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Preface [Vol. 40, no. 1] Gilmore, Stephanie; Rowley, Michelle Preface
Deconstructing National and Transnational Hypermasculine Hegemony in Neoliberal China Zhang, Charlie Y. Article
Highway and Home: Mapping Feminist-Transgender Coalition in Boys Don’t Cry Schewe, Elizabeth Article
Commodification of Aesthetic Feeling: Race, Sexuality, and the 1920s Stage Model Brown, Elspeth H. Article
Pageant; Baby Blue; Bloodline (I) Sierra, Mariana Poetry
Against the Invisibility of Old Age: Cindy Sherman, Suzy Lake, and Martha Wilson Meagher, Michelle Art Essay
Happiness and the Liberal Imagination: How Superwoman Became Balanced Rottenberg, Catherine Article
[FORUM: Celebrating Audre Lorde’s Legacy] In the Realm of Our Lorde: Eros and the Poet Philosopher Gill, Lyndon K. Article
[FORUM: Celebrating Audre Lorde’s Legacy] Excerpts from Silence … Broken: Audre Lorde’s Indelible Imprint on My Life Shahidah Simmons, Aishah Article
[FORUM: Celebrating Audre Lorde’s Legacy] Audre Lorde: The Berlin Years 1984 to 1992: The Making of the Film and Its Reception Schultz, Dagmar Article
[FORUM: Celebrating Audre Lorde’s Legacy] Repetition Is Sacred: School of Our Lorde, Mobile Homecoming, and Legacy in Flight Gumbs, Alexis Pauline Poetic Nonfiction
Quarantine; Bones Holliger, Heather Poetry
Notes on Contributors [Vol. 40, no. 1] Notes on Contributors