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ï~~x LVRI1-N O.; 2s;136: ATRANY NTTAVUV ~oItf WF)FTAV ( CTORiR 2q_ 101A_' +, oimls d mA n.n:m: r+ lil! i 1V.. 1 1r L 1l1V L' IJ 111 VV 1 Vi7L' 11r GO,1V LO. i' 5411 Lu-wgLLG itL1U J UU1tULY Lxuu, t3U-.Wl l'. L41r111, P~ll ~N[ F LBNY~I1BE~IEN~[SN~ANBA[ONE BANDIT HELD I H OD l*BADCES SAThIIDAY BY MOS. WIfMAN BEENMODIFIED Uij TRAIN TOLE Pubic athr~gs aH4Gw e WIIH S2OOOO;ENERLLT ASREETHAT PATRIOTIC BAY GAThERING Pblc All P* ace Nowi Be i hel oa nct.ectr--A lo~ne and BY *mERow's WiE WILL LjTEj INEREST bienodu epes esne n Hed oAl VI/a Ao h isasagontay exrets-dan. ofe TEWRWR BEN ME A HOEScholls admem dread Trunk railroad trin am it wasWR OK [ DN Y1,i. unid toryobana THE AR WRK W{AD AT RMEealed bag contaioing $20,000 and leaped Q ~from the train. FOR THE~ BOYS OVER THERE NEW ORDER CONTINUES TO NOV. 2 Afwhuslae lawaniryig a tbhebauffeur-of anatomotbileear itonnyaide. conpelled the driver to btlryforby.nFrnei ReebrteDeoreage To-day Is Deaths and Now light, and drove away in the machine. ad whole we at home are insistent that Uncondition- Albanians Costlenue Ta toO.C re Am rnpl nwrAbn onywmnserve Petl.:~ tale, med only a few new nases *ere e Amrics pny aswe, Alanycouny wmenadmitted. At the hospitals it smsaid emote are planning to asasenble at the executive man- 'Thn drastic ciosing order which ha at ~It.wsvident that the epidemtic A day aftrnoon.been in effecttwio weeks to-day. owng cames brooghi to the Institotions each inst Mrs. Whitman, wife. of Gveetnor Whitman, will -to the epidemir ofintfluenza, wilhe rie tmdih ongto vr-day.buh1 dah ee eotdt wives, mothers and sisters of men in service with- things hot moving pictutre housem and the reogaaoft vital stetivar to-day Iges, showing that they have men nerving their coun- schools. Thinssction wne taken at a all botmseven have been previoosly pubdgea are of bronze, appropriately inscribed and with..neigo h or tetnt ndlnetevriahea idmor ing the number of stare corresponding witnl the tium- - relvmeedntin of Dr. Oatter health d o'cer. 7Th"libn on bhe movems ad ttoaiea,2, 5 Miden-ovlae. I service, up to five. They are made by the Bsotiantteehol Riomaoi trtntl Lsesas Em.nOm th.2 ed. 40Otrario Itoeheteand are an attractive decoration. _.tmidnight, s illordaiIecte.2tin aree mt, 2 20 nai annousncement made by. Mrs. Whitman that shye b mlm tMce measstihat all cburchem may open eon- rr hed~3.20Clne or lba Te Eble o Hoor da anti thatilia hoidia of all other atreet. oAlay county women, messagcs have come from - isoor moeetinge willa permitted. Tb erfee Hatiegs. 22. 04 Dove te county expressing the pleasure of the loyal womchn n. f h as nwt~onnleseionee finaltwsm directed by aireet their men away with a emile. Theims ha. been no!ouhosofheomnhene the boaril to en hat the ban on nov- William Twaddle. Cm, 27 Morton thiadiinlh r ewoeking In theled Crosa e me ona r ad ehoia I sentorced. seoon the easiest hout they have horne.hi diinlbr othsr war orgasoatbot, abe thocogt Dr. Iteotter aelil at ths lois vt the Mary V. Keml. 30. i17 Coloea lainingly and with the patience that is pant under- "Patritdc day" woold help a great deal nesting that herr eriaded that lb. street. e it only have they uel determined that they intend Inrescruiting workere..Shbsaid she ban he liftd oiieveryltigbthota-oyle Preasaties Urged. teSn hAei oenycanidolintihey ofthooghit it wama very flteden nod and roovii oseiieraiiaethem ba Depite theiartthattherloaing ban le Sm wht Aericn wmen an d intime ofalso spoke in (seor ef the presentation bernnseady deiline in lie timber of ham been paroy iiited, tDe. oottee 3y have shown to all the world that while their men of the badge to all these who havee new vasae reiorted eat-b day io the h~n te Titg tatha meacd cviinlioi hei risive i departmentand alsio bet-sn be again direted the mtttation of hIhting he Thig thathas mnaced iviliztion, Men. Mye tnodeibnunsanid the coae asou-onvnred that the epidemic in the honmon to Lth eoend toe rcuinpeehlinrsothlwel fhoeidun. ed a nbeoead huh heie fcf snwudr oto.Attebadmetn ody ercm Under this oeder th~ere are hot or nended the following prec-autions::nC ~~~hng a"patiotida" aod tea'theatersto thie ity wich may open Trtinronpaytohkesp arswall tl ra Ile -~----------- t eaeete ef t Mva. 'Whitman's panlone to-mnrrow. They are iteemanu osenhlaied ad clean. - sledr.apitrigwok r t.Bleeckrihal lte (rasil the En tiire Clansing of moving pirtuehoumes,l odlnigf~ oe edr nnten ohr Mrs. Edward Easton said It wsa and ti.h mestic. Enich of theme tem-dosd theaters. his-down honsesweeth- Interested Is eeryephelptul and ss- le aeidea and bepeeseeeyne who baa teesmpa a 100 foe m theaterlicenar, Clansisngocheola. 41 sly in seend atpaint sod eally every patrioticrnoee. laethIdea atvsithseicwllbrent a gaeden. now withered etfgviag a reception to the nothe eale vteet-iewl ersn.jwhile itis nneing pieturehtiuesmare Proper reatilstioo in all nanotactor- a t/deha rbtoned of nnr lade ha service is a neat happy Mes. Eaton beleed that "Patriotic operated under a $50 movie license. ing and commercial coacorns. u arad th l o- proposal. It will he ronducted in sorb day wonid bring mothers tagether f Statemmmt by Meyer. iProper inatiotinou will be gve~n at It isgoig ls othe away thato motherofhunblerif-ad,they wooldbeshlemobesernes Eopresing anappreciatioa of the the bureauofhnealth.d mcnitn tieAg rnnetsnee need fear to go, and all from the boye teer there who may not: voopi-a tion given the authorities by Cashets toe the borial of the dead i hat inans the one thesnoble wnmen sill fled a new boers write homn very often hot whoem ate hll-iuaain the it gainist the viii- te at n ptemium hecausof ts o ntoI a tiny wiadow, hot nf sysipathy ed patriotism that eannot mentioned by those who dv write worn lent- Mayor Watt issued this state- preredented tiumber olftieaths tromn lag and thecuetaln s Iafl to be a hi it eng tothm indfrequently. Mrs. Easton belieeed sivs e. at: intflson. Most of the Albany under-0 Under the fli a pot itron omnity. Ihype the Idea sill Whitman was sorhing bert for a good i'Acting upon time npliin of the tnkers nre moutplied hy the Nationalg dun, a brililat hive- spread everywhere." hese alth inner that the epidemic of it- Casket compaay, with Albay berae to the border of the flag Ides Genserally Lauded. hive Jobs Malone said that tha Idea, o-u has n o tar abated a to render 322 Broadway, and the Atlbaoy Casket ahbne star represees Cherlee it Bisihnmsr of the Al- sean eorcsilent one and they ehe knewito reamoabtly nate mat to/do, the ordee conpany, at (itt Broadway. t'racti-' a tthe honse, sew in heny Treiat company declared that the It would stimulate InteeetIn war work forbidding indoor public gatherings emily the entirhlkng force nf the In the teenchee. The5 idea ad patuiotic day wsaia wont en- and help net wonderfully. lierettttro aetmed by the connissiomar AlbanyCse ope aebra ts leg toe their boy retest plain and that hire. Whitman de- Many Fener Ples. of publicsasfety baa been nodifded. The l lnywith teCafoemat mi nsqety, eaesosoe ay erved aneb credit for inugurati gi.Ms.R t adthisnoonre-order Issued to-day by the comnmission, tecsoeso hsfr r idn prond that they hinee hs aid hbeli.eved the boys In aervlr i:Otro mdyhe vncc- eof publin safety direrta that schols tetotne fti lnaetdn figh forthe. oringPatroti day "f IM vey god ad moionIt difficult iomsecure cashets,. t wgtteohe- u nld be pleased with It. *r. Oleddal at affeiotr dpwit besceepeodaml ntio iictire theatersremny Wer rushed and are finding It tebr sood goverosra hmneraid the Idea wet with his dnmclhasaenil i ieei imeiind until nidnigt atrdyNov.2 tit I have Ahde with bat peetan nr tsodarosing lterest in wae work. Any." slab tim express my appolalditlit-itt to supply all the demandmseta oathl the gra mntherais with evs-y quosho im interested ainat tiuatsthe emithunismaof the cnivindoble nspi i iwhich theor nustomers, bnl are naging to, hind fare wreathed Inthgra nisr of the wotherest this tine to woed for clitoing order has liveo received and tahe rare of all oeder by sup lyimg~ a eatditigtdo orner lopties Randall J Leflnenf, tm yeve he egnv n bsobeyed, amswell as nfl the hearty coop- only the very plainest yflcrskhets,"adI maw to aqfPa by h senn epeet g attides seems tv he an nxcellentonnve.oration ttounecitinenain oodeaep orlgsT. B. ltephea, Albany agent nf ths e~i xijls e ~f a.gee Ms.D. V. B. Joaen ad:: m inwn'nsslsnl hlpdtwe s aietCkaht enmay.wehaes e et tn qf, ad ti omftrenmltbays hs w bnmtteb er rudeatnnianogslstn banederieseaefrw h-w ntnare t p ynte h~5aew a id eeaiesashuldahve s and yg doitt wnad e e eseetworkfnyhr en lremeasun ds schhad thanor product aien e po-li thse aei rlee gllo Be thouagutAbn.Itiktepatriotic day Idea cope oa. At the sanme time I flnt I(tered list. med all peaslble help swilbee hdnessyW eeWW dialse. thmeesy dwus o rtaoat o fwhernourmiioens oft temb eabor.iWohenwanon teialseerdy Mth "a. Mrs t btman s piesof tmeeting thnelea lovely one ond it sh onincrea mydctyioctoeatOteoieftni the somminro ubi ao. a ofoundateesiarad lob n gft' lhd c iashe wa anadmiabl on. te iterst n wr w ofeveryoinesfeyinraising ihoehuan on blico reftien yvorders from onrreos-w dep t.eq c -a' lty Gilrb Pqvld C. Pogh aid ftesitehomes to thmeeecutive nolon netgo a 1p, iPlYlo oeotstourers, hot we have niesd smie Dt hup uea nscae hso~ers ef maldiers ad maseeersaealeei- - - aniiollitt pitureo tee. isnout to pemrneebigetslttdi ic har rim sninyntany recoanition thkt way he hiam. irelevecy M. tlin enliressedetintketinesroederiog It ummy the lie teti ftese lbrt ot gies them med sothing that wan done sapproeal ef Lime scltest.sesing se atesem fte oeaort aat aam wsgarmnoradofmthbesf glatnoL that ovcry tort shouid hebewhhbhavehoeenyordered." eiaso discoering that wndet thh. or oit Itt foul n fitiloadnd citsue dtopeoetth Sionm- reveel of the loralunodeetaking Whta 1ntetyte WeultReeruat Workere. ioth t olLeht i nm itSof Lime oilsease or is encurrence.te 'Whtmn otony hecoring wore Rod (Crons workers. 'fiire houlml ho no relaoatioa ef all rs have been handit-apped by the Vim btyt in her ewe ight Mrn. f. H. Brandew aid that, al-: the precautions heretnfore nmed toaceof proprietors and helpers with t prevent the coatenetlnu of thneadiaas Influenzas. nmta I1i1hd1i11otcdta n e pd11T A STBI N. ALC eveybody bad disappteared and so I m senimas thathey voluntarily crry nit the UNION OF SMALL[ IIUN5 ieUlLJItJest turned arouad and ran hbacintmy ssauu111egestn wade hy the nedical pro-i, A sad I heard somemee dipping one wireslthtngtIa goe flL IUH Deeremsn ShN t ate T hU K fl A TK I coeld Jnst notfcentwne fnrms tying ou_______Sow. HANYontaMAI fredat each OLLNonFeiflll LAN to 1mlle ki____fteNnoOkE hearmHei gro ns oI gasImade hire. Chars 0. Witmanto-day tnew easesof the diseaehad beenren- Coefereee isHielerle lsdepeedeee FORHUNS e rled timtetegrem fin hre. Charlmprted hh f ltoo thea ygina4IbleeJ.Rofa fteNtoalSeilAd adcesith marmnt hibr a H ailP sda In dWitpedench rVtnwilt l e all.mesmgan i eo::v; ih adabot a Ser snrpodeser ay fa2tfothe:mer smem.fhdpmdin "When I w rmtuanedfralhefonrrsYokdurn h iet La h enteelthat they have every PhadliaOt23- itrc in Bl astasfredt econd carps, emw gndm t hc a~i-reams to belleve thst teem sew ona hldpia Ot25-siaee J w wwpWlasarieliagseme etale ma nat ish teowave r lt b ome f nwese iidcanm dependssrs Lat there began in-day aa inbep gpt 1h ~esd te ag ataln.lnen -.- "arLni aie w hecme f e ae l era..ecneference which aI.peted teresult m.aon20ies bhina te frig tesand a sant setiooa and was seoned omn the compiete eegeststnsf ther 1," rb-enthe rest aohf i-e - h etrt i n diecseelgteeapdepmn-at thinMde 1rpe-tme Qf ~~ F-Kes----Four - war, rhliee. Wm are enly a lit- ynr efi' -ob -it tevellrolmingphir baard meeting thim more -no IDr. Gani - thea wiaof I ti Denrtiem - tie mors thap a mntn from the cmast ____ _ tmesaid that from Oct-.Steo(Set. 22 ra Ol li and that way be the canse of nl the 6196nevsmaf imssaern eesreportsvyokn ndsimasetan trko te - usfswe afte ahs. We saesall kinsm uJONI mROT HAS PNEUMONIAte the healtlh department. (Oal nfl thyshsofn. mbad m pem of__mshere-eeome she bare Juat come nme h.51tradteehv The-e-h-am--.--iir, erm ashr h-dateend he en Fifteen delegatedaethialiy reprefrom hspital. Tho are te onesAM INFUENZA TTACKbeen adeaths. saigba 500O epeo ph W. Weilgee. with who can ti the sties e thinsth e ~ ~ 11li While at Seast thsmee s rem may seem se nahetf~ssli spsn o fac, re- nme weald attempt in do In dv ills, large tn Albanians, Dr. oetol ed thin aaiorThitomas. wrSpmint wenea lokFacwrite ___Jo______Boy mpIs illwith pneumonanboard that' heanituered Albany had Mao e ct U. Wlaca Ws at is-hoeo SSe.tet ferSmith fruntsehhesmedewic hedls e mac Atr pa teiet 1hTI I IN -NEW. lSN OS ATIACK WESI IaEE$'lI fB OF MAUBEUCE OFEMf[ ayeCaturd ru, To ndGERMANY'S NEW NOTE DJ PRESDt One Half Miles North of Valeu- LANSING tAT 10 O'CLOCK THllS] Cleunes -- Raued Scheldt INS IN THE COMMUNIATION BERMAN RESISTANCE BITTER " PRESIDENT THAT HE WILL Attak I BeteenSeleaie andLelICE TO ALLIES BEFORE Security sf Enemy Getesses oer a Wide Frest. London, Oct. 28.-The British began1 as n Ot.-3 -Gei Rnew attach early to-day on the frnta hntn ct.t.--G beteenLe ateu ad blesusontb Wilson, in Official -text, was delioevre t Valecee, ld Mtarsha( lHaig o''clock this mernting by Frederick Oc The British have raptued Beoay 2% gatin tulle north of Veivnriyenaee and have It may be stated that there in nol caohrd ths west bak of thn ilobsidt. alter the decision of the President FRENCH NEAR SERRE. armistice to the allies before the Ut+ Londoe, Oct. 23.-i p. m.-Northeast ItailtOC7. ofLaynaFreneb troops havm reacedl Official inttimation already has i the line oft he b~ere rirer, hiersmd anadesnct of Iwe to three mluese a n nfor zmmedlate-oonslderatini ight-mile front. c uelonof "formae of evacuation w ENMYQIT___ LLS armies continue theirs work of ales With the American Army Northwest Zxaaieebtwe Wnint of Verdoe. trt. 23--(117the Amno- n agebewe Oc.ated Ireinal-The town of Brisodlee, been in progress on the hbsis of the V tn the western hash of the Meuse, ehich ham been stubbornly defended by unlined monday and it in regsrded a the Germans, hoe beea given op by the President may make wiltbigovote~n This in the latest point at whieh tae irn e. Only the President and tmericasomhane driven a dent inte tho how far these exchanges haveprogs riea defene. despite the fact that when an announcement of the Pres he enemy resistane in stilasatreng aformerly. sepoorttedenie TheGeran se ar t Breulea Made Oa-n' Traslation. - late Tnesday nd American patryla 1o- Although an Engiah tranmlatinasae 8 day eeported that the Germanesihsd d stred with the note in German Ges withdrawn from thn town. tent. lbs state departmeai wade Its new i-eeny fighting I taking plaee in the own traslation before nding. tineshot regiyn irf.tlroadpre en the wstern eatl documents to the WVhI;e Roas.Ninth- pert of the American sector. A hitter stre;- Itt woe made pobie pending necars- the ime tso in ting pint-. in the renter fol compaims with the wireleser- St ot the line. The Germane see holdint mlop Ibooth it was aid the expectedi rem, Oaetbeeilie in atrengtb nod along Lbs rerbal difeeaces did not appear to the Ontbeeille-Alscrevlle read sersemiater smihetontlip-thae sitenredthn atrs availabls point hoe been fnrtlfird with ne.;, nachine gtuam. ThroughouL last night LbsetGermans bom b er aded th e g rea ten p e rt o f th e 2 0, 0 - t-raed visibly ta-day rsntd in EIY ATTACKED THIS MORNING. J LUL Dlh i 0 (tnmmery a d of ints war sews hy the FRun Cffl INGllTERie New,York, Oct. 281-theltiab tropinls lU IntlU5b55 rest of Mnuhenpe. Ihe aws atteear_____pni asujared early to-dyj betweneovaem bW o. c.2;T ohn leda and Le Cateao, na reported to he nab ak go-Ot 5.Tr ada e nn tod imogrea. -thoneand reenalteftc thn.ntv7will be to; lagmipd prorelsfs. indrvngfo neseddin the comng yak,; palin todfep acd on the seeniee a-nihaie fis.odp north for-o man ner-rhantahpa is governmsent eec- Bel A Cten. lmoinInceningth me-vim e eiy Danlels has infornedl,to V ate s ocrearogthe wes-t- $h ars,SceayQ oimmittee in favorin~ eto aeceaethoghhews. Mnrn uburbsm of which the Btritish acepe asanon a fomge the porchseo T ightiag. Forth of Vodroceenem the 62scres of md ferenelargeent of men Ity o~ een uttahe thycapecethe Hampton roads traning station,. e mf iBrony. L yThis- increse would brieg th'e 'astad tietween l, Catmauand Solainwes personnei to monre than 700,000 -maeso lie Britisab are nthe high gadr n o nun a-edwt toast lt g..igp;9 b of the Stlle river, and it Is teem this nf the war.m faeorable poatve to-duy's attat-hws Chairman Padget *seeeadwin-dy. begos. Thetersman resisane aboe that the hili for a epur-eheaw tm has been bittmr as the linein vitai cm he favorahiy repred aaweis o ne, m; thesaereri tyonlthe German defennes acqueitios of eo5 00 ocres- of tarn"land: ever a sidn front te the sout and adleinlag the Annapolis 'Naval ared- Ni southeast. emy. Is sonthwestern Belgium the British eontinuo thinIsn Tysrnet.North of the town they have fored a cemasing gf the Scheldt, wh em the south thay mIOH H CNE harm reached the western henk of thae II S dyver en a fnnr-mils front from Broy-0 cesto Blehartiee.-.e t o IN HUN PRISON' CAM1 t Sonth of LainsCteam the enemy im us- vyew miting stuborniy Trenchat ___so --- 11/09/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R MA

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