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ï~~N r 4.,, I.'~n l t aw, ds Readjustment of Working e. e..r to Clergy Hours in Business Houses 0Arch ioc e and Theatres at New York O'Colnilasued.a pastoral EW YORK, Oct. 5.-To chock the b.estyand fatithful of the spread of Spuish nfluenza by rey. 'DNth It ia e levin congestion on the city's transm-- itn s1" Ioa au;- portatlon lines, re-adjustment of t working hours in business establishithe aUldhrittes if they must reets and of the hours of "ei hee give permission for formances in motion picture houses * ei!vDee providing weather and theatres wa.s ordered late y Atertaneeh perat. day by the health depatrtment.,' f flollows: The order affecting places Of, ths'elllh which we ar enow amusement, which will go into effect fi heavy with sorrow. Ber tonight, provides that performancs.the communlty Is bearing its in some theatres shall begin as early.o:'grIef for few have net felt as 7 o'clock and in others as late as es he plague which is now 9. The order affecting business estabt u In thousands of shments will become effective MonIkl hl a d.ed its heavy d~."} ths earts J sal rewrungdy Soie Of all aweeping everywiere. Under.he order, all stores except beftdre has this generation retail food and drug stores will open ow, the dreadful uncertainty of at 8 a, m. and close at 4 p. m. pnd the vanity of all human things O Business hours In wholesale and jobet it e said at once: never before u an agencties even while striv -bing establishments will be from re beof assistance. re- r8.16 ea.. to 4.1b, in offices, o equate they all are In the Â~30 a. m. to 4.0 p. in.; textile manS tremendous emergency. ufactories. S a. ina. to 6 p. in.. and Stt i n l a wd h enon-tbxtlle nanufactories, 9.30 a. in the start the public authorS- to.30 pi. hr tand eclesiastical have acted rhuman courage and most Inencare. Nothing which could be aidan cmfrttoth ProFIJeERatIG BYr FARMee kp hasbeen left undone to bring * human aid and comfort to the pr ices on th Ysae Ar mg, and wise and wel-counselled vice for the p revention of the O fu e spread of the disease. oIs manifestly the duty of all of p twthalhe us U E E LE A --esrate with all the authorities PR D C DE L S a mteasures adopted by them for safeguarding of public health and (Special to The Sun) diminution of the effects of the STATE HOUSE, Boston, Oct. 5.-Resle. Whatever man can do. that s"elet ppow all be ready to do. to idents of Massachusetts cities are vicer T hts menaceto the physical ef the community, tines of gross profiteering by dealers e ery one Is doing whatever ale to this end already, and the In farm produce, complaints from the,nd the untiring labor of officials Stte grange to the department of ri nurses, priests, nups and r cos titutes a wondePful ex- agriculture state. A protest was retof the whole community of con- istered today by Leslie R. Smith, maspnservice to suffering humanity ter of the organization hero. *"or log in complete harmtony. all ncto os see so -sacriflcing public servants Mr. Smith made his appeal for the W,,irat ion to the whole cet- farmersand not the consumers,. howe an neffabl onsolatlon d the stricken. Surely God ever, intimating that unless conditions bless them all for their wonderful were bettered It might seriously atk, offered in so high a spirit in so fect the acreage planted next year. He Â~and touching a cause. S c a o presented instances In which the price $ilts 5 htidan5 r of produce at the farm has been kept.' glno t bng thus lly as we down by the speculators, at the same ly do. toe wiieinnees ant co-ap Ow on of als human ad, nevertheless we time prices on the same produce was reo isely becaulse we are so help- being sent sky high to the consumers. a pyuoe s aret tha pour humbyore a potency fore te prov i Onions, he said, are a drug on the oe of our ood God, our lovtg market in the Connecticut valley at r nd falthful friend, and beeseech $i to $1.10 per 100 pound bag. Inferlnr ove all else his gludance its our work is assletanedIn all affliction, grades are being retailed in the city a must meet the rigors of this sad shops at five cents a pound, while the latuon, not with the cynicism ofl the an ing muigerpcs gan nor the apathy of the fatalist, fancy onions bring much higher prices. #1 with the heroic courage and sub- The average price is better than $5 a q._o reslgnation of true Christians. bag in the cities, showing that profilt Smust not be futilely audacious nor5te olhrdy, but neither must we become amount to above 500 per cent between waI41y nor faint-hearted. the farmer and the consumer-and the..jeing prudently taken every hu- latter either finances the delivery at n measure which medical and civic nsel offers, let us go on with life his home in most cases or carries the t111 of confidence in God's loving grace, vegetables himself. 4id while recognizlng the eangere.!.)neither foolishly court them nor cring- O produce Is In the same,njlynayfrom them. condition at the farm, Mr. Smith deGod is A his heaven. His provi- clared, demonstrating that the prof. 4 enoe rules all things well and wisely. 'vltren days gloomy as these are have Steers are working both ends, getting.their divine interpretation, and when their produce for practically nothing.;,ANI4 with neitlit vaunting nor cowardÂ~5lj brit with the slnoere confidence and at the source and selling it at exoro iragewhich our holy faith inspires, bltant prices at the market. 'ay we be confronted with the vigor He asked that the state take- some 'o spirit which is the best and strongOf defense against all disease and steps to remedy conditions, although every form ofnevil he was opposed to any action by the Ope=a-AM government which would drive the "We trust the civil authorities will speculators out of the business. He be. spared the necessity of closing the considered them necessary to the farm ehurches. The consolation of religion. industry, as it is organized In Massamore than anything else, strengthens the human heart in times of trial and chusetts at present, but declared that danger. Should, however, that become unless there is an ease-up on price, absolutely inevitable, then we hope that open-air masses will be permitted from the farmer's viewpoint the crop in each district, providing weather and situatlion in the state would suffer next 0rcumstances permit, thus to give to the whole community the consolations year. which religion affords11 in trial and the -actual and, real..a.otlcation whic ShuJPPLIES FOrnNK th, presence of our blessed Lord works '~iIUI~ unfailingly in those who seek him In.III~ 'L et Us, beloved children in Chcr st, dlecs btabv aland over all, letK ~OFRN[ tiohw humbly to God's Just decrees sd, acknowledging our own infirm- tOs and offences, look up with perfect trUSt and unshakable confidence to our WITH TEE AMERICAN ARMY IN oreator. our ruler and our father. FRANCE. Oct. 5. (By A. P.)1-The "In health and in sickness, In life American supply service reached a new pa ndah i holy will he also ours. "_"" almighty e[nd eternal master, my high mark In September. overtopping i~~rdan mYuod sare nty penpis its August record by 10 per cent. ' rm fficion M lfehas no vleAmerican ports bandied a daily aver. " _ ttbs fr ty glry nd teirage of l s8e tons of freight. Reduced Â~"Strive, if it Is tYdivine will, me, to terms of man-power, this means their unworthy she pherd. Take me. if the handlingofaiteoerwoon ' (liethu wiliest, an dsp ace my faithfulofalteovrwoon p005.. I offer now my life willingly, per man per day of 10 hours. f reely, for their welfare and salvation. There also was a gratifying Increase 'Judhge me, dear master, but stretch 0ut of rolling stock and there now are,_.$vqr my dearly beloved children, themoeta 1.0Anrcp icmovs,, tiCdivie prote"-i n operation, while tb. number of freight cars is more than 10,000. This roliSHgLL stRSck i"sall u sed I thegret system of transporting men an4 supli Every day In August 10,101 Amernplies to the front. can soldiers landed at French ports. Millionaire and Ten Others Munitions and other material are now pouring to the front in an endCharged With Conspiracy, Jess --, n11m n us.Mlx1r,'nS RESTAUR I I I 1 J Great Coal Mines of LiberÂ~ U Lberated City 'Flooded, and Otherwise Damaged P1 IIS, Oct. 6.--(Havas)-The deputy maor of Lens,. Rsly, says theC ilberated city is in ruins and the coal mtinsa flooded and otherwistae damaged. To eolaim the mines will require an ] enormeous amount of work] SThe governmen.ds made a loan of ever two millio 'raos to Lens to e cover the first egpdnses such as thev buying of tools and other implements Several of the mine owners declare that all efforts will be put forward to get the mines on 'a working basis as soon as possible. MISS RANKIN STAYS' IN FIGHT HELENA, Mont., Oct. 5.--Supporters of Miss Jeannette Rankln, representative in congress from Montana. already have begun an active canmpalgn in her behalf as a nominee for the United States senate. Miss Rankin recently accepted the nomination of the national party for United States senator from Montana after her defeat for the republican nomination in the August primaries by Dr. 0. M. Lanstrum, of Helena. WILL RECEIVE COMMUNION Members of Bishop Delany, General Assembly. Fourth Degree, Knights of Columbus, will receive communion in a body at the 8 o'clock mass at St. Michael's church tomorrow morning. They will assemble at the Knights of Columbus rooms at 7.30. Day dress will be worn, including frock coat. silk hat. gray gloves. gray tie and baldric. wit Stor or unia nume. pau ww nwea m, wo almost entirey,are euppbrte iby revenue from t bat, hit People Costipate r ans eonithowIt! so -eY sx4i It seems odd, but l is tri, that you CI-LO may be constipated and not know it. Youcan seewhyIt-is, Take aglass and pour in water until full. If you ' keep on pouring in watqr after the ti.s glass is full it will run over, but the glass stays full. Just so with your bowels' they get full of waste matter, and then they pass off or expel from the body only about the same amount that goes into WASI It in the form of food. So you may have a movement of thew bowela every day and yet there will hetweer remain waste matter that ought to be the cbs removed. Give your bowels a gentle but thor-ple t ough cleaning out and you'll feel great. A fine prescription for this is p ut up large and sold under the name of Dr. True's manufa Elixir. Doctors and druggists use it in their own families. Costs but little and brings health to men, women and product children. Sweet and pleasant tasting. governi Works gently. Children like It. Re- prohihi member the name. Dr. True's Elixir.Adv. bleach. I l i I F $1,300.00 1 Will be Awarded top the Church, School, Lodge, C ing the largest Number of Points in Manufacturer': Contest Star ENTER YOUR ORGANIZATION NOW TELEPHONE 5951 1st Prize....,... 2nd Prize.7.7... ei". 3rd Prize..... How to Help Buy the articles listed below at yourregular trade marks to your organization headquarters. they will be credited with the necessary number o- I NET

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