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ï~~", eeroi.l The 'olres eo-ontinued for epaogt wet!' tesaodieroretursIWLL DISCO bARflS iO totalling 14.286. Durinlg the yrartr:sthroughout the time that the ban s- htome is problemoatical. Theofact that Ml O ekpsion woenisaai ta i A fIITttabUsedby the city health caner 6t0ao cition menonteedthe nr er fAdmSisieie-Sires.Wilt Held able for. 18,728,.uttheroeteerenl s coe encession having boon granted be- membeershepcmaintained In the bus-a3-M* a Metings T ay 54 plcns h ags Igi'lelreg fme ids hsrc ceetefc fth ag iheehyMets iled demand Is for common lahor, Loas esre b cause of the jpeektilons that were aness meen's classes aii the more.ig-sand Ftiday. c arenter marhine foods andl ace-:rmsa9e State uidin f.Me a A P Mr. Iteebso etated that tab was Net ony will the moo isnfhe ser- The hoard of administratlon willit~t~~eootbemoad lit4~.Oau Qmpanty. Rakln- ~ a~ekept from day to deer while the ban tire who hare been In the aesoele- held Its regular hi-monthly pareoenIaitrd.;iirComanyRankne ws utcad is.tii being kept, con- tios want to resume their affiliations meeting. the wesk. On Tuesday the thni-l rds i~dtg,.22 estGaygh Iirywhh mbill h PLA JONT EETNGIFLUcrwhen coy happeeeto he absent ii he many ethers who have been Girle' Industial scool, Delaware, ste Oolumbus, Ohio. ________ fet the clasees, and in this wony had brought faze to fae with the work cod Friday to thn Boys' Industrial CisbesdFahi onySt any etate eentectted a uem of the in- done by the aesciation in the can- school at Lancaeter. At the former faeBde ilHl e ale have the money No Oe emero Gmnsi Be it wouid have been noewn. tonmente. And at the frost, who will institution ahout it parole cases wiltl rg oieWl odB. Nott OneeiMemtoelenfityomnfirstLARGEST IN COUNTRY. watnt to enjoy, the pririleges. be up, while at tLotcaster almeet 2oo Sion Tuesays,e on mies aed farina, urn Classes Has Suffered At- Further Interest was lent te the reewlbe eoo f The i1rankbit County Womane''sot o i p ktafestt securitioc*-' jso discussion of the depatesent coder fllTr n LAO EXEDDMND Suffrage eoiioaniteCem ors"Pp giaethebeairemactorst, Reports. Mr. Roehm'ssdiretion.1when the In- ABREXEDSDMAD qece inth ct ers t seormsitios was gained thatt the pro- A111 bJ---- usE fqual Suffraeotracuerwilt 101 41ordgip - Do Irtecorspndne --feesionai and busines ecns classes EX ET "I olmu One of Few Cities Where a joint meeting Tuerdot at.: 0 p. aassit1,oe,eq*. RECORD M E Mj B E R S H IP are the largest of any asseciatioe In Mere Help Thae Needed m, 1* soffrage headquaries ore. tre per cent- paid on time de-os C.teettt- b rm5 o4 rcn- T lv r III UIas ilei0.0ei trand thealteilding-. Tlure o _ b - r-rnwasfrm--e oyer H-.Write or cali for bookets. a----- nd 86 jer eent. of the memberhie C h-fte e cte members who are taktng acernesus lrttmeIctiiy ar____________ sAs:Bat ~ e eeasefnowm yea m yer O EE S IT olmbu soineof hefe ctiof the roman suffragtsts of i,,Alerle-c ecyIe t CoumusAsn ost gl'- h casesno av amebe-whorm the sepply of holpe.xeceds county will report the names en ttrtherrod, r ao lIt eat Attendance of Business ship of 860 men, omew nf whom at-er tree demanod. The report of the freej ptlions at lhis time. The aceolo-aelyottr"heco tend as often as 800 days durinig the L linhr bureau for the pas eeko hatows lien will etend an intitatio toth i P lE I and PoesinlMen. yeri ng theastiaton egmis-that 1910 persons epplird for work oi eoeWmon$frg oe llr l largst itsdaneomeIn FRO ____r-- C during the week and of this turn-o eation in hold tho annual coveiton't "I r"tshistory,- her 1:86 were referred to position.. in Colootee t it I llliO lg " ATTA CKS I "ot a man whbo has teen a regular!'What men ef this class need,"eaid to I the sase the total nmher of tirr- aidle c ~ osoe attendant at ties ac-m' clauses forjMr. ttoehm, Is to he unburdened Failed to Resign as Judge and moe. eeing work was 14.004 as Doddiogton toads in lumber needsa to et inhrccHave Been mentallyrane -eplaced__n__hap___-__omparedwithreqet___orhl__-A_______ F.2- O P E buinstess and profeasional men at the tin where r e an enjoy a big time Law MyPrvn is __________Be-____________________________ ~ r vr0 Yea.s Centrai braoch of the Columbus without any regrets. for health is tot, "- ---- - ---- 0 LN' PLPI.h.C. A., has heebnown 1o beea ony physicailMndoatplay -b omig Serearyof-- - fE0, DY, fI s a nleteaiesd N ilk 'victim of the Spanish Infinenut, nor reuse they are youn," he said,."but ______ ' s aefFNiulos &5t-%a icsses hate one, so for as is known, soe they are young because they' play' we,,mesess Gmm Â~sowed COULD USE MORE SPACE, STATUTE M U C H STUDIED any indicatione of being Indisposrd." { With the large attendance of mesn______ a tlesrt R This ttatement was matde ht F. to the gym classes, Mr. Iteeh e ats valeabl bsk DmcasadIeulcn so - le IsJ W.. oehm, rhysicai director of ohs that Ihe asociationneuouldocasiy us e mort n eulcn!' L set association in commenting uponthe four gymnasiums Inead of twn, if Oonfident Their Candidate k. CL1 bII ~ ass.a hefts to be derived from physical they had them. What wilt he done - Has Rtight to Position, o Probably OQ statute has been more eteneirely and diligently looked up. road, studied, analysed and cnsntruedhnheoewihsyajugcn not run for any omnie save a judicial l Â~ one unless he resigns as judge. The reason why this law Is the w o h subject of so much attention is hecaume Judge Haroey- C. Smith.BRpubliica, of Zanesrvilla, probate judge { of Musintgum county, who received more votes fursacoretary of state,. _,r" than did Secretary of State William D. Feutoa, his Democatio opponent, M1 ~~~~~~~~~did net resign the judgeship. Ti a rcpttdteqeto of whether the votes cast for him ran D'o Photos hr oute, n doubtles A Tkn Smith ran taiko offirr, or whetherrCANDY Solfl{oJ YorFulton Will remain in onocfor line U. S. Su Early yealoger. CID 14W PATO Christmas RECeryEd AhasVbeeS E v e n in g N ea rly v e ayeO S ecreMaN y V t W 5. 13 N o v. i1 t la ye d Cnlm d a Shpigreotres letters frote lawyers and ittey- theraatiab~ d tie Shuin ntil men who have heen working onotheo 0ffialinl Frcthe t~doehl Earlock leaw,end they give him, grntuitously. Â~xPedjdttanrY Frcewi llo 9b9a'cyok lthir ic e tho wthat Juges 'unUc, 'The en dy. terain'f1 -Ma yI ci etSh i w th tJ d ea nt dmitie cannot smreo becasuc of cot;pound eac~h every nd hard c n y rehgininclude V YO RIf the courts.ibotd this otty many c __-- j V Repuhlitans who errreeoutieg on HAVE YOURgetting jobe under a Repuhlican seecCHRIS TMrotary of at wil e disappointed. CH I T AS PHOTOGRAPHS whiie, ronversely, iftrhe holding Is the other way, a number of Ubmos T'AKIEN NOW'c 1i~' crats wilt part company with their' Atihe stateoe.crerkse.anrasgore and even janitors ar.ttting aa bout ihe question, ore etaitontng iGHT fUncle hast Un r Us Show You Our CHRISTMAS SPECIAL the lair and are ricing their onclo-Rfou esat Sm rcg $5.00 Per Dozen, Which Includes One lsi~noaBylan odtt coinirdtec.thoe - value of sugar-energy in orby'rtos Exrpag ht RE ublicatn. with aesueteeuctanimty, The American soldiers and sio~hv a sire It as their judgmwent thtl a Ire- supply of chocolate and candy;hog tika Photographs from $2e 00 and u lected, wiloth her hrntto.itsadngtewol-i (4ui emobrranti ridioyucs to tr-ItWhotwthsdigarthorld-ewida ua hrae A portrait of you or your children almost invariably furnishes a big atnfr amit ntleidirentthee r.hntesua hrae a tis egt o surprise to father, mother, sister or brother back home. I othi tela ds3 o;t apply.1: wondered why so much candy shudbaae o Pose at once for portraits of yourself and little ones and use them lib- from tderee-ving.ti what immense quantities weregontomnith erally as Christmas gifts. JANITOR PROoUCES ARGUMENT and how essential it was to theiefceny Besides your immediate family you have a score of acquaintances to FeerkDouglas Weatrr. ttioredNwththe ariwotispfclyrpr remember with something inexpensive, yet full of personality. State Fuiton, IN cnlett e'ryond ti ttmn Artistic work requires time, so don't put it off until the last moment. doubt of the icterrs right to otthstaemnt Make your appointment today. or over, whchevrrwoac tolemaeocrare orsl-eiasi ua to D Yourself-denils in sugr usingIadmcandyse r tlrxled ta h saah"i given to our fighting men a vasamutofghi JrlST C liFoetneerDeasgoivencrttithor- engy.Adyuko o hyfuh Sientr kcrre oored, f tnrr- THE 1EST of cav naromte ontys edigm C1 tI i I " _--s= --_ _ _--S- r11C a11 3Si ""! - i l c __c. f1 =.Z acS]:L'ri Y.. _.. _.. _. r - '--'-T-- -- ___ ___ __ ___ _ _ _- _ _ _ _ _- - - __ - _- - - 1111 Quality Motor Trucks At Lowest Possible Prices I 1 I I "Ah trll yea. Mr. tircocry. the tones t eurely am got a rait'it fool In 1I Ipocket." said ireol. I it glytashm reilaef ttat the tatute hburred Omlth.rom taktng utltr. Mr. Fulten smid that he felt roestrained te admit that tile jonitors construction of the law oerped to him to ho quite iogical. lie tee tocluded It In a symposium of cisrids-I tions on thn Intent of the Law whirl, its has rceivrd frem a ourtety of sourceonee the questoet the controversy has precipitated was raisrd. PRICES TO ADVANCE. PepeMsy he Fareed to Ptey 26 Pe CetMare For Suits sod Closks Next Spring. CLEVELAND, OHIO. NOV. 80.The National Asoiation of Cloak, and Suit Manufarturers nlosed a two days' convention hero today. has been a common occurrence for some of the large late houses to receive an order for 100000 one-poui An order for 450,000 one-pound tins of Lowney seas packages was doubtless the largest single ort placed for chocolate bonbons. Uncle Sam was rightly fussy WHEN You consider that each of the 36 or more chi in each package had to be wrapped separately in tie insure making the long voyage in perfect conditi will understand something of the labor involved. Besides millions of tins and packages of Lc bonbons made exclusively for the boys in the sere have supplied to the' Government immense quant cocoa, chocolate nut bars, chocolate cream bars, " both overseas and cantonment use. NEWSPAPER R M odnews for the bys ion is now easing up. Uncle Sam OT(OR TRUCKS1111I! will deride early neat weeton a pol-~ Mli IIicy of releasing its holdice of seorThe' remarkable 1 - - due to the Stewart poll -to produce quality t 1 0/ 31/2 0 06 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS -.Now lsathe tine to

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