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Influenza Encyclopedia

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Tomorrow there willI be but few churches open for services within' a 210 -mile radles of the city. Almost every Protestant church will he closed and in some commuiites the Roman CathoUo churches will not open. although a general order to this effect from Cardinal OConnell had not been received up to last night. In several towns sod cities In the State. notably Brookline. Maiden and Quincy, public funerals have been forhidden by the local Bo~rda of Health. In Brookline the order is molt stringent. It forbids persons mteettng in homes where there is a caee of the disease and orders every church and place of amusement closed until Oct. 1. Every hospital in Boston and Ito suburbs Is crowded with Influensa and pne~umonia patients. and many of them were compelled yesterday to refuse to admit any more. The scarcity of nurses Is must keenly felt. At the Maasachusetts General Htospital It was said yesterday that If 1.5 more nurses could be procured. 10 patients could be cared f or. 32: Nurses Sick This Is true of the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital. where 33 nurses are off duty, suffering from the malady. An Idea of the seriousness of the epdemic can he seen In the'case of the Htomeopathic Hospital. which has refused admission to 469 Influonza patlnts. In the cities and towns eurroundint the city,. the conditions are almoet as bad. Temporary hospitals 'have been opened, but the lack of nurses and physicians Is now the chief handicap. An appeal has been made for alds for nures. The department stores who have trained girl clerks in first aid methode, have been aked to relieve workers for this cause. These helpers. health olfitala say. can ant as auxiliary nurses, and in many oasea can be as useful as fully trained nurses. In Cambridge most of the school teachers have volunteered. 500 to' Aid Nurse-Protestant Churches Closed Scores of the school teachers of Cembridge, released from their leaching detles by the closing of the Sty'sschools because of the epidemic, have volunteered to aid the nurses of the city In fighting the grip. So practical does Superintendent o'f Schools Fitzgerald think the, plan to he, that he has called a meeting for this morning at 10 o'clock in the 1Latin School hal, The 300 teachers in -the city are requested to attend and. all who can will voiunteer for assistedot nurses. Only the- younger and strong, teachers will be asked to volunteer. Automobiles have been loanea to. the Board of Health, and It is planned, to use them to lake tea nurses fwliftiy from case to case. At each, case "a teacher will be left with thorough Instructions on what to do by the nurse. Thus the whole city will- be completely covered if the scheme works eatisfactortly, and fromn the results today. it hag been an, unqualified sucoess. The schools of Cambeidge wilt remain closed another week at. least.. tart of the Protestant churches are slosed-The -movies have also temporarily suspended. Throughout the city all organieations have been ehowing excellent spirit in Calling off their business and -social ASKS FOR $1,0009*900 Senator Weeks Acts for Ptibilc t~ealth Service~s C eAg -1NN WASHIINGTQI-4Sept. Zi-Afler' -consulting with, health offcials, Senator Weeks of Massachusetts today introduced a resolution appropriating 51t510,066 for the Pubhldi Health Servlae's Influenisa campaign. The reeolution was referred to the appropiriations 'committee, Majority Leadel Martin plomlaing its prompt constderatioin "as' a matter of vital importance which confronts the country." Senator Weeks' reolution proposed that the money be made immediately io "reace Without Complete--Cut-Off, From Germsan WASHINGTON, Sept 27-- Bulgaria,. sung - for peace, with -her aflllies "beaten and her border atronigholds-in teibands' of the allies, will" got no peace -in the,making. of whiichi Germnafy even Inddiectly hdg.a fin grt sod- no pae - leaving in her possession the.slightcst portion of the spoiils of her -inglorious part i$ tye wa as Berlin's -tool BULEIAIRS MUST.DISAM"M Nor will" there be any Interruption o the victorious mss h of the a.Jlled-foree into} Bulgaria until the Bulgariazi aee redy to disa~rm, 'drive out -their (icrmnn "oflcets and advleers,znd. sur old~r a pl dgea:of good faith such strSteg c' pollits.terimky be designated..On these.: points, thaeewas no dlaagreene nOight In- octal andjskid. diploma*1o quarters -when. Word'ar~ throuh Amekieso oilatlchannmels thbt te Beirlaus:Ihk& 'isAd for h'51r lui[stleb toCiacuss terms bf~peace. In) ', t -the k-mphaasslad~ebywbier.llpoq tes pihdlitine llh t Blp ^mn _*t meet itit o ~eh dowved th.Yl1jr feeling -of eadtactio. ovpt.thls "k~ tha't the.. expected crumbling. of 'C rmany's lesser allies is sat.haud. Colicuse- of Bulgarian- resistance, of course, would be of tremendous milltary advantage to the entente and might quickly affect the attitude of Turkey. Neutral diplomats in Washington appeared. If posible, even more impressed by this prosecet than- the representatives of the salles. IThey spoke of the Turklsfo debgole. In Palestine and predicted that overturep from the Ottoman,government. might b4- expected at any time now. Some even went so 'far as to express the opinion that since Bulgaria bae dsreld to defy her master, Germany's more posierfu colleague, Austrla-Mtlngary. may gather courage to' disregard Germen pressure ad come out with -an unquallfied proposal for cessation- of hdstilities." The United" States Is nut at war- with Bulgaria and the Bulgarian miniseter still ocouples his -legation here., Therefore directly, and, formally the Amer." lean government has nothig -to do with the proposal: made to the 3'rench general commanding the allies in Macedonia.- Actually, however, the BilgerIan- affair; must he considered as an Iso-, portent phas6 of the world war 5ltua-,No "Round Table" Talk If the Bulgarians really, are ready to. quit' the bar on the entente's terms.' Cermans, HoWe V-:>" UnabetQ Checkz the Advauc(; L 27 (ny the.A4t flat d "rreV -the rdqteusied nft o sudjIbel.~-, p OSitlonl S )lelded buin e tr~lthe... The trecpzn advance- iQf~ the frst;-- tday was' ilo#cadown '." Â~i 1e lie led.'been. wed forward:' G epough to satisfy 'head quartt '~ win the. prsise of the Fren jr iie officers art closely obse the cithe D SPERAflI F,(HTtNOQ. Thle: coul'y''about Kohifaucond,. g o b: o r et w O d.,: s fl la i l~h-fer lore ion s l at1 3 l 4 A m ~l cL lcta:", ~eetoeu t t dvance, tnthe.,:~, Arheune foreet hes i ~t zyech 'it n dV-4ano- ind browde irwkrd' thd t z tilldry, for' the cmatnS: -wereto etose together to permlt theuae-ot sg: and they Were left- to fight l'tbilt. Tanks egalh cao-operated in the' operatons." while airplanes conttbitted,ut tonally to' their sucoess 4fz e3--the:heav clouds which -followed the' raInr; of ihk -; earls' pooning bad'dilsappered, Matudd roads hl(ered~for some~time %the bringing up of arfllery; but by noonthe saia were in- ppailon, "Thqysoon- reverqe4q whab- had! e ared' pn:.othat time, be a. slight advantge-for t Gerhiat:Pr': It waa'evldent bowever; th r thea th;,';-", my had recovered enfilnt3 edlter the t first elaggering atack terdayto s-- 'tablish his.lice along' th e aecndary dlfences. Theee positions',a'e',Good, and It Is expected that,fromtem-thel mans w.l4 offer a' stubborn, resistancl " In an endeavor to at least" check- he offensive. - - - Mopping. Up -Germs=? - Mopplnuq " the qountr*. oftliAmrerl; can left, involved stiff,,figbt n'g6n the. region- of Cha 'lsentry. which contltiedunti -late In the day. The Germnana If. - strong detachcoents or. machine' $unn r flanking-the town. and-Ilt wascaoneldered wise to suppemnt-thq tofan t 's1wc k with that' of artillery, which ewes placed - In position-at midday, The big jump yesterday. comnbined with rain-soaked roads and the Ger mans' destruton of their lines of toot I AunhatoU. Interfered~-lth -the move -.' City learng. ouse available. f huad fp~pYesterday It' was decided to establish England." he told- thle Senite, a city hospital clearing house, where fected. with hospitals full to Information will be available eaoh. day nlng, no nurses available ant as to accommodations at the hospitals, worked as near 24 hours a4 and to handle appeals for nurses and humanly possible." At Cam' doctors for influenza victims This is atone. he said. there were 10, to be done In order to systematize the 'The Public Health Service work, and to minimize the trouble of me that It Is spreading to af the families pf pick patients who up to tions of the country and II now have wasted much valuable time In bave. the 'funds to cope watt finding an institution where the patients added. can be treated. ---- Doctors held a ray of 5hops last night BET'TER IN OQUU for a continuance of yesterday's fair weather. The Weather Bureau promised fair weather for 'today and tpmorrow. Decrease of 30 Per CentI which the medical men hope will havs bee of Calls and Sy the tendency of lessening the number of new cases A spell of bright, froty Seem 'Less Severe weather, they say, would he most ac-. catale.The situoation In etl. Quiney, ae Dr. L E. Stows,., navail heutena gocy agent of the Boerd of ThEATRES COSED shows an improvement. - " ~Ina statement issued lasta Stows points out that there No Boston Dance hails Opened a decrease of about l0 -per el and Clubs and Lodges Have number, of calls, and the s seem to beleas severe. Aua Postponed Meetinga indef. the city shows Othat there are, oasesef influenza. initely Sixteen patients -were leohiaz Inrsos oterars ftetehsia oa.Nn dnemency public health committee of e fo Thursday" midnight. ar mvn ltt hue rdac C E P NEOEhail was opened last night. (lubs and/ lodges have postponed meetinge Indef- e ae r~-as inately -and every place where persons Miss' Henrietta. McCarthy of at gat~er and spread the. disease line avenue, Brookline, chief has been closed. of the mains'exchaige in -Bow Tomorrow there will be but few yeetiday iafternopn of pm churches open for services within a 2o- brought on by influtpnza< mile radius of the city. Almost every.MIss Mc Carthy' was nT yar Protestant. hflrch' will be closed, and had been with - fe telsph ne In some emzuouitlss the Roman Catho- for over 12 "years and. had Io churches will not open, although a chlef perepto'r for about, tWoe general order to tbhis effect from Car- -i--,-- dinal O'Connell had Ynot be en received AL L LE ATED;~ up to last nit.In several towsc and.cities in thse A e'NOW R lNf Slate, notably Brookline, -.Malden and.vv'a fth otnm Qulncy, public funerals have been for- b"g.-ppfwente bldel y h &#ca Wbarsof health. bains this morning, wardiNi A s dals of the road. 2000 t ~ I C HELSEA Last night every ear' ad t thoroughly dlintebted, a preoti Only, 31 Deaths In the City Thue il otiud u rsthe p; ' Far-Many Protesanot Church- -= - es Abandon Services Tomorrow SODA. FOUNTANS'A Thus far there have been Only' h ARIAY1L~ deaths among civilians in tChelsea..aal- Proprietors-of -soda flotani though there. probably have been 905 sac susetta h.ave,been swim' 100ppleafflicted with' -the fisease since tiue, the aple of this. 4dribk ito outbreakt. The Stati. has appointed continuance, of the e pldemif U In ltlew "dre atererunid doctors day as is tp Devane 00S cases. ainforms oer peortoy, must hb it." he Icy fu Nuouyneptoms condiag to ant. emarHL eaith. night, Dr. hae beens cut is the sympytoms. envaeeof shout-3100 IATAD

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