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ï~~ted by the Germaris.i ht, the war office - a was eaosuated the6 fromn Armentieres" and ficail statement,says, thu cupted rearward positions e towns. Yesterday, t he barded the abandoned pothen pushed on across the -Boasee-Huiluch line. landers front, -the repulse torth of Staden and west Is reported. tacks towards the western Chemin-des-Dames ware tle In the Champagne sts, it is announced rtoea of recent French gains. e of strong attacks upon man-lnes both north and Quentin Is claimed. Asociated Press.) chief coal mining tlty o MISS SHEA TO HAVE CHARGE Ar HENRY LORD SCHOOL-. EMERGENCY SQUAD. The emergency diet kitchen for thq prepartion of food for invalids suffering from the influenza, which. is being conducted in the parish house of the Church of the Ascension under the direction of'Miss Marion It, Thomas, canteen chairman of the local Red Cross, prepared 300 dinners today. So large a demand is greater than the facilities of the kitchen to handle, and in consequence Miss Thomas has secured from Sut. Belisle permle lon BOUND *OY[ FORITHE T OF 'IQUOR WADDINGTON AND WALL HELD FOR BREAK AT BEDFORD STREET SALOON. Cefendanta Found Asleep in Clubroom Following the Affasfr--ManUel Viveiros, Wife Beater, Goes Asrose for 30 Days.. t now seems cr- to nthe Henry or cooto line to the south of Lens, Tucker street as an additiona khitch- William F. Waddington, a frequent.t, will be involved. By en This will be in charge of Miss visitor at the diLtrict court, and Ber-.rmentieres, the Germans ne far toward laying open Teresa Shea as head dietician, and an tram Wall were arraigned before masufacturing town ina ltn. Manufae, the c ity of Line atn emergency squad will be on duty Judge Hanify this morning, the forIrlne tless than the Ascension house from 5:30 to mer charged with four dlfferent )utheast of Arentn rseven 9 o'clock every night, and an automo- counts, namely, drunkenness, breake s. b.le will be available for its use. Gifts ing, entering and larceny, both pleadEXPLAINS IT ALL. of money, broth, custards, etc., for the ing not gulty to the various charge EXPLAIN ITAL sorb are being received datay, jog not guilty tn the various charges Sof German Forcea For's- against them. Waddington was repaiserman ForeesFore- resented by Attorney William Keefe Kaiser's Deprtment of OBITUARY. And Wall by Attorney John E. I Healey. A At the completion of the lengthy trial, 3 (Hava).-A wide re- MRS. ANNIE M. MURRAY WVaddington was adjudged guilty on orman f ethe charge of drunkenness and fined: German forces on the Mrs. Annie Marehall Murray, who $5, wihile both he and his companion t is forCeeen by the Ber- pasaed away on Tuesday as the re- were pronounced probably guilty of,nt of Propaganda, which sult of an attack of influenza which the more serious offenses and bound statement that Germany, was followed by pneumonia, was the oser to the grand jury in the sum of qaking tinder the sa$[t 500 each. 0 atting cnder the seaults wife of William Murray, salesman for Joepa oldsten was the first wtyembled Entente forces Swift & Co., and resided at 311 Pine J neosp and he toldtein t e court what litSar, the tm tads rnes and he told te court what littsn of the tatement adds, street. Her llness dated only from' tie he knew concerning the case. nofteGrman defen- last Yriday. Sbe maintained defen- el st briday While standing at the corner of Bedm bematotaice G in Bea Shs wast a graduate nurse of Trues- iford and Seventh streets, ihe heard the "'rant t c eeo p Germa y dale'e hospital and other aliliated crash of breaking glass in the liquor e bales now being do- hotupitals at the time iof her marriage shop of E. H. Murphy. Later two n statement ten aset last June and since her marriage be nmen were seen to run away from thet nrsanteenttebet ets cause of the depleted ranks of the establiahment, but he declared that eAn offernive between nurses' profession she answered what he could not identify the men. Offioe td- the Aronne ls dylr~ o he co"sidered to be calls of duty and Jette, who was in the vicinity at the,a. the lI'rnch offetve served the city in the capacity of a- time, approached and Goldstein told aPagne reoains eloAngled district nurse for a good part of the him what he had heard and seen. Pzone of the ems v, past summer. She also accommodated Officer Jette declared that he sumutee a Bri vaunaislerably by doing private work. moned Offl cer Dwyer And they Inveaicr tat ocps Slit was endeared to all with whom tigated the cause of the dlsturbance.. d In theI ('a3m- she camb in contact, patriotic and One of the rear windows in the Murnd also that ]-taIge' forces self-satrificing. More that once she phy establishment was brosen and on the outskirts of thle proved herelf a true friend and was glass was strewn on the floor. A ot sa laow-ever t ta both a devoted wife and a cheerful thorough searcih of the place wacs no lingor the c-niter -nf and helpful companion Her huppyI made. hut to no avail. The e~4llar was I hgh roady thau I t ised and attractive personality will be examined, but still no signs of inranlroods and highways, missed by the host of friends she truders were discovered. The two ce laen built furiher c. mode. Icfficers then aent to the street again -e the town at mensct, -Mrs. Murray lis survived by her here they noticed a small shack sit- 1917 by the halte o te hy husband who is slowly recovering i ateci in a meadow not far from thej from influenza and pneumon!a and by ecene. The door of the place was r-s.t admits that the Brit- four sisters, Mrs. John Nield. Mrs. (,pen when the authbritles reached the.iNERatacks. lndieAao-aMilner. alkernealTennle Qten ttcks t ndt, raf Ada Milner. Mrs. Bennis eelowe1 ot a oilding, which is used as a clubroom S itial Imaportant sac- eBrooklyn, and Mrs. Sarah Walken of ty the yoiths of that vicinity. Swansea, Upon entering, two men were seen, WILLIAM CARROLL. one lying fast asleep on the couch ana NERALS.ARL the other stretched out on the floor. Wlliam CaTol1, a well known resJ- Wall was easily awakened, but his W il iamth e C r rlen. d,Awe l k n s re s- co m p an io n sttill sn ooz ed on. tEv en S J PADdent of the north end died at his res when pushed and shoved about, Waddence, 144 Leonard street, this morn- dington refused to awaken. Closer al -of James J, Padden Ing. He leaves his wife, three sons, examination showed that he was in a rem his late residence on I'rank, John and Raymond;. two sis- very drunken condition. After resti'ract this morng, a t ros, Annie. t orroll..nd Mrs. Bridget peated efforts, the oflicers were sutf requiem being sung at Barrett, and four brothers, -Frank, cessful in awakening William, and.Id church by Mgr. James E. Joseph, James and. Fdward. taking two bottles Of l Iquor, valued at. Â~a'l was.:i toSt.-Patric'as, "t, from him...One was wrapped in he -bearers were Patriuk ANNIE E.RYAN. his coat and when questioned as to John: Matley, 'Michael Annie E. Ryan, d o how they haO.come -into'his poesea'edaughter of the sion, Waddinkton sid he was unable meI Gasghcan, - lefitcMst ta a e Michael and..Annie Ryan, died, to say, Wall also giVIng he same ass[rbtn.Melcty. - Wednesday afternoon,. at her late re-.. Thess answers: d d hot satisfy,... r.. lidene 7 o treet. -,h s a h,-zoffIdero -.,..-Ae, _ oum1! -h - ", and'"a "SITUATION GRAVER 8 REPORTStom ARE SIFTED," 'MESSAGE... heir SENT TO BOSTON. " ih Itln Lack of Nurseds Prevents Opening ofe, Additional Hespitals-Influenza in. 1di,.. 1. 1roan.of creasing in Lowell and Othr 'Indus- wi trial Cities of State. nattr - motor, c Boston, Oct. 3-Pneumonia and in- ecl fluenza are on the Increase in Lowell thiking Fail River and other industriial cities,ies the in this State, while the number of shold-n cases within the Boston Metropolitan a district has remained virtually station- j t ary during the last few days. - Th i p rotthe concuslion of the State Department toi lp of Health, based on reports from ed atat There sections of the Commonwealth today. eit, the "In those places where the disease pletely first appeared the epidemic has reach- at the Ithem- ti ed its peak or is slightly diminishing" protecat said Dr. D. W. Carey of the Health city neea Department. "In cities and town lg exp onetical,R where it was late In developing, how- ates, t ever," he continued, "the spread of the graduat, disease has been most noticeable." Dr. Now, Carey believes that even in -the latter the high places, the preventative work being persondone will result in holding the disease eral tin In check. meals,,. Dr. C. 9. Slm; n of Lowell, in dishes a charge of the work in that city,tele- fruitfl graphed for more nuroeis, saying that reos'u the demand for trained workers had. u for] been so great that it had been impos- Eating, salble to take care of all cases. on them In answer to an appeal from the.fountal Emergency Health Committee sent out thloighiyesterday more than a score of general,chool teachers regifered at the of-- ty 'and fice of Henry B. Endicott for service, may- att They came from Boston and other rantga cities. They will be saligned to those i homesc districts where most needed and will if each work until the disease is stamped out. blenty us Besides the teachers, a number - ofceat graduate nurses were registered. Cleol Smith College sent a hurry call to- Refraid day for more nurses. 'iSuddert increase here demands the presence-of a larger force of -workers," the telegram said.Jn-a It was believed that-an addlt' nal dor- htndkeii mitory would be opened to care for the, A increase. Fai River reported as follow " "Sit- Yourtf uaton grows graver as -lndivldual doe- - Sotiiiea tore' reports are sifted. -Lack of n.uteses you,:" prevents the opening of additiona ha' ters! o pitals. At least 50 nurses psea-needed,".ciesit: -Daily reports rebelvd - ttte '-SMiOite:f

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