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ï~~t hard on the canine tramps, the tore, contracts for street tmpruo r1PO a netted the city treastry as ments and the amounts of guarantee,t;.a8 880 ort"90. But in the year of required, amounting to $42,269.12. said I the pound fletted the city nothing, contractors having failed to comply the ataminers' report says. And more with the original specificatlonq and than that, when examiners of the state through the neglect of the prober oIbeard. were desirous of finding out why cears were not required to deposit the no#9 were redeemed that year they stipuldted guarantee. This lit now cont With the startling disclosure that trolled b a form of release from the the li''trds of the pound had been city en ineer'a fihce (bond clerk) to, one day after the present pound- the Barrett law depattment, which will master took his place, succeeding Wil- care for this condition in the future.' Baml n tpoundmaeter under the Requirement of Contractors. Th Isy Hall examination was tinder contract specitheat ons0 conf: D. 8stith, examiners or ihe state board, and their report in regard to the mys- cent of the cost of the work with the to7 ofthe ot pound is set out in the city in a trust fund as a guarantee for oounded foliowing wtorff:tewr hyae efrig h The records fail to show any re- tg uarank the ra numper fo r T. Tc C ceipt. from the dog pound for the gurne nfranuI fyara year 1917. This is unusual, for in all cording to'the taterial used. The guarprevious yearlt the dog pound showed antee may b either cash or binds. collections "for feeding ant taring for The report also railed attention to T~tTT r i n n i dogs until called for within the pro- tie fact that the office of the city pur-00IiIL PS scribed period of time after bring chasingaetwstn ea fieUI~fU11 H 1 i'~ placed in the pound. and that various departments did not All Recorda Missing. have the right to delegate their rights to make contracts to the purchasing "We made an effort to secure the a ant. This condition has been correet- I records usually kept by the pBound- h ' the rep tue re that lar maserandwe ereinfrme tht altion of the report was drawn. TIo I eg mastr, ad wewereinfomed hat islaturs authorized the creation of tie the records had been removed during office. of city purchaing agent.. the 9j~sence of the newly appointed The examiners take tie city legal ite- a you enaster. When he retiurned to partmett in 1917 to task for emputlo ing Adopts Measure Authorizing his office be found parts of the records atditiol legal ai that year. f in the stove, the balance having been "It would aptiar after reaing e Outlay of $45.0tho met, that the intent wts that the Ss ONE OF THE 'FLOATS. The 1xaies repo wises mo lea bies othe rity he tk en are Ip~a lat thF n-e t~~e:.,rd r a 1 m tyeritten waem nriv tfthetm er o ttt it h or Seag DirshWnsPyofSre ONO THEn tLoAtots. ta 100 typ ewratte tag es Inditigy- of hft Said tegal* dcparl mettl, ' the roS1we e chn o hh tpout ti eto infete ou ennye 1917 fed various kfce f t r t ha t the adfr legal as-,and Instructor In the school tru yoeved ayy oot m e i tha rear was WAGE BILL IS asocand sanitation of the th -TITon. Instances of error or large iscrepanies sail to ie for abstracting donte Ini 0. CANOE4 CLUB Oi V DANCI-The In-;n the accounts of tihe officials. At- Inection with the tloid treventin woro,ti dianapera Athletic and Canoe Chub will tentlon is callei ho a nitber if minor iitre f were malh fromodo [Ad t'ls' give a St. Patric' ancip in fed eros some df the m ena s -tpto i o clubhouse tonight. scth bet o provided or t all, it wa ail. Board of Works W;ant a tee nt onil " by the club jazz bant auvenir wll be credit side, tut thee were one thatI The repot also calls attention lit the Fidelit maven to gu e of. There till he cards, fr would ordinrily oie It. among the tact tht rity ofliciat toot a goiil mir Employes Incea to n at thelityb will be served. t msse of transactions hanvlled try the lrips citrt of hhe ot to "Itnspiect edomIP-C ta o t city governmmenh. uent of variooue llnds and that he enor an bns will ete O A The exa n lers, huoiwerer. slii tind ccii- city fouled ile hilts. The retort says assocntio ernaih OARD WILL IN VESTIGATE slderable laxity in tuermi lung eottrar- that.o' stu-it oripis tir'eu teiesaary tgos. allowed by a card e tors loget iy phout ulpoaht ingt to 10nation uld +.itahed ht nake ucht Th 'it ounci o a gh 10 Sasl Ohio street., RBE per cent gutaranutee hu t he city trtust expenudit urea ligal.. toward the funeral P OF PENSIONS huluNNer suspended rules, an or c auLadles' Auxiliary to -""" ---. --- -- - - thorhaing the rIty buur fpuut tn ir* wii give a card Retirement Fund Bouyto ake*+Up Nu to raee utly meeting of t dyohe in eiy rincerLegisturte ai sApealTh buea ofrigexelet rs'u epaiedtatte ainon ttn the hail. o a for Ns Goes Entertainment P ianned n i ich tou t o t ita o s gth I r S ne e e r >amnr. 66w' seag ilaupodaer satit a45ieerh a N for this afternoon, Failed to Act. Out to5Check S e rn oewae dispoe postponed, to lpo oa1iA progran of ian, voice. viotin and l: are of 0 1. > e f R brdnak upretne ai~ ONHAB RSRKR rrI er t te o-iunu.d iroiien hi lnth eas~tant tuxilau-y to the 'In: Although the Legislature did nut prof pu t Mrsc ti rautiugs wt becity dat explained t te rutci -drK to.01m, 0. hen s ano noon.nben cn- v or the creation of a commission rf i cnonuigtut it in i t t it miiatuder sit tx l Ion Ciub No, 4 *11 to make a survey of tue teachers petu- ith tcter of oeB Daeor t tnitd aI mur-ln r snder tc tomorrow at theteLgslurI eo, 2240 Martindale sion problem fi Indiana the mnvestiga- Influtnoza In m an parts of the shale utian FNr Vaut. Talrn. ieorg hyl Aue t nmh sttare t sottat tie tes LRaiE u-try t E ls onmeisa he mae byrte India on slte agai isal drawinea ou h. enr Jaitndarn u-jucir.hhu.u maieain fo su helo toarecde ytti'daptl ChwatienI he-Old o hs a h esr elne nytev usael o oliing oTlr mitu fu.hroitikrct 'ounilg of Ghsaeo ad u of rdg etig Ca t the l Â~ hers' retirement fund board. L. gency nurses' bureau, iake tinllon of MIt E D rci LLINroipr. nehme u 'iuint iaitd tt roitine lingst thea agLptre h bu k il n h makto dues the club Reta oxf the st eatiKeprm t.L-g t 2:45. o'clock, d Hines. slate supenutendent of pub- the ted Cross, 61o-IS lenemke i ouiihg will ha' Marie Tyler, aylch Masuthews n loners before bost cldea ud N OME - iheut. Ito instruction, announced yesterday, and a new call is iituie for either prat- sii".foe Sleuh itc. The entertaiu The owuspensoio e to ets hue so of Robert An. Governor Goodrich. In his mohage to went lu under iino n a tsh iluee ti ' ea or was to se delay he egal avenue, hs been t eea A ask for ticul or graduate nurses. i t the tOrrusi uroe s t oh itit temissane r service and' has ce- athorexaton lo uegn months' service in authria o such a commission do- The bureau issued an ahule oal for it olc proues thtohgk d t Heavy Coast Ai- laigthat reform in the umater of nurses last night, specially directed ti bonds Wotuld thave 10t~5 hc i wvent through hot h caring for retired teachers was neces- those who have heretofore registered IRViNGTOi-J ORAIAIN ldes lutilcation ofth rtuueia-b di officers' training 'mar y. He said. the present method wasx for thl, character of service. SeveralORAI TON umin Harrisoat inade1uats and not sudyfinanced. It,nurses are needed h imedi ately for tiettd ld LDES ME O IA ii hefore the maea etki t Monroe,,a. weeiPA SODESM OR Lwit the Tax t.'ututnuia.i -After service in as std desire that the commissiont make tduty and common y wokMvrrh."- i cu xlie httesn-k r United tates. 'he a,td of the problem with th aid of 'state, h ueu sofrn excellent )o xll rHt lbs trt n The buea acur ofern ore.odaf so tatuiuu departmeuit taI fs onet t Fl wsa-tdetata atart nore t rat ptn itpy for this service. H. C. Atoms, h'reliminary plauis for the organization Iltdhstuing boi rotln o$0. i hen be entered the legislation to be presented for enact- Ichairman of the Indiana infituenza re- I nmr~las~ito eas-100ltdt~ tpxna mont in 1921. lief committee, stated last night that,utof a uettrutoil ou titd th rcn10 heupoiiletoa ftol 9E NAME-A pett- The bill to create commission Was the need ise serious and nurse' riot en sailors from Irvington i 4(rd otaie ls ithts ba h otscudntb ckenged to Thoumas never pressed actively during time sa- gaged In critical cases can render a tigl tame~gl-ia 41Iatsl o it daysafe tmeVcryo alt Curt yesterday Sion, perhaps because it wtas found tuat.Vital service, by answering the caii t-nih W agton shreet. me i'1helltu meetin4g wa as Loan, sodfruick er action wsncsay e re canlkewembe hei such a bdwodnot he necessary 10 tlay. Ftull Iniformation may be huud hby uscnrmmee-e bd ol of Thomas. Ford. study the problem. Under the present ar- railing aors: M goerite Severens inattundeit by representates of twentyithat' name at the rangements 1ae retiremeunt fund boarudhre fteb eu Maim 632 andI i-h g lit hi haulat tie sam ntar Vnordne auth0 orzn thexnd end that his daugh- will carry on this work. It is under- Auoai 2545 ot tingwl be~ T elaAt the sate which AnSodta twl-eatoie yteAtmtc2'48 riac u tame of Mary.Ford. stoo tha it wil besdy aAthrize by thehch *he be given a hegal Governor to em ploys an actuary, B. F. I tlin' a ptermainenut organiatiomn will tue phure of $2,000 to payam rcieto Moore is 'president of the board and CREWS OF FOURTEEN TUGS eftedi. All Irvington iorgautizatious draw tip_ preliminary pasfrtepo umbner of the Reese- Richer anmprove-ment i k rilntoalcr: le Slansburg, torney " general, and JOUIN HARBOR STRIKERS At the iluerting last night Prof.. 1> HueVa.lo asd fe ulswr spent either Sailor- Otto Klass,. ditor of state, are P_____tuiftuna. Mrs. I'. It. Kautz, Miss It l. suspended. Thie1 ordrnne stieot the th I i' eruor end not pet'mitted to come down uteamabips held here, It, was learned h ars ole latter department on the Oasis of the 6th Inantscae n(1.teny ss Oiertha th eighnt-hourn dad. jambn H4arrsni. #,, fo:- tird reading.. tonight. The White Slur liner hushanil. and a native of Brisiol. E ng- ansih-ordy us transferred to ' eletter afro says that the home ruts Adriatic. it was.'aiul, might he tom- soul.e. She restded from 1567 to 11!7 in An ordinance appropitnc $,0 o day morning that under the new park o law thecoeation cofe cmotaa IT A GRAND AND GLORIOUS FEELIN'? - - - BY BRIGGS. lion transedfr te department to the hoard of works. Taggart Writes Letter. - AND M4e RAT"'iiuR A communication from A. Ta 8 'RCN, r' /4 '1T NrE U TNT' gart. president of the board of public I 'IA (154 tee of the Councilsahte addressed to be Peare to,IJ L o.-,jgg4f ident of the Councl, asking acommit-ud ' the safety board and the 0 8/17/2 0 0 6 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M naed orlat aato 3011 and referred to Cohenot

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