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ï~~'"1., ~ w.=,li a~t4 hat I lA"I II nVVft ti }1,, LV t '111 a!~"#1t4A I Vdq'A'. aA, Vin igt, I at Ir n or a l(t9, liar. Tac, )ft''1 AVI tv tifp. I~a I*"1VI Uioa sod At i4 ftl attdtr o Vt*frrNnAIAA4A tA,t carV 1rlA r it f V,i 1 illT rtot?'P (e'bt$ BwrA 11 1 i t,) hINt IfaV(j, A "f! AIlarnV r 111t06 r.9. 1F)AAIVVr khi rr tf h (', I r~e hrwilPoriA jj JA ltn"iis ning in 1ArVAIVA l hill ~i ltarIts s14~ 1' trtnl il 1 18, f ~ n liit* VIA r{ rr5I 1."1 As1 t 1~ fn te *V At f 1 I VA 'V I'I I f~~I, / h,AeasL,,, '." V 11tr11 1 r. AVIV r! ll It 0.s AS I 'lt 1j o 1. (Il tN1J),,', I 11' t lr, il ( *r"iA of aVIV I < rilfV An'?Fr I 11. tuiE V Il I u rIlV' III AIIA~A ~ d VI 'T 01,r r.1I r lnV' I u1%11,tn Ie V. PI,, Il 1111#All 't-1I# 1, t V Ii V ~iwllfVI A 'jt a d to i i (IA I l I AAAII I" VIVV I I) 11 ' dA I AVVAIIA 1 e 'O r AIIIII tr r rt,,,, A*V n n4IV! rVI tT,11 ~.r 1i11 e itlie I r g 110)191)il~ tlAeIe '1 11 18111a "1 Il klIVI' tl rJSVVA 9IIVIA i1, VVrV AAV nVA l.,' A l V (, r1, V an o. Xii IV V(ltiI~lI il' T~IV I111 V i tAIAOIA nI' A l lfua t. n. ItAt A. lT hm.e t r + t ~ " +,,.,, n 1 l1 1 r 1 1 t d l i t t l l c 11 l i l i s 1 lt 41'U"1r A~a,V140.atAA 1hA a i VAAO.1 AIAIIVII VVe fl tt3'te eo le ne t ueda ' 010 ira 1(}111b 111 V'IIAVI In V s "rAl 0 A o A pe1ft t 9A AIV V AfAI AVe nd n 1tl 1 t'AIA.NrY,l., t1trlAVA f' 1..,,m A t f I pA 1110 VAIle ri 116 nI M a ltl nf r rr~ et t e r',I'' V" 1t' 'a? r~1 al,1. ' ti1 \e1 t Alo.ill i V All Ik.JAAIVA'h Ito (lAlr b"llnIVhn 3war oura1 BtI#Inni t t 1 V rio e V hIVAar thAAis IEUIUUIUEUIE~VIAIA{1t- 1(r'IV},rAti,"h A AViiVAthhe oeso avrtsm-t ISI VVr l'A ll Irn:tin,re m ru ad oii i hefo r i ra is t ' l hrA I 'islunhI roVl daifo 11106 get AAIA V..VAAna m.,hcl 94 ~anat' to 1111 l~pIVfyhid own iplo- people of Dayton to vote for a bond lautie of$28. Tale uAAIA..A..AS"?.A.a~ AA 4 frI oV f fAt1r00 and an tncreaae in the tax levy of one mill. aet- '..rse K iA. It IA AV'+;t I~rr'IAAII Arnt-rica that h e houfl have put bimA theAb tb.....t lwt "i f antIV he nation behtnd him Vfn the Wkn a. A fVAC tk. A l. Aool VA1l 4ua.VSIVeS jltlonfor f In' ifnr a prpot)Ilion a 'AI tAda4 asse 1hV,. 'A AVI6.0 hich, ahin Arrepled., he re.putiste."" as aa7 tr dtVu ~tenVI All 14..* sA.s tV Ve l. Ilfi FoPr the IAry AAVAsAI. fI 01AvAAwn the IA It~AVI that I abhor (,ermanA i IVk-, A'AA iZalhery ani badAfilthI. I am IIAAIAAIA VAAAAIAAA. M r.t. (w V A 0 AAAA.AIA a r!a nt is+ hat Anlr~l n hfll,Mta 6416 11 iAsAA t. t -IIIii. 1,1,6,141A. end, not Ill l' liTe in throc rmatter'' te"a.. ~f tlA p1 rIln f iin eonIll V rIVV1VrVV fonal nlttentftnn 0 ilmiber of o'aeeI AUTO RECOVERED "lion l nadded: or otrinrgthe familiea of ClatI ItIPV A S tAlelI AAVAf il l5rOIgi AIro AI~lr rasaflaanre cannot Ibe penA V f. M.eI* V ie se ViIVVVIVI 'A IV lU,i VA fudi.,VAI thec ie11 lIrrel"I-tev, o;1"!4.1 venue.A trAl. VIIt lrhat a 4'.11'V O NI I1It4 frrAl~rl f.. 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VA.s resigned to ace +1 ita' ohem IV'o f~l) sgae and for l t i l t a lonilfon as official tart pilot 1'.. it.(1.n a&"d l.1 Wflka'. a*rae(Â~lof t lÂ~.hIalAVl an..VE 4 IR FIXM\\ Vi L rrAernn VVIA VIV rl'nnt AlhflIlr *eVAtI fir te ',.her 11101W.Culn ration, le VA t l4A 10A0leA.,I A. r4aAVI n Ad wool 1to\ l akn h l~ n i a lt, 1n n A~~t...8 #T~8 IAAAV.11 -- - aVVdIWIA.ant lltee naclhttca. (A. trt1 -.1 flA.r ar. at II V I EorConstipation APPEAL FOR NURSES,i Carter's little H w T v i lil KL gPls. IN INFLUENZA HOMES How Toif V *jlset you right over' night. Purely Vegetablo *.W i Sam Des% S1"a Prese Carer's Iron Pills WI/I reoom clot to the face of &bo swh~o lack troa to the blood, cost p-M~oa people d. NEVER SURRENDER MVs- frank Ilium.VA who Is regisler. Vng niutset the It'd ('tosaapterJVA louse aai,110 IuOsaAI) Vmorninig VOalIel 8no1apVeal for VwomelnAAwiling to gol Ato ftll lIVIVICIA wVhereinflVIAxnis,1. 111ittifly to nurse A'the patients, Itut 1o IVAIVAVA uiVVIIAIfoi IVnod1911mrakte,9)04. IVVusehIi:fIafford fAll' tetil1AienItsA tolo ft or Vtoo weCak to uV.AfiIto these thingts for thetnsefves. "i1t V Heel1 not Ihe a KYIAViIIVAe nurse, nor eveni A pAIcticaltinurae, to beIo(of untold tisajnfeoi" tlrui a irs.1 llurpi. A womnVitih her normlal ahare of common etverytlay 'horse sense'ouight to be able to do many thtinga folr the lick" Abe said. 't'eegrams on an average of three f day, have Ihetn received at the home service sAection, in i.'apert to ilnesas in te homes of soldier. and satlors in fli-uiing camnps, who-requst furIAAuiAA(V.I Mirs. Idrrluee reporta that, folfowbog visits to these homes, many solltar have been granted leaves of ubsetice. from various military duties throughout the country. A nomber of new famuilies have sought assistaa k eorn the ttAatt ala.. the e Medme )eat rails tf-ur ite.1 INFLUENZA Nothia you.aa do will so efclt' rheaoaably sure of reellst dhaeaaw.. nail sourtee ya a iaa t lfeaaa You cs Jo 3so1it7018 will ]wt get a or Grippe eldsmaioaa ksuayour ic. Itoa of $Mali* Re's 3d 1IN? orgfans of dlgeatiom and eliiaiastaoa 'lablesal sad takeoae each slg! active sad your aysaare efF1rim for awhIle. poilSOIuap~o ~atiovs. N Taets do sqabhsnore.'s. Iloelor, A baAI heelbautborllke sily cause pleaaaat. easy hoou ctyerar sa pteof ao.'bsmdcnsa p tl'the dmagr of emstlpaioe. and digeef lee a.well au liiai islr adolsia. and urgfiag everyone 5,3 orgase, pronote.goodi etlor 143fet elhaat bebowes a.A oAet iLr 5 oa tbodylt to u seaflour. fiudnatlre organ.sat freely Uk *' hasasat trots all the fool yon aod resolaly. 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