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ï~~day. The next day she can lay "a corner stone, mos a & little speech to the hombfermsayor of some small tow-eand thea hack to the comnmon council agane. You can -r that even for a duchestowirs something in votes for wiomens. Whfla:.he Amrican duchess is bbcong a politician the Amercan revivalist, Billy Sunday. is told plainly by the Presbyterian authsor!tiss otf Chicago that ha is 'too prohang and vulgar in the pulpit." Kt. Seodgy turns the other cheek e an early Christian. Kr. unday is too humble. Ite -so' t:pathe the Chicago PreshyinyVyep$-tha fifth chapter of St. Jamq -the Word Vj God, neither gec4o ker humble: n~owv, ye rich me~ weep aod'"Oowl "for your miseries that shglit ee on pesyouYar riches so. ~ xt d, ndyour garmets aftetmth eatn. Ye have lived In p~Owseareatle.earthanod hava'jbeeea watbeeulhd a h eariaday t alaebtee. a..trI dt51 ptothea above efrpo tmtjhtthis I.*yanh Of that would come for theiir efdtdh' nyls This is ne epenugivi war waged by a rich etiatry lb -1 good- canes SThe ttelt arichwill ha much, richer 'when e war ends, many pf them heiseliu and legitimately ae. lsqt S prebie-t fihtthe war trog dthot sqnenfpg the little people? They hate paid the high oret o living. That ougeht to he their share. ''elen Heller, the blind girl, had nld $1101.000 worth of Uhberty Bonds. that girl, blind, deaf, living in j seal darkness and silence, caan tthey that mae and hear and reJust been laagnrated deit of Chine,. Milhone In the.,thing; itself that maters. #noreal republic except n a ndertacd govern are t and able to control;.n ore interested in tke ' eitare then In their ownralnte question. Has there "+i e.;s,areal repuoblic? who wasi to bring 13o1 -iia oR salso hot again der.' This latest lime lae'nidenot In sooter attemapt s arepublie out t ltaiorae shal baked intellectual vanita 17,hating soccees does' ot esti ntice really Stiates as it stood be t'd oead ilieons INFL UENZA SHU TS ALL CWCAG ALL WETIN~S ARDCABARfiS 'order Puts Off Political AstbWages, bot "Smile" Movies' *t xem ed an Safe. blanhet l~llltis Ised lahe pe jerday afiernoon by DrC. St. Clt Drahe, mesdical director of IIhaos, and aprAd by Governor Pram') Lowden A pereonailtter aleo wan directed to thea chr oea of all political pjarties In lllnoje, who In. tuan ar'e di rented to not* all coeaty andlheck chairmen of" political organinaticns. directing thatao political gathesings be held.! Here IIs roclamtion. The proclamation is as fllows: "Whereas The sommitetoes opolefad to devise warsad moans for checking tjae eidentcofccInfluena ow prevalent througheeui IllInois has isemod it advisable CO. prevest all uneneesary social getheries for the preset T-pts etedpartmnt of poblit health dncs h~rshy order anad direct that all peblic gatherings of a social " otnre,'bo h eetlal to ths war, be, disoont 's4c5tll further order of this dapalrtmant. " It to further ordered that inall publbc nnthurlbegd sot hrsta enproesly prehibited. sadndoitpro*btbttd by previous 05:dt5-.&15s dep seet, the.following "ihle end regulationaasi in nt h o ynd: ""A. fodition o onswgd A l he prohibited.., 't_' "2. Persons affeoted wik bolds shalt act he adeettei.' 'i. Ceughers. anreadra and spittor bhe mtlttdtlor selled. "4. The premises shall he properly ventilated, healed and' weaned.' "This order shall he effective from ad after tpo. -By order of ~ Wdparent 0f public health. "C. OT. CLAIR D*lAXR3. 'tiir.Rqto ""Smile"' Movie Eze~piptid. Whoa ths protls.5500ic5 wee Lil*4 a representative of thu Soi14lo?e Friend Departmennt called 'edan.-D. Dre.s O behalf of the parsels and swethearts of hoys Ia Francs wee plan:t0 appear on the tHerald end Boamoed.e toag~t flaw when It is tahetomvrrow. nondar and Monday, the oferr wae. mpds to abandon the pan ithat wogs regarded as omoentitaL. Dr. leske.-said:.Â~'I regard this as an essentiat war efarpoles. lt is a splendd idea and will have, a msot favor'able effcit'on ill;, morale of tar boy;t at war.,it t li pe tken In the open air sal susine apt cowdar to beokept moving and isa soitamas. So it 1e" safefrom -daoer.lSick pereones, ofoetoee, 1it dt ot etihon. Out t, hall hold tone Oha antorprte [MMoieyou HAGO MUST aeG (alls Off LONDON TMS emany Recalls All AUSTK toBuy Bonds!:: asfess Sundays W IT R FI ST UBoats, IsRejort BR G S LI E A~101~t 7& c;SHIrtITON. Oct. 17.-feiy A MIERDAM. Oct-. 1-tey the E (I th AenolatedFree.)-D& "mocatod rmeN -LThLL fll( E tea das"feciv atnote. aatltya y lelaned wiroeeostoa-______ N aetluatted up to iaes Vt Should gasoline stoche again srctloao to all submarines to ro- - " Tluraiay mount to $4, Same Dell4d Must Be Met To- fnllisngereuel7 low Itwus stated. Herald and Examiner Correspon- tern to their Iae. Zeebrugge Is Evacuated; Enemy OOOOOO,4loDlOtfwill1abe aat day aedTIt oento tse"W, PeiewBlltesrhs wed ItThe Rotterdam Courant aaya the Abandons BlinCat17 ri tblbethat priority er""reGdntmIs arms"-!tilhArmy"eteginnCoalt e l hellitsr of toil1 us Ci balI tumo oaqalg esis o- Divisiots in Flight, L a te u}ave eaa edora -epvoish' ue sohlcrle >h adlisrnto'>t. sII; i8Ot A e - to toe mureee abe PARIS, Oct. 17.-King AN. srairluoesML. veesut osoegetodaia eturairn tra ef5} >epls~fth gdr 71i1 atto Hrl emtnewiapeO this evening bent of Belgium amd Queen Liberty Loandie hs tm odline a to.a slm d o fhour foreet os inn a eae ng days300ofatoroes.Lord Norehetifon egreaepaper.- "Nevertheless, It is tohoeec teisacorals. Cop)c-ight. 1918, by Philodot. peeted that in the gradual retreat LONDON. Ott. 1;.-Thin do iter phia Peblec Ledger, property will be osot which is Ir-waIhhetesadtotv-.tWhoa the Liberty tLoan ehartg BRITOH.HADQUARTE~th tdn. reAN SEKplcebleby mony-t i. c.I.1havnttunInate tntensivefhtigdot'for the tthe. hopes a0(eaesllnation are con. hs totni rocalrno yencerday we - being to LU 160for threse ours. syloharsnuthe dvataiomdotr"upt of thW w oar0"0e. hi affird armsThrear Ihret n hecodutefrhewthelie secondc te ecn bred upon manna. We *, grand total rup ono $tocnoa,.e.tPctooEReTbrlsarll mnman hlren.tttn 131toLile-,itself, end especlly in the Dom- tMarne battle. "e--+"exya hweave foght isst night more than $00enee bende runRn PRLEYfcre noa Baittshoffcer wtthOab inrt tof German potiotncshry DOna front of forts- toifes from ffor ad hope to gain in thin war had hose gold lIt Cicltgo. ____strifaty oo of man went Ito the enemy artillery." { the North Sea t's Lil le the Geeif the Forth Liberty Lan in de, PLUS amanen ET - mCOnt iIO Baedi TtpnPancity. vsted tsdebsmayor scd withDesit thidtcoragnctoaltheWiso Bamd i Tutn reetdrew. Otherwtse ccoBritish oe allitred seieneea5 s macs are in geteral retreat heLetemy ru Aeromilt lys plun siheerlottoas proved roe- Reply'" ot Complete Rejec- terepbanevebbsaInLitle. fi;AUSTRIA SPLIT IN fore nhr Belgian. French and ltveytu m ea ord-ireahieg. Thousande or chese The whoespopultton erowded the UIIS Ib IUCBritisft armies. sen todayemine hisaelf under pord bte tha loan otearing boots,. tion of His Terms" ___ steerts Inastate of eetancy. To rheye aadnn h n te whero o e lghho a om ndbut most at them warn far smaltl * them yourrcerreospoden aeocttua thrc-Fe Tio-arabnoig h n ornth a esamcunts and fatted to hove a greatSEN"Oct. tI7.-tor the Asso. thrrBrrtoish narmy. acd Itits nyc.. FEDERAL S T AI E Stire Belgiati seacoast and ae straefet on she totat dcftctt. elated Pres.)-oeermnor's rply to nible tc describe te.:.cro otInthe-_____ ehicigrefutge Iehinid the enter his utmost sn this emergency. The torgest plus anbsrptio esao is~ata oon came treesta a. t25,0tO ertye.attirftear: -. Thbghlentnbo hine of duty from Sears. Roaeb &Coe.for 0.. yer sfeteriend itoheptoe tPremier Maken Announcement an'sCees:t.n:cp pa ~O* h uhtfrteletn was exrvetedi to he drawo op aned jith aiOb rtid trte.lstenid. the cl.i::ef port and an.aroimsmadeeyrcmpanty aadedmptcyes 14,4611..The dilaced Ic Washington icoight. ac-.Ilitneran lc. teaiuefrterd-Hungary, Croatia and BohemiaU-otbe l:Dencupe true Sa eita to go imediately next. largest plus sahssrlptuq was cording to tics tatest advises recerivod: Crowd5s srgedi areond i'.10:o.-oaei-, u trnotupe tn his bank or to his Liberty for 11.0.000by the Illinees Life 1 Dahre trto Osrito I womn oand moo hYutri, at ith )soy Dclr Idpedec. y the l l iIthe:t ar een1-011111 qmw.ittee adSubetribe to The Corssmere Compyany odded an- cGrrmany indicate that it tsceurtain the office of Mater ('harbl leesati. FRNe c t.1" Kaon intc tt OtHlrucsi:on Ze the Iliuit of his ability in the other Il$00,0 i100 t t 30"0 subh that iGertonoy to thenocte witl seek io 00 Ooutevard shrt, oosniche asrek, Ohe Austriac prerc.has.maoe b oedhr111nt1 ~b Fonrthb,,'extybonds. Dent d-erto.adete-moortsca- tlco thoecoversaton. itsnOaatn r Ocurrrct:.,drai os~nnoe on s'Acra~rc ae shd is erpre lay Dent wat to he urged. Be sr med ane additonat 1105,0o0. ado:ce. roeceived from Hrlen sy acomopanied memodeian desoto obout tonb haInestornied is: s coders::'to hase teen isyaciated.All the Amneg m oryother pleas subcrito.t hat: 1there i grerat nctivtto point- erowd, I went to the hiuscon a erit- sae, codigt ds c-P"r"e, ted I sofmarite: ti:' "niin:, ed frora quick to ds yeu ar it in this yeterday were: ltassell, Brewste A calcirei It is undestoocd the replyic legmn he 1.M ore -ahrsoe. e.snosios' fourth LibetyLoan battle as Our Co.. 056,000; flesac Lobes Dredge & is eot a comtoroc rrosalofTaOieo- who has heen in ille ie 914,-' Ott toSeriOc.c T:E or Ost BrgenIdEteed sodi auin tiice *eare qic Dt och Co., se6ne00;. tCmpton &3icnt SWisos demaond. crc-v HASn ss.oN i0"rs. 5mhrnabolisodn Ce-once 100".dply**ofthocrm Fel MrsrlvoiHndnbrdwaiit oBrth ages.c hi'aboy.thir anlCoti tdcidrlrsi ru oil ceo-al ai the orders to charge the Ce.0000 0:ohnMp~ftxa ss fthit.or eictd InBli tco Hos. ho g a rdWoth en aromesI-ially onomde their todepcoderncr ass-sr dina to n i h.Iteb JonX vtbc Intnitt crrioi rtota. sado gede.Inobeyy ien5vna dispatcs. te i Bliuln":;acrdfing to enmy nfctos" tues. 000: eies Y,' Nto weBLAMED. tor weo to the ousir:to of on. Ths plan is said to ib"tfor spate s latest report-. has bi'CeIIentered Buy Liberty bends on tho in. Paper Stoeb Company. 500 'itdBohroo fCretrO s ad in- AtT.TA,Ot 2-ipthechrd a atdfrm tte o h lras nAsra l frtabodo epsar n on- Beinto nihtO IndtictOe-nicstrp wh ersatarlot sIc sos ic acit.cynic:'alinaluablesis' ailiedilad: 'tiie iatrstis. and stallinent plani f yon caflflot boy sos, $6,0", rmgetctoth eieta irog Tciyfon:- -:ci eah roothe d'aecbithooamsw el cli atsCcc unitWilson tedrncey, etc oney in hone Iran ood ond ii, mnroeom t he yr ian n sd tIcih.nan eer.-oc-c farther octitl ir 1 r::tih have them for sash. Evry Tptoticom BANK CLEARINGS HEAY:orilcy aaneu htaeti houseosavber crl, dlt o oeoceoyyi~cn htpee s':ac~ fLtr bsakwill hepyou. If e ve ly pa- Subsrptosrenewed throgh looc teh haoeloaored procr Thbspesctccof--'.eacnodsau, Ac a meeti~nc cteiof n the l astaia icel iic ild i uy bacnsaccordng to latest reacit:. tae iGothelnc, a Omtober ocfsthCe of w o Ithis,:. I ihatc ticon corliatuent o croclaation wac mads tes las c('1thie great fiastions rios or he Fouth toal$73,132,650. All the larg as ic hsstag, wrtting to the eettn i sacd hc cot Ie.4 ihan:1()0.000. si- stelaritng tiungarysto1)e n luoe. 'ish for four iscarsomaintaincd toay, vcoy fe h orh aresctearing aresamonts of betids Ie- Oittag. delatres residentt lt most beside then,.,Ic-c-y olith ic, e.ncd en ttein sa.s a.c cit nic i " ithe (aritanit cietisice t s}teo LbryLosn isCertain, bought on the goneromnet andt in- ion has givers adeath bhiwto t tha oughing end rosincain t'cone, wone Orlino rwarddctre- cirronhane:: Libertylr.Te,a rut& ieaooe ooe vr;a oge, t hiCnra nsigny ee 1tt111thr Nioth Sra tc SiwitzerThe continsed victories of oarstottowptoao. east Tes67i9&0;ideataguego f eatiowns. cwn oere: ur, t s atrtSa ~~ -s the me nieeliodcad-w t 13 oe o. thetln aser ts that t Iea of All other cccws, i ii: s o.etnot Is nefotrth, tha tosseoo adds ihere Iand. 5rm*5 1in Europettnesasu- the Corn SEtiaegisascond wt srenein0t0h0dsrei. oth ad nimportn:.ic )ii the tldingsoI tobeuonlyca ire-rot scnion he- Mcorthanittt t her io wns~~ tit our enemies snd f-he glori- i1036$,1" pnd thu Cottotl a etleeaksth oio tan ls 1m 1i. h 1.-sd. i-soa -tocor Austria aod tsHuonhccKcs iii raeriy o$1/ ttitiopb t the causc of Lib- onrt" mr ihlo.a~n otlceofirmerd psotfists boit. Psaysto be i t o ess of-cn a oca- noonlani-gos rv..'.: - - i r in) Two days' before lbs Third Libecrtc FIGTtov TOo FaNISH, albenthr the ecnmy iiron e de isit -sl dsoc.ii l'sio or mtty- depend span ht tho byIg Pope Prays Wilson - do indepthe1 tensdrive Indod Chicago lacked 11 - Ta21"t"Oate rbis. sms igicai Ciit ltci r~i h i i -i i1,, h i iulug rn twe days of the Fourth W" ttonty raisud. but thaelty oters-sigeed hr Count Friedrich con West- spired by prititc-ci ccciimoey tn ic lcsi i olc-tri bydeceleni an other metha estrof tha paresdntm tt tcn n ticco rM;4 ssia t d rees mayit yith sehnrihoIIeuotaFnynch Ih f lir>cn wILJA G. WADOO, trt qtonts waeovoraehsenibdhe 2 i lswion'sceplt hecontet.of e es tray I cc.; in te arcs.o dutFtic ahror i pfnn:hiwifrthcer- The extrmc eitpit ci te advance Seatntar of(tha e iy pr ran. tt mshs tcat he fought 001 to effnish. Il > Beaaar-- ii 0 era to- ytoconPresident ilstonto ccenose tocdoy cao in-icr aliad:ciuc5 iloton!ties for' that 141w was $155.0",00t alco. a lorrible pletaro oiathrefatseiwhore orrilno...' Iit rocsran st o qaicti and durbpacnhi..y"so -- Slii- - Senentern t tre-o tt d tas hoIn~vtewof thisact and ra ingo thatwoultdbefal n i nvaaded fter- cocpetlhithe eat:rotisot earre.t noonoe-ceoe Corraets. aid n rscot~nyt0OiO5d~lci00~e Curfew WllsrHel p Ctasnos dapercermances ns t.-acland. from Ii cnlortinonTtiCoi sat.said, ttthe csycaeeud ttcc c- dd ers ineneraa oo Arnmnito xUm~nect the Evanstn Figh Flu Ua of ptilto endenneg-hfficiei teih and Berlin nesapersy cl ontray. threIxtdctie of itcrmnt ly"icnkn pcilpayr in ehlire bt thedrive tintce"taneIcliations n offereesnstanc onotaegrecat retreatfroemsthe North Sea EPntnihrFuesihdtdaj sono yoet tsc'M ery,u emany to ibtoitotettoc n i.os std-ioea Presaidentils-c oasn oLteTrOlhrtn a Chiago"wll om thoug..r " tap, "Wlsn'sevsios,""Arudl ineea t o cielh towards Docai. yo evaefo hspeet costtogLle h itdaa a As order wili he Introduced at to been InIgoodtorde so faributatheoMr.'nand mea-inha.f TheEvaessaniCityof cisitcI. footII,1 nswer-" aooobeod hot Theoehacupttea ficivir-ansofroco-don rn torr hot the Ino metn fteRaso ~ stheir final drtverto put Ihe ioans WILSONt s BA En as. 00' ear tree-m tinpttlsp.and thouht - 050 ito is pose a e c e, ex pcredincly repd adtanes of abs Council.-directing thea.pel~os to.ra- usrtenaastohr nr yto--tid tort ooitt no er sena aheesoegfng nftos-har-tewr-holan- The yustomary truence of eOthe5priyneors rnrtrder ereen!ronc'a1I~ftthe a" lisorte'~rt aee som Fts-aingngwoore esacufutow el tsgxtopublsh aisetofnwealthy -ond a o ease sdestrction otofsn. L- tlaeyelssoegives waysto ipronctit doicery it taraisig the ros wars chldren ade 1 ra te ltisr, nnondOita houcrdonyturnglnoatthtelsehtoraseh.d 11trste f sacre t h tcaene n im wohv cthe apapteln hop- -Oseralover tthn aojecthoss oo:f militaryImBritish Dead in War roat itoeaodebasle. p chldre undr 16from the made i lseand rts and een tillicna bumac tiven being sacrifted, hil, t ane hr eme tno 1M arss antara no rfanchur svealou ocotrct otwho hatsveohaItnhi wu osdtdrtoieibdofheccco Total Nearly Million Two Great Allied Drive,. y- a d aecigo tat tho-by:lt e hershewoaoosay h paigneOtodnt lih. _ _it is highly inmprobable the tGer. 4p~titte. 'tas~~m eaoh)atdow~t fTb. first camon h-timooning Lle.WrtedO0c nfans anoeot nway, at n-ny event.cs~~locds ofsalesm nut111i ranched mu troim the rlancders roc n h r~n o yiocoOtih iha eoetoe nmnad ~tM"Ibs!}r ot rl p te-ir 5 -a. -x $* 'a was that at 04n o' okt his morninggltvesshav en s crooficedithe material. r toa, riFp sootn-, aocedicn to fotionlx receivrred byolell p-,C o 01ss -. 1.ow a. oh- -. etr LL; s op ain O ltd

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