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ï~~t a I M~ fU 2 1 fl 4: AJ ~~$ I 4' 1'sI v k'o0 a intetd perso a not dropped in at city hall to exploit the one and only cur; to recon te use of whisy o todecry It, and t avan some new theory as to the cause t: the dre, o Atlant 'a IS IDCIUded In Underground Sy stern For the Sale of Narcotmcs y ce y ch Ihattanoog, Tcn Octohers Aftrthearoheretd o of, ter t an attnrndyD ad D. n ry that w.h h:ad fthes,ltay nd municipal polte thy had unearthed an underground narcotic ales ystern extending to many cities of the outh, Including Atlanta and Birmingha Eleven persons who visited the olnt offices of the lawyer and doctor were arrested adteoffcil _sadthaton examnatin soe ofther Adted that they oado regula rtrips to south ern cties ato dispos of narcotic supplied to them by Doty and Fuehrer, Doty formerly was assistant attorney general of Ohi, wile Fuehrer has been ivng here for vral years. The Phy iianlno under indictment for vo lan of te Iarrison ant-natcotie act, MA YOR AtA CANDLER T0 QUIT PUBLIC LIFE The plans of Mayor Candir are tot retire to private fe after te pir tion of bi term nyor on Jnuar He has alread turnd his busna:n ntereta to his sons, o that h will Sfree from the many demands for mrly mae upon him Bfore assum g f ied h activecon nectpons with the Coca-Cola company and the Georgia Railway andler I company, ais well ras with oter bust nesses In which he has been a leading Taking hi 'ahes;Place, Charles H1-oward Candler, the4:.dest sn, be cau reldntofte Coca-Cola com pany, of whic.W0lmCandler i cashier; Asa.CadeJrhatkn charge of the Cndler realty poprte end va s nearLr &gfo flka_ 0 urging the return of a democratic congres, the naval seeretary ad 14hat "outatde of those masurea upon blabh public opinion wsa centered that opposition meant litica dat) t vocal republica~n eadrhi fthe co untry has bean, s the presideat save, 'antt-admInistration." Secretary DanI spoke VIul.a hr of the war situaton an! recounted wd eith prde, the part.he i o ko navy had pa ed In making victory Possi bIe. le a h e drd woulo whete tand t e! awith the all!edfets befor er ran n U na e fo. ay with cofdnetatknowsno doubt a tothe result such 'n1 itbcomes he adde it will be anot!hor Bbttle of aad n e will be fIn a ad a for d r Mr. DanIe1 today addresad a demo rat! rally at Fa l a,delivered a spieec t politil rneeting atLynn and ferred with leadingdemocrats here., D. H. HARBIN REPORTED WOUNDED SEVERELY' Word I ben raeeIad in At)lata that Dewey H. Hin, son ofr. E af Habn' f n gls veneh been officiayreported as wounded e 'er ry H attaci C pan A, ter h famstwhich was dated se p:me o4,h said he had been gaed hut was rapidly recovering, sion, corner Pryorand Wa I K at house, Thursdy nigi. evubJect wl e"Balvation, the Tite" Soldiers are cepciall to attend this meeting, Mrs. SWaycross, an acce. ianist, IsIncharge of the r pro ram, and special solos s The Gweons are hold ing every night t the:ihaP o the public I cordialy Invrto& SOLDIER PRESENTED WITH GUN BY ATLAA an a Ietier to The Canstitutlo H. E Hutcheson, of ovington, rade known the fact that a Ihotgun was presented to his son D. lutcheson, by H.LP Hancoc lives on North avenue Mr H u ay: T'hi gun was presented son in recogntio of hIs loyalty country. Ie loft merica on 1,and recently-retured ha r honorally dicharged on sacc becoming deaf. My son will njae: tramp througi the wods wi flne gun as a companion and Ia t wih to voice my apprc to ir. lancoc for the gilt" New Supervisor Combr J F Cannon, of Evanston, I arrivea Atlanta imdle -.. rJonsan islnow- pervisor of the astatvocational del)artment of trade and indusi beencreated nth stat schoo CHANGES IN SCH1EDjU SOUTHERN RAILROA Train No. 1 for 9hattanan nati and LouIsviilI fory Atlanta:25 P., noW leaves P.MI ning car aerving diane In RAtlanta and brakfast * 'Cinnnati 11:40 aext mornInge I-on Man Commiusioned, Dr. Stev C.,R'd, o otn o a th medical corps and will leave Satray for the m al ffice'* training ch oo at Port OgltIhorp, He Is prm anent? I M aL.n ie ete,n ar numS years a practiced medicine Bolton, Riverside*and Chattahoochee dtrcts oll - - -- - - ------------ ----- --------- - ----.-'i Oil tj pi

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