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Sacred Heart Hospital
Salt Lake City, Utah
San Antonio, Texas
San Francisco Hospital
San Francisco, California
School of Mothers and the Cathedral settlement house (Albany, New York)
Seattle, Washington
Sisters’ Hospital
Slater Industrial School
South Side Hospital (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Southeastern Fair
Southern Yacht Club
Speedway Aviation Depot
Spokane University
Spokane, Washington
St. Agnes’ Hospital (Baltimore, Maryland)
St. Anthony’s Hospital (Oakland, California)
St. Cecilia Hall (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
St. Elizabeth Hospital (Boston, Massachusetts)
St. Elizabeth’s Hospital (Albany, New York)
St. Francis Hospital (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
St. John’s (Fall River, Massachusetts)
St. John’s College (Toledo, Ohio)
St. John’s Hospital (Lowell, Massachusetts)
St. John’s Hospital (St. Paul, Minnesota)
St. John’s Seminary Emergency (Boston, Massachusetts)
St. Joseph’s (Fall River, Massachusetts)
St. Louis, Missouri
St. Luke’s Hospital (Cleveland, Ohio)
St. Luke’s Hospital (Spokane, Washington)
St. Margaret’s Hospital (Kansas City, Missouri)
St. Mary’s Hospital (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
St. Mary's Hospital (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
St. Mary's Hospital (Rochester, New York)
St. Mary's Lyceum
St. Patrick’s Church (Fall River, Massachusetts)
St. Paul, Minnesota
St. Peter’s Hospital (Albany, New York)
St. Vincent’s Hill
St. Vincent’s Hospital (Indianapolis, Indiana)
St. Vincent’s Hospital (Toledo, Ohio)
St. Vincent’s Orphanage (Columbus, Ohio)
State Penitentiary (Nashville, Tennessee)
Syracuse Recruit Camp
Syracuse, New York

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