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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ 14,represoni ote. of the tfsty tN ~et ttkn in"the of o ad i ov ett o b mhdrof, 4t O iautee, Axt tt. lhio wonlt of the ".lf de tn htouilb the bp* of the tchamber)C to Colotye1 Wamen, Unirted States Coulu' 60M~, at Buffalo, Waa cinder s *istanice to th On*4 wrd its boats a t this pie."* ~ais medately youth of the cling oite Summerville saidl southerly to the the es~rV6 thtlob. It bha bent a be t h6 oeporty of the New,t 4lfwayfa, hut it has been 4 a. partI aogreete to t, to ha Jiedoral overnyrneflt pier propi'4 No~w pork State ialwnym a, and immediately adjoining. sda 5teamship Les. has taltuil tr lease of this land from thq I1way cowpartyand the right ie pier wil be held by INelrnl the Now York Ftt ito RailThe. Canada ctepmshitp Liel reed tImediately to' plane t016 epair acid propeeato VN 00011po ini i. rrpetya.rtninal build 4;fllefist of otffle, waiting tgage and freigh~t patis and gPatton exaaiiatIon quarters. SO 4c by the. Wdetnal iaratios 46,.lit -Wl~l be abtt 101 feel the Ahttatd aY onthe r.' i steamship c 7iIs i pInozi a t M Ik 4Itht t teter r. cWitwit t1 B..L& P i L t t N r TLieuten-int.leeu l olla ni, otee- of iJ,.. aviators nt Baker 1l"ioll. ic t.erielimi ill with pnumonln. probably fehl1ovriiic On at-tack -f Spanish tlf~eirei. rt the IePn [Prat -+if pitai. Pr. i it d. ceir eoi.l Athe Kodiik 1fork S ' e- f Air l'beeti. graphs'. Ix In ~n iurr.' i if. t"aei. I (eorgr' fl:iwini. of No. 1 Ati n his's. lee seiffering r l-mninan tiii of 1' punieeie influienza, lIto ons hs nee'ficonn sni D lix on a ftrrrlgy pa-'.i-i t e trir"iin - lie i++ att'nrtri hbyI ir. 1elumolll("..liar. Hill of Iee ierr a ' ieee".1.. iI ltiurn i i laset ei '-iuiuoit f int Iii"s p:ti ot iin. rtoipi. ettek ill, hilit rl' 1 i to-I oct iii- wuiitl re - (.01or. I'h. i pat tii i t it pee rid. IrIto the cseconid statgo' iii Owtic i-ri-o 'i'. hav-ing Jifl:t iiiiifiii 1r. 1I lou-i i- ' if tlh~e'swehti stns ijlvi ii oril -ilc t 0. (";f -I-iiI ' (114 lO rot(o V1c'A.PD J:. (,s coe~i'l SIi:iutibtfi et~utit-ezI. tric:1teire Muia Caravan, Order of the Aibaushira. Or.. jofli tfh. meing 4.11i% hea'lth witi hold its anal meetting ext 'i'uis-re"olfit,r rtiiiiiI,+,' t it siclie.t i:ii to ro- t day evening in (Coumibia hal, 8t. i'i ntigirt tto tliii~u I ttctm street.. Iadward J. Walsh, grand (Otto- no reporheirs- r" ~~fi-"I.ei ccc.iccuics.11 rnntd.'t',will rtreshde at st ioi e-tutg s ~f thc- (ilciuiln tt it 50Ii, i. i 'nt called for the election of ollcers for inext kn-it-l~l, 14 istt i ttr110W iOiniui.hut pro(!. year and outlining plans (or fii-u Ill~ ' oh-"t hi.'.-ac ne i t), liegrip. w h i h n~-l tuvition. mn'ni llrroc i1149'2. Irn, tts'rhaices nlittle+ * l~ccpom'tun wiltlii' given on the %t's k 11 Tot!' -t iil *nt formn. the piant year. ureutiun ith, its r-hariustu-;" because of wnrtiiise irontdithonutsoi it"i' Epidemic Spriualn WesKtward. imI of woii ry from oilher l tAri$'. Wili t ho' otc-eption of n.t p l's.tle MIieh has hbeen no ime site th 'nvan fur 'ne feofuhhis+nfrfl-' r f t amfort andtI osit'tthirte of the tnrts tit- t'siflr' of 'vhliit i unintuhe-inc-c- of hero:fid nt.theii'other i urfliy ras. ' mu i i ic-otael t, t o i hnejilt iii. tlie fi-t c i. e.till to avet t iardeebili friifll the t filti fafrirly frre-fromruithe 10c-rnllr'd I'pncilsh Who baud bP~e gtt ito the iolioree A Lereronisl, record breakingits influozo. Tilit-e oe- oo tci.1 r n,".tht mnany respectsin tbe history of theiurler of nit soer. kri-pot tr-el tenh- iof cry reeetypei. 11' te ngs -ithis r'eemmctnity it Rochestter, w1 A ed ts (111 ' an wi lii inc m+ie r rout f on t thrick In plansa will be formulated for stir-th r one t{a iassthe ieiirniie K",,.to hei td surpass, it possible, the last..lit Acr etln wa ar nuinh'p-kn car~d with the policy of the,rganizratieu, ir i. ttttd~ttinIopc~. after the business iseetinsg there is. to lee chiit0f'y 'itiv it's hich 1iiil1iii,1t.% 1,i1111t1p% 1tire einte'tainient.loti. an entertainment. _____ According. to Dr. florrnnnn M. Ilirp, ~ A state commissioner of health, the.- pre S1J~ b o A LI~S vatiling epidemic resondihling iitliutenv.s a n d w h i c h i s t h e. m o rt o xt e ' i t iy e r. s n o a n w i r ' r, t o t e c i r e TO USNE S c'erformof the lafluican whichup reared in epidemic in ISfl te netd~ t i n a V 5 eo'tlcl. sdjoilA th t~'ity' linei c'or r short dialtaces of iiit orc -iirniei lperaltu tttiitt~ ef t"ieeiitieOctJ rit their orchards anil ilk111, "Y.o anrd boyst i I liete t. ci tieee h ~feelehr Sundlay isttie'day ict i ijei t ite rauids are tuiiii'e. It.i ed i it " prodiuce of the 'ttiiii~ eeli tcet.t dollars lihas beent' cdu iii ti iiiDil erty uicar the ncity twithini liii lee Yestrday Umienett W. \ i whO basa ielarge fruit flst e s-c Itour.MlilC groc.ery its, t; re c, %\v to his appile orctard tier t tIitc t 1aerviflg things in pg-utri Il. lieIa n jjifl itt('d lBeici tutu tis cyears old, who are StilleeIi, ive 10Y. I -- itgtiio t t 'e iul'ti!fli.l -eel theorchardsi ise i iiiti tte tee ti leaitheri'an~d c-out lt tile11-i h:t llt. baieikiut 1%Itlt so iie-i a eell 1etc11I ncurl)Y. Guns Draw it, hut Not 1-le -mr. rttr i u fcrjeti l liet ieit 1.a.e;, tiielit ~ aof't".i. - 11 tic tte.' I Ot el eelI, lee eel t I,,eeeit,,",Ila r 011ie t eei uilc i \ei t " 1 tptt141 ',1, I1. i\,c:,eel 1I.' c t n -ic-tt,. N.ic' ic-c I. I allt i t,Iatei A~. \Islier. i,1, -1l,","e ~f 1 i r li t.ce I iri-le'. l's iecc lei l i.,1 11i ~:i i I ccl iut aiiiiii ite' fcc-e-it - i cr c-eiii!,trii et ct - cit tie cie Ic leetxe1 l eec-e I l '11Itc,i i tt t-1Il,i tt it tcc;1eu icr tc-s itn ii~nt ieee-i' ci'r:1ie t it i 5 tirc-. ' t te- ice i- or-c' -tilit 1.; a'reih it e-1,11el i t ii- t it Iel l i rry eel i-r:c I1 iciitt. ' t e It~n e-, v i t cc tue-poti ut 1; i te- tine'li. In thi 'l'a0it -rr- 1ittitah I t i tee',chardie i t ler's,rim n tnsrt lte' cittuflt te fiietidr ticp hry:1Mr. Trntctini tail eel All Sent to Shelter. I ~Fewest August Failures in it is, uiecordinR to this -t icil i ee ito-. +I ity, the same disense. first herd of in a, Years Reported. Ruin lnt spring, and honce cr p jQ St ________,ishi influenza, which haqs i cerrlt a*hse~ t1etatioq wtllr bi mTho uews that the' Alles' 'smi-es ace months 'spreadl over nenll' xiii tcror T -" 't cne lce-c ti-c; ~~ a i 7aU bunging on the gates of the duetnies' coon- I ncludlhg (lerinny, Itnly. I-'r ne-c Eng- 5 ires tk-tex(orie 'Wlii'sNe. i kl ~~~ ~;#r At t tttes is astimulus to the business of the land, and lrelnel 'rho cleislaclint fori U trnd street.n inNlvr i % -tta5 t~le fait4 States, atecuring to the October tiore seems to he its leinni dlegree of ecm",ien itlenuse; V; ilird tahlcrce t at t h'a ir' N~ational B~ank. It inun4ci-bility. Eidiemics lea a oc-curred - lov Itotitlison. No. _1049 - nIi-uu ~tW ht Augut.464 thle smallest mum- ini Cheliseat, Boston Srracisse. and, ine Leslie sod RtegilnhtI' lar:_ c m leeal lt-es reicrted in any fact1 i a maj~ltyv of the military'ea }5~) Lexin ton avenue. the'ec sr r r eara 'hese 1. a of the P~ast.. in qtgccase about 4,'0.ported to the Shehitut u, r'!:sn l all bra'nahbs cased ha-re been, reported and the Mir- juvenle deinrquency. hiywlbe a ore Conty tleltpet 0 8/2 4/2 00 6 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M court.on last weei r

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