian term ( Gesammt-monarchie)) used to denote the idea of Austria-Hungary as governed by centralisation (the dream of the late Austrian imperialists). ~-buntetes, n. sum total of sentences inflicted. Ossze, adv. I together. II for compounds, see in vocabulary. ~-abdal, v. t. ossze-tdkol. — ad, v. t. I (math.) add; add up: sum (up). II contribute (money); club: collect. III marrny: (vulg.) splice. IV ~ja magat vkivel, combine (with); unite. ~-adand6, n. (math.) sum. — adas, n. I (math.) addition; adding up; summing (up). II contribution: 11 Yolland: Magyar-angol szdtdr. II.

Page  162 Ossze-adogat clubbing; collection. III marrying: (vulg.) splicing.,-adogat, v. t.== ssze-ad 11. ~-akad, v. i. meet: vkivel ~, run up (against); come (across):vmivel r, run (against); collide (with). ~akaszt, v. t. and i. I fasten together: couple. II vkivel ~, pick a quarrel (with); fall out (with)..-all, v. i. I combine; unite (with); club: (of crowd) collect; assemble; gather (together); congregate: plot (for bad purpose); conspire.Il (of food) thicken: congeal.,-allit, v. t. collect (troops); array; bring together: recruit: compile (work): draw up (list); compose; draft: combine; put together; construct; run up (scaffolding). _-allitds, n. I collection (of); arraying; bringing together; recruiting: compilation; compiling: drawing up; drafting: combination; putting together; construction (of). II compilation (made): list: combination: form: shape. ~-all6, adj. compact: coherent: tight-fitting(coat). ~aprit, v. t. I mince (meat); chop up; cut up: chop (wood). II (fig.) cut down; cut to pieces..-asz(ik), v. i. dry tup; be parched: wither. - az(ik), v. i. be drenched; get wet through. ~-baratkoz(ik), v. i. make friends.(with). Ossz6bb, adv. closer; more closely; closer together: ~.yon, contract. Ossze-, prefix.,-b6ekl, v. i. become reconciled; become friends again; (vulg.) make it up. ~-bek!ltet, — bekit, v. t. reconcile; effect a reconciliation between. ~-bekfil, v. i.= ssze-bekel. ~beszel, A. v. i. (vkivel ), concert measures (with); make an agreement: make an appointment (with). B. v. t. talk (at random); gabble; talk idly: minden 16-2 felet ~, talk nonsense; drivel. ~-beszeles, n. agreement; concerting: appointment. - bogoz, v. t. knot (together); tangle. ~-bonyolit, v. t. I -= ssze-bogoz. II (fig.) entangle; complicate; involve: throw into confusion: make a mess of.,-bonyolod(ik), v. i. I oecome tangled. II (fig.) become complicated (or, involved). _-borondl, v. t. bring together; match (persons). ~-borzad, v. i. shudder (at the thought of); shrink; wince: -tam, (the sight) made my flesh creep. — borzol, v. t. dishevel: (vulg.) tousle. ~-bongesz, v. t. compile (carelessly). _bui(j), ~-buj(ik), v. i. I crouch together; huddle together: press close (to one another); be engaged tete-attet; (poet.) sit cheek by jowl. II (fig.) ~nak, put (their) heads together: conspire; plot. ~-csap, A. v. t. clap (hands): wring (one's hands); clasp. B. v. i. I collide: meet; come to blows; engage; encounter: clash. II (of waves) break (over); close. ~-csapas, n. I clapping (of hands): wringing: clasping. II collision; meeting: engagement (of armies); encounter: shock: clash. III (fencing) bout; venue. IV breaking (of waves). -csa p6d(ik), v. i. clash together: bang to; close with a bang. ~-csapsz(ik), v. i. become soaked; be drenched: conglobulate. ~-csatol, v. t. I fasten; buckle; clasp. II couple (cars). ~-csavar, v. t. twist together: roll; roll up (clothes): plait; interlace: (naut.) splice.,-esavarod(ik), v. i. coil; wind; twist. -cseng, v. i. accord. ~-csenget, v. t. assemble (by ringing a bell). ~-cser6l, v. t. mistake (for); confound (with).,-cslnal, v. t. make up; put together do up. 2-cs6kol(gat), v. t. Ossze-egyezik smother with kisses: keep kissing. ~-csokol6dz(ik), v. i. vkivel ~, kiss. ~-csomoz, v. t. tie together; do up; wrap up. ~-csoportosul, v. i.== ossze-cstdiil. ~cs6dit, v. t. collect (a crowd); gather together; assemble; rally. ~-cs6diil, v. i. gather (in a crowd); assemble; throng; collect. — csuk, v. t. I shut; close. II lock up together (in one cell). ~-csukhat6, adj. folding: kalap, opera hat. -cesuk6d(ik), v. i. shut; close. ~-csunyit, v.t. dirty; befoul; make (something) dirty; foul; defile. ~-czipel, v. t.= osszehord. ~-dagad, v. i. swell; become swollen. ~-darabol, v. t.== osszeaprit I. ~-dobol, v. t. assemble (by beating a drum); drum up. ~-dolgoz(ik), A. v. i. co-operate (with): pull (well) together. B. v. t. do; finish. ~-d6l, v. i. tumble down; collapse; (of wall) fall in: give way; fall to pieces: (of person) break down: (fig., of scheme, etc.) be frustrated; fail: ossze akar dlini, be in a tumble-down condition; be dilapidated.,-d6ols, n. collapse; falling in; falling to pieces; ruin: breakdown (of person): (fig.) frustration; failure.,-dont, v. t. knock down: knock to pieces. -dorzsol, v. t. I rub (against one another): wear (clothes). II crumble (by rubbing). ~-dug, v. t. put together; lay together: ~jak a fejeket, lay (their) heads together: ~ott kezzel, with folded arms.,-duil, v. t. harry; lay waste; devastate; ravage.,-diil, v. i.= osszedol. ~-eg, v. i. be burned (down); be consumed (with fire); burn to ashes.,-eget, v. t. burn (down); consume (with fire); burn to ashes; burn up; destroy. ~-egyez[ikF, v. t. I agree (with)

Page  163 1=11,1011 I 1. _.-~~a"~ — I '__ _~~ Ossze-egyeztet come to terms (with): be of 1 the same opinion (as). II (of things) tally (with); accord (with). ~-egyeztet, v. t. I reconcile (opinions); accord (to): make consistent. II collate (texts): compare. III (comm.) balance (accounts): clear. ~-egyeztetes, n. I reconciliation. II collation: comparison. III balancing (of accounts); clearing. ~egyeztethetetlen, adj. irreconcilable: incompatible. ~-egyeztetheto, adj. reconcitable: compatible: ossze nem egyeztethet6, ==ossze-egyeztethetlen.~-ele. gyed(ik), v. i.==o ssze-kevered(ik). _-elegyit, v. t.= 6ssze-kever I. ~-enni, infin. see 6ssze-esz(ik). ~-enyvez, v. t. glue together; stick together. — er, v. i. meet; touch: be contiguous; be adjacent. — ereszt, v. t. I let (things) come together; put together: unite; join. II rabbet (wood); dovetail: join. ~-e6o, adj. touching; contiguous; adjacent; adjoining. ~-es(ik), v. i. I collapse; drop (down). II shrink: (of person) get thin(ner); vwaste (away). III coincide (with). ~-esket, v. t. marry; join in marriage: kvulg.) splice. _-esketes, n. marrying (of); marriage. _-eskiidni, infin. see osszeeskisz(ik). ~-eskiidt, n. conspirator. _-eskiisz(ik), v. i. conspire; plot. ~-eskiives, n. conspiracy; plot: conspiration: ~t szo.==-sszeeskiisz(ik). ~-eskiivo, n. conspirator. ~ —esz[ik], v. t. I eat; consume: devour; get through. II == 6ssze-mar.-ettem,,-evett, see ossze-esz(ik). — facsarod(ik), v. i. be convulsed. _fagy, v. i.freeze (completely); be frost-bilten: congeal. ~-faz(ik), v. i. freeze through and through: be benumbed; be half frozen (to death). — feksz(ik), v. 16:i. lie douwn together: share the same bed. ~-iektet, v. t. lay together: put in the same bed.,-fer, v. i. get on (with); agree (together). ~-ferczel, v. t. I tack; stitch together: patch. II (fig.) botch up; patch up: compile hastily. ~-f6rhetetlen, (-il), adj. I unsociable (person); unaccommodating; quarrelsome; peevish. II incompatible: inconsistent (with). -ferhetetlenseg, (-et, -e), n. I unsociable etc. nature (of: see issze-ferhetetlen I.). II incompatibility. ~.ferhet6, adj. I sociable (person): accommodating; agreeable; companionable, II compatible; consistent (with). ~fero, adj. = 6ssze-ferheto. ~-firkal, v. t. I bescrawl; bescribble. II scribble; scrawl: write hastily. ~-fog, A. v. t. I hold (tight): gather up (dress); hold up; take up. II catch (thieves). III inspan (horses); yoke; harness. IV =- ssze-foglal. B. v. i. assist one another; join hands; unite; combine. ~fogdos, v. t.== ssze-fog A. IL ~-foglal, v. t. I join (together); fasten together: clamp; unite. II sum up; recapitulate; summarise: condense; compress; abridge. ~-foglalas, n. I joining (together); fastening together: clamping; uniting. II summing up; recapitulation; summarisation; condensing; compression. III summary (maae): compendium; epitome; resumd; abridgment; abridged statement. ~-fog6dzik, v. i. join hands; take (one another) by the hand; take (one's) arm: osszefog6dzva, hand in hand; arm in arm. ~foltoz, v. t. patch; patch up; mend. _-foly, v. i.== 6ssze-foly(ik). ~-folyas, n. confluence (of rivers); junction; conflux; meeting. ~ Ossze-gabalyit 1oly(ik), v. i. I (of rivers) meet; join: (of colours) mix; blend. II (of letters) be indistinct; be all a blur. — fon, v. t. I plait (hair): intertwine; interlace; entwine. II fold (arms); cross. — fonnyad, v. i. wither: shrink; shrivel: (of face) become wrinkled. — fon6 -d(ik), v. i. I become intertwined; entwine. 1I fold. ~forgat, v. t. I turn inside out; turn upside down; throw into disorder; disarrange. II rummage; ransack. ~-forr, v. i. I (of wound) heal; cicatrise; close. II (of metal) be welded; amalgamate. III (fig.) be bound up (with); form part (of); be connected (with): harmonise (with); accord (with): blend (with). ~-Iorrad, v. i.= — 6ssze-forr I-I. — forraszt, v. t. I heal (wound); cicatrise. II weld (metals). III solder (metal articles). ~-forraszthat6, adj. solderable. _-f6, ~-foiz, v. t. boil too much; boil to rags; overboil. ~-Ilj, v. t. blow in a heap..-fut, v. i. I run together; assemble; gather; flock together. II (of milk) curdle; coagulate. — fiigg, v. i. be connected (with); be interdependent. — fiigg6s, n. coherence: cohesion. II connection: connexion: -ben van,= 6ssze-fugg. ~fiigg6es telen, (-ul), adj. incoherent; disconnected: loose; vague: scrappy. ~-fiigg6, (-en), adj. I coherent; connected. II adjacent. -fiistol, v. t. fill with smoke.,-fiiz, v. t. I lace; lace up: bind; tie; fasten. II string (together). III connect; string together (sentences): unite; join. ~-.fiuzd(ik), v. i. join. Osszeg, (-ek, -et, -e), n. I sum (of money); amount: teljes ~, total: aggregate. II (math.) total. Ossze-gabalyit, v. t. 5ssze-zavar. 11*

Page  164 Ossze-gabalyodik 164 Ossze-gabalyod(ik), v. i..= 6ssze-zavarod(ik). Ossze-gaz-emberez, (-ter, -ett), v. t. call (one) a villain; call (someone) a scoundrel; abuse; call (one) names. Ossze-gazol, v. t. crush (under foot); tread down; trample (down): (of carriage) run over. Osszegez, (-ter, -ett), v. t. add up; sum (up); add: (vulg.) tot up: (fig.) summnarise (results). Osszegezes, (-t, -e), n. addition (of); adding up; summing up. Ossze-, prefix. ~-gombol, v. t. button; button up; fasten. ~-gomolyod(ik), v. i. roll up; coil. ~gongyol(it), _-gongy6lget, v. t. roll up; coil: wrap up: fold; make into a bale; bale (goods). ~-g6rnyed, v. i. bend; bow. — gyilkol, v. t. massacre; put to the sword.,-gyotor, v. t. excruciate; rack. — gyur, v. t. I knead (dough) thoroughly. II = ossze-gyur. ~gyiijt, v. t. I collect; amass: heap up; hoard up (money): compile (data). II collect (persons); assemble; gather together; call together. gyul, v. i. I accumulate. II ==-ssze-gyulekez(ik). -.gyii. lekezik, v. i. assemble; gather; meet: muster..gyiur, v. t. crumple (linen): crease (coat): crush (hat): rumple; ruffle.,-gyurod(ik), v. i. crumple: become creased; rumple. — hajl(ik), v. i. I bend: fold. II converge; meet. -hajl6, adj. convergent; converging. ~-hajt(ogat), v. t. fold (paper etc.); fold up: make up; close (knife). ~-halmoz, v. t. amass; accumulate; heap up.,halmoz6d(ik), v. i. accumulate. ~-haAgoztat, v. t. accord (with); reconcile. ~-hangzas, n. harmony; consonance; accord; agree ment. ~-hangz(ik), v. i. harmonise (with); accord: be in agreement; tally. ~haugzo, adj. harmonious; consonant: agreeing: corresponding: nanimous: identical. ~-hany, v. t. I throw in a heap: collect. II throw in disorder: turn upside down; disarrange. III rummage. IV be sick over. ~-havacsol, v. t. scrape together; accumulate. ~-harangoz, v. t. assemble (by ringing bells); call. — harap(dal), v. t. bite: bite to pieces; masticate (food). ~-hasad, v. i. split (in pieces); break up..-hasft, v. t. split; cleave: tear (to pieces). ~-hasogat, v. t. frequentative of ossze-hasit (q. v.). ~-hasonlit, v. t. compare: collate (texts): (comm.) balance (accounts): -va, compared (with); in comparison (to). ~-hasonlitas, n. I comparison (of): collation: balancing (of accounts). II comparison (made); parallel. ~-hasonlithatatlan, (-ul), adj. incomparable: matchless; unequalled; peerless: -ul, incomparably. ~-hasonlito, adj. comparative. ~hat, v. i. co-operate. ~-hatOs, n. co-operation. ~-hazasod(ik), v. i. get married (to): intermarry. ~-hazud(ik), v. t. annyit,. tell so many lies; be such a liar. ~hi, v. t. summon; assemble: convene (Parliament): convoke (assembly); call (meeting). ~-hivas, n. summoning; assembling: convening; convocation; calling. ~hivni, infin. see ossze-hi. ~-hord(oz), v. t. I collect; heap up; accumulate: carry to one place. II (fig.) compile. ~-hoz, v. t. bring together: throw together: arrangefor a meeting between (persons); introduce (to). ~-hurczol, drag to one spot: amass; accumulate. ~-huiz v. t. I Ossze-kap draw together; tighten: close (curtain). II knit (brows). III narrow; contract. IV ~za magat, a) retrench (one's) expenses: b) shrink (back): c) cave in; come down apeg or two: d) retire. ~-huizodds, n. contraction; shrinking.,-hdz6d(ik), v. i. I contract; shrink (up). II = ossze-huzza magdt (see ossze-huz IV.). ~-igazit, v. t. put (something) right; put in or'der: alter (clothes). ~-illeszt, v. t. adjust: fit together; match: dovetail (planks): adapt (to); suit (to). ~-illesztes, n. adjustment; adaptation. ~illik, v. i. I fit; suit: harmonise; agree. II suit; match: be suitable (to); be in keeping (with).,-illo, adj. suitable; harmonious; appropriate: homogeneous; congruent: 6ssze nem illo, heterogeneous; incongruent. ~inni, infin. see osszeisz(ik). — ir, v. t. I make a list of: register: enlist (soldiers); enroll; conscribe. II scribble. III bescribble; bescrawl. — iras, n. I registration: enlistment; enrolment; conscription. II census (of population): list; register: roll: inventory (of articles). ~-irkal, v. t.= 6sszeir II-III. ~-isz(ik), v. t. drink; guzzle. ~-ittam,.-ivott, see 6ssze-isz(ik). _-jar, A. v. t. wander all over (the town); tramp (the country); travel over; range (the forest): vadaszva ~, beat. B. v. i. vkivel,, be on visiting terms (with); associate (with).-jfitsz(ik), v.i. vkivel ~, collude; act in concert (with); conspire.,-jegyez, v. t. make a list of; note down. ~-jon, v.i. I meet: come together; assemble. II accumulate. ~jott(em), see ossze-jon. - jovetel, n. meeting: assembly: appointment: interview. ~-kap, A. v. t. I

Page  165 _Wl~~~~~~~ -_ __ —, - -ORIMPOMPUM ~Wn *~*~~r~-ar;-~;-;-~~ ~~~ ---n Ossze-kap)ar (father up: close (hurriedly). II rake up; snatch up. B. v. i. fall out; quarrel; pick a quarrel. ~kapar, v. t. scrape together: pick up. ~-kapcsol, v. t. connect; join; unite: couple (cars): combine (with). ~-kapcsolis, n. connection; connexion; joining; uniting: coupling: combination. ~kaplod, v. t. v. t. pick up (hurriedly); snatch up. ~karczol, ~-karmol, v. t. scratch. ~-kaszabol, v. t. cut to pieces; massacre. ~kavar, v. t. I mix; mingle. II stir up. ~-kel, v. i. get married. ~-kel6s, n. marriage. ~-ken, v. t. smear: besmear; soil; sully; smudge. ~-kereget, v. t. collect by begging. ~-keres, v. t. I search (room); ransack; rummage. II collect; select; pick out. III earn (money). ~-kerget, v. t. drive together (to one place): collect. ~-keriil, v. i. vkivel ~, meet: fall in (with); encounter; come across; run up (against). — kever, v. t. I mix; mingle; mix up. II throw into confusion: disarrange; confuse. III= ossze-ken. -kevered(ik), v. i. get mixed: get thrown into confusion. _-kocczan, v. i. fall out; bandy words; have words (with). ~-kocczanas, n. dispute; squabble; wrangle; altercation.. ~ - koldul, v. t. obtain by begging. — kovacsol, v. t. weld (together). ~-k6t, v. t. I tie (together); bind: tie up; cord (box); lace. II join; unite; splice (beams). III connect (with); link. ~kotes, n. I tying (together); binding: tying up: cording; lacing. II joining; uniting; splicing. III connection; linking. ~-koto, adj. connecting: - hid, railway bridge: ~ kapocs, connecting link: - tiszt, liaison officer: - vasut, circle rail 165 way: branch line: vonal, line of commuinication., kot6tt, adj. connected. ~kotoz, v. t. I tie up: tie together; faci:ten up. II handcuff (person): fetter. ~-k6ttet6s, (-t, -e), n. connexion; connexion: -be lep, enter into connexion (with); put (oneself) in commnunication (with): -ben all, (or van) be in communication (with); be in connection (with). ~kulcsol, v. t. clasp (one's hands). ~-kupolrgat, v. t. scrape together. ~-kuporod(ik), v. i. crouch. ~-kuszal, v. t. entangle; dishevel (hair); tousle. ~-kuszal6 -d(ik), v.i. become entangled; get entangled. ~-kiilonb6 -z(ik), v. i.= Ossze-kocczan. ~-linczol, v. t. chain together; fasten together: fetter; shackle. ~-lapit, v. t. flatten; make quite flat: squash.,-lapul, v. i. I become quite flat; flatten: get squashed. II crouch (in); shr ink (into). [spirit. Os-szellem, n. primitive Ossze-, prefix. ~-lop, v. t. obtain by stealing. -16l,,lod6z, ~-16v6ld6z, v. t. I bombard (town): batter down. II shoot (game).,mar, v. t. I bite: lacerate; tear to pieces. II corrode; fret.,-marczangol, v. t. lacerate; tear to pieces: worry.,-marek, n. as much as both hands will hold. ~-maszatol, ~-mazol, v. t.== ssze-ken. ~megy, v. i. I (of cloth) shrink. II (of milk) curdle; coagulate. III go to the same place: co-habit. ~-menni, ~-ment(em), see &sszemegy. ~-mer, v. t. I measure; survey. II compare. III erejiiket ~ik, try (their) strength: hardjaikat Jik, measure swornds: fight. ~metel, v.t. cut up; chop up: mince. ~-mocskol, v. t. sully: soil; dirty; besmudge; befoul; stain. ~ Ossze-p rsel morzsol, v. t. crush; crunch: c rumble to pieces; break to pieces. ~-muik6 -d(ik), v. i. co-operate: coact. ~-nem - egyeztetheto, adj.= ossze-egyeztethetetlen. ~-nem-fei o, adj. = ossze-ferhetetlen. ~-nemhangzas, n. disco'd; dissonance: disagreement (between); discrepan7cy., nem. -illo, adj. heterogeneous; incongruent: inappropriate; unseasonable; out of place.,-nez, v. i. look at one another; exchange glances. ~-no, v. i. grow together: unite: (med.) coalesce: (of wound) heal; close. ~nyom, v. t. I press together; compress: fold. II squash; crush: squeeze.,-nyomas, n. I compression: contraction. II squashing; crushing. ~-nyomhat6, adj. folding: collapsible. ~-olloz, v. t. plagiarise: compile. ~-olvad, v. i. I melt; melt down: (of snow) thaw. II mix; mingle: (fig.) become absorbed (in); merge (in). ~olvas, v. t. I count; tell (over). II collate (texts). III read through; peruse. ~-olvaszt, v. t. melt; melt down: mix; mingle: weld (metals); compound; alloy: (fig.) fuse. ~-olvasztas, n. welding (of metals): (fig.) fusion. ~-omlas, n. falling douwn; dilapidation (of building)): (fig.) collapse; breakdown; falling to pieces; breaking up. ~-oml(lk),v.i. I fall down; fall in; tumble down: and see ossze-dol. II (fig.) collapse; fall to pieces; break to pieces: break down. ~.61elkez(ik), v.i. embrace. -o6ml(ik), v. i. (of rivers) meet; unite. ~-ont, v. t. mix. ~-parosit, v. t. pair; couple.,-parosod(ik), v. i. copulate; pair; mate. ~pattan, v. i. clash; come into collision. ~-piszkit, v. t.= ossze-mocskol. ~-pr6 -sel, v. t. press (together):

Page  166 ~~, 7 777 7-77 - -1i 17 7 1 I _:_1_- 1___ _1., _ _ '. - _, - -- ' \ It i. ~ t ('rush; squa'h. <-i-ra(J, v. t. I bite (to piece;): nmia;i icate (food): gnaw to pieces; gnzawc through. II corrode; frlet. — ragad, v. i. stick together; adhere. — ralaszt, v. t. stick (together ); fisten: cement: glue; lute: mend. ~-rak, v. t. I put together; lay together; put in a heap heap up. II put in (proper) order; arrange; set in order. III construct: piece; fit (together). IV collect; get together: contribute; club: compile (data). ~-rakais, n. I putting together; laying together: heaping up. II putting in order; arrangement. III construction: piecing; fitting (together). IV collection; contribution; clubbing: compilation. ~-rakhat6, adj.folding: standard (ship). ~-ranczol, v. t. cwrinkle; fold (clothes); crease: knit (brows):,ja homlokkt, frown. ~-rant, v. t. shrink: contract. ~-raz, v. t. shake (thoroughly): shake uzp: mix (with). ~-razk6d(ik), — retten, — rezzen, v. i. shudder (at): ince. ~-r6, v. t.join: combine. — rogy, v. i. collapse; break down; drop (down). ~-rombol, v. t. demolish; pull down (wall); destroy; shatter; ruin. ~-roncsol, v. t. smash; dash to pieces: fracture (limb): smash to atoms: mutilate; mangle. ~-rongyol, v. t. slash to pieces; tatter: mangle; tear to pieces. ~-ront, v. t.= issze-rombol. — roskad, v. i. I= ossze-rogy. II =osszedol. ~-roskadas, n. I collapse. II smash: falling down; dilapidation. -rozsdasod(ik), v. i. rust; become rust-eaten. Ossz-ertek, n. total value;.jross value, aggr'egate value. Osszes, (-en), alj. I (with plural) all: -en, all in all; altogether; all told. II (with singular) total; aggregate: gros';: iwhole: bevetel, qgross takings (t. sz.); total receipts (t. sz.): ihole proceeds: bevitel, total imports (t. sz.): j6 -vedelemn, whole income; gross revenue: ~ koltseg, total costs (t. sz.): ~iiles, general meeting (or, as-,embly). Ossze-sajtol, v. t. press.(together). Qsszeseg, n.== 6sszesseg. Osszesen, adv. see osszes I. Ossze-seper, v. t. sweep lp: sweep (room). Ossze-seregl(ik), v. i. flock together; assemble;.gather (in crowds). Osszesit, (-ettem. -ett), v. t. I osszegez. II = koz~pontosit. Osszesites, (-t, -e), n. I= oisszegezes. II = kozpontositas. Osszesitett, adj. summary. Ossze-sodor, v. t. iwist together: intertwine. Ossze-sorvad, v. i. shrink (up); shrivel: waste away. Osszess6g, (-et, -e), n. sum; sum total: totality; entirety: whole. Ossze-, prefix. ~-sug, v. i. whisper together: talk secretly: lay heads together. -siil, v. i. I (of food) burnn: be overdone. II get sunburnt;.. get bronzed. szes II. Osszes-iiles, n. see oszOssze-, prefix. -suirit, v. t. condense; thicken. ~szaggat, v. t. tear (to pieces); rend. ~-szakad, v. i. tear; get torn; rend. ~szakit, v. t.=6ssze-szaggat. ~-szalad, v. i. assemble (running); collect; congreg- ate. ~-szamaraz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. call (one) an ass; abuse. ~-szamit, v. t. I add; add up: reckon up; estimate (costs); calculate. II count; tell (votes). - szamlfl, v. t.- ossze-szamit II. ~-szaniol, v. t.= sosze-szdmit. ~-szfrad, v. i. Ossze-ta; Ifilkozik dtlr/ p: become parched. - szed, v. t. I collect; gather: pick up; gather up; gather together: assemble. II ~i magat, collect (oneself); show2 (on2eelf) a man; make an effort: pluck up courage: minden erejet ~i, make an effort: eszt ~i, be on the qui vive: cudgel (onle's) brains. ~-szegez, v. t. nail together: nail up. ~szerez, v. t. procure; obtain; get together; collect; amass. ~-szerkeszt, v. t. construct; put together; compose. — szid, v. t. scold; upbraid; (vulg.) pitch into. ~-szok(ik), v. i. become accustomed (to one another); get used (to one another). ~-sz6lalkoz(ik), v. i.=ossze-kocczan. — szorit, v. t. I press (together); press dolwn; jam: squeeze (hand): compress; condense: constrict. II crowd (into): drive. III clench (fist). ~-szorul, v. i. I press together: huddle together; crowd together: sit tight. II become narrow: narrow; contract: (fig.) become constricted. III (fig.) a szive, (his) heart misgives (him): be uneasy: have (one's) heart in (one's mouth. ~-szo, v. t. interweave: interlace; entwine. ~-sz6gell(ik), v. i. meet: adjoin; converge. ~-szov6d(ik), v. i. be interwoven?; become entwined. ~-szurkal, v. t. stab (in several places): lacerate. ~szfikiil, v. i. narrow: converge.,-szfir, v. t. I mix (by filtering). II ~t6k a levet,they conspired; they laid their heads together. ~-taka. rit, v. t. I clean (room); tidy; tidy up: clear away (crockery, etc.). II save up (money); put by; lay up. ~-takol, v. t. botch up; compile (carelessly): piece together. _-talalkozas, n. meeting: coincidenuce. ~-talilkoz(ik), v. i. I (of per

Page  167 O r-r ' - -s -- — I Ossze-tapad sons) meet. II (of events) coincide (with). — tapad, v. t. stick (together): (of mouth) be parched. ~-tapod, _-tapos, v. t. crush; trample down; tread down. ~-tal t, A v. t. keep together; hold together: keep from falling: clasp; grasp. B. v. i. stand by (one another); assist (one another); hold together; stick to (one another). ~-tartas, n. I unity; harmony; loyalty: solidarity: esprit de corps. II cohesion. ~-tart6, adj. I coherent: compact. II (fig.) united: loyal: solidary. ~tartozas, n. clo:;e connexion; affinity: homogeneity: interdependence. ~-tartoz(ik), v. i. belong together: be homogeneous: be interdependent..-tartozo, adj. belonging together: homogeneous: interdependent.- - tartozosag, (-ot, -a), n.= ossze-tartozds.,-tataroz, v. t. mend; repair. -tenni, infin. see ossze-tesz. ~tep, v. t. tear to pieces; tear up: pull (flower) to pieces; pluck to pieces. terel, v. t. drive..(to one place); collect. Osszetes, adj. summary; concrete. Ossze-, prefix. ~-tesz, v. t. I put together; lay together: put side by side: mix. II contribute (money); club. III compose; compound: make up. IV ~i kezet (kezeit), a) clasp (one's) hands; fold (one's) hands: b) sit still; be idle; do nothing.,-t6tel, n. I composition; putting together. II combination; compound: form; shape: jelenegi ~eben, as at present constituted. ~tett, adj. I see ossze-tesz. II compound (word): indirect (evidence). III kezzel, with folded arms: idly: indifferently; with indifference. ~-tette(m), see issze-tesz. f-teveszt, v. t. mistake (for): con found 167 (with). ~-tev6d(ik), v. i. be made up (of); be composed. ~-tipov, v. t.-=6sszetapod. ~-toboroz, v. t. recruit. — tol, v. t. join (by pushing). — told, v. t. patch (up); piece: join; rabbet (boards). ~-to1l6 -d(ik), v. t. accumulate: (of traffic) become blocked; become congested. ~-tolt(oget), v. t. —== osse-jot. ~t6m, v. t. == osze-zsiifol. - t6op6ord(ik), (-ott), v. i. shrink (1p); hri vel: dwindle. ~-t6r, v. t. I break to pieces; smash; break up: crush; bruise; triturate: crumple.II exhaust (person); wear out. ~-t6i(ik), v. i. break (to pieces); smash; be dashed to pieces. -tiorod(ik), v. i. I =- ssze-t6r(ik). II get bruised: crumple. III = ssze-szok(ik). ~tur, ~turkal, v. t. I root; root up. II rummage; ransack: disarrange. ~-tfiz, A. v. t. pin (together): fasten. B. v. i. vkivel ~, pick a quarrel (with); fall out (with); fall to loggerheads. ~-tiizes, n. I pinning (together). II quarrel; dispute; altercation; squabble. —uszit, v. t. incite; egg on: set (at one another). ~-il, v. i. I sit together; sit side by side. II meet: begin a meeting. ~-iit, v. t. strike: clink (glasses): knock (heads) together. ~iitkozes, n. I collision (of trains). II conflict: contradiction; antagonism. III (mil.) engagement; encounter. ~-iitk6z(ik), v. i. I collide. II (fig.) come into collision (with); run counter (to): jar; clash. III (mil.) engage (in battle); meet. ~iit6d(ik), v. i. collide; knock against one another rub. ~-vag, A. v. t. cut up; cut to pieces. B. v. i. agree; tally; correspond: (of opinion) concur (with): nem vagnak 6ssze, do not agree; ditfer; are at variance. ~ Ossze-visszasfag 'valgdal, v. t. cut up; cut to pieces: hack up: mince (meat): chop ug. ~-vgo6, adj. corresponding; similar; identical; congruent. - val6, adj. congruent; congruous: accordant: suited to one another; homogeneous. ~-valogat, v. t. pick out; select. ~-varr, v. t. sew (together); mend; sew up. ~vasarlas, n. purchase; buying up. — vAsarol, v. t. buy up; purchase ~-vegyit, v. t. mix; blend. ~-vegyiil, v. i. blend (with); mingle; mix: merge (in). ~-venni, infin. see ossze-vesz B. ~vel-, v. t. I =6sszeiit. II thrash; beat black and blue. ~-vereked(ik), v. i. come to blows.,-verez, v. t. make (something) bloody; stain cith blood. ~-verod(ik), v. i. assemble; come together; meet. ~-vesz, A. (infin. dssze-veszni), v. i.fall out (with); pick a quarrel; fall to loggerheads. B. (infin. ossze-veenni), v. t. I buy up; purchase: buy the (whole) stock of: pick up. II take; hold. ~-veszit, v. t. set at variance; estrange: incite against one another. ~-vet, v. t. I compare; collate (texts): comfront (with). II ossze-szdmit.L -v6t, v. t.-==ssze-teveszt. ~-vetes, n. comparison; collation (of texts): confrontation. ~vett(em), see ossze-vesz B. _-veve, r adv. altogether; all told: mindent,, all in all. ~-vissza, adv. I upside down; topsy-turvy; pellmell: confusedly; in confusion: promiscuously; higgledy-piggledy: ~ dobal, (or, hany), jumble: throw about promiscuously; scatter all over the place: ksever, jumble together; jumble up: - beszel, talk at random; talk nonsense: gabble: - turkal, rummage; ransack. II altogether: not more than. ~-visszasag, (-ot, -a), n.

Page  168 I I -I ' I1 - lr - -, Ossze-von confusion; disorder; jumble; mess. ~-von, v. t. I draw together:.furl (sails); draw up; r'oll. II knit (brows). III (math.) reduce. ~-vont, adj. I drawn together: furled; drawn up.II knitted (brows). III concrete. ~-zagyvil, v. t. mix up. ~-zavar, v. t. I trouble (water); stir up. II throw into confusion; embroil: upheave. III confound (ideas); confuse: make a mess of. IV embarrass (person); bewilder; perplex; put out of countenance; disconcert.,-zavartod(ik), v. i. I (of water) become troubled (or, muddy). II be thrown into confusioz. III 'be embarrassed; be bewildered; lose (one's) composure. ~-z6rdiil, v. i.ossze-vesz A. -zuiz, v. t. crush; squah; smash (to atoms); mangle: bruise (by a fall). ~-zsiroz, v. t. grease; make greasy; besmear. ~-zsiufol, v. t. crowd (into); squash; squeeze: pen up. ~-zsugorgat, ~zsugorit, v. t. scr.ape together. — zsugorod(ik), v. i. shrink (to); shrivel (up);..lwindle; be reduced (to). Ossz-, prvfix.,-fogalom, n. comprehensive idea. ~foglalat, n. substance; tenor. — hang, ~-hangzas, — hangzat, n. I harmony. II (tig.) harmony; accord; agreement: unity: -ban van, tally (with); correspond (to); concur (with): -ban, (live) at peace (with); on good terms. ~-hangzatos, adj. harmonious; consonant; concordant.~-hlangz(ik),v.i. agree (with); be in harmony; harmonise (with); tally; correspond. -hlangz6, (-an), adj.=ossz-hangzatos. — hatas, n. total effect: general effect. — kep, n. general picture. ~-mik6odes, n. co-operation: co-.action. [custom. Os-szokas, n. primitive Osztokeles Ossz-, prefix. ~-pontosit, | sz-hajui, adj.== osz C. L. (-ott), v. t. I concentrate Osz-hang, sll). -o.sshang (forces). II centralise (ad-.,tc. ministration). ~-pontosi- Osz-h6, n. October. tas, (-t, -a), n. I concen- Oszi, adj. autumn; autration. II centralisation. t~- turmnal: ~ baraczk, peach: pontosul, (-t), v. i. con- ~ baraczk-fa, peach-tree: - centrate; be concentrated. ~- est(e), autumn evening; rendez6k, n. pl. (math.) evening in autumn: feny, co-ordinates. ~-suly, n. autumnal aspect: ~ gyii-,,grossweight.~-tIiz,n.volley. milcs, autumnal fruit: Os-sziil6k, n. pl. ancestors; id, autumn weather:.forbears (t. sz.). autumn?: lomb, autumnal Ossz-vagyon, n. gross leaves: autumnal foliage: ~.estate. rozsa, aster; Michaelmas Os-, prefix.,-termek, n. daisy: - szel, autumn wind: agricutltural product. ~-ter- taj, autumnal scene; mel6s, n. agriculture; autumn landscape: fit, cultivation of the soil: hus- autumn migration (of birds): bandry. _-termelo, A. n. vetes, solwing of the winter agriculturist: husbandman..,orn. B. adj. agricultural. — ter- Oszies, (-en), adj. autumn-; nm des, n.= os-kdpzodes.,autumnal. ~-t6rt6net, n. history of Oszike, (-et), n. (bot.) the primitive ages; primeval,neadow saffron. history. ~-t6rteneti, adj. Oszinte, (-en), adj. sincere; prehistoric. frank; candid: open; outOsveny, (-ek, -t, -e), n. spoken (person); blunt:,,path; foot-path; footway. genuine (sympathy); true: Os-vilag, n. primitive ingenuous (confession); unworld; antediluvian world: feigned (delight); uncon-,prehistoric ages (t. sz.). cealed: oszinten megmond, Os-vilagi, adj. primeval; litter freely; declare bluntly.,antediluvian: prehistoric. Oszinteseg, (-et, -e), n. Osz, A. (-t, -e), n. autumn sincerity; frankness; can(fig. too): (Amer.) fall: - dour: openness: genuineness; eleje, early autumn: - ut6ja, truth; ingenuousneoss. late autumn: -re fordul Oszit, (-ett), v. t. make gray; (jar) az id6, autumn is com- tinge with gray: (fig.) age. ing on. B. (-t), n. graybeard; 0sz-kep,= ossz-kep. grayhaired man. C. (-en), Osz-pontosit, stb. see adj. I gray (hair); grey: iissz-pontosit, etc. hoary (head); grizzled Osz-rendezok, = ossz-ren(beard): hoar: ~be csavaro- dez6k. dik (vegytil) haja, be turn- Osz-szakallii, adj. graying gray; turn gray. II gray- bearded: ~ ember, grayheaded; gray-haired; hoar-,peard. headed; hoary..-ap6, n. Oszszel, adv. in autumn..(zool.) long-tailed titmouse. Oszt6ke, (-bt, -bje), n. I Osz-benyomais,== 6ssz-be- ploughshare. II goad: (fig.),nyoms..stimulus. Osz-el6, n. I early autumn. Oszt6kel, (-tem, -t), v. t. I JI September. goad (oxen). II (fig.) stimuQszes, (-en), adj. grayish. late; impel; actuate; spur Qsz-feju, adj.-o=sz C. II. on. Osz-fogalom, =6ssz-foga- Oszt6okels, (-t, -e), n. I.0o. [lat. goading. II (fig.) stimulaOsz-foglalat, = iissz-fogla- tion; incitement: impulse.

Page  169 7X I -~1. It I I I I --— ra --- - I - — ~I ----~c --- —-,-U-l,,c-,,m r ---,ar —,I~2rb Oszton Oszt6n, (-6k, -t, -e), n. I goad. II (fig.) instinct: impulse; stimulus. -dij, n. scholarship; exhibition: (Cambridge) sizarship: (Oxford) studentship. ~-dijalapitvany,n. endowment.,-dijas, (-ak, -t), n. scholar;.exhibitioner: sizar: student. Osztonoz, (-ter, 6szt6nzott), v. t. (fig.) stimulate; prompt; impel; actuate:.spur on; encourage: urge. Oszton-szeri, (-en, -leg), adj. instinctive: involuntary: -leg, instinctively; by natural impulse: involunt-.arily. Osztonzes, (-t, -e), n. (fig.) stimulation; prompting; actuation; encouragement: impulse. Oszt6ru, (-t, -je), n. I lime rod. II (meat) stretcher. Oszt6ver, (-en), adj. lean; gaunt (person); haggard;.scraggy. Oszt6verseg, (-et, -e), n.,eanness; gauntness. Osz-ut6, n. I late autumn. II November. Osziil, (-tem, -t), v. i. I become gray; turn gray: become hoary. II - az ido, _autumn is coming on. Osziiles, (-t, -e), n. turning..gray; becoming gray. Qszve, adv.== ossze. Oszver, (-ek, -t, -je), n. (zool.) mule: hinny. — it, n. mule-track. Ot, numeral (n. and adj.): five: figy tudom, mint az ~ ujjamat, I have (it) at my fingers' ends: ~ev, quinquenniLum: -en vagyunk, we are five; there are five.of us. Ot, see o B. Oten, adv. see 6t. ~-kent,.adv. five at a time; by fives. Ot-, prefix.,-esztendos, adj. five years of age. ~6vel, adv. five (for sixpence). ~-eves, adj. I== ot-esztendos. II five years' (war); lasting five years. - evez6s, adj. five-oared 169 (boat). _-evi, adj. I five years' (work); for five years. II lasting five years: szarazsag, five years of drought. ~-fele, adj. five kinds of: of five kinds. -fele-kep(en),adv. in five (different) ways. -ifelvonasos, adj. (play) of five acts. ~-hetes, adj. five weeks old. ~-h6 -napi, adj. five months' (work); lasting five months.,-honapos, adj. five.omonths old. Otlet, (-ek, -et, -e), n. I idea; fancy; conceit: vagary; whim; freak. II wit: elmes, flash of wit; sally of wit. III vminek. oeb61, on the instigation (of). Otletes, (-en), adj. I rich in ideas; ingenious; witty: striking (style). II = otlet-.szeri. Otlet-szerii, (-en), adj. desultory; wild; rambling (remarks): whimsical; freakish; unsystematic: -en, at random: by fits and.starts. Otl(ik), (-ott), v. i. I eszebe ~, occur to; flash,, across (one's) mind. II szemebe - valami, catch sight of (something); clap eyes (on):.appear in sight. Ot-meretii, adj. - vers, pentameter. Ot-napi, adj. five days': lasting five days. Ot-napos, adj. five days old. Otod, A. (-ot, -e), n. (a)fifth (part). B. adj.= otodik: magaval, wvith four others. ~-evi, adj. quinquennial: - p6tlek, special allowance increased every five years.,-f1e, adj. four and a half... —hang, n. (mus.) quint. Ot6dik, (-et, -e), adj. (ord. num.) fifth. ~-szer, adv..for the fifth time..Otod-resz, n.-=oto d A. Otod-szor, adv. I fifthly. II == otodik-szer. Otod-szorre, adv. at the,fifth attempt: on the fifth occasion, Otven-6vi Otol-hatol, (otolt-hatolt), v. i. stutter; hum and haw; hem: beat about the bush; shilly-shally. Ot6n(kent),== otenkent. Otos, A. (-ok, -t, -e), n. I (the number) five. II five (of spades). III (arch.) fiveflorin note. B. adj. I consisting of five: fivefold; quintuple: ~ fogat, five-in-hand: bizottshg, committee of five (members). II five at a time. Ot-, prefix. ~-szziz, adj. and n. five hundred. ~-szazas, adj. (banknote) of five hundred (crowns). ~-szog, n. (math.) pentagon. ~szog(let)u, adj. (math.) pentagonal; pentagonous. ~sz6r, adv. five times. ~sz6ri, adj. repeated five times: five. ~-szoros, adj. I = 6t-sz6ri. II fivefold; quintuple: -en, fivefold. - ujju, adj. five-fingered;..pentadactyl(e). Otu, (-ek, -t), n. (zool.).barnacle. Otven, numeral (n. and adj.) fifty: en voltunk,.there were fifty of us. Otvened, A. (-et, -e), n. (a) fiftieth (part). B. adj.= 6trenedik: - magaval, wzith 49 others. Otvenedik (-et), adj. (ord. num.) fiftieth. ~-szer, adv.. 6tvened-szer. Otvened-resz, n. = otvened A. Otvenedszer, adv. I fiftiethly. II for the fiftieth.time. Qtvenen, adv. see otven. Otvenes, A. (-ek, -t), n. I (the number) fifty. II man fifty years old. B. adj. I representing fifty: fifty (-crown note). II az ~ evek, the fifties (of last century). Otven-, prefix. ~-esztend6s, adj. fifty years old. ~eves, adj. I= otven-esztendos. II fifty years' (war); lasting fifty years. ~-evi, adj. fifty years'; of fifty

Page  170 Otvenl-fle 170 P1aczka years. ~-fcle, adj. fiftyj ezek a knyvek az~ thes~el in abundance; in'plenty: (di Jenet) kinds of. _ —SZe boksar1hs.i crows in ulasses. 1dv fifty times: fifty-fold. Ov~ik,poss. pron. referring Oz6ffl~s, (4,-) i Otveny, (-ek, 4t, -e). n. to plural theirs. sltreamting; pouring; gushalloy; (higanynyal) amnal- Ov~k, poss. prom. referring iny;;lood. II abundance: gain. to singular:theirs. a!filuence: influx. Otvenez, (-tern, -ett), v. t. Ove-s, (-en), adj. provided OzoinlJk), (- 6tt), v. i alloy: amalgamate (with svith a belt; irearing a belt: stream; pour (into); surge; mercury). k: llat, armadillo. Tush*; gus~h. Otvds, (-6k, -t, -e), n. gold- Ovez, (-tems, -ett), v. t. I Ozon-viz, n., (the) Flood; smith: silversmith. — mui, gird; belt; bind; girt; Deluge._ —e16tti, adj. anten. work done by goldsmith girdle; begird. II (fig.) sur- dliluvian. (or, silversmit h): gold- round; encompass; encircle; Qz6nvizi, adj. alluvial. smith's (silversmith's) work. enclose; hedge in; begird; Ozdn-viz-utdifi, adj. post-,.-rni-hely, n. goldsmith's b~egirt.,~ilu~viaon.(silversinith's) workshop. -,- Ovezet, (-et, -e), n. zone: O)z-suta, Oz-tehd~n, n. roe. mfiv~szet, n. goldsmith's *domnaisi; psovince; sphere. Oz-vad, n. deer. (silversmith's) craft. Ov-ptincM~, n. armoured Ozveqy, A. (-ek, -e). n. (nfl) Otvdz, (-tern, -dt), v. t.= belt.[zoster. wvidowv: (f'rfi) wvidower: -gy' *(itvinye:. [veny. Qv-s~ii6r, n. shingles: lesz, become a widowv(or, Otv6zet, (-et, -e), n.= 6t- Qv-szij, n. waist-band. widowver). B. adj. widowed: (v, 65v, (-et, -a), n. I girdle; Oz, (-ek, -t, -e), n. (zool.) i(of titled woman) dowager-. belt: sash; waist-band. II deer: fallowv deer. _-asszony, n. widow. (astron.) zone; belt: forr6 agancs, n. head (of deer) em ber, n. widowver. torrid zone: me'rsekkelt -, attire. — baIk, n. roebuck. Ozvegyi, adj. a svidowv's: a temperate (variable) zone: -.-borjhi, n. fawvn; kid: widowcer's: - iet, widowed hideg -, frigid zone. _- young deer..- n',. deer- life: -fktyol, wvidow's veil: alakfi, (-an), adj. zonary; skin. _ —zomb, n. haunch ~jog, svidow's right: (poet.) belt-shaped. of venison. — der~k, n. widowhood: nyugdlj, OVd6, puss. pron. (used back of a deer. _-[i, -gqida,' dowver: jointure;: widowvsubstantivally): his: hers:n.- 6z-boiji'L. _-gonmba, n. bench: ~ rdkleks, widow's its: ez az -, this is his:,(bot.) yellowv agaric. rlight to inherit (her late refers to singular only. Ozike, (-6k, -ht ekje).hsadspoet) 4r Qvedz, v. t.= flvez.,,awnl; young deer. jks,~ fizregyi nyugdij. Ovedz6, (-t, -je), n. I = OZoH6 n. f-borjd. Ozvegysegq -e,-en fly I. II (fig.) 2vaist. Oz,6n, (-t, -e), n. I flood (of (adu'li) svidowvhood: (fekrfiOv~i, puss. pron. referring water); to-rent: stream; nklwidowverhood: xre j ut,betoj plural: his: hers its: deluge: rush. II -nel, ~e'vel, come a wvidowv (or, widower-). P P. A. The twenty-sixth let- lark: (havasi) fiiles -, shore (eccl.) aspergill; aspegiter of the Hungarian alpha- lark: ligeti -, wood lark: lum. II (painter's) sprinklbet (see Introduction). B. mezei _. skylark. _-CS6SZe- iny brush: whisk: dauber; abbrevations: pl. (= pel- szdrny, n. (bot.) common dabber. dhul), p. o. (= pkldknak milk-wort. _-6,nek, n. singq- -XiPdez, (-ot, -a), n. I pickle; okhkst), for example; for ing of larks: song of the brine; (tanner's) ooze. II instance; e. g. lark. _-hWd, n. net for -ban 'van, (fig.) be in a Pacsi, (-t, -ja), n. I hand: catching larks. — sz6, n. Pickle; be in a hole. (vulg.) paw. II as interj. pacsirta-e'nek. Pacza, n. ==pdlcza. slapdash! your hand! Pacskol, (-tam, -t)., v. t. Paczal, (-ok, -t, -ja), r.. Pacsirta, (-Ak, -kt, -a'ja), slap; pat: plush (water). tripe: chitterling (t. sz.) n. (zoo].) lark; sky'lark: Pacskolat, (-ot, -a), n. uXPdecziens, (-ak, -t -e), n. bfibos-, crested lark: faber-l slap;pat: plash, patient. szkrnyfl -, wchite-wvingedlPacsmagf, (-ot, -a', n. I Pacz'ka, (-a'k, -a't, -aja), n,

Page  171 Paczkas 171 Pakosztos blot: blotch; smudge; stain; excavation; hole: (grave) on familiar terms (with); splotch. vaultt: grotto: core (in coast). be chums (with); fraternise PaczkAis, (-an), adj. blotted; Padolat, (-ot, -a), n. pad- (with). splotchy; smudged. ldzat. Pajtaissiag, (-ot, -a), n.= Paczkaz, (-tam, -ott), v. i. Padoz, (-tam, -ott), v. t.= pajtdskodds. vkivel -, trifle (with): treat padolz. Pajzan, (-ul), adj. I roguish; (someone) with scorn; Padozat, (-ot, -a', n. I = arch: rompish; full of slight; palter (with); make padiozat. I1 platform: stage. mischief: lively. II wanton; game (of): quiz; hoax: -.al4aedagogia, stb. pe- loose; le d: giddy (girl): mnake free with. dagogia, etc. indecent; frivolous; smutty Paczkazas, (-t, -a). n. Pafhlrny, (-ok. -t, -a), n. (talk). trifling; scorn; slighting; (bot.) fern.. -f61ek, n. pl. Pajzinkodjk),(-tam,-ott), paltering. filices. v. i. I ==pajkoskod'ik). II Paczkazo, (-an', adj. tiifl- -l'Pagoda, (at), n. pagoda. be wanton; wanton; be lewd; ing; scornful; slighting;;Pagony, (-ok, -t, -a), n. be loose. paltering. thicket: grove: (hunting) Pajzansag, (-ot, -a), n. I= ~ Paczol, (-tam, -t), v. t. I preserve. — erd6sz, n. ran- pajkossdg. II wantonness; pickle; cure (ham): tan ger. looseness; lewdness: giddi(leather). II (fig.) tease; Phol, (-tam, -t), v. t.== el- ness; frivolity. torment. pdhol. 'Pajzs, (-ot, -a), n. I shield: i/Paczolas, (-t, -a), n.pickl- Palloly, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I (poet.) buckler: (kisebb) ing; curing: tanning (of (szinhazi) box. It (Free- target; targe. 11I (her.) leather). mason) lodge. —n. itogato, escutcheon; scutcheon; coat ~ P1taczoI6-szer, n.-pdcz I. n. attendant; box- keeper. -- of arms. III (zool.) scute. ~Pad, (-ot, -ja), n. I seat (in szek, n. box-seat. alaku, adj. shield-shaped: gaiden); bench: (school) Paizs, n. = pajzs. scutiform; scutate: (bot.) form: ket szek kozt a - ala Pajkos, (-an). adj. roguish; peltate; peltated. _-csiqa, esik, fall between two stools. petulant (child); rompish: n. (zool.) limpet. ~-horII (vulg.) = padlds. ~-agy, bouncing (girl.); wanton; doz6, n. shield-bearer: n. shake-down. saucy: playful; pert; perky: (arch.) squire: scutifer. ~/P/tdimentom, (-ot, -a), full of mischief: sportive; mirigy, n. (med.) thyroid n. (vulg.) floor. restive (horse): - leany, gland; thyroid body. K.Padisah, (-t), n.padishah. minx: hussy: tomboy. Pajzsos, (-an), adj. I bearPIadka, (-ak. -at, -aja), n. I Pajkoskod(ik),(-tam,-ott), ing a shield: targeted. I[ small seat: chimney corner: v. i. be roguish etc. (see paj- (zool.) scutigerouss. III (bot.) (Scot.) ingle tI(vulg.)hearth: kos): romp. pestate. (kitchen) range: stove. Pajkossag, (-ot, -a), n. I Pajzs - porcz(og6), n. Ibadlas, (-ok, -t, -a) n. loft: roguishness; petulance; (med.) thyroid cartilage. gabona ~, corn-loft. _-ab- rompishness: wantonness; Paktisz, (-ok, -t), n. fisher: lak, n. dormer; dormer sauciness: playfulness; pert- fowler. twindow\. —ajt6, n. loft-door; ness; perkiness: mischievous- '/Pakfong, (-ot), n. packgarret-door. — kamra, n. ness: restiveness. 11 pranks fong: German silver. cockloft: garret. ~-kulcs, (t. sz.): childish trick. -'-Pakk, (-ot,-ja), n. package; n. key of (the) loft. — lep- Pajor, (-ok, -t, -ja), n. larra packet; parcel: baggage. es6, n. stairs leading to (of insect); grub-sworm: -XPakkol, (-tam, -t), v. t. loft: garret stairs. _-szoba, grub. and i. pack (trunk); pack n. garret; attic. Pajta, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. up: do up (parcel). I'adlat, (-ot, -a), n. ceiling. barn: corn-loft; granary: i-Pakkolas, (-t, -a), n. Pad16, /-t, -ja), n. I deal: shed. packing;,packing up. plank. IL (usually) floor; Pajtas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. -XPakkolo, A. (.t, -ja), n. flooring: parquet. comrade: (vulg.) chum; pal; packer. B. adj. packing-: _ PIadloz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. crony. papiros, brown paper: board: floor (room). Pajtaskodas, (-t, -a), n. vaszon, packing; packing Padl6zat, (-ot, -a),n. board- comradeship: intimacy; sheet. ing; boards (t. sz.); flooring familiarity; intimate fel- 'iPakol, stb. - pakkol stb. (of room); floor: parquet; lowship. Pakosztos. (-an), adj. parquetry: (ko) pavement. Pajtfskod(ik), (-tam, -ott), (vulg. greedy; ravenous: Iadmaly, (-ok. -t, -a), n. v. i. be intimate (with); be lickerish.

Page  172 - ` - _1_ __7c_1i7_f - 1:Ir --- — ~;-.- - Paksamluta Pallott XPaksameta, (-at, -aja), n. ing: exte!nuation: hushing of) distilling spirits. _-fi66, packet; butndle. up. n. I distiller. II distillery; 'Paktal, (-tam, -t), v. i. PalAstolgat, (-tam, -ott), still. — hAz, _-meres, n. come to terms (with): con- v. t. frequentative of palds- gitn-shop; bar; gin-palace: spire; concert. tol (q. v.): try (attempt) to (vulg.) pub. ~-Inero, n. I ifPaktdlt1 s, (-t, -a), n. agree- palliate; make excuses for; palinka-mries. II barment; compromise: con- try to gloss (over). keeper. spiracy. Palastol6, adj. palliatory; Ptilnkas, adj. I brandy-;.Pakuldr, (-ok, -t, -ja), n. palliative: extenuating. for holding brandy (or, (vulg.) shepherd. Pala-, prefix. ~-szeg, n. spirits): hordo, brandy Pal, (-t), proper, n. Paul: slate peg. -szinfi, ~- barrel: ~ iveg, brandy tudja - mit kaszkl, (he) sziirke, adj. sate-coloured; bottle. II selling brandy (or, knows what's what: ~ fordu- slate gray. — tabla, n. slate. spirits): (place) where lasa, a) Conversion of St. — teto, n. slate roof. spirits are sold: - bode,= Paul: b) see pdl-fordulds...Palatinus,(-t), n.==nddor. pdlinka-merds. Pala, (-at, -aja), n. slate: Palatty, (-ot), n. =pitty- Palinka-szesz, n. spirits fedo, slates (t. sz.): tile. ~- palatty. of wine: alcohol. agyag, n. shale. Pala-vesszo, n. slate- Palinkaz(ik), (-tam, -ott), Palacsinta, (-ak, -at, -aja', pencil. v. i. drink brandy; dram: n. pancake. Paleza, (-kk. -at, -aja), n. I booze. Palaczk, (-ok, -ot, -ja), n. stick; walking stick: cane. Palk6, (-t),= Pali A. bottle: soros -, beottlettle. II (kiralyi) sceptre; mace. Pallas, n.==padlais. — bor, n. wine in bottles; III (conjurer's) wand. IV Pallas, (-t, -a), n. rotting; bottled wine. _-erett, adj. (marshal's) staff; baton. V rot: (med.) necrosis; ganripe for bottling..-fereg, vki folott palczat tor, judge grene. n. = poloska. ~-penz, n. harshly of: condemn. _- -Paller, (-ok, -t,-ja), n.forecorkage. ~-sor, n. bottled iites, n. stroke (with stick). man builder. ~-agyag, - beer (or, ale). -vivo, n. usher: Black fold, n. polishing slate. Pala-, prefix. _-fedel, n. Rod. XPalleroz, (-tam, -ott), v. slate roof. ~-fed6, n. slater. Palczaz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. t. I polish: burnish; furbish. — fejtes, n. slate quarry. cane; thrash. II (fig.) refine. ~-fodel, ~-fod6, =pala- Palczika, (-at, -aja), n..Pall6rozas, (-t. -a), n. I fedel, pala-fedo. ~-kek, n. small stick; cane: wand; polishing: burnishing; fuWand adj. slate gray: schist- baton. bishing. II (fig.) refinement: aceous. Palesztina, (-at), proper polish. ~ iPalank, (-ot, -ja), n. I n. Palestine; (the) Holy -.Pallrozatlan, (-ul), adj. fence: palisade. II (arch.) Land. I rough; unpolished. II board; plank. ~-kerit6s, Palesztinai, adj. and n. (fig.) unrefined; uncouth; n.= paldnk I. Palestinian; Palestinean. rough; coarse. -*~Palanta, (-ak, -at, -aja),.Paletta, (at, -aja), n. pa-.XPall6rozott, (-an), adj. I n. (young) plant: seedling. lette. polished: burnished; bright: Pala-pat, n. slate spar. Pal-fordulas, n. (fig.) smooth. IL (fig.) refined; Palas, adj. slaty: schistc; change of front: time-serv- polished; polite; usbane. schistose; schistous: ~ a&-ag. ing. i-Pallerozottsag, (-ott, -a), shale: ~ kozet, slate rocks Pallha, (-at, -aja), r. I gus- n. (fig.) refinement; polish. (t. sz.) schist. set (of shirt). II (bot.) Pall(ik), (-ott) v. i. rot: Palast, (-ot, -ja), n. I cloak; stipula; stipule. turn putrid: (of body) berobe (of state); mantle: Pali, (-t), A. proper n. di- come sore; become galled. (eccl.) pall; pallium: purple. minutive of Pal. B. n. Pall6, (-t, -ja), n. I===padl6. II (fig.) cloak; mask; cover; (vulg.) gull; dupe: sim- It (naut.) gang board; gang disguise. pleton. plank. Palastol, (-tam, -t), v. t. Palinka, (-at, -aja), n. Pallos, (-oh, -t, -a), n. (fig.) palliate; cloak; gloss brandy: gin: whisky: headsman's sword. ~-jog,n. over; colour; gloze: exten- spirits: edes -, liqueur: jus gladii; right of inflictuate: hush up. cseresznye -,cherry brandy: ing capital punishment. Palastolas, (-t, -a), n. (fig.) iirm6s ~, vermuth; absinthe: Pallott, adj. rotten: sore palliation; cloaking; gloss- keseri,~ bitters (t. sz.). ~- (mouth); galled: necrosed ing (over); cooauring; gloz- f6zs, n. distillery; (act (flesh); necrotic.

Page  173 Palma kPalma, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. I (bot.) palm: datolya ~, date-palm: bor, palmyra: kokusz -, cocoa palm. II (fig.) palm (of victory): a palmat elnyeri, bear the palm. ~-ag, n. palm-branch. — bor, n. toddy; palm wine. ~-erd6, n. palm grove. _fa, n. palm: palm-tree: magyar,Lombardy poplar. _-level, n. palm leaf. - liget, n. palm grove. - olaj, n. palm oil..-zsizsik, n. (zool.) palm weevil. Palocz, (-ok, -ot), n. Hungarian from the counties of Heves, Borsod, N6grad and Gomor, (with peculiar dialect). Palos, (-ok, -t). n. Paulician (member of the Order of St. Paul). — rend, n. (eccl.) Order of St. Paul. Palota, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. I (royal) palace. II mansion (in town); residence: headquarters (of institution). fI[ (arch.) hall..-forradalom, n. court revolution. ~-gr6f, n. palsgrave: palatine. — gr6fi, adj. of a palsgrave. _-gr6fsag, n. dignity (jurisdiction) of palsgrave: palatinate. _holgy, n. lady of the court. ~-orseg, n. guard; bodyguard. Palotas, (-ok, -t, -a). n. I bodyguard (person); usher. 11 (_ thncz), a Hungarian dance (a kind of minuet). Palya, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. I course; way: orbit (of sun); track. II (athletic) track: (football) ground: (tennis) court: (croquet) lawn: (16 -verseny) race-course. III (fig.) career. IV (fig.) profession; calling: nyilvanos palyara lep, enter public life; enter the arena of life. V (railroad) track; permanent way: rails (t. sz.). _-ber, n. prize. ~-bir6, n. judge: (football) referee: (tennis) umpire. ~-dij, n. prize: -at nyer, win a com 173 petition..-dij - nyertes, adj. winner of a competition: prize (essay). _-felugyelo, ~-felvigyaz6, n. overseer of the line: superintendent of the line. ~-fenn-tartds, n. keeping in repair of the permanent way. _-futas, n. career. — haz, n. (railway) station. ~-irat, n. prize essay. — kerd6s, n.question set for competition: theme..-kor, n. I (race-)coue-se; track. II career; profession. II[ orbit (of planet). ~munka, — mu, n. prize essay (or, treatise). ~-munkas, n. navvy; railway worker. — nyertes, adj.== pdlya-dij-nyertes. _-6r, n. signalman; flagman. soromp6, n. (level crossing) gate. ~-tars, n. colleague. -test, n. permanent way: roadbed. ~-tevesztett, adj. (man) who has mistaken his profession. -tetel, n. == plya-ke'rds. ~-udvar, n. (railway) station: terminus.,-valasztls, n. choice of (a) profession. Palyazas, (-t, -a), n. competing (for); competition: candidature (for office). Pdilyazat, (-ot, a), n. competition; prize competition: ~ot hirdet allasra, advertise a vacancy: invite applications for a vacant post: -ot hirdet (kozmunkara), invite tenders. Paldyaz(ik), (-tam-, -ott), v. i. I compete (for); take part in (a) competition: be a competitor: apply (for: post): make a tender (for public contract): (fig.) make a bid (for); try to obtain. II go away; go oft. 1Palyazo, (-k, -t, -ja), n. competitor: applicant (for post); candidate. Pamacs, (-ot, -a), n. (painter's) brush. Pamacsol, (-tam, -t), v. t. coat; give (something) a coat of paint. Panaszos Pamat, (-ot, -ja), n. tuft; bunch. Pamlag, (-ot, -ja), n. sofa; couch: (kisebb) settee. *Pamuk, Pamut, (-ot,-ja), n. (sewing) cotton: k6t6 -, knitting cotton: yarn. -f onal, n. cotton yarn: mule tlwist. _-kelme, ~-szovet, n. cotton (cloth): cotton cambric. Panasz, (-ok, -t, -a), n. complaint: grievance (against); charge: _t tesz (or, emel) vki ellen, lodge a complaint (against): complain (of): bring a charge (against); indict: nines ok a _ra, (you) have no reason to complain; (you) have nothing to complain of: nelkiul, without a murmur: ~ra fakad, begin to complain. _dal, n. lament; complaint; -hang, n. I lamentation. complaint.II plaintive voice; doleful voice. _-khp(en). adv. by way of complaint: as a grievance: vmit emlit, complain of. Panaszkodas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. complaining; complaint: grievance. Panaszkod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. complain (of): bring a charge (against). Panaszkodo, (-t), n.=:panaszos A. Panasz-konyv, n. complaint book. Panasz-level, n. I lettei of complaint. II indictment. Panaszl6, (-t), n.= panaszos A. Panaszlott, (-at), n. (and adj.), defendant. Panaszol, (-tam, -t), v. t. I complain of: azt ~ja, bogy (he) complains (that). IIbe-panaszol. Panaszolhat6, adj. (leg.1 actionable indictable. Panaszolkod(ik), v. i. — panaszkod(ik). Panaszos, A. (-ok, -t, -a), n. plaintiff. B. adj. I complaining; of complaint; plaintive: enek, lament;

Page  174 Panasz-pontok 171 complaint: ~ hangon, in a plaintive tone: in an aggrieved voice. IL (arch.) given grudgingly. Panasz-pontok, n. pl. (leg.)connts (of indictment). Panasz-sz6, n. complaint. Panasztalan, (-ul), adj. uncomplaining. Panasz-tetel, n. charge; indictment. Panasz-tevo, n. plaintiff..*Panax - ffi, Panax - mezga, n. (bot.) opopanax. ~ Pancsol, (-tam, -t), A. v. t. dilute (li uor); adulterate: tamper with. B. v. i. vizben ~, splash: play (with). Pancz6l, (-ok, -t, -ja), n. I mail; coat of mail: armour: mell ~, cuirass. It armourplate (of warship). ~-haj6, n. armoured ship; armourclad ship. ~-ing, n.hauberk; habergeon. ~-kesztyii, n. gauntlet.,-lancz, n. chain armour; chain mail. Panczelos, (-an), adj. I mdilclad (knight); armoured (ship: train); steel-clad (warrior). II f allat, (zool.) armadillo. Panczeloz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. arm with mail; mail: armour (ship). Panczel-, prefix.,-ruha, n. coat of mail; suit of armour.~-szeru, (-en), adj. mail-like.,-szoba, n. strong room. Panczelzat, (-ot, -a), n. armour: armour-plating (of ship). [maly. Pandal, (-t, -ja), n. == padiPandlir, (-ok, -t, -ja), n. I (arch. XV1II. cent.) pandour; pandoor. II (country) policeman; constable: beadle; tip-staff: (vulg.) bumbailiff; bound bailiff. Pang, (-ott), v. i. stagnate; be stagnant; be at a standstill: (of business) be slack: (of market) be flat. Panganet, (-ot, -ja), n. (vulg.) bayonet. Pangas, (-t, -a) n. stagnation; slackness (of business). ~Pani, adj. felelem, panic. Pankanyok, (-ot), n. pl. (zool.) arachnida. (t. sz.). Panna, (-at), Panni, (-t), proper n. Annie; Nanny; Nancy. Pant, (-ok, -ot, -ja), n. (iron) clamp: (vasfti) fish-plate: hold-fast: hoop. ~Pantaller, (-ok. -t, -ja), n. bandoleer; bandolier. ~*Pantall6, (-t, -ja), n. trousers (t. sz.) ~Pantheista, (-ak, -at), n. pantheist. ~XPantheizmus, (-t, -a), n. pantheism. Pantlika, (-ak, -at, -Aja), n. ribbon: tape. Pantlikas, (-an), adj. ribboned; trimmed with ribbons. Pantlikaz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. ribbon; trim with ribbons. Pantol, (-tam, -t), v. t. clamp. Pant-szeg, n. clamp nail. IPant-vas, n. hoop-iron. Pany6k&ra, Pany6khisan, adv. thrown over the shoulders. Panyva, (-at, -aja), n. halter; rope: lasso. ~-fa, n. (naut.) sprit. _-kotel, n. lasso. P'anyvaz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. lasso. Pap, (-ok, -ot, -ja), n. (R. Cath.) priest: (Anglican) elergyman: (Protestant) minister; pastor: kis,, seminarist: deacon: kinek a ~, kinek a n6e, tastes differ: there is no disputing about tastes. Papa, (-at, -aja,) n. I daddy; father. II (as address): papa. Papa, (-ak, -it), n. the Pope. ~-ellenes, adj. anti-papal. ~Papagaly, (-ok, -t, -a), n. (zool.) parrot. Papai, adj. papal: (the) Pope's: ~ kovet, nuncio; papal legate: - level, apostolical brief: s suveg, tiara: - szek. (the) Holy See. Papastg,(-ot, -a), n. I Papacy. II term of office of Pope. Papir-lap Papa-szem, n. spectacles (t. sz.). Papa-szemes, adj. I spectacled; wearing spectacles. It,kigy6, (zool.) spectacled snake; cobra de capello; hooded snake. Pcapa-valasztas, n. election of a pope. Pap-, prefix. ~-erszeny, ~-erszeny-f u, n. (bot.) shepherd's purse; shepherd's pouch. _-fold, n. glebe. - fiilemiile, n. (zool.) - poszata. ~-galler, n. clerical collar. ~-gyiiles, n. synod. ~-haz, n. vicarage: rectory; parsonage: (Scot.) manse. Papi, adj. clerical: priestly: a priest's: - gyuiles, synod: hivatal, priesthood; priestly office: ~ javadalom, living: benefice: ~ m6lt6 -sag, sacerdotal dignity: priesthood: ~ oltozet, ruha, cassock; vestments (t. sz.): (vulg.) clericals (t. sz.); cloth: rend, holy orders (t. sz.): clerical profession: rendbe 16p, take orders: uralom, priestcraft; hierarchy. Papi, (-t), n. (vulg.) pap (food for infants). ~Papir, (-t, -ja), n. paper: csiszol6 ~, emery paper; itat6s ~, blotting paper: iro6, writing paper: gyurt,, cardboard; pasteboard; carton: papier-mache: szfiro ~, filtering paper; filter paper: selejtezett (selejtes) ~, waste paper: ~b61 val6, paper-; made of paper; xra tesz (or, vet), set down; put in writing; note down. ~aru, n. stationery. ~-doboz, n. cardboard box; pasteboard box; carton. - fa, n. (bot.) paper birch; paper mulberry. _-gyar, n. paper-mill..-keresked6s, n. I paper trade. II stationer's shop. -'kereskedo, n. stationer. ~-kosar, n. waste-paper basket. _-lap, n. sheet of paner. ~-nm

Page  175 Papir-malom lom, n. paper-mill. - mandola,n.thin-shelled almond. XPapiros, (-ok, -t, -a), n. ==papir. ~Papir-, prefix. ~-p6nz, n. paper money. — pep, n. paper-pulp: papier-mache. ~-ront6, n. (vulg.) scribbler. ~-szalag, n. slip of paper: tape. ~-szelet, n. slip of paper; piece of paper. ~-tekercs, n. roll of paper. ~-teszta, n. paper-pulp. ~-tolcs6r, n. cornet; paper bag.~- vago6, n. (~kes), paper-cutter; paper-knife. ~-vekonysagfi, adj. thin as paper; thin as a wafer. Papista, A. (-ak, -at), n. Papist; Roman Catholic. B. adj. I Roman Catholic; Romish: popish; papistic(al). II (fig.; vulg.) - szinben van, be pale: look sallow. ~-szinu, adj. (vulg.) pale; sallow. Pap-jelolt, n. deacon. Pap-k6ve, n. every sixteenth sheaf. Pap-lak, n.= pap-haz. Paplan, (-ok, -t, -ja), n. (bed.) coverlet; counterpane. Paplanos, (-ok, -t), n. maker of (dealer in) coverlets. Pap-, prefix. ~-ne, n. clergyman's wife. ~-nevelde, ~-nevelo-intezet, n. (R. Cath.) seminary: (Anglican) training college; theological college. ~-n6 n. (heathen) priestess. -novelde, n.= pap-nevelde. ~novend6k, n. (R. Cath.) seminarist: student of a theological college, Papocska, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. young priest: young clergyman: curate. Papol, (-tam, -t), v. i. I preach. II (vulg.) prattle; chatter; gabble; babble; prate. Papolas, (-t, -a), n. I preaching. II (vulg.) prattle; chatter: gabbling; babble; prating. 175 Papos, (-an), adj. I clerical; priestly. II priestloving. Papra-morg6, n. (vulg.) brandy: spirits. Paprika, (-at, -aja), n. I (bot.) capsicum: t6r6k ~, Guinea pepper; bell pepper. II (Hungarian) red pepper (powder). ~-Jancsi, n. 1 Punch and Judy show. II Merry Andrew; clown; buffoon. Paprikas, (-an), adj. I seasoned with red pepper: ~ his, devilled meat. II containing (dealing in) red pepper. I1I (fig.) fiery (temperament); hot: excited: (atmosphere) charged with electricity. IV (fig.) exorbitant (price). Paprikaz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. season with red pepper. Pap-ruha, n.=papi ruha (v. papi). Papsag, (-ot, -a), n. I (the) clergy: priesthood. II priestly office; priesthood. Pap-, prefix. ~-sajt, n. (bot.) mallow; mallows: (mallow)cheese. _-siiveg,n. I (eccl.) barret (cap). II (bot.) prickwood; spindle tree. _-szenteles, n. ordination; ordaining (of priest). ~-tized, n. tithe (paid to priest). Papucs, (-ot, -a), n. slippers (t. sz.): pantofle: alatt nyog, (vulg.) be henpecked; be wife-ridden; - alatt tart, domineer (one's husband). ~-h6s, n. henpecked husband. ~-kormany, n. petticoat government. ~-leczke, n. curtain lecture. ~-patk6, n. panton. — vitez, n.= papucs-hos. Pap-uralom, n. == papi uralom (v. papi). ~ Par, (-ok, -t, -ja), n. I (a) pair (of gloves): couple (of chickens): brace (of pheasants): yoke (of oxen). 1II vminek ja, counterpart; pendant: companion (picture): duplicate: copy (of Paradicsom-martas writing): (fig.) match: nines _ja, be unmatched; be unrivalled; be without a rival; be peerless: ritkitja _jat, be practically unrivalled: have few rivals. III mate; companion: elete-ja, (one's) better halj: consort. IV egy ~, a few; some. Para, (-at), n. I float: cork. II fin. Para, (-at, -aja), n. I vapour; exhalation: (mountain)mist; haze; (mine) damp. II (fig.) breath (of animal): parajat kiadja, die. III szegeny ~! poor creature! poor devil! ~Parabola, (-ak. -at, -aja), n. I parable. II (math.) parabola..>Parabolas, (-an), adj. I parabolic(al); allegorical.II (math.) parabolic. PParAd6, (-t, -ja), n. I parade; show; display: ~t csap, make a show; parade. II gala (dress): full dress. ~*Parfades, adj. I showy; ostentatious: pompous. II kocsis, liveried coachman: b ruha, gala (dress); full dress; fszl rig: (mil.) dress uniform: (vulg.) war-paint: - szerep, r6le for showing oft. ~Paradez, (-tam, -ott), v. i. make a show; parade; (vulg.) show off; cut a feather. '-Paradicsom, (-ot, -a), n. I (~ kert), (garden of) Paradise; garden of Eden: (fig.) Heaven. II (bot.) = paradicsom-alma..-alma, n. (bot.) tomato. ~-fiige, n. (bot.) banana. XParadicsomi, adj. paradisean; paradisiac(al): paradisian; of Paradise: (fig.) heavenly; delightful; blissful. XParadicsom-, prefix. - kert, n.=paradicsom I. - madar, n. (zool.) bird of Paradise; paradise bird. ~mag, n. grains of Paradise (t. sz.); Malaguetta (Mlelegueta) pepper. — mhrtas,

Page  176 Para-fa 176 l'arasztosod(ik), n. tomato sauce: catch-up; catsup. Para-fa, n. I (bot.) corktree. II cork (used as adj. too). _-dug6, n. cork (for botile). iParagrafus, (-ok, -t, -a), n. paragraph. Paraj, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I. (bot.) spinach; spinage. II weed. ~-lorom, n. (bot.) patience; monk's rhubarb. Parlancs, (-ok, -ot, -a), n. command; (mil.) order: behest; injunction: (leg.) writ: edict (of authority): ot ad, give orders (to): ~ ara, -a szerint, by command of; by order of; ~ara! at your service! certainly! _ot teljesit, carry out an order; execute an order (or, command); obey an injunction: -Ara 11, be at the service of; be at the command of: hadi ~, order: atveszi a ~ot, take over the command (of): - hangon, imperiously; in a peremptory tone: in a tone of command: - ellen6re, against orders; in defiance of orders.,-adas, n. giving orders: order; command. — hid, n. (naut.) (captain's) bridge. ~kep(en), adv. by way of command.,-level, n. order in writing; written order. Parancsnok, (-ot, -a), n. (mil.) commander; commandant. II (naut.) captain. Parancsnoki, adj. (rank) of commander: hid, (naut.) (captain's) bridge. Parancsnokol, (-tam, -t), v. i. be commander; be in command (of). Parancsnoksdg, (-ot. -a), n. I command. II headquarters of commander; orderly room. Parancsol, (-tam, -t), v. i. A. v. i.=parancsnokol. II vkivel _, have (someone) at (one's) disposal:.jon velem, I am at your service. B. v. t. I (ive orders (to); give ingractions (to): azt -ta ne kern, (he) ordered me (to). II enjoin; impose (silence). III order (food). IV mit -? what can I do for you? -jon, tessek,ni, here you are! help yourself! Parancsolas, (-t, a), n. I command (of). II giving orders. III enjoining; imposition. IV ordering (of). Parancsolat, (-ot, -a), n. I =parancs. II a tiz ~, (the) Ten Commandments (t. sz.). III ugy megy, mint a ~, it goes like clockwork. Parancsolgat,(-tam, -ott), v. t. keep giving orders. Parancsol6, A. (-t, -ja), n. I commander; commandant. II lord; overlord; master. III valami ~, something imperious. B. (-lag) adj. I imperious; authoritative; dictatorial; commanding (look); (voice) of command: peremptory; domineering. I (gramm.) imperative (mood). Parancsol6n, adv. commandingly; peremptorily. Parancs-or-tigzt, n. orderly officer. Parancs-sz6, n. command; order: (mil.) word of command: ~ra, by order: when commanded: ~ra megjelenik, obey the summons. Parany, (-ok, -t, -a), n. atom. ~-bolcseszet, n. atomic philosophy: doctrine of atoms. ~-elmelet, n. atomic theory. Paranyi, adj. minute; wee; microscopic; tiny; puny. Paranyisag, (-ot, -a). n. minuteness; wee size; tiny size; puniness. Parany-, prefix. ~-m6ro, n. micrometer. ~-suily, n. atomic weight. — tan, n. atomism; atomology; doctrine of atoms. XParapl6, (-t, -ja), n. umbrella. PIrds, (-an), adj. misty (air); vaporous; vapoury; vapourish; hazy. Paraszt, A. (-ok, -ot, -ja), n. I peasant: rustic; countryman; swain; hind: ~ok, peasantry. II (fig.) boor; clown; churl: lout. III (chess) pawn. B. adj. I= parasztos.II see compounds in vocabulary. — asszony, n. peasant woman; countrywoman. — beres, n. armlabourer. ~-bir6, n. village magistrate; petty constable; headborough. — birtok, n. peasant holding; farm. ~dal, n. rustic ballad: Jolksong.,-elet, n. country life; rustic life. ~-ember, n.= paraszt L ~-erkolcs, rustic manners. ~-esz, n. common sense. ~-ficzk6, n. yokel; rustic: (vulg.) clodhopper. ~-fifi, n. peasant boy; country lad. ~-gazda, n. farmer; peasant holder. ~-gazdasag, n. farm; peasant holding: homestead. ~-(og, n. vulgar pride. ~haborui, n. peasant rising; peasant insurrection. - haz, n. farm-house; peasant's cottage. ~-jobbagy, n. villein; serf. ~-kenyer, n. coarse bread. ~-kocsi, n. peasant cart; farmer's waggon. ~-kunyh6,n. peasant's cottage. — lakodalom, n. peasant wedding; country wedding. ~-lhzadds, n. peasant rising; peasant insurrection. leany, n. peasant girl; country lass: country wench. ~-legeny, n. young peasant. ~ 16, n. cart-horse; farmer's horse. _-major, n. farm: homestead. ~-modra, adv. simply; in a rustic manner. ~-munka, n. Ifield labour. II (fig.) rough work. ~-nep, n. country-Jolk: peasantry.,-no, n. peasant woman; country-woman. Parasztos, (-an), adj. I rustic; country (manners); rural: simple; homely. I (fig.) coarse; rude; boorish; clownish; rough: churlish. Parasztosod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. become boorish;

Page  177 Parasztossag 177 lose (one's) refinement: see el-parasztosod(ik). Parasztossag, (-ot, -a), n. rustic etc. character or nature (of: see parasztos). Paraszt-rend, n. (the) peasantry. Paraszt-ruha, n. peasant's dress; country dress; rustic attire. Parasztsag, (-ot, -a), n. I peasantry; peasants (t. sz.). II (fig.) coarseness; boorishness; rusticity; roughness; rudeness; clownishness: want of refinement. Paraszt-, prefix. ~ siheder, n.=paraszt-ficzkd. ~szek6r, n.= paraszt-kocsi. ~ szokis,n.country custom. _-szolga, n. farm-hand; farm servant. ~-szolgfa6, n. farm servant (girl). ~tancz, n. country dance. ~-viselet, n. = parasztruha. _-visk6, n.=parasztkunyho. ~-zenduiles, n.= paraszt-ldzadds. Para-telt, adj.= pdrds. Paratlan, (-ul), adj. I odd (number). II (fig.) matchless; unparalleled; unequalled; unrivalled: peerless; incomparable: (case) without a parallel; unprecedented: 6 _ ember, he is without a peer (without a rival). P'arazat, (-ot, -a), n. exhalation. )XParazita, A. (-ak, -at), n. parasite: toady; hanger-on; sycophant. B. adj. parasitic(al); sycophantic: (life) of a parasite. Parazna, adj. incontinent; lecherous; lewd; lascivious; libidinous; lustful: incestuous. Parfznalkodfs, (-t, -a), n. incontinence; lechery; fornication; lasciviousness; libidinousness; lust: (bibl.) adultery: (poet.) bawdry; incest. Parfiznalkod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. lecher; fornicate; practise incontinence: (bibl.) commit adultery. Paraznasag, (-ot, -a), n. == pardzndlkodds. Parafzs, A. (paiazsat, parazsa), n. (live) embers (t. sz.): brand (of wood):.on uil (or, i11), sit on thorns. B. adj. I red-hot; live: (fig.) hot: fine (pickle). 1] quite fresh: crumbling. ~-szemfi, adj. fiery-eyed. _-tiiz, n. glowing (red-hot) fire: live coal. Parbaj, (-ok, -t, -a), n. duet: single combat: _t viv, fight a duel (with): xa hv, challenge (to a duel). ~-ellenes, adj. anti-duelling (league). _-k6pes, adj. qualified to fight duels. Parbajoz, (-tam, -ott), v. i. fight a duel; duel. Parbajozas, (-t, -a), n. duelling. Parbajoz6, (-k, -t), n. dueller: duellist. Parbaj-seged, n. second (in duei). Par-besz6d, n. dialogue: conversation: interlocution; colloquy: ~be foglal, dialogue. Par-beszedes, adj. dialogistic(al): interlocutory (form); conversational; of a dialogue. XParczellaz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. parcel (out): allot. X*Parczellazas, (-t, -a), n. parcelling (out): allotment. Par-dal, n. duet. Par-darab, n. = pdr 11. Parducz, (-ot, -a), n. (zool.) panther: afrikai ~, leopard..-b6r, n. panther skin. _kaczagany, n. leopardskin (worn over shoulders). Parduczos, (-an), adj. wearing leopard skins (or, a leopard skin). Pare, (-t, -ja), Parej, n. = paraj. ~.Parfiim, (-6t), n. perfume; scent. ~ Parget, (-at, -ja), n. fustian. Par-hagyma, n. (bot.) leek. Par-huzam, (-ot, -a), n, Parket parallel: comparison: ~ot von, draw a parallel (between). Pfir-huzamos, (-an), adj. parallel: - hely, parallel passage: - vonal, parallel: -an halad, run parallel. Par-huzamossag, (-ot, -a), n. parallelism: correspondence. ~*Paria, (-ak, -it), n. (fig.) pariah; outcast. Paripa, (-At, -ija), n. saddle-horse; mount; riding horse. i-Pariroz (-tam, -ott), v. i. obey. Paris, (-t), proper n. Paris. Parisi, adj. and n. Parisian: n6o, Parisienne. *iParisienne, adj. betfi, agate. Parittya, (-at, -ija), n. sling. — k6, n. sling-stone. Parittyas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. slinger. Parittyaz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. and i. sling; hurl: use a sling. Parizs, (-t, -ban), = Pdris. Parizsi, = pdrisi. *Pairjal, (-tam, -t), v. t. and i. copy; make a copy (of). ~XPark, (-ok, -ot, -ja), n. park. ~Pafrka, (-ak, -At), n. Fate; Destiny: Weird Sister. Parkany, (-ok, -t, -a). n. I edge; rim; border; ledge; moulding; (window) sill: board (of ship): mantel; mantelpiece (over fireplacc): (door) case. II (archit.) entablature; pediment (over door): frieze: (window) frontal: koronfz6 ~, cornice. III (fig.) az eg -a, horizon. _-deszka, n. shelf: (window) sill. ~-fal, n. parapet.,-hegyseg, n. border mountains (t. sz.) ~-k6, n. cornice stone. Parkanyzat, (-ot, -a), n. I = parkdny II. II battlement. XParket, (-ot, -ja), n. I parget. II parquet; parquetry. Yolland: Magyar-angol szotdr. 1.

Page  178 Parketa sParketa, (-at, -aja), n. = parket II. stPark6taz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. cover with parquetry; inlay (floor). Parlag, (-ot, -ja), n. fallow land; fallow field: uncultivated soil: -.on hever, lie fallow; be left uncultivated: - fold, fallow ground. Parlagi, Parlagias, (-an), adj. uncultivated: (fig.) rude; rough; boorish; unrefined; clownish: trivial; trite; everyday: ~ nemes, country squire: ~ rbzsa, wild rose: dogrose: - sas, eagle. Parlagiassag, (-ot, -a), n. (fig.) rudeness; roughness; boorishness; want of refinement: triviality; triteness..iParlament, (-et, -je), n. parliament. >*Parlamenti, adj. parliamentary: - tag, Member of Parliament; M. P. Parlas, (-t, -a), n. distillation: evaporation. Parl(ik), (-ott), v. i. evaporate. Parl6, A. adj. evaporating: volatile. B. n. (bot.) agrimony. Parmai, adj. Parmesan (cheese). Parna, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. I pillow (for bed): (nagy -) bolster. LI cushion: (knee) hassock.III (ink) pad. —haj, _-hej, n. pillow-case. Parnas, (-an), adj. cushioned; padded: _sz6k, cushioned seat; stuffed seat: tabouret. Parna-sz6k, n. - padrnds szek. Parnaz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. stuff (chair); pad: cushion (car). Parocska, (-at), n. couple: loving couple. 'Par6dia, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. parody; travesty: burlesque. XPar6diaz, (-tam, -ott), ~ Par6dizal, (-tam, -t), v. t. parody: burlesque. 'Par6ka, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. 178 wig: (arch.) periwig. csina16. n. wig-maker. ~iPar6kas, (-an). adj. wearing a wig (or, wigs): bewigged. ~Par6kia, (-at, -aja), n. parish. Parol, (-tam, -t), v. t. distil; evaporate (liquid): steam; stew (meat). ~Parola, (-At), n. I = pacsi. II (given) word. XParolaz, (-tam, -ott), v. i. give (one's) hand: (fig.) give (one's) word. Parolgas, (-t, -a), n. evaporation: steaming; smoking. Parolgo, adj. evaporating: volatile: steaming (food); smoking. Parolog, (parolgott) v. i. evaporate; pass off infumes; steam; smoke: perspire. Paronkent, adv. in couples; in twos; in pairs. Paros, (-an), adj. I even (number). II paired: -an, Aval, = pdronkent: e6let, life endeux,..III kesztyii, a pair of gloves: glove to match: ~ dal, duet. Parosit, (-ott), v. t. I pair; couple; match; sort: (fig.) unite; combine; blend. II cross (breeds). Parositas, (-t, -a), n. I pairing; coupling: (fig.) uniting; union; combination; blending. II crossing (of breeds). Parosodas, (-t, -a), n. pairing: copulation (of animals); bucking: sexual intercourse; coition. Parosod(dik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. pair: (of animals) copulate; buck: couple. Patros-, prefix. ~-rim, n. couplet. ~-szamu, adi. even. ~-ujjiiak,n. pl. (zool.) diplopoda. Parosul, (-tam, -t), v. i. I = pcrosod(ik). II (fig.) be combined (with); blend (with); be united (to); be joined (to); be coupled (with); exist side by side (with). Pbartatlan Par-rim, n. = pdros-rim. Part, (-ok, -ot, -ja), n. I bank (of river); shore; coast (of sea); beach; strand: rakod6 ~, wharf: ~ra szall, land; disembark; go on shore: -ra szallas, landing: disembarkment: -ra szallit, land (passengers): unload (goods); unship; debark; put on shore: a - fele, shoreward; landward: (put) in shore: a ~hoz iitodik, ~ra vetodik, be stranded; run aground:.ra vet, strand; drive on shore: a onkikot, put in: ride at anchor. II bank; embankment; rising ground; slope: f fel, up hill. -Part, (.ok, -ot. -ja). n. I (political) party: faction: -on kiviil, neutral: (belonging) to no party: vkinek ~jara all (or, kel), ~jahoz szegodik, join (someone's) party; espouse the cause (of); join: ~okra szakad, be split into factions: be divided against (itself). II (fig.) vkinek _jat fogja, vkit ~ul fog, take the side of; assist; interest (oneself) for: patronise; take (one's) part; protect: vminek _jat fogja, interest (oneself) in; take up. III ~ot ut, rebel; rise; revolt: turn renegade; desert. Parta, (-at, -aja), n. I fillet (token of maidenhood); headband: (fig.) maidenhood; virginity: pArtaban marad, remain a maiden; remain unmarried: partaban hagy,jilt (girl). II (bot.) corolla. III (poet.) fringe; edge. Part-alakulas, n. formation of a party: party. Part-allas, n. political creed: relation to a party: ~t foglal el, join a party. Parta-mag, n. (bot.) feverfew. Part-arnyalat, n. fraction. Partatlan, (-ul), adj. impartial; unbiassed; objective (criticism); disinterested; unprejudiced: fair.

Page  179 ira9RY.NDi41~L~ ''I' I Il — _ - —ak-~~v —'~~~~~r*n,,nmaor Pdirtatlansa!! Partatlanssg, (-ot, -a), n. impartiality: unbiassed etc. character (of: see pdrtatlan). Part-beli, adj. belonging to (a certain) party. Part-cz61, n. party aim: party interest. Part-diih, n. rage of faction; factious fury. Part-ember, n. party-man: partisan. Part-erodites, n. coast defence. Pairt-ertekezlet, n. party conference. Part-fal, n. shore; bank: coast-line. Part-fegyelem, n. party discipline. Part-fel, n. partisan: follower; adherent. Part-feliigyel6, n. coastguard. Part-loyas, n. protection; assistance: patronage: ~aba vesz, = pdrtfogol (and see pdrtjdt fogja. sub part II.). fIrt-fog6, (-t, -ja), n. protector: patron; supporter: advocate; wellwisher: (no) patroness. Part-fog61, adj. patronising. Part-fogol, (-tam, -t), v. t. patronise: assist; advocate the cause of: protect. Part-fogolt, (-ot, -ja), n. protedg: protegee. Part-fog6sag, (-ot, -a), n. patronage: protection; assistance. Part-fut6, n. (zool.) sandpiper: apr6 ~, little stint: havasi -, dunlin; churr; dorbie; grass bird; redbacked sandpiper: izandi~, knot: dunne: sarl6s ~, pigmy curlew: tengeri, purple sandpiper. Part-gyulolet, n. factiousness; factious hatred. Part-hiv(e), n. partisan; adherent: member of party. Parti, adj. shore-; living on the shore: coast-: riparian (State): - fecske, sand martin: ~ haj6s, coaster: - haj6 - 179 zas, coasting:..kereskedes, coasting trade: ~ haj6, coaster; coasting vessel: ~ jog, right of salvage: - lakos, coast-dweller: person living on the bank of a river: ~ lile, strand plover; blackbellied plover. Part-iroda, n. committeeroom. Part-kerdes, n. party question. Part-keriil, n. (mounted) coastguard. Part-kozi, adj. (balance) of parties. Part-kozlony, n. party organ. Part-kiilonbseg, n. difference of party: - nlkiil, unanimously. Part-kiizdelem, n. party conflict. Part-lak6, Part-lakos, n. = parti lakds (see parti). Part-mellek, n. coast-line; sea-board: shore-land. Part - melletti, Partinenti, adj. maritime (district): shore-; coast-: flanking the shore (or, coast): coasting (trade): - hajbzas, cabotage. ~ Partner, (-ek, -t, -e), n. partner. Partol, (-tam, -t), A. v. t. take the part of; back; aid; put in a word for (someone): favour; protect; patronise: espouse (cause); support; second (motion): countenance; commend. B. v. i. vkihez, (== dt-pdrtol): go over (to); change sides: turn (in favour of). Partolas, (-t. -a), n. (act of) patronisling; patronage; favouring; advocacy; protection; assistance; espousal (of cause); support: countenancing; commendation. Partolo, A. (-k, -t, -ja), n. = pdrtfogo. B. adj. favouring; patronising: commending: (action) in support (of); favourable (report): sympathetic: ~ lag, favourably: -tag, extraordinary member. Part-vedo Parton-kiviili, adj. neutral: not belonging to any party. Partos, A. (-ok, -t), n. I rebel; insurgent. II renegade; turncoat. B. adj. I rebel; rebellious; seditious. II factious (spirit): partisan. III recreant; disloyal. IV. partial; biassed: unfair. Partoskodds, (-t, -a), n. I partisanship: factiousness. II partiality; bias: unfairness. III faction; disunion; dissension. Partoskod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. I be partial; be biassed. II raise dissension: be at loggerheads. Partoskodo, adj. I partisan (zeal); factious (spirit). II partial; biassed: unfair. III disunited. Partossag, (-ot, -a), n. pdrtoskodds. Part-, prefix. ~-6r, n. coastguard. _-6r-haj6, n. revenue cutter. — penz, n. shorage. _-ra-szallas, n. landing; disembarkment. _-ra-szallitas, n. landing (of passengers): unloading (of goods); unshipment. ~-ra-vetett, adj. stranded: thrown on shore: ~ joszag, flotsam. ~-ra-veto(ds, n. stranding. _-szakadhs, n. break in the shore (or, coast): creek. Part-szakadas, n. split in a party. Part-szakasz, n. section ot shore (or, coast). Part-, prefix. ~-szellem, n. party spirit: partisanship. _-szenvedely, n. factiousness. ~-toredek, n. faction: fraction. ~-tusa, n. party strife.,-uralom, n. party rule. _-iigy, n. party affair. ~-iites, n. rebellion; insurrection; rising; revolt. _-iito, A. n. rebel; insurgent. B. adj. rebel; rebellious: insurrectionary. Part-vam, n. shorage. Part-v6d6, adj. hbaj6. 12*

Page  180 Part-vezer 180 Patikaros coastguard ship: - mil, coast defence. Part-vez6r, n. leader of a party; party leader. Part-vezetoseg, n. (executive) committee of a party. Part-videk, n. = partmellek. Part-viszaly, n. party strife. Par-vers, n. distich. Par-viadal, n. =pdrbaj. Par-vonal, n. = parhuzam. Parzds, (-t, -a), n. pairing; coupling: copulation (of animals): rut (of game); bucking. Parz(ik), (-ott), v. i. pair; couple: (of animals) copulate: (of game) rut; buck. Paskol, (-tam, -t), v. t. slap; flap: pat: agyon ~, shatter; smash..Passzi6, (-t, -ja), n. passion: (fig.) hobby: delight: delicious. XPasszus, (-ok, -t, -a), n. 1 passport. II passage (in book). Past, (-ot), n. = pdzsit. ~*Pastetom, (-ot, -a), n. I pate (de foie gras); paste. II patty; pie. Paszat, n. = maszat. Paszita, (-at, -aja), n. christening feast. Padszka, (-.t), n. unleavened bread. XPaszma, (-at, -aja), n. skein; hank. ~~Paszol, (-tam, -t), v. t. miss: pass (over). Paszomany, (-ok, -t, -a), n. (gold) lace; orris; galloon: trimming; fringe. - csinal6, n. lace-maker. Paszomanyos, A. (-ok, -t, -a), n. I lace-maker. II haberdasher. B. (-an), adj. laced; gold-laced; gallooned; trimmed; fringed. Paszomanyoz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. trim with lace (or, galloon): trim; fringe. Paszta, (-at, -aja), n. I swath (of hay or grass). II stripe; line: pasztankent, here and there; partially; I shepherd people: nation of sporadically. herdsmen. II shepherds (t. Pasztas, (-an), adj. in sz.) ~-n6, n. shepherdess. ~stripes: sporadic: -an, = 6ra, n. hour of dalliance; pdsztdnkent (v. supra): hour of love. ~-sip, n. I eso, transient local shower: (shepherd's) pipe; (oaten) April shower. reed. II (mus.) hautboy; Paszta-sz61, n. monsoon: oboe. ~-tancz, n. pastoral trade wind. dance. ~-tarisznya, n. Pasztd(zik), (-ott),v.i. rain shepherd's pouch; scrip; fitfully; rain on and off. wallet. ~-taska, n. (hot.) ~Paszternak, -Paszti- shepherd's pouch. -tfiz, n. nak (-ot, -ja), n. (bot.) shepherd's fire: camp-fire. parsnip.,-vevs, n. = pcsztor- kol~PAsztor (-ot. -t, a), n. I temeny. herdsman; pastor; herd: 'Paszuly, (-t, -a), n. (bot.) (birka ~) shepherd: (diszno bean (= bab): fut6, French ~) swineherd: (ok6r -) ox- bean: nagyviragfi, scarlet herd: alpesi ~, cowherd. II bean; scarlet runner. ~(eccl.) pastor: minister. - kar6, n. (vulg.) long-legs. ber, n. herdsman's wages. Pdt, (-ot), n. (min.) spar. -bot, n. I shepherd's crook. Pata, (-ak, -t, -aja), n. JI(fig.) pastoral sta: crosier. (horse's) hoof: ungula. _~-bunda, n. sheepskin csorba, n. sand-crack. - (coat). ~-dal, n. pastoral: hant6, n. butteris. idyll; bucolic. ~-eb, n. shep- Patdtif, suffix. -hoofed: herd dog: collie; sheep-dog. hasitott -, cloven-footed; ~-elet, n. pastoral life. ~- cloven-hoofed. 6nek, n. pastoral. ~-fi, n. Patak, (-ok, -ot, -ja), n. shepherd boy: young shep- brook; rivulet: (fig.) stream; herd. -.em, n. (zool.) flood. ~-k6nt, adv. i? buff-backed heron..-llaz, n. streams: in torrents. shepherd's hut. Patakoeska, (-ak, -at), n. ~Pasztori, Ptsztorias, brooklet; rill; streamlet. (-an), adj. I pastoral; bucol- Patak-viz, n. brook water. ic: (fig.) idyllic: ~ szin- Patak (ik), (-ott), v. i. jatek,pastoral play. I(eccl.) stream; gush; pour (from). pastoral (letter). -Patalia, (-at), n. noise; ~Pasztor-jatek, n. pas- hubbub; din: outcry: row: toral play. pataliat csap, (vulg.) kick up ~IPasztolrkodis, (-t, -a), n. a shindy. I pastoral life: herding. II Pata-reszel, n. (farrier's) (eccl.) office as pastor. rasp. XPasztorkod(dik), (-tam, Patas, adj.hoofed: ~ alla-ott), v. i. I herd: be a shep- tok, ungulata (t. sz.) herd. II (eccl.) act aspastor: -Pitens, (-ek, -t, -e), n. be a clergyman. letters patent; letters overt: ~Padsztoi-, prefix. ~-kol- (royal) edict. temeny, n. pastoral: ec- — Patetikus (-an), adj.pathlogue; idyll; bucolic. ~- etic (al). kunyh6, n. shepherd's hut: '*Pathosz, (-t, -a), n. pathos. herdsman's hut. ~-kiirt, -Patika, (-at, -aja), n. chemn. (herdsman's) horn. ~- ist's (shop); apothecarg's leany, n. shepherd girl: shop: pharmacy; drug-store. (young) shepherdess. — le- -aPatikh ros, (-ok, -t, a), n. vel, n. pastoral letter. - (pharmaceutical) chemist; madair, n. (zool.) rose- apothecary; pharmacist, coloured starling. ~-nep, n. druggist.

Page  181 Patika-szer >Patka-szer, n. medicine; drug. iPatikus, (-ok, -t, a). n.= patikdros. ~ >Patina, (-ft, -aja), n. mould; incrustation: (fine arts) patina. Patkany, (-ok, -t), n. (zool.) rat. ~-fog6, A. n. I rattrap. II rat-catcher. B. adj. ~kntya, ratter. ~m6reg, n. rat's bane; rat-poison. Patko, (-k, -t, -ja), n. I horse-shoe: nyhii -, panton. 1I (horse-shoe-shaped) cake (filled with poppy-seed or nuts). III heel-piece. ~alaku, adj. horseshoe(shaped). Patkol, (-tam, -t). v. t. shoe (horse). Patkolis, (-t, -a), n. shoeing; horseshoeing. Patkolatlan, (-ul), adj. unshod. Patk6-szeg, n. hobnail: (csfszas ellen) calk. ~Patriarka, (-&t, -Aja), n. patriarch (eccl. too). ~ Patriarkalis, (-an), adj. patriarchal (eccl. too)..Patriarkasag, (-ot, -a). n. patriarchate. ~*Patriczius, (-ok, -t, a), n. patrician (as adj. too): nobleman; noble..>Patr6nus, (-ok, -t, -a), n. patron saint: (fig.) patron. Pattan, (-t), v. i. I (of whip) crack. II bound; fly (into): lora _, jump into the saddle; vault into the saddle; mount hastily. III (of glass) crack: (of skin) chap. IV tfizrol ~t, fiery; ardent: dashing: (woman) of spirit; spirited: high-mettled. Pattanas, (-ok, -t, a), n. I crack (of whip). II cracking (of glass). III pimple (on skin); pustule: rash. Pattant, (-ott), v. t.) I crack (whip). II crack (glass); rive. III send off; explode: let off; fire off. Pattantyu, (-k, -t, ja), n. I gun: cannon; ordnance. II (fireworks) cracker. iPl Pattantyus, (-ok, -t, -a), n. (arch.) grenadier: cannoneer. Pattint, v. t. =pattant. Pattog, (-tam, -ot), v. i. I (of fire) crackle; crepitate: (of musketry) rattle: pop: (of rain) patter. II ostorral -, crack a whip. III (fig.) patter: shout; storm: brawl; wrangle; bicker. Pattogas, (-t, -a), n. crack (of whip): crackle (of fire); crepitation: rattle (of rifles): pop: patter (of rain). Pattogat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. I crack (fingers): cause to crackle; snap. II parch (corn); pop: -ott kukoricza, pop corn. Pattogo(s), adj. crackling (fire): rattling (musketry); pattering (rain): rustling (skirt): voluble (speech): bickering (woman); wrangling; shrewish: doggerel (verse). Pattogtat, v. t. = pattogat. Pattogz(ik), (-ott), v. i. (of skin) chap: crack. Patvar, (-t, -a), n. I quarrel; row: brawl; wrangle. II (fig.) bugbear: mi a,! what the deuce? I the deuce! zounds! vigye! the devil take (it)! Patvarista, (-at, -at, ija), n. (arch.) lawyer's apprentice. Patvarkodas, (-t, -a), n. quarrel; squabble: altercation: brawl. Patvarkod(ik),(-tam,-ott). v. i. squabble; quarrel; wrangle; brawl: contend. Patvarkod6, adj. quarrelsome; contentious; litigious. Patyolat, (-ot, -a), n. cambric; lawn; (linen) batiste. Paulina, (-at), pioper n. Pauline. *XPava, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. (zool.) peacock; peafowl: nost6ny ~, peahen. -ajakhal, n. (zool.) blue-striped wrasse; peacock fish. fark, n. peacock's tail. 3Pavaskodas, (-t, -a), n. affectation: airs (t. sz.). P'azsitos Pavadskod(ik), (-tam, -ott, v. i. be affected: give (oneself) airs; puff (oneself) up; be conceited. ->Pava-szen, n. I peacock's eye. It spot (on peacock's tail). III (zool.) peacock butterfly. Pava-toll, n. peacock's feather: ~akkal ekeskedik, (fig.) wear borrowed plumes. Pava-tollaskod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. (fig.) wear borrowed plumes. X>Pavian, (-ok, -t), n. (zool.) baboon. ~Pavillon, (-ok, -t, -ja), n. pavilion. Pazar, (ul), adj. I extravagant; prodigal; lavish; wasteful. II luxurious; pompous; grand: brilliant(lighting): sumptuous (banquet): georgeous (robe); magnificent: splendid (time); capital; glorious; (vulg.) ripping: expensive (entertainment); costly: ~ul 61, live in great style. ~-fenyu, adj. brilliant; resplendent; glittering: brilliantly- lighted. Pazarlas, (-t, a), n. I wasting; waste (of): dissipation (of fortune): squandering. II extravagance; lavishness; prodigality: luxury: waste: sumptuousness: (bibl.) riotous living. Pazarl6, A. (-k, -t, -ja), n. spendthrift: squanderer; waster; prodigal. B. adj. - pazar I. Pazarol, (-tam, -t), A. v. t, waste: squander (away); dissipate: be lavish of; be prodigal of. B. v. i. be a spendthrift. Pazarsag, (-ot, -a), n. wealth (of); luxury: luxurious etc. character (of: see pazar II.). Pazsit, (-ot, -ja), n. lawn; (grassy) sward; grass-plot: (golf) green. ~-fii, n. (bot.) poa. Pazsitos, (-an), adj. grassy; grass-grown: swarded; swrardy: lawny (park).

Page  182 - -- -N - -*-f —* - - ---- n~ —~ ---- -, --—: - - ' — ---- ' — "- ' --- i 7, i'azsit-szonyeg 182 Pelddiny Pazsit-sz6nyeg, n. velvet Peczkel, (-tern, -t), v. t. I1 Pejk6, (-t). n. - pej 16. lawn; green sward. peg: skewer: pin. II gag. III WPek, (-ek. -et, -je), n. baker. Pecs, (-ett, -re), ploper n. flip (with thumb). ~ -hoit, n. baker's shop. Pecs (town in county of Peczkes, (-en). adj. I peg- ~-inas, n. baker's apprentBaranya). ged: skewered. 1I (fig.) stiff; ice. -keny6er, n. baker's Pecsenye, (-et, -6je), n. formal: prim (woman): bread. ~-legeny,n.journey(the) roast: joint (of meat). prudish: haughty. man baker; baker's as~-forgato,.n. I kitchen.iPedag6gia, (-Ht, -ja), n. sistant. —mester, n.master jack; smoke jack. II (per- pedagogy; pedagogics; ped- baker. — mesters6g, n. son) turn-spit. ~-16, n. agogism. baker's trade: (arch.) bakery. gravy.. YiPedagogiai, (-lag), adj. ~-mtihely, n. bakery; bakePecsenyes, adj. for hold- pedagogic(al). house. ing the roast: ~tal, meat 'iPedag6gus, (-ok, -t), n. Pelda, (-ak, -at, -dja), n. dish. pedagogue. instance; example: illustraPecsenye-siito, n. pan. '-Pedans, (-an), adj. pedant- tion (of statement): (fig.) Pecsenye-zsfr, n. drip- ic(al): petty; paltry; prig- example; lead: precedent ping.\ gish: -ember, pedant: prig. (of case): bizonyitasul szolPecset, (-ek, -et, -je), n. I P-Pedanssag, (-ot, -a), n. I gl6 precedent: authorseal: signet. II stain; spot. pedantry: priggishness. ity: pe6daul, peldanak okhPecsetel, (-tern, -t), v. t. I 'iPedellus, (-ok, -t, a), n. ert, for instance: e. g.; lor seal; put a seal on: close by beadle: janitor (of school): example: j6 p6ldat mutat. sealing. 11 (fig.) confirm; (egyetemi) bedell (Cam- set a good example: vmir'l seal. bridge); bedel (Oxford). p61dat vesz, take example Pecseteles, (-t, -e) n. I Peder, v. t. == p6d6r. by: be uarned by: vkirio sealing; putting a seal to: Pedig, conj. (often untrans- p6ldat vesz, take (someone) closing with a seal. II (fig.) latable). I but; yet; and: as (one's) model; follow the confirmation. en elmegyek, te ~ itthon lead of: imitate the example I'ecsetes, (-en), adj. I seal- maradsz, I shall go away, of: p6ldaul szolgal, serve as ed (letter). II spotted; and you will remain at an example (or, precedent): spotty; stained. home. 1I though; albeit; peldat szolgaltat, make an Pecset-, prefix. ~-fold, n. sok mindent adott nekem, example (of): vkinek peldhLemnian bole: Lemnian ~ nem keitem semmit, he jat koveti,follow in theJootearth. -gyuirfi, n. signet- gave me all kinds of things, steps of; imitate: masok ring: seal-ring. ~-metszo, though I did nol ask jor p6ldajara. like others: into n. seal-engraver. ~-nyom6, anything. III meg, namely; ~, warning example: peldat n. seal: (szhraz) seal-press. to wit: vagy ~, or (on the ad, give an example; give ~-6r, n. Keeper of the other hand). [pedig. an instance: peldakat id6z, (Privy) Seal..-tan, n. Pediglen, conj. (arch.) = quote instances (or, precedsphragistics. ~-viasz, n. Pedr6s, (-t,-e), n. =podres. ents) ~-addts, n. I (setting sealing wax; seal-wax. Pedro, (-k, -t, -je), n. Hun- of) example: showing the Pecsovics, (-ok. -ot), n. garian pomade. way. II warning example. (-ok, -ot), n. (vulg.)imperial- Pedz, (ett), v. t. I (of fish) ~-besz6d,n.proverb: houseist. bite (at the hook); take (the hold word. ~-k6p, A. n. Peeze, (-6k, -et, -eje), n. bait). II (fig.), ~i (a val6t), model: prototype; type. B. merestone;landmark, bound- a) be near the truth: begin to adv. I by way of example; ary stone. comprehend: b) give hints; by way of illustration. II Peezek, (peczket, peczke), throw out hints; hint at. peldaul (see pelda). ~-k6 -n. I peg: skewer; pin. II Pehely, (pelyhet, pelyhe), pen, adv. = pelda-kep B. gag; garrot. III triblet: n. I flock (of wool); 'ake (of Peldal6dzas, (-ok, -t, -a), tongue (of buckle). ~-fa, n. snow): down; eiderdown. n. hint; allusion: indirect =-peczek II. ~-szeg, n. I II down (on face): fiu.j; nap reference. peg; pin. II tongue (of (of cloth). III (bot.) pub- Peldalodz(ik), (-tam, -ott). buckle). escence. — toll, n. down; v i. speak in parables: alPeczer, (-ek, -t, -je), n. eiderdown. lude (to); hint (at). knacker. Pehelyz(ik) (-ett), v. i. =- P6ldl6dz6, adj. allusive; Peczez, (-tem, -ett), v. t. pelyhedz(ik). allusory: indirect. demarcate; mark out: peg Pej, adj. and n. bay (horse): Pelda-inese, n.= pelddzat. out. -1o. bayard. I elddny, (-ok, -t, -a), iP. I

Page  183 I'ldfit -kep183 PIlz sample; specimen. II copy pillory: (fig.) expose; show Penesz-virig, n. (bot.) (of book). Ill copy (of docu- up: make an example of. mildew. ment): k6t -ban, inL dup- PeJyhe, see pehely. Peng, (-ett), v. i. sound; licate. ~-k6p, n. = plda- Pelyhedz(ik), (-ett), v. i. sing; c!ang: clink; tinkle. kep A..-szamr, n. number become downiy: ~az alla, Penge, (-et, -eje), n. blade of copies: edition (of book). get a beard. (of knife or sword). _-el, n. _-szeru, (-en), adj. exemp- Pelyhes, (-en), adj. downy: edge. lary: model; standard. fiflfy: (bot.) pubescent. -- Penges, (-t, -e), n. sound~-szerfiseg, (-et, -e), n. allu, adj. with a downy ing; ringing; clanging; exemplariness: exemplary beard. clinking; clink; tinkle. (model) character (of). ~- Pelyhesed(ik),v.i. =pely- Penget, (-tem, ett), v. t. tar, n. anthology (of po- hedz(ik). sound; resound; play on; ems); chrestomathy (of se- Pelyhet, see pehely. cause to ring: clink; clank: lect passages). Pelyp, selyp. stretch (bow): touch (harp): P'elda-rege, n. parable: Pelyva, (-at, -aja), n. == ms hfirt ~, (fig.) come down fable. polyva. a peg or two; lower (one's) IP61dds, (-an), adj. I ex- Pemete, (-ek, -6t, -eje), n. tone. emplary; model; standard: scovel; mop (for sweeping Pengo, A. (-k,-t, -je), n. I ideal; admirable. II ex- ovens): malkin. _-fu, n. (vulg.) florin. II ring (in emplary (punishment); (bot.) horehound; hoar- wheel). B. adj. I ringing: monitory. hound. sounding. II - forint (silver) P'1ldassag, (-ot, a), n. Pempo, (-t,-je), n.pap (for fiorin: penz, silver coin(s); exemplary etc. character or ehildren). specie; gold coin(s). nature (of: see pdldds). Pendely, (-ek, -t, -e), n. '>Penna, (-gk, -at, -kja), n. PIelda-szerii, (-en), adj.I= I chemise. II petticoat. ~- I (writing) pen. 1I (fig.) pelddny-szeri. II typical; hal6, n. purse net. notary; clerk. characteristic. Penderit, (-ett), v. t. twist P6ntek, (-et, -en), n. FriP61da-sz6, n. proverb. (once); twirl. day; -en, on Friday; minPelda-tar, n. I chresto- Pendit, (-ett), v. t. I sound den -en, every Friday: mathy. II exercises (t. sz.). (cymbal); strike. II. clang; Nagy-, Good Friday. III (leg.) collection ofpre- clank. III. (fig.) = meg-pen- Penteki, adj. Friday: done cedents: reports (t. sz.J. dit. (occurring) on Friday. Peldatlan, (-ul), adj. un- Pendiil, (-t), v. i. = meg- Pnz, (-ek, -t, -e), n. I monprecedented; unexampled: penduil: egy hdron ~nek, ey; coin; cash: (vulg.) unheard-of (insolence). be up to the same game: tin: apr -, small change: 'Peldaul, adv. see pdlda. conspire. kesz ~, cash: (payment in) Peldaz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. Penesz, (-t, e), n. mould; specie: rossz ~, counterfeit illustrate (by example): mold; mildew; (arch.) money; counterfeit: base exemplify; typify; repre- finew: (bot.) mucor; must; coin; forgery: pengo -, see sent; symbolise: make allus- mustiness. _-biiz, n. fusti- pengo' B. II.: kolt6 ~, travions to: ~va, allegorically. ness; fusty smell: mustiness; elling expenses (t. sz.): Peldazat, (-ot, -a), n. par- musty smell: mouldy smell. pocket money: hever6 ~, able: allegory. Peneszed(ik), (-ett), v. i. available funds: ~ert, for Peldazatos, (-an), adj. pa- become mouldy; mould;, ready money:.or cash: kesz rabolic(al): allegorical. contract mould: (of wine) -en vesz, purchase for ready Peldazgat, (-tam, -ott), v. become ropy. money:,en ad, sell for moni. -pedlddl6dz(ik). Peneszes, (-en), adj. ey (or, cash): ~hez jut, get P1ele, (-6k, -6t), n. (zool.) mouldy; moldy; mildewed: money; procure funds: ~re mogyoro6, mogyorbs ~, musty; fusty (of smell); szert tesz, raise money: get dormouse. rank (oil): ropy (wine): funds: ~t keres, earn money: Pelenka, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. (bot.) mucid; mucous. vmibol t csinal, make monnapkin (for infant): swadd- Pen6szesed(ik), (-ett), v. ey out of: make a profit out ling cloth; szcaddling band; i. peneszed(ik). of (something): a ~t sz6rja swaddling clout. Pen6sz-szag, n. =penesz- waste (one's) money; be ~Pelikdn, (-ok, -t), n. biiz. extravagant: vmit ze tesz, (zool.) pelican. Penesz-szagui, adj. musty; realise; convert into money: Pellenger, (-ek, -t, -e), n. fusty: mouldy; rank; rank- _t ver, coin money: nines pillory: ~re allit, put in the smelling: stale, ~ e, be short of cash; have

Page  184 Penz-alap no money: (vulg.) be stony broke, II currency (of country); coinage: (papir) bank-note; currency note. III scale (of fish). IV. (fig.) kesz ~nek vesz. take (something) for gospel; believe implicitly: ~beszel, kutya ugat, money rules the world: nines ~, nines becsiilet, lose your money, lose all: apr6 -zel kifizet, snub: make short work with: e16re (blire) veri a ~t, hoard up (one's) money: be a miser: rossz - nem v6sz el, ill weeds grow apace. ~-alap, n. fund. ~aldozat, n. pecuniary sacrifice: donation. ~-behajtas, n. collection (of debts); recovery. ~-beli, adj. money-; cash; pecuniary: in cash: -jkrand6shg, cash payment (due): _ krt6rites, pecuniary compensation: ~ seg6ly, relief (in money); pecuniary aid: ~ tartozas, cash debt: biuntet6s, fine. ~-be-szedes, n. collection.,-be-szed6, n. (comm.) collector. ~-birsag, n. fine; mulct; penalty: amercement; forfeit. ~-biztosit6k, n. caution money; guaranty. ~-biintetes, n. = penz-birsdg: ~ terhe alatt, under pain of a penalty (of): -re itel, fine; mulct. ~-darab, n. coin. _-drfgulas, n. (comm.) scarcity of money: dear money. ~-egyseg, n- unit (of coinage); monetary unit. _-6hes, adj. covetous; avaricious. Penzel (-tem, -t), A. v. i. make money: obtain money. B. v. t. provide (someone) with money. P6nzeles, (-t, -a), n. I takings (t. sz.); revenue: earnings (t. sz.). II supply of money (to). P6nz-, prefix. _-ellen6r, n. controller of the mint. ~-eloleg, n. (pecuniary) odvance; previous payment.,-ember, n. financier. cap 18S italist. ~-ero, n. pecuniary resources (t. sz.). -e6rtek, n. I currency (of country). II cash value; money value. Penzes,(-en), adj I moneyed (classes); wealthy (man); rich. II money-; (for) containing money: erszeny, purse: - lada, strong box; money-chest: - level, latter containing money; money letter: - zacsk6, money-bag; purse; reticule: ~ zsak, money-bag; money sack; sack of money: (fig.) wealthy man. Penzesit, (-ett), v. t.finance (scheme): supply the money for; raise money for. P6nzetlen, (-il), adj. moneyless: penniless; impecsnious: short of cash. Pen z-,prefix. ~-forgalom, n. circulation of money. ~-forras, n. pecuniary resource. ~-gazdasag, n. finances (t. sz.). _-gyiijtemeny,n. collection of coins. ~-hamisitas, n. counterfeiting (of coins); forgery (of banknotes). ~-hamisit6,n. counterfeiter: coiner: forger. — hiany, n. I shortage (scarcity) of money. II shortage (in accounts). ~-illetek, n. (pecuniary) due; sharge payable in cash. ~-illetmeny, n. emoluments (t. sz.): fee (for special service).,-intezet, n. banking institute; bank.,-isme(ret), n. numismatics; numismatology. ~-jegy, n. bank-note; currency note.,-jutalom, n. (pecuniary) reward: remuneration (for services). ~-k6rd6s, n. (a) question of money: money question. ~-keszlet, n. money in hand: (comm.) cash in hand; ready money.,-kezeles, n. management (administration) of funds. ~-kezelo, n. treasurer. - kolcson, n. (pecuniary) loan. ~-koveteles, n. (pecuniary) claim: money owing (to); debt (claimed). ~-kiil tPenz-tar-vizsgalat dem6ny, ~-kiild6s, n. remittance.,-lfab, n. standard (of coinage).,-les6. adj. = penz-sovar. ~-mag. n. (vulg.) cash; money; tin: oof. ~-nem, n. coin; denomination: currency. ~osszeg, n. sum (of money: amount. ~-piacz, n. money market. ~-sajt6, n. I notepress: note-printing machine. II minting mill; coining press. — sarcz, n. contribution; tribute; levy. - segely, n. pecuniary assistance (or, aid): relie) (in money).,-sovar, adj. covetous (of money); greedy; avaricious. ~-szekreny, n. safe. ~-szerzes, n. moneymaking. ~-szomj, n. covetousness; avariciousness; greed; (bibl.) lust of pelf: (poet.) lust of lucre. ~sziike, ~-sziikseg, n. scarcity of money: want oj money; dearth of money: penzszuikeben van, be short of money: be hard up. ~sziiks6glet, n. money required.,-tar, n. I cashier's office: (official) pay office: counter (of bank): till (of shop): (railway) booking office: (theatre) box-office. II (State) Treasury. III penz-szekreny. ~-tarcza, n. pocket-book. ~-ttr-helyiseg, n. cashier's office. ~tari, adj. &lladek,,keszlet, cash in hand: ~ hiany, shortage: deficit: ~ naplo, journal: ~ jegy, receipt: utalvhny, draft. ~-tar-jegy, n. receipt (for deposit). - tatr-kezeles, n. cash-keeping. ~-tar-konyv, n. cash book. ~-tar-kulcs, n. key of safe. ~-tar-maradvany, n. cash balance; balance in hand. ~-tarnok, ~-taros, n. cashier: treasurer (of club): (railway) booking clerk: (ticket office) clerk: cash keeper. ~ tart6, n. =penz-tdrcza. tar-tobblet, n. surplus cash. ~-tar-vizsgalat, n,

Page  185 M 9MIREOUM Penz-ultaom 185 inspection of cashier's accounts.; audit. ~-uralom, n. plutocracy. ~-utalvfny, n. draft. Penzii, suffix. (vulg) vekony. ~, lank; thin. 1'enz-, prefix. ~-iigy, n. I money-matters (t. sz.): financial affair: money business. II finance. III vminek ~ei, finances (t. sz.); financial situation.,-ugyer, n. (arch.)= penz-ilgy-miniszter. -uigyi, adj. finance-; financial: pecuniary (troubles); material (resources): - tanfcs, inlandrevenue board: Treasury Board: - tanhcsos, member of inland revenue board: - birosag, court of exchequer; revenue court: ~ tisztviselo, revenue officer. - iigy-igazgat6sag, n. excise bureau: revenue office. -iigy-miniszter, n. finance minister: (Britain) Chancellor of the Exche-,luer: (Am.) Secretary of the Tretssutry Department. ~iigy-iliniszterium, n. ministry o tfinance:(Britain) Exchequer (Board): (Am.) Treasury Department. iigy-6r, n. (hatar~) customs officer: (belfoldi) exciseman; excise o ficer. ~-iigy-orseg, n. (hathr) customs house: (belfoldi) excise office; revenue office. -iiugytan, n. (science of) finance, ~-iizlet, n. financial transaction. ~-vagy, n. == penzszomj. ~-vhgy6, adj = penz-sovdr. — vilshg, n. financial crisis: money crisis. ~-valtas, n. money-changing; exchange. ~-vflt6, A. n. money-changer B. adj. exchange (business). *verde, (-6t, -6je), n.= penzvero A. 1. ~-veres, n. coining; minting (of money): helye, mint: ~ koltsegei, mintage. ~-vero, A. (-t, -je), n. I ~, or muihely (hivatal), mint. II mintman; minter; coiner. B. adj. I coining; mirting. II (place) /or miniting: hely, mint. ~-vesztes6e, n. financial loss; pecuniary loss(es). ~vilig, n. financial world: financiers (t. sz.). ~-viszonyok, n. pl. financial conditions (t. sz.) ~-vizsgal6, n. assay-master. ~-zavar, n. pecuniary embarrassment: (vulg.) straits; money troubles (t. sz.). Penzze-teves, (-t. -e), n. sale; realisation. Pep, (-et, -je), n. (infant's) pap: mash; paste: (med.) pulp: (apple) sauce: (paper) pulp. Pepeesel, (-tern, -t), v. i. piddle; deal in (be busy over) trifles: trifle (awvay one's time). P6p-nemu, Pep-szerfi, adj. pappy; like pap; succutlent: pulpy; pulpous. ~Pepszin, (-t. -e), n. pepsin; pepsine. Per, (-ek, -t, -e), n. (leg.) suit; case; lawsuit; action: -be fog vkit,, vki ellen t indit, bring an action against; sue; institute process at law against (a person): -be hiv, chal'enge: -re keriil a dolog, end in a law-suit: ~t akaszt vkinek nyakaba, go to lasw wcith; sie: ~t eld6nt, decide a case: (fig.) decide a dispute: ~t elveszt, lose a case; be cast (in a law-suit): _t folytat, carry on a law-suit:,be szall vkivel, contend (with); dispute: argue: remonstrate[(with): ~t indit, bring suit; institute an action. ~-be-hivhs, n. challenge. ~-be-hivitsi, adj. (leg.) kereset, interpleader. ~-beli, adj. referring to a (particular) case. ~-besz6d, n. plea (of defendant): declaration (of plaintiff); allegation:(barrister's)speech.,-csom6, n. file (referring to particular case); records (t. sz.). Percz, (-ek, -et, -e), n. I minute: egy ~ig, a moment; Peret a nminute: csak egy rre, only a moment; just for a minute:,elkig tart6, prolonged (applause); lasting (for) min-,utes. II joint (of finger); knuckle. Perezeg, (-tem, -ett), v. i. I (of clock) tick. II crackle: (of snow) crunch. Perezeges, (-t, -e), n. I ticking (of clock); tick; ticktack. II crackling; crackle. Perezen, (-t,) v. i. tick. Perczenet, (-et, e), n. - percz I. ~iPerczent, (-ek, -et, -je), n. percentage: rate of interest: ot -,fire per cent; 50 o. hPerezentes, (-en), adj. negy ~, four-per-cent. Percz-mutat6, n. minutehand (of watch); big hand. Percznyi, suffix. of (.... minuttes: ot ~, five minutes (talk). Per-dij, n. per-koltseg. Perdit, (-ett), v. t. twist; turn: twirl (moustache): whirl (round); swheel (round); spin (top). Per-dont6, adj. decisive; deciding: conclusive; final; peremptory. Perdiil, (-tem, -t), v. i. spin (round); whirl: twist; turn; twirl: tanczra ~, begin to dance; join the dance. Perecz, (ek, -et, e), n. I pretzel (kind of biscuit): cracknel. II ring; band; collar: kar,, bracelet. III vall, (med.) clavicle; collar-bone. Pereczes, A. (-ek, -t), n. seller of pretzels. B. (-en), adj. I provided with a ring (or, a collar). II pretzel(basket). Pereg, (-tem, pergett), v. i. I turn; spin (round): whirl (round); turn round. II run; roll; flow (in drops): fall; drop. III (of drum) roll. IV. - a nyelve, (vulg.) have the gift of the gab: be talkative; have a glib tongue: have a lot to say. Perel, (-tem, -t), v. t. I

Page  186 Plereles 1 8s quarrel; squabble; wrangle; wheel; lantern-pinion; za-lcontend; bicker. II = perle- lower; trundle wheel. ked(ik) II. Perg6, adj I turning; spinPereles, (-et, -e), n. - per- nilg; twisting: wchirling: lekedes. ~ ffir, drill; wimble: Peren, Per6nm, (peremet, rokka, spinning wheel. II pereme), n. edge; trinqe (of (fig.) voluble; glib (tongue). forest); skirts (t. sz.); border: Per-inditas, n. institution rim: brim (of hat). of (legal) proceedings. Perem6r, (-ek, -t), n. (bot.) Per-irat, n. (leg.) record. marigold; calendula. Perje, (-et), n. (bot.) poa; Peren-kiviili, adj. (leg.) meadow grass. out of court. ' iPerjel, (-ek, -t, -e), n. Pereputty, (-ot,-a), n. the (eccl.) prior: superior (of whole kit; the whole lot: ~- priory). ostil, kith and kin: bag and 'hPerjels6g, (-et, -e), n. pribaggage. orate. Peres, adj. I disputed; in Per-jog, n. (leg.) procedure: dispute: ~ igy, law-suit; rules of court (t. sz.): polaction; suit pending: ~ ker- gari _, civil procedure: biin des, question at issue: mat- tet6o, criminal procedure. ter oJ dispute. II. contend- 'Perkal, (-t), n. percale. ing: felek, parties litigant; Per-k6ltseg, n. (leg.) costs parties to a suit. II1 - el- (t. sz). jaras, legal proceedings Perlekedes, (-t. -e), n. (t. sz.). I contention; quarrel; Peresked6s, (-t, -e), n. wrangle; brawl. II litigalitigation. ' tion. Peresked(ik), (-tem, -ett), Perleked(ik), (-tern, -ett), v. i. carry on a lawsuit; v. i. I quarrel; squabble: litigate:,o to law (with). wrangle; bicker: dispute. II Pereszlen, (-ek, -t, -e), n. litigate; go to law (with). (bot.) verticil; whorl. Perleked6, adj. I quarrelPer-fel-vetel, n. (leg.) some; contentious; disputaprotestation. tious; cantankerous. II litigPer-folyam, n. proceedings ant (party). (at law); process. Per-le-tetel, n. withdrawal ~>Pergamen, (-ek, -t, -e),n. (from suit): nonsuit. parchment: (legfinomabb) Permet, Permeteg, (-et. vellum: ~b1l valo, parch- -e), n. misle; mizzle; drizzle; ment. _-szeru, (-en), adj. Scotch mist. pergameneous; pergament- Permeteges, Permetes, aceous; parchment-like. (-en), adj. mizzling (rain); Per-gatl6, adj. obstructing misling; drizzling. a suit. Permetez, (-ter, -ett), A. Pergel, (-ter, -et), v. t. = v. t. sprinkle; spray (with porkol. water); besprinkle. B. v. i. Perget, (-ter, -ett), v. t. =permetez(ik). spin (round); twist; troll: Permetez(ik), v.i. (ofrain) swing; turn (round); twist: drizzle; misle; mizzle. refine (honey). Permetezo, adj. I sprinklPerget6, (-t, -je), n. spin- ing; spraying: gep, spray; ner: spinning apparatus: atomiser. II - permeteges. (honey) clarifier. I Pernehajder, (-ek, -t, -e), Pergett, see pereg. n. good-for-nothing: drone: Pergettyii, (-t, -je), n. I lazybones. top: peg top; teetotum. II Pernye, (-et), n. flaky ashes (milling) lantern; lantern- (t. sz.). Perlzsel Per-nyertes, A.n.. slcces!fiRtl party (in a suit), B. adj. successful. Perny'es, (-en), adj. covered with ashes; ash-covered. Per-, prefix. ~-orvoslat, n. (leg.) remedy.,-oszt6, n. bailiff. ~-patvar, n. altercation; cwrangle; brall; squabble: commotion;(vulg.) to-do. ~-patvarkod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. wranlle: sqlawbble; altercate; contend. quarrel; jangle. ~-relld(tartas), n. ==per-jog. ~Perron, (-ok, -t, -ja), n. (railway) platform. ~-jegJy, n. platform ticket. Persa, = perzsa. Persely, (-ek, -et, -e), n. money-box; savings box: templomi ~, alms box; almnz bag: collection bag. Persen, (-t), v. i. break out into a rash: be covered with pimples. LPersenes, (-ek, -t, -e), n. pimple; rash; eruption: (med.) exanthema. Per-szakasz, n. (arch.) term (of session of court). ~*Persze, adv. or interj. naturally! of course! certainly! to be sure! Per-, prefix. ~-sziinet, n. (leg.) vacation. ~-tar, n. (leg.) records (t. sz.) ~targy, n. object of suit: matter in dispute. ~-targyalds,n. (leg.) trial: hearinq (of suit). -tarnok, - taros, n. (leg.) recorder ~torles, n. (leg.) nonsuit: quashing of indictment: (kegyelembol) free pardon. Peru, (-t), proper n. Peru. Perui, adj. and n. Peruvian. Per-, prefix. ~-ujitas, n. (leg.) replevin: re-trial (of criminarcase). ~-uit, n. legal measures (t. sz.). ~-vesztes, adj. (leg.) cast: (fig.) losing; defeated. ~-vesztes, n. (leg.) loss of a suit. Perzsa, (-aul), adj. and n. Persian; Persic. Perzsel, (-tem, -t), v. t. singe: (of sun) scorch; broil.

Page  187 S61C —a- ~ --- IC I I — ~-2awares I.Perzselo 1s7 Pigez Perzsel1, adj. singeingq* met arul, (vulg.) be a wall- IPezsg6z(ik), (-tem, -6tt), v. scwrching (heat); broiling: flower. -kiokiorcsin, n. i. drink champagne. tropical. (bot.) pilewort. ' fPezsma, (-at, -aja), n. Perzsely, n. — persely. xfPetrioleum, (-ot, -a), n. musk: civet (of civet cat).~Perzsia, (-at), proper n. petroleum; rock oil. allat, n. (zool.) I musk deer. Persia. Petty, (-ek, -et, -e), n. dot; II civet cat. ~-disz, n. = Pesel, (-tern,-et),v.i. (vulg.):pot; speck. pezsma-koczka-gydngy. piss; make water: pump ship. Pettyeget, (-ett), v. t. dot; diszn6, n. (zool.) peccary. P'eslie(, (-t), v. i. rot: and,:peckle: spot; bespeckle; ~-h6d, n. (zool.) muskrat; see poshad. sprinkle: fleck; flecker; dap- muis plash; musk beaver. ~Pest, (-ek, -et, -e), A. n. ple; mottle. jaczint, n. (bot.) grape furnace: kiln. B. proper n. Pettyes, (-en), adj. dotted: hyacinth. ~ -koezkaPest (modern part of Hun- speckl e specled; gyongy, n. (bot.) moschagarian Capital)..sprinkled: flecked; fleckered; tel; musk crow foot. Pesti, adj. of Pest. dappled; pied; piebald; 'Pezsmaly, (-ok, -t), n. ~ Pestis, (-et,-e), n. plague: mottled. (zool.) musk deer; musk. Black Death; pestilence. Pettyez, (-tern, -ett), v. t. -1Pezsma-macska, n. ~Pestises, (-en), adj. I = —pettyeget. [pettyes. (zool.) civet; civet cat: bondpestilential; pestilent: pesti- Pettyezett, (-en), adj, = ar; musk cat: genet. ferous (air); plagueful. II Petylied, Petyhuid, (-tern, ' -Pezsma-malyva, n. plague-stricken (person). -t), v. i. flag; become flaggy; (bot.) musk mallow. ~ >Pestis-szeru, (-en), adj. become flabby (jiaccid, or, iPe6zsma-6kor, n. (zool.) ==pestises I. limber); become limp; relax; musk ox. tPest-videki, adj. of the languish. 'Pezsmas, adj. I musk-: Pest District. Petyhiiudt, (-en), adj. flabby; mixed with musk. II musky Pesztercze, (-et), n. (bot.) flaggy;flaccid; limp; limber: (smell). [musky odour horehound. (fig.) languishing; enervated; ' Pe6zsma-szag, n. musk; Pesztonka, (-ak, -at, -ja), languid: (med.) atonic. I 'Philoszophia, (-at, -aja), n. (dry) nurse: nursery Petyhiidts6g, (-et, -e), n. n. philosophy. maid. flabbiness; flaccidity; flac- 'iiPhiloszophus,(-ok-t), n. Petak, (-ot), n. (arch). coin cidness; limpness: (fig.)lan- philosopher. (worth 7 kreuzers). guor; enervation: (med.) X'Philoszopter, (-ek), n. ~XPetairda, (-ak, -at, -aja), atony. (vulg,) student of faculty of n. petard. Petymeg, (-et), n. (zool.) i arts. Pete, (-ek,-et,-eje),n. egg (of ffirkesz, ferret:pezsma ~, 'Piaez, (-ok, -ot, -a), n. I insect); ovum (of animals): civet: civet cat. market; market-place: ~ra spore. — burok, n. cell wall: Pezsdit, (-ett), v. t.ferment. visz, offer for sale; put up zona pellucida. Pezsdiil, (-t), v. i. effervesce; for sale: a nyilt -on, publicIPetecs, (-et, -e), n. (med.) bubble: (of wine) sparkle ly; openly: ~ra hurezol, petechial fever. work: eletre ~, revive; (vulg.) profane: cheapen. II Pete-feszek, n. ovary. become animated. (money) market. Pete-h6lyag, n. ovary. Pezseg, (-tem, pezsgett), v. iPiaezi, adj. market-: ~ar, Peter, (-t), proper n. Peter. i. effervesce; (of beer)foam; market price: current price: ~-filler, n. Peter (Peter's) froth: bubble; (of wine) ~kofa, market-woman: markpence. sparkle; work; fizz; fizzle: eter: ~jelentes, market reP'eterke, (-et), proper n. (of life)) be bustling; bustle. port: Aenekes, street singer. Pete; Peterkin: (arch.) Pezsges, (-t, -e), n. effer- Piarista, (-ak, -at), n. PiPerkin. vescence: foaming; frothing: arist. Petervar, (-t- -ott), proper bubbling: sparkling (of Piczi(ke), Picziny, adj. n. Szent ~. (arch.) St. Pe- wine); fizzing; fizzling: wee; tiny; minute; dimintersburg: Petrograd. bustle (of life); stir. utive. Peti, (-t), Petike, (-et), Pezsg6, A, adj. I efferves- Piczinyseg, (-et, e), n. wee proper n. = Peterke. cent: foaming: sparkling (tiny) size (of); minuteness; Petrencze, (-et, -eje), n. (wine). II bustling (life): diminutiveness. (hay) cock. fierys (blood); impetuous; Pige, (-et, -eje), n. cat (in Petrezselyem, (petre- ardent. III ~por, Seidlitz game of tip-cat). zselymet, petrezselyme), n. powder. B. (-t, -je), n. cham- Pigez, (-tern, -ett), v. i. (bot.) parsley: petrezsely- pagne: (vulg.) fizz, play (at) tip-cat,

Page  188 lill;l 1SS Iineze-valto Piha, interj. fie! for shame! Pihe, (-ek, -et), n. =pehely. Piheg, (-ter, -ett), v. i. I breathe hard: pant; blow: wheeze. II breathe (gently). Piheges, (-t, -e), n. I hard breathing: panting: wheezing. II breathing. Pihen, (-tern, -t). v. i. rest; repose; take a rest: pause; stop work: take a breather.!'ihenes, (-t, -e), n. rest: resting; repose: pause; interval: leisure: (after dinner) siesta; (afternoon) nap: recreation: ~t nem ismero, nelkiil(i), untiring; indefatigable: unceasing (efforts). Piheno, A. (-t, -je), n. I rest: pause; halt: interval: -t tart, rest: pause. II resting-place: place of rest: (lepcs6n) landing: (fig.) retreat. B. adj. I resting; at rest. II resting-; (place) of rest: ~hely, = pihen6 A. II: ~ id6, pause; interval: time of rest: - nap, day of rest: holiday: - 6ra, hour of rest (or, repose): leisure hour: - sziinet, interval. Pihent, (-em), adj. rested: recuperated (vitality): fresh (energy). Pihentet, (-ter, -ett), v. t. rest; give (one) a breather: bring (troops) to a halt. Pih6s, adj. = pelyhes. Pikkely, (-ek, -t, -e), n. scale (of fish). ~-alakui,(-an), adj. squamoid; squamose; squamous. OU08. Pikkelyes, (-en), adj. scaly; squamigerous; squamous: allat, armadillo: scaly lizard. Pikkely-, prefix. — nemi, (-en), adj. = pikkely-alaku.,-pncze1l, n.scale armour. ~-roptiiek, n. pl. (zool.) lepidoptera (t. sz.). ~iPiknik, (-et, -je), n. picnic. ~*Pikszis, (-ek, -t, -e), n. box: case. ~-XPiktor, (-ok, -t), n. I housepainter. II (vulg.) painter; artist. iPikula, (-at, -aja), n. pic- B. (-ul), adj. I nuni;kulled; colo; octave flute: fife. doltish; clodpated; blockish: ~Pikulas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. lubberly; clownish; loutish. piccolo-player, flutist: fifer. II scoundrelly; knavish: Pilis, (-ek, -t, -e), n. I (eccl.) mean; underhand: (vulg.) tonsure. II (bot.) nectary. beastly; nasty; dirty (trick): Pilises, adj. tonsured. insolent. [- pimaszsdg. Pilla, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. I Pimaszkodhs, (-t, -a), n. eyelid. II eyelash. Pimaszkod(ik), (-tam, Pilliaju, suffix. with (....) -ott), v. i. behave in a mean lashes. manner; do dirty trick;; Pillanat, (-ok, -ot, -a), n. play the knave: be insolent. moment; second; instant: Pimaszsag, (-ot, -a), n. egy alatt, in an instant: knavishness; scoundrelly (vulg.) in a trice; in the behaviour: meanness: (vulg.) twinkling of an eye: egy ig, dirty trick: insolelnce. (last) a moment: (be absent) Pimp6, (-t, -ja), n. I (bot.) an instant; a second: egy cinquefoil;five-finger: ezus-.ra, for a second; for an t6s ~, silver weed. II beesinstant: az elso -ra, for the ting (on old wine). moment: egy j6zan ~, lucid 'iPincsi, (-t), Pincsiinterval. kutya, n. terrier. Pillanatnyi, (-lag), adj. I Pincze, (-ek, -et, -6je), n. momentary; temporary: cellar: boros., wine cellar: passing. II instantaneous: fhs~, wood-house; wood-hole. fenykep, instantaneous ~-ablak, n. air-hole (of photograph: (vulg.)snapshot. cellar): cellar-window. - Pillango, (-ok,-t, -ja), n. I ajt6, n. door of cellar. (zool.) butterfly. II (arch.) bogar, n. (zool.) milleped; spangle. galley-worm. ~-boltozat, Pillangos, (-an), adj. I n. vault (of cellar). ~-fal, n. (arch.) spangled. II (bot.) cellar-wall. ~-fereg, n.papilionaceous. pincze-bogdr. — gador, n. Pillant, (-ottam, -ott), v. i. mouth of cellar. ~-helyilook (at); glance (at); cast a seg, n. I basement: cellarglance (at): take apeep (at).age. II underground restaurPillants, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I ant. ~-kulcs, n. key of look; glance: eyes (t. sz.): cellar; cellar-key. — lakas, fut6, cursory glance. II n. basement dwelling: under(arch.) = pillanat. ground dwelling. ~-lyuk, n. Pillas, suffix = pilldj. air-hole; vent-hole (of celPilla-szor, n. = pilla II. lar). ~-mester, n. butler: Pille, (-ek, -6t), n. I = pil- (eccl.) cellarer; cellarist; langq I. II skin (of milk). cellarman. ~<PViller, (-ek, -t, -je), n. Pinczer, (ek, -t, -e), ni pillar (of bridge); pier: waiter: f6i, head waiter. ~pilaster, leanvy, -n6, n. waitress. Pilles, adj. abounding in Pinczes, A. (-ek, -t, -e), n. butterflies. I = pincze-mester. II = Pillog, (-tam, -ott), v. i. = pinczer. B. adj. provided pislog I. with cellars. ~Pillula, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. Pincze-, prefix. ~-sor, n. pill.= pincze-helyiseg. — tok, Pimasz, A. (-ok, -t, -a), n. I n. bottle-case. ~-torok, n. ninny; blockhead; clodpate; entrance to cellar; mouth numskull; dolt; lubber; of cellar. ~-valt6, n. loon; lout; clodhopper. II (comm.) accommodation scoundrel; knave; rogue. bill; (vulg.) kite.

Page  189 Pinezez Pinczez, (-tern, -ett), v. t. cellar (wine). XPingal, (-tam, -t), v. t. (vulg.) paint: draw. Pint, (-et, -je), n. quart (measure); pot (of ale). ~Pint6r, (-ek, -t, -je), n. cooper. Pintes, (-en), adj. quart (bottle). Pinty, (-et, -e), n. (zool.) finch: arva ~, chaffinch: csiz ~, siskin; aberdevine: fenyi ~, brambling; bramble finch: feh6r (hazi) ~, canary finch: havasi ~, Alpine.finch: zold -, greenfinch. lPinty6, (-t, -je), n. I pinty. II (bot.) snapdragon. Pinty6ke, (-et, -eje), n. (zool.) chaffinch; copper finch. Pi6cza, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. (zool.) leech: (fig.) bloodsucker; extortioner: parasite. ~>Piom, (-ot, -ja), n. plumb: plumb line; plummet. 'Piomoz, (-tam, piomzott), v. t. plumb. KPip, (-et, -je), n. pip (disease of poultry); roup. *Pipa, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. I pipe (for smoking): agyag~, clay-pipe: tajte6k, meerschaum pipe: pipara gyiijt, light a pipe': egy ~ dohanyt sem er, not worth a pin (a straw): pipara tolt, fill (one's) pipe. II (vulg.) j6,, wag; sport. ~-agyag, n. pipe-clay. Pipacs, (-ot, -a), n. (bot.) poppy; corn poppy; red poppy..Pipa-, prefix.,-csinal6, n. pipe-maker. ~-csutora, n. pipe-stem. ~-dohany, n. pipe-tobacco. ~-farag6, n. pipe-maker. ~-fedel, ~fedo, n. lid (of pipe-bowl). ~-fold, n.pipe-clay. ~-fiist, n. tobacco smoke. ~-gyujt6, n. spill. ~*Pipakol, (-tam, -t), v. i. keep smoking; smoke. XPipa-kupak, n. = pipafedil. ~Pipal, (-tam, -t), v. i. I 189 smoke (a pipe). II (of hills) be wrapped in mist. '>Pipa-mocsok, n. nicotine (in pipe). ~ Pipas, A. (-ok, -t, a), n. smoker; pipe-smoker. B. adj. pipe-; containing pipes. kPipa-, prefix. ~-szar, n. pipe-stem. ~ -szAr-labu, adj. (vulg.) spindle-shanked; lanky-legged. ~-sz6, n. - mellett, while smoking (pipes). ~-szurkalo, ~tisztit6, n. pipe-cleaner: (vulg.) trinity. ~Pipat6rium, (-ot, -a), n. pipe-rack. k1Pilpaz, (-tam, -ott), v. i. pipdl. [ing. ~Pipazas, (-t, -a), n. smok~lPipazgat, (-tam, -ott), v.i. pipdkol. ~-Pipaz6, (-k, -t, -ja), n. I smoker; pipe-smoker. II (~szoba), smokina room. Pipe, (-ek, -et, -6je), n. (young) chicken. Pipeg, (-ter, -ett), v. i. (of chicken) pip; peep; pule. Pipeges, (-t, -e), n. pipping; peeping; puling. Pipere, (-et, -6je), n. I finery; gaud: ornament: trappings (t.sz.). II cosmetic. ~-aru, n. I millinery: ornament. II cosmetic: toilet article. — asztal, n. toilet table; toilet; dressing table. ~-czikk, n. -= pipere-dru. Piperes, (-en), adj. I ornamental: gaudy. II dressy (person). Pipere-szappan, n. toilet soap. Pipereszked(ik), (-tern, -ett), v. i. dress up; wear finery; trick (oneself) out. liperetlen, (-ul), adj. simple; unadorned. Piperez, (-ter, -ett), v. t. deck out; trick out; ornament; trim. Piperezes, (-t, -e), n. decking out; tricking out; ornamentation; trimming. Piperkocz, (-ot, -e), n. dandy; swell; beau; fop: (vulg.)masher: (Amer.)dude. Pirong Pipes, (-en), adj. I (chicken) suffering from pip. II - piperes. III (fig.) smart; dashing. Pipesked(ik), (-ter, -ett), v..==pipereszked(ik). Pipis, (-ek, -t), Pipiske, (-et), n. (zool.) pipit: erdei ~, tree pipit: havasi ~, water pipit: parlagi ~, tawny pipit: r6ti ~, titlark: rottorku, red-throated pipit. Pipiter, (-t), n. I (bot.) camomile. II (bot.) China aster. Pipogya, adj. helpless; timid: cowardly: whitelivered: - ember, frater, simpleton; ninny; blockhead: coward; poltroon. Pipogyasag, (-ot, -a), n. helplessness; timidity: cowardice. Pipoke, (-6k, -et, -6je), n. I = pipe. II hamur,, Cinderella. Pir, (-t,-ja), n. redness:flush (of dawn); glow: blush (of face): hajnali ~, aurora. ~Piramis, (-ok, -t, -a), n. pyramid. Pirink6, Piriny6, adj. — piczi. Piripi6, (-t), n. (zool.) beeeater. Piripocs, (-ot, -ra), proper n. (vulg.) Gotham. Pirit, (-ott), A. v. t. flush (face); redden: roast (meat: coffee); brown: toast (bread.) B. v. i. vkire ~, make (someone) blush; make ashamed: upbraid. Pirit6s, A. (-t, -a), n. toast. B. adj. roast (meat): toasted (bread). Piritott, adj. = piritds B.: ~kenyer, toast. Pirkad, (-t), v. i. redden; become red (or, rosy): a hajnal ~, it is dawning; the day is dawning. Pirkadds, (-t,-a), n. aurora; dawn; flush of dawn: daybreak. Pir6k, (-ot, -ja), n. (zool.) bullfinch. Pirong, (-tam, -ott), v. i. - pironkod(ik).

Page  190 P'irongat 190 Pirongat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. scold; take (someone) to task; chide; reprove: abash. Pirongatds, (-t, -a), n. scolding; chiding; reproval. Pironkod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. blush; turn red: be abashed. Pironsag, (-ot,-a), n. abashment. Piros, (-an), adj. I red: crimson. II ruddy (cheeks); rosy (hue); roseate. III (reddish) brown. Pirosas, (-an), adj. reddish: ruddy: rufescent. Pirosit, (-ott), v. i. redden: rouge (lips). Pirosito, (-t, -ja), n. rouge. Piroska, (-at), proper n. I Ruby. II (in tale) Little Red Riding-Hood. Pirosl(ik), (-ott), v. i. I= pirosod(ik). II shine red; look red: be red; show red. Pirosod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. become red; turn red: (of face) blush: flush. Piros-pozsgas, adj.ruddycheeked: rosy-faced. Pirossag, (-ot, -a), n. redness; red-colour: ruddiness (of cheek): flush (of dawn). Piros-szin, n. red (colour): red tint. Piros-szinii, adj. piros. Piros-veru, adj. redblooded. Pir-szen, n. coke. Pirul, (-tam, -t), v.i. redden; become red: (of face) blush; flush (with anger): turn red: (fig.) be abashed. 'iPirula, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. pill. Pirulas, (-t, -a), n. reddening; becoming red: blush; blushing; flush: (fig.) abashment: nelkiil, unabashed. Pirul6, adj. reddening: blushing; flushing; flushed. iPisa, (-at), n. (vulg.) piss; water; urine. XPisal, (-tam, -t), v.i. (vulg.) iss; make water; urinate. Piskolcz, (-ot),n. antimony. iPisk6ta, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. biscuit; (toasted) spongecake: sponge finger. - t6szta, n. sponge-cake. Pisla, adj. = pislogo. Pislakol, (-t), v. i. = pislog. Pislant, (-ott), v. i. blink (with eye); twinkle; wtink: vkire ~, wink (at); make eyes (at). Pislen, (-ek,-t,-e),n. chicken. Pislog, (-tam, -ott), v. i. I= pislant (here of eye itself). II (of fire) smoulder: (of candle) tficker; glimmer; blink. Pislogds, (-t, -a), n. I blinking; twinkling (of eye); winking; wink; blink. II smouldering (of fire);fiickering (of candle); glimmer; flicker; blinking. Pislogat, (-tam, -ott), v. i. =pislo, I. Pislogo, adj. I blinking (eye); winking; twinkling. II smouldering (fire): flickering (light); glimmering; blinking. Pissz, interj. hush! pish! Pisszeg, (-tem, -ett), v. i. hiss: pish (in contempt). Pisszeges, (-t, -e), n. hissing; hiss: pishing. Pisszen, (-tem, -t), v. i. budge: make a sound: ne ~i! not a sound! Pista, (-at), proper n. Steve; Stevie. Pisze, adj. snub-nosed; flatnosed: pug-nosed:, orr, snub-nose: pug-nose. Piszka, A. (-at, -aja), n. piszkdal A..-fa, n. oven rake: pole for stirring fire. — hal, n. (zool.) flounder: (Amer.) flat-fish. Piszkal, (-tam, -t), v. t. I rake; stir: poke (fire): pick (teeth: nose). II (fig.)provoke; tease; irritate: exasperate. III (fig.) vki ellen, incite (against); egg (someone) on. Piszkalas, (-t, -a), n. I raking; stirring: poking (of fire): picking (of teeth). II (fig.) provocation; teasing; P'isziuoq(is irritation. III (fig.) incitenment. Piszklo6, A. (-t, -ja), n. I -fog-piszkdl6. II poker (for fire). B. adj. Iraking;stirring: poking: rdd,=-piszkafa: ~vas, poker. II provoking (words). Piszka16d(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. taunt; jeer (at); gibe: tease; provoke: have a fling (at). Piszka-vas, n. poker. Piszka-villa,n.tongs(t.sz.). Piszke, (-et, -eje), n. (bot.) gooseberry. Piszkit, (-ott), v. t. dirty; soil; sully; make (something) dirty; befoul. Piszkitas, (-t, -a), n. dirtying; soiling; sullying; making dirty. Piszkito, adj. dirtying; soiling. Piszk6cz, (-ot), n. (zool.) brambling; bramble finch. Piszkol, (-tam, -t), v. t. 1 = piszkit. II (fig.) abuse; revile: vituperate; slander; vilify; defame. Piszkol6das, (-t, -a), n. I abuse: vituperation; slander. II intrigues (t. sz.). Piszkol6d(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. I = piszkosod(ik). 1I (fig.) abuse; revile; inveigh (against); rail (at). III (fig.) intrigue (against). Piszkos, (-an), adj. I dirty, unclean;foul; filthy: soiled. II (fig.) dirty (trick); mean: vile; underhand: sordid (motive); base. III (fig.) filthy (talk); nasty; obscene; impure; lewd. Piszkosod(ik), (-tam,-ott), v. i. become dirty; get dirty. get soiled; (of linen) soil. Piszkossag, (-ot, -a), n. I -piszok. 11 dirty etc. character or appearance or nature (of: seepiszkos.) Piszkot, see piszok. Piszmog, (-tam, -ott), v. i. dawdle (about): work lazily (at); go to sleep (over): dawdle (over). Piszmogas, (-t, -a), n.

Page  191 in I- II""~~ "B~B ~ I --— IL Ir I I ------ Piszmogo 191 ioczok dawdling (over): sleepiness; slackness. Piszmog6, adj. sleepy (person); slack; slow; negligent; lazy; sluggish; indolent: wearisome (work); tedious. Piszok, (piszkot, piszka), n. I dirt; filth: stain (on clothes). II (fig.) filth; obscenity. III used as adj. (fig.) dirty; mean; base. ~feszek, n. dirty fellow: (vulg.) mud-lark. PPisztaczia, (-at), n. (bot.) pistachio; pistachio nut. iPisztoly, (-ok, -t, -a), n. pistol: revolver. ~-loves, n. pistol-shot. _-parbaj, n. duel with pistols. ~-tok, n. holster: pistol-case. Pisztrang, (-ot, -ja), n. (zool.) trout. Pite, (-et), n. a kind of pastry (filled with meat or fruit): pie (?). Pittyeszt, (-ett), v. t.== biggyeszt. Pittypalatty, (-ot, -a), n. I call of the quail. II (zool.) quail. Pittypalattyol, (-t), v. i. (of quail) call. Pitvar, (-ok, -t, -a), n. porch (of house): hall: courtyard. Pityereg, (-tem, pityergett), v. i. whimper; blubber; pule; whine. Pityerges, (-t, -e), n. whimpering: whimper; blubbering; puling.; whining. Pityergo, Pityergos, (-en), adj. whimpering; whining. Pityizal, (-tam, -t), v. i. carouse; booze. Pityke, (-6k, -et, -eje), n. (metal) button. Pitymallat, (-ot, -a), n. dawn; day-break; (morning) twilight. Pitymall(ik), (-ott), v. i. day is dawning; day is breaking. Pityoka, (-at), n. (Transylvania) potato. Pity6kos, (-an), adj. tipsy; (vulg.) half seas over; fuddied. Pitypalaty(ol), = pittypa- beszed,= pletyka A. I.:: latty(ol). termeszet, gossipy nature. Pitypang, (-ot, -ja), n..-kedv, n. scandal-monger(bot.) dandelion: pongyola ing. ~, leontodon; lion's tooth. Pletykal, (-t), PletykalPizang, (-ot, -ja), n. (bot.) kod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. plantain. gossip; tell idle tales; talk Pizse, (-ek, -et), n. chicken. scandal: prattle; babble; Plajbisz, (-ok, -t, -a), n. prate; blab; tattle. pencil. Pletykds, (-an), adj.= PlIakat, (-ok -ot, -ja), n. pletyka B. (szines) placard: (nyom- Pletykasig, (-ot, -a), n.== tatott) bill; poster. ~-ra- pletyka A. I. gaszt6, n. bill-sticker. Pletykaz, (-tam, -ott), v. i. ~Planeta, (-ak, -at, -aja), =pletykal. n. planet. Pletykaz6, A. (-k, -t), n.= Plianta, (-ak,-at,-aja), n. pletyka A. II. B. adj.= = paldnta. pletyka B. '>Plantal, (-tam, -t), v. t. I 'IPlundra, (-at, -aja), n. plant. II (vulg.) (oda) ~ja trunk hose. magat, plant (oneself). Pocsek, A. (-ot, -a), n. I ~XPlasztika, (-at, -aja), n. pool; puddle. II ~ka tesz, plastic arts (t. sz.). ruin: destroy. B. (-ul), adj. ~ Plasztikus, (-an), adj. I puddly; jull of puddles. plastic. II nasty; ugly; dirty: horIPlatina, (-at, -Aja), n. rid (weather); miserable; platinum. wretched performance). Platoi6, adj. Platonic(al). Pocsekoi, (-tam, -t), v. t. ~Pl6ebania, (-ak, -at, -aja), waste; squander; dissipate; n. (eccl.) I parish. II vicar- throw away: run through age: rectory: parsonage: (fortune). (Scot.) manse. -templom, Pocsekolas, (-t, -a), n. n. parish church. waste (of time); wasting; ~XPlebanos, (-ok, -t, -a), n. squandering; dissipation. (Engl.) vicar: rector: par- Pocseta, (-ak, -at, -Aja), n. son: (Prot.) pastor: (Scot.) =pocsdk A. I. minister: parish priest. Pocskolvany, (-ok, -t, -a), 'Plebejus, (-ok, -t, -a), n. n. lampoon; squib. and adj. plebeian. Pocsolya, (-ak, -at, -Aja), iPlId, (-et, -je), n. rug: n.==pocsk A. I. (for wear) shawl; (Scot.) P6cz, (-ok, -ot, -a), n.= plaid. polcz. ~ Pleh, A. (-et, -e), n. I Pocza, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. (thin) plate (of metal); tin- spot (of ink); stain; blot; plate: white iron; iron- smudge. _-luf, n. (bot.) thorn plate; iron sheeting. II tin apple. (for cooking): griddle (for Poczak, (-ot, -ja), n. belly; roasting). B. adj. tin-: pot-belly; big belly: corpuplated; of iron-plate. ~- lence. aru, n. tin-ware. Poczakos, (-an), adj. bigPletyka, A. (-ak, -at, -aja), bellied;pot-bellied; paunchy: n. I gossip; idle talk; (town) corpulent; (arch.) gor-belscandal; tale: tittle-tattle; lied. babble. II (person) gossip; Pocz-gem, n. (zool.) litle scandal-monger; tale-bearer: bittern. tattler; babbler: chatter- Poczok, (poczkot, poczka), box. B. adj. gossiping: bab- n. I (zool.) field-mouse. II bling; prating; gossipy: - (zool). water rat. IIT (vulg )

Page  192 Podagra dwarf; mannikin: scrub; dandiprat; hop-thumb: imp. ~>Podagra, (-at, -aja), n. (med.) gout. Podgyasz, stb. see pogygydsz etc. fPoeta, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. poet: ffizfa ~, poetaster. ~iPoezis, (-t, -e), n. poetry. Pof, (-ot, -ja), n. I= pofa. II on iit, csap, vag, teremt, triil vkit, box the ears of; smack the face of. I1 (==pofon A.), box on the ears: slap on the face. Pofa, (-at, -Aja), n. I cheek. II face: (vulg.) mug: csunya ~, ugly face: (vulg.) ugly mug: pofakat vag, make faces; make grimaces: ket pofara eszik, gobble; be a glutton: bocskor-bbr a pofaja, (he) is thick-skinned: nines pofAm hozza, I have not the cheek (to); I should blush (to). ~-csont, n. cheek-bone: (med.) malar (bone). ~-szakal, n. whiskers (t. sz.); side-whiskers: (vulg.) muttonchops (t. sz.). Pofaz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. and i. devour; eat greedily: stuff; stoke. Pofa-zacsk6, n. (zool.) pouch; cheek-pouch. Pof-le, Pof-leves, n. (vulg.) =-pofon A. Pofon, A. (-ok, -t, -a), n. box on.the ears; smack (slap) in the face. B. adv. see pof II. ~-iites, -vagas, n. I -pofon A. II boxing the ears (of). Pofoz, (-tam, -ott), v. t.pofon ut (see pof I.). Polozkod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. fght; box one another's ears; bandy blows; come to blows. Pogacsa, (-Ak, -At, -Aja), n. (prov.) flead cake: olaj., oil-cake. uPogany, A. (-ok, -t, -a), n. I heathen; savage; pagan: infidel: (Hungarian history) Turk. II (for Jews) Gentile. IlI (for Turks) giaour; infidel. B. (-ul), adj. I heathen:. 19) Pokol-beil pagan; heathenish. II (fig.) drinking; tippling; bibbing: godless; tmerciless; relent- carousal. less; pitiless; cruel; ruth-I Polharazgat, v. i.=pohaless; hard (man): severe raz. (weather). ~-kor, n. pagan Pohar-csenges, n. jingltimes (t. sz.). ~-nep, n. ing (ringing; clinking) oj pagan people: heathens (t. glasses. sz.): ~ek, heathendom. Pohairka, (-Ak, -at, -aja), n. ~iPoganyshg, (-ot, -a), n. 1 = poharacska. paganism; heathenism; Pohar - koszont6s, n. = heathendom. II pagan beliej; pohdr-kosz6nto. pagan religion; paganism. Pohar-k6szi nt6, n. I II (fig.) godlessness; bar- toasting; drinking to the barity; mercilessness; relent- health (of). I1 toast: ~t lessness;pitilessness; cruelty; mond, propose the health ruthlessness: hardness: se- (of); toast (someone): make verity. an after-dinner speech. Pogany-, prefix. _-t6ri- Pohai-nok, (-ot, -a) n. cuptes, n. conversion of heath- bearer. ens: missionary work. ~- Pohir-szek, n. buffet; terit6, n. missionary. ~- sideboard: (mozg6) dumb ver, n. (vulg.) strong red waiter. wine. ~-vilAg, n. I= po- Pohos, adj.= potrohos. gdny-kor. II (collectively) I-Pojacza, (-ok, -at, -aja), heathendom; the heathen. n. clown; buffoon; zany; Poggyasz, (-ok, -t, -a), n. merry-andrew. (Eng.) luggage: (Am.) bag- P6k, (-ok, -ot, -ja), n. I gage: szabad ~, ingyen, (zool.) spider; cob: hAzi, free luggage.,-feladhs, n. house spider. II (vet.) mallregistration of luggage. ~- enders (t. sz.); sallenders kladis, n. delivery of lug- (t. sz.): in -, spavin. ~gage. ~-kocsi, n. luggage- hfl6, n. cobweb; spider van: parcel-van. ~-tar- web; spider's web. ~-hatl6s, goncza, n. barrow (for adj. I like a spider's web; luggage); hand-barrow. ~- fine as a cobweb; cobweb. veveny, n. receipt for II cobwebby; full of cobluggage. webs. III (fig.) dull (eye); Pohanka, (-at,-ja), n. (bot.) dim. ~-hasfi, adj. potrobuckwheat. hos. ~-k6r, n. med.) arachPohalr, (poharak, poharat, noid nembrane. pohara), n. glass: tumbler: Pokla, see pokol. boros ~, wine-glass: goblet; Poklos,== bdl-poklos. cup: a keserfis6g pohara, Poklossag, (-ot, -a), n. the cup of bitterness: egy (med.) leprosy; lepra. bor (sar), a glass of wine Pokol, (poklot, pokla), n. I (or, of beer): poharht emeli, hell: (vulg.) infernal regions raise (one's) glass (to): po- (t. sz.): ~ tornacza, (eccl.) harat iiriti, drink (to): limbo; limbus: tiize, helltoast: csak egy ~ral, only a fire: menj (eredj) a ~ba, go glass. to the devil! go to hell! go to Poharacska, (-Ak, -at, Jericho: ba jut, go to hell: -aja), n. little glass (or, cup): hba menetel (Christ's) deliqueur glass, scent into hell: - fajzata, Poharas, adj. glass-: for hellish crew: ~ torka, jaws glasses. of hell (t. sz.); infernal Poharaz, (-tam, -ott), v. i. abyss. II (fig.) hell (on drink; tipple; bib: carouse. earth); infernal place: hot Poharazas, (-t, -a,) n. place. — beli, adj. hellish;

Page  193 __ f7,-3~~ Pokol-fajzat infernal; diabolical; fiend- poly; ish; devilish: Tartarean; hegyi stygian: wicked: excruci- vizi, ating (pain). ~-fajzat, n. Polgia (fig.) 1 devil; fiend. II hel- citizen lish crew. ~-folyam, n. burges, Styx. ~-gep, n. infernal (vulg.) machine. Univei Pokoli, (-asan), adj. I= (oppos pokol-beli. II (fig.) - biiz, commo infernal stench: - kin, a) middle pains of hell (t. sz.): b) ex- bourge, cruciating pain; agony: wife of larma, infernal noise; gar): infernal row: a devil of a ~-eml row: (vulg.) hullabaloo: a citizen, devil of a shindy: ~ meleg, (t. sz. infernally hot. moners Pokol-, prefix. ~-isten, n. ~-erei Pluto. _-k6, n. lapis in- ~-eski fernalis; lunar caustic; oath o (fused) nitrate of silver; borii, caustic silvery. ~-6r, n. Polgai (myth.) Cerberus. ~-ra- civic; szallas, n. (Christ's) De- office: scent into Hell. ~-tuz, n.. k6tel hell-fire. ~-var, n. (med.) izen: - carbuncle; anthrax. t6sag, P6kos, (-an) adj. (vet.) sz.). II affected with mallenders. militai Pokrocz, (-ok, -ot, -a), n. I mufti: (coarse) rug: blanket (for lice) pl horse). II (fig.) goromba ~, tisztvii churl; brute: rough cus- (eccl.) tomer: goromba mint a, cular. (as) rude (rough) as a bear: - oszti churlish; boorish; brutal; the mid insolent. city sc P61'il(is),= pdlydz(ds). school. 'Polaris, adj. polary. Polgar ~Polarissag, (-ot, -a), n. polgdri polarily. civil: c ~Polarizal, Polaroz, Polgar (tam, -ott), v. t.= sarkit. citizen ~ P61ilz(ds),=pdlyazds. the mic Polcz, (-ok, -ot, -a), n. I Polgar shelf (for books, etc.): rack; (of cou: stand: konyves ~, book- naturai shelf. II (fig.) rank; degree: adopt magas,ra jut, attain a enfranm position of eminence: (vulg.) foszt, c climb high: -Jr6l ledont, Polgir (letaszit), bring (someone) of a cit down; take down: disgrace; girl bel degrade. classes. Poldi, (-t), proper n.== Polg!ir Lipdt. mayor: 'Pole, Polej, (-t), n. (bot.) master Ytlland: Magyar-anqol szdtdr II. 193 Politikus penny-royal; poley: ~, poly-mountain: brooklime. r, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I (of State); national: s (of town); burgher; cit; townsman (of -sity city). II civilian ed to soldier). III ner: member of the classes: (France) ois. ~-asszony, n. ' citizen etc. (see polcitizeness; national. )er, n.=polgdr: ~ek, (t. sz.); townsfolk ) civilians: comcommons (t. sz.). ny, n. civic virtue. i, n. citizen's oath: f allegiance. ~-han. civil war. 'i, (-asan), adj. I civil: ~ alas, civil ereny, civic virtue: esseg, duty of a citev, civil year: ~ hacivil authorities (t. civil (as opposed to y): ~ ruha (mil.) citizen's dress: (polain clothes (t. sz.): se16, civil servant. III civil (marriage): seIV middle (classes): ilybeli, belonging to dle classes.V iskola, ehool: (Eng.) board rias, (-an), adj. I=, L I (fig.) citizenlike; civilised; cultured. Hilag, adv. like a: like a member of Idle classes. ~-jog, n. citizenship ntry)::ot ad vkinek, lise (person): (fig.) (word); naturalise; chise: ~atol meglisfranchise. r-leany, n. daughter izen etc. (see polgdr): onging to the middle -miester, n. (Eng.) (Continent) burgo-; bwrghmaster. Po!igir - mesteri, adl. mayor's (office); burgomaster's: allas,= polgdirmesterseg. Polgar-mesters6g, (-et, -e), n. mayoralty. Polgar-no, n. citizeness: woman of the middle classes. Polgarosit, (-ott), v. t. civilise: refine. Polgarosodas, (-t, -a), n. civilisation: culture. Polgarosod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. become civilised: become cultured. Polgarosul, (-tam, -t), v. i. ==polgdrosod(ik). Polgarosult, (-an), adj. civilised: refined (manners); cultured. Polgarosultsdg, (-ot, -a), n.= polgdrosodds. Polgar-orseg, n. civic guard: city militia: (arch.) train-band: national volunteer force. Polgarsag, (-ot, -a), n. I citizenship (of person); nationality. II citizens (t. sz.): commonalty; commons (t. sz.): middle classes (t. sz.): (France) bourgeoisie. III civilians (t. sz.); civil population. Polgar-tars, n, fellow-citizen: fellow townsman; fellow burghess: compatriot. Polinezia, (-at), proper n. Polynesia. Polineziai, n. and adj. Polynesian. Poling, (-ot), n. (zool.) curlew; whaup: eso whimbrel: vekony-csori, slender- billed curlew. ~Polip, (-ot, -ja), n. I (med.) polypus. II (zool.) polyp. ~kar, n. tentacle. iPolitika, (-at, -aja), n. I (science of) politics: political science: politikarol beszel, talk politics. II policy (of a certain state etc.): angol barat ~, Anglophile policy. *Politikai, (lag.) adj. political. ~lPolitikus, A. (-ok, -t, -a), 13

Page  194 Politizal 194 Pontossiag n. politician. B. (-an), adj. I politic. II (fig.) shrewd; wary; (Scot.) canny: (Am.) 'cute; cunning; sharp: diplomatic; well - advised (move): circumspect; cautious. III csizmadia, political quidnunc; pot-house politician. XPolitizal, (-tam, -t), v.i. talk politics; dabble in politics; discuss politics. XPolitizalas, (-t, -a), n. political talk(or, discussion).:Polka, (-at, -aja), n. polka. 'Polkfz, (-tam, -ott), v. i. dance a polka. Poloska, (-Ak, -t, -ja), n. (zool.) bug; bed-bug. Poloskas, (-an), adj. buggy; infested with bugs. iPoltura, (-at), n. (arch.) half a groat. XPolturas, adj. worth half a groat: (fig.) valueless; of small value. P61ya, (-ak, -at, -Aja), n. I swaddle; swaddling band; swath; swathe. II (med.) bandage; swath: roller. ~Polyak, (-ot), n. Pole. P61yas, adj., baba, child in swaddling clothes; baby. P61yaz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. I swaddle (child); swathe: wrap in swaddling clothes. II (med.) bandage. P61yazas, (-t, -a), n. I swaddling; swathing. II (med.) bandaging. Polyva, (-at, -Aja), n. chaff. Polyvas, (-an), adj. chaffy. ~*Pomade, (-t, -ja), n. pomade; pomatum. Pomerin, (-ok, -t), n. and adj. Pomeranian. ~IPompa, (-At, -aja), n. pomp; splendour; magnificence; state: pageant; pageantry: show; display; ostentation; parade: nagy pompat kifejt, show off: (in mode of life) live in great style. — fa, n. (bot.) tulip tree; liriodendron. ~-kedveles, n. love of display; love of show: ostentation. - kedvelo, adj. fond of dis play; fond of show: ostentatious. *iPompas, (-an), adj. I pompous; splendid; magnificent; stately; sumptuous; superb; gorgeous: luxurious; costly: brilliant (affair). II (fig.) glorious (view): ripping (time); splendid; capital; rollicking; fine: excellent (food): lovely(time) (weather); superb: ~ ember, ~ficzk6, (vulg.) brick; trump. ~ Pompaz, (-tam, -ott), v. i. I prank; prink: shine; glitter: lookfine; look glorious: be decorative. II (fig.) cut a shine; make a show; show off: parade. -iPompazas, (-t, -a), n. luxury; state; display; show; ostentation: pageantry. iiPompazatos, (-an), adj. pompous; gorgeous; luxurious. iPompazkodas, (-t, -a), n. = pompdzds. ~ Pompazkod6, adj. pompa-kedvelo. iPompaz6, (-an), adj. I= pompdzatos. II pranking; prinking: shining; glittering: glorious; beautiful; decorative: luxuriant (plant). Poncz, (-ot, -a), n. I graver; graving tool; burin. II hieroglyphics (t. sz.). IlI (zool.) nut-hatch. Ponczol, (-tam, -t), v. t. grave; chase. Pondr6, (-t, -ja), n. (zool.) maggot (in cheese): larva; mite; worm. Pondr6s, (-on), adj. maggoty (cheese): full of larvae (or, mites); mity: wormeaten. Pongracz, (-ot), proper n. Pancratius. Pongyola, A. (-at, -aja), n. morning gown; dressing gown; undress; negligee; deshabille. B. adj. I easy (dress); light; undress; loose. II careless; negligent; untidy; disorderly; slovenly. III (fig.) careless (style); slipshod; loose. Pongyolasag, (-ot, -a), n. (fig.) carelessness; slovenliness; negligence: careless etc. character or nature (of: see pongyola. B. II-III.). ~ Pont, A. (-ok, -ot, -ja), n. Ipoint; dot (on the letter i). II full stop: (Am.) period: kettos ~, colon. III pip (of card). IV point (of discourse): paragraph (of clause);section;item; article; head. V point (of time): juncture. VI phrases: egy ~ra iranyit, concentrate: ~okba foglal, formulate; draw up point by point: ~ban ot orakor, at five sharp: r6ol ~ra, point by point. B. adv. (at six o'clock) sharp: just (at the very moment). ~Pontatlan, (-ul), adj. I not punctuated; unpunctuated: (i) without a dot. II (fig.) unpunctual (in respect of time); not punctual: unreliable (in respect of duty); careless: negligent. ~ Pontatlansag, (-ot, -a), n. (fig.) unpunctuality; unreliability; unreliableness; carelessness; negligence. ~ Pontban, adv. see pont A. VI. ~ Pontocska, (-ak, -at,-aja), n. dot; small point: speck. -~Pontonkent, adv. point by point: item for item. ~ iPontos, (-an), adj. I punctuated: dotted (i). II - vessz, ~ vonas; semi-colon. IlI (fig.) punctual (in respect of time): reliable; trustworthy: careful (person): accurate (data); exact (description); correct; precise: ~an, exactly: (come) to the minute: (agree) to a hair; precisely. Pontoskodas, (-t, -a), n. preciseness; precisianism; pedantry;formalism; primness. Pontoskod6, adj. pedantic(al); over-precise; prim: - ember, pedant; precisian; formalist. Pontossag, (-ot, -a), n. (fig.)

Page  195 yl I-C II ii 1 113~ 11~~~~1 --— ~l~~-a~ ll~~r-wow M." IV Pontos-vesszo punctuality: reliability; precision; accuracy (of data); exactness; correctness: tuflzott,, preciseness. Pontos-vesszo, n. semicolon. Pontoz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. dot (the letter i): punctuate (sentence). Pontozas, (-t,-a), n. dotting (of i): punctuation; interpunction. Pontozat, (-ot, -a), n. point (of argument): provision; stipulation (of contract) paragraph; clause. Pontozatlan, (-ul), adj. not dotted; (i) without a dot: unpunctuated. Pontozott, adj. punctuated (sentence): dotted (i). Ponty, (ot, -a), n. (zool.) carp: arany ~, carp bream: ozompo ~, tench: jasz, chub; cheven: kopasz, leather carp: mama ~, barbel: piros-szarnyu ~, roach. Ponyva, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. tarpaulin: awning (of cart); tilt. ~-irodalom, n. GrubStreet literature: secondclass literature; cheap literature. Por, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I dust: (fig.) -ban fetreng (hever), grovel in the dust; wallow in the mire: ~ba dont, overthrow: tread under foot:,ba rant, humiliate: drag through the mire: -ban csUsz(ik), cringe (to); fawn (on): ~ig alaz, humble to the dust: humiliate. II powder; (sandarac) pounce; (charcoal) dust: - alakban, in the form of powder: ~ra tor, powder; pulverise; triturate; reduce to powder; pound (in mortar): ~ral behint, powder: sprinkle with powder: ~ra zuz, grind to powder: break to pieces. III (fig.) dust; low condition; low estate: obscurity: -ban sziiletetof obscure (humble) origin: (fig.) parvenu; upstart: a ~b61 felemelke(dik), rise from the ranks: 195 better (one's) condition: a ~b6l felemel, raise from a low estate: (vulg.) pick out of the gutter: ~b61 sziletett, base-born; lowly. IV (fig.) ashes (t. sz.); dust: mortal remains (t. sz.): rrA lesz, return to dust. V other phrases: ~ra eg(et), burn to the ground; burn down: ~ig alazkod(ik), cringe (to); fawn (on); grovel (in the dust): elverik vkin a ~t, thrash; give (one) a good hiding: (fig.) show up: ~t hint vkinek szemebe, throw dust in the eyes of; impose upon: nagy ~t ver fel, make a stir; cause a commotion; be a sensation. ~ P6r,(-ok,-t,-ja), n. peasant; rustic: countryman: boor. Por-alaku, (-an), adj. I like dust; dustlike. II like powder; powdery; pulverous. P6raz, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I leash (for dog); cord; thong: line: (naut.) hawser. II (fig.) leading-strings (t. sz.):,on vezet, keep in leadingstrings; control; keep under control: ~on vezetteti magat, let (oneself) be led by the nose: hosszu,ra ereszt vmit, put off; delay; vkit hosszu ~ra ereszt, leave (someone) free: let (someone) have (his) way: rovid ~ra fog vkit, keep under control; keep within control. Porcs-(ffi), n. (bot.) purslane; portulaca. Porez, (-ot, -a), n. gristle (in meat): Smed.) cartilage. iPorczellan, A. (-ok, -t, -ja), n. porcelain; china; china ware. B. adj. china-; of china; porcelain. Porczika, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. particle; bit: minden porczikaja remegett, (he) trembled all over: egy porczikAt sem, not a bit: not an inch. XPorczi6, (-k, -t, -ja), n. ration (of meat); helping (of food); share: dose (of medicine): portion; piece (of meat). Porias Porczog, (-tam, -ott), v. i. crack: crunch. Porczog6, A. (-k, -t, -ja), n. - porcz. B. adj. = porczogos. Porczog6s, (-an), adj. cartilaginous: gristly (meat). Porczogtat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. crack (finger): crunch (meat). Porezos, adj. =- porczogos. Por-czukor, n. castor sugar; powdered sugar. P6r-dal, n. - paraszt-dal. Por-dohany, n. snuff. P6r6, (-t), P6r6-hagyma, n. (bot.) leek. Por-felho, Por-felleg, n. cloud of dust; dust-cloud. -Porfir, (-t, -ja), n. porphyry. Por-forgatag, n. whirling cloud of dust; eddy of dust. Porhad, (-t), v. i. crumble (to dust); moulder; molder; (of tree) decay. Porhajaz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. provine (stock of vine); set; lay. Porhal, (-tam, -t), v. t. plough (or, hoe) for third time. Porhanyft, (-ott), v. t. make soft (orJfriable); soften; make (meat) tender: loosen (earth); break (clod). Porhany6, adj. soft; friable: tender (meat): crisp (cake); short: fold, mould; crumbling earth. Porhanyul, (-t), v. i. become soft; (of earth) become friable: (of cake) become crisp (or, short). Porhatag, (-on), adj. soft; friable (earth); crumbling: crisp (cake); short. Por-hon, n. (bot.) anther; stamen. ~-ikra, n. (bot.) adenanthera. ~-rojt, n. (bot.) lobelia: viola, cardinal flower. Por-hiiber, n. socage. Por-hiively, n. (human) body: (fig.) mortal remains (t. sz.). P6ri, P6rias, (-an), adj. I rustic; peasant-like: plebei13*

Page  196 PI'rlassaJ 196 P6sta an. It (fig.) vulgar; com- ~ralep, take the lists. -6ra, commodities (t. sz.): (a mon; coarse; rough; rude; n. sand-glass; hour-glass. person's belongings (t. sz.); trivial; unrefined; un- iPoronty, (-ot, -a), n. I goods and chattels. polished. brood: (frog) spawn: beka i-Port6, (-t, -ja), n. postage P6riassdg, (-ot, -a), n. ~, tadpole. II (fig.) fellow; (of letter). ~-mentes, adj. rusticity: rustic etc. char- imp; (little) monkey; kid. prepaid; post-paid; postacter or nature (of: see Poros, (-an), adj. dusty; free. porias). covered cith dust. Por-tok, n. (bot.) = por3tP6ris, (-t, -a), n. borax. Porosod(ik), (-tam, -ott), hon. ~-sav, n. boracic acid. v. i. become dusty; get cov- Por-torlo, n. duster. Por-kefe, n. dust-brush. ered with dust. Portugal, (-ok, -t, -ul), n. -Porkolab, (-ot, -ja), n. Porossag, (-ot,-a), n.dusti- and. adj. Portugeese. (head) gaoler; (prison) ness. Portugalia, (-at), proper n. wavder: catchpoll: (Shak.) Porosz, (-ok, -t, -ul), n, Portual rovost. and adj. Prussian. Portyaz, (-tam, -ott), v. i. Ior-kopeny, Por-kope- Poroszka, (-ait, -aja), n. (of army) make incursions; nyeg, n. duster (light over- nag; padnag; pacer; pal- maraud: atrol. garment). frey. Portyazas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. Porlad, (-t), Porladoz, Poroszkal, (-t), v. i. amble; (miL) excursion; maraud; (-ott), v.i.crumble (to dust); trot. incrsion: guerilla (warmoulder; molder; turn to Poroszkalas, (-t, -a), n. fare): patrol. dust; (of tree) decay: (fig.) amble; trot; trotting. Portyaz6, A. (-k, -t), n. lie in the grave; rot. Poroszl6, (-k, -t, -ja), n. (miL) marauder; guerrilla: Porlaszt, (-ott), v. t. reduce catchpoll; beadle; bum member of patrol party or to dust: crumble; turn to bailiff; bound bailiff. flying column. B. adj. dust; moulder; molder: lev- Porosz-orszag, (-ot,-ban), marauding (band); guerigate; dust. proper n. Prussia. rilla (party: warfare): flyP6r-lazadas, n. peasant Poroz, (-tam, -ott or por- ing (column): ft, maraudrising; peasant insurrection. zott), A. v. t. I cover with ing excursion. Por-lepett, Por-lepte, dust; bedust: (sprinkle) P6rul, adv. - jar, fare ill; adj. dusty; covered with dust. cover with sand; sand. II come to grief: hae a bad Porl(ik), (-ott), v. i. =por- powder: sprinkle with time of it: be taken in; be lad. powder: pounce. B. v. i. sold: smart (for). Porlo, A. adj. friable; make dust. -P(P6rus, (-ok, -t, -a), n. crumbling. B. (-k, -t), n. P6r-rend, n. peasantry; pore (of skin). duster. peasant class. Porz(ik), (-ott),v.i. crumble; Por-mentes, (-en), adj. Por-ruha, n. duster (cloth). break up; turn to dust: dust-proof: free of dust; Porsag, (-ot, -a), n. peas- throw up dust. pure (air). antvy; peasants (t. sz.). Porz6, (-t, -ja), n. I pounce. Por-nep, n. (the) peasants Por-sepro, n. dust-brush; II (bot.) stamen. ~-szal, n. (t. sz.); peasantry. broom. (bot.) filament..-tart6, n. P6r-no, n. peasant woman. P6r-sereg,n. peasant army. pounce-box; pouncet-box. Poroda, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. Por-szem, n. speck (of Poshad, (-t), v. i. rot; foul; (bot.) stamen. dust): grain (of sand): decay; decompose: (of water) Porol, (-tam, -t), n. dust particle. stagnate: turn sour (or, (room): beat (carpet): brush Por-szen, n. coal dust. vapid). (clothes).. <Porta, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. I Poshadt, adj. rotten; foul: Porols, (-t,-a), n. dusting: gate; door. II (a) magas ~, stagnant (water): sour; beating (of carpets): brush- (the) Sublime Porte. III vapid (beer). ing. (leg.) demesne: manor. IV -Posta, Posta, (-at,-aja), Porol6, A. (-, -t, -ja), n. I estate; grounds (t. sz.). n. I postal service; post; (carpet) beater. II duster i-Portas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. post office; mail (service): cloth). B. adj. for dusting porter' (of hotel): door- mozgo ~, mail service: tfor, beating): ~rongy, duster. keeper (of house); gate- bori, military post; field Porond, (-ot, -ja), n. I keeper: janitor (of public post: gyalog, post; lettergravel: sand; grit. II (fig.) building). carrier; postman: - fordularetna; lists (t. sz.): place of Port6ka, (-at, — ja), n. taval, fordul6 postaval, by combat; scesle of action: a goods (t. sz.) merchandise; return of post: pbstan, pos

Page  197 ', MMMIA P6sta-Aillom as 197 P6tlas taval, by post: pbstara ad, n. postmistress. ~-munka, post (letter); mail: pbstin n. (fig.) urgent work; pressmarad(6), poste restante; ing work: p6stamunkaval, to be left till called for. post haste. — nap, n. mail II posta-hivatal. III post day. [posta I. (carried); mail. IV (fig.) iPostan-marad6,adj. see news; tidings (t. sz.). V P6sta-p6nz, n. (emerg(small) shot. -alilomas, n. ency) notes issued by the P. I (post) stage. II = posta- 0. Savings Bank. hivatal. ~-belyeg, n. (post- -Po Pos, Pstas, (-ok, -t, age) stamp. ~-belyegzo, n. -a), n. I (arch.) postboy; postmark: ~vel ellat, post- postilion. II postman; letter mark. -b6r, n. postage: ~t carrier. elore fizet, prepay (letter)..Posta-, P6sta-, prefix.~-csomag, n. parcel (sent szekreny, n. pillar-box; by post). ~-dij, n. = pdsta- letter box. ~-szolgalat, n. ber. -egyesiilet, n. Postal postal service. ~-takar6kUnion. ~-fordultaval, penztar, n. Post Office adv.see pdsta I. -galamb, Savings Bank. ~-tiszt(vin. carrier pigeon. ~-g6z6s, selo), n. post office clerk; n. mail steamer; mail post office official. -uit, n. packet; packet; packet boat post road; post route. - (ship, or, vessel). -gyuijt6, utalvany, n. post office n. (post) collecting-office. - order; (postal) money order: haj6, n. = pdsta-gozos. - (forgathat6) postal order; hivatal, n. post-office; (Am.) postal note. ~-iigy, n. post; post-house. ~-hiva- postal affairs (t. sz.); postal talnok, n. = posta-tiszt. matters (t. sz.): postal 3Postai, P6stai, (-lag), system. ~ -vezer-igazadj. postal: ~ kiildem6ny, gato, n. Postmaster Generconsignment sent by post: ~ al..-vezr - igazgatomegbizas, collection (of sag, n. General Post Office. claim) by post: s szallitas, — vonat, n. mail train. forwarding (conveying) by Posvany, (-ok, -t, -a), n. post; mail service: - szal- swamp; morass; slough: lit6-level, despatch note: ~ bog; marsh; fen. utAnvetel, (cash on deliv- Posvanyos, (-an), adj. erys (postal forwarding of swampy; morassy; sloughy: parcels the value of which boggy; marshy: - talaj, is payable on delivery): spongy soil: marsh-land: ~ uremboursementn. videk, fens (t. sz.); fenLPosta-, Posta-, prefix. ~- land. igazgat6sag, n. general Posvanyosod(ik), (-ott), post office. ~-int6zmeny, v. L= el-posvdnyosod(ik). n. -posta I. -kocsi, n. Poszata, (-ak, -at), n. (zooL) I (arch.) mail coach; stage warbler: baratka,blackcap: coach; post chaise. II mail cserrego ~, reed warbler: cart. IIl (railway) mail van; dalos ~, Orphean woarbler: mail coach. — kocsis, n. enekes nadi ~, marsh warbdriver of stage coach or mail ler: karvaly, barred warbcart: postboy; postilion. - ler; yellow warbler: kis, konyv, n. mail register..- lesser whitethroat: mezei, kotel6k, n.postal union. ~ - whitethroat: n&di ~, sedge kuldemeny, n. podstai warbler. k nldemeny (see pdstai). - Posz-m6h, n. (zool.) bumkurt, n. post horn. ~-16, n. blebee; humblebee. post horse. ~-mester, n. Poszt6, (-k, -t, -ja), n. cloth: postmaster. ~-mestern6, fabric: ~b61 val6, cloth; made of cloth: se pbnz, se, (he has) nothing in the world: (he has) lost (his) all. - gyar, n. cloth factory.,gyaros, n. cloth manufacturer. ~-keresked6s, n. I cloth trade. II clothier'; shop; draper's shop. — kes reskedo, n. I cloth merchant. II clothier; draperwoollen draper. ~-nyilf, n; dubber; cloth furbisher. shearman; sherman. - ruha, n. cloth dress: (man's) cloth suit. ~-szel, n. list (of cloth); selvedge.,-szoves, n. cloth weaving. _-szovo, n. cloth weaver: clothier. P6t, A. (-ot), n. =-po'k. B. prefix. supplementary; additional:substitute (see in vocabulary).,-ad6, n. surtax; super-tax; additional tax:,t kivet vkire, surtax. ~bir6, n. supplementary judge (in reserve)..-bizonyitek, n. supplementary evidence.,-csapat, n. reserve detachment.,-dfj, n. additional charge; extra (charge); supplementary fee.,-esku, n. (leg.) suppletory oath.,-fizetes, n. su.pplementary payment.,-fuizet, n. supplementary number. _hatarozat, n. amendment: rider (to bill). — hitel, n. additional credit. ~-jelentes,n. supplementary report. -kave6, n. substitute for coffee: chicory; ground figs. ~-kezes, n. additional surety (or, bail). ~-kocsi, n. extra car: second car. ~kotet, n. supplementary volume. P6tlas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I (act of) supplementing; making up; replacing; supply (of deficiency). II supplement (provided); cddendum to book, etc.): substitute (for). III ccmp msation (given); restitut'on: amends t. sz.): equivalcnt (for). IV mil.) recruit: rok, reserve troops (. sz.).

Page  198 3~~~~~~~~~ _ P6tlhk P6tlek, (-ot, -a), n. I complement; supplement: annex (to document): rider (to bill): addition (to): appendix: (leg.) codicil of vill): alloy (of metal): substitute (for coffee etc.); succedaneum. II extra allowance; (mil.) extra pay: increase of salary (or, pay). P6t-16, n. mil. remount. P6tl6, (-lag), adj. supplemental; supplementary; complementary; extra; additional: ~ cs8, ajutage; adjutage: effluent pipe: - kezes, = potkezes; ~ rendeles, subsequent order; additional order: jelent6s, = pot-jelentes: szallitas, supplementary delivery: - szer, substitute; succedaneum: t torv6ny, novel; supplemental constitution. P6tl61ag,adv. subsequently; in addition: de post facto. P6t-lovazas, n. (mil.) supply of remounts. P6t-megrendeles, n. = potlo rendeles (see potld). P6tol, (-tam, -t),. t. I supply (deficiency); make up for (omission): give (lesson) later; make up: retrieve; make good (a loss); repair. II give compensation (for); indemnify (for); make good restore: refund (costs). III replace (person); take the place of; fill the place of; supply the place of. IV add to; increase. Potolhatatlan, (-ul, adj. irreparable (loss); irretrievable (damage); irrecoverable: (person) not to be replaced. Potolhat6, adj. reparable; retrievable; recoverable: repayable (costs): (person) (easily) replaceable. Potom, adj. trifling; insignificant: A Aron, (vulg.) dog cheap; for a (mere) song; for an old song; dirt cheap. Potomsag, (-ot, -a), n. trifle; bagatelle: (a) trifling matter; trash; trumpery. 198 Potroh, (-ot, -a), n. (arch.) gorbelly; pot belly; big belly: corpulence: abdomen (of insect). [poczakos. Potrohos, (-an), adj. - Potrohosod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. become big-bellied; become pot-bellied; grow corpulent. Pot-szallitas, n. =- pdtld szallitds (see pdtld). P6t-tag, n. additional (supernumerary) member: (leg.) talesman. P6t-tartal6k, n. (mil.) (second line) reserve: militia reserve. Pottyan, (-tam, -t), v. i. drop; plump (into); topple (down); tumble (into); fall plump (into). Pottyanas, (-t, -a), n. dropping; (heavy) fall: plump. P6t-, prefix,,-valasztas, n. by-election. ~-rendelet, n. (leg.) codicil. ~-vizsga, n. additional examination. — vizsgalat, n. supplementary investigation. Potya, adj. gratis; free; gratuitous: free of cost: ~frater,,Jes6, parasite; (vulg.) sponger; trencherfriend; trencher-mate; smellfeast; (Scot.) sorner: (szinhazi) deadhead: potyara, a) for nothing; gratis: b) (play) on tick; on credit: -jegy, free ticket: free pass. Potyan, adv. gratis; for nothing: free of charge. Potyaz, (-tam, -ott), v. i. sponge; be a sponger; be a parasite; be a smell-feast: be a hanger-on. Potyaz&s, (-t, a), n. sponging; parasitism. Potyaz6, (-k, -t), n. =potya frdcter (see potya). Potyka, (-At),n. (zool.)carp. Potyog, (-tam, -ott), v. i. fall (continuously); drop; keep dropping; (of bullets) rain: (of tears) run; trickle. Potyogtat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. drop (continuously); keep dropping; let (something) fall: shed (tears). Pofog Pozdorja, (-at), n. (comm.) codilla; (coarse) tow; shive: pozdorjavh tor, crush to pieces; stamp to pieces; shatter (to pieces): ordog pozdorjaja, hellish crew. P6zna, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. pole; perch: stake; picket: maszo ~, greasy pole. Pozsgas, adj. = pirospozsgas. Pozsony, (-t, -ban), proper n. Pozsony (Pressburg; Bratislava): ancient coronation city of Hungarian kings. P6cze(-g6dor), n. cesspool; sink hole. Poczkol, = peczkel. Poczok, (pbozkot, p6czke), =p- eczek. Podor, (-tem, -t, or podrott), v. t. twist; twirl (moustache); wax. Podres, (-t, -e), n. twisting; twirling; waxing. Podro, n. = pedro. Pofekel, (-tem, -t), v. i. puff (from pipe); smoke: whiff. Pofekeles, (-t, -e), n. puff; puffing: whiff. Pofeteg, (-et), n. (bot..) puffball; puff; puffin; bullfist; puckfist. Poffed, (-tem. -t), v. i. I= pzffad. II po6ffeszked(ik). Po fedt, (-en), adj.I swollen; puffed; puffy. II (fig.) puffed up; inflated Jwith pride). Poffeszkedes, (-t, -e), n. arrogance; conceit; hauteur; inflation; superciliousness: swagger; (vulg.) side. Poffeszked(ik),(-tem,-ett), v. L be puffed up; puff; be arrogant; swell with pride; puff (oneself) up; give (oneself) airs; be conceited; swagger; put on side. Poffeszkedo, adj. conceited; arrogant; swaggering; puffed up; overbearing; supercilious. Poffeteg, Poffeteg-gomba, n. = pofeteg. Pofog, (-tem, -ott), v. i. puff: (of food boiling) bubble: blow: (of smoker) whiff.

Page  199 IMr1 I -I o V -AM C cer — 1 -— ~- a~sBI —~-Y Poholy 199 Predikal Poholy, n. = pehely. Pok, (-ter, -6tt), v. t. and i. =_ kop. Pokdos, v. t. and i. = kopkod. Pokedelem, (pokedelmet, pokedelme), n. I spittle. II (fig.) abomination; (something) disgusting; (a) horror; horrible. Pokes, n. = kopes. Pokhendi, adj. insolent; swaggering; bragging; braggart; boastful: frater, swaggerer; braggart; braggadocio. Pokhendiseg, (-et, -e), n. insolence;swagger; braging; braggardism; braggadocio. Pok6, n. and adj. k= kopo (compounds too). Por, (-ok, -t, -e), n. = per. ~beszed, n. = per-beszed. ~-csom6, n. (leg.) docket: and see per-csomo. Porcz, (-6t, -e), n. greaves t. sz.): (prov.) brousels (t. sz.): (Scot.) cracklings (t. sz.). Por-donto, adj. = perdonto". l'ore, (-en), adj. half naked (wearing only under-linen): in negligee: pirere vetkoz(ik), strip to the shirt: p6rere vetk6ztet, strip to the skin; strip naked. ~-gatyas, adj. in drawers (only). Por-felvetel, Por-gatl6, =per-felvetel, per-gdtlo. Porge, adj. spiral; round (hat). Porget, Porgetyf, =perget, pergetyi. Por-irat, n. per-irat. Por-jog, n. = per-jog. Porkol], (-tern, -t), v. t. I scorch; buwn: parch: bronze (skin). II (chem.) calcine (metal). III roast (coffee); stew: broil; grill: devil (meat). Porkoles, (-t, -e), n. I scorching; burning: parching: bronzing. II (chem.) calcination. III roasting; stewing: broiling; grilling: devilling. Po6ekol6d(ik), (-tem, -ott), v. i. I become (get) scorched (burned; parched; bronzed). II roast; stew: broil; be grilled. Porkolt, A. (-en), adj. roast; stewed; grilled (fish); devilled (meat). B. (-6t), n. devilled (meat or chicken). Por-kolts6g, n. = perk6ltseg. Porkolt-szagu, adj. having a burnt smell. Porlekedes, Porleked(ik), Porlekedo, = perlekedes, etc. P6r-, prefix. ~-letetel, n. - per-letitel. ~-nyertes, =per-nyertes.,-orvoslat, n. = per-orvoslat. Pornye, = pernye. Porog, (-ter, porgott), v. i. =pereg. P6rol(6s), = perel(es). P6roly, (-6k, -t, -e), n. sledge-hammer; sledge: hammer.,-hal, n. (zool.) hammer-head (fish). Porolyoz, (-ter, -ott), v. t. hammer; beat (with sledge). Poroly-iuts, n. blow with a sledge. Poros, Poroskedes, Porosk6d(ik), - peres, etc. Por-patvar, stb. n. =perpatvar, etc. Por-rendtartds, n. ==perrendtartds. Porsen(6s),- persen(es). Por-, prefix. ~-tar, n. = per-tdr. ~-tdrgy, n. =-pertdrgy. ~-tarnok, ~-taros, n. = per-tdrnok. ~-torles, n. = per-torles. -uijitds, n. =-per-ujitds. ~-vesztes, adj. = per-vesztes. ~-vesztes, n. = per-vesztes. Posze, A. (-ek, -t), n. lisper. B. (-en), adj. lisping: posz6n beszel, lisp: ~ besz6d, lisp; lisping. Poszit, (-ett), v. i. lisp. Poszm6te, (-et), n. (bot.) gooseberry.,-bokor, n. gooseberry bush. Potton, adj. tiny; wee; minute: - ember dwarf; shrimp: manikin, Potty, n. = petty. Pottyoget, v.t. =pettyeget. Pottyos, adj. = pettyes. Pottyoz, v. t. =pettyeget. Potyog, (-ter, -ott), v. i. I (arch.) babble; prattle. II dangle; (of sail) flap; lap; flag; hang: (of clothes) draggle; drabble. Potyoges, (-t, -e), n. I (arch.) babble; babbling; prattle. II dangling; flapping; lapping; flagging; hanging: draggling; drabbling. Potyog6, A. (-t,-je), n. I dew-lap (of ox). II (turkey's) beard. B. adj. = potyogos. Potyoigs, (-en), adj. loose; dangling; hanging; flapping (sail): flabby (flesh); flaccid. Pozs, (-k, -6t, -e), n. fascine. IPraczli, (-t, -ja), n. (vulg.) paw. Fraga, (-at, -Aban). proper n. Prague. ~Praktika, (-At, -aja), n. I practice. II (fig.) trick; ruse; feint; artifice; stratagem. ~Praktikus, (-an), adj. practical (man); (of) common sense: practicable (scheme). XPraktikussfg, (-ot, -a), n. practicality; practicalness: practicability. ~Praktizal, (-tam, -t), v.i. practise. Pranda, adj. dirty; filthy. ~>Preda, A. (-at, -aja), n. booty; prey; spoil: (vulg.) bag: vmit predaul enged, predara bocsat, abandon; give up: (fig.) leave at the mercy (of): - utin indul, go plundering; go in search of booty. B. adj. prodigal; extravagant; spendthrift; wasteful. ~XPr6dal, (-tam, -t), A. v. i. plunder; rob; maraud; pillage. B. v.t. waste; squander. 3iPredikaczi6, (4, -ja), n. sermon. XPredikal, (-tam, -t), v. i. preach (a sermon): (fig.)

Page  200 Pr6dikal6 200 Profin preach (to); give (someone) a lecture. ~iPredikal6, A. (-k, -t), n. preacher. B. adj. (for) preaching: ~ szek, pulpit. ~ Pr6dikator, (-ok, -t, n. preacher. ~XPredikatorstig, (-ot, -a), n. office of preacher: ministry. -Prem, (-ek, -et, -e), n. fur; skin: ~mel (be)szeg, trim with fur. ~-aru, n. furs (t. sz.); furriery. ~bor, n. fur: skin. *Premes, (-en), adj. fur(coat): trimmed with fur: ~ koponyeg, fur-coat; fur. ~ Premez, (-tem, -ett), v. t. trim with fur; fur; line withfur. ~ Premium, (-ok, -ot, -a), I. (comm.) premium. -uizlet, n. (comm.) put: kettos ~, put and call. Premontrei, (-ek, -t), n. Premonstratensian; White Canon; Norbertine; Premonstrant. ~Prepost, (-ot, -ja), n. (eccl.) provost: nagy, provost of a cathedral. >Prepostsag, (-ot, -a), n. provostship: office (dignity) of provost. fIPres, (-ek, -t, -e), n. press (for various uses): winepress. ~ Pr6sel, (-tem, -t), v. t. press. XPres-haz, n. press-house. ~XPres-mester, n. overseer of wine-press. Prezsmital, (-tam, -t), v. i. chat; chatter: babble. Pribek, (-ek,-et,-je), n. I catchpoll; bumbailiff. II (executioner's) assistant. III renegade: deserter; runaway. ~Prics, Prices, (-et, -e), n. I bat; (fool's) bauble. II bed of boards. ~-Primas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I (eccl.) Primate. II czigany, leader (of gipsy band). wPl'rimassdqg, (-ot, -a), n. (eccl.) primacy. ~Princz, (-ek, -et, -e), n. prince. ~Princzipitlis, (-ok, -t,-a), n. principal (of firm.); (vulg.) boss. ~ Prior, (-ok, -t, -ja), n. perjel. ~ XPrivilejium, (-ot, -a), n. privilege. ->Pr6ba, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. I sample;specimen: pattern: - szerint vesz, buy according to sample: probat vesz, take a sample (of). II assay (of metal): hallmark (of silver); mark of assay. III (fig.) trial; test: prbbat tesz vmivel, make a trial of: pr6bara tesz vkit, put to the test; put to the proof; test; try: (fig.) tax; try severely: kiallja a probat, stand the test; bide the test; come up to scratch: pr6banak alavet, test; put to the proof: pr6bkra,,kep(en), on trial. IV (tig.) trial; experiment; attempt: ~ szerencse, nothing venture, nothing have; fortune favours the bold: szerencsere, at a venture. V (fig.) proof. VI (theatrical) rehearsal: foiL dress rehearsal. -adll6, adj. proof; valid; that will stand the test: sound.,-allott, adj. well-tried; approved (method): sterling; sound: standard (authority). ~baba, n. manikin. ~-cs6, n. eprouvette. ~-ev, n. year 0o probation (or, trial). - eves, adj. on probation: tanar, probationer: pupil teacher. _-ido, n. term of probation: probationership. ~-kep(en), adv. on trial; by way of trial; as a test: as an experiment. ~-ko, n. I 'touchstone. II (fig.) test; criterion: touchstone: vminek probakove, a test of. lXPr6bal, (-tam, -t), v. t. I try; attempt; essay: experiment: experience: taste: sokat,t mar, (he) has tried many things; (he) has gone through a great deal: sze rencs6t ~, try (one's) luck: take (one's) chance. II try on (clothes). III test; try: make a trial of: assay (metal). XPr6bilas, (-t. -a), n. I trial; attempt; essay: experiment: experience. II trial (of); test; testing: assay (of metal). ~.Pro6blatlan, (-ul), adj. untried; inexperienced (person): untested. ~ Pr6balgat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. attempt (repeatedly); essay; keep trying: turn (one's) hand to. iProbalkozas, (-ok, -t,-a), n. attempt; essay: endeavour; effort. iPr6balkoz(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. attempt (to); try: vmivel ~,try; make a trial of. i.Probal6, A. (-t), n. I dressmaker's assistant: shop assistant (for trying on clothes). II = proba-baba. B. adj. trying (on): - baba, = proba-baba: ~ kisaszszony, - leany, = probdal A. I. ~Pr6ba-l6ves, n. trial shot: sighting shot. ~zProbalt, adj. I==probadllott. II experienced. ~kPr6ba-munka, n. I specimen. II probationary work..iPr6ba-nyomat,n.(printing) proof; proof-sheet. ~Probas, adj. I as suffix: harom ~, 22 carat; standard (gold). II (fig.) tizenharom, well-tried; sterling. XPr6ba-, prefix. ~-siuly, n. assay weight. ~-szamitds, n. estimate. ~-tanitas, n. trial lesson. ~-ttel, examination: test. -tii, n. touchneedle. — ut, n. trial trip. ~-vetel, n. purchase according to (by) sample (or, pattern). ~Problema, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. problem. XProfan, A. (-ok, -t), n. layman. B. adj. I lay; secular. II (fig.) proJane; unholy; godless.

Page  201 ProfanAl 201 Puffadt XProfanail, (-tam, -t), v. t. profane: unhallow; desecrate: (bibl.) blaspheme; take (name of God) in vain. XProfanAilAs, (-t, -a), n. profanation: unhallowivg; desecration: (bibl.) blasphemy. ~iProfesszor,(-ok, -t, -a) n. I (university) professor. II (middle-school) master. * Professzorkod)ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. be a professor (or. master). ~XProfeta, (-ak, -at -aja), n. (bibl.) prophet: seer; soothsayer..Pr6fetai, (-lag), adj. prophetic. 3Profosz, (-ok, -t, -a), n. (mil.) provost. ~-Pr6funt, (-ot), n. (mil.) ammunition bread, >Programm, (-ot, -ja), n. programme: (polit.) platform. ~iPr6kator, (-ok, -t, -a), n. lawyer: advocate: zug ~, pettifogger: -i fogas, lawyer's trick, quirk; quibble. ~iPr6katorkod(ik), (-tam, (-ott), v. i. be a lawyer; practise in law. i.Pr6oktorsag, (-ot, -a), n. legal projession: capacity of lawyer..iProkurista, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. (comm.) confidential clerk; person entitled to sign for firm; procureur. ~WiProletar, (-ok, -t, -ja), n. and adj. proletarian: proletariary. *Proletariatus, (-t, -a), n. proletariat. iProl6g(us), -ok, -t, -a), n. prologue. ~iProlongal, (-tam, -t), v. t. (comm.) prolong: postpone (payment): renew (bill). ~Propeller, (-ek, -t, e), n. ferry-boat; ferry steamer: steam (or, motor) barge. Pr6sza, (-at), n. (vulg.) corn cake; hoecake; johnny cake. iProtegal, (-tam, -t), v. t. patronise; advocate the caus e of;favour; assist; back; support; use (one's) influence in javour of. ~lProtekczio, (-t, -ja), n. influence (to back one): patron: support; backing: nines ~ja, he has noone to back him; he has no influence behind him. K.Protekczi6s, adj. (person) with influence behind him: (one) who owes his career to influential friends. iProtektor, (-ok, -t, a), n. patron; influential friend; supporter; backer. lXProtestal, (-tam, -t), v. i. protest; lodge; a protest (against). ~*Protestalas, (-t, -a), n. protest: (leg.) protestation. XProtestans, (-ok, -t), it. and adj. Protestant. ~>Protestantizmus, (-t, -l), n. Protestantism. -Provinczialis, (-ok, -t, -a), n. (eccl.) provincial. ~XProvfzio, (-t, ja), n. (comm.) commission. *-Provokal, (-tam, -t), v. t. I challenge (to duel). IIprovoke (indignation); challenge; invite. ~*Provokalas, (-t, -a), n. I challenging (to duel); challenge. II provocation. ~>Pr6za, (-at, -aja), n. prose. ~ Pr6zai, (-lag), adj. prose; in prose: prosaic (in good sense). ~>Pr6zaias, (-an), adj. prosaic (in bad sense; dull; prosy; unimaginative; tedious. iPr6zaiassag, (-ot, -a), n. prosaicism: prosaic (procsy; dull) character (of) ~Proza-iro, n. prose-writer; prosaist. ~>Proza-irodalom, n. prose literature. Pruszli, (-t), Pruszlik, (-ot,-ja), n. stomacher: doublet. Priicsok, (priicskot, pricske), n. (zool.) cricket. Prusszen, (-t), Priiszszent, (-ett), v. i. sneeze. Priisszent6s, (-t, -e), n. sneezing; sneeze. Priiszkol, (-tem, -t), v. i. I sneeze. II (of horse) snort; snuff: puff. Priiszkols, (-t, -e), n. I= priisszentes. II snorting; snort; snuffing: puffing. i~Publiczista, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. publicist: writer; journalist. XPublikum, (-ot, -a), n. (the) public: general public: (theatrical) audience; spectators (t. sz.). [naked. Puczer, (-an), adj. bare; Puczor, (puczort, puczra), n. I stomach. II black pudding: haggis. ~>Pudding, (-ot, -ja), n. pudding. Puider, (-ek, -t, -je), n. (toilet) powder. ~>Plderes, (-en), adj.I powdered. 1I powder-; for powder. ~ Puiderez, (-tem, ett), v. t. powder. PPfideros; (-an), adj. = ptderes I. XPuideroz, (-tam, -ett), v. t.= puiderez. iPudli, (-t, -ja), n. I ~kutya, (zool.) poodle. II (shop) counter. Pudva, (-at, -aja), n. mould; mold: touchwood; spunk; punk. Pudvas, (-an), adj. mouldy; moldy: decayed (wood) spongy; spongious. Pudvasod(ik), (-ott), v. i. become mouldy (spongy). Puf, Puff, (-ot, -ja), n. I bang (of gun): blow; buffet:! bang! pop! ~neki! there you are I gone again! II ~ra, (buy) on tick; on credit: (shoot) at random; at a venture. Puffad, (-tam, -t), v. i. swell; puff: be bloated; be inflated. Puffadas, (-t, -a), n. swelling; puffing: inflation. Puffadt, (-an), adj. swollen; puffed; puffy; bloated (face); inflated.

Page  202 Puffan Puffan, (-tam, -t), v. i. pop; give a report: sound: crack. Puffands, (-t, -a), n. pop; report: sound: crack. Puffant, (-ott), v. t. and i. I thump: slap; smack: buffet; thwack. II discharge (gun); fire. Puffaszt, (-ott), v. t. swell; puff (up); inflate; bloat: cause flatulence (in stomach). Puffog(as), = puffan(ds). Puffogtat, (-tam, -ott), puffant (frequentative form). Puf6k, A. (-ot, -ja), n. chubby face. B. adj. chubbyfaced. Puha, (-An), adj. I soft: pliant; yielding: tender (meat): mellow (fruit): fresh (bread); new-baked. II flabby (flesh); flaccid: limber; lax; drooping. III (fig.) effeminate (man); weak: enervated. IV.allatok, (zool.) mollusca (t. sz.):.Jllat, mollusk. V. tender (hand); soft; gentle. Puhacska, adj. softish. Puhan, adv. (fall) soft: (touch) softly; gently. Puhany, (-ok, -t, -a), n. (zool.) mollusk:,ok, mollusca (t. sz.) Puhasag, (-ot, -a), n. I softness. pliancy: tenderness: II (fig.) effeminacy. III (fig.) tenderness; softness; gentleness. IV soft etc. character or nature (of, see puha). Puha-szajdu, adj. tendermouthed (horse). PIuha-szivu, adj. tenderhearted; kind-hearted: kindly; compassionate. Puha-tapintatd, adj. soft to the touch. Puha-testu, adj. (zool.) molluscan; molluscous: allat, mollusk. Puhatol, (-tam, -t), v. t. sound; pry into (secret); try to discover; try to find out; try tofathom; trace: enquire after. 202 Puhatolas, (-t, -a), n. sounding: enquiry; inquiry; investigation; search. Puhatol6(d)zas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. puhatolds. Puhatolo(d)z(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. make enquiries (or, inquiries); sound: vkinel, sound (someone). Puhit, (-ott), v. t. I soften: make (something) soft: make (meat) tender: gozzel ~, stew. II (fig.) soften: bend (will); weaken: appease (anger). III (fig.) render (men) effeminate; weaken; enervate. Puhitgat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. try to weaken (resolve). Puhul, (-tam, -t), v. i. I soften; become soft: (of meat) become tender. II (fig.) become effeminate. III (fig.) soften; yield; give way. Puhulas, (-t, -a), n. I softening. II (fig.) effeminacy. III (fig.) softening; yielding. Puhult (-an), adj. I softened; soft: tender (meat). II (fig.) effeminate; enervated. Pujka, n. = pulyka. Pukkad, (-tam, -t), v. i. megpukkad. Pukkadas, (-t, -a), n. I bursting: breaking (of blister). I (fig. vulg.) fury; indignation. Pukkan, (-t), v. i. burst: crack: (of gun) bang; detonate: pop. Pukkant, Pukkaszt, (-ott), v. t. burst; break: pop (corn): discharge (gun): make (something) crack. XiPukkedli, (-t, -ja), n. curtsey: bow. Puliszka, (-at), n. corn porridge. *Pulpitus, (-ok, -t, -a), n. lectern. Pulya, A. (-at), n. coward; poltroon: dastard. B. (-an), adj, I cowardly; white-livered; chicken-hearted; pusillanimous: dastardly. II effeminate. Pulyasag, (-ot, -a), n. I Puska-poros cowardice; pusillanimity. II effeminacy. Pulya-szivf, adj. ==pulya B. I. Pulyka, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. (zool.) turkey. ~-gunar, ~-kakas, n. (zool.) cock turkey; turkey-cock. ~-mereg, n. (fig.) hasty temper; hot temper: choler. iPuma, (-at), n. (zool.) puma. kPuncs, (-ot), n. punch (drink). Pup, (-ot, -ja), n. I hunch (on back); hump: protuberance; knob; gibbosity. II (naut.) list. III crown (of at). IV slice (of bread). ~Pupa, (-at, -aja), n. (zool.) chrysalis; pupa. Puipos, (-an), adj. hunchbacked; hump-backed; crook-backed: round-backed: gibbous; round; humpy; hunchy: bulging. Puposod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. become hunch-backed: become crooked: bend; bulge. Purde, (-t), n. gipsy child. ~Purgat6rium, (-ot, -a), n. purgatory. ~XPuritan, A. (-ok, -t), n. Puritan. B. adj. Puritan; Puritanic(al): strict; scrupulous. Puska, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. I gun; (arch.) musket: (mil.) rifle: r6vid-cs6rfi, (arch.) blunderbuss: (mil.) carbine: vizi -, syringe: huzagoltcsovii ~, rifled gun. II (vulg.) crib; trot. ~-agy, n. stock (of gun). ~-cs6, n. barrel of gun). ~-dorej, n. report of gun): rattle (of musketry). ~-goly6, n. (musket) ball. ~-kakas, n. cock (of gun): hammer. ~-loves, n. I shot; gun-shot. II range (of gun): 7nyire, within range. ~-muves, n. gunmaker; gun-smith..-por, n. gunpowder. — por-fiist, n. powder smoke. ~-pormalom, n. powder mill. ~-poros, adj. powder-(magazine).

Page  203 - --- I I --— ~m~n m~nr Irau-~~lrm~a-~r,~ Puskfis 203 Piispok-siiveg Puskas, A. (-ok, -t, -a), n. I (sporting term) gun (= person): kocza ~, Cockney Nimrod. II person armed with gun or rifle: (mil.) man: rifleman. Ill = puskamives. B. adj. armed with a gun (or, rifle): carrying a gun (or, rifle). Puska-, prefix. — szij, n. (gun) sling: (arch.) bandolier. ~-szo, n. report (of gun). ~-tisztit6, n. worm. ~-tok, n. gun-case. _-tolteny, n. cartridge. _-toltes, n. loading (of gun). -tus, n. stock (of gun): but; but end (of rifle). ~-tiiz, n. (arch.) musketry (fire): gunfire; rifle fire. — vesszo, n. ramrod: gun-stick. Puskaz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. and i. I fire (a gun); shoot. I (vulg.) crib: (fig.) plagiarise; borrow (material). Puszi, (-t, (-ja), n. kiss; (arch.) buss. Pusziz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. kiss; (arch.) buss: (vulg.) smack. XPuszpang, (-ot, -ja), n. (bot.) box; box tree. Puszta, A. (-ak, -at, -aja), n. 1 waste; desert: uncultivated land: plain; lowland plain: heath; heath-land: steppe. II homestead; farm: (small) estate. B. (-an), adj. I deserted; desert; waste (land): uncultivated: desolate. II mere; simple: bare (subsistence): naked (truth); plain: sheer (nonsense): a - foldon, on the bare ground; falak, bare walls (t. sz.): a - gondolat, the mere thought (of); the very thought (or, idea): - k6zzel, unarmed: - kital1las, a pure invention: - rosszakarat, mere malice; malice itself: - szemmel, with the naked eye: ez - v6 -letlen, mere chance; a mere accident. Pusztai, adj. dwelling (sit nated) on a heath (or steppe, or plain): living on a farm (or, homestead): ~ elet,farm life: lak6, Lowlander: ~ jelleg, steppe character. Pusztan, adv. I merely; simply; only; nothing but; solely. II (stand) deserted; all alone. Pusztasag, (-ot, -a), n. = puszta A. I. Pusztasagos, (-an), adj. = puszta B. I. Pusztaz6, adj. I pusztai. II stray: roving; roaming. Pusztit, (-ott), v. t. I devastate; lay waste: extirpate (forest); deforest: root up trees): havoc; ravage country); pillage:6destroy; annihilate; do away with: ruin. II spoil; mar; ruin. III waste (money); squander; run through (fortune). Pusztitas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I devastation; devastating: extirpation; dejorestation; rooting up: havoc; ravage; ravaging; pillage: destruction; annihilation: ruin. I spoiling; marring. III wasting; squandering. Pusztit6, A, (-k, -t, -ja), n. devastator; waster; ravagger: destroyer; spoiler. B. adj. devastating; wasting; ravaging: destructive; destroying. Pusztul, (-tam, -t), v. i. I go to ruin; be ruined: be destroyed; waste away: fall into decay: (of building) become dilapidated; fall to ruin: be lost; disappear; be swept away. II (fig.) die; perish. III (fig.) clear off; clear out; make (oneself) scarce; take (oneself) off; be off. IV. become deserted (or, desolate): become waste. Pusztulas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I devastation; desolation: destruction; ruin; decay; annihilation; wasting (away). II (fig.) death; per ishing. III (fig.) wasting (of fortune). Pusztul6, adj. 1 = omladozo. II doomed (to destruction). Putri, (-t, -ja), n. hovel; shanty: den. Putton, Pattony, (-ok,-t, -a), n. (a kind of) dosser; dorser; dorsel. Puttonyos, (-ok, -t), n. erson carrying a dosser. Auzdra, (-at), n. quiver: (fig.) case. Puff, interj. - neki slapbang! Piiffol, Piifol, (-tem,-t), v. t. slap; smack: thwack. Piifles, (-t, -e), n. slap; smack; thwack. ~Piinkosd, (-ot, -je), n. Whitsuntide; Pentecost, elBest6je, eve of Whitsuntide: -hete, Whitsun-week: ~ hetfbje, Whit Monday; - kor, at Whitsuntide: - iinnepe, Whit Sunday; Whitsuntide. Piinkosdi, adj. I Whitsun. II (fig.) - kirAlyn6, May Queen: - kiralysag, passing glory. III ~ r6zsa, (bot.) peony. Piink6zsd(i),==piinkosd(i). 'Piisp6k, (-ok, -6t, -e), n. (eccl.) bishop: (Prot.) superintendent: czimzetes ~, titular bishop: felszentelt, suffragan. ~-bot, crosier; crozier. ~-falat, n. (vulg.) croup; rump (of fowl): (of goose) Pope's nose. -helyettes, n. (eccl.) vicargeneral. ~XPuiispbki, adj. a bishop's; episcopal:~helytart6, vicargeneral: ~ kar, Bench of Bishops: ~ megye, diocese: n mblt6sAg, bishopric; episcopal office; episcopate. ~ ~Puspoks6g, (-et, -e), n. I bishopric; office of bishop. II episcopacy: the bishops (t. sz.). Piispk-siiveg, n. mitre: - gel felruhaz, mitre.

Page  204 R PRaol1 R R A. The twenty-seventh letter of the Hungarian alphabet (see Introduction). B. abbreviation: r. kath. (romai katholikus), Roman Catholic. Ra, postp. on; upon: (go) to: for (a time): (divide) into: mara, today. Ra, A. adv. (with personal suffixes). Ion; upon: add ~m a ruhat, put the dress on me. II (be angry) with. IlI nincs id6m ~, I have no time (for it). B. prefix: see compounds. ~-ad, v. t. I put on (clothes): throw (over): help on with (coat). If give into the bargain; give (something) to boot; add; throw in. III (eccl.) give (blessing). IV ~ja maght (fejet) vmire, devote (oneself) (to); addict (oneself) (to); take (to): make up (one's) mind (to). V nem adok ra semmit, I have no great opinion of (it).~-adds, n. addition: (comm.) makeweight: something given into the bargain: ~ul, to boot; into the bargain. ~-akad,v. i. come across; light upon: find (by accident); stumble upon; chance upon. ~akaszt, v. t. I hang (on): fasten. II -ja magat vkire, obtrude (upon): attach (oneself) (to). ~-aldoz, v. t. spend (on). ~-all, v. i. I stand (on); get (upon). II (fig.) vmire ~, agree (to); consent (to); acquiesce (in); accede (to: wish): accept (proposal). Rab, (-ok, -ot, -ja), n. I prisoner: (fegyhhzi) convict. II (mil.) prisoner; captive. III slave; bondman: (arch.) serf; thrall: a szokas ^ja, a creature of habit. Ra-bameszkod(ik), Rabamul, v. i. stare (at); gape (upon). Rab-asszony, n.= rab 1. and III. (woman). ~*-Rabbi, (-k, -t, -ja), n. rabbi; rabbin. ~X Rabbisag, (-ot, -a), n. office of rabbi. Rab-elet, n. I (a) life of slavery; slavery. II prison life; imprisonment. Ra-beszel, v. t. persuade; talk (one) over; prevail upon; induce. Ra-besz6els, n.persuasion. Ra-beszl16,adj.persuasive. (words); (power) of persuasion. Rab-hdz, n. prison. Rab-iga, n. yoke; bondage; thraldom. Ra-bir, v. t. induce (someone); prevail upon; get (someone: to do); persuade; bring (to). Ra-biz, v. t. entrust (work: to); commit (something) to the charge (of): trust (secret: to); confide (to): entrust to the care (or the keeping) of. Ra-bizonyit, v. t. vkiie vmit., prove (someone) guilty (of); convict (of). Ra-bizonyitas, n. conviction. Ra-bizonyodik, RA-bizonyul, v. i. vmi ~, be proved guilty (of); be convicted (of). Rab-kontos, n prison dress; prisoner's garb: convict dress. Rab-lancz, n. bonds of slavery (t. sz.); fetters (t. sz.): ~ra ver, jetter; chain: (fig.) hold in bondage. Rablas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I act of) robbing: robbery (of): rape (of women): kidnapping (of children): (leg.) abduction. II (fig.) exorbitant price. III (naut.) piracy. IV - merenylete, attempted robbery: - vagya, rapacity. Rab-ledny, n. slave girl. Rabl6, A. (-k. -t, -ja), n. I robber: brigand: thief; burglar. II (naut.) pirate; corsair. B. adj. robbing; robber-: rapacious: thievish. ~-banda, n. I gang of robbers; gang of thieves: brigands (t. sz.). HI (naut.) pirates (t. sz.); pirate crew. III (fig.) robbers. ~-barlang, n. robbers' cave: robbers' den: den of thieves. ~csapat, n.=rabld-banda I. ~-czinkos, n. accomplice. ~-f6nok, n. robber chief: brigand chief. -cgyilkos, n. robber guilty of murder. ~-gyilkossag, n. robbery (attended) with murder. ~~-hadjArat, n. predatory excursion; predatory warfare: marauding expedition. ~-haj6, n. pirate ship; pirate. ~-harcz, n.= rablohadjdrat. ~-kaland, n.=rablo - hadjdrat. _-kapitany, n.-= rabld-f'nok. ~lovag, n. robber knight. - tamadas, n. predatory attack. ~-tars, n. accomplice. ~-tort6net, n. I tale of robbers. II (fig.) cockand-bull story. Rablott, adj. stolen; robbed: - j6szag, plunder; booty. Rabl6-var, n. castle of robbers. [fionik. Rabl6-vezer, n. =- rabl6 -Rab-munka, n. work done by prisoners. Rab-no, n.-= rab-asszony. Ra-bocsat, v. t.==rd-ereszt. Rabol, (-tam, -t.) v. t. and iLrob: steal; pillage: kidnap (child): abduct (woman): (naut.) capture.

Page  205 ~~gi~ny~~~!~~ZL~~Blpl~~T~keB"I~~~BMemp"M Ra-borit 0i05 Ra-borit, v. t. put (over); throw (over): vmit vmire, cover (with); spread (over): vkire ~ja a vizes pokr6czot, (fig.) snub. Ra-borul, v. i. I vmire, spread (over); cover: fit (the body). II throw (oneself) (on);fall (on): bend (over). Raboskodds, (-t, -a), n. I imprisonment; captivity. 11 slavery; thraldom: (fig.) drudgery. Raboskod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i I be in prison; serve (one's) time. II be a slave; be in slavery: (fig.) slave; drudge. Rab-ruha, n.= rab-kontos. Rabsdg, (-ot, -a), n. I imprisonment: captivity. II slavery; bondage; servitude: (arch.) thraldom: (fig.) drudgery. Rab-, prefix. ~-szij, n. fetter; shackle: ~ra fiz, fetter.,-szolga, n. slave: bondman: (arch.) serf; thrall: rabszolgava tesz, enslave: enthral. ~-szolgai, adj. slavish; servile: menial (task): - munka (fig.) drudgery. ~-szolga-kereskedes, n. slave-trade; slavedealing. ~-szolga-kereskedo, n. slave-trader; slavedealer. ~-szolgasag, n. slavery; bondage; servitude: thraldom; serfdom: (fig.) drudgery; menial office. ~szolga-vasar, n. slavemarket. ~-tdrs, n. fellowprisoner: fellow-convict. - tartas, n. maintenance of prisons. Ra-bukkan, v. i. = rdakad. Rabul, adv. I (treat) as a slave. II as a prisoner; in prison. Rab-vallat6, n. (vulg.) strong wine. Rab-viselt, adj. (person) who has been in prison: - ember, ticket-of-leave man. Racs, (-ot,-a), n. grating; lattice: bars (t. sz.); crossbars (t. sz.): rails (t. sz.); railing: grate (of fireplace): trellis: ~csal elzar, grate; bar. ~-ablak, n. latticewindow. ~-ajt6, n. grated door. ~-alak6i, (-an), adj. grated; latticed; latticelike. Ra-csap, v. i. I vmire, strike; hit: rap (knuckles): slap. II vkire -, pounce (on); dash (at). Ra-csatol, v. t. fasten (on); buckle (on). Ra-csavar, v. t. wind (round): wind up: twine (round). -Ra-csavarod(ik), v. i. wind (round); twine (round); coil (round): vmire,, entwine. Racs-fal, n. railings (t. sz.). Ra-csindl, v. t. put (on); fix; fasten (on). Racs-kapu,n.trellised gate. Racsos, (-an), adj. grated: latticed (window): trellised (gate): barred (cell-window): agy, latticed bedstead: (gyermeke) railed cot: ~ ajt6, grated door: ~ kapu, trellised gate; barred gate: wicket gate: - kerites, railings (t. sz.): ~ szekr6ny. cupboard with grating (or, crossbars). Racsoz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. grate: bar (window). Racsozat, (-ot, -a), n. grating: lattice-work: trellis. Ra-csuk. v. t. shut (dool) (on): lock. Racs-vas, n. bar; crossbar. RMcz, (-ok, -ot, -a), n. and adj. Rascian: Serb; Serbian. Ri-czafol, v. i. vkire, belie; disavow: disprove (statement); contradict; refute: gainsay: (leg.) rebut. Ra-czeloz, v. i. vmire, hint (at). Racz-orszag, (-ot, -a), proper n. Serbia. ~Radiograf, (-ot), n. radiograph. Rad6, (-t), propern.Conrad. RA-, prefix. — dob, v. t. throw (on): vmire ~, pelt fta-fizet (with): (fig.) assail (with); load (with)..-dol, v. i. fall (on).,-eget, v. t. burn (into).,-ehez(ik), v. i vmire ~, be keen (on); long (for); covet; desire. — emlekez(ik), v. i. vmire -, remember; recall. ~-er, v. i. I vmire _, have time (for); find time (for); have time te spare: meg uiink, we have plenty of time. II vkire, befall; come over: overcome: ~t a hidegleles, have a fit of ague. — eres, n. spare time; leisure; time to spare. ~-ereszt,,v. t incite (against); let loose (on); set (on). _-ereszt6s, n. incitement; letting loose. ~er6ltet, v. t. = rd-eroszakol. _-er6sit, v. t. fasten (on); fix: sew (button) on. — eroszakol, v. t. force (upon); ipress; obtrude (upon). ~-esik, v. i. I fall (on). 1I (fig.) fall to the share (of); devolve (upon). III fig.) vkire -, go for (someone); assail. IV (of fate) befall. ~-es6, adj. - resz, share; portion ~-esteled(ik), v. i. vkire ~, benight: ram esteledett, I was benighted. ~-eszmel, V. i. vmire ~, realise. Rafael, (-t), proper n. Raphael. Ra-, prefix. _-fanyalod(i)k, v. i. vmire ~, make the best (o); acquiesce (in): qrin and bear (it). ~-fccskendez, v. t. vmire ~, besprinkle. ~-feksz(ik), v. i. apply (oneself) (to); work hard (at)..-fer, v. i. I find room (on): meg harman,nek, there is room for three more. II vkire ~ vmi, want; need (badly); be in want of. could do with: tibb is -ne, he could do with more. ~fest, v. t. paint (on). _feszit, v. t. stretch (on).,-fizet, v. i. I pay more: pay the balance (the difference). II vmire ~, be a loser (by); lose (on); be out

Page  206 ~ ~- ~ —~- - I - - - - -- -- T ~rT ~al: I ~;~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ 1 I':i r~~~~~~~~~~~ t,:i." I -- K~. s"; ~",. I. i,,;7 1 __-~ '7;~7 -- ~ I -1 Ra-fizetes 206 of pocket. ~-fizet6s, n. I carry away; take possesadditional payment: dif- sion of: transport; ravish; ference; balance. II loss..- enrapture: see elragad(tat). fog, v. t. I point (gun; at); IV (fig.) impel (to); drive; aim (at). II vmit vkire, urge. V mag/val ~, carry attribute (to); impute (to); away; sweep off: iistokon lay the blame (for some-,seize; take hold of(by the thing: on someone); lay at hair): iistokon ~ja a szethe door (of); put (upon): rencs6t, take time by the accuse falsely (of). _-fo- forelock. gas, n. imputation; (false) Ragadfs, (-t, -a), n. I stickcharge: insinuation. ~-for- ing: adhesion. II seizing; dit, v. t. I turn (key: in seizure: snatching. look). II turn (attention): Ragadmany, (-ok, -t, -a). bestow (care: on). III a- n. booty; plunder: (vulg.) propriate (money: for); bag. spend (on); devote (energy). Ragad6, adj. I sticky;,-forraszt, v. t. solder (to); sticking: adhesive. II rushfasten. ~-formed, v. i. ing (stream); rapid; torvkire, fly in (one's) face; rential. ~-fu, n. (bot.) cleavgo for: hector; bully: snarl ers: catchweed. (at). -fu, ~-flij, v. i. blow Ragad6s, (-an), adj. I (on); breathe (on): (of sticky; sticking; adhesive; breeze) waft. -fiiggeszt, viscid; viscous; gluey: v. t. I = rd-akaszt I. II clammy (hands). II in(fig.) fix (eyes). Jectious (disease); catching: Rag, (-ok, -ot, -ja), n. I contagious. (gramm.) suffix; affix. II= Ragad6sslg, (-ot, -a), n. I ragasz. II =- ragasztd ta- stickiness. 11 contagiousness; pasz (see ragaszto). infectiousness. III sticky etc. Rag, (-tam,-ott), v. t. and character or, nature (of: i. I chew; masticate (food): see ragados). gnaw; (of mouse) nibble: Ragadoz, (-tam, -ott), A. pick (bone): keresztil,, v. i. stick; adhere. B. v. t. bite through; gnaw through: carry off (by main force): eat; corrode. II (fig.) back- plunder; pillage; rob: bite; slander. III phrases: snatch auay; wrest (from): vkinek fiilet ja, importune: prey on. vmit szajAba, prompt; give Ragadozas, (-t, -a), n. rap(one) the cue: fene _jat the ine: plunder; pillaging; devil take (you)! robbing; robbery: snatchRagad, (-tam, t-), A. v. i. I ing away: preying (on). stick; be sticky. II vmihez Ragadozo. adj. I rapacious. ~, stick; adhere (to): (fig.) II allat, beast of prey: ~ cleave (to); cling (to); be madar, bird of prey. attached (to). III (of disease) Ragadtat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. be catching; be infectious.,ja magat, be impelled (by): IV vkire., = rd-ragad. V be the victim (of); be the vhol ~, get stuck (some- slave (of: passion). where): stay on; linger Ragadtatas, (-t, -a), n.(on); remain. VI szAjAba el-ragadtatds. a sz6, the words stick in his Ragadvany-fu, n. (bot.) throat: hesitate; remain cleavers; goose grass; catchspeechless. B. v. t. I snatch weed. Cup); take (up); grasp; Ragadvany-n6v, n. nickseize. II sweep (away); carry name. off: snatch away: (of horse) Rgalma(t), see rdgalom. run away with. III (fig.) Rfgalmaz, (-tam,-ott), v.t. Ragaszt slander; calumniate; backbite; asperse: traduce; libel. Ragalmazas, (-t, -a), n. (act of) slandering; calumniation; backbiting: aspersion (of); traducement; libelling. Ragalmazo, A. (-k, -t, -ja), n. calumniator; backbiter: traducer; libeller: slanderer. B. adj. slanderous; calumniating; calumnious: libel(l)ous: backbiting; defamatory; aspersive. Ragalom, (rhgalmat, ragalma), n. calumny; slander; detraction: libel. Ragaly, (-ok, -t, -a), n. 1 injection: contagion. II injectious (contagious) disease: epidemic. Ragalyos, (-an), adj. I infectious; catching: contagious. II suffering from an infectious disease. Ragalyoz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. inject: taint. Ragas, (-t, -a), n. chewing; mastication (of food): gnawing; nibbling. Ragasz, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I glue; size. II cement: putty. III bill; poster. Ragaszkodas, (-t, -a), n. attachment (to); devotion; affection (for: person): clinging (to); adherence (to: principles): persistence; insistence (on: demand): loyalty (to: cause): devotion. Ragaszkod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. I be attached (to: person); be devoted (to); be fond (of): stick (to); cling (to); remain loyal (to). II cleave (to: life); cling (to): insist (on: claim); persist: adhere (to: resolution); abide (by); stand (to): remain (be) loyal (to): refuse to give up; maintain. Ragaszkodo, adj. attached (to); devoted (to); affectionate (child): loyal (friend); true. Ragaszt, (-ott), v. t. stick (bill):fasten: glue (wood): cement; lute: putty (glass)

Page  207 Ragasztas 207 Rajna-mellek Rafasztas, (-t, -a), n. sticking: fastening; glieing: cementing; luting: puttying. Ragasztek, (-ot, -a), n. I (gramm.) sufsfix; affix. II glue; size: paste. III putty; cement. IV appendix. Ragaszt6, A. (-t, -ja), n. any material for sticking: glue; size: gum: paste. B. sticking: adhesive: - tapasz, vaszon, sticking plaster. Ragcsal, (-t), v. t. gnaw; nibble: pick (bone): chew (to small pieces). Ragcsalas, (-t, -a), n.gnawing; nibbling: picking (of bone): chewing. Ragcsail6, adj. gnawing; nibbling: allat, (zool.) rodent. RaigicsAl(&s), Rgicsal6, =rdgcsdl(ds), rdgcsld. Rag-lap, n.label (adhesive). Ragg6, adj. chewing; gnawing: nibbling: for compounds, see in vocabulary. Rag6d(ik), (-tam, -ott), v.i. I chew; gnaw; masticate: csonton,, pick a bone. II (fig.) vmin ~, ruminate (upon); brood (over): rack (one's) brains (about): mince (words). Rag6-izom, n. masseter. Rag6-miiszer, n. masticator. Ra-gondol, v. i. think (of). Rag6s, (-an), adj. tough. RAg6-szerv, n. masticator. Ragoz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. (gramm.) conjugate (verb): decline (noun): inflect. Ragozas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. (gramm.) inflection: conjugation (of verb): declension (of noun). Ragozhatatlan, adj. incapable of inflection: indeclinable (noun). Ragozhat6, adj. capable of inflection: declinable (noun). Ragozo, adj. (gramm.) agglutinative (language): inflectional. Rag-tapasz, n. sticking plaster. Ragya, (-at, -aja), n. I pock mark; (smallpox) pit; pock- affect: have an influence pit. II (bot.) blight; rust. (on). ~-helyez, v. t. place Raqgyas, (-an), adj. I pock- (on); put (on); (fig.) lay (on). marked; pitted; pock-broken; ~-hufz, A. v. t. I. put (on); pock-pitted; pock-fretten. II put over: draw (over). II deal (bot.) blighted; rusty. (blow); administer; give: Ragya-vert, (-en), adj. =- egyet ~, smack; slap: give ragyds. (one) a smack; deal (someRagyog, (-tam, -ott), v.i. one) a blow; give (one) a shine; sparkle; glitter; cut (with whip): strike. B. v. gleam: (of face) beam: be i. I vmire ~. hit; slap; beat; bright; be glossy: glisten: strike. II n6tara, begin to (of eyes) sparkle; flash. play (piece); strike up. Ragyogas, (-t, -a), I shin- iger, v.i. promise more: ing; shine; sparkling; lustre: overbid; make a higher bid. sparkle (of eyes); glittering; ~-ijeszt, v. i. vkire, glitter; gleaming: gleam: frighten; intimidate: bully. beaming (of face); radiance: -illeszt, v. t.fit; adapt (to): brightness; brilliance: glist- make (something)fit: adjust ening: flashing; flash. II (to): apply (remark: to). splendour; brilliance; mag- -ill(ik, v. i. I (of thing) nificence: luxury; pomp. suit; be suitable (to): fit: Ragyog6, (-an), adj. I shin- tally (with): look (like). II ing; sparkling; glittering; suit (person); fit: tally: ez gleaming: bright; brilliant; nagyon,, it is just like him. glossy; glistening; gleamy: -irat, v. t. (leg.) transfer flashing. II beaming (face); (to); assign; convey..isradiant: sparkling (eyes). mer, v. i.:vkire (vmire) ~, III (fig.) splendid; brilliant; recognise. magnificent; pompous. IV Raj, (-ok, -t, -a), n. swarm (fig.) brilliant (wit): sparkl- (of bees, etc.): ~onk6nt, in ing. swarms: ~t ereszt, swarm. Ragyogtat, (-tam, -ott), v. Raja, EA. (-at), n. (zool), t. I make (something) shine. ray; skate. B. -rd A. II show off; display; make Ra-jar, v. i. in phrases: a show of, vmi 6telre. nibble; keep Ragyogvany, (-ok, -t, -a), tasting: - a keze, have a n = ragyogds. knack of; be adept in: be a Ra-, prefix. ~-gyujt, A. v. dab at; - a szaja, a nyelve, i. I pipara ~, light (a pipe). be in the habit of saying; II n6tara ~, start singing say unconsciously: - a rud, (a song). B. v. t. set fire to. be (very) unlucky: (fig.) be a ~-hag, v. i, step (on); tread laughing-stock. on). — hagy, v. t. I leave Rajk6, (-k, -t, -ja), n. gipsy to); bequeath. II entrust child. to); leave (to someone). III Rajna, (-at), proper n. fig.) concede; approve; Rhine. grant; accept; accede to: Rajnai,adj. Rhenish: bor, mindent ~, say yes to every- Rhenish (wine); Rhine wine: thing. ~-hajlit, v, t. bend ~sz6vets6g, g Rhenish Con(towards). -hajol, v.i. bend federation: ~ tartomany, (over); lean (over). ~-hajt, Rhine Province: - utazas, v. t. -rd-hailit. ~-hallgat, trip on the Rhine: ~ vid6k, v. i. listen (to: the advice Rhine country. of): follow (the advice of): Rajnald, (-ot), proper n. yield (to)..-harul, v. i. Reginald; Reynold. (of duty) devolve (on). ~- Rajna-mellek, proper n. hat, v. i. vkire ~, influence; Rhenish Prussia,

Page  208 Rajna-videk 208 Rajna-vid6k, n. Rhie fixed (on): fiugg mindenkicountry. nek szemne. be the cynosure Rajong, (-tam, -ott), v. i. of all eyes: - van, see III be enthusiastic (about); be above. VI as interj.,! go devoted (to); be an en- ahead! go it! come on! thusiastic lover or, admirer forward! now for it! (mil.) (of): (vulg.) be mad (on); charge! csak ~! go ahead! be crazy (about): be nuts do your worst! here you are! (on): dote (on). _-csap, v. i. =rajta-iit.;Rajongas, (-t, -a), n. en- csapas, n. surprise attack; thusiasm ifor); fanaticism: sudden attack; surprise. ~devotion (to); admiration 6r, v. t. catch; take (in the (for): craze (for): (fig.) re- act); surprise.,-feled, v. t. verie; visions (t. sz.). fix (eyes) (on). ~-hagy, v, t. Rajong6, A. (-k, -t, -ja), n. leave (to). ~-kap, v. t. = enthusiast; fanatic: devoted rajta-dr. -iit, v. i. vkire,, admirer or lover (of): (fig.) attack suddenly; surprise. visionary. B. adj. enthusias- ~-va16, adj. and n. what tic; fanatic(al): devoted; (one) hZs on; what (one) is doting;fond: (fig.) visionary. wearing. ~-veszt, v. i. I be Rajonk6nt, adv. inswarms. caught; be taken (in the Rajoz, (-ott),v.i. ---rajz(ik). act); be surprised. II fail Ra-jon, v. i. I vmire,find (in): (vulg.) come a cropper. out; discover; hit upon; Raj-vonal, n. (mil.) skirmdetect. II vkire,vmi, befall; ishing line: loose order. take possession of; come Rajz, (-ok, -ot, -a), n. over; take: a butasag, I drawing: design: plan have a fit of stupidity. (of building): illustration; lRajt, adv. (with personal sketch: szabadkezi f, freesuffixes): see rajta. hand drawing: ~okkal ellat, Rajta, adv. (~m,,d, ~, etc.). illustrate. II (literary)sketch: I on; upon; (be glad) of; description; account: note. (rejoice) at: konyoriilj raj- Rajzas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. tunk, have mercy upon us! swarming (of bees, etc.). megesett - a szivem, I Rajzasi, adj. (of) swarming. pitied him: my heart was Rajz-asztal, n. drawing touched (by): ~ van az asz- table. talon, it is on the table. II Rajzat, (-ot,-a), n. I swarm. (be) on: harom ing van, II (fig.) child; scion. he has three shirts on. III Rajz-eszkoz, n. drawing van (lesz), hogy, use every instruments (t. sz,): comeffort (to); do all (one) can passes (t. sz.): (case of) (to); do (one's) best; leave mathematical instruments. no stone unturned. IV ~, Rajz(ik), (-ott), v. i. swarm. m kiviil, besides: apart Rajz-, prefix.,-iskola, n. from; in addition to. V 11l, drawing school; school of (it) depends on (him): nem drawing., -k6nyv,n.sketch-,m all, (it) does not depend book; drawing book. -'-X on me ' it does not rest kreta, n. crayon..-lap, n. swith me: ~unk a sor, it is drawing paper. ~-leczke, our turn (now): nem fog - n. drawing lesson. ~-maa szep szo, all advice is lost sol6, n. pantograph (maon (him); (he) is not open to chine). ~-mesterseg, n. advice: - csap, - 6r, - kap, art of drawing: designing; iut, - veszt, see in vocab- draughtsmanship. ~-minta, ulary: feksz(ik), lie (on); n. (drawing) copy: desigu: be lying (on): fiigg, be study. hanging (on): (of eye) be Rajzol, (-tam, -t), v. t. I Rak draw; sketch: describe (circle); make: design; draft (plan): (arch.) limn. II (fig.) describe; portray; sketch: delineate (character): represent; draw. Rajzolas, (-t, -a), n. I (act of) drawing; sketching: designing; drafting: (arch.) limning. II (art of) drawing; design. III (fig.) description; portrayal: delineation (of character): representation; drawing. Rajzolo, A. (-k, -t, ja), n. I drawer: designer; draughtsman. II describer; portrayer; delineator (of character). B. adj I drawing; designing: miiveszet, draughtsmanship. II. (math.) descriptive (geometry). Rajzol6d(ik), (-ott), v. i. be drawn: form; take shape; assume shape: ifig.) be reflected. Rajz-, prefix. -6n, n. drawing pencil..-papir(os), n. drawing paper. - sin, n. T-square.,-sz6n, n. charcoal. ~-szer, n. I rajz-eszkoz. II drawing materials (t. sz.). ~-'taLbla, n. drawing board. ~-tanar, - tanito, n. drawing master.,-toll, n. drawing pen. ~tomb, n. drawing block. Rak, A.(-tam, -ott),v. t. Iput (somewhere); lay; place; stow; set: ladaba, pack (in chests): balba, bale; haj6ba(hajbra), ship (goods); load; lade; put on board: retegekbe (egymasra),, put in layers: stratify: stack (rifles): kocsira (szekerre), put in a carriage (or, cart): zsebre ~, pocket (in fig. sense too): thrust (hands) in (one's) pocket: kevebe ~, sheaf; bind into sheaves: teglat, lay bricks: boglyaba-, stack (hay): keresztekbe ~, shock (corn); stook. II build (nest): make (fire); lay. III koril, garnish (meat): surround; enclose. IV trim (article of

Page  209 -- I ~~~~~I I - I IIIPI' -- — YIII~~~~~~~~~ rim,,~ksU"Uwm-"ru3;s"V 7-77-77 Rak wear; border; edge; fringe: rojtokkal ~, lace. V stake (money); put: invest (in). VI heap (up): pile; stack (arms). B. prefix (= rakodo): see in vocabulary. Raki, (-ok,-ot,-ja), n. I (zool.) crab: folyami,, crawfish; crayfish: tengeri, lobster. II (med.) cancer; carcinoma. III (astron.) Cancer; Crab. Ra-kacsint, v. i. vkire ~, ogle; make eyes at: make sheep's eyes at. Ra-kapat, v. t. vmire, accustom (to): prevail on (to). Ra-kapcsol, v. t. fasten (on); buckle (on); couple (to); connect (current). Rakas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I putting; placing; laying: ladaba ~, packing: hajoba ~, shipment; loading. II heap; pile (fig. too): crowd (of people); a whole collection: lot (of work); heaps (to do); -ra gyujt (rak), pile up; heap up; accumulate: -ra gyul(ik), accumulate: collect:.ra, in heaps; in crowds; in large numbers: by the dozen: ~ra diil, tumble down. *Rakasz, (-ok, -t, -a), n. packing case. Rakasz, A. (-ok, -t, -a), n. crab-catcher: person who catches crabs (crawfish, or, lobsters). B. (-tam, -ott), v. i. catch crabs (crawfish: lobsters). Rakaszat, (-ot, -a), n. crabcatching; crab-fishing: lobster-fishing. Rakat, A. (-ot, -ja), n. I (cart) load: (ship) cargo; freight; lading. II inlaid work: setting. B. (-tam, -ott), v. t. I have (something) put (or, set, or, placed). II have (dress) edged or, trimmed. Rak-ber, n. charge for lading (or, shipping). Rak-dij, n. shipping charges (t. sz.): primage. Ra-ken, v. t. I rub (on); smear (with); spread (butter): lay on. II (fig.) vkire 209 vmit, put (upon);impute(to); throw (responsibility: on); shift (onto); lay (blame: on). Ra-kenyszerit, v. t. I vkire vmit ~, force (on); obtrude; press (upon). II vkit vmire ~, force (to); compel; constrain (to). Ra-kerit, v. t. ~i a sort vmire, resume: take up; bring on (case). Ra-keriil, v.i. vkire (vmire) ~ a sor, (one's) turn comes; it is (one's) turn: (of lawsuit) come on; come up (for discussion): ha ram keriil a sor, when my turn comes. ~>Raketa, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. rocket (firework). Rak-evo, n. (zool.) little auk; murre. Ri-kezd,v.i. vmire, begin; set to work (on); commence; start: strike up (air). Rak-, prefix. ~-fajta, adj. I cancriform; crab-like: crustaceous (animal). II (med.) cancerous; carcinomatous. ~-fekely, n. (med.) cancerous tumour. _-fele, adj. = rdk-fajta. ~-fene,n. I(med.) cancer; carcinoma. II (fig.) canker; (inveterate) evil; cancerous vice. ~-fenes,adj. (fig.) cankering; cancerous. ~-fogas, n. = rdkdszat. ~hat, n. -on jar, crabsidle: move slowly. Rak-hely, n. I (comm.) wharf: quay. II (comm.) warehouse; repository: storage (room). ~-ber, n. I wharfage. II storage. Ra-kialt, v. i. shout (to): vkire -, call; hail. Rak-jegy, n. (comm.) warrant. Rak-k6pz6dmeny, n. (med.) (cancerous) tumour. Rak-lepes, n. crab's walk: (fig.) retrogression: slow progress. Rak-leves, n. crawfish soup. Rakodas, (-t, -a), n. loading (of goods); (haj6ra) shipment; lading: packing. Rakodasi, adj. - koltseg, charge for loading: primage. R- k5lt Rakod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. I load; lade: ship (goods); pack. II vmire ~, settle (on); be deposited: spread (over). Rakod6, A. (-k, -t, -ja), n. I loader; shipper: packer. II wharf; quay. B. adj. loading-; lading-; shipping-: packing-: ~b6r, = rak-ber:,dij, - rak-dij: hhaz, warehouse; magazine; store; repository: ~hely, = rakhely: -ido, (comm.) lay days (t. sz.): k6pesseg, (naut.) capacity: ~ kik6to, lading port: transhipment port: level, (comm.) bill of lading: ~part. wharf; quay: ~ suly, capacity: ~ ter, storage: (naut.) hold: ~ terilet, area (of wharf or warehouse): ir, - rakodo ter. Rakogat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. move (from one place to another); shift: tidy; arrange: keep moving (or, shifting). Rak-oll6, n. (zool.) chela; claw (of crab, etc.). Rakomany, (-ok, -t, -a), n. cargo (of boat); freight: load; lading. ~-suly, n. weight of cargo. Rakoncza, (-it, -aja), n. cheek (of carriage); support; stay. Rakonczatlan, (-ul), adj. unruly (child); ungovernable; wild: headstrong. Rakonczatlankod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. be unruly; be wild; be ungovernable: romp. Rakonczatlansag, (-ot, -a), n. unruliness: unruly etc. nature or disposition (of: see rakonczdtlan). Rakosgat, v. i. = rakogat. Rakott, (-an), adj. I loaded; laden: full. 1I inlaid; mosaic. III paved (road): ~ padl6, parquet; parquetry. IV ~ burgonya, potato pie (with eggs). Rh-, prefix. _-k6lt, v. t. I spend (money: on): (fig.) expend (energy: on). II vkire ~, impute (to); put 14 Yolland: Magyar-angol szotdr. 11.

Page  210 Ra-kbnyokol (upon); attribute falsely (to). _-k6nvyikol, v. i. lean (on: with elbows). ~-kop, v. i. spit (on: at). ~-koszbn, v. i. vkire ~, drink to the health of; toast. ~-koszont, v. t. vkire ~i poharat, = rd-kszon. ~-kot, v. t. I bind (to); tie (to): fasten (on): tie on. II (fig.) = rd-eroszakol. III ~i magat vkire, obtrude (on); intrude (on). ~-kovetkez(ik), v. i. follow (after).,kovetkezo, adj.jollowing; next (day); succeeding: subsequent. Rak-part, (-ok, -ot, -ja), n. = rakodd-part (see rakodd). Rak-sdly, n. capacity. Rak-szeru, (-en), adj. = rdk-fajta. Rak-tar, (-ok, -t, -a), n. warehouse; magazine; store; repository; storehouse: szabad -, bonded warehouse:.on (van), (be) in stock: ~ba tesz, warehouse; store. ~dij, n. storage. Rak-tdri, adj. 6piilet, warehouse: magazine: jegy, warrant. Rak-tarnok, (-ok, -ot, -a), Rak-taros, (-ok, -t, -a), n. warehouseman; storekeeper. Rak-taroz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. warehouse; store. Rak-tarozas, (-t, a), n. warehousing; storage; storing: ~ dija, storage. Rak-t6rit6, n. Tropic of Cancer. [lobster. Rak-voros, adj. red as a Ra-, prefix, ~-lehel, v. i. breathe (on). ~-16p, v. i. I step (on: into); tread (on). II enter (path); take: begin; commence. ~-les, v. i. vkire ~, watch; watch the movements of; keep an eye on: shadow. ~-16, v. i. shoot (at); fire (at). *kRama, (-ak, -At, -aja), n. I (picture) frame: (printing) chase: stretcher: ramAba tesz, frame.II(shoemaker's) last. Ramacs, (-ok, -ot, -a), n. piston; plunger (of pump), 210 Rangat6dz(ik) ~ Raima-keszito, n.framemaker. Ra-marad, v. i. vkire, fall (to the share of); devolve (upon); be left (to). ~ Ramaz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. frame (picture): stretch (leather). Ra-, prefix.,-megy, v. i. I step (on); go (on): enter; set foot (on). II (of money) be spent (on); be eaten up (by); be devoured (by). II find room (on); have room. JII amount(to). IV (vulg.) die (from); fall a victim (to): not recover (from). ~-menni, _-ment(em), see rdmegy. ~-mer, v. t. I see mer. II impose (duty: on); enjoin (on). III i kardjat, prepare to strike (with sword): draw (one's) sword (on). IV inflict (punishment: on); mete out (to). - mond, v. t. and i. I add. II approve; agree; assent. ~mordul, v. i. = rd-formed. ~-mosolyog, v. i. smile (at) (on). ~-mutat, v. i. vmire~, a) point at: b) point to; refer to: show. Rancz, (-ok, -ott, -a), n. I wrinkle (of face): pucker; crease; fold: crinkle: Not vet, wrinkle: pucker; crease: homlokAt ~ba szedi, knit (one's) brows: frown: ruhAt ~ba szed, take up (dress); fold: gather (into folds). II vkit ~ba szed, treat severely: correct: censure: take to task. _ba-szedett, adj. 1 wrinkled (face); puckered: creased. II knitted (brows); frowning. Ranczigal, (-tam, -t), v. t. pull about: tug; lug; touse: shake: (fig.) worry; tease. Ranczol, (-tam, -t), v. i. wrinkte (face): knit (brows): pucker; crease;fold: crinkle: pleat (cloth): crumple. Ranczol6d(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. wrinkle: pucker; crease; get creased; crumple. Ranczos, (-an), adj. wrinkled (face); furrowed; wrink ly: creased (clothes); puckered. Rindit, (-ott), v. t, = megrandit. Randul, (-tam, -t), v. t. I= meg-rdndul. II = ki-rdndul. III twitch; jerk: writhe; move convulsively. Randulas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I strain; sprain (of joint). II trip; excursion. III twitch; jerk: convulsion. Ra-nehezedik, v. i. I bear (upon); lean (upon); throw (its) weight (on); press heavy (upon). II vkire -, (of duty) devolve (upon); be imposed (upon): (fig.) weigh heavily (upon); oppress. Ra-nevel, v. t. train (for); bring up (to): accustom (to). Ra-nevet, v. i. laugh (at) (towards). Ra-nez, v. i. vkire ~, look (at) (towards): glance (towards): behold; see. ~ Rang, (-ot, -ja), n. rank: degree: position: station (in life): ~jahoz illo(en), befitting (one's) rank (or, station): egy(en)-u, of the same rank; of equal rank: (as n.) equal; peer: and see rangd, in vocabulary. Rang, (-ott), v. i. twitch; jerk: vellicate; move convulsively: writhe. Rangds, (-ok, -t, -a), n. twitching; twitch: convulsion; vellication: writhing: tremor (of lips): (med.) spasm. Rangat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. I pull; jerk; lug: touse: (Scot.) yank. II vellicate; convulse: cause to twitch. Rangatds, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I pulling; pull; jerk; lug: tousing; yanking. II = rdngds. Rangat6, adj. I pulling; jerking; twitching: convulsive; vellicative. II (med.) atonic; clonic: tonic: gores, spasm. Rangat6dzas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. = rdngds. [= rang. Rangat6dz(ik), (.ott), v. i,

Page  211 _______ I I I Ill -- --— b ICIC&IIL —n.L~~IL~-~. iTliUWtB Rangban Rangban, adv. in (respect of) rank. Rang-, prefix. ~-egyenloseg, n. equality (of rank). ~-fokozat, n. rank; grade; degree: category. ~-gog, n. pride of rank. ~-k6r, n. (the) hankering after rank; rank-hunting: snobbism. ~koros, adj. hankering after rank: anxious to obtain rank: snobbish. ~-k6rsdg, n. = rang-kor. ~-kiilonbseg, n. distinction of rank; difference in rank. ~-osztaly, n. = rang-fokozat. - sor, n. list of precedence: (mil.) army-list. Rangu, suffix. of (a certain) rank: egy(en) ~, see rang: kisebb (alacsonyabb) ~, of lower rank: humbler: subordinate (officer); subaltern: a legalacsonyabb ~ak, the lowest classes (t. sz.): a f6-,ak, the aristocracy: magas-, of high rank: (man) of high position: high-placed: elso -, first-rate (goods); A. I; best quality; prime: splendid (performance); excellent: minden rendi es ~, (people) of all sorts and conditions. Rang-vdgy, n. = rawg-kor. Ra-no, v. i. grow (onto): adhere (to); cling (to). Rant, (-ott), v. t. I pull; tug; jerk: drag: kardot ~, draw (one's) sword: sarba, drag in the mire: draggle (clothes): (fig.) defame; asperse: magaval, carry away: plunge. II (cooking) fry (meat): thicken(soup). Rdntas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I pulling; pull; tugging; tug; jerk: dragging: drawing (of sword). II frying (of meat): thickening (of soup). III flourfried in fat (for thickening soup, etc.). Rantott, adj. fried (meat, etc.): - leves, thick soup: ~ tojas, = rdntotta. Rantotta, (-at),n. scrambled eggs; buttered eggs (t. sz.). Rd-, prefix. — nyit, v. t. I open (book: at certain page). II vkire ~ja az ajtot, enter; come in; open the door: surprise. ~-nyom, v. t. impress (on); stamp; print (on); put (seal: on): vmire a pecsetet ~ja, seal (document); stamp: (fig.) brand (as): - kepet, print a picture. ~-nyomtat, v. t. print (on: or, over). ~-'oktroyal, (-tam, -t), v. t. force (on); impose (on). ~-olvas, v. t. I read (to). II enchant; lay a spell on (by incantation). III take (someone) to task; give (one) a talking to; haul over the coals. IV convict (of); lay at the door (of). _-olvasas, n.incantation; spell: enchantment. ~ordit, v. i. vkire,, shout (at); bawl (at); roar (at). ~-ont, v. t.pour (over: on): infuse; affuse: ~ a teara, fill up the tea-pot. ~-ont6s, n. affusion; infusion. ~parancsol, v. i. vkire, order; bid; enjoin; command. ~-pazarol, v. t. vkire vmit -, throw away (upon); lavish (on); waste (on): overwhelm (someone: with). — pirit, v. i. vkire, put (one) to the blush; confound: abash: reprove. Raponcz, (-ot, -a), (bot.) rampion. Ra-, prefix. ~-puskdz, v. i. = rd-16. ~-ragad, v. i. I stick (to); adhere (to). II vkire -, take possession of: infect: get hold of: ~t a betegseg, he caught the disease. ~-rak, v. t. I load (goods); lade: put (on). II a tfizre, put fresh coal (wood) on the fire. ~-rak6d(ik), v. i. settle (on); be deposited (on). ~riaszt, v. i. = rd-ijeszt.,rivall, v. i. - rd-formed. Rar6, (-t, -ja), n. I (zool.) osprey; ospray: sea eagle: fish-hawk. II black horse. Ra-, prefix. ~-r6, v. t. vkire ~ vmit, impose (on); entrust (duty: to); enjoin (upon): charge (someone: with Ra-szed task): inflict (punishment: on); mete out (to). — rohan, v. i. vkire, rush (at); attack; assault: (vulg.) go (for). — ront, v. i. vkire ~, take by surprise; take unawares; come down (upon); attack suddenly. ~-roffen, v. i. - vkire, snub. — ruhfz, v. t. transfer (to); assign (to); convey (to): charge (one: with): delegate (power). ~-ruhazas, n. transfer (of); assignment; conveyance: delegation. ~segit, v. t. vkit vmire, help (one) to obtain; procure (someone something). ~-soz, v. t. vkire - vmit, put (upon); pass off (on); impute (to); lay (blame: on); shift (onto): hand over (to); leave (on one's hands); make (someone) take (something); pass on (to). Raspoly, (-ok, -t, -a), n. rasp; coarse file. Raspolyoz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. rasp: grate. Ra-, prefix. ~-sr6fol, (-tam, -t), v. t. screw (on)..-sulyosod(ik), v. i. - rdnehezed(ik). ~-sit, A. v. i. vmire ~, shine (on); shed (its) rays (on): illumine. B. v. t. I b6lyeget -, brand (fig. too): stamp. II fegyvert vkire, shoot (at); fire (at). III (fig.) vkire, vmit, convict (of): and see rd-fog. ~-szabadit, v. t. vkire vkit, incite (one: against): let loose (on): hand (someone) over (to the mercy of)..-szall, v. i. I alight (on); light (on); settle (on). II (fig.) devolve (on); fall (to the share of); be vested (in); vest (in). _-szin, v. t. I devote (to); appropriate (for). II intend (person for); destine. III ja magit, make up (one's) mind (to).,-szed, v. t. vkit, take in; deceive; delude; cheat; gammon; bilk; cozen; dupe; trick; overreach: (vulg.) do: circumvent; hoax (for a joke); 14*

Page  212 Rd-szedes make a fool of. ~-szed6s, n. taking in; deception; delusion; cheating; gammoning; cozening; duping; tricking; trick: circumvention: hoax. ~-szedett, adj. taken in; duped; tricked; done: ~ ember, dupe; gull. ~-szegez, v. t. I nail (on). II fix. (eyes: on). III point (gun: at); level (at). ~-szok(ik), v. i. vmire -, get accustomed (to); get used (to); accustom (oneself) (to): familiarise (oneself) (with); habituate (oneself) (to): become inured (to): (vulg.) get the hang of. ~-szoktat, v. t. vmire - vkit, accustom (to); inure (to): habituate (to): familiarise (with). ~szolgal, v. i. vmire ~, deserve; merit; be deserving (of). ~-sz6r, v. t. vmire vmit, sprinkle (over); strew (on: over); cover (with).,szorit, v. t. compel (to); force (to); constrain (to): prompt (to): urge (to). ~szorul, v. i. vmire ~, vkire, be in need of; need; stand in need of; have need of; avant; be in want of; require: be dependent on (person); need the assistance of. ~-szur, v. t. fasten (on). '-Rata, (-at, -aja), n. (comm). instalment. Ra-. prefix..-talal, v. i. I vmire,, find; come across; light upon; discover; hit upon. II meet (one's match). -tamad, v. i. I attack. II fig.) vkire ~, go for; fly in (one's) face: szavakkal ~, abuse. ~-tamaszkod(ik), v. i. I lean (upon) (against). II (fig.) depend (upon); rely (on). ~-tamaszt, v. t. lean (against); prop (against). ~tanit, v. t. vkit vmire, teach (someone: something): train (to). — tapad, v. i. stick (to); adhere (to); cleave (to). ~-tapos, v. i. vmire ~, tread (on); trample (on). — tart, v. t. I hold (over). II ~ja magkt, think 212 a lot of (oneself); be conceited; be stuck up; be haughty; give (oneself) airs. ~-tarti, ~-tart6s, (-an), adj. conceited; stuck up: arrogant; haughty; consequential. ~tartossag, (-ot, -a), n. conceit; conceitedness; arrogance; hauteur; haughtiness. ~-tehenked(ik), v. i. (vulg.) lean (with all one's weight: on). — teker, v. t. = rd-csavar. ~-tekint, v. i. vkire ~, look at; look upon: glance at (towards). ~-teleped(ik), v. i. settle (on). ~tenni, infin. see rd-tesz. ~ter, v. i. vmire ~, turn (to; upon); be diverted (to): - a helyes 6tra, turn over a new leaf: ~ a targyra, return to the subject: come to the subject. ~-terit, v. t. I = rdborit. II ~i a beszedet vmire, turn the conversation (to). ~termett, adj. suited (for); just the man (for); the very man (for the work); equal (to: task); born (for); qualified (for). ~-termetts6g, (-et, -e), n. capacity (for); suitability (for): qualification: talent (for); a turn (for: literature). ~-teriil, v. i. = rd-borul. _ —testal, v. t. vkire ~, bequeath (to); leave (to). ~-tesz, v. t. I put (on); lay (on); place (on). II vmire ~i a kezet, lay (one's) hands (on); take; seize; take possession of: confiscate. III (fig.) stake; wager (on); lay (on): fejemet ~em, I would stake my life (on)..-tetel, ~-tev6s, n. I putting (on); laying (on); placing (on). II (fig.) staking; wagering; laying.,-tol, v. t. I push (onto); shove (onto). II = ra-eroiszakol. III - rd-sdz..-told, v. t. put a patch on; patch. Rat6t, (-ot, -ra), proper n. (vulg.) Gotham. Ratoti, (-ak, -t), n. (vulg.) Gothamist; Gothamite. Ra-, prefix. _-tolt, v. t. add (liquid). ~-ti6r, A. v. i. == Ravaszsag ra-ront. B. v. t. break open; break in. ~-tuknm l, - tuszkol, v. t. = rd-eroszakol. ~-tiiz, A. v. t. pin (on); fasten (on). B. v. i. shine (on); blaze; beat (on): - vmire, burn; scorch. ~ugr(ik), v. i. jump (on); leap (on); spring (on): vkire -, go for; dash at; rush at: attack. ~-un, v. t. vmire ~, get tired (of); become weary (of); weary (of); have (had) enough (of). ~-uszit, v. t. vkire -, incite (against); egg on: set (dogs: on) _-iit, A. v. t. I nail on: patk6t ~ (egy 16ra), shoe (horse). II impress (stamp); stamp (on). B. v. i. I vkire (vmire) ~, strike; hit; give a blow (to): knock; bang (on table). II (fig.) take after (father); be like: ~ az apJara, be a chip of the old block. III = rdront. ~-vag, v. i. = rd-iit B. I-II. — vall, v. i. I give evidence (against); inform (against): betray; give (someone) away. I ez egeszen ~, it is just like (him): just what I expected of (him).,-val6, adj. following; next. ~-var, v. i. I wait (for). II be in store (for). — varr, v. t. sew (on). Ravasz, A. (-ok, -t, -a), n. 1 (door) bolt; bar. II trigger (of gun). III (arch.) = rdka. B. (-ul), adj. sly; cunning; artful; shrewd; sharp; wideawake; knowing; smart; 'cute; crafty: astute; subtle (shift); wily: ~ ember, slyboots; knowing dog; 'cute fellow: ~ ficzko, artful rogue; cunning knave. Ravaszkodas, (-t, -a), n. cunning; artfulness; shift; trick; artifice; finesse: and see ravaszsdg. Ravaszkod(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. i. be sly; be cunning; practise cunning. Ravaszsag, t, (-o, -a), n. slyness; cunning; artfulness; shrewdness; sharpness; 'cuteness; craft; craftiness:

Page  213 I - ~~~~~~0~ MU RIMIM3M,-.w" vTM4V MN 7 Ravatal astuteness; subtlety; wiliness: (vulg.) depth: finesse. Ravatal, (-ok, -t, -a), n. bier: catafalque. Rt-, prefix. ~-venni, infin. see rd-vesz. ~-ver, A. v. t. hammer (on); fasten (on). B. v. i. rd-iit B. I. -vesz, v. t. I put on (clothes); don. II vkit vmire ~, induce (to); prevail upon; move (to); get,(one: to do); persuade. III take in; dupe. ~-vet, v. t. I throw (on); cast (on). II ~i sugarait vmire, illumine; chine upon; irradiate. III magat ~i vmire, go in (for); devote (oneself) (to); take up: vkire ~i magat, go for; attack: close (with). ~-vett(em), seerd-vesz. ~-vezet, A. v. t. lead (onto); introduce (into). B. v. i. lead up (to): show the way (to): lead to the discovery (of). - vezeto, adj. heuristic (method).,-vinni, infin. ~visz, v. t. I refer (to): lead up (to). II transfer: reduce (measure: to). II[ induce; prevail upon: make (someone: do): nem visz r a alelkem, I cannot find it in my heast (to): I cannot make up my mind (to).,-vitt(em), see rd-visz. Rtaz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. shake (head: hands): (of carriage) jolt: toss; joggle: wag: a hideg -za, be feverish; have the shivers. Ra-zar, v. t. lock (door): -ni vkire az ajt6t, lock (someone) in. Razas, (-ok, -t, -a), n. shaking; shake; jolting (of carriage); jolt: tossing of blanket). Ra-zendit, v. i. vmire ~, strike up (air); begin to play (or, sing). Ra-zendiil, v. i. resound; begin to sound. Iazk6das, (-ok, -t, -a), n. shaking; quaking: (fig.) commotion; agitation; shock: (med.) concussion. Rizk6d(ik), (-tam, -ott), v. 213 i. shake; be shaken; quake; quiver: (fig.) be agitated; receive a shock. Razkodtat, (-tam, -ott), v. t. shake: (fig.) agitate; give a shock to. Razk6dtatas, n. = rdzkddds. Raz6s, (-an), adj. jolting (carriage): uneven (road); rough. Ra-zifdit, v. t. vkire vmit, hurl (at): heap (abuse: on): overwhelm (with); flood (country: with): let loose (on). ~Re, n. = re'v. Rea, = rea. Reaja, see r. ~iReal-gimnazium, n. grammar-school (combining advantages of modern and classical sides). ~iRealiak, (-at), n. pl. sciences (t. sz.): modern school subjects (t. sz.) iReatlis, (-an), adj. sound (business) ' respectable:fair (dealings): practical (way of thinking); business-like: actual (value); real. iRedl-iskola, n. modern side (of school): modern school. ~ Real-iskolai, adj. of a modern school. ~-Realista, (-ak, -at, -aja),n. realist. [realistic. iRealisztikus, (-an), adj. ~iRealizal, (-tam,-t), v.t. realise: materialise (scheme). ~3Retlizmus, (-t, -a), n. realism. ~ Rebarbara, (-at), n. (med.) rhubarb. Rebben, (-tem, -t), v. i. I start. II (of bird) fly; flit. Rebbent, (-ett), v. t. start (up): startle. Rebeg, (-tem, -ett), v. i. I start (up). II (of heart) flutter. III (of child) lisp; babble: stammer; stutter. Rebeges, (-t, -e), n. I starting (up); start. II futtering (of heart). III lisping; lisp; babble: stammering; stuttering. Red6ny-szerui Rebegi, adj. I startled; frightened. II fluttering. III lisping; babbling: stammering; stuttering. Rebek, (-et), Rebeka, (-at), proper n. Rebecca. ~iRebellis, A. (-ek, -t), n. rebel: insurgent. B. adj. rebel; rebellious. Rebesget, (-ter, -ett), v. t. whisper; rumour; bruit (abroad): talk about: ~ik, it is rumoured; it is reported (that). Recesen, (-t), v. i. crack: crash; grind; grate. Recseg, (-tem, -ett), v. i. crack: (of fire) crackle; crepitate: grind; grate: creak; jar; screak. Recseg6s, (-t, -e), n. cracking; crack: crackling; crackle; crepitation: grinding; grating: creaking; creak; jar. Recsego, adj. cracking: crackling: grinding; grating: creaking; jarring: harsh (voice). Reeze, (-6t, -6je), n. I net; netting: mesh. II milling (of coin). Recze, (-et), n. (zool.) duck: fekete ~, black scoter: kekcsrfui, white-headed duck. Reeze-hartya, n. (med.) retina (of eye). ~ Reczept, (-et, -je), n. (medical) prescription: (cooking) receipt; recipe. Reezes, (-en), adj. I netlike; meshy: reticular; reticulate(d). II milled (coin); knurled. ~-szarnyuak, n. pl. (zool.) neuroptera. Recze-szovet, n. nefing. Recze-tojas, n. duck s eggq. R6cze-vadaszat, n. (wild) duck shooting. Reczez, (-ter, -ett), v. t. net; web; twist. II mill (coin); knurl. ~>Reczipe, (-et, -eje), n. = reczept. Redo, (-k, -t, -je), n. I rdncz. II = redoiny. Redony, (-ok, -t, -e), n. shutter. -szeri, (-en), adj

Page  214 Red6s 214 shutter-like: lap-streak; lapstrake: ~en epitett, clinkerbuilt (boat). Red6s, (-en), adj. I = rdnczos. II fitted with shutters (or, venetian blinds): folding (door). Redosod(ik), (-tem, -ott), v. i. = rdnczosod(ik). Red6-szirom, n. (bot.) datura; thorn apple; stramony. Redotlen, (-il), adj. smooth; unwrinkled (brow): unruffled: (clothes) without creases; uncrumpled. Redoz, (-ter, -ott), v. t. I = ranczol. II drape: pleat. Red6zet, (-et, -e), n. folds (t. sz.): drapery; cast. Redv, (-et, -e), n. = redvesseg. Redves, (-en), adj. rotten; foul; decayed: hollow (tooth): carious. Redvesed(ik), (-ett), v. i. rot; become rotten; decay. Redvesit, (-ett), v. t. rot; cause to decay. Redvess6g, (-et), -e), n. rottenness; foulness; decay: cariousness. hReferal, (-tam, -t), v. i. and. t. report (on): (leg.) sum up. hReferens, (-ek, -t, -e), n. = elo6ad II hXReflektal, (-tam, -t), v. i. vmire ~, a) take notice (of): reply (to)::b) (wish to) avail (oneself) (of). ~Reflex, (-ek, -et, -e), n. reflection; reflex. ~-mozgas, n. reflex action. ~XReflexi6, (-k, -t, ja), n. reflection (on); remark; observation. XReform, (-ok, -ot, -ja), n. (political: social) reform. ~>Reformaczi6, (-t, -ja), n. (the) Reformation. KReformal, (-tam, -t), v. t. reform; improve. XReformator, (-ok, -t, -a), n. reformer. XReformatori, adj. reformatory; (work) of reform. iReformatus, A. (-ok, -t, -a), n. member of one of the Reformed Churches: Calvinist: Zwinglian. B. adj. Reformed(Ghurch). [Reformer. i Reformer, (-ek, -t, -e), n. ~iReform-eszme, n. idea of reform; reformatory idea. ~ Reform-t6rek v6s, n. reformatory endeavour. ~Refren, (-ek, -t, -je), n. refrain. Reg, (-et, -je), n. I = reggel A. II croak (of frog); croaking. Reg, A. adv. long ago; long since: (not) for a long time: see regen. B. adj. long: ~ ideje, volt, it is a long time since. ~XRegal6, (-t, -ja), n. licence: regale; regalia (t. sz.). - berlo, n. farmer (of taxes etc.). Rege, (-ek, -et, -6je), n. (fairy) tale; saga: legend; romance: hit ~, myth. R6gebben, adv. formerly; previously; of yore: earlier (than); longer (than). Regebbi, (-ek, -t), n. and adj. former; earlier; older: previous. Rege-beli, (-ek, -et), adj. and n. fabulous; fabled: legendary; romantic. Rege-dal, n. ballad. Rege-hasonlat, n. fable. Rege-hos, n. fabulous (legendary) hero. Regel, (-ter, -t), v. t. and i. fable; tell tales (of); tell stories (of). Regeles, (-t, -e), n. fabling; story-telling: romancing. ~>Regement, (-et, -je), n. (vulg.) regiment. Regen, adv. I formerly; in olden times; of old; of yore. II long ago; long since: mar nem volt itt, he has not been herefor a long time: it is a long time since he was here. Regente, adv. = regen. Regeny, (-ek, -t, -e), n. novel: (hosi) romance. Regenyes, (-en), adj. romantic: fanciful; fantastic. Reggell Regenyesseg, (-et, -e), n. romantic (fanciful; fantastic) character(of): romanticism. Regeny-h6s, n. hero of a novel (or, romance). Regeny-ir6, n. novelist; novel-writer: romancer. Regeny-kolto, n. = regeny-iro. Reges, (-en), adj. fabulous; fabled: romantic; legendary: mythical. Reges-regen, adv. emphatic form of regen (q. v.): very long ago: (has been here) a very long time. Reges-regi, adj. very old; very ancient. Regesz, (-ek, -t, -e), n. archaeologist: antiquary; antiquarian. Rege-szerii, (-en), adj.= reges. Regeszet, (-et, -e), n. archaeology: antiquarianism. Regeszeti, (-leg), adj. archaeological: antiquarian. Rege-vilag, n. world of romance. Regg, (-et, -e), n. = reggel A. Reggel, A. (-ek, -t, -e), n. morning; morn (of): jo ~t! good morning! B. adv. in the morning: kora (koran) ~, early in the morning: holnap ~, tomorrow morning: ma ~, this morning: vasarnap ~, (on) Sunday morning: tegnap ~, yesterday morning; yestermorn: ~-este, late and early: - toll estig, from morning till night. Reggeled6s, (-t, -e), n. dawn; dawning; daybreak: (morning) twilight. Reggeled(ik), (-ett), v. i. dawn; begin to dawn; day breaks. Reggelenk6nt, adv. every morning. Reggeli,A. (-t, -je), n. breakfast: villas, lunch; collation: - ideje, breakfast time. B.adj. of morning; morning-:

Page  215 __ -__ Ir I I g Isr- IcdJalERBiB1C.3 Reggeliz matin; matinal; matutinal: in the morning; (of time) a. m.: - tgy-brakor, at 1 a. m. (in the morning):, ijtatossag, morning prayers (t. sz.): morning devotion: matins (t. sz.): - dal morning song: - harangozas, - harangszo, morning bell: - hajnal, (morning) twilight: dawn; break of day: - ima, ~ imadsag, morning prayers (t. sz.): - istentisztelet, matins (t. sz.): - kiadhs, morning edition: ~ lap, morning paper: ~ nap, morning sun: - 6ra, morning hour: o6ltozet, - pongyola, morning gown: - szel16, morning breeze: - szirkiilet,= reggeli hajnal: ~ vonat, morning train: early train. Reggeliz, (-ter, -ett), v. i. breakfast; take breakfast. Reggelizes, (-t, -e), n. breakfasting. Regg-hajnal, n. =reggeli hajnal (see reggeli). R6ei, A. (-ek, -t), n. a ~ek, older generations (t. sz.): minden a -ben marad, things (must) remain as they. are: let matters rest. B. adj. I old; ancient: former: a j6 - id, good old times (t. sz.): o nem a L (tobb6), he is no longer u-hat he was. II former; late: previous. III antiquated; old: secondhand (book): left-off (apparel). ~-divati, adj.== regi-m6di. Regies, (-en), adj. antiquated; antique: out-ofdate: archaic (style); archaistic: obsolescent. R6gieskedes, (-t, -e), n. (affected) imitation of ancient customs etc.: (affected) archaism (of style). Regieskedo, (-k, -t), n. (affected) imitator of ancient customs etc.: antiquary. Regiess6g, (-et, -e), n. antiquation: antiquated etc. character (of: see rdgies); archaism (of style). Regi-m6di, adj. old-fashioned; antiquated; out-ofdate: archaic; antiquarian. ~*Regi6, (-k, -t, -ja), n. region. Regislg, (-ek, -et, -e), n. I age; antiquity (of). II antiquity (generally used in plural only); curio; old curiosity: (article of) virtu. ~-arus, n. old curiosity dealer; dealer in antiquities. ~-biuvr, n. archaeologist: antiquary; antiquarian. - ~-gyijtem6ny, n. collection ofantiquities(or,curios): archaeological collection. ~keresked6, n. = regisggdruq.,-tan, n. archaeology. -tani, adj. archaeological. ~-tudomfny, n.=regisegtan. Reg-, prefix. ~-lejart, adj. (comm.) (long.) overdue. - mult, adj. I long past: very old; very ancient. II (gjamm.) pluperfect. ~6hajtott, adj. long desired; long wished-for. _-6ta, adv. long; long since; from time immemorial: (has been here) a long time. Regos, (-6k, -t, -e), n. minstrel: gleeman: (arch.) scop. ~ Regruta, (-Ak, -at, -aja), n. recruit. [6ta. Regtol-fogva, adv.== rdg~Regula, (-ak, -at, -aja), n. rule: and see szabdly..GRegularis, adj. (mil.) regular. ~Regulfz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. = szabdlyoz. Rejl(ik), (-ett), v. i. lurk; be hidden; be concealed: (fig.) be latent (in); be behind (an action): be contained (in); be implied (by); be beneath: (of cause) lie (with): be due (to): (of force) be inherent (in). Rejl6, adj. lurking; concealed; hidden: (fig.) latent (in); implicit; implied: (force) inherent (in). Rejt, (-ett), v. t. hide; conceal: secrete: keep in hiding: magaban, contaimn Rekedtseg Rejteget, (-ter, -ett), v. t. frequentative of rejt (q. v.): try to hide (or, conceal): shelter (fugitive). Rejtek, (-et, -e), Rejtekhely, n. hiding-place; place of concealment; (lesben) ambnsh: lurking-place: haunt (of robbers); covert. Rejtelem, (rejtelmet, rejtelme), n. mystery; secret; riddle; puzzle. Rejtelmes, (-en), adj. mysterious; mystic(al): enigmatic(al); puzzling; strange; weird. Rejtelmesseg, (-et, -e), n. mysterious etc. character (of: see rejtelmes). Rejtely, (-ek, -t, -e), n. riddle: puzzle; enigma: mystery. Rejtelyes, (-en), adj.= rejtelmes. Rejtett, (-en), adj. I hidden; stolen (look); stealthy: secret. I sz6,= rejtveny. Rejtez6s, Rejtez(ik), = rejt6zes, rejtbz(ik). Rejtozes, (-t, -e), n. hiding; concealment. Rejt6z(ik), (-ter, -ott), v. i. I hide; hide (oneself); conceal (oneself). II be; be lying: be hidden. Rejtveny, (-ek, -t, -e), n. riddle: puzzle: charade; enigma: csere ~, anagram: rAk,, visszAs ~, palindrome: szob, logogriph: tag, charade. Reked, (-ter, -t), v. i. I get stuck; stick fast (in mud): be compelled to remain (somewhere): get stopped (at); get held up. II (of pipe) get stopped; get choked (up). III become hoarse; get hoarse. Rekedes, (-t, -e), n. I getting stuck; sticking fast: delay. II stopping; choking: (szek _), constipation. III becoming hoarse. Rekedt, (-en), adj. I hoarse: husky. II stopped; choked. Rekedts6g, (-et, -e), n. hoarseness: huskiness.

Page  216 Rekesz 216 Rem6nykedes Rekesz. (-ek, -t, -e), n. partition: shelf; compartment: panel (in wall): drawer (of chest): pigeon-hole; box; row: cell (of hive). 1I cell (of monastery). III sluice; sluice-board: weir. IV compartment (of ship). V (med.) diaphragm. VI (bot.) loculament. VII (in writing) bracket: ~ek, brackets (t. sz.); parenthesis:,ek kbze tesz, bracket. Rekeszes, (-en), adj. divided into partitions etc. (see rekesz I.): (bot.) loczlar. Rekesz-, prefix. -gat, n. sluice; sluice gate. ~-izom, n. (med.) diaphragm; midriff. — jel, n. = rekesz VII. ~-rud, n. (stable) bar. Rekeszt, (-ett), v. t. I = elrekeszt. II = be-rekeszt. Rekesztek, (-ek, -et, -e), n. = rekesz I and IIL Rekesztes, (-t, -e), n. I= be-rekesztes. II partitioning off; shutting off (of): damming (of river). Rekettye, (-6t), n. (bot.) broom: tovises ~, gorse. - fiz, n. (bot.) osier. Rekken, (-tem, -t), v. i. I get stuck; stick fast. II get stopped up; get choked (up). Rekkeno, (-en), adj. (fig.) sultry: close; oppressive (heat); sweltry. Rekkent, (-ett), v. t. I (arch.) = rejt. II stop up; choke. ~iReklam, (-ot, -ja), n. advertisement (of); advertising; booming: puffery. *>Reklamal, (-tam, -t), v. t. claim (back); demand. *XReklamalas, (-t, -a), n. claiming (back) (of); reclamation: demand; claim. ~>Reklamal6, (-k, -t, -ja), n. claimant. ~E:Reklamiroz, (-tam, -ott), v. t. advertise; boom; puff.:Rekli, (-t. -je), n. (a kind of) blouse (loose: reaching to waist only): smock. ( Rekruta, (-ak, -at), n. (mil.) recruit..iRektor, (-ok, -t, -a), n. I (Hung.) Rector Magnificus of University): (Eng.) ViceChancellor. II (village) school-master..>Rektoi-i,adj. (the) Rector's or Vice-Chancellor's (office). ~ Rekvirlal, (-tam, -t), v. t. requisition; (mil.) commandeer. ~Rekviralds, (-t, -a), n. requisition: requisitioning; commandeering (of). Rem, (-ek, -et, -e), n. I spectre; wraith; apparition; spook: bugbear; hobgoblin: phantom; bogie. II (fig.) terror (of country): bugbear: horror. ~-alak, n. I terrific form (and see rem). ~-drama, n. (sensational) melodrama: ablood and thunderD tragedy. Remeg, (-tem, -ett), v. i. I tremble; quake; shake: quiver; shiver: (of knees) knock. II fear; be afraid; be in fear and trembling. Remeges, (-t, -e), n, I trembling; quaking; shaking: quivering; quiver; shivering; shiver. II fear; fright. Remego, adj. trembling; quaking; shaking: quivering; shivering: knocking (knees). Remegtet, (-tem, -ett), v. t. shake (building): make (one) tremble: keep (one) in fear and trembling: make (person) shiver. Remek, A. (-et, -e), n. masterpiece; masterwork. B. (-ul), adj. I masterly: classical (writer, etc.); classic. II superb; magnificent; brilliant (speech): grand; ideal. Remekel, (-tem, -t), v. i. I distinguish (oneself); shine; excel. II be a master (in); be a past master (of); (zeneben) be a virtuoso. Remekel6s, (-t, -e), n. excellence (in): brilliance (of): (zenei) virtuosity; exceptional skill. Remek-, prefix. _-i6o, 1l. classical writer; classic. ~munka, ~-niil, n. masterpiece; masterwork: work of art. ~-mauvii, adj. highly artistic; superb: masterly. Remekse!g, (-et, -e), n. I masterly etc. character (of: see remek B.). II masterliness: and see remekeles. Remekiil,adv. see remek B. Remel, (-tem, -t), A. v. t. I hope for (something); expect: have hopes of: be in hopes of. II hope (that); trust. B. v. i. hope; cherish hopes: be hopeful. Remelheto, (leg), adj. (it is) to be expected (or, hoped); (there is) every hope (that); (there is) every reason to hope. Remelt, adj. expected: nem ~, unhoped-for; unexpected. Remeny, (-ek, -t, -e), n. hope; expectation: trust; faith: vermes ~ek, sanguine expectations (t. sz.): azon (abban a) -ben, trusting (that): van ~, hogy,there is reason to hope (that):.ben vagyok, I trust (that): nem sok a ~, there is little hope (of): hiu ~ekkel altatja magat, delude (oneself) into hoping (that): ~eben csalodva, disappointed (of his hopes):.et vkibe helyezi, place (one's) trust (in); rely (on): ~nyel kecsegtet, promise (to): vkiben ~t kelt, raise hopes; lead (one) to hope: minden ~r6l lemond, give up all hope: ~et6l megfoszt, crush the hopes of; shatter the hopes of: szed, ~ekkel kecsegtet, promise well. — beli, adj. potential (ally); probable; virtual; (heir) presumptive; future: ain spes. *Remenyel,= reme'l Remenye-vesztett, adj. without hope; despairing; hopeless. Remenykedes, (-t, -e), n. I hoping; hope: expectation: hopefulness.II=rimcnkodds

Page  217 --- --- - --- ------- -- - -- — nmF —Q4.,_IcenaePi;iiEs"" Remenyked(ik) Remenyked(ik), (-tern, -ett), v. i. I hope; be hopeful: cherish hopes. II= rimdnkod(ik). Remeny-k6, n. wishing stone. Remenyleni, infin. see remel. [remeny. Remenyseg, (-et, -e), n.= Remeny-sugar, n. ray of hope; gleam of hope. Rem6ny-szikra, n. gleam of hope. Remenytelen, (-ul), adj. I without hope; despairing; hopeless. II hopeless (case); past (all) hope: desperate. Remenytelenseg, (-et,-e), n. I despair; hopelessness. II hopelessness; desperate character (of). Remeny-teljes, (-en), adj. I hopeful; promising. II hopeful; full of hope. Remenyu, suffix. of (...) promise: nagy, promising (boy); of great promise. Remeny-vesztett, adj. remenye-vesztett. Remes, (-en), adj. I awful; frightfull; horrible; ghastly; dreadful; monstrous; atrocious; terrible: thrilling (experience): (night) of terror: sensational (novel): tett,== rem-tett: ~ tortenet, =regm-tdrtenet. II ghostly. Remese, (-6t), n. (med.) colon (intestine). ~Remete, A. (-6k, -6t, -eje), n. hermit: anchorite: recluse. B. adj. recluse; sequestered; hermitical: ~ 6let, life of a hermit: recluse life; solitude; life of seclusion: ~ haz, ~ kunyh6, lak, hermitage; hermitary: hermit's cell. -Remetes6g, (-et, -e), n. I ==remete elet (see remete B.) II seclusion. ~*Remetesked6s, (-t, -e), n.= remeteseg I. *-Remet6sked(ik), (-tern, -ett), v. i. lead the life of a hermit: live a sequestered life; live in seclusion. Rem-gondolat, n. horrible thought (or, idea). 217 Rend Remn-hir, n. terrible news; be horrified; be shocked: sensational news: sensation: halalra ~, be scared to death; hoz6ja, Job's messenger; be frightened to death: ~bringer of evil tidings: t6mben, jor fear: horrified; sensation-monger. in horror. Remit, (-ett), v. t. terrify; Remiildoz, (-ter, -ott), v. frighten; affright; scare: i. frequentative of remuil horrify; shock: thrill (with (q. v.). horror). Rmiiles, (-t, -e), RemiR6mitget, (-ter, -ett), v. let, (-et, -e), n. terror fright; t. frequentative of rdmit dread; alarm: anguish: (q. v.) horror; consternation. Remites, (-t. -e), n. terrify- Remiletes, (-en), adj.= ing; frightening; affright- remes I ing; scaring: horrifying; Re inult, (remiilve), adj. tershocking. rified; scared; frightened: Remito, (-en), adj. terrify- horrified; shocked. ing; terrible; frightful; '-R6n, (-t). n.= ren-szarvas. horrible; awful: shocking; Rend, (-ek, -et, -je), n. I monstrous; thrilling: awe- order: (ordeily) disposition; inspiring. arrangement: napi -, order Rem-, prefix. ~-kep, n. of the day: tanulmanyi phantom; apparition; vi- curriculum: annak ~je (es sion: nightmare: horrible m6dja) szerint, duly; in due sight. _-latas, n. vision; form: - szerint, usually; morbidimagination. ~-lat6, generally: -ben tart, keep n. visionary. _-latomany, in order: discipline; mainn. vision: apparition. tain order (among: in); Remlet(es), = remiilet(es). keep order:,be hoz, -be Reml(ik), (-ett), v. i. vki szed, set in order; arrange elott ~, seem (to); appear (books); put in their (proper) (to): ugy remlett el6ttem, places: settle (affair); adjust: methought; Ifancied. tidy (room); clean: mend ~ Remonda, (-ak, -At), n. (clothes): take (someone) remount. to task: -be jon vmivel, Rem-, prefix. ~-mese, n. settle (affair): -ben van, sensational story: dreadful be in order: be settled; be story; thrilling story. - alright: -ben talal, find nap, n. day of terror. - (something) correct: aprege, n.= rem-mese. ~-re- prove (accounts): ~en, ~jen geny, n. I Gothic romance. van, be in order: be alright: II sensational novel; penny ~en valo, correct; right: dreadful. ~-rendszer, n. proper: a dolog nines ~en, (system of) terror. there is something wrong Rems6g, (-et, -e), n. horror: (somewhere): ~6n (-ben) terror. van a szenaja, he is alright: Remseges, (-en), adj. = he has feathered his nest: remes I. hkazt -be szedi, put (one's) Rem-, prefix. ~-tett, n. house in order: -et csinal, dreadful deed; shocking deed; make order: restore order: horrible deed: crime (of set things right: a let helyrehorror); deed of horror; Allitja, restore order: a et atrocity. ~-tortenet, n.== megtartja, keep order; rem-mese.,-uralom, n. maintain order: a ~et zareign of terror: terrorism. varja, create a disturbance: Remul, (-ter, -t), v. i. be (leg.) commit a breach of struck with terror; be scared; thepeace: -.re, successively: be terrified; stand aghast: in succession; one after

Page  218 Rend-be-hozas the other:.re utasit, call (someone) to order: reprimand: (Parliament) name (member). II row; line: turn (in succession): swath (of corn); windrow: -ben, -re, successively: in succession; in turn: -be allit, range; set up; draw up (army): ~enkint, in rows: row by row. II (eccl.) order: grade (of society); class: estate (of realm): a harmadik ~, the third estate: papi ~, the clergy: the cloth: polgari ~, the commons (t. sz.): bourgeoisie: a -ek, the Estates of the Realm: vit6zi ~, order of knights; knightly order. IV set (of furniture); suite: suit (of clothes). V (arch.) class (in school); form. VI (bot.) natural order..-be-hozas,n.arrangement; setting in order (of): restoration; repair; improvement. ~-be-hozatal, n. - rendbe-hozds. ~-benlevo, adj. orderly: correct: tidy (room); neat: -nek talal, find (something) correct; approve (accounts); pass. _-ben-tartss, n. keeping in order (of): maintenance (of): keeping in repair. ~-be-szedes, n. I = rendbe-hozds. II calling to account (of); taking to task (of). ~-bontds, n. disturbance: tumult: unruliness; undiscipline; confusion: (leg.) breach of the peace; riot: subversion. ~-bont6, A. n. disturber (of the peace): rioter: unruly person. B. adj. disturbing: subversive (elements); unruly: riotous. _-csillag, n. star (of knightly order). Rendek, n. pl. see rend VI. Rendel, A. (-tem, -t), v. t. I order; ordain; decree; enact (by law): enjoin; command. II (med.) prescribe. III vhova ~, send (to); despatch (to): delegate (to): vki melle ~, attach (to); associate (with): vki ala (ala Rendelveny ja)-, subordinate (to). IV appoint (time); fix; assign. V sorsa ugy -te. it was (his) destiny (his fate): he was fated (to). VI (=meg-rendel): order (goods); bespeak: give orders (an order) for; kocsit ~, order a carriage. VII destine (someone: for); intend. B. v. i. (med.) give medical advice: be at home: 3-4-ig ~.consultation hours, 3-4 p. m. Rendeles, (-ek, -t, -e), n. I order; ordinance: and see rendelet I. and rendelkezes. II (med.) consultation: nyilvanos ~. free consultation. III order (for goods): ~t tesz, give orders (for). Rendelesi, adj. see rendelo B. Rendelet, (-ek, -et, -e), n. I decree; order (in council); ordinance: enactment; command: -tel megegyez8, regulation: as prescribed; correct: tovAbbi ~ig, till further notice: vkinek -ere, by order of: by (royal) command:.tel ellenkezS, contrar-y to (an) order: in defiance of (an) order: irregular: visszahiv6 ~, letters of recall: ~et ad, issue an order: enact. II (med.) prescription:instructions (t.sz.); directions (t. sz.): - szerint, as prescribed. III (comm.) order: ~re sz616, order (cheque): vagy ~6re, or order. Rendeleti, (-leg), adj. uton, or -leg, by order; by decree. Rendelkez6s, (-et, -t, -e), n. I order: disposition; stipulation; provision (of treaty): command; injunction: decree: dispensation (of Providence): ~eket tesz, take measures. II disposal: service: -ere 11 vkinek, be at the disposal of; be at the service of: -,re bocsat, place at the disposal of: -re a116, available: disposable. Rendelkezesi, adj. I -alla pot, availability: ~alap, secret service fund: ~jog, right of disposal. II - llomanyba helyez, put (officer) on halfpay: place on the retired list: ~ allomanyban levo, (mil.) unattached. Rendelkez(ik), (-tem,-ett), v. i. I give orders: take (necessary) measures: (of treaty) provide; stipulate. II be in command (of): be responsible. III vmi felett -, have at (one's) disposal; have at (one's) command. IV vmirol (vmi felett) ~, dispose (of). V make a will. Rendelkezo, A. (-k, -t, -je), n. I person giving orders. II (comm.) consignee (of goods). Rend-ellenes, (-en), adj. irregular; abnormal: in defiance of orders; contrary to rules. Rend-ellenesseg, (-et, -e), n. irregularity; abnormal character (of): abnormity. Rendelmeny, (-ek, -t, -e), n. I. = rendeles I. and III. II (comm.) endorsement. Rendelmenyes, (-ek, -t, -e), n. (comm.) endorsee. Rendelo, A (-k, -t, -je), n. I orderer. II (med.) consulting room. B. adj. I (comm.) - konyv, order book: ~ level, order: (India) indent. II (med.) - int6zet, hospital: dispensary: - id6, - 6ra, consultation hours (t. sz.): - orvos. (medical: general) practitioner. Rendeltet6s, (-t, -e), n. I destination: profession; vocation; calling. II purpose; object. III destination: goal: ~ helye, destination. IV despatch; dispatch: delivery. Rendeltetesi, adj. hely, destination: ~ kikot6, port of destination: port of delivery. Rendelv6ny, (-ek, -t, -e), n. I (med.) prescription. II decree; ordinance. HI (comm.) endorsement.