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Preface [Vol. 39, no. 2] Kegan Gardiner, Judith; Meyer, Leisa D. Preface
Dormitories and Other Queer Spaces: An Anthropology of Space, Gender, and the Visibility of Female Homoeroticism in Thailand Sinnott, Megan Article
Forum: Lesbian Generations Rupp, Leila J.; Alamilla Boyd, Nan; Vanita, Ruth; Richardson, Matt; Stryker, Susan Article
What’s After Queer Theory? Queer Ethnic and Indigenous Studies Hames-Garcia, Michael Review Essay
Reconsidering Asexuality and Its Radical Potential DeLuzio Chasin, CJ Commentary
At the Bottom of the Ocean: Psych Ward, 1986 Townsend, Alison Creative Nonfiction
Laura Molloy: shifting focus Maddra, Sam Art Essay
The Early Career of Mary Daly: A Retrospective Hedrick, Elizabeth Article
Researcher As Hostess: Power, Gender, Loss, and Cookies Tamas, Sophie Poetry
Forum: W/G/S Studies Fahs, Breanne; Briggs, Laura; Lindemann, Marilee; Braithwaite, Ann; Orr, Catherine M.; Vostral, Sharra L.; Williams, Erica Lorraine Article
Way Before the Word: Queer Organizing and Race When Beauty Counts Thompson, Becky Commentary
Who Needs Feminism? Lessons from a Digital World Seidman, Rachel News and Views
Gendertrolling: Misogyny Adapts to New Media Mantilla, Karla News and Views
Notes on Contributors [Vol. 39, no. 2] Notes on Contributors