GEFAME - "GE" represents the Wolof word "Geestu" (meaning research), "FA" represents the important Arabic loan-words into Swahili of "fasihi" (alt., "fasaha") (meaning literature) and "fahamu" (memory, consciousness), and "ME" represents the Tigrigna word "Mesnaiti" (meaning study).

GEFAME (ISSN 1558-7274) is an online journal that promotes scholarly communication in the fields of African Studies. The journal will use the web to facilitate exchange of ideas between Africa-based scholars and scholars outside the continent of Africa. As a policy, one of the editors of the journal will be Africa-based scholar. GEFAME is a peer reviewed journal. The passages section re-establishes a journal of the African humanities established at Northwestern University and provides a site for commentary, discussion, and the publication of writings that are not necessarily "peer-reviewed".

The journal is published by Michigan Publishing at the University of Michigan University Library. GEFAME is a product of a collaborative work between the University Library and the Center for Afro-American and African Studies at the University of Michigan.

GEFAME can be freely accessed world wide via Internet. African universities (one university in a country) with no access to internet will be provided with a print version issue without charge.

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