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ï~~III ii 1~~o "So',Hle BrdinP...r.r.. - -- r" '.L Ir 'IAIA~rnBurglars Try for hillD CVBE'3rd Time to Raid ilagan Home fi For t 't third time in rocont C.HARGE Toou rob tite home of Capt. Ralph now seriously ill In an army I 111111hospital Aln Prance, it was El~mflIlearned today. L I G H S91 house at 758 Lake avenue at *.e5~sIII ~ thetimse. She woofrigtened 1 11111 IMrs. Hagan ws aloi the s W OMENawakened by a telephone call. W O M E NBeing nervous, because of worry over her Husband's condition, she did not answer the Club Mmbers Plan Caustic Re- call. Apparently the burglars had port on Ventura School Phoned to the house aa a pro* caution, for a short time later Row when Mr..MHgan went downstairs to call the telegraph - office to learn if an attempt liecturlng that the cruelly charges had been made to road her a testlrled to igtslost the management massage, she heard someone fumbling at the lock of the or the Clifornta- lit.ihol foril s at front door. Verntura wore proved tby tile osiltool Mrs. Hagan ran to a window rerord to ithavpeyccii niierl-safi. and called for help. Officers 9o arrived a' few minutes later, tether titi cotigirpritt l ii. ltr. lor- but were unable to trace the elicit Citltlh tttrt.itt man itf tie intruders. tluh witoilim ommoiti:e* tilay anetoctcer lthat ilotolleil rt'ttt i sito il l3jf ltilona at the slchailwill thetotide[111 within a short time to -very wornici Uflhl YIOU COOK 1 ch In bite Angeles. 'rho hearing by thie stale board of II LL charietied correelins nwascivit- J UdS 101 NB cluded Saturday nlght at Ventura. PRtEPARE REPORT Wh n wov eetw ill citfel woimle whi r p~nit tw ilaycte iohuh a icEG IN a cottlneti report fir thr ut A'io gelesl wititetit Cluus. M.lorIiier 'tO mntd icnitiecoitdsintl ittks' who was choetnto tuffivialty reliv oetwn.tii Oe liiiionL orv eo)k..qir r" t PLAN SCHOOlL OPENING IN10 DAY '* V L.A, Marine, Year Overseas, ExpectedHome. in Few Days Corporal (irorge 11. Tootzed, 13. year-old son orflMve. Ruth E. Teetzol of 2100 Hobart boulevard, who hae heronlAghting overseas for the pat year withthle Marines, is expected home iwithio tfew ilays.I ti~cornteil for travery on the hallIlellI of Chateau Tlclerry. the young ritrpovel liesbet in the midst of lie grealvot lieltlre of the war. Teetart otto with te SIXth llit-i mint ifrtMarioes. called to tlcro.1 Tl'aic owienti li'Hluns were wtitin.19 nilten of the Frenthc~Ity, and on Juane 19 woo gassed. tie 'Woe sent to a military lospilalat Nla.i, trne where,e 1cri-mainei for four months. t'rorrl Tericel Ist a *ritdutofit i 1 t I I i Health Officers Ask $3000 Employ 25 Physician~ for Pupils 1 in That ihe cliv ly' Ileatofficers will 90 Fa brothrlzrrgeant Pred AWV. Tei 1t. ticfire liii' il> 't)ticil loimorrow -ant inhot h ec I kP tack for a $2ii1)it atiplloL1atlon. In orde rttil' hysl~aris for nil. <heio cal Ineltol li In ithe city erhooti, lie- Grandmo~tULJther o Thislio Io wiam evolved at ia roofer. Sav Devolr,1'No oince of activil isirdical aulitritiec and Ped the healthit erwrtmcnt this afternoon, in U,. la sAid boardiof uitilontonoight it will lie' E T1.0 a.2.Am.Ctf ollItftrt 'iIoiiorriiw morirtng. a'Vic it'Ito fe rtidivo iiliv. l'er~ieitTrue. hcad iiif I thi. lioclan revoitiilc;on.'is In i9i tiiliill ic lt t;.ortAel. I ItIlt 'A i tlipeca rne~te tit a Itt )i s IN TEN DAYS he tuml toil her lci'tenirY I oreor Wiltth 25aiditional idv tin-t'shrie- Ithat I aoteirtim (f glvivtirnnt itt ihtlsuperviolon rcluoI red hi' the be estblioliedl hoaltli department can be mattle In "Without thim help."* s~shiMee the mehoitle. thus allowiing ott school4 Frveshkioviky "any term of rulin i to be opened within the next 10) days. Russia is doomed to fctlurn.' '"nco h col.wl aet i The fountain head (of thy- uprising ope'ced at 0 3). others at 4. oth~'rh atI is bi ttelr towardI the tlolelirviks. V. ani no ve In the afternoon. Wt1Theyvionnever rule." caliev osserts. 'tiahle thy dot.Icc. to rncl tie rounihe. Ibecuse they are deelroyeire notl tip' but thkin '.0 ash>tie done. lir. T'lerbutilders. Nit sinole dosy wiltlihe!sri fir epe-W lsn Pv c T so~ t(l erolql. hA ilitlr!A'are __ Wilson avorjujsT... i-brent. If the prestect lao prevskils.P1 n schools t wil 1w oileocdIn Mivem oi ~l lan dUstricts. iifrn ~ b JUSTIFIED BY CONDITIONS Made b Congress trc Trite etaled that there are ait__ few ochocou that will remain cI~aeed BY hItrnational Nesa XSsoice kintil Ilie Influenza epidemic Itt their tlltTiNJn20-Petln distrlcts diminishets. huttli t etpres. 'tVII. ii it iahtc'e. 20vesita enot__conditionosjustify ist of tIlls li Wile clon r cem.u li ijtlie sc4eltole liiog opened. I)'() Wi.hrily iiloe xei e urpied% The advisory committee of the Imstehitidog of Roosevelt memoril tvxer. Anigeles l1nvret Teocrt Federatiotn. 0e I l prgof t1e coutitrielm. has seent rewilutione to the school 1i eonedrdb bocrd,.sgaiggthat It migchltibead- IcoIgaceattoon e. teveP. ctiiI b visable inotopen thelie ctinota. irlgrv 0t hv CLAIMP.E1 IDEO Beach, Soldier Not IN PAhAEA Los Angeles Law Requiring Reporting of Cases to Be Amended Ilice tofficrsoif lntscleoa todjay wrnordered 10 ritoilly enforce th& Crown VIt Ci rnew itftienva tisiinoitos liii ollituc nil percine ns owericgause T%-' arr eittlear" made nithin all ))our after the orders were isguedI. It wait eiled a large camber of arrotis prvahi hatowh i e mo lolefovv itiill. Ae at recoilt ifthe elvrictiieasswith %ohietiti in eiliiitive is beling e00 lirceitl nieli are unablie lo smoke whIlie iii fliep01 rtuetoof Pas~adena. The heaitltoffIciate Iplaced the ban lot flie cutting of "emitto' holes In ive matlie or the lifting of themn ouftictetitly to losert npipe. ciger or vigaetle, In the moutth. If licoadetoans mud tisote they now must doIi tlIn thirehokee or prii-ale offices. AMENDMENT TO L. A. FLU REPORTING LAW DELAYED FOR DAY Tue Iirileeed itrdiniance to made liii- LesAM.geics law oiOlllng thetrepiorting hy physlciiou and otheve of Inifluetza end povautittla, cainemore irulcstcwill he lirpeted hlo the Los Angeles dity'cauncil tlnirvow OWornThe ordIovance voot to hoive boon prreenteil loda._bat the c11.% attorney's o111cr sent wcivilthat lta offl, dial wishod to confer with Dr. t14.. Power,, the city honilli comtillode-. and the medicatl aicsory board today on jctst what the h-nlih authorltlee vi'acted the council to do. It was decided that there should foot by anoy compulsory reportiplg of.L 'colds" to the health departeen1 eleso was theoldeul that while sn ordinance now In operallon PompelLed Use reportuig of cases (if Innuroa acot tpneumonia, it fatled to fIX a Mnills tint or ponality for vIolatIonsJ16o the ordlnattd'to be presenlted tompcor row will thiftly, fic the cltslocmo fine at S50.' The maxlmuto flinSt, is 0600, or 180 dayt-aIn Jail. Thefoilk no mnltolmum. Theo lt)' board of edud.tloj through Sth~ol Commsissoner;C,11t McCormick, asked the cefty cudell fo Praovide, fuhds for employmnent o ty physicians to sttvod the cntyle 481" schools,-to. s00oxot a rmedlol'-1 thons of Alt H~t~'ssit 0-r; io u a" *chools nik pn oulh44 ad'btler dise r:.::. cent tile Los Angeles club women It, 'ecurlig on open heaving, mdade the followin~g statemont today: "Charges tebtlfled to by, 'vitnessee4 against the school were luruivit by the schoo~l records to he soderotatod. "Whir* we club~one's hod thotlght that three girls were totieshed by hypodermic Injectionsaf itti tmorphla, we fottnd Into itdyigo the offlcial resorde of the schooil thaI 18 glrla wet-s given apo-snorphia in one sinleloInwticce. "The school reports Lhow that the number of girls Imprlsonoul In the house of no privilege, was far greater than We had thought. and that the length of tImne they were kept there was tnuch longer. PUNISH MANY "OSn hot'.#Lltetnptibg to pass on 'the sInerltd of the ease. That is in the ht ie at tfhe stitte board -of char':a ahd uorveotions. But we who i'seot- there wbrl toll' the L6tsAngeles ~1Omnan that It Is a short farpe, to Ihctd'n io 4e~allV rort of 0 no~1n ~~~~b titl fbe WlhlV 'Fe"I 4fi~c~ ~lkcbs r ln ( irpW ~$ t io sgce httle til ecelntri ture. )at wwoe vnitgleg frou. ot S45inlitA imuth, arv icoflug a. begghitig. Inncuersble i-ills for ihotteeth' etti phipetsin honirs. at larger wages$ liit ever beftive. are hieig made willutut results. Thine isthut sneounceuvt il io - 1ti1 hiy twil J, Rernalilte. in lii rev ort tie tnitedl'States enilot fluent 11rititt 207 South Hroadv a>.,A; torulluig to limii horn ire far mitre ciulmort rooks and hotisemtidds than 111, hitpuremocan fi11. OTHER WOMEN'S JOBS Al the saote tlmo there are several coils for swomen chocolato dippers at $12 a week; twontmaaaeuses at 010 aL week autti iomission; twon janitresses itt - a day; to pantry wickevs aot $It'll aday..Thiere are also Urgent demnands for ourceeq. traloud and practical, for the treatmscnt of Intluenxa, oases and scores of orders for all kinds of chamnber maids and hotel servants. 110 tho division of Shoploymnent for.Mein there are openilngs. for 3fW0 at tho bureau. -4morg the calls Ilate14d there today f4 'five for aphoistfra &t 16 to It acandy toalter.. 0&'a;week; atmaker,. $11 4. iWegic: 1,oross teoder, out of city, $40 A wek; I amfitmobile eleteotoan, '126 aoreth'tstorage battery main, IQaq We4k;,2I b~cboes.. $46 a'.,month 46 -hi'i,odttooafor loo-yt ay ilu"Wtio ~,ngi~ rom'20s ce TI~Ik'I'Private George S. Young. Poni f STIK EL BEIE KEAS Nrsamie Young of 713 Bay street-. Santa Moniea, who was ceoeted in ____the_ casualty. lists an havinge been Attempts to ohow by- witnesses killed! In action Oct. 27. is alive, &amthat strikebreakers were ruohei lto cording to his mother. X~s ngels fom Sn Frmcico lst 'Since that dote I have received 5os ngeee fom an Fancsco ooteight letters from him, written after.ftneby hePue~cEletee Rilayhis'. supposed decease." sald Mci, Co. and that the men trougstt boreTox*tdy"helslteralvl *'ee nt Ifored hata sr~k wa.' He, had been on the front lknnloet wre ado oda atthSlines anjd -Was taken to the hospital hearing before Examiners Raymond osa1hsataflcinbuhsleer Su gand WV. R. Kelley of the Wa r a'hasipce bOO of his being dig - taIrot board at the heartng' of 'the h "dd fcrin tb ere.' labor dispute betweens the frAll ''________ ts4onjpany,'and its utnion emtploye A.J6.&chwarz testified he 4itn Za IlL U oolitpaust 'with the Jerome ~ i~ - Shliwarasad he'ealled first atth tlot t 6'agjeney, but-ea t.if i T. T"RRA PV C)F rCCRFSSNFWSPAPFP PM

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