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ï~~ftc#eie e'rF e p t ted C (o I This A O iwlI s' to 1- ldtutlsdo ~ dflilgt'ike homth sv amet. eLoAt? ts bilt l"arnwe#land 141sasCaro Sline flutleedge have moved Into 'MIS Thurrrwemhemr~ at:;7 L:ambali street, TH RfIVERt$ Off. ANCS 3ly H,..mot Ind Lo sdo. ts's 'The 'ri ers offi' irt *s.- ten sOi'e1,0 tne )Tt litveare th nnit sthat weow, '.ha Mn roe t'he el,tha t feq si th Note,, A nd the ommae of:.the swampy haow; The rivers of F~rance,, from source to' the sea. Are nournhed by many} a nil,, liut th, If aver 1t dr~ugh y there Wil Anttbtui i fi th (si SERVICE PERSONALS It Nwil ive rhe --yn g.Ps great, pleasure: to be allowed' to ser v' e people:of the -army', navy.and.. marine corps by making announcemnents of arrivals and departures, and place of residence while in the city. With so many people Coming here from sall over the- country, it is natural that friends'. from diffcrent. sections will: meet, but frequiently people leave' thn 'city, only to learn too late that wa1 n. friends were st aying here at the same time.,Tr arrivals and departures. could be noted lmm~diately,,it wou ld un00 doubtedly be "the means of gIving many old friends a pleasant opportunity to renew the friendship oif former da!s, and relieve tht tedious1 ess 'of any lonely htours. In these strenuous days of consta nt change, it is almost'.Impossible for paeo Ile to notify all of their.friends. of change of address, end sometimes fi seveorail-,people from..the. same see-. doti, who know" one.another, very th'same place,..and 'many happy reunions. are the result of a line ia, the. personal 'column, of t e local' papr:Newcomer to:the' - city are,,there4 fore, urged to 'phlone 180), before' 11 a. n..cuive thir names,' former home and place of residience wile hae akn Congressman Thaley'se ri r OfFan # home tegare street and i atCOC'CbP - T ie nte i nk it fot the wln:r. but th~e Vl n ai }'r and Mrs. F', l 'R lhae -ere Otbr l. tare. dto. the cay and farn again in.uteros 01hirhom e at;;9 i Tradd s'et Fiverivers f Fer ~cT 3: ant. C ininn h hs,are writ ale.,anr inc.t wh On a banner ofQt } ^clVed his corisisio_ AtnVf tin _i_6f. 'u hatir~ Tavylor. has left for Camp d.t_ i(en rn'v S,-'n iee o. California, to join itl nvrmr the 45h --- r,1iil1rr,. NB[UY LIBERTY BONDSnr i The monthly mieeting of; Rebecca P~ lvolte chapter, D. A. Ft., which was to he heldt tomorrow at 11 o'clock, Is called off on account of the Spanish in. {luenz. NUVMB[ On account of the health depart- Ativly Car neat's order forbidding large gather'- clv y ai ing s, the -eeption planned by the " U nion of King'ut Daughters, and Sons v1ionl ofN for Tue;<ay,.:October' 15,' has' been. potpoined until further notice-- This iii the reception planned to' beo in. the nature-oft a -housewarming. at -the =new--ay - -Nursery, nd---the---pt al ~-The polce. depa lsrequested to watch' for 'further. an- vigorous campaign nouncernent and visit the nursery today, and a stead.we'th eepincanb given. men has been poun,. c ao.hehouse, sent, COMPLIES-WITH ORDER In. many. cases tt their' work cards N In compliance with the ruling of the ed as, prescribed.. health olhlcet-, the meeting of the could prove they Womnan's Party scheduled., for iast 'were' brought in night was postponed:until furt-her no - had neglected. to ht tice,. The mr~eeting will: be,held as soon ed' daily, or' thir,. as conditions permit and members are to furnish or, sign, requested to watch this column for flrni had only bl such notice. cat~ds on Septeinbe on'hdno in WHITE -CUMMINQS the men wvorking, Of,cordial interest to a: wide circle' brought to.'the ffins sthreti.8'tei~rae n a. h. of 1Mirs, ]Rosa Witte. Cummings to Mr. doors tep -was.'taka Henry H-. Whlit, hich' was solemnized house. Another 11 in Augusta, (a.,-,on Tuesday, October 1,Arrivedi from -New Tev. rf'ln ~. Walke~r nfliiintr. h J._-, e, nfll qietly take touso of their it~ d wave -ofd:five shall f strands.: of Earth. rice.--see. the:ir names crimnson and- ofd, cease to he told. OF. MEN eying Out ProVYork or Jail - Kthe a i X 0 1i e i ceRT Y B O N Father Hughson Known Here,:Is Superior '~ie Sptenbr nun hi r (toss cotains a' note of in1 the: annocement -4 roc? F':tir HucN!on has -s GENT CALL of the' Red Cross r: ermergency:,.call he call for conta end Mrs. B. P.: t this. department, Iii meet with the underpants' which. headquarters for te board of hea.lth ustratzon are was city -at once or.go If: a.Man ins 4tdcir doctor's certificate. way to dinner tod bitt were later relet rivne workers (twili.a sembue Ieti me: lea w ill arrange, the' hours for so, and Mrs.. Itavenel issues ing explanation, of this retn the. pnin4n.tei n.ttern nf,fter, left or -orat make Mir..end ' Li. POO

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