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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ 4 (nliater' hSb.n 4'~a~ac tÂ~*.datd'e WO, Harriet cc Hubbard Ayer's.s. T.le Requisites Models Value ty in taupe 0or ketchedi at left. mach side gives It is held with cable lining is 5.00. r in reindeer, o protect thut ted and contly practical. a of nearsoel. --Second Floor. Corset te Amply-Pro Tall or Short Preparations of Proved Merit for the Care of the Skin and Hair A VYERS LUXURIA. an ea cellent cleansing cream, 65c and $1.25 jar; 35ce tube. Ayers lace crease for whiten ing and softening the akin, the tabe;.:26larIn. A yers Skim and Tissue Bulider, a massage cream, tho tabe; 61.!6 Jar. Ayrs Aye ritocrat Cream, a taaishiag cream, teeJar. AyresmFace Powder! Is flesh color. wkite and brunette, A yewstaerst Talcum.,tIngr denia odor, 36o can. A yers Maoih and Freckle Le sins and Face Bleach, $1.36 bottle. hands. e6c. Ayers Dan do Beante, a de lhtt are astringent, thc and $Si3ltbattle. Ayers Scaipinni, as exception ally good hair tonic. $1.2a bottle. Ayers Bandollise, Ste battle. Ayers Granular Shamspoo, 6h0 bottle. Ayers Cuticle Softener. Shc jar. --FirstFloor, NOTIONS Fora - Fighting Man F AR from. feminine rela tives who consider "mending" their privilege, a 'fighting man will find much comfort in these "first aids to neatnesa": Sowing and Darning Needles. lOc papoe. Bacihelor Buttons, biack and -khakitlo dozen. tose Butions. black or khaki. l Oc doses. White Dane Buttons, with two or toue holes, in dowen, I doses for I ic. Saetey Pins, Sc. Se and i4s card. Tlhibes with open or closed end, Sc each. Ss.e lrces, tan, black or olive drab, Sc and 1St. Aemay end Navy Outfit of silk finished mowing thread, strong battone thread and soft fin ished floss, loc. Soldiers' Kits, filled or unfilled, with leathor or khaki sloth cases, Sho to $3.0S each. Blne Jacket Kits In navy bluse cloth. =6c. $1.00, *2. kto $3.00. Lines 'he-ad Is lack or white, 30e spoi. Linen-finiashrSiead in black. white, ears. tan or slice drab, loo spool Cdoeta Thread in black, white,. olive drab or khaki eslor, Sc spool. Darning black, white. navy, gray, khaki, Se. Darning Wool, in black, whtte navy, grey, khaki. Sc. "'Belsy" Cleaing end Polish Kit, SOs set. -Fir-st Fioor. "? 'MHC.. iIIMY AILECE MONET,:. S ADIN F MIS SIOLENFO CDND~ EABEAI INFLUENlA DEAD i.4 A jo Positions to Large Patients at City Emergency ktent in wigon in New Hospital Alao Report Advane. Lost Funds. 10' $0$ ~O~MILEÂ~. WARRANT FOR DOCTOR. Capture of Ainoreville and McBride Says Better System Hills 'Give Big Advantage Is Now Installed at Over Enemy. Old Court House. by AwsdaindPrumWit. the pelte es scrhing cor a doe. WITHo THO AMgRICAN eORCwER or who tempoarilyr cted as Isterns 1iORTeW11eOP etC V5Dt'N. tat. so.- a thesmergenry hospital is lbs old T. Vp.-n-tt. CeisbtIn's ferons today axt ou h ea vencsse wis ns soversd Improove heir positions In the resginete 'srdsy Indicating that a number oc of Grsnd Pre. listieoy seas is to or nss Otlrots bans host robbed of maow vrtualy within the Americas money tlast they tad with them when lins. brought there.. By the occupntion at Atprreellie thet Inoseveral Instanots the personal et &.serloassattave broaght within their tests ot pstients who died there In itos a Berl~ of tillsan~d natual 1p0- aeluded but tosigttiicant sms of ne sitoos domn ating theContr ote n tu irnd oere to relatieos, althogh Diltse. Alorsrtltn was takhcn with hul thorn muap paenst prodf that the 00 - littis apposttono. iteresisthnce being trotlsobe tahen to ths hospital hi....,.piaipaltla Â~oot-essao n gets. sumsofOrmoney on thed. varying fCmt cast cf the Riser Mseuse thorn was 151 to 1110. roostdeoble activty' l din" t.hiben telilbei shi t-sem. was 01 eatel canesinthlbine. Wilie admtting. that ihe iaco The Germans dsperately resimted a5e seemed to Indcate tat eltretg of temps is deive them. from HIlM 8". Patients' eftects hnd apparently tahkti Artilery Actity flask*. pace daring lbs rosh ohesnth ept IEeaqt ear-tiloery stitolty esit of the tot was cleat spaead. Dr.cJ.5. Mo~ride, atver WKois o oera d thlse le eigctyheatth camtmlone. lstI, Oemano oortltsssd to threw said that he believed It bad' ness..'intedifetr r pors Qthe Itne aetd *topped. A isorereslable sstsirsof tn heel shells of*Is rde calrtlom inlbs rrng toe patiets'ffeot. had hees back area. Installed. be ssid. end In additn, a The Amectanartittary pounded soar tare s tnewow ed is uhiob io place kt the pasittons bhbind lbs Garthaso mney sod. other raisables belonging litm. TheirlargetsInatluded 'ceam- to 'flu''sBfite ere $sbsn thern. roads.and woods where ansihr troops tDe. F. C. tiohraldss. fee whom a Were reprted to bS ncmaped. owarrant eharging graod sar h as The Germanssshowed- more thasn obesn iancetwasItoattiedance at she di n uttr inIthe ate os Tesday cnart housoeosnergencc hospital. He is dlg u ibit idrgeno ta-alleedto bave sprepristad isa beoneg. eon^ lsk5Aiipntt s pacs.ofMThete- Iug is Tony Ross. a shIpyard worker, sos~ltiaosr~n acue pfoss.' obwGee- takhnti q tlbsehospital Gatn f~a>an seusleas. known ltas iha eostravei ~ s 11i KS Mi Constantinople at Possible Will Offe NEW HUIN N( Germany Adt Government mestic LOI DON. Ont. wtwysnpdeesss 55.pore Wili baud gsaid ihie " shMbrsfNme from serdgn Of white otitil '9, price $4.25. sieres there is Style izes 86 to 44, erarm lacing adjust the w. Of white -daod FlCor. Ryews w,.+w7 ++ y.e r n, w. es a w 'itnes le neofficte le~is~ e ofa fih ess aY. tme. Iit 116 aad was in the lhes otital.!c. ratalindhaing takes 'ha on lw:" 1 tt~t*"*d ut I? fnt tlpresence ofatnse, and W4~~tTN ".nu seiqwest at t1am toes sai~d that h deeives It to Dr- Dem- opinitoeamonog ore J'ble - ciea on ul-e.nsswores aissn he.s ibsihrtth 1~ot ew olfbar~ng crosrods ad rie" llesre ees ci55 s e~etire and fj tiohy Juntinttn al ad wids within 'temte a aknu ihCifits or tit in ape kk pro fth evosbmard- Warrensod fin Gaober f! a complaintits s htered mahs sma111ele blt0 h nmysasuebystepoeuigafe.Issatrst r s aensroad andChis sibeontegcthe toe -nys office. Dr. Donason coutd sot tY. sep that ibie15' oabtg Oswsma be toasted at tit1hPtss hotel. t409 Fiftht t-va which tIttelG DeI3ltIPO Se, 0-Americasnaeac. 'whera s'. bad bees lodging. eemin to mshsiv i~cpeoo11-tin nrthofVerunhart Thu offioers warn told there that he r ogidualeil a d tabiished bad. goss to Poetland. The Portland the! warttsr.Otlnsnrhota ilg.t. paos. e etnoresd onPthechabrge erment eplat, eesigrpredlt oanastor- against Dr. Gothildsoi ansd Instructed that havesbhen in Wal10 fr+Ndcisstlevr. toaarrest him-tionaldsn001oal t he it the iHerman re Heavy artillery and tsetttee-gut fieleeated: is Portland. of goesrment" WoVednadthe hinging dawn eines the complsint was issued. Tar- through theOwlg.. sightee enemy sairplanes. with falt- asla. the or-deily, dialdr of iasetsA. etate departmet tas ef finsre leeass machinesto e- se B11s u e e.i.. hset i me, e tld is Asoslsssd Presdime eDsads-_____________________________ mnsnetaalito Jatehes last ailbti,wee mprted by ~"Dnlsnappeared t my ef- mss__________________________________ n't. Peeshieg if "the omseiqus. ts efirst 1st. we openedrh bs h.. -- eilf' said Ge. liorido,.atainight. " A alas ef hsectfori oseebaknpItreeIptM ayor P ts Lid o d typmadeltde that be.. S t D hm o wrk H e am hre ro Mn-ta, wheette hod bid twoorears' ee " O TNG Opereasoe. We were badly is need nf Peidn-,lo iN M N&NG O. l, netiaeeahpesnwee- Business to Save Lives fr n rsts c played"nepeated that It 1L F. Gaiss. ofat1714 ]Eai stslmbia heforenist.Lbaa ared Basds Otfeupy Tois ad Of strenet. ateein eciedtesesFollowing Cnultationa With ANTIa PNErUMO A sad thsat that he tooklintscars ese1 16which was un 5ia there would bha fiolale Paori bustranm an the peesnacfhis hrotheT. J. s~ggaredine; the rpl ugD.tanisls. wethn ltter ed tt Merchants DrasticEdit soSEUanoF N t i s ndestoode Ate..,ht ii hospittsl, ded thid.UU FUN resident Itencdod Ototet. Kowing that me braihor bad e1i0 Put in Motion t in taes that A,,stea AMO'CTIM6Af1 t ot. 1it:-Advisasais was takensckr I inas suore theewas yy*QMfo 1get Ibs lpl" etepesrmn iv by the Dutchb R.wspapes[rtr ofieso el In r w owhen t:e roner's Curbing cpread 'of Influe eiieOr arDneosCm thotat eustfrm ta1a Mnthero. by aof Tien- s*ayoeled as tathhdoly - - ation In lafluensa Discovered would ha referred a,11heis1.9t0pemlta5 ecordfedaseadbe.gaontris p ae Hnonad-c3.5 Dls rnmssts. The ode nteteneroissrats.a oasanos. r-dyitsai Yede led tksta. ess dhRe-la Orm theeaountrueaaewrntte ttseisstbtsean. tadeIseatrlyan av et~e oat dR-the hosritai 51 tbs nld noart hoime satiation withresposttes orflsth_____that tee wilt fora I5a. setth.heAtinogaetossare whet-s he baddied ad asked the vaistis rasstiii hs ithe in tye. pre- atr suutsbetrshte.hsiy.nureohow mcmomneyshethad ttdthr e y hdntads iotlibothe5B 15 at, oteltt-crsm e Pte yatr Satoi aat B a..aeoodtohe evertlathesorosner. Shesreeredtooandretailistoessres a gint IretPbepsh r tlhnre.. tsaslready a enfittthe {tower of tekeia rt-ssdrpid w and thoe suaplyisg at 500 eck mnt taltoay asutaeesl tie diseoonrey iattscde tes gst aI ilncntt spitl rcors arpWina. -this afternoon. Mae Masonss-f alaposititistoue or tho Pneuanat. e As o isursite nd 1 ommnalad dolmseanldtai dtoet'enoesmoteythastoFriday toete iloea,.at 1 ichbiolltttossoPasobIntioeas tnd Theresport that I llllnl~tltoH favoraly inclinedtowarssttkdithat theeshad beenmeretmoneywhihbhassloaimsbenthbsfata tage in.1,Aera"aebjgsagtrd h elr htterrrssoe 'lc ntemrigadms ls-ne050AasteitopCrow teramsahjg tngrd hesaottimlthntt he eond haedat i3oal is the aternostetadeo- e bsdiease. Th.e etentconu.directly co ts C. hm.itittatSdScnfa nmatneosed all say Oatecday. wbsetksr siaee1sofitt-rvcunectoss ne around that Italy o hi.the stoes witi aontintue elossd is a roagoltne.and has been found. it was taannipt. ten Io -skoe Ifclawttem qusiobwiothecmayor rsd fir. HM- naonsstdtsoprevt shmsthage..o[ eonfirmatory or lb "i took the [nateop with 5bertff Bride say ihey wilt sttee 5atardsy, lhslus. which obaeturse Ibhis lbs hapletss inito [e m, sasasPu one tringe n ras ~pt to-asd anpogeae their dsoisiohtsSnday 550 tyroef osmsin. pIro. it was polo wRi.rars ICC Julius Vonearoetwith mesIte- nmorning eospasisra."A"e"reasutt of saterens autosies Itlysoemnlt enstigats. WseareeItrbot-urnersmdtu waeftootthyi-eetteme o ls edssa1saderentsas5 powersaoti T- e? N iatand asked foa rter isastaas- eudes ethloe huildings aed seletr Ohs have died fees ths disese, the rises, if Austrisau a TJOSIN liar. Atter we had waited corn aostd earvic, ia lbssame mstnr as store,~ sageoesshave cound that lbs psea- It oaqid binerer halr as hoar se'stsaedthatshfonaid hut denotsetffatest etrs' ffces. misia develoig troms isfiusasa tistoa peotatswxe coun NG ak sme t th oter urss Ifthe' Ation'fusesto.fsiv ade s a paemeaint.absheedinar pms.msn. There was n0 TlE MORNING asmtoitrstssH bv M oni.h hpatient. undergseeoarnseas, ant here today astop half hour wait poeresappnared wit ibfcheking ths sprad tiny o Oh* *epea Is'ti arrt-bit yu thn mossy. She said It had hesn Iasaid MAYORe Bass+os. 'It baa boes stvrn the hiod eroicmnes so th bs- apes 1o4. wtabs oe res oret0actlime when you atnther pareseand had bees foutnd in saPine eo sumieteis-he Dr. Bst-Ms etaoleast Irritaticn ihey bleed. rsult- statsmsali. Iecspst wakesp Ins tshong twith his bedst-.- and myself and WO bhlileestitlltsave hbintathe safftatios of the patient. definite policy has the P4tetInta qiey ttyousa Dantiell;satha.t aewas so wsl many ives Twhk e ther~wiesmight beetefoe the syrsess ha. esees- withki d all inform, otafte to t ter iyobr ol- ithl itls mousy at tn5e~Odi the h5etesdtosale to stop the flow ef bleed, hatt tcusioa befinc te-o is.~Q.i tips+sadet.a etsseb lime that leestddnot uust to carrt the permitted- t4 enit.' Ma f"lert-pee- ws as oudetat hthe05 usse of asm dtstsmati nrd min t SINCERE ~ ite -Uis alatogrel pe!-- Post-* p r. 08/23/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R N

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