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ï~~tmb -n~me lt tral nu--and ~ex u the distance.ore ta-pnn the ggoal obnrMg i _SPRINGFIELD, beIlL, -0et -'-Th-ier e- LONDOQ, S--Ithevori ts otign u onrpdysoi e.n assin-ntoi aek h;Asra rm mn- Theg~ 3%is-~ To beek up -that Americ4.n -emt Gen. from the priucipieslaid diswn by Preel- reii accirdln# to a d1~patc:,i'opl - w. W1I on re- Marp lt iiwed that the flo is 'L meri- dn isna h ai o pae"Zur!c, 91toteC~xho4ipo~ tha th a tNtpto1u coe ntet ast he st stebssfr'ec, _l;SOsaaid't 1ex, abdti' ael a t lt O ar hn uatr~o a h ttement ofSecretary of-d the Telegraph onay-:alni having mnth.,& totalof 1.350,00 iezt have Nary Daniels her~e tonight -when a7ked Feti~ts mm S s1 bp53 i' qe,anm tÂ~ ppion Whic t been emubark;edhe said. his views on the -latest, German peace fCp o)rs. Indicate a gt,1I U "redtha itOf eni ba iYson of Amnerzct trops, more. That he stands with Pretldent diaturbaltice is,goin;tin.4 i doe Gen for sch a ~ ct5 said: Wilson and King (leorge on the term~s lungary. Von Hussaret i3 likely to s:be l fr sch: "heshipping of American tro)ops already made publicwa added. cceaded 'b) Heinrich ]Lammtich i fihÂ~ s during the last month has continued SeaoJmsHmitnIeys xt is-one of Austria's foremost peace ad- 15RW0~ -Hnainover 250. 0 in spite.of the general prse h mhtcoiinta nJvocati's. - ~e~ epidemic of inifluenza allover-the coun- cniinlsurne ste c~bssI c ic h e gs4 etuOn-U~4em't~' J~ tha ithadU-%-.liU-%- e' i ary amasaswelna cncivl o o ichtwhich edStthe United - States willt thal146k.. L nL. te ht it hadce.fe. r Ien> zthe reicherath:'irs sending Ti-o*a~ moe n he- es ~their leaders to-.he emperor to, 4r.ahd)so mole pn hem-anksOverseas. "Let there be no concessions lest -6-g "tp ' beenpre "Te et~r nuberof roos e- bevicimsof he ametrechey tat.dr3astic cban es in the conntltution I a is thsuuf - been re- 'he enire nmber f trops em be vctimsof th sametreaceey ta ir te iorct ofnofederalizationWithwith poun;." ed circles that harked tm~am the United States is over has made a %ictlm of Russia," he" as-, foCte(8mn;l.r e4 soon send a 1,550.040. " serted,Iae LutiLTh spdl t 'ento. which The rogress of Gen. Pershing's "The administration atnt WashIngton as thaout CzTe egrrspnt i, statements. forces caused the German general staff has been expecting the advance for t it throw into this sector many di- paefrmGrnpn.Gemn n te ojior the ouse atic''ni ca'w'k~la' e - eae rm'AriayOOrmn visions at reinforcements, the chief of ta fsecniust~ a mrc rethe uperouareaop ~t'smle i4S'odtlflJ liia e*h "W' ' sibtdsietiteAe-will beat her down to where she wou~ld {i trse of action,-. 8porij'! a can hgnot enlyhv aAntaingedl.heoGatv, canAS1 rs tin t otihyb ae maitaied fthe are to accept any peace. German r The Bplape tit corespon dent. f th@" f s ft 3W AW d p nsitl thy-won, utface puhed or-anknows that if she kills our sonre in anlt Vssiache Zeitung report, thatPrsmiei 491 b e'sI dt1 waid unil thiey ow dfe he Gra necsaypoonigo1hi a u ekerle Ihas retueste, fCot.Juli od 4zt l t I$I%&*2. _6g, )c..-The Micehiganlineof dtfesebane people will rise up in. vengeance and,Antras y to- enter-.his -cabinet with hl+ l 4q"f *hai nce, repre- American troops at - Archangel are dedtach PrsdnWiontih,utAertincipl an2*,st 8y"11 Lbt t sent a mes- commilanded by Col. George E. Stewart draw eahpicpe of favor hereto- Stephen flas Count Atidrasy lbw' -ported ln'th '' '4 tadurw, the 1bt i"-" ~ ryMcdo, nlue he31thifatr, ar f onrermpoeany, nit nmrcigevecr, will only consent to.enter a coash- number 'for-an snaimiliat e at separate the Michigan and east Wiosi on fomeframaanity,, tion cabinet on condition that. Count thaiatart' at tha..epdeuilb, "Ith-~ "~:'ii~ her alleged troops, and the necessary hospital and "I rjec any. fr fa r ste"Tisaabh excluded and wishes the par- exceptlt oi';few- alee Z 'iii' The d- licl nis.said Lawrence Y. Sherman tonight on ticipation of the Karolyl pdarty4uthe Ooen.a~t o dcl~ ~'b!"b 'I htN' Smaiigth esfr the atthsame subject. S~ocial Democrats. No-conmmon plat- hid t act ca l4xaahnti-':e. weekNe aumarizelngte n Mafrcthepasd "With my vote as an United States form yet exists n tssn ha hr ----"''2"". - tesie odce yteale nsenator t shall reJect any offer but un- is much opposition to q, coalition goy- fl~lTFRUPI L'0 l'D I';' ofniecodcebytealeonconditional surrender." eiet ~ ': t:..' H led. three major sectors had resulted in a "Pac i peaat higtodicss:_____> layrnorid of forward movement of the battle front bun we are too busy selling bonds and J* e- has died for practically the entire length from training soldiers to talk, peace except AERIAL COLLIIONUI KILL..D AIN A~~ idental fall. Gen. Gvuraizd's army just west of the Lowden. 3'AN_0_____ JONEu FLYTERI~~PT eing one oft Argonne forest has fought its way for- ___--____". ____ ' C P. GUSt ~,Qiit. f " 4tthe western, ward in a point wherr it also threat- YTRSWL S FORT W ORTH, Tex., 0 t. 5.-Three deaths were'reported atetmp~t ens Gorman communications. DENYI ieutnKSs wWILLleI AdSKinattiributd nuoi _____The British '1rvt ont ('In'riaand fit, aviation etiat gauasa Sd'P: e hihasaedbth -hFRSPARATEPE fourth injured about wheam t'i~ f5 olM ~ ~ i Quenn,,whic wa ai~d b the~thFOR E PACEtwo planes collided. neir xKehialt. 1e u 1PtlttlGebOfrO ~e' o,v~~' N-. tew Tork troops) end 3L'th (Tenates- dead are' 'gan;:Joseph V. Shackey.psiel, 'sMn =e.Ni'rt~h Carolina, outhbtrare na EASEL Switzerland, Oct. i--Dental Theodore Marrs of Washington, D DFank' Goebel,. Mt. Vernon, 3lad,,Bd IllIL and the District of Columbia troops). that Turkey is about to seek a separate -uoy.MougtpQndDLneJSpne'ajrsenpo Jn T, American divistins dc g lr pod iant a peace is made in a dispatch received JF15n- Sb o'Set-i tiaile for tbhe entire Hindenburg line. from Vienna which says that the atti - Tee'~C thu, ila'~'h a reds The British, Ger.. Mlarch Fa;i. l -~v5 tude of Turkey tovward the central Tevinjured officer is Lieut. A. L Sean- Smnl. Baarod,-mai4.t "' '-- ed. roken entirely 'icr':".sti'-en"rry'epowers continues loyaL The llspati wereo rockway, font. -Schmidt: ) Rak " " ".i I t:sod icn ees.mkr be'',i dsta llrprstuTre ilAll were stationed at -Taliaferro field. Jones, a desuk A 4 n; ''~ ~ ~ zone ohe eflnne. which te eie inotedsbyhacall reorrs liollTwrktheiclourstheit Bewhich laeareoudb}" the ',Pr- talor the ourse: okBulrailkre*11 m in' tass only with great die5,cui t} Icorn et. as the Constantinopieogos'J;zAiOtTAE-OSITL afzonllhi.' i dqn'ires"c..... s Sub Bases Threatened. mint intends 1o art in 1full miliinarv SUT OR GIST"L" i, CaiieV Sal. se Flndes hedrvect tandre - political accord;tithe cetral S UTSJamesAGAoST "cL -- rcontluired 75 square-c.nai'-c vf 1t' l a nai tsrs. I paa's t on iihIiiz, temrnoryand has fornnv'a em-'r- i:declared that iie i't'nlral no-'iwcrs iKALAMAZOOc. -"y odefoiioy ' lnfahjfch'; sod up. -cular salient 1 i niel'ed"p. f0rni-7-d dare' proceeding in fall accord with 0ne the medical superintendent, the kha- h onl i"t hwd6,~ a u tt!+i. Zer'-. German timarin,-," another and desire to rtcar the way t()IiTemrnn' ept llwd&mazo Hospital for the Isaei5tokiu. extra are so rhreater'?d that h: ah<a'-p';r:- eward peace in such a manner that new day closed to all visitors for an Indefi- lt~l'h a&p tdt s E. ter evacuation has L' h:: measurers will he understood as a con-; nite period. The action' was'tak'en' to trae ~~S.Wt~ Re grir;to rh -a4t st'j"r inin ftepolicy o h cnrlprevent a spread. of Spanish' luiena fo ' i, o~~ -e.lrhsi h caa rvn. orsThert we ~ 49$; ip i _____GnMrhai hItai'avv"in pow ~ to tbe more than 2,200 patIenits. _.'_, h Albania is clet-ly f- i: ^5ic t'i he. A j on. -a fit ait.Ihat t."' r'-'n. naval aiur * IE tack upon Liurazzo. behind the Aus-AV I CR DS D IS S IT. j I1U t-an front. %svas extremely important inF concinrhthe a.'o-d strat~~ O DS D IS SC TY. Q'OFqftR:I1S HEALTH CHIEF AS HE FIG] iTS Hdii 7oa 9400 TURKS TAKEN TO PREVENT "FLU" EIP)MIC ry, SINCE SEPT. 18uBY in-:2. <-7 ' - INESET.1 B te infection and range from symptoms 1f41:#e$e. i stae ' AVI RWS ing and other usual syniptomcs of ao cold state wrere ' uchsnged. oon rpot BRIT ISH AND ARABS!__'W ________ ~in the bead to profound.prostration,frn ciesadtoisusdef headache, pains In the back ar dir Bston qh'owvec,5.S7S-neW casaes Of Iuu ~i I1 r-pani riliraza i n and of it- 1 trennities and correspondlng'higli' de- eni."'In th jA 94 hulls!, ' ti3 LONDO'N. COct. theht I 1-. u hAl tl ies.Igreen if temperature. -- e;b" r-l edd8164newcae arTim'h' ' aknopt-r;.rer! t 'cres t ris that it is 1 Sneez, in Your Hahdkerghief, -'and' 24 ileathhl,;Nw ~dod66e by (,encmu A 1 i" ' F -' I'' Imi ' he g( ''ntel)' allie'] with pneumonia. I' - ) commen---ement n! h- t-ritish nopea. wilnr I ifunt P-igerson:; who are coughing or snees.: caes'31'd t4te. '' onormsr"laime l }y the. Arab art-ny vt; Offr-- a.. It is absolutely essential for anyone t'---Kin H"ssen.-attacked. for his own safety, to reiiie -. - King H'ass'-n' '-Pt-e.,'ins and thy responsibitity of; insil'-".;n rll the family-doctor anld~t ItE ' - arr-dam; tettisesac mv-alas upon' the -treat the sItuation as one that -might Prlp re!r, nC rh MILWAUKEE DAUGHTER OF ndr'.-iaaI warns he health omenc'-, prove seriou. ilwi it~g ~ ~ oech~~dahrn~ '""t". REVOLUTION REACHES 104'xhie-ii shred ir the 'coiIntry n I0SS3h-ie should be an once'iiotafedfrona Hn OVA4 p TV VI CE RioitIn'n r 'ma.;-there oher member of;'nd' MlLWt.'KEE. r - sir- s m. tLo':saimuca ia..a. -- iiinrs excluded. The afflicted Inti1- Qai N e4i Jian K.T1r ti r.Wa r lmnsAvss 'da hudb etisolated- until 5$jl" II 4i -THE Ehes hs' nW -lt&i9 Wa r imn die, completey rcovered' Cod1~ 5iJ~~ - If hos ataakdtze~oavod earious, ~ ER re' -a-dy celebrated hrtne rhund red crlirtirnlisearning. conpicai us and tGrand aid ~ a-vi DICE;-.d tfortb birthday annv'-msama - fhib? - fo not '-all rnPic- l eisons: in con- it t")escape the general -epidenuil whIch- ' a laughter of Dr. Seth i'aprn.a ersana. kpep at a distance because ihe exists throughout the er~kn: sates, I ' '" clr- o fron-Ioftlien. Washington andI las~as- is trnsferr,.d when the in- these rules must b lsl olwd"~.aeA rm:oultin had charge of Washangic.r-'s "me's-allt cor-act the disease unless hit If -influenza does become a gee-I h IVM~ t beearge. deingtherlavtanceas ofMth. f-cced t"; cotcughsoresnew.ho r. l einoem pbeheha tsrtsei, - ii r' 'aI I AV R Thiers is in fairly good health and an has it. it will-be necessary to cl~~lam ht b a, l XL" acict gar worker, hating knitted 100 "n;-rerson. who seemingly ha aj!places, but with co-oil Qn the" x k eytm - pair of stockingcs for homneles Fench col< < d ethe object of suspicion, tret e ikureis wril n VO to- b4- p stl, 'ai ' bilcflen in the war zone " Symptons vary with the intensity of cadopted: '.'-- -* f '~ N..,- c'-.--'..-. r a

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