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ï~~ CtK AND JILL NT DOWN THE HILL GET A ORINK OF WATE ANoThI kV5 At49 tJL 4 " JACtK FELL 5\CtS OF TYPHOID, QUICK.:R AND JILL CAME. FOLLOWING AFTER! 1IKE RASON Why Fid Fever in the housnd-. Typ1hod Germs in the Oram-ptpe (Tphotd Germs in the Creek. BULLETIN OF THE Kansas State Board of Health Published Monthly at the Office of the Secretary of the Board, Topeka, Kan. S. J. CRUMBINE, M. D., Editor. Entered as second-class matter, March 5. 1906, at the post office at Topeka, Kan.. under the act of Congress of July 16, 1894. No. IV. APRIL, 1920. VOL. XVI.. CONTENTS. Garden Maxims, page 1. Morbidity Report for March, 1920, page 2. The Eighth Annual School for Health Officers and Public Health Nurses, page 4. Report of Division of Water and Sewage, February and March, 1920, page 6. Food Laboratory Report, March, 1920, page 8. Termination of Cases Prosecuted for Violation of Food and Drugs Law and Regulations, page 9. Domestic Science as an Opportunity for Sex Education, page 11. GARDEN MAXIMS. Be sure you're right, then hoe'ahead-- A hoe in the hand is worth two in the shed. Spare the spade and spoil the soil. Ground rightly prepared is half the battle. Thrice armed is he who hath his garden planted. Early to plant and early to hoe, Will cause your garden to blossom and grow. -The Chicago Bulletin. If at first your seed won't grow, Sow, sow again I Never put off until to-morrow What you can hoe to-day. Blessed are the gardeners, for they Reduce the high cost of living. There is no substitute for whole, clean milk. Merchants I The egg-candling regulation is effective May 15. Sanatorium treatment for incipient pulmonary tuberculosis almost assures a favorable result. Fundamentally, the resistance of the individual and the strength of the nation is con ditioned on normal nutrition. Tiit hILL )td Germs nepir> into Tuphoid Gerrt in tbe Well Water._ MCM JILL e

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