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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~:... +:=:==, Nn.IMr I+M.....!, = l!"....., _________....'APPEALMADE D emaiiMawsbLOLIIHIER NVASE -- _ YOUNG~ WOMEN WILL BEAR.1,T STO ASSIST fN 1A LIG EINDay Sale of Twao- Lines of N.-M. FIuzAoAs. ealing Blouses Models, That nu iaon s becomin.rI charge ofj ti~ Piliis Cou,,, (indudte TheirLovely olorings and u g -Y _ _sr I1 'night Mr. Rerohn-f s ~e f't. _"1r4Iul ron. f l U t '-e' efit~.Ji't e cals i ij' Stvies to the FI Suits.,, e tii appea'.,ut ou c11 tnrniikh h Sthe last year ken e Re i-L ss curses in d ietoica and hoine cart r.At i he t1rin rs... ie is appealming FS i.aff t u it to o iunteer a harge m orhet a r iounty radp - Ai- -e: e N s -e -::e~ they l6 -Po v ne, hoo~s ad.r =_ ITS -..P e_,, a " T.+',e n 1na, e _t~ z "! i e ble of caring for these influenza patient - 1she aid, and shoutd olunteeri their services as readily in this' epidemic as they would if they were needed For service in France. This work is just as patriotic and just as important as the work behind the firing lines. The Governmept.." calling upon them now to assist in getting this epider ic under control Srs P mbert is' going to get a con-:, _plete list of all these girls who have taken Red Cross classes and make apersonal appeal. to them to assist. She is trying to form units of eighteen practical nurses and nurses' aids to be in charge.of a gradurate nurse for work in army- cantonments, but so far she has Snot succeeded- because of the small number of registrants. The local Red Cross chapter is doing all in its power to- cope with the situia e tin. The women's Workrooms have cor Regular $11.50leted 7,000 gauze mask and 300 pairs o Blouse pictured on the left of beautiful quality Geor- pajamas which have been sent to local, features the ornamental silken embroidery of white hospitals an a army camps. The womeni s snowy surface. Around the collar Venice edge al- are now at work onan order tpr at 50cn ales with pioted edge. valescn robes. The workers wore bus modey caesterday canvassing the stores or beaded in floral design, to St. Paul Sanitarium alo ne. has All the Dallas hospitals and camp ho.pitals are crowded so far beyond their greatest capacities that more supplies of all kinds are needed. The Rted Cross is meeting this demand as rapidly -as possible. INFLUENZA WILL PREVENT LIBERTY DAY CELEBRATION. Influenza will seriously interfere with l ri, 14 a $ V e the observance of Columbus day in Dal' itured In It fe las today, which has also been pro-, u o a claimed Liberty day in the Liberty loan t w o e campaign by President Wilson. In ac4 yordance with their tusual custom, the loheal Knights of Columbus were to have celebrated the discovery of America on this date in 1492, but' their plans have " - 4 1been upset by the influenza epidemic. Â~ ' Elaborate preparations had been made by 4-~ the program committee, including a parade and a meeting at the club, and the is meting oothise dends tomidlyowa po IAll local banks, including the lederal 1.1 ' InfReserve, will be closed ithroughout today, The Federal Building, with all de- partments of the postoffice, will b& open as usual, wi B. Luna, assistant postmaster, said last night. Department stores and various other mercantile eaStablmnt wil Prsdnt cls. Followin Regular $6.50 and $7.50 Values Ia~sunnsvnnt s~o itsdausualicustomionuthislholiday, the 3los iutrated on the lef allis th neavy Geor- Cotton lExchae w3ill beclosed.xb G.S onlthe right io likewise of the navy Georgette Commerce and Manufacturers' Associalouiseoctionraied yheser y thtfh ambero hoosoe gray allisnce, and lavish gray and navy il ce f dayth athe p mn h servance of the holiday. _A ng_" Elabhuge parade in Chicago is said to he planned for today, but it was pointed out yesterday that Chicago lacks $129.-,TTRese000,00 ofring its c itlo andthr uotatol Of 1rmm e na S at 10 Prtmoe-o th' hlf, wa s Dlla bceeded its quota several days ago. Dinar $15 and $I,.+0 Values ' RAISED TO RANK OF MAJOR. all, close-fitting models ' e Cordially the accounts of subscribers to Liberty Loan issue, who have di their subscriptions be handled t and who have not already accour We also call attention to ou posit facilities, which are as mo plete and well-equipped as any i1 try. You should have a safe depo your Liberty Bonds and othe papers. The merican Excha National Ban &&3' Capital $1,500,000ooo.oo. Surplus $1, NOT TOO BIG FOR SMALL BUS NOT TOO SMALL FOR BIG BUS P rOeInniing your banking business we call atten and In inviting your banking business we call attes

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