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ï~~U, 1S.'Y.!#N:lIfYU:t:: e w.ati n m.r,.nu.,....,................ _.._'."___ _. aster Bring the shells to the War Work Headquarters. Those ringing in the most shells in November will receive a prize. The iells 'brought. can be weighed at War Work Headquarters and ided to a card for each competitor, which will be kept for the idges to add up and award the prizes the first of December..ere is a chance for any boy or girl to do a patriotic service. All canning car[s must be in by November 1st. Those whose trds have already been turned in, but who did not include eggs, ih, meat, pickles, mince meat, salted and dried products, etc., ay send their reports in to War Work Headquarters or telephone 498 today. UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER BUTTONS - Wear tem. We all think alike on }his question. New Construction costing more than $2500 must be preented and ruled upon by the Committee on Non-War Work. etition forms here or with ARTHUR T. SAFFORD, Chairman. POLICE COURT fering from drink. He complainedo. *being relieved of his hat and about $40. When called in court on a charge of drunkenness hepleaded not guilty, but th _ _ ai o the evidence of the two officers was sufficient to satiety His Honor that the ther Is Sentenced tor Neglect man was drunk-very drunk. He promised to get back to his Vermont fireof His Little side and was placed on probation. Lawrence Collins came down from Child. Montreal recently to work and apparently suffered from Ah.._istaken idea that he could ride on the iocaT'-'treet rthur. Smith placed a. 10 months' carse without contributing the usual six T rbabyathe welG erathoncents per trip. He boarded a Middletsex street car Tuesday afternoon while Ssome tint aeo for treatm edt. The in a drunken condition and not only Id fully reoverd, but the father refused 'to settle, but heaped vile and er came afttr him. Neither did he abusive language on the conductor. Patrolman J eremiah Dooley happened for the baiy's care. Several bills to be aboard and placed him under arre rendered u at tie not only disre- rest. When the court heard that there rded tter. but didn't., and hasn't up were a number of school children on the car. who were obliged to listen to date. takn the chisl l lie was called the man's filthy language, he imposed olitr' court yesterday on a a 10 days' Jail sentence. arge af neglect, and on finding of Ethel Voodcock visited Eleanore Conlois' home in EastMerrtmack street ilLy I Gs ttt,,td to tite ons e of some time ago and while there helped rrecton ifor term of five months. I herself to her host's best suit. valued ent ItittarctOn of th' lowell Hu- at $22. \Vhen arrested for drunkenness tnt- tIniioty rt.irted that the de- on Tuesday. the old complaint was ndantdid hii,. Ocntthing il oston resurrected and on being found guilty e df-.thtt. matill, tve.o n ly"too both charges she was given oneat of ti,. tctiLtt, ti( tth.r'c. 'lhe man month in which to make good the loss If~if", I;, it,al t; tol N 's ot-i,r 'd to of the suit. cc,,.ni,, t, ihc,. o. I ilnat for Su- Maglolre,nbelle. charged with negc i,,,,rf-lect of his children, pleaded not guilty.. j n. l r-, "'int,.' i, from "t. through his attorney. Ti J. Donahue,;,'; l pot-kelflll of and after listening to the evidence, r, lly.;,,, c -site l i ff, =,:,l:l ot n in-' tias continued one month w ithout'flndiI;1 },, n Itl,lt,"rc,l il. Icttiat the itg. it n the hope that things may be,oc is cc, \\ t ti i ti io ty Itrec, patched lip. c y. c, 1, foun iy o;, it i Li ttO ofti- James Edwards was brought In on a I.s. rcll*,i'; lL ' i lt; itttng in a capias for failtre to paya 55 fine. He rif; ic, f it. ictt ll In the minds made the startling announcement that t h,, cs. n it, t i:1ittetttt s o'i sot- he couldn't get work, but after a short lecture by His Honor he was turned.-- '-'--' over to the probation officer for two T'hirltT Years Ao.h weebs. during which time he iseY,. peted to liquidate his indebtedness to the county. Defendant told the court 1918.. that he "sure would pay." Louis Per)ctober 31-Temperature at noon, reault was another individual who has fair. failed to make good on a fine and he Sreat republitan parade with Charles was continued one week in which to Hanson an rhief marshal, and'clean up his debt. The probation offidrew G. Swapt Cot. Alber Pinder cer released 13 first-timers and three d Patrick Brady among the aides. t others were given suspended sentences. ere were four iiivistocs aid almost ile soldiers who were arrested on a erybody that wan anybody in the ' charge of drunkenness were returned to publican party was iistedto corn- tamp Devens. and, assist in commanding, carry a rmb. beat a,tlrUtt. Iiow ' horn nr:;lotett ra cktthr It w.n it "tGreat- i ATTENDANCE AT THE l vr. onet o r Itie '70. when te Hayes a Seel ey.. metilled the PUBLIC SCHOOLS ty with the"'fhit-t and t te glare of When schools reopened on Monday erosene the number of pupils attending was Hr. John Sc.pparil cad Miss Annie practically the same as at the opening;obinson weren tarriecitby Ret. Thom- of the year. There were slight des Bakes of iSt. Anne'... creases noted- In a few of the schools. Officer Patrick Brady and Miss Mar- due, It Is presumed, to sickness. 'aret O'Nell were married Iy 1ev. The total at the high school was 'homes McManus " 16,. while at the grammar schools W. S. Southworth was elected a there wve present 4972. At the prlnember of tihe New England Cotton mates the number was 2094. and at danufacturer's association, the kindergartens there were 267. Again We Call Your Attention REPUBLICAN RALLY Fr-iday,. Nov. I, 8 P. M. Mechanics Hall, Odd Fellows Bldg.. Middlesex St. C0O OLIG, WEEKS, COX. Come E verybody and Get Facts.: Â~ DAVID DI(qKSON,, i::: i'i}Chairman Republican o~ Committe ME1NDI (G AND SERVICE BOARD AT DEVENS 'An interesting "'A1rt of woman s Wa> work is the mending atCampD Devens. This work originated with the 'id Shirley Chapter, D. A.R.,' and formerly was done by the D. A. R. but is now open to workers passed upon by the board. The women, some of whom Imissed not a day last winter in spite of drifts and zero weather deserved, and received the gratitude of the soldier boys who were benefited, not only by having buttons sewed on, suits 'efitted and unsightly holes mended but also by the motherly companionship of the volunteer menders. Many of them. while mending for a soldier here wondered if any one were doing a like service for her boy "Somewhere in France." A "mending and service board" has lately been formed. This board Is composed of the women responsible for the building up of the Â~work and of two women appointed under the Hebrew Welfare Board. Besides having charge of the mending. this board has the oversight of contributions of flowers and gifts to the huts and hospitals of pieces for rug making. of obtaining cloths for auto cleaners and of the making of rifle patches. The board locates boys and writes of their welfare to inquiring parents. Any contributions of the above articles or of money for carrying on the work can be sent to the director or to any member by those who feel Interested in helpig the soldier who has so recently left home surroundings and care. The director will gladly answer all questions or speak in regard to the work. The members of the hoard are: Director: Mrs. Elmer H. Allen, Shirley; secretary. Mrs. Abble J. Wells, Shirley; treasurer. Mrs. Nellie Guttereon. Pepperell; Mrs. Andrew Pratt. Fitchburg. Mrs. Burton Wiggin. Lowell. Mrs. Clifford C. Lawrence. Leominster. Mrs..Amanda Gilman. Worcester Mrs. Edward C. Johnson. Holden. Mrs. W. H. Hoyt, Lowell. Mrs David W. Coiburn. 'Fitchburg. Mrs. John C. Hoerner. l.owell. Mrs. Charles E. Blaisdell, -Lowell. Mrs. Lavonne J. Edgarton, Shirley, Mrs. 1. Mehlman. Lowell, Mrs. Fanny Goldberg. Worcester. RADIO-BUZZER CLASS WILL OPEN MONDAY ThomasIsher, principal of the vocalional school. annoutlnces that radiobuzzer classes will be inaugurated at the Mann school beginning Monday night. Nov. 4. The classes will he held four nights weekly-Monday. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday-and classes will sta,t at 7.1t o'clock, and will continue for two hours each night. Men who have knowledge of gas engines, who are electricians or machinists may enter the signal corps providing they have a knowledge of the continental code of sending and receiving messages. Such men, of draft age, have but to take these courses and pass in them. and they will at once be given certificates placing them in the signal corps. Physically fit men in classes 2, 3 and 4 also may enter the signal corps by this means. Registration for the classes can be made at any time during the day or night between now and next Monday. Registration will be at the Mann school. MORE RECRUITS FOR THE GAS HOUNDS Fifteen more Lowell men signed up for the gas hounds last night, bringing the number to date up to nearly 75. Those who signed up last night were: Charles J. Coyle, 86 Willie street; Edward Hallowood. 207 Concord street; John J. O'Callahan, 30 Whipple street; John Lawrence, 02 Middlesex street; Alfred Lawson. 23 Bassett street; Edward Johnson, 323 Lincoln street; William W. Arbo, 18 Fourth street; Ernest O. Bosworth, Westford; Thomas 1F. Lee, 27 Butterfield street; John Brady, 595 Gorham street; Harry L. Thompson, 302 Middlesex street; John J. Conway. 280 Appleton steret; Frank Pioanso, 20 Short treet; Michael F. Byrne, 66 Pleasant street; Harry J. Riopelle, 10 Merrill street. LITTLE BOY STRUCK BY AN AUTOMOBILE A Polish boy,' whose name could' not be learned, was struck by a Packard turing car near City Hall yesterday afternoon and received a laceration on the head. He was taken to St. Jobnn'I" hospital for treatment. HIs condition is 'not considered serious. ". Lynn. and ones.sister, Mrs. Danisl,F,,' coud Dunn of this city.. ' k FUNERALS. mnit: mine The funeral of Patrick Kennedy togk blslie place yesterday at 8:0 o'clock from but e the roomyr of Undertakers M. H.Mc- unlei Donough Sons. At St. Peter's churehis i0'i at 9 o'clock funeral mass was sung by of wc Rev: Daniel Heffernan. 'The choir sang The the Gregorian mass,. the solos beirilig at the sustained by Miss Mary Rynne and Mf. '0 Mr. James E. Donnelly. Miss Geetrude' nO' nii Quigley presided at the organ. The mop 1 heetrers were Thomas Quirk. William 'that I Byrt, Michael Murphy and Thomas Mc- atteni Cormack. Burial was in St. Patrick's classl cemetery, where the final prayers were At read by Rev. Fr. Heffernan. Under- been takers M. H. McDonough Sons had c&use charge of the arrangements. dischi had.a Chester Abbott Lawrence. a former. writti \resident of this city, died last Satur- and 0 day at his home in Littleton. N. H., at the m the age of 64 years and 13 days. Fu- 'Lat neral services were held yesterday af- sion v ternoon at the home of Mrs. Wallace Webber in Redford at 3 o'clock. Rev. A Samuel C. Bushnell, pastor of the Ar-* lington Congregational church. ofl.clated. The hearers were Paul B..M. Bernard and Lewis G. Webber and Harold W. Hills. Burial took place in the family lt in the Lowell cemetery, un- Larg der the direction of Undertaker Will1am H. Saunders. The funeral of.Maclie Alliette took place yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock from his home, and at St..-ean Baptiste church services were held by Rev. Fr. Tht Marit. O. M. I. Burial was In the family lot In St. Joseph's cemetery in servit charge of undertakers Amedee Arch- starts ambault & Sons. cials -_______total The funeral of VeronicasBaxter took distrl place yesterday.fternoon from the burg, home of her grandfather. Joseph Bax. S. C., ter, 217 West London street. Burial large was in St. Patrick's cemetery in charge Nov. of Undertakers Higgins Bros. The Lees r DEAT11. r BRISSON-h Inlthis city. Oct. 30, at the D hqme of hi parenta Ferdinand and b Emiliana Brisson. 166 Hall street.Joseph Brlson. aged 1 month and 26 days. The BROWN-In this city. Oct. 39. at the Sevie Lowell General hospital, Thomas I Henry Brown, aged 12 years, 4 _ tionthe and 15 days. D Funeral services will be held from I the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brown, 171 Stedman street. Thursday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock. Friends invited to attend. Burial psiv- Wi' ate. Ft C.. DOWNS-In this city, Oct. 29 at the ann Lowell Corporation hospital, Sarah hew Downs. Funeral services will be ridius held at 46 Billings street Friday, Nov. 'tion 1, at 2 o'clock p. m. Strictly private. GUMB-In West Chelmsford.-Oct. 30. APP at her home. School street, near crossroads, Sarah' Ann Gumb., aged 62 years. I. Funeral notice later. tiona JONES--In Augusta, Me., Oct. 50, at rend Hurley Dock, Thomas F. Jones. aged Brad 26 years. 6' tto' MoCAB--In this city, Oct., 5, at 14 Carnet street, ' Mrs. Margtret Mc-teMX McCORMACK--In Los Angeles, (l.,,r Roderick 'J. MoCormack., - " 01 RICHARDSON-In North Billercaar eotOct. 29, Joseph 0. ticlardson,. aged l.o* 74 years, 5 months, 15 days.,.,. LiI Funeral services will be held'frons 'lWee his home on Myrtle street. ' North-Iiarly lerlca Friday 52o'clooii-'som Friends invited to attendi.Burial prjv-yof ate. Â~ " ' s, WENTWORTrH-In bthis '.ity, 0'f'i 89lJ,.et at St. John's hospital, George rid.,'i ward Wentworth' aged IS year '!ie t i" 23 days..., ALL FOR SERVIC eat Demand Yet for Drafted Men Made of Local "$ ',. emption Board'. e biggest call for men for army ce. locally at least, since the 'war; ed. has'been received by the off-'y local exemption boards. The is '556 men, to be about evenly ibuted between Cam p Lre, PetersVa., and Canp Sevier, Greenville, and the- dated between which this a number ofmen are to, go are ii to 15. e numbers by boards for 'Camp are as follows: ' H T l -s-n 1 2................ 74 )liiis[0n 2....'............. 176 " Division 8.................'. 68",; Division.4.............. 58.., numbers by divisions for Camp gv sol 4... sin.S. o. R i Tota.'.............,..'....:28 n ate Rollins, ensign, U. S.' N. R,., written to Mayor Thompsosn, trI s~eing that ok-.Satur~lay, Sitv,.. '2,' ll be here to recruit men, or va- e s sub-branch e-of.the-naval'aa-' a c9rps. Â~ Â~:OF 1 'E BOOK IEYER a -'en -I

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