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ï~~ I y. x ne4t; haw g s t. a f here 'ter r thi ' rk. Theyt Jlations Apps r There d, owever w t entsiaslii ind 'a numb r of #Ithe so even request wer wpendd boyserve oftener 'than.$0NO EAN 'BATTLE IS WA(rEDthey wre liedupon to-eve. They Idaysat Bad street and theY. W.C.:m l Bows Increasin~gly Apparent Th~at A. It was n lst unpleasant gad sell- l h':City Had Been Fighting on Wide >serifiin(' rice, 'and we all feel prowl H B a t t l e - -o n t a g a i n s t ' n u e z. O n fth v ame n b lh o hdi d e r s in t h is a r onethofenthovalualeitl through the ay. To ls William 'Gordon. L. who for fo rteen years was an auiibu L With" the State Guard In control at lance drive for the Hiahnemann Hos,- l -th~e Armory the place is somewbirt pital, but aew is whith house.E F hanged. Tfhere is a mingling of bospi- lie is togivi, gC his sseies to the Red l [Lt. and military reulation that is dnter- CosMb Crs Lieutenant I..W cs sing. It is rather novel wlhen one goes Mount. who has charge. eonsidlers herself sip the steps of the fortrestslike building most fortun to In obtaining this man. Hei to be sutobly a soldier who asks whtat handles It p tient on a stretches as swuld tyour.busineassIs. if you onre a lied Cross a house ph sician.I:worker. The nianaoil guard duty car- Go ggestion in Operation:-les a gun, but there is a good-natured Go i look in his eyes that allays fear if the When so a of the Italians are thevisitor s purpose is legitimalte. sick person needing hospital care andm (ill the second flaur of the great lpuild3-j Red Cross! workers come after thetaIl lug,. patients who are recovering fromin with an am~bulance their lack of knowi-W inteaza are iii ring a really pleasant edge of Iiislh makes them feel that l 'time. Thley have reached the stage if they are literally stolen from their's being "comfortably'-ill, and~have eiioughi homes; at least, their families feel dial vitality to enjoy life. 'rhe countlt-s wiii- wsay. (Of course, those who have become down, large rooms and consequent floods nattiralised understand better. Cesases of fresh sir al sutilighit 611cr splendid fcs-nfiette, Italian consular agent fur encouragemient to getting back to health. Rtochester., has suggested that the Reil duly the feedinig if thle patients and Italian citins to uct as inteljpeetrrs. miaking them happy. Those nceding Ilefore Cansul Scontfette made t:i '.wa g. scientific care tire snot broughit here; on gentio the emergcni!T inofphlal at the I Iwhen out of danger do they go tiofbe Iliousekeepiag ('enter, In Lewis street. badW Armory, leasing the-ir beds for p1rams I already got valuable help in Wiss Fran- f is worse stages o-f the disease. Miss Nlil- c-,,,s.atarmor a graduale of the Universityii dred R. (lose is in -iurg-'. Miss (Itny of t wstr is a mnenbe-r of the litc Cross Caultreu i dart of the tine fve womsen, scan Corps sillersat garo thaii the othersa.a twit. Delighted with Armory. hsospital alvo the nurses excelient hj j Workers at the Armory are cutbusi- Thi-7 are Sisters nr Malrcy who, erl inif anatic user tiiie iuiliding and its equip-tb e Mat Carniel Schooi. ThetsisoornW meat. Sonmc of the officers' headquarters base wmtch act with the children anda are given olei to the woumen. T hesse are sueotblag influence. rooms finely futrnishedi; they have bath- Plccu lasWloe tubs and s how ers. Larger mms iakew fine kteipaesyfr the ipatients. Althoughli.ieatenant Jayne~sfrst 11.1 - There terad andI ilat sisohes. tenaint of the commissary departmoent of Of oure, hos wlsl o terebar nothe Second Ijattalion, N. Y. 1;., is not fers, so are no longer restricted to a called en for duty as are the inenihors of ick diet and jre ini a condition to appre- Company (:, be continues to give his ser elcate the flc iti of the young svomen vices as head of the supply service of the U trained at Mechlanics Institute. One Ital- emergency department of ie Itochester Ian boy seat word to his mother that lied Cross. lie wishes iplrsns who base he nes-er ball rsuc-h food and that he want-, '10 automies5 to hnosw If they bave suip-W ed to stay at the Armory the rest of tiles such ats food.,swhich t hey wish to con lila life. Iii' dictated this m'odest recl-(iliate to any emer-licy hospital, them 1quest to a young woman swho s-otisentetl. things may bet left lit the hospital Ii the'fl Sto write a letter for him. Two students. Y. W. C. Are and that he will sew~ that( they from St. liensed's Seminary stay at the ace sent s any other districtIlie h sa the l Armory at night and give die wsomen ail members of te Motor Corps at heli -.r-W opportunity to goh otnc. vine. h'oo'lIs constantly sent from tils GrEater Battle Than Thought' hospital, more centiritly located (h ar~ ee ~ cmmniy ba us ben"touty (If the cthee emergency intlt Ilons The ommunity ithhaliejnstinbegnetttono realize what a fight tilelied (Cross lis a t 5 smaler tI n nG nt ue made ogai t the influenza epidemnic isn d generssallba eenterepne.h this city. During the past ten days the dognrlhsbeterspnette whole organization of the Rochester call for jelles and other preserves for the - Chapter Isp been engaged in the work. covlsct PUi t ht tee I -~Under it d leection, half a dozes liospi- enoltgh now ts Isst until Monday. Al talinhaen been established, etiuipped ihonirli till workers don't n-ant ay over withi cots, bedding sonl medical supplies, supply they 110 not w nt the supply to[j and more titan I thousand nurses lhars Cease altogether afteiorsa3ny as the re-W cnvertag patiens, especially the childreno 'jbeen enrolled and are on duty; the Can-s enjoy these delicacies. teen Corps has established kitchens in various parts of the city, which are in W'rbess at the Y.t. C. A. are grate r operation day ail night, and the motor ftnt for dohatlosa of out ht clathing for the nrcorps, with increased facilities in the Iathills from the Needleworkh titil.1 wa yof trucks and automobiles hai es i-er Cte R f Managers of fuie j ln~de itpossible foernss anii supplies Y. " C. A. and the secretaries are doinng Hesi Mod4i Coatl loops to 17 ial-erge 'u d d hilly for belt, L $.r Vr- iÂ~ rears. Exatra Sp ri l t$$ Corduroy lO re +coats, es 3 to= 8 y+ roy; in Sungt'Russ' nDouble 'B -Corduroy Trouse out 150-pai R~gular $2.00 values. To-day oal: Corduroy. Suite, isi D uble Breaste itary Belt and Pearl utton Trtma Boys' Mackinaws, all-wool, size at...~............, Stunning Coats Are Special at $45.00 A Noteworthy Special Week-e5VrHadoeFlan re-adily worth $50 and $55. 10 the good cloths and colorings, marks of much h' her priced evident. Velouirs, r~soadcloth T~aines and Normandc l4oth! madec. Thi VelvE Will Be Place A Notab4 Actual!' They'rIe Suits espet the peculiarly yout Suits have been de Qualit ~ Fast Pile, Ripplifng Effect, w Plain!Tailored Efl 4avy P 4i offering of itnter Coats, styles in all vith the earmodels very Duvet,de beautifully:w t, s'. k i ay Furs for -Christma~ Hudson Seal Coats. -S196 to 385 Nultria Coats-...$175 to p285 Miskrat Coats-...SlO5 to 275 ESS NEWSPAPER R M &dvance 5n00 $,

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