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ï~~ 1l an,! 3 *. 1.ji llw r* tb. i sI: L 1 _. ', ',.., - ' ".,.. +.,,, '... " - e..,\, 1.. - -_ _. _. -.:_f1, ' ',.., ",,." -" - -. -- _,. ".,.... '," r.:.: 'i Y. ' -r3i i4' CINCINNATI SANITARY BULLEINP S?'A FEME NT OF MORTALITY Ftjr -n-3e-. d te: -g. -_ I Diarr'yuea (under L'.. yar,-_ -p.;: ifluenza -. 1 Acu te:'nterior I'ulio- trr~!it 0------ ViolenceClasified by Age ".. s t,.,r.. > iF-_.i fi.. " '. 1-'. '-:h. {_ %F i: _.;r _, 'i! - -}};.::; r" 1 i'-. '. " - #: ' ". r.. _.. -:: Jul. 2 l1 Ii n. CNOINNATi:--a VOL. -2 AUGUST S. 12918 N~t 'u. 1i Und,Â~r one year - -- - - 14 * One to fiveyar. -- Five to ten-ycars----------------------3 TenI to thirty yas-----------i Thirty to si.:ty ye4--------- Over sixty yas4.. -- - - ' Births Reported Inotead at the Ciiaiouad 5'sstotiiaa at Ciainti. Ohio, as satneon ome~Pr x2 47 32 3(1 PAti' IOTIC PURE:FOOD 5 P. s l I itii3tS. e ' Colti. EXPOSITiO 1..3Ndi'itLi!Ii' Fofit t r'mi t~i e tc3 i its relyln; Pob C~3!r~ii~f Irid.. unty 'EX o1r'nze-t Farmi tile, 'tinii to _ the a;'ijfirilii if le at5, tiiriin (. )liilv 1430 'X iiiii (1;lr ineapil ilieac=ofl '1 =Eriau i i~l.I 1i.e r ec c rorcah c xli its wih.. ari' te1 oi Fod1ea a socus-:F r d -Ex osion i;which apead osT Aa..i nilU-3n Tues.Ja:uur0a hse t ars:Â~.r%aiur.g die a;eniciesrep-- Park;''u ack.:flan. aspicca.oi -the 'e e i de.lna 3oard.oI Heal h _'acrd thic Crui~cin Pl 1 \l llFl I 13r~~ d 'iati aPI Hamplton Corxi'y t u2)cil *lar 0t the IJ'1. ii 4ar e 2camti = s N atioih D feuist.,E 1.fl Ll as,a! L--".n1-dg S i'simlar. riai tObthe. oid~c 1cd n ee cl.te those _which ini trrOw -1ritnec rinet diisons' the -oti-atiotial Osig i. gax eii-i pr"pa ganila.of;the ferat t t{' lenon..trtratrons:':under-:the direct i-id war departmecni: ts eflig ipe uOo he-if i: ~ road rcin-crlft --,the 1var mitt e ot in. e.t.ii'eilf ationat wnork exhits t mhsr.te ' na ~A3~to e bltosi etw een ot savisng *tare of sp.ecial interest - - -p:::a':::~a: Lsd% en lieElare na ollow aic and the tparpsrec Aii as lo i:pe as olcs drn he xo.fell--for wiahich the: savin s:mn t bre:,made,an Ilthe commelrtcial ex- I tWSd43 ti'iu;*s t i 01101-too~tct Niibits which tverlt all seklcced with Day a.vice to their edlucationah rauaili 1e,~~sa August 7 Meat * ficatiota to be in. a showi of this Deilers' Day kind..Ihirsde3:,ugust d, Retail Food * Tha -United States -Food Aehoin- rDealers' Day." istration.tile hi o State- Depart-- Friday. August 9,1Kentuck-kDay, mertit of Agrictiltorethre.5United Saturday, August 10. Military Slates Department f_--Labor; ithe Day. Council of -National- Defense, the, Continued on Page 3.. i * ' -White gate --- ------.- 80 * - '__-tfemal 7g. * Cooed male.--.------.6 -. Colored: female ---------------_-------- -Totals_.----------- _.- - - -170, * Birth rate --- I50t.. 81' 78 8 178 22.40;3 50 '3 - 14.48 CIICLINNATT SANITARY BUTIEI REPORT O!- CHEMICAL.A"-ORATOPY, JULY, 1918 t ~ u i1 tt: Da)ty. 7 'rd~. x~x3~.Ce.: Pastry;.U-!1.. U-t.

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