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Preface Enstad, Nan; Gardiner, Judith Kegan Preface
Battered Women, Petty Traitors, and the Legacy of Coverture Dolan, Frances E. Article
Architecture and Sexual Identity: Jeanne de Jussie's Narrative of the Reformation of Geneva Klaus, Carrie F. Article
Undoing the Double Tress: Scotland, Early Modern Women's Writing, and the Location of Critical Desires Dunnigan, Sarah M. Article
The Museum of Tragedy Calbert, Cathleen Fiction
Birthing and Bureaucratic Women: Needs Talk and the Definitional Legacy of the Sheppard-Towner Act Barker, Kristin Article
From Hazard to Blessing to Tragedy: Representations of Miscarriage in Twentieth-Century America Reagan, Leslie J. Article
Wonderful Words of Life Joern, Pamela Carter Fiction
Caring about Care Misra, Joya Review Essay
Poetry; A Wonder Lamon, Laurie Poetry
Graduate Education in Women's Studies: Paradoxes and Challenges Caughie, Pamela L. Introduction to Forum
Paradoxes of Empowerment: Interdisciplinary Graduate Pedagogy in Women's Studies Gardiner, Judith Kegan Article
Professional Identity Politics Caughie, Pamela L. Article
Ph.D. Programs and the Research Mission of Women's Studies: The Case for Interdisciplinarity Kitch, Sally L. Article
The Number One Question about Feminism Baumgardner, Jennifer; Richards, Amy Article
Interventions: An All-Woman First Year College Seminar Mamary, Anne Article
What You Can't Tell Just by Looking at a Girl (After Her Mother Leaves) Rank, Rebecca B. Poetry
There Is a River in Painting That Flows Infinitely toward Us: The Art of Agn Hiddleston, Anna Art Essay
Notes on Contributors [Vol. 29, no. 2] Notes on Contributors