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Mon's Suits in fancy Boys, uits in leading worsted and cheviot- styles and shades; ares $ 12 to $40 61 -2 Also afull lize of $5to$14 Blue Serge- _______ $15 to$35 A full -nof suits for Youth's and Young the little fellow; age Mon's Suits; all the 1st. t-;i o~ry eat styles and shades;, blue and rw velvet, up to the ininuto!- and fasncy cevlot-, $12 to$281$4w8 Hotel Southland 222 12.323232322.2 722222. 322322 Comfortable Clean Convenient ROOMS$1.00 -AUCTION SALES AUCTION SALES MY2 413225? L. 7474- 5DT A2.33RLL PAVU. Large and Valuab!e Stock @1 High Grade Whiskey and Liquors On Friday, October I11th, 1918, at 11 a. n. at 201 S. Broad St., Cor. Cleveland Ave. Several Barrels of Old Horsey Maryland Rye, and Old Keller Bourbon3 Also Whiskey and Liquors in Bottles, Juga and Cases. T22rms. C2222 ALBERT I. PAUL.. Oct. 10 11.Wbolesalc and Retail Liquor Auctioneer. i

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