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ï~~j.oz eU S V tat to Cle X.CoDi uilsued.& past!b.eWy ad 7lthful e a bnd it a It e end IsUn~dlqom6 o ae the authorities it theya etu~rahee give permissan Sefie crovidng wca usttaesersaelt. heAs fetot fears.* dsy rgy Readjustment of Working Hours in Business Houses duty of all o I the author ted by them ubliÂ~ health,effects of an can do. rody tO dc to toe Dhys and Theatres at New York oral NEW YORK, Oct. 5.-To check the the spread of Spsnish Influenza by regave leving congestion on the city's truesportation lines, re-adjustment of working hours in business establishmust ments and of the hours of pefor formances In motion picture houses thor and theatres was ordered -late y&terday by the health deptrtment. The order affecting places of Samusement, which will go Into effect w tonight, provides that performances Iter in some theatres shall begin a early felt as 7 o'clock and in others as late as now 9. The order affecting business estabSOf lishments will become effective Monmvy run day. here. Under 4he order, all stores except tion retail food and drug stores will open y of at 8 a. m. and close at 4 p. m. engs Business hours In wholesale and Jobifo re tri- bing establishments will be from r t.o 8.15 a. nL to 4.15 p. n.; in offices, the L.0 at. m. to 4.80 p. m. textile manocy. ufactories, a. nM. to p. m.. and non-txtlle manufactornes, 9.30 a. on. tori- to 5.30 p. ru. etiOdoe PROF IE ERING BY aEFARM elled O U DELR )f us ittes PRD C DEL S for and (Special to The Sun) Sthe STATE HOUSE, Boston, Oct..-Resthat, to Idente of Massachusetts titles are vicrtime of gross profiteering by dealers hever In fa rm produce, complaints from the ' State grange to the department of ex- agriculture state. A protest was rejcon- Itered today by Leslie R. Smith, macnitT ter of the organization here. ants Kr. Smith made his appeal for the rto- farmers and not the consumers, howmon God ever, Intimating that unless conditions srful were bettered It might seriously ato 0o fect the ascreage planted next year. te presented instances in which the price of produce at the farm has been kept we down by the speculators, at the same pOTSwe time prices on the same produce wan 1ip- being sent sky high to the consumers. rovil- Onions. he said, are a drug on the V market in the Connecticut valley at nork $1 to $1.10 per 100 pound bag. Inferior grades are being retailed in the city sad shops at five cents a pound, while the the rist. fancy onions bring much higher prices. sub- The average price Is better than $5 a an*. bag in the cities, showing that profits,ome amount to above 500 per cent between the farmer and the consumer-and the Shu-; latter either finances the delivery at life his home In most cases or carries the race, vegetables himself. Ng- Other farm produce Is In the same condition at the farm. Mr. Smith deerovi- clared, demonstrating that the proisely. have Itesrn are working both ends. getting when their produce for practically nothing -ardiand at the source and selling it at exor)ires. bitant prices at the market. igor He asked that the state take-some ongand steps to remedy conditions, although he was opposed to any action by the government which would drive the will speculators out of the business. He the considered them necessary to the farm ion. industry, as it is organized In Mass&-.ens and chusetts at present, but declared thnt come unless there Is an ease-up on price, hope itted from the farmer's viewpoint the crop, and situation in the state would suffer next year. Great Cod Mizes f iber SU ated City-Flooded., and Wil Otherwise Damaged Sto PA1IS, Oct. 5.-(Raves)-The depu- NE ty:anyoer of Lens, X, Basly. says the one h" Orleans i 1 libtated city is in ruins and the coalthe man iats Blooded and otherwise damaged. on,To reclaim the mines will require an eoormaous amount Retail The governmen Abe made a loan of more than.12 over two milliong raaces to LAns to about bhalft cover the frst gpdaseat, such as the with salqons,.A buying of tools and other implementa or this nus it Several of the mine owners declare almost ntl,al ae pprte 1my rev-* that all efforts will be put forward to onus from e ba r, get the mines on -a working basis as soon as possible. P 0 MSS RANIN p STAYS IN FIGHT WRI&UjJ4L. HEIJENA, Mont., Oct. -5.-Support- -nd Do0h0 1Ki0W It ere of Miss Jne annette Rnkin, repro- it eemas odd# blt e Istru. that you sentative In congress from Montana. mabed constipated and not know It. already have begun an active ca- o can ee why it-Is Take &laes e e activecam-and pour in water until full. It you palgn in her behalfas ae nominee for keep on pouring-in wator after the the United States senate. Miss glass is full it will run over, but the kin recently accepted the nomination glass stays full. Just so with your bowels- they get of the national party for United States full of waste matter, and ithen they senator from Montana after her defeat pass off or expel from the body only for the republican nomination in the about the same amount that goes into August primarles by Dr. 0. M. If Ln- it in thei form of food. strum, oHelena.So you may have a movement of the bowets1 every day and yat there will remain waste matter that ought to be WILL RECEIVE COMMUNION removed. Members of Bishop Delany, General Give your bowels a gentle but thorAssembly. FoUrth Degree. Knights of ough cleanlng out and you'll feel great. A fine prescription for this is out up Columbus. will receive communion inland sold under the name of Dr. True's a body at the 8 o'clock mass at St. Elixir. Doctors and druggists uss it In Michael's church tomorrow morning, their own famllle& Costs but little They will assemble at the Knights of and brings health to men, women and children. Sweet and pleasant tasting. Columbus rooms at 7.30. Day dress Works gently. Children like It. Rewill be worn. Including frock coat, silk member the name, Dr. True's Elixir.hat, gray gloves, gray tie and baldric. Adv. ted Cc.06et b hit Ve right. CsL given servic 4ZHL Gov ply WA will: betwi the c log I large ti; prodi govo prob, bleat $1,300.00 as OO-0a Will be Awarded to the Church, School, Lodge, ing the largest Number of Points in Manufacture on every al and on with loving gr he dan r In nor cr Contest Sta ENTER YOUR ORGANiZATION NOW lal..Ae. Mase. TELEPHONE 5951 which religion afford& in trial ann tne -- iSUPPLI[S FOR YANKEES actual and, real sanctification which the presence of our blessed Lord works Ufntioingly in those who seek him In the holy sacri~fice of the mass.. S PPIE....AN EE "Lot us, beloved children Christ, 0.. ythin which e h........ e ighP O Ukt INe TOmbeF 0o erto pi. chhuman coune t t abtove all and over all, let r,~var;Rhing whicanh oeral, "t POUR INTO FRANC[, U bow humbly to nGod's just decrees 4, acknowledging our own infirmlS and offences, leook up with perfect trust and unshakable confidence to our WITH THE AMERICAN ARMY IN crator, our ruler and our father. FRANCE. Oct. 6. (By A. P.)-Tho "In health and in sickness, In life American supply service reached a now a-4d, in death, his holy will be also ours. '" almightymnd eternal master, my high mark In September. overtopping -Ld a my od spare my people Its August record by 10 per cent. SafficIlon M l ife has no value American pbrts bandied a daily averitptit e y glory and their age of 25.800 tons of freight. Reduced "Strlhe, If it Is thy divine will, me, to terms of man-power, this means thei r unworthy shepherd. Take me. if the handling of a little over two tons me thou wiliest, and spare my faithfulpofaliteovrt o!ook. I offer now my life willin14ly, per man per day of 10 hours. -freely, for their welfare and salvation. There aleo was a gratifying Increase Judge me, dear master, but stretch out of rolling stock and there now are yr dearly beloved children, the.nw*elyu--hthd of'- ty flvine protec- more than 1000 Arnerlcptn locomotives - in." in operation, while the number of freight cars Is more than 10,000. This n rolling stock is all used In the great system of transporting men an6 supplies to the front. Every day in August 10,198 American soldiers landed at French port& V.1Mllionaire and Ten Others Munitions and other material are now pouring to the front in an end. i... '-,.,4 With Crnnsniracv. eesstream. st Prize.....,. 2nd Prize,.. 3rd Prize...... How to Help Buy the articles listed below-atyourregut trade marks to your organization headquarters they will be credited with the necessary numbe, 11 I T

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