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ï~~tha~n for Germny. "T'hp ether dy we captured a lot., of (I51'ha5.L: chained to ma chis - ~l.and QJi0 deiberatelyt4 Fy where to.ind the other nests. That fear'._Con wan th SOa ter, ofhis'loyalty' nd you cn to lirland. ie sasked for a United ties on the States uniform and gun and wanted 'ti lst an, to flghi. for ua. as, shere- "'Gee;'They, must he an enthusitice terms. antic 'bunch. Belitve me, these (der'-!ated now." mans Stre going so.-ast that. we are wll be, over: kept. on the move constantly followmnan lan' Ing than up. The boches have reprofoundly treated about 30 miles in.the last two u' securing weeks. They left a lot of their dead it which, ho unburied. andf destroyed much of yement, An their amnmunition by dumping it in tilfornie, fires. But tone and tons of it had to gram: from be left for us. of the in.. "The guns, ror night and day-it souds ikeperetual thunder. And Wetrn to thi"'owne are absolute wrecks. iht for se.. "A few days ago our planes went 'd. soldiers, over the lines into a big Germnap oldiers and town-s v enter for military worksaur experit. anid they raised bhell, too. And the here you kaiser,n a note to Frano0 and inglaiid, asking why they killed civawing nea' ilians *In with the soldiers. Gues fs due en- they 'have forgotten ahout Ji3elgiilm rograrniof and the way they butchered women. son" C -"The kaiser was supposed to ourrie o- rset L ordon Aug. 14. on't dam'. "ustnow just how he figured ond~oing amaso" it. But our doughboys found signs 5tion and" up in the woods after the Run rer ar, ini six treat announcing that the last shot with the.Was to i'eÂ~ tired that day. ganst him "This is certainly a lively front. tpe I have but there are plenty of gootd dugouts Preisident a fellow can jump into when the Lion.,, shells begin to come. who pre- "We are billeted in barns for the Ptt's notes most part, and have hay to sleep on. good, and Several of uts bought 3 francs worth We ve of potatoes from a peasant woman the other day and some green peas. r because and had a regular F'rench fry. Hope taper oIt to rake 'ups6 francs between us soon las..The and get a chicken. We can buy a acct on his pint of milk for a son." trÂ~"yis DRI1VING A TRACTOR any won:& Triafc i14 so congested on the batsoAMtlefi aelds Ghat One.does not figure number of wmiles an hour, but number ~uropep t hours- it takes totravl a mile. At reeeyleast, so says Private T1. S. Toman. American driver o01 a caterpillar' truck, in his s spirit,.oft latest letter to his aunt, ~)tIse Elizabeth Sherwood of 311 South GrandI I rnc, avenues "tp a high This 24-year-old soldier has been atdtooverseas ssince hb'.bruary. "The work ctdtois very tiring." he:writes. "as we are I madrewa on the- go every night, and often durs he~ drew ing the day, too. Ittis no easy mats udn.ter to drive a~reat tractor over here, its wh cn as I am. doing, as t haveto travel at 0 cr'os es night and thej, congestion is. so inly -mowed tense that It frequently requires an lie would hour to o a mile.s the field. "We lave been through merny 443 O ven towns which are completely aholmi tp:'to lehed. 'Lhe. engineers are kept busy trdlesea of clearing oft the roads and lling in ricnr- war the shell holes -'The' Red Cross ts doin.the most Pf*tW4tdropd give the:ca togo*g rasIt1k00, tlling ~the thing aoeitg bte Aati-.FWn tide 4luk, *lch ii.eondm If the coluncil should closing t entire cfty clam anoth:election Wol oce it, thai "joker" fui'. propoeltio on Nov. S, epording to the Originallyj the councilt Suni y-cloA Ing law at ii barbers. bu* the Anti-P+r4 tion Club, lads the prix opposed,to l1' Primarily it few places beside. the b and florist4 estblshme enforceiniei4 would vita many otheri lines and re mate busine~ss- at a time are high, prfits smal. an are cairyln~ a large sha' bonds..hd war taxes.!% a ntie.Preak Legis syittad nqioday of rest ' week, but lieve it is - he councls dictate to spy man what observe. The club is strongly bsdugss teLsAg Building Trades Counc Picture Producers' isssc men, caters.soonfecti tugrapbers. florists, the I Alliance of' Theatrical ployees and Moviuig-Picts Operators, apd mepy otht lions and thousands of i Teeeuiecm i posed of Prank Garbut Bol olmn ertClone, Robert MarshalhC mfnA.J.LctnegAW.Wtl lBaas, 5, W. Crabill, IR. M A. K. Brauer. FOR JUDGE LEN The following statemer Issued from the ioutherr telrn of Judge Thomas J. 0. T. Johnson building, b i vn hara ft 001 mittee: 'The friends of Judge Lennon desire to emphas thtte r o nleappeal to the voters of ti the basis of personalitle mnentalism. They are, how interested In the candldac Lnnbeasofhsgreat lawyer as well as jurist. The office of set justice carries with it too nity to permit of the into extraneous and abstractj in which the voters arrnd "We feel that Californi take satisfaction In the d it has Thoma J. Lennon ant. No otht man placed suffrage in a;high officea has labored vith truer greater peal for the inter people than Jludge Lennc years he has been a judg e, last eight years presiding the Pirt district courtof "Judge Lensimn, who is voters irrespoictive of par out In the field as a candi' of the two positions to 1 the state supreme court b RE8PONSi LE FOA R "No man pould be ft fitted than n to fill thus position. - uing his long the state 3u,iclary he demonw is ted is allit stores.# the.."+, -;,161 gvs i.sir oes le state that aerts are being stors f'<e-ef totsta in cure -tie election of l r. made to fuln< h miitary suit. naval Y a thousand Stvnenst. Mafrs rifith f urtheor says: stations with prompt servieke and that ld since alt- "A 'candidate fo~r the superior bench every effort is being made to furnish ilincil power should he a mell'a of ability, with service promptly to, physicians and 'there is. no many years of seuccessful, legal expe- nurses. would srtop, ilenee; ozi held high In the esteem Mason said that It was almost imnesk. +egisia- of his colleagues, and a marl: with possible to furnish this service betin a ~ am- -whom the spoils of office will not en- cause of 4he decreased- operating, force ter tut 'Judicial acts or decisions; a aid because residents of -Lots Angeles enact a law nianX o intergrity who has a keen were not co-opeiatlng in reduncing tight as a sense of justice and a love for hu- calls. Did be nees- rinanity. Such qualities has Henry J. ie said that the residence tIdetbeing the Stevens, and a vote for Mr. Stevens poeueswr h os fedr Ito be voted 1is a vote for righteousness' pi he servwee hdieaorstoender iclub. - atuil thtoservalehadGincreaedinoosu, put over the ared fWie ol no na extent that drastic action would pe behest ofe well known Los Angeles attorney, be necessary unless all unnecessary sae Leasisla- who is a candidate for justice of tiW cuvlli were discontinued, lie also remoplsops peace, claim that he nags many of the quested that whenever possible thue olt11woulds cloese admirable traits of President- Lincoln. automatilc phonest be usaed..lle ho,e I for Integrity and fairness and abrsos is +of the people, with the people H 1 tats. butmitrend for the people" they say. Lit- 111 stict hamper coln was admitted to the bar In 19011i~l stn ric esi and this is the first tine he hasC ME PU FO dmrhnshe was the first Los Angeles terre of liberty ney to fie a suit without paytmenut of ftto Cu ees because his client was without I K A:ally for one fud. 1*0WR-H A:IG does not be- Friends and workei's of Rtobert Lee province to Heath, candidate for police judge, --"-- day he shall claim that he will carry a great majority of the wo~inenvotes, ad litiat Plans for the big united war work =uinckdb h ehsbe nosdb ag us unlNv osaerta rda oladls ves County her of local women's clubs and sgo- uil Nov.ing18we'od at n opere teY aC.A i. Motion- cieties. Mr. I-leath has been leaving whihr mee5dtrinattue.. C. A. at. latlon, hotel his camnpaign in charge of his friest, which705itrict uins hai rme tt"en represwentwer ers, pho-ljas he has been devoting all of hlaimuruetg 70 Ingwos Angechawre oftagery nu- Some of Mr. Heath's friends who ofi-arr l rrod'an, chairman of Iisiahn'r atv nhssupr r: t unitedd w or w+orks+ ca~praign cosmmitire achne ae ativein is sputrl ae: ee, ntil:uwin iergslrotjhairman sr organize- Marco Hellman, Philip iLtngyeuar, ~ h nut apincmite idividuala H. W. 0'Melveny. 1. Dockweiler, This campaign is to start on Bhecutyc iat. ee Is comn- Lewis Harris, Sltodduard Jess, [Fred N. urday, Nov. 9. and will he for the chairman; Bernard, Charles it. Satyler; Dr. B~ar- rurpos o if raining ii.Zll,iaiOIn Los try: W. I, ton. A ngelees for the irs of the seven N. lionfiiio. pca omte oadi h large war work orcaiuiaatlonus. Stephens.,NF. Aseilcmiteloadi h ad uuo, tt,.. has 1,Cals1.election of Mupt~rlttr Judge' Russ, h nt 'cn ioftegvrm t i. Charlesacrd'Avery, who iisa cutdidrautr't sucu-et'u rl ach- -tIt'LPing its own iuurtiu;ulutr I.Arsadhimuself, was formuedt toay byitnIuure' work In Frante.'the sevetn "cast'thlatn 2Cpromine ittiu 1lra-ye ttf l'uust - a/.1 rts re lht"'..1. e'. A.. iit-V. INON deria, Letters being tou t tvotrs yteeatt-ny taeta W.. CA.. lhe It-wisitWelfare' toril. by hece atoreysdecaretha "'01eIII(. $la r Armiy. Ihe Nautrual it has been are convinced of Judge;. Averys on- a tholLe War co uncil, the Ainert-ita ai headquar- tiuestcionahle honor anti itit-soitti in- ILibhrary ttatot-it.tion and the War Lennon, 214, tegrity, his legal atiintneue sand 1tanup C'nmmruly orgtanization. y Edward J1. general fitness for judicial service."+"se executive. " he len governrtunt leagute, ctsto Seep 'Flu' Thomas J. thrtoughu vt' treif..ittNvill, resi- - leze the fact dent. today issuetd a saoigut tsttrtyted in their i ng that this vague had indtsrsrtit'- From Employes his state on uu.ndiduucy of Polc JudgetiWhite f~r is or senti-1 the supcrior bentch. Air. NMteill satil ---- ever, vitally the league 'will reake il nt udrse- tt,. a rftatutu'mnary mneutsurea' iy of Judge meats until Oct. 29. autlinesitchiut nura-cau~n of itilluete. ability as a.0000by us u'mpiau>es wer. insauguratetiby preme court rr ir n ~ ff The ertuploycsi were alluwNed to reDmuch dig- 'IIIfl1 lllH iI port for work at 9:30 instead of i9 roduction of IU U IU J~jf I o'clock anud to leave at I Instead of propositions 5;30 o'clock. not con-.T'his gave them an extra bour off fifilhllfll~flK fli~flduty which they were urged to spend as may well IJIh 11 IIII11.~ n the fresh air, and allowing them.ought: that flJ H'Jfl T O LIT IL to go to and from work when the as its sere- street cars were nttt so crowded. I by popular A crew of 16 met Iisenmployed~ to if this state disirfect the store. fidelity or 8pntr fMnsil ' oea rests of the Spotr fMrlu~uoittr, LAID KEEL IN 10 SECONDS on. For 14 Retpublicans nom~nee faart.) tulgtas it nd for the the Ninth district,- toda - Sauttitc t Al;EhtLttEN, Wash.. Oct. 'J6--The anjdgeo his record as an active p fohubliuon- national record for laying ai wooden appe fl ist as one of the strong arguntsa ship's keel is claimed by the Grays.. favored by why Fiowers shotuld receive the sup- Harbor Motrsh ip corpation'see crew rty lines. is port of the voters at the coin g hr.wihrcnl adake n1 date for one election. seconds. The now record was niade be tilled on "I have publicly fought the liquor on a ship upon which an attempt will bench, busines so -often thautI am nationally be made to heat the national wooden EFR$ known as a te-mprance worker." salul ship launching record. IFRS Mr. lowers at his heaqajuarters. 'AL )und better thec Chautauqua converntionIn Chiiimportant oago, Sept: 15 to 40. 1 pat through, tservice in two resolutions against the liquor, has amply traffic. -I srs -publlc? roanent Adding Macine loerned. ova Zecaue of the alleged nnau~thorixed wil beo h ae'atoi ncne-,.tiazk tb.: advertisements for an add.., ' 4, axi4-computing machin,.W. *e.y i dwd Trai O.n acs( l'ave as No. 25 (Ow Ne. 49 No. 75 (LsrI' No. 109 No. 38 iThese tratniorrow, tOc time. United S So EGAN SCHOOl Litlls Theater 8148., i5a24 15, ltwree t. Hts.O.Plie.0eo7a1 to Jue "e e ursu Sthe anti-tair WI1RE8_ N WAR. 11110/09/2006 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS NEWSPAPER R M

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