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ï~~ 0 I4' 4 ANENUALBEOR ixART2TQ? II~A TTI \TAI?I{LRI TiDSI2I C4 L~~ TOILP S CHURCH ME RAT I ON~ ~.19218 1919 -Te Bepar me nt of Tn t erna t ional 7riendshiLp of the oMn'C1rc KO'd etion acame int o e it n e ab u erago for te pu rpo se of co rt inv with the American Branch of tI2- fÂ~d7, Aorld the.,,*vomot ion of International Erie ndship thr"oug,,h th e Curche S n ' it ~oram fr cetng Pa spiri t of friendshipaon h ':Lffet nations andh pr'rnt- and practice of CK4 tia *internati onalilsm. Early in Apr il, 1918, h ei~nu f u ederation, I~rsG 7.Math e sattended-. aconeec fteMozl 'Alan ce held in J-Tewv- York, returtiing i-* thoroughly inf'ormedb asE to th'e organization's purposes a-nd plans, W, hat ever, successti fleaprtmTen t ha s had during th e yeaor"t larxgely due to her clearisrct noinentoal-far' ~ d~e Teirst work of the Dep artmt, of3traina.redc of te laflts, ~eenstUcino ena"~n teona k of the Phtich,"a tousad. f eah hvingbee. set u'witoutcostfro use in cdonnection with R~ed Cross Circles 'durinE- the srurimer month, Inycpeofthe series of bDooklets co piled by t.'e iati*:Lonal CJ ~'~it~e nth C~rhand the.? oral 3iM S o h e 77>r re/o ld and c0 p iesofthe la flet"Syrllabi f or em o n so n 0orldYobei"i, io tr ibut'ed.

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