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ï~~ WTEJIIKLYf BULIlTEN OF THE ST. LOUIS MEDICAL SOCIETY ) Robinson k N. Wilson rachycardia,. H errnan 1 McCulloch 1s attending S Society. innati, Ohio N. Mexico Clinics See k. Ambrose. (on.... V. Powell s R. Reder Joints.... B. Clopton sis of ConOrndoff, hicago, IlL 14. No. 15. APRIL 8, 1920 $1.00 per Annum ered as second class matter October 4, 1907, at the Post Office at St. Louis, Mo, under the Act of Congress, March 3, 1879 Meeting of the General Society BARTSCHER AUDITORIUM 3523 PINE STREET rs E. Burford, Pres. Arthur Gundlach, Secy. Meeting convenes at 8:30 p. m. Scientific Program at 8:45 p. m. 11; Lindell $15 Kinloch: Central 6837 Tuesday, April 13, 1920 CARDIAC SYMPOSIUM ilvular Heart Disease...........................................................Dr. G. Canby Robinson of such spleens are diseased and enlarged and the notch is frequently obliterated by over-growth or adhesions. The rotation of the displaced organ may place the notch in a position where it cannot be palpated, so that this important diagnostic sign frequently is not to be depended on. Mrs. W. age 45, came to me on September 8, 1919. A mass was felt in the right iliac region extending up to the umbilicus. While the uterus could be distinctly outlined from the mass, there seemed to be some connection between the tumor and the uterus. The tumor could be pushed to the left side with a sudden jumping across the midline. The blood pressure was 104 and 66. The white blood count was 8600, red cells 5,000,000, and the haemoglobin 90%. On September 18, 1919, under local anaesthesia, a suprapubic incision was made. The spleen, which was twice its normal size was found adherent to the left ovarian region, which explained why the tumor could not be pushed upward. The pedicle was doubly ligated and the spleen was removed. Microscopically the specirnen showed chronic splenitis and perisplenitis, probably of malarial origin. The removal of this diseased spleen did not cause the usual anemia and leucytosis following splenectomy, for associated structures had probably already assumed the splenic functions. } ti +a j ) a) Q. 0 0 ~0 a) 0 a) 0 0. c) 0 EO ~0 ) a) ~0 C) 0 a).0 C 0 a) a) CJ) a) Q) 0) 0 0 ) 0) linics See Diagnosis of Myocarditis................................................. Dr. Frank N. Wilson 27, 1920 3 DEATHS 2 Thrombosis of the Coronary Arteries with Tachycardia......Dr. George R. Hermann The Heart in Diphtheria...Dr. Hugh McCulloch Discussion by Drs. J. Curtis Lyter, Charles H. Neilson and Elsworth S. Smith. Meeting of the Council Wednesday, April 14. Report of a Case of Wandering Spleen With Presentation of Specimen DR. CARROLL SMITH Author's Abstract The possibility of a wandering spleen should be con sidered in every obscure abdominal tumor. The majority Mtead before the St. Louis Medical Society, March 30, 1920. Cardiolysis For Chronic Mediastino Pericarditis* DR. ELSWORTH S. SMITH Author's Abstract...a-..M"f!o 1 L " jl I 6 4 2 20 37 Adhesions between the two layers of the pericardium with even obliteration complete of the sac as a rule cause no symptoms, or if symptoms be present cardiolysis is powerless to afford relief. *Read before the St. Louis Medical Society, March 30, 1920.

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