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ï~~ WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THEM? SHEJAJ TI-lAND HYGIENE Ct '[ZrI.OA maN eq. ~---DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH *CITY OF LOUISVILLE, KY. "ri~ c: ' W. ED. GRANT, Health Officer Published Monthly by the Louisville Health Departmnet Entered at P'ost Office, Louisville, Ky., as Second Class Mail Matter, Feb 23, 1911. { VOL. 3. APRIL 1917 SERIES 75 EDITORIAL. "The Public Health Miovement mtye broadly,defined as a social effort t prevent disease, _tp Ienuthen uefulness of every.member of society, an*o afrdportntes-d a"nhzilpsisal and mental development of 4r.soci;t. -----tapeer. I L.ouisville:: it-.your city witi tting.up: your, scr ra'tly oblige. us rom nyour: premiste ~Courtesy::Chattanooga...Health.Bulletin,. yens until after we arrive. s o u ormv aueplsd-4, nor procure covers.for your garbage,cans.' R~espectfully, MRS. A.MOS4 flITTO -M.. FLY. '. -.:' i;;..\:tv. I; 'fl H'S~ AL FIITNV.ESS - The Health Deprtfnnt is -informed-i that:' recently in Louisville in one day N " (.yj a 'E1.;. ":,....,...sixteen men presente 'tlem ne; or: pel'inthe army::.:;fthe;'number,"three -were accepted;, %-he,ir thirtee..Were xeicted becaute,of some; physical disab it '. ai~~ te". repeated-over sand over again s the days go on and the euof-A lio epopdtoour country's callfor thre first half: million tit men: During they tblization of;thle;Natiocnal. Guard Â~Iii, some 13inae - 7% of the men:. - - -Q -nseve were:rejected; Most of these Â~applicants thought them +ev~ l~ o i~at~They wereserpd add isappointed when.they were not' -allowed to servue?but In acrisls o thiis kind the nation 'needs men wfo.are hys1 - caly and' rn utally-flt,?al.le- toy'enodure: It is no tie'for:the, spftrman, ftor the -weakling-forte ait fieasted:... Sometimes'' tbe-l od.can i'tro ubt the standard required by roper and sufficieiitÂ~:food,: sleep sand exercise: 'The' physical:dlsabty:can- be oveicotne by obedience to 'the laws of healtlh and -hygiene, by giving up-wrong_ habits, and learn-- -ing;ood ones.: ---- - 1 - y, 4.'.:,1.,. "i.S,:,..

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