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ï~~ DEPARTMENT Of PUBLIC WELFARE DIVISION OF HEALTH S" tat, 1)19. MAX. C. STARKLOPP. M. 0. COMMISSIONER @. A. JORDAN, M. 0. ASS?. COMMISSIONER 1$ Dr. *t t!Wrk loff, Health(C3ornission r. Dear 31r: I fJuvo trahe hior -to iu4 it the folloving yoarl y rx'ort of the 1.&.J-tary Division for fiscal year 19-1" 1V)490 With aoc oonpVrying statistical tei-.tbles st~hmn#!the -.rork in fletrtil, to geather -4th conrri ontos mnl su -pesitions. In comparison o C o theoyork p rforted 'lAuring the p'-u~t yp-3&r it iviii be notlaol tha-t the r*York acoonlished whio-vsft a s.-light liease~.9**Thik is toite to tdieInfluenza opilonticwhich visite4 t11-a city at Call and wyinter, the, exigonoioas of t!dch lomnlel4 theatrto of practicatL~y every ma.wn in tixo ep.r tw, at. The cpitomio xtenled ever several months aind ','is 4a severe -drain upon thie personal of the le4pirtnent. In th-e early,pafl of19t the;Yat# r Division introduced an rdiane vendngOrdinance M.2$"526, the nwortinance being knoti rqas-:o* 300"4, aporoved,% April 16th, li)he. In ordinance No.*?'3526 t vA3iopartrnent had the wer to compel the installation of city;~o into any premaiios horn it *rts neooisecry as a sanitary measure. The niew orlinance h-s *stricken out tis p-,rovisin n nInft use vithout poaer t.) provide Vds very neceaf sary 3anitary measure.O*triinsnce Ito* 2,13526 shoultl be tamended to re-m establish this po--vrr

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