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Influenza Encyclopedia

ï~~ EI, eI ess peiats wIthe.'st.a UsitL haet~y by - he It relies, hw. it~et's deutia!t at *1 the 'basisiefs them an "a seat with which t at seu riag depending 'Upen n, a5 applies asks axioaiy tie acceptae teusres 1oits, hk was accepted by the ailies, mwisous.abs e r worthy refer ac iss ebefore aalitlon gevers to siecteepte it eciesesPremier Opeltug t. the of sadee at abliab thes asks tter is feassq 4," it tmsitles,.tter but th e__f '.It' mast tie Very cutry.* RO:PE,{ k F' I I I Partl Retunof 'Influenzt E$ 4emic Cond 3ioaos Not lN. cessitate Re:-Mnt+ ent of O= t b r g u a n One hundred and seventeen cases Qf influenza had b~een reported to t N~ r health departmpent before 2.% this morning,.with three.deaths'ouernight. While it is evidlelt that. thete is a partial return of epidemic con dtt u[. Chief. Health Officer.R..I:C. FPlannagan said this morning tht:he did: nOt anticipate any change. from present rerplations. There are 'many carrier' cases, he explained.. and - advitd the public as -far as possible to1 avo id crowda. VP to- thtq - time there hate -_be'n'12.043 catstinfluenza ornelally re. Vthe w eek eadi N ee. the kwese.a we!sh is 4em~ Metims whabt tho wee. s 1Â~ sa reseed "1tgretk. 'Xsw Yee's elect'! s ~e o waite twie whet- they ws >efe the s v.oeewdis U 4 a alf times M as us.lit tehurg'1. at,tt*thee.tom, an s.. Dakimorev, set twe: 664 a in. tsr t w ~5 9 Tht --ao ~jrtow, TVUVt -i -4-- -L ioeuWtrl-tn "j RVby -fl may'-UTV unofficially. phoned in. Cases without --ornp tctons- -rety'-lsrt zbowq'-tvw da}"1. though Dr. Fiannagan asid eQ oine should so out or expose hIdmalif.n any way' un-l r. a week. There were.ev.'nly-tour deaths fromn -zuiuenza during.vemnber, as agai.ti.t:b46 in (X toner, vi 'fgllowirt;gsable, given out at 'r - 4.~ttth:c' Ei~tta lt--us:wsthe -total number of d.tM t=n a ecity Ith 4tt. tlr~it e' )Tth1$of this yeas January. 210;?0i try, 265t; ' -271. April. 2t;.V lei; Jue. 244; ly, 2!6$; Asu t: 0 Beiltembe r. t0t; October. 7832=; ~~e...: It will bpep. thtsil te, wtht 50 tmber hat ter' ' 1et mettlity o r9 red in reemt s$ws,.with only e deaths.' Octobefs Ia,,)a>tkthe lblti sass epidemic aeeheditS crest, has the highest- on r tid, w ith' a totae of 7 2 deaths 'als)(%tinber Iglil'es.est. t-;. -i I. lim I His Visit Hor. in J anuary Will -_ He Has EvrCondiatad a C amp Hundred Thousand-PeopleWI Will Be Natm to Assit wD-.Mr. Sunday has talkqd x QD and has }oozed forward to oo iag.tor.,advance: agent, Janes E. Walkr, We arrived to the city today and etbIlshed heaqwto"e is the Cestral T. M. C. A. ballid pg, Ges ad St strents.f 'Ye!s," o aed ltWker. "!h!has - had5,i e~e4' W'D sad Fee insP Iettieru! HisJ no-Wideathr as "&" 1--o-' usueHin0dahfdntyphoid fevor or itiala- it i isrr~ h ~etas na. - - cod uc ted by her dtthgther cib In November consepnpttofl csu*0d pieo rh tl i eh.''eeelvwstee. Lst eas seventeen detts.-as against _twenttY-. asect th AtssNaei.* ca sed-twenty dear _4te aeas i urn!ssflChi a ~~n the mee'swr.. Sprt. that month latye ran ~broeil }e*~eltwl ohadb 0,0 '" t~st* hslt.hpneumonia caused nineteen deaths. as enfs ilb er y1000 ts(5 Rx.thefehr to thecvoye against ten in November last year"people hearoum nd aeqeryterofwa.milinash. k. wtts.Ases.S Artreal rs natdiarrhea-caused bttwo deahs, ei erhmi tr on.H s.s~bao ens firt rst nfat bt etsnow i n Port _W o >th, rTeh., and will con- MssAl*I.ter Qs~, Seeder taf le remarked and the low mortality from this dis- cxs i apintee a.1 ~ ta ~k enforced rest ease throughout the year u -neteggeItwllteinRC. 31II d'el, ae~ase h acknowledging to offset the bad stowing rausidt by ~bi g ~rr porte niueca*io~A. Ellclusive of the ot~erlng to Mr. Sun., It teswill be held is tikecity.shingron wiih - { da'" ' y. whikh will be that taken the last sttetswdily at * sad 7%36 wil tietit nu ni S unday o his campaign, it is estimate Pr,.$.daily. Neada'- exceptesd. it Sway of" tieDIfIA - that they expenditures will cont, about.atgte thl btdsa old the coldier tUDLIsI?.(O, inuditegnieMrt 7*Vetrti i he ercoun- SCT BI $2.00,inUUdngsnrl Detund"Plw et ( \ h main et racsc mond. rkkf er~ raltlose 5rr 4clc4 - )ngi r5wafri re TÂ~! t brt hwse

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