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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ All Paces f PublicAenbl in This 'City Orered: Ci 4 -- ~ - sed. Restrictionis Placed on T heatres $do#1','Chuhes, Etc., Beg'ing at 12 O'Clo k T 19Mgh Aldermen Act to Curb Spread olf S ansh f n luena.--41' Deaths in Rhode hsland During Past. 24 Hoc rs, 15 mere.~Hm. deeds of New.Cases.-lBillyfy Sunda - Meelings to HeldR on SuriIn flnltt NEl 'YO4 FIghts.Mast 4ana*yA Severest OPpo tion._1 SUFFERS HEAVY C SUA AJLen ed -A2 yi Y:.,.,::: ' t l;,.i:-. a _' " _ I.,Y.:- ti. ip;..t ' r. i,' - G '. Y.i F r i I. ' + i 6's:L' i. _ r sv,. VV 4, i rLL Wig. i...... Acting under the powers conferred-upon -as a board. of health, the Board of Aldermen yesterday at a. special session at Cy Hall issued an order closing all public and parochial schools, theatres. -moving picture bouses, public dance halls, end. prohibiting all public meetings for religious services, cexcept that the churches may hold their regular weekly servcs one day4ot each week. This ac tion was taken as an emergency 'measure to combat further progress of the In lltzenza epidemic in this city. There were 41 deaths in Rhode Island yesterday 'no the result of Spanish in fluenza or pneumonia following the dis ease and the epidemic continues un checked, according to all reports. Of the 40 deaths in the-State yesterday 15 were in Providence. Westerly was next high eat, reporting seven' deaths during the day. So acute Is the situation there barb ers have been ordered to wear masks. Other places in 'the State took action. yesterday also to put a curb to the epi-11dme f arnteshotete end saloons were odered closed. The order- affecting -Povidence becomes effective at midnight to-night, and ac cord to Mayor, Gainer it will be rigidly. enforced by the police authorities of the city. $5000) APPROPRIATED, The "Aldermren also opted.a special appropriatloni of I~sOOG5 to ite expended under.the supervision of department in "securlng additional nurse;, an fhospital equipment to Care for any situation which A committee? composed of.Mayor Gafiner. 1Aliduasii oseph.Balch, chairman of the Healthcorrfm rid Suzperintendent of Jeit t~h ph, --ts namced td see what: biPn e~At oce toward the expianstion e.ileinthgi city. 246'cse of grip sunder' theircaem of wich' they' charac~erlseda "nw cases. Fifty-five of- these physi~lansepressed the opinion that the epkdendio ip on. the seven that It is 'decreesing, chile 46 failed to _express ainy opinionu~pon the m~atte. Reports fr-om near?AOI doctors are still to be rec~ived andu if the present ratio continues the number of cases *til hbe mor than doubled. Fo lowing 'is the 'e solution adopted by thq Aldernien yesteord y in issuing their closing order: I "Whereas a serious epideritic of influenza is prlevalent throughout the city of Providence; and 'Whereas, -on ac coup t of' the highly contagl us nature of said disease all gathersr gs aind as mrbdies of people constitut~e menace tothe, hed~h' of the community; and "Whereas, t,;i essential. so. far as Practicable t I Znit the assembling of peopl iis pu b~ ic pisces; and "Whereas, Surgeon General Blue of the: Public Heal tk Service an d t4 a State Bloard of He llh- have allvoctted that churci es. schools and theatres in every comm'uni ty whirr tO e epidermic has developed he -closed:; thektforo. "4 Is hereby ordes, and decz4ed that froth ap~d after 12:01. 'clock a. rn. Sunda>k. Oct. 6i 1915,, all pt blic and parochial schools, theatres, mov n$ piotur~ houses, and public dancei halls, and " public meetinpgs f4'r religious services closed n ute res xetta uce ma$ hold their rpsFular veek ly puJI ic, servi~ one da ez weeks, if the. so de-. Th e mtieting of the Iiemh shl at 3 o' the Cif..Clerks,offce at City' Hall. SIC one log ' it, Mayer Gal er S ta tad. thl~i? ad ca e4 h mi bers together 'fot t egurjse n oi,' h s Faces Toward4 Front, Ofer ay-Y kMade in Spite of Eni fs. Machine Guns, (By the Associated With the British forces 11 1, 11 A. M.;A New York operating with an- Australia of St. Quentin, encountered oppositiop' and, although st losses, flugat with the grey according to an officer of t troops in a telegram whirl day to the General in con New York soldiers. Auxta PreasJ theni aerlnfr, bn,to Aust mandc ~ES fth ret to r.m t of anI roe 4 the had The Au strallian officer uta d that a personal reconnaissances pnade I over thbe battlefield east ani northe; the Duncan post it was evidjent the icans of t~his division from l4ie out ~net with determined opposition. pushed forward ins the fa~n of'.a3 fiaigfrfo a"The dead, of whom te were numbers," he Australifflce* I "'Were all lying,with oafot Ntams ace moi tar f~ when he; was killed." YANKS WIN- HIGHZ4S Pfl Ue.t ~ he'geaot.4, owing to.the. naturp of,' ti ucqt$' Ger nane: were able to + ing fire, and tbttftIwe~et~ lent ac on' that g, z t aNtrth d~ u Doi Sco steamer the-. rove prob.;~ They An erica leltry, Nova 8 seven ia about 11 ors rep C Geer re flue Gcr# cilia av on,: thE the Tan tl~c 'et 11/08/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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