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ï~~IFUI al l.,lsthe German retiroment inm.B lglitm by advci4rcel mlitry hold., U which the multi )t. 1.-- '.4 the Austrian is ot the same.time ag~ to the people. # saiors n sk posd "imc hd which hase;and t oe navytui 'r the futoro forI tie new confeodeoe:reO h8 Washing1!devulqpmYe04s go ere aed'rtItne0*: ap f' re ilter- ALL:-~ Tff " i '^n""! + ttre'GN"""tS inWic igtAmrca ide that what Ins-in progresm s i, 41w...,.. - well orderedad...executed -withSalte'-Wxincd--- probably po prepared' poettl. h.efoatthe4 - reports -front xoc.Ng ' Â~Oid and other portions of the front, notably r. t }, sout oeat of Leon, also tel1 of retirek4. I ~ e h~ied;o "1V 3a;r4 a0 te eaeoy ' lattempt t many ta s o4 ' 1it illiha a 'two bhor' lfn- been estabiuhed. " lnglh.laGra sbaie Army olitlals cnn takes no notice of 800 melies off the Atlantic coast lest the onerous reports of an impendv Saturda~y morning in which eight.mieen lg complete capitulation in seeking Marlon the &rericoo$,chip were wountded. the explanation of the German mantry "two. fatally. The transport arrived cuvers in the field. They can ascribe here today and reported that, mo far theme operations to very definite end as those e board could determine the well developed plans of the German gur eut~mee'lne wos not badly dauni lged. it general staff. It wee aid tonight, and a all.that the enemy probably las begun he' The first. shots carried awey the the econd phase of the withdrawne In.Anzphlon's" wireless eod mshe weastin- he has been compelled to undert[ ' able to call Xor help, The naval gun as a result of unwavering pressure. crews replied to the enemy shots and by Marshal loch all along the battle 10- the transport crowded on *11 steam. 110e. Lacking the reservem wi _ finplly 4,wing away from the mob- whcMonokIAtndo n~ m4. lpe.', ho transport's soperstroc- wiht aeasado n',eit,ttei'4 waa riddle4. With shells and tended front, it Is to be asmumed that the, shlapilel. he i falling back to a much shortted The Aluphon. formerly was the ened line, where he can mhow greater North German I..oyd liner Koln and rssigpwr is of 7409 groms toneand has a speed rmoigpwr of o 8' knbts an. hour. "She woo Compelled to Ceompromise., country There Is--reason to- believe, howto.entered; the war and after being re- ever, that under the hammering o,ingj ai~redr by the shipping boated, was the allied and Amnerioan armies, the, til tprined over to the-army aos ftrans- German high command has been th rt,.compelled to mak~e a compromime.. Inth 0 t.4r Izuing aw~ay fropu,thae sub- tead of holding ore to the front lines ttu- ro~e e tVe. lepl.,f tut into an until the new front w " in complete.i tandpgrt,;wbelo the more seriously readiness, it is regarded as highly W 'updi eeihded,. On her arrival probable that the advanced positions., iere, a te'aport went' to a ship- are being abandioned- barely In time ~4 4oy e~lo..,. to' avoid encirclement and' the retire: te- lial Grp gh ounded roen were meet being made to defenses not Chr e +ms, o:t r ' Most -of.".them "fully y qeiped and lldrtainly not sa voet 'o avis bee members of mdnmned with extensivo,reserves, It st repeat c mu are leng Vuied Up ta~idy--Shell:. Also;ate Becoming Scarce ' ' (Br Assciated Prss8.) BRII85ZI MADQUARlTEltS INU'ltNCl, Oct.. 1L-A new German line of defense fr'om.A.ntwerp through Namorto Se4asn; which probably will be givop the p~ane of the Wotan III line, is understood. to be in the course p5 copotruction. On this aide of the. line the Gera}.ee do not appear to have any defenses, of;real importance. It is oonid7'er$4 liItely that the main bulk of the Germasn areties, or rather what is left of the male bulk in this section of the front, is on its way- to, ihe Wotan III line, though it losouts F9sjpibl@ It may tr, ' to make a mtaned somewhere on thip side of theme positlos. If a etand is made, how"eyer," tile Germans will have to deDend upon what troops they now have. in Belgium. All these appear to have been engaged recently and some liave soiffred terrible, lases. FrOIs, informatipon reaching headyiaoit* -phis afteranoon- it seems that 4tto '' veiiabbo reseerves oft P '..~h of- the River Lym now,.,,I e engaged. Fwi any dlvi-. t fi sparedtfrom any other no,hesfrontMorove. i lNw2zber 'bf kSubscribcrs MI~ 1Iun C1osq 1t &5O,OOO6-Ncarb3 Counties Lag.. Celumbuse aid LFranklin Count] will close. thp ourth liberty tmagntdy:it.attl oe1, 00o,eei, apprloximately $3,000,000- "ix ae s of0,tbl At'. his, s te~emt vas made, yestsr "larr* rd!;afeyslrochairman.. The no e4 'o suebscribers in '~h county wi e~45,000 and one come cl~qe.a 60,00e.. Local banys,are xpecting to takn o3lypostda.Bn coahl 'R i d in one or' bank rlc worked overtjme.i= eokojl pubsiness. ~oi;nitted. in ha 11/14/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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