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ï~~ V.;oi t >~ier*B fg.."... v1 h 14MReW aG YRK-C:LZARI &GS '' o: Oii *s.....32 NW OR1C.Sept. 30--.xoa*;es *21% $442,537 5$,' t alinoaes $52,541,392. k tn r.... *. 11 COTTON OPENINGS Proucts..........i4 NW -R Spt 30.-otton 1fu lT dStts-Street- corn...1 j (rsopnd tadOcer 3355: Ut on Pacific *14 Decemnber 3.25,..ansoary 33.22, March, Vit Copper.......23.....May.32.98.-_3196,_May_3218. 4 LTHE'SW ED)SIH TW1EIY SELECTS lIIURCIIES CLOSED OFFFOR SLOCUM Quinsig Methodist Not to Five Local Boards Send Four vOpen Until Grip Over Men Each rWorcester Swedish churches were Twenty limited service registrants los"d without exception yesterday. entrained at the Union station for aax4the doors Will remain closed all a 02 hsmrig thi-week. The Rev. Andrew.. of- Fort Slocume at 02 hsmri gteaii, pastor of the Qulnsiggmof-1 Groups of relatives and friends were Matihodist Church. states that his on the station platform to see the oh ui'oh will not- reopen until the ep-seetof.oxlnhswrgin i& c has passed. Tbe Swedish Sal-sectof.Bxlnhswrgin vi o Army 'Corps conducted its the men at Springfield. The follow services. log men-ce-s among those who 1 VOES T HAE LEGUE left: VeSeTOhAeLaGUEwln: Division 1: Elmer Allison of 32 lf" wds-meia oif Whimarsh Avenue; Joseph V. San League met caterdlay and voted to scudl of 635- -West Boylston. Gara have an eight-team league this year bed Hightstlan of 38 Hanover. instead. of 10. the Thor Club and I.r Division 2-Itustea H. Makela of 0. 9". T. teams dropping out. These1 28 LibertyW Francesco beladova of 6i shill be tha, teams in the league: Gage. Jams lnnane of 4 Mulberry progress' Lodge. S. F. of A.;Engel- tand Moses A roe-ad of 63 Wail Street SIA ohericsGsona Lodge; v.. Division 3: Thomas H. Dwyer of Of A.V Jon EissonLge;.en " 10Dell Ave.1to4War'de. S.:~ C "XV ode,'leea ~ileEnsl-way of 8 ofl.JmsM~b krekt Club It web decided to have e-n f Px. Gustaf HR. Candberg si 21 weeks season. o 62 Whipple. HAVE HOUSEWARMING Division 4: Joseph L. Pillon of 120 3Mr' and Mrs. LanrsE, Werme were Lamartine. Joseph Molits of 8 Sey gvw5S a housewarmnllg last night at mour. Edward J.. Canavan of 10 Jef their -ltaw home. Holland-.Road, and fersons and Carroll F. Zendelan of 10 preseated.-purse of 4218. Mr. Werme Taylor. is a member of Thule Singing Sorbe- Divtsion 6: 'Carroll W. Gibson of ty which gave a program of enusic. 169 Highland, Henry G. Guerin of TOPA FRFL 27 Piedmont William W. Dorey of TO PAN OR ALL 23 Chandler. Indian Hill Improvement Sociey ________ day in the administratiotnbidigo wil hveit mntl ns ifgChureEADE READY thf otnCm opny ln oall and winter will be considered. C M CELEBRATION POSTPONED FRSAS13 LCf The official board of the Quinag day and voted to postpone the cele bration of the 40th anniversary of th4 church, which was to begin Sun- CAkMP MEADE. Mid, Sept. 30 - day until Sunday. Oct 13, to ron noe weelt. When the men in the October bunch ____________-. of draftees arrive at this place from Help Oue- Bays on the Sass Bring ~ascuet hywl idta the Hluns to Thei r Keses.sahststeywl idta Camp Meads has a population of 46,000 men, which is to be increased Smore than 12.000 men in the next two weeks ny the arrival of 12.000 ~NOTICE / for the Signai Corps..4 A special camp for signal men is 7All persons who have deposit-4 now in the course of huilding. iar. / ed Liberty Bonds for safe- racke. welfare houses and other p1keeping with this Bank are structures are going uip rapidly, and jrespectfully requested to sig- p before October is well under wcay A nify their Intention of coo- p there will be more Signal Corps men 7vesting the seame into 4%'A % 4 gathered here than In any other honds AT ONCE. 7place in this country, includinga p1 plarege number of men from Msassa SThe privilege expires Noveni-j chusete and othcr New England b er 9th, after which no con- statue. / esoscnbe made. O Camp eadei~s almostit midway be Conversion is strongly rec- /and 13 miles fr-onm Aniu~spotll. A run 7ommended, nod no charge Ij during furlotugihs to ace the Navel p1will be made for the service.. Academy is one of the standard out Kidl AL - hebakAT ngs. Men from every stats of the /OiNdC ALE. hebakAT -Union are here, with Marylanders A / end New Yorkers predominating. SThe People's Savings Bank. Thdre fenm r deadmanthero western Pennsylvania. several hun 450 'MAIN STREEST trict of Columbia. several' thousand Woreoaer. lineas. from West irginia and olihers from /Delaware, ut 2100 from Califor otennia. Oregon nd Washington. The -.nrtentwang; the southern slur offleias - or else-ks5 atet" not let SAVIHGS BANK " the bosrdet pods wre.6b Theeloe kis lsI. loep* a Isre o th t<. oeis "liextentscetoflat - lug i~ *'iO dat kgMINSCI os. Jese. CeTYes L L ad.rig 1j ~'pllea heseefl WonnW"Ch, UPOU eptebaa ssd.ft THE- FLOW--Germean prisoners taken at- Bethancourt during the recent offensive msrtbeing _to the r~lbe. the 1t 4&E -- epaily )lI~2V ~The sobef fsobeall wi with he hads f th se- If 1 W~CItgneisdo-I ous ~~E sa z nusig rgniaios nLoeei U....jj h emis orgaizatonend Rd Cre. Nie-s keytoat loerce foe--the purposeof te avoiig ODN Sp.3-hgdge owichOes a eae mn icatron du uplicat gaatosion il1T h m! tes n hei ascentralncleaing thoe fo wih ftheonnadPrisclubs: oeamu tha the of Nu ss.j- heas si n etsr i llu sibe -ng o muorade. at isn an n ed Cno s t u se i-d f r on ditions, a E lNTERPd RIEdSO ITIO N keeylie. la mn ore ioan one nurse o n lews of aoiich:ONDNSets 3bough aevlsi o pwhichsadendmank itsfere moc~o diantonho efothansecar oridall;maighisbhily.utstddnted ind hen toyhwentbackgoingthe chan.sovrdAhis atientsin lerinonmueioict. theefondothatnthePaid waus:'eei (usi t)m rii'tis o t Mayor Pehein- 0.sigmes. mcm.bes Threnhf aroughtiores, atieinarudethisineck-bt nditsroke. Sm r t Brwtn, dstrctnuprsor, andoiler-; n oaceits.bogtava fpuscacd n rn t fe meo.diasathrit piesorent othes- Cured now, he decided to celebrate his "return to life" and he bought meia uhrte etotti'afternoon to the emergency hospital~ the beat dinner he could get, ste-end died. Answer: "ersatz material." at the Greendale fair grounds, which' sbigrpdypu-noueu o dition by the H.. J. Cross Company. Fae It is hoped to have the hosptai ready Face by Wedneay, oote Daily Statement of Local Food Board A The board of health today nieprov-I ed of the location. stated that it. would be posible to hove 60u lbeds Prepared by local city mareting Apples. 107 bushels,. $2-3.60, 4.7c WAH there and added that it would real-'RAH ly be. an auxiliary of thee City Nona- agent of bur-eu of markts, 1'. S pound. Spain has pitul aod under control of the City department of agricuiture- Ceepersu- Apples. No. 2, 05 bushels. 75c-=1.60, with Gee ioepital truteecs. ies ascuei 1%-Ic pound. that 20 CoirswasMegunahisiornin in-Agricultural Col- Beans, shel, 16 bushels. $1.86-2.15, mrie stalling a steam-heating pianthi the lgEtaevcbadfe di-6O on.submarinmiacs building at the Woerester Ag- late-nibs, County Farm Bureau. Cabbage, 84 hareet, $1.8, 1-1%c have beat rilcotural Society and making such AiSUNDANT-Appics, rips and pound. wounded. othier chaugcs as may be tic, esi rgreen tomatoes, squash, spinach, Carrots, 14 bushels, $1.6, Ile pound.. Faced to naitaan and equip an emegency cabbage, corn. Cauliflower, 25 bushels, $1.26-1.76, that whit hospital. The board of trosters oif NO RMAL-Potatoes, beans, bests, l6iSt each. dare. Spi the City Hospital at a special gpeat- carrots, lottuce. peppers, cern. onions. Celery. 63 dozen, $1.50-1.60, 12-14c offer ofe log voted to accept an offer of the SCARCE--Bananas, erasgers, Ism- bunchfecaea socctyetryugih endou F.hHrrikanosoepums peasrmloni.,umonsn,1plumsn, 2peerszn. fareiforth, ceomum- buCorn, 1202ar, cderyenglant-30 u ohdosen.7.2. civilcivwasa grounds and a special comnuitiee tif (Add 20 to 40 cents in the lost lac pound. teought three waes appointed to make.t r- prices in last paragraph to eeo-cr the Lettuce, 40 boxes. 75c-;1. 6-7c brughta. range-monta for the opening of thle retailers' cost of handling.) ' head.Rusa boapit.. I. consisting of Peient- - - --- -.... _________ Spain Samnuci E. Winslow of lihe hoard of --- --'_-'-__-'" case 5of antca ofthe Hospital chir-Outbursts ofEv rt Tue s ByCnocadf ian; 2-uron H. right, secr.taLyl.. erman and Clffoe-d Anderson. This comilt- Gra tee has epieolnied a ea ecial advis-- - betip ory cotinitie consistilng of Ain} or R ". __ -,lis. le- U.1 H-lmes. llcr t o.~5Z1l..German r.Idn ri-oucrldge-. chairman of the hodc - ~.- riots. A ofhat;Dr. Samuel 13.,WoicrIul-,Is subsea of Memne-isi JHospital. Dr. B. F. i-al- I and nay kin of St. Vincent HOspital and ].)r...-aTh~ engtp thre-geA.illpcumb of Mahermnieeem le~e ontryt Itsplinl. This committee wili p1 i4 - o- coun heir facilities, knowledge end selviceb droppedan tit the eispoeal of the emergency in- dropped diltution. atoeIrn, Huress Are Needed dagr The commltteet 'met this afternoon.may:---.. e-4itG and took up the question of securing - -o-S/>,'"-The 6 nurses, which is the most diffilti.i onet pteublein swelling them, and other ish ponenap scatters In connection with the man an* equipment of ties institutio. One-"tprGa -tihird of the staff of nurses at Cityc hospital is sick wvith Influenza and -lo a the conditionss at the other hospitals - 4randcse aire about the same. Chairman Wins- ait lcv eted this morning that the City oaIn th lisilliss oode.ha.utfw ot Hocita ss rwe htbtfwI ore patients can be accommodated. wit! abtrut Ieo advised drastic aqtion at onoe. ritinouI and is of the opinion that thebhost wilt way to handle the epidemio is by whereSt centralising the woe-k and localiaing and Qtr the cases. __ _j,o ' MBV NGT 5li H rBelieve Zenith RPE ONOT '"ON aFROWMT OW-- NOtTN'r HE CVL AND 1tJIPJIFALL S1 THAT YOUIRE ~TRYIN($TO te-ad Of Gip Reached- sLIPP NTO T14 &s8A I L Kt 'vqS S CLiVefa teV1 - - NOT IN NoS RQIVT B u tN6 11to bill There Is a general feeling among...- ~ -thai the members of. the City liospite"mdcastfthth-ilun a ) m -. /! zsKasc a R u r i dei by It 1% 91"Idw PIT

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