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ï~~I 'the ied - ant a tea dini rent. aj ot taryj Sta t fee 9e the i 'pn r o rest you ccept cey Eth 4 presenti d by s leia) yotgbe lgid'.d ek~ the Preient if Amery a is.address to jtd'; yon teghth of. bis:s' et ddr~esses., malt a franks d dirct on iiti.the caln~eaa~go wuent? of the undar o thtit the process ondtioo!a,iast ce are *left10j, g~et a ad'n --.othe governmpent hicI do es p'o de abso. iare ea thersi- persi*jeih th roosls aehi in sin past a kgshipu alone, but the-erZ t'boats and crews;seek to make in)ieir present enforced._-adFrace Gera couenrsed o e bee r e. ier'a if not destroyel, ~ne tain not only, Ibut ~ften T e: nationis a "'iat not be apct while acts of unaati tiona,Ibeing $ aue Presi~d. Q also, the o,,y e PT,E S ALL Ci S EP Alleys, FAILS, IS Poorrom, Bowlrn Ales r -; Cabaret~ Also Ac 00d toI nd.French e?4 dq Front, Flu G sing Ormer. More)Jig Plcoga Ae e Ou~ak #Li a,e; Public VI dings Tabooes Must be Boo nri UTBoat Too, as? Epidemic;cGrows fO k A D:es _te _l uota for city, *21 000. an b 9't 3[L advance nAs bee4scored LO A Al shgl hold last a snct sles, $jl3,,~30 t of y lg n H Dittol. and French osee'ons t'qut il pfd "rl sb- f o re aes4 Rooters o'Lye. R tilerst t. ltu n ginsalleys.. tabareseÂ~a4 lg' eoals foeg aif~l n o ta and LI q oat nfkotL today. Publi wnddlng* banned. 115500 PREB 'in h to taken allItlonal townso -4oorteen mooe deaths reptrted. ting the pa wit~ one tp old an ndv ed two to three 011 jo OHIO-Fifty Oe addlflopl 06mbi- Increase, and an addltloj $1,P 000 IbelO 'a W~ i~f r it taotof Econc. '' munltles ae {.ed. Toal uomber o frpmn the Clivelan# CII Iron.-1 -b0 AMRICA S hav con lcuqd tt eBird4-i cases oax&. dt Â~0.000. - the first large corporal on to 44 hls >'s dftV e ow, t of the!t4055 lntkbe flee ATtloff-WhIl the Isle' nsa gpl! t1e 1,5 of hfav couinter attacks, demic is sllg tUp on the d crease lij hslttsCsel.Yu Y Bch 1f ltlso R tI5I ntlouos gal is In the Doplalj army camps, doe to ext me loola-' hit what ollicale oelesa wiUi 4. top gae s, tion smoan,,Itcontrl'e unlahated Into a winnIng stride n the A35tiR CA. s transform VladIvost ok hogutacup inare " lu prt CrlW A~e- hrogo~ eunr~ In lsin-Llerty loan ieampatn. Into ih lna otCr. c - ports a loorgincease, a, feeull ' To Insue msuces must d4etsat ears as man' wrt. ~night school hand alt w h our tot than maIntain the gai of ayi llni ae rdrdcl d:d are con- GERMAN PAPIRS demnd the alfdI- ___ 4l~d but If the 'douhling' op prsc t Is1 axatlon In tastlA of ttjle kaiser, offial dle' Every pubsic parochial aid privet more geet qlw~d(l n new h s- ptt ot a~e nsy school In e;cory will S oso their can lie reason ily sore o once] ore t In a me. r BERG A8d hold regular boe Id liber. doors for a Indefinite po sod after reaching itsegnal.".Vie Chelatsn ut by hob owesol fn Grsa p' today s eee~e, and the; usenet o Charles L. Breysaid eel ast n t. tag In 1- poIn hlpGborprs Art and all pubill llbtirr ll I Merely malntaih,.t the cs s hut beginning tomorrow. n pursu of today will leave us )with a fict old Lon hoe brought the allIed troops wttnoc of an order Issued terday h 01040 rday night. Reports from the no w rderage;othenm cot defenses. Health Coenlnsloner Rocks-j banko and workero, h wever, ndlmeneac nis ut Illat tlhe guns frogi them hdove 'of- wood, as the, Spcnloh Ijfllilnia epi cats a hetter realloatlc n of t inmanne a tI feielno] cipostion. -demitc kept prea tng. porathve need for 'doo ling up." IfI -100000 -ste- Medotloile 1o the sou~th the tier- At the same time, he0* ded the ev-rylooly wilt cale~ the 'Iluy pore ch boo Pr- nso are offerin~g stiff opposition to ban against jpublic g h floe. td bonds spirit we sh4it o over. "r re ont llrltist southwiet o Valenrlennes pool rooms. wllng al ye and clbs 'Neither worktes lobuyers moot not, w liich and oa t A olesfims 4tor In ani en- crete which must no 9pen tli underestimaeo the slo *ftthe )ob. We IY ths rlp deatvoi" to prevent this closing Ii.if morning. i can do It, hot only by otlcklng, to It urn all to thte idle oaok and thnjlapture of this In addttlo,.he poln d dot that 4seery moment foit the n ext five i thnecoait importantJ town, and, also Valen- further incfoske In t o dusnher of dayn.' o Ike 'bi; ciennee. whch are i1l!recarIoun In- toeswill pertesltats additional l'' liee ns he 51.i. Ulle as Ist n In f pi pncer movement gets well otrltIone dovering pla nwhen4 Cr.Obr f14I.~an onhe wi"!r(esto ('ae"-,C. Interpreted the sl)l to double a front ~ft. "ri 0 rtt- tit h! oermaewere Al cnnerrnaslie rrrus'' to meat 'lo Ike tmit.' lic Inre"li ~reacl fl ~j loch from. the renl1on of "Itn order to 4void nedniotlty folk,/ teed him original oihscrIplion of Lion. tla -t'" e riHldthe entire '8.' firller r H retflloeo 10p tent thO 11.5 I A ll~~.i r I ir,cul-!'itt1una t 4.1l' -etto In te Ian" f frthe-r sotrld oo-u"tsdli s, It will Price Mc Kinney.ord hit{osioi1 loIug ne-Itheo1Iv."01"0. In ihampagno 11e0O i mperalioo for hoste operating tia nol ohorlllllon *afirOh nd ~ ctlpno loa"+ iFre, oh0hOt:Ic tenen labled tmake ' oloren. fac.toriesarid 1shopl, to prof}imade it a half rolllo. i Wlliam,(I.. theater Isn't1;feilfitrri oo, ccc of the Alone and vcnt patronte and employe4from lI Mather "doubleod u Irnn $ rdl1lklO taen 4Ikjte mot,'ciall, it. better lgseir front exiot- tering or eopgregatmog In 5"op." he to #:1100,00t. Harry Coolby lo~oh an i heud.4oar. oord.1 tlkailltandlhg the stoic di- said. additional $5.0,00.! 15 hesnhap- fencesof the einmy 0cbIOreallne ItoIs lie furth'.r jiohlhlled all puhb i The Brotherhocod f i~allwhty~Fralnthe Junt..n of the ralost Importance 1o hold funerals and weddnts, end issue* merl bought a furttjr I-l2O0. worth ong to OlienI. hack the rrench and Iticlano dclv- oprolal caution to ree fcotar~te. saloon~ of honds. briil dg heI brothetbood s tiob are ap- ing' northwartd. and cafe,it..11rhi I n ltene pl0ao total for the fut hj loon f.iI to Is front re-' A bs"trif t heos.ouadthe l hidIuthoectrl tt+l I.ddln.t - $4'2,00. - tavac.wol ra" te ncloy Otoasked toolavid co wdr Harry New,. c'hart a ofAtnotof the ecI. ind (icinan fore inldrInfie eack IInn pesat",rw th l lpit. Ii foice "sopitlalolesit ltti o tetd a tecaOno fre ai.Ifrtl~n the mli.uier.eor Isl fittOYI oncesndo 1ed e..rrsl P-elmount o anof the Weldo on!,.soa leyts onr.while to lseon -'.1e001 of Itc1llt'~~.f~lt~o ri ohdrle hs i~iI4a yp.1 sile 0C. to's A".Over- Vlclsos Even outdo r me e ogs; are to W ag s arnes ol,he.1fa, row advnnce (Mi ol Pe" 1 n agg, s, T j " e, ad ofiles 0o >poIty wen a but Daily Ave rl 1 ial~i~emo 1/s~tlrst litd 1salet wtlion, u la it t e. ti Cons"eiy red~cl hs wrkero $11 i 14ilel $ 00goal by taendsodl hs hiaty - enoquragOng t repoirts t{ oh41l ead,uartt rs pisterdby (toni1 me~5tlr of the!tisoal Ailss -domSmitte4'This divisIon sold - P1,000 worth) **bonds In the third leom.Caste nigbt's tabulation sate the secial sales ommltfttee, tndyr ff. ~tT lottar, a,total eacesdln $20,000.09 t itM A Ward Fen 4n, dltfo ofod the wmen's spe II1ls~ls tlfrt, j hast han ded over *sorpcon " 'kilO pledtsp for more t~ian i8.f0P. "If Geomnany's p ie oveiures leers deslgned to weakens.hi morale of theinite4 states and to dmuags the 'Iht-, erty bean canpa gli, Iit s going to, 'prov, the most deadly hboomleran# the, netor1 ully.bad guossqrs of rt am9 over lesased," D.;C. VPills, chaltfn;ia,of th1 fourth federal OsserVe dl ietnt,I said l1et nIght.-" I Tel s pledging large oew/slb-1 scrlptions as "America's only answer to Bill 1and' Max' poutedl Intoe re tral head setters yeter~day from all *at of th: diatrlcI. - Ba hing up the pledges was the 4mficial nb~ounnement that feety-se rt aw communities. making a" totpd of sea Frpap.,ogst; e Gisa e4) I 3 L -/ Williamn -1I_,4o Long. Fe s He's Agel frFm.i en }jÂ~ Paper'-oeclare - t m Time for Emperor t1Step. I o { Down1Has-Come, S G s liru er A c dIe tI +erven N.,,iO ne I' 111wo50111 d i~ln0 1 4a 4 riot o' w ir n ls it- te jolc oft fs sa td any od attar - W lA m II siTQT ll io " b- tln n,> h1 't i tosimcl perato,ndfktng of Prss am u d es y o sao n1 thetb:aact 4drstIo f.~lthe canno z~ t longer b.asto odI e ~ tnaaty fIa haes ae e Iself toti e tm.1ha an o h nmqt1Gwil an feiru t ruler, t conodl,on o~i ht h; s orI~ae ta,00 prt toe aletni41conZul pn p ed wthIe ko I.5 Wyl a o as a dand, above prall s rfted th - elet a f ln "tropIithe sp/abpee Iwlart is. in bee t h/nae 1/ a o- e fao a nyt' d n d." Iltslim longein ret-lowte f4 11- oni" i, Is e- ts it- t~ifrlwe4 wi t t - "lnT iaem I stel 'Ghat a W. tapn wh t e -tf 4t femeror athe can not longer be w a s ofldi o t they f r cirs d.yardof 11 loess o o abe:th40tthe I Q ti B er m ntnotln f tho-al., lgn ongerihes scekdtotuIf "---y-'-pliee, kand.albovl, WseadnofthetAldo- ootd. so foj s f theUnpt pee Ionge th ewmanep~rsa ire.- n Tothv1' eeph e1 o move Wold mutlseelsOOO. I houh IIIeatoca athr 'Buero en o nger e.8, e11 H i twI - b ma nf in by Ih te d saldt We lll~ecr~lee ou ~dglpee Bis heo 4 hl s lmer rptlirtA ane prearetb 1]th e letsoer h~e tp e r~s e to she see fit.ai0 ofwaL snorrie nined byat eAlsceh nrd st i~d~ ~ts niteed i Ss Inherlem nfemire.' n of kep h th oe t -o nte,w eoud s ~lao42,000. el troughin0afld dis a e~ of!terenlI oput antAu re 16Wh1n ilia 11 1 be a er s uce sai:' We illsaiine( urigh pngtes ellesofd aP ibt 1 bmar e-r ary ps11.er4,00, s~i h t or aynoa knowsothe VPr0beo rans t hertha deopoeveistne a c tit shI e co i. ofenwhat wIs myonotre,ye 4. ~ori l con~do mIthe f tre*Is lc e o n tf te.horlfaloe. la of1 n. tek j.a 1hi sl pone d"fut mwhe ton 0004eoms b,goe A rnileq I r e. sReed Iasur (aisseoftoen a.Ol rneroon00 0511 T doy haI il e nonheat ncof eopes h e, ' lt *e ooposandof adthe aniot Yearti-n s leavegt th. all ed o t~ aldyhas sn1aure- h.- stnooc ~t olct mn fersec l rl 01: beflloofe s etpofidn lhr s or.rnn a d iss tis.0 hop~me -.1pY 1 / On/lof tec ett ~t~iat~y non Tany ate n idA le that o o heo adedna "1;disc! ionOptedecisoa y ~ ~ ta for a 1d 0teforh p nayitligs hall e overmen tomy nte f i}her wimlmue hec ~ stc bov IrrcnteetsL. baei n Ky onts tmth alor;ilapioon 9 rt. frtomdeea whe vmueictath sem riba,, brg and lso i etiegleGema y andtFococeesnm key cltloe. oftthe 77iti mricnt laet h ller r le. asscre'h it Wilson Wa rns P~ Loan.Would )P1e WASIIINGTGN, Oc.' estateothnt on the 'fourth Libyrly P -"The' reply of the /form4j date OGet1 8 Ives ocenlon Ifi ro th tpneither that *cply nor an o01h ditni* lshedthe vital ilflpr ein ei o -ndw, hmeitation now, Vould Iimas Is, si ht; would iieai ye tr aft~ terms. _ I narneetly 1541 t sery pa gnvhrm ntestonf tlimo! d tcdsat h - ty ie to et tongtben the:hat d it, - Ithe mnot iaiporthot lway np 1 e 41i isg to the oiitoot of hie atlt.loI ' That 1:stan st bhos /cfeeou!peo Is wills* t (iltoshe t. rii t3 R -~aelte, dt LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M ' II 1/ow wrn ec

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