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ï~~_,_ f I CIC to give a large nd to increase the breast milk and lume may be inivenous injections OF THE ST. LOUIS MEDICAL SOCIETY 3c C -C Q c 9. 1. 14. No. 14. APRIL 1, 1920 $1.00 per Anni Entered as second class matter October 4, 1907, at the Post Office at St. Louis, Mo.., under the Act of Congress, March 3, 187 910. Burns. leans, La., 1910,.al Assoc iation. anby Robinson -ank N. Wilson 1 Tachycardia u. R. Hrmann ugh McCulloch I Meeting of the General Society BARTSCHER AUDITORIUM 3523 PINE STREET Cyrus E. Burford, Pres. Arthur Gundlach, Secy. Meeting convenes at 8:30 p. m. Scientific Program at 8:45 p. M. -Bell: Lindell 815 Kinloch: Central 6837 On account of the annual meeting of the Missouri State Medical Association, which will be held at Jefferson City, April 6, 7 and 8, there will be no meeting of the Society on Tuesday, April 6. Meeting of the Council FEBRUARY 11, 1920 The meeting was called to order at 8:45 p. m., by the hairman fDr. Cyrus E. Burford Flannary, by transfer from the Dyer County (Tennesse Medical Society, which had been referred to the Memb ship Committee. On motion the secretary was instructed to obtain -uthentic endorsement of all applicants seeking memb ship by transfer, the endorsement to be from the coun medical society from which the applicant is transferrin and if Dr. Flannary's credentials prove acceptable to t Society he be admitted. Dr. Vitt read the report of the Committee on Health Public Instruction. On motion the report was adopted. Dr. Funkhouser read the report of the Bartscher Fun Committee. On moticn the report was adopted. Dr. Engelbach moved that a Finance Committee be a pointed to formulate a budget system to regulate the e penditures for the year in order to avoid a deficit at th end of the year. Seconded and carried. The following were appointed on the Committee: Dr Wm. Engelbach, A. H. Hamel and Wm. W. Graves. Dr. Hagler reported orally for the Hospital Committe stating there had been no activity of that committee. Dr. Schlueter read the report of the Library Committee On motion the report was adopted. Dr. Graves moved that the Librarian's salary be in creased to $112.50 per month, beginning February 1, 1920 Seconded and carried. The report of the Program Committee was read and of.) L E -) 0 L 0 -a) E c0 CO Q. c A -) 0 -D C) C.0 L 0 a) 0 C);i. i cyaaa -, L. u~.. W Dr. Caulk was appointed acting secretary in the absence motion adopted. A letter from Dr. Wenzel C. Gayler resigning from secon,ice-presidency was read and his resignation was ac.cepte The minutes of the previous meeting were read, cor- The chair appointed Dr, Gayler councilor to fil the un c ~ected and approved. expired term of Dr. Paul Y. Tupper. v A. Ambrose The reading of the reports of committees was made the Dr. Gayler was also appointed a member of the CommitC olon..... first order of business. tee on Revision of By-Laws and the Election Committee. -.. Powell Dr. Krebs reported for the Membership Committee The following bills were read and ordered paid: E recommending the following applicants for active member- Carondelet News Co..................$12.00 Pi R. Reder ship: Drs. Matthew L. Custer, 958 Arcade Bldg.; Evarts Zeller Bros. Catering Co.................91.00 in onMullanphy Florist.....isin.....................0 A. Graham, Washington Univ. Medical School; Albert F. Ko g or...... lag, 800 Carleton Bldg.; Algie R. Shreffler, 626 Metropoli- Colin M. Selph, P. M.....................1.55 mos of Con tan Bldg.; Walter M. Jones, U. S. P. H. S. Hospital; John D. Tobin Painting Co..................14.00 H.Orndoff, Rudolph V. Powell, 529 Frisco Bldg.. American Social Hygiene Ass'n............3.0 Ch. Ordof, ltWilliams & Wilkins Co..,................. Membership Committee's report was American Library Ass'n...................2.00 adopted and the applicants all unanimously elected. C. V. Mosby Medical Book Co........... s Clinics S Dr. Krebs also spoke of the application of Dr. David L. The Rockefeller Institute................ 1.50 1/

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