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ï~~ A*tlanta Death Rate Next to the Lowest rh In Dixie for Week 11ng 'There seems to be a little flurry of influenza all over the country" r. J P. Kennedy said Friday, "hut the particularly in the mall ta n no- country dintricts." He had Just com pIeted an analysis of the govern. a e nt yely reort which hws athe mortality rate for every large city in the United Stats For the period ending November tan rate wa sl.rlbnfor the week bef'ore, but i was below any city In tIha south except Washington, D. C. firing ham, which wan below Atlanta in at week's report, showed highr rate for the w just pased. The statlstics for lth ciLef outh rn cities Is na follows: Atlanta, 7f dathe (agannt 63 for the week previous ),giving her a Nw Orleans, 159 deaths with a Memphs 7 6eaths with a rate of N ashv'Ile, 54 deaths with a rate at ~3ate Richmond, r deaths with a rate Washington, 139 deaths with a rate of 1.4 DaitI ore, 228 deaths with a rate Cr 20 8 Pitteburg i 1111 leading in the numer of aths, having for last ek a death rate of 4., Dr,.Konedy feels thatt tor is no accasion to fear a retun of 1n fluanza, In o nevero a term as when I It tarted here, alhough he tinke t hat the daths for Is week will show tie effect othe Incread number f cas n nthea past two E AT WTHGNERAL AND DON'T SALUTE Berne, November 2,The amaz in ghaLe In C tnnt y ec aly o those who know Lh atrn a tom of former days, are linistrae d by many storis b rought to Swvitzorland from Germany y travelr. A Dutch diplomatic courier tolls of his first trip aftor the break up of th empire, On the trin the courier found a'getnera at a table Soon throe common koldlern mntered eted themelves at the genral' table, and without snletinr or even noticing the genrn bgan to et Another new arrival in Silzer anud is a Rlunnan from dessa who came through Germany. H was 'vorri 41 1tenan. ienknot V edg of ( rman an) tiurmad itusan Ticcont miht na ue truble, to he did no talkfor hours, Finaliy, howevor, appech becnie imp rotlvl Lia fellow travelera deandnd b ti identity and when the tis.sian rvee It. they fairly deluged hit iith attntion. The Rusian reached Switzertand convinccd that te CGans in overturning their ovenannt also overturned most of iter one-tinam utns. I sail tir habits of thiniing had changed an no one, ever hd believed. posal. FATHER AND DAUGHTER VICTIMS OF INFLUENZA Docatur, an, Novmlber 29'-Sactai.)-TI funeral of J. T. Gazaway, 03, and his daughotr, Myrtle, 2, wil occur from Ousley chapel church nine miles from Decatur, Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock.internent will be in Mount Carman cemeterry, Both doths occurred from pnemonia following influenz lboth oer stricken at the name time, and were only sick a few days, Mr. Cazaway is survlyed by his widow who is also very sic with the same malady at the Gazaway country ple ac, in. also a son, J. I a Vzavy ther aurvivors at 1. P. and C. D. Gazaway, also of Oule' chape rand Mrs. N. F Ew ing and Mrs L. E, Lmhord, of AtIantLa leg In the forenoon with the mayor and de it to closes in um ose nola ul nrdo ri a nI w1 vr HAS BEEN WORTH I I rs. Reese Declares She Hadn't Been Well in '15 Years Until She Took Taniac-Trouble one. "I wouldn'L tale a Itusand dolar Lash for th good Tan)a has dn me 'od Mrs Lu Ree, who residen at 1559 ick trot, Auu It r aound strange, but I nute red with tomach troubhi rheumatism and neuralgia until I got to tus luce where '.den care ht r %lived or dl. Everyig r to no rtd on ia na and made trouble for me, and In lition to the rhtenmttmI fel and coke my arm and It seemed likd my' olr troubh kept it fuat ivfid n iTery erall th ntim nd couldn't get any rnlef y "I~ P~ hvjutfinished myacon ar n that av not been well bIefor-o i~n fifteen years. The reua tham and soreness In gone from my ar'ma ystmcisalrgtand I en at anything I want di geatit.I have:gained some In wegt am able to do all my wovk and feel good all the time. want overybody to konw that Tnine ba retre Imy healthi' Tanin in sol by Atlanta's lead The Dresses Dresses Re; flounce' 1 ------ -------------------------------------------------------- ------ ------------------------------- 11 _ "7 I

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