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ï~~ 1OCESTEB TIMES-I4NJON: TIUESDAY, DEC EMBER 3, 1918...... 'amous '1b,8th ervice Crosses hown In Battle lier Died in D.Z E F T onWhich Lin-- SPEAK TONIGHT Ly. teIudeANDTOMORROW several others___ Mass Meeting at Central famous 208th Church To Be Preceded moFranace. occasion that by Organ Recital it 7:30 8xpeditionary ~ ~..D. ~ O'Clock-Address i'omoi' a s t h A S. C., o t e a t C. o f C. a 11Thmas1'c.1c.tIti.inl. 314 Mar- lylterian churchi this e.1eninK under a ut A. Duncan the dire ';tiortof LhP iLaymen's 3ias-:t.y 61. ain- sionary 3Movement willli~e preceded by fl~iltskl. Com an organ recital at 7.30) o'clock by 1 laPlace.. pman. Comipany '*'' Lsafork Place. "' "Y" '' = aford. Company e~ Webster street, Cck. C'mnpany C C:,!A':' inm CompanyL,,."<..::-::.t o i rector of.#, Buffalo. i5s.=.y". untarily and a4.." f went forward =' s.,,,o d machine freP; ~ r N" d and to search a ree y officers, being "Y: was sore death '. Ar entire time his,' i" 4 he remained onpaigafn and courage 'rslt class or D ISMUEL M1. ZEEI ral-Theologlcal Normatn Nairn.the" organist. The.Y. H~e was or- meeting is ropen to the jiublic. i priest in 1900 Dr.' Samuel Ii. -7Aemer of Cairo, Stephen's par- Egypt. rill be th~e speaker, Dr. hffaio. - In.1904 Zwemer!is an:authority on the Morace;Episcopat hammnedan world, and has just comnrner oftli'iaga- plated a trip through Chir.a, where he * visited country occupied by 20,000.000 1" wa letdChns Mohamtnedans 1f. H~~ristoic will1 COMPARATIVELY FEW NAMES ON CASUALlY LUST Private John S. Gott Killed in Action-Private Mc Carty Died of Disease Private Kernan Missing, Believed To Be Prisoner'. Killed is Aeties. Fri. al- John 5 Cott. 238 South Goodman street. Missaing. l'ni'sts John 31. htrnan. 4-j''#L3ell 5% flUC. Died wt Disease. l.i'ut.'nant Walter IL McCarty,.7 Bartlett street. Rouded. ('r~rporat Paul Lederthiel. l3" Fran:: St r'-'-t. Private Norman Butterworthi. 2 SMyrt I' strert. c"orporal Bernard.J. Brown, 188 Caledonia steno". l'rl'.ate Michael Sharkey. 11: Carter str""t. lPrivate Andrew Lembo. 336 Feruwood avenue. Private John Ryan. Canton. Pa. Word has been received by Mir. and Mrs. Fred A. Got~t of 238 South Good. man street, formerly of Ogden. of the death of their only son, Private John Seymour Gott. In action In France on October 12. Private Gott was a member of the Lewis Machine, Gun Company. 325th Infantry. 82d Division,:and was 23 years of age. Hie entered the service In September. 1917, and left with a Buffalo contingent for Camp Dix. He wras later transferred to Camp Gordon. Georgia. When a call for volunteers to fill out the Georgia regiment to go overseas at once was made he responded and was sent to Camp Upton In April. 1918, soon iter sailing overseas. His regiment was the first one to be Inspected by King George of England and a personal letter was sent to each soldier, signed by the king, commending them oun their fine appearance. No details of his death have been received. Private Gott was a member of Etnilan ILodge. F. aud A. 31.. of Spen"cerporL. Previous to entering the screlice he was employed in Buffalo. Besides his parents he leaves three slast rs, Dorothy. Marion and Genevle e Gottv all of Rochester. He was a n 4phew of Mirs. William M. Clark of Pa a and Mrs. Helen "'room of Spehicerport. Word has been received by Mrs. Phoebe. KernAan. 473 Ly ell avenue. that her soni. Private John 31. Kernan. reported missing in action since.9eptemlt er 14. is probably a prisoner In Gerntany. He and other members of a pa> ty sent ou't to search. for dead and' wroundid aft et'an engagement?ailed to return and consequently are belies ed to $e prisoniers. Kernan. was a member of the 327th Infantry. He left tochestLer with oe' of the earliest g f c~ ontinents.; being first sent to CmpDix and later to Camp Gordon. He went- a ersoas' in the early summer M1rs. Paul;. Lederthicl of -232.F'rank etr et has receivekl -W' 6r.4 ronm her tusband. Corpoi'~al Paul Ldel'thlof I!. A Another Marked juniP InInfluenza C as..% Almost 250 New Patienits Included in the Overig Figures Announced From the Health Bureau..4ti Move Yet for Reviving Restrictions Ag ainst A Assemblages of Various Characters. Anu~her marked increase in inlu- a marked advance."-said he, "the, eaza cases was reported from; the &ses appeagto be of milder chari Health Bureau this morning, when ter, and the mber of deathsisvi small. Ase the promptness the overnight reports from physitians which cases are reported would in dbe pndadtbltd oa ct htptet n hsces4 number of new cases included iii the taking care of the disease with g're5j report was 243 with hut a single case er promptness." of pneumonia. Two deaths from in- Up to the present time ther b fluenza were reported and none from been no need apparent for reopeati pneumonia. of the various emergency hosita Commissioner of 'Safety Hamilton that were found so helpful dun5t when asked if there was any present epidemic stage of the disease, <'1 intention of revivingj restrictive regu- supplies for such hospitals are belt lations against assemblages of various held in readiness. and the momnt's sorts answered in the negative casion arises the institutions wuM "While the number of cases shows put Into commission. Trolley Hearing Over'. To One Week From Toda3 Announcement Received by Corpora'l n Counsel Cunig ham This Forenoon-In Meantime, Treatende Cuita. ment of Service Is P?stponed in Accord ce With General Manager Ham~ilton's Pronls. Hfearing before the upsae bi eea aae James F. Hismi Service Commission upon the t eat- to of the New York State Rai enred curtailment of local trolley rv- i tl nNwYr iy a ne ice, scheduled for tomorrow site oon i tl nNwYr iy, tr at Albany, lhes been postponed until mnt of the threateed cuttings one week from today. of service, in accordance with-b Word to that effect wars rec ived promise to the commission at the. lee shortly before noon today by Co or- hearing on Friday afternoon;st atlon Counsel Cunningham. I postponed until after the AMban1 ho Postponement was brought4 bout ing at least. f;= through President Horace G. And 4'ws' Speculation as to Mr., Andteiwt.-a. death from pneumonia on fi day cessor as bead of the 'New York a gt aysiarad ie Gassed Ad hell=ShodwA2 Son. Sailing from F load of wounded the armistice was G. McDermott of fatyke ohuntil the third 4 wireless was rece vse os w'a straight course fo r rmsbai Private McDerpi duration of the ws age and he wears. ing his presence aesan:the ii lcatinslx n Now Iome On 'Furloul rance witht a hip- He was gassed' and ahell-shocke soldiers on the day Chatteau-'Thiirry and 'afiter: set signed, Private red weeks in. French hospitals w4a hm.O.hs-ria 5-a te the ninth U.. In- Hospital at Efllis Island ho vw"i Ing of the glad ews two 'weeks leave of absence, tofay at sea, wh a a his mother, Mirs. Eu~za. eiDeritno cved ordeing the 2 rlwsre..A h:ed- leave he will. return to Ellis I ii lights and it a and will be' sent to the base:bo",r home, as all dan-' nearest. his 'home, probably.B swsaD.ned hr -eWl.rciv tetetii [Ott enlisted "fo the qtonptoteiy- recovered -and ableUi xr" nearly two. ears discharged.;from',the "armythree, medals a ow- ' rs. McDermott:has another t Important en age- IBareat ' }Joseph '.F-:Mermtt gold' strifies,. nts -actve -Oe~ act Ice [IntlI

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