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ï~~noent than ever mact tae worst is over. der treagneat, which brings the total Fluctuation Is Temporeyy. " -. - -pneumonia cases up to 1V More Nurses Needed. Mao eae, rfi hsarie iures issued by the Sorgcoueneral "Dont stop to telephone or write it from Camp Travis to take commans~d o of thia, as-by sa dc tls! -t ea Bti5seet~i yo gadat nrs, utjup nthe development battalion, relieving campsheporltlnaie mi >Itt.the'talon youare a grdaenre u tm nMador W. W. Schwab. of Cincinnati. teprr.lutain the first train and come to Camp fiber- who has been In c mnd slice Isor Durin tmotgrthe n past 24 or,hours teehsbe mars."says Katherine Leary. chief ganisation. are ncese ers casead Major Schwab handled the starting of amre nraei eSc n nurse. Graduate nurses are needed at the development battalion. and since then deaths. the asehosita, ad nede baly. a number of men have been sent back New cases of Influenasa numhni-ed 1,Slii. The death of one more commissioned to service or to limited se-Lie although dahI he 18n ore anse fpOSorte yetora number of men unfit for service of any tad. ahe aWaiss4.of1pnemonya toofIcer. Second Lieutenant Loui M. Kul- kind have been discharged. Majortae2.4,sagnt218thdyblie, o Copan H Thee unded ndSchwab camne here with the Ohio Dilfoe lias. f Cmpay H Thee unded ndvision, and -has had charge of the de- Deaths from all causes In the army Seventy-ninth Infantry. Ninety-fifth Di- velopenent work In addition to hi duties amps and stations for the twenty-tout vision, whose suome is at Barnesville. Ga.,. as Camp Inspector. hour period were 81. an Increase of 3t9 Is anoucedin he atet lst.First Lieutenant Waiter C. Phillips, of over yesterdays ittl: Is anoucedin he atet lst.Weston. W. Vs.,. whe was In command of Total Influenza cases reported singe beA wonderful work Is being done by Company M. of the Forty-sixth Infantry ginning of the epidemic September 13 now Chilllcothe people through the Red Cross for a number of months, was notiled to-. number 198.7119. I okn fe h eaie h oet a fhspooint ati.H s Cm usoKn.rpre,3 this city to be near their sick and dyin~g now on special duty at division head- new Influenza eases tn-day, while Campiosalh aehsia tCm hrqure' ssesatitliec fier utr ih.rpre.0,adCm Taylor, Ky..,107. The highest number of lman. The work has been organised pneumonia cases. 370. was reported at through the Red Cross Convalescent Club. COMMISIONS AWARDED. Camp Mteade. Md., while Camp Custer The Red Cress Administration Building____ had 27T3 new cases and Camp Grant, III.. has been made a refuge for these aniu Colonel Carter Speaks Before Gradu- 21 visitors. This building, which only saf influenza now is epidemic at three fords 12 bedrooms, housed over 100 people ating Class of First Lileutensants. places In Arizons., In Maryland. in on Tuesday night. The food Is served by erecla L nsPATCre TO te esocuese. many parts of Arkansas, In Louisiana. the women of the Jewish Welfare League, Camp Zachary Taylor, Ky.. October Missouri. Miississlipji. Nebraska, North who are assisting also in sympathetically S.-Colonel A. H. Carter. in commandCaoia rt Dakota. TeneseeoTxa, erot. 1Ieklng after the comfort of these sor- of the Field Artillery Central Omciera' WashitoTnnestVirginiasandrmanty rowing friends. Training School. wvas the principalotesae. List of Dead Announced, speaker at the graduation of 29 stui- The disease is reported from many parts dents. who were awarded commissions of California, while in Texas the malady The following additional deaths. occur'- as Second Lieutenants, has been reported from TT counties, with ring up to noon to-day, were given Out by Brigadier General Feed T. Austin the number of cases varying from I to the camp surgeons office: personally presented comissions to 4.000 in each county. A slight decrease Charles Weaver. Massillon. Ohio. 101 honor students. Thirty of the men is noted in the nunmber of cases reported Arthur I. hatfer.Siliver Springe. Ohio. gautdwl eanhr sisrc in Massachusetts. Jeme H. mith Vinent.Art. tors and the others will be assigned to4 F-rederick Bucanan, Caioeville. Tenn. camps rlsewhere. ALL OF OHIO AFFECTED. Alonzo Walker, Barboursville.,Va Lieutenant R. Atkin. Sergeant R. *Wtilliam Lambert, Oak Hill. Ohio. Schofield and Private 'it. Francktsen. Approximately 6,000 New Cases of Martin Roetteger, Ebenijeld, Ind. of the British Military Mision, have Influenza Reported in State. Andrew Kohues. Cincinnati. been relieved of further du at Camp F~erdinanid itchoec hart. WVatertown, ahr alradodrdt ah Columbus, Ohio. October 9.-Not one of Wisrconsin.ZcayTlran oree oWs. Ohio's iu counties is free from Spanish Alfred E. Huarimas. Logan, Ohio. IgonD.Cinfluenza and pneumonia. Acting Health Jesse Phillips, Otlit. Ohio. - -f Commissioner Baumnan said to-day In Albert W'eisoaanttl. Dayton, Ohio. COMMISSIONE.D IN ARMY. summarizing the day's developments of tester Gilet, Proctorvilie. Ohio. sesciau oiia,,etveTO russsaen the epidemtic. Approximately 6,0010 addl'itaiter Wa tts. Logan, Ohio. hIittfligton. 0.-tot or 5 -The War lu1epart- tional cases of influenza. were reported Shanian lutcin.Covigton Te niont annonced this aftesrnoon, thatitI has to the State Health Department during Shnon lucin Crigtn aTwnarsded cointsisions etisth. folse og the lay. bringing the total number of Art-hie Caanhrell. Seneca, S. C. Ohio- Railhi I' Fear. OoIacol H.aph M caserpotdsnehepimc - Fred l Mitchell. Fremont. Ohio. No..riniton. lb- lord.:llcrilocd.1 Aesrpote ine h eidmc p i'lstoand. Charles F Ws6:ther Clnoeaani. reared to029,000. Leroy Click. Springfield. Ohio Fitst ltentrnas. Moltr Trasstosrt Corps, Among the latest entries in the cr4. Homer 'iomack. St-ma. IN C. Edwn A.-loud. ielccard. Se"otd id Isoln-. ant. ncnest:Gasid L Syliol 'o'ir e,,demic is Portsmouth. reporting 12 icases. Charles 1.. lhilt. L.anaster, Ohio. end Lieutenanot,. Casiy I ocr-.s Earl A Findlay reported 2(100) cases: Piqua., 1,00): William,,lirilnen, tDayto.n. Ohio Malts. (leiseiasd, t-v and tieutenan0v01 "Sidny.X0Sae.1"Mamsug5'; 10' oaster 'ores. Jauieo U H, ssr. oledo; e,2N:Sae,11;)timsug ' Eddie11.i. lro n, Chillicithe. Ohio. r'tii it W litec. 35:H-ita:icroad..In. Dfiance Count)'. IehiMadison County, iilonantin Itageans. 'al ii i. - o.. oral:. Ruoneell11 i i,o-.hTol.d,. William 1001; Maysville. 100: Wilmington.:.10: Ciil~-e, Re'ifii.c5 I (leloliac-. o:.',oi i ndlumbue. 40101.Martins Ferry, 12::NorLle landitt. lornplre.Oi. ta Scwot Carl-ar 'iti'ina, Btoor Cataindowaik. 25. Newark. 2.5;East Liverpool. 21. litieiard i l. liuincan. )iiddietoon, Au--u "tF urson.okiood I r.-n 1: El- Because of the unoffictal nature of the Otayt-i-. T P ifitl i'r,-iec11t1: La-i-no reports it is receiving, the State Departl't-nnsrl'ian4a. 1. Fe-ck. forth Cast--n l'nrt iCFOX. Irwi 0 elot- 'llubunOhio (ers Oga-d ' ielllet lilel l~erument of Health to-day asked local health Irwin 0 Kai~r. Columbu. Ohr.,.>tlhenry.h--i ot Jamles iPliiag. boards throughout the stale to expedite Janice it'eienlerg,-r. Store.. Ohio. lit-saTh-u. ss.uini.i '"i''n Rush R reports Ifromo physicians. Local health Ford R [is' is..aura. Ohio. L. ',ho5500. SliiirgOidOand W:!*'iuii Iitetob. boarsaowredvedttthyae lo 1von FirsteLlieutetin,, Mod 5- tealo,-c d-iedtht he ht ['ni-ont Wc,.t. Philadelphia. Peon. l'r,,, 'rll '..l11i'e o,.,.1.ieuten- full aut-hority to cope with any situation Mbanley Catano wski W\tarerhauser Iao so n-tarC-ie ilseold ": 1+:'i. lies- that may arise In connection with the wi sci"nout..nod --An nI.-iotenant. sp~it t.0Luspdmc %%' ii h,-i-s. cicisoad. Sow-i~dtI. ete 01.epdmc Jam#et l.-lcleo I1.-ernei. Fl itabeih- A-i Or,iws -The Health Department placed a hen{li:i... i,.1 ou ii alter H Bob--i.-o:h fiend. on public funerals of infuena victims I -ho II Ni--hts r.Olniich. Tnn. iT.-," louta'te i'cMcd:;-' V -- c i,.it to-day. The rule adopted is that fot. C hatrl1:l!ionu.Mariion. hio. 'i.:r'Vi-,i..i:saaolie J.-h. V Hoer-c -owed with respect to victims of conF' tt' Zii ii taii ii,.n. llest-%- iI.gat.,'i-,t e t:.ttl Ma-kn;,n.1,.ls.rliii-il-Llie Ferett.beal, r.irtlO Ited.isi tagiotis diseases. The danger. it is lhart-to Hilton 0;,-tnial-w ci. Penn., e sI'!t.ait Sheli, 'cO..ct lSenid said, is due to the gathering of people ClarenceSmlnsi. thatfleiii, Ohi. L tnrtAcne but. lrtik im 1Fs, alyQal in close quarters where the disease lack Alictt. Nalciee. l.a aodlW:1:.miII Hush. tioc-hel "ailtaina. may be spread. Earl F T't-,nto. lI~ancaster. Ohio,. 0i::t." kiah i1.1. csoi- Shaw - Columbus Is hsaving its first effects loon41, I O.-12o O'op Tt.l-,c -'..oe. Indan Mn Vctm. t'hl ~~I"-'.- Sol. t-~tiic tH hmach of the outbreak and tmay close schools aimni.h Pi!-.: 1-4 I,,. t- in~rn 1-01 and public entertsitinenls as the first Tony ~i'! oa- S,,ithien-uInd-ro Puo I Paul Ft precaution. The oily is cillecting megJantet i. lu--+.n I" olloni'oga. Tenn. T-homsa. Jotic-l' l'eoitioet-'o. y.--d. and azines foe the men at Camp Sherman 'thalt- lo.rd-,n. ticiberiand City, Thomas 1-c}'s"'i 1" 'tThi-oioo hF';rtt1I uItioants. Ilditcal -.nt *..'ho-iens i'intwar who are confined in Quarters and is Tennessee Ashland. Sriord I. sutentilisanitary corps aiding in sending additional nurses to Richard [l:,k-t i isun. Penn. -" 'fthe camp. ileasoi- 41vboo--h'btei-ense-'et. -.--- -E-..Saalak-Csas Y. isu~r iItthu-ti. lo'atr.,.- ti.. I en. 'er-n-s I -- 'e:'iao W '.NVAt-etoul.end' ci nimlttoc of I5 waxnhamed toJin i:z" 'lullS -Olt, li-ndl. Inil cti H %Ii Kt.r-.Ci J. ot-ni, i tt. o-h a't c p iht pd m c I-dr i'u 'etti at II.' 1 Tiew.. 1100 1 o.h-a: dt- o cpe -it te eideic \\ \It".Cid~r.M."itt Tein ter. F:. H Dre<ze. N,\'lPck J A. toe- Five churches and a clubhouse were I. i I i tc. t140tii.). ( ttl an! -" ' id -I hiK. Prite. tFtleni l~ia n o u (;. F'. e td n- o Ibdthsos.'o iai.'bs 'toet- HH. FNo.11 i) FV'McNaic)- iri'l1tK convetd pno io~ tals to house the Rc~et H~t rt +. 'le eln"It I iA" niritN-ct-moG. Walscec CGUN-rein. stufferers and a do zen stores, are being Onward Rt~). -iielhesd. s.his F 'Watei. A. S. Gass.. CA. Knoles. T. tupewthostotkcaefte Johni Mtrph). Si James. ohio. T Betts K. R Heagi'. J.P. H~-weds. Jr.. ipdaItct otk aeo h liberi li-otell. I.iitien Hleighte. 4liu. R t '. Wts. F. i'. Purcell. %t'. F. Puckering. oter~ow. };alb Iirl.r~n.Indinapois. nd. ' Hfisaio.. P A. 'itinor. H. F.. tacker. Fred Crop* dotors and nurses and itlhhtisn ndoipis i. 'harlot lettil. F. 0.. Sotes G. Mt Rider. oenethat uhrte h C-islost Abbottl. ancaster. Ohio. Henry- Lon-eriage. S. Ti. Henry aond A. C.Gvrmn elh uhrte h Ct'ocicn lleiiro'. lolL l.iloroer.cmehrtoaefrprsnijud ItllsmIniesn.Miwa.A~.. 5oly-eh gter-atns eeCcmeeetoaefrproaIjud Willim And roo. Miday. Aa- Rolinista nC.. C. W. tiAhonndr t h M..1. lKnowrC and In the explosion are still here 'aiding Itpt I. }:et r, Piqoua, Ohio. Osexe SR. Prios. First Lieutenantts John F. in the influenza fight A shortage of George leaney. East Liverpool. Ohl*o, ilk ad ei, 0.F. Heaisry, G. sdnctore adds to the gravity of the sitHotse Nelson, uloeIy, S. D. Ninety-third Engineers - Captains Thomas uatIon Clarence From Columbus. Ohio, Haney. 0. N Fosreester aid E. 5Drier and Twenty-eight of the victims of the Vinlet Lieutenant J. 8H. Heapy. pares withis ii ane 350 go!rsesday,.iew I an otag save e_;: niDe aisio cases of pneumtoia uaunbered';only = 12. I hive pvoferod:peace.-bu i w hereas estsrday ibby totafl4 1 wiltapurescIwe utifft. ton i', - -PNEUMONI&OI 9LVES TEsttle Creek. htlhh., COtober 89-e'ortynine deaths due to -pneumonia were-announced at Camp Custer for.tie "pilod from I o *clock Tuesday imorning. to.noon to-day. The total numnber of- patients -In the base hospial. withi either 'Influenza or pneumonia to-day,.'was 1,630. -Singe' influenza appeared 'aitt Camp Custer, about 10 days ago, ther, have been 1$, deaths.' HIGHER RATES TO HAWAII. Washington, October 9.Appliation. for authority to Increase express rates $1.10 a hundred pounds from San Francisco and other parts of the United States and Canada to Hawaii was made to the Interstate Comtneorce Commnis-. Sion to-day by the American Railway Express Company. SPREAD IN1KANAS. Kansas City, October 9.-Spanish Influenza Is spreading In 50 counties- of Kansas and closing orders have been issued against pubic gatherings in 15 cities. Three hotels in Springfield, Mo.. have been turned Into emergency hospitals. There wero 212 new influenza eases reported there to-day. All public gatherings in Oklahonia City have been stopped. DONAHEY'S FAMILY ILL. Columbus, Ohio, October 0.-A. V. Donahey. State Auditor, and his 10 children are ill with influenza at their honme here. Of a family of 1'' Mrs. Donahey is the only one unaffected by,the disese. None of the caseelis said to be serious. SPREADING IN PHILADELPHIA. Philadelphia. Penn.. October, 0i. - Influenza Is again on the Increase In this city, For the 24 hours ending at noon to-da~y 4.013 new cases were reported. In the same period there were 104- deaths from influenza and 124 from pneumonia. OFFICIAL OF RED MEN DIES. Chicago. October 9--Wilson Brooks, National Secretary of the Improved Order of Red Men, died here to-day as theresult of injuries sustained when he was run down by an unidentified automobile Monday night. CAMP MILLS QUARANTINED. Mineola, N. T. October 9.-Camp Mills, which heretofore has been oily ciightly affected by the Spanish influenza epidemic, was placed utider iquarantine today by order of the military authorities, Commanding officers were reticent. se'tog only that the action was ireceutlonary, rather than remedial. MALADY HITS LEXINGTON. sreciLtDInPATiCH To Tus aXiiclaOO. Lexington. Ky., October 9.-The number of csaes of Influenza in Lexington Is 191. according to Health Officer Den. ole A. Furlong. Three death's havr been reported. TOLL IS 75 AT CAMP MEADE. Baltimore, October ii.Se cot'-fits men died. 106 were stricken a-Itt elui"nsa and:'V) new cases of peuemonia deo'cli'ed at Camp Heads during the last -,4 hours, it was announced to-day. __.a 5u-M -f lhl1r.e4 - ts u,.n,,.. r -to-day,sthe=gtiest -otc -Detc Daniels..:Sir.'ris::-aid:.a wre roses- on Washington's-tomb ray escorted.through the ma"nsei return the stopped apt Al exasdria, whae; Christ Church was.visitend,; Si signing the' church_ register; "Talk _ of peace at this _tima to paralys.:the: energtes of 5 stud Impair the usefulnes and -g tiveness of munition workers.S said, -dIscussing;..the Germana to -obtain an artistic.." There caw be. no - greater p the cause,oflitberty,.decency -ms mxanityfir 'which:th. nlltbs','" he.added;."than:' a. relaxal energy.:brought'2about. by,:a-:. conviction-.thtaf.'the- war- Is.ats and, that Germany:,Is tlke3 sn,herome;;ltir-s 'ti8.'IYt time pveaatlqn--andsetvfing" PARIS"PAPERS8;PLEAS With- PresidettWilson's 'Res Pance Offer. - Paris, *'October 9.-President: j reply to the Germin peace 'note.w haihled in. the noon; editions.of_.thi papers:to-day and was greeted- WI eral satisfaction and expression' proval throughout Paris.: Comment-ist made as follows:. INTRANSIGV.ANT-=The. respol President Wilson, -by its -sincerl good faith, cuts: with t.single sir snares laid by PrInce Max of Bes LA LZBERTBi-.WIth a high. cor the President of' the United 'fita comprehendeid that he Is. not,* n but a belligerent.' The 'prealdent also establshed. what guaranate first be given before las and the alt even be able to examine the props LBEIKURE (Soclist paper)ply is not a brutal refusal. Thec mains open for ultimate negotlatic er first accepting the 14 points wii plete guarantees. - The last. paragraph of Presides eon's note made a deep impresi Parisians and caused much fs comment, as it. was taken by the tion to directly councern -the Hi let-n family - and the military p Germany. The gienerai feeling Is that thi matic tables have been turnedc many, which 'tried' to place thea a difficult position and that Germs linde herself face to face with problem which she attempted to ft allies to solve. JOURNAL DES MEBATS-"Pi Wilson has not allowed himseglf caught. Hfe demands enlightonme lays down a preliminary no: President Wilsons last question at the very heart of the Germa erment; It is a blow-in the _I face.' GOMPERS FLAYS 0ARMISI Says It Ia' Maneuver To Unity of Democracies.' Washington. October Se -Get request for'-'an armistice Isa maneuver to weaken the solids the aliedl,-countriee s tthe v. Samnuel tiompers, Presidents American Federation of Labor' me- h Aeca mission. Mr. Gomperss views w forth in a cablegram received at headquarters here of the Ac Federation of Labor. "The offer of an armistice.' e. London Diplbmats Praise Pr Wilson Por Stand 'He Tot London..''Octpbtr ' -=In;;.dip: circles bohre: -Presldlent - Wklaonl 1to thep pe.~oaoasof1Prnce ""'^ RESISTANCE Crushed By Italians. Who Occupy One of Most Importanit Towns in Albania. Rome, October J.-Italian troops, pushing northward in Albania. entered the city,oL-81Basan after ct-ushint stubborn Austro-Hungarianl resistance. the Italian W~ar Office announced to-day. The Italians are continuing their adEi Basan is one of the chref towns of Albania, and before the war had a population estimated at.00). It has numerous mosques, and Is the seat of a Greek Bjshop. LOUISVILLE ATTORNIEY DIES..sPetoto tierotc. TO THE tulatiAe. Louisville. Ky.. October 9.-Arthur'H. Mann. 31 years mid, diod at his home to-day of pneumonia. He was a native of Louisville. a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and the Harvard Law SchooL'

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