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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ 4 - r I aA t: r i -. I ~ -. I f 'A. ~ KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS AMERICAN LEAGUE OPENS Il,''i L -- EMPIRE CITY RESULTS FIREMEN AND POLICEMEN _,..LAID UP WITH INF14JENZA I 1( X I r. F "' IÂ~.t., a>: R!{. > - '4 t, a 4 1,, [ '. IIL.kI'4 [ t., 1 L,.. - [ f t- [,...!"' i t iI P1efl1 0r. D.A,.i El tftrJ.. en rr 44 I,' L its III t L I's ' =t I 1 Â~ 1'. f. t 11 I It II" 1' ADAMS DIVIDES CITY IN EPIDEMIC FIGHT V# vI'~lltri!e t { 1n+ fP h.11't GotirilttL t f' un i O'NEIL CHOSEN CAPTAIN OF ST. JOSEPH'S QUINTET cll: cs r,.p City r.fof Cat~-%;:i+ it.J14' H lf F i r r4 I~ r f.or. p. r,, 9 j. f 2 1 " " CO1.1_FflF FL EVENS MAY CONTEST FOR WAR FUND roi'~! Ct O'mbt'lt* Of tjr r'ity of P*-41*fX1 3?+a gc~et1 C.2' e:Wto Pr'.w r1 o. 'p' r. or I4arl..I3 -tIt * r + +.1 r r 1.. 'Va " I~. ' + r>-, P;T I: "s I 'I' EMPIRiE CITY ENTRIES i CATHEDRAL FIVE CANCELS k *. e to TCOMPLY WITH ORDER~>.' tot itr ] i~I r! 1 *tt f h ll i( i to 1 1' L

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