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The Early Career of Mary Daly: A Retrospective Hedrick, Elizabeth vol. 39 no. 2 2013 Article
Early Intifada Rees, Elizabeth vol. 28 no. 2 Summer 2002 Poetry
Early Modern Fraternalism and the Patriarchal Family Clawson, Mary Ann vol. 6 no. 2 Summer 1980 Article
East German Feminists: The Lila Manifesto DiCaprio, Lisa vol. 16 no. 3 Fall 1990 Article
Eccentric Subjects: Feminist Theory and Historical Consciousness Lauretis, Teresa de vol. 16 no. 1 Spring 1990 Article
Economic Restructuring, Household Strategies, and Gender: A Case Study of a Rural Community Nelson, Margaret K.; Smith, Joan vol. 24 no. 1 Spring 1998 Article
The Economics of Sexual Orientation: Establishing a Research Agenda Badgett, M. V. Lee; Williams, Rhonda M. vol. 18 no. 3 Fall 1992 Article
Eleanor Antin: Allegory of the Soul Withers, Josephine vol. 12 no. 1 Spring 1986 Art Essay
Ella Tulin: Fully Empowered Swerdlow, Amy vol. 33 no. 1 Spring 2007 Art Essay
Elly Simmons: An Appreciation Hirschman, Jack vol. 29 no. 1 Spring 2003 Art Essay
Emancipated but Unliberated? Reflections on the Turkish Case Kandiyoti, Deniz A. vol. 13 no. 2 Summer 1987 Article
An Emancipated Voice: Flora Tristan and Utopian Allegory Talbot, Margaret vol. 17 no. 2 Summer 1991 Article
Embodied Identity? The Life and Art of Estelle Ishigo Dusselier, Jane vol. 32 no. 3 Fall 2006 Art Essay
Emma Goldman on Mary Wollstonecraft Wexler, Alice vol. 7 no. 1 Spring 1981 Article
Empathic Ways of Reading: Narcissism, Cultural Politics, and Russ's Female Man Gardiner, Judith Kegan vol. 20 no. 1 Spring 1994 Article
The End of History Clausen, Jan vol. 18 no. 2 Summer 1992 Fiction
Enduring Traditions and New Directions in Feminist Ethnography in the Caribbean and Latin America Freeman, Carla; Murdock, Donna F. vol. 27 no. 2 Summer 2001 Review Essay
Engaging Difference: Racial and Global Perspectives in Graduate Women's Studies Education Guy-Sheftall, Beverly vol. 24 no. 2 Summer 1998 Article
Engendering Global Studies of Women and Work Videla, Nancy Plankey vol. 36 no. 1 Spring 2010 Review Essay
Enlightenment Jingwei, Yang vol. 22 no. 3 Fall 1996 Article
Entering the Tents Ostriker, Alicia vol. 15 no. 3 Fall 1989 Article
Equality, Difference, and State Welfare: Labor Market and Family Policies in Sweden Lewis, Jane; Åström, Gertrude vol. 18 no. 1 Spring 1992 Article
Erasing the Music Box; Dream Babies Calbert, Cathleen M. vol. 20 no. 2 Summer 1994 Poetry
Errata [and back matter] vol. 7 no. 1 Spring 1981
ERRATUM vol. 7 no. 3 Fall 1981
Escúchame, Ana Frank/ Listen, Anne Frank Agosin, Marjorie vol. 11 no. 3 Fall 1985 Poetry
Established and Proposed Women's Studies Ph. D. Programs in North America vol. 24 no. 2 Summer 1998
Establishing an International Doctoral Program in Women's Studies at the University of Washington Yee, Shirley vol. 24 no. 2 Summer 1998 Article
Ethics of Care in Law and Science Dimock, Wai Chee vol. 27 no. 2 Summer 2001 Article
The European Union's Policy on the Equality of Women Rossilli, M. Grazia vol. 25 no. 1 Spring 1999 Article
Evangelical Womanhood in the Nineteenth Century: The Role of Women in Sunday Schools Boylan, Anne M. vol. 4 no. 3 October 1978 Article
Eve; If You Could Just Remember; Dinah Pastorio-Newman, Robin vol. 19 no. 1 Spring 1993 Poetry
Evening Out Ascher, Carol vol. 6 no. 2 Summer 1980 Article
"Everything is Out of Place": Radclyffe Hall and the Lesbian Literary Tradition Whitlock, Gillian vol. 13 no. 3 Fall 1987 Article
Eviction Sequence Warren, Linda vol. 33 no. 3 Fall 2007 Poetry
The Evidence Qi, Shouhua vol. 31 no. 2 Summer 2005 Fiction
Evolution King, Nancy vol. 29 no. 1 Spring 2003 Poetry
Evolutionary Psychology and Darwinian Feminism Fausto-Sterling, Anne; Gowaty, Patricia Adair; Zuk, Marlene vol. 23 no. 2 Summer 1997 Review Essay
an ex-charmer gone in the chest Taylor, Carole Anne vol. 29 no. 1 Spring 2003 Poetry
Examining Family History Rapp, Rayna; Ross, Ellen; Bridenthal, Renate vol. 5 no. 1 Spring 1979 Article
excerpts from The Black Notebooks, a work-in-progress Derricotte, Toi vol. 17 no. 1 Spring 1991 Article
Expanding the Boundaries of the Women's Movement: Black Feminism and the Struggle for Welfare Rights Nadasen, Premilla vol. 28 no. 2 Summer 2002 Article