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Influenza Encyclopedia

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Pag e S ' e s r#and k. c menee+ p me i4 aWegma Isg,of t Wilhianz h. Pa no, oIPanl R 1rk and t Naltion B nk for It;is. all d aat the rd to def iil.J. ra. zeAn dt ine. of rat*osession 0 tl',Veg y,.wh ich1 'yWhat nto i years a.* "" o owf tboW a p ano tins we ea bt nt.. eteditors Who de sjpracyo t etiig r. iPayne a r a4tr teson1 fi late Pag e. H is the- Ca ka COnmy e~ defend at,4dsire tri at eotor of e by stIJ~e as - dy. 1 1 1 t ta~eehetbmi# rimd -of blile-saty, aftetr'a -difr - Meth.,. a,," ay r ]dgeitoa and Corp*, ila - C~saAR4~en am, lammed ab cr4.! T'ZE ST lgtlte stenof amy Uquor, wise b IN sim, lasl ater er soft drinks tp be diruk on the mises whet aid. +bin;orerE~ RWD,.2Â~2 serving of dri a writh meals, wKl oe effective at ml night -to-night. * eoatmlsone ailstin'S pntI itioU T~his "Is Total Since-!0- t- lo 1, R. An rem tiawilton. comomialor of t reeIk Influenz~a in Cit). public xant7t the st of itocost iruofheowe -ae d in e tw u nit by ordina.e or the Common Coulmncii Snd rem..ioliou of the Board of Eittihoate4 ST DN S QA5A aT aEnd apportli ot tof the t-ii of Itoihes" terad iwcai se of great it immtnent " __ __ _ eril to public health in the city of Rtoh ester existing y reason of a epidemic of Those in Training qorp, 8at Unit/ r- intlueuaza. dobttrepsa i adcroa si orbidenoe eveCan lls ions Irntill 1.1 n inlituo shall not: sell sit toI~aveCamusor: dixtrlirile a ny Iibpiur. winpe, aer. sile. Except *n Detail -- Situation in oe n the p remtrie e where mId. or peso t rruilt any Rocheser Not Su to Ca Be liquor, wine. t err. Hlc~/ anirsal %water ilf ao drinks to h lri rm. on lmroleies Rear Alalrm, Says - th Off er "hre soild. of erduaiilntia;t of Olrober i:. IMS.unti thi ordr xhli e re-a-indeil. ibie ordler i deeuii-,l a subistitute for that lourt n of the order of October~ Tweist- deaths from influenza and oPr_",12 nlf, reistl x to salceons. bars of hiotels from bronchial pneumonia were.rep rt- anl barps of re it I fluorstr. edl to the Health Blureaiu yesteruday. lee Notlee of thl. or er will iie gu ive y hula. mortlityfrominlheuza this mienth to or further noti em'thereof will be given. dat- s frt-ni. henumberofdsis dr atato adsln-hereriud lihug.28ruses-wee r0 P c~ eethe 40 [ttesI ooeter weelqo yetray hsnunaleer does not r r-is sol. I l ended In stop the sale anal sent an rlariugincrease in the str. d serving of dr n "xs In connectioni with apsias. of the disease, as most of the iteport iag 'There Is nn rietion on the sale of pierkphy.ilcians tued- in lisals of all the ca cis age good s. [r. lamilton sad. they hase treated stuaem- tht start of he epidemil-. Thu~s far2.2.42 eaises iiave lf7 O been relportedl to the Hialtha Bureani. A.VL ~ C R Both Comtissioner Hamiiltoi anil )r.. L ~ Z atpthe tai ath aitlier, siid IE*P TE T itahtni here is io one l IF U N A P TE T wideiepread alarm. "Four new cases aind tbree deatama w re Pr1ctical Suggestions by reported at the Municipal iospi al. Th'ie deaths were: John Coeyle. of No. "/Surgeoi -General Blue. 192 North Union street: Salastian I a- / hantino, No., 49 Wilder striet. ariddirs. Surgeon (;e$ierol itupert Bl1ue. fcthe Marie Buttafuaco, of No. 1(i Emi tt U'nitedl States Public Itialth Service, in street. a statenent isued at \Vasiington, says R eports from Hospitals, that sufferers from influenza should get i-ew influenza eases were recel ci along if liossi ' le with home nursing heyesterday at the otlher hiospitals. ijhuzacausejat of the. horlesge of physicians andI Smith, who was taken to the (;ens' al nurves. lie out lutes yshat should be0 done Hospital from the Retscue- Mission, fe s olos yesterday.of influenza. Foutr new c-a sc "The prewet generation hss been were received at " his hospital. spoiled bs lai ~ ig had expert mt-dual Five persons suffering from inflinza and nursing ics re readily available, It were join-dyed at the llomr-optllyr1 f)" was not so i the day. of our grandpital. Neither the Hialnentano nor it niothersc, she~s ev ery good hosewife Mary's lHospital admitted any iniline so va expected to know a goodtdeal abouit patlelats yesterday. - 1 time care of the sick. Every person who hers. Chatlles Bolin, of No. Slatridanm fuels sick and! appears to be develtpping street, died yesterday of infl enroa.: he ama attack of l influenza shotmld at once had been ill' since Friday atl an am a" be put to bed 'in a well-ventilated room. lance had been" called to rgmove her tI1 his bowels have mo-ed regularly i t is the Homneopathic Hospital. *She d ed not necessary to give a physic: where a before the amubulance arrived. physic is need O a dose of castor oil or Au order was issued yesterday pisacrng; Rochelle salts.should he giv-en. the1 Studentps' Army Tredining Corpos at, a'The room shomuld be (leered of all the University of -Rochester under qut r- utinecessars- llirnitutre, bric'- acr and antine. Ths order, which will hee, ace rugs I - Financial BReports,,at Least for 1'h. District, Best Yet Had -- wrrc List of Ministers- and Churh They Will Serve in This 'Ct ' We bud ihe muost peculiasr sem,..laa of cenufereum~e,1 lavce aver attensded."eai 11ev. itay. Allen, 1).U.. isterimt auperintend. etut who retuarnied.yesltcrmlay nflern.m0,afrom tuiffaio. where larelead atteudemi the anal amessloo of the Geiceeemcoaferenme oathie Methodlist Epliscop~al Church. -The wom. lIris maucmme liaroada in the ranks. as In other lc:iallama.'there wsar the Influenzai epidemle. 'I Icywouludn't let us hldi any pubhic -. ciuiscafsler Friday ev-ening. they perlailt fitealma,to uoldl privsaete sionis only on Saturday, and on S5undayino aermicea were ivida. rueni. hut a atreet car Is rmuaaaag in lUr. AIllei sasthe Icumorouss slate of this tie sacid that Ft-punts fromievery section show-eltits' lows of personsenaogagedj in scar. fram e eYaog mi ugone out to ale. fend their country to the older ain InY. 3i. C. A. work air serving as chaplains. Despite call ltaere changesc, the inancisi1 reports amere the beat yet had, lit. Allen sold. 'flit ii, so far I know,' ice added.,in nay district I caea any they are the tet ever ikoown." h'ollow~tng is a litof nll ncpiutwenta In the Rtochester dista-it of the euptereace, sud seune others which are of iiaterest io kmovhe-smer people. Rochester District. S -slaerlntehiint, itay Allen. Alaccacii cna~l utln i, C. i. Ito ineom, Alibioni, W. A. liarrisa. *Aleaiaiter. J4c n 55 irtlon. AlieinsaH111, i. -S. AlLy. Avon, sC. W. Taylor. Biarker, J. M. lHenderson. IlcitnsiIn. tC. Wa. %Nanie-. Bergena. L. IC. Irwin. Bhrisitol Cenater, lie be supiplied. liriceia,rh. \\. I-. Welis. -I'll iic-l: Itlie,.I. ih. aila.. larendon ' mod iluttierton, W hinaim Swales. Counoty litre. A. C. tllooin.field. Covington. 11. hi. Chariesworrh. l-ast liloamllehal, I. J. No5uirac. Fast G~ruv-el~iud,.1. %V. Scearier'. East ttoclucter,. 1V.0. I-mis". Fairport,.1. If. Siandoteeer. F'owlervillle. C. W, Taylor. Giarland and tils.. e iaymon I. tieneseo, J. W. Slearles. tlreimuaville, II. I1. eItanrleaworth. lsunlin. L. W. lricgnaill Hei~sahixh ald Cauahim, 1?'. M. 11ian. hiliriaa. nst-ph 'Maorrow. Iluemaye Falls. E. l. -lnodgrass. Indian 1-nlls anil Inadan MIis-alan.L,.1. Boreamn. lonbi. E. A1. tlnoalgtsass. 1.bkmudiml. A. I-;. Mittliews. Knowleaville and Eagh- llarbmr,.Pt. q. Chaiahitayne. Lakeside anlOtiari. to be sup-plied. lJima, F. L. Itarimrn. l,,Vmmnta. t. IR. Miller. l.yucicvllhe. G. E. Morse. MlacedonCenter and l'erlnton. John Me Gmldwin. Mllllie and Bart Shelrby, F.-. W. liarI grave. North Chbill, F. H. Dickerson. Oaakield, W. it. Brown. Pavilion. P. P'. towera. Pittmeford. tie-ome Wood. t teciost r n hot I r -.i~T-&A.wio it -n liesI W nR / 4 /9 fl fl T.TRARV CF COC;RpcS MFWsp2IPFR;. MW.R~obna

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