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ï~~m m.Thie.members. of theSacedHeart beeofCommtSerce,5and ',the t 'ollowl society received their mioitthly - itimd St embers of the Committee=. on A _ _ m iD....rejmunion in a body at the 8:15 mass Sylng POWersof Ml rangements: John V Thorpe chair. t an. yesterday, celebrated by Rev. Fr. man: RobertBaldwin. David Gourse, ia.i b S oi ln. Morris,-and hel e a meeting oo n Se ig- Russia Rece e. Lincoln, Charles aMsy Ketchum p lal!Iinpga I' 0m. 35- Sunday school in the afternoo.... vg-,-Recei ~ad do y J. S tky, Next Sunday will be communion "Following the dinner, a brief infor. kwhI mus Sunday for the members of the Altar G llig I ri mal rece tionwill be held from 730 Ssociety at the 7 mass. u ig e to 8 at t wclub, when Dr. ice wit t it +Na r IlP.: a o pp o rtu n it y" t o~ STle members of the League of the have opportunity to meet thos wh d rel l. Sacted.HeartmeTFnmo- sessi n Long Arctic Winter. accompany him on the 'platfordi:la tyesterday afternoon.. These are: Mayor Kay,H. F.Searles i A rgonth's mind high mass of re- O - S.. Hawes, James Buffinton, Y*.d cufem will' be sung on Thursday. David Silverstein, James H. Mahoney, morning at 7:30 in memory of Mrs. ARCHANGEL, Jan. 18,. V-i London, Whast, Robe Justice Bad Morton,C. B:do. __ --__ - - Joseph McMahon. Chase. Robert Baldwin, David Radov.. _ _ rJan. 22.-(Correspondence of Associ- sky, J. S. Radovsky, JonathAn T. Lin LIEUT. WARING'S GARDEN. ated Press).--Seven gallant American coin and Charles M. Ketchum. neapp l. iLieut. "Jim" Waring of the Central soldiers of the North Russian expedi- " station is again at work on his gar- tionary forces have received awards PERSONALS,den at his home at Steep Brook. of British decorations for conspicuous. sertsm.."Jim" puts a great deal of time bravery in the operations which have The Misses Agnes and Kathi y and energy in the tilling of his garden sorely tried their grit and staying hurt of North Main treet ae Kpexd " oeach year and as a result will doubt. qualities during the past few weeks ing the holidays in ' rookline. The b l less maintain his record of previous of Arctic winter. each package. years for having one of the prettiest Private Joseph Edyinson, Goosta, Miss Edna Jenness has returned to of gardens of the north end. "Jim" Mich., whose conductwon him a,'e- school, at Westport P'int after 'pend. of Pineapple states that the daffodils are growin. ommendation for an American award ing the holiday with her parents on SJiffy-Jell cone wonderfully and he even went so far as well as the British Military Medal, North Main street. as to let out a little on his "clam is commended in the following cltataisle all the plant," which he is reported to have tion: rich e n aenC been experimenting secretly for some "During an attack on Dwim on Nov. asR C r th e rich es icedeucon at solemn thih mass rele, fo alfrpe time past'., Private Edyinson snas stationed a brated in the Church of Our Lad" of -anraachine-gun helper in an open un Ihe rsary in Provi-ence Sun.tnv o1 pineapple. The COLLINS WAS WOUNDED. fortified outpost, subjected to concen the occasion of the opening of 4' desset' batrasedio sh rpells dietnidb high po dp t lI I.Priv. Frank Collins. formerly trated fire of shrapnelt and high iexplo- hours' devotion. of this exquisite north end boy, has just returned explosive shell blew the machine-gun Wile Danforth of Bristol. Vt was from an extended period of service Into the air, and this soldier was bair- the wrek-end guest of William ndapackageserves overseas with the A. E. forces where, led in the earth thrown up by the ex heyek-ernd guest of William he was wounded and forced to spend plosion. Pour comrades. stationd Lahey. Mr. Danfort: is president of te f9r 12,1ents, some time in a hospital. He;will with him left the post. He dlug him-I the freshman class a Boston unive spend his furlough at the home of his self out. unearthed the machine-gun sit'. DWC to yourself a mother ont Lenox street. cleared it, and remained in defense of F-ran W. Crapo, formerly panashiI glel-t hepsThe Bonnie Red Rose lodge, No. 75, thpost untril relieved after dard." ter at the Osborn mills, who has been held a very pleasant dance on Wash- First Lieutenant Ha-rry S. Steele. of a yoeman in the U. S. Naval service, ington's birthday in St. George's hall Saginaw. Mich.-Military Cross-Near ttlored at Commoninealth Pier. tosd on Suffolk street at which about.50 Ustpadenga on Nov 29 tte rallied his ton, nasbeen hnorably dishargd people enjoyed a delightful evenins me with great bravery, retiring un nd yesterday enterca the employ ot S entertainment. The music was fur- der heavy machine-gut: fire. He tool Roy Beattlie, Inc., as bookkeeper, nished by the We'll Try orchestra. charge when his sen'ior officer was Miss )orothy Newon has retrnei killed and withdrew the party in or. from,n extended visit to friends and g m Travel at the Fall River depot over der.dro m.-nex ede ioriendseand 4 our e.9rs -" the week-end was very heavy. A Second Lieutenant Hlarry M. Dennis, relat. ' in Washington and Ne.v number of army and navy service Ashland. Wins.-Military Cross-Ex- York. rwr2__C b men passed through the depot -n- ceptionally efficient leadership and M D foth, wi _.'route to their homes for the holidays, personal bravery in the Dwina cam- firs Nortis O pDnrafedf paign. Maj. Danforth is '.pending a few days TR W SAISr A Massachusetts license B-16,592 Sergeant Theodore W. Pautsch. 274 with her sister, Mrs. J. Edward Newwas dropped from an automobile this Peterbora street. Detroit. Mich.-Mill- Ion. IflhVYLiI SAVLS morning- and was later found and tary Medal-Great gallantry at list- Mrs John T. lob.rtson and Mi:s taken to the Northern station. padenga when his platoon was heavily EstelJ A. Robertson. i Highlen I Ar M NUattacked.Ese' 'A Roetn.19 ihni The Silent Four held their prize Sergeant Floyd A. Wallace. BIatt'e avenue. and Miss Liltlan F. Ashworth, dance Friday evening at St. George's Creek. Mich.--Distinguished Conduct 721 Highland avenue, started last eveNi Sl hall and the affair was very well at. Medal--i n t engagement Nov.1 nlng f, Florida, whete they exoect to Neolin Soles sunerior tended. Wallace ens stationed in an outpost remai t during March uwhichi ms heavily shelled. A burstto Qlther soles. They are Miss.1lae Patterson and ly.lia ing shell struck a strawstack in the Miss Ethel S. Fretnch, 16.4 Cherry 1gh and waterproof. In Drapeau of this section are visiting neighborhood of the blockhouse, and street, and her friend Miss 'Jooophine I shall buy nothing but Miss Patterson's brother at Boston. flying straw completely stopped u-p an Ware of Spkane, Wash., spent he I shoes." important loophole of the blockhouse week-end in town. Both young ladies rich, o Sprified, Mass., DEACONESS AID MEETS Wallace in the face of heavy machine- iave teen doing goernment wo:c his oStpenested 'T gun fire dashed out, removed the since lst fall. At present they are by having a pair of wornd The regular monthly meeting ofte hstr from the loophole and returned tatoned in Providence. i with them. "They have Deaconess Aid society was held at the unharmed. A little later- another shell w Deaconess home Friday afternoon, the burst in the same place and another Mrs. Philemon E. Truesdale and n o mnth loger than president, Mrs. Samuel Wood, in he loophole was obstructed In the same Mrs. Harold H. Anthony T d dasghused to wear," says Mr. chair. Devotions were led by Miss manner. Again Walle.ce cleared away to, R'th, left yesto:day for Poland 1d will be goo 'for at least Nettie Haven. Ways and Means com- the straw, but in returning to the post ring., where they plan to rema in as more." " mittee reported net gain from enter, was severely wounded, about a week to enjoy the wirteray to try out Neolin Soles. tainment recently given $98. The so- Sergeant Silver K. Parrish. R. F. D. sports.. Pu onyou ~ o, Mai. Philemon -E. "'rruesdale wen~t rself how long they it-. Domestic Science department. A most Initiative and courage as patrol lead- Camp Dremn -E aturday. He will be 0 a arl oy interesting address was given by Miss per.i t a aiup tl h h u edn Sturay. lones il be Helen Draper of Providence upon thb Pri ate Chsrles Belt 93 kest Ken- ta c hre fr. w mon o hem o e, hi subject of 'Traveller's Aid.' Vocal tcky street louivlle Ky-Militay surgi chief Iy sly c0 ry member solos were rendered -by Mrs. Harvey Medal-Dell with six others was eta-:y. Nesl are made -Cashman. An attractive luncheon tioned in a blockhouse. Two were Mr. r nd Mrs. Careeflc L. Reed ar b Th-l ear Tire & was served to the ladies by the pupils killed and three seriously wounded by rived home Saturday, accompaniend.,A 'oOhil,. who also of the Domestic Science department a bursting shell. Although struck in by Mrs. Reed's m.Otherl Mrs. Char; c foot eels, g franterd to f under the direction of Miss 1,'the forehead and completely blinded G. Buffinton. Mr. and Mrs. Reed trayotbeg $, - Blanche Wheeler. teacher. Friday In one y, he remained at his post oiled txtensively in the South aftar evening was "mother's night" in the operating a Lewis gun until he could their wedding staying, longest In FloIndustrial school and a goodly numbetr be relieved under cover of darkness, rida. Where Mrs. Buffinton Joined,e of the mothers of the children enjoy. ARthem. ed the evening of community singings AGENT MORRISS REPORTS Ensign G. W. Harding graduated Nnd of soNTalbility. CNAIOUS DISEASES CCC from Annapoj cademy in advance ______________________________ ON,~~~-" engineering,rasv 30. He has 'been,re,,-. ------ leased from }nactive duty and is -now A weekly meeting of the Board of located in Providence' with the Ameia, A L N O T IC E Health was held aft oo, can Radlato'\Co. Mr.Hrding w SP C A L N ~ l I The open session Was a brief one. with this co.\y:When - - h- - - -~ e III.Asent Morriss made Ilssreport. on eon- is months ago\' ':- he nlse H it. e exte He'll tell you It penetrates withoutI rubbing, bringing warm oglowingquick relief. Clean; -economicalcertain ot satisfactory results. All druggists Ihave it-get a big bottil-tbday from your 3('c, te. 1.:20- k aI., I. Beat The Devil Good Intention TO IT is the Right Bower of the WITH Devil. It leads Devi.I you on and on w i t h promise, only to leave you stripped of y 0 u r possessions. Performance is the thing. So seek Buff inton'e Insurance and, beat the Devil to it. BUFFINTON'S IN SURANCE The Best Cough Surup -a IHomemade a~s S 7W to sari 1tP. " yet hOT* the 'ha eweghwsdy s evse i.. I You've probably 'hear~d of this' wge known plan of making cougha. home. But have you ever.used: tt'W1e you do, you will undertand;why4hou sands ozfamilliesh that they eould hardl e, oii witfe out it.It's'simple way it takesihOd -oacelit earn it &. permanen lae r ypr, dorset left a ON 0 3. 1911 or all IN MONDAY, Feb4th, WILL OPEN AS FOLLOWS: lto,.: " t..'. "".... i P '8. TDUESDs W,]WINESDAYS THURSDAYS, FRIDAYS, of dip S $A. M.' CLOSE AT:P6 P. M. tj r PEN SATURDAY AT; 7 A. M. CLOSE AT 9:301 P. M. 0110 Tor.. a~our order;the day be~eke to ipsure sat arly snorntlpgdelivery, e. Alsses Leslie\ an, Highland a ei rn Woonsockei

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