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Liuenn Chale Pneumonia Is re over thei hoe 'U1~LVL~ T hose who have sacrificed their nrse onf 'tcheg formerly with the lrd efly Lrely Personal LIahE OF ARIZONA Fo nuua FR __nd__ inrestanfaAntry.f nth ateeldfeld Maine and Noew Hamnpshirs C~ oIr.torII5 lby55Ib0ohyatidldIu s y. was aseignsd to the 704 Infantry. DOWNS xuaanoPL N goit equiotpped withg~ 0 Cae f Miss M[argareat SulIloan, an army aurae, First Liosiseset Franis C Heywood WIrh TI M ECA E)M ON toNEW0eptet~ ~ V 0 C ss Q hosLtdfrdt i ek aa fBrigiM evswt h 1h WllmAstnWdwrhlf elAb$OT 'tf dlxtngt NeBswas taken as hieatedigOn nted States Infantry in Frtance and state appraised at #36,M0ian paesal the RAssoolated Rosvet assistan Oscretar ofn teu rmHrts, j uu 0 Oaa latientan dhied~ yesray: ow s ned toerve with Ianr d i 20D e 9 0 oedylt.RhInthe fot lwolls m Astn sort lef t el Ta Lateo honAIrts ROt epltic(y 11 OK etItFaki hi i the bode coo. fur- r QASeith Orswni.First Ilentenant Sidney A. Cool[ of Boa- cording is the inventory joist f fled in en Tuesday night destroyed three n-uo he olooy. orpoordoemotoJd.Olinparees,Mr a t hnd ap Mrsr tul o n an wl- n w sppe naiithetefo a fpsen no arn s rvic and thDi l c iamp o ok and.e w spaer-mkoownth Selfelk Court Probate cmoic bay sonedy balloons ied h lna ie oiel~ take~ Grpofi dienoelhnk e d to the Stth Infantry, executors of his estate. added an n eoy alpla ne to his isto hc eeea ro pns ofra d C nre d street, Fra onngha an, t ak T he 96th and 73d In fan try r g on ent a In alm ost the f ret paragr ph of hi m vtctor ess t dusk yesterday.ce t ct d hi e o hi ya e ho e I tI t o Ale dhCrd er body homent night rake their field kitchens to the Lan- will he sys: "I! request that my earth-. Igtt paen arrdoa n rm hsrcb istr rneadTe o CAMP England's 1-Atig war eross Are r- -mater camep sto In the morning to u 17 body. for whicb"Iriave a certai en ttheGrna~e. hes u d turning The th 1t Dviin oweiisreainnoretetsbeoeihofndesabedstoedbyfrai te Â~thnimeltndd CAMP~~tiuto Instead ofpt 19-ctn the0" wnhonl toremode efCotheytpilotedbofahis motherke.,tiMrs.nisamaeofRootheuneltlyusr.notthonly upont hr intructions of Surgron-Ger.e- ""......, eral Vtotr Bloe, trlegraphed from 1t deitt int hr vicinity of the camp, a ' ~ l o f h e U t rd S a t e s p u b l c h e a lth s er-S E R G E I. Itoday- tc sri a quarantine against R Camp Droros. COURTESY THE KEYNOTE OF SHEPARO SERVICE IASK CHUIIRCHIES TO CLOSEl ________________________ so lookr to nor Zthe ~ p quriePg' EVERY who an poeshb TRIMMINGS heatre otoret ohoe ordered. bu ho Msm t arSe k o!liee' fltbh run by the oar eamp pos savsdt ar e k omiorty serice remained open toe- oftd Meta es orh dnwa-~it and held a dane or ol ndlera Tye~ We ac oedfwt a BUYl dw a - eiralnhusmitandbyteW ae ray- ih a B obihned oburobea renaied open. ine collection of new His New Fal No ecarcifty htre of good and we k atr fteAe brhaattrimmings of the qualitie that weak- of hs yeabr oCosae moesfryugmnhave become s0 favorably" wid or lc th oofe publr youngin me Ayr SU IT known to women who have" uidyu oing uto gahehgee prevalence of lads tr and their seniors, toc made this their Trimming" n d body hero. This tagether with the see-as- tone Store. tine chick the hoard ef health has decred asaiest Camp Orress will. It is 2 e0T 5 ~ F o hd rven. 25.0 TOea of the ed Nt hoeprema h sra f h i 40 Inches wide, in a beautiful xQadn4.a Ten Desihe Reported Utms V lu at the prices.- color range, including black 41rTen det were reported rte at the -there has been no skimping and ivory white. Nets of thie bane haepital. iinenant-Coioel C. C -no lessening of qak quality mu hh wcel fndred~ foad Bildr' McCormack, camtp sorxeon. sasid the -no brea-awa from ShprGtrLweead ieleI- ~ Istuatin Isoet as alarming a, It may i ra-wy fo hpr tr hr.Yr,. ~ N.mae eoh seem, s-nd that tho end of the epideenlo satisfaction 05Cet[t oIohsia nteira-no relaxation from the skiled tailoring Alclk otoiSldP1.1,n"Â~r~"0 s allr nhobr thnte ha efore that has always put Shepard Store TO Fringe and 01s patiente discharged as eared Clothes above other kinds. In black and navy blue, six Whan yes want ysur Fall andl Wliter Suit remeber-. Tnhs frige.eolwt Suitable for indoor wear wir eprtrsaergltdt of ' ssaehsawy ~e b age elrewrh faieness, he onarked 2.25, yet Administration request-an da orotorwa ihu ot The new Suits are beautiful in their rich Autumn colorings- " this lot is 1.39 days, ur Photograph * splendidly dde p. priced.... ab et stlekechd w a I "'trne'ttet-or>lelBoignkywOur Supreme Tai to Win the WarYorGetGOdF tu - Youras Greataseeo -,Good Fotne e Best Remembrance-" Ado thate cmCniun osl ta at HOME and Those OVER THERE to- weO ~" h hs~a! Ca O E otnigt net"Ddm DECIDED. 8AVINGS "It o snb to bNeveany fofrf ea. L'--- - H-A" K oGeneral Prie -Thosu things might be overheard, saidatodlwprcseoikoregbys--so rprobblyby ewcoers Toconvert Yor&Â~VPtyou, new frlmnds, to a faith In the store, Woeni's Pure Linen oe' ueLnn Wie Your b Ph dt Itel si asS Old-time Shepardi come-get the advantages of this offer. Handlceyc hime He~iFe e'tib ttf*Ilike soprtee OHgntrmeceso w cnseva AN1 AR~Triam.. es~toestaKns Vastly better values than 170 290eva Sf esH.hs arroeaay tlveiy state below. 17 H. Offer as a Patriotic Duty: -yes, many women have forgotten the need of new gloves. You undoubtedly paMrot- 1 and!or-inc ee ihr1 r5-nhhm~ Is "r ~ V. X AcU allr-refralned from wearing them 'durig the Summer-butcarrm drssn eue itk dueHicbhe - ~ a - w Ke - respe T h nd w suiatd f thew dra ss all cry out fis thing for now~ goves to g with them W omen's P ue LinenW o ne P r Lie - --Cuankt Coupon Women's 2-Clasp Waesable Cisemoisette Gloves, made from the highestrae- fcthri,. d.I esnierhee 1 and". Bare NM0 1 1. -1 em riee back an plai coor O' J I soad that sevol1I other etee. Int do enea, a derlena ob e ~ one '-eltadI thitntheWphys1c0a 96 had reported'the llinegs to bhe. attack o>; powtmo.kse- She adhis condition was tavershis to,IGN LEGION- HEN'. HERE TO AID LOAN YOR. Sept. ll.--Weeutag pon rosts all thedeoaiee o hick grateful France beetowe rheroes, seven odic"eand 7$ h6 Foreign Leyton aeltsd pers campaign for the LirCtLean. It New Tee-k by '. tojfrn o. as their welcomei, in fant,. that ed rvetesani of Mqcbooo, the a d all the lAdds of nos. were on early Autumn 5.00 o'a Pu"eDLin for 1.00 and colored em-; troidery. i'sPureLie

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