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ï~~ agent- of the 1Friaco In this city, and more receJtly at. Fort Worth. haa resigned his positio, to accept services in the freightI department of tht. Cotton Belt. Hi head-t quarters will be In Houston. St. Petersburg--The naval organ today publiahea an article p redtctfng that Rtear Admiral Wi roeo.n will attempt to break out of Port Arthur with his ships, and1 return to Europe. The paper admits thsatt the task of essapi ag from Admiral Togfo appears to be hopeless.,sif one takes forI otupsrtnon Admiral Cervera's attempt to get sway from Santiago; hut sudcs that Wire net men,.unlik e the Sp aniards, have had plenty of war experience. t The Japanese are prepariug an extensive mt ung movement east of ttskden. Meanwhile General Kuroki is trying to (ross the Itun river to the east. Thetnse lie will move down the river and co-stperate with the armies of thenerals Oku and Nodtn..BWIG O THIEVIITABLE it is not what the Vienna Arbiter telli ttsg says. bsut tse fast that it is free to speak which is significtint. It asks thse I eutuob "government:l li st satsmen ins Vienna andi Berlin stiillTeetly -believe bisk sit of these attempts to work on the ie isle in (the West bay mere argument can save any sort- of sucesasi" It bjoldly de tsansis resptonsile governsment and self tieterminatioli for the soutisern tisvs ansi other subject races. fists caustic tosuwe~t on tlic Austrian re s nte nway be the first stle t Itins I-suing house. As. Presidlent Wilsonahas affirtmed. we cannot treat wills use existitng goerenments of Germany and Atttria lie snose we cannot tirust theos. Thteir treat tmetit of Belgitumnsad Rsissias end their vio tatton of treatise with theos illi the Kaiser outt of s-ort. The preliisries requtired itefore iseace can be disussed are with irsswsi from the restorations tif occuiledi territories in France. itelgium, Ruttssia. ilisssnsnis, herbia ansi Italy. assdtabandion ssttnt of all tains. based no the treaty of itrest -Litovsk and other consessionts wrutng frtiUikraines and othser lttinslan ismovThss-es. Sintners who refuse to tWake retlistli are not entiled to forgiveness. (Berttsstts ansi ter allies must stake ssssetssls efosre I ssting for peace and musst. *ivss sntsfitsclsry ls-sges of pt rfornsancse. 'the oly way ts oit sq Is to ntake refortms at hisie by set. linsg tsp governments s-ossroiltsl by tte tepao ste. rihat dlone. the isessises reisreseota tises woulsd be In a positistntssink for tan srinsile during which they sotult wits. straw their isoolts from all oscctpiedi terri tories, insluding Asace-Lorraine and lu isiss. Much evidences of teed faith wosuld robhlbly induce the eatente allies to offer tersos of pest* that wouldi protect the world against the- aggressiveness of autos-- racy enji Prussian militariasm. 'They ran have pease, but on otur terms, not theirs. New York Cuommercial. FARMERS TOWD TO HOLD THEIRCOTTON FOR 35c The Exiprs-s Austin Biureau. AUISTISN, Tex..,Sept. 20.-i-srmer' Com misiaoner of- Agricultusre Esi it. gssne to sissy1gavud out tse following. addlressetd to tisa farqmer. of the Sttate: "In view sf the fact Itat thse ('ontmls clonr and Chief Clerk are botht abseat rrom the office. I feel impselle~d tso pay lbsth farmers of Texas to continue to lsd their cotton sr the prise of 37) tents. I sdo not believe toe (Governmsent wilt fix tihe price for this year's crop, and if it hosee It will not fix the prie tinder 3'i cents. lise report from the cosumittee this morn lug Is very' favorable, ext-apt the fact int the second commnittee states that it nsay fix the isrice a little later on. This,. I do not iselievyp. it will do. but if It dos-s. msy Judgment is I will not fix the price at less titan 8.'t centxsurowy if the ascot isers of this tctnmsittee knesw the cosidi tIosn of Texas they would not doinso. - - The E-xpress AsoinBureau. -tso ottp iigation of toeAustro-Hon Al"STN. x.Siet. 2G.--Comptrosiier Igssrian role. Henry 13. Terrell today returned s'heska -'Tise iRumanian government Is reported ts seventy-five wholesale liquor dealers ts have pointed out that if its request is who isave.rerenstiy made remittances to tisa rejected it will be unable to guarantee tte hsosed on their gross sales of liquor the maintenance of order or avoid the evendusrisng thse quarter coiling June 30. 1918. tuale. of a sangusinary crisis. Thiis is -omnmonly known as a groes re- W.S.S. - r'elIct lax. kthe Comptroller hols hats litsis isi t groan recelits tax bit is yn RsoR NTD NF A C occupationi taX Adnil as th~etax is Pnais le R H R NIE NFA C In adancetherecan 00notax solieclte B T A G RIK O A E for ltsp quarter beginning July 1, as the B TA G RC FFT NSate-wide promhibition -bill became effect-.J 9 b a K 11 11 F 1 I s.ite NJ. ''Te he -itnt treturned Ino sisoisssicra lsvslvetts aeeratl thsusand issi- ~apse-l egram to rue Express.,c.e - lI RO )Tex.,ept. 26.-Iu August ofI 1917 -Le Blkesle ofttt cit viuniteered Isis services to his flag and country as a W CONVICTSePARDONEDtTO (Isero Machine (Jun Coni sssrnesi siown for a slught physical cond! SAVE FAMILIES FROM WANT lotonly ts be drafted andI sent.le Camp T ravisaon eptember 5. 1918. its saw many troops come to Cam's liss- t-.olrso Austin hlureau. tra i-s and gis on to France while he was A' J,''xSp.:W-Gvro lb e hr.aogtelthsbohr in sy has withsin tise tast week or ten days. spit Bliakesslee, who was cailesd so the trasts-si scrions o1 aliiroxisitstely ninety c-sssrvsot springanod otter a fewwi-eksta -onvis-ta in lieSa tale isHnitettisiiee. Ira-- of tristytug sent to trans. samlty all ssf these satink bseis recosts- l,ssretursss finally t-ame, however, and a sfetisi-i icy list- liri sof tsrdsts. In liew- ws-sts nashe won sent over. nearly ve*-ry Instiaelihe isardsisn wi-ri- fie lirothers are now memtbers of the granteldtsorsierslust Ithe sonvic-is uiclit sa its.-i-sc ssesss~y over there. hasve their frs-itstoutaic ts go chtssa ie t 'l s i h'mIs tfrnatiot was ret-rived yeslersiy snstscst to thssir fansilies. many ssf c isi i s. by Ms.I.- ilakueslee, Itoletessfrom her ire nt tise verge of starvation as thss re - M11 stlt stf srsautlisoiditicssa nod high - scs t a en t range tric~k of fate that tisey ci Iiiltsg. sldistti,l its- Ii5united." said Mrs. Itlakes Ise,-bu itfit in a greet comfort to mae io GILBERT GRANTED RESPITE knosssv stsalnsy boys are together." OF 30 DAYS BY GOVERNOR Sjc, ems-iA. tuvigeet 5)les at Lar-ese. petotilt iramis liarheIzprs - - - l. li-s5 5 1'sn..Sept. Jit. hess-i Ausgust The I sjsr. soAssnitis Bssracc -aivlsistt. istnattver of 1lrane-e,.age iWO yeass At i-. tIN. len., Si-t.t-it. i'puss sesf-ss-asthtsr if I ir. K.IH. Sasivlgstet anda Ars. its-lt istis s of tismeJhuardl of Portions. lisv.t. K1.-lfsintiliso of thisnslcit ttlwho hind erssr lobby tosisy grassiesliti reamslae of nsisais ies osue in Lareslo fusr forty years thirty sissys to l-ssnk hGilbert, wise was lmast, sliest i-tiy this ssssrsslsg following ssttr sentence itoshang t inbues-tv ('ous-it-st lbs-e fromhstneumonia. I-iswas sachems iv,sfill5 htcslssr 4 fosr ts-etsrds-r of lits wifi-..f flIsp ialtts-s len ansd the fine'satawitl lThe sss-sios-re5f thA llssrI of Itaros ir-is- ss-Islmsinous-mw morning under the ausasirsst furthser tinse Ino isi-is ts invs-tigstie lisfthe Itetd Men. lIiliert's sspplmthlss fosr cmnmutation sf ------s.---W,5.---.--- ts- teeth sesulsncsi-to life liniprisssutnnt, Vise Ot (Mor-p Assred. site stslsisatiscs lhaviig.leessfiiedt with us-s el tetelc ermtolbs Sapees. tihts onlsy shosissit awed ago. As (lsv- 5 A-chiIts cLit;,1Tcx., Kept. itt. - itsta ersssr hobbsy inIs.ohinots itof titi Sate samssuting to t:e haches fal here Isart nighitfosr twoc sr lisree wsiekr.1 leavisng tonight u-lilt-it, wills the rain of. last week. amvsunts fosr msileasstnit ssitng on. tissisasrd u-as tossstriy jsour inches. 'flss will insure Is. leto 5555i5tie Itivestigatlion tosdsy. sit-im.att srep. asist fisr Ihist rd-is.5555 sskedsifssr a resitse fsr (ilhert. Three-lash Rein at tsherlaath Sprmis. o"tl1t l!etlA1 t't\Ii rlNp.' HEND RSO BA TISS R ltres ins-h rain fell hers last night. i $1,500 FOR DROUTH VIC IS"l huatee, ~ li wind sod las-rifts P; tiutsitsir Tite sotlis Is about all picked FUND TOT LS;08,88.8 41"1 11istallfstisason will enasbie farmers FUN TO ALS $10,56.85 tttcow stats snd isiant gardensa. ansiBol ___________art- irs-taring to bsegins reaking their land. The ICsp ress eAsist,. tmtirs-sFlaiesRaiefaii at Alice. At itTrIS stricti. f.-Tite fitiesed being this-.inI Tet-rassto The Kit.s es rsstseslbi ssl it 5 ossriptiona fssr tross is Ail t- Tex., Heist. 2&,--A fine raIn fell rels-f now alilit sit $itiitku.1. toutiteun early this morninlg, Mmsitarentiy exteadisie rescivedi tosday natststiig to $3,11i111. Thesssitover thts settont. last Thursaiy i ht largest sssbasrtlslissn today was from lie tillo iiilss part sof the county got a nes irsit Itclict i tisr-l sf iletsrsom,sswin--rsin, ranging front 1.42 to 3 Inches. 1Kltsg $1.s ise"thIits-isa of I Is-sslersoo have mutttsc rIbs-i tstwaen S1t,11J0 ansi $4.ttt, Tas-ses s Selelg O.ta. this pi imlitsus sf the townbeisng. sonly special Telegram ntoTise axprea.:1.5Wsi. TeNatisisal Life anitAsileust PFiAHANTtIN. Ten., Kept. 2111--Anther losurtsisi - tsjtssry of Nashville, Tenn., line rsin fell hare last eight. Many fts-er sentitt sceck for $1,000..(asey-Su-tssey Ci- ero are busy solug oats andl other amall gar ticassy, of to'rt Worth, stttssrlbe/ti grain tot winter pasture. InheeinStats Jeeruiqaten. AUSTIN MAN DIES AT CAMP - J~o NArtN, Te e.. Sept. '20--Jousr. dotston receivesi another geld rintlast DIX OF SPANISH INFLUENZA night, s-ompaniesl hy considerable winsd, tiuner ansi lightning. Tbe precipitatito - amotosteol to about oine tiecl. This ts th, The Es-:% s As+w ius tneali. -tontl rain in the last ten days. At''l'IN. Ten., etl. ~i.-Corp. Wilinit it. htscisfsccci, 24 years Oltd, soti of 0. 1'. Three Rivers SGats Another Good Rain. btasfc-cl sf this city, (tell today at Comssp Special 'rmas-urs isoshe Notpt'ss Its, 'ic--slt stsN..,of ISpanish toftuesset Tllfif blRIVICR9I, Tex.. Sept. 211.Three leivsccurtis-tsI iy his wife naniioechild, irere was visited by another fine rain Mrs. ~isi-ct is-IetIsere y#atertiay for Causts at an early hour this morning, bialnn lit Icst restittoss to a telegram advliig at 4 oclock ansi sontinuiag for aves-aI tinr st its illness of her iistebtnsl. rise houmrs. The gauge tiers regtateraet 1% bsisos 4% ics m'brought to Austin for inter- luhets.nTiint akes a total of t534 Inches late-fmlts fail here ip teas than a week and the ttfrlcsrat lcstnssormstns i-uber ofiCoin- lirsotis Ilt1s1:bo ughi v coakod. TisIs Iathe tssiy m;"1:1-tlt Infauntry, 14th iliilsttt. test tres-iplstatlsn eceivesi here for foul' ititsllil at tasnip tody, N. MIV -.yesacs. it d farmtera are very Jubilant ever the Itroslveits for a hum per c'rop next veer, tiseelit stionle at tailverslty. Fall gas-its-s are In cr1 dae t erywleers-. russ- Isysje-ot Ausstins Itareab. - sisslesissstire planting oats slid other AiSl'iN, Tax.. Sept. 20.--im. E. H. crsa fe r fall and winter nsa. Sltiis. Stte aGeologist of eioridst. baa ac--.iisid a position on the ttt of tho Leeckhart a-uilted by U1oteeasi trnt. bumessi of os-onomic gelogy and technologir Sp titlleenon to The Wapreesf. of the iniversity of Tbaa5 Kra first work LOC aHllt, T ax..Sept. -.-A splelidi in 'rm'asis will be a sunraey of the geelog,rin.15,accomlpanted lac ewndqs-ui ehee nstleral reso-urces and ivstt~em supply 1' f trirat storm, felt hare 'Wednesday night. hiexar County. The sitanasge done has aot been leertned. -----was.The sgsctric lights were cut off seen anti r (otters Pri-ePIM sg Peitlpeed. Ithe storm struck. The rainfalulseems to i" Iss The _hits-p.been. gaartn Iba aa"1..etts.v TIBERIAS AND SEMAKH ARE OCCUPIED BY BRJTlSH By Asaoctstea Prss. -" LONDON, dept. 2i.--Brlthah troops operating in Palestine e extending their os-copallon shout the Stea of Galilee. Theyq the borders of that sea, and IMs-Ssamrs. It was officially annoutnceds today Pushing on to the east of the Jordan, the British have occupied the strategic town of Amman on the hiedias Railway. The British caaualties during the osffensire were less than one-tenth of the nunsbar of prisoners taken from the Turks, the announcement states. (The laest oftitciai report gave the total prisoners as more tha 4&000..) By Associated Press. PARIIS. Sait...O (livs)a-The number of Turkish tcrkstsud-r taken In Patlesltse isow agg regtei-92,000, acrording to the satsat ad vices reaching Paris. Hy Asstocisted Praws. lAl S ept. 26.1llas -Lissr~lIedtIrritocry In Phtssetine he adcminist eresi testier the agr-euent ades by the Inrit-ts. Fran-h and iRussianssbovrmnsc It is less-nedlhers-. l'ngianit sitd i-inuewhilli-army out thse agraeeit. isistier whic-h France Is chargesd wilt-s the pcreparation of a si-theeioi cetf-gctvemitsits-sit for tisap epia of Ptalestine. This wicrk wilt be the object of -soveratlous wtsici wilt take place shortly. Wisestthe Bolshevik sithos-itles took s-on tr ii IteRssia they pushliahead a nismher sof secret diplomatic documents fossdsInit tics isms-isves In i'rwgtad. Among tie-u v-as a e-sssventtsso negotistest between itesat sin. Iran-i- sod GriealtItritain.,ttier wih Alenansimetta, In Astatic Tesrkey. was so e a freeptir and Ptalstiewoo to he a roterionate sUnder- the three (Governments. OTTOMAN IXVERNMENIT MAY SEEK SEPARATE PEACE ity Ase-iatoeiPress. LAi$AJYN I. Switzerland, heist 211.-- east liirrimitation in 5ustsatnti esois t"ahasbe-omne sogait, actcerdiingit isa dstpatsisfrtritlisTurskishs-aspital IntheIi ausanneitilstie that runners sire agates tsrendisS that ttie Ottomitan governmes-t u-ll set-k it os-usraie peace. 'tis s ltait iiuselto sit iss-wsage says. would favor a wetiarass Poas-f'b-could obtain favorable souditons fIs-sit ice enstetepowers. - isv.. -- - Two App tlaaFram ilsP11" County. The itapresa A ettinistce1scsu AUSTIN.,'lea.. rapt15. 5d.- Altppeats were fled is the iCourtiof trmlonaI Appeals to day In the cses of W. 0). 1tpeeil and Leo nardo Abagoton both front 1141 aso County Rtussell was assis Iged of the killing t re ulyI h iyo C aoeli tlannary 2, 1111$,.and given ten years. This sasa was befits- the Court ot Criminal Alipeaio on habeas s-uspus on January.30 lust whseni the court granted Ruse-l bail Ie the sum of $525.000. Rtusselt Ia a stock sumn living in Lubbock County. Qualey cuassamtning mao trame Mexico. Abeadso -as seosvirtedi of theft over $20 antigiven fivo years. Doinlg* Eautassasra Psesm. Alaska. Bsy At s-iaes Press. JttNSCAI. Alaska, Sept. 21.-Homes in Juneau are bits-torosn sway, a big Gsv erment hospital liens been temporsrily abandoned, power p lanta are idle and atl business hes uepinted as a result of tsr renotial-gaissoft unsual warmth, causing o water deluge stung the masin shore osf Glastineaus Channel. Th e main streets of Juneau Is threeesbg the floods. ean Galleas Whiskey Seined. apeelal Tele-gram Isoisahe ezrena (JALVIST.ON,. Tex. Kept. 20.-Mliay officers with members of the Department of Justice raidedi the second floor of a Iishildiog on West Poatotfice Street,.. asiobanedabout 400 gl GI tno"A GI in a.TI Bagin day. FIVE Iw FOR thveflan irtem tther sirtoecft e-fndu-tid I IoIHn 55A55 I e lse sas-ithe nAntic ish1a hIlii 4r1st.SorI toss-t hinse I "linusaI-ltsh sray. A sctt Mit;. I tra ts suhrt aI War moth to do contit ru n-ds and stroni "~ I a down co so it wai and do nx citesahat stored in m " _ I 1 i,y 1 \.f.'..t r., y, k " j y, F, f fi Aifa { ' i.,1:cISKa1,. 09/18/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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